Swindler Seduction (2022) - full transcript

Based on true events, it exposes the world of romantic swindlers who make a living by cheating on women.

He just called again,

And said he's
outside watching me.

Um, I...

I have the blinds closed,
so he's totally bluffing.

I don't even buy
he's in green bay.


Louisa: I told you
to stop calling me.

Man: I see you...


Man: Hey...

Aren't you gonna invite me in?

How about you go out
and I babysit?

stop calling me!

Man: I'm coming for you.

Louisa: I wasn't
even looking for love,

And I'd given up
on love finding me.

Louisa: most guys I met
were interested in a fling,

Nothing real.

Louisa: They're so cute!

I decided true love

And all that princess stuff
was for other people.

Louisa: You guys are
sickeningly cute.

Brooke: Hi!
Louisa: Hi!

How are you?

Alex: Hey.
Louisa: Hey!

Aww, he looks sad.
Brooke: Aww.

But this weekend
is about us having fun.

Louisa: I know, along with
two days of super boring

Training seminars.

Brooke: Don't remind me.

Alex: Bye!
Have a great time.

Louisa: Bye.
Brooke: Take care of her.

Louisa: Yeah, I will!

Brooke: Okay, let's fast-forward
to the happy hour.

Louisa: Yes.
Brooke: Let's do it.

Louisa: I'm ready.

Brooke: Whoaaa!
Road trip!

Louisa: Oh my god!

I love staying in hotels.

The mini bars, the crisp
sheets on the bed.

Brooke: Yes!

Louisa: That little
chocolate on your pillow?

Brooke: Right?
Louisa: Yeah!

Brooke: Tiny bottles
of everything.

Oh my god, there's a pool
and a spa in the basement.

Louisa: Yeah!
Brooke: We can get massages!

Louisa: Yeah, but we don't want
to hang out with co-workers.

Brooke: Oh my god, true.
Louisa: Yeah.

Brooke: Nathan from accounts
in a speedo?

Louisa: Oh my god.
Brooke: Prescription goggles.

oh my god!

Brooke: So bad!

Louisa: Um...

So, do you think we should
take these out with us tonight?

Brooke: "hi, I'm louisa
and I'm single!"

Louisa: Ugh,
let's get this over with.

Louisa: The mojitos are...

But I need something strong
after the day we had.

It's been so boring.
Brooke: Oh, yeah.

Uh, hmm, I dunno, we could just
split another sea breeze,

Save the per diems?

Louisa: I guess.

Steve: Ah, bottle of champagne?


Louisa: That guy's hot.

Brooke: That guy
just stole our place.

Steve: Sorry, you guys, uh...

You didn't know what you wanted.

Drinks are on me!

Louisa: so, steve johnson
took me by surprise.

If that's even who he was.

Louisa: So our company
has a training budget

And we're required
to check the box

In order to qualify
for an upgrade.

It's really boring, but
we get to spend a little time

In the city,
which is always awesome.

Steve: Well,
that's awesome for me.

Um, I really hate
celebrating alone.


Steve: What?

Brooke: So,
what did you say you do?

Steve: Okay, it's...
It's a little ridiculous,

But they call me
an angel investor.

Brooke: Oh!

Louisa: Angel investor?
Wow, that sounds impressive.

I just don't really
know what that means.

You'll have to further explain.
Steve: Yeah.

Basically, I invest
my own capital

Through my company,
gold halo investments,

Into start-ups.

Louisa: Suddenly I feel like
an underachiever.

Brooke: Um,
what are we celebrating?

Steve: Oh, uh...

We're celebrating this.

I sold a company.

Apparently, it's worth
$10 million to someone.

Brooke: Sorry, what?
$10 million?

Steve: Yeah, so dinner's on me.

Brooke: Ha, you bet!
Louisa: Oh my god.

Steve: Well, I'm not
gonna see all of it,

At least for this
company, anyway.

Most of it filters kind of
down through my charity,

Inspire kids, so that way
my conscience is clear.

that's so cool!

Oh my god!

Brooke: Girl,
he's, like, so into you.

You're gonna go for this, right?
You should go for this.

Louisa: Yeah!
Brooke: He's super cute.

He's a hot-shot investor.

Louisa: Too bad
he's based in la.

Brooke: Oh my god, so what?

He says he comes back
like once a month.

And he's loaded.

Louisa: All of which means
he's probably got, like,

150 hot girlfriends already.

Brooke: Okay, so I guess you
don't need any of this then?

Louisa: Yes, I do!

Thank you.

Brooke: Guys,
I'm gonna go call alex.

I'll be right back, okay?

Louisa: Brooke and alex have
been together since forever.

Steve: Hmm, yeah?
Louisa: Yeah.

Steve: What about you?
Do you have a boyfriend?

Are you spoken for?
Louisa: Spoken for?

What are you, edwardian?


Steve: That's so awkward.

Did I really say that?
Louisa: Oh my god!

Steve: I'm so sorry,
that's so awkward.

Louisa: No, no, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.
That was rude.

Steve: No, it's fine, it's fine.

Louisa: Oh, I'm sorry!

Um, I'm single.

And obviously it's been
a while since I've flirted.

Steve: That's you and me both.

Louisa: Oh, so you don't--
you don't have a girlfriend?

Steve: No, I mean,

I meet women all the time
who wanna hook up,

But I'm the kind of guy
who likes to talk a little,

Get to know someone.
Louisa: Yeah?

Steve: Yeah, very edwardian
of me, I know.

Louisa: Or romantic.

Steve: Oh?
Louisa: Yeah.

Steve: Then here's to romance.

Brooke: I need to get a cab.

I'm pooped.

Louisa: Okay.
Well, where are you staying?

Maybe we can give you
a ride to your hotel.

Steve: Oh, I keep
a crash pad on the gold coast

For when I'm in town for work.

Actually, you both are welcome
to come back if you want.

Louisa: Really?
Steve: Yeah.

Brooke: No.
You go ahead.

Louisa: Are you sure?
Brooke: Yeah.

Steve: Okay.
I'll get the check.


Yeah, thanks.

Have you seen my jacket?

Louisa: No.

Steve: Hold on.
Louisa: Okay.

Oh, yeah, I'll be right back.

Brooke: Holy shit.

Louisa: What?

Yeah, we should pay our share.

Brooke: No.
Louisa: Yeah.

Brooke: Oh my god, no !

I can't.

Steve: Hey, I think
we have a bit of a problem.

My wallet's gone.

Brooke: Like, the tip is more
than I'd spend on my birthday.

Louisa: Okay.

It's okay.
I'm just gonna...

Brooke: Are you sure?
Louisa: Yeah, no.

Brooke: Like, I can't.
Louisa: I got you.

Steve: Thanks.

I cancelled my card
and my phone.


Louisa: Oh, thank you.
Steve: Yeah.

Obviously I'm
gonna pay you back.

This was supposed
to be my treat.

But I have an extra card
in the penthouse.

Louisa: Oh, I thought you
said it was a crash pad.

Steve: Ah...

My keys.

Louisa: Woo!
The night is still young!

Let's do something!

Brooke: Okay, goodnight.
Steve: Oh, goodnight.

Louisa: Okay, bye!
Brooke: Bye!

Steve: Oh, thank you again.
I'll definitely take the couch.

Louisa: Okay.


There isn't a couch.

Steve: Hmm.
Louisa: Mm-hm!


Steve: You better
get back over here.

Steve: Hey...

Wait, what?

Louisa: What?

Steve: Wait...

Steve: Please tell me this is...
This is yours.

Louisa: It's mine.

oh, god!

Steve: You are so cute.

Louisa: No, it's not!

Steve: You are so cute!


Steve: God, do you even
know how beautiful you are?

Louisa: Stop.
Steve: No...

You're not like the girls in la.

A sea of clones.

You're real.

Louisa: Real hungover.

I need eggs.

Steve: What do you want,
fried or scrambled?


Steve: Anything you want.

But, uh, let me
finish with you first.

Louisa: Brooke's waiting.

Steve: It's fine.


Steve: I really
appreciate you guys

Bailing me out this weekend.
Thank you.

Brooke: Oh, we had fun.
Right, lou?

Steve: Hey, listen.

How about you
give me your address

And I'll stop back off
in green bay on my way upstate?

I have a house just
outside of river hills.

I was on my way there anyway.

Louisa: Sounds beautiful.

Steve: Mm.

I could come back here en route

And pay you back
and take you both out,

Properly this time.
Louisa: Amazing.

Steve: Yeah?
Louisa: Yeah.

Brooke: Alex and I
might be busy,

But you guys go ahead.
Steve: Yeah?

Okay, can I borrow
your phone real quick?

I'm gonna call
my business partner

And get the keys
for my apartment.

Louisa: Oh, yeah.

Here you go.
Steve: Thank you.

And I'll be right back.


Brooke: So...

How was that?

Louisa: Nice.

Brooke: Nice...
Like green bay?

it was like a movie, brooke!

Not a one-night stand.

Plus, he said he doesn't
do casual sex, so...

Brooke: Okay.

Well, that sounds like
a second date to me.

Louisa: Yeah.

Steve: He's
in a meeting downtown,

So I have to go there
and pick up the keys,

Then go back to the apartment
and pick up the keys

For my house upstate,
and I have no card and no cash.

Louisa: Oh, so take my car.

Steve: Uh, really?

Louisa: Yeah, it's just gonna
sit in the garage here

While we're doing seminars.

Steve: Uh, if that's okay.

I mean, I'll only be out
for a couple of hours.

Louisa: Yeah, whatever.
We finish at 4.

Steve: Okay.

Louisa: One more.

Steve: I'll be back.

Brooke: Okay,
I know he's super cute,

But you did just give
your car to a total stranger.

Louisa: A total stranger
who had his hands all over me

Last night.
Brooke: Okay, tmi!

Louisa: And just
made $10 million!

Brooke: Doesn't mean
he's not gonna steal your car.


He's not gonna steal my car.

Brooke: I'm so glad that's over.

Louisa: That was so dull.

Brooke: Yeah, ouch.

and look who came back.

Brooke: Okay, you win!
Steve: Thank you.

I really owe you.

Louisa: Don't mention it.

Steve: I was thinking.

Since you're already
going back to green bay,

Maybe I could ride with?

It would delay us having to
say goodbye for a couple hours.

Louisa: Yeah!

Brooke: Why not?

Dj: another hip-hop
classic right there.

Next up, one for the ladies
with a sweet tooth,

It's 50 cent's "candy shop."

Brooke: Hey,
I wanna listen to that!

Louisa: Really?
Brooke: Yeah!

Louisa: Isn't that song
kind of filthy?

Brooke: I'm not gonna
touch his lollipop.

Steve: Ah, 50's a nice guy.

I know him.

Louisa: What?!
Brooke: Shut up!

Louisa: No!

Steve: Yeah, yeah, I do.
I have a picture.

I'll show you--

Correction, I-I had a picture.

Brooke: Oh...

Steve: Keep forgetting
my phone was stolen.

Louisa: Yeah.

Steve: Wait, I...

I can't believe this.
These are...

These are the keys
to my beach house.

I must have--

I must have grabbed
the wrong set.

Louisa: Oh!
Steve: Um...

I'm gonna try my housekeeper.

Do you mind if I
use your phone, please?

Damn it!

She must be gone
for the long weekend.

And her cell's on my cell.

Louisa: Oh my god.

Steve: I don't know
what's going on.

It feels like everything
is trying to ruin

My weekend or something.

Louisa: It doesn't
have to be ruined.

Steve: Phew!

Gosh, it's a pretty masculine
place you've got here.

Louisa: I told you,
I've been single for a while!

steve: I know!

I love it.

I'm serious.

It's cozy.

It's like you.

Louisa: Mm-hm?
Steve: Mm-hm.

You know, I...
I'm comfortable,

And I don't really
say that very often.

Louisa: How come?

Steve: Hmm.

Trust, I guess.

The women I meet tend
to really only be impressed

By the whole
rich investor thing.

It kind of puts me off.

But you...

You seem to be interested in me
without a dime in my pocket.

Louisa: Mm...

You still have to
pay me back, dude.

Steve: With interest.


Alex: Woo!

Sorry, man, I try to lose,

But I can't suppress
my natural talent.

Steve: I didn't stand
a chance, anyway.

Alex: Well, I figure you're
better at making money

Than I am, so let's call it
quits and end it on a high note.

Steve: Yeah, let's do that.

Brooke: But if
you hurt louisa...

Steve: Oh!


Louisa: Watch out!

Alex: Uh, so louisa
was telling me you know 50 cent.

Steve: Oh, yeah.
Yeah, curtis.

Alex: Curtis?
Steve: Mm-hm.

Yeah, we're in the same
sailing club together.

Which is how
I ended up in greece.

Uh, so the onassis family,

They're trustees on my charity.

Brooke: Wait,
like jackie onassis?

Steve: Her late
husband's cousins.

They took me sailing

And then we ended up on mykonos
on curtis' yacht.

Yeah, he was interested
in some investments

I was making, and by the end
of the weekend he ended up

Pledging about $100,000
to my children's charity.

Louisa: Oh, wow.
Alex: Wow.

Steve: That's curtis for you.

I want to thank you all for
turning this nightmare into

Actually a really
great weekend for me.

Um, maybe I can thank you.

I mean, if you'll let me.

Alex: This is a dream, right?

Louisa: Not according to steve.

Car dealer: Are you ready
to take it for a spin?

Louisa: This is crazy, steve!
You can't buy us all cars.

Steve: No, it's fine.

I'll run it through my business.
I won't even feel it.

I mean, unless you think
that alex and brooke

Are gonna be embarrassed.


Louisa: Um,
I think they'll get over it.

They look...

Quite happy, actually.

Brooke: Man,
I really hope steve

Doesn't disappear
after this weekend!

I haven't seen louisa
this happy in years.

Alex: Dude, I haven't been
this happy in years!

brooke: Hah!


Louisa: Bye!
Alex & brooke: Yeah!

Steve: All done.

They should roll off
the assembly line

In about six weeks.

Alex: Honestly, buddy, this is
ridiculously generous of you.

Steve: Look, I have
more money than friends.

And this weekend,

It was well worth a fleet
of automobiles for me.

Brooke: Oh, we'd be your
friends regardless, steve.

Alex: Hey, speak for yourself.

Steve: Hey!

Steve: Hey, what are you
all doing next weekend?

I've got vip tickets for
a special cubs exhibition game

For charity.
I wasn't gonna go.

I have to be back in la
because they're...

Naming a hospital ward after me
on account of a donation

That my company made.

Louisa: Really?
Steve: Yeah.

Louisa: What?

Steve: I mean, I could always
come back and join you all,

If you're up for it.

Brooke: Okay,
only if we pay for the tickets.

Steve: No,
they're complimentary.

I mean, but if you want to
make a contribution,

You could just
donate to inspire kids.

Alex: Okay!

I'm gonna get
the next round, though.

My lady?
Brooke: Yes.

Louisa: That was so sweet.

Thank you.
Steve: Of course.

Yeah, your friends,
they're great.

Louisa: Yeah.
So are you.

Steve: Hmm, I try.

Louisa: Um, I almost forgot.

I got this for you

So you don't have to keep
borrowing mine.

Steve: Come on,
you didn't have to do that.

Steve: It's gonna be a pretty
tight squeeze in there.

Louisa: Hmm, I guess you
got a jacuzzi at your place?

Steve: Ah...

Louisa: I knew it!

Steve: Look, it's no big deal.

Well, I did make sure
the deck faces the forest,

So it's got a pretty
amazing view,

Especially in the fall.

I can't wait to show it to you.

Louisa: You think we'll still
know each other by then?

Steve: I hope so.

Do you?

Steve: Hey, did you
order the orange chicken?

Louisa: Yeah!
20 minutes.

Steve: Okay.

I'll go get it.

Louisa: They deliver.

Steve: Oh, yeah, I have to
call my business partner

About a few things to do
with the sale of the company.

Plus, I could really
do with a walk.

I'll grab some champagne.

Louisa: Um, maybe not champagne.

I'm just a little maxed out
until my next paycheck.

We spent a lot.

Steve: Louisa, you do know
I can lend you whatever you need

If money is tight.

Once I get my cards back,
of course.

All you have to do is ask.

Louisa: No, I wouldn't ever.

Steve, I don't want
money from you.

Steve: Hmm.

I'll be right back.


It's like he looks
right into my soul.

Does that sound corny?

Brooke: Yeah, disgustingly so.


No, but seriously, lou,
just be a little cautious, okay?

He's from this totally
different world, and...

It's all happening
super fast, right?

Louisa: So?

Brooke: I don't know,
just rein in your expectations.

He has this lifestyle
and it's not what we're from.

Louisa: Oh, so you mean
if steve hangs with 50 cent

And billionaire yachtsmen,
what's he doing with me?

Brooke: No, I just don't
want you to get hurt, louisa.

You don't know anything
about his personal life yet.

Maybe just ask him
a few more questions.

Louisa: for a small
window of time,

I was floating.

I was that special person,
that princess in the story.

Looking in,
I would have been jealous of me.

Louisa: besides,
I wasn't an idiot, right?

I was 27,
not some goofy teenager.

I knew when a guy was
telling me the truth or not.

Didn't I?

Steve: They apologized
for taking so long, but...

They gave us
free mango pudding.

Louisa: I hate mango pudding!

Steve: Mmm!


I thought you said
you didn't want any.

Louisa: I don't.

Steve: No?
Louisa: No.

Steve: Okay.
Suit yourself.

Louisa: Let me get this.
Steve: No, no.

Louisa: No, I--
steve: Nah, I got it!

I'm not too spoiled
to stack the dishwasher.

Louisa: You must think you're
seriously slumming it here.

Steve: What?

No, I told you,
this place is like a nest

Away from my chaotic life.

Louisa: How come we can't
just drive up to river hills

And ask your housekeeper
for the keys?

She must live nearby.

Steve: Oh, no, she had plans
for the holiday weekend.

Louisa: What, after you
said you were gonna stay?

Steve: Yeah,
there wasn't a lot of notice.

I told her not to
cancel her plans.

Louisa: Didn't you say
you had a gardener?

Wouldn't he have the keys?

Steve: Uh...

It was a garden designer.

And, uh,
I didn't want to bother him.

Louisa: But you don't mind
bothering me and my friends?

Steve: Hold on,
I was under the impression

That you invited me here.

Louisa: I mean,
obviously I invited you here.

Steve: What the hell
is this about, louisa?


Uh, have I done something wrong?

Louisa: Of course not!
I just, I...

It was just something
brooke said.

I just wanted to be sure.

Steve: You wanted
to be sure of what?

That I'd pay you back?
Louisa: No!

I wanted to be sure you
weren't using my money

So you didn't have evidence
on your own card.

I wanted to be sure you
didn't have a wife and kid

In your house upstate!

I don't...
Steve: Wow.

Louisa: Isn't that fair,
that I would ask that?

You know,
we hardly know each other.

Steve: Yeah,
I really got this wrong.

Louisa: Steve, what are you--

Steve: Trust works
both ways, louisa.

And I obviously misjudged this.

Look, I'll find
another ride upstate

And I'll get a locksmith.

And don't worry, I'll pay
you back every single penny

I owe you...

With interest.

Louisa: This is stupid.

Steve: And you guys
can keep the cars.

I won't be that petty.

Louisa: I don't want
the cars or the money!

I just want to know the truth!

Yeah, who's this?

Oh, hey, bro.

Sorry, I didn't
recognize this number.

What's up?

Steve: Hey, I'm stuck
in green bay, mitch.

Long story.
I need some cash.

Mitch: Look, man,
I'd love to help,

But I'm kind of busy right now.

I'm with a friend
and we're heading to vegas.

Steve: Mitch!

Steve: Hey.

Look, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to lose my temper.

It's something
I'm still working on,

And it's probably
the reason why I'm still single.

Louisa: Hmph!

Steve: Look, there's no wife
and there's no kids upstate.

I promise.

Steve: Hey, I tried to get my
brother to wire me some money.

That way you don't have to wait,
but he's out of town.

Louisa: How many times--
it's not about the money.

Steve: I know.

Look... Sometimes it's just
hard for me to compute.

I don't know what it is.

My dad, he was always
so disapproving.

If I did good,
then I would get a hug,

But if I didn't succeed...


Louisa: Oh...

Steve: I think I'm just not
great with rejection, you know?

Maybe that's why
I try to buy love.

I'm stupid, right?

Louisa: No, it's good
you can recognize it.

Steve: Yeah.

Regardless of how well I do,

All my achievements,

My drive to succeed, and all
the money I have, I guess I...

I guess I just want to be liked.

Louisa: You've got it.

Steve: Yeah?

You like me?

Is that what it is?

Okay, but we have to
clear something up.

Louisa: Mm-hm?


Okay, is it gonna be me...

Steve: Or is it gonna be him?

Louisa: You.
It's you.

Steve: Me?
Louisa: Yeah!

Steve: Okay.

Oh, god.

Louisa: Come here.

Steve: Wake up!
Pack an overnight bag.

Louisa: Huh?

Steve: Hey, we're driving back
to the city to get the right key

And then we're going
direct to river hills.

Uh, you can take
an extra day off work, right?

Louisa: I guess so.

Steve: Okay, well,
then it's settled.

I'm going to prove to you
that there's no wife

And there's no kids.

But there is a hot tub...

And a steam room...
And a cinema room...

And a great, big double bed.


Louisa: Thank you.

Alex: Honey, what did steve say

His children's charity
was called?

I want to make that donation.

Brooke: Inspire kids.

Alex: Inspire kids...

Steve: Okay, this is it.

Yeah, you can park
just right up here.


Steve: Okay...

I'm gonna take all this up
and grab the keys.

Louisa: Yeah.
Steve: I'll be right back.

It'll take ten minutes tops,

I'll be back.

Louisa: Hey, brooke!
Guess where I am?

Wait, wait, slow down.

Brooke: Okay, so alex and I
were looking up steve online.


Louisa: What?

Brooke, what is your problem?

Alex: Lou, lou, lou, lou!
You have to listen!

we can't find
anyone named steve johnson

Connected to a charity
named inspire kids.

We spoke to someone there
and they've never heard of him.

Brooke: Not only that,
there is--

Louisa: Stop it!
Just stop!

So he uses his middle name.

Plenty of people use
their middle name.

Brooke: No,
there's no company called

Gold halo investments,
either, lou.

There's no onassis trustees

And there is no exhibition cubs
game anywhere next weekend,

Let alone chicago.

Brooke: Louisa?

Louisa: Hi, I'm here
to see steve johnson.

Doorman: I'm sorry, ma'am,
we don't have a steve johnson.

Louisa: Come on,
he literally just walked in!


Did he not just go
to his penthouse?

Doorman: No one's
gone through these doors

In the last half hour.
We don't even have a penthouse.

Louisa: He's here all the time!
Brown hair, blue eyes, white.

Doorman: Ma'am!
Louisa: Excuse me!

Doorman: Ma'am, I'm gonna
have to call security.


Cop: He had this
bill of sale on him?

Louisa: In the leather
document wallet.

Cop: At the bar?
And he showed it to you?

Louisa: Yeah, it sounds stupid,
but he said he was celebrating,

And, I mean,
it looked real to us.

Brooke: Yeah, he showed it
to the sports car dealer

And he also bought it.

Cop: Right, this is when he said

He would buy you
all cars, right?

Brooke: He was very convincing.

Cop: I'm sure he was.

These kind of guys
have it down to an art.

They reel you in using your
trust and then offer theirs,

And then--

They're gone before you can
even wonder why they didn't get

Their good, old pal 50 cent
to help them out.

Is there anything
you can think of

That might help us locate him?

Louisa: He said he lived in la
and had a house upstate,

And a penthouse in chicago,
and a beach house in hawaii.

Brooke: Everything
he said was lies.

We don't even know if
his real name is steve.

Cop: I'm real sorry, miss.

Officer kate: Excuse us.
Cop: There's not much we can do.

Louisa: How could I
be so stupid?

I mean, I...
I thought I knew him.

We spent, like, hours talking,
and the rest of it--

Brooke: Louisa,
it's not your fault.

Louisa: I trusted him!
Brooke: He had all of us.

Louisa: Yeah, but you didn't
fall in love with someone

Who doesn't even exist.

Brooke: Louisa, I'm so sorry.

Louisa: No, I'm...

I'm going home.
Brooke: Can I come with you?

Louisa: No, I don't
want to talk to anybody.

I just want to be left alone.

Louisa: it was like
a light went off inside me.

I went from
feeling super special

To the world's biggest fool.

Louisa: of course
he was too good to be true.

Of course I should
have known better.

The disappointment
was overwhelming.

Francie: Why haven't you been
answering your calls?

Brooke told me you
haven't been in to work.

Louisa: Mom, I'm sick.

Francie: She also
told me what happened.

Louisa: I don't
want to talk about it.

Francie: Hmph!

Okay, honey!


Louisa: The police don't
even know where he is

Or care enough to find out.

Francie: What,
he just gets away with it?

Louisa: Well,
I can't do anything!

Francie: Are you sure
about that?

You are one of the most--
get up--

Determined people I know, honey.

You remember when you used to
get mad at me when I would

Fall for some no-good loser?

Tell me I was worth more

And I should
stand up for myself?

Louisa: Well, how can I
stand up to a pack of lies?

Francie: Make a noise, honey!

You don't want him to do
this to anyone else, do you?

Louisa: he said
he lost his wallet,

"borrowed" over
a thousand dollars

From me and my friends.

He even used my phone.

Oh my god.

where's my charger?

Louisa: Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

Car dealer:
murray's luxury auto?

Louisa: Oh, hi.

I was in last weekend with
some friends and a guy called

Steve johnson.

We test drove some of your cars,
and I was just--

Car dealer: I've been
trying you for days.

Mr. Johnson's finance
information was false.

I'm calling the cops.

Louisa: Yeah, call them.



Louisa: Um... Hi.

Um, you don't know me,

But my name's louisa russell.

Do you know someone
called steve johnson?

Woman: I think we need to talk.

Shania: You're not the first
woman to call me about steve.

I haven't seen him in two years.

He calls sometimes
to check on amy.

Never the same number twice.

That's what he does.

Lives off other people.

Louisa: Steals from them,
you mean?

Rips them off and lies to them?

Shania: Yeah.

Louisa: You're okay with that?

Shania: No.

Louisa: But you
still speak to him.

Shania: I live in hope
that he'll send some money,

But he never does.

So I drive a cab
when amy's sleeping.

Louisa: Shania, I came all
the way to michigan for this.

I need to know where he lives.

Shania: I don't know, okay?

And even if I did,
it wouldn't be the truth.

steve has always been a liar.

I grew up in the same town
as him and his brother.

They're twins.

Louisa: You remember
where they lived?

Shania: Hmph!
Don't waste your time.

His folks hate him
even more than I do.

Louisa: even though
shania warned me not to go,

I had to see it for myself:

The house where steve grew up.

Dustin: The last time I saw him,

He took his mother's bank card
and emptied all our savings.

He may as well have
killed his mother.

We're not supposed to
have favourites, but...

Ann doted on steve
when he was a boy.

Even his brother mitch
was jealous,

And he was
the smarter of the two.

But steve, he...

He had a smile that
could break your heart.

Mitch, he does what he can
to make up for it, but it's...

It's too late for ann.

Louisa: So does
mitch live nearby?

Dustin: No, he travels for work.

He calls when he can.

But he's given up on steve
as much as the rest of us have.

Ann picked the wrong boy,
that's for sure.



Dustin: Now see
what you've done?

Coming here,
bringing up bad memories.

louisa: I'm...

I'm so sorry.

I'll see myself out.

okay, okay, okay.

Okay, okay...

Dustin: Alright, alright.

Louisa: can you
tell me more about steve?

Mitch: steve
had so much potential.

He got in with the wrong crowd,

And when I went off to college,

He went off to jail.

Again and again.

I tried to help him,
but that just made him jealous,

And then he started
adding my achievements

To his made-up credentials.

So, for my sake,
I had to distance myself.

I haven't seen steve
in a long time.

And I don't want to.

I guess some people
are just plain bad.

Louisa: Okay.
Well, thank you.

I'm grateful for your honesty.

Mitch: You know, I don't
appreciate getting cold calls

From your slip-ups, steve.

If you want to be sloppy
on your own time,

Then that's your problem,

But do not get sloppy
with my details.

Don't call me.

Steve: Uh, check, please!

Waiter: Of course, sir.

Steve: Ah, I forgot
my wallet in the car.

I'll make sure
to tip you double,

And I'll tell the guys
back at city hall

About your amazing service.

Waiter: Thank you so much,
councillor randolph.

I'm so glad you
enjoyed your visit.

Steve: I'll be right back.

I couldn't get
steve out of my head.

It was like...

Like, "how could I be
fooled so completely?"

I had no idea then
what kind of danger I was in.

I didn't realize what
I was inviting into my life.

I was obsessed with
finding out everything I could

About who it was
I had spent all that time with.

There you are.

Louisa: Turns out he's been
arrested in texas, colorado,

And michigan, but has
never done anything big enough

To keep him inside long enough.

Brooke: Big enough?

He coerces women into sleeping
with him and then he robs them.

That isn't some
kind of sex crime?

Louisa: Okay, changing
the world's a bigger project.

Right now, what I can do
is track his movements

And warn people
he's in the area.

Brooke: You know where he is?
Louisa: Kind of.

It wasn't just my phone
he was using.

I bought him a prepaid,

And he's still using
the factory setting pin!

I can access his messages.

Brooke: So, call him, tell him
that he owes you 1,500 bucks,

And that he's a sick,
disgusting monster.

Louisa: No, he'll ditch
the phone if I do that.

Brooke: So what?

You have the satisfaction of
telling him how heinous he is.

Louisa: It's more important
I get the messages

To keep tabs on him.

Shouldn't you be
leaving this to the police?

Louisa: And how well
has that gone so far?

Holly: Hi!

Holly stokes
of bella ridge real estate.

We spoke on the phone.

Steve: Great to
meet you in person.

Holly: Yeah.

It's beautiful, don't you think?

Steve: Yeah, it's nice.

Uh, but there were
a couple other properties

I wanted to check out,

But I have to be
in chester for a gala

The day after tomorrow, so...

Holly: Sounds fun.

Steve: Well,
not if you have stage fright.

Ben affleck and jennifer garner
are major contributors.

Holly: Wait,
you know ben affleck?

Steve: Yeah.

They're coming in
with a party of friends

And I have to
make a speech, so...

Holly: Well, better you than me.

But I'm sure we can work
something around your schedule.

Steve: Maybe you could
be of some help.

I wasn't really planning
on staying the weekend,

But maybe you could provide
a hotel suite and a computer.

I mean,
I'd really appreciate that.

Otherwise I'll probably
have to take a rain check.

Holly: No, no, no,
leave it with me.

It shouldn't be a problem,
mr. Murray.

Steve: Call me anthony.

Holly: Anthony.

You don't look sick to me.

Louisa: I am sick.

Steve johnson makes me
sick to my stomach.

Brooke: Louisa, I can't keep
covering for you at work.

You're gonna get fired!

You need to move on.

Louisa: No, several
woman have emailed me

Saying they've spotted him.

Who else is gonna stop him?

Brooke: Okay.
Louisa: No!

Brooke: Louisa,
this isn't healthy, okay?

You need to get out.

You need to take a break.

Come to the moz with alex
and me tomorrow night.


Drink some beers,
play some pool.

Let steve johnson be somebody
else's problem for a little bit.

Louisa: Okay, fine.

Brooke: Promise?
Louisa: I promise.

Brooke: Okay, it's a date.


Louisa: No.

Oh, no, no.

Oh, no, no, no!

Louisa: Shit.

Shit, shit, shit!


I couldn't believe it.

I thought we'd been so careful.

He said he couldn't have kids.

Except everything
he said was a lie.

I could wash him off me,

But I couldn't just
wash the baby away.

Steve: Uh, yo?

Louisa: Steve?

It's louisa.

Steve: How the hell
did you get this number?

Louisa: I bought
the phone, einstein.

You're not the only
genius around.

Steve: Okay.
Uh, yeah, what do you want?

Louisa: Actually...

I'm pregnant.

Steve: So?

Louisa: I just thought
you should know.

So at least
my conscience is clear.

Steve: Okay, well I'm gonna
make one thing clear.

I have no interest
in what you're selling.

Sorry, time to get a new phone.

Too many cold calls.

They, um, couldn't have
been nicer at the clinic.

They gave me two options,
talked me through

Exactly what was involved.

I... I wasn't even afraid.


When it came down to it,

Something just
didn't seem right.

Know what I mean?

Brooke: So you're
gonna have the baby?

Louisa: Yeah.

Doesn't mean I'm gonna keep it.

I don't know,
it feels like there's a...

A parasite growing inside me,

Like a changeling or whatever.

It's got his dna.

Brooke: It also
has yours, louisa.

Louisa: I don't know
how these things work,

But if it is nature and nurture,

I've gotta find it
a decent family

That's gonna raise it right

So it can stand a chance
of becoming a human being.

Francie: What about me?

I mean, he or she
will have my dna too,

So that way you could see it

Whenever you want
and we could play--

Louisa: Not gonna work, mom.

I mean, thank you...

But let's not pretend it was
easy for you the first time.

Francie: This time,
I would have you as backup.

Louisa: No, you wouldn't.

You think I want to watch
my kid grow up across town?

You think that's healthy?

If I'm gonna carry
this baby to term,

I owe it a good family
somewhere far away.

Francie: Brooke and I
will be here for you,

Whatever you need.

Brooke: Uh, in spirit,
if not in person.

Brooke: Alex got
a promotion in arizona.

We're moving
at the end of this month.

Louisa: Arizona?

Brooke: I'm sorry, lou.

We'll call all the time.

And we'll visit.

Louisa: No!


I'm happy for you, brooke.
This is...

This is so exciting.
Brooke: Yeah?

Louisa: Yeah!

Tell alex I said

And don't worry about me.

I'm a survivor, right?

Brooke: Okay.

Louisa: Yeah.

Holly: When I saw your post
on matchyouup.Com,

I knew I had to meet you.

It sounds horrible,
but I was relieved

When I wasn't
the only one he conned.

Louisa: Yeah, unfortunately,

Steve johnson's
a pro at being a scumbag.

Holly: Except he
called himself anthony.

Anthony murray.

Louisa: Yeah.

Holly: So,
anthony won't tell you,

But they're naming a ward after
him at mount cedar hospital.

Woman: Ooh.
Man: Oh, how come?

Holly: Because he donated,
like, millions of dollars.

Man: Hmm!

Holly: Okay, we've talked
enough about me tonight.

Holly: No!

Man: The spotlight's
on you, mister.

You're new here.
Come on.

Holly: Guess what anthony
did to help pay his way

Through harvard business school?

Man: Let me guess...

A little modelling, perchance?


Woman: Mm.
Mm-hm, I could see it!

holly: He was a stuntman.

Steve: I was a stunt double,

There's a big difference.
Man: That is amazing.

Holly: Yeah,
he stood in for matt damon

In the talented mr. Ripley .
Woman: No way!

Steve: I was matt damon's
ass double, okay?

Woman: Oh my god!

Holly: Show them.
Show them!

Man: You gotta turn around.
You gotta turn around.


Man: Matt damon, is that you?

Steve: Okay,
can we please move on now?

Okay, I want to hear
about you guys.

Holly, she tells me that
you have a villa in st. Tropez.

Man: That is correct.
Steve: Yeah?

Holly: Oh, it's beautiful.

Steve: Oh, I've always
loved the south of France.

Man: We were actually
gonna go there in a couple days,

And if you want,
you guys can tag along.

Holly: You should come!
Steve: Really?

Man: Yeah.
Woman: Of course.

Steve: Cheers to that.
Man: Cheers.

Woman: Cheers.

Holly: He hung around, leeching
off my friends for five days,

And then... Gone.

I feel so stupid,

And ashamed,
because I was impressed.

I can't deny it.
So... What does that make me?

Louisa: Don't.

Just because you
believed the wrong guy

Doesn't give him the right
to your self worth.

All that shame belongs to him.

Not to you.

Don't let a loser
like steve johnson

Determine your future.

He doesn't deserve that honour.

Holly: I think
your baby just agreed.

Louisa: Yeah!

Louisa: If I keep the baby,
will you help me raise it?

Francie: Yes!

Come here!

Every step of the way, honey.

I thought that man
had broken your spirit.

Louisa: He wishes.

Francie: You're doing it!


my name is louisa russell,

And I'm starting this blog to
warn people about steve johnson,

Otherwise known
as anthony murray,

Professor john marino,

And who knows what else.

Woman: he took me
to a restaurant,

Then realized he'd lost
his wallet and keys.

Woman: saw him in
vancouver on the 13th of July.

he was so convincing.

Man: the dude
said he'd pay me back.

I feel so stupid.

Woman: he said
he was running for office.

Woman: he wore
nice clothes, a nice watch.

We drove around in a sports car.

Louisa: No...

oh, no, no, no, no...

it's too soon!
Something's wrong!

Doctor: We have
a fetal bradycardia.

Get her in left lateral
fetal scalp stimulation.

Have the surgeons prepped.

Give her 500 normal
saline, stat.

I wasn't even looking for love

When I met steve johnson,

But as it happens, I found it.

And I was gonna
make sure my baby

Was the exact opposite
of his father.

Brooke: Hi!
Louisa: Hi!

Brooke: Say hi to auntie brooke!

Oh, he just gets more and more
beautiful every time I see him.

Wow, look at that!

Louisa: Do you like it?

Hal: It's a dog.
Brooke: Yeah!

Louisa: Yeah,
it's a cool present.

Brooke: You can spin the wheels
until he's ready to walk.

You gonna spin the wheels?

Louisa: Yeah, most kids
his age are walking already.

Brooke: So he's taking his time,
and this will help you catch up,

Won't it, hal?

Louisa: I miss you.

Brooke: I miss you, too.

You know, I check out your
website whenever I can.

You have quite the following.

Well, I guess steve does.

Bet he's sorry he ever met you.

Louisa: Ditto.

But since I did, if he puts
his details on a website,

Eventually it leads
back to my page.

If anyone checks a known alias,
it pings back to me.

And I tell them all
the same thing: File it.

Brooke: It's almost time.

Oh, there it is!

Anchor: he poses
as a rich, young playboy,

Or sometimes
as a wealthy investor,

Or even as a professor
or a military man.

But detectives say that he
pulls off such a convincing act

That women trust him, and they
end up with broken hearts--

And empty bank accounts.

he does not have a job.

He does not have
a legal address.

This is what
he does for a living,

So he's really good at it.

And it's both men and women,
it's business owners,

It's lawyers,
it's real estate agents,

And the more people
that come forward,

The more likely
this guy will go to jail.

brooke: You did that.

Louisa: I did.

Reporter: more people
are coming forward.

This video shows steve johnson's
arrest in vermont last month,

Arrested for fraud.

They found him in a local bar
where he had been talking about

Renting the venue
for a party for $15,000,

But apparently it was just
a ruse to get free food

And drinks.

In a montpellier courtroom,

Johnson refused
to reveal his true name.

Receptionist: Miss russell?

Reporter: The judge
was puzzled by his behaviour.

We found court documents
showing steve johnson has posed

As his identical
twin brother before.

He now sits in jail without
bond until his next court date.

Pediatric specialist: Hal
has significant problems

In auditory processing,

As you already know, his
physical and social development

Are both delayed.

It's too early
for an accurate prognosis,

But with the right interventions

It's possible we might
see some improvements.

so let's go through it.

What are the right

Pediatric specialist:
Speech therapy,

Physical and occupational
therapy to start.

A full-time
specialist preschool.

It's an enormous undertaking.

You're going to need a lot of
support systems in place.

Louisa: Yeah.

Pediatric specialist: Is there
anyone you can rely on?

Louisa: Yeah, .

it wasn't easy.

Juggling hal's needs meant
I couldn't work full-time,

Even with my mom's help,
so money was tight.

But we were strong
and happy and safe.

Louisa: Oh!
Francie: Oh... Oh!

or so I thought.

Louisa: Nice.

Brooke: It must feel really good
knowing you played a hand

In steve's conviction.

Louisa: Absolutely.

I realized I could either wallow
in it the rest of my life,

Or I could stop it from
happening to other people.

Brooke: You're so much
braver than I ever could be.

And it's good.

He's out of the way
for the moment.

That must be a relief.

Louisa: Yeah, but he'll get out,

And he'll find someone else
to feed off of.

What he does causes
long-term damage to real lives.

He's probably affected
hundreds of people.

I have four years of data

And a whole network
of people he's scammed.

I'm going to publish
a timeline of his crimes.

Louisa: when I
looked at it together,

All the sightings
and arrests over time,

Something wasn't adding up.

uh, gin and tonic.

Uh, thank you.

Bridge, it's my favourite.

Bonny: Ah!

You play?

Michel: Well, yes,
with my colleague.

We play
at the sorbonne in paris.

I am actually
a professor of economics,

So we tend to like games of...

How you say, ah...
Strategy and skill.

Bonny: Hmm!
How about that, girls?

We're in the same league
as math professors now.

Pull up a chair,
why don't you, monsieur...?

Michel: Oh, michel.
How do you say in english?

Um... Mike?

Bonny: Oui!

Michel: May I buy you
all another round of drinks?

Bonny: How about it, girls,
three more tequila sunrises?

Michel: Yeah?

Ah, merde, alors!

I seem to have forgotten
my jacket in my room.

Bonny: Don't be silly.
Put his drinks on our tab.

Michel: That is very
kind of you, madame.

Bonny: Michel?




between home school,

Play time, and therapy,
hal kept us busy,

But I was still distracted
by this gnawing feeling

That there was more to
steve and mitch's story.

Louisa: Unless steve's a time
traveller who can walk through

Prison walls, it wasn't just
steve pretending to be mitch.

It has to be the other way
around as well.

Brooke: Okay, wait,
let me get this straight.


So, mitch isn't really
the good twin after all?

Is that really a surprise?

Louisa: Don't you get it?

If mitch is just as bad
as steve, and they're identical,

Then who was it we spent that
weekend in chicago with, brooke?

Who was it I slept with?

I was floored.

Not only didn't I know
who steve really was,

But now I didn't know if steve
or mitch was my son's father.

And even if one
of them went to jail,

There was still
a carbon copy out there

Preying off of innocent people.

once I started digging,

It turned out
mitch had a rap sheet

Nearly as long as steve's,

In multiple states
with multiple police forces,

And at least as many fake names

Flying under the radar
of his brother up till now.

Steve had led me
straight to mitch,

And now I could expose
both of them.

Mitch: What did I tell you
about cleaning up your messes,

You moron?

Steve: We're identical, mitch.

If I'm a moron,
then you're a moron.

We're the same.

Mitch: No,
we are demonstrably not.

You don't think things through,
you don't cover your tracks,

And you have zero imagination.

You're half the intellect
that I am.

my name is aliana

And I am a cocktail waitress
at a nightclub

That mitch was
booking for a private party

With some movie company.

We hung out afterwards and he
said that he needed to buy

A suit for some meeting
and that he would pay me back

When his cards
were sent to his hotel.

I feel so stupid now
and don't know what to do.

I looked him up online
and your website popped up.

Is there any way we could talk?

Do you have a number
I could reach you at?

that's so cool.

Thank you, louisa.
You're awesome.

I can't wait to reach out.

Mitch: I can't wait
to reach out.

Louisa: Mom?

hey, remember me?

Louisa: How'd you get my number?

Mitch: You gave it to me,

Because you're an idiot.

And you're a fool
for betraying me

After I've been so cordial
to you in the past.

Louisa: You mean lying to me?

Mitch: Big mistake, louisa.

I'm gonna make you pay.

You think you're
a fit mother, huh?

An unstable,
gold-digging slut like you?

They're gonna take
your kid away, louisa,

And I'll get custody
as his father.

Louisa: He's not your son!

Mitch: Hmm, you sure about that?

Louisa: I was determined
not to be intimidated.

I tried to ignore him,

But he kept it up,
night after night,

And he knew how to get to me.

how's green bay?

Looks great from
where I'm standing.

I just got off the bus.

You're gonna wish you never
heard my name, or my brother's.

Louisa: And what name
is that, mitch?

nice try.

Louisa: I'm taping you.

You're harassing me
and I'm gonna prove it.

Mitch: You can't prove shit.

I can be anyone.

And we all know
you sleep around.

Wow, you really are dumb,
aren't you?

Louisa: What do you want?

Mitch: I want to break you.

And I know how.

You will not have a son anymore.

I've got it all taken care of.

I've got your address
and everything.

Louisa: Oh, yeah?

I don't believe you.

Louisa: He just called again

And said he's outside
watching me.

I have the blinds closed,
so he's totally bluffing.

I don't even buy
he's in green bay.


Louisa: I told you
to stop calling me.

Mitch: Ha-ha...
I see you!

Hey, aren't you
gonna invite me in?

How about you go out
and I babysit?

Louisa: Stop calling me!

Mitch: I'm coming for you.


Hal: Mommy?

Louisa: You know
mommy always told you

Not to talk to strangers, right?
Hal: Yes.

Louisa: Even if they
say they know you.

Hal: Yes.

Louisa: Right, so if anyone
wants to walk with you

From school, anyone except mommy
or nana or miss schumann,

You don't go.

Hal: Okay.

Louisa: You promise?
Hal: I promise.

Louisa: Okay.

Seal it with a kiss.

I love you.

Louisa: Hal?

Okay, sweetie,
you gotta wake up.

Okay, we just gotta leave.

You just gotta come with me.
Come on.

Come on.
Let's go.

Louisa: Come on.

Louisa: Get in.

Louisa: Come on,
come on, come on.


Hal: What is it, mommy?

Louisa: It's okay, sweetie.

Go back to sleep, okay?

Francie: You're tired.

No wonder your mind's
playing tricks on you.

Louisa: No, I know what I saw.

Francie: Well,
you told me yourself

You just had a nightmare.

Louisa: But what
if mitch is hal's father?

How would I know?

And maybe he could sue me
for a custody claim.

I mean, he's smart, right?

He obviously knows
something about the law.

Like, how did they
both get off so easily?

Francie: Louisa?

Louisa: And I thought
about maybe a dna test,

Except even if I could
get steve to agree,

They're identical twins, right?

So they have the same dna!

Francie: Lou?

Louisa: And I don't know even--

Louisa: And steve's not
gonna do me any favours.

They're probably in it together!

Francie: Okay, okay,
listen to me.

Listen to yourself, hmm?

What you said to all the women
who got conned by those cretins,

You file it, you report it,
you call the cops.

Louisa: But I...

I mean, I don't know.
I try to fight back.


Mom, if he took hal from me...

Francie: Nobody
is taking anyone.

Come here, come here.


What does it matter which
of them fathered hal, hmm?

They're crooks, for god's sake!

No court's gonna
give them custody.

Now, shh, you just...

You just focus on hal,

Our beautiful, happy,

Giggling angel.


Come here.

Hal: I can't sleep, mommy.

I'm scared.
Francie: Come here, baby.

Louisa: it was one thing
frightening me,

But hal was frightened now.

Hal, who had enough
to deal with,

Who I swore I would protect
with every cell in my body

From the day he was born.

Louisa: I have call logs,
film, tape recordings.

It's ongoing
and I want it all on record.

Officer kate: So long
as he's using burner phones

And bad ip addresses,
we can't actually identify him.

Louisa: Okay, I know it's mitch!

His brother's in jail
and he said he knew my address,

And I think I saw him.

Officer kate: You think you did?
Or you did?

Louisa: Either way,
he's threatening me!

Officer kate: Someone
threatened you.


Officer kate: Look,
I believe you,

But legally there's nothing
we definitively have

That links these calls
to mitch johnson.

It could be anyone.

Louisa: So it's down to me?

Officer kate: Take my number.

We'll do everything we can
to support you, louisa.

You're absolutely
doing the right thing

By logging it all.

Louisa: but yeah,
I was on my own...

Except I wasn't, was I?

Louisa: We know more about them

Than they could
ever know about us.

Shania: Like what, though, other
than they're lying scumbags?

Louisa: We know
how they operate.

And we know they
move differently.

Steve seems to get off on
emotional power, builds trust,

Sticks around until he can
enjoy it, and then he's dust.

Holly: Yeah, that's
exactly how it was with me.

Louisa: Yeah, and we know it
was steve who scammed holly

Because his brother was
in court in grand rapids.

Mitch, on the other hand,
is after a quick hit.

In and out with
whatever he can grab.

Thinks he's a genius.

he sure had me fooled,

Till he swiped $300,
my cartier watch,

And my dignity.

Louisa: You should be proud
for coming forward, bonny.

He relies on us
being too ashamed.

And we couldn't
have done any of this

If it weren't for you
bankrolling us.

Bonny: Whatever it takes
to nail that shmuck.

Shania: So... What have we got?

Louisa: We've got a budget,
a realtor, a cab driver,

And we know where he is,

Thanks to our trusted
friends online.

You sure you're up for this?

I would do it, except mitch
knows what I look like.

Holly: Honestly...
I can't freaking wait.

Louisa: And that was it.

We were gonna play mitch
at his own game

And catch him red-handed
in the process.

Holly: White wine, large.

I've just been stood up.

Mitch: Allow me.

Don't worry,
I'm not trying to pick you up.

I'm also commiserating.

I've been stood up myself.

Uh, this research catch-up just
really isn't doing it for me.

Holly: Researching what?

Mitch: Quantum mechanics.

I'm a professor in mathematics.

I know, exciting stuff, right?

my first date in four years...

Thinks so as well.


Just as well she didn't show up.

I seem to have left
my wallet at home.

Holly: Well, in that case,
drinks are on me!

What's your poison?

Louisa: it was
like we were charlie's angels.

Holly: Ugh,
me and tech never get along!

Louisa: Shitty charlie's angels.

Mitch: This is enchanting.

thank you!

Mitch: Do you live
here all alone?

Holly: I have a very
optimistic maid.

Mitch: Oh.

Holly: Make yourself comfortable
and I will get us some drinks.

Mitch: Okay.

Shania: Okay!

Louisa: Take the bag!

did he take the bag?

Holly: Did he take the bag?

Louisa: Okay,
just make some noise.

Do the drinks!
Holly: Okay!

Mitch: Do you want me
to put on some music?

Holly: Uh, yeah, sure, sure.

do we have music?

Shania: Just take the damn bag!

Louisa: He's looking
through the cabinets!

no, no, no, no, no!

Louisa: What?

Holly: It's show home!
There's nothing in them!

Louisa: Okay,
just holly, act normal.

Say it's a rental.

Louisa: Holly?

Holly, holly!
Get out of there now!



Mitch: What the hell is this?
Holly: oh!

Louisa: The cops
are on their way, mitch.

Mitch: Are you kidding me?

Louisa: What are you gonna do?

Mitch: I'm gonna sit here and
I'm gonna wait for the police

To come and arrest you, louisa.

Louisa: What?!
Mitch: Yeah.

I mean, you lured me here
under false pretenses.

holly: Louisa, are you okay?

Mitch: I dunno, maybe
you were planning to make

Some sort of sex tape with me
without my consent.

I don't know.

And when I found out
your little perverted plan,

You locked me in.

Holly: Let us know you're okay!

Mitch: That's what
I'm gonna tell them.

Louisa: No one's
going to believe that!

We caught you on camera
looking into the handbag!

Mitch: Oh, that's so...

Do you even know what
entrapment is, louisa?

Oh well, it makes a lot of sense
that you don't know what that is

Because you have an idiot son,
so like mother, like son.

Louisa: At least
my mother loves me.

At least I'm riddled with
jealousy over my identical twin.

Mitch: You don't know a
goddamn thing about my life!

Louisa: Oh, yeah?

I know your mother sits there
dribbling into a cup

Because her favourite baby boy
turned out bad.

And I know they think
the sun shines out of your ass

In comparison,
but that's because you've been

Lying to them.

You're a liar, mitch!

At least steve was loved
for who he was.


you've got nothing!

Mitch: Oh, do you think
that I give an actual shit

About what you think?

Louisa: I bet you care
what your mom thinks.

Maybe you were the booby prize,

But at least
you were the smart one,

The upstanding one.

But how do you think she's gonna
feel when she figures out

That you're even worse
than bad boy steve?


Mitch: Augh!




Mitch: Louisa!




Where are you?

Oh, you want to
play hide and seek?

Okay, fine.

I'll be the seeker.

I'm gonna count to ten, okay?



look, I'm not gonna hurt you.

I promise,
I'm not gonna hurt you.

Just come out.
I know you're in there.

Louisa: Leave me alone!



Mitch: Augh!

Officer kate: Drop your weapon!

Drop your weapon!

Put your hands behind your head.


Officer kate: Get down.
Get down!

Give me your arm.

You have the right to
remain silent, jack ass.

it was a totally stupid,

Dangerous plan,
and it backfired badly.

But what happened meant mitch
got six years for assault

And false imprisonment.

It wasn't long enough for us,
but for a while,

At least both the johnson twins
were out of action.

Francie: I'll get it.

Louisa: What you drawing?

Francie: Hello?

It's for you.

Someone from a podcast called
"kingston's conversation."

Debbie: Have you ever
had your identity stolen,

Your personal details
used in a scam?

Have you ever been
seduced by someone

Who wasn't who
they said they were?

Welcome back.

I'm debbie kingston and we're
here with louisa russell.

What a story.

What would you say to anyone
who's been affected

By these con artist twins?

Louisa: File it.

However pointless it may seem,
report it and get it filed,

Because the police from
different states can use

This information
to build a bigger picture.

Debbie: And what would you
say to the johnson twins,

To mitch and steve johnson,
either or both,

If you had the chance?

Louisa: Hey, steve and mitch.

I'm coming for you.

Me and every woman and man
you've abused.

We know who you are and we will
name and shame you every time.

And we will do the same to all
the other con men out there

Who try to take advantage
of innocent women.

We stand for any woman

Who's been lied to
by someone they trust.


You excited to celebrate your
birthday with your friends

At school, honey?
Hal: Yes.

Francie: And when you come
home, your cake will be here!

Hal: Yay!

Louisa: My big kid,
eight years old!

I'm so proud of you.

Come here.


Francie: And you should
be proud of yourself.

I know I am.

Hal: I want to go to school!

Francie: Oh, bossy!

Okay, okay!

Louisa: Girl, guess what?

They've added two years
to steve's sentence

For assaulting his brother,

Which means he won't
be paroled until 2023,

Around the same time as mitch.

Brooke: At least
the world gets a break from them

For another year or so.

Louisa: Hallelujah to that!

Brooke: But I guess we both know
that as soon as they get out,

They'll just pick up
where they left off.

Louisa: So will I, girl!

enough about these losers.

When are you guys getting here?

Brooke: In a couple hours.

And I can't wait!

Louisa: Me neither!

I'm so excited.

I'm making a cake!

I never make cakes.

and even though I knew

They wouldn't be
locked up forever,

Just for today I knew
hal was safe and happy,

And so was I.

Debbie: Well,
thanks so much for your bravery

In telling your story
to us today, louisa.

Can I ask you one last thing?

Did you ever find out
conclusively whose son he was?

Louisa: Yeah.

As a matter of fact, I did.

He's mine.