Sweet Carolina (2021) - full transcript

Marketing executive, Josie, returns home when she becomes the unexpected guardian of her niece and nephew. While there, she reconnects with Cooper, her high school boyfriend.

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by VaVooM

You got this.

I thought
it was a surprise party.

Yeah, I know.

I think Mom thought so, too.

It was
supposed to be a surprise,

until Mom
decided to ask Delilah...

No, no, no, no!
Don't you dare blame me.

Hi, Mom!

Hi, honey. How are you?

- I'm good.
- Good.

And how's work with the...

carry-on luggage campaign?

How's that going?

Mom, we launched that
like a month ago.

Didn't you get those samples
I sent you?

- No...
- I stole them.

You what?

I actually have
four accounts this quarter...

a men's sock line,

there's a vitamin line...

Life in the big city.

Yeah, and then

they have me auditioning
for an account

to rebrand a water company.

So! Aunt Josie...

did you send me
a birthday present?

Delilah, come on,
put down the phone

and come... hi, Josie!

Hi, Aaron!
Yes, Delilah.

Auntie Jo sent you

a very cool birthday present.

It's make-up.

But, listen,

please don't let your mom
show you how to use it.

- Wait until I get there, okay?
- Cool!

You do realize
I can hear you, right?

And are you criticizing
my... my contouring?

Oh, my goodness.

Everybody back to work!
We got a ton of stuff to do.

- Hi, Dad!
- Hey, Josie.

I hear you're not coming
for the party.

Yeah. I've got to work.

Busiest girl I know.

Doing my best.

Say hi to Ben.

Hey, Ben.

So, about that make-up...

Thank you.


Everything good, Jo?

Yeah. I'm okay.

Tell me.

Well, there's just
a lot going on.

You know, I'm up
for this new account,

and I'm actually training
for a Spartan race.

A what?

A Spartan race.

You know, you go through
all these gnarly obstacles

and then there's, like,
freezing-cold water

and then
this gross mud part, and...

You know what? I just decided
I am never doing a Spartan race.

I miss you.

I miss you, too.

I'll see you next month, though,
when I come down.

Ellie, you gonna
help with the balloons already?

Seriously, Dad.

All right.
I will talk to you soon.

I love you, Jojo.

Love you more.

And that's why

we, at Best Foot Forward,
want you to say,

"goodbye, FreshWater"

from unglamorous
Upstate New York,

and "hello" to a delicious
European alternative...


Thank you, Josie.

So, my friends,

if you choose to give us
the VodaSpring account...

What's that? "Voda"?

It's Czech.

But our water...
like, the actual water...

it's still from upstate, right?

Just a new label?

Same water, new name?

We prefer to call it
a rebranding and a relaunch.

And we call it...

...you got a deal.


Thanks, Tony.

You know, we both had good days.

The rules committee
is considering

my pitch
for resetting the shot clock.

Look at that!

That's amazing, Mr. Basketball.

Good for you.

You know, I-I wanted to ask you
about your...

your schedule for next month.

Next month?
I'm working 24/7.

Heavy game schedule.
I'll be on the road a lot.

That's what I figured.

It's cool.

Because I'm actually
thinking about

going back to New Hope
to see my family.

North Carolina!


It'd just be fun to hang out
with my sister

and play
with my niece and nephew.

Delilah and Ben.

You remembered.

Of course I did.

I mean, you talk about them
all the time.

Well... because
they're great kids.

I mean, they're way cooler
than I was at their age.

Oh, yeah.
The awkward teen years.

I gotta see a picture of that.

No. Yeah, no.
You really don't.

So when are you back?

A week.
Yeah, just a week.


I mean, I'm guessing

there's only so much to do
in a place like New Hope.

Well, I mean...

That's the joy
of the quick visit.

You see everyone you love

and then,
just when you've had your fill,

you come right back home
to the city.


So I'm thinking we do

the OurSox photo shoot
on four different surfaces...

wood, sand, water, and grass.

You got that, Carol?

And then we're also gonna
need the new radio teaser

for LYL Vitamins,

and then, on VodaSpring,
we do a relaunch

with a new TV
and Internet campaign,

so we're gonna need
all new music.

They were supposed to be navy.

You know, I don't know

how you juggle so many balls
like this.

You just got to focus on
the one that's in front of you.

Someday, someone's gonna
throw a curve ball your way.

Can't wait.

Yeah, maybe baseball's
not your sport.

That was more of
a golf swing, yeah.

Okay. All caught up.

Oh, guys, sorry.

It's my mom.
She hasn't mastered texting yet.

Just two seconds.
Hey, Mom.


Oh, honey.
I'm so glad you answered.

Is everything okay?

Is it Dad?

Did he get up
on that ladder again?

I told him
not to get on the ladder.


It's your sister...

and Aaron.

We don't have
all the details yet,

but apparently a truck...

a truck crossed over...

I am so glad you're home.

Where's Jeff?

Some of his friends came by,

you know, just to be with him.


And the kids?

They're upstairs in their rooms.


...handling it a lot better
than Ben.

Do you think it would be okay
if I... if I went to see them?

Nothing better.

Do you want some company?

Maybe tomorrow I could show you

how to put on that make-up
I sent you for your birthday.


Will you rub my neck?

Of course.

Like... like this?


Mom does it really hard.

I'm so sorry, honey.

I feel so... empty.

I don't know how I feel so empty
but so full.

It can be both.

Like, emptiness...

you almost...

don't feel like you have
any room left

for feeling any more empty.

Is that what you mean?

I feel the same.

How's your brother?

It's hard to tell.

How about I go check on him?

Hey, Aunt Josie.



You weren't very good at sports
when you were a kid, were you?

Well, let's just say I...

I barely got
the "participation" ribbon.

I'm so glad you came.

Delilah, I'm always gonna
be here for you, okay?

I love you.

I love you, too.

Come here.
Come here.

It's gonna be okay.

That's really pretty.

Is that a new song?

Please go away.

If you want to...
you want to talk, or...



She just kicked!

I felt it.

Do you hear that, Ben?

Your little sister's getting
ready to make her appearance.

Okay, just one more shot.
Last one.

Okay, okay.

Okay, Josie, yeah,
keep the hand on the baby,

and El,
just put your hand on hers.

She just kicked again.

Hey, sis.


I was looking for you earlier.

Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.

I've just been overwhelmed
trying to help out with things,

- you know?
- I'm so worried about the kids.

I was... I was just upstairs,
and Ben doesn't even...

I mean, he wants
nothing to do with me.

You know, I was thinking
that we should...

Josie. Josie.
Just stop.

Stop what?

You know,
whenever you come into town,

you see a problem,

and you want to jump in,
and try to fix it,

and try to make it go away.

I just want to help.

I know you do,

but there's
no quick fix for this.

I'm just gonna
miss them so much.

Yeah. Me too.

Thank you.




You know, I thought
I saw you at the church.

You... You look...

A little less handsome
than you remember?


Come on.

You haven't changed a bit
since prom.

I don't know
how I feel about that.

You have.

You look different.

You better
choose your next words wisely.

You look good.

We all grew up.

Did you come down from Atlanta
for this?

No. I live...
I live here now.

Yeah, I moved back a while ago.

Took over the farm.

I didn't know that.

Yeah. It was the right time.

It's good to be home.


How are you doing?

I'm so worried
about the kids, I...

- Jo.
- I just don't...

you know, I don't...

- you know what we...
- Jo.

How are you doing?

I'm sorry.
I'm not good.


I'm just gonna miss her so much.

I just keep playing
that game in my head

of "what if I had called her"

right before
they got in the car?

You know, what if
they hadn't been on the road?

Josie, you had nothing
to do with this.

Ellie and Aaron... this is fate.

I don't know what this is.

But you're not
in the math, okay?

Thank you.

Can you excuse me for a sec?

Of course. Go.


I'm fine.

Everything seems to be in order.

Your daughter and her husband
were very organized.

Thank you, Mr. Yates.

So, are there any papers
we need to sign

for legal guardianship
of the grandchildren?

Well, about that...

seems Mr. and Mrs. Gable threw
a bit of a curveball your way.

What... What kind of curveball?

It turns out, Mr. Wilder,

you and your wife
are not the legal guardians.

So, who is?

You are, Josie.

Ellie chose you.



Why me? I-I-I...

I live in New York.

I have a job
and an apartment and Tony,

and I... I'm...

No. There...
There must be some mistake.

Josie, you can decline.

Your mother and I
will take care of everything.

Why would Ellie do this?

It was an emotional decision.

I'm sure Ellie never thought
it would actually happen.

Well, nobody ever does, Dad.

The kids'll move in with us.

We'll convert the den.

I don't know, Pete.

Their lives have been
turned upside down.

Then we'll move
into Ellie and Aaron's place,


and, Jeff, maybe you can
move in for a bit as well.

Yeah. Whatever you need.

You could help your mother
with the kids

while I'm at the restaurant.

My hours
at the start-up are flexible,

so I can do after school, or...

Great. That way the kids
can keep their routines...

school, friends, basketball.

I'm gonna stay.


What? No.

No. No, no, no.
You go back to New York...

to your life,
to your boyfriend...

your accounts.
Don't worry.

We'll see you in a month,
like we planned.

No, Dad.

If this is what Ellie wanted,
then there must be some reason.

She thought I was the right one
to take care of the kids,

so I... I'm gonna do it,
I'm gonna stay.


Josie? You blew a fuse.



What'd you plug in?


Just... just a hair dryer

and a straightening iron
and a WaterPik, and it's...

It's just a WaterPik.

Hey, yeah, I'm gonna be late.

My alarm didn't go off.

We blew a fuse.

Dad's outside trying
to fix it right now.

Yeah. Yeah,
we figured out the source.



I'm really sorry, Jeff.

- Now?
- No!

I just didn't know
this old house

couldn't handle my appliances.

Well, what'd you plug in?

A nuclear reactor?

No. Like, a straightening iron,
and stuff.

Look, I never have
this problem at home.


- Yes!
- Yeah!

Well, you're not at home now,
are you?

I gotta go.

But I will see you later,

Oh, you're hilarious.

Here, Dad, I'll help you
with the French toast.

- I've got it.
- You know what, honey?

Why don't you bring this down?

Dad, I'm sorry about the fuse.

I didn't...

No problem.

I can call an electrician
to come and...

I'll take care of it.

No, Dad. I'm gonna
have to be on my own here

at some point
with Ben and Delilah, right?

Let's see how things play out.

What does that mean?

I'll go rustle up your brother.

French toast.

Yeah. You have
basketball practice today?

And Coach Cooper said

that he might start me
if I work on my jump shot.

Wait. Cooper is...
Cooper's your coach?

Do you guys know each other?

Yeah. I knew him.

We went to high school together.

The truth is,
Cooper was her boyfriend.

And there it is.

You and Coach?


He was actually very cute!

Now, your Aunt Josie,
on the other hand,

was going through a little bit
of an awkward stage.

Thank you so much, Mom.

What about you?

Do you have any boys
you have crushes on?

Mom said I should wait
until eighth grade.

Your mom is probably right.


She was probably right.

Sorry, Delilah.
I didn't...

What about your brother?

Does he have any romances?
Any crushes?

He likes Lily,
this girl on the upper team.

Zip it, Delilah!

Now, Ben, that is not very nice.

Hey, Ben, guess what?

Aunt Josie used to go out
with Cooper.


So it's unanimous.

I'm gross.

This bus is leaving.

I got it, Dad.
I'm gonna take 'em.

I planned on it.

No, it's on the way
to the restaurant.

Okay, then
I'll pick them up after school.

Jeff's got that covered.

Dad, I want to help.

Your mother and I
can handle it. Come on.

Time's a-wastin'.

Don't feel bad, Jo.

You know,
people show they're hurting

in different ways,

and your dad does not do

so he comes across sometimes
as, I don't know, gruff.

Yeah, but I feel like
he just doesn't want me around.

Of course, he does.

More than you know.

It's just that
when your dad's in pain,

he needs to take control.

He needs to turn to things
that he can count on.

Yeah, which is why
I want to help.

I mean, what does he think?

I'm just gonna go
back to New York

when things get hard?

Can you blame him?

What do you mean?

You have always been
our go-getter.

Ever since you were little,

you would make
all these lists of things

you wanted to accomplish,

and we are very proud
that you have reached them all.

Which is why I know
I can be the kids' guardian

and do what Ellie wanted.

But is it what you want to do?

Because being the kids' guardian
isn't a part-time job.

I know.


Josie Wilder!

Nate! Hey!

Look at you,
in a coat and tie.

Comes with the job.

He's the kids' pediatrician.

I was hoping
you followed your dream

of becoming a magician.

Oh, well, I think you'll find

I've still got some tricks
up the proverbial sleeve.

Still "Nate the Great."

I also just want to say

that I'm sorry for your loss,
both of you.

Thank you.

That is very sweet of you, Nate.

Yeah. It's good to see you.

Yeah. You too, Josie.

Looks like Josie Wilder
has a thing for my guys.

Oh, Molly Mills.

First, you steal Cooper
junior year,

now you have your arms
wrapped around Nate.

Jo wasn't trying
to steal me, Moll.

She's just kidding.

Tell him you're kidding.

Of course, I am.

Besides, I locked this guy down
two years ago,

and now
we're practically engaged.

Right, Nate?

Excuse me.

You guys are... are together now?

That's amazing...
and surprising!

You barely talked
during high school.

A lot has happened
since you left New Hope.

Yeah, it has.

Yeah. Anyway, Jo,
how long are you in town?

Ellie and Aaron actually
made me the kids' guardian.


That's... a lot.

Yeah, it is.

You know, we're working it out.
We're figuring it out.

I know you're probably
not much of a kid person, so.


Yeah, I've only got
an hour for lunch, Moll.

It was really good
to see you, Jo.

Good to see you too.

Maybe I'll see you guys
around town.

- Bye.
- Bye.

It's nice to know some things,
like Molly, never change.

Well, that was Delilah.

She's finally back at school,
and she forgot her lunch.

- Just like Ellie.
- Just like her mother.

I'm... I'll... I'm gonna
go run to the school and...

No, Mom. I'll do it.

Let me do it.

I'll grab something
and I'll bring it to her.

I'm just gonna
give your dad a call,

just in case he does...

This is...

This was Ellie's phone.

It was...

It was in the car.

I don't know what to do with it.

It just has all of her playlists
and all of her pictures.


This is Tony.
You know what to do.

Hey. I'm sorry
we keep missing each other.

You're probably at work.


I don't know exactly when
I'm coming back to New York.

Things are...

I-I... I just need to be here,

so, give me a call when you can.

We should talk.

Yeah, Wednesday sounds good.

I think I have practice
on Thursdays,

so I don't know
if I can make Thursday.

See you, guys.

Aunt Josie?

You forgot something.

You got my lunch?

Of course, kiddo.

Door-to-door service
with a smile.

Thanks, Aunt Josie.

Of course.

I've got to get back to class.

Have a good day, okay?

And I'll pick
you and Ben up at 4:00.

Okay. Thanks, Aunt Josie.

Still trying to win that game
against High Point?

That was a very long time ago.

I'm totally over that.

Even though
I work in the same gym,

stare at the same net
every single day of my life.

Yeah, it's killing me.

I was just
bringing Delilah her lunch.

That's very nice.

Word is you're staying in town
for a while.

"Word" meaning Molly?

Molly. Yeah.

Well, she hasn't changed a bit.

No, not one bit.

There really are
no secrets in this town.

Not a one.

So how are things?

We're trying
to figure things out, you know.

I just... I just know I want
to do what's best for the kids.

And they need me here.

It's nice to have you back home.

It's good to see you.

I gotta go.

I got a... I got a meeting
back at the house.

Yeah, I got a meeting, too.
It's just with short people.

Better work on that shot

if we're ever
gonna beat High Point.

Who invited you guys?

Can't you see I'm busy?

You guys grab the balls.

The color palette on the label

the water's European heritage...

the clean, cool azure blue
of Czech springs.



It is perfection.

Thank you, Victor.

What's the price point?

My team's research
suggests at least a 20% mark-up.

The water market

is saturated...

...with domestic
and Nordic brands,

but the Czech branding
is an untapped resource.

I like it.
You're a keeper.


Tell me more
about the TV campaign.

Yes, of course.

the TV campaign.


Let's run it!

Stay busy! Stay fast! Eyes up!

Take your time, Delilah.

Shoot it up!

So close!

That's practice.

Delilah, come here.

I want to ask you a question.

You know someone
named Hakeem Olajuwon?

- No.
- I'm gonna spell it for you

and you're gonna look it up
on YouTubes, all right?

He's got the best footwork
in the game.

I think it'll help you out.
Hey, Ben, you got five minutes?

- Sure.
- My man.

I'm gonna show you a drop step.
Come here.

- Hi, Lily.
- Hey.

Sorry about your parents.


Well, I've got practice, so...

I'll see you around.

Wait. Um, my band is...

I mean, this band I'm in, it's...

I mean, we're playing
tomorrow night,

here, a-at the gym,
so if you want to come...

or not...

I mean, you don't have to.


I didn't know your band
was playing,

but I'm totally coming.



Was that sort of loser-ish?

Well, I mean, for anybody else?

But for you?

It was pure genius.

Come on.

Aunt Josie's
picking us up today.

She's almost a half-hour late.

Give her more time.

Aunt Josie said that she wanted
to pick us up, and that...

And she forgot
or got too busy or...

She'll come!

I'm calling Grandma.

The spot ends with the mythical
double-tailed lion,

the Czech Republic's
national animal,

posed in front of
a bed of roses.

Great job, Josie.

So thank you for...

Let's talk rollout.

That is, if your hotshot VP

can spare the time.

I... I'm sorry.
I actually can't.

Josie, we've...

You know what?
I'm already late

to pick up my niece and nephew.

I'm so sorry,
but I'll have to reschedule.

So, Grandpa,

people can just place
their orders online,

and then someone else
picks the food up

and delivers it.

All you have to do
is register the restaurant.

This has always been a place

where people get together,
say hello over a meal,

and that's how
it's going to stay.

Thank goodness.
I'm so sorry.

I went to the school.
I must've just missed you.

It's okay, honey.

I'm so sorry.

Did you forget us?

No! No, no, no. I was just
stuck on a call, and...

You got too busy.

Josie, if you can't
handle the responsibility...

No, Dad. I was just on with
a really demanding client

from the city.

But I jumped off
before it was even over...

You say "the city"
like you think

New York is the only place
that matters.

- Okay, that's enough.
- Ben, cut it out.

Everyone ready to go?

That went... great.

Look. I do not want you
to beat yourself up

about this, all right?

I was late for school pick-up
more times than I can count.

It's just that Dad finally
lets me do something,

and I screw it up.


The minute
you stop making mistakes

is when you stop trying.

Kind of like this.

You stopped trying.
You're wearing pajama bottoms.

What? The meetings
are on video.

They only see from here up.

What was Ellie thinking,
making me their guardian?

We are gonna figure that out

as a family.

In the meantime,
let's get the kids home,

and you in grown-up clothes.

Oh, no!

Oh, no! Uh...

What the heck are you doing?

Making breakfast.
What does it look like?

Burning down the house.

Hey. Hey, sorry, man.
I got to call you back.

I'm putting out
a few fires over here.

So, yeah, why don't you just
run the numbers

and see if it makes sense?
Okay. 'Kay, bye.

Thank you.

Yeah, of course, but what,
you don't do

a lot of cooking
up there in New York?

No. I'm more of

a takeout/make-a-reservation
type of a gal.

Was that about work?

Yeah, it was.

What? Were you listening
to my phone call?

Listen, if you need
help with anything,

I mean, I've advised
a few start-ups.

No, we're good.
Thank you, honestly.

Besides, if anyone could use
some help around here,

it's you.


I love you, Jojo.

Love you, too.

All right. Let's...
try this again.

Did we all say thank you
to Aunt Josie

for making breakfast?

- Thanks.
- Thank you.

Jeff said

he almost had to call
the fire department

this morning.

Yeah, that seems to be
my specialty, Dad...

four-alarm eggs and bacon.

So, Ben, what time
is the concert tonight?

You're not all coming.

I mean, yeah, of course.

Your mom and dad always
went to your concerts.

They're not here anymore.

Maybe Ben just wants to be
alone with his new girlfriend.

Don't be such a jerk!

Hey, no name-calling!

Come on, Delilah.

Your mom didn't raise you
to tease him like that.

Go apologize.



She's not my mom!
She's not anyone's mom!

Excuse me.

Cooper, you have no idea
how happy I am you just called.

Wish all my friends would
answer the phone like that.

You okay?

Yeah. Every...
everything's fine.

Your words say "fine,"
but your tone says "lousy."

What's wrong?

I don't know.

I just burned breakfast again,
I upset both of the kids,

I blew out I don't know
how many fuses in the house,

and I walked out on a meeting
with a really important client.

So you're having a good day.

Yeah, no, things are great.
Going just great.

Let me guess.

You're rubbing your temple

in tiny little circles
right about now.



How did you know that?

That's what you do
when you're stressed.

It's your thing.

I don't have a thing.

You certainly do have a thing.

Everybody's got a thing.

My two cents,
for what it's worth...

which is probably
about two cents...

you're going through
a lot right now,

by anyone's standards,

and you also just got back.

Maybe you cut yourself a break.

I wish I knew how.

I don't know
what I'm doing, Cooper.

I feel like I'm messing up
as a parent

and a sister
and a daughter here,

and I'm dropping the ball

on my fake European water
account in New York.

"Fake European water"?

There's three words you don't
hear together every day.

I know. Tell me about it.

You called me,
and I just piled on.

I'm sorry.

What'd you want to talk about?

Ben's got a concert tonight.
Are you going?

Well, Ben doesn't
actually want me there,

but he also doesn't
have a choice,

so, yeah, I'm going.

Are you?

Yes, ma'am, I am.

Save a dance for an old friend?

I'll save you two.

I like that.

Well, she's trying, Pete.

This is all so new to her,

so if she's not as good
with the kids as Ellie was,

we just need to give her time.

I give her
another month tops, Kate.

Then she's back to New York,
living the life she wants.

So, you're going from concerts
at Madison Square Garden

to this.

Pretty different, huh?

Yeah. I mean,
the Garden's great,

but this has its own charm,

and the floors are less sticky.

This reminds me of the band

Cooper and I had
back in the 11th grade.

I'm sorry,
but you guys were awful.

- Did you ever hear us?
- Shockingly,

I'd have to agree with Josie.

You were awful.

You did hear us.

So what's it like for you,
being a mom?

Must be so hard.

Well, I mean,
no one can replace their mom,

but, I'm their aunt
and their guardian,

and you know what, Molly?
I think I'm pretty good at it.


Hey, Delilah.

Hey, come hang out with us.

For the record, Aunt Josie,
you're the worst!

You're right.
I see you're really good at it.

Excuse me.

What's going on, kiddo?

I don't know why I said that.

Look, I'm... I'm trying my best,

and I'm probably gonna
make a lot of mistakes,

but you can talk to me
about anything.

It's just...

when you brought up my mom
at breakfast,

I got mad or something.

Yeah. I get it.

When people bring up my sister,

even when
they're trying to be nice,

I get kind of
"mad or something" too.

When is that going away?

I don't know.

Probably sooner than we think.

But missing Mom and Dad...

when is that going away?

Hopefully never.

I'll never stop missing
my sister or your dad...

and I think it's gonna hurt
for a long time.

But you know what?

I really think the memories
that make us cry now,

I think, one day...

I think, one day,
they're gonna make you smile

because you got to make
those memories

with your mom and dad, Delilah.

Those are yours,

and they are always
gonna be with you.

I don't want
to smile about it now.

And you don't have to.

You don't have to.

You feel exactly
what you want to feel.

And I am always here for you.

I'm sorry
I called you the worst.

It's not your fault

you haven't figured out
how to be a mom yet.

I'm trying.

I know.

You're actually
kinda okay at it.

You want to go back
and listen to Ben's band now?

Yeah. I mean,
that's why we came, right?

Come here.

It's gonna be okay.

Let's go have some fun.



Way to go!

Well, aren't you just
the spittin' image of lovely.

And the hair...

My dad calls it
"low voltage."

I prefer to call it
"au naturel."

They're playing our song.

Yes, they are.

Okay, I may have
put in a request.

Are we junior high dancing,
or adult dancing?

- Junior high.
- Good choice.

Good choice.

A little low on the hands.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you, sir.

Yeah, I apologize.

They played this

right after they crowned you
Prom King.

And you were Queen.

I was just
riding your coat tails.

You don't believe that
for one second.

It does take me back to prom,
being here, doesn't it?

Yeah. But now
we're the chaperones.

Way to just kill the vibe,
Jo, come on.



Oh, come on.
Your words say "nothing,"

but your tone says,
"I got a lot on my mind."

Okay. You think you're slick.

This isn't my first rodeo.
What is it?

What is it?
What is it?

I was thinking about prom night,

the future that I saw for...
for you and I.

That's what
I was thinking about.

We were so young.

We were...

- Yeah.
- ...so young.

Yeah, we were young.

That's the thing
about being young, though.

You don't feel young.


I've missed you.

I mean, if you'd just come
to NYU with me, like I wanted...

We really are
back in high school.

- Yeah.
- Help! Help!

I do think about
what would've happened

if maybe we didn't go
our separate ways.

You think about that?

Busted for dancing too close.

Some things never change, Jo.

I'm gonna get us some soda.
Stay here, okay?


You want some help?

I'll wash, you dry.

How was your day?

I just want to apologize

for that fire alarm comment
I made this morning.

It was inconsiderate.

That's okay.
I know this is hard on you.

Probably much harder on you,

having to uproot your life
at the drop of a hat

to come back here

to a place you spent
your whole life

trying to get away from.

Dad, that's not exactly true.

You wanted to tackle the world.

And I suppose...

if I'm being honest,

it hurt a little
when you left for New York.

I didn't leave you.
I just...

You had to find your own life.
I get it.

And if I haven't said it enough,

I'm amazed at what you've done.

Thank you.

Which is why you don't
have to keep this up.

What are you saying?

Just that...

maybe you're not the same girl
that Ellie thought you were.

Maybe your sister was wrong.

So if this isn't for you,
that's okay.

Your mom and I can take care
of Ben and Delilah,

and they'll understand.

It's okay to go home, Jojo.

Do you want me to leave?

Just... think it over.

Goodnight, kiddo.

I love you.


VodaSpring, VodaSpring,

She kept it.

Jo? Can you come help me
in the kitchen, please?

Yeah. I'll be there
in just a sec.


So the kids have a bake sale
at school tomorrow,

and I promised I'd help them,

and now your father needs me
at the restaurant

to help cover Saturday rush.

It'll be fun.

It'll be good for me to spend
some quality time

with Ben and Delilah.

I don't know why, but I just...

I feel like
Ben's always irritated with me.

Well, aside from
all that's happened,

he is still a teenaged boy.

I mean, your brother,

he would be irritable
from the moment I woke him up

until the minute he was grounded

for coming in past curfew.

I don't know, Mom.
I just... I feel for Ben.

I mean, first,
he loses his parents,

and now... and now
he's heartbroken

over this girl, Lily.

Do you know she was at the dance
with another boy?

And he saw them, together, and...

I mean, who does
she think she is?

There is no one better than Ben.

See? You are finding your way.

All right. So what
are we raising money for?

My basketball team.

Well, in that case,

we gotta make these cookies
extra special.

All right. You're gonna be
in charge of the raisins,

and you are gonna be in charge
of the chocolate chips...

more of which should be
in the batter,

not your mouth.


I've been knocking on
the front door

for five minutes.

Don't you guys know
how a front door works?

Well, you obviously do.
How are you?

What are you doing here?

Figured you guys are
raising money for the team,

so I thought I'd come and help.

Yeah. Grab an apron.
Right there.

Yes, ma'am.

You know what I missed the most
when I was living in Atlanta

was your family's baking.

Why were you in Atlanta, Coach?

Fiancée had a job there.

You have a fiancée?

"Had," yes.

You guys want to hear
how I proposed?

It was very dramatic.

Lots of grand gestures.

Grand gestures?

Big gestures.

It might even be too romantic.

You know what?
I'm not gonna tell you.

So where is she now?

Sometimes, things
don't go as planned,

but that's all right.

You just got to keep moving,
you know?

All right. I think that tray's
ready for the oven.

Do you guys, want to run
to the pantry downstairs

and grab some more

- cookie sheets?
- Sure.

What am I doing?

You can roll those into balls.

Into balls.
Okay, I can do that.

So, you were engaged?

I had no idea.
I'm sorry.

How would you?

It was wild too, Josie.

I could see it all...
a whole life. Kids.

Dogs, white picket fence...
all of it.

Well, you always were
so romantic.

Yeah. I'm like a walking
Ryan Gosling movie.

- You really are.
- Thank you.

That's how I refer to you.

Yeah. And then, one day,
Lisa came home from a work trip,

told me she had
met somebody else.

Didn't mean to fall in love,
but she did.

I'm sorry.
So what'd you do?

I did what anybody does.

You know,
I wallowed for a while,

face-down in the dirt,

till one day, my mom came by,
and grabbed me by the collar,

and picked me up.

Explained to me very clearly

that, when one door closes,
another one opens,

and eventually,
I'd find my door.

Your mom always
gave great advice.


I feel like I could use
some of that myself right now.

I don't know, Cooper,
I feel like two months ago,

I had a really clear path
for my life.

You know, in New York,

I had a vision for where
things were going, and now I...

I don't know.
I'm feeling kind of lost.

You'll find your door.

Tony. Right.

I... I need to take this.

Go ahead.

I'll be here, baking.

Hey, you.

- Welcome back, friends.
- Thank you.

Sorry it's taken
so long to connect,

but it's been nuts up here.

So how's your family holding up?

You know, we're okay.

It's been really hard,
but we're making it work.

Good. I'm glad.


when do you think
you'll be coming back home?

That's the thing.

I... I really don't know.

I think this is more long-term
than I expected.




It's just...

Josie, we talked about this.

Long distance,
it doesn't really work for me.

I've tried it before, and...

I know, but what do you
expect me to do?

I mean, the kids need me here.

I get it.

I get it, and you should
be there for them.

I love that you're taking care
of your family.

It's just...

Just what?

I need someone who's...

I don't know.

What are you saying?

What are you saying?


Tony, I think this is just over.

I really think it's over.

I guess, if we're being honest,

it... it kind of felt like
it already was.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

Good luck out there, Josie.

Bye, Tony.

Get out of my station, okay?
I got this covered.

Everything okay?

Yeah. We-We... we just broke up.

I'm sorry, Josie.
Are you all right?

I'm don't know. Yeah.

Did you just throw flour at me?

It... It was an accident,
I-I swear.


Really? Was it an acci...

An accident?

Was that an accident?

Everybody, calm...
calm down, calm down.

No, not an accident!


Okay. Okay!

Dodge! Dodge!

Seven-letter word, across,
for "merrymaking."

Begins with an "R".


Trust me, it's revelry.


So it is!

I heard that
you were back in town.

I was hoping that maybe
you could fix this bracelet.

It needs a new clasp,

and I was hoping to add
a little basketball charm.

Trying to do something special
for my niece.

You know what?

I think I have just the thing,
and Delilah will love it.

Thank you. That's great.

Speaking of something special,

you should see
the engagement ring

that Coach Cooper ordered today.

Engagement ring?

And apparently,

there's some sort of
grand gesture in the works.

Grand gesture?

All better.
You're my strong girl, right?

And your brother's
gonna take good care of you.

You know it, Aunt Josie.

Now if you guys go inside,

I think Grandpa
has some cookies.

Come on, Delilah.

Thank you.

You're so great with them.

They're so cute.

They roughhouse
just like we did.

Nothing scares Delilah.

She's exactly
like you were at her age.

Sorry, but for the record,

I am gonna teach them everything
you don't want them to know.

Bring it on.

I want them to be as strong,

independent, curious,
and brave as you are.

- I'm none of those things.
- Yes, you are.

I can't wait until you have
kids of your own, Jojo.

And then you move back home,

and we can raise
our families together.

Yeah. I'll put that
on my to-do list,

right after "work my way out of
a cubicle at the ad agency."

You'll get your office
in no time.

And then, when you're ready,

you are going to be
a spectacular mom.

I just know it.

Victor, hi!

Hey, good morning, Josie.

Sorry to bother you.

I know you've got
a lot going on right now,

but you've been
pretty hard to reach lately.

Yes, and I'm sorry about that,
but I assure you,

the VodaSpring layouts
are almost ready.

No, it's fine.
Don't even worry about it.

No, no. I can have it
to you right away.

No, really.

Carol already took care of it.


Victor, VodaSpring
is my account.

Not anymore. That's why
I've been trying to reach you.

I'm sorry. Are you...
Are you firing me?

No, not at all.

But after you walked out
on the client pitch,

I realized you have
way too much going on right now.

So where does that leave me?

It's really up to you.

Why don't you take some time,
think it over?

There'll always be a place here

if you ever
come back to New York.

Bake sale.

He gave my account away,

and the rebrand
was my idea to begin with.

But you still have a job?

I don't know.

He said he was putting me
on a leave of absence.

Right. Yeah, I'm not
seeing the problem here.

The problem is,

I've clawed my way up the ranks
at that company for 12 years,

and I feel like
it's falling apart.

Kind of sounds like
your boss is doing you a favor.

How's that?

He's giving you a chance
to figure out what you want.

I mean, look around.

Your friends are here,
your family's here,

and you're not
enjoying yourself.

You're busy worrying
about your job.

I'm no expert,

but maybe it's not a bad idea

to just try to enjoy it
while you can.

Figure out the problems
as they come, you know?

It's just easier said than done.


I'm not saying you're right.


All right. We're all set.

Up top.

Look at that.
It looks so good.


Don't leave me hanging, Ben.

What do we have here?

These are not half-bad.

Thanks, Grandpa.
Aunt Josie helped us make 'em.

Nice job, Jojo.

Thanks, Dad.

- Cooper?
- Yeah?

That Chevy of mine
you dented in high school?

It's still got a dent in it.

Still won't let that one go,
huh, Pete?

- Nah.
- Okay.

I know how to kick
this bake sale into high gear.

These are
two bonafide horseshoes.

Fun fact...

they're good luck,

but you've gotta keep the ends

pointed up,
otherwise the luck falls out.

A little bit of science
for you guys.

That's not science.

Don't listen to her.
It's science.

- These from your barn?
- Yes, sir, they are.

I'm gonna be right back.
I'm gonna get more stuff.


Coach Cooper's
got the coolest barn.

We went there for a field trip.
He's got so many horses.

Really? I didn't know
you loved horses that much.

Hey, hey, guys.
I'm so sorry I'm late,

but, hey, I did bring
some goodies of my own, so.

Did you make those, Uncle Jeff?

Come on, Delilah.

Your mom was the baker
in the family.

Uncle Jeff's a computer whiz.

Probably coming up
with the next big invention.

Right, Jeff?

Yeah, that's right, Pop.

Yeah, I picked these up
on my way over here.

Hey, if you and Cooper
want to take a break,

the kids and I
can man this table.

You want to take a break?


I love breaks!

All right.
Well, give me the tour, Coach.

- Yes, ma'am.
- All right.

Do you remember this place?

Of course, I do.

This is where
I performed Grease.

Oh, yes.

What a performance that was.

I am still bitter
I didn't get to play Sandy.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Come on, let it go.
It's in the past.

I feel like something else
also happened here.


Nothing memorable.

Nothing memorable?

- That hurts.
- You know what?


We did kiss backstage.

That was my first kiss.

- Was it?
- Yeah. It was a good kiss.

- Don't do that.
- Okay.

There's something about it,
being here.

I feel like
I just breathe deeper.

I mean, yeah, you're back home.

You know, everyone's been
so nice and comforting.

There's just something
about my dad.

I feel like he kind of
doesn't want me here.

Maybe he just doesn't want
to get his hopes up,

in case you leave again.

No, he practically
pushed me out the door

and encouraged me to go home.

Jo, every time
I've seen that man,

all he's done is talk about you.

I think
he just misses you a lot, Jo.

What about you?

Are you happy you moved back?

Am I happy I moved back?


I mean, yeah.

It's beautiful here.
It's my home.

It's not the life
that I imagined,

but it's the life I want now.

Which reminds me,

there's something
I wanted to ask you.

Wait, Coop.

I know you got
a lot on your plate,

and I don't want to...

I don't want to add to that,

Josie, will you...

Okay. I... Cooper, I know
what you're gonna say.

You do?


I know what you're feeling,
and it's... it's not real.

Okay, maybe it's real,
but it's... it's...

I've only been back
a short time,

and, I mean,
I was just talking about

how completely confused
and overwhelmed I am

a minute ago,

and that hasn't changed
in the last 60 seconds.

It's been so nice
to hang out with you.

It feels good.

It feels really good,
but all of this talk

about, you know, grand gestures,

and what if
I had stayed in town...

it's not grounded in reality,

and right now,

I have to be all about reality.

I'm sorry if it hurts you,
but no.

The answer is...
the answer is no.

That's all right.
I'll just ask somebody else.


I didn't realize
it would be such a big deal.

Of... Of course it's a big deal.

I mean, it's a...
it's a big deal.

It's only temporary,

until I get
another one of my own.

I'm sorry.
Is one not enough for you?

I think it's every guy's dream

to have one for family
and one for weekend fun.

How can you talk about
something like this so casually?

What do you think
we're talking about?



We're talking about...

Did you think
I was proposing to you?

You... Okay, no.

Mr. Cox, he said

that you ordered
an engagement ring

for a grand gesture!

And we're sitting here,

and you pull this-this ring box
out of your pocket.

It was jamming into my leg.

This is Nate's.

He's proposing to Molly
next week.

So what are you doing with it?

He had me
arrange the whole thing

so he wouldn't get caught.

But then you brought me here,

and you said that you wanted
to ask me something.

I do want to ask you something.

I wanted to ask you

if I could use your father's van
for game nights.

The van?

Yes, just until I get
enough money to get my own,

and since I crashed
his Chevy in high school,

I thought
I didn't want to ask him.

I thought
maybe you could ask him.

Of course,
you can borrow the van.

You can have the van.

Thank you.

Yeah. I'm just gonna go
crawl under a rock over there.

- Don't do that.
- We can never speak of this.

- No, it's okay!
- Thank you so much.

It's a common mistake.

- I'll just go.
- It happens all the time.

Could've been yours.

It'd be great
if we never spoke of this.

You got this, Delilah!

Keep moving, ladies!
Pull in that D! Come on!

Hanging in that net.

Pass another one.

Go, Delilah! Come on!

All right, let's go!

Come on, Delilah.
Run it in!


Here she comes.

Here she is!

I'm so proud of you.
That was awesome.

Thank you.

- Hi, Josie.
- Hello.


I am so embarrassed.

Embarrassed about what?

You know.

I don't know.

Come on.

Yesterday at the bake sale.

What happened at the bake sale?

I... the ring?

You're talking about

where you thought
I was proposing to you

at the most inappropriate time
ever in history?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I don't remember that.



- Thank you. You're the best.
- You're welcome.

And thank you
for convincing your father

to let me use the van.
I appreciate that.

No, he was happy to do it.

I mean, he did take out

the extra, you know,
collision insurance,

but just on the nights
that you're driving it, so.


No. I'm kidding.

- Nice.
- Yeah.

That's good.
I see what you did.

Anyway, congrats on the game.

Thank you.

Will you excuse me
for just a second?


Go ahead.

Hi. Lily?

I'm Josie.
I'm Ben and Delilah's aunt.

I don't think we've met yet.

Of course. Hi.

Miss Wilder?

Hi. Can I talk to you
for a second?


I'll talk to you later, Ivan.


What's up?


I was your age once,
so I get it.

You know, a girl feels special
when a boy likes her.

I mean, not that that should be
the end-all, be-all,

because how boys feel about us
shouldn't determine

our self-esteem, right?


Right. Right.

When a boy likes you,

it's important
that you not only think about

how it makes you feel,
but also how it makes him feel.

You know, and this guy Ivan
that you're hanging out with,

like, it seems like

you like him and he likes you,

and you guys feel pretty good
about it, right?

Miss Wilder,

I'm not sure I fully understand
what this is about.

So you like Ivan,
and he likes you,

but you also like Ben,

and he likes you.

He does?

I mean, I li... I like Ben,
but I don't like-like him.

Right. Okay.

You know, there's just
kind of a gray area

between "like"
and "like-like."

Like, someone may like-like you
and think

that you like-like them,
but you only like them,

and you don't even know
that they like-like you.

Did that make any sense?

That didn't make sense.

What I'm trying to say is,

if you only
like Ben as a friend,

you should probably tell him
so nobody gets hurt.

Is it okay if I go now?

My grandma's taking me
to get ice cream.

Yeah. Of course.

No, thanks for talking.

Enjoy the ice cream.


That was
some basketball game, huh?

Yeah. You were so good.

MVP over here!

So glad you could
join us, Cooper.

My pleasure.

We wouldn't have won
without you.


Now, I have to admit,

I do not know as much
about basketball

as your father
or Uncle Jeff, but...

Or Aunt Josie's ex-boyfriend.

He works for the NBA
in New York.

Well, I guess
that makes your aunt

a bit of a sports expert,
huh, Ben?

Well, I know a thing or two.

Oh, you do? Okay.
Well, you tell me,

a three-point shot
is worth how many points?

I don't know, Jeff.
Let me think about that.

Three points.

Checks out.

Try me, Coach.

- Try you?
- Yeah.

What's a box-and-one?



get a box from Amazon
and also a magazine.

There it is. You got it.

Speaking of getting something...

...this is for you.

When your mom turned 16,
I gave her a charm bracelet,

and I found it
in one of the drawers

in the guest bedroom.

I thought you might like it.

And see?

I even put a little basketball
charm there for you.

I know how much she loved
watching you play it, so.

This was my mom's?

It was.

I have to go to the restroom.

Hey, she's gonna be fine.

No, she won't.

That was so lame.

- Ben!
- Benjamin! Come on.

It was.

Delilah was
in a really good mood,

and then Aunt Josie goes
and reminds her of Mom.

Come on. Ben, your aunt
was just trying to...

You should just stop trying.

You're ruining everything!


You are!

Why did you talk to her?


Lily! Now she thinks
I'm totally in love with her

a-and that I made you
go up to her

and chew her out
for dancing with Ivan.

Ben, I didn't...

I don't know why Mom and Dad
thought you'd be good at this.

You should just go back
to the city.

You know you want to.

Excuse me.

I'm gonna go talk to her.

Well, I'm going to go
and check on Delilah.

she'll be fine, she's tough.

And Ben'll come around.

I'm a failure.

You are not a failure, Josie.

Yeah. I am.

When Ellie died, I...

I didn't lose my sister,
I lost my best friend.

I know.

And all I could think was,
you know,

whatever I'm feeling,

those kids are feeling it
a thousand times harder,

and I...

just wanted to help them.

You are helping them.

No, I'm not.

Come on, you heard Ben.

I make everything worse.

Josie, you gotta
stop doing that.

You gotta stop
beating yourself up.

This is not
an easy circumstance,

for anyone.

These kids love you...

no matter what they say.

It's okay to make mistakes...

everybody's going to,
in this situation.


But, Cooper, in New York,

when I make a mistake,
I mean, when I would screw up,

it would only hurt me.

Since I've been here,
every time I screw up,

I hurt people I love.

I hurt people
who are already hurting,

like Ben and Delilah.

Ellie chose you for a reason.

Obviously, she had faith in you.

Maybe she made a mistake.

In New York,

I had this clear path
for my life, you know,

this clear vision
that I could just see.

I was in control of things,

and I gave all that up,
happily gave that up,

but to come here

so I could mess up
everyone else's lives?

I mean,
what's the point of that?

These kids...

they need a parent.

Someone who's gonna be there
for them no matter what,

and you are trying to do that.

I think I should
go back to New York.

I don't think you mean that.

I think I should.

Josie, you have never
been one to give up...

- And I'm not giving up.
- ...when things get tough.

I would never give up on them.

I'm trying to do what's best
for them, Cooper, and...

I think it's best for them
for me to just go.

Whatever you do decide...

...just make sure

you're doing it
for the right reasons.

They're so sweet.

What? No!

No. Don't do a flash.
You're gonna wake 'em up.

No flash!

We should probably
get them upstairs to bed.

Do we have to?

I could stay like this forever.

It's the best feeling.

Here, give me the phone.


Morning, Josie.

Hey, Nate. What's going on?

I was headed to work
early today,

and I saw some lights on
at your family restaurant.

Seemed kind of strange
at this hour.

Yeah. Thanks for
letting me know.

I'll check it out.

Of course.


What are you doing here?

Making scones.


Do you want one?

Well... yeah.

I love scones.

These are amazing.

Yeah? Yeah, you think so?

But, Jeff...

why are you making scones?

I make something different
every day.

Muffins, biscuits,

those pastries
from the bake sale.

Okay. But why?

It's what I love to do.

It's what I want to do.

Well, what about your tech job?

Well, what about it?

See, I wake up super-early
every day,

come in here, and I just...
I-I bake.

I bake whatever's on my mind,

and then I clean up the kitchen
before Dad gets here, obviously.


And then I take 'em
to a bunch of farmers' markets

and I sell them.

I... I just had no idea.

Speaking of which,
I gotta get these

to a farmers' market
in High Woods, so.

You want some company?

Since I'm probably leaving
in a day or two

- to go back to the city...
- The city. Yeah.

Hey, don't make fun.

You know what?
You don't get a choice.

- I'm coming with you.
- Okay.

I gotta pack these up.

All right.

You sold out so fast.

you're really good at this.

Yeah, thank you.

Hey, you should've seen the day

that I took
my cran-apple muffins

to Brentwood,

'cause it was madness.

Okay. I just don't understand

why you're not
doing this full-time.

It's way too risky.

Besides, can you imagine
how Dad would react

if I quit tech
to become "the Scone Son"?

I think
he'd be okay with scones.

No, you don't.


Jeff, if Ellie's accident
taught me anything,

it's that life is short

and we gotta make
the most of every moment.

You deserve this.

I'm sorry
if I haven't been there for you

as much as I should have.

You know, I...
I guess I just retreated.

You're my brother.
Come on.

We're always gonna have
each other's backs.

I just want you to be happy.

So is that why
you're leaving, then?

Because New York
makes you happy?

I don't know.
I'm trying to figure it out.

Because even
if I get my accounts back,

I'm still convincing people
to buy water

from upstate New York

by telling them
it's from the Czech Republic.


So the water is the same, but...

Yeah. Same water,
just fancy new label,

but no matter
how hard we pretend

it's something
completely different,

it is what it is.

It is where it came from.

It's you... the water.

You're the same old
"New Hope Josie Wilder,"

but in a fancy

"New York Hotshot
Josie Wilder" label.

Cooper. Hey.


Hi. Listen.
I left you a message

because I was hoping
to see you before I...

- Josie.
- ...I left.

Ben, never came

to school today.

What? Wait. Did you call
my mom and dad?

No. No, I can't.

You're the legal guardian.

I've got to bring it to you.
It's your responsibility.

- What's going on?
- Ben ditched school today.

I talked to him this morning.

Okay. What'd he say?

He said he was embarrassed
to go to school.

Did he happen to say
where he was going?

Has he run away before, Delilah?

Wait. Is that what this is?

Ben's running away from home?


No, it's not cool.

He could be anywhere by now.

I'm on my way.

I think I know where he is.

Thanks for meeting me here
so quickly.

Yeah, yeah. Of course.

Why do you think
Ben's hiding in my barn?

The horseshoes.
He was so excited

when you brought those
to the bake sale the other day.

Oh, right.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.


Either you're right,

or my horse just started a band.

Come on.

There you are.



I'm not your buddy.

What are you doing here?

You just scared the heck
out of me.

You don't ever
do that again, okay?

Or you're grounded
until you're 25.

That's exactly
what Mom would say.

I know I've made a few mistakes.

More than a few.

And if you're open to it,
I'd... I'd like to apologize.

It doesn't matter.

Yes, it does.

Ben, I love you.

And I am never
gonna stop loving you.

Okay? Even when I do something
that hurts your feelings.

It makes me feel so embarrassed

that I can't show my face
at school?

Yeah, even then.

Listen, I screwed up
when I talked to Lily, okay?

I screwed up,

but I did that even
because of how much I love you.



Then why are you moving
back to New York?

I don't know, Ben.

I don't know.
I mean, maybe...

maybe you're right,
maybe this was a mistake.

Aunt Josie.

No, please let me finish.
This is important.

- But...
- Listen. Grandma and Grandpa,

- They're here...
- Aunt Josie.

You're sort of bleeding...

Oh, what?

A lot.

I'm... I am bleeding.


Jeff called me.

He's home with your mom
and the kids.

You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Thanks for coming to pick me up.

You kiddin'?
I was worried.

There are so many complications
from a rusty nail...


lockjaw, renal failure,


- What?
- I was on the Internet.

Dad, you don't
have to worry about me.

I worry about you all the time.

When you left for New York,

all I could think about
was that little girl

who sat on my knee
at the restaurant,

living in a city so far away.

Why didn't you ever
come visit me?

Because it's...

hard to say goodbye.

And every visit has an end,

and I didn't want to keep
ripping off that Band-Aid,


I avoided it.

I thought you were mad at me.

I was never mad at you.

I just missed you.

You were following your dreams.

I couldn't talk you out of it.

You wanted
to make your own life,

and that's a good thing.

you're just as stubborn as I am.

Because I learned from the best.

I'm proud of you, Josie.

You know that, right?

I do now.

I wonder if maybe
you should stay here.


The kids need you.

Your mom needs you.


me too.

I'm not saying that you have to,

maybe just give it some thought.

I will.

I don't know why my sister
thought I could handle this,

but she did.

Your mom is one of
the smartest people I know,

so I'm gonna trust her.

I'd like to stay,
if it's okay with you guys.

But here's the thing.

I'm gonna make
a lot of mistakes.

Like, a lot.

Like, a whole lot.

I know.

But, guys, it's only because
I'm never going to stop trying.

We get it, Aunt Josie,
and we love you.

I love you both so much.

All right.
I'm gonna go make breakfast,

so you guys get ready
for school, okay?

Aunt Josie?


Don't talk to girls I like.

Got it.

Copy that.

Good morning.
I'm making breakfast.

And the house is still standing.

That's amazing.

Very funny.

Hey. I have a pitch for you

that I think's
gonna blow your mind.

Okay. Is this gonna make me
excited or scared?

Definitely excited.

I was thinking about it and...

Jeff, you should
run the restaurant for Dad.

I mean, he wants to retire,
you love cooking.

You would make that place fly.

I mean, do you think
Dad would go for that?

Yeah, absolutely.

It's a win-win.

Think about it.

Thanks for being
so understanding, Victor.

I really think I can

make this satellite office
work for all of us.

Sounds like an exciting new
market for us to cultivate.

It is. And let's
let Carol run with VodaSpring.

She's ready.

But remind her

that you can change the label
all you want...

the water's always
going to taste the same.

Great job, Josie.

All right.
Bus is leaving. Here you go.

Oh, Mom, you know, I can grab
the groceries on the way home.

And, Dad,

Jeff has some really great ideas
about the restaurant

that he wants
to talk to you about.

He's waiting there.

All right! Let's go!

Don't forget your jackets!

Who was that?

Here we go. Here we go.

Oh, yeah. Yes!

We're doing it.

I'm so excited.

Tell me the truth.
Did you come up with this plan?

Jeff's had the talent all along.

I just rebranded him.

My mom got it
for her "Sweet 16,"

and every time I look at it,

it just reminds me
of how much I love her.


Door-to-door service
with a smile.

Thanks, Aunt Josie.

Bye, Cooper.


Wait up.

Don't you have practice now?

What's that?
Oh, the kids? Yeah.

They're stretching.

They're, like, 12 going on 30.
They can handle themselves.

I got a question for you.


You cannot borrow my dad's van.

You've already done that.


It's a different question.

Right, the question.

You're staying in town, right?


- Yeah?
- Yeah, I am.


What are you doing
Friday night?

Cooper Avchen,

you asking me out on a date?

Yes, ma'am, I am.

Well, I mean, it depends.

On what?

You think
you can make that shot?

I see what you're doing.

I wake up in cold sweats, Josie.

You know that?

I get a date, though?

Yes, sir.

All right.

Here we go.

Double or nothing.
You gotta let me do this.

But lucky for you, I'm...

I'm a sucker
for a guy with a whistle.

Is that right?

by VaVooM