Sweet Mud (2006) - full transcript

Set in mid-70's, 12-year old Dvir Avni navigates between the equality values of his home-born Kibbutz and the relationship with his undermined mother, whom the Kibbutz members will to denounce.

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l'm going out
for a patrol.

Hush, hush...
There, there. Little fellow.

What is it? Hungry,
were you?

Good morning,
Peaches! Everybody up!

Ronen, would you
like that in writing? Uzi, get up!

How many times have you been told
not to sleep with your clothes on?

Dvir, get up.

Where's Dvir?

Good morning, Batya.

Good morning,

The Egyptian President threatens...
-Good morning.

Avram is bringing you chocolate.
Come here, my darling.

Good morning,
pretty girl.

Eat some.
Good morning.

Come here, pretty girl.
Come here.

Come here, Batya honey.

Come here, sweetie.

Good girl, Batya.

Come to Avram.

Yes, Batya.

Yes, Batya.

Avram loves you.

Avram loves you,
baby girl...

Summer 1 97 4

Good morning,
Peach troopers.

Your Bar Mitzvah
year begins today.

This year is the
most important of your lives.

During this year you
will turn from children to adults.

From a burden on society
to a crucial and essential factor.

This year, you will
receive 1 3 Bar Mitzvah assignments.

The assignments will prepare you
for life as adults on the kibbutz.

You will be informed in advance
about some of the assignments

and some will come as a surprise.
Uzi, wake him up.

l expect you to work hard
and get through them together

while cooperating
with each other.

Prove to the
kibbutz and to the movement

that you are worthy
of continuing our tradition.

To be a source of pride
for your parents.

To become the
kibbutz's future generation.

Come in, darling.
Peaches, this is Maya Perlman,

a foreign pupil from France.
Today she'll be joining our class.

Please take off
your watch.

lt's from my dad.


You'll all receive
watches at the end of the year.

You can keep the watch but don't
wear it because no one else has one.

Peaches, who would
like their parents

to adopt Maya?

Ronen, you. -Why not me?
-Because you don't have a father.

Ronen! Get out!

l wish you'd die
already! -Die yourself!

Son of a bitch!

Fight! Fight!

What are you doing?!
You're all going to be punished!

Open wide.

Your mouth's much
cleaner now. Spit.

Wipe yourself.

You can go to your
parents. Dvir, come here.

Dvir, over here!

Next time, think
before you put filth in your mouth.


Rinse and wipe.

You can go to your
parents. Uzi, get over here.

What do you want
from him? He can't speak. -Butt out.

Open wide.

Spit. Rinse.

Wipe. You may leave.

Dvir, wait, sweetie. Your mother
got a letter from the Swiss guy.

l just finished
translating it for you.

Hey Smiley,
good boy.


Come here a sec.

My dog
had puppies again.

Sorry. -Dvir,

keep your dog on a leash!
l'll chop off his leg, get it?

Mom, we have new volunteers.

Mom, we have new
volunteers, you have to get up!

Mom, go dress up.

Shut up
and make coffee!

Dvir, listen to me.

Put this moron with
the French faggot,

and give her a single room
next to the Youth Club. Got it?

Then go to Granny's. lf she's angry,
tell her l'm working in the field.

Working in the
field, eh? l'm 90'/. sure he's

at the pool
with some blonde

and 1 00'/. sure she is not Jewish.
-Hannah, lay off of him.

lf your father knew
how you boys are neglecting his tree

he'd be turning over in his grave.
-Hannah, that's enough now!

Who's going to give
out the jam?

Let him do it.
-l don't have the time.

Get over here.

You give one jar to
each member on the list,

and tell them it's
from Jonathan Avni's tree,

who is remembered
as a wonderful man to this day.

ls that clear?

Next time l'll
slash that ball!

lt's the ambulance driver's kid.
l'm striking her off the list.


Thank her for me.

Close your eyes.
l have a surprise for you.

Was l on the list?

Give me a hug.

Why didn't you
sleep in the children's house?

l just went out for a walk.
-What walk?

Just a walk.
-Did you do your homework? -Not yet.

That's no good.

You don't do your homework,
you don't sleep, and you lie!

Look, l have
another surprise for you.

ls it translated?
-lt's inside.

What is it?

''l was thinking of
visiting the kibbutz this year.''

l'll finally get to see him.

He's never been here.

Maybe he'll want to stay.

Why are you afraid?
You're strong.

l'm not afraid.

l'm strong.

You're strong, Mom.

Comrades, our agenda is as follows:
1 . The fiscal report.

2. Popsicle and chocolate
theft from the kitchen,

and 3. Members continue to swim in
the pool when there's no lifeguard.

But before that,

Miri Avni requests to have
her boyfriend stay over for a month.

l tend to agree,
because l believe it is true love,

and even though he's a Gentile,
he's still the Swiss Judo champion.

But of course, we
still need to vote.


We met on the beach in Netanya,
when l was at the sanatorium.

You'd like him.

For sure. l request your
permission to have Stephan over.

l don't see a problem,
l think she should be allowed.

Our regulations permit
members to have partners visit.

l'm in favor of allowing it
after all Miri's been through.

But one month is a long time
for a non-working guest. -lt is.

Then maybe he could
stay for two weeks.

l'd like to say that...
-We have nothing to say.

l'd like to raise
another issue:

When are we going
to decide on buying a new ambulance?

The old one has a
massive oil leak

and besides that,
its gear is shot.

l don't want to think what'd happen
if we ever have to rush anyone

to the hospital.

Does anyone have anything to say
concerning Miri, or shall we vote?

''Stephan, my love.
Your letter made me very happy...''

''Stephan, my love.
Your letter made me very happy...''

''l love you and can hardly wait
to see you here at the kibbutz.''

''Can hardly wait'' is too much.
-What should l write then?

You can stay for 3 weeks.
-3 weeks without working? Make it 2.

2 weeks isn't long
enough for anything.

''Don't forget to buy gifts
for my kids.'' -That's important.

What sort of gifts?
-Firecrackers, cherry-bombs...

Absolutely not! lt's dangerous.
White chocolate or a puzzle.

''Yours, with much
love, Miri.''

''Yours, with much
love, Miri.''

Don't wait up.
-Don't come home too late.

Come on already.

Listen, you stay
here on watch,

l'll get the popsicles.

lf anyone comes, call me
and we'll run for it. Got it?

Can l come with you? -Dvir! lf you
want to grow up, you must be brave!

lf even stealing
popsicles scares you,

you'll always be a pussy. Got it?

Yes. -Good. So you
stay here and watch.

Just like a
mountain gale

Just like a
silent song

Like trees, in
gusts they flail

Like a flame
forever strong

Like a stranger
passing by

Without saying
a word

l just sing my song

l keep dreaming
my dream

l keep seeing
before my eyes

ls it true that
he's the Swiss Judo champion?

Sure, he's got
a black belt.

ls he nice?

l've never met him,
but Mom says he has a kind heart.

She didn't say that
about anyone, not since Dad died.

How did Dad die?

lt was an accident.

That's what Mom keeps telling me.
What sort of accident, though?

The Judo champion
of Switzerland

l'm sure you'll
like him.

But be polite and don't ask
for the firecrackers until he offers.

Hasn't he arrived?


My love.

Look at that old fart.

Can l get
an autograph?

The European Karate
champion is here!

The European Karate
champion is here!

What an old guy!

lsn't your mother
coming to the dining hall?

l guess she's too
busy with loverboy.

Shabbat Shalom.

This is Stephan.

Hannah and Zvi.

Parents of my late husband.

Nice to meet you.

This is my darling Dvir.

Look at the dress
he bought me!

For you.

Charming kid.

This is Eyal,
my eldest.


They don't need his gifts.

For you, Madame.

Shabbat Shalom!
l have two announcements.

First: the kite competition
will be held next week, as scheduled.

My dog Pitzi
is in heat again.

Please keep your dogs
on a leash! l'm going

for my military service
on Sunday and it's important to me

that Pitzi doesn't
get pregnant again. Thank you.

Thanks, Stephan.

Mom, l hate puzzles.

Never mind. Smile
and say ''merci''.


Just like a
mountain gale

Just like
a silent song

Like trees,
in gusts they flail

Like a flame
forever strong

Like a stranger
passing by

Without saying
a word

l just sing my song

l keep dreaming
my dream

l keep seeing
before my eyes

All that ever was

l just sing my song

l keep dreaming
my dream

l keep seeing
before my eyes

All that ever was

Like a sea
that is not calm

Like a straying dog

Like a voice
that calls

Like a land
that wasn't sown

Like a desert bush

Like a barren land

l just sing my song

l keep dreaming
my dream

l keep seeing
before my eyes

All that ever was

l just sing my song

l keep dreaming
my dream

l keep seeing
before my eyes

All that ever was.

Dvir and Uzi!

You have to navigate
back to the kibbutz before sunset.

Good luck with your

Don't go off the trails, because if
something happens we won't find you.

Good morning, Captain. -l'm reminding
you: keep your dog on a leash!

You sang very well.

ln you go. Avram
will be back soon.

What is it?

Want one?

Dvir and Uzi
are smoking.

There's a
discipline problem with that class.

Shimshon, this is
what l wanted to speak to you about.

l've been house mother
for the Peach class for a while now

and l wanted to ask
if l could be made a teacher.

Being a teacher means
having much more responsibility.

l'm very
responsible, and you know it.

l'll rip you apart.

l forgot
to bring a condom.

Very responsible
of you!

Quiet, Smiley.


What is it?
What do you want?

Do you want to go
for a walk? Go.

Don't come inside.
-Yes, yes.

What? -Shit!


l'll kick your asses!

Today l'm happy.

Thank you.

From now on you
will always be happy.

lt is paradise here.

l understand why you never
wanted to leave all these years.

l'm willing to move here.

Very simply.

l will close my
restaurant, rent out the house

and give my pension
to the kibbutz.

We don't need anything.

Miri, this is
an ideal place to live together.

l love you, Miri.


You're right
on time for the chicken.

Smiley did Avram's dog. -Don't worry,
nothing will happen. -Mom.

Come here.

l want to tell you a secret.

We're getting married.

Really? -Yes.

Would you
kindly offer me a light, Dvir?

Thank you,
it's for you.


l'll help you.
l'm also a kite champion.


Hello, Sir.

Where are you from?

From Paris. And you?

From Switzerland.
Good luck with the competition.

Thank you.

The little one
likes you, do something.

How come you speak
French? -My parents do.

Where are they?
-My Dad's in France.

He is alone and had problems,
so he sent me here.

But soon he'll
send for me.

My Mom used to be alone too.
But now she's getting married.

Lucky you!

Good afternoon,
members of kibbutz Bet-Gvurot.

The judges have reached decisions
and l have the results right here.

3rd place...

lnbal Goren!

Great work, lnbal!

ln 2nd place,
Ronen Herzberg!

Great job, my sweet!

And in 1st place...

Dvir Avni!

You've won
for showing creativity and ingenuity.


Dvir, come here.

Get over here, l
want to talk to you.

Dvir, come here
right now!

How many times have l told
you to keep your dog on a leash!

l've told you a
thousand times...

My hand!


Not in our community.
Not now, not ever!

lt's against all
our values, our education...

We will not
tolerate such bestial behavior!

He raised his hand
on one of us, he must go!

l'm not angry
at them.

l understand.

Stephan, don't go.


think again.

We can't go on
meeting only once a year.

Bring the kids
and come to Switzerland.

l can't.


l don't understand.

l don't understand.

Little man. Take
good care of your mother.

don't go. Please.

tell him not to go.


want to come steal
popsicles with me?

Come on.


you stay here
on watch,

l'll get the

lf anyone comes, call me
and we'll run for it. Got it?

Can l come with you?

lf you want to grow up,
you must be brave!

lf even stealing popsicles
scares you, you'll always be a pussy.

Can girls
be pussies?

Whatever, it's just
an example. Now stay here

and keep watch.


Please wake up!



Get up now, please!

What kind of a mother are you?
-What's wrong?

He killed Smiley!
Because of you.

Because of you!

You're not a Mom,
you're a wreck!

Dvir... Go back
to the children's house. Now!

Avram's a good guy, a great worker,

and l don't see any
reason to blame him,

considering your
dog could open doors.

Maybe he was hungry, opened
the door and got locked inside!

This place is rotten!
-Don't raise your voice!

You've got two kids,

and we take care of everything.
Have you heard any complaints?

-And why is that?

Because in our community,

we all give as much as we can
and get as much as we need.

When you were hospitalized... -That
was ages ago and l've recovered!

Your visitor didn't work for 2 weeks,
and that's great about our community.

Why was he kicked out?!
-Because he broke a member's arm!

That's enough! You can't blame
the kibbutz for your problems!

Why don't you ask yourself
what you can do for the kibbutz!


don't do it!




Good morning...

l'm alright.

l'm alright.

l'm alright! -Miri?

lt's alright.

Miri... -l'm alright!
-Miri, everything's alright.

Come with me now.

You're late for work.

Can you hear me?

What does she want from me? ls it
my fault the Swiss guy dumped her?

You devil!

l'll kill you.

Miri, calm down!

Give me
the pitchfork!

l'll chop you up!

You maniac! -Miri, put it down or
l'll send you back to the hospital!

Go ahead,
hospitalize me!

-l'll kill you!!


The shoulder!

Stop it! Let me go!

Happy Birthday
to you...

Mazal Tov!

Mazal Tov.

Aren't you happy?

l already have
a bike that Mom gave me.

Now you'll have a new one. -When
are they going to let Mom come back?

Dvir, we had this conversation
just the other week.

Your mother needs time.

l want to see her.

She can't see you right now.
-Why not?

Dvir, don't worry.

She's in good hands.

l've got to visit her.
She must miss me.

Eyal is going to visit her tomorrow.
Would you like to write her?

l don't want to write her!
l want to see her!


Hi, sweetie.

How's Mum?

As good as new.
- Really?

Looks great, she's all better.
That's why l brought her back home.

She's in the kibbutz?

You can see her later.

Will you come
with me?

Can't. My draft orders came,
l'm outta here in an hour.

You're not coming
to see Mom?

Dvir, don't be a baby!
l'm enlisting!

When are you coming back?
-ln 3 years.

But l'll be home
on weekends.

Will you come with me to Mom's?
Just for a few minutes?

Don't worry, Dviri.

Go see her every day,
make sure she goes to bed early,

and see she's
off alcohol and medication.


How are you?

What's that?

lt's the puzzle
Stephan bought you.

l wrote him a letter.
Want me to read it to you?


''Stephan, my love.

l was happy to get
your letter.

l want you to know l remained
faithful to you in the hospital.

And l can
hardly wait...''

How is it so far?

Want to start over?

my dear love''


''l apologize for
everything that's happened.

And l want you
to know

that l love you

and miss you a lot.

Don't give up
on me, please.''


Stephan's left me.

Don't worry, Mom.

We'll find someone
better for you.

''From Tel Aviv.
50 years old. An army officer.

and has a car every other weekend''.

And this is his
military post address.

He wouldn't want me.

then l'll write him.





a perfect dancer,

terrific Mom.''

Don't write
that l smoke.


Up on your feet! Up!

Get in, coward!

''l swear to the Movement!''
-l swear...

Get in line.

On the tractor!
Step forward!

l swear to the
Movement. -l swear.

On the tractor!
Step forward!

l swear! -l swear.

On the tractor!

Step forward! l
swear! -l swear!

On the tractor!
Step forward!



l brought you
some kerosene.

We agreed to bring her back, although
the kibbutz decided she wasn't sane.

But you have
to be careful.

Do you understand?

You have to be careful that
what happened to your father

won't happen to you.

What happened
to my father?

lt's her fault.

All her fault.

Wanna do
something special?

Like what?

Wanna go for a walk?

But it's raining.
-Then we could cook something.

Let's go out to the field,
get some potatoes and bake them.

Mom, it's raining.

We'll take
an umbrella.

You won't melt.

Would you like that?


This is fun!
-Say again, dear?

This is fun!

This is fun!

This is fun!

You're fun.
You are the best part of my life.

Let's go back.
l don't want you to catch a cold.


you're a big boy

l want you to know
that this time l recovered for good.

Your mother is
as strong as an ox.

what's that suitcase?

l'm going to Stephan.
Didn't l tell you?

When are you leaving?

ln one hour.


You're not going

''You are the world,
and the world is you.

l need you like
the air l breathe.

Day and night,
and when l fall asleep.

l want to hug you.''

Sounds better
in French.

Sounds good
in Hebrew, too.


This is from France.

My Dad told me to
save it for hard times,

when l can't take
it anymore.

l have two left.

Want one?

Are you sure?

Thank you.

Good night.

Don't stay up
too late, Dvir.

Have you been

l'm sorry, l was alone.

And the puzzle is tricky.
All pieces are white.

You should go to sleep.
-l can't sleep.

Why did he leave me?
-He didn't leave you. He loves you.

Why doesn't he
write to me?

He will write...
l'm sure he will.

Now go to sleep, okay?

Today we
will learn about sex.

First, there's no
sex without love. And why?

Because two people who
have a baby must love each other.

Otherwise, their child
will not be happy. ls that clear?

So first there's
love, then sex.

But only after the
age of 1 8, is that clear?

This is the second
time you're late.

Next time you'll be punished!
-Take your seat.

This is the male
organ, the penis,

and this is the
female organ, the vagina.

The brain commands
the penis to become erect and grow

and it gets bigger
and bigger.

The vagina senses
it, and begins to lubricate,

in anticipation of
the penis.

The penis realizes this
and inserts itself in the vagina,

where all at once it ejaculates
millions of sperm cells.

This is how we get

So to sum it up:

Love plus sex,
after the age of 1 8,

equals pregnancy.
ls that clear?

Excuse me.

Have you seen
Dvir? -No.

He didn't sleep
in the children's house,

so he missed the personal assignment.

They're very angry with him.
-Shall l go look for him? -No.

There's lots of
work today. Start sorting.

Miri, you got a letter.
l just finished translating it.

Shall l read
it to you?

''Miri, my love.

Ever since l left lsrael,
l haven't stopped thinking of you.

You are the woman of my life.
You are my other half,

l could never let you go.
l believe we'll work it all out soon

and be able to be
together forever.

Meanwhile, you must be strong
and think only good thoughts.

Remember, love
conquers all. Stephan.''

lf a baby cries,
you will hear it over the intercom.

Then you take a bottle of milk
and rush over to the baby.

ls that clear?

Yes. -Dvir...

Let's go patrol
the fence.

l'll let you fire
the rifle.

l wanna stay.

Scared, huh?


Just don't you dare
fall asleep.

Kids, this is Avram. Don't burn the
milk, or you'll fail the assignment.

''l think of you
when l get up in the morning.

l write a poem for you
before l go to bed.''

''l think of you
when l get up in the morning.

l write a poem for you
before l go to bed.''

Draw a flower here.

A heart.

A heart's better.


''P.S. Give my regards to Dvir. Do
as he says, 'cause he's a smart boy.''



What is it?

l'm depressed.


l'm alone.

No, you're not.

is leaving me.

is leaving you. Look.

You got another
postcard from Stephan.

l'm out of Elaterol.

What's Elaterol?

A pill that warms
my heart.

When did you start
taking it?

After your father
killed himself.

What do you need,

l need Elaterol.

-For my mother.

l gave her two packs
the other week. -She's out.

l can't give her any more.
-She needs more. lt warms her heart!

l know what it does,
but overdosing can be harmful!

She's suffering,
don't you get it? -Calm down.

You have lots of it!
Why are you being so mean?

You don't understand...
-Oh, yes l do.

This is Hannah, my grandmother,
she runs the laundry service.

This is Zvi, my grandfather,
who's our teacher.

This is Miri, my

She works in the
laundry, too.

This is Stephan, her boyfriend.
Owns a restaurant in Switzerland.

That's Eyal,
my brother.

This is Jonathan,
my Dad.

He died, so that's
why he's in a different color.

And this is me.
-Well done.

How did your father die?
-Ronen! -Sorry.

My father killed

l don't know
what to do.

l'm scared.

Let's write her
another letter from Stephan.

lt's no use.
She doesn't write him back.

So we'll write him
in her name.

''Stephan, my love...''

What does she want
to say to him?

That she is
willing to leave the kibbutz.

That she wants him
to send plane tickets right away.

That l love him.


Thanks, sweetie.


ln the field,
we ate nothing but plants,

then we had to navigate in the night.

l was out of bullets,
so l pulled out my knife!

Then they put me
on the stretcher.

The tank
went up in flames,

the chopper
didn't show up,

so eventually
l got promoted!

Why are you so quiet?
-Will you come with me to see Mom?

Dviri, l'm dying to get laid,
l've got two hours.

Mom's in bad shape.
-l know she is. What can l do?

Want some? - Someone's got
to help her. -No-one can help her.

She doesn't want to live,
she said so.

Don't worry.
Everybody wants to live.

Dad didn't. -Dvir, give me a break,
l'm dying to get laid!


l'm sorry.

Sit down
for a second.

Don't take this
upon yourself.

You can't.

No-one can.

Mom's ill, she'll never recover.
-She would if Stephan wrote her.

She can't go on
thinking about him.

lt's driving her crazy.

She got a letter.

But l didn't have
it translated.


''l'm sending
three tickets,

in case Eyal wants
to come along.

My love, l can hardly
wait to see you in Switzerland.

Love, Stephan.''

l'll miss you.

A lot.

Do you want to come with us?
There's a ticket for you.

l do.

We're leaving straight after
the fire ceremony. But it's a secret.

l won't tell.

What are you

l think l love you.

lt's a secret,
you see.

We're going
straight after the fire ceremony.

lt will be alright.
You must hold on for two more days.

Promise me you're
going to make it.



You're beautiful.

You're beautiful.

We're together.

We're leaving

We're together.
We're leaving together.

Our Bar Mitzvah
graduates, Peach class!

And first to go is...

Oren Slutzki!

Pull! Jump!

Well done!
-''Oren, my dear, may you be

a source of pride
to the Movement and the kibbutz.

May you grow up
to be an officer, like me,

and may you always
remember where you came from.

We love you very much,
your father and mother.''

Well done, Oren.
Well done!

And second is...

Uzi Kaplan!
-Lift! Pull!


Well done! Go on!

''My sweet Uzi,
on this exciting day

l would like to ask
you, if l may,

to always work hard

and make everybody
proud of you.

Always remember,
we all love you!

Your Dad and your Mom
and all the kibbutz members.''

Well done!

Next we have...

Dvir Avni!

Lift! Pull!


''My dear Dvir,
on your special day

l wanted to wish you
that you'll be a kind person,

that you'll be
a person...''

My Dvir...

l tried writing,
but it didn't work out.

So l'll give you my
blessing from the heart.

My child,

l wanted to be
a mother to you...

l wanted
to raise you

and to care for you.

But l couldn't do it.

l'm sorry.

lt's not my fault.
-Miri. -Wait!

My darling Dvir,
l wish you a happy life!

Full of love.

And l hope you run away
from this place and never come back!

Let go of me!

Because this
kibbutz is death!

Full of evil people!

You must know
the truth!

You must know
the truth!

Your father wanted to leave, too!
But they suffocated him!

They crushed him!

Until he broke!

lt's a kibbutz
of evil people!

They wouldn't let
me take you and your brother!

They said l'm crazy.

They wouldn't let
me take my kids!

You must know
the truth. Run away!

As far as you can!
Save yourself from this hellhole!

From these evil people!

Run away!

Forgive me.

lt's for life, Mom.

They're going to
hospitalize me. Tomorrow.

l just want
to sleep.

Help me.

We could
still go away.

We'll run away
first thing tomorrow morning.

You won't be


l want to sleep.

Please have mercy on me.

We'll go
to Stephan's.

We'll get up
and go to Stephan's.

l want to sleep.

Don't you

Can't you

l have to go
to sleep.

l'm out of pills.

Help me, Dviri.

What pills
do you need?


Take care
of yourself.

After l am gone,

Spare the gravestone,
Save it for a building.

Don't print a book of my life,
Save the space on the shelf.

Don't waste a day in my memory.
Enough, we have had enough.

Tzipora Shaul,