Sweet Taste of Souls (2020) - full transcript

When four struggling band members stop at a lonely roadside cafe for a slice of pie they find themselves imprisoned in the deranged cafe owners bizarre art collection and must battle a sinister force with an appetite for souls.

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- Don't eat too fast.

You'll get sick.



Oh, what an angel, princess.

It's Sunday.

- Hello.


Someone, please.

- I wouldn't be so
perky right now if I were you.

Chop, chop.

It was an accident.

No, I was paying attention.

Not my fault.

Not this time.

I wonder how long he was working on that.

They were so, so happy.

He should have said something.

You think he just wanted exercise

because of all that sitting around?

Don't laugh at me, please.

It's not funny.

I don't like punishing him.

For goodness sakes.

- You good, bro?

- We're totally fucked
about the mini Z's, Nate.

- Nobody forgot the amps, Kyle.

You just don't like the new 310s.

- The real issue is driving for 11 hours

for a three hour set
at a pancake festival.

- Look, I'm trying to do something.

The Bonnie 10 international
pancake festival

is a hot bed for music producers.

Everybody fucking knows that.

- Nobody knows that.

- Tell your girlfriend
to shut the fuck up.

- I'm not his girlfriend.

- Children, please.

I don't want to listen to this
for another 180 miles okay.

I'm gonna like fucking puke.

Just be quiet.

- You know, you can feel calm
in the midst of like anything.

The war, whatever.

All you have to do is find that place.

I'm serious.

Like find that place in yourself.

Take three deep breaths like
from your diaphragm in and out.

- He seriously has no idea

how much he bores the shit out of people.

- Yeah.

He's always been like that.

Easier to think than do.

Isn't that right, pup?

- Just trying to help.

- Fucks he even talking about?

What is this?

Wendy, I thought you were navigating.

- You got a turn coming

in like 20 miles or something.

- Where?

- It's like 20 miles up.

- This isn't even working.

How do you know?

- 'Cause I'm checking it on mine.

Just put it back and pay attention.

- Niche.


- It's ideas for a song so.

There's a moment, you know,

when you pick to do the right
thing or the wrong thing.

There's consequences to all our actions.

Right things.

Wrong things.

- I like that.

- Oh, Christ sake.

You guys are killing
me with that sad shit.

- You assholes keep
forgetting whose band this is.

Nate, did you manage
to record any of that?

- Yeah, most of it.

- Most of it.

- Why do you have to be suck a dick?

- You got something you
want to say, princess?

- Nothing you'd understand.

- Dude.
- Kyle.

- What are you doing?

Are you fucking kidding me right now?

- Stop.

- Are you serious right now?

- You're gonna
protect your girlfriend?

- She's not my fucking girl.

What the fuck are you doing?

Get away from her.

- What?

What are you gonna do about it, Pup?

- Stop fucking calling me that.

- Yeah.

What are you gonna do about it?

What are you gonna fucking do about it?

- I'm not.

Are you kidding me? - Yeah.

- Are we really doing this?

- What?

- Are we really doing this?

- We're doing this.

- What are they doing?

- Probably venting
testosterone in preparation

for the next pee break most likely.

Did Nate really find you at a bus stop?

You were running away, weren't you?

It's fine.

You don't have to answer.

I guess we're all running
away from something.

Do you usually come up with lyrics

off the top of your head
like that all the time or?

- No, they just kind of
pop into my head and.

- Well, I'm tired.

You know I'm tired of waking up

to the stench of flat fucking broke,

but I can tell you're different.

Things are gonna be a
little different with you.

When they were in high school,

some snot nosed kid
moved into town, right.

His name was Archibald Carmichael Butt.

I mean seriously, what kind of
sorry ass name is that right?

Anyway, this kid like latches onto Nate

and Nate has a thing for losers,

which I don't mean any
offense to you at all.

But he ends up taking
this kid down to the beach

to ride like boogie boards to
surf and some shit like that.

The kid gets swept up in the surf.

He's screaming, right.

So Kyle comes running out.

- Nate, what are you doing?

Come on.

- But Nate just stands there

and like watches this kid fucking drown.

Kyle ended up busting his leg.

- Ah.


- Stupid kid ended up drowning anyway.

- Nate.

- Yeah, but that was like a long time ago.

I mean, surely Kyle can't blame Nate for-

- Can't?
- Something that.

- Can't is a strong word.

You know.

Fact is they don't make
football scholarships for gimps.

- Stop calling me that.


Fuck away from me, bro.

Do you feel better now?

- I would if you fought back,

- I thought you-

- You thought what?

That I was gonna hit her?

- Yeah.
- Come on, Nate.

I didn't mean anything by it.

- Are you fucking serious?

Fucking disgusting.

- You know, you should
really make your move on her

unless you want me to warm it up for you.

- Just this one.
- What?

- Leave her alone, man, come on.

- Come on, dude.

I'm not gonna break the bro code.

Not with a chick like that.

Let's get the hell out of here.

- I'm not Patrick.

I'm not Patrick.

I'm not Patrick.

- You don't see that every day.

- Maybe he needs help.

- Probably just some redneck
snorted too much weed killer.

- It's the middle of
nowhere out here, bro.

Maybe we should help him.

- Come on, let's go.

Come on, get in the van.

Come on, dude, get in the van.

- What was that about?

- I have no idea.

We should probably get
the fuck out of here.

- Please quickly.

- There's gotta be
somewhere to eat too, right?

- We've already stopped like 15 times.

- My blood sugar's low.

All right?

- All right.

- You know how much you upset me

when you disrespect me, Patrick.

- Mrs. Hellstrom, please-

- Did you think I wouldn't find out

about your little Hawaii trip?

Think I can't read an Amex receipt?

- I keep telling you.

I'm not your husband.

My name is Tucker Wilds.

I have two little girls.

My wife knows where I am.

She'll call the police.

- I'm your wife, Patrick.

That was a neat little trick.

No one's ever done that before.

Don't worry, I still love you.

I'll always love you.

That's how we differ, Patrick.

I keep my promises.

- Where are we?

- Angel Falls.

- This is fucking it?

One strip.

- It's definitely a yeehaw town.

- What the hell, man?

- Just fucking around with it.


- Don't touch my shit.


- Jesus, I need a break.

Yo, that guy was seriously fucked up.

- Oh, come on, man.

- Something
fucked up about that guy.

- Let's just keep going.

Why are we gonna stop again?

- Yeah, because
I'm fucking hungry, dude.

- There may be something
small up the road up there.

- Perfect.

How 'bout some pie?

- Oh, fuck me.

How 'bout we don't stop?

- How 'bout I'm starving.

- It's amazing how you find pie

in the middle of nowhere.

- Bum fuck pie.

It'll do.

- Dude, come on.

- Kyle, this isn't open.

- It's not open.

- The lights are on.

- They're probably
cleaning up, man.

- All right, well let's
get them before they close.

- Fucking really wanna be that guy?

They'll spit split our food.

- Dude, I'll make sure they
don't spit in our food.

I'll spit in your food.

- Whatever, dude.

- Just get out
of the car, all right.

- Just fucking take your insulin.

- Whoa, watch
your step there, tiger.

- Yeah, watch out for that.

- Let's just go.

It's closed.

- Well, you can stay in the car, princess.

- Relax, man, all right.

- It's open.

Shouldn't have left the door open

if you didn't want any customers.


- Kyle, I don't know about this, man.

- Just sit down, Nate.

The door was open.

- Yeah, dude, a tip.

Just because the door is open somewhere,

doesn't mean you should walk the freak in.

- Just relax, okay.

It's fine.

- It's not fine.

There's no one here and this
place makes Lily nervous so.

- Yeah, well air makes Lily nervous.

Isn't that right, sweetheart?

What's going on inside that
little brain of yours, huh?

You're just not gonna say anything?

- Come on, are you serious?

What the hell was that?

- Whoa.

I'm just messing.

- God.

- Hey, kitchen's closed.

- Your door was open
and the lights were on

and we've been driving all night.

Surprise for our grandmother's birthday.

Lonely 98 year old.

Can we just get a bite to eat?

- Handsome couples.

Look like models.

- Or just a couple of cups
of coffee would be fine.

- To go.

- Should be telling
people where you're going

in case something happens.

People disappear and they
won't know where to find you.

World full of crazies.

- Wouldn't be much of a
surprise then, would it?

How 'bout some menus?

- All right.

- Grandmother?
- What?

- Really?

- It worked.

- You really want to eat here, bro?

- Bro, I'm fucking starving.

- I know.

- Shut up, she's coming.

- Thank you.

Does everything have cherries on it?

- We got that burger.

- Grill's closed.

- All right, look, look.

If the grill's closed,
then we should just leave.

- How 'bout a piece of my warm cheery pie?

Right from the oven.

My cherry pie won state fair four times

and I seem to have an
inventory of surplus.


It's free.

- I would like some of your cherry pie.

- Well, why don't I make
you some coffee with that.

- Still got it.

- You are a pervert.

- What?

Old gals know what they want.

- Ladies room?

- Sounds good.

- Yeah.

- I wish you wouldn't talk
like that in front of her.

- Fuck that.

What do you see in her?

- She's cool.

- Cool.

- She's genuine.

- She's insane.

- There's no TP.

Thank you.

Hey, can I ask you something?

- Yeah, sure.

- Kyle doesn't seem to be you're...

Like you're-

- Not my type.

- Yeah.

- Well, I mean, I can say
that he's good with his hands.

Got stamina.

And something to prove so.

He's like exactly my type.

- You know, he's not the
bully he pretends to be.

He really loves Nate.

- I thought you hated Kyle.

- What gave you that idea?

- Really?


Can I ask you something then?

- Sure.

- What do you feel about Nate?

- Eh.

Oh, come on.

Don't give me that.

You notice every time he
gives you those puppy eyes,

which is like all the time.

- I barely know him.

- Whatever.

- Hey, thanks for letting
me into the group.

It was really awesome of you.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

- Freak.

- Cobwebs have a nice touch.

- 'Til death do us part.

- A study in love.

- World renowned photographer.

- Okay.

We'll accept that.

- In love.

These are awful.

- Don't hold back.

- What do they know?


- Wow.

All right, if you're talented,

you should have your work in a gallery.

I mean in a real gallery, not like this.

Or you know, maybe your own tattoo parlor.

- She thinks she's good at these.

She's really not.

It's sad.

- What is it about you?

- What?

- Sorry.

I just, sorry.

- Nate, I'm not who you think I am.


- Okay.


- It's really-

- Well, I think that would
depend on who I think you are.


- Yeah.

- I think you're a good
person with a kind heart

who's had a rough time.

Just needs to find someone who.

Someone who you can trust, you know.

Someone who will love you.

- What?

- Nothing.


They won a surfing competition
wearing street clothes?

- Yeah, they don't really look
happy about winning either.

- So granny's batshit crazy.

- Read my lips.

Free pie.

- And that little stray
of Nate's is whacked, too.

I'm not sure what he sees in her.

At least we know he's not gay.

- Shut up.

All right.

- Here we go.

Pie to die for.

- Ready to go?

- Pie to die for.

- Yo Nate, we're out of here.

- Quick, I got a signal.

Escape selfie.

Oh, come on.

We're sisters now, babe.

Let's go.

Ready, okay.

One, two.


Oh my God.

It's adorable.


- Hey.

- Sorry.

- Leave that alone.

Get out.

Get out.

Get out.

Get the hell out of here.

- I can't.

I can't.

- For God's sake,
gotta hurry up, man.

- No, no.

Oh my God.

- Ugh.



- Get in the car, dude.

What the fuck was that, Nate?

- What did you guys do?

- Your boyfriend set off

a nuclear bitch bomb is what happened.

- He's not my boyfriend.

- Those people in the photo, they fell.

It looked like they were fucking moving.

- They were what?



- Well, I would like your cherry pie.

- Yeah, that's probably
what set her off, dude.

- Let's just get out here.

- Yeah, let's get the fuck out of here.

- She's coming.

She's coming.

- Oh my God.

Oh my God.

- What have you done now?

Another accident?

- I liked them.

They always did what they were told.

- Ellinore, they
only do what they wanna do.

You can't trust them.

You're going to have to take care of them.

Like the kittens.

- They were nice.

I liked you.

I liked all of you.

But I'm sorry I can't
take care of you anymore.

- Aw, you know
what you have to do.

You know what you have to do.

- But I liked them.

- Ellinore, you
know what you have to do.

- Ellinore, you
know what you have to do.

- Oh my God, water.

- For God's sake,
what do you want from us?

- She's gonna drown us.

- No, no, no.

- Oh Jesus Christ.

- The calendar.


- Nathaniel.

It's all Nathaniel's fault.

A piece of pie on the road.

- The gallery
is no longer balanced.

You can't leave it like that.

Mind your temper.

You make mistakes when
you lose your temper.

You get sloppy.

You get messy.

- I love you, Dad.

- Shut her up.

- Shut up.

- It's coming up here soon.

- You said that like 10 miles ago.

- There's no satellite.

What do you want me to do?

- I don't know.

How 'bout that pie at least?

Fucking frozen pie.

- Jesus.

- Dude, just take it down a notch.

- You wanna fucking drive?

- Do you have to say
fuck every other word?

Can you please slow down?

- Yeah, where's the next bus stop?

- Quit being such a dick, bro.

- Jesus.


Oh, come on, guys.

- Do something.

Hit me, Nate.

Come on, hit me.

What the fuck's wrong with you?

Hit me.

There he is.

There he is.

- Should we take out a ruler

and make it official, gentlemen?

- Get in the front.

I'm driving.

- Oh now you wanna drive?

- He hit you in the face.

- It's about time, right?

- No problem.

These will work just fine.

- Yay, cell service.

- Woo.

Let's do this.

- All right, you're gonna
wanna take a left after.

- Am I dead?

Did we crash and die?

- Where the hell are we?

- We're not dead.

Fuck me, we're trapped.

- Trapped?

- No, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no.

- Okay, I know this is a dream,
but God this feels so real.

Crazy lady from the pie shop.

Why is she in my dream? - Hey.

Hey, get us out of here.

- Hey.

- Maybe she doesn't see us.

- She sees us.

- She doesn't care.

- Where's she taking us to?

- What the fuck does it matter?

We gotta get outta here.

Remember us?

You gave us some pie.

Where are we going?

- My head.

- Are you okay?

- Jesus.

Look where we are.

I mean really, Nate?

What the fuck?

This is all your fault.

- Free pie, asshole.

- Hey, you're the one
who broke the picture.

- Okay, let's just figure
out a way to get out of here

while I'm still asleep
because if I wake up

and this shit is real, I can't do this.

- That's a long way down.

- Hey, what's wrong with her?

- She's not good with confined spaces.

Just leave her alone, okay.

- What's that?

Like agoraphobia?

- Yeah, I'm allergic to plants, moron.

- Well it's probably a phobia.

- Claustrophobia.

- You got something you
want to say, orphan weirdo?

- Hey.

- Get the fuck away from me.

- Bro, the ceiling.

- You're right.

- Can you get up there?

- Do it, Kyle.

- All right, get me up.

Get me up.

- What's it feel like?


- It's like freaking cement.

- Fuck.

- Bro, you have to say
fuck every other word.

Jesus, we get the picture.

- Get the picture.

That's funny.

- All right.

Anybody have a phone?

- Fuck, mine's on the dashboard.

- Oh my gosh.

I have mine.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Anything?
- Yeah.

Fuck, no service.

- It's okay.

It's okay.

Mine's in the car.

- Mine's plugged in
the charger in the van.

- You got anything useful in there?

Fuck, come on.

- Please, just.


- Nate.

No pen knife?

Really a spoon?

- This is my lucky spoon, Kyle.

- Yeah, well let me.

- What are you gonna do with that?

- I don't know.

Come on.

- Give me that.

- Fuck.

- Come on.

- Hey, hey.

Nate, get up, get up, get up.

There's other people, come here.

- You're not going to hear us,
but you look like nice folks.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Hey.

You guys get up.

Get up, there's other people.



- Sorry your lives just went to shit.

- They're saying something.

What are they saying?

- I don't know.

You know sign language?

- What is that?

- And you said sign language class

was going to be a waste of money.

- Fuck you doing on my phone?

- What are you doing, Kyle?

- Yeah, tell 'em we're in distress.

That's really gonna help.

- What?

You think they know fucking sign language?

- What, you think they
know fucking morse code?

- All right, all right.

Let's just try something else, okay.

Let's put our bodies into letters

like they do when they're stranded, okay.

Help me make an H.

- Okay.

- H.

- Get off me.

Sorry. - Sorry.

- I.



Hi, guys.
- I don't fucking know.

- That's an H, yeah.


Yeah I.

- Okay, just let's figure
out something else.

- Let's ask about escaping.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Or at least let's find out

how long they've been stuck in there.

- We don't want to know that.

- I think we need to know.

Come on.

- All right.
- H.

- Okay, what is this?

- How?

- They don't want to know.

- They have to know.

Come on.

- 20.

20 what?

Days, weeks?

- No.


- Shit.

- Anybody have to pee?



Blood sugar level?

- I'm not hungry.

Why am I not hungry?

- What does that mean?

- It means they're all young like us.

- Yeah, but what the fuck does that mean?

- It means that if they haven't aged

and they've been in there for 20 years,

they're stuck in time, bro.

- Wait, wait.

So the same thing's gonna happen to us?

- Same thing did happen to us.

Look where we are.

- We're a part of a collection, you guys.

- What are we animals in a cage?

She collects people?

- She's an artist.

She fancies herself an artist.

- How do you know that, Lily?

- Because I know, Wendy.

- Great.

- God, she's not gonna
let us out of here, is she?

- No.

No, she's not.

- She's coming.

She's coming.

- Come on, we better stand up

and get in position like they are.

Grab a surfboard.

- That was for your own good, Patrick.

Are you gonna behave now?

- I got it.
- Please.

- I got it.
- Lily.

Oh Lily, you really
shouldn't have done that.

- Whoa.

- Sorry.

Little temper problem.

Everybody okay?

- Get her now
or she'll never learn.

- Wendy, Wendy.


Wendy, look at me.

Look at me.

- It's gonna be okay.

- It's gonna be okay, Wendy, I promise.

I promise, Wendy.

- You gotta take deep breaths, okay.

It's just gonna make
it worse if you don't.

- It's okay.

It's okay.

- Kyle.


Doesn't that look like the guy?

Where's Lily?

Where's Lily?

- I don't know.

- Lily.

- No.

- What do you think?


- Well her
father used to lock her

in a chest in the barn.

She's always been bad.

- Coffin then.

Apparently, you've always been bad.

Knock, knock.

- No, please.

Please let me out.

Please send me back to them.

I'm sorry.


- I liked you.

- Please don't.

- I really liked you.

We were the same.

Both artists.

- She mocked you.

- She did.

It's a shame.

Just a shame.

- You fucking bitch.

Let me out.

- By the way, your new friends.

Your so called new family,
they don't even like you.

They pity you.

Everyone's always pitied you,

except for that sad sack Natey Nate.

He has a little crush on you.

- Shut up.

- How do I know?

Little birdie told me.

- I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.


- You think you're so good at love.

You're not really.

This is it.

- Is that gonna happen to us all?

Like I mean is she gonna disappear us all?

- Lily antagonized her.

I mean, you can't
antagonize deranged people.

- No shit.

Thanks, Dr. Phil.

- Why are you defending her?

- I'm not.

Not defending her.

I just. - You are.

- Look, guys.

We gotta keep our cool, okay,

or else we'll never get out of here.

The only way is if we
stay calm and figure out

what the hell we're up
against 'cause I have no idea.

- Yeah, but Lily still can be all right.

- Lily.

What about us?

Our big fucking break.

- Fucking cherry pie.

- Wait.

Wait, wait.

Lily and I took a selfie.

- You did?

You had a signal.

- Yeah, it was right outside that door.

It was just for a minute and
then I posted it to Instagram.

- Okay, cool.


What's the name of this place?

- I don't know.

- It's the world famous.

- Fucking cherry pie.

I don't know.

- Ah.

Oh, fuck.

That fucking bitch.

I'm gonna kill you.

- Don't think like her, okay.

Don't ever think like her.

That's what evil wants.

That's what it always wants.

It wants a way in.

That's how it separates
you from your soul.

Don't let it.


Yes, we're gonna get out.

Somehow, I promise.

- Dispatch, this is rescue.


- Go rescue.

This is dispatch.


- Dispatch, this is rescue.

So we just finished our training

and I think we got an abandoned vehicle.


- We're one.

Go to three over.

- Roger that.

I'll go to three.

Dispatch, this is rescue on three.


- Okay rescue, this is dispatch.

Send your traffic over.

- Dispatch, I
got an abandoned vehicle

on northbound Old Grove
Road near our training site.


- Okay, what's the description?


- It's a blue villa.

Cali plates.

Six until Yankee two two niner.


- Okay, I'll get Phil up there

to take a better look at it.

He's away from his radio at
the moment, so I'll call him.


- Roger that.

Rescue out.

- Yeah.

Yeah, I'm on my way.

- No, we got about 45 minutes.

Phil patrols the gentleman's
club in Padinsky on Mondays.


I don't know what I'd do with it.

Just thanks, Barn, all right.

- Yo, Sidney.

- Can you tap the
tank under the chassis?

See if there's any gas in there.

- Yeah sure.

- Thanks for coming.

- Again.

No skid marks.

No sign of struggle.

Heart attack?

- And they walked away?

- Stolen?

- It's abandoned.

It's got gas in it.

You chase up these kids on social media.

I'll text you a copy of the registration.

Find out who they were.


Who they are.

- One of your disappearance?

Chris had just ran away, Sid.

She was always running away.

These here kids got
drunk, ran off the road,

and went for a wander.

- Musicians.

They wouldn't willingly leave
their gear with the door open.

And their gear is missing.

Glove box is open.

Rifled through.

Keys were left in the ignition.

Four half drunk sodas.

No, four kids got disappeared

right out of the middle
of this goddamn road.

Same as before.

Same as Chris.

- Or maybe these kids went
back to pick up their gear.

Three of them are screwing in the back.

Driver got distracted.


Walked away to get help.

- Humor me, will ya?

Last time.

- Last time was the last time.

- She always came back.

- That she did.

- Oh, our music was
supposed to set us free.

Supposed to be our big break.

Our big pancake break.

We should've known.

- It's been what like a week?

- Yeah.

- How long you think it'll take

for someone to find out where we are?

- It's been six days, bro.

- Six?

- Six days?

- That's it.

- No, it's been a week.

- No way 'cause Sunday
was the day we got here.

That was fucking cherry pie day.


I don't even think we even see her.

Tuesday you realized we can't play cops

and robbers in a space
like four feet wide.

- We still can.

- Wednesday.

Wednesday you guys had the argument

about whether it was
cunnilingus or cuntalingus.

- Cunnilingus.
- Cuntalingus.

It's cuntalingus.

- It's not.

And yesterday you had
the brilliant epiphany

about how yellow mustard is
somehow holding back hotdogs.

- It's blue.

It's blue.

Mark my words.

That's a goldmine.

A goldmine.

- And speaking of goldmines, guys,

like I was totally planning

on buying a new porch with my pancakes.

- I was thinking about getting
me a three bedroom ranch.

- What?

- Yeah.

- You can put cows and everything.

- With cattle and pigs
and roosters and sheep.


And pigs.

- You said pigs already.

- I did, yeah.

- Yeah.

Yeah, like what about llamas?

I heard there was really
good money in llamas.

- They spit.

- That's camels.

- Llamas.
- Camels.

- Llamas.
- Isn't that camels?

- How the hell you guys
can sit here arguing

about llamas and camels when Lily's gone

and we're trapped in
this freaking photograph.

- Jesus, Nate.

You take yourself so serious.

And I thought Kyle was the
devoid of fucking humor.

- Hey.



- Oh late today, Ray.

- Now, now, Ellie.

Don't be coy.

You know why I'm here.

Only thing that's gonna work this time

is if the restrooms
all have soap and paper

and there ain't no
trash under them tables.

- Looky here, Ray.

You know I'm the only one here.

How's a single gal supposed to manage

without a strong man around?

- My hands are tied, Ellie.

- I got a fresh cherry pie
right out of the oven, Raymond.


Besides, I got myself a new hire.

He'll take care of all
those details for me.

- You really found someone to work here?

- Would I lie to you, Raymond?

My luck is changing.

I can feel it.

You'd be surprised at all the lucky things

that just keep happening around
here for me all magic like.

- Lucky, huh?

Oh heck, I guess I can lose
these papers for one more week.

- Thank you.

You know, I've been lucky
since I was a little girl.

Coffee, black, no sugar.

- Right.

Mm mm mm mm mm.


No man in his right mind
would leave a woman like you.

What a God given talent for pie.

- Patrick never really liked my pie.

- But not that it's any of my business,

but he'll be back when
he comes to his senses.

Tail between his legs.

What's up?

- Another goddamned abandoned vehicle.

I thought we were done with all that crap.

Captain's all hot.

Like I got time to go pulling
over every out of state plate.

Hey, could you make that to go, hun?

- Sure.

- There's something mighty sinful

in that woman's cherry pie.

- My thoughts can get a ticket
racing around those curves.

- Jail time.

Hey Ellie, you seen any strange
kids in the last few days?

- Stranger than the men around here?

- Two girls, pair of boys.


This would be about a week ago.

- Can't say I have.

- A van turned up empty
just North of town.

Had one of your pie boxes in the back.

- Folks they come, they go.

My memory's not like it used to be.

It's been tough on me running this place

all alone since Patrick left.

- This help?

- Come on, Ellie.

I warned you about that animal
in this eating establishment.

You trying to get me fired?

What's up with that damn cat?

- She's possessed.

- Well, time to get back to work.

- This is a different picture?

- By golly, Ray.

Wouldn't believe the effort I put

into keeping these exhibits fresh

and not a single soul has ever noticed.

- Yeah, just like those
big time art museums.

- Yes.

I try to keep things
interesting around here.

- Well, some of us appreciate
your talent, Ellie.

- Oh.

- Hey.

Gotta be shitting me.

- He was right there.

- No one's ever gonna notice us.

- Fuck.

- What do you want?

We're closed.

- Yeah, but I mean the signs says-

- Help wanted, yeah.

- Excuse me, ma'am I just wanted to-

- Look, do you want the job or not?

Can't you see I'm busy with customers?

I'll get you a broom.

You sweep, don't you?

Don't come begging here
if you don't sweep.

What are you looking at?

- Just reading the sign here, ma'am.

World renowned photographer.

This would be your work?

I don't often see this kind of talent.

Not in these here parts.

- Oh, well I'm a natural talent.

- Well, talent like this,

well that would be quite rare, ma'am.

- Thank you.


- Wouldn't presume the same, ma'am.

- Can't you see that that's a marriage?

The way a marriage is supposed to be.


- Well, no fine women ever
had no interest in me, ma'am,

so I couldn't rightly say about marriage,

but I'm mighty grateful
for the job though.

- Well, come back later.


Won't have you scaring off my customers.

You know how to mop, don't you?

- Sure do and thank you kindly.

- Yeah, sure.

- Sid, your door's unlocked.

- Credit cards from
one of the girls purses

was used to buy cigarettes

and diapers at the Walmart in Jamesburg.

Local meth head said the van
was empty when they got there.

How'd you do?

- I followed the Instagram lead.

Pie shop, Angel Falls.

Met the old bag who runs the place.

Elle's Country Kitchen.

- She's seen the kids?

They must've stopped in there.

- Well, funny that I was gonna ask her.

Maybe they stopped in.

You know, maybe they got hungry.

- Yeah, maybe they got hungry.

- But before I could say bodiddly,

she hires me to clean the place.

- What?

- This gal is Looney Tunes.

I mean, she is coo coo for
cocoa puffs certifiable.

- You think she knows something?

- Oh yeah, she knows something.

We had a long talk.

- About the kids?

- No, about sweeping.

I didn't get a good look.

She's watching me like a hawk,

but there's a photo
hanging there on the wall

of a bunch of surfers
looking like your van kids.

Going back to mop.

- What?

- She hired me to mop.

- You want me to come with you?

Mopping's kind of technical.

- Don't want to tip her off.

She's hiding something, okay.

What about the missing
musical instruments?

- I got a couple of calls
into some pawn shops.

Expecting a call any minute.

Something will turn up.

- Always does.

- Always does.

Hey, Barn.

- Yeah.

- It's a little dusty.

- Now you know where you
can stick that finger.

- Trash needs emptying, too.

- Yeah, sure.

- No one's ever gonna notice us

when we can't move when anyone's here,

except for that stupid mad cow.

I mean, God, like what's
the point of this?

What is this place?

Who the hell is she?

- What is she?

Oh shit.

- What's that?

What do you got?

- We can't move, right?

But this stuff can.

So I don't know.

Why don't we?

Why don't we move stuff around

and try to get a message to the outside?

- Yeah okay, Nate.

Then what happens if Ellinore sees it?

- What if she does?

- You saw what she did to Lily.

- What if she let them go?

- God, you really are stupid sometimes.

- I'm not stupid but I-

- All right, all right.

Look, we're not staying
here for 20 years, okay.

We gotta try something.

- Okay, say we do get out, Nate.

Then what?

Are we gonna get back to normal size?

- Bro.

Recognize him?

- Is that the weed killer dude?

- Yeah.

- He got out somehow.

So can we.

Dude, come on, we gotta try something.

- All right.

- Hold it.

- Take it all the way,
take it all the way.

- Okay, okay.

Got it?

- Yeah.

What do you wanna spell?

- What can we spell?


That's an H.

- There's an E.

L right here.

You see a P?

- We got it.

Okay, okay, okay.

- Here, here, here.

Does it work?

- Yes.

Where's L?

Where's L?

Guys hurry up, come on.

Is anybody watching?

Is she going by?

- Hey.

No, because I'm already here.


Her husband?

When was this?

Well, maybe he ran off with somebody else.

Somebody normal.

Sid, look, I'm just gonna mop on over

to the photo on the wall.

Take a picture of it and mop on out.

I mean, what's the worst
thing that could happen?

Okay, I will call you after
my chores are done, Mom.

- Ah.

- Pick up, Barn, come on.

- He's laughing at you.

He's always laughed at you.

- Look at me when I'm talking to you.

Why on earth do you need a digital camera?

- Patrick?


- Are you deaf?

I'm asking you.

Why do you need a digital camera?

Since when have you ever had any talent?

- Of course I have talent.

My pie.

My cherry pie won state fair four times.

Everyone loves my pie.

- Oh you mean Nana's cherry pie?

You stupid cow.

You stupid cow.

When are you gonna have time?


You can't even keep this place clean.

- Look, I just.

I need something.

An outlet.

All I do is I cook.

I clean.

I serve customers.

- Yeah, what?

What customers?

What is it you exactly
do here all day, hm?

I mean, you sure as hell
not keeping yourself up.

That's for sure.

I mean, a goddamn monkey
can do a better job

at keeping this place up.


- Don't pick up after that slob.

You're not his dog.

You do all the work around here.

He sits around all day,
jerking off and drinking beer.

- Maybe.

Maybe you can help sometimes.

- Help?

Who do you think makes the money

to pay for this little disaster here?

I mean, do you think I like
driving around selling tractors

to these redneck retards?

Jesus Christ, Ellinore.

What the hell are you looking at?



Going psycho again.

- I know about your little whores.

- What has gotten into you, huh?

- Stop it.

Let go of me.

- Don't let him manhandle you.

- Get away from me.

Why are you doing this to me?

- Hey, hey.

You made me hit you.

You know how I get when you disrespect me.

You know.

It's the bird.

It all started with
the goddamn bird right?


- Stop.

Stop it.

Stop it.

Stop it.


- Maybe I should put the
miserable thing out of its misery.

- Stop it.

Stop it.



- All these redneck losers
think you're so special.

You're so pretty.

You're so nice.

You're so sexy.

You're not better than me.

You make me sick.

You're disgusting.

Bye, bye, birdie.

You stupid cow.

You're disgusting.

You make me sick.

You make me sick.

You make me sick.

You make me sick.



- He was ugly before.

He's beautiful now.

You have a rare gift.

Master the pain, Ellinore.

The art of punishment is transformational.

If you capture your creations,
you can keep them forever.

It's easy.

I'll teach you.

- I guess you're not really Patrick.

He seems to be dead.

- You've come
a long way, Ellinore.

You don't need to keep them anymore.

Any of them.

- Let me out.

Let me out.

Let me out here.

- I'm sick and tired of this.

Do something.

Either do something or kill me.

Kill me now.

- Please, please, I won't tell anyone.

I just wanna go home.

Please come on.

- You know what you have to do.

- Come on, Dad.

Would you just chill?

I'm going to Kelly's to get a book.

I'm coming right back.

I promise.

What's the worst that can happen?

- Fuck.

- Jesus Christ.

- Fuck.

- Dude, can you calm down?

- Don't tell me to calm down, Nate.

This is all your fucking
fault, you coward.

- Yeah, well why don't I
blame my whole fucking life

on my brother like you, you fucking loser?

- Fuck you.

- Yeah, I was scared, okay.

I was fucking 15 years
old, you piece of shit,

but if I could, I'd do it again.

Then you'd have your fucking NFL career.

Your 10 block that's wise

and all your other stupid fucking shit.

You all right, bro?

- I never fucking liked football anyway.

- Hey.

Hey guys, you moved us.

You guys moved us.

Your little tangle moved us, look.

- Hey, she's right.

What do we do?

Let's do something.

- Let's jump on three.

- Yeah, all right.

Everybody jump on three.

- You ready?

- One, two.

- Ready?

- One, two.


- One more time.
- One more time.

- One, two.

- No.

- Who was that?

- He's probably looking for that dead guy.

- Too late.

- Oh.

- No.

- Somebody help me.

Somebody help me, please.

- Ah.

- Look at the
mess you made, Ellinore.

I'm so utterly disappointed in you.

- Shut up.




- She's fucking losing it.

- Cat.

- Oh, don't get too excited.

I got something special planned for you.

- The cat.

The cat.

Get his attention somehow.


- Oh.


- You guys, okay?

- Yeah, are you, Kyle?

You okay?

- Wendy, you all right?

- There's glass on me.

- Hey, careful.

- Oh shit.

- It worked.

Guys, come on.

- Okay.

- Let's go, let's go.

- Lift me up.

- Yeah, I got you.

- Wait, wait, wait.


- Wait, wait, wait, wait.


- What?

- There's something up there.

- Who cares, dude?

Let's get the fuck out of here.

- What if it's her?

- It doesn't matter.

- Get up there.

Nate, come on, help.

Got it?

- Yeah.

- Ah.



No, no, no.

- Nate.


- Kyle.

- I should've told you.

- Fuck.

God fucking dammit.

I love you too, bro.


- You could've just
captured him with your camera.

Then you wouldn't have to
lift him into the freezer.

You made so many mistakes.

You've been sloppy.

- Stop it.

- You've been messy.

- Messy.

- Forgetting anyone?

- Nathaniel.

It's gonna be okay.

- You need to
finish your work, Ellinore.

- Don't.





- No.

- Ah.

- Sick bitch.

- I knew there was
something fishy about him.

Don't worry.

You won't bleed out in there.

Nothing ever happens in there.

You're an artist.

You should watch.

Your punishment.

It's transformational.

- No, don't.

Please, please, don't.

I don't wanna die.


- Okay.

Come on.

- Your mother.

She knew about your stepfather.

She did.

Don't cry.

Natey Nate loves you,
but it's a good thing

for him you never had a
chance to break his heart.

You would have.

You know, you would have.

But don't worry.

I'll mix your pieces.

Yours and his.

Love and art.

What a composition.

- Nathaniel's here.

He's come for the girl.

- I have your little friend here.

She's terribly afraid.

Poor girl, she will suffer.

She told me to tell you that she loves you

and that she's really
frightened like a little kitten.

- Coward.



- Yeah, I'm scared, okay.

But if I could, I'd do it again.

- Nate.


- Psst.


It's Patrick.


Why are you doing this to me?

- Don't stop.

Don't stop.

Kill him.

Kill him.

- Stop.

- No.


- The frame.

Get the frame.

Get the frame.

Get the girl.

The girl.

- Lily, Lily.

You're gonna be.

You're gonna be back on the
road where we were, okay.

Just get off.

Don't look around.


Get off the road quick.



- Wendy.



Please stop.


- You alone?

Would you like a ride?

- You know what you gotta do.

- She killed them all.

Master the pain, Nathaniel.

It will obey.

- Is that the deal?

You offer revenge for what?

My soul.

You're not getting my soul
and I'm not afraid of you.

- Sweet little Archie.

Don't you understand?

That was for you.

Do you think she just happened
to be at that bus stop?

I gave her to you.

You owe me.

You owe me.

- Come on.

Come on.

- Stop.

- No.


No, you can't have my soul.

I won't be like you.

I am you.



There are no perfect humans.

But there's good enough.


- Nate.


What happened?

Where is she?

Where is she, Nate?

- She murdered the only person

who ever truly loved you.

You would've had a family.

That's all gone now.

She took that from you.

Master the pain, Lily.

The art of punishment.

It's transformational.

- I'll kill you.

I'll kill you.

Let me out.

Let me out.










No, no.

No, no.

You're not better than me.

- Hi, yeah.

There's been a break in.

At Elle's Country Kitchen.

- I was worried about you, hun.

- I need to see it alone.

- Well, try
not to touch anything.

- Imagine the possibilities.

You're a natural.