Swept Away (2002) - full transcript

Amber is 40, beautiful, rich, spoiled, and arrogant beyond measure. Nothing makes this woman happy, including her wealthy but passive husband (Tony), a pharmaceutical kingpin. When Tony takes her on a private cruise from Greece to Italy, Amber is unimpressed at this impromptu no-frills vacation, and takes out her anger on the ship's first mate, Giuseppe. When a storm leaves the two shipwrecked on a deserted island, however, the tables suddenly turn...

I did not fly all the way
from New York City...

...to wherever the fuck we are
to get on that.

How many vacations have you enjoyed?
You wanted to try something new.

Tell me, how new does that look?
It's got a fucking chimney, Anthony.

It's a funnel. Honey, we're here now.
Let's just try and enjoy it.

I only agreed to this
if it had a fully-equipped gym.

They do.
That I was assured of.

-Welcome aboard, professor.
-I'm not actually a professor.

That's not what I hear.

Thank you very much.

-I'm your captain. Call me captain.
-You're a real captain, captain?


I'm not interested in shaking
Blackbeard's hook.

Would you show my wife
to her quarters, please?

Of course, professor.

-What's with the finger snapping?
-Don't get all Italian on me, Peppe.

I don't like finger snapping.

The clients expect finger snapping
from the captain.

Giuseppe will show you to your room.

This is your cabin, sir. Madam.

-What you can't fit, keep in my room.
-We'll make do. Thanks.

That should be all.
My name is Giuseppe. Peppe for short.

I am the fisherman,
but if you need anything, I'm your man.

Ask him about the gym.

-Would you show my wife the gym, please?

What was that
screaming about?

-What happened?
-She's crazy.

-What was that screaming?
-Wait here.

I thought she would like me
bringing the gym to her.

I wasn't very happy. What kind of
a gym could you possibly carry?

-Then what?
-I showed her the gym.

-He showed me the gym.


-Your gym. She started screaming.
-I was understanding.


So then...

...that little hairy black one
pulled out a rope...

-...and told me I could jump over it.
-For jumping.

Jump, jump.

She said she was going
to hang you with it, captain.


This is a good idea.
A trip from Italy to Greece.

It's Greece to Italy, babe.

Have you seen the deserted islands
we can visit?

You cannot do that in the Caribbean.

What would you do on
a deserted island, Debi?

I'll think of something.


What "what"?

What is it that
you're going to think of?

You lost me.

And here he is.

-Nice outfit, pal. Very native.

-What have you come as? Popeye?
-There's no need for that, darling.

-I like this outfit. Very Errol Flynn.
-Very Errol Flynn.

Who's Errol Flynn?

I thought we agreed
to get dressed up for dinner.

You put us on a boat built for pirates,
can we not dress like one?

I changed my mind. I wanted
to be a little more comfortable.

Where does that leave me?
And our guests?

Where would we all be if we just did
things because we felt like it?

On vacation?

She's a piece of work, that woman.

-Why speak Greek? I look Greek?
-You look like an idiot.

-Tony's not had much holidays.
-Look after that fucking woman.

Watch your mouth.
Remember what you're getting paid.

It was you that asked me to help you.

I can live without money.
I was happy as I was.

Happy? Happy is nice.
But how much does happy pay?

Now you're talking.

It's not going to rain, madam.

Is that a joke?

-Come on in. It's clean as a whistle.
-Depends on who's been blowing it.

Don't bother coming in.
It's really wet. Where's Debi?

-Maybe she drowned.
-Did anyone ask if she could swim?


Put a mask on and swim with the fishes.
You'll enjoy it.


Because it's nice.

When you have some time off,
I suggest you swim with the fishes.

Fish is the plural for fish.

Do something about Marina and Amber.
They're ripping Debi to shreds.

What can I do? You know what they're like.
Besides, she's not the sharpest...


-She's stupid, isn't she, Todd?
-Well, she's....

-She's unaware of what they're doing.
-Be nice, Tony. She's only 1 4.

Don't give me that white liberal shit.
It's the nature of capitalism.

Don't give me that white liberal shit.
It's the nature of capitalism.

It's more successful than communism.
You don't see people emigrating to Cuba.

-There are problems raised by capitalism.
-What problems?

Your old man's the boss
of a pharmaceutical company.

He's got to make a profit
to keep the shareholders happy.

-That's not in the public's best interest.
-Then they don't have to buy.

Imagine there's a drug that can cure
a certain kind of blindness.

Even though it costs
nothing to make it...

...they still put a high price on it.

So if you can't afford the drug,
you'll stay blind.

Without the drug companies,
they'd stay blind.

What's to stop them getting a job
and buying the drug?

-They're blind.
-So what?

-Limits their employment opportunities.
-They can bake cakes.

You don't need eyes to bake cakes.

-But it does raise an ethical question.
-The laws of capitalism are:

The proprietor of goods can set
any price he sees fit...

...and shall not be at the mercy
of any moral or ethical issues.

Whose quote is that?


I can't see you baking
too many cakes.

She's without a heartbeat.
She's a lizard.

Stop moaning.
You're not married to her.

A lizard. One that should be
made into a bag, belt and boots!



-Yes, sir?
-Sir is madam. Water and towel.

-Yes, madam.
-And Pee Pee, I want it cold.

Understand? Not cool.

As cold as the
blood in your veins.

-I'm bored.
-I know it. What are we gonna do?

Just have a martini, pop a pill
and fuck my husband.

Everyone else does.

Have you no dignity?

What's that?


-It's a jug.
-It's a coffeepot, actually.

What's in the coffeepot, Pee Pee?

-Coffee, madam.
-Reheated coffee?

-What am I supposed to do with that?

Drink it?

-It's not his fault.
-Whose fault is it then, Todd?

Who's paying whom
to do what around here?

-Say something, Anthony.
-Would you accommodate my wife, please?

Accommodate? Does this mean
live in my cabin, sir?

-ls this what you mean?
-I think that was a joke.

-He's being rude, Anthony.
-Let me deal with this.

Would you please make my wife
a fresh pot of coffee, Mr. Esposito?

Certainly, professor.

I'm going to kill that fucking bitch
with a kitchen knife!

You surprise me. You told me that a real
man's duty is to preserve his dignity.

That's why I'm going to kill
the fucking bitch with a kitchen knife!

If she's so much of a problem,
stay away from her.

Easy for you to say!
She's not hunting you down.

Everywhere I turn, there she is!
I feel like...

...a lame gazelle stalked by
the eyes of an angry leopard!

Very theatrical.

Now, clean the boiler.

The advantages of chemicals
are all around us.

-Do we have to listen to that again?

We were playing for $20, and now...

-...it's 4000?
-You don't think I'm good for it?

-Can't you control your wife?
-Can't you control yours?

-It's changed the atmosphere.
-You're Mr. Moneybags.

I am on vacation.

Stop being such a pussy, Michael.

If you haven't got money,
I'll take jewellery and shoes.

I fold. I have no interest in playing
"get fucked quick" with lmelda Marcos here.


When you've put that reptile down,
can you empty the ashtrays?

-Thank you.
-So go on. Chemicals. Advantages.

Where would we be without
fertilizers and pesticides?

Ask Peppe. He was a fisherman
until pollution put an end to that.

-Pollution is so terrible.
-God. This isn't a sad story, is it?

-Ask him what he thinks.
-Nothing wrong with chemicals.

-What do you think about pesticides?

-Let him get on with his job.
-Come on. You gotta have an opinion.

If it's man-made, I don't trust it.
You can't cut corners with nature.

Chemicals has made life easier,
but easier doesn't mean better.

Money corrupts principles. You can't
see clearly when money is involved.

Not money and principles.

Now, this is interesting. Go on.

Chemicals has made
a few people very rich.

But as they say, no such thing
as a free lunch. Pay now or pay later.

When you pay later, you don't know
the interest charged...

...and who's gonna pay it.

-Very good.
-Yes, very good.

Thank you, nature boy. Now,
could you please empty the ashtray?

-lf it weren't so hot, I'd go swimming.
-You wouldn't. The water would be too cold.

-I can't eat this.
-What's wrong with it?

Nature boy!

You! Pee Pee!

-Yes, madam?
-This fish is bad. It's off.


In that case, if you don't want to
eat it, you probably want to wear it!

Now it doesn't look so bad, madam.

-You blinded me!
-Now you can bake the cakes.

-Anthony! Help me!
-Sit down, rich boy...

...or you'll need all the drugs you got
to ease the pain I have for you.

-Shut up! Tell it to the fishes.
-Help me!

Now Peppe is in charge.

You listening to me, nature boy?

-Why are you serving bad fish?

She needs a doctor!
A checkup from the neck up!

-Shut up and take this.
-Don't tell me to shut up.

You made it bad.
You take it up!

-What did you say?
-You take it up!

No. The other bit. The bad bit.

-What did she say? In English.
-She said the fishes is bad.


-Tastes okay.
-Of course.

Never mind. Cook another one.

-Because they're rich...

...and all rich people are the same.
They play little games. I see it all the time.

Don't react. They get bored,
and they change the game.

Our job is to smile.... Like idiots.

The chef is sorry the fishes wasn't
so good. He's cooking new fishes.

Are we being punished
because we're rich?

No, madam. I love money.

If you weren't rich,
you wouldn't be here.

No punishment here.
We love you.

And we love your money more.

That's it, Greek idiot.

Happy birthday, Mrs. Marina.
You look gorgeous.

-It's always good to see you.
-The pleasure is all mine.

-Professor, welcome back.
-I'm not a professor.

Of course you are.

Did you have a good time?

-Let me help you.
-Thank you.

-Are those ruins old?

All right. I've got it.

All right. I've got it.

-Did you have a nice day?
-Yes, I did. Thank you.

I bought some fresh fish.

-Peppe always catches the fishes for us.
-I don't care about Giuseppe's fish!

What she said? What's the fucking bitch
complaining about now?

Did one of your crew members
just swear in front of me?

No, no. You mean "fuking"?

This is the Italian name of the fishes.
He doesn't think it's very good.

-"Fuking" is a fish?

I don't care if it's fuking, puking
or a fucking kung fu king!

I want that fish,
and I want it tonight.

-Okay, madam.
-Thank you.

Fucking, puking, fucking good cooking
I want her on my table tonight

Shut up, idiot.

I can't cook that.
These fishes are beneath me.

This is fishes?
Where did you get...?

Cook Peppe's fishes instead...

...and pretend it's their fishes.

Got that?

-Now, that's what I call fish.

-Here's to the fishes.
-Hear, hear.

It's really good.
Isn't it, Michael?

Yes, it is. It's delicious.

-It's just right. Great job.
-Thank you.

It tastes just like chicken.

We can do without nature boy's fish from
now on. I'll be in charge of fish buying.

That's okay, madam.

-That's disgusting.

I think it's beautiful.

Why are you haunting our corridors
with Ms. Beautiful?

The crew still wants my fishes.
I'm taking it to the kitchen.

-I hope I haven't hurt your feelings.

-Let us leave my feelings out of this.
-Don't be so touchy.

-Can't we just get along?
-No, madam. We cannot.

I see you have your dancing shoes on.
One, two. One, two, three.

Please, madam.

What's the matter?
Don't you wanna dance with me?

I don't wanna dance with people
I don't like.


-Grapefruit juice, madam.
-Thank you.

Do you have children, Pee Pee...

...or just the mind of a child?

-That cartoon you're wearing.

You requested us to change
our T-shirts.

You T-shirt offends me. It's revolting.
Change it.

-Shut up, you old drunk.

Going to bed?

-I'll be there in a minute.
-Good night.

-Aren't you playing?
-lmelda cleaned me out.

I'm coming with you.

We can tuck up together.

-Good night.
-Good night.

-Good night.
-Like he said.

-What are they up to now?
-The husbands went to bed...

...while the wives stay up
playing cards and drinking.

What kind of husbands are they?

They got everything
the wrong way around.

Look what the brunette left
in the bathroom. I think it's cocaine.

Let me show you how to take it.

Hold on, captain.

I bet it's something the professor
made in his lab.

-Flies you to the moon in minutes!
-I've never been to the moon.

What's wrong with you?
You're the captain.

How will we make it to Italy
if you go to the moon?

Go to bed! I'll forget
you lost control. Go!

Fuck you. We could have gone
to the moon and had an orgy.

I don't want to have an orgy with you.
Go to bed, idiot.

You've lost your mind
at the thought of taking it.

Rack 'em up, ladies.

I'm out.
I'm going up for air.

Where is everybody?

They went to the caves with the dinghy.

-Why didn't they tell me?
-I know why.

Guido. Lower the other one.
I wanna go to the caves.

-It's too late.
-I'll be the judge of that.

There is a current,
and the weather could changes.

So what?

The caves are not so close.
My advice is to don't go.

Really? My advice to you
is to get the fucking dinghy down.

It's all the same to me,
but it's getting late...

-...and it's a long journey.
-We'll manage.

I have warned you.

-What's the matter? Are you scared?

I was conceived on the crest of a wave
and born in a boat.

What is the meaning of "scared"?

Is this another one of your jokes?
Let's start the engine, shall we?

-This engine is a little touchy.
-I can show you touchy.

Now, start the engine.

Number one: My name is Peppe.
Not Guido or Pee Pee!

Number two: I can't start an engine
that doesn't want to be started.

Can we stick to one language?

I'll take the engine that runs your mouth.
Then we wouldn't have any problems.

-Do we have enough gas?

We have...

-We'll just wait, then.

I'm sure they won't be long.

-Aren't we going too far out?
-I warned you about the current.

Give me your sweater.


-What've you been doing in that?
-I'm a fisherman, and it's my sweater.

I go fishing in it.
So it smells of fishes.


If they were coming,
they would have passed us.

Maybe they decided to go
around the island.

It's not funny anymore!
I want to go back to the yacht.

We can't go back just because
you want us to.

-We must be rescued or fix the engine.
-Fix it, then!


Look at this mess I'm in.

Why has this
happened to me?

Oh, God. Peppe?


Mr. Esposito? Mr. Esposito!

You miss me?

I wanted--

I wanted to know
if a storm was coming.

I can't see land anymore.
Why haven't they come for me?

The sea is big.
It could take a while.

A while. What's a while?

There must be something in this
plastic bath toy.

I can't believe you came out here
without a cell phone!

What the fuck is this, Popeye?
A submarine?

Be careful. Don't shoot.

-Why do you have a gun?
-It's a flare gun.

A flare gun?
Hiding anything else?

-This isn't my boat. Give it to me.

Where is God when you need him?

What are you doing?

Trying to save us from dying
of thirst and hunger.

-Eat it.

Can't you wrap it in rice or something?

Here's a bit of salt.

How is that?

It's disgusting!

Why did you do that?

I could have eaten it myself!
It took me hours to catch!

Calm down.
You're embarrassing yourself.

Besides, fasting is good for you.
It's a spiritual thing.

Are you serious? We're not fasting.

We are fucking starving!

Don't you swear at me.

Oh, my God!

God. Out of my way!
Out of my way!

Come on, shoot! Shoot!

-Give it to me.
-I know what I'm doing! Get off me!

-At least we won't die of thirst!
-Great. We'll just drown instead!


Wake up, Guido!
Land! Land!

Paddle! Paddle!

Don't rush. You'll hurt yourself.

Forgive me for being in a rush
to get to civilization.

I can't believe I found land.

The adventure is over.

The adventure is just starting
for you, my friend!

Wait till my lawyer speaks
to your captain.

What's wrong, madam?
We're saved, you should be happy.

"Madam," is it now?

Changed our tune now that
we're on land, haven't we?

-Wait here while I look around.
-So you can forget about me?

No chance, sailor.

I'm afraid your lawyer
will have to wait!

What? I can't hear you!

No lawyers here!

Where there's a phone,
there's a lawyer!

No phones either!


Because we have landed
on a deserted island!


Nothing. No lawyers. No phones.
No gyms. Nothing.

That's impossible, you idiot.
It's not 1 492, for God's sake.

Just call me an idiot
one more time...

You're wrong!

I am not a child.
If I say it's deserted, it's deserted.

-I don't believe you.
-It's a fact.

My ass. Where there is life,
there are people.

Not here. There are many little
deserted islands around here.

Get up there and check again!

-No. I had a good look before.
-It's not your place to argue with me.

You fucked up the engine. Got us lost.
Made me sink the dinghy.

You can't navigate!

Fuck it! I can't reason
with a hairy, black midget.

-What did you call me?

-I want to know what you said.

-Did you call me a midget?

So, what did you call me?

I called you a hairy, black midget!

Your tongue has the grace
of the gutter.

-Watch your mouth!
-You threatening me?

Fucking right. Listen carefully, Mrs.

I'm fed up! I do what I like,
and you do what you like.

-Now, fuck off!
-Oh, boy.

-You are gonna regret this.
-Fuck yourself!

-Dig a deeper grave!
-Fuck yourself, bitch!

-Come on! Give me more! More!

-What did you call me?
-A whore, a slut!

You are a mongrel dog!

A hybrid of something dark,
disgusting and tiny!

Let the rich bitch look after herself!
Now her mongrel dog leaves her side!

Let the dog leave his mistress!
And watch him get lost.

Could be worse.

Not so smug now, are you?

I'll have you arrested.

By whom? The sand police?

If you keep being so polite, you'll
force me to give you all my fishes.

I can see you are a very clever woman.

Is there anything else I can do for you
while I'm waiting to get arrested?

-Sell me that fish.

I want that fish.

Fuck off and bother some
other poor shipwrecked sailor.

I'll give you $1 00.

Two hundred.

Okay, I'll give you $500
for just half of the fish.

If you are hungry, bake a cake.

This is my final offer. I'll give you
$1 000 and my gold bracelet.

Take it. Okay?
Now, give me some fish.

I'm not interested. There are some
things in life that can't be bought.

And this fishes is one of them.

But I'm hurt! And I need to eat!

Ten thousand fucking dollars!

Let me quote
the laws of capitalism, madam:

"The proprietor of goods can set
any price that he sees fit...

...and should not be at the mercy
of any moral issues."

Give me some fucking fish,
you scumbag!

Number one:
Don't ever insult me again.

Number two: I am the boss now.
Number three: If you want food, you earn it.

Number four: You will wash my clothes.

You can't hit a woman,
you fucking lunatic!

Don't forget number one!

From now on, "fishes"
is the plural for fishes.

If you are back within one hour
with my clothes cleaned...

-...I shall consider fishes for you.
-Can I have something to eat first?

Do you give drugs to the needy
before they've paid?

We don't accept credit
in this house either.

And number six: Call me Mr. Esposito.

No. Call me master.
Yes, call me master.

-Come on!
-Go. Go. Go! Wash!

Where will I find a washing machine
on a deserted island?

That's not my problem.


Mr. Esposito, you're completely
taking advantage of me.

Of course I am. I'm now the master.

Fucking peasant.

I want you to say, "Thank you, master,
for the privilege of washing your clothes."

Thank you...


...for letting me wash your clothes.

-Where do you think you're going?
-I need to eat!

Who is this Peppe?

Get in line, woman.

I want this bottle filled with water.
And be quick about it.

-Yes, master.


Where are you going?

Wait! How about an answer?

Please, wait for me!

A roof. Thank God.

And a bed. I'm saved.

What are you doing, Mr. Esposito?
I mean, master.

Please don't leave me outside.

It's cold. I won't survive
another night.

I'm not an animal!

What do you want?
Do you want to share my bed?

What kind of person are you?
You wish to corrupt me.

I am the master and you're my slave!

-Don't flatter yourself.
-Pigs keep warm with leaves.

Pigs! I would rather fuck a pig
than kiss you, monkey boy.

You forget yourself again, woman.

Let the chill of the night wrestle
the last of the beast from you.

Wakey, wakey.

I want my room cleaned
by the time I return.

By the time I return.

It's still flopping.

Quick, woman!
The fishes are getting away!

-I'm trying, master.
-Work harder! Harder!

I'm not a fucking donkey.



If you're decent to me,
I'll make sure you get rewarded.

-lf you like.

You insult me.
You offer money you didn't work for.

At least a whore works for her bread.

And one other thing.
How do you know they will rescue us?

We might spend years on this island.

-I'd kill myself.
-Go ahead.

I can feast on you for a week.

But as long as you breathe, you work.
Go get some wood!

Why do you keep assaulting me?

The party is over.
You wait on me now. Move!

-You're hurting me.

-But first, kiss the master's hand.

Kiss it. Kiss it!

You will be punished when you disobey.
Like you did to me.

You made me spit blood! Yesterday you
still called me disgusting names.

Kiss the master's hand.
Kiss it.

Or leave! It's your decision.

But if you leave, you leave forever!
Accept my terms or the terms of nature!

Hand! Kiss it!

-What are you doing?
-Quick, woman, take this!

Take what?

Don't be an idiot!
Take the octopus.

What are you doing?



-Your water.
-Why are you sitting down?

-Why not? I've worked and I've earned it.
-I want to be waited on.

Did you ever invite me
to your table on the boat?

Now it's time to serve me.

This fucking lady. "The juice is warm.
The coffee's old.

The fishes is bad.
I want food, I'm hungry."

Remember the abuse I took from you?
You despise us.

"Sweaty T-shirts, disgusting."

Go on, impress me.
Give me grapefruit juice.

-Master, please.
-Grapefruit juice, find me some.

-Dance for me.

-I said, dance for me.
-There's no music.

Make some. Sing as well.

You are making me angry. Dance!


I don't want to hear the sound
of dirty cats in alleys. I want singing!


Mr. Esposito?

That's enough.

You think I'm staring at your ass?

Big deal. As if I would.

What about when you
were sprawled out...

...with all your tits hanging out?

Yes, I said "tits."

As if we didn't exist. Remember?

Of course you do, dirty slut.

Show me your tits now.

Hear me?

Keep on playing deaf, then.

Are you bashful?
Madam is bashful.

How come you were not
embarrassed before? Undress!

-Filthy pig!
-You're fighting back at last.

-Come here. I'll teach you a lesson.
-Let go of me! Let go!

-Go on, shout. Shout!

-Somebody, help!
-She's crying for help. The idiot!

Who's going to help you, id--?

Run, you little vixen. Run.

You rapist! Get off of me, you pig!

You'll pay for everything.

Get off, you pervert! Get off!

Why should I pay
for all of life's injustices?

-You're obsessed!
-Obsessed with justice.

You maniac! You sex fiend!

Pervert, get off!

What are you doing?

I'm going to destroy you and make you
feel what a real man is like.

You have never known a real man.

I hate you, but I like you.

And you know it.

I liked you on the boat.

Come on, say it.
Admit it, come on.

Say it. Confess your burning desire.
Come on. Come on.

Are you saying yes?

Are you saying yes?

Yes. I'm saying yes.

Well, it's no. Because I'm saying no!

You must fall in love!

Head over heels in love!

You're already my slave.
I want you as my love slave.

You'll crawl and beg for mercy.

You will burn with desire.
With passion, like a sickness!

I'll get under your skin. Into your head.
Your heart. Your belly.

I'm going to be your God!

Is that clear?

You don't know yet who
Giuseppe Esposito is!

Dear Mrs. Amber, you have never
looked so happy on the yacht.

Peppe, why aren't you sleeping?

You must call me master.

Call me master.

I'll call you whatever
you want me to call you.

Just let me go back to sleep.

Stop it.

You are getting good at this,
my princess.

Good. Harder, harder.
Make it tender.


Tell me, is life better than this
in the city?

Why you are so quiet tonight?

Come here.

How can you be sad
when you are so beautiful?

I don't believe you.

You'd rather be with a girl,
wouldn't you?

Someone younger.

-Someone prettier.
-What is it with women?

Always trying to look younger.

Would you really be interested in me
if you had a choice?

-You don't compete with 1 8-year-olds.
-Who says?

Society says.

Who's in charge of you?
You think about what others think.

You never enjoy the moment.

I don't want a girl.
I'm a man, and a man wants a woman!

Come here!

That's enough. I have to stop that.

What are you gonna do about it?

I wanna fix it.

You're making a mess.


-I don't believe it.
-What is it?

-Drink it.
-I'm not drinking that. You drink it.

Know your problem? You never
had to work, so you're not grateful.

How would you know?
You know nothing about my life.

When I met you,
you were a pain in the ass.

Well, maybe I wasn't happy.

Why not? Apparently you had everything.

Maybe what I wanted
wasn't what I needed.


Bruce Lee.

Charlie Chaplin.

Jesus Christ.
Good game.

-Stupid game.
-Your turn.

How many words?
One word.

Big head.

The pope.

Marlon Brando.

What is wrong with you,
Mr. Esposito?

You should learn to sew
instead of talk.

I love you.

Fine words.

What if we hadn't been shipwrecked?
You'd still be rich, unhappy American wife.

I would still be a poor, Italian,
happy fisherman.

That was then. This is now.

Is this a fairy tale?

It happened because we are here.
Endless passion here.

I'd love to see Mrs. Amber strolling
down Five Avenue with Mr. Esposito.

Go on, picture it.

How much love can you see in that?

What are you doing? What is this?

It's a refrigerator.

-Where did you get it?
-I saw it flying by.

Watch your mouth!
I do the jokes around here.

How did you get it? And no funnies.

I got it with a spear.

It's big.

Hey, listen, I catch the fishes.
You cook them.

Fresh eggs?

Gulls' eggs?


It's my job to get these eggs.

What have you done to me?

What you needed doing to you.
Don't you like it?

It's okay.


Yeah. It's okay.

Run, my little vixen. Run. Run!

Let's hide.

-Don't, Peppe.
-Why not?

You say you love me.
I want the whole truth.

What more proof do you need?
I've never been happier in my life.

We were meant to be together,
you said so.

I don't want to go back.
I don't want to be tested.

If you love me, you can love me
anywhere. I want to know! I have to!

I want to know if a rich man's wife
thinks the same.

What difference does it make where
we are? Please, let's stay.

I love you.

I need proof.
Then we can do as you say.

-But I need to know you can resist.
-Believe me.

You're all that I want.

You're scared, aren't you?

That's why I need proof.

What did you do for food?

We made do.

Mr. Esposito is very clever.

-I have to go.
-No, no. Sit down.

-You must have something to drink.

You know, you have been on the news
for a month.

Excuse me. I have to go down.


Your husband is on the radio.
He's on his way.

He's coming in by helicopter
to meet us at the nearest port...

...but he wants to talk to you.

The telephone is upstairs.
I will show you.

Over one month
on a deserted island...

...and she is not bad?

Nothing happened?

What kind of
Sicilian fool are you?

You know the whole world
has been talking about this?

Her husband
is a very rich man.

He's going
to reward you.

You picked the right
woman to save...

Have another
glass of wine!

Mr. Esposito.

I wanna thank you for saving my wife.

She said you were most decent.

Thank you.

Mr. Esposito?

Mr. Esposito? We're very grateful
for your assistance and help.

We've provided a room at our hotel
for you to recuperate.

Hey Peppe!
Where have you been?

Got my bag?

Give me a room.

Just a minute.

Mr. Esposito?

There is one other thing.

Perhaps we should sit down?

As a reflection of our appreciation,
we would like to offer you this.

-Get out and take your bribes with you.
-No, it's not a bribe, Mr. Esposito.

What will this buy me?

Mrs. Leighton?
There is a phone call for you.

I'll wait outside.



It's me.

-Why did you take so long to call?
-I have called.

They didn't tell me.

It doesn't matter now.

It doesn't matter if you fail me,
because I love you.

I love you.

I love you more than
I ever thought was possible.

I didn't think it came
as strong as this.

You are once again in charge.

I am yours.

I always will be.

I love you too, my darling.

I love you more than life.

My husband's coming.

Leave a message for me in reception.
Tell me what to do and I'll do it.

At 9 a.m., I shall have
a boat waiting for us...

...at the end of Pier 22.

I miss you so much.

Are you on
the night shift?

And the morning.

You must give
this to Mrs. Leighton.

The blonde lady.

I know who she is.

Only give it to
her if she is alone.

Understand? Alone.

Hide it.

Are there any messages for me?

What are you doing, honey?

-Why aren't you dressed?
-I was looking for you.

Well, let's go, shall we?
Any messages for us?

Just this.

It's about the helicopter.
I have to make a call.

You should go back up, get changed....

-Can I use your phone?
-Certainly, sir.

Honey. Just give this tip
to the bellboy, would you?

Honey. The tip.

Thank you, madam.

I think this is for you, sir.

Who gave you this?

The blonde lady.
Mrs. Leighton.

That can't be true.
Her husband gave it to you.

No sir.
It was the lady.

Where is she?