Swell (2019) - full transcript

A young woman embarks on a road trip to find her younger Brother who she hasn't seen in 18 years at the request of her dying Grandfather.



Hi, I have a couple of parcels
for you.

Okay, thanks.

On the phone you specified
that you wanted small parcels

so I tried to wrap
each item individually.

Is that alright?


And, what do you want
me to do with this?

Should I just leave it by the
door or?


Slide it through the window.

It's on the way out.


Have a good one. Freak.

Way too cute.

How about this one?

That's just around the corner.

Literally thirty seconds
from here.

Yeah right.

It's just an urban legend
you dickhead.

What have you been smoking?

Do you have to be
so fucking loud?

For fuck's sake.

Come on Parker where are you?

You're the caretaker,
do your fucking job.

There you are.

So that's what you're
doing instead of working,

hooking up with girls.

You're not gonna do anything
to stop that fucking no...


Someone's moving in.


Welcome to nowhere.

Genius move.

Who are you?

I've never seen you before.



Rumors, rumors, and more rumors.

I knew it wasn't real.

Case solved.

Death is one thing we guarantee.

- Fuck you Alvarado.
- Piss off.

I'll get your for this, you
stupid fuck.

What is he doing?

Oh my God, he's sleepwalking.

Okay, nicely done guys.

Really convincing.

I mean why don't you shoot
the next Blair Witch sequel

while you're at it.

God this is fucking sick.

Seriously Parker.


You really hit on her.

How old is she, anyway?

There he is.


He's done with the
moving in already.

Where's that girl he was with?

He's a MatchHunter member.

No way, seriously?


Oh I can't see his username.



Members near you, online.

Got you.

20 year old Susan Lynch

has been reported missing

after she failed to return
home on Wednesday evening.

This is the 2nd disappearance
happening in the area

since the abduction of
18 year old Amy Bradley,

whose body was found in a
parking lot two months ago.

Ms. Lynch was last seen
at her working place

in a supermarket near
Old Street Station.

Metropolitan police have
launched an investigation

and are urging anyone who
possesses information about...

That's it, that's it.

Come on, come on,
come on, read it.

After a rather wet weekend,

particularly in the southeast.

We will be attempting

to dry slightly throughout
the week

and 30% cloudy skies
on Thursday and Friday.

Occasional cold winds will
continue to blow from the coast

in the coming days.

But they should
eventually ease down

towards the end of the week.

The weather will be dry
for the north,

while local temperatures are
expected to drop again slightly

towards the weekend.

Seven counties will
continue to experience

rather damp weather
throughout the week

but the pattern is expected
to break by Wednesday evening.

So far this season has
been rather unsettled,

particularly in the south,

but average weather
throughout the region

should start to stabilize
towards the end of next week.

This concludes our weather
report for this hour.

Do stay tuned and
we'll be back shortly

with the latest sports news.

I work with kids

with disabilities and
learning difficulties.

I work crazy hours but it's
really rewarding and I love it,

I just relocated to start
a new internship though,

so I'm still adjusting to my
new team and my new place.

We'll see how it goes.


No flatmates.

I've grown out of them, ha!

I'm all by my lonesome
without anyone to yell at me

when I get home
after a long day of work.

Solitary streaming binge,
here I come.

Tell me about it.

It can feel really
isolating in this city,

but I hope...

What is this?

Nominate the next suicide.

That's fucked up.

Hey Tony, you mind keeping
the music down?

Some of us are trying
to sleep up here.

What was that?

Excuse me?

I can't hear you.

I can't hear you.

Hey, hey guess what?

I'm calling the police.

I'm sorry now.

Oh what a shame.


I'll tell you what.

I'll tell you what guys.

Here we go.

Come on, do something
for the camera.

You know what?

Fuck you, you stupid crack head.

Just wait 'til one of you
idiots ODs

and then we'll see who's
laughing then you stupid junkie.

Screw this.

Real or not who gives a shit.

Someone please give that
little prick a hint.

God this is endless

who's posting these videos?

And what even am I supposed
to do on this website?

There's no links, no pages,
no nothing.

Am I seriously just supposed
to sit here and watch them?

Are you gonna let him
hit on you again?

Seriously Parker, photos?

She doesn't look like a model.


Too slow for internet.

Based both in London
and New York,

Gareth is currently shooting
some behind the scenes pictures

for Jude Law's
upcoming sci-fi film.


Hi Josh, sure, what's up?

Come on, come on, come on,
come on.

Nothing too exciting, I'm
still adjusting to my new job

while struggling with
some sleep issues.

I recently became aware
of an existence

of a noisy neighbor on my block.

Belongs to a nocturnal species
of animals much to my dismay.

Tell me if I'm writing too fast.

I usually do.

By the way, I checked your
profile again

and it seems
we live in the same area.

For all we know,
we could be neighbors.

Would you fancy meeting up?

I'd love to make a few new
friends in my new neighborhood.

Sure, that would be great.

Although I'm quite busy
with work at the moment.

Maybe we could try a call?

It would be nice
to hear your voice.

If you're up for it, here's my.

My number, brand new.



Yes, I'm in.

Holy shit.

Oh my god
they're really pissed off.

I guess that's how dealers
take care of business.

Serves him right.

This is real.

This is happening right now.

Oh my god all these
videos are real.

Did I do this?

Did I send those guys there?

Oh god I killed him.

No, no, no, no, no, no
don't go back.

Don't go back.


Josh run!

Get out of there now, run!





Josh can you hear me,
can you talk?

N1ghtOwl, is that you?

What the fuck's going on?

Josh listen to me, okay?

You have to find somewhere
to hide, right now.

Whatever you do, do not let
these guys see you, okay?

Where are you?

What the fuck?

How'd you know?

Wait, can you see me?

Look, I'll explain
everything later, okay?

You just have to find somewhere
to hide.

Please, please just tell me
where you are.

I'm outside in the bike shed.

I didn't want those guys to
follow me back to my flat.

They're coming down
the stairs right now.

Okay, you have to move
really quick.

Just exit the bicycle shed

and go down the eastern
staircase, turn left,

and you'll be able to
make it back to your flat

without anyone seeing you, okay?

How'd you know where I live?

Who are you?

Josh, you need to move, now.


Oh come on, come on, come on,
come on.

Yes, yes, yes.


He's in.

Miss Banning?

Miss Banning this is the police.

Open the door please.

Miss Eliza Banning.

Miss Banning
please open the door.

I know you're in there.

I'm here.

What's this about?

Miss Banning,
my name is Colin Holloway.

I'm a police officer.

A young man was found dead in
the apartment block opposite.

I've got a couple of
things I need to ask you.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Who was it?

A young man named Tony Alvarado.

Apparent suicide.

Mr. Parker found the
body about an hour ago.

A, a suicide?

Looks like it.

Drug overdose.

Several of his neighbors
said they heard loud noises

around the approximate time
of Mr. Alvarado's death.

So we're not ruling out
foul play.

Can you please open the
door so I can come in?

Um, I can't right now.

You've caught me at a bad time.

I'm, I'm more than happy
to answer your questions...

Miss, if speaking to me
face to face

is too societal for you,
why don't you

just give me your
telephone number.

This is important.

I need to be able to reach you.

Mr. Parker said that he
saw you in your window

earlier tonight and he
heard you shout.

I want to find out whether
you've seen or heard

anything out of the ordinary.

I'll call you later on today.

Please make yourself
available to speak then.

If you continue
to be uncooperative,

I'll be forced to come back.

Look, take my number.

If you need me, call me
at any time Miss Banning.

Anytime, I insist.

We'll speak soon.

N1ghtOwl, it's Josh.

N1ghtOwl, are you there?

Talk to me.

Yeah yeah, yeah I'm still here.

Sorry I just, I didn't
expect to hear from you.

Are you okay?

Listen, I'm on my way out,

but if you have a minute,
I really wanna talk.

It won't take long.


Wait, you mean right now?

Yeah now, I'm here so...

Actually I can't right now.

But if you wanted to we could.

I mean I'm here,
I'm on your doorstep.

I followed the ringtone.

Are you coming out or not?

I think you owe me an
explanation about last night.

Yeah I, I know I do, I just,

I can't seem to find my keys.

That's a good coincidence,
isn't it.

Look, listen, thank you
for your help last night,

but I'd appreciate it
if you had the decency

to tell me what's been going on.

And to stop stalking me as well.

Seriously that's fucking creepy,

So either tell me
what's been going

or delete my number off
your phone now, alright?

No wait!

I'm sorry.

Really, I am.

I didn't mean to
invade your privacy.

I just, well I saw you move in
and I was curious about you,

that's all.

So you just stumbled across
my MatchHunter's profile?

Yeah, I know I shouldn't have.

I just...

So are you okay?

I mean did you,

did you get back to your
flat safely last night?

Yeah, I think you know the
answer to that, but yeah,

I'm fine, thanks.

Thanks for the emergency
help line as well.

That was, that was quite useful.

My neighbor told me about
that loud guy downstairs.


Did you know he died last night?

Apparently the police are
saying it's a suicide.

Were you the one
who called them?


It must have been the caretaker.

But yeah, I did hear about it.

He overdosed apparently.

But why didn't the police
come and talk to you?

I thought you were the
one who called them.


I don't speak to police.

It usually just
makes matters worse.

So you didn't,
you didn't tell anyone

about what happened last night?

You know about those guys?


I wanted to know more first,
that's why I came to you.

But those masked guys,
just happened to be around

when Tony died, right?

I mean the police were
saying it's a suicide.

But I bet you
they were involved somehow.

But you saw them, you were
watching the whole time.

What did you see?

I didn't actually see much.

I just saw them
hanging around and,

you know they looked
suspicious, that's all.

Look, I have to go but,

we can talk about this
some other time.

I still wanna know
what happened.


I, I can contact you again?

Yeah, you can contact me again.

You gonna tell me your name

or do I have to keep
calling you N1ghtOwl?

It's, it's Eliza, Liz.

I'm, I'm Liz.

Alright Liz, I'm off.

But see you later.

Oh, the paint job on your
door's chipping away.

Wait, what paint job?

You need to get out more.

Washington, the street protests

are now growing bigger each day,

pressing the authorities
for an answer.

Wait, that's not.

That's not Tony's flat.

How the?

Oh wait that's her.

That girl, she was with.


There you are
you fucking snitch.

And how it is my phone
just happened

to turn up in your flat?


Celebrity photographer, my ass.

You're the one they
should be questioning.


I'll bet you anything
she's under age.

Did he?

Did he just spike her drink?

That bitch is trying to
get in my phone.

What the fuck?


I wish I was.

So you were just making excuses

when you said
you lost your keys.

So, how long's it been since
you last stepped outside?

A couple of months?

Half a year, tops.

I'm not really good with people.

And there's no one you
could go to for help?

Does your family know
about your situation?

It's just my dad now,
but yeah, he knows.

We're not really
that close though.


Well I mean, you seem
to be managing alright,

no crazy bushy hair, no
super long fingernails.

No dad and still a
desire to reach out

and connect with others.

Even though
it's through a screen,

but well that's a start.

That can be built upon.

So Liz, what have you seen from
the top of your watch tower

in the dark hours of
your sleepless nights?

What do you know about me?

Oh, about you?

Well, you like books,
detective novels mostly

from what I've seen.

And sports.

Outdoor sports.

I've seen that rucksack
you carry around with you

with all the ropes
and stuff in it.

I think it's climbing gear.

Either that or you are
a professional hit man.

Oh yeah, just part time.

And I've seen you sleepwalk,


Sometimes that's when
I get a bit stressed

or when I'm going through
a transition period

where yeah,
it's a bit embarrassing.

But I hope I had
some clothes on.

You did and it's,
it's not embarrassing.

It sets you apart
from most people.

Makes you different and
a bit special.

Speaking of special, we should
talk about the other night.

You still owe me an explanation.


Hey Liz, are you just gonna
start ignoring me now?

Sorry, can you give me a second?

My laptop's acting weird.

What sort of excuse is that?

You got to talk about
this with me.

Is something wrong?

Those guys isn't it?

Are they back?

I have to hang up.

Okay, I will call you
back very soon, I promise.

You said you'd explain it.

Oh why can't I get rid
of this thing?

Screw this.

Is under way but still no trace

of the missing teenager,
Susan Lynch,

who disappeared
on Wednesday evening

near Old Street Station.

A metropolitan police spokesman

said the disappearance occurred
in similar circumstances

as the abduction of 18
year old Amy Bradley,

who was found dead
two months ago.

But specified no ransom
nor threat of any kind

has been issued so far.

These are the headlines
for this hour

and it's time now
for some entertainment.

The Indie British horror film,
Unger 59

has just won a streak of
awards at the 17th edition

of the London based horror
blood gore film festival.

Much to the delight

of its young and emerging
production team,

the film was received
with enthusiasm

by critics and viewers alike.

Ms. Banning,
this is Colin Holloway.

I tried to call you twice
already, you didn't pick up.

As it turns out, we do have a
file on you.

I saw your record.

I understand you're
unwillingness to pay us a visit.

But I warn you that your lack
of cooperation will end up

raising suspicions against you.

I recommend you get back to
me by the end of tomorrow.

If you don't, I'll be forced to
come back

and bring you in
for questioning.

I hope to hear from you
before then.

You know where to reach me.


No, no, no, no fucking way.

How are you still here?

Kill or be killed.

Nominate the next suicide.

What's that,
is that a fucking countdown?

Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on,

where are you, where are you?

A friend of mine
even saw him die.

Who the fuck are you?

Hi Perfect Void.

Remember me?

I need to ask you something.

Come on, come on,
come on, come on.

You got me in this mess,
now get me out of it.

I need to ask him about the
suicide club.

Can you give me
his contact please?

It's important.

So there you are.

I wish we could have a
proper chat, face to face.

Somehow I don't think that's
gonna happen though, is it.

Now that I've got
your attention though,

I'd like you to listen
to me very carefully.

I know that you've taken an
interest in my daily life,

but as flattering as
that may be,

I need to warn you that
I value my privacy.

I know my rights and
I also know the law.

Whatever you think you saw,
I'm not doing anything illegal.

But you are.

So if you ever tell anyone
about my private activities,

I'll have to go to the police.

Apparently they're still
investigating Alvarado's suicide.

Maybe I should send them the
evidence I found in his flat.

I don't know do you think it
might help?

Wait 'til one of you
idiots ODs and then we'll see

who's laughing then
you stupid junkie.

So what's it gonna be?

It's up to you.

Do you think I should
send it to them?


There's no need.


I'm glad we understand
each other.


Deadkidd, Deadkidd,
Deadkidd, Deadkidd,

where the fuck are you?

Only one way to find out.



Who the hell is this?

It's another
suicide club member.

Listen, I need your help,
it's really important.

It's about the club,
it's about the website.

I'm stuck on this page
and I can't...

New member, huh?

Oh you're in for a ride.

Down goes the endless
spiral, all the way down.

Wait, what do you mean?

Who were those guys?

They are, they
just, they just are.

The spiral will show you you
need to dive.

Trying to stop the flow is
like you can't undo death.

Once you're in,
there's no way out.

Wait, are you saying
it acts like a virus,

like a computer virus?

They know.

They know who you are and
they know where you are.

And they know you to core.

They even see beyond
what you are.

Look, there's a rumor spreading,

Some members are actually
invited to connect with them.

They're being recruited,
like being chosen.

You get me.

You're talking about
nominations, aren't you?

I think I've been chosen.

Wait, what happens if you
don't name someone in time?

It's kill or be killed.

Remember, what,

you joined because you
wanted to die, right?


Let's settle this
once and for all.

This is what you get for
trying to blackmail me

you fucking psycho.

- Josh?
- Shit.

Fuck, sorry.

I didn't see you there.

What the fuck are you
doing here?

You did hang up on me
in the conversation, so...

Did, did you just climb
in through my window?

Uh, yeah.

I'm a climber, remember?

And it wasn't even
locked properly.

Someone's a bit on edge, eh?

Do you remember when you
said you'd explain everything

when you got the chance?

Well this is it.

You've been watching him
for a while then?

Ever seen him deal?


I saw him, saw him use though.


Weed, pills, you name it.

But you never saw him deal.

You can't prove that he
was selling anything?


If he didn't OD by accident,

and if the police didn't find
any evidence

that anyone else was
involved in his death,

then where do you think
those masked guys come in?

I don't think they
fit in anywhere.

I mean this area does have
a lot of gangs.

Come on, are you serious?

It can't just be a coincidence.

Look at the timing.

I mean those guys

must've been involved
in this death somehow.


The police,
they didn't find anything.

No evidence, no fingerprints,

Have you, have you ever
heard of an online community

called the suicide club?

There's lots of rumors
going around about it.

Have you heard of it?

Yeah, it's an urban legend.

Of course I've heard of it.

What if it wasn't just a legend,

what if Tony was
connected to it,

what if those guys
were part of it?

No, it seems a
bit silly if you ask me.

I'm sure there's
a rational explanation

for this whole thing.

Listen to you.

You sound like
one of those naive coppers

that just wants to take
the easy option out

so they can get back to
their desk and their donuts.


I hate police just as
much as I hate thugs.

They can actually carry weapons

and beat the shit out of you,

You don't seem too keen on them.

And I thought you were a
fan of the detective novels.

I don't know, I just,

I find their neglect of
vulnerable people

staggering at times.

We had a kid at school, James,

he was going through all sorts
of shit.

And he started taking it
out on himself physically

and on others around him.

So the police got involved.

Said they'd take him
out of school

and away from home immediately.

Get a social worker to see
him, but they never did.

We kept calling them
and nothing.

They said they had
more pressing concerns.

They did fuck all.

Couple of days later
they found James.

There was a note with his body.

Time to join the suicide club.

You know what?

Next time I'm around here,

we should definitely give it a
clean up,

'cause this place looks like
it's been nuked and flooded,

at the same time.



So, do you wanna watch
a film or something?

Okay, yeah.

Shit, why the fuck
is it not working?

I checked, I checked it.

That's def.

Or that's not his name.

Where is that?

What are you doing?

Oh nothing.

I'm just checking my e-mails.


I overslept.

Oh don't worry about
the boxes and stuff.

Just leave 'em.

Yeah, what was I thinking?

See you later.

Oh shit.

Oh, I'm okay.

Could you do something
about the window next time?

I feel like a bit of a twat.

Okay, got it.

Come on.

There must be
a way out of this thing.

There must be something
else I can do here.

Oh come on.

Not another pop up.

Please, just leave me alone.

What the hell are you
playing at Parker?

Just who the fuck are you?

Come on Josh, just leave.

Go on leave him.


Oh let me guess,
you're now into wildlife

and investigative journalism?

You were just saving the fashion
portfolio for the blonde.


Oh no.

No, no way.

Miss Lynch went missing
on Wednesday the 17th.

She was last seen in the

near Old Street Station.

Metropolitan police
have confirmed

the case bears similarities

with the kidnapping of
Amy Bradley

whose body was found two
months ago in a parking lot.

Is she the one I saw?

Come on Josh, I don't like this.

Let's get you out of here.

Oh where are you?


Oh no.

Just fuck off!

Fuck off!

What's that?

Who are you?

No masks, no gloves.

This is sloppy.

They're too organized.

They'd never.

You're not members of the club.

You're just a regular user.



3rd choice.

The 3rd choice, that wasn't
there before.


No, no, no no no.

Not now, fuck.


Come on Josh, come on
Josh pick up, pick up,

pick up, pick up.

Let me guess,
you want me to come over

right now because
you miss me so much?

confirmed this statement

and just reported that
Susan Lynch's body

has been found buried

in the park in Hackney
earlier this afternoon.

The 20 year old has been
missing since Wednesday 17th

in what appears to be the
2nd kidnapping in the area

in the last two months.

The police confirmed the
case is now a murder inquiry,

but refuse to name any
suspect for the time being.

And just as the news of the
discovery reaches our studio,

we are informed that another
missing person inquiry

has been opened today,

after 19 year old Kelly
Reshnick failed to return

to her family three days ago.

Oh Josh, I didn't hear you
come in.

Well climbing in would be
more accurate.

But yeah, I came as quickly
as I could.

Just got busy at work.

There you go.

Thank you, you're a life saver.

I'll be with you in a sec.

I just have to send this e-mail.

Help yourself to some food

and I think there's some
coffee on the side too.

The boat
capsized in the North Sea

and at least 20
of its passengers

are still unaccounted for.

This crossing route
of the Mediterranean

is seen as
particularly dangerous.

So, you're ready?

Sorry, for what?

Room service Ms. Banning.

Long overdue.

I can't believe this is my flat.

I barely recognize the place.

Six months of solitude.

I can't imagine what
that must've been like.

Actually I lied.

It's been a bit more than that.

How much longer?

Three years?


Honestly I'm fine.

I'm used to it.

When I was 11, my mom died

and my dad didn't know how
to deal with it, or me,

so, he just flung himself into
his work

and sent me away
to boarding school.

Since then I've never
really had a home

or anyone to talk to.

He sends me money when he can.

I guess that's his way
of trying to help me.

So, you ever had
anyone you trusted to speak to?

Last time I did that,
it kinda backfired on me.

There was this
teacher at school.

He could see I was struggling

and he told me to channel my
grief into something positive.

He encouraged me to draw.

I was pretty good at it.

He was really nice to me.

We spent a lot of time together.

And then one day he...

He put his hands on me.

I don't even know how long it
went on for.

I've forgotten now.

And then I couldn't
take it anymore.

I just, I snapped.

And the police were
called and it got ugly.

From that moment, I didn't
think my life had meaning.

I just didn't want to exist.

I felt like I had no value.

Guess what?

You do.

You should never
have to doubt that.

And, no one should
be left alone.

So, here's what I think
you should do.

Take those locks off your door.

Go outside again.

Taste the real world.

There's good people out there.


So, have you made any new
friends in the neighborhood yet?

No, not really.

It's been a big hectic at work.

It was that guy downstairs,
Parker, the photographer.

Josh, stay away from him.


Look, I know this is gonna
sound weird,

but I've been watching him
for a while now

and there is something
really fishy about him.

He has this website presenting
himself as a photographer,

but that's bullshit, that's not
who he is.

I've been round to his,
he showed me some pictures.

Look, I even took a snapshot.

What do you mean, like this?

Yeah, exactly.

Josh, that's not his.

He stole it from a website.


Why would he do that?

Listen you've heard about
the missing girl right?

The one from around here.

They found her body today.


Do you mean,
the girl that got kidnapped,

that's been all over the...

You don't think Parker
had something to do with it,

do you?

I don't know.

But I've seen him
with a couple of girls

and they looked really young.

And I know
this sounds crazy okay?

But one of them was brunette

and she looked a lot
like the missing girl.

Are you serious?

I'm just telling you what I saw.

This man,
he lives a double life.

I'm sure of it.

And he hangs around
with really young girls.

Don't you think that's creepy?

Creepier than stalking people?

I don't know, alright,

it does sound a bit dodgy.

But this is all based on your
own perception of things.

From your tower,
out of your window.

So you're just saying
this is all in my head,

I'm just paranoid?

No, no I never said that.

I was just waiting
for you to say it.

Okay, so you're telling me

you didn't see anything
unusual at his place?



But maybe I could
do some detecting.

I could try and get some
proof next time I see him.

Ask to see some
negatives or something.

I'll be like your
undercover agent.

And you could watch from
here, see how he reacts.



Well why don't you
start your report

by telling me what the
two of you spoke about,

'cause I know he asked about me.

Yeah, he did.

He asked me
if you were my girlfriend.

Is anyone there?

Kill or be killed.

So that's what it all meant.

Either you name yourself or
you get someone else killed.

Members either die or
join the club.

That's how they pick them.

And if you don't name anyone
before the countdown is over,

they make the choice for you.

Is that what I have to
do to break the cycle?

Kill someone?

And what if it doesn't work?

How do I know
they'll let me off the hook?

I mean that's murder,
a real murder.

And for what?

Why would these guys
even pick me?

I'd never.


No way, I'm not killing
for you, you bastards.

Oh my god, move.


Look who decided to turn up.

You took your time.

Josh, Josh are you okay?

Are you hurt?

I'm okay.


Parker, he attacked me.

I woke up and
I wasn't in my room.

There was this fucking body.

Where is he?

Is he still there?

Come on, come
on, we have to go, quick.

Oh gee, did you, did
you do this?

Oh come on, come on,
come on, come on.


Liz, we have to call the police.

Liz, did you hear me?

This is serious.

Josh, look around you.

I've just killed someone.

If you call the police
I am fucked.

I need to leave.

What are you talking about?

He's a murderer.

Who knows what
would have happened

if you hadn't done it.

No, listen.

You know when you asked
me if the masked guys

were involved with the suicide
club, well you were right.

Okay it's real, the club's real.

This is all real.

They forced Tony
to commit suicide.

They killed him Josh,
I saw them.

What are you on about?

Just let me finish, okay?

They have this website
where they claim

they can help people
commit suicide.

But some of the videos
are actual murders, Josh,

they are killing people.

And now they're targeting
users and asking them

to name the next victim.

It's like some sick game.

You either die or
you join the club.

And they're buying
people's silence

by getting them involved.

The only way you can get out,

the only way you can
break the cycle

is to become
a murderer yourself.

Look, when I saw
Parker take you,

I just, I just had to go for it.

I was supposed to kill him
and record it on my phone,

but now Parker's dead
and my phone's fucked

and they are coming for me.

I need to leave right now.

I need to pack my shit and I
need to go.


Let me go with you.

You're panicking, you're
not thinking straight.

You haven't left your
flat for three years.

Have you got anyone out
there that can help you?

Do you even have any money?

Do you know where you're going?

Okay, okay, okay, but we
need to leave right now.

Fine, give me five minutes.

I'll get dressed and
I'll meet you outside.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I dragged
you into this.

Well let's find a way
to get out of it.

Eliza Banning.

Welcome back.

We've been anxious to meet you.

Wait, it's done.

I did it.

You did what?

I killed a guy.

Just now I, I went into his
apartment and I killed him.

That's what you wanted me to do,

I followed your instructions.

It's the 3rd choice okay?

It's done, I'm out, we're done.

Anything you'd like
to share with us then?

I tried to record it but my um,

but my screen got smashed okay?

I fought with him and I
dropped my phone, but look,

I have his blood
on my jumper okay?

It's right over here,
I can prove it to you.

I don't doubt you Liz,

but we have professional
standards to maintain.

And an entire community
to entertain, as you know.


And without any visual
proof of the deed on file,

I'm afraid we can't accept
your membership cancellation.


Club policy.

Why are you doing this?

Just who the fuck are you?

Liz Banning, meet Mr. White.

And this is Mr. Black.

I'm Hades.

And this, is my face.

Why did you come looking
for us Liz?

Why do you think people
turn to suicide forums?

Why is it that in today's
advanced, prosperous society,

people get tired
and long for death?

Have you ever wondered?

It's because we have the
luxury of growing old.

We age, but we don't live.

We take everything for granted.

We get bored.

You came to us because you
wanted to die.

We would've come for you.

We would've given you peace.

All you had to do
was name yourself.

But when the opportunity of
an easy death came to you,

you chose to end
another life instead.

Why is that?

It's because you felt it.

You felt the spark ignite

and that's what made you a
candidate Liz.

We offered you a choice.

Either sit back and watch
others take their life

until you feel ready
to check out yourself

or get involved.

And you made your choice
just as we knew you would.

We gave value to the very life
you were ready to throw away.

So that's the excuse
you tell yourself.

Why on Earth do you
think I would join

a sick bunch of fucks like you?

Now I'm glad you asked
because the very existence

of our community hinges on the
reliability of its members,

so we're very careful with
our selection process.

We knew everything there
is to know about you.

We knew we could count
on your discretion.

We knew you had real potential,
it just needed to ignite.

This renewed will to live is
what you owe us, Ms. Banning.

You still have a choice.

No sedation?

Alright then,
let's get cracking.

You know the game.

Let her go.

Let her fucking go.

You're new to all this,
aren't you?

He's not a member is he?

Liz really should've explained
the rules of the game to you.

I'm sorry, but we're
quite an exclusive club

and unfortunately, we
can't allow non members

to take part in our activities.

As handsome as they may be.

The police can't help you now.

Come on Liz, do it.

On the website you have an
administrator's account, right?

Tell me how to access it.

I'd much rather you kill me Liz.

Here they come.

Put in password.

Pull it up.

Are you okay?


Just about.

Hello suicide club members.

Are you watching?

Whoever you are,
wherever you are.

Thank you for playing.

This will be our final message

before this website indefinitely
ceases its activity.

So shut your pc
and remember how life was

before you came looking for us.

Find that last spark
of will and start anew.

Or don't.

Live or die, it's your choice.

No one can make it for you.

And if you find yourself
missing us, don't worry.

This is the only life you'll
ever get.

That's the one thing we

♪ I'll miss the stars
when they're not around ♪

♪ Too much light here
to take in ♪

♪ Burns my eyes
with phosphorus tides ♪

♪ Coming over in waves ♪

♪ And though the room
is atramentous ♪

♪ I still see those
diamonds eye ♪

♪ Blue and greys to embrace ♪

♪ I've seen what is real ♪

♪ I hold this life ♪

♪ In these dreams of mine ♪

♪ I hold this life ♪

♪ In these dreams of mine ♪

♪ I hold this life ♪

♪ In these dreams of mine ♪

♪ I hold this life ♪

♪ In these dreams of mine ♪

♪ I hold this life ♪

♪ In these dreams of mine ♪

♪ I hold this life ♪

♪ In these dreams of mine ♪

♪ I hold this life ♪

♪ In these dreams of mine ♪