Swimmer (2012) - full transcript

A young man swims across the rivers and lakes of Britain to a soundtrack of assorted nationalistic music. As he passes people on the banksides including children,lovers and a tramp their ...

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What I'd like to be is invisible.

I'd like to be able to move around
without having to explain.

It's an imaginary country where
I go. It has its own people.

Can you do that? I knew you would.
Billy, why are we so alike?

You know I can read your thoughts.


Victory is ours!

Listen to me!
You've got to trust me.

Trust me.

I'm sorry to trouble you.
We're lost.

We've had an accident.

How do you feed these pikeys, by the
king of kings and the lord of lords?

The past, present
and future mistakes.

And I can look world in the eye
and say, "I can live again.

"I can breathe again. I don't have
to go through the dirty waters

"and drink the blood and all that
to get a little bit of respite.

Running's always been a big thing
in our family,

especially running away
from the police.

It's hard to understand.

All I know is that
you've got to run.

Run without knowing why,
through fields and woods.

And the winning post's no end,

even though barmy crowds might
be cheering theirsens daft.

That's what the loneliness of the
long-distance runner feels like.