Swept Up by Christmas (2019) - full transcript

An antique seller and a cleaner clash over how to downsize a magnificent estate right before Christmas. As the two uncover the house's treasures, they find a way to reconnect the reclusive owner with his own Christmases past.

This program is rated G

and is suitable for
general audiences.

Is Levy with an I or a Y?

Okay. Great. I've got you down.

And be sure
to check our website.

Gwen lists all of her finds
prior to the auction,

so you can start
your Christmas wish list early.

- Happy Holidays.
- Good morning.

Good morning, Gwen.

I've got great news.

Banner's barely up and

we've already got five RSVPs.

Which is why I think
you, Sienna, need these.

And you need to finish that
before Doris gets here.

- In ten.
- What?

I thought we were just having
a follow-up call tomorrow.

You were,
but apparently something came up

and she needs to talk to you,
and she's close by.

Oh, why does that
not sound good?

Stop. Look, I know there are
a few appraisers in the running.

But it's you.

It's just, I don't know,

scoring the Hawthorne House
would be

the biggest coup of my career.

Don't worry,
you're one client away

from being able
to buy this place

when Graham retires next month.

Unless the Davrow Group
beats you to it.

Wait, are you trying to make me
feel better or worse?

I've noticed you work best
under stress.

Hi, Graham.

Good morning, ladies.

Have you spoken to him
about it yet?

I've tried twice.
We were interrupted both times.

So now I just need to find
the perfect moment,

which will be
after I land my new client.

That's the attitude.

More lights.


This is a lovely room.

I wanted to give you
a preview of our auction space.

Apologies, as an estate manager,

I know it's never a good thing
to change things up on someone

at the last minute,
but we did not expect

Mr. Hawthorne's buyer
to back out.

- I thought it was a done deal.
- I thought so, too.

But it fell through.

So I'm on my way

to plead with a stager, but...

- Cookie?
- Thank you.

We need to attract
a new buyer ASAP.

Oh, wow. Who made these?

I wish I could take credit,
but they're actually

from my best friend's cafe.

Well, they're delicious.

So to stage the house
for Christmas,

it's going to complicate
the appraisal process,

especially in time
for your auction,

but the real-estate agent believes

that it'll show the house off
to its full glory

and, and maybe remind people
of the good old days.

It would be so nice to see it
decorated one more time.

I remember the first time
I met Mrs. Hawthorne.

I was eight years old,
the caroling had just finished,

and the whole neighborhood
was up there.

The annual Christmas Eve party.

The outside was dripping
with decorations,

it looked like so much work,

but I remember she said
that it never felt like it,

that she decorated the inside
for them,

but the outside was to bring joy
to everyone else.

Carol loved this town,
and she wanted to make sure

everyone had somewhere to go
on Christmas Eve.

It's become a very different
place without her.

I can only imagine.

So, um, we need someone
who is willing to work around

and with a stager,
whoever that will be,

and to re-home four generations'
worth of living.

- So, if you're up for it...
- Yes!

Excellent, so you'll have
to meet with Mr. Hawthorne first

for the final sign off.

He prefers to invest
in local businesses,

and all of the profits
are going to city charities.

But you must know,
he can be a little grumpy.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

But, um, he loves a hard-worker,

so I think
he's going to adore you.

So how's 11:00 a.m. tomorrow?

Already in my calendar.

Hey, Brendan. What's up?

Oh. Yeah.

Are you kidding me?

Remember when we were stationed
at Edwards?

One of the best bases,
and you know I've been to a few.

Brendan, I would love
to get this going in San Diego.

Exactly, most people
don't understand the adjustment

of leaving the military
like we do.

Just remind them,
Dirt Force One's mission

is to provide as much support
as we can for veterans,

while also providing a paycheck.

Yeah, Mike and I would love
the opportunity

to open a second office
in the VA building there.

Thanks, Brendan.

Was that the VA in San Diego?
Any news?

Uh, just standing by
to stand by,

but I think
it's more of a matter of when

they'll get the approval
for our office there.

- Not if.
- That's great.

Guess I should start prepping
for the expansion.

Get quotes on office furniture, supplies.

Just, uh, are you sure
you want to be the one to go?

Yeah. Sure. You know me, Mike.
I love a station vacation.

True, but, uh, you're the one

who wanted
to finally settle here

when you left the Air Force,
and make a home.

Yeah, that was the plan.

But with Melissa.

- Mornin', guys.
- Tucker, welcome back.

You're going
to the Callahan job today.

It's a mid-rise,
so bring the window rig.

- Starts in 30.
- Thanks, boss.

Uh, hey, did you end up
enrolling in that

electrical engineering class
at Rossmore?

- Working on it.
- Okay.

- Good man. Keep us posted.
- Roger that.

Okay, what's with the marker?

Since I know how you like
to run a tight ship...

I got us this.

That is one very large and
very neatly organized calendar.

That, uh, doesn't seem to have
an appointment with the caterer

for the holiday party.
What's going on with that?


Yeah, party planning
is not my strong suit.

I know, which is why I booked it
for tomorrow morning at 9:30.

See? And this is why I needed
you as my business partner.

- You are the king of logistics.
- Just meet me there.


Your favorite child is here.

And, no,
not because I'm your only one.

I got cookies from Vanessa's.

Oh. Hi, hon!
There you are.

Where's dad?


Attic. Wrangling the lights.

He will never change up those
old snowflake lights, will he?


- Hey, dad, you need a hand?
- No, I got it!

He'll be down, eventually.

How would you like a warm drink?

Is that your mulled cider?

Can't decorate the tree
without it.

Ready for a new world record,

Oh, you really think
you can beat last year's time?

I've been working
on my technique.

Okay, good,
'cause I can't stay for long.

Why? Are you going
on a second date with Brad?

- Ooh.
- What? No.

Work. Mom,
why are we talking about Brad?

Hm, I don't know,
last time you said, mm,

good guy, accountant,

dressing up as Santa
for his office Christmas party.

- Which he complained about.
- Oh.

So... Yeah, there's that.

Mm, there's always gonna be something.

Is there? Really?

Well, if you're still worrying

about having your heart broken, yeah.

Dad, are we really gonna
go there?

This has nothing to do with me
being ditched at the altar.

What? It doesn't.

It was a long time ago.

I'm an appraiser. It is my job
to efficiently assess value.

If I don't see it, I move on.

All your father
is trying to say is

you can't just keep dismissing
people for the littlest thing.

Yeah, you just gotta figure out
what your deal-breakers are.

- That's it.
- I did.

Grumpy Santa is a deal-breaker.

Well, fair enough.

So, I actually do have
some exciting news.

I am this close to appraising
and auctioning off the contents

of the Hawthorne House.

I mean, I still have to meet
with Mr. Hawthorne,

but if I land this job,

I will be one step closer
to being able to buy Legacy.

That is wonderful news,
sweetheart, so exciting.

It's just,
are you sure you wanna buy it?

- Mom.
- Look, Gwen.

You know that we support you,

We just know that you have
a habit of taking too much on.

We want you to have time
to enjoy yourself.

Yeah, I mean,
time goes by so fast.

I mean, just look at you here.

- So young.
- Yeah, Gwen, listen.

We just don't want all this
to fall on you.

You don't have time
for anything else.

You know what I mean?

Don't worry.

I got this under control.


I'm gonna borrow this. Okay?

Ooh, and, uh, I am meeting
Vanessa tomorrow night,

so you will have another one of
these beauties coming your way.

And we are done!

- Oh!
- Aha!

What's my time?


I forgot to set the timer.

I'm gonna have to start over.

Wow. Someone looks ready
for their meeting.

I will be, once you hook me up.

- You want a candy cane latte?
- Uh, sounds amazing, but...

- Americano. Double shot.
- It's a big morning.

Need me to bring a refuel
to our annual

Christmas photo shoot tonight?

But maybe make that a triple.

Here you go.

You are the best!

Feel free to say that
a little louder,

in case anybody missed it.

I'll see you later.

Sorry, buddy, there is no way
we can use that caterer.

Everything was over-priced
and under-cooked.

Good luck finding another one.

with your high standards.

- Here. Let me get that.
- Thanks, mate.

You're back! I was thinking
about you this morning.

- You were?
- Your suggestion...

For the cinnamon bun
and clove latte was inspired.

So please try this with this.

- Okay.
- Tell me what you think.

Any chance you cater
holiday parties?


- Not a word.
- Mm-hmm.

See you back at the office
after the walk-through.

Gwen. Welcome back
to Hawthorne House.

Place hasn't changed a bit.

Oh, I always loved
the switchback staircase.

- Oh.
- Wow.

And that chandelier.

I thought it was so enormous
when I was a kid.

Yeah. It really is
a very special place.

So, are you ready to meet
the man of the house?

Follow me.

It's Gwen Donnelly from Legacy.

Mr. Hawthorne,
I doubt you remember me,

but I used to come every
Christmas Eve with my parents.

Your daughter, Isla,
was a few years ahead of me.

Thank you.

Let's get down to brass tacks.

I'm clearing it all out.

Beyond a few
clearly-marked items

of my personal collection
and some furniture,

everything else in this house
is fair game.

- Everything?
- If it has any value...

I want it auctioned off.
You think you can handle that?

Yes, sir, I am fully prepared
to personally

every inch of the property.

Doris mentioned you are having
the house staged for the sale.

Decorated for Christmas.

The real-estate agent said
it was sure

to captivate a potential buyer.

Well, it always was
a stunning sight.

If there's anything
I can do to help...

You wanna decorate?

Y-you weren't able to find

Everyone is booked
through January.

So the, uh, the job is open.

I'm not a professional,
but I do love to decorate.

Uh, we'd be paying overtime,
of course.

Oh, you two can discuss
the details elsewhere.

Wait, so, does that mean I have
the auction of the estate?

Well, if you feel
you're up to it.

Thank you, Mr. Hawthorne.

Thankfully, we caught him
in a good mood.

That was a good mood?

Underneath it all, he's got
a heart of butter, I promise.

Um, did I just agree to decorate
the house?

Don't worry, honey, I-it's just
the front and the main rooms,

and anywhere
a potential buyer might walk.


Oh, um, about the cleaning crew,

I can work with anyone,
of course.

But in my experience,
there are some crews

that are less flexible
than others.

And given the shirt timeframe
on this job...

Then I bet you're glad it's me.

- Reed?
- Hm?

Well, you two
obviously know each other.

- No. We just worked together.
- Once.


I thought it would be helpful

to get a commercial
cleaning service.

And considering
the size of the job,

and, uh, Mr. Hawthorne suggested
Reed's company.

- Yeah. He's a veteran, too.
- It is a great cause.

Since you two already know each
other, we can get right to it.

Now if there are no objections,

you could start working together tomorrow.

How does that sound?

Like Christmas came early.


Ah, two floors, 6000 square feet
in two weeks.

Nothing we can't do as long as
we're on the same page.

- What?
- Nothing.

Nothing? Really?

Your face... was priceless
when you saw me.

You clearly were talking
about me, weren't you?

The whole "flexible" comment.

What? No. No.

That was a, uh,
it's a general statement.


Okay, fine. Maybe I was.

But you have to admit,
you weren't.

On our one job together?

No, because we had a schedule.
You just took on too much.

Nothing that wasn't doable.

Not in one week,
which I told you.

And then clocked out.

But it's okay,
everything got done.

And, hey, I even got to see
the sunrise

that last morning, so...

- Hm.
- It's all good.

I knew it was a sign when I saw
your van this morning.

You saw my van? How?

You were here before me,
which isn't usually the case.

Okay, just 'cause I don't run
on military time

doesn't mean I'm not punctual.

Well, I guess that depends on
whose schedule you run off of.

Well, usually I appraise,
you clean, we haul.

So it would stand to reason
it will be mine first.

When there's time. Otherwise,
it all happens at once, so...

- See you at 0800?
- You could just say 8:00 a.m.

And that doesn't work for me,
I need at least an hour

in the office working
on Legacy's holiday auction.

I've got appraisals,
I've gotta update the catalogue,


My crew and I have a hard out
at 1600 every day.

Four p.m.?
I thought it was 5:00.

- When it's not the holidays.
- So an eight-hour day?

Seven-and-a-half, plus lunch.

Even shorter, well, if you don't
get here 'til later.


Look at this. Tsk.

All this space,

and yet you're still right here.

That's right. I forgot.

- You prefer to operate alone.
- No.

I just think if you want
something done right,

you do it yourself.

- Hm.
- I'll see you tomorrow.

♪ Oh what fun it is to ride in
a one-horse open sleigh hey ♪


You are so lucky,
I was two seconds away

from eating
the last peppermint brownie.

Totally would've understood
if you did.

I'm so glad that you didn't.

Hm. Mm. I needed this.

Fun first day?

I cannot believe I am working
with Dirt Force One again.

And I'm now hosting a coffee
cart at their holiday party.

- What? You are?
- Mm-hmm.

I mean, it's great, right?

You're so lucky
it's only one night.

- Is Reed really that bad?
- No.

Not if you don't mind
rigid, immovable, arrogant.

How are you gonna
survive the next two weeks?

You mean, 13 days?

Not that you're counting.

Strategically minimize interaction

and focus on the big picture.

And if that doesn't work?

We're gonna need
to do that over.

It's not a problem. I'll have
Sienna revise the language.

I'm so glad we could finalize
this in time

to include it
in the holiday auction.

Thank you. Bye.

Already heard you.

- And I'm on it.
- Thank you.

I can't believe you've been here
for an hour already.

I've just had
my first sip of coffee.

- What else can I do?
- Nothing.

- Don't worry, I've got this.
- You usually do.

Which is why I think
you need to seize this moment.

- Graham.
- Yeah?

Can I talk to you a minute?

Sure. Come to my office.

I knew people would be excited

about the antique violin
you found.

I just didn't realize
how excited.

Are you kidding me,
a haunted violin

that's rumored to play itself?

It screams one-of-a-kind
Christmas gift.

And that's why there is no one
better than you

to run this auction every year.

That's what I wanted
to talk to you about.

- The auction?
- The auction house.

- After you retire.
- Oh?

I know we've loosely discussed

my wanting to take over,
if possible

but I want you to know
that I'm in

the final stages of being
approved for a business loan.

And since the holiday auction
is traditionally

my biggest commission, now
with the Hawthorne House added,

my plan is to be able to earn
enough with what I've saved,

to be able to afford
the down payment.

Gwen, I-I recognize how much
heart you put into your work,

and your loyalty to this company
is a rare find. Truly.

I feel the same way
about Legacy.

But I have an interested party

who can write me a check
the second I say yes.

You're talking about
the Davrow Group.

Oh, you heard?

- I heard it was a possibility.
- Hm.

But I also know
that you don't want this place

turned into a big chain
any more than I do.

We've both been there.


And as much as I would like
to keep it as is...

you know that the sale always
goes to the highest bidder.

Just... don't count me out.

I have every intention
of outbidding.

Okay. You have two weeks.

- Good morning, Gwen.
- Good morning to you, too.

I'm assuming
those are just trash, right?

Just checking.

So I was thinking,
given the scope of this place,

we start at the top
and we work down.

Well, uh, my guys
have already started

in the east wing sitting room,
so east to west

is better for us at this point.

Fine. East to west it is.

Just make sure you run
everything by me first.

Really wanna see me
that much, huh?

Actually, why don't we use the
dining room as a landing pad?

Your guys can place stuff
in there

and then I can go through it
on my own

and we don't have to...

get in each other's way.

- That's what I thought.
- So we agree.

Oh, and, uh, just don't forget

to look under every mattress
and behind every drawer

and-and every pocket
'cause you never know

where those forgotten gems
are gonna be.


Are we done,
so I can get back to work?

Oh, um, did Doris
happen to mention

where they keep
the Christmas decorations?

I need to appraise them
before I put them up.

- Uh, uh, put them up?
- Yeah.

I, uh, told them
I'd help them decorate

for their prospective buyers.

They just want the place
to look like

the old Hawthorne House
at Christmas, for the sale.

And if I'm gonna buy Legacy,
I need all the help I can get,

so, yeah.

She didn't say anything?


Didn't you wanna
get back to work?


I'm assuming that I can just
put these in the donate pile.

What? No.
Why would you assume that?

Because they're a bunch
of old linens you said

you'd go through an hour ago.

Sorry, I'm just, uh...

Decided to look through these,

and I'm waiting
for an evaluation and...

That can wait. I will,
uh, I will call them later.

Okay, uh...

Oh, wow. These are not old.

These are antique French linens

painstakingly hand-woven
until the early 1900s.

And bonus points
for French trousseau,

which was an art in itself,
they're highly sought after.

It'll make a great gift.

So you're going to sell them?

Auction them. Hopefully.

I just need the time
to feel things.

You know,
see if they're worth it.

Oh, do you think maybe you can

feel everything in five minutes?

'Cause we got 6000 square feet
to go through.

Uh, it's just I-I told Doris

that I would get
that garland up.

It won't take me long, but..

Why do I feel another sunrise
coming on?

No, no, no, no, no,
I just, I'm just trying to get

my arms around everything,
it's a lot of good stuff,

which is good, but...

What are you doing?

There's three of us
and one of you.

Wait, but you didn't sign up
for this.

You don't have to decorate.

I know I don't have to,

but apparently,
this house is a big memory

for a lot of my guys, too, so...

You know what I always say,
individuals play the game,

but teams beat the odds.

I know this is a bit
of an unusual situation.

It's fine, I'll juggle both, let
my guys focus on the cleaning.

- Can I help you with that?
- No. I got it.

You do realize what this means,
don't you?

We're gonna be hanging
a lots of lights?

We are going to have to work together,

on the same schedule,
to get it all done.

I do know that.

Because we can't have a singular
point of failure

from someone who is trying
to do it all themselves.

I have no idea
who you might be talking about.

I know this is a lot
on top of an already big job,

but thank you.

I think you might
really make a difference.

And, um, of course,
I'll pay you the extra.

- So...
- Oh, don't worry about it.

If anything, it'll be great
to get another person some hours

before the holidays.

Started this company
to help people, so...

Thank you.

But it is still up to you
to fit it all in.

I'll see you at 0800.

♪ O come all ye faithful
joyful ♪

I think
this is a nice tasting area.

- Don't you?
- It looks perfect.

I still have no idea
how you went from

having a coffee cart
at their office party

to hosting it on your patio.

No one really wants to have
a party in an office.

Mike was with me on that.
Very in sync.

Well, Mike seems very nice.

Let's see
how the taste-test goes

before we come
to any sweeping conclusions.


Uh, for a VA regional
director, he was pretty cool.

He appreciates
a good PowerPoint.

I said you'd follow up
with them later,

but I thought it went well.

You might wanna ask Santa
for a new surfboard.

Okay, I'll get on that after
I finish at Hawthorne House.

About that, the guys said
you're decorating.

- Did I hear that right?
- You did.

You gotta tell me these things
so I can alter this bad boy.

How is the Christmas party

Oh, the caterer that
Vanessa suggested is great,

and, uh, I'm going over desserts
with her later, so it's good.

- It's going well.
- Oh. Okay.

- What?
- So it's affirmative.

- Your crush.
- Oh, stop.

Sorry, buddy, I'd recognize
that look anywhere.

Not that you've let yourself
go there in way too long.

- This isn't about me.
- Actually it is.

So how much decorating
are we talking about?

Like, I'm just helping out,

But there will be no changes
to your precious schedule.

- You're sure?
- Just an extra body. Okay?

Okay. The board remains intact.

Wouldn't dare touch it.

I don't know
whether to be impressed

or take this as a challenge.

- What do you think?
- Well, that depends.

- What's going on in here?
- Well...

Everything with a green tag
goes to Legacy,

everything in red is to donate.
Blue, to toss.

And I've started a separate pile
for Isla to look at.

It's Mr. Hawthorne's daughter,
it's just

a few of the more personal items.

You got through an entire room
this morning?

Yup, and I took a picture
of everything

to upload to the auction site.

If you won't change
your schedule, I'll change mine.

Oh, now, see,
that sounds like a challenge.

Well, I thought it might free up
some time this afternoon

for us to decorate, maybe 2:30?

- Done.
- Well, look at us.

Oh. Careful,
we haven't started yet.

♪ Silent night holy night

I didn't think
that thing still worked.

I'm sorry,
I thought you were still out.

♪ All is bright

I so admired your daughter
growing up.

She's beyond talented.
You must be so proud.

I am.

And those are all
the press clippings about her?

They are.

I remember when my mom told me

about her playing Carnegie Hall.

Two encores. Standing ovation.


That was the last performance

my wife was able to attend.

♪ Peace ♪

I've, uh, I started a box
in the dining room.

Things for Isla to look at when
she comes home for Christmas.

Um, she's not coming home.

Oh. I'm sorry to hear that.

No problem. I'll let you
get back to your work.

♪ Thy ♪

♪ Birth ♪

Be honest, do you think
it was something I said?

No, I'm sure you didn't say
anything wrong.


Actually, I take that back.

I'm kidding.

Okay. Did you put
that random bow there?

- Maybe.
- No.

Just no.

I just don't get
why his own daughter

wouldn't come home
for Christmas.

Especially since
it's their last one here.

Well, I'm sure it's complicated.

I don't know,
the thought of anyone

being lonely at the holidays

just doesn't sit right.

Yeah, I get that.

You do?

Hm. Everyone has a story, Gwen.

But not always one
they want to share.

♪ When the snowflake falls
from the... ♪

So it's your company's party,

but you've invited
all the veterans in town?

Yeah, Reed started it
a couple of years ago.

- And now you're in charge.
- Yes.

And, uh, my reputation's
on the line,

which is why I'm really upping
our food game this year.

You're a real foodie, huh?

I just think food is
one of the great joys in life,

and we should all try
and experience

as much joy as we can
while we can.

Good company, good food.
That's all you really need.

- Right?
- Yeah. Yeah.

Maybe a little travel thrown in
for good measure.

I haven't had the chance
for that yet.

But, I-I mean, I'd love to.

I started working when I was 16.

Mm. I joined the army young, too.

But you got to travel a lot?

Well, well, not as much
as I would've liked.

I, uh, I was quartermaster
in Afghanistan,

and I, uh, went out
on a supply run,

an RPG overturned my transport,
and, uh, crushed my L4,

so travel plans were postponed.

I came home to Winndale and
a year later met Reed at the VA,

and like so many,
we needed a do-over.

Let's get to the good stuff.

Yuletide first, right?

♪ When Christmas begins

It's just a plain latte.

I wanted to make sure
you were paying attention.

Why does it look like you were
done for the day and it's

only eight o'clock?

Well, I have been here
for a couple of hours.

Gotta roll with it
when the work calls, right?

Or you could just stick
to the schedule to get it done.

I knew you'd say that,
which is why

I got through the second story

so your guys can work up there

while we, wait for it,

go get some trees.

- Christmas trees?
- You have heard of those?

Ha, ha. Don't we have enough
to work with already?

Not if we really wanna show
the place off properly.

I mean, they always had two

gorgeous trees
right in the foyer

and you, Reed, have the truck
to go get those trees.

Oh, so you, you need me.
Is that what you're saying?

'Cause I kinda think
that's what I'm hearing.

- I need your truck.
- Well, I need it back by 11:00.

Come on.

We're still on the clock.

Fine. Looks like we're gettin'
some Christmas trees.

- You're driving.
- Okay.

♪ Late December sky ♪

♪ Snowflakes flying by ♪

♪ I think the time is right
to wish ♪

Um, what about that one?

Uh, it's too short.

♪ Oh oh oh oh ♪


This one?

No. That's too spindly.

Wow. You are one tough customer.

It's, uh, called
having an eye for quality.

♪ And oh oh oh oh ♪

That one.

- No.
- Okay, fine. We'll keep looking.

What kind of tree did you have
growing up?

Um, well, I don't know.

♪ Magical cold ♪

Kind of just, um, depended
on the year.

Like, um, what was available,

or what your parents wanted?

My mom was never really
in the picture.

And my dad passed away from
cancer while I was serving.

And, uh, I'm an only child,
so holidays are always

a little... different.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay,
it's just been a while.

But I made a lot of great family
in the Air Force.

Took me a minute to get
my bearings when I got out,

uh, but then I offered
to professionally clean

a friend's small business.

I grabbed a couple of buddies
from the VA, and it went well.

And I figured
we could go bigger.

And that's when I landed
the Portman Hotel liquidation.

Wait, so our first job

Was my first real professional
gig, a-and in my defense,

I had just gotten out
of the military.

- So I might have been a little...
- Rigid?

- Prefer focused.
- Oh, focused.

Hm. Having a purpose helped me.

And then Mike and I teamed up,
and never looked back.

I get that.

Work has helped me
through some tough times, too.

I just like that what I put
into it, I get out of it.

You know, I do my job,
I work hard

and I have something to show
for it. It's reliable, you know?

Makes the unpredictable things
a little easier to handle.

Wait, what about these two?

Uh, I mean,
they look pretty good to me.

Well, I mean, they're the right
height for the foyer, and...

I mean, they smell great.

- We'll take these two.
- Okay.

- Hey.
- This is the last of it.

Perfect. Could you, um...

Could you pass me
the star tree topper?

I haven't finished
researching it yet,

but it's those kinds
of unique finds

that make our auction
a true destination.

Ah. Thanks.

Do you find it difficult
to stage

and sell at the same time?

No, I just photograph everything
that's worth anything

and upload it
to the auction site as I go,

and then when the auction's over
and the house sells,

I'll pack it up, ship it off
to its new owner. Easy.

Huh, it seems very, uh,

Why do you say that
like it's a bad thing?

No, sorry, it's just...

I think
that I would find it hard

to sell family heirlooms.

Well, I guess I try not to get
attached to things in general.

It's easier.

Have to say, though,
I am surprised.

By what?

I did not have you pegged

as a closet sentimentalist.

Oh, we are all about traditions.

You'd be surprised
how sentimental

a lot of military can be.

About some things.

Is that why you always wind
your watch?

- Do I?
- Yeah.

It was my grandfather's.

And then my father's.

It must be very special to you.

Yeah. You could say that.

I-I think I'm afraid that
if I forget to wind it one day,

that it's just gonna... throw
everything off course.

I doubt that would happen.

I should, um,
probably get this up.

Are you sure you're not
too tired to be up there?

- You've been here since...
- 6:00 a.m.?

Yeah. I'm good.


Here you go.

Okay. Ready to light it up?


At this rate,
I think you're gonna need

a bigger space for your auction.


- Hm?
- Hey.


- It's the last box.
- Oh.

Sorry, I must have dozed off.

That's it for today.
Only three to go.

I can't believe it.

Thank you for everything.

Uh, you heading out?

Still got one more room
I wanna get through, so...

- It's late.
- It's 4:00.

Yeah, but you need to go home, relax.

- You've been going nonstop.
- Yeah, but I...

This is it. Right?
This is the final push.

I can't miss anything, especially

if I wanna pull this off.

Just make sure
you don't push so hard

that you miss
all the good stuff.

The work will always be there.

I'll head out soon. Promise.

Uh, why don't we meet
a little later tomorrow?

- Later?
- Yeah.

Like, uh, 9:30 or 10:00.

Look at you.

- Yeah.
- Okay, until when?

I don't know.

Till we're done, I guess.

Now, that is way too relaxed.

Well, the hard out's really
for my guys, at the holidays.

Don't get used to it.

I won't.

- See you at 9:30.
- Mm-hmm.

- Okay.
- Douglas fir.

That was my dad's favorite.



It has been so long

since we'd had a tree
in this room.

- It-it's just gorgeous.
- Thank you.

I was actually just coming
to find you.

Ah. What's this?

Carol's cookbook! Ah.

I have been looking for this
for years!

- I found it upstairs.
- Hm.

Alan packed up
all of Carol's things

when she passed away and...


It was Isla's favorite.

Well, actually, everyone's.

- I know it was mine.
- Oh.

Um, I hope you don't mind
my asking.

But why is she not coming home
for Christmas?

- Mr. Hawthorne mentioned...
- Oh.

He and Isla haven't really
spoken for two years.

Yeah, when Carol passed away,

Isla was focused on celebrating
her mother's life,

but Alan almost became immobile
with grief and...

You know how it goes.
No two people mourn alike.

Yeah. Of course.

After the funeral,
Isla returned to performing

and, uh, she would
always write letters to Alan

and filling him in
with all of her adventures.

And, and she included
loving memories of her mother.

Alan just couldn't bear
to read those,

much less write back.

So after a year or so,
Isla stopped trying.

- I'm really sorry to hear that.
- Yeah.

I worry for Alan.

I'm sure he'll reach out
if he needs to.

Yes, yeah, I suppose.

So you got two trees,
decorated them,

cleared four rooms
and appraised...

- A lot of amazing stuff.
- Ah...

And you still had time
to stop by?

- I told you, I can do it all.
- I know you can, sweetheart.

I just wish you didn't always
have to. It's a lot.

Reed's been really helpful.

Reed? As in the Reed you didn't
wanna work with again?

- Said he was a little too...
- Stuck in his ways. I know.

But... I was wrong.

And actually, that was
his first big job, so...

Whoa, whoa.
What's this about Reed?

Nothing, dad.

- I think she might like him.
- Ooh.

Mom, why would you say that?

Because you turned away
when I asked you about him.

Well, I don't.

I mean, even if I did,
it's not like he likes me, so...

That, right there,
that's the problem.

You're worrying about
what's gonna come back to you

before you even figured out
how you feel.

I mean, uh, just do
what's in your heart,

that's all that matters.

That's dinner, Linda!

- Smells great, dad.
- Well...

It's too bad you can't stay.

No, don't-don't worry,
I know, uh, you got work.


But, um, you know,
work will be there later.

Wait, so you are staying?

- I-I just...
- All right!

I really needed to see
your faces. I love you.

Mm. I love you more.

Wow! We have
so many great items.

- We might need a bigger space.
- It's insane.

We're fully booked
with five times as many online.

I am... Wow!

I mean, I just need a couple
of more big-ticket items.

- And then...
- Hm.

- What?
- Nothing.

- Sienna?
- Okay, something.

Graham had lunch
with the CEO of Davrow.

- When?
- Yesterday.

I should've told you sooner.

It's just there's nothing
to say, except...

I'm gonna need to up my game.


So I, uh, know
you're probably slammed,

but I'm just gonna throw it
out there anyway.

Um, our holiday party
is tonight,

and, uh, I-I think that, uh,

there should be a lot
of ugly sweaters and bad ties,

and it-it could be a lot of fun.

It does sound fun, but...

Too much to do?

At this point,
I mean, might all be moot.

Okay, one business owner
to the next, what's your drive?

To own my own company.

I guess I always just felt
like the smartest thing

I could do is to become
as independent as possible.

Have you always felt like that?

Mm, probably.

Being left at the altar
didn't help, but...

- Oh, you're serious?
- Yeah. But it-it's fine.

It was a long time ago,
it wasn't right, we were young.

- Still leaves a mark, though.
- Hm.

I get that.

Um, I should take this.

I'm gonna check on my guys downstairs.

Hey, Sienna, what's up?

Hey. Just some intel for ya.

Graham gave the Davrow guys
a sneak peek

at the full catalogue,
and they're really impressed.

They've reviewed past
auctions in their valuations,

and they think Legacy's really
making its mark this year.

Well, let's just hope
it's not all for their benefit.

Hm! Agreed.

Um, did you get the provenance
for the star tree topper,

so I can finish the description
and upload?

Graham would love to feature it
at the auction.

I haven't yet, but I will, um,
I will go ask right now.

- Thank you, Sienna.
- Bye.


Mr. Hawthorne,
I'm sorry to bother you.

No, please, come in. And sit.

A-and call me Alan.

Uh, I know you gave me carte blanche
to sell everything,

but there's one thing
that I wanna run by you.

I bought this for Carol
on our honeymoon.

A few dollars
in a second-hand shop in Bruges.


I-I'm still running the comps,

but it does appear
that it's quite valuable.

Well, we obviously
didn't realize.

She just loved the way
the light reflected from it.

Well, there were only 30
ever produced,

and there's even fewer
still around.

So if you wanna auction it off

for one of the charities you're
supporting, that's lovely.

But I thought
maybe you might wanna keep it.

Sell it.


Are you sure?

It'll just remind me
of what I've lost.

I-I, I heard you have
a pretty big work goal to meet.

Every penny counts.


What are you still doing here?

You should've been home
hours ago.

I just had a few things
to get done.

We can't have an auction without
a mid-century fondue set

or a signed Coriello,
which is arriving Monday.

Sienna, I didn't want you
to have to do...

- All this.
- I know.

I don't know what I'd do
without you.

Well, let's hope
we never have to find out.

Maybe this will help us get
what we want.

Oh, I saw the pictures,
but, wow!

It's gonna sell in a hot minute.

Graham will be so glad
you brought it in.

You're not gonna stay late,
are you?

No, thanks to you
doing my to-do list.

Do you have any interest
in going to a holiday party?

You're gonna have to try
one of her new lattes.

It's so festive.

I'll, uh,
I'll find you later, okay?

Hey. I can't believe
you made it!

Well, your flyer
was awfully enticing.

Yeah, it was, wasn't it?

And everyone loves a place to go
at Christmas.

Especially given how awesome
this place is.

Plus, I, uh, had to support
my best friend, right?

Right. Of course.

- You hungry?
- Yeah, I'm starving.

Me, too.

Plum pudding latte is up.

I've never seen so many smiles
coming from one coffee cart.

I've never seen
a better snowman tie.

I think your selections helped.

Although I saw an unfamiliar
green one floating around.

You mean
my mistletoe mint latte?

- Did I try that?
- Nope, but you can try this one.

- This is fancy.
- It's the little things, right?

So what do I do with this?

Well, it's not edible, so...

For the record, this is
definitely my favorite one.

Glad to hear it.

- Well, that is one sweet dinner.
- What can I say?

- I'm a sucker for snowballs.
- What are they?

You don't know
what snowballs are?

Okay, next you're gonna tell me
you've never been

to the Christmas fire pits
in town.

What? No, okay, we have to go.
It's so fun!

I mean, you should go, for sure.

- Uh, even if I'm not there.
- Hey, Reed.

Hey, you must be Melissa.
Nice to meet you.

I heard you were in Boston?

Uh, Tucker, this is Gwen.

- Hi.
- We're working together.

Melissa and I actually broke up
earlier this year.

Oh, I'm sorry, I...
One of the guys mentioned...

I just assumed... Never mind.

I-I-it's fine.

Well, it was very nice
to meet you, Gwen.

You, too. Merry Christmas.

So Melissa?
Is she, uh, is she from here?

No. We served together overseas,
and then moved here.

I don't mean to pry,
but what happened?

Well, the plan was to put down
roots and start a family,

that's why we both decided
not to re-enlist.

She had second thoughts
about kids,

and I've always wanted
a family, so...

It was all on track
until it wasn't.

- I'm sorry.
- No, it's okay.

She got a great job in tech
and I met Mike at the VA here

which led to Dirt Force One.

And I believe
we might be expanding.

- To a second office out west.
- Oh, is that what you wanna do?

If the VA in San Diego
ever approves our space there,

we'd like to work
in conjunction.

I can't believe you're here.

- And you haven't said hi!
- Hi.

Come. You've gotta see
the cute setup inside.

I'll be right there.

- I should, uh, probably...
- Ah...

- Go, enjoy.
- Okay.

Uh, tomorrow's our last day.
You ready?


Hey, Gwen?

I'm glad you came.

Me, too.

Ah! Looks like
I just missed you.

Or I missed you.

- At least we didn't double up.
- Thank you.

So, uh, what do you think?
Final day.

Well, I think you and this house

both deserve
a little Christmas luck.

Let's do this.

Hey, this latte
is pretty good with this.

- Huh. Who knew?
- Um, Vanessa and Mike.


They make a pretty good pair, too.

Yeah, now I get
his new coffee habit.

You excited for tomorrow?

I don't know what I am.

I mean, usually it's just
the auction, and it's great.

Everyone gets
a one-of-a-kind gift

that means something.

- This year feels bigger.
- Well...

You've done everything you can.

You should be proud either way.

You're gonna be there, right?

Yeah. Where else am I gonna get
my antique linens?

- Very funny.
- Yeah.

This box done?
I'll take it to the van?

Yes, thank you.

I want to thank you
for taking on the decorating.

The broker stopped by
this morning.

He took lots of pictures.

He seems very optimistic.

Oh, good.

Carol would've loved everything
you've done here.

It was my genuine pleasure.

Um, I'm gonna leave this here
for you to take a look at.

- Merry Christmas, Alan.
- Merry Christmas.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
can I please

finally help you with that?

There's nothing in it.
It's just one thing.

- Can I take it?
- Fine.

Thank you.

Oh, hey.

You are nuts.

- So are you ready?
- Ready for what?

Uh, I thought we were done here.

Fire pits.

Oh, uh, are we going?

We could, or you could,
at some point,

if that sounded fun to you,
or not.

It's just, tonight
they're making s'moresmen

or as I like to call them,

which is less catchy, but...

I'm going, so...

Well, we did just finish
a massive job

that deserves celebrating.

And with you heading off
to California...

Well, we're still playing
phone tag.

Either way,
it would be a shame to miss this

Christmas tradition,
well, military men

being sentimental
traditionalists and all...

See, you got my six.

♪ What is it about Christmas? ♪

♪ I'm fa-la-la-la falling ♪

So there's a different pop-up
every night?

Yeah, wreath-making, ornaments,
this, we do it every day

for the week leading up
until Christmas.

I used to come
when I was little.

Though I guess they didn't
call them pop-ups then.

So it looks like
we came on a good night.

- Yeah.
- Oh?

Uh, so how does this work?

Everybody just makes their own
personal s'mores-people?

What? I pay attention.

Yeah, so you can decorate it
with whatever candy you get.

Some people like to work as
a team to make the biggest one

they possibly can,
but I prefer to fly solo.

I've seen that face before.

Nothing, just think
you might be missing out.

Oh, yeah? On what?

A masterpiece.

Made out of marshmallows?

Maybe. But if we never team up,
you'll never know.

Well, I guess we better
fill up these trays, hm?

I will do that.

Yeah, my, uh, dad and I
used to compete.

To see who could roast
their marshmallow the longest?

- That sounds easy.
- Without it falling in the fire.

Oh, gosh.

Never ended well for me.

I think this is so cool
that they do this every year.

Yeah, I think
it's one of the things

I missed the most
when I was overseas.

- Where were you?
- London.

I had a job
at a big fancy auction house,

sort of the Davrow of London.

My ex-fiance
was in foreign finance,

so he traveled a lot.

I went with him when I could,

but London
was a good middle ground.

What brought you back?

When things didn't work out,

the only place I wanted to be
was home.

But it was in that moment
that I was reminded

what really matters.

Friends? Family?

Just the people that you love

and the ones who love you back.

You might be more sentimental
than you think.

- Maybe about some things.
- Hm.

- I'm glad we're doing this.
- It's worth it, right?

I told you
I wouldn't lead you astray.

I meant together.

Me, too.

And when this auction is over...

we could do more of it.

Hanging out?

I'd like that.

- We're done.
- Really?

No, uh, no.
You know what this needs?

- This needs sprinkles.
- No!

It's already gonna be
impossible to eat.

Do not underestimate the power
of the s'mores-person.

Okay, but if I get marshmallow
on this jacket,

I'm sending you
the dry-cleaning bill.

Roger that.

I know you bring your own
usually, but I couldn't resist.

- Oh. Thanks.
- It's her new latte.

So have you officially asked
this girl out on a date yet?

I've got a plan
that I feel pretty good about.

So I'm working on it.

How was last night?

Oh, fun!
Oh, it was a little messy.

But it was a lot more fun than
I thought it was gonna be.

I mean, I thought
it was just for kids.

Or maybe it was the company
that made it so great.


They wanna go over the proposal
at 3:00.

and the regional director?

That's great!

- Pacific time.
- Oh.

So, uh, I'll just meet you
at the auction, then?

I should still be able
to make it on time, but...

What? Like, this is good.

You wanted to have this wrapped
up by the end of the year.


Yeah. That was the idea.

I can't believe
I'll be ringing my last bell.

But you certainly made this an
impressive auction to go out on.

I think it's gonna get
pretty heated in here.

- Hm.
- I'm counting on it.

Uh, if you'll excuse me...

Let me guess. Davrow.

Oh. Excuse me.

Hey. You're here!

We would've been here earlier,
but your father

couldn't find his Christmas tie.

Well, it was worth it,
don't you think?


I cannot wait to get shopping!

Well, grab a seat.

So what's the best
steal of a gift for my mom?

Well, ooh, there's a great
crystal decanter.

It's not an heirloom,
but it's a really good repro,

it's beautiful. It should go
for around 50 bucks.


Have you seen Reed?

No, but Mike'll be here soon,

so I'm sure he will, too.

- Okay.
- Why? You anxious to see him?


Then make sure he knows that.

Okay, everyone,
if you'll find your seats,

our holiday bidding's
about to begin.

First up, an item I know
everyone's talking about,

an antique violin
from Cremona, Italy.

There are reports
dating back to 1914

that it plays itself
on Christmas Eve.

Going for 6000, 6000.

Yes, that's 6000.

Going once, going twice...

And this rare beauty is sold
at $6000.

And now, our final item.

What everyone's been
eagerly awaiting for today.

The crown jewel of
the Hawthorne House collection.

A rare and stunning
Belgian glass star.

The vintage hand-polished glass
reflects the light

in a uniquely golden hue.

From 1723, this delicate

and dazzling
Christmas centerpiece

is in pristine condition.

So let's start the bidding,
ladies and gentlemen.

The bid opens at $10,000.

$10,000, excellent!
Can I get 12.5?

12,500, anyone?
Nearly 300 years old.

Did Mr. Hawthorne
really find that for his wife

for a few dollars?


It's like a story on
Antiques Roadshow.

How lucky were they
to find something so rare?

- Incredibly.
- Masterpiece.

And we have 17.5!

Taking it to 20,000.

20,000? Do I hear $20,000?

- $20,000...
- Wait. Stop!

I'm sorry to do this
so last-minute,

but this item
is no longer for sale.

I'm pulling it from the auction.

You did great, sweetheart.

- Hey, we'll talk tomorrow.
- Yeah.

Can we talk?

No one expected that finale.

I just knew that Alan
would regret it one day.

Well, it wasn't
the most professional move,

especially if you wanna stay on.

But the auction
was still a great success.

even if you'd sold the star,

and gotten
the sizable commission

that we were expecting,

I don't think you can compete
with Davrow's offer.

Not at this point.

But I did talk to them
about keeping you,

in a senior role, of course.

Despite that finale,

they agree that you'd be
an amazing asset...

if you wanna stay.

Just think about it.

Of course.

Hey, sorry I was late.

Are you okay?

Is this about the tree topper?

I just couldn't sell it.

It didn't feel right.

Turns out it wouldn't have made
a difference anyway, so...

I'm sorry to hear that.

You should be proud.

I'm glad you made it.

Well, I would've
been here sooner,

but my phone call with San Diego
ran long.

- Well, you finally connected.
- Yeah.

We got the approval
for our office space

and the VA building there.

That's great news, right?

They want me out there...

by the 1st, so...

So you're moving.


that's great.

I mean, congratulations.

Thank you.

It's just, uh, you know,
these last few weeks...

I guess I'm a little
more attached to this town

than I thought.

Well... I'm sure you'll love it.

You'll be helping more vets.

And it's California.

It'll be great. It's everything
you worked towards, right?

Yeah, I guess.

Well, I should get back to it.

Right. Ahem.

- Of course.
- Okay, bye.


I'm sorry.

If you have a minute,
there's someone here to see you.


I hear the auction went well.

And, uh, Doris told me about you
wanting to buy out the business.

- I hope that worked out.
- No.

But, um, it was always
a long shot.

But the auction
did go well, so...

I know you told me
to sell it, but...

And a few weeks ago
I would have been happy to,

but there are some things
worth holding on to.

And wherever you go, the light
that Carol loved so much

should always surround you.

I think Isla might want it.

I know I would if you and
Mrs. Hawthorne were my parents.

Just like I'll want
the, the snowflake lights

that my dad
refuses to replace...

because it will always
feel like our Christmas.

It'll remind me
of my parents' love.

It's never too late
to reach out.

I think that's the last thing
she wants at this point.

You know, there are some things
worth holding on to,

but there are things
that we all need to let go of.

Just do what's in your heart.
You can't worry about the rest.

♪ Oh holy night

♪ The stars
are brightly shining ♪

♪ It is the night
of the dear Savior's birth ♪

♪ Long lay the world

♪ In sin and error pining
till He... ♪

Dear Isla,

I don't know where to start...

except to say I'm sorry.

♪ Of hope ♪

♪ The weary world rejoices ♪

♪ For yonder breaks ♪

♪ A new and glorious morn ♪

♪ Fall ♪

♪ On your knees ♪

♪ Oh hear ♪

♪ The Angels' voices ♪

♪ Oh night ♪

♪ Divine ♪

♪ Oh night ♪

♪ Oh night divine ♪

Hey, whatever is happening
in California

does not need to be attended to
on Christmas Eve.

I feel the same way.

That's why I just wanted
to bring you these.

Are these from Vanessa's?

Just some gingerbread cookies
that we made together.

Okay, that's, uh,
pretty adorable.

You know, there's enough
in there for two,

if you wanted to share
with a special someone.

Ah, that's cute, but, uh,
I see what you're doing.

Well, what's the point?
I'm being re-stationed.

The whole point of this

is to help vets
adjust back to civilian life.

That includes you, Reed.

I'm going to meet Vanessa.
Don't stay too long.

I forgot to wind it.

Uh, uh, Mike. Uh, wait up.


I-I see you got the package.

And your letter,
on mom's stationery, too.

I caught the first flight
I could, so...

I'm sorry, sweetheart.

It's just things have been so...

I know, dad. I know.

I'm, I'm so glad
you came home for Christmas.

Me, too.

Linda, Gwen, get ready.

♪ Oh Christmas tree ♪


So can we get a smile out of you
for our family photo?

It's going on the wall no matter
what, so you better smile.

Okay, okay, we are ready.


Well, it's official,
I am overstuffed.

- But it was all so good.
- Oh.

I'll, uh, call you
when I wake up?

- Yes.
- Okay.

Bye, honey.

Ooh. Um... Sorry.

- Merry Christmas Eve.
- Thanks.

Is there any chance
you could swing by?

Alan needs to talk to you.
It's important.

Um... sure. I'll be right over.


Merry Christmas, Gwen.

- Merry Christmas, Alan.
- Uh, please, come in. Come in.


You were the little girl
mom always used to sneak

extra gingerbread to.

It's so nice
to officially meet you.

You, too. Merry Christmas.

And we're all here.

What is everyone...

This is the last
Hawthorne House Christmas.

We needed to send it off right.

All together.

♪ Reindeer hooves
silently they make their way ♪

I am so happy for you.
For both of you.

I haven't been this happy
for so long.

Thank you for showing me
what I've been missing.

You're welcome.
Though, I'm not sure I did much.

Oh, I'm sure you always do
more than you think.

Uh, all this decorating helped
us find the perfect buyer.

A young family that wants
to keep the traditions alive.


- I love that.
- Me, too.

I also love a hard-worker,

which is why I believe
that you deserve a fair shot.

Uh, what are you talking about?

Is it too early
to ask for a promotion, boss?

- Oh, okay.
- Alan?

♪ Star so bright ♪

- You didn't...
- Outbid the competition?


I'm moving closer to Isla,

so I'll just be
a silent partner.

Now, you clearly care
about your work

and about your community.

Now, that's the kind of person
that I need to invest in.

So, uh, congratulations.

The keys to Legacy.

I don't know what to say.

- Thank you.
- Merry Christmas.

I believe
this calls for a toast.

Here's to the unexpected joys
of Christmas,

and sharing its lights
with those we love.

Merry Christmas!

And if everyone
would like to follow me

into the dining room
for some gingerbread?


Right this way.

Did you really do all this?

Well, admittedly, I didn't ask
Alan to invest in Legacy,

that was all him,
but I might have suggested

he host this little party,

and enlist
Mike and Vanessa to help.


'Cause I knew
it'd make you happy.

I know you're moving,
and I get it.

I know this wasn't what you
imagined when you came here.

As much as I don't like
the fact that you're leaving...

I just want you to know that...

I think you're really great.

And I know it can't be anything,

but I just wanted you
to know that,

because... I definitely
didn't think that

when you and I first met.

Like, not at all.

So, I do.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Uh, I'm-I'm-I'm still gonna
take that as a compliment.

Uh, I think
you're pretty great, too.

You do?

And I have to admit,
I am excited to see

how the Hawthorne tradition
changes next year.

Next year?

Are you not... moving?

What about your plan to expand?

Oh, it's, uh, still happening.

I just realized
I needed to change my approach.

Wait, you?

And I already found the best
person to go in my place.

Mike's going to California?

He's always wanted
a station vacation.

And if I'm not mistaken,
I believe that Vanessa

is going to take
a little vacation, too.

Maybe try out
some new pastry vendors.

I don't know,
see where it goes from there.

Are you sure
this is what you want?

I have been searching
for a place to call home...

for such a long time.

You made me realize
that I'm already here...

in a place that I love.

- That's priceless.
- Are you sure?

'Cause I'm pretty sure
I could put a number on that.

I'm kidding.

I am so glad you're staying.

Me, too.

♪ It's that time
of year again ♪

♪ Whoa whoa whoa whoa ♪

♪ Presents by the tree ♪

♪ My heart full of glee
I can hear... ♪