Sweet Boy (2016) - full transcript

Nack is a 17 year old boy whose life focuses only on studying. Stepping into the last year of high school, he begins to feel lonely and pressured. As graduation and entrance examination ...

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Studying in the boy private school.

Living a normal life.

Nothing exciting.

I am always with my gang.

Four guys, including me, and...

Hey Nack...

Let me copy your answers
of the English assignment.


Hey. Me and Tey too!
After you!

Okay, okay.

Easy assignment.


Have you seen this video clip?


Let me see.

Fucking Tey!

How do you always have
a lot of porno clips?

I am in the chat group of old friends.

You can name the girls you wanna see.

I got it all!

Nack. Dook.

You two want some?


I prefer sexy cartoon characters.

Hey! Let's take a selfie.

I wanna upload a new photo to my IG.

Dook. Come closer.


One more.

Fucking To!

You always update your IG.

You got 40k followers!
Cool man!

Oh...! Net Idol!

But now...

The numbers of followers
has not increase much.

Should I pretend to love
a boy for Yaoi girls?

Why are you looking at me?

You Nack...
You can be my imaginary lover.

No way!


Here comes the teacher.

Don't you guys forget my absolute rule!

When the class begins,

I won't talk to anyone!

I will focus on my study.

Don't bother me.

Stand up please.

Good morning.

Good morning.

First of all.

I will announce the results of the
latest mathematics examination.

The highest score goes to...

Mr. Tanapatka!

Look at Toy.

He is always sitting with the bad boy gang.

Still he always gets the
highest score for mathematics.

That's because he attends tutor school!

No one of our gang does!

I am too lazy.

My mom works so hard,

I don't want to ask her
money to play for the tutor.

I think... if I pay attention
to the class at school,

tutor is not necessary.

But what if the teacher at school,

such as Miss Utai, don't teach?

Look at Mr. Toy!

He wears thick glasses like some nerd.

Still he always gets the
highest scores on mathematics.

But he failed on English!

I don't know, but I don't like him.

Because... mathematics is the only
subject he is better than me.

First of all, I'd like to announce the
results of the latest English examination.

The top of this class goes to...

Mr. Narate!

See you all tomorrow.

Don't forget your homework.


Nack is so good at English!

Highest score again!

I just wanna be as good as you.

In my class, there is only
one gay whom I don't like.

It's not that he is gay,

but he always acts hypocritical,

and is spreading lies.

You know...

Nack is so cruel to me!

I just went by for saying
congratulatons to him,

for his high scores of English class,

but he insulted me with bad words.

He said, that he is better than me.

Nack! Nack!

Let's play volleyball!

No, thanks.


Oh Nack!
How are you?

I'm sorry. I did not mean it.

Never mind.

You want some?

No, I don't smoke.

If not, you are a faggot!

Okay. I am!



I think that Nack, my classmate...

is gay for sure, but he tries to hide it.

How pathetic!

Why concealing it?
What for?

But I think he is handsome.

You traitor!

Am I weird that I don't like playing
volleyball, despite Thai gay boys?

And I don't play football either,
despite straight boys.

My gang is just like me too.

Our gang's popular activity is...

Hey Nack.

Why don't you use Chat app?

My mom does not pay for the internet fee.

She says, the internet is not necessary.

Even at my home there is no internet.

And I don't care.

My secret of good grades is not only

to consult with the teachers
in class immediately,

but also to consult the teacher
at the teacher's lounge.

Teacher Justin...


You are a quick learner.

Good job.

Thank you sir.

My life... runs in the same circle...

Just like a gold fish in the bowl.

Always I am doing the same things.

After a few days in my senior year...

One day...

I felt depressed and lonely.

Maybe because I just realised that

I got to leave this
school less than a year.

The place where I have come
to study for twelve years.

I was just walking and
pondering about many things

Until I reached the school swimming pool.


I witnessed for the
very first time the sex scene.

It's my first time I saw people having sex.

And it's between man and man!

Before this...

When I heard the gay gang chatting
about their sex experciences,

I felt it was disgusting.

But when I really saw it...

Why did I became so excited?

Have you said a prayer?

Why must I warn you?

You have not been to church much.

That's why you become negligent.

Dear God.

Jesus Christ.

Thank you God.

For the food and beverages
that you give us.

Please take care of everything for us.

In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Why do many celebrities
kill themselves nowadays?

Suice is a sin.

Especially for those Christians who do it.

They will not be allowed entering Heaven.

Let me fuck your ass!

What the fuck?

Watch yourself!

Sorry, sorry.


How long have you been here?

I have not noticed.

I have been swimming
already for half an hour.

How could you possibly seeing me?

I saw you walking straight
to the shower room.

And you are not swimming?

I can't swim.


I am here to find someone.
Not for swimming.

But it seems that he is not here.

I have not seen anyone in here yet.

You want to learn how to swim?

I can teach you.

May I have your line?

We have not talked much.

I don't use Chat app.

My phone is connected tot the Internet...


Phone number instead?

You can call.

Or sms me.


Boy, let me see your phone.

A famous brand.

What are you doing?

What the fuck with you.


You wanna fuck with me?

Only for a mobile phone?

It belongs to him.

I want it.

I won't let you.

This way teacher!

Are you okay?

I'm okay.

Are you okay?

I'm allright.

Be careful next time you go home.

Come to the swimming pool tomorrow.

I'll teach you to swim.

Bring your swimsuit...

No more glasses?

I'm wearing a pair of contact lenses.

They are fine.

You're late.

You are wearing contact lenses?


How sparkling your eyes!

Hey Dook.
Want some snack?

In your bag?



What's so funny?

Hey Tho...

Your dick is smaller than Dook's!

I got a small body, but a big dick!

He can't argue that.

What are you doing in the toilet?

I was peeing.

Why don't you pee at the urinals?

Why are you shy?
We are all men.

I am not shy.

I was in there just to abide draft.

I always see you pee in the toilet,
never at the urinals.

I'll wait for you at the swimming pool.

Follow me when you're done
cleaning the classroom. Petch.

Hey Nack!

Do you want to play video
games with us today?


You look cute without glasses.


Are you gay?


I've got a girlfriend.

She studies in the girl school nearby.

But I have not had sex with her yet.

When I see your slim body,
I get a strange feeling.

Maybe I just wanna try...

Fuck you!

Nack! I'm sorry. Nack!

How was it?
Do you like it?

Good. Excited. You are good.

What are you looking for Nack?

My mathematics book.

Where did you put it?

I put it in the drawer, but it disappeared.

I it not with you?

No. This one is mine.

This is my book!


This is mine!

Prove that it is yours.

I wrote my name on the cover.

But its cover was torn.

So how do you know it is yours?

Although its cover was torn,

as from the library principle I studies,

I wrote my name on page 55 secretly.

There it is...

So you are saying...

Pong stole it from you?

It is just a book.

If you want it, take it!

What the fuck?


Fucking Nack.
You talk too much!

Today I'll give you a lesson.

Hey Nack.

Are you okay?

What happened to your face?

Ooohh. I was careless
and hit the toilet door.

Too badly.

How clumsy your are,
hitting the toilet door.

Lunch time! Let's eat!

You guys go on, I am not hungry.



Do you want playing
video games with us?

No. Go on. I won't go.

What is wrong with you?

Let's go.

Today I will be home at night.

Help yourself with dinner.


Are you sure you left your phone here?


You seemed the whole day
absentminded yesterday.

Hey Tho.

Have you seen Nack's mobile?

No I have not. Should I?

Just in case.


Have you seen Nack's mobile?
He lost it.

Hey. Look at that girl. So sexy.

- See?
- Yeah.

Did you wait for me a long time?

Wanna play again today?

Yesterday we got even!

I found my phone!


We were searching
yesterday for a long time.

But yesterday,
you already checked the drawer, isn'it?

How could it be there?

Maybe you did not look carefully.

I already searched carefully.

Now you found it. Good.

My dear students,

I'd like you to tell me,

what faculty you wanna get in and why.

I'll give you the advices.

Yeah, Narate?

I like to be in the Arts Faculty,
'cause I like to draw pictures.

Yes, you are.

But your grades of other
subjects are good too.

I recommend you choose
the Architecture Faculty.

Why Ma'am?

Surely architects gain
higher income than painters.

You won't be wealthy if you are a painter.

'Poor painter'.
Have you heard of it?

What about the cartoonists?

I don't think they are not affordable.

What about the others?
Any faculty?

I must prepare for the
entrance examination.

Only studying in the
classroom is not enough.

Hello, Nack.

I found your mobile.

And I paid for your Internet fee.

So that we can chat.

Who are you? What do you want?

I just want to talk to you.

I don't want seeing you sad.


Hey! Were you kiding me last night?

No. What's wrong?


Who are you?

If you don't tell me, I will block you.

Wait. Don't block me!

I promise that one day I will tell you.

I mean no harm. Please!

Any questions?

I want to be good at English.

Do you have any suggestions?


The easiest way is watching a
lot of English-spoken movies.

Listen to the soundtrack.

Listen to the English songs.

Especially those classic
songs with good vibes.

That is helping a lot.

Anyone else?


Thank you teacher.

See you again tomorrow.

Thank you everyone. See you tomorrow.

And don't forget your homework!

Look at you.

It's obvious that you love teacher Justin.

You seem to focus on his class.

I pay attention to every class.

What do you mean by that?

Hey Nack...

Why did Pong say that?

Or does she think you like teacher Justin?

I don't like him that way.

Although he is handsome.

I am not gay.

I don't know.

I just don't wanna see you sad.

I wanna see your smile.

Nack: If you are talking about things
that happened to me. Forget it.

You love Petch, don't you?

Hell! No!

He just taught me how to swim.

Then let me teach you how to swim.

So I am gonna see your face.

You really want to see my face?


If you see my face...

will you still talk to me?


It's me.

So funny.

I am sorry.

Brother Nack...

Don't you wanna talk to me?


Nice necklace.

Did your girlfriend buy it for you?

No. I don't have a girlfriend.

It's a loma-shaped pendant.

I bought it myself.

What about you?

Do you have a girlfriend?

Not yet.

Hey Toy...

May... I ask you something?


Do you think...

I look gay?

I don't think so.

I think you are a nerd.

A sweet boy.

A sweet boy.

Sweet boy?


I spell it correctly?

Sweet boy?

Too literally.

I don't care. I'll just call you by that.

I will call you 'Sweet Boy'.


Your English sucks.

So why daring using 'sweet boy'?

My English sucks?

You are my sweet boy!

When is your birthday Toy?

November, 7.

What about you?

Ooh. The same month.

But mine is 11.

But... I am one year older than you.

That makes me your older brother.

Who wants that?

Am I not good enough?

I give up.

Let's swim tomorrow again.

- Toy...
- Mmmm...

I've got something for you.


Happy birthday.

For your dolphin to be a couple.

Thanks a lot, Nack.

I've got something for you too.

I bought this for you because
I know you are Christian.

In fact.

Christians don't worship
pendants. Not even crucifixes.

But wearing it as an accessory is okay.

Are you gonna wear it?


Let me do it.

Thank you.

Thank you too.

Hey Toy...

Why did you have to hide yourself?

And talk to me on line?

I was too afraid talking to you.

We are not in the same gang.

We had not talked much.

So... Why did you want to talk to me now?

Let me see your phone!

It's mine!

Hey! What are you doing?

What the fuck with you, nerd?

Brother Toy.

Today there was a guy snatching my mobile.

But someone helped me.

Why don't you answer?

And why are you smiling?

I won't tell you.

You won't?

Let's selfie.


That's cool.

Big guy eats a little.

Look at me.
I am small, but I eat a lot.


When did you guys became so familiar?

Tho took Toy into our group for a moment.

He has asked Toy to teach him mathematics.

To be taught, or to copy Toy's homework?

Yeah, to copy.

Before this...

When you were sad,

you did not go with our gang after school.

So you did not catch up.

Hey guys. Wanna drink something?

I'll go and buy.

Tea with milk and pearl for me.

Tea with milk and pearl too.

Longan water, please.

Just water for me.

Hey, Nack!


Do you know who helped you from Draft?

It's Toy!

Hey Draft!

What are you doing?

I am teaching fucking Nack a lesson!

He told the teachers that I smoke.

Not me!

Then what is this clip?

That clip is when I went
to ask about the study.

I think...

Nack is not a liar.

Who told you that and
gave you that video clip?

Let's go.


Longan water.

Different from others.


You two have something?

Romantic atmosphere!

Fuck! You wanna play?


I'm sorry, teacher.

I take the pearl out of your...

The pearl is... stucked

Lay down. Lay down.

I'll record a clip.

Is it out?

That's karma!

You played me first!

Look at this clip.

I'll upload it to my IG.

So funny!

Fuck you!

Hey guys!

Let's go out somewhere.

And have some fun before the final exam.

I can't go.

I have to study for the entrance exam.


My mom won't let me stay outside overnight.

We don't have to stay overnight!

Just one-day trip.


How about Siam City Park?

There are both exciting
rides and a swimming park.

That's great! I'll go.

Say 'cheese'.

Guys. This is Act, my brother.

I took him hee because he
wanna relax from study.

Hello guys!

Hurry! Let's play merry-go-round.

Oh no!

Let's play merry-go-round.

That's too childish!


Why not Roller Coaster or Viking?

Hey. Let's take a break here.

Next is Viking?


Hey Nack!
Why not taking the rides?

I'm nervous and very afraid of heights.

All I can take is merry-go-round.

You... chicken!

You guys go on. Don't worry about me.

Okay, take care of my belongings then.


You really don't want to go?


Why do you sit alone?

I am too afraid to go with them.

They are going to ride the Viking.

I see.
I will sit with you then.


Why can't you play Viking?

It's too high and too exciting.

Hey, Nack.

What are you doing?

Where will you drag me to?

To the ride.

I'm with you. No need to be afraid!

No! I am afraid of heights! I can't!

Come on. Don't be afraid!


Come on.

No way!

It's not that high.


Why don't you swim?

I'm tired. Just wanna take a break.

But it's fun.

Not now.

How does it come, you don't swim?

I'm tired too. I'll go soon.


Let's swim.


To swim?

Guys! Let's take a photo.

By the way...

Why did I dislike Toy before this?

Just jealous of him because
he is better at mathematics?

How selfish I am.

If one person can do everything,

we don't have to live in community.

And now,

without any prejudice, I think...

I love Troy.

But in two months,

we will graduate from high school.

I feel happy, but also sad.

Today it was great fun.

But... after graduation...

we may not seen each other.

Hey fool.

You talk like someone is dying!

Though in different universities,
we still can meet.

By the way, Nack...

Can I stay tonight with you at your house?


But why?

I need you to teach me arts and English.

And I will teach you mathematics.

I think, you're not good at it.

And tomorrow is Sunday.
We can go sleeping late.

Your room is so cute...

A lot of puppies!

If we take the red color...

And blue color,

to mix together, we will get purple.

Gotta mix it.

But... the most beautiful
purple is this one.

You can't mix this purple.

You have to buy it.

Let's see.

Purple is my most favorite color.


I don't know.

No special reason.


Maybe because it's beautiful.

Especially this purple...

It is so beautiful.

I think you like it because you are gay.


But.. maybe because purple
is the middle tone.

Not female, not male.

People think it is the color of gays.



Wanna play?


We now are dirty.

I'll take a bath now.

Hey, Nack.

Help me holding my legs.

I'll do a sit-up.



Grab firmly.

Press my knees.



I think, I should take a bath now.

This is a T-shirt and pants.

And here a towel.

Hey, Toy.

Why are you topless?

Your T-shirt is too small!

I can't wear it.

But it is okay.

When I am at home...

usually I sleep without a T-shirt.


You sleep in your bed.

I will sleep on the floor.

It's alright.

Today you are my guest.

You sleep in the bed.

I will sleep on the floor.


Both of us can be on the bed.

It would be uncomfortable for you.

I am alright, if you are okay.



What song are you listening to?


It's very late.

Why hasn't your mom come home?

She always comes home late.

I got used to it.

So... you don't feel lonely?

To be home alone?

Yes, I am.

But... I read comics...

watch movies and drama's.

When I was a child...

I felt lonely for the first time.

I did not even know what is was.

Somebody else might be able to
describe it in words, but...

I feel it more...

Every time...

the end credits come,

I feel desolated.

My body is stiff.

Especially my head.

My nose smells something
so acrid that I wanna cry.


From now on...

If you feel lonely...

Think of me.

Or you can call me.

And you still have Dook, Tho, Tey.

Hey, Toy.


Could you do me a favor?



Can we sleep with the lights on?

I... am very scared of ghosts.

I... can't sleep in the dark.

So I sleep with the lights on every night.

Are you serious?

That's why I wore at the pool a ghost mask.

To tease you.

You were scared out of shit!


With the lights on, I can't sleep

The lights get into my eyes.

Okay, okay.

Just a lantern there. Okay?

You can hug me...

If it makes you feel less lonely.

You can hug me.

If you think of me as a friend.

Take care.

Bye, bye.

Hello Toy.

Are you at home?


Uuuh... Is it raining there?

A little.

If it stops, let's see a movie.

I can't.

Gotta go with my family.

What is happening?

I don't know.


Just feel I miss you.

But yesterday we were together the
whole day... the whole night.

I don't know what my feeling is.




Why are back home early today?


Why did you sleep with a guy last night?


His name is Toy, my classmate.

Last night we studied together till late.

Did you have sex?


Why are you asking that?

We don't have sex!

We are Christians!

God created man to mate with a woman.

God do not like gay.

Neither do I!

Although they are good people?

But for you...

You care only for work, not your child.

And God would not blame you at all?

You dare to blame me?

Do you know that since your dad died,

I've worked so hard and I am tired?

And you do this to me?

Tell me.

Are you a lady boy or gay?

Answer me!

Answer me!

Answer me!

Answer me!

I miss you dad.

Dad never hit me.



What the hell?

Hey. Why the fuck are you doing this to me?

Go away, faggot!

Fuck you, Petch!

Hello. Is it you, Toy?


I am Nack's mom.

I have something to tell you.

I feel that recently Nack
is obsessed with you.

He always calls you.

But I think he is not a lady boy or gay.

He just feels loneley.

And I think Toy too is not.

No. I am not.


Now the Entrance examination is coming,

may I ask you to stay away from Nack?


Thank you.

Goodbye then.

Thanks for the answer paper for Maths!

Why did you have to give Pong
the answer paper for Maths?

And let her kiss you?

Pong is my friend, just like you.

But you know that I don't like Pong.

You know what she did to me!

You hate Pong, so must I too?

Listen to me Nack.

Each person can't be 100% good or bad.

Just like Pong and my friends
at the back of the class,

they don't pay attention to the class.

Still they are my friends.

But if I were you, I would be...

on the same side with the one I...

Nack! Don't force anyone to like you.

When you were nice to me

Spending good time together...

It means nothing to you?

I act the same to everyone.


I only think so?

Only me feels it?

What do you think?

I'm not...

I think of you as.... a friend.

But you said I could hug you!

You said I could call
you when I felt lonely.

Only if you think of me as a friend!


When two people talk to each
other more and more, and they hug...

Who the fuck will be able to resist?

Then you should not have agreed
thinking of me more than a friend.

If I should have said I could not.

Would you have allowed me to talk to you?

Or would you have let me hug you?

Just think how contradictory it is!

When a couple talk more and hug...

But forbidden feeling love...

Do you know how much I suffer?

To lie and to conceal your feeling...

Hey, Nack!


What's up with you?

Do you hear us?

Hey Nack. What is wrong?


I am worried about many things.

I did not pass directly
the Entrance examination.

My Gat/Pat scores are not good.

Hey. It's okay. Don't be so serious.

If you can't get into the
government university,

You can join us in the private one!


No for the private university.

What's wrong with the private university?

I think it is not about the study.

It is about Toy.


I think you have been
recently too obsessed with Toy.

You don't understand me!


I am sorry for what I did this evening.

I know that I should not have called....

But I can't help it.

I'm glad you answer my call.


You should focus on your
Entrance examination.

I can't concentrate on reading.

Because I can't get you out of my head.


If you can't think of me as a friend,

I won't talk to you again!

And don't call me again!

Are you home?

Are you here?

Open the door!


What are you doing?

We heard about you from Toy.

Don't be too serious.

We are still friends.

No matter what you are.

You are still my friend.

Toy still loves you as a friend.

He only needs you to prepare
first for the Entrance exam.

During it, he has to stay
away from you for a while.

I know.

But I can't cope it.

You must try.

What were you thinking?

If you had done it....

If you really had died...


You would not have seen...

Toy, us, or your mom again.

Learn to love yourself.

It is the greatest love of all.

I got it from a song.

You have to love yourself more, Nack.

Time heals everything.

I copied it from somewhere too.

Hey, Nack...

Some day, you will feel nothing
about what happened in the past.

I am sorry that I was angry.

And shouted at you today.

It's okay.

Hey Nack.

No matter what happens, you must fight.

You remember the handicapped beggar we met?

You felt so sorry for him
that you almost cried.

But he still lives and fight.

What a luck that you were born normally.

You must fight!

No one can really make you
feel better or to move on.

Except yourself.



Why does time go slowly when you are sad?

But when you are happy...

Time flies so fast...

Three months later


Take a break and have some fruit.


I am sorry.

I don't pass the Entrance examination.

It's okay. It's alright.

Let's try again next year.

I will send you for one
year to a tutor school.

One year later

Nack! Nack!

You passed the Entrance examination!

I checked it on the Internet.

- Yeah?
- Here!


Good job my boy.

Thanks mom.

Hey, Nack!

I just heard you have entered here.

I would have called you.

This is my girlfriend Kay.

This is Nack. My old school classmate.

- Hi
- Hi

Take your time guys,
I'll go to play volleyball.

Okay. See you tomorrow.

See you.

How are you, freshy?

Long time not seen!

More handsome you are!

How is your mom?

Will you be available tomorrow?

I will give you a sighseeing tour by bike.

Why do I feel less depressed...?

That's why they say:

'Time heals everything.'

Got to go home now.
See you tomorrow.


Time heals everything.


If you are afraid to fall....

You can hold onto me.

In your life...

No matter how bad things go.

We must fight.

We must carry on.

Life goes on.


Focus on gay-themed movies,
western and oriental ones.