Sweet on You (2023) - full transcript

Kate owner of the town's famous pie shoppe has always lived a sweet, simple life. She recently lost her mother and has been trying to pick up the pieces of her life, then she meets Drew who is in town to claim land that he inherited.

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With each ingredient

that I add into the mix,

I give it just
a little extra love.

What do you mean?

Well, this job comes
with a lot of responsibility.

- It does?
- Uh-hmm.

We're not just feeding
people's bellies...

We're feeding their souls.

What do you mean?

Well, okay, for example,

I'm gonna take this flour here
and I'm gonna say

"Flour, fill this pie

with joy and happiness

and share that gift
with all who enjoy it."

Now, do you remember
what kind of cherries

make the sweetest cherry pie?

Oh, I know. Bing cherries.

That's right.

And do you know
that no one knows

the secret ingredient
of Pearl's famous cherry pie?

Only you.

- Oh, you got that?
- Yup.

Just like I showed you.

Very nice.

Ooh. Look at that.

This is fun.

I love you, Mama.

I love you too, Katie Pie.

Kate, table five is complaining

about the air conditioner again.

Uh, sorry. I'll be right there.

Wish you were here.

Your sugar-free vanilla oat
milk cappuccino, sir.

Extra hot just how you like it.

A very busy office
of Ellis & Son,

but really just son,
in my humble opinion,

- is booming this morning.
- Any messages?

Yes. Cynthia
from the Nob Hill project

called with a counter.

Your trainer needs to reschedule
tonight's session.

- He's on a juice cleanse.
- Okay.

Marcy wants to make an offer
on the Marin complex.

The vet called.
Something about your dog

needing his acupuncture
herbs refilled.

- Right.
- Oh, and your father called.

My father?

He seemed pleasant.

Have you even spoken to him

since your grandfather's


Better load up on that then.

- This is Brad.
- Brad?

Thought you hated
being called Brad.

Drew! Long time no speak.

Yeah, Bradford was starting
to sound kind of,

uh, suffocating,
don't you think?

I'm definitely
more of a Brad now.


Great to hear your voice, son.

I would love for you
to come visit one day.

Oh, Dad, I would love to,
but I...

the whole office would just...

Just fall apart if you leave.

I understand.

Well, I won't keep you.
I just wanted

to let you know
that I had a meeting

with your grandpa's
attorneys yesterday.

Hmm. Okay.

We reviewed his will,
went over what

some of his final wishes were.

He left something for you.

He did?

All of the info should be
in your inbox.

I do know that this is a special

and sacred gift
from your grandpa.

He really wanted you,
as his only grandson,

to have this.

I really appreciate
you saying that, Dad.

That being said,

my thought is that

you will wanna sell this off

Cedar Creek.

Your grandpa's favorite place.

This is a million miles away.

Well, unfortunately,
this require your going there

to evaluate the land and meet
with his estate planner.

This is not something
that can be done remotely.

Dad, sadly, I don't
really have the time for this.

I'm finishing up a lot of really
big deals right now.

all the info is in your email.

You let me know
if you have any questions.

I'll be around
if you need anything.

I have some questions, Dad.

I got some... hello?



Drew, if you're reading this,

then that's
very bad news for me.

Ever since you were
a little boy... oh, shucks.

Even when you were
in your mama's belly,

you have had my whole heart.

You hung the moon
in all our eyes

and continue to make us
all proud to this day.

Except for that one time,
you stole your Dad's old Volvo

and tried to drive to Vegas.

That wasn't your finest moment.

There are
two things that I loved

deeply in my life,

my family and Cedar Creek.

Cedar Creek?

Take care of
them both for me when I'm gone.

And please remember
what I've always told you, Drew.

It is the sweet,
simple things of life

which are
the real ones after all.

Love you kid, Grandpa Frank.

I mean, a part of me wants to go

and honor
my grandfather's wishes.

And the other part?

And the other part of me

is just so tired of my dad

just trying to control me.

Once he left the business,

I finally felt free

to be myself.

Able to make my own decisions.

I stepped outside of his shadow.

I must say,
you have been a totally

different person
since he retired.

In a good way.

Sounds like your grandfather
must be very attached

to this place.

He said in his letter,

the two loves of his life

were his family

and Cedar Creek.

Do you want my opinion
that you aren't asking for?

No. Never.

It sounds like you need to make

this decision on your own.

Go out there

and see what Cedar Creek
is all about.


Excuse me.
Would you mind storing this

- in your coat closet?
- Oh, of course.

Thank you.

So are we heading home

or heading out today?

Heading out and straight back,

Fair enough.

Um, well, don't think

you're gonna be needing this
where you're going.

You might wanna
check the weather.

Oh, you gotta be kidding me.

Continue on the road ahead.

Uh, there is literally
only road ahead.

Prepare to make
a left turn in 0.2 miles.

I'm not Einstein, lady,
but there's factually

no left turn up ahead.


Well, hello to you, too.

What do you want, Marcus?

Just making sure
you arrived safely

before I head to Aspen.

Yeah, well, I'm somewhere
between Roosterville Boulevard

and Tumbleweed Lane and my GPS
is completely useless.

Sounds like you are
in glamorous Cedar Creek.

Lucky me.

Hi. Can I help you?

Hey, there.

How we doing today?

Oh, I'm okay.

- Thank you for asking.
- What can I get for you?

Oh, I would love an iced
sugar-free vanilla oat milk

uh, with extra ice please.

What's so funny?

You're not from around
here are you, honey?

Is it that obvious?

Well, how about
my famous sweet tea?

We can pretend it's sugar-free

and I will throw in
that extra ice for you.

- Sounds perfect.
- Great.



This is the best smelling candle

I've ever smelled in my life.

Why, thank you.

I hand pour
all our candles myself.

So impressive.

Actually, my apple-butter
and pumpkin candle

just won first place
at this year's harvest festival.

Here you go.

Thank you.

You know, I infuse them all

with real honeycrisp
essential oils.

It gives it
that authentic fall feeling.

Makes your house smell
like a freshly baked apple pie.

- Wow.
- Uh-hmm.

And you weren't kidding.
This is incredible.

It's no oat milk latte.

- Well. I'm Drew.
- Ricky Jensen.

It's nice to meet you, Drew.

Listen, anything you need
while you're here

in Cedar Creek,
you just let me know.

Well, thank you.
I really appreciate that.

- Sure.
- I'm actually here

for a short while though,

but I will be sure
to circle back

for some more of this tea
before I head home.

Oh, it's on me.

Consider it a welcome gift.

That is so kind of you.

One quick question actually,

could you direct me
to the main part of the town?

The main part?

Honey, you're standing in it.

Oh. Wow.

Super quaint.

I like it.

- Thank you for the tea.
- Uh-hmm. And... oh, oh!

- Oh.
- Careful.


- Oh, my gosh!
- Oh, my... oh, my goodness!

I am so sorry.

It's okay. It's all right.

Let me get you some napkins.

No, no. It's fine.

You know, ma'am, it is
very dangerous to walk and text.

I know you didn't
just call me ma'am.


Enjoy your tea, sir.

She seems nice.

♪ Move a little closer
closer ♪

♪ I just wanna hold ya hold ya ♪

♪ I wanna wrap you up
in my arms ♪

♪ So make some space
next to your heart ♪

♪ Down to take it slower
slower ♪

♪ I just wanna show ya... ♪

You gotta be kidding me.

♪ Move a little closer ♪

You get lost already?

thank goodness you answered.

At your service.

So this is
a little embarrassing,

uh, and if you ever tell anyone,

I will tell everyone
about the time

you needed your mom
to pick you up

from our camping trip because
you were too scared, okay?

Because of the bears, Drew!

You failed to mention the bears
until we got there.

Plus, that was so long ago.

It was last summer. You were 31.

Okay. Okay.

What do you need?

I seemed to have
run over a nail.

My dad taught me
everything I know

about commercial real estate

but he failed somehow
to teach me

your basic everyday skillset
kind of stuff.

Why don't you just call AAA?

'Cause I'm in the middle
of nowhere.

Copy you. I'm all over this.

First things first,
do you happen to have YouTube

on your phone?

YouTube? You kidding me?

The tutorials on there
are top notch.

I once learned
how to draw a fennec fox

using only my left hand
and food dye.

What is the point of that?

It's an exercise
in the human brain.

Okay. We're veering off
subject here.

Actually, Drew, if you remember,

I am not in fact left-handed.

Oh, my, Marcus!

- What?
- You have no clue

how to change a tire, do you?

I mean, I'm honored
that you thought I did.


Just do me a favor and call
the Wander Inn on Oaks Road

and let them know
that I will be checking in

later than expected.

That I can do.

How do you change a flat tire?

Make a sharp left up ahead.

What kind of hotel
closes at 9 o'clock?

I guess I needed my coat
after all.


Just perfect.



I remember you.

I'm sure you do.

I didn't really get the chance
to apologize for yesterday.

I hope that stain came out
and that your day

wasn't completely ruined.

Oh, it takes a lot
more than that to ruin my day.

- I'm Kate.
- I'm Drew.

Nice to meet you.

So you live around here?

No, no.
I'm in from Northern California.

I was supposed to stay
at this inn last night

but the completely
ill-advised owners

thought they could close
at 9:00 PM,

so I camped out in my car.

You know, super convenient.


You are the completely
ill-advised owner, aren't you?

In the flesh, yes.

Well, I did let
my assistant know

to let you know that I would be
arriving late, so...

And I told your assistant
that I would leave you a key

in that key box right there.


Well, come on.

Let's get you checked in.

This is a nice place
you got here.


Come on in.


In this folder, you will find
all the information

on the property and your key.

Perfect. Thank you.

I went ahead and put you
in one of our biggest rooms

as a little apology
for your check-in inconvenience.

I think you'll find it
really comfortable.

Well, that already sounds
like better accommodations

than my rental car.

Yeah. I'm sure.

There's already plenty
of fresh towels and snacks,

water, fresh linens.

But if there's anything
I forgot,

please feel free to let me know.

I'm just right across the way
in the little guest house there.

Enjoy your stay
at the Wander Inn.

Thank you so much.

Actually, there is one thing
you can help me with.

What's that?

Can you recommend
a place to eat around here?

I'm starving.

I think I know just the place.

This is a very
difficult decision.

Everything looks so delicious.

Oh, yeah, well,
you can't go wrong.

I will have the Deluxe
Farmhouse breakfast.

Egg-cellent choice.

Okay. He is cute, cute, cute.


Do not who me.

Table fifteen, young Brad Pitt,
dimples for days.

You are definitely pregnant,

Besides he's totally
out of the question,

as I have a very strict policy,

I never date anyone
who's staying at the inn.

Anyone who's staying at the inn.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know.

Come on.
Rules are made to be broken.

Just like live a little.

Besides, for all we know,
he has a wife...

or a girlfriend.

Honey, you need to stop
making excuses.

You can do this tough exterior
for anyone else

but I know deep down inside,

you wanna find someone.

I want you to find someone.

Besides, when Mr. Dimples here

gets a taste of this

strudel cinnamon spice,

a la mode, ooh,

he's only gonna have eyes
for one special baker.

You are seriously crazy.


That was one of the best meals
I've had in my whole life.

Oh, I'm so glad you liked it.

I'm not sure my pants
are gonna fit tomorrow

but, uh, I know it was worth it.

Yeah, I can relate.

Morning, Bree.

Hey, Mutt.

Morning, Katie.

Morning, Mutt.
What am I getting you today?

Well, that depends on

what do we have
for this month's specials?

Well, it's a work in progress.


It's a little
outside of my comfort zone.

- Oh, my word.
- And it's a salted caramel

dark chocolate pie.

I can't decide if she needs
a buttercream topping

or a vanilla bean whip,

or maybe I skip the whip

and I just top it
with a little fleur de sel.

It's a fancy word for salt.

Is that a chocolate
cookie crumb crust?

It sure is.

You know, the secret to this one
is I don't bake it.

I use a special layering process

where I very strategically
freeze each layer one by one.

I tell you what,
you order yourself

a nice big breakfast

and I'll cut you
an extra-large piece

- so you could try it.
- Yes, ma'am.

What did I tell you
about calling me ma'am?

Thank you for a delicious
breakfast, Kate.

I'm just happy you enjoyed it.

Do you mind charging it
to my room?

Of course. Have a great day.

Who was that?

Just somebody
staying at the inn.



Oh, nothing.

Oh, I was hoping that
you'd forget that.

Oh, I bet.

Make a right in 0.3 miles.

Nice to meet you, Drew.

Thank you for coming
all the way out here.

Yeah. Yeah. No problem.

Wow, you weren't kidding,
this place really is gorgeous.

That's why I wanted you
to see it for yourself.

You see this land really was

one of your grandfather's
most prized possessions.

You mentioned over the phone

your plan is to
sell the property.

Is that correct?

Yeah. No, most definitely.

I actually have a big client

who's ready to start
a new development of homes

and we are prepared
to open escrow immediately.

I wish it were that easy.

- What do you mean?
- You see, your grandfather

owns a rather large area
of land.


Approximately 1,500 acres.

Not all that land is dirt.

Okay. So what?

There's a couple of farms
or something?

A few extra pigs that
needs some shuffling around?


There are a few farms,

but we're also looking at some

rather popular
local establishments.


I don't know if the owners
are looking to sell.

It's certainly
worth a discussion.

The Wander Inn.

I'm sorry?

Nothing. Uh, nothing at all.

Um... thank you for the info.

I will be sure to let you know
how I'd like to proceed.

No problem at all.

- You take your time with this.
- Yeah.

This land has been
in your family for generations.

It's no overnight decision.

Here's my card.

You call me when you're ready.

Thank you.

You know,
Jake thinks it's gonna be a boy.

I don't know
what I'm gonna do with a boy.

Boys are dirty.

They like cars
and monster trucks.

What do I know about trucks?

I just always saw myself
as a girl mama.

My mom always said
as long as the baby's healthy,

that's really all that matters.

Yeah. Of course.

And that it's a girl.

Your mom always had
the best advice, Katie.

I really miss that.

Yeah. I do too.

This place hasn't been
the same without her, has it?

Nope. Really hasn't.

To be honest,
nothing really has.

Well, lucky for us,
there's a cute boy in town.

Oh, will you stop it with that?

You should invite him
to the barbecue tomorrow.

Absolutely not.

Why not?

Because he doesn't wanna come.

He's in the middle of nowhere
doing Lord knows what.

He is probably bored and lonely.


Needing a friend.

Maybe a close companion.

You are unwell.

- Hi.
- Hey, there.

Uh, sorry to bother you
but you got a package.

That's weird.

No one even knows
I'm staying here.


- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Uh, if you're not busy tonight,

we're having a barbeque
at Pearl's.

Just super causal, but...


- Really?
- Yeah. I'd love to come.


Thanks for the invite.

I'll see you tonight.



Waitress chic it is.

- Oh, gosh.
- Oh, excuse me.

Someone is looking
a little extra tonight.

Shh. Be quiet.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Aw. Good to see you.
It's been a while.

You got the smoker going?

I do.
It's all ready for you out back.

All right.

Hey, babe,
when you're done matchmaking,

can you give me a beer please?

Oh, sorry, sweetie.
I clocked out already.

You guys are cute.

Yeah, I figure I only
have a few more weeks

before I'm not his number one.

Might as well milk it
while I can.

Oh, yeah, right.

You know you got
one of the good ones.

- I sure did.
- Uh-hmm.

- Hi.
- Hi, Ricky.

Aw. Thanks for coming.

Thank you so much for having me.

I'll jump at any opportunity
to eat your cooking.

Aw, well,
what did you bring me here?

This is my latest creation.

- Uh-hmm.
- It is a rose-scented candle

with amber and vanilla musk
as the base notes.


Then I put
real rose petals on top

to give it that something extra.


Ricky Jensen,
I think this might be

one of your finest
creations yet.

I'm so glad you like it.

I learned a long time ago
never to bring anything edible.

That is very sweet of you.

But I hope
you brought your appetite

because we have so much food.

- Oh, my God.
- Your favorite wine, madam.

Mutt, that is sure sweet of you.
Thank you.

And I guess I'll take
madam over ma'am.

- Okay.
- Thank you, Mutt.

- Wow.
- Hey, there.

Looks like somebody
went shopping.

Something like that.

I am loving this festive look
in you, Drew.

Thank you.

Oh, I want you to meet
my husband, Jake.

- Drew.
- Jake.

- Nice to meet you.
- Well,

if it isn't
Mr. Oat Milk Latte himself.

Of course you two

- know each another.
- Oh, we sure do.

I've known Katie since she was
a little baker in pigtails.

Yeah, Ricky used to babysit me

when my mama had late nights
at the diner.

- We had a blast together.
- Uh-hmm.

The good old days.

Come on, Drew.

Let's get you something

to go with that outfit.

Come on.

I would love another
biscuit actually.

These ribs were out
of this world, Katie.

Absolutely delicious.

Well, I'm happy
you liked them, Mutt.

Yeah, as a matter of fact,

they're my Grandma Pearl's

Hmm, Grandma Pearl,

as in the Pearl?

Uh, yeah. The only and only.

She sure was something special.

So what is it that you do, Jake?

Oh, I work in law enforcement.

Let's just say you don't
wanna be on Jake's bad side.

No. Nope.

- Now, on the flip side...
- No.

He's a great guy
to have on speed dial.

Yeah, Jake is Cedar Creek's
very own sheriff.

Well, when you put it like that,
it sounds a little, uh...


Okay, kids.

It is three-legged race time.

- All right.
- Oh.

Okay. I call being the judge.

- No. No.
- No, City Slicker.

You're not
getting out of this one.

The winners of this race

will receive a gift certificate

for dinner for two

at Marcelo's Restaurant.

Jake, you better get me
that dinner.

Oh, it's in the bag.

On your marks,

get set,

- go!
- Come on, Bree!

- Come on!
- Okay.

Oh, hey.

- How are they going so fast?
- Bree!



Jake, we did it.

I think we lost.

Sounds like it.

Date night, Jake, you know?


- You okay?
- Yeah. Thank you.


Okay. Nice work, you two.

Hey, in all fairness,
Bree has the extra advantage

of her superhero mama strength.

Aw, thanks, baby.

Can't wait to see that
superhero mama strength

take down a 16-ounce
steak at Marcelo's.

Nice work
sending me these clothes.

My pleasure.

The people here
couldn't be nicer

and the food is insane.

Be careful.

You don't wanna gain
that freshman 15.

Thank you for the reminder,
my supportive friend.

So how's the Ellis
family land looking?

It's virtually perfect.

It's way more lucrative than
I possibly could have imagined

and I just know that I could
sell it in 24 hours or less.



But it's complicated.

What's so complicated?

This town is special.

I just hate the idea
of taking its charm

and turning it into some
commercial disaster.


What have you done with Drew

and how much money do you want?

All right. All right.

I admit I've gone a bit soft.


You went from shark
to teddy bear overnight.

Like I said, it's complicated.

Well, you better pull yourself
up by your bootstraps, cowboy.

You're not there
to make friends.

Yeah, yeah.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.

- Goodnight.
- Night.

I am still full

from that amazing dinner
last night, Katie.

Those ribs were something else.

I'm happy to hear it, Mutt.

You know,
if you're real nice to me,

I know where
she hides the leftovers.

You name your price.

- Uh, hey, Katie.
- Yes?

Couldn't help
but notice the chemistry

between you and Mr. City Slicker
last night.

Who, Drew?

No, Mutt.

Yes, Drew.

No, no. We just offer the finest

of hospitality
at The Wander Inn.

That's all.

I need to start staying
at some nicer hotels.

- I had an idea.
- What?

What if you take
my gift certificate

and you ask him out to dinner?


No. That's for you two.

You need that fancy
dinner more than I do.

Do you really think that
this swollen body

wants to be in public
any more than I have to?


speak of the handsome
devil himself.

Morning, everyone.

Hi. Good morning.

How about a fresh
cup of coffee, Drew?

That sounds like absolute

- Thank you.
- Great.

Have a seat and Bree

- will bring you a menu.
- Yup.

Okay. Here you go.


I'm just gonna pop squat here.


Don't mind my waddle.

This belly does not allow
me to be the most graceful.

Are you kidding me?

I think it's incredible.

- You do?
- Oh, yeah.

You are creating life
at this very moment

just by sitting there.

Come on.


I mean, I guess when
you put it that way,

it actually is pretty
impressive, isn't it?

- Uh-hmm.
- Speaking of impressive,

my three-legged race skills.

Oh, extremely impressive.

You know, I was actually
gonna take Jake

out for this fancy dinner,

but between my exhaustion levels

and literally none
of my clothes fitting me,

I think it's better to just grab
some food to-go from the diner.


So I was thinking maybe

you and Kate should go together.

She just works so hard.

A night out would do her
some good.

Are you sure?

You guys worked really hard
to earn this steak dinner.

I tell you what, you bring me
home a giant slice

of their butter cake,
we'll call it even.

- That's a deal.
- All right.

What are we having today, Drew?

I gotta be honest with you.

As much as I love this
Southern cooking,

these meals are killing me.

Can I just get like some,
hmm, egg whites

and a side of turkey bacon.

I know you didn't
actually say turkey bacon

like that's something
we have here.


Leave it to the guy
out of California.

Yeah, why don't I whip up some
egg whites for you

and I can try to dust off

some gluten-free
bread we may have in the back?

That sounds perfect.

Oh, Kate. Uh...

I wanted to ask you. Uh,
maybe... do you...

do you have any, um,
plans tonight?

I thought maybe you and I
could grab a bite to eat?

I am most definitely free, yeah.

You are?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

Pick you up around 7:00.

It's a date.

I mean, it's...
no, it's not a date.

We're obviously not
going out on a date.

- We're just, uh, great.
- It's a date.



- Oh, Drew.
- Yeah?

You still want
the egg whites or...

I'm feeling wild.
Let's make it French toast.

Okay. We just need something
that says

"I look hot and amazing,

but not like so amazing
that I'm trying too hard."

I don't think I have that.

My wardrobe is basically
a comfort capsule.


I don't think any
of this is gonna work.

Kate, when was the last
time you went shopping?

What is this?

Is it... is it 1997?

Hey, I like that dress.

What time is it?

Hmm, well, it's 5:00.

All right. Well, hopefully
we could still catch her.

Who are you calling?


This... you think a turtle neck
is sexy?

- No.
- On a date?


- Hi.
- Hello.

Come on in.

Thank you so much

for coming on such short notice.

Are you kidding?
Anything for you.

Oh, Kate, this is Natalie.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I introduced
her to her fiance, Rocky.

- Uh-hmm.
- Oh.

He came into Pearl's and
he was looking so depressed

because he had just been
stood up for the third time.

Oh, that's horrible!

But you know what?
It worked out to my benefit

because Bree thought we'd
be the perfect match,

and she was right.

Oh. Well, your ring is gorgeous.

Thank you.

Okay. Enough small talk.

Let's get down to business.

Okay. Okay.

Oh, look.

Well, that's cute. Look at that.

We are trying to bring you
into the present day, honey.

What about...

oh, what about this one?

Okay. You are officially fired.

And Mama Bree is now large
and in charge.

- This?
- Yeah.


Hey, Dad.


I just wanted to check in,
see how things

are going out there.

Things are... things are good.

Glad to hear it.

Have you had a chance
to see the land yet?

Yeah. Yeah, I did.

- And?
- And it's got lot of potential.

I actually have a few
perspective buyers in mind.

- Fantastic.
- Hey, listen, Dad.

I'm actually on my way out.

Can I... can I call you tomorrow?

Of course.
But, Drew, don't forget

the Ellis oath,

play fair and square...

And you will lose your share.

That's my boy.

Well, Dad,
it's not always that simple.

Yes, it is, son.

Don't make things any harder

than they need to be.

- Hi.
- Wow.

You look... different.

Not that you look bad before.

It... you're glowing.


Uh, let me just grab my purse

and then we can go.

Nice place.

My mom
and I renovated it together.

Only took us four years
but I do really love it.

I can see why.

- Uh-hmm.
- Shall we?

We shall.


But, also, there I was,
in my underwear,

completely locked out
of my house in the pouring rain.

- Oh, no.
- Yeah. And the worst part

about it was I could see
my roommate's

Golden Retriever inside dry,

warm, cozy,
completely ignoring me.

Oh. That's awful.

It was like that part on
the Pirates of the Caribbean

ride, you know,
where the prisoners

are trying to get the key
from the dog

and they're trying to lure him
with a bone.

Anyway, it was just one
of those crazy college nights

that you just...
you don't forget.

To be honest, I've never been

on the Pirates
of the Caribbean ride.


I've never been to Disneyland.

You gotta be kidding me.

No. I was born and raised here

in Cedar Creek, so...

California was not a place
we went to very often.

To be honest with you,
I've never really stepped foot

outside of this place
other than the time

that my mom
insisted that my grandma

and I take a road trip
to the Grand Canyon.

Okay. Wow.

Well, it's now my mission
to get you out west

for a Disneyland visit.


Where does your mom live now?

She passed away
last year, sadly.

- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, she was something else.

You would have loved her.
You know the banana pie

that you love?
That was my mom's recipe.

Uh-hmm. It's the best.

She had this uncanny ability

to just make
the most amazing pies.

No recipe necessary.

She would layer and flavor
and season.

It just always came out perfect.

No matter how many times
I try to recreate her pies,

they just never taste quite
as good as my mom's.

Well, it sounds like
she was an amazing woman.

Yeah, she was.

I lost my Mom when I was three.

- I'm sorry.
- Yeah, no, no. It's okay.

I actually don't have
any memories of her.

Growing up, it was just me
and my dad, and he taught me

everything I know
about the family business.

And after college,
I just kind of jumped right in.

And he never really spoke
much about her.

All I really have in terms
of memories are old photographs

and an old baby blanket
that she knit for me

when she was still pregnant.

Are you and your Dad close?

- Close-ish.
- How so?

He got to the point
in his career

where he just got burnt out

and all he wanted was for me
to talk over the company,

and so I've been the face
of Ellis & Son ever since.

That's impressive.

Any siblings?

I don't. No.

What about you?

No. Me neither.

- Hmm.
- Just me.

Well, I guess

we have more in common
than I thought we did.

Really? Did you think
we wouldn't?

I don't know.

I guess maybe I thought

you were a fancy city boy.

Fancy. That's code word
for snob.

I'm happy to report
that I was wrong.

Can I interest you two
in any dessert?

You know, I think
I have a better idea.


- Okay.
- Wow. It's quiet in here.

It's nice, right?

I actually love

being in here after hours.

I feel like my creative side
just really gets to shine

when I'm in my environment
without all the noise, you know?

When I was little,
my Grandma would bring me here

in the middle of the night.
We'd have camp-outs.

The middle of the night?

Well, it felt like the middle
of the night,

but it was probably like 9:00.


My Mom would get so mad
because she would have

no idea where I was.

Grandma wouldn't tell her?

Nope. But this was
before cell phones, remember?

But that was always
just her, though.

She was all fun and games.

We would roast marshmallows
and make s'mores.

We would pretend like the lights
in the oven were the stars

shining in the night sky.

Looks like I could use
a new one of these.

Hmm. It's actually
my Mom's recipe book.

It holds
all of the master recipes

to everything
we serve at Pearl's.

I always told myself
I would redo it

and organize them, you know,

put them into
a nicely bound book, and maybe

sell it here or something,

but I've never gotten
around to it.

You know, one day,
this will be in the Smithsonian.

- Yeah.
- Hmm, hmm.


Oh. You ready?



- Oh, yes.
- No. I'm not the chef.

Well, I'm not doing
all this work by myself.

Yeah. You're in it.

All right.

Let's make it official.

All right.

I got to tell you,
I feel more baker-like already.

Oh, good.

Well, my Mom used to play
this game with me

when she was looking
for a new pie inspiration.

She would have me close my eyes,
spin me around.

Then she would have me pick
one ingredient from the shelf.

Whatever I touched,

that would be the flavor
of pie we'd make.

- Hmm.
- Ready?


- Okay.
- Okay.

- Close your eyes.
- Uh-hmm.

- Okay. Closed?
- Uh-hmm.

Good. You can close.

It's closed. You saw that.

- Okay. Okay.
- Pick.

Ooh. Well, hmm.

Orange marmalade?

Not a popular choice,
but... well, no.

That's the fun part.

So, we say how do we make
this orange marmalade

the flavor enhancer instead
of the star of the show?

Ooh, maybe orange and chocolate?

Hmm, now you're talking.

What about, like,
orange chocolate brownie pie?

Ooh. I wanna eat that right now.

Well then we better
start baking.


I'm blown away.

Seriously, Kate,
your talent is next level.

Hmm. Well, that's sweet
of you to say that.

I appreciate it. Thank you.

No. I'm not just saying that
just to be polite.

Seriously, the fact
you can take orange jelly,

which I'm not a fan
of at all, by the way,

and turn it into this,
it's beyond impressive.

Well, I think this is one
of my favorite pies yet.

- Really?
- Uh-hmm.

I think I'm gonna declare this
"Drew's The Boss" pie.

No way. I barely did anything.

You did more than you know,

for it is the sweet
simple things of life

which are the real ones
after all.

You know that quote?

It's just something
my Grandma used to say.

It's a good one.


Seriously? The Wander Inn
is two hours from the airport?

Hello to you, too.
I would have mentioned that

had I known you were coming.

I thought
you were going to Aspen?

I was, until I found out
it was freezing.

Snow tends to be like that.

Well, this is cute.

Very Shania chic.

Hmm. I hope you know
you're not staying in my room.

Don't worry.
I already checked in.

They are getting my room ready
as we speak.

Oh. So, you met Kate?

- Who is Kate?
- No, nothing.

I thought maybe
you spoke with her.

She's the owner. My mistake.

Andrew Owen Ellis.

- Nope. My name is not Andrew.
- Whatever.

I like that name better for you.

Is this Kate character
giving you the feels?

I don't know
what you're talking about.


I had a feeling
there was a girl involved.

That's why I had to come here
and see it for myself.

That's the complicated part.

- She has a husband?
- No.

- She has a wife?
- No.

- She's in a cult?
- No.

- Would you stop it?
- Well, what?

My Grandfather's land
runs right through this place.

- Eek.
- And her family's diner.

She recently lost her Mom.

I think she's really doing
the best she can to stay afloat.

I'm just not sure
I can stomach being the one

who takes
her entire life away from her.

You're right.
That is complicated.

Hi. Sorry to bother you all.

I just wanna let you know
that your room is ready.

Thank you.

And I was able to track down

the fresh white towels,
the sleeping mask,

and the humidifier
that you requested.

Great. I will be right down
to pick up those items.



Hotel rooms make my throat itch.

Oh, my God.

Was this made with dirt?

That is literally manure.

- You're up early.
- Oh, yes.

It was lovely being woken up
by a chicken yelling at me.

I guess that's how
they haze you here.

Oh, no, no. I wouldn't do that.

It tastes like
someone died in there.

Come on. I know just the place
to help you ease your pain.

You know, it's not
that bright in here.

Mommy doesn't talk to anyone
until she's had her coffee.

Good morning!

Oh, bless your heart.

Morning. Bree, this is Marcus.

- Marcus, this is Bree.
- Howdy!

What can I get y'all?

We're gonna take two
rise and shine delights

with over-easy eggs.

Good choice. Coming right up!

What did I just order?

Don't worry about it.
You're gonna love it.

Listen, I planned us
a fun-filled day

and you're gonna need your fuel.

Well, if it involves
milking a cow,

- I'm out.
- I would never do that to you.

Aren't we here for business?

Why don't we start
crunching some numbers

so we can go home to where
the green smoothies are?

We will. We will.

I just need
to get my ducks in a row.

Hey, how are you doing?
I'm Jake, Bree's husband.

Nice to meet you, Jake.

Marcus works with me
at Ellis & Son.

Couldn't do life without him,
ain't that right?

I just wonder
if you had any plans tonight.

My favorite bar's
got the game on

and they got
about 20 beers on tap.

Would love to come.
Thanks for the invite.

I love a tapped beer.

So, I gotta take this.

I'll see you
at The Sip, 8:00-ish.

What's the dress code
for The Sip?

Are you kidding me?

I don't know.


So, what's next on the agenda?

Cleaning out the chicken coop?

How are you complaining already?

You just take a cleansing breath

and breathe in
this fresh crystal clean air.


Ugh. All I can smell is the zoo.

Ugh. Gotta get you
out of the city more often.

My apologies.

I didn't realize you went
full Yellowstone in 72 hours.

Why are we stopping?

Because I wanted to bring you
up here to show you something,

the land in question.

She sure is pretty.

I know.

This crush has really
got you, doesn't it?

I feel like
I'm going nuts, Marcus.

I barely even know her.

There's something about her
that's just so genuine.

It's got me
wanting to protect her.

Well, that's sweet.

And the crazy thing about it is,

I need to protect her from me.

Don't be
so hard on yourself, Bud.

I'm sure there's a way
we can figure it out.

Drew, do not move.

There's a giant murder hornet
on your head.

A murder hornet?

Come on.
Is that even a real thing?

Oh, they're real. Oh, no.

- Oh, no, no, no.
- Okay. Okay. Okay.

Marcus, stay calm.
I need your help here.

Okay, Marcus Miller,
you can do this.

You have a white belt
in jiu-jitsu.

You don't need to be afraid
of some little...

Okay. Can you
stop screaming, please?

- They can smell fear.
- Drew,

I'm gonna do this for you
because I love you,

even though it means
sacrificing my own life.

What are you gonna do, Marcus?

On my count, one, two...


Two and a half,


Got it.

Marcus thought whacking me

with his completely
full backpack

was the best plan.

Oh, man.

Well, where is Marcus now?

Oh, he had to lay down. Yeah.

Apparently, he felt faint
from the whole ordeal.

- Oh.
- You know, I'm not sure

I've ever heard
of a murder hornet.

Oh, you haven't.

It was a mosquito.

- A mosquito?
- Still scary.

Well, you should definitely
keep ice on it.

Your whole eye's gonna swell up.


Thank you.

Appreciate it.

I'm just... I'm gonna go get
a slice of that banana cream pie

because this baby just
can't stop thinking about it.


I was gonna ask you if...

maybe you wanna hang out
with me again tomorrow night,

but I'm sure you don't wanna be
seen with me in public now.

I'd love to.

You would?


I'm just gonna get you
a pair of those, like,

really stylish
nighttime glasses,

you know,
so you have a full disguise.

That sounds like a...

- date.
- Date.

Katie, Drew.

How are we doing?

- Hey.
- Whoa!

What happened to you, pal?

I got a flight with a mosquito.

Yeah, you did. Yikes.

Tell you what, you look like
you could use a cold beer.

On me.

- Come on.
- Deal.

You two have fun.

That's your spot, huh?


Hey, Jimmy, get my man here
whatever he wants.

Jimmy, I will take
the strongest drink you got.

Be careful what you wish for.

Thanks, Jimmy.

You know, I like your style.

I mean, I'm really leaning into
this whole cowboy life.

Yeah, no doubt.

I'm glad you like it here,
too, you know.

You're in my hometown,
born and raised.

If you ever need anything
at all, just say the word.

I appreciate that.
I got to tell you,

everyone is so nice here.

Kind of our thing.

First round is on me.

- Case in point.
- I appreciate it.

You know, I got a confession.

When I first met you,
I thought you were

a snobby city boy.

But you're all right, man.

You're all right yourself.

Hey. So, you're
having a baby soon.

- Any minute now.
- That must feel surreal.

Oh, it sure does.
I can't believe

I'm gonna be someone's dad.

I can't believe
they just hand you a baby,

assuming you know
what to do with it.

Better you than me.

I would be clueless.

Okay. So, question for you,

I'm taking Kate out on a date.

- A date, huh?
- Yeah, the official date.

And I wanna take her
someplace fun,

someplace different.

I got just the place.

You take her here.

She will love it.

How did you find this place?

I'm not gonna lie.
I did have a little help.

Well, it is absolutely
gorgeous out here.

- Fun fact for you.
- Uh-hmm.

Did you know that there are
over 3,000 varieties of pear?

- Wow!
- Yeah.

And pear is in the rose family.

I did not know that.

I did not know that either.

It was in the brochure.

Well, I can't wait
to make my Grandma's

pear crisp recipe
with these beauties.

Well, if you need
a good taste tester,

I know a very good one.

- Oh, you're hired.
- Hmm.

- What?
- I've just...

never met anyone
with your passion before

about anything, really.

I can promise you
I've never felt that way

about any deal I've ever done.

I wish I had your enthusiasm
about what I did for a living.

Well, my Mama always told me

that cooking
is a specialized skill

that I needed to protect
and nurture.

- Hmm.
- And, you know,

food is the way
to almost everyone's heart,

- no matter what.
- Hmm.

So, I don't know. I guess
it's just always driven me.

You know, somebody comes in
to the restaurant alone,

I think what can I do

to make them feel special?

Or if a happy couple
comes in on a date,

it's like instant a la mode.

It's my love language.

It makes me happy
to make people happy, I guess.

It's truly amazing to see.


you're amazing.

Are you hungry?


- Well...
- Oh.

- This is Jake.
- Jake.

Hey, it's Garrett Sanders
from Station 33.

Hey, how's it going, Garrett?

Good. Just wanted
to touch base about a situation

I was made aware of today.

Have you heard
that the old Ellis Family land

is up for sale?

I actually hadn't heard that.

- I was afraid of that.
- What's going on?

Well, I recently discovered

that the owned land
runs right through Pearl's

and the Wander Inn.

Frank Ellis apparently had
an arrangement with Pearl.

He let her use the land
rent-free all these years.

- Okay.
- Well, this could

cause a major problem
for the businesses

- once the land is sold.
- Ugh. We had no idea.

Frank left everything

to his only grandson,
Drew Ellis.

I'm sorry. Did you say Drew?

Yeah, Drew Ellis.

I don't believe he's local,

but I have very few details.

Hoping to get some more intel
for you today.

I just wanna let you know
as soon as possible

because I know these two places

are real important
in your world.

No, I appreciate it, buddy.
Thank you for the heads up.

All right.

- Y'all good?
- No.

We have a problem.

Like it on top after
with the puddle of ketchup.

How are we doing?

Can I get you two anything else?

Oh, I am as full as can be.
Thank you.

Yeah, just our check, please.

Oh, sure thing. Coming right up.

- Hey, Katie.
- Hi.


Hey, man, what's going on?

You can skip the pleasantries.


When were you planning on
telling Katie about your land?

What are you talking about,

Drew has been hiding
a secret from us,

more importantly, from you.

Okay. Look,
I had every intention

of talking to you about this.

Talking to me about what?


Somebody wanna tell me
what's going on here?

It's Ellis Family Land, okay.
I don't...

The Ellis Land
runs right through Pearl's,

as well as the Wander Inn.

Drew's grandpa, Frank,
was giving Pearl a deal

on doing her business here.

And rumor has it that Drew here

will be tearing everything down

for a bunch
of soulless tract homes.


Is that true?

Was that my original plan? Yes.

But then I got here
and this town,

this place,

it's so idyllic and special.

And then... and then I met you.


Come on, Kate.

Hey, you gotta trust me.

Trust you?

Not only do I not trust you,

I never wanna see you again.

You were spying on me?

No, no need to spy.

This information
was handed to me.

There are no secrets
in this small town.

Okay. Okay, listen,
I had no idea before I got here

that the land was a part
of Pearl's or the Inn.

You expect me to believe that
with your fake cowboy outfits,

charming personality,
and cuddling up to Katie?

You really expect me to believe

that wasn't completely
calculated and deceitful?


If you think that
for one second, man,

then you don't know me at all.

You're right. I don't know you.

And I sure as hell
don't want to.

To think that I trusted you
enough to open up,

man, like a fool.

Gut instincts are always right.

You're exactly
what I had you pegged for.

I thought this was gonna be
a smooth easy transaction.

I was gonna come in here
and I was gonna sell this land

off to one of my biggest
investors sight unseen.

I was gonna be in and out
in 48 hours tops.


But I got here
and everything changed.

This town won me over.

Kate won me over.

You gotta believe me.

This feels completely unfair.

- Unfair to you?
- Yeah.

If you just give me a chance,
just hear me out, man.

Katie's a good girl.

She deserves nothing
but the best.

I know that. I agree with you.

Actually, you don't know.

Were you there when Kate's Mom
passed out in the kitchen

and didn't wake up?

Were you there
when Kate almost lost everything

due to her Mama
not leaving the diner

in a decent financial state,

or having any of her affairs
in order?

I'm sorry, I did not know that.

If you think you can just
sweep in here with them

pretty boy good looks
and take everything

that she has worked so hard for,

you are sadly mistaken.

That is not my intention,
I promise you.

Promises are just words, Drew.

You are clearly
not a man of his word.

Mission completed.

Most exhausting project
I've worked on to date.

Well, you can just
leave it there on the bed.

I won't be needing it
any longer.

Why are we so depresh mode?

It's a mess.

What's wrong?

Kate knows everything.

About the land,
about what my plans are.

Were. What my plans were.

And now she never wants
to see me again.

Okay. We can fix this.

I think the best thing
to do would be...

- talk to her.
- Genius idea.

- Okay. Don't bite.
- I'm sorry.

I know you were just trying
to help.

And I tried
but she made it very clear

she wants nothing to do with me.

- Andrew Ellis.
- Still not my name.

Has that ever
stopped you before?

When a client tells us no,
we add more fuel to the fire.

When someone outbids us,
what do we do?

Make a better offer?

We don't lay down and take it,

because in spite of your
father's ridiculously

antiquated "Ellis Oath,"

we do play fair and square.

And we never lose our share.

Thank you for meeting me here.

Jimmy, can I just
get a cup of coffee?

Yeah, coming right up.

Thank you.

In order to get
the process started,

I'm gonna need a couple
of signatures from you.


You know, you can always take
the paperwork for your review.

I can pick up
signed documents tomorrow.

Yeah, that might be...
That might be best

- actually if you don't mind.
- No problem.

Your grandfather
trusted me with his life.

My only goal here
is to do right by him.

I hope you feel the same.

Drew, something told me

you would be hesitant.

You have always been
the sentimental type.

So I instructed Henry
to give you

this final letter if so.

Sort of a break
in case of emergency.


I would never have given you

this gift if I didn't
completely trust you

with my whole heart.

I invite you to take a risk,

take a chance to see
the beauty of change.

Never get so busy
making a living

that you forget to make a life.

This is your journey now.

And remember, it is the sweet
simple things of life

which are the real ones,
after all.

I'm so sorry,
I didn't mean to do that.

Oh my goodness, ma'am.
I am so sorry.

No one calls me ma'am.

Bree, I'm so sorry.
I had no idea it was you.

Yeah, well, clearly this is not
the only thing

that you had to be sorry for.

Bree, look, I know that
you're upset with me.

I just wish that
there was something I can do

to convince you all that
I only have good intentions.

Please, you don't have to worry

about convincing me, all right?

The damage between us is done.

But I'm not gonna let you
run out of this town

without making things right
with Kate.

Believe me,
that's all I wanna do.

She won't answer my calls
or my texts.

I even stopped by her place
this morning

and she wouldn't open her door
and I know she was in there.

Drew, Kate hasn't opened up
her heart to anyone

in a really long time.

She gives her soul
to her customers.

That's why her heart is so big
and she trusted you.

Will you help me get her back?

Oh, no. Uh-uh. Nope.

- I'm not... I'm not...
- Please, please, please, please.

I'm not getting involved...
I will do... I will do anything.

Oh, no.

Oh, no, you don't wanna help me?

I think
I just had a contraction.


I think...
I think the baby's coming.

- The baby's coming?
- Uh-huh.

Like right now? On the street?

Well, probably not
right here on the street,

genius, but if you could,
I don't know,

call an ambulance or something,
that would be nice.


Oh, of course this happens
when I'm with him.

- Of course it happens.
- I'll be... I'll be right back.

- What?
- Two seconds.

Where are you going?
Nope. No, no, no, no, no, no.

You can't leave me here.
What are you doing?

Oh, woo.

So it is Drew.

Just give me a second while
I finish with this customer.

Ricky, I need your help.
Bree's having her baby.

Oh, I am very sorry.
Just give me a minute.

Hey, hey.

Bree, honey, we're gonna get you
to the hospital

as soon as possible, okay?

There's no time
for an ambulance.

- Let's just get her to my car.
- Okay.

Hey, Drew, you just call Jake
and make sure he meets us there.

Okay. Let me call
from your phone, Ricky.

- My phone's dead.
- Jeez. Okay.

Hold on, hold on.
Okay. Okay. Okay.

All right, girl.
Hey, hey, just take your time.

- Just breathe.
- His phone's off.

Call Kate. Call Kate.

I'm not calling Kate.
She won't talk to me.

- Right now.
- Okay.

- Call her right now.
- Call Kate, call Kate.

Right now. Right now. Come on.

- Okay.
- Okay, okay.

Hey, Ricky. What's up?
It's Drew, it's Drew.

Don't hang up.

I told you
I have nothing to say to you.

Listen, Bree's in labor.

Wait, what?

Oh my goodness.

I need you to find Jake
and meet us there.

Okay. Yes.
Oh, this is so exciting.

Okay. I'm on it.

- It is pretty amazing.
- Oh, my.

Will you stop chitchatting

and find my husband right now?

Okay. See you soon.

Where is she?

Oh, they have her
in labor and delivery,

but don't worry,
she promised to wait for you.

Go inside.

So exciting.

Thank you
for getting her here safe.

- Uh-hmm.
- Yeah. Of course.

I think
we can take it from here.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Kate, Kate. I...

Not right now.

This is the one I'm showing.

I know.

- Where is she?
- Down the corner.

- All right. All right.
- Thank you.

I'm a real good listener.

Thank you.

I'm just at a complete loss
at this point.

- Jake can be tough, huh?
- Huh. You're telling me.

I feel like nothing I said could
possibly get through to him.

Well, one thing
I know about Kate

is she's forgiving.

I'm sure
she'll come around, honey.

I hope so.

Well, thank you
for everything today, Ricky.

- Hmm.
- I really appreciate it.

In fact, I don't think
I could've done it without you.

Oh, don't mention it.

I was happy to help.

I can't wait to hold that baby.


Mind if I join you?

Are you still talking to me
at least?

I understand you got yourself
in a bit of hot water.

- Something like that.
- Yeah.

I messed everything up
with Kate.

Well, Katie can be stubborn,

but she's got a heart of gold.

Her grandma Pearl
is just as sweet as she is.

You know,
I've never seen anything

quite like the bond that she
and your Grandpa Frank shared.

I had no idea.

In fact,
I see a little bit of that bond

between you and Katie.

Your Grandpa Frank,
he was a charming fellow.

The ladies sure did love him.

You know, he could sell
ice in Alaska,

that I'm sure of.


He was the best.


He was more than
just a grandpa to me.


And I feel guilty
even admitting this,

but I was closer to him
than I am to my own father.

How so?

He never judged me.

Never challenged me.

He was just this...
constant support system

that was always there
no matter what.

When my mom passed,

my dad just
completely shut down,

acted as if
nothing even happened.

We never talked about her,

looked at old photographs,
no home videos, nothing.

I am sorry to hear that.

My grandpa was committed
to making sure

my childhood was special

and I will always be forever
grateful to him for that.

Now I have this
massive responsibility

to do right by him.

But it's at the expense
of everyone and everything here.

I'm damned if I do,
damned if I don't.

I wish someone would believe me.

Well, I believe...

that you will do
the right thing.

Thank you for the chat, Mutt.

- Appreciate it.
- Anytime.

Actually, Mutt.


Would you mind helping me
with something real quick?

Pearl's Night Out?

Before you get upset,
Mutt let me in.

I didn't do anything shady
in here, I promise.

Should've never given
that guy a key.

He loves surprises.

I thought maybe we could camp
under the diner stars,

like you used to
with your Grandma Pearl.

- Kate, I never meant to...
- Sorry, but I...

- Look, I hate that I...
- It's just that I trusted...

Please, you go first.

No, you go.

Kate, I'm so deeply sorry

that you found about everything
the way that you did.

I had no idea that
your family's establishments

laid dead smack
in the middle of this land

that I came into.

I had every intention
of telling you.

I was just trying to figure out
how to tell you

without hurting you
and then that was stupid

because I ended up
hurting you anyhow.

And then I just...

I just wish that you knew how...

truly sorry I am.

You know,
when my mom passed away,

I promised myself that

there's nothing on earth
that would take away

what she worked so hard
to build.

She put everything
into this place.

So did my grandma.

And then I gave up my own life
to be here every day.

I worked so hard to keep
this place afloat

and I came close
to losing it more times

than I would care to admit.

And somehow we would...

we'd make it through,

in spite of every challenge
that was put in front of me.

Then I met you.

And this is a challenge
that I can do...

absolutely nothing about.

And it terrifies me.

You came into my life
and I thought...

maybe this is my opportunity
to meet my person

or that door wasn't fully closed
for me yet.

I didn't wanna trust you
but I did.

Then you broke my heart.

I don't know how we repair that.

We told them no.


I won't sell.

No matter what happens
between us

or how you feel about me,
the land is mine

and it will stay mine.

Pearl's and the Wander Inn
aren't going anywhere.

You have my word.

And I know that my word

might not be enough
for you right now...

but there's one thing
that you taught me

and it's that integrity
and truth,


mean more than anything.

- So Pearl's is safe?
- Uh-hmm.

- You mean that?
- I do.

And I'll even put it in writing
if it will help you believe me.

I mean, you never have
to see me again.

I'll go back to San Francisco,

keep my mouth shut,

never have anything
to deal with me.

What if I don't want you
to leave?

Everything's negotiable.

So does this mean that
you're my landlord now or...

- Sort of.
- Well...

But you're still the boss.


Oh my gosh.



A baby girl.

Named Pearl.

She's perfect.

That's one of the cutest
babies I've ever seen.

- Right?
- Oh, I almost forgot your gift.

What? What is it?

- Pearl's Pie Place.
- Open it.

A Guide To Cooking...

That's As Easy As Pie.

What can I say?
Like A good play on words.

Oh, my gosh.

Wait, Drew, this is incredible.

You have every recipe in here.

Well, full disclosure,

some of the recipes
were impossible to read,

so I just did my best.

It's perfect.

Thank you.

No need to thank me.

I wanted to do something
special for you.

This really means a lot.

Could I interest you
in s'mores pie?

S'more pie?

Thank you.

What, are you trying to be

bumped up to head chef
around here?

I am working
on finding my place.