Swift (2019) - full transcript

The little swift Manou grows up believing he's a seagull. Learning to fly he finds out he never will be. Shocked, he runs away from home. He meets birds of his own species and finds out who he really is. When both seagulls and swifts face a dangerous threat, Manou becomes the hero of the day.

All life
starts with an egg.

Or a chick? Or an egg?


The only time I saw my parents
was before I was born.

They taught me all about
life in seconds.

First, eggs are precious
to all animals.

And second...

flying is the key to survival!

Water's gone, water's gone!

Flood's coming, flood's coming!

Water's gone, water's gone!

Water? Flood's coming!

-Flood's coming, flood's coming!

- Some birds don't know they're

Hi, Capitan!

- Mmm... the wind is perfect

-Hello, Capitan!

Hi, Capitan!

- Hi, Capitan.
- Good to see you, Brigitte!

Need to check that...
Those swift-quarters.

Wrong side, airhog!

Garbage trawler!

Don't push your boundaries,


- Nah, just the smelly fleabags,

Swifts should keep
to their side of the rock.

We'll need more space.

You did a great job!
Everyone's back safely.

Ah, not like two years ago.

You should put the
past behind you.

A capitan never forgets his

I will never delay again.

I promise.

Do you think we'll be
lucky this year?

Luck has nothing to do with it.

Of course we'll hatch a son.



- Hello there. Where did you come

Anybody there?

Oh, no, no. No. Just a cricket.

Come! Come here...

Sure he is in the right nest?

Oh! Of course!

And he... is not the only one.


Oh, the spell is broken.

We'll have fledglings this year!

Fantastic, Blanche! But I'm not
sure about the first one.

You'll make a
wonderful dad.

Look at his claws.

He can't even stand up straight.

Well... that's why he needs you!

[Blanche chuckles[

Peek-a-boo, Manou! Peek-a-boo.

You like Manou?

Teach him!

Teach him to be one of us!

OK. I'll train him to become
a proper seagull.

Look! It's delicious.

You like it?

Come on, come on! Open

Just try it. Please!

Ahh, how was that?

See! I will bring you
something much better.

Here, try this!

Good boy!

Finally, they offered me
something tasty.

Seagulls do not eat bugs.

Just let him try it. He is
still learning.

Ever thought about
adjusting your food habits?

And another one.

There! Try this.

That was tasty!

Can we play now?

Ah! That's exhausting.

Argh. These swifts
are a real pest.

Amazing fliers though?

Hah, maybe.


But they can't take a live fish
from the sea.

Just like most of us.

Too busy chasing human trash
like rats.

Oh, no, no, no.

I won't ever forget how Yves
drove the rats off our nest.

- Magnificent!
- Yes! Yves is special.

Hey! I was guilty of
this ugly looking pre-hatch.


To make matters worse,

all birds imprint on first


No, no! Me-Manou!
That's our mama.

Oh, a miracle! Here
comes my son!

Hello, little darling.

Look, a beak just like his dad.

- I'll go get Yves.
- Oh, look at you!


His first word is mama.

Blanche! Finally, my son!

-Yves, look!

- We'll call you Luc, like your

Oh, how adorable.

Now you take good care
of your little brother Manou.

Promise, Dad!

Over here!

Oh, Yves. Isn't it wonderful
to be a family now?

Ah, it's a wish come true,

But it sure adds more

We'll keep them safe.

Boys! Come over here.

See the market down there?

- Yes, Dad.
- Sure.

It's extremely dangerous.

Never ever go down there.

And you'll be
careful of pedestrians.

They have an unhealthy
liking for birds.

Hmm! Hi, guys!





I can't wait to be at

What's in it for me?

We finally learn how to fly!

Can you teach me to do that?

Do what?



I'll always take care of you.
I promise.

Welcome to sailing-school!

Except you!

Seagulls only.

What about him?



Today we'll learn how to fly.

First lesson, the wind
is my friend.

Repeat after me. The
wind is my friend.

The wind is your friend.

No, no, no, wrong.
The wind is your friend.

The wind is your friend.

Our friend.

Keep your wits,
you'll need it.

Everyone step up to the ridge.

Can you feel it?

Feel it? I can barely
stand in it.

Good! Let the wind
float your wings...

adjust and now glide on it! See?

Does that look inviting to you?

Definitely not.

Remember, the wind is my friend.

Now, just spread your
wings and sail!

The wind is my friend, too.

You go first!

Three, two, one... go!

I would need more than

a friend to make me
go down there.

Oh, erm... Hi! I'm Manou.

Oh! Percy! You really
want to jump?

Come on! It can't be that bad.



Maybe some other day.


You gotta try this!
It's magic!



Happens to me all the time.

Flying is... overrated.

I heard some of us had issues
with water yesterday.

But water is
fundamental to seagulls.

So today's lesson... is

Just watch me.

Remember, you have to paddle
with your feet.

Now follow me.

OK, good example. Your turn!

- You go first!
- Again?

Yeah, water is not my friend.

Remember to paddle!


Well done, son... Erm, young man.

Come on! It's easy.

Manou! Get in the water now!



It's a wrap.

You're gonna need
some private lessons.

Luc, help your brother.

- All right.
- OK. Good. Yeah!

That's the way. Well done.
Kind of...

You see... for swimming, you
actually need

to be in the water.

OK, watch this.

I didn't mean all the way!

OK, listen up, Manou.

I'm gonna pass on some of my

for navigation to you.

Like my father once did for me.

Look, the stars. Our
guides in heavens.

Recognize the dolphin?

He's our guide for the long
flight south.

Next to it, two wings down from
its nose,

the big crab.

The sign of our ancestors'

The guardian of all rules,

and collective memory of our

And there, to the left,
the ultimate fish.

The eternal guide which always

shows us the way to delicious

Even in winter.

This is our life, Manou.
Our tradition.

We follow the stars,
our true path.

Against all winds and rain.

High. High. Soaring.

Guiding us into a bright and
safe future.

Manou! How can you chase bugs?

I'm teaching you the
key to life!

Ah... yes, Dad.
I'm sorry.

Argh. Why do I waste my time?

I can sail. No flapping!

I hate water.

are you up to?

You're going to gull

I'm a gull.

No, you're not.

I am!

OK, prove it!
Fly like 'em.

Not my day.

You gotta be kidding.

You're a swift. Every day
is a flying day.

Our parents can stay on
the wing for days.

What do you mean "I'm a swift"?

Well... look at you. Short sleek

sharp narrow wings. Affinity for

Of course, you're a swift.

Come on! Follow us!

It's easy. Just flap your wings
and follow me.

Woo-hoo! Woo!

Great! Can we go now?



Hey, wanna try some real food?

- Well, better than fireflies?
- You bet!


Still raiding tables I see?

- Hey! That was mine!
- You want it back?

- Hi! I'm... I;m Manou.
- I'm Kalifa.

Catch me!



- You are crazy.
- Meaning?

- Yeah, man... meaning what?
- Hmm!

- What? Just that Kalifa...
- Our sister.

Meaning, your
sister is fast.

- Meaning you haven't flown much,
have you?

Dig that, he was trying to
fly with gulls.

- Argh!
- Gulls?

- I grew up with gulls.
- You what?

You mean your family lives
on the other side of the rock?

Yeah. Where's your nest?

Nah, we don't do nests.

You've never been in a grotto?

- No.
- Lucky you!

Is it really true that
gulls attack rats?

- Ah, if they try to steal our

-That is so cool!

- Have you ever attacked one?
- Of course!

- Can you imagine? Fighting a

- Respect!
- I'll... show you some day.

- See ya later.
- Mmm-hmm.

- Let's catch up!
- Yeah, yeah.


All right, Luc! Bring
it over here.

Good fishing, son!

Manou? When you're ready.

Scared of the water, are we?

- What have I said a
thousand times?

Glide! No flapping.

No! He can do it.


You'll never learn
the seagull way.

Let's have lunch.

- Ah, those swifts. A real pest.
- Real pest.

Yves, how could you?

How could you do that?

As a gull... he needs to learn!

As your son, he deserves
a bit more care and attention!

He always takes good care of me.

Well, all I'm saying is...

Manou needs to catch up quickly
if he's gonna fly south with us.

What are you suggesting?

We can't just leave him here
over winter!

He's your son!

Argh! The colony is
already stirred up!

They keep asking why he
is even here!

Well, let them ask!

He can fly, he can catch fish,
he can even stand on one leg!

What more do you want
me to prove?

Nothing! Nothing at all!

Well, if he would win
the arch-race...

Hmm, no one will dare say
he is not one of us.

What do you think, Manou?

Win the race? No problem, Mom!

We are here today to see the
best flyers.

The final test for our young.

To prove their skill,

to show they are ready
for the great journey south!

- Excuse me, 'cuse me. Sorry.
- Hey!


On your marks!


May the best gull win!


- OK, I can do that!
- Go!

Come on, you have to win!

I am trying. But the wind is not
my friend today.


Wanna know my secret?

I started flapping!

Argh, I told him not to
flap his wings.

- And I told you not to flap your



So much for going south.


Eat my feathers, Storm!

Hah! Good flight.


- Francoise is determined to win!
- Manou is too!

Whoa! What was that?
Let's catch up.

Am I too late?

Game on! Lets
see who's a gull!

Come on!


I'ma get you!


Come on!


Whoa! Here comes the
twisted-turning part!

Don't break too early!

Go, go, go!

Catch me if you can!

- Huh?
- Beat you to the arch!

Manou might actually win this.



- Seeds all round!
- Whoo-hoo!

- We won!
- We won the race!

-Manou did it!

- One might think this was the
Grand Prix.

Manou you did it!

Well done. That's my son!

Whoa! Welcome home the champion.

Stop it!

- You did it. We're so proud of

-Well done, Manou.

Now I really feel
like one of you!

Well, since you are,

tonight you can take my duty
and guard the eggs.

And I can finally go to sleep.

Yeah. Now I'm deputy chief.

No more taunts
from Francoise.

No more tests.

No fish.




Those are ours! Stay away!

I'm fine. Honest.

But they stole one!
And you didn't save it.

Oh, my baby!

That has never happened before!

- That has never happened before!
- This has never happened before!

Believe me, I've fought for it!

A seagull would've
saved her baby.

Step aside. Come with me, Manou.

- He has to go!
- Stop! Come.

What? You can't be serious!

I can't protect him anymore.

But he was the one who attacked
the rats to save the egg.

But he didn't save it! A
gull would have!

Says who?

It's too late!

They'll always blame him
for being a swift.

But you're my family!

He's my brother.

Not quite.
I found him in my nest.

Alone and starving.

I told you we
shouldn't keep him.

So I'm not the champion anymore?

You'll always be my champion.

Believe me, I did everything I
could to make you fit in!

But now you have to leave.

Don't do this to me. Please.

I have to.

Sorry, Manou.


Ah, tough break!

But those yellow-legs
always were a stuck-up bunch.

Claiming the best ledges
because they where first.

Grabbing the best food pitches.

Flying south on superior air.

You're lucky to be out of there.

Thanks. But not all
are like that.

They took me in as a family.

Well, I survived without one.

Never knew them.

Hatched in a cage.
But I escaped.

And now this is my
home and castle!

Can I stay here with you?

Wait! You?
Stay with me?

Why not?

Well... you know,
I'm not used to company.

[stuttering But I could show you
how to fly.


Look... it's like
whistling. Very simple.

Ay-ay-ay. Bad example.

Let's try the real thing.

I got this, I got this.

-Go, go, go!

That's it.



Oh... That was close.

Try again. You can do it.

OK there, now try the same

Just add some more flapping. All

OK, I will.

- Flap! Flap, flap, flap! High

Flap, flap!

Maybe gliding works better?

Keep going. Glide.

- Oh... That was so

Like my dad would say,

you just need a bit more

Look, I... I like you,
but, uh...


You need to find some
swift company. Soon!

- Swifts fly south!
- Why?

How should I know?
I climb stairs to get a view.

You're the one who flies!

Couldn't I just stay

with you?

Ever counted how many flies
you catch a day?

No. I just eat them.

Well, it's a lot.

In winter there are never

But the swifts aren't going
to just adopt me!

I'm not a lost chick anymore!

True. But you fight rats!

Don't remind me.

But I remember one swift

who was really impressed by that



You should bring her
some treats!

-You think so?

- Yeah, it always works with

Crazy, or what?

- Thanks, Percy.
- Bye-bye.

Looking for someone?

Um, actually, you.

Now you found me.

- Yes.
- So...

This is for you.

Thanks! This will glam
up my grotto.

I need a new family.

Wow. What's wrong with yours?

They're not my real family.

Oh, I know.

I get that feeling too

- No, it's for real. I'm an

Hey, man! You sure
beat those gulls!

Awesome! But why race
immature guano poopers?

- He means yellow-feet.
- Who was your buddy?

Well he's... my brother.

- Really?
- Whoa. You're kidding, right?

Well... Technically... I...
I don't know.

You are really special.
Don't get jealous!

- Why don't you join us?
- Seriously?

Hey, stupid! You're a swift!
You belong to us!

- Hmm. We sure could use a

How do you like your new home?

Love it! It's next to yours.

It's short, narrow and damp.

Not as homey as at the seagulls.

Better get used to it.

- Good night, Kalifa.
- Good night, Manou.

Let me help you with
the Rosemary.


- I'm not that kind of



Ready for some breakfast?

Oh, thank you!

That looks suspicious... Sorry

But I need to feed
my sisters and brothers first.

But it's fresh!
You've got to try.

See, still dancing!

Now slowly slurp.

Swirl it on your tongue,

enjoy the salty ocean
flavor and swallow.

Tasty! Thank you.

Now, you want to help me
with these protein rolls?

You're amazing!

What is this? Some kind of
mystic pow-wow?

No, just are daily routine
of flea-picking. It's fun!

I better check you too!

Are you suggesting I
have vermin?

There we are.

Are you sure you got 'em all?

Now it's your turn!


- Ah, ready for my special


It's called the rock-twister!

Don' be shy. It's natural.

How are you, Manou?

I wish we could fly together

Luc, are you
one of them?

I miss your jokes.

Come on! It's time for our

Maybe some other time.

But we always fly together,
no exceptions.

Hey! Where
are you going?

- Just go with the flow.
- I'm trying.

- Ow! Oh!
- Hey, watch out!

I think I'd rather fly solo.

You have to crack this
if you want to be one of us.

Ah! Oh! Help me!

Whoa! You all right?

- What is this?
- Rat-fighter-style?

Shouldn't you two be
collecting snacks?

Yeah, yeah. Hunt like an eagle.

Wow! This is just too
much for me.

Couldn't we just fly in pairs?
You and me?

What's the advantage? I
don't get it.

We fly together as one flock.
We feel as one.

Don't miss the best part.
I'm part of the team.

Just follow me. It's easy,
you'll see.

- Ready?
- What?

Turn, now!

How did you know?

All of you turned without

Swarm intelligence. Autopilot.
You can do it too!

I learned to fly in formation!
It's safer!

Nonsense! Close your eyes.
Feel the flow.

You're kidding, right?

Trust me. Listen to your
neighbors flaps.

Let them guide you.


- You got the idea?
- Yeah! Again!

Yeah, all right!

This really is magic! Whoo!

Have you seen my brother?


- Watch-out! Your navigation
needs fixing!

Theirs only works at night.

He's kinda short,

sleek body, with narrow wings...

Dark feathers, creamy
collar and pointy beak?

Come on, take your pick.
I see a lot of those.

No. He's, uh, special.

Oh, I've heard that before.
You're talking about Manou.

He must be on his way
to summer party.

The band will play tonight.

I'd love to see that.
Can I join?

Read my beak. No way!

- Oh, hey!
- Hi.

- Hey, wassup!
- Ready to rumble?


Ah, pretty slick there,

-Master Flash.

- Whoo-hoo! Just found a


- And this is supposed to do


Well, who's bright idea was it
to have a gig anyways?

That would be me. Ready?

A one, a two, a one, two,

Whoo-hoo! Oh, look at me!



Oh, sorry. I got carried away.

♪ Fly with
me swiftly ♪

♪ Fly higher with me

♪ Try past all limits

♪ My ranger in the stars

♪ Gather your strength
And spread your wings far ♪

♪ That's how you find
who you are ♪

♪ Fly with me

♪ Fly with me swiftly

♪ Fly higher with me

♪ Dare to be different
Dare to be you ♪

♪ Your love will
follow you too ♪

Ew, sweet and sticky like

Ugh. Yeah, let's take a break.

♪ Fly with me swiftly

♪ Fly higher with me

♪ Facing our storms in life

♪ Your light will always shine

♪ Let's link our hearts

♪ To find out the truth

♪ Cast all your
troubles and doubts ♪

♪ Fly with me

♪ Fly with me swiftly

♪ Fly higher with me

♪ Dare to be different

♪ Dare to be you

♪ Let's start a future
bright and new ♪


I am a swift!

You bet! You
fly like one.

Come closer, I want to
tell you a secret.

- Let me guess, you like my song?
- Uh-huh.

I like you. A lot.

Me too, Ranger.

I'ma get you!



Lunch is on me.


You bet!


- No. No. Ah...
- Manou! Wait for me!

- This is how we do it!
- Yeah, OK.


Wait for me!




Where is everybody?

There you are.



- Luc.
- Great to see you.

Help me!

Hey! Let him go!

- What is he doing?
- I don't know.

But it looks like fun.

Are you crazy?

Hey! Ready to rumble?

Come on!

My last warning!
Leave him alone!

One, two...

- Thanks.
- Whoa! Did you see us?

That was the most stupid thing...

No, the most bravest thing
I've ever seen.

- I've got a great plan.
- Not now, Luc.

But I've been wanting
to tell you this for days!

You know this guy?

He's my brother, Luc.

This is Kalifa and her brothers
Poncho and Yusuf

- Wassup?
- Hey.

Wow! You got a girlfriend?

Pleased to meet you.

Sorry, we got to go.
It's starting to rain soon.

OK, I'll be with you
in a minute.

You're leaving soon.

Are you gong to come with us?

All birds need to go south.
So what's the problem?

- I'm with Kalifa.
- Then bring her too!

We'll stay with the swarm.

You do not want to fly

with 50 swifts around you.
Believe me.

OK, but they don't have to come.

You and Kalifa can leave with

You'll be safe with me.

I've learned my lesson.
I'm a swift. And you're a gull.

So what? We're a team!
Together we're strong!

Oh, I get it. Swifts come first.

You will always be my brother.

We'll see each other
next spring. OK?

- Leave me alone.
- Take care.

So, you did the right thing.

True, swift attacks rat,

not your everyday tweet.

Don't remind me.

Look, everyone sometimes believe
they do not belong.

Oh! I love this song!

Where did you find that?

Abandoned on the beach.

Fancy a tune?

It's much better than a hollow

How do you choose
between two families?

Why ask me? I never had one.

Sorry, slipped my mind.
And a partner?

Uh... Lost her to a thanksgiving

two years ago.

Trust in yourself, Manou!

Time to go, wind is picking up.

- Well, how do you know?
- I have a feeling.

Is that why my head hurts?

No. That's because
you headbutted three rats.

I know a perfect place for us.
You're coming?

- Sounds great!
- Another time, Percy.

No, you don't understand.

He actually beat those rats and
saved me.

Manou is not able to
rescue anybody.

Remember the stolen egg?

I remember you lost the race!

- Hey!
- Enough!

We all remember your efforts

to protect the colony,

- You, follow me.
- You...

Oh, I could've kicked her butt.

We go south soon.

You should not pick fights

with other members of the

- We need to trust each other.
- I trust Manou.

I know you miss him,

but this is not the right

Swift and gulls go their
different ways.

Let's leave it at that.

Fine! I'll stay here with Manou.

This colony depends
on all of us sticking together.

No more arguing, you're
coming with us!

This is so much better
than your favorite spot!





- Manou!
- Not a good time.

The rats are stealing the eggs!

Don't worry! We'll
get them back!

-Where did they go?

- The old city. Behind the

Let's get Yusuf and Poncho!

My kingdom for usable wings.

- Come on!
- Fighting a rat.


There they are!

- I'll sneak down and have a

-And then what?

I'll know when I get there.

Couldn't you just wait?

I thought you need
some extra help.

Yeah, we'll need more than that.

Oh, OK. Lets go!

You make sure no one leaves.


- Keep going!
- This way!

What's up?

Why aren't you inside?

it's too stuffy.

You grew up in a grotto.

I raised
my standards.

Hi, guys! Huh?

Why is a seagull helping us
to save our eggs?

Lets just say it's a
family affair.

OK, lets get
the eggs back.

Yeah, you bet!





What's in those barrels?

Uh... Ah...

- Beaujolais primeur.
- Mm.

It's wine.


Pedestrians like to
drink it for fun.



- Even my grotto isn't this

Be quiet! We need to
act in surprise.

Hey, over here, it's safe!


Oh, this doesn't feel good.

Come on!

Poncho, do something!

What was that?

Yeah! Can we go now?

No, that is so cool.

OK, now...

This is their home.

I think this could work, Luc!


Unplug the barrels.

Drinking will not
solve our problem!

Just do it!

OK, I'll try.


- Some muscles!
- Huh?

Just saying.

Go, gull, go.

That's the way.

Oh I see what you're aiming for.

We need to lift this grill!


This is going to wake them up.

We got to be quick!


- Sorry.
- Keep it up, dude.

You are a wild bunch.


Bottles away!

Game on!

Take that.




Look! It's working.

Give us back... our... eggs.

- Come on!
- Faster, faster, faster!



One big one.

♪ Da-da-da-da-da!


Hi, guys.

Show 'em.

- Quick, pull hard!
- You got it.

But I'm not in top condition
for major workout.


Ugh, that's heavy.

We need to get them out of here,
before they...

Oh, no!

Need some time!

- Luc!
- We need to get out of here now!

- Faster, they're close now!
- Stay back.

Get off, you beasts!

We're losing...

Hi, guys!

Hey, Percy!

Good to see
you downtown.

You know, I love this song!

You are such a fun crowd.

You're calling rats a fun crowd?

Percy, your dance is hilarious!

- Luc! Grab the sling.
- Yeah!

Rattle n' Roll.

Now, that was fun!

We should do that
again sometime!


What's up?

Today you're my hero.


It's nothing.

Clear off!

Clear off yourself!

We wouldn't have rescued the

without him.

Hey! Who asked for his help?

- I did.
- We didn't!

He doesn't belong here.

If he has to go, I'll go!

- Me, too.
- Don't be stupid.

He is still a yellow-foot!

- He's my brother.
- Yellow foot!

How can a seagull
be a brother of a swift, stupid?

Enough! I'm leaving.

Get down
where you belong!

Kalifa! Come on!
Where will you go?

Anybody seen my scarf?


How long are you
planning to stay?

- Hey! Careful!
- Whoa.

- Sorry.
- Hey! No touching.

I know how to navigate.

Within two days, we will be


You miss them, don't you?

No, not at all.

You can go, I understand.

Not until they change
their foul attitude.

Smell the smoky air?

A storm is coming!

Is that why my head is
hurting again?

Yes! All swifts feel a storm
before it hits.

This one is going to be strong
and dangerous!

But the gulls are
preparing to leave!

Yellow-feet! So typical.
They have no clue.

Manou! Wait. I'm sorry.


Manou! How are you?

You can't leave!
A terrible storm is coming!

- What?
- Why?

- Kalifa told me...
- OK, who is...

His girlfriend.

You have a girlfriend?

But how would she know?

It's a swift-thing! We feel it.

Feel it? Pfft.

Knowledge and tradition
are my guides.

Can you predict when the rain
hits out of a clear, blue sky?

No one can!

- Swifts can!
- You trust her?

- Yes.
- Well, thanks for the note.

We leave as planned.

But that's crazy!

That's my concern, not yours!

Clear off, fleabag!

- Enough!
- Luc.

- Say something.
- Can't we just wait and see?

Luc! Enough, I said!

No more delay, I promised.

We'll leave as planned.

If I was a gull, it would be
different, wouldn't it?

You should've
listened to him.

- I won't change our schedule.
- Why?

You're the leader of
this colony.

Because I am the leader
of the colony,

I will not make the same
mistake twice.

You don't understand, honey.

Two years ago, we waited for
the winds to die down.

We thought it would be safer.

When we took off, the sky was

everyone thought we where

until we came close to the
coast of Italy.

That's when
a giant storm hit us.

Violent swirling winds.
Full of sand from the desert.

Tearing through the flock.
We lost your grandpa.

Everyone lost someone.
We were lucky to survive.

Look at the bright side.

- Which is?
- You're no longer one of them.

Hmm, great. I'm glad you spelled
that out for me.

Do you think I will ever
see them again?

They'll make it.

How can you be so sure?

It's a gull thing.


Sure you don't want to
call a friend?

Stupid little rat!


Are you all right?

I'm fine.

See! No storm in sight.

Are you ready?

Yes, Capitan!

To Africa! And beyond!

Don't worry, once we're up high,

you can just glide!

How high is high?

Oh, I'm sure it will be cute!



Oh, oh, it's hatching!

- Mama!
- Huh?

Wow. What is that?

- Hmm?
- It's ugly.

It has webbed feet!

It's a gull!

- A gull?
- Blegh!

It was between the
other stolen eggs.


- Uh, no, no, no.
- Hmm?


Does anybody know
what she wants?

Maybe she's hungry.

It's yummy!

Maybe fleas are bugging her?

Yeah. Let's get her to sleep.

Oh, great!

- Huh! No gull around when you
need one.

Well, there's that half one.

OK, I'll go get him.

Is that the storm?

No! Just some gusty winds.

Yeah, says the storm prophet.

Don't worry, he's our Capitan.

- Yelling!
- Luc!

- Everything will be fine.
- I can't look.

- Huh?
- Oh.

Manou! Please help, she
doesn't eat flies.

Constantly whining

and doesn't even fit in the

Sorry, I can't.

- What? Are you crazy?
- What? Why?

But you know what gulls need!

And suddenly that's good, huh?

But look at the
poor little thing.

No way to save her.

She will be banished
and outcast.

Like me.

We're sorry, Manou.

You want to save her?

Then we have to change our ways!

Stop the quarrel between
us birds. Now!

Well, yes, but how?

Those gulls are flying
into the storm!

We need to help them!

I'm not flying into that storm!

Oh, not for seagulls!

I know, I'm not like you!

I was raised as a gull.

I know the difference.

- Wrong side!

- Don't push your boundaries,

But I've also learned
what we have in common!

All of us are at home here.

We all fly! Go south
for the winter.

We're all birds.

We all have to protect our eggs
from the rats.

We live like birds, we
breed like birds.

We can adjust our path,

shape our future.

I will save my brother.

A gull! The gull who
saved swift eggs!

Will you join me?


I'm going.

- I'll follow you.
- Me, too.

- Me, too!
- Me, too!

- Me, too!
- Me, four!

This is insane!

No doubt!

We always fly together.


Do you know this tune?

Oh you are such a natural.

I'll call you Patty.

We won't reach them before
the storm hits.

I know.

Fly higher!

That is what I was trying to do!
But I can't... Ah!


My wing hurts too much.

Yves, we need a new plan.

I'm open to suggestions.

Oh, now he is open to

- Whoa!
- Luc!


Colony, get ready to
land on the water.



Hey there! Emergency-core ready
and at your service.


Well... how?

- How did you find us?
- It's a swift thing.

Oh, you're just in time!

How do you like
another adventure, brother?

First rescue accomplished,

Bravo, Manou! What do we do now?

Follow me.

Where to?

Into the eye of the storm!

Oh, you got to be kidding.

But that's way too dangerous.

But do you have a better idea?

It's safe there!

Trust me.

Hey, are you sure?

It's a swift thing.

Colony! Rise!

Follow her.

And why are we doing this again?

Eh, because we're all birds?

Come on, you lazy feather-boa.

This for a rest.

Get going!

That kills me.

Follow her!


That's suicide.

We're almost there.

Go, into the wall!

Are you crazy?

Follow me, now!

Ah! Help me!



Hey, that beats rats any day.

Kalifa, you are some
kind of bird.

True, but how do we
get out of here?

We wait here until it's over!

No! We have to go to
the top quickly.

The eye only lasts so long.

Uh... what?

Seagulls shouldn't
fly that high.

Open to suggestions, remember?

Right! That's why you adopted me
in the first place!

So, what are we waiting for?

At your command!

Stay together, to the top!

Hey! Where's the top?

This way.

I'm glad you still have
the swift-thing working.

Yeah, mine is broken.

Keep going... Keep going!


Oh, what a ride!

Is everybody safe?

Luc is missing!

- Where's Poncho?
- And the feather-boa!

They will be here any minute,
they're a strong team!

Not that strong! He is injured!

- Let's go.
- No, no, no. No stunts!

Oh, no, not again.

Hey! Are you OK?

- We never should have left.
- I had no choice.

Argh, the rules.
And now we loose both sons?

The rules will be adjusted!

- Manou! Ah!
- Poncho!

- Luc!
- Manou!

It's so far.

You took the wrong train! Up!
Not down.

- Flap crazy!
- Like a swift?

What else? With warp-speed!
Follow me!

- Luc!
- Manou!

It's calm here. You wanna try?

Well done, Luc.

Thank you, my son.

Manou saved our colony.

With a little help
from his friends.

True, without you, I
would've been toast.

Thank you to the swifts!

- Friends?
- Yes.


- Hello!
- What's up?

- You all right?
- Hey, yeah!

- Hi, Capitan.
- Good to see you, Brigitte.

Choose carefully.

What a beautiful grotto.

Great location.

But it smells like swift.

Hey, hey, hey, neighbors!

Check out my new nest.
Pretty sweet, huh?

Uh, you think that is rat proof?

Don't worry, Cherie,
I've defeated many rats.

Dude! Come on! You
have to see this!

Percy is giving flying lessons!

Up for a race?

- First to the beach.
- Whoo!

What are you up to?

Flight training. Patty,
come here.

Yes, Percipa!

- Percival can fly?
- Why not?

Percy has raised a baby gull.

Can we join?


Swifts and seagulls only.


Ha! Got you!

Line up and follow my

Sure this
is a good idea?

Looks like the tides
have turned for the better.

Run, run, run, run, run!

- Run? No, no. It's more
like jump and run!


Jump, run, jump, run!

- Go!
- Yeah! Go for it!

You can do it!

Run, jump, run, jump!

♪ Fly with me swiftly

♪ Fly higher with me

♪ Shine past our limits

♪ My Ranger in the stars

♪ Gather your strength
And spread your wings far ♪

♪ That's how you find
who you are ♪

♪ Fly with me
Fly with me swiftly ♪

♪ Fly higher with me

♪ Dare to be different

♪ Dare to be you

♪ The love will
follow you soon ♪

♪ Fly with me swiftly

♪ Fly higher with me

♪ Racing our storms in life

♪ Your light will always shine

♪ Let's link our hearts
To find out the truth ♪

♪ Past all your
troubles and doubts ♪

♪ Fly with me
Fly with me swiftly ♪

♪ Fly higher with me

♪ Dare to be different

♪ Dare to be you Let's start a
future bright and new ♪