Swim at Your Own Risk (2016) - full transcript

After a one-night stand with her coach, a pressured swimming phenom finds the lives of herself and her loved ones in danger.

[whistle blows]

[female #1]
You can beat her,
you can beat her!



[indistinct chattering]

Two fifteen.

That s short.

[female #2]
Most swimmers can t even
do a minute.

[female #1]
Well, you re
not real swimmers.

Condition yourself to
take less breaths,

faster your time.


Give me a sec.

[female #1]
No, nobody s gonna
give you a second

in the middle of a heat.

The Trials are
in four weeks,

and you re
not even close.

Let s go!

Laps, now.

Tracie and Emily,
let s do this!


[swimmer #1]
Wow, she
actually remembered

there s someone else
on the team.

[female #1]
Alright, are we ready?


[whistle blows]

♪ It s my life ♪

♪ You don t know me ♪

[female #1]
Head down!

Head down!

[gasping breaths]

♪ So set me free ♪

[female #1]
Go, come on.

Go, go!

Out, out.

You should ve beaten her
by half a length.

You re gonna
be embarrassed.

Emily s actually a
great swimmer.

Maybe you should give
her some credit,

instead of always
cutting me down.

I don t need
your endorsement.

[female #1]
"Great" doesn t get you
on the podium.

"Great" doesn t
get you gold.


That might
get you a shot.

Is that what
got you bronze?

You think my bronze
was a failure?

Obviously, you do.

This is your
one shot, Samantha,

and it s my job to help
you realize that.

Now, there s gonna be
scouts at the Trials,

and members of the
Selection Committee,

so I need you to focus.


I come here every night!

You tell me what to eat,
when to sleep,

what to-- what to do.

You push me harder than
anybody else.

[female #1]
Because you have more talent
than anyone else!

Thanks, Mom.

[female #1]
No, no, no.

Here, I m Coach.

You re always Coach.

[melancholy music]

[male #1]
Party at Brett s
on Saturday.

-You in?

[male #1]
How do you spend your
weekends, Samantha?

It s one of the world s great
unsolved mysteries.

So is your breath.

[teenager laughing]

[male #2]
What did the
Neanderthal want?

Nothing, he grunted something
I didn t understand.

[both laughing]

[male #2]
Well, in a few months,

we ll be out of this cesspool
of intellectual deficiency.


[male #2]
Did you fill out
the applications?

I totally forgot.

[male #2]
Wait, what?

The deadline s
in a few days.

I know, I ll do it.

I just have, like,
six billion other deadlines

I m dealing
with right now.

[male #2]
We had a plan...

since we were 15.

To go to college together.

But in order to do that, we have
to get into the same university.

Babe, I know.

It ll be alright,
I ll do it.

I ll fill them all out.

-I ll see you at lunch.

[instrumental music]

I was expected to exceed
your grandpa.


I understand that pressure,
and I m sorry.

But I would not
push you so hard,

if I didn t think you
were exceptional.

Yeah, well, not
being exceptional,

isn t an option
in this family.



I thought it
was a good idea

if I start to focus on some
of the other swimmers, so...

a new assistant coach
is starting tomorrow.


Try and show him a little more
respect than you show me.

Thank you.


[phone rings]


I was wondering if you wanted
to get together later.

There s some more applications
that we talked about.

I could go over
them with you.

That way you don t have
to think about it.

Take some of
the pressure off.

I m gonna go swimming after
I do my homework.

[Lucas on phone]
And what about after that?

It s a school night.

Let s at least try to
get started on these?

[Samantha on phone]

Alright, let s grab something
to eat at Nicky s.

Nine o clock?

Okay, I ll see you then.


[tense music]

[door opens]

[door closes]


Anyone here?

[locker rattles]


[metal squeaks]

[water splashing]

[tense music]


[breathing heavily]



What were you doing?

[male #3]
I thought
you had drowned.


Is that funny?


People think that,

but you re the first person
to actually jump in.

[male #3]
And here I thought it was
my big heroic moment.

-Are you okay?
-Yeah, fine.

A little embarrassed.

I m Bryce Hinge,
new assistant coach.

Samantha Morgan.

Oh, the great
Samantha Morgan.

Oh, please.


Is that a
breathing exercise?

-I enjoy the silence.

Want me to
get you a towel?

No, I got clothes in my--
in my office.

Sorry for the scare.

It was nice to
meet you, Samantha.

Nice to meet you.

Actually, is there a good place
to get a cup of coffee?

You know, warm up?

You can go to Nicky s.

I m meeting my
boyfriend there.

It s a pizza joint,
but they serve coffee.

Is it any good?

It s hot.

Well, I ll be right out.


Want to grab a seat?

I don t want to
be a third wheel.

Oh, Lucas won t mind.

I owe you anyway
for saving my life.


So, you must be pretty good
to meet my mom s approval.

I was very good.

Why d you stop competing?

I tore my Achilles
playing pickup baseball.


How dare you have a life
outside of swimming?


Now, my dad competed in the
World s and he was President

of the US Swimming Association
for a while.

So, no pressure there.

I ve loved swimming,
but I didn t love it.


And then I
got burnt out...

and I wanted a life.

Mmm, you re a mind reader.

Your mom
gave me a heads up.

Look... the whole mom/daughter
coaching thing?

That s tough.

So, I ll do what I can,

and try and create
a little buffer.


You re welcome.

-Lucas, hi!

Lucas, this is Bryce.

He s our new coach.

Nice to meet you.

So, how long have
you been here?

Just a little while.

I left early.

There was an incident
at the pool.

[both laughing]


Do you want to sit down?

Oh, you know what,
I should probably go.

No, no, no.

No, actually,
I m not feeling too well.

-I ll see you tomorrow.
-What s wrong?


It s nice to
meet you, Bryce.


[soft music]

Wow, that was embarrassing,
I m sorry.

No, I shouldn t have put you
in that position.

You didn t,
he s just acting insecure.

He s-- he s worried that
things are gonna change

once we graduate.

Look, from a guy s
point of view,

just keep reminding him
he has nothing to worry about.

I have to wake up early.

Thanks for the coffee.

Thanks for the rescue.

I ll see you later.


[water splashing]

Ladies, come on.

Come on, I want to introduce
you to Bryce Hinge,

our new assistant coach.

For real?

Bryce is a former state
champion, as was his father,

so, listen to what
he has to say.

on breathing techniques.

I sure hope so.

Oh, now I never did ask you
why you were here so late.

That s pretty dedicated.

No distractions.

Ah, not supposed to be anyway.


Come on, girls, let s go!


Seriously, is your mom
trying to torture us?

You already have
the hots for him.

-He s our coach.

-Okay, I m not an idiot.

I am.

That s what you re best at,
isn t it?

Add another
to your list?



-Good practice.

Your mom didn t seem
too tough today.

Yeah, that s cause
you re around.

She s on her
best behavior.

Well, I m glad that
I can offer something

to the table so far.


Hey, my mom doesn t think
I ll be ready for Trials.

I could use
some extra help.


Yeah, maybe outside
of regular practice?

I come here
almost every night.

I d like to, but there s a whole
coach/athlete protocol thing

that I ve kinda got
to be mindful of.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I didn t-- I didn t mean it
like that, you know.

No, of course not,
but I ll tell you what.

Give me your number...

and I ll text you a few videos
I used to watch.




Got you now.

Okay, I ll see you soon.


That was stupid.

Hey, I m sorry
about last night.

I acted like an idiot.

A little bit.

I saw you with some guy
and it made me jealous.

He s my new coach.

Oh, now you re mad?

Lucas, I just feel
like everything with you

has been a crisis lately.

I m sorry.

You know... I just need some
space right now, okay?

A little space?

Space from me?

You re breaking up with me?


Well, that s
what that means.

I don t know!

I love you,

but I can t
deal with school

and swimming
and everything else

and then be worried
about what I do

or say that
might hurt you.

Like right now?

-That s not fair!
-To you or me?

I m under a
lot of pressure.

Just give me
a moment, okay?

Yeah, sure.

I don t want
to smother you.

Didn t know I was.


We re done.

[water splashing]

[soft music]

Oh my God!

You scared me.


How long have you been
standing there?

A few minutes.

I ve been in my office
watching video.

Your stroke is too long;
you need to shorten it.

You got too much drag.

Shorter races, more torque.

What did you swim?

A hundred freestyle, like you.

You think you can beat me?

[rock music]

[gasping breaths]

[Bryce laughing]

Promise me something.

What s that?

That you will keep this
between us.

I would hate to lose
credibility so soon.

I shortened my stroke.

Oh, how novel.

Can I ask you a question?

Depends on what.

Why do you swim?

I ve been doing
it for so long.

It s just a part
of who I am.

I know that,
but why do you keep doing it?

Coming back here, competing.

Coming here every night,
you know,

instead of going out with
your friends or to some party?

When I swim...

it feels like
the whole world just goes away.

Like all the sounds,

the chaos,


Why do you want the
world to go away?

Cause sometimes the
world can be cruel...

and confusing...

and not
always friendly.

Well... we re not
all unfriendly.

Maybe too friendly.

[Bryce laughing]

Maybe we keep this
between us too.

♪ We can t keep
on the ground ♪

You still want those
extra lessons?

I thought you said
it d be inappropriate.

Only if somebody finds out.

♪ Moving like the
speed of sound ♪

♪ We can t keep
on the ground ♪

♪ Can t stay
in one place ♪

♪ Keep moving like
a bullet train ♪

♪ Like a bullet train ♪

♪ Like like like
a bullet train ♪

♪ Like like like
a bullet train ♪


[soft music]

[laughs softly]

[text notification]

[phone rings]

Come on, Samantha!

Oh, look at that time.

Head down, head down.

Dig deep, dig deep!

Come on, Samantha!

[Bryce] Alright!
[Gina] Yes!

Ha-ha, now that will
get you in the Trials.

Great job!


That s my girl.

[soft music]



Hey, there.

-I know, right.

Yeah, my head
is still spinning.

Look, I just...
I wanted--

I can t stop
thinking about it.

Me too, I ve never done
anything like that.


I m a little freaked out
right now, you know?

I ve never done that
before either.

I swear.

You re not gonna come clean to
your mom about this, are you?

No, no!

No, trust me.

It s just that I feel
a little guilty,

you know, about Lucas
and... my mom.

And I don t want anything
to interfere with, like,

our relationship here.

You know?

No, I get it.

It just
doesn t have to be

so cut and dry between us,
does it?

We can get in a lot
of trouble, Bryce.

I don t regret
it happened.

I don t either.

It s just...

I don t think I can handle
any more distractions.

I m your coach.

That s it.


Thank you.

[sinister music]

[text notification]

Phones off, people!

[soft music]

[text notification]


Do I need to
confiscate that?

-No, sorry.
-Thank you.

[electronic music]

[male #1]

-Hey, Travis!
-What s going on?

-Oh, thank you so much.
-You re welcome!

-Happy birthday.

I can t believe
you made it.

You never come
to these things.

Trying to have
a life, right?

[female #4]
Not if your mom
can help it.

Hey, I know Emily gives you
a hard time about Lucas,

but I think
he s really sweet.

Are you two okay?

Not really.

Is he here?

[female #4]
He left a
little while ago.

Good, I don t think I could
deal with him right now.

[female #4]
Grab yourself a drink.

[female #5]
That s out of bounds!

[sinister music]

[people laughing]

I got a room
all scoped out.

Just let me know when,
sweet thing.

Travis, the only way
you re getting laid

is if you transform
yourself into an egg.





What are you doing here?

I was invited.


Okay, but
you re our coach.

Kids are drinking.

I m not a teacher.

Technically, I m not even
working for the school.

I work for Swim Club, so I m
not obligated to report this.

Unless I want to, of course.


Still, kinda weird though.

High school party.

I m not even the
oldest guy here.

Come here.

Look, I think we re allowed
to have a conversation,

you know, without
raising suspicion.

It s when you start
to act guilty,

that s when they start
to chatter.

Yeah, but Emily s
already chattering.

It s just a little jarring.

When we do
what we did,

and then you just cut it off
like it didn t happen.

That s because
it did happen.

But I feel like there s
a connection here.

And I know you feel
that way too,

otherwise, it wouldn t
have happened.

Look, I meant what I said.

I don t do
this kind of thing,

which is why it means
something to me.


Look... it was
a one time thing...

and I m a little freaked out

that people are gonna
find out about it.

Look, we agree on that,

but I don t want you wiping
it from your memory.

Makes me feel like I m the bad
guy here, like I m a creep.

I m sorry.

You re not a creep,
not at all.

Just... it s a little weird,
us getting involved, right?


-I m good.

Now, go mingle,

before inquiring minds
start to wonder.


[sinister music]

[phone vibrating]

[phone vibrates]

[phone vibrates repeatedly]



what s your
impression of Bryce?

What do you mean?

Well, it seems like
he s doing good work

and I just--

Do you think I made
the right choice?


Good, good.

You know, I noticed
some of the girls...

they can t keep their
eyes off of him.

But he is very
attractive, so.

Mom, how did
you find Bryce?

Well, I put out a few
emails to some friends.

Some referred him to me,
said he was looking.

What was he
doing before this?

Private lessons.


No reason.



I know you re
still mad at me.

That s pretty observant.

I don t like it when
you re mad at me.

Neither do I, but I am.

You should be.

I m sorry for the way
I ve been acting.

I haven t been
really nice, but...

I filled these out.

Send them in
with yours, right?

That s the plan.

Yeah, right.

[sinister music]

What s wrong?


I m gonna go to class.

See you after lunch, okay?



Can I talk to you in
here for a minute?

In here?

Yeah, your mom s
in the office.

[tense music]

Why aren t you responding
to any of my messages?

I haven t gotten
through em yet.

Are you trying to be
funny, Samantha?

Cause I am not laughing.

I don t like
being ignored.

I m not ignoring you.

You re avoiding me.

So, is that why you were
at the school today?

What are you
talking about?

I saw you watching me.

I saw you, yes, but
I wasn t watching you.

I was there at the
request of a teacher

to talk to some students
about swimming,

and before I had a chance
to say hello,

you had run off.

That s avoiding.

Well, do I really need
to explain why?

You yourself told me
they don t tolerate

inappropriate behavior
by coaches.

What s inappropriate?

All of this.

I-- if you re referring
to the pool,

you were a
consenting adult.

You were the one who asked
me for private lessons,

so who was being

No one s gonna
care what I did.

It s your reputation
if this gets out,

so why are you still
pushing this?

If you think no one is
gonna care what you did,

you re wrong.

This is the kind of thing
that follows you around.

Now every time you walk down
the hall, sit in class, go out,

people are gonna
be watching you,

and they are gonna
be whispering,

"What does Samantha
do late at night

when she goes
out to the pool?"

Are you threatening me?



I m trying
to protect you.

Okay, I don t want to see
you this way anymore,

so stop calling me.

Stop texting,
just get over it.

I-- I can t.

It s-- it s not--
it s not that I can t.

It s just that I like you.

I like you too,

but I made a mistake
and so did you.

I m sorry, but
you re my coach.


Ready to start?

Just about.

Can t keep your eyes
off him, can you?

Something already happened,
didn t it?

Give it a break.

You re a bad liar.

Nothing happened, Emily,
so just drop it.

God, you just love making
headlines, don t you?

Are we interrupting
social hour, ladies?


in the pool, let s go.

Trials are coming up, ladies.

[tense music]

She can come off
the laps faster.

-Oh my gosh!

-Oh my gosh,
these are beautiful.

They are!

Who sent you these?

I don t know.

They re for me.

-From Bryce.

"Thanking you for the
opportunity to coach.

Looking forward to teaching
the team a thing or two...

especially Samantha."

Oh my gosh, that s
terrific, huh?

Oh my God!

I knew he was
the right choice.

I think everybody s improving.

[phone ringing]


"Teach me a thing or two?"

Are you serious?

I was being sincere.

Bryce, you re a nice guy,

but it was a mistake.

I don t like being
someone s mistake.

We agreed.

I don t want this getting out,
believe me,

but if you don t stop,
I will tell my mom.

I m just saying.


There s a video.


In the pool that night.

[rock music]

Just saying.


Thanks for coming.

Thank you.

What video?

There are security cameras,

It dawned on me afterwards.

I can see you in the video,
but I m in the shadows,

but thank God,
I got to it first.

Where is it?

I deleted it from
their hard drive.

Deleted it?

I mean, imagine if it got
posted to social media.

Swear to me
that you deleted it.

I deleted it from the
hard drive, I swear.

Swear to me that there s not
another copy somewhere else.

I can t swear that.

Somebody might
have recorded it

from the monitor onto
their phone or something.

I told you,
I would protect you.

[tense music]

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on, Samantha.

Are you serious?

[whistle blows]

What s going on with you?


What s in your head?

Has she said anything to you?


Work with her please.


I think it d be fun.

[Emily giggles]

[tense music]


Don t mess around with him.

Oh, whatever, okay,
you had your chance.

It s not a competition.

You don t know him.

I know, the guy s
like a total square.

If he wasn t so hot,
it d be a turn off.

-Listen to me.
-No, no!

You wanted him and
you couldn t get him.

Okay, if you say
anything to your mom,

I will make your life
a living hell.

Okay, Emily,
we used to be friends,

and I get it that
we don t get along anymore,

but I m saying this
to you as that friend.

Something is wrong with him.

And you know this how?

It s a feeling.


Just don t do
anything stupid.

And where s the fun in that?


I thought I just
knew her, you know.

Well, you do!


I invited Bryce
over for dinner.

Hey, kid.

We were just
discussing your practice.

You seemed distracted,
is everything okay?


I thought it
was about Lucas.

What s going on?

I m sorry,
you didn t tell your mom?

Tell me what?

It s nothing.

Are you two okay?

I don t want
to talk about it.

Well, apparently,
you already have.

That just sort of came up.

Lucas and I are fine.

I thought you
said you broke up.



I like Lucas.

Yeah, so do I.

Me too.

so what are we missing?

-Oh, wine!

I ll be right back.

What are you doing here?

Well, I couldn t
exactly say no.

She s my boss.

What was that with Emily?

I couldn t exactly
say no to that either.

She s nice to me.

Why, you jealous?

I m not interested in Emily.

Is that okay?


Now, I will need you
to open it for me.

Thank you.

Grab the salad, Samantha,
and the bowls.

[soft music]

So, you never really
knew my dad?

No, but I met him a few times
at different functions,

but there was always a
million people around, so.

Is he still involved?

No, he s retired.

-Yeah, he hated the politics,

but he s quick to tell
anybody about when he competed,

and all his medals.

I mean, he s
been a real help

for me getting
back on my feet.

How far do you think
you would have gone?

Had you not
gotten injured?

I think I could have
beaten anybody.


See, that s what I keep
telling this young lady.

I mean, she could win it all

and she does not know
how lucky she is.

I ve been trying to
tell her that.

I guess, I feel like we ve had
a connection from the start.

And that is
something special;

that doesn t come
around everyday,

and I feel like I
would be wasting it,

if I didn t take
advantage of it.

Well, I ve already
seen improvements, so.

I mean, except for the
last couple of days.

Well... I have to go to
school in the morning,

and I need to study, so.

Okay, I have
overstayed my welcome.

-Not at all.
-No, no, no, it s cool.

I have to get up early too.

I ll walk him out.

I know she s
a hard coach,

but your mom s a
really sweet lady.

She told me your dad
left when you were four,

raised you on her own.

Cut her some slack.

She s doing a good job.

Stay away from this house.

In fact, don t even talk
to me anymore at practice.

Are you seriously mad

because I accepted an
invitation to dinner?

You know exactly
why you re here.

All I have to do is
show her the text messages,

and it s over.

What text messages?

I didn t send
any text messages.

Good night, Samantha.

Where s my phone?

I am not in charge
of your phone.

Have you seen it, Mom?


You know you barely
said a word all night.

I thought you liked Bryce.

[brakes squealing]

Mr. Peters.

How are you Bryce?

How s your father?

He s feeling much better,

Do you have it?

Look, I don t know why
he wants to open this up again.

This is old news.

Maybe he wants to
clear his conscience.

He always said he should

and that what happened
wasn t right.

It might hurt a lot of people,
including your father,

and I don t want to
be dragged into it.

That s why my father wanted
to keep this meeting discreet.


[Mr. Peters]
Oh, listen,
one more thing.

The truth is...
she didn t know.

That s what they all say.

Hey, Lucas.

-Not sure if you remember me.

Yeah, I remember.

Listen, this is awkward.

I haven t gone to
anyone with this yet.

See, I remember being a senior
and doing stupid stuff too.

I just don t want anyone s lives
to get ruined over this.

Over what?

Now, I was able to convince
security not to report it.

This is a video.

It s paused.

I assume that s you
with Samantha.

Go ahead and play it.

I don t want
to embarrass you.

Thank God,
I got to it first.

But I need you to be
a little more carful.

Samantha has a
good shot at Trials.

Something like this
could ruin her.

Just be a little
more discreet.

[tense music]

What did you do?

-What are you talking about?
-I saw the video!

Who was it in the pool?

-Was it you?
-Was it me, what?

Dude, get off!


[tense music]

It s over.

I m telling my
Mom everything.

Post the video.

I ll go to the police

and I ll tell them that
you sexually harassed me.

Getting fired?

That s gonna be the
least of your worries.

That video... is gonna be
the least of your problems.

Remember how my dad was
President of the Swim Board?

Lots of friends.

Friends who know things
they shouldn t know.

HGH, Samantha.

Human growth hormone.

Now, that s a scandal.

I ve never used steroids
in my life.

I know you haven t.

You re not the one
who cheated and took HGH.

You re not the one who
missed out on her medal

by a few seconds.

Never mind
there s evidence

that your mom
only took HGH once

and then
realized her mistake

and stayed clean for
the rest of the tournament.

She tested positive

and then it was covered up
by influential people.

Now imagine what would happen
if this came out now.

She d be stripped
of her medal.

She d lose her job here,
her reputation.

It would be so horrifying
that she would have to move;

probably change her name.

You know how brutal the
media can be these days.

And it s all true, Samantha.

I m sorry to be the one
to tell you all this.

Now... this is
the original copy.

And I ll use it
if I have to.

But if you see it my way?

We can destroy it together.

What do you want?


[tense music]

HGH, Samantha.

Human growth hormone.

What would happen if
this came out now?

Now, that s a scandal.

[indistinct whispering]

There are security cameras,

Imagine if that got
posted to social media.

-Was it you?
-Was it me, what?

[students laughing]


Samantha, Samantha!

Why haven t you
answered your phone?

Because I didn t feel
like talking to anyone.

The school called.

Said you left early.

Mrs. Hennessy said that you
barely passed your last test

and your homework
is suffering.



you can t compete unless you
keep up your grades.

This is your dream.

This is your dream,
Mom... not mine!

And did you ever once
ask me if I wanted to?

I didn t think
I had to, Samantha.

You used to beg me
to take you to the pool.

Yeah, maybe when I was six.

But you still go
every night, Samantha!

I don t understand.

That s the problem.

You don t get it.

You only care
about me winning...

because you didn t.

It s not going to bring back
that second that you lost.

It s not about that.

It s about me seeing
something special in you.

That my coach didn t see
in me and I still almost won,

but he didn t push me
to be my best.

I don t need a coach!


I just need a mom.

[soft music]

I m sorry.

I didn t realize--

That s because...

you didn t start
paying attention...

until you thought
I might not make Trials.

No, Samantha.

This is not on me.

There is something else
going on with you

that s got you...
this upset.


I can t.

[mobile clicking]

[phone vibrates]

Mr. Hinge?


Bryce s father?

Who are you?

Bryce is my swim coach.


Thought he wasn t
allowed to coach anymore.

What do you mean?

[Mr. Hinge]
Oh, since all the trouble.

What trouble?

You say he s coaching,
like, an actual job, where?

Down in LA.

What sort of
trouble, Mr. Hinge?

I don t really want
to talk about it.

I don t like
talking about it.

Do you still
have your medals?


I d love to see them.

I m competing for Trials;
lot of pressure.

Maybe you can teach me
a thing or two.

Bryce said you taught him
everything he knows.

Are you his girlfriend?

Something like that.

Yeah, I got some mementos.

Want to take a look?

Yeah, yeah.

[Mr. Hinge]
That was the first one there.

Came easy.

I thought that was the way
it was gonna be.

But every meet
got tougher.

It s hard to stay focused.

I tried to instill
that in Bryce, but...

he had other issues
I wasn t aware of at the time.

You said that
he got in trouble?

[Mr. Hinge]

Nothing crazy,
nothing illegal.

He just... wouldn t
leave them alone.


[Mr. Hinge]
The girls he liked.

The boy has problems.

Not all there.

He straightened himself
out for a while,

but then...
he disappeared again.

I don t understand.

My mom said...

you wrote his letter
of recommendation.

Not me.

Oh, that s the thing
about Bryce.

He s clever.

You ll never
find anything.

I suppose he
told you about...

injuring himself
playing baseball.

Yeah, yeah.


He cut himself.

He cut his own Achilles
tendon with a kitchen knife

just to get the attention
of one of those girls

that he wouldn t
leave alone.

His mom... well.

She took her own life
when he was ten

and Bryce was the one
who found her.

Why... did you come here
asking all those questions?

Is he doing
the same to you?

[tense music]

My mom...
is Gina Morgan.

Do you remember her?

You were President of the
United States Swim Board

when she won bronze.

I m tired.

Bryce said that she
failed a drug test?

That it was covered up,
is that true?

I think you d better go.

He has the lab report.

Did you give it to him?

I have not seen Bryce
for a year.

Now, please,
get out of my house.


[door closes]


You wanted to speak to me?


I need to ask you a question.


Is there something going on
between you and Samantha?

Why would you ask that?

Is there?


Of course not.

Look... did she say that?

No, she didn t say anything,
but she hasn t been herself.

And listen, I m not
oblivious to the potential

and maybe I ve
given these girls

a little more credit
than I should,

hiring a young guy
such as yourself.

So, I get punished

because a few of them might
have a crush on me?

No, of course not, I m sorry.

She just seemed a
little agitated at dinner,

and when you came and--

I made an unfair leap.

I m her mother.

Maybe you should ask Lucas.

She says that isn t it.

Maybe she s just saying that.


Look, Gina, I would
never cross that line.

There is nothing
I take more seriously

than the professional
relationship I have

with my swimmers.

Okay, fair enough.

I m sorry.

It s okay.

Always feel free to
come to me with anything.

Thank you, Bryce.


[soft music]

[clattering sound]

What are you doing here?

Can we talk please?

My parents are sleeping.

That s never
stopped us before.

Look, I know
you hate me,

but I really need to
talk to you right now.

It s important.




You re here late.

Well, I was gonna take a swim.

It s all I can do to keep up
with Samantha these days, so.

Yeah, she works hard.

Or you could pay a little more
attention to the rest of us?

Are you saying I give her
too much attention?

Hmm, yeah!

And I think she likes it.

Until she gets what she wants
and then you re nothing.

It s what she does.

And what makes
you think I care?

I would.

It would make me... angry.


I m not.

You sure?

[door opens]

[techno music]

Probably not a good idea.

Is that what you told her?


I can t-- I can t.

-What s wrong?
-No, I can t, I can t.

Wait, what are you
talking about?

No, I just--
you re manipulating me.

I can t do this to her.

Samantha doesn t even
care about you!

Yes, yes, she does.

Okay, don t say that.

Don t lie about her.

[tense music]

I m sorry.

I m sorry!

I m sorry.

[door closes]

We have to
call the police.

We have to tell
them everything.

Not before I figure out
how to protect my mom.


She didn t do a very
good job protecting you.

It s not her fault.

So what do we do?

He never actually
committed a crime.

He s stalking you,
that s a crime!

I don t have proof.

He had sex with
you in the pool.

That s enough
to get him fired.

But then he ll
expose my mom.

I have to at least
try to figure out

how to keep that from
happening before I do anything.

You re the only person
I can talk to.

[soft music]

I m so sorry.

I m sorry for what I did.

I don t know why it
happened, it just--

it just felt like the whole
world was just caving in on me.

I know why you did it.

I wanted you to know that
I didn t mean to hurt you.

[thunder rolls]

[thunder crashes]

Oh, it s about to storm.

Yeah, I better get home.

Isn t your mom wondering
where you are?

Hmm, she s out
with sponsors.

So, that means I get you
for a few more minutes?

A few.

[thunder cracks]

[phone rings]


[Emily on phone]
You can have him.


[Emily on phone]
I heard you screwed him
in the pool.

Your mom s
gonna love that.

[thunder cracks]

[sinister music]


Ma, are you home?



[mobile clicking]

[breathing heavily]






Samantha, you scared me!

Someone was in the house.

I just saw them outside.


It s probably the wind and
lightning playing tricks on you.

I m gonna go check upstairs.

Close the windows.

[tense music]

[wind blowing]


There s nobody upstairs.

Are you okay?


Good night, Mom.

Good night.

[sinister music]

[school bell rings]

What s your idea?

Bryce told you he
had the originals

of those documents about
your mom, right?


Well, let s find them.

He probably has them
hidden somewhere.

You want to break
into his house?

Do you know
where he lives?


The address is probably in your
mom s personnel files, right?

Yeah, but they share
an office together.

He s always there.

You think you could
make nice with him?

Meet up with him someplace?

Public, of course.

That ll only encourage him.

What difference does it
make at this point?

We need his file.

Because we won t be going
to college next year,

we ll be going to prison.

Well, it s either that
or we just come clean

and tell your
mom everything.

That would ruin her.

Think you could swipe
your mom s key?


[te[tense music]on]

[mobile clicking]

[phone rings]


Why the change of heart?

That s what you don t
understand, Bryce.

There s no change of heart,
I like you.

You just come on
a little strong.

I have a habit of that.

So... let s try a reboot.

Nicky s, 9:30?

You owe me a coffee.


What about your mom?

Won t it be a
little scandalous?

Not if it s our secret.

Maybe we could go
for a swim after.

How about we start
with an actual date?


See you there.


[dramatic music]

[soft instrumental music]

[mobile clicking]

[text notification]

Ah ha.

[mobile clicking]


[door opening]

[phone ringing]

[Lucas on phone]
Did he show?

No, where are you?

I m almost to my car.

I have the file.

[Samantha on phone]
Okay, great.

Meet me at my house.


I ll be there.

[tense music]




Please, no!


[bat clatters]



[phone ringing]

911, what s your emergency?

[indistinct intercom]

Your son s in recovery.

Is he gonna be okay?

He s lucky to be alive.

It s too soon to know
what the prognosis is,

but I ll give
you an update

as soon as we have
any information.

Why don t you come with me?

They say he s gonna
be okay, okay?

Mrs. Morgan?

Hi, I m Detective Dunlap.

So, Mr. Hinge showed us
a credit card receipt

from a grocery store
that puts him miles away

at the time of the accident.

Then he paid
someone to use it.

Bryce did this!

[Detective Dunlap]
this was a robbery.

His wallet was stolen,
the car was ransacked.

How can you think Bryce was
capable of something like this?

-Because he s been stalking me.
-Stalking you?

[soft music]

We had sex.


It-- it just
sorta happened.

It was a mistake.

I didn t want to see him
like that anymore.

-He had a video.
-Oh my God.

And he showed it to Lucas.

He threatened to
show it to everyone.

He wouldn t stop calling,
he wouldn t stop texting.

So, we were
looking for something

that we can use
to go after him.

That s why Lucas was
in your office.

[Detective Dunlap]

We ll bring him in.

Why didn t you
tell me this?

Why were you
protecting him?

I wasn t protecting him.

I was protecting you.


He had a copy
of your drug test.

That was cleared.

It was covered up.

He was going to expose you.

I know that bronze medal means
more than anything to you.

No, Samantha.

It doesn t.

You-- you mean
everything to me.

God, come here.

Has he been arrested?

[Detective Dunlap]
There is not enough
evidence, Samantha.

Lucas was not able
to identify his attacker

and there s no DNA.

Bryce knew what
we were up to.

He never showed up
at the coffee shop.

It doesn t take a genius to
put two and two together.

[Detective Dunlap]
It s circumstantial.

He has a receipt that
puts him someplace else.

And the stalking?

The text messages?

That s the only proof
we have of stalking

and they re no longer
on Samantha s phone

and even she admitted that
they weren t threatening.

-He s gonna get away with this.

[Detective Dunlap]
Look, he s resigned
and he s left town.

I m not saying that we re
giving up on this, but...

right now, I have nothing
I can hold him on.

I don t believe it.

[Detective Dunlap]
Look, I know how
frustrating this can be.

So, we re going to keep

a patrol running
through the neighborhood.

Well... thank you,

[soft music]

Still no word?


His dad says he hasn t
heard from him either.

What about the Trials?

I haven t really
been focused.

If you don t get back
in the water, Bryce wins.

Don t give him that.

You re amazing.

I know.


I m okay.

I m okay.

Come here.

Water, please.

[Samantha giggles]

[water pouring]

[dog barking]

[sinister music]



I m gonna need
your cell phone.



[text notification]

[elevator dings]



[breathing heavily]



Hi, Samantha.

Don t.


She s not here.


Just stay calm.

What did you do to her?

She s at home.

She ll be fine
if you stay calm.



I want things to be
just like it was.

That first time.

That first night.

What do you want me to do?


Like that first night.

Don t you remember
how amazing that was?

Yeah... I do.

Let s swim.

You mean it?

Just like the first time.

You want it just as badly
as I do, don t you?

[tense music]

Now you.


Don t move.

[door rattles]

[tense music]

We race first, remember?




[muffled screaming]


We need to talk.

[lamp shatters]

You go first.


[muffled screaming]

[muffled screaming]

Oh my God,
oh my God, oh my God!

Coach Morgan!


Ms. Morgan?

It s Bryce.

He s at the pool
with Samantha.

He s got a gun.



That s not how
it happened last time.

It s not gonna
happen at all.

What are you saying?

I ll never be
with you Bryce.

Don t say that.

You think you can ever get a
woman like me and keep her?

Every woman you ve ever had
in your life leaves you.

Don t say that.

They always will.

Because you re
a loser Bryce.

You re a failure.

Don t say that.

It s always your fault.

They all want to
get away from you.


Just like your mom.



I didn t want to do it.

You made me do it.

She made me do it!


[breathing heavily]

You forgot how we first met.

You shouldn t have done that.

It s not your fault, Bryce.

You need help.




[gun clatters]

It s okay.

It s okay, it s okay,
look at me.

Come on, come on.

It s okay.

I m here.

Are you okay?


It s okay.

I m here.

You re okay.

[crowd applauds]

[bright music]

You can still withdraw
if you want to.

Nobody expects
you to race.

And I m proud of you.

I am.

I m proud of
you either way.

I don t care if
I make the time.

I just have to finish.

Then I know the water
is mine again.



Come here.


You ready?

-I m ready.
-I know you re ready.

As the Trials are set to begin,
Samantha Morgan will race.

Her mother, bronze
medalist, Gina Morgan,

while under investigation
for using HGH,

has remained
on as her coach.

When asked earlier how she
thinks Samantha will do today,

she said, "I think
she ll take the gold."

[victorious music]

Let s go, Samantha, come on!

You can do it!

[applause and cheers]

[whistle blows]

[cheers and applause]


Come on, Samantha, come on!

Come on!

Thirty seconds,
come on, girl!

Go, go, go, go!

Come on, push through,
push through!

Go, go, go, go, go!