Sweet Bunch (1983) - full transcript

The diary of the life and death of a group of "amoral" young people, who have reached the point of no return and seek something to believe in and to die for. Their behavior brings them to the attention of the State. A discreet surveillance begins. A vigilante group monitors their house, headed by a nameless blonde man.

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-Milk, newspaper.

-After an awakening like this?


Have a nice day!

Our Father which art in Heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name,

and Thou keep the Change.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done,
So tell us your opinion and go away

Just speaking generally
about God, ok?

Do you make some coffee?
You do...

Marina is now
making some coffee

That evening, he rode
the silver Porche again

And he poured into the highway
with 100 miles per hour

It rained too, ok?

Until, on a turn close to
Passo Robles of California

he crushed it on
another car,

And his head...

...was separated
from his body

Night, 30th
of September

Then his mother and father
loaded it on a truck,

touring the U.S.A, showing it to the youth,
and earned a truckload of dollars with it

Now why did you
fuck it for me again?

Because I've already
heard it 20 times

is it ok?

-Look, I'm leaving, will you
join me at the bar, this evening?


What's up? We found
somebody to fuck?

Get ready, otherwise
we'll be late...

Come on, get ready,
we should go.

They wrote a song about him
back then, saying...

"you won't manage to
become over 30 years old"

He was too fast to live,
and too young to die.

Hurry up, now that the rain
has stopped, we should get going

I don't like being
in a hurry

Sophia here,
who is it?

I have no time...

Allright, I will be
there in an hour.

What's up,
everything allright?

Pay attention
to me...

Pullover. Colour:
Navy Blue

Corduroy trousers,

Socks, briefs

And this brings us to
the latest acquisition

Pullover, excellent

knit, leather

Get one of those
for me too

Like this, like, what,
the same?

Yes, but in green.

If this is your wish,
then fine!

I'll get one for you.

Will you tidy up the kitchen?
I have to go...

-Leaving? Again?
-Yes, I have stuff to do.


Help me with the
zipper, please...

Leave it, I'm not in
the mood right now...

Come on, stupid! Help
me take it off!

-When is Andreas out?
-Andreas is out at 3 o'clock.

3 o'clock...

Will you have a look
at my bike too?

Your bike... What's
wrong with your bike?

-It's leaking oil, again...

We have 5 or 6 of them
at the basement!

Nah... I don't like them!

Shall we snatch
another one, then?

I want that one,
I love it.

She loves...
her bike!


Don't forget to find a car,
and decorate the christmas tree.


So, I have to snatch a car,
to find a brown jacket,

Fix Marina's bike
which is leaking...

Decorate the christmas tree
for Andreas...


Sophia's cigarette...

How is it going?

Are we dying? Or have
we one foot in the grave?

Do we feel like shit?
Or am I wrong?

Take it easy, you're ill.

Now I'll stay like this,
and you'll fall asleep, ok?

Who knows, you might
live in the end...

Are you Sophia?

-Get me a drink.



You disappeared,
didn't you...

That's not the
way, though...

You don't just dump your
friends, without a word.

How is it going with
your new friends?

It's ok, all ok.

There's a little problem...

When you left, you took with you
something that didn't belong to you...

...and this has caused
a little problem

I'm talking about the key
to the appartment


-It's ok, it's on me.


It's gonna be hell on earth
over there...

-Did you tell him about the keys?
-Of course.

-He's not allowed to, is he?
-Of course not...

Definitely not...

This is Andreas,
and this is Sophia.

Buddy, you got away
with it very easily...

What happened
to Stathis?

Did they kill him,
or did he kill himself?

No one knows

-Officially my ass! What do you think?

Both. He was asking
for it...

So he killed himself...

Something like that

-That Sophia broad outside, what's he name?

-Wasn't she his best friend?

She's a character, isn't she...

What is she saying about it?

About what?

About Stathis.


You know something, pal?

You ask stuff in a way
I don't like

I don't like you either, bugger!
What are you doing here with two broads?

Do you fuck them both?

You've put on weight, on top
of everything else, you jerk!

Stereos in the bathroom,
TV with little dolls on top...

All sorts of wines,
and all that jazz

Bloody buggers, what are
you doing in here?

I'd really like to know why I was
the jerk that had to do time in prison

Some centence you got, buddy!

5 months prison, lunch 3
times a day...

Fresh air in the countryside...
Whom are you trying to fool?

Where can you go,
you fool...

Speak up...

What is it?

Head or tails?

Not so easy, girl...

This needs some brainstorming...

Have you ever slept with him?

Once, a long time ago...

It was allright...

You don't want to, do you?

No, it's ok. Let's flip the coin.

Lift your hand...

What's up?

What did you expect?

I won.

Me, I told you I won!

Ok, hurry up though, since he'll be
out of the bathroom anytime now

Now why did you do that?

Just so... Since you didn't want to do it...

Like, you wanted to do it...?


You can say
that I pity him...

I pity him too, but I can't
do something like that

Now why do you mix things
up like that?

Because you did it
on purpose, that's why

What did I do
on purpose?

I don't let you get laid with
somebody you don't fancy?

Like you do, huh?

I don't like sacrifices, allright?

We should flip the coin,
and you didn't let me

-You're crazy
-We know that, anything else?

Ok, let's flip the coin then.

Since we ended up here...
let's flip the coin

I ran out of
small coins...

Then go to Hell

That's where I come from!

Tell me, Andreas...

Why don't you like me?

Why don't YOU like me?




Want a cigarette?


And neither do you...

Neither do I...

Stathis lived here?


Sometimes when he
wanted to hide...

...he came here...

Look... I can't blame
you for anything...

There is no one is to blame.

My fate was decided
in a game of dice

-Head or tails...

It was head or tails,
not dice.

Shall I turn off the light?


Shall we do something else
instead, because he's outside, and...

What? You think he's

Of course...

Then what are we waiting for?

Er... what can I say...

I have spent a long time
in prison, and...

-I might be a little... awkward...
-It's allright!

Things fall into place...
Very good...

I have an idea...

...better not...

I've got an idea too...
I want to break your head!!!

That's why I love you...

You don't love me,
you loser...

You love someone else...

Let's change the subject...

I'm hungry... let's get
out of here...

I'm hungry too...

Shall we go eat?

Money? Got any?

No, do you?

-In that case...
-In that case...

-In that case...
-In that case...

-In that case...
-In that case...



-Hey you...

Grab me a Cola...

Make it nice, with ice, lemon,
all that jazz

I'll be sitting here...

Here... Give it to me...
Take this too...

1850 eh? You ate well!

Give me 100 now,
because I'm broke

So, go pay, then
go wait in the car

Just a single coke...
I'm so fucking cool!


Have you seen my shoes,
made from finest leather?

Did you know it is also
excellent for kicking people?

1850 for a coke? Who
do you think you are dude?

Are you an anarchist, fascist,
communist, government lackey...

What the hell are you?

What Coca Cola are you talking
about Sir, this is a receipt for a meal!

What food, you bloody communist,
shall I call the police to bust you,

with law 4000, vice, rule 330,
is this what you whant, huh?

-Argyris? What Argyris?

-Argyris is the waiter... Argyris!
-(ah, we share the same name...)

Come here....

Come here little Argyris...
What have you served me?

-A Coke.
-You heard that?

What is written

1850... But this is
for a meal!

-Did you hear that, you bloody thief!
-Sir, please, don't yell at me!

Whose is this bill?

It belongs to a young woman
sitting there on that table.

A young woman left a short while
ago, after paying for a Coke.

-A broad with a strange face, right?

I saw the chick, she ate
a five course meal.

Asshole Argyris, you mixed
the little pieces of paper...

You didn't only mix them, we've
also been the victim of a professional...

Here... This, for the Coke...

And keep the change...

What do you fucking
laugh at, Argyris?

Now what the fuck are we
doing here, can you tell me?

Stop complaining!

Well... Who would
have thought of it!


What the...

That kid has no manners, huh?

How is it going, Sophia?

How is the Revolution going?

It gets fucked...

A lady of class...
Please come in madame!

Any other pervert? Nobody...

-Shall we go?
-In two minutes...

Come with me now...

-What now?
-Nothing, we just... talk

Got it...

Nice evening tonight...
Don't you reckon?

-Beautiful people...
-Nice plants too!

-The buffet...
-The music...

-I want to talk to you
-Ah... I want to talk to you too...

Yes, but... wouldn't it be
better if we were on our own?

On our own?

Aren't we?

And... madame?

Where did he see madame?

Say "Aaah"

Ask him to say "Aaah"

-Like what, "Aaah" like that?
-No, mouth open wide...

-"Aaah", like in the dentist?

Did you listen to my friend?

Say "Aaah"...
C'm on, say it!

-Joking, kids?

Who said we're joking?

-You fucking...

Come on, asshole, say "Aaah"
so that we get on with it!


Now go have a look upstairs,
Marina and Andreas are here.

Marina? What is Marina
doing here?

-I asked them to come here
-I'm not going upstairs

Are you afraid?
Ok then, I'll go...



What kind of a joke
is this now?

What joke, Marina?

What are we waiting for,
one hour with those idiots...

-Where's Sophia?
-Downstairs, at the entrance

Where is Andreas?

What are you
doing here?


What are you doing?

I'm searching... quick! We'll
leave this place rich!

-A lighter...
-Take it!

Here, a fat wallet...

Got you, bugger!

What have we said? Always
with the back against the wall!

Nice sweater...

Do you like it? Who gave
it to me as a present?

Your buddy!

Here is the admirer I've
been telling you about...

-This is Argyris.
-Pleased to meet you!

I was saying to Peggy...
What a pity, after that nice role

you have played on TV...
we haven't seen you ever since...

Things like these happen...

-Who is Peggy?
-I am Peggy!

-Here is Andreas, my closest buddy

-Here is Katia

So... Peggy and Argyris...
Katia and Andreas...

Or Peggy and Andreas,
Katia and Argyris


-Peggy and Katia...
-And we peeping on them!

Fucking right!

-What are these two saying?
-Nothing... talking to themselves...

Actually... I was very
pleased to meet you... because...

I really believe you
are a very big...

-...wait until you see how big his other thing is!

Oh, is that so?

Your place or mine?

-How about the beach?

Prepare to suck cock
like there's no tomorrow!

And then some more!

I want to talk to you!

-Yes now.

-Come up and tell me...

-Shall we go somewhere
more quiet?

We'll go later... Come up now...

This morning I killed a man.

What did you do?

What did you do?

I killed a man.

Speak up, you whore,
what have you done?

I pushed him
to the railway tracks...

and then the train ran over him
and reduced him to a bloody pulp


Who was it?

I don't care! It was just somebody's
back, and I pushed it!

Listen to me you idiot!

Don't walk this way again,
or I'll break your head!

Get lost!

I found it here...

-Wha'ts up?
-We've been set up by those punks...

-Argyris and Andreas...

Stay here for a moment...

Sofia... Sofia...


Argyris, come on now,
cut the crap!

The guys are not here...

Someone else was in here...

You stay here, I'm
going inside.

Let me go!

-What happened in here?

What would eventually happen,
has finally happened.

We must lock the
door downstairs

Don't be afraid, they're not coming
back, I know their kind...

They're all chickenshit,
what did you think?

Come with me inside and give
me a hand in cleaning up

2nd Day

Where to, in such
a hurry?

She's curious...

For your information, somebody
broke into the house last night

-Who broke in?
-Some Mexicans, I don't know

-Did they steal anything?

They didn't come to steal,
they were looking for something

Who could that be,
and what were they looking for...

How should I know? Go
figure yourself

I'm leaving


What's up?

Tell Argyris you must not
leave the house with nobody in, ok?

-Make sure that there's always somebody in.
-Ok, consider it done!

Did you get what I just said?

Just checking, since
you're a bit slow...

Say, why are you always
dressed in black?

Kind of funny way
to begin the morning...

It's because Gagarin died, haven't
you heard? You're such a jerkoff!

What's up in here?

She is sleeping

"But, I won't spill her blood..."

Yeah, right

"I won't scar her skin, whiter than snow..."

As you say, pal...

Tell me, you idiot, since
you know everything...

Where is better, here
or in prison?

I know what you'd like to hear, but...
leave that for serious people.

So tell us your theories
and get lost

She is sleeping... She is
rehearsing for death!

One - two...
One - two...

One - two...

Everybody pull back,
the attacks have started

Anyway, Stathis is dead and his girlfriend
dresses in black and whores herself

Well, guys, hide well...

I'm hiding well in a house
full of stereos and marmelades

...and with a cocksucker under the
window, constantly looking this way...

Argyris! Hey, pssst!


How should I know
where he is?

He's looking at
Marina now






Who is it?

I have no idea who
the fuck he is...


...now we're screwed...

yes... nothing, forget about it...
we're screwed now...

yeah, completely...
we're fucked now...


when is it?



I completely forgot about it...

Not possible?


Can you come with me someplace,
because I'm afraid something's wrong?

Yeah, I'm in!

Ok, tell me the address...


103? yes...

Ok, you pay for the taxi...

Get two bikes from downstairs
and we're going

And we'll leave Marina
here on her own?

Marina? What Marina?

-Who is it?

I've been told that I have
a shooting here in 103...


What's this mystery?


Who else is with you?

Who else?

The guy next to you...

-A friend...
-He can't come in.

If he does not come in,
I don't come in.

-Very good!
-All right then...

Come in...



What do you tell her now?

Say, "Yes, Argyris".

-Shall we play fair?
-How do you want it?

Argyris and Andreas.

-Are you ready?
-Yes, in a moment...

Good morning...

-How is it going, Argyris?

-We came, but I see too much
high culture here...

Ah, of course! Abstractly artistic,
and you get the idea.

I've come with a friend,
very good, you see...

-Who's the person?
-...he's cool, he's well built...

-What do you mean by "well built"?
Is he going to beat us up?

He won't beat you up, he'll just
do your job just fine... he's my pal...

What are you talking about?
You've been paid in advance!

Ok, but if you can find a person
to do the job...

-Just a sec...

So, is it a deal?

Anyway, go arrange things,
and we can talk later...

Just a minute!

Shut the door and
get ready!

-Look, I don't...

Shut the door, and no smoking in here,
because everything will look blue in the film!

Everything will look blue?

Tell him to get ready...

We're ready... If you don't mind,
you can get ready too...

Ok, all right...

-Dude, I've been framed.

-That's quite obvious...
-Porn film, right?

-You don't say!
-C'mon, spill it out...

Look, I've taken some money
two months ago...

for a film which was never filmed,
so they called me here for...

...another story, but as you can see
I can't do it, it's a porn film...

Yeah, you don't say...

Well, if I play,
I'm threw.

I might be unemployed and
an outsider, but still...

...but I still
have a name...

So you're the big name,
and I'm the sucker, right?

-Don't see it that way!
-Which way should I see it?

I'll be ridiculed,
don't you get it?

Laughing stock?

I'm not playing in this film.

Ok, pal, let's see how we get
out of here then...

So if I don't play,
you're screwed, right?

Fuck it...

What's up guys, ok?
Have we got a deal?

Sort of...

Yes, of course!

Didn't I tell you?

Well, he was sure,
and he was bragging...

Ok, well, then!

-Let's go!
-What do you mean?

-We haven't spoken about money...
-What money?

What is he talking about?
Haven't you explained to him?

He explained to me, but give me
a bit of money, it won't work otherwise...

-Like, how much?
-Shall we say... 15?

Argyris! What 15 is your buddy talking about?
His face won't even show, has he gone nuts?

If you don't show my face, what will
you show? Look at those angles...

Nice teeth...

Ok guys... Take 8,
and it's already too much...

Not to mention I was in jail, and
I haven't seen a woman for 6 months...

If I get on top of that broad,
I'll rip her in half!

-Why were you in?
-You mean, in jail?

In the beginning, I thought
it was for political reasons.

-After that, I lost track...
-Sounds cool...

-So, get on with it...
-What? But we agreed for 8...

Ok, 8 in the hand...

-How much?

-Plus another 1000 for taxi...

Give them 8 and a half,
and we're done...

Here, give them
to my pimp!

Make sure you're nearby,
to watch over my clothes and stuff...

-Come on, 'cause I feel like a movie star today...

I'll be in the movies!

Such a disgrace!

Take it easy girl, you've
destroyed us both!

-Hey, psst! Stand somewhere
where I can see you!

Of course! I'm here with you!
I apologise for the inconvenience...

And get on with it...

Now stand a bit aside...

Get the hell out of here...
-What's your name, little girl?

-What's her name?

Rosa... Well, Rosa
and Andreas...

-Lie down...

-Stay where I can see you, ok?
-Yeah, I'm right here...

-In cold blood?
-Do you need a plot? Get her!

-Camera and music test!

Ready? Go!

Man, this is too much!

-Come on...
-Slow down!

Come on Argyris!
Tell your friend to start!

It's ok, you can stop...


Come on you jerk!
What's wrong with you?

I don't know...
The cello is too much for me!

So you don't like the cello?
Shall we try with another instrument?

Isn't there a chance that we
play some Muddy Waters, so that...

Muddy Waters... That's

On top of all, she's constantly
chewing gum...

Everybody's chewing
gum in here...

Everybody's chewing gum...

Listen Andreas, think of the money...
We got 8 and a half, fresh from the bank...

Hey, pretty! Take the chewing
gum out of your mouth!

She can't hear too,
she's deaf...

It's gonna be allright!

Rosa! Help him a bit... Take his
briefs off, do something, you know...

Ok, just tell him to take his elbow from
my stomach, he's crushing me!

-Ok, I'm sorry
-That's better...

Let's now have a look
at our baby boy...

You laugh, you sucker!
I'm gonna show you...

-What is wrong?
-Come on, do your thing...

-Uh... Listen, Andeas... I have
things to do this afternoon...

I don't want to waste
my whole afternoon...

Ready... Go... Lights...
Camera... Music... Action!

Fuck, that can't
be happening!

-How long are you there?
-I just got upstairs!

-Where have you been?
-In the kitchen...

-Want some coffee?
-No, I'll have cigarette...

I've left them somewhere here...


-Are you ok?
-Yes, why?

Just asking...

-Remember what you told me last night?
-About what?

About the guy you
killed in the subway...

-Is it true?

Was it in the papers?

I don't know...
Where are the other two?

I haven't seen them...

I met them in the staircase
this morning... didn't you see them?

I was sleeping... When I woke up
everybody was gone...

What was it?

-The person you killed...

I don't know... I just saw
somebody's back, and I pushed it...

I don't imagine you said
anything to the guys...

-Tell them what? I haven't seen them...

I'm going for
a coffee...

Leave it...


It's for you...

Yes? Where are you?

What are you doing there?
You're ill! Wait a sec...

Yes, I'll come, but
I'm going to be late...

Ok, I'll find a way to
get there quick...

Stay in the car,
to stay warm...

I'm coming...

-I'm leaving...
-I can see that!

-Where to?
-No idea! On an excursion!

-Will you take the car?

Don't you reckon it's dangerous
to move around with it?

What can I do? I
have to see him...

Ok, wait for me downstairs...
We'll leave together...


-Are we safe in here?
-What's up?

-You're not going to see me again...
-What happened?

I think I'm being followed...
Wait a second...

Last night, somebody entered
the house, and turned it upside down...

And this morning, I saw somebody
waiting outside my front door...

Is any of your friends
involved in drug dealing?


However... it wasn't a good idea
to come here...

I should then wait until I see
some of your own people...

-...and bust all of you together...
-You're right... But he can't be a cop...

-How do you know?
-I know...

Whatever he is, we're
going to have a lot of fun...

Take this too...

-It's too much!
-I know...

It's the last I have...

Let me give you a hug...

You've got fever,
do you know it?

What a story...

You didn't ask me where
I got the car from...

-It is stolen...
-How do you know?

The window is broken...

-What else?
-No keys in the steering wheel!

That's why I love you...
What else?

What else? I know your friends...


Something is happening...

I'm afraid...

I don't know...

Not again the same,
you faggot!

Come on, come on
Andreas my boy...

Enter you hunchback!

My rest! Cigarette...


Stay aside...

-What is going on here?
-Some terrific happening!

Get her, big boy!

She is... Psst!

-Marina... this is Rosa...

Hi to you too!

Fuck it now...

Where did you find
this joke of a broad?

Who is her?

That's Marina, now do
your thing!

-Let's go in, got to tell you something...
-Take it easy now, don't spoil it for me!

-Is she your girlfriend?
-No, she's the sailor's cannons!

-Things are serious!
-What is it?

-Shall we go in?

-Tell me here first, and then we go in...

-Sophia killed a man
-Where did you learn it from?

-She told me... with every detail...

-She said she trew him on the tracks,
then the train ran over him and sqashed him

You're bullshitting me...
Andreas! Keep going...

Come on, take this tramp
away, he's such a nuisance!

You mind your own business!

What do I see? Things
are evolving here?

We open tin-cans too... What do you
want? Keep going!

-Something else too...
-There's more?

A guy... waiting under
our window...

I first saw him this morning...

Where he now stands...

Saw him twice more on the stairs...

On the stairs?

-What was he doing there?
-I don't know, he was leaving...

Do you think he's one
of those who entered the house?

-How should I know?
-Allright, come with me...

You set up the camera...

-Buggers! What are you doing here?

We found a guy who
is watching the house!

The character with
the black coat?

Some discovery!

-Is he an acquaintance of yours?
-What? What is she saying now?

Andreas, we're
in trouble...

At last something to
set us into movement...

Look at that...
He loves trouble...

She's all we
need now...

-I can see her...

Your girl, buddy...

Hi... May I sit with you?

Make your self comfortable...


Not Allright...

-All troubles came together...
-Add your friend's story to all this...

-Who is Sophia?

What's up with Sophia?

Sophia is claiming
that she killed a man...

Come on, Argyris!

Rosa? She's one of us,
isn't she? Rosa?


So she pushed him on the tracks,
then the train ran over him...

..and squashed him...
stories and stuff...

I was right when I said that
the broad had a loose nut...

So the cop who is watching us...
It's all for her then?

-So it is connected?

He's trying to tell you that he's watching
the house because Sophia killed a man

And if the murder has something
to do with the surveilance...

-Isn't it so, Argyris?
-It is so, but...

-You are confusing us...
-I reckon we should do something...

-Like what?
-Get him upstairs!

-Argyris, the window!


Get upstairs, you punk!

Get upstairs, or I slit
her throat right away!



He's coming up...
Let's go to the staircase...

Marina, at the window!

What's wrong with her?

-I'm fucking afraid!

The blonde guy...

We've been set up from upstairs...

Marina, he got into a car,
and he went away...

He left with in a car,
Rosa saw him...

-Who put the music on?
-I did.

Coffee anyone?

Who will strangle her now,
me or you?

We're some kind of
circus in here, aren't we?

Come on, close that thing
before you lose a finger...

-Who are you?
-I am Rosa.

You must be... Sophia?

Yes... And what are
you doing in here?

I made some coffee for the guys...
Excuse me, I need to pass through...

What's going on in here?

If everything's allright, why
are you not speaking?

-Are you ok?
I'm fine!

He just left...

Are you telling me?

-She pretends not to know...
-What does this mean?

It means that the character in
the black coat just left.

I reckon you shouldn't worry...
He's probably some pervert...

So, what now?

Now you'll all pack your things,
and hang around somewhere else...

Because if you stay here
you're in big trouble...

Tell your girlfriend that I don't
like at all the way she talks...

Like it or not,
I don't care...

I pay the rent for this house, and all
other shit on top, so I'll do what I want, ok?

I think you're wrong, we have
also put some money into this cot...

Yeah, but I always threw
the big bucks in...

Like, you're the boss now...

Since I'm the boss, I'm telling
you to get out of here...

Because this ordeal is not
for small time crooks...

-Who are the small time crooks?
-Us, of course...

I told you I don't like your
girlfriend at all, didn't I?

I really wonder how Stathis
enjoyed her company...

Don't you ever speak
about Stathis

-I ruined my life for Stathis and the likes of you
-Shut up!

-Shut up!
-And when I got out of jail - no you shut up!

And when I got out of jail, I found that Stathis had
fallen from the penthouse to thepavement...


-As long as we were together, no fucker
could touch him, and they took him from your hands..

-From between my legs, you mean...
-Get lost, you slut!

Andreas... Downstairs...

-I reckon he takes it up the ass a bit...
-You can say that again!

Look at his shoes... Sportive, eh?

Why do you laugh, you fucker?

-He's clean...
-The bugger is laughing...

Who sent you to watch the house?
Speak you fucking cop!

Wait, Andreas, we've been set up...
If we hit him, they have the excuse they need...

-Calm down...
-What is that bugger looking for?

-What happened?
-Nothing, all fine...

Don't let her go out on her own...

-Where are you going?
-I want to see him up close.

-You want to see him
up close, eh?

Argyris, you from the front.

-It's him.
-Get me closer.

Very good...

I don't think he smokes...

-What do we do now?
-Shut up!

He's probably a pervert...

Once you reckon you're
the boss here...

Make sure no thieves
get into the house...

Ok pal?

-I want to get off.

What's this now?

Nothing, I want to get off...


You're not going anywhere...

Like this we're not
doing anything...

-Why did we stop here?
-Because you get off!


-Why? What have I done?

You just get off!

Rosa, I reckon our beautiful friendship
comes to an end at this point...

-In other words, "Rosa hit the road"...
-Look, don't get it personally...

We just are in trouble, so...

Trouble, my ass!

Come on Rosa,
make yourself sparse...

-Just like that, out of the blue...
-What do you want, an orchestra playing music?

Ok, we have a dignity
to preserve...

-Bye Rosa...
-I was pleased to meet you, ok?

Go fuck yourselves, assholes!

Ok, let's move on...

-We are listening...
-Why me?

Well, since you reckon
you're the boss...

Ok then... I want you
all out of the house.

I agree.

I'm new in the company,
so I don't think I have a say...

-Despite this, I agree.
-Well said.

Cut the crap!

-So, shall we leave?
-You're not going anywhere.

You're going to sit here,
until we find a solution.

And don't play stupid, ok?

Outside the house we have
a guy, and we don't know what he wants...

Which one of us
is he after?

Does he bother you?

The gentleman downstairs?


Then we leave.

-Like, shit hits the fan...

-What happened?

-Fuck it, don't turn around.

-What's up, the cops are here?
-Which cops? The chicks are here!

-Chicks? Which chicks?
-The ones we stole their wallets...

-What's up?
-Don't get up...

Some meeting, don't you
reckon, Argyris?

-All ok?

-Say hello to Katia...


We'll sit nearby on a table,
to watch over you...

When you're done,
come for a word or two...

Not one or two...
Much more...

Like, how many?

Around... 50 thousand...

Take something out, it couldn't
have been that much...

Count them and you'll see...

See you in a minute, ok?

We'll be over there...

-Let's go Peggy...
-Let's go...

Very well...

I'm going to their table, because they're
furious and they might start screaming...

-What do you care?
-Are we pals?


What are you going to do?

I'll stay...

Your friend over there clearly stated
that she'd better stay alone...

My friend is neat and allright.

That's why I'll stay with her,
and let protest all she wants.

What about you, and
the other one over there...

I... I will find shelter
somewhere else...

-Because Sophia asked you to leave?

Not because you got scared...

Scared of what?

The pal downstairs...

Look, if Sophia needs help,
all she has to do is say so.

-Go away.

Something tells me your
friend over there is very afraid...

We are leaving...

You're going to fuck
on the yacht again?

Any objection?

I'll call you.

We are leaving.

And now? Now that we played
tough and cool?

What shall we do?

I'm not going home with that guy waiting...

Can you come with me
tomorrow morning?

Tomorrow morning we'll go
wherever you wish...

How shall we get
through the night?

Good morning!

-Can I come upstairs?



Open up! Fuck,
open up!


Help! Open up!

-Help! Open up!
-Shut up!

-Help! What are you doing!
-Don't move!

Remove the lid!
Remove it!

Remove it! Help!

-Help! Help!
-Come on! Let's get out of here!

Help! Open up!

-Whores! Open up!
-Can't do it!

-Whores! Fucking whores! Open up!
-I nailed my dress in!

-Hi Sophia!
-Argyris, let me talk to you for a moment...

What is she doing
here again?

She has a job proposition

Why don't you just
cut the crap?

As if the guy outside was not enough,
we have this dumb chick in the way.

-Such foul language!

She's such a tramp,
I wonder how we tolerate her company...

What kind of a job
is that?

It's around 300 - 400,
gold pieces!

And who guarantees
we've not been set up?

-Set up by whom and why?
-By the cops!

We'll get busted!

What cops? We drive around in a stolen
car, we beat the shit out of the guy...

What cops? Forget
about the cops now.

When will the job
take place?

Ehm... Today...

Hey, Rosa, it's
today, isn't it?

-Of course...

So can't we learn
the secret?

You'll learn the secret...

Our Rosa here...

Knows a rich gentleman...

Who happens to...

...greatly admire her...

Yes, but, before you go any further,
please tell the guys about the sharing...

Ah, yes... Rosa wants 50%...

-...and we get the remaining 50%
-Oh, is that so!

I reckon that's fair...
Besides, it's her job...

I'm in!

I'm in too, guys.

Everybody in?

So, I have a plan...

Here it is...

The warehouse is in the middle.

The job needs to be done after
21:30, so that the road is deserted.

...and nearby shops
are all closed.

Here, on the road, in the basement,
is the warehouse.

And it has 3 windows.

So, 1, 2, 3.

Stop! What is this
thing over there?

-Fuck, it's just a smudge!
-Ah, ok.

I'll leave the first window open,
jump inside...

You will pass through
a long corridor...

Cut it Andreas, leave
my ass alone!

But your ass is
a masterpiece!

-He makes me laugh!
-Go on, keep speaking...

Don't pay attention Rosa,
please go on...

You will jump inside, you will
pass through a long corridor...

...first door on the left,
I'll be there with the old guy.

-All right?

Do you carry any

Yeah, I do...

-You don't like it here, do you?
-I don't like it a bit.

-Me neither.
-Nobody asks me, huh?

Get Sophia, and
go up the stairs.

-What about you?
-We'll come from the side.

Marina! Leave it,
let's go to the large office.

-Your friend! 50%!
-Yeah, right!

Come on, let's get
on with it!

Fancy that... key with
a golden chain...

So, read loud and clear...

-5 right 3...
-5 right, 1, 2, 3...

-92 left 4

-2, there, left, 4...
-Hurry up!

-Guys, hurry up, she'll run out of moves!
-2... 3...


-Gifts from God...

Gold pieces!

-Guys, the music!

The music stopped!
Andreas, go have a look!

-What's up?

Something happened to him, and
he asked me to put this on his mouth...

Ok, wait...

-Grab a pillow...
-From where?

From an armchair! From anywhere!

-What happened?
-I don't know... she left him dead on the spot...

-So he kicked the bucket?
-I don't know...

Start the car, and get it
under the window, and I'm coming, ok?

Ok, but make it quick!

-Is there a phone somewhere?
-There, on the desk...

-Did you find the gold pieces?
-Is this your greatest concern?

Get out of here!

-Where shall I go?
-Down, at the warehouse, they're waiting for you.

I have to change, I look
like a clown like this!

Get the hell out of here!

Don't look like this,
he can see you!

That's what I want,
to be seen!


-Rosa asks for her money...
-What money?

I tell her so myself...

The money you got from the
old man's safe...

Did we get money from
the old man's safe?

Of course we didn't, that's
what I'm telling her...

As soon as we started searching,
she started screaming...

-So we stopped and left...
-That's what you say!

That's what we say,
what do you say?

I say that you got the money,
and now you try to dump me.

You try to say that we got the money,
and now we pretend we don't have a clue?

Exactly, you got the money, and now
you pretend you don't have a clue.

Andreas, Rosa asks
for her money.

What money?

How should I know, pal?

Allright, Andreas...

Give 30%...

-Lower your demands...
-Rosa, get back to your senses!

Why do you look at me?
You had the deal with them, didn't you?

Forget about it Rosa,
we failed.

You know something? You're a bunch
of cocksuckers, and I regret meeting you.

Want some chewing gum?

Where to?

No idea... I'm leaving...

Where will you go?

Where shall I go...
Wherever I want...

Go wherever you want...

That's what I'll do...

If you ever drop by the neighbourhood...
You'll find a key in this flower pot...

You get it, you open, you get in...

You Andreas, were
not fair...

You, Rosa... 50%...
Too much...

Aren't we worth more?


How many downstairs?

-You see just one...

Do you know this?

It's from "Fra Diavolo"

Why doesn't that cocksucker do
something, so that we can get on with it...

He's doing... Who told
you he isn't?

First they'll
tatter our nerves...

And then they'll
seal us in here...

They'll stick it inside
us like this: Ha!

4th Day

That night, he rode again
the Silver Porsche Spider...

And poured into the highway
with 100 miles per hour.

Until he reached a turn on the road
close to Paso Robles in California...

He crashed it
on a car...

...and his head separated
from his body...

Where are you going?

Somewhere like...

to chill out...

What's happening upstairs?

Upstairs? All is Ok



If you want us to
sleep together...

It's ok...

You know what?


I don't like it like this...

So how did you
expect it to be?

I don't know...
I don't know...

Some other way,
just not like this...

I'll go for a walk
on the road...

At least, if all this is happening
not from fear or boredom...

Or from... Camaraderie...

Do you love me
a little bit?

Shhhh... No big words,
didn't we agree on this?


So how does it
happen with you?

We unzip, unbutton
the trousers...

Pop! We're done?

I can't afford more!


Listen now, the
anatomy lesson...

This is the brain...

The brain, which is hungry for truth,
and we never give it enough of it...

and it never gets

And this is the belly,
which is hungry for food.

And this down here
is the sex.

Which is hungry for love, because
it gets lonely from time to time.

In my life I fed them,

I satiated all three, as much as
I could, and as much as I wanted.

You might have satiated
your belly a little...

With sage tea,
of course...

But regarding
truth... love...

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Only bloated words, and antics
and posture...

He lets go of
her hand...

The lesson is over, ok?

You can go now...

What's happening downstairs?

Look for yourself.

Put the phone down...

-Put it down I said!


Because it's being
monitored, that's why...

And what am I supposed to do?
I have to call somebody...

You'll use a payphone, outside.

Where is Argyris?

He's busy downstairs.

Say how much...

-What should I say... ok...
-What should he say?

He should say...

-Right away, too...

You'll get the camera too,
otherwise forget about it.

Allright, allright, put the
camera in too.

-How much?


And the nose is yours.

-I said 300...
-Come on! Come on!

Nonsense! So...

300 for all this, and you'll
include 2 mopeds in the packet.

Those guys that loiter
outside the house...

Who's men are they?


What do they want?

What's up?

The guys got a hard
time downstairs...

We've got movement

They'll kill us in
broad daylight!

After that they'll plant a few
bags of heroine in our pockets...

And they'll call it gang
warfare... Wankers!

Fucking thing!

Junkies and so on...

Your friend is a bit
overreacting, don't you reckon?

Sneaky prick? You, who monitor the phone...
I'm going to rip your asshole apart, you listen?

Good one?

A number one!

-Going somewhere?
-Got to something to do with Sophia.

What shall you do?

He'll come with me.

Come, get some.

I won't be late.

Like, how long
will it take?

Here, an hour
from now.


They wrote a song about him
back then, that said...

"You're not allowed
to live over 30"

He was too fast to live,
and too young to die.

Are you alone?
This is Sophia.

I need to leave the house.

Look, if things were not that tight,
I'd never bother you, ok?

I drag three people behind me,
and they need not pay for our sins.

No. All of us,
or nobody.

Yes, give me the address.

Your friends have sent us
to a very nice place...

We were supposed to
hide in here?

Quickly, let's get out of here.

-Where's our man?
-I can't see his face anywhere.

Do you reckon they'll
ambush us in the stairway?

We'll see...




-This is yours.

What motherfucker did this?

Don't do anything crazy.

-Where to, Sophia?
-I know where I'm going, let me go!

Come inside, please, the girl
needs help, they've harmed her badly.

Be careful!


Rosa, who did it?

Was it the blonde guy?

Marina, grab a blanket!

Who was it? Was it
the blonde guy?

-Were others with him?

-There were others?

Argyris come here.

-Where shall we go?
-To a hospital. Anywhere.

Are you going to leave us here
on our own, me and Sophia?

I'll take her with me,
you stay here.

-You stay here.
-Let me go!

Carry her carefully,
like this...

What was that for?

Because soon you go too.

What do you have
in mind?

My mind's full of shit ,
but you have to go.

And make sure you keep the guys
out of the house until the morning.



You put her down,
I'll be back.

If Rosa dies, you die.

If she survives,
you still die.

So don't go...

I'll be back soon.


5th Day.

You whore! What have
you done?

-What happened?
-Nothing, please get out.

-Is Sophia ok?
-Sophia is ok, she's having a bath.

Then why don't you
let me in?

-Something happened to Sophia!
-Sophia is allright.

What was that?

Please get out, and we're
too coming out soon.

What have you done,
you crazy woman?


I killed him
a little.

You killed him
a little...

Ok, now come

I think we have to
dump him somewhere.

And where shall we
dump him?

In some creek, or in a well
somewhere outside the city.

None of these options
is possible.

The blond guy is
assigned to us.

And they'll come to us to
look for him

In other words, we're
talking about murder.

-What is happening upstairs?
-How should I know?

He's still alive,
breathing and so on.


Let him suffer
for a while...

...because he played
smartass to us...

Any of you who wishes to leave,
should do so now.

Because the walking dead will soon
swarm here, and seal us in here.

What are you trying
to prove now?

You know we're all
up to here into your shit.

I'm in!

I'm in too.

You should see how
much I'm in...

I'm deep inside!

Let's listen to some music now, so
that you leave nicely...

What are you doing here?

We listen to some music!

Why don't you do
something, Andreas?

Can't you see he's suffering?

He's allright now!

Can't you see? He's
chatting with God!

Let the motherfucker,
he might learn something...

Somebody should close
the door on the rooftop.

...because they might
get in from there.

-Did anybody ask her?
-Of course not.

-What is she saying?
-Let her say...

She thinks that if we close the
rooftop door, she'll keep them all out.

The road is empty,
but not for long.

If you should go,
go now.

Are you coming back?

Do you know any other
place for me to go?

Where shall you go,
you idiot...

Here you are...

Are they the ones?

Do you have a permit?


Do you have a permit?

Permit for what?

For the gun!

A permit is needed?

Of course!

Of course!
To the corner!

Come on!

-Take it easy, girl, it's loaded!
-Quick, to the corner!

-Take it easy!
-Move faster!

-Come Argyris!

-Marina watch him.
-Get back!

Get back, cocksucker!
Back, hurry up!

Back! Turn around!
Down on your knees!

-Turn around and on your knees!
-Take it easy!

-I said down!
-Take it easy, it's loaded!

Come on Argyris!
I said down!

We're done.

Turn against the wall!

Turn around!

Argyris! The house is
surrounded! Go away!

-He's coming.

It's nothing, let's go.

Sophia, to the stairway!




Are you hungry?

Shall I get you
something to eat?

Send somebody upstairs,
to guard the rooftop door.



Put some music on...

Loud, so that I can hear it...

Did you listen, Andreas?

I've listened, but
forget it.

We have no electricity.

One - Two...

One - Two...

So, guys, the house
is surrounded.

You've got two minutes to drop
your guns, and come out with hands up.




What is happeining outside?

Go sit upstairs...

When will those
motherfuckers come?

Don't worry about them, they're
always punctual with their appointments...

As soon as the light goes down,
the fucking assholes will show up.

What about us?

Hey, pssst!

So, how did you get
into this mess?

How should I know?

Stathis is dead, anyway...

How did he die, girlfriend?

What does it matter?

I'd like to know how
I should remember him...

If you live to remember him...

You're right...

It was four o'clock in the morning...

They smashed the door in...

All quiet?

Who shot upstairs?

Them, from outside. They
killed a mannequin.


Don't pick it up!

Put it down, Sophia!

Get up!

Get away, through the rooftop...
I'll stay here...

The rooftop leads nowhere...
Are you crazy?

How did you do this?

It's nothing...


Do me a favour...

Where is Marina?

Marina left for downstairs.

Bring Sophia nearby...

Yeah, right...

It's ok...

Take me close to her...


That fucking sun...
It will never set...

Don't let the fuckers
get inside...

We must not live
like this, buddy...