Sweet Hours (1982) - full transcript

The past is a riddle to Juan (Inaki Aierra), the playwright. He is tormented by it - by memories of the elderly father who went off, and the young mother who committed suicide, and he has written a play, Sweet Hours, which contains the key scenes of his early life. The play is in rehearsal and he attends the sessions, watchful and absorbed. He is searching for something. Juan slips in and out of the actor reconstructions and his own memories. Finally, light dawns on Juan, he dredges up the repressed material, and his Oedipus Complex is resolved. And Juan falls in love with Berta (Assumpta Serna), the stunning young actress who is rehearsing the role of the mother.

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Here goes a drawing in black

Here goes the text in red

And here white

It is something very simple

And how many illustrations do you
think we should publish?

You have to include everything.

Everything? That is too much!

No, because you can draw many of
them in a small version.

And a few large ones.

What author would you like
for the preface?

I would like Julio Cortazar
to write it.

- Can you contact him? - Yes.

He is an extraordinary person
and a great writer.

How many illustrations
would be in color?

I think 4 or 5 in color...

And the rest can be black.

It is going to be a small book.

Wait moment please...

Spanish Theatre: Gentleman Ghost

Every day she looks more like mom.


I hope she isn't like her.

You wish!

Even if you disagree...

She was exceptional,
she did everything right.

She had special talent
for everything

Something neither you
or me has inherited

The idea you have of mom
is not real, dear.

Your reality perhaps.

Mom wasn't delicate
and sweet as you think.

She was stronger than all of us.

And dad was her victim,
like you and me.

With the difference
that I am a woman.

You're both idiots,
let's celebrate peacefully.

Always bringing up the past.

Well, not me.

You don't believe
mom commited suicide.

- She commited suicide?
- Girl, go play.

Put everything in the kitchen,
I'll be right there.


It's ready, mom.

- What's wrong, mom? - Nothing.

Nothing, son.

You couldn't understand it.

Is because of dad?

Don't cry, mom.


I always want you to remember...

Always, always...

That I love you most in the world.

Remember that, son.

You can go.

Goodbye, son.

- She commited suicide?
- Girl, go play.

Leave everything in the kitchen,
I'll be right there.

Take this...

Leave everything there,
you can go play.

- I'm sorry, I didn't realize.
- It's not important.

Yes, it is important.

- I told you I'm sorry.
- It is important.

Be careful with what you say
in front of the children.

Martha, don't smoke. You know
what the gynecologist said.

I smoke because I want to.

How stupid are you!

Mom, suicide?

There's things you don't know,

And some you don't even have a clue.

Why can't you rest a while?

It's time he finds out who was mom.

I don't know why you bother Martha.

You are like two naughty kids.

Look, like this...

Come on now...

What is this? Huh?

We're pregnant. Patricia 8 months, me 10.

- My water just broke. - Oh, ok.

And I'm having my first contractions.

And what will it be, boy or girl?

A girl!

I'm condemned to live with women.

Oh, those girls!

Take this, read them slowly.

You'll get a big surprise, dear.

Dad gave them to me after mom's death.

He made me promise I'll destroy them
after reading, but I kept them.

They're the letter between mom and dad.

Dear Teresa: I'm finally here,
I shall tell you all my adventures.

My love, take care until March,
then I'll take care of you like a king.

Receive my caress through all
your body. Think of me. Teresa.

Dear Teresa: I have good news,
maybe I'll be with you soon.

The kids are fine. Juanico is
very cute, he looks like you.

Juanico isn't going to school,
I'll teach him.

We don't need professors,
how could those fools teach him?

I can't return yet.
Business isn't what I expected.

Not only couldn't you come,
but you also don't say when.

Why Juan? First I wrote an angry
letter but then destroyed it.

I can only express how sad I am
and how much I want to see you.

I can't write love words any longer.
You don't even express your feelings...

Why are you doing this to me?
You weren't like this. Teresa.

I don't want to hurt you,
but I know this will.

I've fallen in love...

- Who is it?
- It's me, Olga.

- It's about time.
- Uh, its because...

You're late again. W
here were you?

In the school, were else?

You are in deep trouble.

They'll be angry you are so late.

Just what I needed...
Is everyone here?

No, your uncle Toñito is missing.

- He'll come later? - Yes.

Keep your long hand still!

Why do you laugh? You don't want it?

Alright now, Juanito!

Tomorrow you'll pay me one peseta.

Or else, nothing.

One peseta? That is too much.

Well you decide!

Come on!

What are you waiting for?


- Mrs Rosario. - What?
- He's here.

- What?
- He's here.

- Who?
- Who else? Juanico!

Martha, get to work.

She could get distracted by a fly.

Spain receives with joy
the news of war with Rusia.

I'm worried, Pepe.

- What is it?
- The boy, it's too late!

Something must have happened to him.

You don't need to worry, this
rascals don't have any consideration.

The youth today doesn't
respect anything!

I couldn't even dare
be later than 9.

One day I arrived at 10,
and my dad gave me a beating.

It almost kills me.
I still have the scars in my back.

He told me I was a street girl.

And that instead of
her daughter being a whore...

Dear Jesus!

You've won plenary indulgence, Pilar.

Good night.

Good night, mom.

You'll think its nice to be this late.

You know what time it is?

No, I just got back from school.

So you don't know the time?


Very nice... very nice.

All the family waiting for the kid.

Well, its 10 o clock!

10 in the night!

10, 10, 10.

Where the hell have you been?

Don't tell me that from school,
cause I don't believe it.

- Well... - Well, what?!

I was at the cinema.

In Cinema Narvaez, watching Gilda.

I didn't notice the time...

Really mom, I didn't notice.

Is it for kids, at least?

It's prohibited!

The Mother Superior has punished
Laura for seeing it.

- What shall I say now?
- To go to bed without dinner.

He shall go to bed without dinner!

That way he'll learn!

The youth this days
doesn't respect anything!

How could I dare be latter than 9!

You already said that.

What's important is that he's here.
Fine and safe.

Now you're going to defend him!

Just look at him!

A pig!

Where could have he been...

He told us he went to the cinema.

What did you see?

Gilda, mom.

Gilda? I never heard such title.

It's with Rita Hayworth,
who later married Orson Welles.

Filth, a filthy movie!

What a scandal it made when
they opened in La Gran Via.

Wasn't that in 1947...

My dear love...

I love you so much...

You don't know how much...

And you'll never know...

Everything I have...

My dear love...

It is for you...

Juanico, my son.

I don't know if I've told you.

I'll be away for a few days.

It's some work for the bank.

- I'll come with you.
- No, this time is not possible.

It's an inspection trip.
There are many irregularities.

Some money is missing. Problems.

I never go with you.

When I come back we'll both
go to the stone monastery.

- To celebrate our anniversary?
- Yes.


I love you a lot.

Me too, Juanico, my love.

Since when did you get
the weekly notes?

- What notes?
- From the school, son.

What other notes?

Oh yes, the notes...

Well, no, they haven't given them yet.

Let's see Juanico...

How come they haven't?

No, I promise.

I swear.

- Swearing is for low-lives.
- I promise.

The latin teacher said they'll give
the exam results in a week.

Because we had an exam. I promise.

- You know what we'll do?
- No.

We'll call the director right now.

And we'll see if it is true.


Come close!

I want you to talk to the director,
and tell him what you've told us. Ok?

But uncle....

It's true what he is saying, uncle.

- Look, I was at school and...
- It's ringing.

We'll call tomorrow.

- Tomorrow is sunday.
- Isn't it today?

Well, what's wrong?

- What are you doing, Martha?
- Look.

- You did it so well.
- You like it?

A lot.

- It must be very difficult.
- Wanna try?


Not so much.

- Not there, here.
- Let's see.

I'll skip the R cause it's too hard.

The bell, mom.

When you are ready.
Dinner is served.

Let's go, kids.
Leave the calligraphy.

It's about time! I'm too hungry.

- You only think about eating, Rosario.
- Not you?

- Meat for the cementary.
- You're a stupid!

I think you won't last here.

You hussy.

- Button your uniform, please.
- Yes, mrs.

- Fuck, this is heavy.
- How brutal!

You won't guess who I saw today, Juanico.

- I haven't a clue, who?
- Remember Carmen?

The secretary of your father,
may he rest in peace.

Why do you say "may he rest in peace"?

As a respect for the dead, grandma.
Juanico's father is dead, right?

He is alive, and quite alive.

Alive and going around!

- Mom! - The cynic!

- Don't say that about my Juan.
- Is father dead?

The worst kind of cynic!

To each his own.

It's time the kids knew who
their father was, a cynic!

A cynic and a scoundrel!

He cheated the whole family!

Leaving us in misery.

Taking all the money!

In the worst misery possible.

It's enough!

Don't say more barbarities.

- My Juan is dead.
- Dead, dead, dead.

What did he do, mom?

Come, tell him what he did!

It's about time Juanico knew
who was his father.

What a cynic he was!

Your father had a close friend
named Victor Macate.

He was very important, very wealthy.

The thing is that he saw your father...

And convinced him to invest all his
money in some transportation business.

Everything was well for a while,
they got very rich.

They won millions
with this business.

Your father lived the luxurious life.

He lived like a king!

Champagne, girls, gambling!

And the business,
like if it didn't exist.

The truth is that when he realized

His partner had cheated him
and left him in a great debt.

- Mom?
- Oh, life, even friends...

You're very pretty, mom.

You really think I'm pretty?

A lot, you are beautiful.

What do you like better,
the hair tied or loose?

Let's see.

You know I like it *undistinguishable*

My treasure.

I'll dress for you.

What is it?


Close your eyes.

Have I told you how I met Juan?

He was quite handsome.

Almost as handsome as you.

First time I saw him I fell in love.

He was a bit corny.

He used hair gel.

And always very well composed.

But to me he seemed the most
marvelous person in the world.

With that helpless look.

When he invited me to dinner
and cinema I was so excited.

He told me very nice things.

I was melting inside.

That's something only
a woman understands.

Then... in the cinema.

He touches my breast.

How exciting.

What a pleasure.

We got married right away.

It was a precious wedding.

A dream wedding!

Then you came.

Those years were wonderful.

At the end he left
for South America

With a bunch of false checks
he cashed from the spanish bank.

- Up until now... - Smart fellow.

They said he died of pneumonia
in Buenos Aires.

That's foolish, how could he die
of pneumonia in Buenos Aires.

Very funny.

You stupid!

Is for you mom. From the postman.

Did you read who send it?

Did you see where the seal came from?

Where it comes from?

Still young but very naughty.

A cynic like his father.

Put the radio on, Juanico.

Foreign news:

News from the German State

Say that Stalingrad will soon fall
in the hands of the Axis Powers.

The german troops,
aided by the spanish volunteers

Brought many casualties
to the russians...

That are now deserting in disorder.

The german are great!

Its a hard working country
like no other.

It's foolish, don't
they remember Napoleon?

I don't know what Franco
is waiting for.

We need to finish off
those criminals!

We've suffered enough with the
Civil War! That's enough of wars.

What is wrong with the russians?

They are communist, therefore atheists.

Plus they believe we descend
from the monkeys. How ridiculous.

How could humans descend
from another animal?

Some people appear so.

You see, the russians live in Russia,
that's north of Europe.

I already know that, uncle.

Well, what Aunt Pilar just said,
they're communists.

They're friends with USA and UK
and are at war with Germany.

Dear Teresa: I'm finally here,
I shall tell you my adventures, my love...

That's enough, in this house
it's prohibited

To talk about politics,
religion and the other...

What's the other, grandma?

You be quiet, girl.

I already know what's the other.

This one know more of
the "other" than us, right Juanico?

Any day of this we shall
go for some whores.

- What did you say?
- Nothing, just whores.

I won't talk to you until
you clean your mouth!

Whores, whores, whores...

It's been so long
we saw you around.

Business, Sophie!

My nephew Juanico.
It's time he learned.

No, no, I don't want
problems with minors.

Come on now, you owe me one!

Hey, is Amparo here?

Ok, I'll go for her.

- Hi, tiger.
- Hi, Patricia.

- How's your mother?
- Better.

- They removed the stitches.
- I see.

So you're coming with me?

Let me think about it.
Help me decide.

I'm getting excited.

But first I've got to solve this.

You know how it's done?

More or less. No.

Amparo will teach you.

You'll see how easy it is.

My nephew Juanico.

Fresh and young for you
to take his virginity.

He is very young.


What are you waiting for?

Take your clothes off.

Caress my breast.

My strong point is *undistinguishable*


Whores, whores, whores!

I won't tolerate this!

Well, enough for today.

Rosario, we're finished.

Its television...

I was horrible.

We've rehearsed until Resino's entrance.
He has a TV show, always the same.

Very good, you've all done great, thanks.

Let's see, we still have a lot to do.

Maruja, you were late again.
You're distracted.

When Juanico turns the
radio you must enter.

I was on my mark.

- I think I must raise my voice.
- Yes, it's true.

Next time try to raise your voice.

Mae, very well.

Sahagun, I think we must check
the dialogues.

- There are some contradictions...
- No, Santos, we'll leave that
for next time.

Thanks everyone.

- I congratulate you. - Thanks.

Sahagun, Sahagun.

I was bad.

On the contrary, you were great,
as always.

Thanks, I'm glad.

The role is so complex
and beautiful...

It is so well written.

- You like it.
- I love it.

Although there's a few things
I don't understand.

Things I don't understand
about my character.

Doesn't Santos explain them?

He was hired to direct you.

He does what he can.

It isn't that.

I would like to speak to you.

Uh, well, how about this evening?

Very well, perfect.

Then, see you later.

See you.

I've never believed
in the selfless mother.

Ready to sacrifice,
lover of her home...

At least is not common.

I would like the Teresa's character
to be more fresh. A live of her own.

In the rehearsal until now
she is always the victim.

A victim that tolerates submissively
that family of monsters!

What did Teresa do?
Did she work outside?

What are her interests? What's her
relationship to the family.

- And with the father?
- The husband? - Yes.

Did she really love him?

If so, why didn't she went
with him to South America.

- Because of the kids. - I would
have left them with the family.

I'm talking too much.

How do you see her?

Who is she?

I see her as a sensible woman.


Helpless, in a way...

At least helpless
against her family.

She is stronger than
what she appears to.

You said something true right now.

She could have made a decision
to leave with his husband.

Announcer: Teresa San Pedro,
room 3 please.

I must go.

Want to see a dubbing?

- Could I? I'd love to.
- Sure, come on.

- Save your nonsense.
- What nonsense?

Even if you don't...

A little bit lower and don't
mind overlapping her.

- Save your nonsense.
- What nonsense?

All that nonsense just
like everyone else.

Well, just remember
about that frame...

- Save your nonsense.
- What nonsense?

Yes, nonsense like everybody else.

Before. Don't mind overlapping her.

- Save your nonsense.
- What nonsense?

Yes, nonsense like everybody else.

All that nonsense you do...

A little bit before, overlapping her.

Can you take the sound off?

What nonsense?

Yes, all that nonsense
like everybody else.

Ok, well rehearsed.

- Save your nonsense.
- What nonsense.

Yes, all that nonsense
like everybody else.

Let's hear it.

For me it is fine.

The light, the light,
turn it off!

I'm just a painter. A horrible
future awaits me.

And even if it wasn't terrible...

The future that awaits me will
never be better than my past.

I can asure you that after 18...

My life was uninteresting.

Everything I've done since...

It went by in an instant.

Leaving no deep trace behind.

On the other side, I remember
many details of my childhood.

And from my youth.

I remember my chilhood
with sadness.

I find it so much better now.

One day I realized something simple:
that my life belongs to me.

It was my only possession.

No one ever had lived what I had.

No one had my experiences.

Nor they knew some people.

Or ever saw the same landscapes.

Nor suffered or
enjoyed the same things.

I also discovered something
that may seem terrible.


That I was in love with my mother.

You're just like her.

Now you know it all.

That's why I wrote "Sweet Hours".

And that's why were both here.

And you never *undistinguishable*.


And I told him I was having
dinner with you.

And to tell you
that you are beautiful.


- To us.
- To us.

Well, we're not too much alike.

What was she like?

She was extraordinary in many ways.

- At least that what it seemed to me.
- Like me?

She was pretty, intelligent...


She had it all?

You like the music?

Yes, it's not bad.

I can put something else.

- Your dad was much older?
- Yes.

And this is you. Let's see.

Look that way.

Your nose grew a lot.

- Look!
- Yes, yes.

Bring me something to drink.

Oh yes, what would you like?

- Whatever you're having.
- A whiskey?

Can I come in?


What a mess.

The maid left for a few days.

And to tell the truth,
I'm not good at this.

Hand me the apron.

- But what will you do?
- Take advantage, boy.

This only happens to me at 4:20

Help me.

- Shall I help? - No.


- Very nice.
- You think so?

My mother used to sing it.

Where are you taking me?

This land is mine.

I bought so I can build
a house someday.

But it looks better this way.

Well, unless I have to sell them.

Don't look now, it's surprise.

You can see now.

Some images, no matter
how hard I try to forget...

They always remain.

This is one of my images.

I want to share it with you.

- Isn't it beautiful?
- Yes.

Would you dare live
here for a year?

- Why not?
- With me?

I love you Bertha. I need you.

I want you to live with me.

I also love you.

We are so different.

Sit down, Rosario.

- Remember everything.
- Last time I wasn't loud enough.

- Sahagun, whenever you want.
- Yes, yes.

If you weren't Teresa's
brother-in-law I'd throw you out.

Holy mother of God...
I don't remember what else.

Bless it.

Hear it, Satanas.

In your furious anger.

Never, never, forget it.

He will reign in Spain.

And above all, in the whole world.

Hi, family.

- But, Antonio, you here!
- Uncle Pepe.

Hi, grandma.

Toñito, my favorite.

Where do you come from this late
and dressed like that?

This aren't decent hours for
this household.

I'm a hero.

They gave me two leave
days for this.

So you're Juanico.

Well, well, you're now a man.

Well, almost.

This kids grow when
you turn your back.

He looks like Juan,
may he rest in peace.

The same, same eyes, same nose.

The same lascivious lips
as your brother...

Same obstinate scoundrel.

Malorum causa etc... (latin)

(more latin) Patiencia nostra...

Post coitum animal triste.

Sit down and talk to us.


Before anything else...

Olga, wine for the mister.

And so, tell us!

How is the brave blue division?

The best in Stalingrad.

This germans are well
organized as you know.

Ok, the last one was much better.

Yes, the germans are well organized,
but without imagination.

They're like well-oiled machines.

From here, nothing at all.

I had a comrade...

The best of all...

We all walked together...

We all advanced together...

To the beat of the drum...

Glory and victory.

I had a boyfriend from
the Condor mission.

What a man!

Uncle, tell us about the war.

Is one afraid?

And I said...

Let love and luck...

That I never sleep awake...

And if I sleep,
that I never wake up.

But, I awoke from
the sweet bewilderment.

And saw that I was alive with Death.

And saw that with Life...

I was dead.

The needle of the clock...

Uncle, is one afraid in the war?

Us spanish are never afraid.

We were born for war.

We are brave,
the best in the world.

Anibal, Santiago Apostol...

The heroes...

Let's not talk more of
our glorious crusade.

What can I say that you
don't know already of our bravery.

As soon as we hear
the call of our nation...

We're all there to defend it.

God, nation...

Love, freedom...

Such beautiful words.

We're the reserve *undistinguishable*

The barbaric occidental reserve.

And that cross?

This, it was for an act of bravery.

You want me to tell you?

Yes, uncle.


We were in the bank near Boca lake.

It was unbearably cold.

90 degrees below 0.

If you'd pee...

And an arc froze in mid air.


So, I was at a guard's post.

Just imagine.

I guarded during the morning.

I was a sentinel in the morining.

There was an uncertain light...

That's it! An uncertain
morning light.

That enveloped everything
in mystery.

Turn that light off!

Mystery, terror, doubt...

I'm afraid.

Three adjectives, yes, that's it.

Menace, fear and mystery...

The morning light...

When, all of a sudden...

In that light that doesn't shine.

There's no shadow, it's not even dark.

I think I see...

In the land that awakens...

Just as the light starts to shine...

I see an almost
imperceptible movement.



I rub my eyes with
my leather gloves.

What moved? I asked
myself surpised.

Afraid, worried...

My comrades were asleep...

Tired from the battle
the day before.

- What was it?
- What what is, uncle?

Imagine a silence...

Charged with premonitions...

Menaces and obscurity...

It was true!

I could confirm it with security...

The snow moved like ocean waves.

It waved like a bed sheet.

- What was that bed sheet?
- Be quiet and listen.

What was it?

The russians!

It was the russians with
their new white uniforms.

And they were hiding in the snow,
trying to surprise us.

But, thanks to me...

I could alarm the rest.

And the german cannons fired!

No russian was left alive.

The snow turned red with blood.

Frozen blood.

Red frozen snow, that's it!

So, cherry ice cream...

And they gave you the cross for that?

Isn't that enough!

The deputation clock made you ring.

Uncle, tell us about
the deputation clock.

Please, Uncle Toñito, tell me.


Your uncle Antoñito...

Was crossing the Zaragoza's blvd.

When the clock needle fell off...

Such luck that it fell on his head.

Poor Toñito,
he was between life and death.

That's why you wear the hat always?

Since then everything
was clear for me.

What was clear?

This country, Spain...

We need to return to the crusades.


God, justice...

Spain, Spain!

We are acting, please!

Who are you? How do you dare!

- Calm down.
- Leave me!

- Who do you think I am?
- Calm down.

He is Juan Sahagun, the author.

And what the hell do I care!

- Don't touch me!
- You won't work for TV again.

Sit down. That's it.

Spain, Spain...

It's impossible.

It's platinum,
it's worth a fortune.

Who are they?

My family.

Impossible, he doesn't
follow the text!

We must forget we're acting.

Some really forget.

That can confuse
reality with fiction.

Your family?

One must remain lucid.

- Wear the hat.
- No, something cold.

- How beautiful.
- I don't see what's special.

Everything seems beautiful today.

How come?

Because of everything.
Because I'll have a child.

Because I'm with you.

Because it's sunny.

I wish I could stop time.

Right now.

Only remember beautiful moments.

The light in this place.

The reflections.

Things breathe and I feel
like part of this big world.


An harmonic whole.


I would like him
to remember it always.

Well, just tell him to
look closely what he doesn't see.

And to remember this sublime moment.

This lake...

An artificial puddle.

This palace... so corny.

And this famished ducks.

You see. He protests.

My son also likes it.

The zoo was in the park.
You could hear the roaring lions.

Those war windows,
covered with paper.

The lions are running free today.

Tonight they started earlier.

The poor beasts are hungry.

Nobody cares about them.

People die of hunger,
why shouldn't animals.

When will this war stop, my God?

This light...

Do dragons exist, dad?

Yes, sure.

How that going, Juanico?


Juanico, to bed.

Goodnight mom.

Grandma, goodnight.


And your father?

Goodnight, dad.

Goodnight, son. Sleep well.

To bed now. Martha!

A little more?

Still there?

Lie down.

I'm cold.

How is it now?


What you want are caresses, right?

- Sleep well, Juanico.
- Goodnight, mom.

Goodnight, heart.

The light! That light!

Turn that light off!

Juanico, wanna help me?

- Yes, dad. - Come.

We'll finally do some hard work.

Such a shame, right Juanico?

Yes, dad.

What's the use of furniture if
we could freeze to death.

To great evils, great remedies.

Come, help.

Hold this.

Juanico, son!

- Mom. - It's ok.

Calm down.

I almost kill him.

He crossed at the worst moment.

I was about to make a barbarity.

What did he do, son?!

I didn't do anything.
Just what we needed!

Don't you realize he is just a kid!

You're the one who treats
him like a baby!

You're raising a faggot!

How can you say that?

Look at him. Always hiding
under your dress like a girl.

He is delicate and sensible,
not a beast like you!

You're both sissies!

Nothing is wrong, son.

Sometimes your father is unbearable.

Won't you invite me in?

Of course, come in!

Take this. Santos gave them to me.

You keep them.

And this surprise?

I wanted to see you.

I had a hunch. Where could he be?

And ZAZ! Here I am.

What are you doing?

Nothing, just thinking.

I love you.

Have you been in love many times?

I lived 5 years with a guy.

I loved him a lot.

I gave it all.

Everything I had.

What I was... everything.


Did you had a bad time?

You almost commit suicide.

You took the pills and some water.

How do you know that?

You can carry this.

- Have you been here before?
- Yes.

I searched this place for years.

And one day I found it
by coincidence.

And I stayed.

It was exactly the same
as I had imagined.

The same trees.

The river.

The birds.

Even the same light.

You can't be cured.

Your mother was there,
and who else?

You were there.

And me.

The same place.

The same people.

The same lunch bag?

Do you want a cheese
or ham sandwich?


Did you also ate a
cheese sandwich then?

I'm searching something...

Something important
for me, Bertha.

You can help me.

How can I help you if you
don't tell me anything.

I have to find everything by myself.

You're right.

Let's see.

What was your relationship
with your mother?

Don't tell me you slept with her.

She made curls of my hair
till I was 5.

And they gave me dolls to play with.

When I started school my mom
always accompanied me...

Because I was afraid
something could happen.

I was a sensible kid...


I called her.

But now I think it was different...

That underneath that sweetness
and sensibility...

Hid a very dominating woman.

Who knew exactly what she wanted
and how to get it.

My sister Martha was right.

I thought my father was unjust
when he left her.

But I can see now that
was his only option...

He had to escape total submission.

And how does the story end?

Nobody knows that.

She killed herself.

Here it is, mom.

What's wrong, mom?

Nothing, son.


You couldn't understand.

Is because of dad?

Don't cry, mom.

- Son. - Don't cry mom.

I want you to remember always...

Always, always...

That I loved you most of all.

Yes, mom.

Remember that son.

Go now.

My mom couldn't stand it.

She couldn't stand that my dad
lived with another woman.

Spending the money he had stolen.

The worst is that she made me
an accomplice of her death.

She involved me in a way that
I still feel guilt.

I went to the drug store...

And when she poured those
pills in the glass...

How she dissolved it...

I can still hear the metallic
sound of the spoon.

And above all I'll never
forget her eyes.

You can notice...

I witnessed her death.

How evil of her.

Poor little one.

Poor little one.


My love... my love.

You will never forget me...

And be away from me.

I lived in your love.

Remember the sweet hours
from yesterday...

Remember that old love...

How is my little boy?

Come, raise your arm.

What a smell!

Remember the sweet hours
from yesterday...

Remember that old love...

The pleasure will light
our old age...

Remember that crazy night.

Those hours are not forgotten...

Those flowers haven't
lost their petals...

Remember those sweet hours again...

Remember those kisses from your mouth.