Sweet Revenge (2001) - full transcript

A woman searches for the man who betrayed her.

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(tense music)

(gun fires)

- [Macy] Where's Maggie?


(tense music)

(Macy groaning)

(loud blasting)

(fire crackling)

(tense music)

(police siren blaring in distance)

(phone ringing)


- [Frank] You ready?

- Yeah.

(tense music)

(car lock clicks)

(car engine rumbling)

- [Dan] Hey, Frank.

- Yeah.

- Want some free advice?

- What's it gonna cost me?

- Stay out of trouble tonight.

This isn't our town.

- Any town's our town.

- Right.

I'll meet you in the morning,

bright and early.

(tense music)


- Geez!

(tense music)

(car screeching)

(cars banging)
(metallic squeaking)


Hey, my car!

Look what you did to my car!

Get out of the car, you
need to see what you did!

You completely ruined the front of my car!

What are you, crazy?

Who taught you how to drive?

Are you nuts?

- All right, just relax, okay?

Just take it easy.
- I want it fixed!

I want it fixed today!
- Just get back in your car,

and we'll be on our way.
(gun fires quietly)

- What's wrong with you?

I'm not paying for this!

- [Bald Man] I don't got
time for this, all right?

Just relax.

(tense music)

(gun fires quietly)

- Go, go!


(bird squawking)

Think of it as a prize.

Think how it's gonna change your life,

what it can do for you.

- I'm gonna go to the Caymans.

Get married.

- Congratulations.

(tense music)

- Get in the car, take the cash out.

Bring me back the case.

(tense music)

Are you okay, baby?

- Mm-hmm, good as gold,

a big score.

- Not as big as we thought.

(tense music)

I'm gonna miss you, baby.

(loud thudding)

(tense music)

Put her in the car.

Move it.

(tense music)

(loud banging)

(timer beeping)

(grunting and panting)

(loud blasting)

(fire crackling)

(tense pensive music)

(tense music)

(loud beeping)

(gate rattling)

(loud beeping)

(loud beeping)

(loud beeping)

(skateboard wheels whirring)

(tense music)

- [Macy] A big score.

- [Frank] Not as big as we thought.

- [Macy] A big score.

- [Frank] You okay, baby?

(tense music)

- Sorry, you have to take the first cab.

- Well, let's just break
the rules just this once.

(car engine rumbling)

Shut your car off.

- What?

- Shut it off.

I wouldn't do that.

Looking for a friend of ours.

- I don't know who you're talking about.

- That was too quick.

Try again, Budge.

Where's Frank?

Where is he?

- I haven't heard about him for months.

- Don't make me use this.

- Word is he's set himself up down south,

that's all I heard.

You can try Gloria.

- Gloria, is that the best you can do?

- That's all I know, I swear.

- Still drivin' the same shitty cab.

Looks like Frank took
real good care of you.

- I was lucky to get away with my neck.

- Yeah, so was I!

- Hey, Macy!

What do you need?

- Some money,

and a gun.

- That's it?

- And a car.

- What kinda car?

- Like that one.

♪ Time goes by ♪

♪ Like a fading smile ♪

♪ Only I ♪

♪ Can stretch that mile ♪

♪ It's my sweet ♪

♪ Revenge ♪

♪ It's so ♪

♪ Sweet ♪

♪ The end ♪

- Oh!

Don't touch me!

How did you get in here?

- I've picked up a couple
of skills along the way.

- God, you got a love of nerve!

- Save it, Gloria, this
isn't a social call.

I need your help.

- Why should I help you?


you tramp.

- Gloria, I'm sorry, I--

- I heard you were dead.

- And were you happy about that?

You thought that maybe you could
pick up where you left off?

You won't believe me, Gloria,

but I saved you a lot of trouble.

Where's Frank?

- If I show you where he is, you leave?

- Sure.

- He's got a boxing club
down on the west side.

(train horn blaring in distance)

- You've been inside?

- Why would I have ever been inside?

- I just thought that maybe--

- No.

(tense music)

(heart thumping)

You all right?

Can I do anything?

- Yeah.

- [Gloria] What?

- Could let me stay for a couple of days.

- One night.

That's it.

(gun fires)

(tense music)

(gun firing)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)

(gun fires)


(can rattling)

(tense music)

(dog barking)

(gun cocking)

- What's this, Frank?

No crew to watch your back?

(Frank breathing deeply)

- Ease up, baby, I'm
not carrying, all right?

- That's not the old Frank.

- Things have changed.
- Turn around.

(tense music)

Things have changed.

Let's go.

- You're not gonna shoot me.

- Take a right up ahead.

- You would have done it on the ramp.

Come on, you could never kill anybody.

(gun fires)
(Frank grunts)

(tense music)

- This is where you get off.

(tense music)

- I got somethin' for ya,
but it's in my pocket.

- Slow.

(tense music)

- Here, take it, it's yours, it's a gift.

- Got something for you.

(police siren blaring in distance)

Open it!

(soft tinkling wedding music)


That is the last kiss
you are ever gonna get!

On your knees!
(gun cocking)

Why, Frank?

- Because the powder
was driving you crazy.

You were gonna hurt us.

- I am trying to forget
all the promises you made

while you screwed me.

I am trying to forget
the storm in my head.

I am trying to forget prison.

My cut is the only thing
that is keeping you alive.

- You're gonna get it, all right?

Just trust me.

- 150 grand, how long?

- Some of the money hasn't--

- [Macy] How long?

- Couple days, tops.

I just don't know how to
reach you, that's all.

See, I knew you weren't gonna shoot me.

(Macy grunts angrily)
(loud thudding)

(Frank groaning)

(tense music)

(car engine rumbles)

(tense pensive music)

(children yelling playfully)

(people chattering)
(mellow music)

(pool balls clacking)

- Your shot now.

Sure beats hustling rigged boxing matches

like the old days, huh, Frank?

- Sure does, Dan.

- Bustin' our balls.

Buck here, buck there,

when it was under our
noses the whole time.

(pool balls clacking)

(Dan speaks in French)

Got your mind on other matters?

(mellow music)

Want some free advice?

- [Frank] What's it gonna cost me?

- You gotta keep a leash on your people.

There's no room for the old crew.

- Sure thing, Dan.

- I mean, if we play our cards right,

this is just the start.

- You can count on me, you always have.

- Yeah, but this is a different business.

These money men, they want a clean slate,

straight and narrow.

You're not gonna let us
down, are you, Frank?

If your mind's not on the
ball, you can slip up.

- My mind's on the ball, Dan.

- I kept you on against advice.

- I'll handle it.

- Yeah, I know you will.

- [Frank] Hello?

- When?

- Soon.

The money's coming together.

Look, baby, you're pushing too hard.

I can bring you into a
real sweet deal here.

- I want my cut, Frank.

- [Frank] I hear you.

- Don't even try, just my cut.

No excuses, no delays.

- Or what?

- [Frank] That job you pulled?

- You mean the job we pulled?

- Oh, you're including me now?

It's a year too late.

- [Frank] It's never too late, baby.

- I know who the money belonged to.

My bet is he'd like to
know you were part of it.

And those two guys you killed?

That's a nasty outfit.

I could sell you out twice.

- You're gonna get your money.

- Soon as I get my cut,
I am gone for good.

- All right, later today.

I'll set up a place to meet

to make the drop, all right?

- I might have been naive,
Frank, but I was never stupid.

This is my show.

(phone bangs on receiver)

(dial tone humming)

(Red pounding punching bag)

- [Frank] Go get showered
up, you got a job to do.

- What kinda job?

- [Frank] A duet.

(tense music)

- What did he promise you?

- Who?

- Get out of my sight.

- Frank got to Budge.

I didn't want to go the way he did.

(tense music)

(gun fires)

(cocks gun)

(gun fires)
(man groaning)

- Gloria!


You bastard!

(tense music)

(gun fires)
(Macy screams)


(police siren blaring)

(Macy groaning)

- Just take a seat,
I'll be right with you.

- Matt.


(loud thudding)

(ambulance siren blaring)


- It's okay, it's okay!
- Matt, I can't breathe!

- Take slow, deep breaths.

(breathing deeply)

That's good, that's good.

Take it easy.

Hey, no, no, no, no, no!
- I have to go!

- No, listen, go easy, easy!
- I gotta get away!

- You gotta lie back and you gotta rest.

I didn't report your gunshot wound.


Had to fudge you into a clinic.

It's an emergency appendectomy.

You lost a lot of blood.

Gotta get your pressure back up.

Gotta watch for infection.

- How long?

- Couple of days.

How much trouble you in?

(ambulance siren blaring)

No point in asking how you been.

How'd you get that?

That's a pretty botched up job.

Like to do a CAT scan on that.

- Some other time.

- All right.

You can stay at the summer house

for as long as it takes you to get better,

and then you keep on goin'.

(ambulance siren blaring)

- I always knew you were a cowboy, Frank.

- There's no connection to us.

- It's taken many years and a lot of green

to make the cops look the other way,

and now there's a mint
civilian all over the news?

- She's a nobody, it'll blow over.

- She another one of your cast-offS?

Any port in a storm, is that it?

She's gonna drag us all
down into this mess.

- I'll handle it.

- The only thing you're
handling is your dick.

- Come on, man.

You scared to get your
hands dirty anymore?

- Settling old scores
doesn't pay dividends.

That's for punks.

- That's what we were, that's what we are.

You think these flashy suits fool anybody?

They don't.

And I'm not gonna let some bimbo

put a gun to our heads, I'm not.

- What is it with you and this woman?

- [Frank] She's old news.

- Okay, then fix it with
her, pay her off, whatever,

just no grief.

- I guess you're not gonna
ask about Maggie, are you?

- How is your daughter?

- [Matt] Our daughter.

- That's not what your lawyer said.

- Hey, I did what I thought
was right at the time, okay?

We couldn't even find you.

I mean, I didn't intend for
you to never see Maggie again.

- Yeah, well, she wouldn't remember me,

so it's just best to leave it that way.

But thanks for sticking
your neck out, I owe you.

- I'll settle for an explanation.

- What, about my little accident?

You wouldn't wanna know.

- Oh, no, about why you walked out.

- When you got custody of Maggie,

whatever was anchoring me just gave way,

and by then, I was using every day.

- [Matt] You coulda come for treatment.

- I kept putting it off, and then one day,

it just felt like it was too late.

- [Matt] That's a cop out.

You could have always come home.

- To what?

I was ashamed of seeing you both.

I mean, I tried, but I
couldn't be what you wanted.

I was drowning in your life.

I mean, I was getting through the day

whacked out on prescriptions.

- I tried to help you.

- Yeah, by cutting off the supply?

How do you think I met Frank?

You didn't see a flashing
trouble sign above my head?

- No, that's not what I saw.

- Well, you should have

because your family sure did.
- No, I saw somebody

who made a commitment to something,

and you just ran out!

- You know, you wasted your love on me.

Just save it for our daughter.

(birds chirping)

(keys clattering)

- You remember where everything is?

Hey, Pamela, it's me.

Yeah, I'm on my way back.

No, don't disturb her.

Yeah, okay.

All right, bye.

- Pamela?

- Our nanny.

- Surprised you'd keep
this hanging around.

- Well, that's mostly for her.

I don't want her to
forget she's got a mother.

Listen, I want you to get
as much rest as you can,

okay, but I want you to move around.

No sudden movements.

I'm gonna come back in a couple days.

I'm gonna take those stitches out.

I'm gonna leave you
antibiotics and pain relievers.

- Where is it?

- The yellow ones are for pain.

- You don't expect to leave
me here without protection.

This is only protection
if I have someone to call.

- Go easy on those.

I'll bring it for you next time.

(metallic banging)

(tense music)

- Registration papers for a Chevy.

- Do you remember a Chevy
being parked outside?

Well, maybe I can flip a few bucks

to some of my friends in traffic.

She might be driving around.

- She's not gonna go far,
not in the shape she's in.

- She mighta went to
her old man's for help.

(tense music)

(phone buttons beeping)

- Yeah, school time.

Want me to follow?

- No, no, I told you to sit tight.

- [Red] Let me have a
little talk with the doc.

- No, no talk.

Look, just stay out of sight, all right?

She'll come to him.

(tense music)

(birds chirping)

- Good, can you pull your
shirt up a little bit?

A little more.

How am I supposed to get the stitches out

if I can't get to them?

(laughs) Geez.


What happened to that girl

who liked to run around the
house with nothing on, huh?

- Hey, how much longer do I have to stay?

- Well, you're doing fine,

it's just I want to make
sure that the wound hole--

- 'Cause I have to move on.

- You hemorrhage and you're
gonna be in a lot of trouble.

- Oh, more trouble than I already am?

- Yes, more than you already are.

I gotta go.

- Matt,

thanks for everything.

(sighs) Matt!

(mellow music)
(people chattering)

- Hey.
- Hmm?

- [Frank] You seen this girl?

- Never seen her.

- Why don't you take a closer look?

- Can't help you.

- Take a closer look, huh?
(bartender groaning)

Why don't you take a closer look?

- You crazy?

Look, you can't do that to my people.

Why don't you get out of
town for a couple of weeks?

When you get back, we'll
take it from there.

You're makin' waves, Frank.

Nobody needs that right now.

Look, frighteners are out on the street

over that drug payment that got ripped off

up north last summer.

- Lots of cowboys out there
lookin' for a quick buck.

- Yeah, well, two of
their guys got taken down

and they want to pin it on
me, and I don't like it.

(mellow music)
(people chattering)

(birds chirping and squawking)


- [Matt] Hello?

- Matt?

Matt, hi, I didn't hear you drive up.

- Listen, listen, got a
little surprise for ya.

(warm pensive music)

- Hi.

- Hi.

(warm pensive music)

- Honey, why don't you go upstairs

for a couple seconds,
okay, and I'll be right up.

- Are you crazy?

- [Matt] No, I'm not crazy.

- You shouldn't have brought her here!

These people are dangerous!

- I'm not gonna let you hide behind that.

Those people don't know you're here.

- (groans) Matt, you just don't get it!

- No, you don't get it.

(door slams)

(birds chirping)

All right.

Thirsty, honey?

- [Maggie] I want a soda.

- [Matt] How 'bout an apple juice instead?

- Apple juice looks like pee.

- [Matt] But it's better for you.

- I'd rather have the soda.

- Well, why don't we
just shake up the world

and have an orange fizzy?

(phone ringing)


Just a minute.

Like old times.

- Hello?

All right, hold on, I've gotta
get that file out of my bag.

Hold on a second.

Be right back.

(rock splashing)

- Can you reach the river?

- Let's give it a shot.

(rock splashing)

- Do it again!


(rock splashing)

(rock splashing)

- What's your favorite subject in school?

- Drawing.

- Mine too!

(warm pensive music)

(rock splashing)

- You know, um?

- Macy.

- You know, Macy, smoking
isn't good for you.

- I know, I'm gonna quit.


- It makes it harder to recycle.

- You're right, I have
some pretty bad habits.

You know what, we should
get back to the house, okay?

(warm pensive music)

- Go get your backpack, okay?
- Okay.

- Then we're leaving.

- Nice try.

Do you expect me to start
picking her up from school now?

- No chance of that, right?

- Can I take some clothes?

- You should take some time.

All right, say goodbye.

- Okay, bye.

- [Matt] Wait in the truck,
I'll be right there, okay?

- [Maggie] Okay.

- I've stayed too long.

- Why don't you stay here?

I'll help you find a good lawyer.

- What do you want from me, Matt?

- I don't want anything from you.

You and I, we had our time, but
you and Maggie, you haven't.

(warm pensive music)

(tense music)
(phone buttons beeping)

(phone ringing)

- Yeah?
- Found her.

- [Frank] Where?

- Just outside town.

She's staying at the doc's
mansion by the river.

- [Frank] Good work.

- Eh, it's what I do.

- [Frank] Come and get me.

- Let me go get her, finish her off.

- [Frank] No, no, not so
fast, come and get me.

(tense music)

(warm pensive music)

(crying softly)

(tense music)

Better check upstairs.

- Yeah.

(tense music)

(door slams)

- She's close.

- (sighs) She's gone.

(tense music)

- Come on.

(tense music)

(people chattering)
(mellow music)

- Don't I know you from somewhere?

- That's original.

- You were starin'.

- So were you.

Your aura's a lovely orangey-red.

Doesn't that hurt?

- My aura?

I don't think so.

Hey, um...

- Vicky.

- Vicky.

Hey, Vicky,

let's have a drink and
think about where we met.

You know,

I don't think we met before.

I wouldn't have forgot you.

- [Macy] Well, maybe I didn't give you

anything to remember me by.

(mellow music)

- Teddy, watch my car.

- Yeah, sure thing.

- Hey, the boss is still at work.

Let's shake him up, a drink
will do him good, huh?

- What, you got nothing better to do

than drop in on the boss?

- You're right, what was I thinkin'?

Let's go.

- Red.
- Yeah?

- Early start tomorrow, all right?

- Yeah, this won't take long.

Come have a drink with us.

- Nah, I'm up to my ears.

- Well, you don't know
what you're missin'.

- Have one on me.

Maybe I'll join you later.

- Okay.

(soft romantic music)

You know, I usually make the first move.

This is pretty nice too.

(soft romantic music)


(glass shattering)
(coins jingling)

(Red groans)
(thudding loudly)

(tense music)




(tense music)

(cell phone buttons beeping)

(phone ringing)

- Yeah?

- [Red] Ted, keep your eyes peeled.

- For what?

- [Red] Nothin', just keep 'em peeled.

(tense music)

(knocking on door)

(cocks gun)

- Where's Frank?

- Who shall I say is calling?

- [Red] Get her!

(tense music)

- Is this yours?

- She's in the stairway.

- Come on.

(tense music)

(heels clacking on stairs)

- Just come down real slowly.

- Girl doesn't come across
and he calls in his goons?

- Don't make any fast moves, lady.

She's down here!

(tense music)


(car screeching)

(car horn blaring)
(loud thudding)


(mellow music)

(cell phone ringing)

- Hello?

- [Frank] Hey, baby, where'd
you run off to last night?

I want you to come and see me now.

- Have you got my money?

- [Frank] I've got something
you want even more.

- [Maggie] Mommy?

- Maggie?

- [Frank] You know, your
kid's got a lot of spunk.

- I've got something that puts you

in the middle of the
heist, something to trade.

You wouldn't want it to
go to the wrong people.

- [Frank] You're in too deep to bluff.

- Try me.

- [Frank] Come to your hubby's
place, we'll make a deal.

- Make it the summer house.

- [Frank] You got an hour.

I'll see what you're made of.

(mellow music)

- You're even more
beautiful without a gun.

- You've got good taste in clothes.

Too bad it doesn't run to
your business partners.

- Well,

my business takes care of itself.

- Ever have a deal go sour?

- Not to cost me anything.

- Maybe not yet.

What about your reputation?

- I have a reputation for
taking a little money,

and making a lot.

- I'm sure you'd still like to
know what happened up north.

- These are a dime a dozen.

- Oh, we both know better than that.

- So what do you want?

- I want you to meet me here in one hour,

and you're gonna bring
me $150,000 in cash.

- And why would I do that?

- [Macy] To keep me from
talking to the wrong people.

- Your price is ridiculous.

- Could turn out to be smart money.

Keep the briefcase.

It's yours.

(mellow music)

(sighs deeply)

- Hey, baby.
(Macy gasps)

You and my car on the same night,

it just can't get any better
than this, can it, huh?

Come on, up the stairs, there you go.

(stomping on stair landing)

Check her out, Red.

(blade clicks)

- That's where that went.

Didn't have to take my blade.

That's low.

That's just plain mean.

- Nice try.

- Can we talk without her?

- All right, take her upstairs,

but watch her, watch her good.

- Yeah.

Come on.

- We have some unfinished business

to take care of, don't we?

- Let's make a deal.

- Now, what do you got that I want, huh?

- If you let us walk away,

Dan will never know you
bagged the exchange.

- Well, the place you're goin',

you're not gonna be seein' Dan,

and I promise I'll make it
painless and quick, trust me.

- You don't have to do this!

If anything happens to us,

there's an envelope waiting to go to Dan.

- You didn't have enough time.

- Are you sure?

- I have no choice now.

(door latch clicks)

- Frank.

Why am I not surprised to see you here,

and with a gun?

I bet you got the old crew back up.

- You saw her, you were there last night.

Look, this is the last
problem I got to take care of,

and there's no turnin' back.

- I'm beginning to wonder, Frank,

if you're ever gonna lose your past.

(tense music)

You got somethin' you wanna tell me?

- Dan, I can handle it,

and don't believe a word she says.

- Who to believe, who to trust?

I mean, that's what business
is all about, Frank.

- You know who ripped you off.

- Like I said, it didn't cost me anything.

- You wouldn't be here if
it didn't matter to you.

- Dan, this is a sweet
deal here, all right?

Don't go throwin' it away
on someone like that, don't.

- Look at me, Frank.

Do you think it matters
who I have as a partner?

You're on my coattails.

I don't want to be dragged down.

(tense music)

- Red!

- Stay here, understand?

- Red, get in here!

- You should have stayed
on the street, Frank.

- Yeah, well, maybe I should've.

(tense music)

(Matt grunts)

(loud thudding)

(gun fires)
(Red groans)

(gun fires)
(Dan groans)

(tense music)

You could never shoot me.

- Mommy!

(tense music)

(door shuts loudly)


(door handle rattling)

- Honey, don't look!

Are you all right?

- You okay, sweetie?

(phone buttons beeping)

(phone ringing)


Yeah, this is Dr. Simon.

I need an ambulance right away.

27 West River Road.

- Let's go.

(warm pensive music)

(car engine rumbling)

This was all a bad dream, Maggie.

I want you to try to forget
everything you saw tonight.


- Promise.

- Mace, come on, don't be crazy, get in.

It's over, come on!

Come with us!
- Go.

- Mace!

- Go!

(warm pensive music)

(tense music)

(paper rustling)

(loud thudding)
(Macy gasps)

- How do you feel now, huh?



You know what?

You always were the best.

How about one more time
for old time's sake?

(blade clicks)

(Frank groans)


(exhales deeply)

(tense music)

(heart thumping)

(train horn blaring)

- [Macy] Where is she?

Where's Maggie?

(tense pensive music)

Where is she?

- Oh, my God.

Mace, Mace!


You're not leaving me now,
Macy, you're not leaving me now.

(tense pensive music)

Come on, Mace.

- Mommy!

- [Matt] Come on, hang in there, Macy.

- [Maggie] Mommy!

(loud blasting)

(tense pensive music)

- [Matt] Come on, Macy.

Come on, Macy.

- [Macy] Where is she?
(loud blasting)

- [Maggie] Mommy, Mommy!

- [Macy] Where's Maggie?


(tense pensive music)

(ambulance siren approaching)

- Mommy!

(Macy gasps)

(train horn blaring)


(ambulance siren approaching)

- [Matt] She's right here.

- Where is she?

- [Matt] She's here, she's right here.

- [Macy] Where's Maggie?

- [Matt] She's right next to us.

(Matt panting)

(soft warm music)

(children yelling gleefully)

- [Elderly Woman] That your daughter?

- Yes.

- Looks like she's not
letting you out of her sight.

- I was away for a while.

- Oh, well, couple of days
apart does a child good,

but you're together now,
that's the main thing.

- Yeah,

and I don't plan on
going away any time soon.

- [Elderly Woman] Oh, that's good.

(bright warm music)

♪ Open sky ♪

♪ And open mind ♪

♪ Lonely ride ♪

♪ To a better life ♪

♪ It's my sweet ♪

♪ Revenge ♪

♪ It's so sweet ♪

♪ The end ♪

♪ Time goes by ♪

♪ Like a fading smile ♪

♪ Only I ♪

♪ Can stretch that mile ♪

♪ It's my sweet ♪

♪ Revenge ♪

♪ It's so sweet ♪

♪ The end ♪

♪ First we walk and then we run ♪

♪ Count our blessings one by one ♪

♪ Oh, no, oh ♪

♪ Hey, yeah, hey, yeah ♪

♪ Hey, yeah ♪

♪ If you look, you'll
see your reflection ♪

♪ Maybe once in a while ♪

♪ It's my sweet ♪

♪ Oh, revenge ♪

♪ It's so sweet ♪

♪ The end ♪

♪ And now you're my ♪

♪ Sweet ♪

♪ Revenge ♪