Sweet Surrender (2014) - full transcript

Tom Campbell joined the US army after breaking up with Chelsea, who meanwhile became mayor of his coastal California home town. Tom returns to the town to run his grandmother's B&B "Cupid's" while she's in hospital, hoping to become a professional bodyguard afterward with his army buddy Steve. However, his grandmother dies. Saving her legacy proves a nightmare, as she delayed crucial repairs and has enormous tax arrears. The regional tycoon's ambitious son Jerry, Chelsea's fiancé, bids on the B&B because he knows about a planned road which would make it a perfect mall location. Tom falls in love with the local girl, who is about to succeed his kinsman Kip Caldwell as chief of police.

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- Chelsea, grandma says this is
a place for love.

- You're lying to me.

- Bet you someone has to get
married today.

- How much?
- A dollar.

- I don't have a dollar.

How about if i lose,
i have to give you a kiss?

You chicken?
- No.

- What do you two
think you're doing?

- Nothing.

- Tom said that someone is
getting married today.

I didn't believe him.

Well, chelsea,
this place is special.

It's so beautiful out here,
just like you.

I'm a little nervous.

Jenny, you mean the world
to me.

And i wanna spend
the rest of my life with you.

So, um,
will you marry me?


- Mm.

- It's all about true love.

- For everyone?
- Only if it's meant to be.

- Well, you win.

- Tommy?


Come on.
Open up!

- We're not
in the army anymore.

- We were a month ago.


E-Mail came last night.
We got the gig.

- And you doubted me.

- Hey, starting rate is
$600 a day

Doing international
executive security.

- Sky's the limit for a couple
of troops like us.

- Mm.
Fitness test in five weeks.

Piece of cake.
- Did you say five weeks?

- Yep.
- Good.

I'm gonna be sidetracked
for a few days.

My cousin kip called last night.
My grandma's sick.

- Sorry to hear that.

- He needs me home
for a few days to help out.

He figures a week, tops.
- No, take longer.

- No, a week there
is like a month anywhere else.

And besides, we gotta time-Hack
on this job, man.

We gotta be here, in shape,
and ready to punch out.

- You gonna see
that girl?

That one that blew you off
in high school?

What--What was her name?

- The only girl i'm gonna see
is my grandmother.

- I remember.

Yeah, she broke your heart,
so you joined the army.

And look at you now.

- I'm sure
she's moved on.

Probably a fortune 500 ceo
by now.

- 62.
- In a 45?

Bad news for you, my friend.

- I have an explanation.

- License and registration,

- Yeah.

- You were clocked going
17 miles an hour

Over the speed limit,

And your name isn't
jeff gordon.

- Ah.
- No, it sure isn't.

It's tom.
- Gil.

- Come here.
Look at you, man.

- Thanks.

- I heard you got out
of the army, man.

Welcome back.
- Thank you, yeah.

- I still need
your registration.

- Nah, we don't need it, tom.
He's the chief's cousin.

So you back for good?

- No, no, i'm just here
to see grandma,

Make sure she gets back
on her feet again.

And then, i'm--

- I still need your registration
and proof of insurance.

Not a word.

- Available pt
to hydrotherapy.

Available pt
to hydrotherapy.

Oh, tommy.

You're back.

Oh, honey.
- Told you i'd be here.


- Oh.
Oh, get a chair.

Let's talk.

You okay?

Well, i wouldn't be here
if i was.

Oh, you know,
i got all your letters

From afghanistan
and iraq.

I must have read 'em
a thousand times.

- I should have
written you more.

- Did you go home yet?

- The b and b?

- 'Cause that's your home,
always will be.

Heck, i remember a time when
you couldn't wait to run it.

- Okay, stop that.

- You gotta go back there

Because i am leaving it
to you.

- Grandma, thank you, really,

But cupid's is the reason
i left.

- No, it wasn't.

A rash young man left
with a broken heart.

A grown man, soldier,
has come back.

Now, you go there

And you run it
while i'm in here,

At least for now.

- Okay.

But only until
you get better.

- Okay.

- Okay.

There's my cousin.

- Hey, tom.

Heard you were back in town.
- Come here.

- It's good to see you, kip.
- Great to see you.

- I don't know
if you're a part of this.

Grandma's trying to give me
the bed and breakfast.

- Yeah, you know,
she said she was gonna do that.

I was wondering
how you feel about that.

I'll run it until she's ready
to take it over again.

- I'm here to help you
any way i can.

And a word of warning
to start out.

- What?
- Chelsea's mayor.

- No.

- Yes, youngest
in the town history.

She'll tell you about it,
believe me, many times.

- She actually did it.
I'm kind of impressed.

- No, don't be.

She was the only living person
on the ballot.

And she's still single.

I don't know
if you're interested.

- I'm not.
- No, didn't think so.

So as the boss
of cupid's,

I'm getting married
in three weeks.

- That's right.

- You gonna have
the place ready?

- Yeah, absolutely.

- And susie's shower
is this weekend.

- My first wedding shower.

That's great.
Thank you.

- Welcome back.

- There has got to be
a catch.

This sounds a little too good
to be true.

Are you sure
about this, jerry?

- Got the plans right here
to prove it.

I'm gonna put your two-Bit town
on the map.

- Should i ask you
how you got these plans?

- You can,
but i won't tell you.


- Wow.

A four-Lane highway?

- Yup.
- Four lanes.

What--What is this
dark area?

- Soon to be worth
a fortune.

Some dive hotel
where my mall's gonna be.

We should be able
to pick it up cheap.

Cupid's bed and breakfast?

That's a joke, right?

- Still there.
- Ah, wonderful.


Hon, he's not
a tommy anymore.

He's a soldier.

And now he's back to help us
run the place.

- Welcome back.

- I am just so glad
to see you two.

- Come here.
All: ah.

- Sandra, steve,
i can't believe it.

This place hasn't changed
a bit.

We're all older.

- What was that noise?

- Uh, it's probably more
than one shower going.

Pipe's been creaky
for a while.

System's showing
a little age.

- Are you having a nice time?
- Yeah.

- Tom, i'm happy
you're back.

I'm not much
of an administrator.

- Don't look at me.

I've been serving my country,
not being an innkeeper.

- I think i like the
honeymooning couples the best.

- I don't know if i can handle
that much bliss.

- Well, you don't have to.

You can help with the accounts
and the paperwork,

You know, the money,
some of the maintenance.

Sandra and i can take care
of the customers.

- Mm-Hmm.

- Oh, a letter came
from the tax assessor

The day after your grandmother
went into the hospital.

We didn't want
to bother her with it.

- Well, this just says they want
to see her as soon as possible.

All right, let's not
say anything to grandma, okay?

Until i find out
what this is about.

- Works for me.

- Okay.

- So you want to make me
acting chief?

- Yep, just while
i'm on my honeymoon.

- You do know i've only
been here a month, right?

- Yes, but you gave my cousin
a ticket

Even though you knew
he was my cousin.

- Here you go.
- Thank you, sweetheart.

- Sure.
- Thank you.

Okay, i still don't
see how--

- There's nothing to see.

You're a good, solid,
experienced cop.

That's why i hired you.

It's nothing against
the local guys.

So do you want it or not?
- Yes.

- Good.

Chief fairfax.

- Chief.

- Here's to suzie,
the future mrs. Chief of police.

- Okay, say "true love."

All: true love.
- Perfect.

- Thank you all
for coming to my shower.

- Okay, ladies,
let's go play some games,

And open gifts,
and eat way too much cake.

Come on.
Okay, let's go.

- Let's go.

- Gonna break
my diet today.

Grandma's actually doing
really well.

She's just--
- Yeah.

- She looks tired,
not her normal, bubbly self.

I just--
- Yeah.

I'm gonna see her later today
after the shower.

- What? No.
Go now, she'll love it.

- Well, you don't have
to tell me twice.

Thanks, tom.

- Thomas.

Nice to see you again.

- Chelsea.

Mayor, huh?

- Yeah, youngest in the history
of the town, actually.

But we're not here
to talk about me today.

- I'm actually here
to celebrate suzie.

- You're late.

- Better late than never.

Miss mayor.
- Chief.

- Thanks for coming.

- Well, you and your fiancee are
a major part of this community.

How could i not?


Well, i guess
i'm gonna go mingle.

Oh, and chief, as mayor,
i'd love to talk to you

About your property,
and any future plans

You and your family
might have with it.

- Oh, well,
don't ask me.

It's grandma's place.

But actually,
tom's running it right now.

- Oh.

Well then, thomas,

You and i should have
coffee soon.

I'll call you.

- Gonna have coffee
with her?

- Do pigs have wings?

- Bye.

It's nice, isn't it?

- It's beautiful.

- Super cop.

You look great.
- Oh.

- Opposed to how i look
in uniform?

- No.

No, i just--
- I accept the compliment.

- What are you doing out here?
- I came to support kip.

I mean, suzie's great.

But i don't know
any of those ladies.

And weddings aren't really
my thing.

- Oh, you're gonna love
this place.

It's nothing but weddings,
and true love, and--

- All the true love nonsense.

- Not a believer?
- Not even close.

- It's nice to meet
a fellow traveler.

- You too, huh?

- Mm-Hmm.

Yeah, i needed this.

Fresh air.

Good company.

- Yeah, me too.

That's why i moved here.

- Where you from?

- Chi-Town.

- Chicago cop.
- Yeah.

Better watch out.

- Did you get tired
of the big city?

- More like chicago's
male population.

- Oh, yeah?

Plan on sticking around
these parts?

- Yeah.
It's quiet.

It's beautiful.

It's over 1,000 miles
from chicago.

- Yeah.

Put yourself back there
for a minute.

- Not in a million years.
- No, no, no, no, no.

You asked me why i wanted
to leave.

This--This is my chicago.

- Nice knowing you.

So how long are
you staying?

- Well, until my grandma's
up and around.

So the time thing is
a little fluid.

- Hm.

- Plus, i got kip and suzie's
wedding coming up.

So maybe
i'll see you there.

- Maybe before.
We have a court date, remember?

- Oh, yeah.

I guess the bonding on the beach
didn't help me?

- Actually, i wouldn't
call it bonding.

So until you've handled
your legal obligations,

Don't leave town.

I carry guns, remember?

- All right, so i want you guys
to see all this.

You see all that land
over there?

That is gonna be ours.
I have the prints right here.

So what we're gonna do:

We're gonna knock down
that back fence.

You see the back fence along
those trees right there?

Yeah, we're gonna take
that fence,

Knock it down, expand.

Edge of the property limit,

It goes all the way along
that back fence,

So we really could potentially
have growth potential there.

- Hey.

Can i help you?
- Uh, nope, we're good.

Just go about your business.
- You're standing on it.

That is
my family's business.

- Oh.

- Yeah.
What are you doing out here?

- Nothing.

We were just admiring
this beautiful scenery.

Right, guys?
- Yep.

- Uh-Huh.

- You know, this really is
wonderful property.

You ever think
about selling it?

- No, it's not for sale
right now.

But thanks for asking.

- Of course.

Uh, bye.

All right, so here's
what we're gonna need to do.

- Thanks for seeing me.

- I'm sorry about your grandma.
I hope she gets well soon.

- Thank you.

- But since this is
public record,

I can talk to you about this
before more time passes

And we can get it
straightened out.

- Okay, what's going on?

- What's going on is
a little delicate

And more complicated
than a letter could describe.

So let me come to the point.
- Please.

- Cupid's bed and breakfast
owes 21 years

Of back property taxes.

- What?
- I'll explain.

It may take a minute.

- Do you remember a guy named
lance kinney?

- Yeah, i remember lance.
Nice guy.

Ex-County clerk.
- Yeah.

- Did you know that he found
his true love at cupid's?

- Not surprised,
this part of the country.

- Cupid was so good to him,
in fact,

That he decided grandma
didn't have to pay

Her property taxes
for 21 years.

- You're kidding.

- Seems lance just upped
and deep-Sixed

Grandma's tax bill all because
he had a happy marriage.

- How could she miss that?

- I don't know.
- Can you cut a deal?

- Homer, the new tax assessor,

Waived the late fees.

- Well, that's nice.
So how much does she owe?

- $92,000.

Every room is booked.

And the shower was great.

Suzie's perfect for kip.

- Oh, she is a beautiful girl,
inside and out.

You need one like that.

- Can we change
the subject?

There is actually something
i need to talk to you about.

- Okay.

Like have you met
any nice girls lately?

- Nice try.

Right now, you're the only girl
that matters to me.

- You are so full
of baloney.

Do i have to ask?

Have you run
into chelsea yet?

- We've been reintroduced.

- Oh, i assume
it didn't go well.

- Chelsea's chelsea.

I'm fine.
- Oh, i'm so glad, tommy.

I'm proud of you, dear.

So what did you want
to talk about?

- It's not important.

Have i told you how much
i love you?

- Mm.


Thank you, tommy.

- I really am busy.

What do you want?

- Remember how you told me
to be creative

And take initiative?

- No.
Well--Well, you did.

- Okay.

- I am working on buying
a property

That will pay us at least
a hundredfold return

On our investment.

- What are you doing?
- Just leave it to me.

I'll make you proud,
i promise.

- Is it legal?
- Cross my heart.

- Is it within the budget
i gave you for your department?

- If i play
my cards right, yeah.

- You think this is a good deal,
you run it by bill.

If he says yes,
go for it.

Oh, oh, jerry, jerry.

Your mother called.

She wants to know if you can
come over this weekend,

Your sister's birthday.

- Tell her i'll be there.
- It'll make her very happy.

I love it when she's happy.
- Me too.

Hey, it's me.

- It's not some low-Rent motel
you can just force them out.

The owner is an old lady
who's sick in the hospital.

And even you're smart enough
not to go there.

- Watch me.

- No, this needs to be
handled delicately.

You know, thomas is running
the place now.

So just let me go in
and soften him up a little bit.

I have some experience
with that.

- We need to move on this
within the month.

Otherwise, the news
about the highway

Is gonna get out
and we're sunk.

- Well, then get out of my way
and let me work.

I'll get us
what we need.

And then you can build me
my mall.

- You were going 25
in a 45.

That's considered
reckless driving.

You could cause
an accident.

- If it helps, i had no idea
i was driving that slow.

- Are you okay?

- No.


- Yeah.

That's a lot of money.

- I don't know
what i'm gonna do.

- Well, you could hire
a lawyer.

- And fight the county?
- Yeah.

- That could take months.
That--That could take years.

- Mm.

Aw, that's right.

You're leaving.

- You want to have lunch
with me tomorrow?

Two anti-Romantics
banding together

For a non-Date.

- Yeah, okay.
- Okay?

- Hm.

Trust me, you were right
not to tell her.

Thank you.

So maybe we could
declare bankruptcy.

- Not on property taxes.
I already checked.

- Well, how soon
do they have to be paid?

- It was all a blur
after i got the bill.

But i think he said something
about six months.

We'll figure something out.

- Hello?

- This is real deal, over.
Come in, circus pony.

- I thought your call sign
was "clown boy."

That's not very nice.

How's your grandmother?
- About the same, unfortunately.

- That's too bad.

- Listen, adam, i know
i've been here a week already.

All right,
but i'm gonna need more time.

- No, hey, don't--
Don't even worry about it.

- A week,
ten days, max.

- What's the good news?

- Well, there's a huge tax lien
against the b&b,

And it just gets worse
from there.

- I mean, just remember
you walked away

From helmand province
in one piece.

- Point taken.

Look i gotta go,
all right?

I got a lunch.
- Don't lie to me, circus pony.

I know you got a date
with chelsea.

- It's mayor chelsea to you.
- The mayor?

- It's not with her.
- I got my eye on you, airborne.

- Mm, mm-Kay.

I have missed
this apple pie.

- Mm, it is so good.

Thank you for treating me
to lunch.

It is very considerate
of you

Considering everything else
you have going on.

- There's something
very liberating

About being this deeply
in debt.

Well, you're just talking
about cupid's, right?

- Yeah.

Well, i'm not exactly
rolling in it, either.

I saved enough of my army pay
to make a fresh start,

But that's it.

Believe me, if i had the money,
i'd pay the tax myself,

But i don't.

And that makes me worry
about my grandmother,

And steve,
and sandra.

What happens to them
if i can't pay?

- Well, i'm sure the property is
worth more than the tax lien.

- Am i seriously gonna have
to start thinking about selling?

- You may have to.

- It's my grandmother's life.

- You're a good grandson.

- I don't feel
like one today.

There he is.

Arrest that...cherub.

- Okay.

You have the right
to remain silent.

You have the right to fool
anyone that you want.

And you have the right
to stay away from me, okay?

- Wow.

- You're as bitter as i am.

- You're bitter, tommy?

- Well, only--
Only about this much.

But nothing for you
to worry about.

What are you doing here?

- Well, we're old friends.

Thought i'd come by
and say "hi,"

You know,
see how you're doing.

You're doing fine, i see.


- Mayor.
- You work fast.

We should catch up.

But this obviously
isn't the time.

I put my private number
on the back.

Call me.

And welcome home, soldier.

- That was interesting.


I-I actually had a good time
on our non-Date.

- Yeah?
- Mm-Hmm.

- Me too.
- Well...

Welcome home, soldier.

- I thought this was
a non-Date.

There's no kissing
on a non-Date.

- Can i blame it
on cupid?

- Cupid's not real.

Look, i told you before

I'm not looking
for a relationship.

- I'm not either.

Just someone to talk to
who understands.

- Hm.
That would be me.

And that i would like.


- Deal.

- I'm gonna go visit
another patient.

You don't need me
because you're doing so well.

- Oh, thank you.

- But i'll come
visit you tomorrow.

- All right.

- Dr. Gray.

- Ah.

- Hi.
- Hi, welcome home.

I'm sorry i missed you
the last few times you were in.

- It's good to be back.
So how is she?

- Well, you know, she's been
in and out of the hospital

For the past couple
of years.

She's old.

You get to be her age,
your systems start to fail.

- But she--
She's gonna be okay?

- Oh.

Tom, your grandma's
pretty important

To an awful lot of people
around here, including me.

We're doing our best.

And you being here

Has really helped
improve her spirits.

So just keep that up.

Keep her happy.

- How's cu--
Cupid's is fine.

Steve and sandra
have it running smoothly,

Waiting for you
to get back.

- I'm not concerned
about steve and sandra.

It's you i'm worried about.

- You should be more worried
about you

And when you're getting
outta here.

- I want you to be happy.

- I'll tell you what.

I'll make a deal
with you.

As soon as you're well enough
to get outta here,

I'll be ecstatic.

- You are so frustrating.
- I know.

- I need to know
what your plans are.

Do you know?

- I wish i did.

- You do know
what you want.

You just have
to recognize it.

- It's not
that easy, grandma.

- It is that easy.

Your heart will show you
the way.

- Right this way, please,
mr. Campbell.

Thank you.
- Mm-Hmm.


I'm so happy
that you called.


- Thanks.

Yeah, i just wanna get this
over with.

- Over with?

- Yeah, whatever it is
you want from me.

- Come on,
that's ancient history.

Today is
what matters, right?

- Spoken like
a true politician.

- You know,
you've changed, thomas.

I like the new you.

- You're doing
pretty well yourself.

What do you want?
- I'm not really sure now.

- What did you want?

- To talk to you
about cupid's.

- Why?
It's not mine.

- Well, you're
running it, right?

Are you staying?
Do you wanna sell it?

- Why is everyone
asking me that?

- Well, it's--
It's a community asset.

- You want to keep it
a community asset?

You're the mayor.
Help me with my tax problem.

- Tax problem?

Oh, jerry.

You know,
we must really live right.

Cupid's has
an insurmountable tax problem

That i'm gonna pretend
to try to help fix.

- So dish.
- He told me everything.

I told you
i could handle him.

He'll get grandma
to sell.

He'll have to.

Okay, you sure you want
to tackle this with me?

Yeah, i'm sure.

Those pipes
are driving me nuts.

I'll be happy to tackle
this thing with you.

Where do we start?

- Call in a real plumber.

- We already have
a $92,000 bill.

We gotta fix
this thing ourselves.

It could just be
the pump.

All right.


Let's say we turn off the water
and look at the pump.

- You're the boss.


- Okay.

- Whoa.

- Okay.
- That cannot be good.

Here, turn it--
Turn it back on.

- Turn it back on!

Both: ah!

- Oh.

- Oh, hi.

Take this for a free night
next time.

Have a safe trip.

Here, here.

We'll be back up and running
in no time.

I'm sorry.

Have a great, safe trip.


- That'd be great.

- Hey.
- Hey.

That was the plumber.
- Cool.

- Yeah.

He can't come out
until tomorrow.

He didn't want to give
an estimate over the phone.

But he sounded very happy
when i described the damage.

- That's not good.

- So we got no money
coming in.

We got more than we can afford
going out.

You've--You've been here
since as long as i can remember.

What did grandma do
during times like this?

- Never had any.

- Thanks.


We're booked.
We're completely full.

- Mm-Hmm.

Your mom and dad
would be so proud of you.

You've become such
a fine, strong man.

- Yeah.

Thank you for that.

You know, sometimes

Overseas at night,
i would--

I would try
to remember them.

And i-I can't.

I just--
I just can't.

- No, you were--You were
so young, darling, and--

When they had
that terrible accident.

But they loved you
so much.

Always remember that.

- I will.

I love you.

Thank you.

- No, thank you, homer.

I know it's public record,
but i appreciate

You cutting some of the red tape
for me.

- Sure, mayor.

Anything else i can do
for you?

- You know, i might have
a couple more questions

About this,
so you keep that file close.

- Yes, ma'am.

Will do.

Have a nice day.
- Okay, bye.

Cupid's is toast.

You could lower your price
by a third

And i bet
he still takes it.

He's in way
over his head.

- No time like the present.
- No, no.

You be gentle on him.

He's about to lose
his grandma.

I might want to swoop in
and pick up the pieces.

Sounds like a win-Win.

Oh, that's not good.

- Wow.

All right,
why don't you take the car back?

I'm gonna see
if he needs help.

And i'll just get him
to give me a ride home.

- Tom!

- I wouldn't do that
if you like those shoes.

- Ah.

They belong to the city.

Thank you.

- I'm open
to ideas here.

- Did you call
a plumber?

- Good one.

- All right, well, my dad used
to be in construction.

And he said
do what you can

Before you turn it over
to a specialist.

- Meaning?

- Meaning they're gonna
come out here,

Dig a trench, and charge you
an arm and a leg for it.

- Let's get to work.
- You got it.

- Anybody out here?

- Yeah, we're back here.

Be careful.

Be careful.
That's raw sewage.

- I have something
i'd like to discuss with you.

- Watch your step.
We had a little...

- Whoa!

- Plumbing accident.

- Oh!


Come on, give me your hand.
- Yeah, just keep crawling.

- Atta boy.

What are you doing here?

I am here to buy your property
and your business.

I have got a generous offer
for you.

- Look, don't worry
about it.

We're--I'm not looking
to sell.

- What are you talking about?
You have to sell.

- I'm sorry.
Who are you, again?

- A man that can make
all of your problems go away.

- What do you know
about my problems?

- Nothing, just that everyone
has problems.

I ha--I have problems.
I have a lot of problems.

- Like i said,
it's not for sale.

- All right.

Then i guess i'll be going.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.

- I wanna know
who that guy is.

- Maybe you can get the cops
to find out.

- Oh, yeah?

- Oh, yeah.

- What happened?

- I fell into a mud hole.

- No, i don't care
what happened to you.

Is he interested
in selling or not?

- No, but i wasn't exactly
at my best.

- Well, what did he say?

- I'm pretty sure
it was something

Along the lines of,
"hey, i'm not gonna sell."

You know what?

If that lady cop
hadn't been there,

I would have a lawsuit
on my hands,

Forced him to sell.

- A lady cop?
- Yeah.

- Do you think there's something
going on there?

- At the hotel?
Something illegal?

You know, that might be
a good angle.

- Between tom and the cop!

- I have no idea.


Want me to find out?
I can do that.

- What i want you to do
is get out of the building.

Go, go home.
Take a shower.

Burn your clothes.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Sally, hi.

Can you get me the employment
files on the new lady cop?

- You mean nancy?
- Sure.

- She's so nice.

- Yes, i'm sure
she's very nice.

- Yes, ma'am,
i'll get right on it.

- Thank you.

- Ah, tommy.

- I didn't wanna wake you.
I just wanted to see you.

- Oh, nonsense.

I'm so happy
to see you, tommy.

I have just about talked
dr. Gray

Into letting me
out of here

For a day
to visit cupid's.

- That's great.
That's great news.

As soon as you're ready,
i'll drive you myself.

You're such
a sweet boy, tommy.

You don't have
to stay, dear.

Let this old lady
get her beauty rest.

- I love you, grams.


- Good night,
you sweet boy.

- Good night.

- What a mess.

Entire system, huh?

The house too?
- Yeah.

Well, i know a guy.

He could fix it.
- Yeah?

- Give you a good price.

Won't be cheap.

It'll be good, though.
- By your wedding day?

- He's good
but he's not that good.

Well, what are we gonna do?

We--We still gotta have
the wedding out here.

I mean, not just because
susie wants it.

I want it out here.

Grandma would want it.

What are we gonna do?

- We're gonna have it out here.
- How?

- Porta-Potties
and bottled water work for you?

You betcha.


- Thank you so much.

- You're welcome.

- Okay, so, i mean,
he came out of nowhere.

And he was extremely interested
in buying cupid's.

- But you have no idea
who he is?

- Mm.

- Well, that's gonna make him
a lot tougher to find, nancy.

- Gil, i need your help
on this one.

- Okay, um, well,

If he needed
any public records,

He's gonna have to go
to city hall.

- Okay.

And then what would
a good detective do?

- Check the visitors' logs.

- Bingo.

- All right, detective gil's
on the scent.

- You know i love that.

- You wanted to see me?


Your boss called.

And he asked
if i had seen you lately

Because he hasn't.

- I told you i'm working
on a project.

- And even though you think
i don't remember

What i tell you,
i told you, "run it by bill."

- I just wanted to have
all my ducks in a row first.

- Just run it by bill.

Now, i'm not kidding.

- Whatever you say.

I'll be happy to.

That it?
- Jerry.

Now, i wanna know.
What are you doing?

- What are you talking about?

- You're hiding something
from me, jerry.

You're agreeing too easily.
- Oh, come on, dad.

It's just a small
real estate deal

That's gonna prove my worth
to this company.

I mean, if it fails,
you can fire me.

- Where is
this real estate?


- It's up north.
Henry county.

- Henry county.

You know, i love that part
of the state.

I promise i'll run it
by bill, dad.

- As soon
as she comes on the deck,

We all surprised her.

Listen, do you think
we could go see

Your grandmother
this afternoon?

- Oh, yeah.

You don't have to ask.

No, get outta here.
I can take care of this place.

- You think?
- Yeah.

- Hello?

Hey, kip.



No, they're--They're--
They're right here.

- No.

- I love you too.

She's gone.

- This is amazing.

So many people.
- I know, it's beautiful.

Did you guys...
- No, we didn't.


- You meant so much
to us.

- This place is
very special.

Thank you.
- Mm.

- Oh, my.

- I really like it here.
- She touched so many lives.

- We're gonna miss you.

- Hey, cuz.
- Hey, tommy.

It's great, huh?

- We're so sorry
for your loss.

She was like
my grandma too.

- It won't be the same
without her.

- Rest in peace.

- Where did the roses
come from?

- Well, after the funeral,
somebody came up with the idea.

The word just spread.

- Thanks.

- Sorry for your loss.
- Thank you.

- Hey.

- Thanks for coming.

- Of course.

I'm very sorry
for your loss.

- Thanks.

- Look.

When you're ready
to talk,

I'm here.

- Right now,
i don't know what to say.

- Well, then don't say anything
at all.

Hey, bro.
I was racked out.

What's up?

- Aw, she's gone, adam.

- I'm sorry to hear that.

- She went peacefully.

Man, there were so many people
at her memorial service.

I mean, wow.

I don't know what to do
with this place.

I gotta figure
something out.

- What are your options?

- Pay the tax bill
or sell.

I-Either way,

I'm not staying here
and running the place.

- You got a buyer?

- There's a guy
who's interested.

- You gotta talk to him.

Look, tom,
no matter what you decide,

I know your grandmother
would approve.

Thank you, brother.


Where do
we get $92,000?

I paid the funeral expenses.

What's left is barely enough
to pay for the plumbing.

Bless her heart, she ran
this place like a nonprofit.

- Did she have
any insurance?

- I can't find
a policy anywhere.

Did she have a lawyer?
- No.

Are you kidding?

What about a loan
on the property?

As soon as i'm legal owner,
the bank will talk.

The problem is the will
won't get settled for months.

- Look at you
two sad sacks.

- We're trying to figure out
a way to raise some money.

- And in the meantime,
kip's wedding is on.

So let's say we go out
with a bang.

- Stop that.
We're not going anywhere.


- Hm.

- Uh, he's a cop.

And, i mean, he wasn't the first
man i was in love with.

But i thought
he'd be the last.

- Soul mates.
- No.

No such thing.

Did i think so
at the time, though?

Yeah, 1,000%.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Sounds pretty serious.

- Yeah, i had
a wedding dress.

We picked out a date.

I mean, it was all
the fairy-Tale stuff.

- And what happened?

- Bethany.
- Bethany.

- Yeah, a real
fairy-Tale princess.

A damsel in distress
wrapped in ribbons and bows,

A girl to hang on
his every word

And follow him around
like a puppy dog.

- Yeah, but if he chose
that over you, you're lucky.

Well, i would agree
with you.

But every time
i've been dumped,

It's been
for a bethany.

- Yeah, i've had
my own bethany issues.

- And she chose being mayor
over you?

- Yeah, for starters.

I think world domination is
her ultimate goal.

- What's your goal?

- That's the same thing
chelsea asked me

The day she dumped me.

- Yeah, officer fairfax.

Hey, sally.


Uh, okay.
3:00 pm?

Okay, great.
I will see you then.

- Hm.
- Bye.

Well, i've just been summoned
by the queen of the world.

- Really?

- Really.

- Chief.
- Bill.

Hey, sal.
- Hi, chief.

Uh, chief?
- Yeah?

- Can i talk to you
for a second?

- Sure.
What's up?

- It's about nancy
and mayor gibson.

- What about nancy
and mayor gibson?

- Okay, so then legally,

What options do we have
to force them

To pay the tax bill now?

- The quickest is
a 15-Day demand notice.

Are you sure you want me
to do that?

- I know.
Could you believe it?

- It's crazy.
- And then they came--

- Good afternoon, anna.
- Hi, kip.

- Hey, chief.
How are ya?

- Hey, nance?
- Yeah?

- Got a minute?

- You bet, chief.
What's up?

- I-Our mayor
just requested

A copy of your file.

- Ah.

As well as my presence
in her office.

- Really?
- Mm-Hmm.

- Hm.
You want me to go with you?

- Do you know something
i don't?

- No, i was just--

She didn't exactly
go through

The proper channels
on this one.

- Huh.

Well, that's because i have
a feeling it's personal.

Every time she's seen me
recently, it's been with tom.

- Ah, okay.


Just remember
that i got your back on this

And that you work for me,
not her.

- Thank you.

But if it is personal,
i'll let her know

What boundaries she can
and cannot cross.

- That a girl.

- How you doing, chief?
- Hey, gil.

- Ready to get to work?
- Yeah, thank you.

- All right,
you guys be careful out there.

- Yes, sir.
- You got it, chief.

- You were right
about the visitors' log.

- Oh, yeah?
- Found our guy.

It was easier
than i thought.

I knew most everybody else
who was signing in.

- Oh, yeah?
Who is he?

- Jerry tollen.

Multiple times.

And every time
he comes in,

He comes to see
the mayor.

He works
for tollen industries.

- What's that?
- They develop properties.

Huge company.
He's the son of the ceo.

- Wow.

That is very
useful information.

Thank you, gil.
That helps a lot.

- Okay.

- Look, we started off
on the wrong foot.

- I'll listen to your offer,
but i don't want to sell.

- And that is as short-Sided
as a man gets, no offense.

- What's your name, by the way?

- Jerry.
Jerry tollen.

- Yeah, oh--
Okay, mr. Tollen.

What's your offer?
- Tom.

- He's not leaving
until we hear him out.

Go on.
Give me your best shot.


- This is more
than i thought.


- It is a successful business

On a beautiful piece
of property.

- I'll hold on to this,
but i don't want to sell.

- That offer has
a very short shelf life,

Just so we're clear.

- I understand.

- Okay then.

- Was it that much?

- Yeah.

- He's doing well in his work,
isn't he?

- Yeah, that's what i heard.

Come in.

- You wanted to see me?

- Yes.
Uh, please sit.

- I'd prefer to stand.
Thank you.

- Okay.

Well, i've been looking through
your file.

And you, my dear,
have a lot of potential.

- Thank you, ms. Mayor.

I am on duty,
so what is it exactly

I could help you with?

- There's no need
to be rude.

- Certainly not trying
to offend you.

I'm just not quite sure
what i'm doing here.

- Let's cut to the chase.

- Thank you.

- What is the nature

Of your relationship
with thomas?

- He's a good friend
and a good man.

- And there's nothing...

- Romantic?


And i'm just a friend
trying to help him

Through a very
difficult time.

- Well, if you'd like
to help thomas,

You could start
by convincing him

To sell
the bed and breakfast

Before he loses it all
to his tax bid

And is left with nothing.

You could do that
for me.

And then, maybe later on
if you ever needed anything,

I could do something
for you.

- I see.

Well, i'm sure thomas will be
flattered you care so much.

As for me, there is actually
something i need.

- See, now this is
the stuff

That relationships
are built on.

- What is the nature
of your relationship

With mr. Jerry tollen?

I think it's time for you
to leave.

- Hm.

Thank you, ms. Mayor.

- We have to stop meeting
like this.

- Well, i called you.

And you didn't answer
your phone.

- Well, i had
my phone off

'Cause i need time
to think.

- Maybe this will help.

I found out that chelsea
and that jerry guy,

They're working together
to buy cupid's.

Of course they are.
That makes perfect sense.

I don't see
where that matters, though.

The assessor called today.

I have 15 days
to pay.

After that,

They take the property.

- There's gotta be a reason
why they want it so bad.

- It doesn't matter.

They're offering me
a profit,

The assessor isn't,

And i have to pay
the bill.

- Well, we still have
15 days.

- We?

- Stand up.
Arms where i can see 'em.

- Are you crazy?

- You heard me.
Stand up.

Arms where
i can see 'em.

This is your last warning.

- What'd i say?

- Are you carrying
any weapons?

- Have you completely lost
your mind?

- I don't want you
to sell because...

I don't want you
to leave.

- You sure about this?

- I know i said never,

But i guess
this is as long

As never lasts.

I'm starting
to love this place again.

- Yeah.

- But i have to take 'em up
on their offer.

I don't see
any other way.

- And you're sure
you don't wanna fight?

- Yeah, i've done enough
fighting for one lifetime.

If i sell, i give sandra
and steve what's left,

And i'll just tell them
to get the paperwork ready.

And i'll sign it
after their wedding.

Jerry, tom campbell.

Call me.
We need to talk.

I feel awful about this,
you two.

I just don't see
any other way.

- Look, you've taken the only
avenue left open to you.

- I mean, we get it.

We saw this coming.

- Hey, believe me.

I racked my brain
trying to come up

With a solution
for you.

- Nah, for us.
Come on.

I have too.

And i feel responsible
for your futures,

Which is why
i'm gonna make sure

That you two
are taken care of financially.

And i don't want to hear
any arguments about it.

Grandma would insist.

Everything's been such
a struggle since i got back.

- Everything?
- Yeah.

No, you?

You were
a complete surprise.

- Huh.

- Don't get me wrong.

You were
a great surprise.

Best i ever got.

- Better be.

Well, do you wanna take a walk
on the beach?

- I need
to be alone there tonight.

- I totally get it.

Can i bring you breakfast?
- Absolutely.

- Okay.

- Thank you.

- Good night.

- Nancy.

- Gil.
- Hey.

Was that tom i saw?
- Yeah.

He's headed to cupid's
to say his good-Byes.

- Oh.

- Yeah.

- Hey, i gotta return
a couple of dvds.

You wanna keep me company?

- Yeah.
I'd love to.

- Hi, this is tom.


No, absolutely not.

Okay, where?

I'll be there
in 15 minutes.

- What's the emergency?
- You weren't here.

Oh, come on, thomas.
Don't be like that.

- I can't believe i came here.
- I can.

We used to be best friends.

Please just sit
with me.

- And after that,
we go our separate ways.

- If you still feel like that
when we're done,

That's how it'll be.

- Oh, that's how it'll be.
- Wow.

Army made you a tough guy.
- Not as tough as you made me.

- You know,
i've relived that moment

A million times
in my mind,

Thinking about you...

- So you decided
to show me

By buying my property
out from under me?

- By helping you
with your debt.

I'm not making any money
on this deal.

Jerry is a developer
and a friend.

It benefits both of you.

- I guess i had been assuming
the worst.

- Yeah, when there was
no need to.


The marine layer's blowing in.

- I'm actually
a little bit chilly.

- I'm actually
a little bit cold.

The great bicycle race.

- Oh, i've never
laughed harder

Than when i saw you
go face first into those bushes.

- Until i came out.

- I did not mean for you
to get hurt.

- I know.

- You healed up
so nicely, though.

- I have to get out of here.
- Come on, nancy.

There's gotta be a reasonable
explanation for this.

- There is.


- Bethany.

- I needed this.

Thank you.

I gotta go.
All right?

I got some loose ends to tie up
at cupid's.

You have a great night.

- Sorry, thomas.

It's not over
until i say it's over.

I'm not gonna do it.

- Go for real deal.

- I made a decision.

This place is
my family's legacy.

- You don't have to explain it
to me, bro.

I get it.
- I'm gonna stay and fight.

Talked to the employees.
They're in.

- Well, that's not surprising.

You're a--
You're a good leader.

So what's next?

- I gotta make a plan.

The good news is
i'm surrounded by problems.

- I like it, you can attack
from any direction.

- Maybe there's
a girl involved.

- It's not the mayor,
is it?

- She's a cop.
- Outstanding.

She gets
that law enforcement discount.

- Yeah.

I feel like
i'm letting you down.

- I'm proud of you.

I mean, you'd be
a lousy bodyguard anyway.

- I'll come
school you sometime.

Be careful out
there, ranger.

- Never.

- Hey, you, thought you were
bringing breakfast.

Listen, call me back
when you get this, okay?

I've made some decisions.

- Okay.
- Call me.

Ladies, would you mind
finishing up

Your last-Minute wedding plans
with sandra?

I've really got to take care
of something.

- Sure, it's just little things.
Take off.

I gotta go
in a couple minutes anyway.

- Yeah, tom, go.
We'll be fine.

I am so excited.

- Oh, it's gonna
be great.

- And it's gonna be
everything you want.

I promise.

Thank you.

- Thank you for deciding
not to sell.

- Yeah.

I don't know
how we're gonna do it.

15 days isn't much time.
- You gotta believe.

That boy needs to learn
how to turn off the lights.


- Come here.

- Whoa.
- Take a look.

- Hm.

What's going on?

- Go get your phone.

Go, go, go, go.



- Lieutenant?

- Hey.
- You shouldn't be here.

I'm on duty.

- What is going on?

I saw you and chelsea
together last night

After you said
you were going home.

- Okay. Okay.
Okay, sit down.

Sit down.

All right.


She called me
and said it was an emergency.

That's all.

You gotta trust me here.
- No, i do.

I-I do trust you
in my heart.

It's my head
i can't shut off.

Tom, i'm not ready.

And i may never
be ready.

It's not fair to you.

- I'm not selling cupid's.

- Really?
- Yeah.

But i can't explain here.

I gotta show you.
Come on.

Come on.

- Tom, i...

- What?

- I'm really mixed up
about this.

I-I think it's better

We go our separate ways.

I'm sorry.

Give her some time.

No, i'm cursed.

And yet, here i am
trying to save

The very thing
that cursed me.

- Stop it.

You gotta believe.

- No, no, no.

Hey, i believed once.

That was enough.

I came across
some of grandma's old records

And pictures of people

Whose lives
she changed forever

All because they believed
in this place like she did.

How can i not
carry that on?

Because if i don't,
her legacy dies.

And i'm not gonna
let that happen.

- That's the tom
i know.

Go on.

- Hey, where's steve?

- Um, running some errands
for me.

- Sorry.
- Hi.

- Jerry, tom campbell.

Listen, i've decided
not to sell the property.

I'm gonna try
and save it.

- What?

We had a deal.

A deal, okay?

Even though we don't have
a written contract,

You'll spend so much money
on lawyers, you'll go broke.

I have got corporate attorneys
and deep pockets, okay?

You can't win.

- Individual waters
on the tables.

- Okay, got 'em
right here.

- Hey.

So there's
no running water.

So direct anybody
that needs them

To the porta-Potties
and the sinks behind the house.

Both: mm-Hmm.
- Thanks.

- Oh, sure.

- You have one new message.

- Nancy, call me.


Come see me.

Pull me over.


If you don't want that kind
of relationship now, fine.

There's no pressure here.

I'm not running away again.

I'm staying and fighting
for you,

For cupid's.

Call me.

Thank you.

Listen, jerry says if you don't
sign the papers,

He'll sue you.

I don't think
you have a choice.

- Let him sue me.
I didn't sign anything.

- He's bringing a corporate
attorney here to serve you.

Thomas, just settle.

- No, no.
This is my cousin's wedding.

Don't do this.

Do you remember when you told me
i didn't have any goals?

Well, now i got two.

One, to return this place
to its former glory.

Two, nancy.

- Thomas, those are
not goals.

Those are dead ends.

You know, maybe you should
just run away again.

Maybe that would be best
for everyone.

- One of the real joys

Of being an ordained minister

Is performing marriages,

Especially when
the bride and groom

Are your friends,
like kip and susie.

I'll get you through it.

- I know you will.

- Holy matrimony is
a beautiful thing.

It's the joining together
of two kindred spirits

In this very
special place.

And now
the sand ceremony,

The merging of two elements
into one new thing.

Kip and susie...

You may kiss the bride.

It gives me great pleasure
to present to you

Mr. And mrs. Kip campbell.

- Whoo!

- Oh, great.

Perfect timing.

It'll be okay.

I promise.

- Look, i am not kidding.

This is
the big leagues.

I will have you
in court tomorrow.

And by the time i'm done
with you,

Your grandkids
will owe me.

- Okay, my cousin
is out there

Celebrating his wedding day,

My chief of police cousin.

I'm not gonna let you ruin
this day for me.

Get off my property now.

- Well, enjoy
your property now

Because this time tomorrow,
it'll be mine.

- Tom, you have
to see this.

Come on.

- Wh...

What is this?

Who are all these people?

They weren't
at the wedding.

- Your grandmother's legacy.
- What?

- I found the ledger
with all the names on your desk.

And steve and i called
them all.

They're here
to save cupid's.

- How you doing?

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Hi.

- This was supposed to be
your day.

I'm sorry.
- Oh, are you kidding?

This is great.

- Good job.

- Jerry?
- Dad.

- What are you doing here?

- Uh...

This is it.

This is my project.

- And what is your project?

- I had a deal to buy this dump
from him.

But then he welched on
the deal.

That's why
i brought edward.

- And what were we going to do
with this property?

- Do we really have to talk
about this here?

- Well, if it's gonna be
a company asset, yes.

- Look, there is something
that you don't know.

There is something
that nobody else knows.

They are going to build
a new highway right here.

- Oh, that's
insider information.

- It's just business.

- Yeah, well,
it's not my business.

No, jerry, we don't trade
in illegal information.

- Oh, i-I think
you don't understand.

It's actually for the good
of the community.

- Yeah.
- It's all part of my plan.

- Mm-Hmm.
- You know, progress.

- Progress.

- So you're part
of this fraud too?

- Uh--

- You the new owner?

- I am.
My grandmother left it to me.

- She was a beautiful woman.
- Thank you.

- My wife and i,
we were married here.

And that's why
we came today.

We are forever grateful
to your grandmother.

And nobody, nobodythat i'm associated with

Will bulldoze cupid's.

Edward, why don't
you go home?

Spend the weekend
with your family?

Thank you.

- Tom, we've raised
almost $48,000.

- You're kidding.
- No.

- Between the buckets
and the online donations,

We've raised more than half
the money.

- That's amazing.

That's not enough,
but it's amazing.

- How much are
you short, son?

- 44.
- $44,000.

- Young man,
i got you covered on that.

It's the least i can do.

- What?

this is my deal.

- You know, perhaps it was me
that failed you.

I turned you loose
and expected you to perform.

And that's not being a very good
boss or a very good father.

- Really?
- Tell you what.

You wanna learn how to do things
the right way?

I'm ready to help you.

- Yeah, i'd like that.

- Yeah.

- Besides, it was
her idea anyway.

- I don't have
to take this.

- It was payable to...

- Thank you so much.

- Thank you.

- Ah, thank you so much.

- Lovely to see you again.
- Nice to see you.

- Oh.
- Look at them.

- Still romantic.

Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Thanks for coming.
- Good-Bye.

Is this real?

Did this--
Did this just happen?

- It did.

- Will you excuse me?

I have to go say
"thank you."

Both: mwah.

- We did it, grandma.
We saved cupid's.

- Excuse me.

I'm looking for

A thomas campbell?

- That's me.

- Well, as acting chief
of police,

I'm here to give you
another speeding ticket.

- I'd like to contest that.

- Oh, yeah?

And what's your reason?

- Oh, well, the issuing officer
cleary displayed

An abusive power
when she coerced me

With her charm
and her beauty.

- And you think a judge
will believe that?

- As soon as he takes one look
at the officer?

Oh, yeah.

- Huh.

- I called bethany.

We had a long talk.

And it turns out
she's a pretty cool girl.

I also found out
he left her...

For a charlotte.

Guess what.

- What?

- I'm not afraid
of charlottes.