Sweet Sweet Summertime (2017) - full transcript

When 12-year-old Caleb's father announces that they'll be moving before the start of the new school year, Caleb and his friend Blake hatch a series of adventurous plans to foil Dad's intentions.

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This is the story about the best summer ever,

where a small group of kids

changed the heart of an entire town.

It all started at my grandma's farm,

on my mom's birthday.

That's my grandma, Lila Burns.

I call her Gram, but my dad
calls her complicated.

Nice cake there, Gram.

Anyway, let's get the party started.

For real.

There's my uncle Charlie.

I mean, he's not really my uncle,

but he's been my dad's best friend forever.

Speaking of my dad, this is
him dancing with my mom.

Your poor mother.

Yeah, being forced to have fun.

Let me dip you, come on.

No, no, no, no, no.
Don't even think about that.

Okay, everybody.

Here we go.
Let's gather round.

Come on.

Does everybody know what time it is?

Cake time!
That's me. I'm Caleb.

But first we have to honor
the reason for the cake.

Maria, today is special
for so many reasons.

First, it was the day
you were born, obviously,

but as if that miraculous
event wasn't enough,

13 years ago, on this very day,

you went on a first date
with a devilishly handsome,

and brilliant... and brilliant...

- Humble.
- And humble,

and kind of a lost young man.

I was a bit of a heathen.

You saw through all that somehow

and you saw what I needed.

Maybe taking me to church on our first date

was a bit direct,

but... I am so grateful
that you did.

I never could've imagined
my life being this blessed,

having you and Caleb as my family.

I love you so much.

Music is a huge part of our family.

This day was no different.

♪ The sun will rise
and set again ♪

♪ Like any other day

♪ The stars will light,
light up the sky ♪

♪ And shoot without a care

♪ The waves will crash
so recklessly ♪

♪ With elegance and roar

♪ Carefully we'll
catch our breath ♪

♪ I'll breathe you in
once more ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh

♪ Ooh ooh

I don't think I can
handle any more surprises.

Just one more, I promise.

Oh, honey.
What did you do?


I know you're excited, but
don't drive off just yet.

I've only finished the exterior.

Honey, it's...

it's beautiful.

Oh, I know those worry lines.

The "we're gonna end up broke,

living in Lila's guest house" wrinkles.

You know I'd go anywhere with you.

Now all I have to do is tell
my mom that I'm quitting a job

that already wasn't good enough for her

to become a mechanic.

Not a mechanic.

A vintage car

restoration professional.

Oh. It sounds so beautiful
when you say it.

Thank you for my present.

You do know that you don't have to

keep trying to win me over, right?

I'm already all in.

Maria, you loved me
when I wasn't worth loving.

And for the rest of my life,
I am going to say thank you

in everything that I do.

That's cool, Dad.
I like it.


How long you been there, buddy?

I don't know, like five seconds.

I fell asleep on Gram's couch
even though it's super hard.

Well, it's wonderful for
your posture if you sit on it.

Unless you prefer
we be a family of hunchbacks.

Oh, you're funny, Gram.

Oh, the party was beautiful.

- Thank you so much, Lila.
- Oh, well...

it was the least I could do,

considering I raised my son
with no spiritual foundation.

Come on, Mom, that wasn't directed at you.

Oh, come on. I'm being funny.
Ha, ha. L.O.L.

If anything, I was making fun of myself.

I'm sorry if I made you feel bad.

Oh, really, no, I don't mind

if all those people think I raised a pagan.

Heathen, Mom. I was
a heathen, not a pagan.

Wonderful, then, when you
write your thank you notes,

would you mind making that clarification?

Hey, you two, no arguing on my birthday.

Oh, this is not arguing.
This is communicating.


And you were such a big help.

You are growing up so fast,

and I'm missing everything.

You live a mile away
and baby-sit all the time.

What exactly are you missing?

Um, I think it's time to go.

Thank you. Thank you,
thank you, thank you.

Happy birthday.

Hmm. Nice.

Blue, 42,

hut, hike!


Go long, but look at me, too.

And hike.


That's what I get for dancing
with your mother all night.

But it was worth it, right, Dad?

For that lovely lady,

I would overthrow my
wide receiver all day long.

I know my timing stinks,
but is there any way

you could run a quick errand for me?

It's only over to Puckett's.

Hon, right now?

That's my best friend Blake.

We've been buds forever.

I mean, since the first grade.

You're the best, Mom.

Mmm, you're just lucky
I'm so crazy about you.

Hey, Blake.

Boys, make sure the soup

doesn't boil over on the stove.

- Okay.
- I love you boys.

Love you, too!

What? I do.


You don't want none of this!

Whoo, ha ha!

That's how you do it.


Come outside!

There was an accident.

I'm so sorry, Scott!
Maria's gone.

Life was rough without Mom, of course,

but there was one good thing,

Rose Holland.

But I wasn't the only one who liked Rose.

Dude, look at Molly Schilling.

She totally likes me.

She's gonna look.

Three, two, and now.

She looks excited.

So who wants to, uh, tell us
what they're doing this summer?


Texting, Instagramming, and maybe Vining.

My dad has an unlimited data plan.

- Kyle?
- I'm working out.

You're working out.
All summer long?

Yep. Takes a lot of work
to keep up this gun show.

I guess so.

Moving on.


All right, Caleb, what about you?

I'm not exactly sure yet.

But I'd like to do something good.

I mean something good good.

Not just fun good. But, I mean,
fun good is good, too...

I guess, right?


I don't know what I'm doing
this summer, Mrs. Arnone.

Okay. Class,

summer vacation is
a very, very special time.

Like, when else do you get
74 straight days of choice?

Make it your best summer ever.

Do something incredible.
Change the world!

I saw you staring at her today.

- Who?
- You know who.

Next time I catch you putting your eyeballs

on my girlfriend, I'm gonna yank 'em out.

You ready for the pain?

Ooh, I think he's ready for you to back up,

because your breath is
already bringing the pain.

And Rose is not your girlfriend.

Yet. It's only a matter
of time, Bible Boy.

- Hey, guys.
- Oh, hey, Rose.

High five.

Okay, high five.

See you guys.

High five.

"High five, Rose."
High five.

Let's go.
High five.

"Oh, high five."
High five.

Just don't take forever, okay?

Dude, you just bombed
in front of your lady love.

There's a hole in your heart

that only empty calories can fill.

Get me cherry!


Oh, Zach, I think I left my wallet inside.

Ugh, I'll be back in a minute.

Hey kid, what are you doing?

What you should be doing.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What's your problem, Frodo?

Dude, you don't want
to waste your muscles on him.

Zach, what's going on?


Zachary, did you put my groceries away?

Uh, yeah.

Well, will wonders never cease?

Last year Dad and I moved to Gram's.

The farm is super fun,
especially in the summer.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Dad.

You got a minute, Caleb?


See you later, bro.

I got offered a transfer in September

to Atlanta, and I'm gonna take it.


- Atlanta, Georgia?
- That's the one.

But you hate Atlanta.

I don't hate Atlanta.
I never said I hated Atlanta.

You say you hate it all the time.

The traffic and the smog and the Falcons...


We're moving.
Both of us?

Caleb, please.

Please, buddy, I know this is hard,

but I really think it's for the best.

How could this possibly be for the best?

We don't know anybody there.
We know everybody here.

Yeah, that's exactly why.
I need a fresh start.

I need a place where I don't
have memories everywhere I go.

Look, everybody keeps
telling me to move on,

and that's what I've been trying
to do for the past two years.

I'm just running in place.

I gotta get out, buddy.

- Can we pray about this?
- Caleb...


Mom said to always pray
about big decisions,

and she loved this town,
so she would want us to...

Caleb, it's done.


I'm sorry.

I am so sorry.

Did you tell Grandma yet?

Not exactly.

She took that well.

Hey, I'll be right back.

Hey, can I help you?

Oh, thank you.


Well, it was the least we could do.

You should try it sometime.

Maybe I will.

Maybe I'll round up 12 mangy guys

like Jesus did, wander
the streets of Franklin,

and help everybody.

I wish we could do that.

I know she's with you.

So tell her that I said hi...

that we miss her.

And tell her not to worry,

that I'm gonna take good care of Dad.

I've got some good ideas,

but I need your help to figure
out how to actually do them.

I love you.

Dude, what are you doing?

I texted you.

You gotta come down for a minute.

Are you nuts?
I can't come out there.

Okay, I know you're
wearing your cowboy PJs.

You don't have to be embarrassed.

That night I told Blake I was moving away.

That was tough.

We decided to make a list of the things

we wanted to do before the end of summer,

and meet the next morning.

So, what's on your list?

I could only come up with three things

I really wanted to do.

- Only three?
- Yeah.

Quality, dude.
Not quantity.

Okay, great.
What are they?

I want us to eat the Kitchen
Sink Sundae at Meridy's.

We can be up on the
wall of fame or something.

Yeah, you mean the pictures
where everyone looks

like they're gonna puke ice cream.

Dude, they're dairy warriors!

You're crazy, but if that's what you want.

- Next?
- Well,

this one is kind of random,
but I can't help myself.

I want to meet Pat Sajak.

The dude from "Wheel of Fortune"?

Uh, why?

I just like the man,
and I want to buy a vowel.

You're so weird, man.

Okay, Pat Sajak,

though I have literally no idea who he is.

Last one?

I want us to pass the ball
around with your dad again.

Now that's a good one.

Yeah. So what's
on your list?

Number one,

I gotta get my dad back
to his relationship with God,

- and praying again.
- Yep, I hear that.

Number two, we gotta find him a new lady

so he can be happy again.

That's a great idea!

And maybe if we find one here,

he'll want to stay.

Yeah, I thought about that.

But it seemed kind of selfish,

so let's just say we want him to be happy,

whether she keeps us here
or she's ready to pack up

and move with us.

Well, you can be unselfish.

I'm looking for someone in town.


Well, I want to get
Rose Holland to like me.

We can take them with us
when we eat the Kitchen Sink.


Yeah, I think that's gonna
have to be separate.

Would you want to be
hanging out with somebody

burping chocolate syrup?

It wouldn't be a problem for me,

but I guess they're girls, so I get you.


I want my dad and grandma
to figure out how to get along.

You know, like, for real,
not just to be polite.

Um, how old are they?

Yeah, I know.

This one's gonna take some work.

And your masterpiece one?

I want to start something
that would make my mom proud.

Like some kind of club,
where we walk around

and do good deeds for people.

What do you mean?

She and my dad used to joke
about making a group

that would walk around town all day,

just doing good stuff for people.

What kind of good stuff?

For starters, like helping ladies

put their groceries in their cars.

Oh, so when they have the slacker kid...

I get it, I get it.

Yeah, and the other stuff she used to do,

you know, like, serve at the shelter

and mow lawns for old people,

and bounce babies and stuff.

I'm in!
Can we get t-shirts?

I don't think we need t-shirts.

Dude, we must have t-shirts,
and we must have a name.

The Legion of Good!

There's only two of us.
We're not exactly a legion.

So we advertise for more people,

like, the legion amount?

You know, that's actually not a bad idea.

First of all, we can make fliers,

and put 'em up like all over town,

then we have a grand opening.

You know, a kick-off day
with refreshments...

And t-shirts.

Will you just forget
about the t-shirts, okay?

Well, it's an incentive.
People like swag.

Let's just figure out
what to call the group first,

and we'll talk about uniforms later, okay?

This is gonna be awesome.

I know, right?

The best summer ever.

Let's try a new secret handshake.

Hey, Nancy.

I have a surprise, Lila.

- Hi, Mrs. Burns.
- Jenna!

Oh, my goodness, look at you.

You are all grown up.

She's taking a break from touring.

She didn't even warn me.

Okay, Mom, no more crying.

- You're gonna get dehydrated.
- I know, I know, I know.

Well, come on in.

That's Jenna Southerland,
Nashville music star.

Gram says she's a one-hit wonder.


Whatever that means.

I'm the crazy daughter I'm
sure y'all have heard about.

Well, we never called her crazy,

just someone who lived
a life of reckless abandon

on the road with God knows who.

Dude, dude, come here.

I don't know, bro.

Your dad seems to like
the sugar and spice type.

She looks kinda spicy to me.

Um, can someone lend me a Bible?

I've been out of the loop for a while.

This is gonna be a tough sell.

Have a good night everyone.
Be safe.


Hi, new person.
I'm Blake.

Hi. I'm Jenna.

So if you are Blake,
then you must be... Caleb?

Lila's grandson?

Do you live here with Lila?

Sort of.

Here, let me show you.

Whoa, hold it there, partner.

I live over there, just past the barn.

What a setting.

You want to go see it?



What's this?

Oh, that's our summer project.

It's a group that's gonna
go around town all day

doing good deeds for people.

Really? Like what we
read about tonight?

Yeah, but we won't be healing diseases

and my Gram would kill me if
we turned anything into wine.

Why are you called the Thank You Crew?

Well, that's from
something my dad said once.

Because my mom loved him so much

he was gonna do stuff for
her that said thank you.

You know, we figured we could
make our group like that,

to say thank you to God and to our town.

That's incredible.

Mom, you have to see this.

Oh, uh, wait.

Is this what you needed my printer for?


I don't get it.

They're gonna start a crew
that's gonna go around

and do good deeds for people
all summer long

to say thank you to God.
Isn't that awesome?

Hey, that is awesome.
Nice job, buddy.

What are you gonna charge?

Well, if you got paid, it
would not be a good deed.

It would be a job.

What's the matter with a job?


But if they wanted it to be a
job, the flier would say,

"Join the Thank You
For Your Money Crew."

Oh, mercy.

Well, Thank You Crew, Legion of Good,

we haven't fully decided the name yet.

Caleb, it's a lovely idea,

and I commend your creativity,

but there's no reason why
you have to do it for free.

The Bible says, "God helps
those who help themselves."

Well, actually, that's not in the Bible.

And furthermore, I don't think any parents

are gonna be thrilled
at the idea of their child

running around town unchaperoned

into the kind of areas where you know

they're gonna need things
to be done for free.

You know what I mean.

Caleb, I love the sentiment,

but I cannot approve.

Um, actually, Lila, I don't know,

I kind of think it deserves another look.

I mean, really, Gram,

I for one know that we can make this work.

It's okay, Mrs. B.,

Seriously, they just want to help people,

like what we read about
in Bible study tonight.

What's the issue?

What's the issue, you ask?

Tell me, do you know
anything about my family?

Perhaps I don't want my grandson
with his head in the clouds,

thinking he's saving the world

when really he's just
being taken advantage of.

I want him to live in reality,

as I've been trying to teach his father.

If it weren't for me, we would be broke

and living in one of his cars.

Oh, wait, maybe that would be all right,

because we'd have each other,
and we could live on love.

Well, kumbaya, everybody.

Well, that is that.

It's okay, Caleb.

It was a great idea while it lasted.

I'll help you.

- Huh?
- What?

Yeah, I mean, I know she said
a lot of stuff back there,

but I think underneath it all,

she's just concerned about your safety,

and I can be your chaperone.

Yes, of course!

Thanks, Jenna.

Gram's not gonna go for it, though.

Yeah, yeah, I think she just
needs a little strong-arming.

And I think if I humble out and apologize

for being so mouthy, that might help, too.

You know what, guys,

why don't you let us worry about Lila,

and you worry about gathering
your team or your legion

or, I don't know, whatever you guys do.

Yeah, don't worry, tweens.

I don't plan on being
your babysitter, okay?

I am just gonna give you
my cell phone number,

and I will call in from time to time

to make sure no one's
messing with you. 'Kay?

I can't breathe.

No one's going to show up.

Well, I mean, we handed out 300 fliers

and we have peanut brittle, dude.

People are coming.

Yeah, okay.

300 fliers, free candy
and three hours later,

the only person to show up?
My dad.


Hey, Mr. B.

Hey. Gram told me I have some
good Samaritans on my hands.

The Thank You Crew, huh?

Or the Legion of Good,

technically not fully decided yet.

Yep, well, the way things are going,

we'd probably end up being the Duo of Good.

No, this is a great thing.

And you'll get more kids to sign up.

And I like the name just how it is.


Came from you.


You said it to Mom the night
you gave her the 'Vette.

Hey, buddy...

She'd be real proud of you.

I am.

Okay. I'm late for work,
I gotta go.

It's the first time he's
talked about her in forever.

I know.
This is totally WWMD.

What Would Maria Do?

Thank You Crew?

What a couple of Christian
clowns you guys are.

Keep walking, three-pack.

Stop laughing.

Good thing Jesus liked crippled people,

'cause you two are lame.

It's a good thing he also liked

blind, deaf and dumb people.

You do not want to mess with me.

- I'm serious.
- I'm serious.

You two joining up?


'Cause if you ain't joining up,

then I suggest you keep on walking.

Catch my drift?

- Losers.
- Wow.

So, how's it going, crew?

Not so good.

The only people who've shown up are them,

you, and my dad.

Who's an awesome person, by the way.

- Awesome.
- Sorry you missed him.



Well, looks like I might have
some time to grab a cup of joe,

but don't give up, guys.

I am sure this town
is full of good-hearted kids.

Okay? I'll be back.

All right.

See you, Jenna.

All the other good-hearted kids

must be on vacation.

Wanna call it?

Hey, guys.

Is this where the meeting's at?

Yeah, meeting.


Oh, sure.

So, uh, where is everybody?

You're it.

Oh, okay.

Hey, Rose!

We're going to Meridy's.
Come with us?

No, thanks.

Ah, so, how do we start?

I guess we just start.



- Um, excuse me, sir?
- Yes?

- We'd like to...
- Hey, look.

I'm not gonna buy
any cookies or candy bars.

I'm going broke trying to keep up

with you kids and your clubs.

Oh, no, sir.
We're the Thank You Crew.

We want to help you.

Help me with what?

Well, for starters,

I can help you finish
mowing your lawn, Mister...

Gunderson, but hey, don't write that down.

I don't want to start
getting magazines in the mail

that I gotta turn around
and start paying for.

Seriously, Mr. Gunderson,

we don't want anything and
we're not selling anything.

Our group goes around and does good deeds.

So this is for real?

You want to mow my yard just because?

And anything else you need.

Is there a Mrs. Gunderson
we can help, too?

Oh, yeah.
Is there ever.

These things have been sitting here

since George had his hernia surgery,

which was two years ago.

And he was cleared for heavy lifting,

but he's still afraid.

And I can't blame him,
because if you could've seen

that thing popping out of his stomach.

Aw, Truffles?
Give a guy a break.

Get up in here, and right in here.

You want it even there.
Gotta flatten that out.

- That was really fun.
- Speak for yourself.

You weren't an eyewitness
to Truffles' toilet.

Are you guys gonna do this every day?

Yeah. Until the end
of summer.

Cool. I'm with you.


Every day. I mean,
I'll see you every day?

Well, all righty.

Rose, you were terrific.
See you tomorrow.

- Bye, guys.
- Bye.

- Thank you.
- You bet.

What is my problem?

Well, this is Rose Holland.
This is a girl so awesome

that people call her by her full name.

Somewhat understandable.

I just want to have a normal
conversation with her.

Well, yeah, but first you gotta show her

that you're not normal, as in boring.

To win the girl over,
you have to do something epic.

Like what?

This requires some intense research,

but no worries, I'm on it.

So we weren't exactly a legion or a crew,

but with Rose Holland on the team,

like Blake says, quality,
not quantity, dude.

Hey, Gram.


- How was your first day?
- Awesome.

We helped some old people with stuff

that was way too heavy for them.

And Blake cleaned out a litter box.

Well, maybe your group should
come over and help me sometime.

Nobody cleans out litter boxes at my house.

You don't have a cat.

Well, obviously I should get one.

Well, we'd do that for you, Gram.

We'll help you any time you want.

Okay, Caleb.
Thank you.

- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, buddy.

You look happy.

Did you get a lot of kids
for your group today?

Well, only one, actually,

but what a one.

Of the female persuasion, I'm guessing?

Rose Holland, Dad.

She's so pretty, but
she's also really cool.

'Cause we had to do

some seriously gross good deeds today,

and she was super nice about it,

and super, you know, humble.

She's just amazing.

I am glad you had a good day,

but this girl, I don't want
you to get your hopes up.

We're leaving soon,

and I just don't want
you to get hurt, buddy.

But even if it doesn't work out,

you still gotta put your heart
out there, right, Dad?

Mom always said that love never quits.

Love never fails.

Just be careful, okay?

How did you find this out?

Well, I asked Molly,

who's like the queen of social media,

and she checked on Rose's Facebook page,

and she saw that she loved
classic chick flicks.

Watch this one.

It's totally classic,
and it's totally epic.

You have to do this, man.
You have to.

Are you sure?
I mean...

Dude, I'm not gonna do this
unless you're 100% sure.

Hey, guys.

I brought some reinforcements.

- Whoa!
- Great.

So, uh, have you guys met my cousin Zach?

Sort of.

- Peanut brittle, anybody?
- Sure.

Everybody get together.
I'm gonna Instagram this.

You have a legion.

- Hi, Jenna.
- Hi, introduce me.

Uh, this is Jenna Southerland.

She's our grown-up.

Jenna Southerland is our grown-up?

This is awesome.

Will you photo-bomb our selfie?

Of course.

Get in here.


- Okay.
- All right, crew.

You go on out there and
you have a great day, okay?

And you call me if you need anything,

because I can kick some tail.

Bye, Jenna.

I love her.
I love her!

Okay, guys, we should
get going. Come on.

♪ This world can be
cold and bitter ♪

♪ It feels like
we're in the dead of winter ♪

♪ Waiting on
something better ♪

♪ But am I really
gonna hide forever? ♪

♪ Over and over again

♪ I hear your voice
in my head ♪

♪ Let your light shine

♪ Let your light shine
for all to see ♪

♪ And start a fire
in my soul ♪

♪ Fan the flame
and make it grow ♪

♪ So there's no doubt
or denying ♪

♪ Let it burn so brightly

♪ That everyone around
can see ♪

♪ That it's you,
that it's you that we need ♪

♪ Start a fire in me

♪ You only need a spark
to start a whole blaze ♪

♪ It only takes
a little faith ♪

♪ Let it start
right here in this city ♪

♪ So these old walls
will never be the same ♪

♪ Over and over again

♪ I hear your voice
in my head ♪

♪ They need to know,
I need to go ♪

♪ Spirit, won't you fall
on my heart now? ♪

♪ Start a fire in my soul

♪ Fan the flame
and make it grow ♪

♪ So there's no doubt
or denying ♪

♪ Let it burn so brightly

♪ That everyone around
can see ♪

♪ That it's you,
that it's you that we need ♪

♪ Start a fire in me

♪ You are the fire,
you are the flame ♪

♪ You are the light
on the darkest day ♪

♪ We have the hope,
we bear your name ♪

♪ We carry the news
that you have come to save ♪

As summer rolled on,

the crew was getting a lot bigger.

Kyle only showed up for one reason.

It was time for me to go big or go home.

Dude, I told you, you gotta go epic.

♪ So there's no doubt
or denying ♪

♪ Let it burn
so brightly ♪

♪ That everyone around
can see ♪

♪ That it's you,
that it's you that we need ♪

♪ Start a fire in me

Okay, ready?

No. Dude, I don't think
I can do it.

You just wrestled down
the famous Kitchen Sink Sundae.

You're on top of the world.


There. Now go get
the girl.

Excuse me, Rose.

See, I could say anything,

but I'll just let the music speak for me.

Dude, it's the wrong song.

Well, make one up.

Rose, you are so cool.

You make me want to really be a fool.

I like sitting near you at school.

Did I mention you're really, really cool?

Wow, Caleb.

- That was...
- Tragic.

Thanks, everybody.

Next show's at nine.


I don't really know a lot about

the guy in the movie "Say Anything,"

but I'm pretty sure
he didn't bomb as bad as I did.

Thanks for the ride, Jenna.

Can I tell Caleb something real quick?

Okay, dude,

after a little bit of an investigation,

there was a little bit of
a communication breakdown

about Rose's Facebook page,

Remember when I said she was a
big fan of classic chick flicks?

It was actually she's a fan of

Chick-fil-A classics.

You know, in the long run,
that's a good thing.

The girl has good taste in sandwiches.

Good night.
Good night.

I know it's none of my business,

but can I make a suggestion?


I don't think you need to
do anything to win her over,

except be yourself.


You mean be a dork?

No, I mean be Caleb,

the one with a different spirit.

Yes, I have been reading my Bible,

and I know it says Caleb was different,

because he served God wholeheartedly.

And that made him special.

And that very thing makes
you special, sweet Caleb.

"But because my servant Caleb
has a different spirit,

and follows me wholeheartedly,

I will bring him
into the land."

That's who you are.

And my darling, you will do amazing things.

Wanna come in and meet my dad?

I bet he's already asleep.

Well, I'll wake him up.

Another time.

When? There's only
35 days left.


'Night, Jenna.


I cannot pick up the phone right now,

so please leave a message.

Quit it, Blake. I'm not
calling to yell at you.

Okay, what's up?

Listen, we got a problem, man.

I couldn't get Jenna to come in.

I mean, we only have a month left,

and they haven't even met yet.

Okay, okay.

I'll come up with something.

Just tell me it doesn't
involve any more '80s movies.

Mom used to say to always tell the truth,

so for this plan, I had to go all in.


Why aren't you dressed?

I mean, in your nice clothes, for work.

Well, I'm going in late

because our transmission
was acting up. Why?

I got a flat tire and I'm
seriously late for the crew,

so can you, like, maybe drive me there

and can you, like, wash up
and maybe borrow Gram's car?

- See ya.
- Later.

Hey, Mr. B.
Come and meet the crew.

Uh, I can't, I gotta, uh...


Hey, buddy!

He's helping us out today.

In fact, there are a lot of awesome people

helping us out today.

Oh, hey there, Jenna.
Have you met Caleb's dad?


You two have a lot in common.

Mr. B.
loves cool cars.

Yeah, I can tell.

And Jenna plays the guitar.
Mr. B. loves the guitar.

So, it's cool to finally meet you.

Yeah, you too.

Thank you for everything
you've done for Caleb.

Oh, yeah, well, he's a great kid.

Yeah, he is.

So it's nice of you to
finally see him in action.

I was there the day they started the club.

Yeah, okay, I didn't mean anything by that.

I'm sorry, I guess
I'm just feeling a little...


No, I was gonna
say "surprised."

Why would I feel guilty?

No reason.

It's just that that was like a month ago.

It's been that long?
Time flies, huh, Caleb?

And you told him you'd be at the
food drive and you never showed.

Wow. You cut
right to it, huh?

Um, I gotta go.

It was nice meeting you.

Yeah, likewise.

It was a start.

That was an epic fail.

- Hey, buddy.
- Hey, Uncle Charlie.

Well, I looked at that roof like you asked.


Yeah, it's too much for you guys to handle.

But you could show us how to do it.

Listen, you guys have
already painted the house,

you're mowing the lawn.

I think you've done enough already, okay?

No. No, Uncle Charlie,
this isn't enough.

I mean, her roof leaks.

Can't we just try?
I mean...

Uncle Charlie, she's a really nice lady,

and she could really use our help.

Okay, if it means that much
to you, then maybe

my company can help you guys out.

All right, we'll figure out
all the money later,

so just don't worry about it.

Get out of here and go
have some fun, buddy, go.

Go, go, go, go.

You guys.

Is that the owner?

Yeah, why?

Um, she just... she kind of
looks like Caleb's mom, Maria.


Hey, Jenna, is it true?

Are you playing a set as
a fundraiser for the crew?

Oh, I'm not exactly sure
it's a fundraiser, Blake,

but I did ask the owner of a club

if I could pass the can around afterwards,

hoping I can raise
a little coin for you guys

so that maybe we could get some t-shirts.

- T-shirts?
- I thought you'd like that.

That's so cool of you, Jenna.

When is it?
Can we come?

Yeah, you can come.
Just ask your parents, okay?

It's on Saturday.

Group hug!

Oh, my gosh.

It's a little hot for a
group hug, but I'll take it.

Okay, crew, back to work.

So I got a plan.

No. No, no more plans, dude.
You're killing me.

But no, man, this one is brilliant.

We gotta get your dad to
come with us to Jenna's gig.

You know he's a sucker for lady singers.

Of all of Blake's crazy schemes,

I actually thought this one would work.

I just needed to convince Gram and Dad.

Caleb, come on in for dinner, hon.

Oh, and guess who
showed up without calling?

Charlie, of course.

At least he brought a side dish.

I can't be feeding the whole neighborhood

without some advance notice.

It's all right, I'm on it.

I'm not completely clear on why I'm here

but Blake said you needed
to have some backup,

so Here I am.

And I brought some cornbread,
so I think we're all good.

Come on, let's eat.

Mercy, Caleb, were you
digging ditches today?

I've never seen you so hungry.

Do you want something else?

Actually, yes.
I want something else.

I want you all to come to
Jenna's set on Saturday.

She's raising money for the crew
so all of us have to be there.

All of us, because it's important,

and we should be helping each other.

I mean, music is in this family's blood.

And we've got one of
Nashville's best singers

playing a set for us,

and I can't drive myself,
so that's what I want,

and some more mashed potatoes, please.

Yeah, I'll get those for you, buddy.

Heck, I'll go.

Come on, we'll all go,
right, Scott? Lila?

I don't know, Caleb.

She obviously doesn't think
very highly of me,

and I think she'd prefer it
if I wasn't there.

Yeah, I'm gonna have to decline as well.

Christians typically

don't make a habit of
frequenting nightclubs.

Are y'all kidding me?

First of all, Lila, if Jesus were here,

he'd be the first one in that nightclub.

Maybe not for the beverages,
but for the cause.

And dude, what are you,
like in high school?

"Oh, she doesn't like me."
Seriously, grow up, man.

Okay, you're both going on Saturday

if I have to hog-tie you
and drag you behind my truck.

You're going, okay?

Now Caleb needs you, the crew needs you,

so step up to the plate.

How long you been holding that in?

A long time!


Thank you guys so much.

So this next song is

the first song I've written in a long time.

Too long.

One of the reasons why
I stepped off the road,

why I came back home,

was to find my voice again.

Honestly, I've been through
some disappointments lately.

And somehow, in the midst of all of this,

God crossed my path with these amazing kids

who are teaching me every day

what it means to make each day count.

So I hope this song reminds you like

they remind me every day

that you never know
what's just around the corner.

♪ I've been broken

♪ And I have been
cut to the bone ♪

♪ In the open

♪ Without a safe place
to call home ♪

♪ And the scars
that defined me ♪

♪ All the tears
that left traces ♪

♪ Of everything I could not
put behind me ♪

♪ They could melt away

♪ In a minute

♪ 'Cause that's
all it takes ♪

♪ For love to come
breaking through ♪

♪ To you

♪ In a minute

♪ That blink of an eye

♪ You never saw coming

♪ Can change

♪ The world

♪ Forever on

♪ In a minute

- Wasn't she great, Dad?
- Yeah.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You came.

I did.

Hey, Mr. B.,
have you seen Jenna's car?

No way.
Is that a '72 Cutlass?

Yeah, it's so far away.

How can you tell what year it is?

Are you kidding?

'72 is the last year
of the third generation

and the first year of the 442,

reverting to the trim line.
I mean...

It's... do you mind if I...

No, of course.
We can see it.

Dude, they're walking together.

Cue the romantic music!

Wait, what is that song?

Dude, I told you to play a love song.

What? I'm half Jewish.

For us, that is a love song.

Whatever. Phase two!

Uncle Charlie, let's go.

- Uh, go where?
- Home, quick,

before they come back.

Excuse me.

Guys, you know I'm behind you on this,

but we just can't leave them out here.

Are you crazy?
Why not?

It took us two years just to get him

to stand next to another girl.
We cannot blow this.

- You're right.
- Ugh, those restrooms.

Have all the health inspectors
in Nashville fled?

Yeah, Lila, we gotta make some tracks.

- Let's go.
- Wait, what?

Rose, Molly.

Tell the whole crew to go home

and nobody give my dad a ride.



Oh. That's very

Psst! Hey, let's go!

Caleb! Come on, boy, let's go!

I love it.

I do believe we've been snowed.



Dude! Rose Holland
likes you!

I know, right?

And my dad is in the car
with a real live girl.


I'm very confused.

Not that anybody cares.


Can't believe you almost got sprinkles.

Why not?
I like sprinkles.

What are you, five?

How did you end up with that car?

- It was a gift.
- Hmm.

From a secret admirer?

- From a not-so-secret admirer.
- Ah.

I'm guessing that car was the
best part of that relationship.

Yeah, by far.


No, it was for the best.

Sometimes knowing what you don't want

leads you to knowing
exactly what you do want.

Yeah, it happens that way sometimes.

And it's better than the
other way around, you know?

Having exactly what you want,

and then... losing it?


It's hard.

Between the Kitchen Sink
and hooking up my dad,

we're on a roll.

I know, right?


All right, young man.

I don't know what you're up to,

or why your father didn't
come back in the car with us,

but trust me, I have my
way of finding things out.

So you might as well talk.


What in the world?

I know this will be hard for you, Gram,

but we need to support Dad.

She's gonna help him so much.

Come here.

So if you love classic cars so much,

why haven't you started your own business?

- Are you scared?
- Um, wow.

I don't know how to answer you sometimes.

A lot of people say that.

- So are you?
- Eh, it's just a hobby.

Part of growing up is knowing what's

a dream and what's reality.

Yuck! I don't want to be
that kind of grown-up.

No, I'm serious.

I mean, it's not like I know you that well,

but that doesn't sound like your voice.

Oh, it's...
it's my voice now.

Okay, I got one for you.

Lay it on me.

The lousy relationship
with the Cutlass guy,

was that the real reason
you came back home?

A little bit, I guess.

But it's also because of what
I said at the club tonight.

- You didn't believe me?
- No.

No, after hearing what you wrote,

I believe you.

It was intense.

Good intense, I hope?

Very good intense.

The kids, you know, they loved it.

It was quite a tribute.

I hope so.

I mean, they've given me my voice back,

especially Caleb.

They've given me back my faith.


- Oh, sweetheart.
- She's great, Gram.

Oh, yes, Jenna's great, she is.

We've had our differences,
but she has a lot on the ball.

And because of that, I think...

we have to ask ourselves the question,

"Why would someone
so talented and successful

be interested
in your father?"

Don't get me wrong, honey.
He's a good man, but...

I don't know how you could
say that. He's your son!

Oh, honey.

- No, you don't understand.
- No, I don't.

Nobody should say that about their own kid.

Caleb, calm down.

You know what, Gram?

Maybe you should ask yourself something.

Like why he loved Mom so much

that when she was gone,
he almost died, too.

Maybe it's 'cause she was the
only one that believed in him.

That's supposed to be our job now.

I'm doing my job.

Why aren't you?

Sorry about all the questions.

- You're not sorry.
- No, he knows me already.

You're like a pretty brunette steamroller.

You think I'm pretty.

Pretty steamroller.

You're conveniently forgetting
that part of the compliment.

Okay, so, I have one more question.

Can I tell you what I see?

I see a kid who's trying
to get his dad back to God,

a kid who feels responsible.


For me?

For you, for everyone.

It's like he feels
responsible for everyone.

Just because he has a club
where they do some good deeds?

Aren't you reading a little
too much into this?

I don't think so because you don't

see his face when he's working.

It's like there's
something else driving him,

something bigger, something like...

- What?
- I don't know.

But why don't you know?

Jenna, I appreciate your
concern, I really do, but...

this is between Caleb and I.

And frankly I'm concerned
about how attached

he's getting to you.

It's gonna make the move that much harder.

What move?
What are you talking about?

Oh... Caleb left
that part out.

We're moving to Atlanta in three weeks.

Are you serious?

And you'll tell him you'll visit,

and then you won't,
and then it'll happen again

and he'll be left, again.

He'llbe left again.

- Hi, Dad.
- Morning.

- You okay?
- Mm-hmm.

You're not mad about
last night, are you, Dad?

About last night?

Oh. No, of course not,

I know what you were trying
to do, and I appreciate it.

How'd it go?
Did you have fun?


- Really?
- Yeah. She's great.

When are you gonna see her again?

Caleb, I, um...

Jenna is wonderful.
She really is,

but I'm not gonna see her again.

Why not?

We're leaving.

She knows.

You told her?

But that's more than three weeks away.

I mean, that's... that's a lot of time.

- Things could happen.
- No, things won't happen

because I'm not ready for them to happen.

Well, then when are you
gonna be ready, Dad?



Dad, we've worked so hard
to get you two together.

Why won't you see her again?

- Why?
- Hey, buddy.

Listen, okay?

You are not responsible for me,

do you hear what I'm saying?

I'm the one who has to figure this out.

Well, then who's gonna help you, Dad?

You've given up on God
and you're all alone!

What is going on in here?

Not now, Mom. This is
between me and Caleb.

Why are you so upset?

Forget it!
Forget everything!

Caleb, come on, buddy.
We have to talk about this!

Well, I think it maybe has something to do

with something I said last night.

What did you say?

- Mom.
- Well, I certainly didn't know

it was gonna affect him so much.


You didn't know?

All you have to do is look at me

to see what your words are capable of.

Time was running out.

The summer was almost over,

and I really didn't
want to move to Atlanta.

What's going on?


Is Isabelle okay?

She's fine.

Caleb, the parents
are shutting down the crew.

They can't do that.
We didn't do anything wrong.

I know, a lot of the families
are really upset.

Blake's parents took him home already.

I am so, so sorry.

It's okay.

It's just gonna be
for a couple weeks, probably.

We can start again even if
we have to do it after school.

No, we can't.

Why not?

Because we're moving to Atlanta.

You're moving?


In, like, three weeks.

But I don't understand.

Why didn't you tell me?

Why'd you do all that stuff
to make me like you

if you knew you were leaving?

I don't know.

Rose, I just liked you,

and I didn't think it through after that.

I'm sorry.

I have to go.

Goodbye, I guess.

I don't know how to help him.

I thought that the move
would give us a fresh start,

help us see some light.

Caleb's just so jammed up right now.

It kills me to see him like that.

Which is what he's been feeling about you

for the past two years.

I know.
I know.

Hey, do you think the move will help?

Honestly, I, uh...

I don't think Atlanta's
gonna solve your problems.

I mean, well, neither will Franklin.

Buddy, there's not one person or place

in this entire world

that's gonna give you what you need.

Thought you were gonna
say something like that.

Everything okay?

I failed everybody.

What are you talking about?

I failed everybody.
I failed...

I failed Rose.

I failed the crew.

I failed Isabelle.

I failed my dad.

But most of all...

- I failed my mom.
- No, no.

That is not true.

Caleb, you started this crew
to honor your mother's memory.

And you've done just that.
You've done an amazing thing.

And I know she would be so proud of you.

Caleb, no, sweetie.
Come here, please.

Listen to me.


What are you doing?

Stop, honey, stop.
Just listen to me, okay?

Go away, Jenna!

Caleb, you're hurt.


Caleb, no, no.
Caleb, you can't do this.

Charlie told you it wasn't safe, remember?

Caleb, this is not what your
mother would have wanted.

I know my timing stinks, buddy.

Is there any way you can
run a quick errand for me?

It's only over to Puckett's.

Oh, hon, right now?

My bad.
Right now is fine.

No, Dad.

What? I just have
to help your mom.

I'll be right back.

Mom, can't you go?

Baby, I'm right in the
middle of making lunch.

Mom, but I'm not even hungry.

I'm not, please.

- And Blake's almost here.
- All right.



Hey, buddy.

Here, come on.
Let's sit down.


Here, let's sit down.

What's going on?

She just needed help.
It was a little thing,

and I told her to go and then
she died because of me.

Oh, no.

No, buddy.
Don't do that.

I'm sorry.

I didn't know you were thinking this.

I should've known, but...

Mom is with God now.

And where she is,
there's no fault or blame.

We're the only ones who do that.

You know that, right?

I don't know why He took her.

I really don't have all the answers.

I just know that your mom loved
you more than her own life.

And I know what she would want
me to say to you right now.


That God gave everything to forgive us,

and the best way to honor
that is to forgive others,

and to forgive ourselves,

and to give and help others
from a place of freedom,

not fear.

That did sound like Mom.

That's quite a compliment.

I always try my best to live up to it.

I love you.

Love you, Dad.

Honey, I'm so sorry.

- I...
- It's okay, Gram.


seeing things much more clearly now.

After Maria...

I should have helped you to hope again,

and not add to your grief.

I'm not too good with
this helping thing, am I?



Will you help us with something now?



Things got a whole lot better after that.

Dad started going to Bible
study. Can you believe that?

And we got the Thank You Crew going again.

And me and Blake?

Well, we just kept checking
things off our list.

Oh, thank y'all so much.

I am so thrilled to be here

for such a great cause.

With this amazing town's help,

work will begin on a new wing

of Mercy Homeless Shelter

dedicated to Maria Martinez Burns.

You know, none of this
would have been possible

without Caleb deciding to
follow his mother's example,

and act out his faith with his deeds.

And now we'll enjoy a retrospective

of the amazing summer
the Thank You Crew had

courtesy of our very own Molly Schilling.


Pat Sajak, huh?

So, I had a thought.

Of course you did.

Let's just say, for argument's sake,

that you didn't move to Atlanta,

and that you decided to
open up your own shop here?

For argument's sake.

Okay, well, have you ever
heard of that song

that says the best country stars

die in the back of classic cars?


Well, I know every singer in town.

You're saying maybe you want to help me

build something here in Franklin?

That's sort of exactly
what I'm saying, not maybe.

Well, then, okay.

Okay... yes?

Exactly, yes, okay.

We're staying.
We're not moving to Atlanta.



We're not moving!



♪ Blue sky

♪ And green clover

♪ Warm sun shining
down on me ♪

♪ And the chill

♪ Is over

♪ I know I'm right
where I want to be ♪

♪ And every heavy
cloud has rolled away ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Sweet, sweet summertime

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Sweet, sweet summertime

♪ Soaking up those rays
and feeling fine ♪

♪ In the sweet,
sweet summertime ♪

♪ Blue sky

♪ And green clover

♪ Warm sun shining
down on me ♪

♪ And the chill

♪ Is over

♪ I know I'm right
where I want to be ♪

♪ And every heavy
cloud has rolled away ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Sweet, sweet summertime

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Sweet, sweet summertime

♪ Soaking up those rays
and feeling fine ♪

♪ In the sweet,
sweet summertime ♪

That summer turned out
to be pretty awesome,

and the Thank You Crew just kept growing.

You might even call it a legion.

Okay, fine, Blake.

We're a legion.

♪ ...the water

♪ Don't wait
'cause it feels just right ♪

♪ We've got

♪ Each other

♪ And everything
in the future's bright ♪

♪ I'm hoping that
we'll always feel this way ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Sweet, sweet summertime

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Sweet, sweet summertime

♪ Soaking up those rays
and feeling fine ♪

♪ In the sweet,
sweet summertime ♪

♪ It's our time

♪ Yeah, it feels
just like we are ♪

♪ Shooting stars

♪ And we're never
gonna come back down ♪

♪ 'Cause we're so alive

♪ So alive

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Sweet, sweet summertime

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh

♪ Sweet, sweet summertime

♪ Soaking up those rays
and feeling fine ♪

♪ In the sweet,
sweet summertime ♪

♪ In the sweet,
sweet summertime ♪