Sweet Talker (1991) - full transcript

A sweet-talking con man starts to turn his life around when he falls in love in this family oriented comedy.

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I want you
to go out looking good,

Harry, one of a proud breed.


Remember you're a seller.

There's not just a
salesman in the world,

but the sellers,
they're a race apart.

Remember when they used
to come up and shove

it right in our pockets, Harry?

The last of the Champions.

Come here
and give me a kiss.

let you see these before

with that bad ticker you have
got, but these are yours now,


Oh, these
are disgusting.


I'm a family man.

So that's the difference
between you and me, Harry.


You've wasted years in
here studying anatomy.


While I've been in
the library developing

the scam of the century.

Is it true, Cec?

It's all planned.

It's all on paper.

What good is it to me?

I'm just a poor
old man who's gonna

die in this stinking prison
because that rotten mongrel

of a governor won't give a
dying man a medical pardon.

You'll never see me again, pal.

That I'll do.

Are you coming
or staying, Harry?

Don't rush me.

It's a big thing leaving home.

Who's going home?

I'm gonna miss you, mate.

Don't do anything
I wouldn't do.

Cell by myself.

Come up here for me, Harry.

I'll have two for you.

Harry Reynolds, you
steal from a dying man!

Poor old Cec,
misses me already.

You thieving mongrel!

You've stolen my life's work!

Paranoid now, of course.

get you for this!

It's prime real estate.
If I sent to you an account--

- See you, Mick.
- See you, Harry.

--for the time that I've
spent seeing your client

in this human garbage dump--

is not bullshit.

I have just seen your client,
and he will not be signing

the paper giving me control.

Does this jailbird think he's
going back to selling bonds?

A Montblanc, a
driver's license,

one snapshot female porn.

Oh, great.

Mate, I could not give a
stuff about his wife and kids.

I'm a real estate developer,
not a bloody registered charity.

All right, I'll tell him.

Mr. Bostock--

act by a convicted criminal.

--taxi outside.

Look, I'll toss him a line
for a price, his signature

on the contract today.

Well, that's it, Harry.

I'm the only one
offering him money right now.

See you next time.

Maybe we'll share a cell.

No offense, just a joke, Tom.

There you go.

See you.

Hey, Harry, that's my
bloody name you signed.

That's my name.

It just looks like your name.

You for Bostock?


Oh, Bostock, Charlie Sanville.

We met last year at a convention
at the Regent, I think it was.

Hey, listen.

There's been a bit of a mix
up with the taxis, your blokes

broken down.

I thought perhaps you'd
like to share mine.

Well, I need to get away
from that scum in there.

They should castrate
the whole lot of them.

You know what I mean?

I've been seeing
a client myself.

Don't worry about
this, I'll get it.

Why wouldn't you?

It's your cab.

Yeah, right.

Fair enough 'cause you'll
be paying for everything

else, Mr. Bostock.

My hand shakes
steady and my words are sweet,

and the whole world's
lying here at my feet.

Put your trust in me.

Oh, sorry.

I rub my eyes--
- Cash or charge?


--and I
catch my breath.

I'm almost choking on
the smell of success.

Put your trust in me.

Hey, put your trust in me.

Thank you, Mr. Bostock.

Thank you.

I get careless now and then.


I won't
let you down again.


I got x-ray eyes.

And with just one
look, I can read

your future like an open book.

Put your trust in me,
put your trust in me.

There you are, Mr. Bostock.

Portuguese, early 16 century.

That's the one.

My hand shakes
steady and my words are sweet,

and the whole world's
lying here at my feet.

Put your trust in me,
put your trust in me.

Most of the travelers
don't come down here anymore.

What travelers?

You're a salesman, right?

Who's a salesman?

Have it your own way.

But I'm telling you
there's no money here.

No money?

The guts has fallen
out of the bloody place.

Why not?

How are you?


Can't seem to find
your reservation.

That's strange.

This is the Carinya
guesthouse, isn't it?


My office was supposed
to have made a booking.

I'll just have to see
what I can do for you.

Good on you.

I'll just have a wait.



Single or double?


Yeah, with a double bed.

You married?

No, but I've got
very long legs.

Double cost
more because of the mortgage.

I think maybe you ought
to get your old man.

The booking was
probably made with him.

It's a big mortgage, and
my father's in Brisbane

with his dye blonde trollop.

David, why don't
you answer me.

Mom said she had
a bum reduction job.

- Yeah?

Sorry, I was in the kitchen.

This man isn't married,
but he wants to double bed.

Is that OK?

Yes, that's OK.

And I'm sure he's not
interested in Miss

Brenda's little figure problem.

Lively one.

Uh, yes.

Well, you can have your
pick at the moment.

There's a nice double
overlooking the harborage.


Not many views like
that were I'm from.

Washbasin, getting noise
from the pub at night,

dinner's at 6:00--
the locals insist.

You're American, right?


Long way from home?

No, this is my home.

Just you and your son, is it?

Yeah, just me and David.

The, uh, burnt steak is
at the pub across the road

if you get sick of my cooking.

I hope you don't mind
sharing a bathroom.

No, that's all right.

I've shared a bathroom
for the past five years.

Oh, so you were married.

No, we just lived together.

We never had any spark.

She's not my type physically.

You stayed
together for five years?

It's hard to get out.

I've been there.

I like him.

You don't know
anything about him.

But I think that you
should charm his sights.


Mom, I'm not matchmaking.

Oh, yes you are.

- Am not.
- Am so.


Am so, am so.

Well, no one around
here is gonna ask you.

I don't want them to ask me.

Dear Cec,

I apologize for
stealing your research,

but with your bad ticker,
you might die in there.

And then the warden will
be down here in Beachport

making money off your hard work.

Better me than him.

If anything comes of it,
I'll send you a split.

Yeah, I'll bet.

Look at it
as a divorce settlement.

Your friend for life, or five
years max, whichever is longer,

Harry Reynolds.

Mr. Reynolds, I
thought you'd like

someone to show you around.

I could give you
the $7 guided tour

of Beachport for only $6.30.

That's 10% off.

How old are you, mate?



Mr. Foster thinks there's an
old Portuguese treasure ship

buried in the sand dunes, hey?

Everyone around town reckons
Mr. Foster is a fruitcake.

Good day, Mr. Lewis.
- How are you?


In here.

What a wonderful place.


1530 Portuguese galleon,
three masks, two taser guns

carried broadside,
treasure ship.

Saint Sebastian, wrecked.

Of the Azores.

Harry, come here.

Do you have him?

It's, um,
autographed by the author, me.

That's you all right.

Great photo.

astonishing than fiction,

the legendary dune
ship is a vital part

of the history on which--

It's on special.

Already got one.

pose no harm [inaudible]..

You a local, are you?

No, my dad was.

TV]: Portuguese maps

drawn in the 1530s--

What do we got here?

TV]: --show this part

of the Australian
coastline 250 years

before Captain Cook
claimed Australia

for the British Empire.

Relics found on the sand
dunes near Beachport,

uh, prove the theory
that a Portuguese galleon

was wrecked here in the 1520s.

People have, uh, actually
seen the remains of the ship,

uh, in 1883.

And in 1953, uh,
another interesting

observation by a champ
who was unfortunately

intoxicated at the time.

Where did you get that?


The Portuguese doubloon.

Oh, that?

That's just an old
coin of my father's

Well, where
did your father get it?

The sand.

Your name is, uh--

Reynolds, Harry Reynolds.

Reynolds, Reynolds.

You said your father
came from around here.

Did I say that?

Oh, yes, you did.

Did I?

Did your father find that--

I'm sorry.

I'm very sorry.

It's too premature.

I can't really talk
about my project yet.

Excuse me.

If your father found that
here, it could be crucial.

Morning, Mr. Foster.

Wonderful place.

See, Harry, I told
you he was a fruitcake.

but a nice fruitcake.

Don't touch anything.

Boy, these
things are great.

Tough to
find a parking spot for them.

Good day.

Any of this equipment
still available?

No, mate.

They here 'cause they look good.

No, it's
not a problem, mate.

They're all available.

Jim, Jim,
you see that guy over there?

Don't look, don't look.

Mhm, yes, yes.

He's got a gold coin
from the dune ship.

He's father found
it, our Mr. Reynolds.


He's a tall man.

Mr. Reynolds is a
short man, as I recall.

He was skinny.

No, no, don't look now.

Three times a day,
one hour before meals.

- All right, thanks a lot.

- Bye-bye.
- See you later.

- Good day, Mr. Thomas.
- How are you, David?

- All right.
- You sell stamps?

Yeah, just the letter, is it?


$0.27, right?

$0.41, they haven't
been $0.27 in five years.

Right, not a
great correspondent.


This is a beauty.

You like fishing?


Your dad teach you?

No, I taught myself.

My dad was never home.

I had a dad like that.


Oh, sorry.

Can you fish?

Of course, I can fish.

I was born with a
line in the hand.

What do you use for bait?




Yeah, up north we do.

You don't.

We do.

Would I lie to you?


Mr. Reynolds.

Pillow fishing?

This one's a bit small
on throwing it back.

They say the big ones
run off the dock.

You wanna come up?

You need a new line.

There's some men
downstairs to see you.

I'll be down in a minute.

No, I know it's
your idea, but so

was last year's sand festival.

Now just keep quiet,
let me do the talking.

All right.

How can I help you, gentlemen?

Jim Scraper.


For my sins, I'm the
mayor of this town.

This is Harold Lewis.

He's the editor
of the local rag.

Uh, how are you, Harold?

How do you do?

I believe you've
met Mr. Foster.

Indeed, love that museum.

Thank you.

So how are you
enjoying Beachport?

Uh, very much.

Good, good.

And the weather
is up to your expectations?

How could I ask for more?

Wonderful weather, wonderful.

You're here to dig
up the dune ship.

I am?

It's the buried
treasure, isn't it?


Coin, he had a coin.

You've come here to steal
our treasure on the quiet.

Absolutely not.

Bottom line, Mr.
Reynolds, you can't

dig up the sand dunes unless
the local counsel says you can.

And who's the local counsel?


Yes, I'm
here to find the dunes.

I know where it is
within 50 meters.

Nobody knows
exactly where it is.

Satellite photos,
computer enhanced,

reveal a mass beneath
the sand the size

and shape of a
Portuguese galleon.

I have got to
see those photos.

No one sees it.

Then why
should we believe you?

I'm not asking
you to believe me.

Just walk away and
let me get on with it.

Let you get on with what?

The thing that'll
save this town.

What do you mean,
what are you saying?

The Japanese trawlers
have taken your fishing,

haven't they?

Farmers have got the ass side
of their strides, haven't they?

You're dead in the water, but
this one thing can save it.

Tourism, that's where
the real treasure is.

You think we haven't
tried that, hey?

We've advertised,
had competitions.

You haven't tried the
best thing that you've

got going for you, romance.


Here in Australia,
we're being discovered

by the international tourists.

And here, right
here in Beachport,

we can sell them romance.

Now how?

I'll tell you how.

We find that dune ship,
and around the dune

ship we build a theme park.

It'll be like Disneyland.

We'll call it dune ship park.

And after it's
working, we'll build

another one on the Gold Coast
and call it dune ship world.

And you think of it.

450 years ago, gallant
mariners set out from Europe

and found here in the South
Seas adventure, danger, death.

I see.

I can see Portuguese
sailors dressed

in exotic costumes,

buried treasure and caravans.

Oh, come down to Earth.

place will rival

the Gold Coast of Queensland.

It'll be Australia's Miami.

Now hang on, hang on.

You're talking real money here.

Mr. Mayor, I am
talking real money.

I'm talking money,
money, money--

buckets of lovely money.

Now, 40 years ago the
Gold Coast of Queensland

was one pub and a lot
of holiday shacks.

And now it's a
billion dollar tourist

playground, built on what?

Listen, we could
never be the Gold Coast.

It's bullshit, I mean--

Yeah, correct,
built on bullshit.

A billion dollars of
tourism built on bullshit,

built on a high.


But do you want to be rich?

Oh, yeah.

You want your, uh, miserable
little bits of real estate

to become choice blocks
with a million dollars?

That would be nice.


Well, let me get on with
this my own way, please.

He's got the photos!

Gold mine, yes.

Those are my photos!

He's walking away.

Those are my photos!

Quick, quick--

You're disturbing
my [inaudible]..

You're the head.

You-- you talk to him.

Come on.

Reynolds, you count
us in or you don't dig.

Well, I suppose 5%
labor participation

isn't going to kill me.

Now that's 5% of the 100%.

5% of 25%.

Oh, no, no.


Hey, listen.

This has been my dream.

I deserve the lion's share.

Forget it, Reynolds.

Hey, please.

OK, 5% of 100%, that's
a $50,000 seed money,

and I won't take a penny more.

75 then.

All right, 100.

You can put in
$100,000, but you have

to give me unconditional
development right

of the dunes for five years.

If that doesn't satisfy
you bloodsucking vultures,

then stuff it because I'm out.

O-U-T, out!

Local money can put in
100,000, that's 100,000.

That represents
10% of net profit.

I worked for
years, I get screwed

by a bunch of hillbillies.

Well, thanks, fellas.

My old man was right about
this place, talk about greedy.

You lucky if my share
covers our hotel bill.

notice that the excavation

site, based on the
evidence in my book,

is a long way from the ocean.

This is because over
the past 400 years,

there's been massive shifts
on the shape of the shoreline


So when the Portuguese came
here, the Egyptians and perhaps

even the ancient Phoenician--

Out there in section A--
you folks with the shovels,

you might as well lean on them.

I need you for a minute.

Now this is how they discovered
the pyramid, you know.

There's no telling

what else far down here.

This could be bigger
than the pyramid.

Of course, you got to be a bit
careful, like digging for eggs.

Golden goose eggs!

Oh, no, Mr. Mayor.

We've got to keep everyone out
of this roped off area here.

Can't afford to
disturb the surface.

Can I leave that
with you to fix up?

OK, great.

Hey, Harry, my
fish are running.


Got the mango.


You reckon we'll
find the dune ship?

Well, if it's there to
be found, we'll find it.

Will it have masts?

It's hard to tell.

It's been there a long time.

How big will it be?

I'll lend you the book.

You can learn a lot from books.


Let's go.

This is a fantastic place.

Yeah, but all my
friends are in Sydney.

This is better than Sydney.

Wish I'd grown up in
a place like this.

Down here, Harry.

What's the matter?

Northeasterly, not
good for mangoes.

You'll have to use what you
know when you're down here.

These cost a $1.60.

We'll eat it or we'll save
it to catch tropical fish.



You are dangerous.

Born with a line
in your hand, hey?

Give me your yo-yo.

What are you gonna do,
catch a fish with it?

Just give me your yo-yo.

Eiffel Tower.

Texas Star.

Over the Falls--


--and Rock the Baby.

Now, I may not know
everything, but I know yo-yos.

So let's make a deal.

I'll take you and
you teach me, OK?

Yeah, yeah, let me
help you with that.



Now what you do--

see, when you cast it
out, remember, you push

this thing out and turn that.

You see?


Cast it out and
just wait for a nibble, OK.

Right, watch this.

You ready?

See, Harry.

Wow, that's my best.

Go on, you can do it.

Yeah, good arm.

Pretty good, hey?

Yeah, quick learner.

What's your dad
do for a living?

He's a salesman.

You're a salesman,
aren't you, Harry?

No, I'm a seller.

What's the difference?

A salesman goes
to people and tries

to get them to buy things.

But a seller, people come
to him and take things

and shove money in his pocket.


Well, Mr. Reynolds,
you created quite a stir.

Some investors to see you.

Ooh, those are nice.

Bring them out in the kitchen.

So the mango worked?

I got some money to invest.

Don't rush me.

We didn't want to miss out.

Is it a good investment?

Ask Mr. Scraper, he thinks so.

They've invested and
the rest of the council.

See, when
you're a seller, people come

and shove money in your pocket.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I reckon my
dad was a seller.

Yeah, I reckon
you might be right.

David, I don't want
you to be a seller.

Why not?

Because I just
couldn't bear to have

another seller in my life.

I'm gonna go
out and play with the fish.

And I don't want you hanging
around with Mr. Reynolds, OK.


Cec, you're truly a genius.

Today was day one of the
great Beachport bonanza.

The town folk are begging
to stuff money in my pocket

and I'm graciously allowing it.

It will be bigger than
even you imagined.

All I need is a
few weeks and I'll

be lying on a beach
in Bali and you'll

have enough money to
live out your days,

however short, in style.

PS, you know, I'm starting
to like this place, Cec.

Beachport is beautiful.

A lot of sand and
money, but no dune ship.

Morning, gentlemen.



Was looking for you.

We'd like to invest
a little more.

I don't have my receipt book.

Oh, that's fine.

See, Harry, they're
shoving money in your pocket.

They look like dogs in
suits having a gang bang.

That's disgusting.

Where did you learn
language like that?

Just asked my mom
about the Stock Exchange.

That would be right.


Harry we found it.

We found the dune ship.

All's fair, Harry.

The press are gonna love this.

Come on.

The dune ship?

I've got Harry.

It's just an old tree.

Can't you tell the difference
between a tree and boat?

Definitely a tree.

Nearly, Norm, next time.

Uh, do you blokes, uh,
want your checks back?


You don't fool us, Reynolds.

You made a deal,
you stick with it.


You've read about it in the
papers, you've seen it on TV.

Now here it is, Beachport,
home of the dune ship.

Dune ship souvenirs
you can find--

Come on, Harry.

A real classic, Joe.

Can't find these
in Sydney anymore.

Hey, listen.

I've had three
phone calls already

this morning, said he managed
selling beachfront properties.

Yep, didn't I tell you?


Mom, look.

It's a classic, isn't it?

See ya!

Come on, Harry.

It's coming to me, that's it.

Here it comes, it's
the king of spades.

It is.

It's the king of spades.

All right, quiet.

Now David-- David, there it is.

I can see it now, it's
the jack of diamonds.


Now think of it.

Think of the card and
it is-- here it is.

It's the six of spades.


Here's another one.

I bet that I can push this glass
through the handle of this jug.

No way.
I can do it.

Who does this
creep think he is?

said you can't?

Is that
the best you can do?


Come on, Harry.


Here we go.

Very delicate trick, hasn't
been done by too many people.

And I push that glass through
the handle of this jug.

Thank you very.

One born everyday.

Very good.

Bloody head
through the handle.

OK, very good, very good.

Sold a lot of
sand today, Harry?


David, it's time for bed.

Good night, squirt.

Good night.

Hey, will I see you tomorrow?

Yeah, if it's
OK with your mom.

We'll talk about it later.

- Good night.
- Night.

See ya.

I got a bottle in the
kitchen, want a drink?

Yeah, I'd love one.

So the sleepy little
Beachport is waking up at last.

Why is that, Harry?

I put it down to
personal magnetism.

Haven't I met
you before, Harry?

Well, I don't think so.

No, maybe not.

You're like my
father, same type.

Yeah, that's nice.

What's he do?

Well, he, uh,
cheats on my mother.

Here's a man, 58 years
old, cheating on his wife?


Oh, no, just to cheat.

And I swear it's
not even the sex,

it's the selling,
clinching the deal.

You're selling yourself to
David as the perfect father.

But you taking him fishing,
you're teaching him to surf.

Now just a minute, every
kid should be able to fish

and catch a line.

What's the harm in that?

He has enough problems
without some stranger

fooling with his emotions.

Shit, his own father
did enough of that.

I hate to hear a woman
use language like that.

Harry, be a nice man.

We're happy enough as we
are here in little Beachport

where nothing ever happens.

Leave David alone.

Come on, Harry,
I've got the bait.

Let's go.

No fishing today, mate.

But you promised last night.

Your mom said no.


Maybe she thinks we spend
too much time together.

Oh, wait here.

I don't believe you did that.

Did what?

You told Harry he
couldn't go fishing with me.

We've been having a great time
together and you ruined it.

I told you again and again
to stay away from that man.

Who else am I
going to play with?

You dragged me from the city
down here away from my friends.

Look, David, don't get--

Are your just angry at
him 'cause he's like dad?

That's not his
fault. He knows what

it's like not to have a dad.

He knows.

OK, Harry, let's go.

What about your mom?

It's all sorted out.

What you do to
change her mind?

Talk real fast and don't
take no for an answer.

All right, Harry?

You're the boss.

Let's go.


David, it's alphabet time.


Got to see how
fast you can say like Z, Y X,

and W, V, U,T, S, R, Q, P,
and O, N, M, and L, K J,

and I, H, G, F, E,
D, C, B, A. Good,

you're getting a little better.


Gordo does names backwards.

You know, like David Maguire,
that's Eriugam Divad.

Henry Reynolds, that's Sdlo--

Sd-- Sdlonyer Yrrah.

Sit on your ear?


And mom's--

Oh, this is a stupid game.

Tell me about your dad.

I hate my dad.

You don't.

I do.

Look who's coming.

So is this the outdoors?

That's the sky, that's the sand.

And all that wet
stuff, that's the--

That's the ocean.

I've heard about all this.

I thought I'd like to share
some of it with my son

before he grows up.


- cricket.
- Hurry, Harry, get it.

Get a run.


Harry, hurry!

Get it!

Oh, US
one, Australia zip.

Not for long.

Don't kill the batter.

- Come on, Davey.

Give me a good one.

Good one.

Come on.

Get out of the way,
I'm coming through.


Don't bother.

Home run!

- I got it.
- No, I got it.

Oh, crap.

You all right?

I'm fine.

I'm great.

Here we are,
ladies and gentlemen.

On the left, the magnificent
dune ship is here.

And on the right,
the magnificent

dune ship picture theatre.

You like the movies, son?
- Love it.

Beautiful, that's for you.


And here, in the center of
the jewel, the dune ship itself.

That is, if you find it.

- We'll find it.
- We'll find it.


And beyond, the
world famous Carinya

Guesthouse where many
of you are staying,

managed and staffed by--

- David Maguire!
- Yeah!

And owned by--

Julie Maguire!

What's that?

What that?

You were just got.

You know, Harry, I

hope you do find the dune ship.

Boomtown is busted,

the rigs are all rusted.

There's no lights on
my Christmas tree.

Well, I tried El Paso
and I tried Amarillo,

but I didn't find a
drop of Texas tea.

Well, they hit us
when we're down,

and we can't get up though we're
trying with all of our powers.

Now the bottle's run dry
and I'm wondering why,

flushed out and--

week, we had one bus.

This week, four a day.

Things are looking
up, I say, gentlemen.

- Uh-huh.
- Hi.


Invest in a theme park?


No, you can't do that.


I've just had a
settlement in from my ex.

I've got $30,000.

Normally, I just buy
David and me a toy each

and I put the rest
toward the mortgage.

Yeah, well, I suggest
you do just that.

You're saying it's
a bum investment?

No, it's a great investment.

Well, if it's such
a great investment,

why don't you want my money?


Mhm, mhm, mhm, Harry,
I want in.


I'm not gonna take this money.

No way!

I'm not gonna take it.

Harry, everybody in
town thinks that you're

screwing the socks off me.

But I'm not.

I know that, Harry.

I know that, but
nobody else does.

Now what are they gonna think
if you won't take my money?

Excuse me, Giles would
like to talk with you.

- Harry.
- Giles, how are you?

Harry Reynolds.

Giles, that $20--

I've been meaning
to get that back to you.

Silly trick.

You wouldn't believe the number
of people that fall for that.

Oh, Harry,
we got a problem.

Anything I can do
to help, anything.

We need to have a talk.
- Yeah?

What about, Giles?

I got a business
proposition for you.

Oh, great, great.

When I talk business,
I like to be comfortable.

Are you comfortable, Harry?

You know,
I like to negotiate

from a position of power.

OK, Billy!


Now I've got a little
proposition for you, Harry.

Now I don't want you
to feel pressured,

but I hope you won't say no.

I'm saying, yes, Giles.

Sight unseen,
handshake deal, yes.

I'm glad
you see it my way, Harry.

You know, you're a lot
smarter than you look.

OK, Billy, shut if off!

You see, Harry, a smooth
life can be when you sit down

and discuss things
like reasonable people.

I don't want to
disrupt the flow Giles,

but the dozer's coming this way.

Where's the manual?


Do you see what I gotta
bloody put up with?

Will you quit playing
with that bloody thing?

I'm trying to take
a meeting here!

I told you that's only
if the bastard says no!

Turn it off!

You bloody prick!

What do you think you're doing?


I'm saying yes, Giles.

We all like a little laugh.

Turn the bloody thing off!

Uh, [inaudible].

I've an alter boy.

I went to Holy Cross.

Sister Mary Thomas
gave me

for cleaning the black board.

You said you could drive it!

You're gonna run over him.

No, you said I could drive it.

But he's no bloody
good to us dead.

please, God, fundamentally

a decent human being.

Please don't let
them make me dead!


Let's just back it up.


I've come into
some money, Harry.


Yeah, a certain
interest in the city of leasing

my back paddocks, you know.

It's a vertically
integrated operation

where they grow the crop
and process it, and then

merchandise it down
to street level.

I don't want to know
what the crop is, Giles.

Please don't tell me.

I need to launder
this money, Harry,

so I want you to sell me 10
points in your dune ships

scheme for $1,000.

I know I'm in a weak
negotiating position

here, Giles, but 10
points is $100,000.

I'll give you a 1,000
for the 10 points.

You give me a receipt for
a 1,000 to show the taxman,

and then I'll make you
a present of $99,000

that the taxman doesn't
need to know about.



1,000, 99,000.

Oh, Harry, I took my 20 back.

A gift, Harry, that
both of us can now forget.

Well, this is Billy.

He'll be looking after
you and the money.

I mean, I don't want you
leaving town here, do I, Harry?

Dig him out, Billy.

I mean, we can't leave a
company director laying here

on the sand dunes, now can we?

I'll be
seeing you, Harry.


Hi, Billy.

Be careful, hey.

I admire the way you
drive that bulldozer,

Billy, like a real pro.

Thanks, Harry.

Giles likes it when
I do a good job.

Yeah, I bet.

When I don't, he yells at me.

What exactly is
your job, Billy?

Oh, I break people's
arms and legs.

It's a family business.

Me mom got me the job.

Good old mom.

I like her.


promising, hey, tiger?


Very promising.


[speaking japanese].

We'll fix that.

Can I help you?

I'm looking for
a gentleman called

Reynolds, Harry Reynolds.

He's in his room.

I'll see if he's available.



Harry, some
gentleman to see you.

I'll talk to him later.

I'm feeling a bit off color.

That's funny,
you seemed fine a while ago.

It's all very sudden.

Can I get you something?

No, I think I'll just
spend a bit of time in bed.

I mustn't panic.

Don't want to panic.

Man to see you, Harry.


Hello, Harry.

You remember me?

Dad, is that you?

I did not take your wallet.

Cut the crap, Harry.

Bottom line, you're a thief.

Now look, I deal with thieves
in business all the time.

Now this is very good,
this scheme of yours.

It's not a scam.

Scheme, I said scheme.

I think it's very good.

You must go on with it.

Oh, then maybe I could fit you
in for a few thousand, 10 or 20


No, I'm not gonna
give you any money.

You want money, you gotta get
it off of those suckers there.

No, look, I can make my
profits out of this my own way.


Look, for a start, you
see this place here,

this Carinya guesthouse?

That'll go.

Tourist hotel
there, resort hotel.

Over here, high
rise condominiums.

This fishing pier, this
will become a marina.

Fisherman will just
have to piss off.

A man who owns just
1% of the concrete

that will pour in this
place will be a millionaire.

Now this is a good idea
you've got here, Harry.

Just keep it going, hey?

You stay in this town, and
you do your theme park,

or I'll send you
straight back to jail.

Give me your trousers.


Your trousers.

My trousers?

You've gotta be joking.

Harry, I wear the trousers.

visitors please.



Can you shut the door?

The drafts.

You manage to eat something?

Yeah, it was lovely.

But still a bit hot.


Oh, no, no, no, it
feels very good.

Very good.

Mhm, very good.

I brought you this, Harry.

Well, I'm glad
you're feeling better.

It's very kind of you, David.

Oh, I think you're
gonna die, Harry.

Come on, drink up.

Remember Harry, you gotta get
better for the dance tomorrow


I got troubles,
you got troubles,

all God's children got troubles.

Living in bad water.

Bad water trying to
roll all over me.

Harry, the dance, all
the chicks are down there.

Your investors, you gotta
impress your investors.

Oh, Harry, I can't handle
them all on me own.

All right, all right.

Get outside and
I'll get dressed.


Come on, Billy.

What am I doing here?

All right, mate, do your stuff.

That's what you're here for.

Smile for your
customers, sell them.

It's showtime.

Hey, there, Giles.

been prosperous tonight,

fellow investors.

- How are you, Harry?
- I got too much to do.

Goodnight, all.

coming tonight?

Hi, Billy.

How are you?

Who's this guy?

So you city guys
dance or what?

Us city guys dance.

You joking?


I like
the way you walk.

I like the way you talk.

Which one of us
is the prettiest?

Let me hold you
hand, try to understand.

I want a girl like you,
tell my troubles to you.

Don't be afraid.

You've heard what I said.


Let the
four wind blow.



and make it happen.

We'll make money, money,
money, money, money, money.

What are you gonna
do with the money?

Harry, I've come to invest.

Aren't you gonna give your
dear old, Uncle Cec a kiss?

You nearly gave me
a bloody heart attack.

You deserve one, you
thieving young mongrel.

You stole my research,
years of hard work.

I thought
you were gonna [inaudible]..

Anyway, I never thought
you'd see the outside again.

Early release came, pal.

What do you mean
early release came?

I'm rehabilitated.


Yeah, I got
three psychiatrists

to say I'm rehabilitated.

What, you got a
pot from my money?

Now how much have we got?

You've been doing banks, Harry?
'Cause if you've been doing

banks, that's the stone end.

I'm finished with you.

I have not been
doing banks, honest.


Shut up, Cec!

If you dealing drugs, that is
the stone end of a family man.

I'm not dealing in drugs.

You're doing
something illegal.

Now look.

There's 20, 30,000
in this damn top.

Now what you got in here?

193, 000.

A 109--


Be quiet.

They're greedy.

They just keep forcing it on me.

We better get out of here.

You've got a car?

course, I got a car.

Follow me.

We got all the towels
we need, thanks.


You distract King Kong
and I'll take the money

and we'll meet back in Sydney.

Are you sure, Cec?

All right.

Later on, we both come
back, have a few beers,

have a bit of a chat, give it an
hour and, psh, out the window.

Harry, I can tolerate a
lot, but don't tell me

you're going moral on me.

Time to leave, Harry.

All right.

Come on, Godzilla,
I'll buy you a drink.

Now it's your turn--

- You having fun?
- Yeah.

--to cry over me.

You look terrific
in your suit.

Yeah, I like it too.

road has a turning--

Why don't you go get
something to drink?

- OK.
- Yeah?

And that's one
thing you're learning.

I cried for you.

Oh, what a fool I used to be.

I suppose you'd like to
dance with the big city guy.

But I've found two
eyes just a little bit bluer.

I found a heart just
a little bit truer.

I like it here, Harry.

I think I like it here better
than any place I've ever been.

I cried for you.

My grandpa has got a
suit just like yours.


Sharp dresser, is he?


Mom said he could sell
refrigerators to Eskimos.

Eskimos need refrigerators,
kid, to keep their beer warm.

Are you Japanese?


Cec and me gonna
sink a few cold ones.

Come and join us, Billy.
I can't.

I'm on duty.

Here, then take
half of theirs,

make your duty a little easier.

You sure?

Absolutely, for saving

my life with that bulldozer.

Well, thanks, Harry.

One hour, another hour.

Bloody woman!

There's, of course,
a man's downfall.

They brought sin in the world.

See you tomorrow, Cec.

Look, I'm a family man,
but I can't abide women.

Oh, you know what, Harry?

You'll regret it.

Am I right, Billy?

Billy's nodding his
head, yes, Harry.

Am I spoiling your
plans for the evening?

Slow down.

We've got all the
time in the world.

No, I can talk to
Cec any old time.

Well, I bet he gets lonely.

This is OK, isn't it?

I mean, I get a little
embarrassed with Billy

out there.

You're very
strange, aren't you, Harry?

It's not my fault
I'm straight outta

Holy Cross primary school.

It's always a
matter of trust, David.

The whole world
operates on trust.

And the man who has
confidence in you,

a man who gives
you his trust is--

A man to watch out for.

Right, Cec?

The kid's got a lot
of talent, probably

more than you had at that age.

I was a pro at his age.

Harry, don't lie to me.

I happen to know your
old man didn't go to jail

until you were fully 13.

Well, you stay
away from the kid.

Don't even corrupt him.

Then we both gotta leave town.

Here is
your tea and milk, yeah.

All right, but
not until the night.

I'm gonna say
goodbye to the kid,

and I'm giving Julie
her money back.

Here we go.


Hey, what you doing?

Knock your block off.

What you reckon, Harry?

You got a great
surf here, mate.

I only wish I could
do this every day.

You do realize,
though, that I just

can't solely spend the rest of
my life swimming and fishing.

I'm a businessman, and
businessman have to take trips.

Yeah, my dad
used to take trips.

And mine.

You going away, Harry?

Well, yeah.

Well, I mean not--

I might have
to go away for a trip

some time and I don't want
you sort of thinking that--

look, my dad went away a lot,
and I turned out pretty good.

Didn't I?

Yeah, Harry.

You turned out the best.

So will you.

I mean, a boy needs
his mom and his friends

when he's growing up.

But sooner or later, he's
gotta get out on his own,

and then it's what's
inside him that matters.

And you're gonna
be the very best.


I got something for you.

It sort of lights up, you know.

I'm waiting!

And a book.


You better go
and see that man.

I'll see you at the
blessing of the fleet night.

Hop in.

What do you want, Bostock?

This local council's
giving me the runaround.

Every time I ask
them for something,

they say, Mr. Reynolds
has it all tied up.

What did you do to get
this cockamamie five year

option, hypnotize them?

They practically
forced it on me.

It's all their idea.

Well, in my eye, is
that you forced yourself

to help the man who could
call your parole officer

and tell him where you are
and what you've been doing.

This is a contract
drawn up by my lawyers.

It transfers to my
company all the rights

and permits that you've
obtained from the local counsel.

Well, I'll have to read it.

Well, you do that, Harry.

And I'll just call
your parole officer.

Do you have the
telephone number?

This is very
unethical behavior.

That's all right because
I have the telephone number.

Eight digits, wasn't it, Harry?

The number four?

It's ringing, Harry.


Oh, could you just hold
on a moment, please.

I'm sorry, it was
a wrong number.

getting to like this place.

I don't want you destroying it.

Well, conservationists, hey?

It's kinda touching.

It's so beautiful,
so unspoiled.

Might be unspoiled to you,
Harry, but it's unused to me.

I mean, what's the use
of all this scenery

if millions of people can't see
it, and how much more beautiful

when it turns a profit.

Cement, Harry, it's the
mother Earth to the developer.

You're a snake, Bostock.

Well, please, Harry.


God, I love this view of
the guesthouse, don't you?


It could do with
some paint, though.

Maybe cream with a red trim?

Oh, I don't know.

I like it just the way it is.

Looks great.

Wish it could stay
that way forever.

It will.

Oh, look, they're starting.

God, our
father, you created this--

Yep, the blue boat,
that's the King Fisher.

Wouldn't it be great to
own a fishing boat, Harry?

Cecil Arthur Heggarty,
what a surprise.


Sergeant Watts, isn't it?

We haven't brought our
checkbook and credit cards back

to Beachport, have we, Cecil?

Sergeant, just a holiday.


And where
are we staying, Cecil?

He's staying at the
guesthouse, Sarge.

I wouldn't take any checks
if I was you, Mrs. Maguire.

The last time Cecil was
here, what, uh, five years

ago, he cashed a lot of checks.

I had to send him away
to Sydney for a holiday.


That's discrimination,

What you're doing
is illegal under

the anti-discrimination act.

Oh, I'm a bad boy.

Yeah, and your timing
is atrocious, Sergeant.

You were
arrested here by passing paper

and you came back?
- I had to come back.

You stole my research
and I knew you'd be here.

- What'd you think of it, Harry?
- It was great.

Great parade.


You couldn't have
even done the scam.

I had to check if
Watts had moved on, get

a partner in if he hadn't.

You-- I was grooming you for it.

You didn't even do
the research, did you?

It was all
[inaudible],, wasn't it?

You make these accusations.

Wasn't it?

All right, I'll tell you.

He didn't know what he had.

It was all bloody
history to him.

He couldn't see the potential.

That's what I get for mixing
with the criminal class.

You've got no moral
sense, no brains.

Oh, you should talk,
sleeping with a divorced woman.

You leave me out of this.

It's the morality
I can't stand.

- Harry, I want to talk.
- Later, please.

I want to talk now.

David, you go do
something in the kitchen.

Uncle Cec-- tell me.

Tell me now.

Cec has had a bit of
hard luck in his time

and I'm just trying to help him.

Please don't
bullshit me, Harry.

I used to get this
from my husband.

I can hear it.

I can hear it by the
way you're saying it.

No, he's not your uncle.

Tell me, where do
you know him from?

Come again?


Where, the YMCA, youth
hostels, church choir?

Long Bay jail.

Oh, I am such a fool.

I am such an idiot.

Look, I wasn't
gonna take your money.

Oh, no, just everybody else's.

Well, they forced it on me.

They're greedy mongrels.
You saw that.

You saw them.

They just came and they just
stuffed it in your pocket.

Look, Julie, I never thought--

Well, I have lunch to cook.

In big business,
Billy, nobody trusts you.

I've always found--

Get straight off my bed.

Oh, still touched, are we?

You too, Billy.

Come on, Billy, I'll buy you
a beer, tell you about women.

They may smell like roses,
but that bouquet is one part

rose, 11 parts carbon monoxide.

I promised Giles I'd
stay and watch the money.

Harry won't let
that money out of his sight.

See, he even locked the door.

Come on, let's go.

All right, then.

Harry Joseph Reynolds,

three convictions
of false pretenses,

partner associate of
Cecil Arthur Heggarty.

Make sure--

That's all I need.

Back off, Giles.

He's mine.

So where is your partner, Cec?

What partner?

You stay--

Yeah, call him
by his first name.

I pay taxes.

Hey, you let these
cons out of jail

and screw all our citizens.

Now you watch your language.

Aw, blow it out
your nose, pop.

Reynolds, you better have
all my money or the next time

I bury you it won't be in sand!

Hey, hey, Brain Damage--

Please don't call
me that, Giles.

If you let that Reynolds
bastard out of your sight,

then I'm gonna rip
your head off, huh?

It's all
right there, $94,000.

I want
your receipt books

and I want you in the council
hall at 7 o'clock tonight

to talk to your investors.

You got a warrant, Sarge?

I've checked
your record, Harry.

You're on parole.

You can go back
inside just like that.

Fine, I got nothing to hide.

Sit down.

ship research 20 years.

Is it true you've
been to jail?

Please, please.

Please give Harry a
chance to say something.

Why shouldn't he have
another chance to speak?

Harry, tell me--
tell us all the truth.

The truth.

Yes, please.

Just tell us the truth.

Truth is, I'm a conman--

--three months since I was
born, turned pro at seven.

I've taken a lot
of people's money.

I've had three convictions.




No, Harry, you're a liar!

Liar, liar!

Listen, he's told us
himself he's a conman.

I don't think we need to waste
a lot of time on Harry Reynolds.

I mean, Harry's of no account.

But the interesting thing
about Harry Reynolds

is the great idea he
bought to Beachport.

The dune ship theme park will
put Beachport on the map.

So Harry, thank you and goodbye.

Now get these nice
people back their money,

and get on your bike.

Now just a minute.

I'm a conman, I admit it.

But I'm small time
compared to him.

If he has his way, he'll
change this town so you'll

never recognize it again.

You're bullshit, your
dune ship's bullshit.

bullshit, Giles.

A myth, a thing to live by.

A dream to take us all through.

And look at what's been going on
in this town in the last month.

This place came around,
there's cars in the street.

People from out of town
are spending money here.

Real estate, your real
estate and your real estate,

it's starting to move.

People are pulling
money out of mattresses.

This ghost town is
coming alive again.

This town's on its way now.

You don't need me,
you don't need him.

You don't need anybody
but yourselves.

I found something here that
I could only imagine before,

but I don't deserve this place.

Just don't sell this town to
the bastards of the world.

They'll destroy it.

Words, just pretty words.

What I am offering you is real.

My references are
governors, bank presidents,

merchants with full wallets.

What are your references, Harry?

The warden at Long Bay prison?

Look, Harry.

Take a look.

I found the dune ship!

I found it!

The dune ship, I
found it, Harry!

I found it!

The dune ship-- the dune
ship, I found it, Harry.


The dune ship, I saw it!

The dune ship--

Shut up!

The dune ship's
there, I saw it.


Stamper Point.

It's really there.

The storm blew
all the sand away.

It's there.

I knew it.

Stamper Point, just
like I've always said.

It's the moon and the tides.

Oh, I knew it.

Come on, Harry.

We always knew it'd be there.

Didn't we, Harry?

They came halfway around the
world in that little ship,

almost like going
to another planet.

As-- as
you'll notice up here,

you'll see by the geological
location and [inaudible],,

this would have to be the--
the most important wreck

found in the world.

I mean, it's an enormous
significance to,

uh, to international
or ecological studies.

It's-- it's-- it's
infinitely precious.

I mean, this would have
to be the Tutankhamun's

tomb of the South sea.

Harry, we can make
a fortune out of this.

Let's stick around
and see what happens.

We delivered.

Look, let them calm down.

They'll be grateful,
and we can--


The ship was a fluke, Cec.
We're con artists.

That's our job, isn't it?

Conning people.

I think that's
yours, Mrs. Maguire.

Thanks, Sarge.

Mr. Giles.

$1,000, as per receipt.

Is that it?

I mean, there isn't any more?

The last of the big
spenders, hey, Giles?


No, that'll be more than
enough to pay for the funeral.

you're just gonna

leave without saying goodbye?

I was gonna get around to it.

I don't want you to go without
knowing there's a place for you

here if you want it.

Do you reckon?

Yes, I reckon.

Look at this town, Harry,
you breathed life into it.

You let something loose here.

Can't you stay and
see it through?

You're better than you
think you are, Harry.

That'll be right.

You'll be wanting some money?

I'll be wanting 99 grand.

Giles, I'm about to
put in a counter offer.

I've had some expenses.

I want you to listen
before you react, 50 grand.



You jail birds, you crawl out
of your sewers like slime rats.

You come down here
wearing suits.

You're cheating
us honest farmers.

We gotta work for a living.

Break his bloody arm, Billy.

All right, Giles.


I hate to do this, but
Harry and Cec are me mates.

Your mates?

You moron.

You bloody imbecile.

You cretinous dead shit!

I can't stand bad language.

50, Giles, 50.

Yes, severe penalty
for early withdrawal.

Best offer you'll get all day.


Don't think revenge, think
of two words, income tax.

Count on me for a
reference, Billy.

Let that be a lesson.

Here, let me help you, Giles.

Just piss off.

Well, you can't keep
being rude to people, Giles.

Just stop!

Is it OK if I quit, Giles?

I think you're sick.

Good for you, Billy.

Now where's the money,
you thieving young bastard?

I know it's here somewhere.

There's 40 here.

You got it on you, haven't you?

All right, stop the car.

It's a strip search.

Get your bloody clothes off.

Right on time, Harry.

Here you go, Harry.

Thanks, mate.

The black fish are running.

Harry, you don't want a woman
and a kid around your neck.

I had some once
and it interfered

with my career moves.

On the other hand, we--

we could take the kid with us.

Harry, what a team the
three of us would make.

We can work the
airline terminals

and he could tell the old
ladies he's lost his ticket.

You'd like that,
wouldn't you kid?

Can I come, Harry?

Can I?

You are a moral
defective, Cec.

That's a horrible thing to say.

Davey, listen to me.

Here, this will get you
to Melbourne in style.

No, Cec, you
gotta go to Sydney.

Ah, take
it all, you deserve it.

It was a great scam.

Get on, mate.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

It's past
now, Harry.

Maybe, I wouldn't bet on it.

See you, Cec.

Come on, square.

How do you reckon
it'll go, Davey?

Oh, she'll be all right, mate.

Tell him to get off his ass.

Look, we're paying
him an arm and a leg,

so I tell him to get
off his backside, hey.

Ah, could-- could we just have
a word with you, Mr. Bostock.

Just a minute.


you were saying last
night about, uh,

Reynolds having a good idea--

Well, now we have
our money back.

What we thought--

We thought of getting a
similar scheme off the ground.

So we'd like to
invest with you.

Well, look, there will
be a dune ship theme

park, gentlemen,
but, uh, we won't

be having a local investment.


We're offering you money.

I've got money.

Now it's-- look,
it's-- it's our dune ship.

No, it's not.

It's my dune ship.

You gave Harry Reynolds
full development rights.

Well, he sold them to me.

He sold them?

Harry did that?

Hey, he made a
handsome profit too, hey.

And believe me,
gentlemen, it's all legal.

It's just like Reynolds
to stab you in the back.

Are you still there?

Yeah, right.

Look, I want the
engineer over here

too because I want to get this
road underneath the other--

There is Harry.

I'll handle this.

What are you doing
back, Reynolds?

You forget something?

Yeah, I came back to
stop you ruining our town.

You get in my way and
I'll see you back in jail.

And you wouldn't like
that, would you, Harry?

To save this town, try me.

Ah, Harry, he said you
sold him all the right.

Now why did you do that, Harry?

Oh, I don't remember
selling him anything, Norm.

Once a liar, always a liar.

Let me refresh
your memory, Harry.

He signed all his
rights over to me.

Now what we have here is a
completely legal document.



Who, Bostock.

Yeah, there was
somebody by that name,

but he had to leave
town quite suddenly.

Didn't he?

Council meeting in
half an hour, fellows.



How you reckon it'll go, Harry?

Well, she'll be
all right, mate.

Oh, my hand shakes
steady and my words are sweet,

and the whole world's
lying here at my feet.

Put your trust in me,
put your trust in me.

I rub my eyes and
I catch my breath.

I'm almost choking on
the smell of success.

Put your trust in me,
put your trust in me.

I get careless now and then,
but I won't let you down again.

I got x-ray eyes.

And with just one
look, I can read

your future like an open book.

Put your trust in me,
Put your trust in me.

I get careless now and then,
but I won't let you down again.

Oh, my hand shakes steady
and my words are sweet,

and the whole world's
lying here at my feet.

Put your trust in me,
put your trust in me.