Swing (2003) - full transcript

Why do we feel
such a sense of loneliness?

Is there no way to escape this
awful feeling of isolation?

Two or three people
sit facing one another.

The room is empty,
save for a single chair.

That's all there is.
But what could possibly happen?

Move closer, all of you. Closer!

Hold each other tightly
and don't let go.

Hold each others hands,
and let's see what happens now.

Ah, the awful feeling of loneliness
is too much to bear.

Everywhere you lack,

it seems that the surface of the sea
has frozen completely over.

Give me your paw.







I'm home!

Eh? No one home?


- What's all this?
- I'll cook tonight.

- 1200 yen a gram?
- It's all right, that meat.

What do you think you're doing?
Where did you get the money for this?

From over there.

I was going to pay that
into the bank tomorrow!

Now what am I going to do?

- You have to take it all back.
- I can't! It's all perishable.

Return them and get the money back!

Don't get mad at me.

I just wanted to try a different menu,
that's all.

"Different menu"?

You don't own a restaurant any more
so what': the point?

- All right then, go and cook.
- No...

You can't return them, right?
So go ahead.

It's all right.

I'm sorry.

No, it's my fault.

Go and cook dinner, please.

It tastes better
when you cook, Seiji.

Of course it does...
I'm a professional chef.

Everything you cook
tastes wonderful, Seiji.

See who that is.


Yes, OK.

It's the newsagent
about new delivery payments.

I'll sort it out.
Finish this for me.

We'll renew for the next three months
for the time being.

Thanks very much.

Sign this for me, please.

Don't we get any free washing powder
or bin liners?

I've run out of free gifts,
I'm afraid...

But you're welcome to this
discount coupon instead.

Just one?

I think that's all I've got.

No, wait. That's more like it.
Two tickets to the baseball.

Many thanks for your custom.

- They're for today's game.
- Great!

- What? But...
- Let's go!

It's in Tokyo - two hours away!
And what about the train tickets?

Come on! We've got free tickets
for the game!

Let's go on a date.
You've got the day off.

It'll do you good to get cut.

You've been looking tired recently,
Akemi. Come on!

Right, it's decided!
I'll make us some packed lunches!

All right.

I'm going back home.

What are you talking about?



What a coincidence,
bumping into you here!

How many years has it been?
Oh, this is my husband.

- You've never met before.
- I'm Fujisaki. Pleased to meet you.

I'm Satomi Fujisaki.
I was a year below Akemi at high school.

Hello. I'm Eto.

Pleased to meet you.

Are you waiting here?
Or are you off somewhere?

Let's walk together, shall we?

Let's go!


- You all right?
- Yeah. He said it's nothing serious.

- Is it still hurting?
- No, it's fine now.

It's late, so you can stay
at our place tonight.


You'll never make it home tonight.
Is that all right, Hiro?

Of course it is. Feel free to stay.

It's up to you.

- Well, that's very kind of you.
- That's sorted, then!

I'm really sorry for what happened.
How's the injury?

It's just a little swollen, that's all.

Really? That's good news.

Did you come especially?

The accident was my fault.
Please accept my apologies.

It's all right, really.

Excuse me...
can I get your autograph?

Ch, of course.

Can I have your autograph, too?


There? Are you sure?

There? Are you sure?

Does it hurt?

It's fine.

Looks cool!

I wish I'd at least been hit
by a home-run ball.

Sorry, it was a foul ball.

Please let me know
if there's anything I can do.

Head injuries can be serious.

Suzuki's so good-looking!

You shouldn't have mentioned
that thing about a home-run.

- Why?
- He's in a real slump right now.

Just when he gets in to bat,
he hits a foul.

I see.

When things go well,
fans call him a "prodigy",

but when he's not hitting,
they throw eggs at him.

Well, at least we got Suzuki's
autograph, so it's not all been bad.

Don't be such an airhead!
It was Akemi who got smacked by a ball.



But someone with your skills
must be able to get work, surely?

He hates Maebashi.

His dream is to set up
a restaurant in Tokyo.

- Hey...
- A place in Tokyo would be great.

- Yeah, that would be wonderful!
- But it's impossible!


Well... because I've bought
a flat now.

You could sell it, couldn't you?

What do you think, Seiji?

I'd like to start up again in Tokyo.

I really want to set up
my first restaurant in Tokyo,

but I don't have the capital...

Tokyo's the place I've always wanted
to try my luck.

- Well, if you have the chance...
- Yeah.

That's why we're starting from scratch,
saving every penny.

Akemi, you're so lucky
to have such an ambitious husband!

- Perhaps we could help you?
- Easier said than done.

Since the restaurant went bust, I've
been working my fingers to the bone.

I understand that.
And I'm very grateful.

But there's no reason why
we can't change the way things are.

There's no way I'm selling my flat
just so you can make a new start!

I don't mean to make things
difficult for you,

but it's not going to do me any good
if the situation remains as it is.

Things have to change.

That all depends on you
changing your attitude, Seiji!

- That's not what I'm talking about.
- Please, don't get so worked up.

He makes it sound
like it's all my fault.

I never said that.

I can't take any more!

You're so selfish! What about my feelings?

- Just as long as you're all right...
- That's your attitude, Akemi.

All you think about is yourself!

Stop it! Please!

Hiro! Akemi!

You've really been through the mill
today, haven't you?

You've really been through the mill
today, haven't you?

Even so, it's inexcusable
to hit a woman.

You should leave him, Akemi.

A minute ago
you were offering to help us!

Years ago, when my boyfriend beat me,
you gave me the same advice.

- Where's Seiji?
- He's sleeping in the next room.

You can talk it over tomorrow.

I'm sorry you had to get involved.

Why don't you start afresh
like Seiji suggests?

Yeah, but...

You're stuck in a rut, Akemi.

I understand how hard you're trying,

but don't you think you've got
things in the wrong perspective?

What do you mean?

You're going nowhere. You and Seiji
have been on different wavelengths.

That's why you clashed before.

You need to look at things differently.

It's not as easy as that.
People have their own set of priorities.

But you have to change your outlook
to suit your standard of living.

Life has its ups and downs.
You have is able to adapt to them!

- There's some truth in that, but...
- I'm right!

You can't carry on as you are, Akemi.

Well... if you change the direction
that your Wife's going,

you're bound to get
a whole new perspective.

I hear what you're saying, but...

If you don't think about
the way forward,

it'll end up in confrontation again.

They might hear us.

I don't care. Let them hear us.


Seiji? Where are you?

I've gone with Satomi
to see her uncle's restaurant.

What restaurant? What for?

He owns a restaurant
and he said he might offer me a job.

Hang on!
We haven't even discussed it!

It seemed like a great opportunity.

I won't agree to it!

We can talk about it later.


- Is she all right?
- Let's Just go for it.

I agree.
It's in her best interests, too.



Excuse me. I'm looking for a book,
but I don't know the author's name.

Maybe you'll recognise a line from it?

It starts with, "Why do we feel
such a sense of loneliness?"

"This solitude..."

Wait a minute. Er...

Is that no help?

It's by Sakutaro Hagiwara.

- Sakutaro Hagiwara?
- Yes.

Thank you.

Hang on a moment while I go and look.

You think you can get away
without paying if you apologise?

I promise I'll pay you
the difference later.

Please believe me.
I didn't do it on purpose.

But you got in the cab
knowing you couldn't pay.

- It's just a can trick!
- No... No, that's not true...

I'll pay what she owes you.

- Keep the change.
- You sure?

- Sorry for the trouble.
- Thanks.

You can get out now.
Be sure to thank your friend.

Thank you so much.

Were you following me?

Forgive me.


I don't know why...
I just felt compelled.



That's me.

- You think I'm weird or something?
- No, not at all.

- Do you fancy being in a video?
- Eh? What kind of video?

An adult video.

There's no way I could...

Together with me, I mean.

You mean in a lesbian scene?

Whatever you want.

I can tell you're into me. Am I right?

Well, I'll tell you,
I'm into you, too.

Let's go for it.

Are you shocked?

A little.

You're nervous, I know.

Don't be afraid.

Use your tongue.

Does that feel good?

You want me to touch them?

Not just yet.

I can feel your heat.
Even through your jeans I can feel it.

Let yourself go.

No, no. Open your legs wider.

I want you to feel brazen.

It feels good just there, right?

It feels good.

You're getting there.

This is what you've been waiting for.

Does that feel good?

Just there? That feels good?

You want it harder?

Show me.

I'm putting my fingers in.

You feel so warm.

No, you mustn't close your legs.

You're almost there.

Really let yourself go.

No, you can't have all the fun.

I want to feel good, too.

Take it.

I want you to suck it.

That's it, get on all fours.

That's it. Suck it.

And look this way. That's it.

Like a slut!

That's it, suck.

That feels so good.

Come on, really pleasure me.

That's good.

Use your tongue more.

Really make me feel it.


That's good.

Now I'm going to make you feel amazing.

You're so wet

Sucking my cook's
made you so wet, right?

Or was it because of the way
I touched you?

This is what you really want.

Is that good?

I like it, too.

Not yet.

I have to get this on film.

I can see everything.

I can see it all.

I'll let you watch it later.

That's all right.

How was it?


Amazingly good!

I'm glad.

- You looked beautiful.
- Eh?

Your face locked beautiful
when you climaxed.

Can I ask you something?


- Are you married?
- No, I'm not.

- Do you have a lover?
- I have many lovers!

All the people I have great sex with
are my lovers.

That makes you one of my lovers, too.

I'll always think of you as a lover.

Even though we may only meet this once.

But I'll be just a memory?

What do you mean?
How would you want it to be?

Perhaps we could see each other.

Have you to myself, I mean.

I'm not saying that I only have sex
once with a person and that's it.

I have relationships
with some of my lovers.

But when it comes to marriage
or a relationship that lasts for life,

those things don't exist for me.

That's why I'm not interested
in an exclusive relationship.

- Do you never feel lonely?
- Eh?

You're not afraid of being alone?

Somebody once said that
solitude is your best friend.

That's what I think, too.

You're so strong.

You should go home.

Can I take that with me?

My strap-on? Of course.


Akemi! I'm so glad you came.
We've been waiting for you.

Please come in.


Sit down. I'll get you a beer.

Is it Suzuki?

Yeah, another strike.
Totally useless.

- The cleanup hitter's a joke.
- Terrible.

He should be in the B-team
at this rate!

If I was there,
even I'd be throwing egg at him!

- I thought you were a fan, Satomi.
- Yeah, I am, but...

Let's have a toast!

To what?

To Suzuki!

- To Suzuki! Cheers!
- Cheers!

Hiro, you should go off to bed.


Oh, sorry.

Right, then. I'm turning in. Good night.


- Good night.
- Good night.

Good night.

What is it?

You know when we were talking before
about me finding work?

You really don't mind
me going for a job?

You've already made your mind up.

There you go,
you didn't give her much choice,

but at least your determination
has paid off.

I told you Akemi would understand.

- Hey, Satomi?
- Yes?

What's the ultimate orgasm
you've had up to now?

Why are you asking me that?

Tell me.
You have had an orgasm, right?

Yeah, of course I have.

What was the best sex
that you've ever had?

Please, Akemi. You're embarrassing me.

Have you ever done it with a woman?

No way! I'm not into that.

What a shame.

Have you?

Of course.

Listen to her!

Do you want to try it?

What are you doing?

You've never wanted to experience
the ultimate orgasm?

You taking the joke too far.

- Didn't that feel good?
- That's not the point...


What's this?

Hey, Akemi?

I don't like it.


I'll make you feel so good.

- Stop it! What are you doing?
- Shut up!

Don't you want to experience
the ultimate orgasm?


Didn't you say that we have to adapt
to all life's ups and downs?

Didn't you say that we have to adapt
to all life's ups and downs?

Does that feel good?
Just let yourself go.

I know you're enjoying watching this.

You tried to stop us, but really
you want to see Satomi's naked body.

You want to fuck her, don't you?

Oh? You're reacting differently now.

Just there?

That feels good?

You're a dirty bitch,
aren't you, Satomi?

These are forbidden pleasures
that you're enjoying.

Forbidden measures!

Move your finger.

Go ahead, scream. It must be hurting.

Wake up, Hiroaki.

Satomi's in trouble.

What do you think you're doing?

Why are you doing this?

You disgust me.

What is that?
What have we ever done to you?

Well, you two must be very
satisfied with yourselves, eh?

You've been so kind
and given me such good advice.

You've even been thoughtful enough
to find some work for Seiji.

You fucking know-alls!

Stop it!

We were only trying to help you, Akemi!

He'll me?

Yeah, right!

You've always felt so superior,
haven't you, Satomi?

Always showing off
how great your life is!

That's just the way you see it, Akemi.

Your values don't mean shit to me!

- I wonder if it'll go in.
- Please stop.

Stop in

Do it to me instead!

What a beautiful thing to say!

But I just want to fuck you both up
good and proper!

Seiji, stuff the handkerchief
in her mouth and shut her up!


Seiji, please don't!

What are you complaining about?

Go ahead and fuck her.

You want to fuck her, right?




Are you all right?

My lonely self
Calls out to my friend

Come quickly to me,
Unfamiliar friend

Let us sit on this old chair here
And talk quietly together

There will be no sadness

The two of us will spend
These happy days in peace and silence

Listening to the distant sound
Of the fountain in the park

Quietly, quietly

Let us embrace each other

Far away from our mothers,
Fathers, brothers and sisters

Let us entwine
Our lonely hearts together

Let us talk about our lives

As we move through
The teeming mass of humanity

No talk of poverty
Let us keep our secret life secret

Ah, these words fail onto my knees
Like autumn leaves

My own self,
Lost and lonely in this world

Calls out to my unfamiliar friend

My strange and servile self
Takes the form of a shabby crow

And if trembles as if perches on
A deserted, wintry corner of the chair

...that's right,
Suzuki has a record of strikeouts

in all his previous games
this season.

Now, Suzuki's waiting his turn
in the batter's box.

There's already one runner out...

...that's right.

One runner out, first and second base.
Up comes Suzuki.

The pitcher's in centre position.
He pitches the third ball.

And... it's a strike!

And it's goodbye to Suzuki
once again, folks!

And yet again,
nothing from the bar of Suzuki.

And (here's booing from the stands.

Is your injury all right now?


What are you doing here?

Not swinging your hat any more?

It don't mean a thing
if you don't swing, right?

Hey, do you have your hat?

Yeah, I have it here.

- You did it!
- Got one!

- You show more promise than I do!
- Of course. I could be a batter.

You're more high-spirited
than I imagined.

I thought you'd be shy.

And you're much nicer
than I thought, Suzuki.

That's good.

You're so old-fashioned, though.

Next game, get swinging your bat, OK?

I will.


Please let Suzuki hit a home-run.

In the face of everything
I have exhausted my defiance

My hostility and my denials

Always alone, biting despondently
Beyond the tides of time

There is nothing, nothing at all

That can satiate the sexual
desires which burn within me