Sweet Thing (2020) - full transcript

The story revolves around two siblings and their struggle to find solid ground in the homes of their alcoholic father and negligent mother. The children ultimately run away and find a temporary life for themselves.

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- Hey, what are
you two doing over there?

- Hey, what are
you doing over there?

Get out of here.

- You're so fast.

- Come on, come
on, come on, come on!

- Wait up, wait up!

- Here's your money.

- My brother Nico and
I was saving up for Christmas.

Our dad was Santa outside the bus depot.

He was gonna get us a tree.

- Code two and 305.

- Leave it.

- Can I get it?
- No, leave it!

- Oh shoot!

- Who's that?

- It's Darla.

Her brother wants us to get married.

But I don't even like her.

And he's really scary.

And he has a Versace scar
burned into his forehead.


("Deck the Halls")

- Where is your brother at?

- I don't know.

- Huh, well tell
him my brother, Jezeer,

is looking for him to
make the announcement.

- What announcement?
- He didn't tell you?

- Nope.

- We're getting
hooked up for real.

He's my man on record.

- Don't you think I oughta know about it?

- You're his sister, huh?
- Last I checked.

- Well duh then.

'Course you should know.

- All right,

I'll let him know
Jezeer's looking for him.

- Thank you, Nico's sister.

- Billy
- Okay, Billy.

You got pretty hair, Billy.

- Thank you, Darla.

- I'll come by Christmas
morning to show him my love

and bring him the present I made him.

- Okay.
- Let's go.

- You're in some deep shit.

- But the thing is,
I don't like her anymore.

Her brother is scary.

- Really?


We don't cut right to middle of 'em.

Hang it man.


- I don't know.
- Wait a minute!


- Cool!

Billy would like that for Christmas.

- What?

- So what are you going

to get your girlfriend, Nico?

- Shut up, Billy.

- So what are you gonna get her?

- Come on, stop it!

- You have to get her something.

- No, I don't.

I don't even like her.

- What's going on?

What happened?

- This girl Darla likes Nico.

She's your girlfriend.

- Well, you better
get used to it, handsome.

- I don't like her.

I don't like her brother either.

He's a bully.

- He has a Louis Vuitton scar

burned into his forehead.

- Versace.

- What? That didn't sound good.

- Stay away from school now.

You shouldn't go to school anymore.

What do you think?

- Yeah!
- Yeah.

- Thank you!
- Thank you!

- What?
- What?

- What's wrong?

- Nothing. I'm just wondering,

I'm going through these magazines

and I'm trying to figure
out what to give you.

- Nice try, Dad.

- No really, I mean.

No, really.

If you could have anything in the world

that you wanted to have, what would it be?

- I don't know.

- There's gotta be something.

- I'd get a Lamborghini
or maybe a Ferrari.

- How would you pay for gas?

- Oh, that wouldn't really matter.

I'll have a mansion.

- Well, when you get the mansion,

you gonna let me and Billy
come visit you and stay there?

Or you're gonna be too big for us?

- No, you guys can stay!
- Thank you.

- You'll have your own pool.
- A pool?

- Nico, you don't swim!

- Yes, I can.

- No, you don't.
- I do!

- Got a new girlfriend?

- What are you doing here?

- I didn't know you had a new girlfriend.

- You were supposed to
meet me at the station.

- You got a hair prettier than mine.

You got a hair prettier
than mine (laughs)!

- Wait a minute, what
are you talking about, man!

You're just like,

what, are you drunk?
- Can I get one of them?

- Yeah, just come on in the other room.

What's the matter with you?

Yeah, get one out of the refrigerator.

It's all right.

- When are you
going to be back home?

- There ain't nothing in here.

- What time you're gonna be back?

- Huh?

Wait a minute, let me get this maniac.

Get out!

Who told you to sit down!

You're not even supposed
to wear that on your head.

Get outta here!

I'll be with you in a second!

- Are you gonna get a tree?

- Of course.

Of course I'm going to.

- I got Nico a present from Santa.

- That's wonderful.

Hey, what?

I shouldn't even come with you.

You shouldn't be walking into my house.

- Hey!

Is your note for Santa ready?

- I don't believe in Santa.

Only little kids do.

- I believe in him.

I think the people who don't are stupid.

- Really?

Then how does he get in the house?

- I think elves make keys.

Either that or he shrinks
in and goes down the chimney

but I mean I don't know.

As long as you make a note,
he'll get your a gift.

- Really?
- Yeah.


Okay, I'll get some pepperoni.

Do you want some basil?

Throw on some basil!

Let's have some olives!
- No!

- Okay, all right.

You're ready.

- When is Dad coming home?

- Soon.

He's coming home soon.

- You are gonna tell me a story?

- Yeah.

"The moment you doubt whether you can fly,

you cease forever to do it.

So come with me where dreams are born

and time is never planned.

Just think of happy things

and your heart will fly on
wings forever in Never Land."


- Hey.

- Shh, quiet.

- Hey hey hey.


Joy, joy to the world.

- Gotta put this up here.

- Hugging a tree is a bitch
under any circumstances.

- Give me your hand, let's get up!

- I'm okay, Billy, that's all right.

This just here is a very special one

for a very special person that I have.

- So let's bring it into the living room.

- Okay.
- Slow, slow.

Shh, you have to be quiet.

- Joy to the world, sweetheart!

I was gonna bring a present for your mum,

but I don't want to come on too strong

"cause Freddie said to me, "Fuck it!"

Freddie said, "Fuck it, fuck it."

And I said,

"You know you can't fucking
talking to me like that.

'Cause that's my wife, that's my wife.

- That's okay.

- She loves Chinese.

You know what we're going to do?

We were going take her
to Chinese tomorrow.

That's what I'm gonna do.

She thinks I hate it.

I do hate it actually.

But I'm gonna get her the Moo Shu Pork

I'm gonna get her the Moo Shu Pork,

'cause she loves that Moo Shu.

She loves the Moo Shu.

I'm going to get it for her.

I'm going to get a Moo Shu,

it comes with little cookies.

I was so mean about that.

I don't want to be mean.

I wanted to her to have Chinese food.

- Hey, Dad!


- Hey you!

Merry Christmas, sweetheart!

- Merry Christmas.

- You two are the only thing
that's true, you know that?

You two kids are the
only thing that's true.

And you're the only good thing I ever did.

And I'm really happy that
you're my kid, you know that?

- Yeah.

I love you Dad, I love you!

- Hey!

Hey, Old Man!

I got a tree.

- Yeah.
- Yep!

- Good night, Dad.

- Don't ask me where I got it,

that's between me and the
surveillance camera at Walmart.

J The snow is snowing &

I wWind is blowing I

- My dad says that are some say

that Billie doesn't have a good voice.

But he said no one is sang like her.

That's why my name is Billy.

- Billy, Billy!

Wake up, Billy!

Wake up!

Santa came, wake up!

Come on, let's go!

Santa came!
- I'm coming!

- Come on!

- I'm coming.

- Look, he made a note!

- I know, I told you.
- And he got us presents.

- Al right.

Don't open it now, Nico.

Don't open it now!


Wait for Dad, wait for, Nico.


Wait for Dad.

- All right, fine!

- Merry Christmas!

- Shit.
- He's awake.

- Goddammit!


- Okay, all right all right!

Here's yours.

Don't open that yet.

Okay, you know what, to go ahead?

- Yeah!

- All right.

- Guys we gotta
start getting ready

if you want to go see
momma at the Chinese.

- Aren't you forgetting something?


Be careful, I'm going
to trust you with it.

- You can trust me.

What's he doing?
- I don't know.

- Hey.

Got you something.

- For me?

Thank you.

- You like it?

- I love it.

- Man said it was a good place to start.

- Thank you, Dad.

- Hey, hey, hey.

- You did that?

- You know what, hey.

You know what I'm thinking.

We have to hustle up right
now 'cause we don't want

to make your mama mad, you know.

Don't wanna make her mad.


Hey, Billy?

How do I look?

- You look good.

- Yeah?

You think that-

- You looked better
before, you fat old man!

- Oh, Nico!

Don't say that!

How could you, hey!

What did I tell you about
shooting in the house?


I'm going to kick your
little ass one of these days,

you know that?

Don't do that again!

And how can you say that to me?


How can you say?

You think I'm fat?

I'm not here.

I'm not home.

Nico, I'm not home.

- Hi, Darla!

Merry Christmas.

- My man there?

- You just missed him.

He just left.

- Did you tell him about Jezeer?

- Yeah, told him he's looking for him.

- Well, here's my present.

- Thank you!

- It's a family secret recipe.

Isn't it, Peewee?

- You have a very nice perfume on?

- Eau De Toilette.

It's French.

- Well, I'll let him
know that you stopped by.

- Well I better get going.

He might be out there looking for me.

- Okay.

- Was that his girlfriend?

And Nico.

Was that your son?

That little boy?

- My god!

You're so cringy!

- Come on let's go!


- She's cute.
- I don't like her.

- I said Chinese, right?

- Yeah!

I'm pretty sure you said Chinese.

- Oh there she is.

Only a half hour late.

- Who is driving?

- Why isn't she
getting out of the car?

- Just wait right here.

- Just let me finish my
cigarette and we'll be in.

All right?

- We'll be in?

What do you mean we?

- Beaux and I will go in
after I finish my cigarette.

- Come on.

The kids are waiting for you.

They're not waiting for him.

- It's not a good time to discuss.

It's Christmas.
- Oh come on!

So this is what happened.

So this is what, can
you please have Chinese?

Okay hold on.

Wait a minute.


You wait.

Goddammit, open that!


I want to talk to you, please.

- Hey, hey hey!

- You hey, you hey, you hey!

- Get away from the car!

- You hey, you hey!

- Get away from the-
- Let me in there!

That's my wife!

That's my wife.


Pleas, Eve, please.

Eve, please.

Hey, that's my wife, please.


Don't you, please, you're my wife!

Eve, Eve, Eve!

Let's go!

- Hey, blonde!

You need a ride?

- Fuck off.
- Hey kid!

Loose the pitbull.

- Hey.
- Go, go.

- Who was that?

- It doesn't matter.

- You know them?

- No, no, they're just some assholes.

It's fine.

- Well, that's what you wanted,

that's how it happened for you.

Yeah, well.

- Dad?

- Hey, Old Man!



Everything's good, everything's cool.

Everything's good.

Hey, old man!

You got strong, huh?

There we go.

There we go.

Everything's all right, he's all right.

Hey, Billy!

You got wild hair like your ma.

You know what, Billy?

When was the last time I cut your hair?

- Time for a trim.
- Let's lay down, Dad.

- No, no.

Go get them scissors.

This is going to be
better I'm telling you.

- Lay down, Dad.
- I haven't trimmed your hair

for a long time.
- Lay down.

- Hey, get me the scissors
and I'm going to cut.

Hey I'm telling it's going to be good.

- No.

- What do you mean no?

- No.

- Don't say no just do
what your father says.

- Just stop.

- What do you mean stop?


- Dad, stop!

- I asked you, come on.

- Please Dad, get off.

Get off!

Dad please!

Let go of her, please!

- Gotta do the Christmas thing.

- Open the door!

Don't do it, Dad!

- You're drunk, Dad!
- I know what I am.

I'm your father.

You sit your ass down now do what I say.

Nico, stop!

- Dad!

I'll kill you!

Dad, can you hear me?

Let her go!

- Don't worry about it!

That's a little cheap toy anyway.

I'm going get another one of those.

You can't have this anymore.

Nico, I'm saying I'm just going
to trim your sister's hair.

I never should have never let this grow.

That's going go a lot
easier, you just sit still.

You sit still.

All right.

You only get to be a kid once, you know?

Well you only get to be a kid once.

It's going to be all right,
it's going to be better.

I know what I'm doing, this is better,

this is better for you.

Just think about it like a Christmas trim.

It's a Christmas trim for you, sweetheart.

- It's okay.

You're okay.


It'll come back.

- What did you do to your hair?

- I did it for you.

I didn't want you to be alone.

Daddy doesn't mean it.

He's just sad.

I promise.

- I got limes.

I got the last bag of ice.

The other store was out of ice,

so I had to go all the way to Dublin.

I got to go.

I'm here.


What are you doing here?

I didn't recognise you
without all that hair.

- I wanted to see you.

- Well, I'm sorry about
that Christmas bust,

your Dad kinda screwed that up.

I got you and your brother presents.

- Thank you.

- I would have brought
them If I had known.

- Hey, sweet cheeks!

Hurry it up, huh!

- Just a second.

I'm talking to my kid.

- Tell your mum bars
need to tend themselves.

- As you can see this is not
the best time to chit chat.

- Maybe I can come by your place sometime?

- Yeah, I'd like that.

Beaux loves kids.

Look, can tell your brother
I said merry Christmas

and that I got him a present, okay?

- So maybe we can come and
visit with you sometime?

- Yeah sure, sweetheart.

I'll talk to Beaux.

We'll make a plan.


- Nico and |
missed school most days.

Daddy didn't seem to notice.

We stopped popping tires

and found other stuff to do for money.

Thank you.

- No, get that toilet out of here.

I told you.

I don't want it in here.

- Not everything worked.

- Get it out of here.

- Dad wasn't
talking but he was drinking.

- Think fast.
- Hey, fuck you.

Yeah, all right, sons
of bitches, here we go.

Give me that.

Give me the fucking bottle.

Give me that, give me that bottle.

Hey, come on, baby.

- Get off him.

Leave him alone.

- Hey, buddy.

Hey, sweetheart!

You okay, partner?

I'm right here.




Wait a minute.

I'm just okay, everything's okay.

I've just, it was a funny
thing happened to me.

- Get off him!

- I'm okay, Nico.

I'm okay.


- Sit down.

- Whoa, here we go.

Whoa, whoa, here we go.

- And he kept drinking.

And Nico and I had run
out of the things to sell.

Billie was right, my
hair was growing back.

We sometimes saw momma on the weekends.

They took daddy to a place
to stop his drinking.

They didn't really give him
a choice one way or another.

- You get a scar from
playing with that knife.

You have really long thumbs.

It might be because you're smarter.

See how that,

we get same kind of hands.

You know the judge says

that I got to beat this thing.

- How long?

- A month, six weeks.

- You can't be with us?

- Yeah, sure I can be with you

It's just that I gotta get better first.

You know?

You don't want your daddy
to act crazy, do you?


- No.
- Me neither.

Your mum says she
could let you stay with her

for the summer.

She says you could stay at
the beach cottage out there,

go swim and everything.

That should be fun, right?

You like swimming?

You don't like swimming?

You like swimming?

I gotta...

Sorry, I gotta go to a meeting.

Take care of your sister

because you're the most toughest thing,

I'm going to see you take
care of her, you promise?

- Promise.

- It got warm.

And we went to stay with Mum

and her boyfriend Beaux's beach house.

They did a different kind of drinking,

but they were still drinking.

And drinking.

- Hurry up!

- More.
- More!

- Where did you go?

- And more drinking.

- Mmmm.

- More.

- Mum.

- Is that all?
- All out of Vodka.

- Oh, come on.

- Hey baby!

Could you give me cold beer?

- Here you go.

- I hope hope you don't
serve piss warm beer

like this one to our customers.

- Oh you know you're
welcome to help yourself.

- Help myself?

Get me a cold one.

- Yeah, get it yourself.

- You see what happens to
smart asses around here?

Now get me a cold one.

- Why'd you do that?

- Get me a cold one.

- I'll get one.

- Your mother will get it.

Pour it.

- Why are you doing this
in front of my kids?

- Be a nice mummy.

Pour the beer and sit your fat ass down.

Hey, kid.

Have a drink.

It's been a long day.

You deserve it.

- Please don't.
- He's not mad.

Are you champ?

Gonna grow up to be big
and strong like his daddy,

be able to handle his liquor.

Go ahead kid, have a drink.

Go ahead.

- Don't.

- I'm dealing with snowflakes here, huh?

You're going to turn this
kid into a goddam queer.

Everybody loves a food fight.

- Stop.

- Best party I've been
to since New Years Eve.

I can't wait to do it again, guys!

What a night.


- He's killing her.

I miss Daddy.

- You kids armed, you guys armed?

How old are you?

- Mind your own business.

- Old enough to be on the team.

- Wait up!

- Smart guy, huh?

- His name's Nico.

- What's your name?
- Billy.

- Like Billy Holiday?

Can you sing?

- We gotta get home now.

- Where do you live?

- Down there.

- I live down there too.

See you!

- That kid's lucky I didn't
punch him in the face.

- You kids behave yourselves today.


Beaux can't take care of you.

He has got his own stuff.

And no sulking.

No sulking around.

It will only piss him off.

All right.

He's not used to you
kids and all the energy

that you bring to the party.

And I really think one or
both of you needs to apologise

for upsetting him in the first place.

All right?

- Why?

- I just think that things
would go a lot smoother

if you apologise so he can feel better

about you guys ruining his time off.

He didn't sign up for this.
- Whoo!

Come on, baby.

- Okay, okay, okay, stop it.

Sticky bun in the oven
and coffee's right there.

It's fresh.

- I'm starving.


- They would like to
apologise for last night.

I think they're just feeling too shy

or a little too ungrateful

right now to make the effort right now.

- No apologies necessary.

We are 100% cool, right guys?

- He asked you a question.
- Ease off 'em a little, huh?

I get it.

My old man beat the shit outta me

when I got outta line and I forgave him.

Plus me and the kid are
going fishing today.

Set everything straight,
okay with you kid?

- With worms?

- With any goddamn thing that works.

- What do you say, Nico?

- Thank you.

- You are most certainly
welcome, young man.

And for you, young lady,

maybe I'll take you to
get a pedicure later.

- You boys have a good time, okay?

- Okay.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Were you the one singing?

- I guess.

- You have a beautiful voice.

You know that Billy Holiday

was born in a house of ill repute?

- You like her?

- Hard not to if you like her.

She was beautiful.

- My dad named me after her.

- Is your dad the guy
with the chunky arms?

- That's not my dad.

- Do you wanna do something?

- Like what?

- Come on.

- Whose car is this?

- My mother's.

Get in.

Oh shit.


I bet you didn't inhale?

- Where are we going?

- I'll show you.

- I feel sick.

Oh God, I feel ill.

- Over to the
right and our own spot.

We'll put the emergency brake on.

Get around town.

All right, come on.

- Oh God.

I feel dizzy.

- Yeah.

- Nobody knows about this place.

- How did you find it?

- Me and my dad used to go fishing here.

- That wasn't
your mum's car, right?

- No, it wasn't.

We should walk back.

All right, see you.

- You move fast.

- Nico.

- Hey!

You showed your sister
what we caught today?

I caught it.

He was next to me the
whole time, the little guy.

We had a lot of fun today.

Didn't we, champ?

Your brother's a bit of a pussy.

I think so too.

- What happened, Nico?

Did he hit you?

- I am not a pussy.

- Talk to me, what happened?

- He pulled out his penis.

- What?

Did he hurt you?

- I'm not a pussy.

Don't tell.

- Hey, don't stink up the joint.

I gotta take a dump.

Come on!

Let's go.

- Hey everybody, Momma bear's home!

No hello?

- Mum, you need to know something.

- I need to get these clothes off.

Jesus, you can't wait?

- Baby, your daughter
caught something of her own.

I told her she works
faster than her mother.

- Don't tell me you're high on weed?

- No, Mum.

Beaux did something.

- Did he give you weed?

- No, he made Nico look at him.

- Did what?

- He made Nico touch his privates.

- How dare you?

I knew it was a mistake to bring you here.

Now you're going to make
some shit up like that!

- Hey!

Who is gonna help me
cook this sucker, huh?

- Get in here.

I don't wanna hear another
fucking word about this.

You understand me?

You keep your little porn
fantasies to yourself.

All right?

- Nico didn't make it up.

- You fucking ruin this,
I'll go ape shit on you.

You understand me?

- This fish
ain't gonna cook itself.

- Just a second!

- Don't fucking ruin it!

- Maybe your lover boy
wants to join us for dinner.

He better wear protections.

- It's not funny.

- Your mum knows all about that.

- All right stop it.

Oh my god, I'm out of
smokes for god's sake.

I gotta go down to the package
store to pick up some smokes.

- You wanna come out?

- I can't right now.

- Why not?

- I have to be with my brother.

- You can just tell him to come.

- I don't know.

- Hey, Billy.

- Where is she going?

- He told her to
get cigarettes and beer.

- Get your things, we're going.

- Where are we going?
- I don't know.

To get Dad.

Hurry up!

Stay here, don't move.

- Come out, come
out, wherever you are.

I know you're in here.

I thought we had an understanding

about what happens to tattle tales.

Apparently not.


I can be a fun guy, given
half the chance, if I'm happy.

You could ask your mother about that.

And now I'm getting happy.

- Get off me, get off me.

- Motherfucker!

- Let's get the fuck outta here!

Come on.

- Wait.
- Nico, what are you doing?

Come on!

- So, what if we killed him?

- He deserved it.

- I think I killed him.

- For the record I killed him.

It's pretty easy to prove
something it was self defence.

Looks like a molester from a mile away.

- What are we going to do now?

- My dad lives in Florida.

- So we're on the run?

- Yeah, we're outlaws and renegades.

- Outlaws and renegades.

- Yep.

- Outlaws and renegades!

- It looks good on you.

- Thank you.

For a second, I thought you
weren't going to come back up.

- I like to dive.

- You weren't scared huh?

- You don't swim?

- I actually don't.

These things suck.

Now no one can find us.

- How do you know no one's home?

- Rich people buy
houses and they don't use it.

- Aren't there alarms?

- Probably.

- How do you know
how to do so many things?

- Because I read.

Wow this is so cool.

Come on.

- Yeah.

- Let me have that.


- The name of the dance.

- Do it, do it.

- And everybody starts to move

as soon as "Pata Pata" starts to play.


- Clap!


- Oh shit.
- Clap!



- What the -

- Nico, what the fuck!

- I didn't know it was real.

- Holy shit.

Nice shot.

- Not funny!

- Wait, wait, wait.

- A butt.

- That took me, oh, I thought
that was something else, bro.

Wait, wait, wait.

- Billy, are we convicts?

- No.

We are just kids.

- We're just ne'er do well punk ass kids.

- What's a ne'er do well?

- A ne'er do well is
people that don't do good.

That's a cool scar.

- Coolest scar I have on my body is

maybe the one next to my eye right here?

I mean it really hurt because
I smashed it on the window.

- I have one on my knee.

I fell in a bush.

- Let me have a look at that.

- It used to go all the way down.

- Yeah.

- What is that?

One more scar.

I remember I was whittling once.

And I missed the stick.

- Oh shoot!

This was recent.

I thought that Dad gave you.

Nico, I didn't know you had so many.

- I don't have scars anymore.

But I did have a lot before.

- I got you all beat, okay.

- What?

- It's a smiley face.
- Oh my God.

How did you get that?

- I got it from when I was a baby.

I was crawling under an iron
board and it fell on me.

- Shit, I can't beat that.

- It sucks.

It's pretty bad.

- That's, Jesus!

- I'm kind of tired.
- You want to go to sleep?

- Yeah.

- Go to sleep.

- Billy?
- Yeah?

- I have bad thoughts in my head.

- Bad how?
- Things.

- Like bad things?

You want to talk about it?


- I miss daddy.

- Me too.

- Will you play that song?

- Yeah.

Go to sleep.

- You have a nice voice.

- Thank you.

- I lied about how I got my scar.

When I was like two and a half years old,

I threw a Barbie doll toy at my little sister

and my mum got really pissed
and she hit me really hard

with a belt and like you
can see my skin and my bone.

And uh, the cops were
called, but the firemen came.

And then I got taken away
for 10 years, from my mum.

She had to work very hard to get me back.

When she drinks she's not the same person.

And my dad couldn't take us
because he was in prison.

He was supposed to come pick me up.

But I guess he got too busy.

So I guess I'll just go
down there and see him.

Anyway, it looks good.

It looks like a smiley face.

You can maybe sing that song to me.

The one that you sing for Nico.

I'm mad tired.

Too much fun.

- Hey!

You okay?

- Yeah.
- Good.

- What did you see?
- You ending my life.

- Try it again.

- What did you see?

- Try it again.

- I can swim better than anyone.

And I'm only 11.

- Let's get out of here.

- Three four, shut the door.

Five six, pick up sticks.

- Other than the fact it's
the most disturbing thing

I have ever done?

- It's not that bad.

- Oh very cool.

In fact, fucking amazing.

- I'm hungry.

- Yo, come on guys!

Check it out!

Hurry up!

You're mad slow.

Come on.

Smells like dog food.

- Tastes good.

- Imagine your favourite
food and take a bite.

- Shrimp tempura.

- Calamari.

- So where are we going to go?

- South.

My dad lives in Florida.

It's practically like a
different country down there.

- Can we go?

It's really cold

- I think we should just
go back to the boat.

- It's a really bad idea.

- Shhhhh.



Keep it down, okay?

I don't want her to know I am out here.

Don't you know that by now?

- We gotta go.

We gotta get going now.

- Help me.

Would you do that?

- Yeah.
- I have tremors.

You ever seen a tremor?


I'm down to one, one before dinner.

- Stop moving please.

- There you go.

Thank you very much, I appreciate that.

- You're welcome.

We should get going.

- Oh yeah?

Well if you gotta go, you gotta go.

Hey listen let me ask you a question.

I'm down to one right
before dinner, you know?

Hey hey hey!

Come on.

What's going on?

Are you running from something?

Are you running away from something?

- No we're just taking a walk.

- Can I come?

Can I?

- Well, you're kind of old.

- Kind of old?

Who are you kids?

- We're renegades and outlaws.

- Well, if you want to
stay with me, you can.

That's if she'll have you,

if she'll have you.

- That's very sweet.

Thank you.

- And that's if you are hungry.

- I'm hungry.
- Me too.

- Yeah?

You like tuna casserole?

- Yeah.
- You do?

Help me up.

I'm down to one.

Don't tell her you gotta do me that favour.

- I'm not going to tell her.
- No.

- You won't say anything either?

- I won't say anything.
- You won't say a word.

Follow me!



Come on, come on.

- What have you brought me now?

- We have company.

- Hi, ma'am.

- Did my husband
promise you some food?

- Mm-hmm.

Tuna casserole.

- Well, wash up, help yourselves
to a plate and have a seat.

Wash them clean now.

- We eat fast, okay?

- Okay.

- All right now.

Be careful, take your time.

You don't want to get
sick, there's plenty here.

- It's so good.
- This food is great.

- Well I'm glad you're enjoying it.

- Delicious.

- So are you kids from the park?

- No, we're just passing through.

- Oh, passing through?

- Yeah, they're outlaws.
- And gangsters.

- Heavens, imagine that.

- And soon I'll be joining them.


- Yeah.

- Well, you be my guest,

but if you get caught, |
won't be there to get you out.

- We don't get caught.

- Oh.

So so your parents know you are outlaws?

- My dad's in the
hospital, getting better.

- Oh he's sick?
- He drinks a lot.

- This is great food Louise, thank you.

- Thank you.

I don't believe I know your name?

- Billy.

My name is Billy.

- With a name like
that I bet you sing, huh?

- A little bit.

- That is a big deal, you know?

That is a big deal.

- Yes it is.

Have you been smoking again, sweetheart?

- Why do you ask me?

- He didn't smoke.

He wasn't smoking.

- Somebody was smoking.

That smells little like smoke over here.

- Well I was outside.
- Okay.


- Hold on for a second.

I think I am about to bust a gut.

I'm really stuffed.

- I told you that her tuna
casserole was the best.

Didn't |1?

- It's really good.

- When you're hungry,
it really tastes good too,

doesn't it?

- Yes.

- Thank you so much, it's great.

- You're very welcome.

- You know, when I am done
we really have to get going.

- Well if you want to leave, that's okay.

But I think I'd like to
take Billy in the back

and let's do something
fun with your hair, okay?

We're going to have some fun.

Yeah, okay.

Children are such magic.

Then they grow into little miracles.

Then they become people all on their own.


To let our child go.

I never had a daughter.

But if I did, I bet she'd
be pretty just like you.

- They were kind
of lonely and sweet.

I think they wanted us to stay.

It felt kind of like home.

They let us stay the night
in their son's camper.

- You guys sleep tight.

Tomorrow, we'll have some fun, okay?


- When I'm an adult I want one of these.

- We have to leave really early tomorrow.

- Why can't we stay?

- Don't you want to go to Florida?

- No.

- You really want to leave tomorrow?

- Fuck yeah, this place is a dump.

You guys don't want to leave?

I have to leave.

I killed someone.

- Billy, what happens to
kids that kill people?

- I don't know, Nico.

You're fine.

- I killed him, Billy.
- Nico, no, you didn't.

You're fine.

He's probably fine.

- I can tell the
police that I killed him.

- Nico, it was self defence, you're fine.

- I don't want to be a gangster anymore.

- Close your eyes.

Don't worry.

- I'm sorry I got pissed at you.

- We can go with you.

- You don't have to.

- We're blood brothers, right?

- No surrender.

They turned us in.

The police are here.

- Hey!

What are you doing?

- Just tell them I'm the one who did it.

- No.

Wait, stop!

Where are you going?

- Billy!

- Are you okay?

- It's gonna be all right.

Billie must have made sure

that the bullet did not
hit any major arteries.

The doctor said

that it was a miracle that he made it.

The police said that it was an accident,

even though he was shot from behind.

It was like Malik was asleep.

He couldn't remember me and Nico.

Dad came home and he was okay.

He was happy.

- I had some time on my hands.

- I wonder where he was now.

I wonder if he was scared.

Or maybe he was floating.

- Can someone turn to page 25

and tell me what it says?

- Beaux didn't die,

but they say he can't put
words together very well.

Mum forgave us.

She said Beaux was like a bad dream.

And when she woke up, she was a lot nicer.