Swelter (2014) - full transcript

Ten years after their casino heist, four escaped convicts trace their former partner to a desert town, where he is now a lawman with no memory of his criminal past.

We're now three days into
the punishing extreme heat

that is beating down much
of the west this weekend.

And we're afraid to say,
it's not over yet.

The heat has claimed
at least one life in Nevada,

and the cumulative effect
of daily triple-digit highs

are being felt in other ways, even
grounding some commercial flights.

It's simply too hot to fly.

Again today, heat warnings
and advisories

are posted
in parts of eight states

as temperatures soar to
the 110s, even toward the 120s.

And the desert southwest
at 119.

Phoenix experienced its
fourth hottest day in history.

The west is used to
sizzling summer temperatures,

but this week has been brutal.

We've just learned that
Las Vegas is once again

expected to have
its hottest day in 10 years.

Two hikers had to be rescued
after getting stuck

in the sweltering conditions.

Death Valley baking at 128 degrees, just
shy of the world record set a century ago.

We are approaching
the prison chapel.

Roger that.

Hey, who the fuck is this?

- It's Joey Bishop.
- I wanna be Sammy.

- Oh, for fuck's sake. Take it.
- Oh, come on guys.

Hey chief, this better be
the only face you remember.

- Open the cage, Carl.
- John?

- John, what are you...
- Carl, you didn't get the text?

- What the fuck is going on?
- I don't think he got the text.

He must have AT&T.

Come on.

Be a good little boy
and sit in the corner.

Okay. 30 seconds.

Just take the 100s.


Let's move.

You're never gonna get out
of here with that money.

We'll be out of here
before you, chief.

Gentlemen, welcome
to the Top of the World.

Who are you guys
supposed to be?

We're the bad guys.

Hey! It's the Back Street Boys!

It's the Rat Pack.

- Who's that?
- That's Joey Bishop.

You don't even look
anything like Joey Bishop.

Well, you don't look
like Marilyn Monroe.

- What the fuck?
- I'm not. I'm Jayne Mansfield.


Hey, did you see
that fucking sign?

Nobody's supposed
to be on the roof.

Where's Pike?

Don't even think about it.

Fuck it, man.
Don't even get dental.

We've been hit. Seal all exits.

- Copy.
- Wait for backup. I'm on my way.

- Just do it.
- Don't...

♪ God is the main line ♪

♪ Tell him what you want ♪

♪ Jesus is on the main line ♪

♪ Tell him what you want ♪

♪ Jesus is on the main line ♪

♪ Tell him what you want ♪

♪ You got to call him up
and tell him what you want ♪

♪ Call him up and
tell him what you want ♪ ♪


Shall we pray?

Thank you, our Heavenly Father,
for we have sinned.

And though the wages of sin
be death,

salvation is at hand.

Though the flesh be evil,

the soul can be redeemed.

Cleansed by the blood of Our
Lord Jesus Christ and Savior.

Let us not be punished for
our past sins, oh Lord,

but judged for what lies
within our hearts.

Let us not be destroyed
by the fire and brimstone.

If but 20 righteous are found,

I pray thee Lord, spare us
for the sake of the 20.

Yea, if but 10 among us
are found to be righteous,

I beg thee, Lord,

do not destroy us for the 10.

For redemption is at hand.

In the name of the Father...

the Son...

and the Holy Ghost.


Yo, yo, Cole. You see
that shit in there?

That was some grassy knoll
shit, motherfucker.

Did you see his head?
Bam, dude! Ha-ha! Do that...

Chapel transport, check in.

Hey Charlie, how's the sermon
today? You repent your sins?

- Hi sweetheart, how are you?
- Okay. I'm good.

Listen, a little concerned
about the bingo game.

- Yeah.
- What is Bishop doing that for?

I'm not... I'm not sure.
I haven't talked to him.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Ladies. Babe.
- I told you, 7:30.

I know. I...

What? Had to break up an
illegal stickball game?

Oh, and they wanted me
to tell you...

that if you're planning to
shut down Tuesday bingo night,

they're going down
in a blaze of glory.

That bingo night
is an illegal game.

Don't you think this town
needs a little break?

Illegal gambling, prostitution, that's
the kind of town you wanna live in?

The town I wanna live in
isn't even in this state.

And where's London?
She didn't come with you?

So I talked to Billy
over at the Gold Strike.

I'd just be
bar-backing at first.

But he said they're
always looking for dealers.

Yeah, maybe Billy can get me
a job cleaning toilets.

They're always needing maids.

Well, I was thinking
I'd work double shifts while...

you go to nursing school.

I just wanna get
out of this town.

What, you think
I wanna stay here?

Football was gonna
be my way out.

Now even the army
won't take me.



♪ Thinkin' all night ♪

♪ Workin' all day ♪

♪ This is my life ♪

♪ So have it your way ♪

♪ Thinkin' all night ♪

♪ Workin' all day ♪

♪ This is my life ♪

♪ So have it your way ♪

Ms. Talbot has
another yeast infection.

The woman's like
a brewery down there.

- Any other appointments?
- No.

Give me a second to set up.

You got an emergency, Doc?

Yes. I'm replacing a liver.


You know, there's a
well-thought out process here.

You make an appointment, you take
your turn with everybody else.

- Headaches getting worse?
- I think I need something stronger.

Oh, if you want something stronger, go
see Big T in the Denny's parking lot.

Take a seat.

Really? Is that necessary?

Well how about you pretend to be a
patient and I'll pretend to be a doctor?

Look at the bunny.

- Any more hallucinations?
- No. Nothing that makes sense.


- Find a soul in there yet?
- Not yet.


Heard him sneak
in the back, like always.

Thank you, nurse.

Your film came back
from the lab last week.

Last week?


It confirms my earlier
diagnosis. You're fucked.

See this area here? This
part of the brain right here?


I don't know what it controls, but
I'm pretty sure it's important.

You know, a car accident, a blow
to the head, a sneeze, even,

all it takes is for one of these
bullet fragments to move...

even half a millimeter... and
you may forget how to piss.

Hasn't moved in 10 years.

Neither have my bowels,
but one day, God willing.

He's a chester, named Mouth,
fresh out of the joint.

Likes little girls.

Used to brag about the Vegas
job, like he was there.

And more than that, he
said the guy that got away

took one in the head.

Cole's chasin'
a fuckin' dead man.

It's gotta be a 110 degrees out here.
It's not even noon.

Yeah, but it's a dry heat.

Oh, shit! For... God damn it!

I'm gonna fuck you up, man.

Hey Mouth.

Not worth it.

- Goin' out for donuts!
- And this just in.

Authorities report a prison break at
Nevada State has left seven guards dead...

believed to be work of the
gang known as the Rat Pack...

who robbed a Vegas casino...

Who the fuck shut off
my fuckin' radio, goddamn it!

- Where's Jim?
- Went for donuts.

Is there something
I can help you with?

What do you know about the casino
robbery, about 10 years ago?

Just what I read in the papers.

Why you asking me?

I got 10 million reasons.

Well, I don't know
shit about it.

That's not what I hear.

What I hear is, you can't
keep your fuckin' mouth shut

about shit
you know nothing about.

It's just bullshit, man,
to pass the time at the joint.

That's all, man.
That's all I know.

Nothing else. That's it.

Fuck, man.


All right. All right.

Couple years ago, okay,
I was working at the Palomino.

There was a stripper named
Jada, Jade or Jasmine...

It was Jasmine,
yeah, Jasmine. Okay.

She saw the one that got away.

Ten years ago,
her ex, a doctor,

the doctor said
he got hit by a truck,

but she said she never seen a
truck use a 9 millimeter before.

Hey, that'll come in handy if you
ever run into a circus clown.

Yeah, look at Stillman.
It's like he's waiting

on a train that's
already left the station.

I'm thinking you're out
where the trains don't run.


We're all fucking crazy
to be out in this desert.

He couldn't remember nothin'!
His name, how he got there.

Yeah. Yeah, he was lucky
he even survived, you know?

He lived?

Yeah. She hung out for
a couple more years,

hoping her ex-loser husband could
get his hands on some of that cash.

But he never did.
It never showed up.

And in Baker, $10 million
is not gonna go unnoticed.

- Baker?
- Yeah, Baker.

A shithole, 90 miles
outside of Vegas.

Is he still there?

Come on.

Is the man with
no name still there?

I don't know.
I really don't know.

But the doctor, you can find
him at the Dry Mouth Saloon.

- Where the fuck are we goin'?
- Baker.

Oh, God.

Hey Doc.

- Got this thing in my shoulder.
- Yeah, I'm all booked up.

Oh, all right, wait inside.

Thanks, Doc.

Hey Sheriff, next time,
use the front door.

It's not an abortion clinic.

Bet your father sometimes
wishes it was, huh?

I seen it. He had an arrow
sticking right out of his back.

You shut up, you crazy old man.

- Hey, Ronny.
- Hey, how ya doin'?

Good day.

We got
an Indian problem, Ronny.


Ronny, you thinking about...

thinking about getting
that Lucky Sevens license back?

Election's not for
another month, Madsen.

Come on, man, Bishop's
through in this town.

You know that.
Everybody knows that.

- Who the fuck elected that guy?
- Sheriff?

You did, Madsen. And you.
And you. And you, Henry.

We just thought he'd get rid
of Cody and his bunch...

not shut down
legitimate businesses.

I didn't vote for no one.

Yeah, I didn't vote for nobody either.
You shut up.

That brother ain't
even from here, man.

Watch it, Madsen.

The usual, Ronny?

Yeah. Usual.

And make it to go.

One hot.

- One iced.
- Thank you.

You just think about
what I said, Ronny.

Baker's dried up
since he got here.

Wait, they said those
were going up next week.

They're all over town, Ronny.

You got something
to confess, Sheriff?

It's Sunday. We're closed.

How did you know it was me?

I was married
to a Latin woman myself, once.

Drive a man to confess
to shit he didn't even do.

We started an hour early today
with this damn heat.

Carmen must've forgotten
to mention it.

I maybe forgot to listen.

So Joshua.

You've been here, what,
eight, nine years?

Eight years, four months,
seven days and three hours.

But who's counting, right?

So you remember
what Baker was like.


Did you know I was on TV?


Reverend Stone's Traveling
Salvation Show.

I had over a million followers.

Million and one.

One too many, it turns out.

Before Baker, I was reduced to turning
one-night stands into lifetimes of misery.

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.
We had a drive-thru.

Nobody's in this town
by accident, Sheriff.

You closed down casinos, bars, hell, you
even tried to close down the Dry Mouth.

How you expect these
people to make a living?

Baker's like a delicate ecosystem.
We don't have to like it,

but we're all in it together.


When you drive out the wolves,
the rats take over.

Word gets out about rats,
attracts more wolves.

Throws everything out of balance.
Unless, of course, there's one wolf

that's big and bad enough to keep
all the other wolves at bay.

Really think they'd
be this far south?

No, we just drew
the short straw.

We don't expect 'em
this far off the highway.

Mm-hmm. Well, have a good day.

What d'ya think?

I don't like it.

Step out of the vehicle.

Officer down. Officer down.
I repeat, officer down.

Pine Creek Road.
We need an ambulance.

Suspects headed north in
a 2009 silver Dodge Charger.

I repeat, northbound on 95.

Bill, is that you?

Hang on Bill, we got
units on the way.

Pike. Pike!

Come on. Come on. Stay with me.
That's it, come on.

Come on. I got you.
His name's not Bishop.

What the...
Do you know about this?

Everyone else her age is either dating a
cheerleader or on his way to Afghanistan.

He's a good kid.

And you know how many calls
I get about this "good kid".

She's almost eighteen, Gabriel.

Waiting up, Sheriff?

Your mother was worried sick.

You know, seeing
as it's after midnight.

- Is it?
- What could you possibly be doing?

In this town? There's
only one thing to do.

The Tastee Freez is shut.

I can't have you
talking to me like that.

You're not my father. You're just
the guy that's fucking my mom.

She didn't mean that.

Didn't she?

No. She's afraid, Gabriel.

She's afraid that
this is all there is.

That this desert is
the edge of the world.

There's two kinds
of people in this town.

The dead and the dying.

I wonder which are we.

Devil's on his way.

It's just something my father used
to say when it was this hot in June.

What were you, Sheriff?
I mean, before?

I've seen you walk into situations
most men would run from.

You don't even carry a gun.

I notice you come up here every morning
and every evening, sit on the bluff.

I can see the whole
of Baker from up here.

Yeah, the thing is, you're
never looking towards town.

You came in what, second in that quick
draw competition in Vegas last year?


First. Okay.

Rocks and bottles and paper targets,
they don't shoot back, huh?

You're wondering if you got
what it takes to do my job.

Well you don't. Nobody does.

But you see,
the job don't care.

So you just gotta do it anyway.

Man, I shouldn't
have to tell you.

You're a war hero, Ronny.

I'm not a hero.

I was just trying to punch my ticket
out of here like everyone else.

You know, it's funny.

You're the only person who doesn't
wanna get out of this town.

Think they hate you for that.

Thanks for the coffee.

- Here you go, sir.
- Yeah. Thank you.

Want the pie, Sheriff?
It's cobbler today.

Is it?


Cobbler would be
very nice, Halle.

Can't believe anybody's
gonna still vote for this guy.

There ya go, Sheriff.

Why don't you carry a gun?

A sheriff oughta carry a gun.

I'm afraid I might shoot
somebody, Henry. Gentlemen.

The Apaches say,

"Where there is lightning
with no thunder..."

"there is bad medicine,

because lightning
is of the past,"

"that the thunderbird
has already flown away."

"That is why
we did not hear it."


What do the Navajo say, Keith?

Pretty much the same thing.

This stone, I found it
out in the desert.

Was struck by lightning.
It is bad luck.

They say, "When a man
hides his past,

he has no future."

We go in at dark.

Bury the stone, you bury
your past and bad luck.

It's apple.

Will you two just get a room?

I have a room. In fact,
I have a whole house.

I just let you stay in it.

What's with the dress?

I'm meeting Stacey
to play pool.

I don't want you hanging
out at the Dry Mouth.

Where else are
we supposed to play pool?

Nowhere. That's the point.

Peaches, you on the clock?

You know Doc, they didn't
give the worm a choice.

Since your wife left, I swear,
you'd crawl right in here with it.

So, what're we talking about?


Oh come on, Johnny. You used to have to
buy me dinner and get me drunk first.

When did I ever
have to buy you dinner?

How 'bout it, Preacher? Are you
feeling moved by the spirit?

I believe I do.

Look at Peaches
and the Reverend.

He never goes with
any of the other girls.

Hannah calls it
insider trading.

How else do you think
she got this place?

Where were you?

Had to walk.

If your car wasn't so loud
you'da come and picked me up.

The guns stay in the car.

What the fuck, man.

So this is hell.

So these four guys
walk into a bar.

- Something wet.
- Wet we've got.


- So where you boys headed?
- Maybe we're here.

Honey, Baker is smack in the middle
of Las Vegas' large intestine.

just passing through.

What the fuck you lookin' at?

Nothin'. I was just wondering what
you guys do for fun around here.

Johnny, let's play pool.

Johnny, come on.

Yeah, you go play pool, Johnny.

You're not even here for five minutes,
you almost get your ass kicked.

That hillbilly?
What's he gonna do?

I wasn't talkin' about him.

My daddy said, "The only thing sadder
than a half-empty glass of whiskey..."

"Is when both
halves are empty."



Doc, maybe
you should run an I.V.

so I don't have to run down here
every two and a half minutes.

Another 40 CC's, stat.

Mind if I join you?

I'm more of a straight-up
drunk than a social drinker.

Wow. It'll be like
a triple-shot tonight.

Oh, you're gettin' a bonus.
Oh, yes you are.

Cody. Mezcal.

Send over eight depth charges.

God damn. How did these
people lose the west?

Cody didn't lose it.

I hear there's one
for every man he's killed.


Or one for every woman.

If there's any trouble, Sheriff
Bishop can handle that bunch.



What kind of western town
would we be without a sheriff?


Oh come on, that's horseshit.
Look at this fuckin' place.

- What's horseshit?
- Hannah said the sheriff's name is Bishop.

Pike wouldn't be that stupid.

Pike wouldn't be.
What about the good doctor?

He says the guy wakes up one
day, doesn't remember anything,

and then later
he just disappears.

Amnesia? Bullshit.

Pike's not gonna forget
ten million dollars.

Little conspicuous,
don't ya think?


I wanna get a good look
at this sheriff.

I'm getting too old
for this shit.

I'll take care of it.

- Hey, Tonto.
- Careful.

Oh well, how tough can he be? He needs
Geronimo and Pocahontas to protect him?

I think they're protecting you.


Yeah, this is the sheriff.

Okay, I'm on my way. And listen, Hannah,
you leave the shotgun under the...

I'm sorry.



- What the fuck?
- Pussy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's a bit
too much, don't ya think?

A man should be able
to hold his whiskey.

Harriet, tell Ronny to
get over to the Dry Mouth.

Will do, Sheriff. Now, please.

God damn Ronny, Sheriff needs
you over at the Dry Mouth.

Sounds like
they're tearing it up.

- Turn on your radio.
- Ronny!

Mezcal, man, I did
not mean that... Oh!


I don't ever wanna see
you in my town again.

You understand?



Not you.


Get him outta here.

Alright, yeah. Come on.
Come on. Let's go.

In the end we will remember
not the words of our enemies,

but the silence of our friends.

I'm sorry, Sheriff. I mean, I
didn't even hear the call.

We figured it out.

It's an anal thermometer.

Then why is he still here?

If you had that money,
would you be?

- What you gonna do, burn the whole town?
- Why not?

All you gotta do is blow on it and this
fuckin' town'll go off like a Roman candle.

Come on, guys.

It's the four of us
against the whole town.

What the fuck happened
to you, Stillman?

What, you get a little whiff of pussy
and you're ready for retirement?

It's a bunch of
fucking hillbillies.


Control your brother before
I do something he will regret.

You put your jacket back on,

or you leave your
fuckin' guns in the car.

After all these years, I never
thought we'd find him out here.

You know, prison
is a funny thing.

On the inside,
it's like an eternity.

Then they give you
back an old suit...

30 bucks, a bus ticket,

to go back to life.

And it feels like it was
just yesterday, but...

it wasn't yesterday.

Fuckin' ten years ago.
We lost ten years.

I envy him
if he doesn't remember.

I'm gonna need you to take out those
cell towers and the phone lines.

I want that sheriff and his deputy
out of town for a few hours.

How the fuck are
we supposed to do that?

Get creative.

Hey, Stillman. Cole's
only my half brother.


Cole is only my half brother.

That means he can control me
only half the time.

Any casualties?

Peaches broke a nail.

I will take a brawl over a
cowboy convention any day.

You know, I'm thinking about
sprucing up the place anyway.

Really? The Dry Mouth hasn't
been spruced up since 1912.

Okay. I get it now.


I like your hair.

You look pretty good
yourself, cowboy.

Is that for a, uh,
special occasion?

I'll let you know
tomorrow morning.

Do you believe
in second chances?

Yeah. And third, and fourths.

Even a glass that's
half empty's half full.

And it might just be
the best half.

Good mornin'.

This is Hank Greely
with the Valley Sales Yard.

The market was three
to four dollars lower...

Should I wait?

Nah. I got a ride.

Just take care
of the other tower.

And you know, people always say it's
not the heat, it's the humidity.

Well let me tell ya something.
It is the heat.

It's not stopping.

No thanks.

Mighty fine coffee.

I know how good
the coffee is. It's my town.

Is it?

So, you boys are just
uh, takin' in the sights?

Enjoying our weather?

We did take in the thermometer
this morning. It is big.

Tell me something, Sheriff.

Why would you wanna be
reminded on such a grand scale

of just how fuckin' hot
it is here?

It's just there to sell gas.

See this?

Apparently there's only two
like this one in the world.

Fella I won it off
told me that made it lucky.

Wasn't lucky for him.

What do you think it is makes one
man lucky and another man...

not so much?

I think about it.

Think about it a lot.

But then I've had
a lot of time to think.

Well, I think...

a man does the best he can with
the cards he's been dealt.


what do you think, Sheriff?

Heads or tails?

I think it's a coin
spinning on a table.

And I think a man's gonna
do what he's gonna do.

Sheriff, I just got a call
from Old Man Johnson.

Somebody shot one of his cows.

Says he wants you to
handle it personally.

Sheriff, should
I meet you out there?



I can't help but notice you
don't wear a gun, Sheriff.

Grand Canyon. I hear
it's nice this time of year.

Nice talkin' to ya, Sheriff.

A fan in this heat, it's a bit like
a joker on a jack. Don't ya think?

Like tears in a river.

You haven't changed.

You have.

London, get in the car.

But it's hot in the car.

Just get in the car.

She's beautiful. And tough.
Like her mother.

You think,
after all these years,

you can show up here and
I'll fall back into your arms?

Not this time.

Who's that guy, Mom?

He's nobody.

Your keys are on the table.

I don't know why in the hell you're
trying to raise cows out here, Henry.

Hell, this one probably
just committed suicide.

I wanna know what you and Barney Fife
are gonna do about this, Sheriff.

- A cowboy boot?
- Yeah.

Cowboy boot? So?

Well, none of the kids wear
cowboy boots these days, Henry.

Somebody's out there shooting
cows and God knows what else.

I heard shots
out in the flats, too.

What in the hell would somebody
be shooting at out there?

Henry, you usually get good
cell reception out here?

- How the hell would I know?
- Sheriff,

We have a 1033 in Doc's office.

- Ronny?
- Probably just another false alarm.

I want you to head into town and
find out where our guests are.

And if you run into any trouble, you
call for backup. You understand me?

Get that goddamn light
out of my face!

Goddamn it, Doc. You're
lucky I don't carry a gun.

What, are you trying
to burn the place down?

Uh, the smoke
set off the alarm.

I should've destroyed
that years ago.

I meant to.

I tried hypnosis, meds,
associative suggestion.

Hell, I even thought about
calling in a, a shaman.

You know, $10 million,
it's a lot of money.

Pike. Pike!

Go, go, go! Come on!

Stay with me, Pike.
That's it. Come on.


Go, now, Cole! Leave him.

Hands on the hood!

I oughta shoot you for
impersonating Frank, asshole.

Ah, it was Friday night.

I was drunk.

Fuck you.

Help. Help me.

I mean, what were the odds?

You stumbled out of the dark in front
of the only man for a hundred miles

who could do anything for you.


"No hospital" you kept saying.
"No hospital. No hospital."

Help me please, in here!

- What's going on?
- Cut away his clothes.

It's all right.

Who is he?


Even when you said it,
it sounded like a question.

Carmen picked Gabriel,
you know, like the angel?

Carmen knows?

There's no medical reason
for your memory loss.

You just didn't
want to remember.

I guess what you found here was worth
more to you than ten million dollars.

I still don't remember
where the money is.

Well then, you
probably never will.

I promised I'd take her away from here.
Away from this town.

The money would've
given us a second chance.


Doc, here, up, come on.

I'm afraid your friend
Boyd knows his way around

the human anatomy
almost as well as I do.


The bullet severed my
superior mesenteric artery.

I don't know what that means
but I know it's pretty bad.

Come on. Come on. It's not bad.

Oh, you're the doctor now?
You're just slowing it down.

I'd really rather
get it over with.

I didn't tell him anything.

It doesn't matter.

I didn't tell him anything.

Doc! It doesn't matter.

Doc? Doc, no!

I told you, I'll always
come back for you.

Where is Stillman?

He's on a date.

Really? With the light?


Where the fuck are you goin'?

Well, everybody else
seems to have a girlfriend.

I think I'm gonna go find one.

And um...

you have a little...

A little what?

A little thing.

Fuck, man. I thought I was
supposed to be the crazy one.

When I left, I had no choice.


No. It's your DNA.

It was always one more job, one more score.
Nothing is ever enough with you!

Shit. Come on.
Where're the dang keys?

There are only two like
this one in the whole world.

Keep it for good luck.

Goddamn it.

Come on, London. Let's go.

It's getting late.

So you're a fortuneteller.

I was palm reader back in Vegas,
before I became a tainted woman.

You're holding it too tight.

She's holding it just fine.

It ain't a dick.

Come on, Stacey. You can break.

So this is who you are?
This is you?

Matching coffee mugs and salt and
pepper shakers, this is you?

That's what I always was.

When you found me I was lost.

I'm not lost anymore.

He doesn't know
where the money is.

So you know about the money.

So you know about him.

Does he know about you?

He came here without a past.
So I didn't tell him mine.

Well isn't that convenient?

I came to Baker
to raise my daughter.

To keep her away
from people like you.

I could've killed you.

Johnny! Johnny.

Bishop, what're you do...

Where is she? Where is she!

We got in a fight.
She's at the Dry Mouth.

What's wrong?

Where is she?

Stacey! What room? What room?

In 103.

I'll find her. I promise you.

What is wrong with you people?

They'll kill you.

They cannot do anything to me.

I've done it to myself
a long time ago.

Save me the best half.

Doc! Doc!

What's a girl like you
doing in a town like this?

What kind of girl is that?

Well, you're obviously
not from here.

You ever been
to Bloomingdale, Kansas?

No. Can't say that I have.

Well, I have.

How far does that go up?


God damn it.

Ronny, I need you
to stay where you are.

See, I know these men, and
they are... they're bad men.


Oh, come on, just...


Oh, shit.

It's okay, Ronny.

He was just playin'.

Ronny, stop. He'll kill you.

Ronny, here, here, take it.

Halle, come on!

- Stop it! No! No!
- Come on. Halle, please.

No! No...

Hey, Ronny.

Hey. Ronny. Ronny.

Son? Look, I'm here.

Come on, Ronny. Look at me.

He was headed up
toward the church.

Never thought of you
as a religious man, Pike.

Get up, Boyd.

You remembered my name.

Welcome back.

You sure you're up for this?
It's been a long time.

He killed Ronny and Doc.

And they had nothing
to do with this.


Stay out of it, Cole.

The doc was a drunken fool.

And the deputy?
Oh hell, I did you a favor.

He was after your job.

I gotta ask you, Pike.

How do you stand
this fuckin' heat?

Um, Cole.

You're running out of friends.

As long as you got
enemies, I got friends.


London. Baby. London.


You here for sloppy seconds?

You piece of shit!

Fuckin' hillbilly.

Blow to the head. All it takes
is one of these bullet fragments

to move even half a millimeter
and you may forget how to piss.

Stop it! London?
London honey, come here.

Asshole. I'm gonna
fucking kill you!

How 'bout a threesome?

So you rape
little girls now, huh?

Honey, come...

Didn't see that one
coming, did you old man?

Do you know what we do to
people in the joint like you?

As a matter of fact...

I do.

Help me.

Who's ringing that bell?

What're you doin' to this man?

- Gracious me.
- Jesus Christ.

Come on! Come on!
Walk, or I drag ya.

- Not you, little girl.
- Gabriel?

Gabriel. Honey.

- Oh, you knew.
- Gabriel.

You knew. All these years
and you knew who I was.

Yes. You're Gabriel Bishop.

Am I?


What's he doing here, Cole?

You're late, little brother.

Always good to have a Plan B.
Isn't that right, Pike?

- Pike?
- Who?

- Hey. What's this all about?
- Bishop killed Boyd.

- What?
- I never seen anything like it.


You're a fuckin' dead man.

Where's Stillman?

Where's Stillman?

Who are these men, Bishop?

His name's not Bishop.

It's Pike.

He used to be like my brother.

Until he betrayed me.

Just like he's
betrayed all of you.

Seems he's not the man
you thought he is.

Maybe never was.

Now, somewhere in your shitty
little town, your sheriff, here,

has hidden $10 million.

I'm gonna need you
to find that for us.

Jesus Fuckin' Christ man,
and we elected you sheriff?

Take 'em to the diner.

Come on, Cole. This is
between you and me.

Anyone leaves town,
anyone goes for help...

I see one unfamiliar face,

first I burn the diner,
then I burn down your town.

You have until sunrise.

Whose town is it now?

Hey. Where's
that money, Bishop?

Whatever the fuck your name is.

You really think I would
risk my family if I knew?

I have no idea what a man
like you would do. Fuck this.

Wait, it's in...
it's in the church!

We was just pouring the foundation
just when Bishop got here.

- That's right.
- Yeah, he's right.

- I helped pour that foundation.
- Wait. Wait. Wait.

- We can't be sure.
- Where else could it be?

- Burn it.
- Yeah! Burn it!

Oh yeah, the cement foundation
will protect the cash.

You can't seriously be thinking
about burning down God's house.

Oh, you know God's never even
been in Baker, Reverend.

Hell, he just passes by on the way
to Vegas like everybody else.

You're supposed to protect us,
Sheriff. What're you gonna do?

I don't know.

I'm just a guy, a guy who's
trying to do the right thing.

But it's a hell of a lot easier
to do the wrong thing.

I'm getting the fuck outta this town!
Y'all be smart to do the same.

- You heard what they said.
- Yeah?

They'll kill 'em.

Nobody's going
anywhere, Madsen.

Johnny? Johnny, calm down.

Give me the gun, kid.

Why didn't you leave?

Because he wouldn't leave.

You ever wonder why?

I love you.

In my way, I love you.
I always have.

This is not just
about you and me.

Do you think these men are gonna
leave without that money?

Do it for the girl.

It's not too late.

Come with me.

I'll let him live.

Tell him to bring
that money before dawn.

Stupid kid.

What you doing here?

So, he just sent you to me.

To do what? Help me remember?

They've got my baby, Gabriel.

I thought if you knew where
the money was, you'd leave.

So that's it, then?

So what'ya gonna do,
kill us all?

No. But I promise you,
I will kill you.


Don't fucking touch her!

I spent three days in this
fucking town. In this heat.

Well, at least it wasn't
a total waste of time.

Kane, let her go.

Let her go.


- Let her go!
- Fuck that!

Fuck you!

But, I'm-I'm your brother.


Just the two of us, now.

It always was.

You think you deserve
a second chance?


All of this was for what?

Money could be anywhere.
Could be buried in the desert.

Could've just blown away.

Always was long odds.

Thought about you.

Breakin' rocks up at Nevada
State, I thought about you a lot.

New Zealand, I thought.

South of France,
lyin' on a beach.

But here? With her.

So this is about Carmen.

You know we don't
have to do this anymore.

I think we do.


This is gonna
bring people here.

They'll find out who I am.

I gotta go.

Go. Then, go. Go.

Stay here.

It's okay.

That ol' silver mine.

Out at my place,

been threatening to cave
in for years and years.

I think it's time
I sealed it up for good.

It's okay, it's okay.

This is Baker.

Whatever happens here, ain't
nobody else's business.

What're you gonna do now,
Joshua? Head back to Vegas?

No. This is where I belong.

Pontius Pilate washed his hands clean.
I don't think this comes off.

The Lord said, "If but ten
among you be righteous,

I will not destroy
the town for their sake."

You think God found ten
righteous people here in Baker?

I think sometimes
He takes what he can get.

♪ Just like being
on the water ♪

♪ Reaching out to the shore ♪

♪ Walking hand in hand
with my baby ♪

♪ The world spinnin' round ♪

♪ Oh, so many miles
and days spent there ♪

♪ That walk by the harbor ♪

♪ Oh, someday we'll get back ♪

♪ To the water ♪

♪ Where we first
took that walk alone ♪

♪ Someday we'll get back ♪

♪ To the water to make
ourselves a home ♪

♪ I wanna talk with you, baby ♪

♪ To the good times
and the bad times ♪

♪ If I could slow down ♪

♪ These hands that wind ♪

♪ Just like that summer night ♪

♪ When I asked you
to take a walk ♪

♪ It might last forever ♪

♪ Oh, someday we'll get back ♪

♪ To the water ♪

♪ Where we first took
that walk alone ♪

♪ Someday we'll get back
to the water ♪

♪ And make ourselves a home ♪

♪ That was so long ago
by the harbor ♪

♪ Well, I asked you to take
a walk that might last forever ♪

♪ That day by the harbor ♪

♪ Hear me cry ♪

♪ Someday we'll get back
to the water ♪

♪ Where we first took
that walk alone ♪

♪ Someday we'll get back
to the water ♪

♪ And make ourselves a home ♪

♪ Oh, so long ago ♪

♪ That day by the harbor ♪

♪ Oh, someday we'll get back ♪

♪ To the water ♪

♪ Make ourselves a home ♪