Sweet Deceptions (1960) - full transcript

Francesca, a 17-year old school girl, has a vivid dream of making love to Enrico, a 37-year old divorced architect and family friend. She turns her dream into reality by meeting Enrico during a regular school day.

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Wake up, Francesca, you have school.

- It's you.
- Who did you think it was?

You don't want to get up?
You're ill?

Very ill?

- Alright, do what you like.
- Thanks, Mother.

- What are you doing today?
- Why?

We're going to the countryside. There's a caf?
on the way Frascati with the most amazing records.

- I don't know if I'll go. - We didn't even
invite you. Fair enough, we'll dance without you.

- Are you leaving without your books?
- No, I'm just going to get them.

- Go and get them, darling, I'll take you
to school in the car.

You're at it again with that dog?
Milk is for people...

... not for beasts, they already
have everything they need.

You must have slipped past me quietly,
I hope you weren't trying to avoid me.

- No.
- Miss, today is a bad day.

- What happened? - What do you think happened?
The dog. Here, we live for the dog...

... it's the dog's house.
Soon enough I'll start barking myself.

I've thought about that so many times,
perhaps if I barked he'd actually listen to me.

Sorry if I'm in your way,
I can't see a thing up here.

Oh God, I've fallen down.
Who put these damn things here?

- Are you hurt, Ma'am?
- Of course not.

See that daughter of mine?
See how funny she thinks it is.

You wouldn't be laughing if I were dead.

- Go on, take him the milk, he's waiting.
- I'll take it to him, I'm going up.

Did you not hear the nice lady?
Give it to her, come on.

Tell him to rest,
he gets cranky if he doesn't sleep.

Of course, I'll tell him.

Miss, you've changed a lot since the last time.

Yes, I've grown.

What's wrong with him?

He's dead.

It's terrible, this mania I have for

And it always ends up like this,
they die, they run away, they become deaf...

It's worse than getting a wife.
Want some?

But this is the last time,
it won't happen again.

Enrico, I dreamed about you last night.

When they fall in love with the owner,
it's even more complicated.

How do you replace the love of a dog?

- You'll get cold standing out here like this.
- What? You're cold?

- I was talking about you.
- You're right, I'll go and get dressed.

Anyway, it's happened,
let's not talk about it anymore.

- Have you breakfasted?

Then go and wait for me in the studio,
that way we can have breakfast together.

Do you like blueberry jam?
Carmela, my bath.

Francesca, tell me, why are you
at my house so early in the morning?

- What? Speak louder.
- I didn't say anything.

Pick up those cigarettes for me,
I left them on the ground up there.

Five minutes and I'm yours.

- Here she is, my lovely lady.
- No, Mr. Enrico, leave me alone.

- Have you eaten? - No.
- Come here. - I was waiting for you.

Coffee is horrible when it gets cold.

- I had a dream last night. - Oh, really?
How many sugars do you want? One or two?

- What?
- The sugar. - Two.

- What did you dream?
- I was on the beach at Sanremo.

Do you remember when I was younger?
You would take me out in the sail-boat.

I was always afraid, but it was so beautiful.


... but in the dream, I was older. I was..

- ... as I am today.
- And then?

I was in the house by myself and then...
you arrived, dressed all in white.

My parents had gone on a trip and...

- Then you don't remember anything else?
- No, actually I remember everything clearly.

But, you know, it's difficult to
explain such a dream, that's all.

Yes, darling, sorry that I didn't call you.
I worked all night, finishing a project.

Have some jam.

Yes, I assure you.

Are you not eating?

No, I'm not alone.
There's a beautiful girl here.

Yes, a girl.

No, I'd never think of such a thing.
Anyway, believe what you like.

Please, darling, let me speak.

Okay, I've known her parents for ten years.

They were friends of my wife, but I saw them
after the divorce, you see. There's no mystery.

Yes, she's here.
15... 16 years old...

- 17

Every so often she comes to see me
because I'm nice to her.

- I don't know, hold on. Why aren't you at school?
- What is it to her?

No, she says that her teachers are
on strike this morning.

I haven't seen her for two or three months,
and she seems to have changed a little.

She has big, dark eyes,
delectable legs...

... tight hips, tall, small chest...

She's a beautiful girl, without doubt.
A beautiful girl...

Yes, I'm listening.
No, she's on the balcony.

Wait a moment,
I'll call you back in five minutes.

- I have to get back to school.
- Listen...

- I can't, I have to get back.
- When will I see you again?

- I don't know. - If you like,
I can come and pick you up just outside...

... we can have breakfast together.
I'm going to Marino this afternoon. - No, I can't.

I can't say at the moment, let me go.

That damn telephone.

Don't move.

What is it now?
What do you want to know?

How could you think such a thing? Yes, she's gone!
Are you happy now, is that what you want?

Come on, darling, don't cry.

Yes, I hear you.

I didn't want to make you sad. I worked all night,
and I'm a little stressed, that's all.

I apologise, are you happy?

I told you, I've known her since she was little.

What does her name matter to you?

- Isn't the teacher here? - The teacher is sick.
- Perhaps he's dead. - Let's not get our hopes up.

- Did you do this?
- Do you like it?

- Yes, who is it? - It's me, don't you see?
- Not bad, is it?

Give me the letter, let her see.
No, it's not her. She didn't write it.

Let's try it with her, too.

- Francesca, come here.
- What do you want?

A game, darling, a simple game. You have to write
any sentence on this paper. Whatever you like.

Enough of this nonsense, it's stupid and
there's no reason for it. - Who cares?

You're acting like children, and you've
no idea the how badly you might hurt someone.

We had Mother Teresa in our
class all along and we didn't even know it.

Well then, gentle soul, why don't we all
tell each other what we did yesterday?

Tell them, I'm not ashamed.
I'm not afraid of the things I do.

- I'll go first, if you like.
- Listen to her.

- She's inventing stories just to sound cool!
- Say what you like, it's true.

We were in his car and he started
kissing me, trying to touch me.

I really love him, so I let him carry on for a while.
Then he spoke to me in a strange voice.

- Perhaps it was the radio.
- No, there wasn't a radio.

- Tell us what he said.
- It's difficult...

- Write it for us.
- Whisper it in my ear, like he did.

- And you said yes?
- How could I say no? - What? Idiot.

She didn't do anything, child's play.

Girl, if that's how we lost our innocence
they wouldn't let us go to the cinema anymore.

- Well, I think that you're both wrong.
- Really?

Yes, there's another kind of innocence,
that has nothing to do with boys.

And that's the most important, I'm sure of it.

Yes, ask Italians which is the most

If you're still as innocent as a child,
they marry you, otherwise nothing.

- You need to learn a few things about men.
- How boring, are we going to finish this game or not?

- Come on, Francesca, write something down.
- No, why? I don't know what it is and I don't care!

Why are you being so defensive?
I thought you liked being so close to me.

I'm quite pretty, aren't I?

Actually, "Pretty enough to take your breath away,
almost as if God had placed in me..."

- What did he place in me?
- "A little of his grace."

- What's wrong with you? Have you all gone mad?
- But you wrote that you wanted to be close to me...

... to protect me in pain,
to revel in my joy.

They are letters that surprised me, but also
flattered me as well. I understand, you know.

- Tell me again what you wrote!
- Come on guys, act out a romantic scene...

... like the ones in the comic books.
Go on, Gloria! Squeeze her.

Stop it.

- It's her.
- I know, who'd have thought it?

- Are you happy? You know who it was, what now?
- Now, nothing, it was just a game anyway.

I only said that I received a
strange anonymous letter.

- Tell us the truth, you're proud of yourself.
- Ladies, you are free to leave.

What lipstick do you use?

- This scarf is so pretty, where did you get it?
- It was a gift from Mario.

What are you doing, a strip-tease?

Look, Francesca, she's gone away without her jacket.
I suppose that's understandable, the state she was in.

No, she won't have left, I know her better than that.
She's too proud to let us see her cry.

Do what you like, I have to go.
If you find her, tell her not to worry about it.

Not that it's a good thing,
but anyway, it's her business.

- I'm still her friend all the same.

I brought your jacket.

- Take your pinafore off.
- No.

It doesn't matter if you leave it here,
I won't be coming back to school anyway.

Ah, good, well done! And whose homework
would I copy if you weren't here?

Come on, we're not stupid,
we know it was just a joke.

It wasn't a joke, I was being sincere.
This is something you should know.

I didn't write those letters to her,
or to anyone for that matter...

... otherwise they would have known
it was me, anyway.

- Perhaps you were afraid.
- Of her? Don't worry.

She's vain enough that they
probably thought she wrote it herself.

Then, I really don't understand you.

I despise physical intimacy,
it hurts love, degrades it.

Instead, my love was so pure,
such things didn't even interest him.

Have you never experienced that
kind of joy?

It's like, something inside you
that needs to be released.

All it takes is one thought of it and
well, I'm starting to feel happy again.

- Have you never tried to fall in love?
- Yes.

My God.
Then he's not an invention of mine.

- He lives, he breathes...
- He may live in another city.

He might have walked past me while
I was looking elsewhere.

Or taken a different street
to me because he was in a hurry.

Or perhaps, destiny will have us meet.

How many years have we lost
without knowing that we love him?

- Were you thinking about anyone in particular?
- Who knows?

Believe me, Francesca, stay far away
from your love, don't ever tell him anything.

- You wrote to him.
- Yes, and you saw what happened.

- That letter is probably still being passed
from one hand to the other. - No, look.

It's in your jacket pocket, I put it here.

Come on, let's go, every time I speak
about love, it makes me feel hungry.

Were you waiting for me?

I can't come with you,
I have to go home.

How disgusting.

It won't do, it just won't do. Do you think it
right that you have to strip nude just to sit down?

Look, this isn't the time to speak English to

Away with this and with this, too.
Everything to be redone.

- Tight dress, men like.
- Well done, idiot.

Men are complicated enough,
this way you'll scare them off.

- By the way, did you pay the rent? - No.
- Why? - Because you didn't give me the money.

- Listen to this. Money makes the world go around.
- You didn't pay me, either.

What did I do to you today? You all hate me!
I can't go on any longer, I'm tired of it all!

This marionette who's afraid of men.
This ruined model.

And you, who treats me like a dog.
That's why I'm getting older.

Before long I'll start wearing a
collar myself, just like Bob.

Whoever this is, they're after money.
I can sense it.

Rosa, don't open the door.
I'm sure it's some debt collector

Lydia, darling, I beg you.
Tell them I'm not here, that my daughter is sick...

... whatever you like.

It's you, Francesca. Why so early?

I finished school early and wanted to
see Maria Grazia, so I called my mother and...

- And how is your mother? - Fine, thank you.
- Last time I saw her, she seemed older.

- Well, everyone gets older. - Indeed. Go on,
darling, go and help my daughter grow up a little.

- Frankly, I just can't manage it myself.
- Really, and you think that I can?

Very tall, an elegant figure,
dark eyes, full lips...

... a dimple on his chin, wavy hair,
and he has a wonderful smile.

- Sounds like the man from the toothpaste commercial,
your Enrico. - Are you mad? He's a real man!

And he's the best architect in the world, you know.

This morning he showed me this
fantastic project of his.

It's useless, anyway, I'm not changing my mind.

Say what you like, all men seem to me
like mannequins in a shop window.

I remember when I was younger he used to sit
me on his knee, I hope he doesn't remember that.

- Though, this morning he came to pick you up.

- Why didn't you go out and eat with him?
- I don't know.

Because... because I wasn't hungry.

In your opinion, what age do we discover love?

According to my mother, there isn't an actual age.
But then she has her own ideas about everything.

- It's so hot...
- I can't open the window, there's a terrible wind.

I like the wind, it makes me feel reckless.

Francesca, unfortunately it seems
like our friendship is coming to an end.

- Why do you say that?
- I don't know, It's just a feeling.

Anyway, I want to go away and live in a tree,
hidden and alone.

- I'm terrified of so many things.
- Of what?

May I? I've brought something
for your friend to eat.

- Mother...
- Darling, I know what I'm doing.

That's very kind of you, Ma'am,
but I'm really not very hungry.

Don't make me ask again, darling,
otherwise I'll eat it all myself.

Leopardi, the greatest Italian poet.

Actually, THE Italian poet.

- May I sit with you?
- We want to be alone.

Listen to her, see how mean she is to me?
I would give everything for my baby.

Anyway, if our Francesca doesn't want to eat,
perhaps she's ill...

... or perhaps she's in love.
- This isn't the only thing in the world.

- There are more important things for people.
- Come on, I overheard her talking.

May I? I'm so hungry.

I was telling Maria Grazia that a friend
of mine is in love with a divorced man.

- Very handsome. Older than her, but very charming.
- How's the sex?

- Well, they don't... - Why?
- She's my age.

Well, what does that mean?

But my friend said that... she thinks that
physical intimacy destroys love, that...

My girl, I've never heard such a thing,
there must be something wrong with her.

- Please, Mother...
- Let me speak.

Of course, love isn't divided in two halves,
with the heart on one side and the body on the other.

Love is complete, greedy,
possessive, universal.

Universal like... like gravity,
like thirst, like the rain.

How do you know that you love a man when
you don't know what he's like underneath?

Leave us alone, Mother.
Do me a favour and get out of here.

- I don't want her to go, she's much more fun than you are.
- Then I'm sure you can do without me.

Mother wanted to take me to the city to
do some shopping, you can go in my place.

- Of course, with pleasure.
- Finally, I've found someone who understands me.

I adore you.

- Where are we going?
- In many different places.

- My books.
- Come on, then.

I'm coming.


- I would, but I don't have any change.
- Then give me a note.

- How old are you, darling?
- Eight.

You can tell.

Just a quick trip to the chemist, then I'll
drive you home, then I have to get back to work.

Are they for me? How lovely.

- Are you happy?

I much prefer shopping with you, you know.

When I'm around young people that aren't
sad like my daughter, it relaxes me.

Oh, I forgot...

What kind of idiot...

- Now you listen here...

How are you, darling?
So, you're trying to smash my car?

- I just love running into you, you see.
- Oh, you're always the same.

- Come on, I'll drive you.
- I can't, I'm with a friend.

- What, you have friends now?
- Stop that, she's a friend of my daughter.

Francesca, come here.

- She's a good girl, so be careful how you speak.
- I'd never dream of it.

Go and move that cart of yours.

- God, Renato, do you have to stop right here?
- It's not my fault, it's a public street.

I have my reasons. Come on, let's go.

Go where? It's not like this is a

- Hey, can we move this old wreck out of the road?
- Please, Renato, don't make a scene.

- Francesca, pull up the thing.
- What thing?

The thing, you know, the cover.

Wait, I'll use my furs.
Are they looking at me?

- Who?
- My supplier, that's his shop over there.

- There's no one.
- Thank God. Lie low, darling, lie low.

- Fair enough, then I'll move it myself.
- You don't have the right to touch it.

Go around using the other street,
leave my car alone.

Now get back inside, or I'll
wipe that look off your face.

It's like an car showroom around here.

- I've been looking for you since yesterday.
- Ah, yes, they told me.

- Is it that difficult for you to dial my number?
- I thought about it, but I couldn't.

- I had dirty hands, you see.
- Idiot.

Oh God, not Lavinia. I'm sorry darling,
but our nice day out ends here. Let me out.

- Let's at least wait for Renato.
- What do I care about Renato and his Princess?

You don't know what she's like. She treats people
like trash just because her family has money.

No, darling, I won't be
embarrassed like this, let's go.

- Is that him?
- Oh God, that's just what we need.

- I don't understand why we have to go to
my place with your friends. - I do.

- Then why? - Because I asked you to.
- Just because you don't want to be alone with me...

I've always avoided that awful countess.

- The one you should have avoided was me.
- Does the lady require anything else?

- What do you want?
- Here.

- Give her it back.
- What are you doing? The lady gave me that money.

Since when have you started charging for
people borrowing a dirty comb?

- I ask you again to leave us, the man who owns this
car will be back shortly! - The more the merrier.

- Are you leaving, or not?
- I'll leave when you give me my money.

This man's insane, you can't do anything with him.
Lavinia, how wonderful to see you.

- How are you?
- The worst, darling, the worst.

An awful world, and never a spare minute.

- Lavinia wanted to invite you to her house.
- Me?

- If you're busy, that's fine. We can do it another day.
- Busy? Of course we're not busy.

I'd be delighted to come. You'll see, darling,
how beautiful her house is.

- Then you can follow me.
- Okay, Lavinia, we're coming.

Renato, are you mad?

- Where are we going? - Who's this?
- I don't know, some strange fellow.

Hold on a moment.

Get out of here! You're not allowed
in this house... - The money.

- You'll have your damn money.
- I want it now.

Don't you dare touch me.
Renato, how do I get rid of this man?

- Pay him. - I don't have the money with me.
- Then give him your furs.

My furs? These people are fools.

I've been invited here by the Princess,
a very dear friend of mine, I knew her mother...

And I'm no gentleman, I'll take it
from her if I have to.

Very well, I'll make a telephone call
and we'll sort this mess out.

- I'll be right back, Renato, wait for me!
- I'm coming with you.

No, don't worry about that.
Wait for her here.

- Hey, has your belly gotten bigger?
- Unfortunately, yes, Mr. Renato.

- You'll scare the girls away.
- I know, I know...

Sir should have come to breakfast this morning,
I prepared that chicken in cognac you like...

- Really?
- I was very disappointed when you didn't show.

- You may go, Natale.

- Do you like chicken in cognac, Francesca?
- Very much.

Natale makes it very well, but if you come with
me to Tivoli, I'll show you the best place for it.

- What are you doing?
- I thought that perhaps the music was disturbing you.

- What, are you drunk?
- Not drunk enough to let you insult me.

You kill me, you know? Kill me. Enough!

- I think it would be better if I went home.
- No, she invited you here, now you can stay.

- Put the record back on.
- Are you losing your cool, Renato?

- Not over you.
- Over who, then, her?

- Does it bother you?
- Not at all, if you can afford her.

- Take that back!
- Excuse me, Francesca, I can't stand such shouting.

Lavinia, take back what you said! Lavinia.

- It's better if I go elsewhere, that way you can be
alone together. - You'll pay for this, stupid woman.

That's right, it will never change.
I'm the one who always pays.

Sorry, Francesca.

Sit down.

Why are you laughing?

Nothing, last night I dreamed that today
would be different...

... but not this different.

- I know exactly what you dreamed about.
- You can't know that.

You were making love...
I hope you at least remember who he was.

- Of course.
- Then tell me.

It's not like I'm afraid of love,
it's just that I haven't decided yet.

- She must really love you if she's so jealous.
- Who? Lavinia?

Perhaps she was in love with her husband before
she married him, but when I realised he wasn't here...

What do you mean, he wasn't here?

Nothing, just a token husband.
She left him just like that.

This is why she liked me so much,
because I'm not from her world.

And I was just interested in sleeping with a
Princess, but you can't deny that she isn't pretty.

- She's very pretty.
- After a week I was madly in love with her.

- But I realised right away that she was ashamed.
- Why?

She wants to boast, you see, shock her friends,
tell them all that she pays for me.

Of course, it's not easy for her, but she's swimming
in money so no one would ever dare tell her anything.

She thinks that making love is a sin,
so she likes to make me feel guilty.

- Then every so often she remembers that she's a Princess.
- And what does she do?

She humiliates me, ignores me or doesn't
present me to people when we have company...

... or speaks about things that I don't
understand just to make fun of me.

The other night... she had guests at home
and we were all sat around the table.

Everything was going fine, when she says:
"Do you know what Renato's new passion is?"

"Leopardi. Leopardi in the morning, Leopardi
in the evening, Leopardi is all he talks about..."

So they say "Oh, how extraordinary,
I wouldn't have guessed it..."

So, at some point, one of the old women says...

... "Tell me, on what do you base this
new Leopardian passion of yours?"

I didn't know anything about Leopardi,
but I didn't want to look like a fool.

So I said: "I don't know,
it's based on many things. I like them..."

"... the colour of their fur,
the speed at which they run..."

You should have heard them laughing.

I'd just like for her to tell me that she loves
me from time to time, that she wants to make love.

That she speaks to me as a woman in love,
without all these complications.

It's not like I'm a saint, I've done
terrible things in the past.

I should call myself Bobby, a dog's name...

... for a dog's life.

When I used to ask tourists for spare change...

... they would throw me a few pennies.

We didn't have money to eat every day,
but in Rome there was enough going around.

And now... now that I'm an actor
I don't have these problems...

... I have a car like that, and I have
enough money to pay for a woman...

... but I'm with that woman
who treats me like a pet.

- Are these yours?

- What are you studying?
- Leopardi - Ah, him again?

- What did he talk about, anyway?
- About love.

- Was he at least handsome?
- Short, a little hunched...

Well, you can't have everything in life.
Read me something.

"That sweet, irrevocable time it was..."

"... When this unhappy scene of life unto
the ardent gaze of youth reveals itself..."

"... Expands, and wears the smile of Paradise."
- Continue.

No, I have to go.

Good, wait for me a moment
and I'll take you home.

Anyway, it turns out I do like Leopardi after all.
He has a nice way with words.

- Miss, you could have called me.
- It's late.

You're right, it's always later
than we think it is.

- Will Miss be returning for chicken in cognac?
- I don't know.

- Can I help you?
- Two tokens, please.

- Hello? Is that you, Eddy?
- Finally, where are you?

- Is Mother there?
- No, she's out. I don't know where she is.

- Weren't you going to Frascati?
- I'm going. Leaving now.

- Then I'm coming with you.
- It's too late now, I have to go.

Wait for me, Eddy, please.
I'm coming with you.

Look at the river.

- Let me drive.
- No way...

Come on, drive faster.
You're being overtaken by everyone.

Why don't you overtake them?

- Turn right. - Are you mad?
- Turn right, there's a shortcut.

- This would be your shortcut, would it?
- I was sure of it.

- You knew very well that it was a dead end.
- What does it matter? It's so nice here.

- You tricked me.

I just wanted to tell you
what a good brother you are.

- You're foolish.
- Fair enough.

You know what I remember?
We've already been somewhere like this.

... with the same sky and the same frogs.

- Don't you remember?

It's terrible, we're so young but
we've already forgotten so many things

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.

Even us two, we don't know each other,
but soon we'll be apart...

... and it will be too late.
- Very profound.

- Eddy, why don't you ever speak to me?
- About what?

- About you.
- Why don't you?

I don't want to bore you, you know...

... with girl problems. - I know what you mean.
- If you want to tell me, I'm listening.

No, I don't have any problems.
If I did, I'd just figure them out by myself

Dance with me.

- I want to go to Marino.
- What about Frascati? They're waiting for us.

Let's take a drive in the country
and then meet up with them.

- So, you want to see Enrico?
- Enrico? What does Enrico have to do with this?

He's doing up a mansion in Marino,
they say it looks amazing.

Who cares? We'll go another day.

- If you want, we can go.
- It's late. - Well you wanted to.

It was just to make you happy, while we're still together.
That, and I know how you like architecture.

- Women.
- Now you want to argue, too?

First you want to go to Marino, then you don't.
If you really want to go, let's just go.


I told you there would be no one here.

- Hurry up, let's go to Frascati.
- Wait a minute.

Why don't we have a look around while
we're here, it's fantastic.

Yes, I'm coming.

Wonderful, I thought that the my day here
was over, but it appears to be just beginning.

How did you get here?

- By taxi. - Excellent, I'll drive you home.
Tell the driver...

- Don't worry, I'm the driver.
- I'm happy to see you both again.

- Are you restoring this house, Enrico?
- Yes, do you want to see it?

- Can we?
- Yes, I'm looking after it at the moment.

- Want me to leave you two alone?
- You're so stupid sometimes.

This monkey has a story,
but I don't know if it's true or made-up.

It seems like the first proprietor of the mansion
fell in love with the wife of the painter who did this.

- So what happened?
- So, to get revenge, the painter added two heads...

... one depicting his wife,
and the other to show his rival.

- So beautiful.

Delectable legs, tight hips,
small chest, dark eyes...

- You've been studying that painting, then?

They covered everything in chalk here, why
was that?

It's not chalk, it's used for the painting.


- And what's on that wall?
- Cloth soaked in an adhesive.

It's used to take the painting from the wall.

You take a...
Here, give me your hand.

Your hand is the wall...

... this is the painting...

... and this paper represents the cloth.

You lay it on the wall...

... take it off, and the painting comes away.

- What does that "F" mean?
- I don't know, perhaps "Frascati".

- Francesca!
- So that's how it works.

- Doesn't that mean you lose some of the paint?
- You're never happy, are you? It's amazing.

From here you can reach the terrace,
full of romantic little places to eat breakfast.

Why did you run off this afternoon?

Well, that's everything. Let's go and get a drink,
the tour is officially over.

I only have vermouth, make yourself at home.

I sleep here sometimes.
If I have a lot to do, it saves time.

- Here you go.
- And who's this?

Her? She's a nice lady. Likes to get undressed
rather too often, but she's very pretty.

Pretty, like me?


Do you want some? Sit down.

Come on, Francesca.
They're all waiting for us, we have to go.

- No, not yet. I have an idea,
why don't we all eat here?

- You're talking nonsense. They won't know where we are.
- Ah, they will have figured it out by now.

It's so nice here. It seems like a castle, with the
characters from the paintings dining with us.

I am the Lady Francesca of Marino,
Enrico is a rich foreigner...

... and you are the man from the village.

You arrived in your horse and cart,
you're handsome and I love you.

- What's wrong with you today?
- Nothing, I'm just happy.

Can I have a cigarette?

Let's go down to the village and
buy groceries, when we get back we can eat...

... at dusk, by candle light.
- Sounds wonderful! Afterwards we can dance.

Come on, let's go.

- Coming?
- No, you go, I'll wait here.

That's fine.
Here, you have everything you need...

The company of the television, alcohol...

... the beauty of art...

... and all the modern comforts.
Have fun.

- Hurry, Enrico, I'm hungry.
- Alright, let's go.

- Enrico, let me drive? Please?
- Do you really want to?

- You've don't know how much.
- I have some idea.

- And I also know that I always want you next to me,
just like this evening, forever. - Do you mean that?

I'm bored without you.

I love you, Enrico.

- I wish that was true.
- I love you, Enrico, I swear it.

Since we were at Sanremo, that first year.
Believe me.

You're unbelievable, a girl that I like
more and more every time I see her.

Every day, a little more.

- Who knows that they'll say. - Who?
- My parents, your friends.

- It'll be fine, you'll see. Perhaps they'll
laugh to begin with - At who?

- At me, don't you see? I'm an old man of 37.
- You're the most extraordinary man I know.

- That's true, but they don't know that.
- Excuse me, can I help you?

Yes, we'd like some bread, ham, and cheese for three.
And a bottle for special occasions, the normal one.

There's a white wine they make in these parts,
you'll see. It's wonderful, romantic and light.

- Anyway, the wine you need for an anniversary like this.
- It's an anniversary?

Of course. A year ago today I only
had another year to wait for you.

- I love you.
- And some salami.

Me too.
Oh, and some pickles.

- Do you like dates?

Why did you say that you wished it was true
that I loved you, almost as if I wasn't sure?

- No, I didn't mean it.
- Be honest.

At my age you're always somewhat wary of happiness...

... whereas at your age, you fall in love easily.

It's not true. I love you, I love you.

Don't you believe me?

- Yes, I believe you.
- Is that all, Sir?

Yes, that's perfect.

- You're not cold, I hope?

- When we're not together can I call you?
- Yes, always.

- And that woman, the one from this morning?
- She doesn't matter.

- Is she pretty?
- Yes, she's pretty.

It's strange, I'm not the jealous type
but this morning I found myself hating her.

Come on, let's go.

- Will you come and pick me up tomorrow?
- Yes. - I finish at half past noon.

Wait for me a little further away. There's an art
gallery next to the school, I'll meet you there.

- You know, I'll have to carry on with school.
At least for this year. - You're a terrible student.

- Shall we tell him?
- Yes, of course.

Good evening, my love.

Dinner is served.

He probably went looking for us,
he'll be back in a few minutes.

No, he won't be back in a few minutes.
He's gone.

- I'll take you home in my car.
- You're very kind, thank you.


- I like to look at you, you're beautiful.
- I like you too, you know?

You'll see how good things will be.

There's a farm on the banks of the lake,
we can live there.

We'll have a four poster bed...

... and a fridge full of fruit.

The gardener will bring you roses each morning.

Half asleep, you'll say to him...

... "Thank you, Giuseppe. Leave them on the table,
I'll see to them later."

Then you roll over in the bed like a kitten.

A ray of sun makes you close your eyes again,
and you fall back to sleep.

In the afternoon we'll go out in the boat,
like at Sanremo...

... like in your dream this morning.

This morning...

... it seems so far away now, this morning.

Do you feel sad?

It's not sadness, it's something else.

What is it?

I don't know, or maybe I do.
It's difficult to explain.

You're a small thing of
wonder that I want to protect.

- Why are you laughing?
- I'm not laughing.

- Don't... don't you trust me?

Did you hear that?

What's wrong?

- You couldn't understand.
- I know that important things have happened today.

- To you and to me.
- That's true.


- Let me stroke you, don't say anything
- No, please...

At midday I ate at Carlo's. You know,
that friend of mine who restores antique furniture.

He came up with an incredible lunch,
caviare and runner beans.

Did you eat anything nice at home?

Yes, we had runner beans but no caviare.

- And at school did everything go okay?
- Yes, it went fine.

History, Geography, Algebra?

What are you doing?

It's late, I want to go home.

Please, Enrico, don't

- Very well, as you wish.
- Sorry, if I seem stupid to you.

No, I find you adorable...

... but now you have to decide between the
Francesca that flees and the one that returns.

It's the same.

- Are you afraid?

- So, tell me what you want.
- I want to go home and see Eddy.

- Let's go.
- Enrico, I don't want you to worry about me.

All day I've been looking for something,
thinking that everything would become clearer.

But now I feel a bit lost, that's all.

I've been honest with myself.
Honest with you, too.

I just need some time to think, you know?

- Why are you in such a hurry?
- Yes, why...

Here we are.

Goodnight, then.

- I don't imagine we'll see each other again.
- What are you saying? You fool...

I'll call you.

Of course, we'll call each other.

Goodbye, Enrico. And don't worry,
I'll call you, I promise.

- Perhaps I won't be here in Rome.
- It's not the time for holidays.

Yes, it's not the time.