Sweet Charity (1969) - full transcript

Taxi dancer Charity continues to have Faith in the human race despite apparently endless disappointments at its hands, and Hope that she will finally meet the nice young man to romance her away from her sleazy life. Maybe, just maybe, handsome Oscar will be the one to do it.

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Oh, Charlie!
I'm on time, right?

Wrong. You know what I did today?
I looked at furniture.

At couches that turn into beds,
and chairs that turn into beds,

and lamps that turn into beds.

And then, you know, I went
to look at wedding rings.

And then...

For my trousseau.

And, you know, Charlie,
that's not all I did today.

I went to the bank, you know?
And I took every last cent I own.

All four hundred
and twenty-seven dollars.

So now we can put
a down payment on something.

Oh, Charlie, it's such
a great world, isn't it?

♪ Today I feel New York is
really my personal property

♪ Right down Broadway to City Hall

♪ Every supermarket,
every five and ten

♪ All of Lincoln Center,
and the great UN

♪ They're all my personal property

♪ The 200 in Central Park is
merely my private menagerie

♪ I've carved my name on every tree

♪ From Yonkers Raceway to Bowling Green

♪ I own everything around and in between

♪ It's all my personal property

♪ The planetarium is mine alone

♪ The old aquarium I also own

♪ And since I feel today New York
is really my personal property

♪ I'll tell you what I'm gonna do

♪ Since I like you very much

♪ 80 very, very much

♪ I'm gonna split it with you

♪ With you

♪ With you

♪ With you

♪ With you ♪

Hey, Charlie, you know, this is my
own personal, private wishing well.

Hey! Let's make a wish...

and then throw somethin'
in after for luck.

♪ Since I like you very much

♪ 80 very, very much

♪ I'm gonna give it

♪ To... ♪

I wish...



Help! I can't...
I can't swim!

Help! I can't...

Help! I can't...
I can't swim! Help me!

Look, Walter.
There's a girl in there, drowning.

- Don't look, dear.
- But, Walter!

Don't look, I tell you.
Don't get involved.

It's none of our business.


Oh, God.



- MAN #1: Here, help! Somebody help!
- MAN #2: Somebody grab her ankles.

WOMAN: She looks dead.
Doesn't she look dead to you?

I don't know.
I've never seen her before.

MAN #1: Shake her.
Shake her we” fill the water is out.

She's coming to.

CHARITY: Oh, my God!
I'm in Australia! Put me down!

Put me down!

What do you think you're doing?
Go away! Don't look at me!

- Don't look at me!
- Take it easy, honey. You almost drowned.

- Charlie. Where's Charlie?
- I bet she tried to knock herself off.

Apparently over a fellow named Charlie.

Who took my shoe?
Where's my shoe?


Well, don't stare at me.
Don't stare at me.

Please, leave me alone.

Please, leave me alone!

Come on, everybody, let's all go home.
Come on, break it up.

Why did you do it, Charlie?

- The aquacade is all over.
- Hey, be careful. She's a crazy lady.

- COP #2: Let's go now. Come on.
- Hey, you all right, miss?

- COP #2: Show's over. Keep moving.
- I'm fine. I'm just fine.

Just put it down in your book.
The crazy, drowned lady feels fine.

All right, miss. Would you
care to tell us what happened?

I lost my shoe.
That's what happened.

Hey, Monte, look for her other shoe,
will ya?

Yeah, Monte, look for her other shoe.

- MONTE: What's it look like?
- It looks like that one.

- What does it look like!
- All right, miss. What's your name?


Charity Hope Valentine.

Charity Hope Valentine?

- Just write it. Just...
- MONTE: Here it is. I found it.


615 West 44th Street.

- Occupation?
- Social consultant.

- Where?
- The Fandango Ballroom.

Dance hall hostess.

MONTE: Oh, you mean you work in
one of those tango palaces.

It's temporary.

- COP #1: Length of employment?
- CHARITY: Eight years.

COP 1“: Suppose you tell me
what you were doin' in the water.

Oh. Well, my fiancé, Charlie...

Well, he's not exactly my fiance, exactly,
but we are engaged to be wed

the minute his
own marriage breaks up.

Anyway, we had this...
this, er... rendezvous

to meet in the park, and, er...
I was just about ready

to make a wish by
throwin' in this penny, when...

I don't know, I guess I
must have slipped or somethin',

'cause I lost my balance, and...

Anyway, naturally,
he made a grab for me,

and all he caught was my handbag,
and I fell in. That's what happened.

- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.

- Sure.
- Right.

Where's my hair spray?

Well, see, he couldn't jump in after me,
'cause of his bad back, you know.

Anyway, so he ran off to get help.

Where'd he go? The coast guard
station in Norfolk, Virginia?

Come on, honey. Didn't you leave
one tiny little detail outta that story?

- Like what?
- Like there ain't one word of truth in it?

Hello, men.

Hey, Nickie, did you hear about
Charity and her boyfriend?

You're gonna get married.
Oh, all the luck in the world, baby!

He stole her money
and pushed her in the lake.

- He wasn't for you.
- Excuse me, ladies.

Prince Phillip just walked in,

so park the gum behind your ears
and drag it out on the floor.

- Doesn't he ever knock?
- It's a good thing we're decent.

- He's gonna call.
- Who?

Charlie. He's gonna call.
Any minute, he's gonna call,

and he's gonna have a very perfectly
logical explanation for this whole thing.

- See, what did I tell ya?


- It's for you.
- Yeah?

You know what your big problem is?

You run your heart like a hotel.

You got guys checkin' in
and out all the time.

And you always get
stuck with the bill.

This time it's different.
He loves me.

I mean, when somebody
has their name

tattooed on your arm,
so it'll be there forever,

does that sound like the sort of
fella's gonna push you in the lake

for 427 measly bucks?

- Yeah.
- Uh-huh.

- Sure.
- Right.

Where's my hair spray?

Forget him, baby.
We got a livin' to make.

If you call this a living.

He's gonna call.
You'll see.


♪ Since I like you very much

♪ 80 very, very much

♪ I'm... ♪

Oh, Charlie.

- Hey, mister, can I talk to you for a minute?
- Got a cigarette for me, mister, huh?

Hey, mister, do you speak Spanish?

Hey, tiger, you wanna dance?
A little dance won't hurt you.

Come here, cowboy.
Wanna tell you somethin'.

- Oh, you're so tall.

Let's have some fun.


♪ The minute you walked in the joint

♪ I could see you were
a man of distinction

♪ A real big spender

♪ Good Iookin'

♪ 80 refined

♪ Say, wouldn't you like to know
what's goin' on in my mind?

♪ 80 let me get right to the point

♪ I don't pop my cork

♪ For every guy I see

♪ Hey, big spender!

♪ Spend

♪ A little time with

♪ Me

♪ Me

♪ Me

♪ Me

♪ Do you wanna have fun?


♪ How's about a few

♪ Laughs?

♪ I can show you a

♪ Good time

♪ Do you wanna have fun?

♪ Fun, fun.

♪ How's about a few

♪ Laughs (fun), laughs (fun),
laughs (fun)?

- ♪ I can show you a good time
- ♪ Laughs, laughs

- ♪ Fun, laughs
- ♪ Good time

♪ Fun, laughs
♪ Good time

♪ Fun, laughs, good time ♪


- What do you say to a...
- How's about a...

- Laugh?
- I could give you some...

- Fun?

- How would you like a...
- Let me show you a...

(ALL) Good time!
♪ Hey, big spender!

♪ Hey, big spender!

♪ The minute you walked in the joint

♪ I could see you were
a man of distinction

♪ A real big spender

♪ Good Iookin'

♪ 80 refined

♪ Say, wouldn't you like to know
what's goin' on in my mind?

♪ 80 let me get right to the point

♪ I don't pop my cork

♪ For every guy I see

♪ Hey, big spender!

♪ Hey, big spender!

♪ Hey, big spender!

♪ Spend

♪ A little time with

♪ Me

♪ Fun, laughs, good time

♪ Fun, laughs, good time

♪ Fun, laughs, good time ♪

How's about it, palsie?


- Hey, Herman.
- Huh?

- Anybody been askin' for me?
- Uh-uh.

NICKIE: Face it, honey.
Charlie the pusher ain't comin' anymore.

Gee, what's the matter with me?
What am I?

Oh, boy, am I stupid.
Boy, am I a pushover.

No, not a pushover exactly.
It's just that you're too...

Well, I don't know.
You just keep on...

Yeah, you're a pushover.

If he stole your purse,
why don't you call the cops?

They can always pick him up.

Oh, girl, do you know
how many guys

are runnin' around this city
carryin' pocketbooks?

Why'd he do it? Everything
he ever wanted, I bought him.

$11 shirts,
$79 Italian silk suits.

Just what'd I do wrong?

I'd even get up in the middle of the night
and buy him his meatball sandwiches.

Boy, did he love
those meatball sandwiches.

Well, I have had it
up to here with that creep.

- Go, baby, 90!
- Now you're talkin'!

He can go slip and slide his greasy head
on somebody else's shoulder.

I'm finished!
I'm through, do you hear me?

I'm tired of buyin' him pointed shoes,

and his trips to Florida,
and his three-horse parlays.

Who does he think he is,
shovin' girls into lakes?

Oh, boy, am I through givin'!

Oh, I hope your tight Italian pants
choke you to death!


Get me a taxi!


Ursula, stop acting like a child.

Vittorio Vitale!

Hey! That's Vittorio Vitale,
the Italian movie star!

Ursula, I can explain everything.

Don't touch me.
We're through.

I hate you. Do you hear me?
I hate you.

She really knows him!

Ursula, I merely said
"hello" to that girl.

"Hello." That's all.

I do not want to discuss it.

Now, you can't walk out
on me like this.

I can't? Well, just watch me.
Just watch me.

Watch! Watch!
You're not watching.

- URSULA: Where's my taxi?


- You are coming back inside.
- I am not!

- Oh, yes, you are.
- No, I'm not!

Yes, you are.



Ursula! Ursula!


Oh, scusi, signorina. Scusi.

My pleasure.



Are you busy tonight?

Hey, he wants to know
if you're busy tonight.

No, you.

- Yes, you.
- Me?

- VITTORIO: Are you busy tonight?
- What time?

- Right now.
- Right now is very good for me.

Get in.

I'm with him.



Oh, that girl!
She's driving me crazy.

Wild fits of jealousy. I can't stand it
any longer. She's impossible.

- That was my first impression.
- Childish, neurotic, selfish.

That was my second impression.

Well, it's finished.

She's just not worth it.

Well, on the other hand, you know,

she's not so bad
in the looks department.

Oh, yes. Yes, you're right.
She is very beautiful.

Well, I mean, if you go for
that sort of thing.

No, you are right.
You are absolutely right.

She is...


I think I just screwed myself up.



I'm, er... I'm with him.


- Who's that with Vittorio?
- WOMAN: She doesn't look familiar.

- MAN #2: Who can she be?
- WOMAN #2: What happened to Ursula?

- Who is it?
- Who is it?

- Who is it?
- Who is it?

- Who is it?
- Who is it?

- Who is it?
- Who is it?

It's me!

Wow! This place sure is
crawlin' with celebrities.

I'm the only person here
I never heard of.


ALL: Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.

- Oh!
- Oh!

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

- Oh!
- Oh!

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

- Oh! Yeah! Oh! Yeah!
- ALL: Yeah!

- Oh!
- ALL: Oh!

- Gimme yeah!
- Yeah!

- Oh!
- Oh!

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

- Oh! Yeah!
- Oh! Yeah!

Excuse me, Signor Vitale.
There is a phone call.

It's Ursula.
Look how she knows me.

No matter where I go,
she knows how to find me.

Well, I know her, too.
She'll cry and plead with me

to come to her apartment.

What should I do?
Be magnanimous and forgive her,

or be aloof?

-"AIoof" sounds good.
- You think so?

The aloof er the better.

- I am not here.
- Now I really feel great.

I could eat a horse.
I was only kidding.

Now, we dance!

Yeah, I wasn't hungry anyway.

Oh, damn it!

- I'm so sorry. Really I am.
- It's all right.

It's all right.

- Where are we?
- My place. Come on.

Your place?
Hey, wait. Just a second.

Get in the car, get outta the car,
go here, 90 there, your pla...

You think you can just "your place"
and, er... any time you feel like it, huh?



Good evening, sir.

- I'm with him.
- Oh.

Thank you.

- VITTORIO: Were there any calls, Manfred?
- None, sir.

- No calls?
- None, sir.

- Are you sure?
- Positive, sir.

Well, if there are any, I am not in.

- Yes, sir.
- And bring us a cold supper.

Very good, sir.


What did you say your name was?

Charity Hope Valentine.


- Do you like Brahms?

- Huh?
- The music.

Oh. Oh, yeah.

It's got a...
It's got a great beat.

- Leave it.
- Well, it'll get all...

Leave it!

And sit down.

Talk to me.
Tell me what you do.

Oh, that'd just be a waste of time.

- Why?
-'Cause I'd lie.

Why should you lie?

Because I really wanna
make an impression on you,

and if I told you the truth,
what I really did,

you wouldn't be impressed.

Let me be the judge of that.
What do you do?


I'm a dance hall hostess.


A what?

I'm a dance hall hostess.


There, you see?
You shoulda let me lie.

I was gonna be an
assistant dental technician.

Well, that doesn't
sound very impressive.

It does to a dance hall hostess.


I don't mind if I do.

Why did you ever take a job like that?

I don't know.

Fickle finger of fate, I guess.

- What?
- Fickle finger of fate.

- Don't you know what that means?
- Yes, I think so.

Well, I don't.
Not really.

But see, these things always
seem to happen to me,

and I never know why or how.

And people are always
comin' up to me, askin':

"Why did you take up
with that guy?"

or "How come you wound up
in that joint?"

And I always felt so dumb sayin',
"I don't know."

But it was the truth. I don't.

I guess you're supposed to know
why you do things or...

how come you wind up places.

Anyway, now whenever anybody
says "why?" or "how?" to me,

I just say, "Fickle finger of fate",
and then I don't feel so dumb.

I think you just like saying it.

- I think you're right.

-"Fickle finger of fate."
- There, you see?

-"Fickle finger of fate."

"Fickle finger of fate!
Fickle finger of fate!

"Fickle finger of fate!
Fickle finger of fate!"

You wanna try?

- Nn-nnn.
- Oh, It feels good. Really, It does.

It cools the mouth.

Oh, try it just once.
"Fickle finger of fate."

- No, no.
- Say it. Just once.

All right.

"Fickle finger of fate."

- You like it?
- That's very nice.

It does cool the mouth.

Oh, I got lots of phrases
I like to say.

Like if some wisenheimer
down at the Fandango

says somethin' dirty to me sometime,
or somethin' fresh,

and I can't think
fast enough to answer,

I like to say, "Up yours".


You do?

Oh, yeah, that really works.
It fits just about any situation.

But I wouldn't say it
to anyone as refined as yourself.

But, I can say
"Fickle finger of fate", can't I?

You certainly can.

- You have a nice laugh.

You have a nice everything.

What shall we drink to, huh?

Oh, I know, I know.

- To the fickle finger...
- Finger of fate.

- Bottoms up.
- Up yours.


- Pow!

It just slipped out.

You're marvellous.

Really marvellous.

- I am?
- Mmm.

Wow. That is really somethin',
comin' from the Vittorio Vitale.

What makes you think the Vittorio Vitale
is anything special?

Are you kidding? Haven't you
ever seen you in the movies?

I like to think I have
better taste than that.

Oh, you don't know
what you're missin'.

Remember the one you did with that
Italian actress Micka Minickeli?

- Monica Monicelli.
- Yeah.

Er... Passion in Palermo,
I think it was called.

And there was this scene.
She was crying.

And you bent down, and you kissed
every single one of her fingers,

from her pinky to her thumb.
You remember that?

Fortunately, no.

Oh, boy, I remember it.
I'll never forget it.

And then you said,

"Without love,
life has no purpose."

The things I say for money.

Did that ever hit home!

Did you get me where I live!

I sat through the whole film
and six marshmallow bars

just to hear that one line again.

"Without love,
life has no purpose."

Is that what you believe?

Sure. Doesn't everybody?

No, not everybody.

Tell me, why do you believe in love?

Everybody's gotta have some religion,
don't they?

And so your religion is love?

Well, I'll tell you one thing,
I sure go to church a lot.

You know, I see you sitting
here with my own eyes,

but I find it hard to believe
that you really exist.



Ah, no, no.
Thank you, Manfred.

I'll... I'll take care of it myself.
Good night.

Our supper.


Cold lobster.


And melon.

May I fix you a plate?

What's the matter?

They'll never believe it.

Believe what?

That I'm here,
in Vittorio Vitale's bedroom,

drinkin' champagne,
and he's servin' me dinner.

- Who won't believe it?
- My girlfriends.

What can we do about it?

Do you think...


- CHARITY: That...
- Yes?

CHARITY: Could I have a
personally autographed picture?

You can have me
in profile or full face,

with moustache, clean-shaven,

smiling, or sexy.

Oh, I will take that clean-shaven,
full-faced and sexy one.

- For...
- Charity.

For Charity, um...

Who was with me tonight...

in my apartment.



I swear it.

- Vittorio Vit...
- Yes, yes, I know the rest.


Wow! You even write great!

Oh, what a night for me!

Tomorrow, you're movin'
right into my locker,

and every time I open the door, pow!

Oh, they're...
they're not gonna believe this.

They're gonna think this is a forgery.

- Where you goin"?
- You wait for me.

I'll be right back.

Now, don't go away.

Hurricane Hazel could strike.
I'm not movin'.

♪ If they

♪ Could see me now

♪ That little gang of mine

♪ I'm eatin' fancy chow
and drinkin' fancy wine

♪ I'd like those stumblebums
to see for a fact

♪ The kind of top-drawer
first-rate chums I attract.

♪ All I can say is "wow-wee,
look at where I am"

♪ Tonight I landed...
pow!... right in a pot of jam

♪ What a set-up, holy cow

♪ They'd never believe it
if my friends could see me

♪ Now

♪ They'd never believe it

♪ They'd never believe it

♪ They'd never believe it

♪ They'd never believe it

♪ They'd never believe it

♪ They'd never believe it

♪ They'd never believe it

♪ They'd never believe it ♪

Do you think this will do?
I used it in my first film.


Oh, what a beautiful...

black thing.

It's a hat.

- Eccola.

- You see? My initials.

It is yours.

Now, wait. There's more.


♪ If they could

♪ See me now, my little dusty group

♪ Traipsin' round this
million-dollar chicken coop

♪ I'd hear those thrift shop cats
say "Brother, get her"

♪ Draped on a bedspread made
from three kinds of fur

♪ All I can say is "wow!"

♪ Wait till the riff and raff

♪ See just exactly how

♪ He signed his autograph

♪ What a build-up, holy cow

♪ They'd never believe it

♪ If my friends could see me now ♪


- Ciao.
- Boy, this is some terrific mattress.

My initials.

This, also, is for you.

- Oh, I couldn't.
- You must.

- Oh, really, I can't.
- I insist.

I'll take it.

I'll go see if there is anything else.

Ciao, Vittorio, baby!

♪ If they could see me now

♪ Alone with Mr V

♪ Who's waitin' on me
like he was a maître d'

♪ I hear my buddies sayin'
"crazy, what gives?"

♪ Tonight she's livin' like
the other half lives

♪ To think the highest brow,
which I must say is he

♪ Should pick the lowest brow,
which there's no doubt is me

♪ What a step-up, holy cow

♪ They'd never believe it
if my friends

♪ Could

♪ See me

♪ Now

♪ They'd never believe it

♪ They'd never believe it
if my friends

♪ Could see me... ♪

Hey, girls. Look! It's me!



Oh, boy, you know this...
this is some terrific floor.


Miss Charity Hope Valentine.

Since I could find nothing else,
in all of my possessions,

that could truly express
my warm feelings for you,

for what you have done tonight,

for what you have given me,

I ask you please to accept this.

Oh, wow!

I accept.

And may I just say

that I never received such a gift

in such a gorgeous package.

Mr Vitale, you've been
so terrific to me.

I think that this is...
this is the best time

I ever spent in my whole life.

No, no, no, please.


Suppose you eat your supper, huh?


Well, tell her I'm asleep.
No, tell her I'm dead.

Well, tell her th...



Look the door.
Look the door.

It's Ursula.

She's here.

What should I do?

What should I do?

If you want my opinion,
we don't really need her.

And in my opinion,
we don't really need her.



Vittorio, I know you're in there.
Let me in.

Oh, Ursula, go away.

- Vittorio, please.
- No.

- No!

- Please!
- I can't stand it. Let her in.

Yes, you're right.


In here.

- I'll get rid of her as soon as I can.
- But... oh...

- VITTORIO: In a second!

Vittorio, let me in.
Don't treat me this way.

- I almost forgot.
- Oh. Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Here.

Oh, if you get a chance,
I'd love a cold beer.


URSULA: Vittorio, I'm not leaving
until you open this door.

Oh, Vittorio, what took you so long?
What's going on in here?

Oh, is that why you came back?

To accuse me again, huh?

- You have someone else in here.
- Oh? Very well.

I picked up a girl off the street,

she's hiding in the closet.

I don't believe you.

- VITTORIO: Well, look for yourself.
- URSULA: All right, I Will.

Oh, what's the matter with me?

You wouldn't stoop so low as to
hide another woman in a closet.

Oh, I don't know
What comes over me.

The thought of you with another
woman just drives me insane.

Why do I torture myself this way?



- Why?

If I knew you really cared,
I 'd give you anything.

I care, cara mia.

Of course I care.

But why can't we discuss
this in the morning?

URSULA: Do you care, Vittorio?
Do you really care?

Of course I care.

Of course I care.

- URSULA: Really?
- VITTORIO: Really.

You know, Ursula,
I don't understand

why we torture each other this way.

Oh, because I'm a fool.
Jealous fool.

Oh, how could I have been so foolish
as to believe you'd bring home

some cheap little nothing?


VITTORIO: Now, Ursula,
I really do think you should go.

It's so late,
and I'm really very tired.

We can have dinner
tomorrow, all right?

Why don't you just lie down and relax?

No, no, I don't want to lie down.

Just for a moment, and then I 7! go.

All right, but just for a moment.


Without you, there is no love.

And without love,

life has no purpose.


Oh, Ursula, Ursula.

Mmm, Vittorio, Vittorio.


Oh, talk about your foreign movies!

♪ If my friends

♪ Could

♪ See me

♪ Now ♪


-(WHISPERING) It's morning.
- Oh.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Are you all right?
- Well, it's too soon to tell.



Silk sheets!
Must have cost a fortune.

Thank you very much for everything.

I'm... I am sorry the way
things turned out.

- No, it sorta figured, you know?
- Why do you say that?

Because you're you, and I'm me.

- For the taxi.
- No, you've given me enough already. Really.

Oh, well...

- Ciao.
- Ciao.

CHARITY: Well, first we go
to this ritzy place,

where we end up dancin' together.

Oh, he is some terrific dancer!

Then, we go back to his
fashionable East Side apartment,

except it was a whole, entire house,

with so many rooms you needed a
compass to find your way around.

Then we just sort of
sat around sippin' champagne

and talkin' about life and things,
you know.

Oh, boy, it was some terrific night.

So, come six o'clock in the morning,
guess what he wants to do then?

Send me home in his own
personal, private limousine.

But I say to him,
"Vittorio, honey, forget it.

"I enjoy walkin'
when the sun's comin' up."

But to tell you the truth,
I didn't actually walk.

I mean, I flew all the way home.

My feet never once touched the ground.

Yeah, well, you keep on smokin'
them funny little cigarettes,

you're bound to do a little flyin'.

I knew it.
I knew you wouldn't believe

I spent the entire evening
with Vittorio Vitale.

- You swear?
- I swear.

- On your mother's life?
- On my mother's life.

Hey, Wanda, call up
and see how her mother is.

All right, look.


What he gave me.
And look what else.

His cane.
And his hat.

Mementos of our evening together.

Oh! Oh! Oh! His hat!

Is that all he gave you?

What do you mean, is that all?

- Hi, team.
- Hey, Nickie, did you hear about Charity

spendin' the night with Vittorio Vitale?

I don't believe it!

And all she got for it
was an old hat and a cane.

I believe it.

Oh, honey, if I was you,
I'd pass this hat

and beat myself to death with the cane,
'cause you are dumb.

- You don't even know what happened.
- Forget it, baby.

- What you do in bed is your business.
- You see? I wasn't even in bed.

I was in the closet.


To each his own.

The least you could have got
was a mink coat!

Oh, what's he gonna
give me a mink coat for?

If you gonna mess with the details,
you ain't gonna get no results.

A hat and a cane?

If it was me, I'd have walked out
of there with my own beauty parlour.

Now you'll never get outta here.

It was your big chance, baby,
and you blew it.

Now you're stuck.
Stuck like the rest of us.

And it ain't no use
flappin' your wings,

'cause we are caught
in the flypaper of life.

Not me.

What'd you say?

I said "not me".

What chance have we got
in a miserable joint like this?

I mean, just look at us.

Don't look at me.
I was always like this.

- What's the matter with her?
- Nothin'.

If you happen to like a lot of
beat-up broads nobody cares about.

Well, not me.

I'm not gonna spend the next 40 years
of my life in the Fandango Ballroom.

I am not gonna
become the world's first

little old grey-haired taxi dancer.

I am getting out.

What a nice word.

♪ There's gotta be something
better than this

♪ There's gotta be
something better to do

♪ And when I find me
something better to do

♪ I'm gonna get up,
I'm gonna get out

♪ I'm gonna get up,
get out and do it

♪ There's gotta be
some respectable trade

♪ There's gotta be
something easy to learn

♪ And when I find me something
a half-wit can learn

♪ I'm gonna get up,
I'm gonna get out

♪ I'm gonna get up,
get out, and learn it

♪ All these jokers, how I hate them

♪ With their groping, grabbing

♪ Clutching, clinching

♪ Strangling, handling

♪ Fumbling, pinching

♪ Phooey!

♪ There's gotta be
some life cleaner than this

♪ There's gotta be
some good reason to live

♪ And when I find me
some kind of life I can live

♪ I'm gonna get up,
I'm gonna get out

♪ I'm gonna get up,
get out, and live it

- I got it. I have got it!
- What?

I'm gonna be a receptionist.

In one of those glass skyscrapers.
Nine to five.

My own typewriter.
And water coolers. And office parties.

Ooh-ooh-ooh, and coffee breaks.


♪ When I sit at my desk
on the 41st floor

♪ In my copy of a copy
of a copy of Dior

♪ I'll receive big tycoons,
and I'll point to a chair

♪ I'll say
"Honey, while you're waiting

♪ "How would ya like to
put it down over there?"

♪ There's gotta be
something better than this

♪ There's gotta be
something better to do

♪ And when I find me
something better to do

♪ I'm gonna get up,
I'm gonna get out

♪ I'm gonna get up,
get out, and do it! ♪

Hey, hey, me too, me too.

I'm gonna get outta here,
and I'm gonna go right to the top.

- Yeah!
- I am gonna be...

a hat-check girl,

at one of them East Side
high-class restaurants.

You know, a tray full of cigarettes

costin' sixty cents a pack,
and "keep the change"?

And all those hats comin' in,

derbies, homburgs,

ooh, and that cute little
checkered number,

with the skinny brim
and the feather!

♪ Check your hat, sir,
check your coat, sir

♪ Check your vest, sir,
check your pants

♪ Check your socks, sir,
check your shoes, sir

♪ I can hold them while you dance

♪ Check your eyes, sir,
check your ears, sir

♪ Check and see if you are free

♪ How about it after hours?

♪ I'll check you

♪ And you check me ♪

Me too, me too.
I'm gonna get out, too.

- NICKIE: But, baby, what can you do?
- I don't know.

Just get me outta here,
and I'll figure it out later.

♪ There's gotta be
some life cleaner than this

♪ There's gotta be
some good reason to live

♪ And when I find me

♪ Some kind of life I can live

♪ I'm gonna get up,
I'm gonna get out

♪ I'm gonna get up,
get out and live it! ♪






♪ Lala la-la

♪ Lala la-la

♪ Lala la

♪ Lala la-la, lala la-la

♪ Lala la la-la-la la-la-la lala la

♪ And when I find me

♪ Some kind of life I can live

♪ I'm gonna get up

♪ I'm gonna get out

♪ I'm gonna get up, get out

♪ And live ♪

Live it!


Excuse me, ladies.

They have just announced the winners
of the Irish Sweepstakes,

and since none of you lovely creatures
is among the winners,

get your keisters back inside.

Hey, Herman.

In the first place, watch your language.
There's ladies present.

And in the second place,
we're not so sure we're comin' back.

- I can always find somebody else.
- That's the third place.

I'm comin', Herman.

But, Nickie, what about
all those plans we just made?

What about 'em?



Oh, I've got it, Mr Carmichael.

with a guarantee of
nine paid holidays,

cost of living escalation,

and free maternity care.

Okay, Mr Carmichael, first stenotypist
that walks in, you've got her.

Goodbye, Mr Carmichael.

- Come in. Sit down.


Well, now, Miss, er... Valentine,
what can we do for you?

I want a job.
A nice job.

Of course you do.
What nice job would you like?

And don't say mine,
'cause it's already taken.

- Well, something in an office.
- Good.

- You, um... type, of nouns?

- Take shorthand?
- No.

- Operate calculators?
- Nope.

- Keep books?
- No.

- File?

- Run a switchboard?
- No.

- You speak a foreign language?
- No.

- Um...
- No.

Ask me some more questions.

Well, look, Miss, um... Valentine...

How about, um...


Oh, are you a stenotypist?

- Well, not at the moment.
- But you do stenotype?

- Maybe.
- Uh-huh. What do you mean?

What is it?


Where did you go to school?

Public elementary school number 84.

- I mean, after that.
- After what?

This isn't goin' too good, is it?

Have you ever had
any formal training

in any field whatsoever?

Well, nothing that comes to mind.

Well, then, what do you
expect me to do?

I told you, find me a nice job.

But you can't do anything!

B... But I must be able
to do somethin'.

Well, I mean, everybody
knows how to do somethin'.

Don't they?

I used to think so.
Look, Miss, er...

Valentine. Oh, please, Mr Nicholsby,
you gotta find me somethin'.

I don't wanna go back to that place
where I'm workin', you know?

I mean, I want a nice job where
I can meet some nice people.

I w... I want very much
to change my life.

I'll work hard. I'll work awful hard.
And I'll learn quick.

Find me somethin',
Mr Nicholsby, please.

Oh, is this a gag?

- Huh?
- I'm right, aren't I?

It is a gag. Those guys down
the hall put you up to it.

Like the time they sent over
a guy that stuttered

for a radio announcer's job.

Oh, they should know by now
I can spot 'em.

You can tell them
you really had me going.

But it took you a while, didn't it?

Well, you're a very good Sp...
sport, Mr Nicholsby.

Listen, you're pretty good yourself.

Well, I gotta be goin' now.

I have a job, you know.
I got a swell job.

I was just helpin' 'em out.

That stuff about "Public elementary school
number 84", that was perfect.

Yeah, it was good.


Are you going down, miss?

Miss, I'm afraid
I'm going to be awfully late.


I didn't mean to rush you.
I hope I wasn't rude,

but I have an appointment, and if
I'm late, they'll blow a fuse.


- What was that?
- We stopped.

Why did I have to say that?

About blowing out a fuse.
What a dumb thing to say.

Press the button over there.
It” get started again.

- We're stuck.
- Yeah.

Oh, boy.

Kind of st...
Kind of stuffy in here.

Isn't it kind of stuffy?


Maximum weight in pounds: 3,500.
What do you weigh?

- Yeah, we're-all light.

-'Course we're all right.
- Yeah, we're fine. We're fine.


We're just stuck in the...

the little old elevator.

- Hey, are you okay really?
- Who, me?

- Yeah.
- Oh, yes, I'm fine. (CHUCKLING)

I'm fine. I...
I have to get used to it, that's all,

'cause this is...
this is the first time

I've ever been trapped in an elevator.

Trapped, trapped, trapped.


Hey, do you have
that thing, you know,

where you're scared of
small, tight places?

- Claustrophobia?
- Yeah.

No, no, no, no,
nothing like that.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

No, I... I just, er...
can't stand...

small, tight places.

But I can handle this all right,
because I know we'll...

we'll get out of here
in a couple of minutes.

- Well, sure, we will.
- You really think so?

Of course I think so.

I mean, if you thought we're really
trapped in here, what would you say?

But we're not really trapped.

Yeah, well, I know,
but if you thought we were,

what would you say?

Then I'd say,
"We're really trapped".

My God! I knew it!
I knew it!

Dear, you shouldn't get so excited.

Yeah. Look.
Isn't this awful?

'Cause I never act this way, really.
I'm a very calm, organised person.

I want you to know that if-if-if-if
it really comes down to it,

you can depend on me.

- You understand that?
- Yeah, I understand.

Yeah. I just hope
it doesn't come down to it.

- Maybe I should yell for help.
- Why not?




Here. My name is
Charity Hope Valentine, and...

- Hey, you're shaking!
- All over.

Let me rub your wrist.

You know what
I feel like doing now?

I mean, you know
what my impulse is?

To take off all my clothes.

I don't think that
would do very much good.

You'd think they'd have a telephone
in here, wouldn't you? Never again.

Never go in an elevator again
without checking for a phone!

Always check for a phone!

- Hey...
- Listen, I have an idea.

What do you think of this?
Climbing out the top of the elevator,

shimmying up the cable,

and then forcing the door open
on the floor above.

Well, it might work, but gee,
I do think it sounds a little dangerous.

Then don't try it.
Stay here with me.

Hey, come on down there!
We don't think it's funny anymore!

If I could just get out
for a few minutes.

Just a few minutes outside,
and then I'd be all right.

- Then I'd come back inside.
- Listen.

I really think the best thing to do
is keep talking about something else.

Then you won't think about it, okay?

What's your name?
Your name. What's your name?

- Don't ya have a name?
- I don't think so.

Well, sure you have a name.
Everybody's got a name.

Bruce, Howard, Richard...

My name is Oscar Lindquist.

- Oscar Lindquist?
- It's stuffy in here.

No, no, no, let's keep
our clothes on, Oscar.

Now, where do you live?

- Who?
- Oscar Lindquist.

Where do you live, Oscar Lindquist?

- Keep talking. Where do you live?
- In an elevator!

You don't live in an elevator.
You live in a house. Now concentrate!

Yes. 411 East 74th Street.

I've gotta stop breathing so much.
I'm gonna use up all the air.

Keep talking, Oscar.
Keep talking.

That's not fair.
You should breathe some of the air.

I can breathe. I can breathe.
Now listen. Where do you work?

The Excelsior Life Insurance Company.
"Your life is our business."

- I'm an actuary.
- What's an actuary?

I figure out premiums
based on the probabilities.

- Good, Oscar. Now what's a probability?
- The odds.

- The odds on what? Keep talking.
- Suppose you wanted a policy.

Yes, I want a policy. Go on.

It's my job to study
your particular situation...

- Yes.
- And then figure out the odds

on your meeting with
an unfortunate accident

like... like suffo...


suffocating in an elevator.

Oscar! Mr Lindquist!

Are you all right?

Boy, this is really my lucky day.

Of all the millions of guys
in this town,

I wind up with a candidate
for the funny farm.

Not too bad-Iookin' though.

For a fruitcake.

♪ It's a nice face

♪ As faces 90

♪ It's a very nice face

♪ With a place for every feature

♪ Every feature in its place

♪ Not a commonplace face

♪ His eyes

♪ Blue

♪ His chin, stubborn and strong

♪ His ears

♪ They're ordinary ears

♪ His nose

♪ A little long

♪ Still

♪ It's a gentle face

♪ A little square

♪ A little corny

♪ It's a sentimental face

♪ If he'd smile

♪ He'd look like... so!

♪ When he's mad

♪ He'd look like... so!


♪ So...

♪ Don't make this a federal case

♪ It's just another pretty face ♪

But, you know...

♪ It's a very, very

♪ Very nice

♪ Face ♪

Where am I?

Do you remember where you were before?

- No.
- Well, you're still there.

- My God! Don't leave me!
- I won't leave you, Oscar.

I won't leave you, I promise.
I'll stay right here in this elevator with you,

and everything's gonna be just fine.

- OSCAR: What happened?
- CHARITY: I think the lights went out.

Oh, boy!

- Help.
- Help!

- Help!
- Help!


- Help!
- Help!

- Help.
- Oh, help.


Oscar, Oscar!
The lights are on.

- Push the button. Push the button!
- Yes.

- Oh!
- It's moving. It's moving!


Oh, it's moving!

Well, of course,
your big problem is panic.

Seventy-eight per cent of your
common household accidents

could be avoided by...
by calm, clear-headed thinking.


See ya around.



Er... miss?
Miss, what, er...

Do... Do you
suppose that we could...

Well, you know, er...
Do you think that maybe that...

That I don't suppose, er...
that we could...

I know you're tryin' to ask me for somethin',
but ya gotta give me a little bigger hint.

Well, can I see ya this Sunday?

Aren't ya late for work or somethin'?

Well, I was supposed to go to...
to group analysis,

but I guess I missed it.

- You gonna be all right?
- Oh, yes.

It was my last session
this week anyway.

- I'm finished.
- Good.

- What was your problem?
- Well, one of my problems was that...

I was painfully shy.

And now you're cured?

No, I... I never had the nerve
to bring it up, so I quit.

I guess you're busy Sunday.

Look, can I ask you
a personal question?

You're not otherwise affiliated, are ya?

- Like a wife?
- Oh, no! No, no, nothing like that.

- Are you busy Sunday?
- No.

Oh, well, um...
where do you live?

Maybe you prefer to meet me somewhere.

Are you familiar with that
little bridge in Central Park?

Yeah, well, maybe we better
forget the whole thing.

two o'clock, Sunday?

If you're not there,
I'll understand.

I'll be there anyway.
I've got nothing else to do.

CHARITY: I must be out of my head.
What am I doin' here?




I'm glad you could make it.

I thought after...

what happened in the elevator,
you might think I was...

Well, you know...

some kind of a nut.

Oh, I almost forgot.


I grow them myself
in my apartment.

- Do you mind if we get off this bridge?
- Oh, sure, sure.

Listen, I've made all... all kinds of
plans for today. I thought maybe...



Uh-huh. Here it comes.

The "I must have left my wallet
in my other pants" routine.

Well, forget it, Charlie.
You ain't gettin' a nickel out of me.


Do you like modern art?

I have several really fine
reproductions at home.

Do you know where I'd like
to take you now?

CHARITY: Yeah, to your place,
to look at your reproductions.


Boy, if Nickie and Helene
could see me now.

- Who are Nickie and Helene?
- Two... Two of the girls I work with.

Oh, you... You know,
I've been so busy talkin',

I haven't given you
a chance to say anything.

Where do you work?


No, no, wait, wait, let me guess,

because usually I can just
look at a person,

and tell you right off
what they do. Now...

I'd say you definitely work...

in a bank.

Am I right?
Did I get it?

- You got it.
- Well, you see, it's... it's...

it's kind of a sixth sense.
Which bank?

- You familiar with Brooklyn?
- No.

It's in Brooklyn.
You want a stick of gum?

No, thank you.

See, I... I...


You know, working in a bank can be
very dangerous, you know?

In the greater New York area the odds
are 1 in 75 that you will be held up

at least once
in any 12-month period.

Listen, just livin' is dangerous, right?

May I see you home?
Where do you live in Brooklyn?

Oh, it's...
oh, it's way far out.

And it's late.
You gotta get up early.

I'll be okay.

Oh, er... listen.

May I see you tomorrow?
Maybe we could go to a movie.

Okay, but one with a happy ending.
I'm nuts about happy endings.

Good! I'll pick you up at five o'clock
in front of the bank, okay?


Suppose we, er... meet...

At the bridge. Yeah.

- Night.
- Good night.

Look, I want you to know
I had a very nice time.

- Being with you, I mean.
-80 did I, Oscar.

- A very nice time.
- I had a very nice time, too.

- Well...
- Well...

You're a lovely girl, Charity.

Sweet Charity.

Gee, for a weirdo, he's very nice.

I just live round...
around the corner.

"Sweet Charity."

Sweet Charity?

Sweet Charity.

Hey, Nickie, Helene,
guess what happened?

Somethin' every girl
in the ballroom dreams about!

- You've been drafted!

No, I met a man, a nice man.

Here it is, folks,
the eleven o'clock news.

We listen to it every night.

Can you imagine,
I spent the whole afternoon with him,

and he never once tried
any funny business, not once.

All he did was kiss my hand.

Hey, that's not makin' a pass, is it?

- Naw. Is it, Helene?
- What?

If a guy kisses your hand,
would you classify that as a pass?

- Depends.
- On what?

On where your hand is
when he kisses it.

Hey, where was your hand?

On the end of my arm!

Okay, so besides slobbering all over
your knuckles, what else does he do?

- He's a reactionary.
- A what?

- He figures out odds.
- A horse player.

No! For an insurance company.
And he also grows flowers.

- HELENE: Sounds like a goofball.
- He is not a goofball.

What does the goofball
think of your profession?

And have you told him you're
in the rent-a-body business?

Well, it just so happens that
he doesn't think anythin' of it.

She ain't told him.

Look, in the first place,
he is very highly educated.

And a little thing like that
wouldn't bother him.

And in the second place,
he already knows,

because I already told him.

- You told him?
- Yup.

- You mean you really told him?
- Yes, I told him! I told him!

- When?
- Tomorrow, that's when I told him.


You like peanuts?


- For our anniversary.
- Huh?

It's exactly two weeks
since we were trapped together

between the ninth
and tenth floor.

Boy, what a two weeks
this has been, too.

You know, we've been to
six movies, four museums,

a lecture on air pollution,
and a pet Show.

I'd like to do
something different tonight.

You wanna rob a supermarket?

- Would you like to go to church?
- To church?

It's the Rhythm of Life Tabernacle.

It started out as a
jazz group in San Francisco,

and it turned into a religion.


Hey, baby, like, let there be light.

Lights! Lights!

- Oh, yeah!
- Lights!

Hit it! Hit it!



Daddy, there is light!

And the title of the
sermon tonight will be:

"We have beat our swords
into ploughshares",

and the beat goes on.

- ALL: Swing it, Daddy!
- Oh, oh, oh, oh.

♪ Daddy started out in San Francisco

♪ Tootin' on his trumpet, loud and mean

♪ Suddenly a voice said "Go forth, Daddy,

♪ "Spread the picture on a wider screen"

♪ And the voice said
"Daddy, there's a million pigeons

♪ "Waitin' to be hooked on new religions

♪ "Hit the road, Daddy,
leave your common-law wife

♪ "Spread the religion of
the rhythm of life"

♪ And the rhythm of life
is a powerful beat

♪ Puts a tingle in your fingers
and a tingle in your feet

♪ Rhythm in your bedroom,
rhythm in the street

♪ Yes, the rhythm of life
is a powerful beat

♪ To feel the rhythm of life

♪ To feel the powerful beat

♪ To feel the tingle in your fingers

♪ To feel the tingle in your feet

♪ Daddy, go

♪ Go, go, go

♪ Tell them everything you know

♪ Daddy spread the gospel in Milwaukee

♪ Took his walkie-talkie to Rocky Ridge

♪ Blew his way to Canton, then to Scranton

♪ Till he landed under the Manhattan Bridge

♪ Daddy was a new sensation,
got himself a congregation

♪ Built up quite an operation down below

♪ With the pie-eyed piper blowing,
while the Muscatel was flowing

- ♪ All the cats were go-go-going ♪
- Down below!

♪ Daddy was a new sensation

♪ Got himself a congregation

♪ Built up quite an operation down below

♪ With the pie-eyed piper blowing

♪ While the Muscatel was flowing

♪ All the cats were go-go-going

♪ Down below

♪ Flip your wings and fly to Daddy

♪ Flip your wings and fly to Daddy

♪ Flip your wings and fly to Daddy

♪ Fly, fly, fly to Daddy

♪ Take a dive and swim to Daddy

♪ Take a dive and swim to Daddy

♪ Take a dive and swim to Daddy

♪ Swim, swim, swim to Daddy

♪ Hit the floor and crawl to Daddy

♪ Hit the floor and crawl to Daddy

♪ Hit the floor and crawl to Daddy

♪ Crawl, crawl, crawl to Daddy

- ♪ Flip your wings ♪
- Fly.

- ♪ Flip your wings ♪
- Fly.

- ♪ Flip your wings ♪
- Fly.

♪ Flip, fly

♪ Flip, fly

♪ Flip, fly, flip, fly

♪ Flip, fly, flip, fly, flip, fly, flip, fly

- ♪ Take a dive ♪
- Swim.

- ♪ Take a dive ♪
- Swim.

- ♪ Take a dive ♪
- Swim.

♪ Swim, yeah, swim

- ♪ Swim
- ♪ Swim

♪ Swim, swim, swim, swim, swim ♪

To Daddy!

- Daddy?
- Yeah?

- Er... Daddy?
- Uh-huh?

Oooh, Daddy!

Hit the floor!

- Crawl to Daddy!
- Hit the floor!

- Crawl to Daddy!
- Hit the floor!

Crawl to Daddy!

- Hit the floor and...
- Crawl to Daddy!

- DADDY: Aaaaaaaah!
- ALL: Crawl to Daddy!

Crawl to Daddy!
Crawl! Crawl! Crawl to Daddy!


- ♪ Doobi-doobi-doobi-doobi-do
- ♪ Sing-a-ding-a-ding-a-dad'n

- ♪ Doobi-doobi-doobi-doobi-do
- ♪ Split it, split it, split it

- ♪ Doobi-doobi-doobi-doobi-do
- ♪ Sing-a-ding-a-ding-a-did'n

♪ Doobi-doobi-doobi-doobi-doobi-doobi-do

♪ And the rhythm of life is a powerful beat

♪ Puts a tingle in your fingers
and a tingle in your feet

♪ Rhythm in your bedroom,
rhythm in the street

♪ Yes, the rhythm of life is a powerful beat

♪ To feel the rhythm of life

♪ To feel the powerful beat

♪ To feel the tingle in your fingers

♪ To feel the tingle in your feet

♪ Daddy, go

♪ Go, go, go

♪ Tell them everything you know

♪ To feel the rhythm of life

♪ To feel the powerful beat

♪ To feel the tingle in your fingers

♪ To feel the tingle in your...

♪ Flip your wings and fly to your Daddy

♪ Take a dive and swim to your Daddy

♪ Hit the floor and crawl to Daddy

♪ Daddy, we've got the rhythm of life

♪ Of life, of life, of life ♪

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

- Lemme hear it!
- Yeah!

- Sock it to me!
- Yeah!

- Let it all hang out!
- Yeah!

Gather round.

Yeah, this is where
it's all happenin', babies.

"The Rhythm of Life",
number seven in the top ten religions.

But we're gonna climb
to number one, Big Daddy.

I'm hip, baby.
But dig.

Time is runnin' out
on that big I. called Life.

And the greatest disc jockey of 'em all
is gonna come and take us by the hand,

and lead us to the flip side
of Life called Eternity.


That big coffee break in the sky.

Yeah, but before we
groove that final date,

before we head for
that last eight bars,

we gotta make our peace!

- Make it, Daddy. Make it, Daddy.
- Make it, Daddy.

You know I'm gonna make it!

And I want you cats to listen to everything
I'm gonna lay on ya as of this point.

Number one!

Thou shalt dig thy neighbour as
thou wouldst have him dig thee.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Number two!

Thou shall not put down
thy mamas and thy papas!

No, no, no, no.

Number three! Thou shall not
swing with another cat's chick.

No, no, no, no.

Number four!

Thou shall not blow thy minds on
school nights and national holidays.

They're a very devout group.
Where'd you ever find them?

Oh, I'm on a mailing list.
It's a Church of the Month club.

And last!
Come here.

But not least.

Thou shall not indulge thyselves
in the evil marijuana weed,

commonly known
as pot, grass, Mary Jane,

Acapulco Gold, as it is sinful.

It is harmful!

It's also very expensive!


So I suggest, if anybody's holdin',
drop it before the fuzz arrives.

Love, babies.

Love, Daddy.



Are they gone?

- Hey, you're shaking.
- I'm scared to death.

Don't... Don't... Don't worry.
I'm right here beside you.

So just... just relax,
and be scared all you want to.

Thank you. I will.

Hey, you know something?

I don't mind being scared with you.

I mean, when you've got
somebody you can depend on,

that you know will be there
all the time to take care of ya,

then you can afford to be scared.

I never had a somebody like that before.

I've never had anybody depend on me before.

- I think they're gone.

You know what I wish?

I wish we could
stay like this forever.

Oh, do you, Oscar?

You... You're the first girl
I ever met that I ever trusted,

and believed in.


And my whole right side
is going to sleep.

Wait. I'll scrunch down.

How's that?

Oh, Oscar,

I'm gonna tell you something about me
that I don't think you'll like.

Couldn't be anything
about you I wouldn't like.

Remember I told... I told you I w...
worked in a bank?

A... A bank in Brooklyn?

What about that bank in Brooklyn?

We just raised our interest rates.

- Hey!
- What's the matter?

Hey, did you hear what I said?

I said I wish we could
stay in here forever.

D-Did you hear me say that?
Well, look where we are!

In a small, tight place of the type I'm
usually scared to death to be in, but I'm not.

I like it! I... I don't have
claustrophobia anymore.

- I'm cured! You cured me.
- I did? How?

I don't know, but it's gone!

For the first time in my life.

It's gone! It's gone!

Gone, gone, gone!

OSCAR: ♪ Here was a man
With no dream and no plan

♪ Then one lonely night
I found Sweet Charity

♪ You make life fun for me

♪ Oh, what it's done for me

♪ Having you around, Sweet Charity

♪ Warm words I've never said lately

♪ Pop off the top of my head

♪ It's incredible

♪ Suddenly I'm the guy

♪ I never dared to be

♪ Watch me touch the sky quite easily

♪ 80 if you are free, Sweet Charity

♪ Please belong to me, Sweet Charity

♪ Please belong to me

♪ Sweet Charity

♪ Sweet Charity, please belong to me

♪ Sweet Charity, please belong to me

♪ Sweet Charity, please belong to me

♪ Sweet Charity, please belong to me, please

♪ Please ♪


Charity, I'd just about given up
ever finding anybody like you.

I mean, the world's gone crazy.
Every... Everything's all mixed up.

I mean, the old standards
of decency and... and morality,

they don't seem
to mean anything anymore.

When I see the way the girls
at the office are passed around, and...

the jokes they tell about them are...

well, I get sick, Charity.

Most people would laugh
if I told 'em that.

I'm not laughing, Oscar.

From... From the moment we first met,
I... I knew you were different.

I... I just knew, like the way
I knew you worked in a bank.

- Oscar, listen, there's something...
- And I knew that you believed in

the same things I did.
Things like... like...


Try "purity".

- Does that sound corny?
- No.

Well, yeah, maybe it is.

But... But that's the way I...

That's the way I always
pictured it would be.

The way it had to be.

No-one else seems to think those
things are important anymore, but...

that's why you're a very Sp...
special person, Charity.




♪ Do you wanna have

- ♪ Fun, fun, fun ♪
- C'mere, cowboy, I wanna tell ya somethin'.

- A little secret between you and me.
- ♪ How's about a few ♪

- How's about it, palsie?
- ♪ Laughs, laughs

- Hey, mister, do you speak Spanish?
- ♪ I can show you a

♪ Good time ♪


- Hey, what's the big idea?

Excuse me, Miss Valentine,

but your escort has just shelled out
six-fifty to dance with you,

and I do not see you dancin'.

Who dances?
You defend yourself to music!

- Now, Miss Valentine...
- You wanna know somethin', Herman?

I don't like it here anymore.

So I'm givin' you my two weeks notice,
as of two weeks ago.

This is not a nice place!


Hey, Charity, listen...

Hey, baby?

- Charity?
- Hey!

I'm up here.

Boy, oh boy, am I sick and tired
of that musical snake pit down there.

Well, what's so bad about it?
I mean, you dance a little,

talk a little, roll your eyes a little,
swivel your hips a little.

CHARITY: Just like that,
you can kill a lifetime.

How are things going
with the goofball?

- Who?
- You know, the hand kisser.

Him? Who needs him?
I don't need him.

I don't need anybody,
and, if I needed anybody,

-it sure wouldn't be him.
- She's nuts about him.

It's no good.

He thinks I work in a bank.

80? Let him!

Oh, he trusts me.
He believes in me.

I gotta tell him the truth.

I gotta tell him who I am,
what I do, all of it.

That much truth ain't good for nobody.

I shoulda have told him before, but...

oh, he's just the nicest thing
that ever happened to me,

and I wanted it to last
as long as it could.

Now wait a minute,
lemme get this straight.

You're gonna tell him you lied to him?

HELENE: You're gonna tell him you been
working in this dump for eight years?


NICKIE: You're gonna tell him about
Frank, and Charlie and...

Yeah, yeah.

Oh, Charity, I gotta hand it to you.

You are an extremely honest, open...

and stupid broad.



Charity, what...

Sit down, Oscar.

Aren't you going to sit with me?

I have some very important
things to say to you, and...

if I have to look in your eyes,
I'll never be able to say them.

- You alone, miss?
- She's with me.

Charity, I was asleep when you called.
I'm still in my pyjamas. Look.

Don't look at me!


I don't now,

I never have,,

and I probably never, ever will...

-work in a bank.
- Oh.

I don't even have
a bank account anymore,

and whatever money I do have,
I keep in an empty jar of instant coffee.

- Oh.
- You know how I earn that money, Oscar?

You're a dance hall hostess.

I'm a dance hall hostess.
I work in a cheap dance hall.

And I dance with strange men,

and I drink with them,

and, sometimes...


Hey, how did you know?

Well, when you left me
in the phone booth,

I ran outside looking for you,

and I just saw someone.
I thought it was you, and I followed her,

and she went into that...

that place.

And then I knew it wasn't you.

Except I saw the photographs outside,
and it was you.

I didn't go in.
I couldn't.

I went home.

I tried to hate you, Charity.

I tried very hard.


I couldn't.
I just couldn't hate you.

Yeah, well, maybe
you'll have better luck tonight

when I get finished
tellin' ya the rest of it.

It's not important.

Not important?!

What do you mean, "not important"?
What about all those things you said?

- Look, Charity...
- Don't look at me!

Charity, I know what I said.

But I just can't let you get away.
You have to marry me.

Oscar, I've gotta tell you everything!

I don't care what you are,
or what you've done.

If you only knew.

If you only knew...
All those guys...

All those guys that...


Charity, don't cry. Please, don't cry.
I believe you.

I know you believe me!
I'm cryin' about that other part!

- What other part?
- That marryin' part!

I didn't hear it the first time!


Excuse me, sport.

Marry me?


You're not just
makin' fun of me, are ya?

Because askin' a girl to marry her
is one of her most sensitive areas.

And you really shouldn't say it
if you don't mean it.

I mean, you can seriously hurt
a person, kiddin' around like that.

To tell you the truth, Oscar,

I don't think I could stand
another injury of that nature.

You know, for the first time,
I'm happy.

I mean, really happy inside!
And it's all because of you!

- Oh...
- Don't look at me!

I can get pretty emotional too,
you know.

Give me your hand.

Charity, you know what we're gonna do?
We're gonna get out of this city.

- Oh, I'd like that.
- We'll move to the country.

- I'd like that.
- New Jersey, maybe.

We'll open a nursery, and greenhouse.

- Grow flowers.
- You'd like that.

- The important thing is to forget about the past.
- I've forgot it. I've forgot it.

- Because it's not important. It's just not important.
- It isn't.

We won't discuss it anymore.

We won't even think about it.
Especially not think about it.

No, we won't think about it.

I mean, a lot of men couldn't
do that, Charity, but not me.

- No, not you.
- I swear I'll... I'll never mention it again

as long as I live.

I'd like that.


I need you, Charity.

I need you...

and I love you.

Besides, it's about time
I got married, anyway.

I'm 34 years old.

- He loves... me.
- Did you know that the odds are 785...

Someone loves me.

Someone loves me!

Some... one... loves... me!

- Some... one... loves... me!
- ECHO: Some... one... loves... me!


♪ Somebody loves me

♪ My heart is beating so fast

♪ All kinds of music

♪ Is pouring out of me

♪ Somebody loves me

♪ At last

♪ Now

♪ I'm a brass band, I'm a harpsichord

♪ I'm a clarinet

♪ I'm the Philadelphia Orchestra

♪ I'm the Modern Jazz Quartet

♪ I'm the band from Macy's Big Parade

♪ A wild Count Basie blast

♪ I'm the bells of St Peter's in Rome

♪ I'm tissue paper on a comb

♪ And all kinds of music

♪ Is pouring out of me

♪ 'Cause somebody loves me at last

♪ Somebody loves me


MUSICIANS: ♪ She's a brass band,
she's a harpsichord

♪ She's a clarinet

♪ She's the Philadelphia Orchestra

♪ The Modern Jazz Quartet

♪ She's a brass band,
she's a harpsichord

♪ She's a clarinet ♪

That's me!

♪ She's the Philadelphia Orchestra

♪ She's the Modern Jazz Quartet

♪ She's the band from Macy's Big Parade

♪ A wild Count Basie blast

♪ She's the bells of St Peter's in Rome

♪ She's tissue paper on a comb

♪ Somebody loves me ♪

At last!


Oh, look, you don't have to come in.

No, it's all right.
It's all right.

- I'll just be a few minutes.
- That's all right. Fine, just fine.

Hey, anybody in there?

- Oh, it's you.
- Herman, what's going' on?

How come you're closed?

Ah, business stinks.
I sent everybody home.

Aw, but I called Nickie and Helene
and I told 'em I was comin' by...

Hey, you heard the news?
I'm tyin' the knot, Herman.

I'm gettin' spliced!
I'm gettin' hitched!

- Oh, yeah, I heard.
- Look.

This is him.
This is the one.

Oscar Lindquist, this is Herman,
affectionately known as "Der fuhrer".

- How do you do?
- Right.

- Well, I got some work to do.
- Wait, wait.

I gotta get some things
out of my locker.

Okay, but don't take
none of the hangers.

Every time a girl leaves here,
she always takes all the hangers.

He's kind of gruff on the outside,

but inside, he's really
a very rotten person.

- Herman, would ya turn on a light?
- HERMAN: You should know the way by now.

Eight years of your life
you spend in a place,

and nobody even cares enough
to turn on a light.


We really fooled ya, huh?

You didn't think we'd let ya get away
without givin' ya a party?

Oh, you shouldn't have!
You just shouldn't have!

- I told you we shouldn't have!


Everybody, everybody, that's him!
That's the one!

This is Mr Oscar Lindquist!

Now, Oscar, this is Nickie and Helene.
Remember I told you so much about 'em?

All right, folks!

And now, through the courtesy of the
hostesses here at the Fandango Ballroom...


in cooperation with the waiters...


- Chet, the bouncer...

Irving, the cop...


and our three
regular customers since 1949...


-we present...

A seventeen-dollar cake!

"Happy Birthday, Angelo"?

You couldn't get a new cake,
ya Cheapskate?

That's all they had
on such short notice.

No, no, no!
It's the sentiment that counts.

I thank you, and Oscar thanks you,
and Angelo thanks you.

You know somethin', pal?

- For a broad, she's got a lotta class!

Hey, somebody get Mr Whatsits a beer.

The present, the present!

Charity Hope Valentine, we who have
lived with you, undressed with you,

suffered the indignities of
this crummy joint with you.

We who have come to know you,

and to love you,

on this, your nuptial eve...

- Shut up!
- MAN: Get it over with.

We just wanna wish you...
My God, I think I'm gonna cry.

HELENE: No! Will ya quit
slobberin' all over the cake?

Get down! Let me do it!
Stop it, now!

Charity, honey, we just wanted to...

God, we're gonna miss you, girl!

I'll give it to her. I'm the one
that picked it out, anyway.

Charity, please accept this gift
as a token of our estimation.

HERMAN: I hope it's a nice gift.
I wonder what...

What the hell kind of
a wedding present is that?

I thought she was pregnant.
Isn't that why she's getting married?

It's the nicest, nicest
wedding present I ever got.


All right, folks.

You know it ain't often
that one of our group goes off

to marry a nice, respectable guy.

As a matter of fact, this is the
first time it's ever happened.


So in honour of our own blushing
bride-to-be, Miss Charity Valentine,

- I would like to say...

Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!


♪ It's tough for a
loudmouthed mug like me

♪ Who all the time bellows like a bull


♪ To make with the words
about the missus-to-be

♪ When what you think
is an empty heart is full

♪ Tomorrow, when you say "I do"

♪ I'll die

♪ I'm almost too ashamed

♪ To tell you why

♪ I...

♪ Love to cry at weddings

♪ How I love to cry at weddings

♪ I walk into a chapel
and get happily hysterical

♪ The ushers and attendants

♪ The family dependents

♪ I see them, and I start to sniff

♪ "Have you an extra handkerchief?"

♪ And all through the service

♪ While the bride and groom look nervous

♪ Tears of joy are streaming

- ♪ Down my face
- ALL: ♪ Do-own his face

♪ I love to cry at weddings

♪ Anybody's wedding

♪ Anytime, anywhere, anyplace

♪ I always weep at weddings

♪ I'm a soggy creep at weddings

♪ Oh, what's so sweet and sloppy as

♪ "Oh, promise me", and all that jazz

♪ The man you rest your head with

♪ The man you share your bed with

♪ Is married to you so you know

♪ He won't jump up and dress and blow

- ♪ I could marry Herman
- ♪ And be permanently sorry

♪ We would make a really lousy pair

♪ But, gee, I want a wedding

♪ Any kind of wedding

♪ Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

♪ And all through the service

♪ While the bride and groom look nervous

♪ Tears of joy are
streaming down my face

♪ I love to cry at weddings

♪ Anybody's wedding

♪ Anytime, anywhere

- HERMAN: ♪ Anyplace
- ALL: ♪ Doodle-le-do

♪ I love to cry at weddings

♪ How I love to cry at weddings

♪ I walk into a chapel

♪ And get happily hysterical

♪ The ushers and attendants

♪ The family dependents

♪ I see them and I start to sniff

♪ "Have you an extra handkerchief?"

♪ And all through the service

♪ While the bride and groom look nervous


♪ I drink champagne

♪ And sing Sweet Adeline

- ♪ Ha ha ha ha

♪ I love to cry

♪ At weddings

♪ Anybody's wedding

♪ Just as long as it's not mine! ♪

Okay, everybody, the food is on me!


- Hey, Johnny.
- Lindquist. Oscar Lindquist.

Yeah, you just make sure you
treat her right. You get me?

Yes, of course.

'Cause she's entitled,
I mean, really entitled.

If I was to list for you
all the rotten deals

that sweet, stupid,
hard-luck dame's been dealt...

- If I was to tell you...
- There's no need, really.

Oh, yeah, that's right.
You know all about it.

Well, frankly, I was dead set
against her telling ya anything.

But it seems you're a saint.

I mean, she tells you everything,

and you say it doesn't matter, right?

That's right.

Say it again.

Oh ho ho! She hasn't been
makin' a pitch for herself, has she?

Well, he's taken.

Hold this for me, would ya?
I'll be right back.

- Well?
- Well...



It can happen, though, you see?

You just gotta keep hopin'.
That's the important thing.

I mean, miracles do happen.

- CHARITY: Everybody, so long!
- ALL: Bye, Charity!

♪ I love to cry at weddings

♪ Anybody's wedding

♪ Anytime, anyplace

♪ Anywhere

♪ I love to cry at weddings

♪ How I love to cry at weddings

♪ I walk into a chapel,
and get happily hysterical

- ♪ The ushers and attendants ♪

♪ The family dependents

♪ I see them, and I start to sniff

♪ "Have you an extra handkerchief?"

♪ And all through the service

♪ While the bride and groom look nervous

♪ Tears of joy are streamin'

- ♪ Down my face
- ♪ Do-own his face

♪ I love

♪ To cry at weddings

♪ Anybody's wedding

- HERMAN: ♪ Anytime
- ALL: ♪ Anytime

- HERMAN: ♪ Anywhere
- ALL: ♪ Anywhere

- HERMAN: ♪ Anyplace
- ALL: ♪ Anyplace ♪



- Did... Didn't you see the Sign?

"Please do not throw any rice
in the halls or on the stairs."

That's because one out of every 42
accidents occurs in a public building.

Oh. I'll be careful.


Ya like it?

Yeah, it's, er...

- It's, er...
- It caught my eye, you know.

And you, and your flowers,
and everything.


- You don't like it?
- No, I... I do, I do.

It's-it's-it's very...


Boy, there sure are a
lot of questions here.

Okay, name:

"Charity Hope Valentine."

Soon to become
Mrs Oscar Lindquist!

Yeah, what the hell?


Place of birth: New York.

"New York, New York."

Identifying marks?
What are they?

You know, scars, birthmarks,


Oh. "Tattoo."

I'm gonna have it taken off,
Oscar, you know.

Occupation: "Unemployed."

It hurts like crazy, they say,
but you can have 'em taken off.



Okay, finished.
Your turn.

Boy, I'll tell ya, I didn't care too
much for the first half of my life,

but the second half
sure is gettin' good!

♪ Da dum da-dum, dum dum da-dum ♪

Charity, I can't go through with it.

♪ Dum dum da-dum ♪

Did you hear what I said, Charity?
I can't marry you.

♪ Dum dum da-dum... ♪

You're nervous, aren't ya, Oscar?

You know, it's perfectly natural
for the groom to be nervous and...

I can't do it.

Is this a joke?

Is this a joke, Oscar?

'Cause if this is a joke,
it's a very rotten joke.

Oh, this isn't a joke!

Nobody would joke
about a thing like this.

Is it a joke?

I know what it is!
It's this stupid dress!

Oh, me and my rotten, crummy taste.

Why don't we go out
and get me another dress,

and this time you pick it out, okay?

- It's not the dress.
- It's not the dress?

It's the way I talk, isn't it?

I know. I know that sometimes
I say those dumb things.

You know, but if I went
to night school, in no time at all...

Oh, Charity, it's not you.
It's me.

- What are you trying to tell me?
- I don't know how to explain it.

Well, try, Oscar.
Holy mackerel, please try.

Charity, I have this thing,
this mental block.

What? 80?
There's a lot of that goin' around.

A stupid, childish, insane fixation.

Now, I... I know it's wrong.

I know it's not what a person's done,
it... it's what's inside.

But I can't help it.
Did you hear that?

I know it's wrong,
and I can't help it.

I got...
I got an idea.

Let's you and me
go ahead and get married,

and then, afterward...

we'll talk about your fixation, okay?

Wouldn't do any good.
It's all those other men.

- Huh?
- The other men.

Oh, Oscar, you said that didn't matter.
You said that didn't make any...

I thought, if I said it enough,

I could convince myself that
it didn't matter.

But it... it does.


You know, Oscar, you're just
makin' a mountain

-out of a couple of guys...
- How many?

H -Huh?
- ow many?!

- I want to know exactly how many!
- But Oscar, don't talk like that

in that tone of voice,
because I can't think.

How many?

Well, how far back
do you want me to go?

Oh, God. I'm a terrible person. I have
no right asking you things like that.

Oh, no. Oh, Oscar.
You can ask me any question you want.

- I won't hide a thing.
- You don't understand.

I don't want to know.
I don't want to know anything.

Okay, then you get nothin' out of me.
Nothin' out of me.

I'm... I'm very flexible, you know.
I can go either way.

You're better off without me, Charity.
I'm doing you a favour.

Oscar. Oscar!

Oscar! We could be
so happy together.

You know, growing flowers
in New Jersey.

And, you know, on days when
your mental block was botherin' you,

you could stay in bed,
and I'd grow the flowers.



Oscar, listen.

I could change the way I talk,

and I could change
the way I dress, you know.

But there's certain things a person
can't change because they're history.

And you can't change history, Oscar,
no matter how much you want to.

Oh, Charity...

Oscar, I got so much to give.
Please, let me give it to you.

Charity, I'm saving you.
I'm saving you from me.

Don't save me.

Marry me.

Don't beg, Charity.

You're too good to beg to anyone.

Oscar, hey, you know, we don't have
to get married if you don't want to.

I mean, we could just, er...

you know, be together.

Don't you understand?
I would destroy you.

But that's okay.

I'm not doing much now, anyway.

Oh, God.

Forgive me.

Please forgive me.

I forgive you.

I forgive...

CHARITY: ♪ Where am I going,
and What Will I find?

♪ What's in this grab bag
that I call my mind?

♪ What am I doing,
alone on the shelf?

♪ Ain't it a shame?

♪ No-one's to blame but myself

♪ Which way is clear?

♪ When you've lost your way

♪ Year after year

♪ Do I keep falling in love

♪ For just the kick of it

♪ Staggering through the
thin and thick of it

♪ Hating each old and tired trick of it?

♪ Know what I am,
I'm good and sick of it

♪ Where am I going?

♪ Why do I care?

♪ Run to the Bronx

♪ Or Washington Square

♪ No matter Where I run

♪ I meet myself there

♪ Looking inside me

♪ What do I see?

♪ Anger and hope and doubt

♪ What am I all about,
and where am I going? ♪





Hey, it's the old married lady!


- Hi, baby, it's me. How'd it go?
- Nickie...

What are you doin' callin' here?
You must have better things to do.

Nickie, I wanna talk to ya.

Oh, you oughta hear her.
She's all choked up.

Charity, I can't tell ya
how happy all of us are for ya.

We've been doin' nothin' else
but talkin' about it all day.

Tell us about the ceremony.
It must have been beautiful.

And talk loud,
'cause we're all listenin'.

Oh. Yeah.

Yeah, it... it was beautiful.

It was beautiful,
just like in the movies.

- Did he give you a nice ring?
- Did he carry you over the threshold?

- Did he hang out a "do not disturb" Sign?
- Ssh! I can't hear.

Oh, yeah, oh yeah,
he did all those things.

Just like in the movies, you know?

Well, put the groom on.
We wanna hear his side!


Well, I can't.
He can't, you know.

We promise we won't say nothin' dirty.

We just wanna say "good luck".
Put him on!

Okay, just... just a second.

Honey? Um... the girls wanna say
"good luck", you know?

He says... he says he, er... he can't.
He's shavin', you know.


Are you happy, baby?
Are you finally happy?


Yeah, I'm finally happy.

I hope so.
Listen, don't talk to us no more.

- Any man who's shaving means business!

So long, baby, and thanks for callin'.

It meant a lot you thinkin'
about us at a time like this.

Hey, listen, and if the first one's a girl,
you can call it Nickie.

- If it's a boy, you can call it Nicky.
- So long, baby!

Bye! Bye!


♪ Looking inside me

♪ What do I see?

♪ Anger, and hope, and doubt

♪ What am I all about?

♪ And where am I going? ♪

You tell me.



- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning.



- Love.
- Love.

- Love.
- Love.


Good morning.

Good morning.