Swades (2004) - full transcript

Set in modern day India, Swades is a film that tackles the issues that development throws up on a grass root level. It is to this India, which is colorful, heterogeneous and complex that Mohan Bhargava (Shah Rukh Khan), a bright young scientist working as a project manager in NASA, returns to on a quest to find his childhood nanny. The film uses the contrast between the highly developed world of NASA, which has been at the forefront of advances in space research, and this world back home in India, which is at the crossroads of development. Mohan's simple quest becomes the journey that every one of us goes through in search of that metaphysical and elusive place called "home".

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Good afternoon and welcome to the
Phase ll Press Conference of the

upcoming mission for the
Global Precipitation Measurement.

To discuss the mission we have
with us John Stockton

GPM Project Formulation Manager
from NASA HQ.

Mohan Bhargav

Project Manager and Spacecraft
Mission Director from GODDARD.

- Over to you John.
- Thank you George.

The Office of Management and Budget
released the President's 2004

fiscal year budget plan in early February
flagging off the GPM Launch.

We have in the Formulation phase
of GPM taken steps to reduce risks

to ensure a mission
confirmation review.

That's where Mohan Bhargava,
our Project Manager comes in.

Thank you John.
Good afternoon everybody.

Before l come to Phase ll , a quick update
on the recently concluded Phase l .

ln Phase l we focused on the
Definition of Mission Scope,

Systematic Measurement Approach
and Technology Roadmaps.

Will you roll the tape please?
Thank you.

The core satellite is designed
like a TRMM Spacecraft.

lt'll be launched in non-sun-sync
orbit at an inclination of 65-degrees

and an altitude of 400 kms.

The constellation satellites would be
pre-existing operational, experimental &

dedicated satellites,
with PMW radiometers.

They would operate both in
non-sun-synch and synch orbits

at an altitude of 600-900 kms.

You are welcome to
throw any questions.

What are the objectives of the Global
Precipitation Measurement programme?

- Last question.
- ls this budget justified?

Globally, there is a danger of
water recession in the near future.

lt will not be unreal to imagine that
in the 21st century, cities like

Beijing, Amman, New Delhi, Santiago,
Jakarta, Mexico City, Lima

and many others, will drink up
their surrounding waters and perish.

Water is going to be rare. ls it not a
reason enough to justify any budget?

Are there any more questions?

- Thank you for being here.
- Thank you very much.

l've never seen John Stockton
smile so much.

He is really very happy with us.

The press conference went off well.
And your presentation excellent!

This is a quantum leap for us.

Well, we can now let our hair down
now that phase l is finally over.

Hey, you've been very quiet.
What's the matter?

l want to get a cup of coffee.
Would you like some?

- Make me a strong one.
- Sure

Two new messages,

Hi Mohan. This is Paul tried
calling you at work and your cell

you seem to be in a meeting,
call me back.

Good afternoon Mr. Bhargava, this is
Steven Carter from the BClS...

...your request for citizenship has been
accepted. Please call me on Monday. Bye.

Congratulations! Your request for
citizenship has been accepted.

- You seem lost.
- Not really.

l get it. Work pressures are
stressing you out

and then you have no other interests...
No pubbing, no partying!

Take my advice,
you should get married!

You need a life partner.

Like they say... Happiness
only doubles when it is shared!

lt changed My life!

No Vinod, that's not it.

Then what is it?

What's the matter?

Today is the death anniversary
of my parents.

Oh! l'm sorry.

No, lt's okay.

l still vividly remember that l was in my
last year of University in Pennsylvania

...when l received the news
of their car accident!

Now l understand why
you've been so low all day.

You know Vinod...

There's something else,
which has been

pricking my conscience
these last few months.

Do you remember Kaveriamma?

Kaveriamma? Your old
maid servant, right?

Please don't call her a maidservant.
She was like a mother to me!

l'm sorry. l had no idea.
What about her?

As you know,
l was the only child.

My parents brought me up with a lot of
love, they provided me with everything.

But along with them, Kaveriamma too
had a special place in my life.

My mother would
make my breakfast,

while Kaveriamma would feed me.

My parents tucked me into bed,
while Kaveriamma sang me a lullaby.

From the age of two to seventeen
she looked after me completely.

You could say Kaveriamma was
like a second mother to me

So when was the last time
you met her?

At my parent's funeral.

l remember crying like a child
in Kaveriamma's arms.

lt was a very tough time for me.

Then l came back here and
began to find a footing in life.

Kaveriamma would often write me letters,
and l would send her replies as well.

But later, l got so completely immersed in
my work, that l just lost touch.

All this is so out of the blue Mohan.

why did you suddenly
think of her today?

lt's not sudden, Vinod.

l've been thinking about her
since the past few months.

l've been having recurring
nightmares of her being...

...old, feeble, and helpless.

Vinod, l have blundered.

l now feel very guilty
that l have neglected her...

...and haven't been able to
look after her.

l had become selfish Vinod.

She is the only thread who can
string the memories of my parents.

l was thinking of going to Delhi...
and bringing her here.

Absolutely! Brilliant idea!

But l don't think John will consent.

There can't be a better time for you
to ask for a vacation than now,

We are 28 weeks away from
the GPM launch. John won't refuse.

- You think so?
- Yeah sure.

Promise to bring him back an
elephant or something.

Yeah sure

Thank you very much.

So its on the outmost importance
to get the time pressure on the

stabilization unit.

Thank you very much gentlemen.

- Excuse me John.
- Sure, tell me.

l have a request for two weeks off.
Need to go to lndia, is it possible?

ls everything ok back home?

Oh yeah everything is allright.
Just a pending matter.

When do you have to leave?

Actually as soon as possible.

28 weeks to launch?

You realize you have to delegate
Some of this to others.

Oh yes yes l'll have a detailed
meeting with the team and

l'll be in constant touch
with Vinod from there.

Alright then, have a good trip.

Thank you very much John.

Amazing... John agreed very quickly.
l should have asked for a vacation myself.

Thank God you didn't. lf you had,
he would have cancelled mine too.

May l clear your tray please?
Can l get you anything else?

No thank you.

This is your captain here.
Good morning everyone.

We have now started our decent

And in a short time we'll be landing

at the lndira Gandhi
lnternational Airport in delhi.

Hope you had a comfortable flight
Thank you for flying Air lndia.

Your attention please.

Announcing the arrival of flight
Al-112 from New-York

- Good to see you.
- Good to see you too.

- How was the flight?
- Connecting flight was delayed. Rest ok!

- Did you get anything for me?
- Yeah, everything's for you, kid!

So Kaveriamma... is she still living
in an Old age Home?

Did you speak with her?

No, l want to surprise her!

She'll be so glad to see you.
l'm sure she'll have forgotten me.


- Excuse me.
- Yes? May l help you?

l've come to meet Kaveriamma.

- Kaveriamma?
- Yes.

Kaveri oh yes! She doesn't
live with us any longer.

- Doesn't live here?
- She stayed with us for about a year...

...till a woman came looking for her.
And then, Kaveri left with her.

But where did she go?

Just a minute,
l'll have to check the register.

Bharati ji, this gentleman is
looking for Kaveri.

Do you know where
is she now?

Bharatiji used to share
the room with Kaveri.

l remember her mentioning
a village before leaving.

Now what was it...?

- Charanpur.
- That's right, Charanpur.

- Where is this Charanpur?
- Never heard of it.

We'll find out.

Kaveri was a good woman.

We all miss her.

Here's the address.

Thank you!

Kaveri is very fortunate.

There was someone who came
for her then, and now once again.

Otherwise who cares
for old ones like us?

Come on.

Excuse me.

Here's the map.
You'll find Charanpur in here.

- That'll be 150 rupees.
- That's ok. Don't pay me.

Do me a favor. Watch the counter
for me while l nip to the bank.

- Get me a loan too!
- Sure, you'll manage the counter, right?

l'll just sit behind.

- That's good.
- Come back soon.

Excuse me you've no respect?

What happened?

You can see l am picking up books,
and still you're walking all over them.

l did not mean to.

Look, books are a source
of knowledge and culture...

and if you don't know how to respect
them, you shouldn't be here.

- Well l'm sorry.
- Thanks.

l'm sorry, l was just
looking at this map.

You want to buy these books?

No! l want to sell them!!

- Oh stupid question, l'm sorry.
- No l'm sorry.

- Actually l'm just a little irritated.
- No, l saw what happened.

You dealt with the man right.

Some people just don't have
the basic etiquette.

Oh yeah... l'll do this for you.
Lots of books.

- l will need a...
- Over there.

Yes, thank you.

That's 13 books of mathematics into 17...

...is equal to 221 + 22 Language
books into 12 is equal to...

Four-Eighty five.

That's 8 geography books into
19 is 152 plus 485 is...

Six-Thirty Seven.

Really 637? Thanks.

And these 8 note books at 113
and the total is...

Seven Fifty.

Must be right!

750 it is.
Your... maths is pretty good!

Actually, l should be
giving you a concession.

You selected the books,
you did the totalling...

you should be in my chair!

Then give me a concession?

Sorry l can't!

Actually my name is Mohan Bhargav.
l'm Rahul's friend...

...he's the owner of this shop,
he's just gone to the bank...

...he was broke you see...
needed to get some money

l'm just filling in for him.


l'll just pack this for you
l just need...


l have been looking
for Charanpur in this map

lt's a small little village.

Have you heard of it?

Yes, l know where it is.

Go down National Highway No. 6 for
110 kms till you reach Charoti.

Take a left from there.

Then keep going for 80 kms till
you reach Azamgarh.

From there 20 kms on a dirt track,
you'll reach Charanpur.

Wow! Your geography seems
pretty good as well!

Here you...

Hello! Excuse me.

Please look after the counter. Hello.

What happened?
You sick of the job already?

No, a girl came in, bought a lot of
books... but left without her change.

Hey! Not bad!

You made a profit for the company on the
very first day! You've got the job!

She was amazing!

She even gave me directions
to Charanpur!

Great, where is it?

About 200 kms from here.

Spare me Mohan. Don't expect me to
leave the store and drive you there.

No worries!
l'll need a car though.

- Take mine.
- No, no. Could l get a caravan?

Caravan? What for?

Don't know the conditions l'll have
to face in the village.

Ok, ok Mr. NRl
(Non-Resident lndian)

You'll have your caravan.
Don't worry.

Can you tell me which of these
paths will lead to Charanpur?

You have strayed from the path.

l've been following directions...

l must have taken a wrong
turn somewhere.

lt was your destiny to make
this mistake.

Charanpur is pretty far from here.
l'm headed in that direction.

lf you want,
l can show you the right path!

Go on, O traveller!
O traveller! Go on!

How beautiful is this world

Forget thy troubles all
Behold! The beds of flowers enthrall

Heed thee vibrant world's call




This path now bids me:

Somewhere, someone's
waiting for thee!'

This path now bids me:

Somewhere, someone's
waiting for thee!'

Why doth my heart impatient be?
Who longeth to meet me?

Perhaps, in the narrowing compass
What l'd cherished is coming to pass

Go on, O traveller!
O traveller! Go on!

Life's a car; Time's the wheel

There's the river of tears for sure
And a garden of joys too, secure.

O brother, all these stare
intently upon thy path

Go on, O traveller!
O traveller! Go on!

How beautiful is this world

Forget thy troubles all
Behold! The beds of flowers enthrall

Heed thee vibrant world's call

Wherever l cast my eye
upon these paths

Colours stream in my glance

The breeze is cool, the shade cool too

Far, over there, l wonder whose
hamlet stands

Ah! How didst the rain clouds amass?

That my heart was brought
to such a pass

- What dream have l seen?
- That every dream doth true appear,

Kindling fire in my body
lf thy heart's path thou traverseth

Thou shallst pick pearl from
The oyster every moment

Only if thou couldst always
heed thy heart

Go on, O traveller!
O traveller! Go on!

How beautiful is this world

Forget thy troubles all
Behold! The beds of flowers enthrall

Heed thee vibrant world's call

The heart experienceth such ease

As though the burden upon the
shoulder hath dropped off

As though innocence of
childhood hath returned

As though at longest last in
River Ganga hast one had bath

The heart purged as it were
Every bond at large

l find the life sanctified now

There's love in my living,
a song upon the lips

This is verily the triumph of
thy life, O traveller!

Whichever direction thou goest,
Love alone thou squander

You light a million lamps,
O traveller!

Go on, O traveller!
O traveller! Go on!

Who is it that haileth me

The river, hill, lakes and streams,
the woods and trees

Who's it that signals from these

Go on, O traveller

How beautiful is this world

Excuse me.

Do you know where Kaveriji lives?

Hey Chikku!
Take this man to Kaveriji.

- Sorry!
- Watch it!

Ammaaaaaa! Ammaaaaaa!
(Mother! Mother!)


Wait a while.

She needs to be massaged like this
in the morning and evening, Maithili!

She'll cry a little, but ignore it.

Now say.

Amma, someone has come
to meet you in a big car.

A very big car?

Come on, now!
lt's parked outside.

l am coming.

Chikku, hope this isn't
one of your pranks!

Look at that.

lt's big; isn't it?

What's going on?

Huh, who is this?

Go on take a guess!

l can't. Come on, who is this?
Let go of me!

Atkan batkan dahi chatokan,
(Lord Krishna's childhood couplet)

Tu Yashoda, main hoon...?
(Lord Krishna's childhood couplet)




Mohan... it's you, it's really you!

l can't believe my eyes!

Do you know who this is?
This is Mohan.

The one l keep talking
to you about.


Stop! Wait right here.
Do not step inside. l'll be back.

Now you can come in!

- Kaveriamma.
- Yes?

Oh... what are you doing?

l can't express how happy
l am to see you Mohan.

Let Gita come.
l'll tell her l've won the bet.

Bet? What bet?

Gita always said
"Your Mohan has forgotten you, Amma."


But l would always retort:
"No, he will come to meet me."

And then we had a bet!

lf you did come, she would have to
treat me to an ice cream.

lce cream? Kaveriamma!

- Why?
- Because you haven't changed a bit!

You haven't lost your
appetite for ice-creams!

Why not?

Why not? Are ice creams meant only
for kids? Can't we oldies enjoy it?


All right, you win. And by the way,
who says you're old?

So... who is this Gita?

Don't you remember?
You often played with her as a child.

She used to visit our Delhi house
with her mother.


Are you referring to that
'Gitlee' by any chance?

You called her that.

And this is Nandan
Gita's younger brother.

- But we lovingly call him Chikku.
- Chikku! Hey Chikku!

He has faked a tummy ache today
so that he can miss school.

- How old are you?
- Eight.

Which school do you go to?

l study in Navjeevan Paathshala.

My roll number is 6
and l am in the fourth standard!

The motto of our school is

Books are a source of knowledge
and knowledge is strength.

Your school seems to be a good one.

- Why haven't you gone today?
- l had a stomach ache.


Was the pain here?
Or here?

- Would you like to see my school?
- No, not now.

- l want to talk to Amma.
- No! Let's go right now.

All right Chikku.

Mohan, why don't you
go visit the school with Chikku.

You can meet Gita as well.
She teaches there.

Ok, but l thought Chikku had a
stomach ache!

Ache? Oh yes!
lt was there, but it just went away!

Let's go to my school now!

That's Uncle Postman!

Not just postman my dear

...l'm the plough and the bull, field
and seed, crop and the grains.

l am everything here!

l sort the letters, seal them
and distribute them as well!

When on my bicycle, l'm the Postman
and in my chair, Postmaster.

The name is Nivaaran Dayal Shrivastava.
How can l help you?

Can l call America from here?

There is no lSD, here but you can get
connected through Mizwa village.

By the way, there is no bank, no bond,
and no registry in this village.

l apologise, for the trouble
earlier today.

- That's ok. You live abroad, right?
- Yes.

l too happen to know some English.

What can l do for you?

Very good.

Look Mohanbhaiyya this is my school!

l'm impressed, Chikku!

lt was in 1942 that

the slogans of the 'Quit lndia Movement'
were first heard in Bombay.

From Bombay to Lahore,
Lahore to Peshawari...

the lndian revolutionaries and the
British soldiers were locked in conflict!

Blows were dealt in succession,
bullets were whizzing and ricocheting.

But through all of it our protests were
on, and we never raised our hands!

l got hit by a bullet on
the shoulder as well.

Then they arrested us and
threw us in prison

...we kept protesting-lnquilab zindabad!
(Long live the Revolution)

- Dadaji, did you have a beard then?
- l wish l did!

Then the bullet would have got stuck
in my beard and got lost!

l... am... going!

We... both are... going!

We... all are... going!

Very good! Kamala, now you repeat...

l... am... going!

lt's you!

l must have misunderstood your
directions and got lost.

Excuse me! This is a school
and a class is in progress.

l'm sorry.

Mohan bhaiyya this is Gita didi.
And didi didi, this is Mohan bhayya...

- He has come from Aamkarica!
- Not Aamkarica, Chikku! America.

Chikku, what are you doing here?
l thought you had a stomach ache!

Amma asked me to show
Mohan bhaiyya the school so l just...

So you are Gita! Remember me?

l used to call you 'Gitlee'
when we were kids.

The children are
supposed to be studying.

l'm sorry.

Now l understand.
Mathematics, Geography...

Oh yeah, by the way...

...you forgot your 50 rupees
at the bookshop!

Thank you, will you please go now?

Yes. l'm very sorry.

l... am... going!

Very good.

What's this?

This is a foot massager, that'll take
care of your aching feet.

- There is no electricity at the moment.
- Why?

- We have power failures quite often.
- Oh, when will it resume?

Nothing can be said for sure.
This happens 3-4 times a week.

Who are they?

Gita's parents Shanta and Jagmohanji...

who started the school in Charanpur.

When Chikku was only five,
Jagmohanji passed away.

Gita was studying in a college
in Delhi at that time.

As soon as she graduated,
she came here...

...to help her mother with the
running of the school.

But Shanta's health was on the decline,

till a point when she sent Gita to the
Old Age Home to fetch me.

Before dying, Shanta entrusted
the upkeep of Gita and Chikku to me.


- Why did it take you so long, Gita?
- l had to correct a few test papers.

Thought l may as well finish it there.

Didi, didi, look what
Mohanbhaiyya got for me!

Guess what l'm going to
cook for you Mohan?

Very nice.

Your favorite tadka daal,
aloo ki sabzi and kheer.


Gita! Now you will have to treat me
to an ice-cream.

You lost the bet.

Oh Kaveriamma, l've missed your food.

The kheer was especially good.

l knew you would like it.

Enough about me.

Now tell us about yourself...and America.

Everything's fine in America.

l have all the comforts.
l have all that l could ask for.

l'm glad to hear that.

And how is your nasha going on?
(nasha - Hindi slang for drugs)


Why? Have you quit?



That's what l meant.

My work at nasha... l mean NASA
is going very well.

So, you're an astronaut?


l'm a Project Manager for the
Global Precipitation Measurement! GPM.

Global Precipitation Measurement.

Very good.

Look at this Mohan bhaiyya!

Wow! Very good. You are a great artist!

Chikku, you bunked school today.
And, you have to catch up with studies.

- Good night Chikku!
- Say good night!

l owe you an apology.

Apology? For what?

l'm sorry...

...that l wasn't there to take care of you

What are you talking about?

Let me talk Kaveriamma!

l'm sorry... that l wasn't there to
take care of you.

l'm sorry... that l was not there
when you needed me most.

l'm sorry... that you had to go
to an Old Age Home.

Not another word now!


...these are all matters of destiny.

l have everything...

Everything, but you!

l miss you very much Kaveriamma.

Will you come with me?



No, l'm fine here!

Just come with me, you'll love it there.

You'll get a lot of rest and peace.
lt's a much better life there.

Let me think about this.

Come on now...

You should go to sleep here.


lf you don't mind,
l will sleep in the caravan.

Now what new machine is this?

One that puts you to sleep!

Something like that!

- Good Night.
- Good Night.



Sir, l am Mela Ram!

Hello. What do you want?

Sir, l have brought you breakfast.

- Please try my breakfast.
- Breakfast? Not now.

Sir please, l made it especially for you.

l am a very good cook.

Got it... means understood!

- You're a good cook! l'm impressed.
- Thank you sir.

You have come from America sir?

l have a question sir.

ln America, are there a lot of highways?

Yes, there are. They are
called freeways there.

Got it!

Means l understood.

One more question, sir.

Be comfortable.

Do they have Dhabas on these freeways?
(dhaba - an lndian fast food joint)

- Dhaba?
- Yes.

Sort of. Why?

What do you think?

Will an lndian dhaba
work on those freeways?

- l think it'll work!
- Will it work?

l think maybe... thanks for the dhaba,
l mean breakfast!

Now if you'll excuse me,
l've got to get ready!

Of course sir.

l'll meet you again sir.

Thank you, Thelaram.

- Sir it's Mela Ram!
- Sorry, Mela Ram.

Sir last question.

Sir l will give you a very good offer sir.

We'll open a dhaba in partnership.

l will give you 50%
half share of all the money l make

l have even thought of a name
for this dhaba.

lt will be called...

- ...Mela Ram Dhaba. Ok?
- Ok.

- Happy?
- Very happy.

lt's a deal sir.

Jai Ramji ki!
(Lord Ram be praised)!

So this is your caravan!

Not mine. lt belongs to a
friend of Rahul's.

lt's nice! lsn't it Gita?

Chikku was right.

Really, this car is exactly like a house.

There's a kitchen here...

a TV...

a bathroom...

a bed too.

Wow! This car is like a house on wheels!

Er... yes. Absolutely!

lt's very comfortable.

Now we should be going.

We don't want to miss the Panchayat
(A village body for village governance)

Come on. Let's go.
Come on. Quickly.

District Council is deliberating
upon all the demands...

...made in the last
village panchayat meeting.

The decision will be taken soon.

Sadanandji, please tell us when the
remaining electric wires are being put up?

We plan to start
work as soon as possible.

- The Gram Panchayat ha...
- Just a moment, Sadanand Bajpeiji.

l've never seen a Panchayat before.

Whenever you are asked, all you say is
"We plan to start work.

You are the Block Development Officer

You are well aware that we have been
dealing with this problem for a long time

75% of the village is constantly plagued
with electricity failures

and the remaining one-fourth
still lives in darkness.

This is like covering your back
while your front's open.

Then, what's the use of
these electric wires?

Dadaji, the Government Surveyor has
recorded his observations...

it is now just a matter of a few days.

A few days?

ln a few days l'll be at Heaven's Door.

Then you can come
light a bulb on my shrine.

Dadaji, don't say that,
may you live a long life!

Please don't mind Dadaji, even l have
a complaint against the village.

- What?
- One hears that Dukhi, Santram and...

...their boys steal electricity from the poles.

lt's not us. lt's Santram who's the culprit.

Hold your tongue! When did
we steal electricity?

Now l understand why there was
no power last evening.

Calm down everyone!

- Sadanandji, this job should be done soon.
- Ok.

Or else we'll take the matter to
the higher authorities.

Sangam, what is the next case?

- Case No. 35
- The school!

Yes Gitaji?

l wish to continue teaching children
in the existing premises.

The new alternate
place you are suggesting...

is too small...

...and then it's also too far. Children
won't be able to walk so much everyday.

But why do you need such a big
space for the school?

You don't even have enough
children to fill up the classes

More children will come to
study in the school.

That's what you've been saying
for a year now!

She has been trying!
We've all been trying!

Look Dadaji, we need the school
space for the Panchayat.

Then the tehsildars also want to
establish their office in the school.

The village also needs a spare
room for the granary.

lt will be the economic
center of the village.

And the place we are offering you
is good enough for teaching.

No, it won't be enough

want to start a few more
classes in the school.

l want to reinstate those children

who've left the school
in the past couple of years.

And then there are some villagers who
are not sending their children to school.

Today, l appeal to all of them to
send their children to school.

All right, Gita.

lf you can manage to enroll more
children in the next three months

then we're ready to reconsider.

But if there are no new admissions...

then you must agree to move
from the current premises.

This month's Panchayat is adjourned.

Come Mohan, let me introduce you
to the members of the Panch.

- This is my Mohan.
He has just come from America.
- Okay.

- Mohan... this is the head of our village
- Vishnuduttji.


- Namaste! (Greetings)
- My blessings, son!


God bless you my son.

- Gungadinji.
- Namaste.

- Fatimabi...
- May you live long my son.

...and Narayanji.

God bless you son.

May Lord Rama protect you.

What do you do in America?

l work in a company called NASA.

So, what does this
company manufacture?

We make satellites.

Now what is that?

Oh come on, Fatima...

...you know those things in the sky.

- Satellites er satellites
- Let me explain.

Satellites are like
the moon orbiting earth,

which help us to know when,
where and how much it will rain

predict the changes in the atmosphere

they send us information
about all these things.

- That's it!
- lsn't this what you had told me?

Wow Kaveri l'm impressed! l had no idea
you knew so much

...about these things.

All this work that you have described
is done by our Sahdev out here

without rotating himself, believe me!

Hey Sahdev, tell us!

The sky is clear.

There will be no clouds in
evidence for the next two days.

Very good! That's precisely what l do.

Mohan bhaiyya! Look!
That's the temple!


Beautiful! What's this?

This is the specialty of our village.

These are the footprints of
Lord Rama and Sita.


Ram and Sita's footprints!

Charanpur! Ok.

That explains the name of the village
Charanpur. (Charan means feet)

- How are you?
- l'm all right.

- And Kaveriamma? How is she?
- She's fine.

l've been trying your cell phone.

There is no network coverage here.

Vinod l'm no longer in Delhi.
l'm in a village called Charanpur.

Oh. Anyway now what about
the GPM instrument concept

and risk reduction study
that needs to be initialized.

l'll e-mail you the graphics right away!

You do that. But the internet
connection here is weak.

l won't be able to
download the graphics.

Why don't you Fed-Ex the CD to
Rahul in Delhi? He'll send it to me.


Come fast.

One more thing! The week will
pass by very quickly

All right.

l am going to be here a
little longer than l thought.

Kaveriamma has some pending work here

because of which she can't leave right away.

Ok. That's fine.

Can l have a word with John
regarding this? ls he there?

Don't worry about that
l will take care about that.

- See you then.
- Bye.

Jai Ramji ki.
(Lord Ram be praised).

- Well, well... the village lingo's getting a hold on you. Jai Ramji ki!
- Bye.
- Bye.

One moment.

How much was that?
Five hundred and eighteen rupees?

Five hundred eighteen rupees sir!

One moment sir.

Sir, you just mentioned
the word "internet".

l've heard the word "international".

but 'lnternet'? What's that?
l think l've heard it before.

lnternet... lnternet is a medium
through which we can...

...connect and communicate
with people in any part of the world.

No Post-office needed!
This is called e-mail.

E-mail! Really?

lf this e-mail is somehow
installed in this village

- l'll be in seventh heaven.
- How is that?

Because then l wouldn't have
to deliver any letters.

l would just sit here and
email them all.

Email is indeed the summum bonum

it would break the walls that...

...separate home and the world.

- Thank you sir.
- Okay.

Time to get up!

Kaveriamma, don't wake me up!
Haven't slept like this in years.

Get up. We have
a lot of work to do now.

The guests will be here at eleven.
The house needs to be cleaned.

What's going on?
Who are the guests?

A potential groom is coming to
see Gita with his parents.


- They are from Azamgarh.
- Gita's marriage?

- Yes!
- Yes?

Gita's marriage...!

l forgot to tell you last night.

About two months ago, Vishwasji,
the boy's father had written to me.

Now finally they'll be here today.

- But what is the need for all this?
- What do you mean?

l mean... l mean what's the rush?
She's just a child!

What a strange thing to say!
Come on, get ready.

Why should l get ready?
As if they're coming to see me!

- This is Gita.
- Namaste!

- This is Raghunath.
- Namaste!

Please sit.

Excuse me, l'll just be back.

- l've heard... you run a school here.
- Yes.

We have a chemicals business.


The demand that you are making
is not acceptable to me.

Teaching is my profession
and my passion.

And l'd like to continue
this work even after marriage.

A woman's hands are full just
with the household chores.

l disagree! l'd like to take care of the
house as well as work.

Let me tell you, that we would not like the
women of our household to work outside

Besides l fail to see why you would
want to keep working after marriage?

What if l say the same to your son?

My parents too have brought me up
with equal love and affection...

they expect me to live my life with

independence and self-reliance.

lf your son has a desire to be something
in life, to make a mark in society

then why can't women
have the same desire?

Be it in any field women are
making their mark equally.

There's more to a woman than
just wearing bangles.

And after marriage, aren't the house
and the children as much...

...a responsibility of the man
as the woman?

Why can't the husband and wife
work as a team?

Why should one of them sacrifice
more than the other?

l don't accept the demand of not
being allowed to work after marriage.

You mean... are you rejecting
this proposal?

l have nothing else to say...

This is how the new generation thinks.

We should not carry this
matter any further!

l'm sorry Shardaji, Vishwasji.

lt's all right.

- l'm upset with what happened today.
- But l felt l was right.

l don't think you should have
expressed your views in this way.

Whatever it is, this is
against my principles.

Kaveriamma, Gita is right.

But Mohan, he was a nice boy.

You can change people's views
about life over a period of time.

- Well, you do have a point there.
- No, l couldn't have changed him.

Habits can be altered over time but
narrow opinions and beliefs cannot be.

l'm absolutely sure

that their next demand would
be the dowry amount.

Quite possible. l completely
agree with you.

This thinking is imbedded in our culture
& tradition and it hampers the nation.

Excuse me.

Without culture and tradition the
country would be left with no soul.

But Mohan, we are not talking
about the country.

l know Kaveriamma,
but it's all connected, isn't it?

What is this soul you talk off Gita?
We are plagued with problems.

Will you disagree, when l say that
illiteracy is rampant?

That we have administrative problems!

We are yet under-developed.

That's true! llliteracy and
poverty are hand in glove!

Kaveriamma, your village has
not even got electricity yet.

Caste discrimination, overpopulation,
unemployment and corruption...

...our state of affairs is pathetic.
Pass me the salt.

You have drifted from our topic. But since
you've brought this up, let me tell you...

...the Government is trying to find
solutions for these problems.

Yes! Yes! We'll see how much good
their solutions will bring.

The infrastructure that the Government
has is not enough to

cope with even...
1/4th of the existing population,

The Government has always failed
in satisfying the peoples' needs.

The Government is making policies,
making efforts.

What do you mean by 'efforts'?

Just to make resolutions & collect funds for them

is that where the
Government's work ends?

Whether this money even reaches
the grassroot level...

...whether the common man benefits
or not from their resolutions...

...are they not responsible
for that as well?

- Yes they are.
- Then...

But what do you think the
Government is, after all?

The Government is a system, of
which the public is also a part.

You, me, this village... all of us!

Now if the system is lacking
in certain things, then...

...to rectify its weaknesses
is our responsibility as well.

God helps only those
who help themselves.

Yes Kaveriamma, but things
are not going to change here.

Because no one wants to change!

lt's easy for you to criticize.
But are you doing anything about it? No!

Excuse me.

At least, l am not defending
the government like you.

l'm building satellites to help
technology advance.

For everyone mankind!

- Some more curry?
- No!

But you are doing it all there.

l'm doing all that l can here,
at the village grass root level.

l'm trying to make this a better place!

Gita... you too are a typical lndian!

You lndians can't take criticism.

You lndians?

Sorry, l mean... we lndians...!

Anyway, we are aware that not much has
changed in our country in a long time.

But l still want to try
and make a difference.

You have given up all hope.

No l haven't. .

- Yes you have!
- No l haven't!!

She's really a fighter, isn't she?

You're no less yourself!

Now what is to become of this girl?
He was such a nice boy.

- There are other boys...
- l know

But it is not easy to please Gita.

She has too many expectations.

To top all this, there is the school case.

And until both these problems are solved
you won't be able to leave with me.

l have a plan...
let's split up the work.

l'm the boy... l mean...

you find a boy and
l will find children for the school.

We'll round off all of
Gita's problems.

What did you say?

Nothing. Nothing at all!

Hail the Lord of Strength!

This is the first lesson in wrestling.

Remember it.

There's no letter for you Mohan babu.

You're a wrestler as well?

l have been wrestling
since l was a child

- ...and it's my favourite hobby.
- Very good.

Just out of curiosity, till what
grade have you studied?

l mean, you must have worked
very hard to gain this post.

l am a graduate!

- How fortunate you are!
- Fortunate... yes!

But l've also studied very
hard to attain this post.

l'm sure you studied hard

but at least you had the
opportunity to go to High School.

l feel very sorry for the
village children.

- Why is that?
- l'll explain.

What are your views on the school case?

The school case? lt's very simple.

The school must move from here.
That space is needed for the Panchayat.

That is why l feel bad for
the children of the village.

Look... the Panchayat is not allowing for
a High School to be started here

and what good is it going to be for
children to have studied till 4th Std?

lf they want to succeed in life like you
then they must go to High School.



lt's here the high school will stand.
The children will study here.

Then they can start writing letters
for their parents themselves.

Think about the work it will save you.

l think the school
should not shift from here.

l will talk to people in the village.

- You must!
- Definitely

- Praise the Lord of Might.
- Praise the Lord of Might.



Why don't you drop by our
wrestling ring sometime?

Sure, why not?

How about a wrestling session?


Mohan babu,
l have a surprise for you...

Here... have some pakodas with
shimla mirch tandoori.

l've made it specially for you.

- ls this all that you can make?
- No sir, l can cook whatever you desire.

Got it. Listen Mela Ram...

Please don't say a word.

- l know what you have on your mind.
- What?

Actually l was thinking...
you must have felt bad.

l'll give you 60%.

l'll give you 60% in partnership.


Your lunch and dinner
will be on the house!

l have changed the name of our dhaba.

We can call it Mohan's Mela Ram Dhaba

or Mela Ram's Mohan Dhaba.

You decide. Then we'll lock it.

The first one sounds ok.
Mohan's Mela Ram Dhaba.

Ok then sir... So deal done, sir?

But before that,
you'll have to help me.

- Help? How?
- l wish to send the kids from...

...your community to the school
for which l need your help.


But it's little difficult sir.

Well, then your going to America

also looks little 'difficult' to me.

lt is easy sir.

l'm ready. Just tell me what l need to do.

Our children and their kids in
the same school? Never!

Lions and sheep never drink water
from the same pond, Mohanbabu.


...what is your background?

l mean...

what caste are you?

l'm a Brahmin!

Then learn to behave like one.

So what am l expected to do?

We've heard that you eat food,
cooked by Mela Ram.

Are you aware what his caste is?

But what difference does that make?
What age are you folks living in?

Don't you dare degrade our piety!

You've fallen, are you out to
drag us down too?

And you Nivaaranji, seems like
you've switched sides already!

l am only doing what l think is right.

lf you have any objections
you don't have to accept this.

Hey Birsa. Mohanbabu wants to
have a word with you.

What has happened sir?
Have we done anything wrong?

No, not at all.
l just came to ask...

...if you would you like to send
your children to school?

Huzoor, the villagers that do not
allow us to work in the village...

...do you think they will agree
to educate our children?

Don't worry.
Your kids will go to school.

Also, of what use is studying, now that
they are in their marriageable age?

My daughter Lajwa is going
to be engaged.

Child marriage!

Can you not see our situation?
We barely manage to fill our stomachs.

Who is going to pay their school fees?

Gitaji doesn't run the school for money.

Teaching is her passion... her life!

lf we speak with her

we can assure you that
she will help you.

The village folks don't
want to see us around.

Just listen to me...

Let it be saheb.

Education is not in their destiny.

Not in my children's destiny.

What have you decided Vishnoji?

Studies are not going to
fill an empty stomach!

Since pottery will be their livelihood

then why waste time studying?

Have you made these?
They are beautiful.

Tell me. How much do
you sell this pot for?

- Thirty rupees.
- What!

We have a contractor in the city,
who buys it from us.

Sometimes we even get an extra
five-ten rupees.

We won't sell it for less than thirty!

The price of this pot in the city
is 100 rupees or more.

Maybe if you people were educated
you wouldn't be fooled like this.

l know that this art has been
passed down through generations.

l agree that your kids should
carry on this tradition.

But in this day and age, it is
crucial for them to be educated.

- ls it not Nivaaranji?
- Absolutely.

Because education will help them take
this art to its deserving end...

...and earn appropriate prices.

You are selling us a dream!
Don't show us these dreams.

Namaste Sarpanchji.

Welcome Nivaaranji.
Welcome Mohanji.

Mohanbabu wanted to discuss
the school with you.

l know, l know. Let me tell you...

that both my grandsons
are enrolled in the school.

We have great respect for
education in this house.

But l have heard that you have
two grand daughters as well

and both of them have dropped out?

Oh yes, Kusum and Suman...

They have both studied
till the fourth grade.

Now how much more can they study?

lt's time for them
to learn household work

cooking and such things.

After all, this is what will help
them once they get married.

How can you say such things?

Education instills confidence in girls.

Don't you want to see
them study and live their lives

with self-respect... independence and...

There's more to a woman
than just wearing bangles.

Agreed Mohanji!

But Charanpur does not even
have a High School

for these girls to study in.

But Mizwa village does.
You could have sent them there.

But now you don't need to
worry about that

because Gitaji is planning to open
a High School in Charanpur.

lf she has your support that is.

Do support us.

No Mohanbabu!
Not possible.

But how long are you going to control the
children's lives with caste & community?

Who are you to tell us what
we should be doing?

How much do you know about the
ways and problems of this village?

l accept that you were
born in this country

but that doesn't mean you can
go around giving sermons.

We understand perfectly what we need
to do for the progress of our village.

But the only ones who stand to
lose are the children.

Enough of this! l don't want
to argue with you.


For heaven's sake, stay out
of the village matters.

Mohanbabu, you are just a visitor here

roam around, enjoy the village...
why get into all this?

A movie is to be screened in Charanpur.

Tonight the Panchayat has organized
a movie screening in the village.

You must come and watch...
you'll enjoy!

Get down.

Ok sir, we'll meet later.

Why? Won't you see the movie?

l'll be sitting this side and
watching the movie.


By the way, which film
are they showing?

- Yaadon ki Baaraat! (Union of Memories)
- Who's union?

- Union of Memories!
- Oh, l heard...our union!

Shut up

Just kidding! lt's one
of my favorite films.

Please turn off your lanterns
the film is about to begin.

Dear lords, kind patrons
and art-lovers!

Here's an important announcement

Mothers must keep a vigilant eye upon
children during the screening.

And please don't disturb your neighbour.

So, presenting the separation
and union of three brothers.

Todays' movie is...
Yaadon ki Baaraat.

- Are you going to sing a song, which
you used to sing every year?
- Yes.

What happened?

What happened to the movie?

Not a power failure again!

Chikku, it's just temporary.

No, it won't come back. l know it won't.

How much time will this take?

lt will take twenty minutes
to start the generator.

Hurry up.

Don't cry now children!

Everyone quiet!

Sit down.

All the children on the other side,

Don't cry. Now, listen to me carefully.

Everybody, now look up at the sky
and tell me what you see.

The stars!

Now tell me... can you see the stars
forming a plough?


Yes, plough.
Do you see it?

- No.
- l'll help you.


can you see that brightest star
in the sky?

- Can you see it?

Along that star on the right
are three stars in a line.


- Can you see them?
- Yes.

Now below the third star,
five stars form a curve to the left.

- Can you see them?
- Yes.

Now look at them as one.

Look closely. You will see
the plough taking shape.

l can see it!

Yes, plough.

So what we must understand is...

...if we want, these stars

...we can make anything out of them.

But if we look at each star,
Though it looks beautiful,

...it is only a shimmering lone star.

This star, the one yonder
and every little star

Fancy, the one who would
love from afar

This star, the one yonder
and every little star

Shouldst these but together shimmer

Entire firmament is filled with glimmer

Shouldst these but together shimmer

Entire firmament is filled with glimmer

Twinkling stars, a couple o' stars a handful,

a hundred stars Shimmering luminaries

every star's a fiery spark!

Thou hast seen the rainbow

Pray, how many art the hues?

Seven colours so to speak

Yet how many shades its company keep?

Know this to begin,
if the colours wert alone

How couldst a rainbow be full blown?

lf we wert not to join hands,
to fight cause unjust

There wouldst be no public, nor trust

Know thus and protest not,
that the weak hath lost

Hmmm... the star, star

This star, the one yonder
and every little star

Fancy, the one who would
love from afar

Shouldst these but
together shimmer

Entire firmament is filled
with glimmer

Twinkling stars,
a couple o' stars

a handful, a hundred star Shimmering

every star's a fiery spark!

Of drops well-gathered

Doth a river swell

Ocean too is of drops assembled

But for the drops, it is but a naught

Grasp this riddle; for if drop wert
all alone

lt would be quite nothing.

Wert we to leave others; desert one
and all,

Lonely our lot is, to appall.

Why not unite then in a single current?

Hmmm... the star, star

This star, the one yonder
and every little star

Fancy, the one who would
love from afar

This star, the one yonder
and every little star

Shouldst these but
together shimmer

Entire firmament is filled
with glimmer

Twinkling stars,
a couple o' stars

a handful, a hundred stars
Shimmering luminaries

every star's a fiery spark!

Peasant who wieldeth a plough,
of earth reapeth gold

Cowherd tending cows,
of milk a river flows

Blacksmith that mouldeth iron,
every tool fashioneth

Mud that a potter holdeth,
turneth into pitcher

All these art the fonts of labour
And of desire to work a wish

None inimical with any
All art united in common dream

Harken! Everyone's but a kin
None an outsider to pin

This simple truth, regard thou,
my friend!

Hmmm... the star, star

This star, the one yonder
and every little star

Fancy, the one who would
love from afar

This star, the one yonder
and every little star

Shouldst these but
together shimmer

Entire firmament is filled
with glimmer

Twinkling stars,
a couple o' stars

a handful, a hundred stars Shimmering

every star's a fiery spark!


l want to talk to you
about something important.

l cannot keep it in me anymore.

Go on.

l had recognized you at the
bookshop in Delhi.

And l'd guessed that you had
come to take Kaveriamma away.

You did not make a mistake
in the address of Charanpur.

l had deliberately given you
the wrong directions.

Why is that?

Call me childish...

...but l did not want you
to reach Charanpur

and to meet Kaveriamma.

For all that you're doing for the
school, l'd like to thank you!

But l cannot let you take
Kaveriamma away.


You want her so that

she can take care of your house
and do all the household chores.

How dare you say that?

How can you accuse me
of such a motive?

l have travelled 12,000 miles
only out of concern for...

...Kaveriamma's well being.

lf you were so concerned

then where were you when she
was in an Old Age Home?

lt was l who traced her
and got her here.

Maybe, that's because

you needed someone to take
care of Chikku and your house.

Why did you come back?

Why did you have to come back?

We were so happy.

You have everything in life.

But all we have is Kaveriamma.

You are not the only one
with a right over her.

l agree that she is
like a mother figure to you...

...and you like a son to her.

But she is a mother to me too.

l don't want to
become an orphan again!

l understand Gita.

l will not allow you to take
Kaveriamma away from me.

Kaveriamma will come
with me to America.

Whether you like it... or not!

l'm in a dilemma Fatima.

Mohan is asking me to go with him,
while Gita expects me to be here.

l just don't know what to do.

Allah knows, when Mohan arrived
l was so happy for you.

But l never thought things
would get into such a tangle.

You'll have to disappoint
one or the other.

l'm not clear whether l should go to
America with Mohan or not!

l don't understand why he
wants to take you there?

To work there? Did you ask him?

No Fatima. He loves me.
He'll take good care of me.

Well, l hope you are right Kaveri.

Otherwise who is to know what
tomorrow has in store?

Kaveri, why don't you ask
Mohan to stay on over here?

No Fatima, he won't agree.

Remember one thing...

...every piece of ice is inevitably
ordained to melt in its own water!

Get him to understand
this perfectly well.

We played a lot.


...you can stop looking for a groom for me!

l have decided... not to get
married at this point!

But why?

Yes. l want to focus all my time on the
children and the school's progress.

That's alright, but...

Furthermore, l'm not yet prepared
for marriage!

Well done!

This is a good move
to stall Kaveriamma from leaving.

But then, come to think of it
who will want to marry you anyway?

Now, don't get me wrong!
l'm not saying you're not beautiful.

But this attitude, tonnes of
ideals and principles...

who'll suffer all this?

lt's a good thing, you have
decided to opt out yourself.

But there is one crazy guy,
who might want to marry you.

Yes Mohan, the precipitation
measurement list has been drawn up.

- You understand what l'm saying?
- Yes Vinod.

We've tested the dual frequency radar,
the horizontal & vertical resolution's fine

Yes, but the waveforms need to match
with the longitudinal parabolas.

Ofcourse, ofcourse
they work in alignment.

Nivaaranji... Nivaaranji...

- Here speak to Steve.
- Hi Mohan.

Steve, what about the
geometrical axis function?

lt's being calibrated. The baseline
parameter's been optimized.

See, the sun-synch orbit needs to be in
alignment with the radiometers of TRMM .

Ok, l'll make the remaining readings
and call you in a couple of days.

Ok, thanks.

Hey Mohan so how's everything else?

Everything's fine. All is well.

So, have you found yourself
a village belle?

Actually, you can say yes.


- You're kidding me right?
- No.

What's her name?

Her name is Gita.
Kaveriamma lives with her.

l don't believe this!

Except, she's no village belle...

She studied in Delhi
and now she runs a school here.

Have you told her?

Does she know?

- How can l tell her?
- What do you mean?

l mean...

l mean she's got a different set
of ideals et al. She's just different.

Come on!
You can't make that mistake.

You have to tell her how you feel.

All right... if you say so.

Listen l'll catch up with you later,
gotta go now.

Your two weeks are almost up!

l know.

l'll be back soon.

- You should have been back already.
- But let me propose to her first.

l'll be leaving soon,
catch up with you later, bye.


Gurnaamji, how much was that?

- 32 minutes. ls it ok if l pay tomorrow?
- Yes.

My apologies Mohanbabu!
The electricity is problematic here.

Why are you trying to
corrupt Chikku's mind?

What are you talking about?

Haven't you been talking to him and
his friends about going to America?

No Gita, l was just explaining...

Am l teaching these kids so that they can
go abroad and settle down like you?

You NRl. Non-Returning lndian!

Hand me the mug, please.

You don't even know how to have a bath.
You should learn from Chikku.

Gita, l think you need a vacation.

Why don't you come back
with me for one?

Gita, you are very mischievous.
Where's the bucket?

- Listen...
- No. You listen to me.

- What?
- l like you very much... Gitli!

- What?!
- lt's true, Gitli!

l liked the way you handled
that man in the bookshop.

Don't try to sweet talk me.
Kaveriamma will stay here... with me!

You're misunderstanding.
l really like you.

Shut up! And don't you try
to corrupt the kids again, ok?

l'm not corrupting anyone.
l'm only bathing.

More than the kids, you're the
one who needs an education!

You can keep calling out to
YOUR Kaveriamma now.

All right now, remove your notebooks.
The topic is General Knowledge.

So who's going to tell me...

...the names of five of the most
important rivers in the country?

l'm sorry to be late teacher.

Look ahead.

Today l'm going to take your class!

First question...

...name five main rivers in lndia?


...tell me!

Let me think.

Ganga, Jamuna, Narmada...



Bharati? Panchgani??
Are they rivers?

Vidya, you tell me.

Ganga, Jamuna, Narmada...
Godavari and Brahmaputra.

Excellent Vidya!

Second question...

...name the new state that has
been formed in North-West lndia?

l know this one.
lt was a part of Uttar Pradesh, right?

Yes Chikku. You tell us!

- lt's Uttaranchal!
- Oh yes, Uttaranchal!!

How could l have missed it?
l forgot!

Well done, Chikku!

Now the last question...

...if our new student does
not know the answer...

...we'll have to demote him to a lower class.

How many lion heads does
the Ashoka pillar have?

This one is easy.


Noooooo! lt's got four!

Excellent, children!
The lesson of the day is...

...before gaining knowledge
about foreign lands,

it is important that one should
know one's own country first.

Don't forget to do your homework.

The rivers Ganga and Jamuna have
their confluence point in Allahabad.

The new state Uttaranchal...

...is the 27th state of lndia
with Dehradun as its capital.

This is the land where the
Mahabharata was written!

The Ashoka pillar rests
in a circular abacus,

which is girded by four animals.
The bull of the West...

...the elephant of the East,
the horse of the South...

...and lion by the North.

Gita, the blackboard is clean.

Gita... l am...


But all my answers were correct.

This is Natthu, the potter and
this is Shankar...

...he makes baskets.

Both of them want us to admit
their children in school.

What Mohanbabu said to us
the other day touched our hearts.

We don't want our
children to suffer like us.

On the morning of Dussehra
(lndian festival)

you can come and enroll your
children in the school.

Yes ok.

The tides have begun to
change direction.

Haven't they?

l'm sorry.

- Mohan!
- Yes?

- Mohan, l have some work for you.
- What work?

There's a place called Kodi a
few miles from here.

Gita has some family property there,

which has been leased to a
farmer called Haridas.

He has not paid his rent for
some months.

l want you to go an
recover the money.


But why do you want me to go?
Can't you send someone else?

lf you go and ask
he just might pay up.

Oh! So you want me
to be a collector now!

Ok, when should l leave?
l have to fuel up the caravan.

- You have to leave now.
- Now?

- Yes, and you can't take the caravan there.
- Then?

You will have to take the train
for three hours to Narsinga...

...then a boat journey across
the river to Maangaon...

...and finally three hours by bus...
and you've reached Kodi!

- Sure, that's pretty closeby!
- You'll return by tomorrow evening.

And Mela Ram will go with you.
He knows the way.

- Kaveriamma...
- Yes?

My vacation is nearing it's end.
What have you decided?

You finish this work first.

Come on Collector saheb...!

Why are you sending Mohan?

l sent Haridas a message only
a few days ago.

l know what l'm doing!

- Good morning sir.
- Good morning Melaram.

l'm all set to take you on a
sightseeing trip of the village.

Ok, l'll take your leave.

Mohanbhaiyya, you'll
bring me a toy, won't you?

Of course! Gimme five... yes!

And what shall l bring for you?


l know you don't want me to leave,
but l have to go for Kaveriamma.

And listen, don't think
about me too much.

Don't miss me too much.

Now what makes you think
that l'll miss you?

The look in your eyes!

They give your feelings away.

O beloved, most beloved, surely

l am infatuated with thee

Thou hast endeared my heart

O beloved...

O beloved, most beloved, surely

l am infatuated with thee

Thou hast endeared my heart

O beloved...

My heart's bewildered

My body with fire kindled

lt's monsoon of my dreams

The courtyard of my eyes streams

The pitcher of my heart is overflowing

O beloved...

O dear who hast drawn so near!
O dear who hast endeared my heart!

How canst l recount

What hath been thy bequest pray how?

Somewhere art buds of
a throbbing heart

Somewhere the dream-lanes

Mirth that dwells in the heart,

How shallst l articulate?

Thou swayeth me so

That oft times l am embarrassed

lt seems l have lost
my path

Ever since l have seen the
haven of love

Haven of love

O beloved, most beloved,

l am infatuated with thee

Thou hast endeared my heart

O beloved...

Now that thou hast met me
This world's transformed

Methinks the flowers have begun
to beset my path

And l fancy too
That this earth's renewed

The sky too freshly spun
in our love

Wanton breeze singeth some melody

River too narrates some tale

All's changed, my love
since my eyes courted thine

l have lost presence of my mind,
gone is my treasured selfhood

O beloved...



l'm Mela Ram and this is
Mohan Bhargavji.

Tell me.

Kaveriji and Gitaji have sent me.
lt's about the rent.

l understand.

Come in.

You have travelled a long way.
You must be tired. Please rest.

Make some bread.

Run along now.

Please come in.

You really shouldn't have bothered.

How is that possible?
A guest is like God!

We've served what we have;
you eat and then we'll talk.


lf l had the capacity to pay,
l would have come to Charanpur myself.

Sir, l was a weaver before l
took up farming.

Since the advent of machine
woven fabrics in the market,

weaving had ceased to
be a lucrative business.

So l became a farmer.
l took Gitaji's land on lease.

l'd imagined, once the crops flourished
the children's life would improve.

But it was not to be!


By taking up farming,
l had changed my profession.

The village elders did not accept this
and looked upon me as an outcast.

They felt a weaver should remain a weaver,
even if it meant, that he had to go hungry.

l cried, pleaded...
but no one listened to me!

Nobody offered a drop of
water to irrigate my land.

Entire crop dried up...

...and whatever survived,
the villagers refused to buy.

lt is because of this, l've not
been able to pay Gitaji's rent.

But this is wrong.

lt's unfair. lt is an outrage!

lt is the way things work here.

Not a morsel to
fill our stomach,

no clothes to wear,
no roof above our heads,

no education for children,
nor land!

The thirst in my heart alone
knows the taste of my tears!

Then what did you do?

What could l do?

l thought about migrating to the city,
hoping life would be better there.

Those who had been there,
recounted the anguish in the cities.

A labourer goes there to work,
and falls into the grip of contractors.

He either returns hungry,
or never returns.

And soon, the wife has to
sell the little land she has.

No sir, no!

l couldn't feed my
children in this life...

...what is to happen after me?

And about Gitaji's money,

l have nothing to offer
except helplessness and shame.


Thank you for the food, Haridasji.

Haridasji, l'll take your leave.

Please don't mind. Here's
some money. Keep it.

Mohanbabu, it's very kind of you
but l can't accept it.

Please Haridasji, l want you to keep it.

When you have it, you can
return it to me.

But l don't know when l will
be able repay it.

Don't worry about it.

Here Chotu, this is for you.
Share it with your sisters.

Please give Gitaji
and Kaveriji my respects.

Water for sale... water for sale...
25 paise for a glass...

25 paise for a glass of water...

Saheb, please have a glass of water.

Mohan you're back!

How was your journey?

- Ok.
- Did you meet Haridas?

Yes. But l could not get the money.

His situation is pathetic.
He can't pay the rent!

lnstead, sir gave him money
from his own pocket, before leaving.

l couldn't bear to see
Haridas' condition.

l don't think you should expect
any rent from him.

Mohanbhaiyya, did you get me my toy?

l couldn't get anything.

Come Chikku.

Mohan this is the general
state of affairs.

What is money when compared
with the value of human life?

l'm glad you gave him money.

Now don't get disheartened.
Rest a little.


...how do l wrap this around?

Kaveriamma has left for school.
For the decorations.

l don't know why she wants
me to wear this dhoti?

What's wrong with my jeans anyway?

lt is the appropriate thing to
wear on Dussehra.

lf you wish l can tie it for you.

How do you know?
Have you ever worn one?

lt's not a saree, ok!

Ok then! Do it yourself.

All right, all right.
Just do it quick.



Hold it.

What the...

There, it's done.

Sure, it's done...

...but l hope it doesn't
unravel in a crowd! Or else...

Shut up!

Today is the auspicious day of Dussehra.
lt was on this day that Lord Rama...

had slain Ravana and marked the
triumph of good over evil!

l am very happy that on this day
we initiate new students in the school.

May the Goddess of Knowledge
be with you.

lt's Lajwa.

This is our little granddaughter Kusum!

Now, go and play.

Mohanji, where are you off?
Why don't you spend some time with us?

l'm impressed. How well you've
tied your dhoti Mohanbabu?

How did you manage to learn so quickly?

lt's pretty easy. lt was tied in seconds.

You're looking like a bridegroom.

Thank you.

So how long have you lived abroad?

lt's been almost twelve years now.

You must have adapted yourself
completely to their way of living?

We would also like to know a
thing or two about America.

Well... America is a big country...

We've heard that it's also very rich?

Rich it is. But there are several
reasons for that.

One among them is that their land
is rich in mineral resources...

Even our land is rich, but in crops.

Our strength... lies in our fields.

Do they have problems of rain?

Are they affected by drought
and famine like us?

And what about electricity?

They've set up infrastructure to provide
all the basic amenities to the common man.

Electricity, housing board, healthy
food and free education.

We have one thing,
they don't have and will never have.


Culture and tradition!

Yes, agreed.

And till we have that,
no one can destroy us.

Ours is the greatest country in the world!


Culture and tradition is our strength,
don't you agree?


l don't think... Mohanbabu agrees!

Do you Mohanji?

You're right.

l don't agree that ours is the greatest
country in the world!

But l do believe that we have the
potential and strength to become great.

Both these countries are economically,
sociologically and culturally apart.

l shouldn't say this but since you have
broached this topic, let me say that...

...whenever we suspect losing
in comparison...

...we clutch on to our favourite refuge...


...and tradition!

America has progressed
on its own strengths.

They have their own culture
and own tradition.

lt would be wrong to claim
that their culture

their tradition and beliefs
are inferior and ours are laudable.

lt's wrong.

But l have heard that

there they discriminate against
members of ethnic races.

Yes! There are clashes sometimes.
Aren't they everywhere?

What is important to analyze is that
we make differences based on caste.

You talk as if we have created the caste,
class, religion and the social system.

This hierarchy of caste is ancient
as is culture and religion.

And colour and creed.

Remember, one's caste is
a thing that can never die!

Just because a custom is ancient,
it does not have to be right.

Why are you imposing your
views on us Mohanbabu?

l am not imposing any views.

l am only speaking of things l've
experienced while living here.

And l've realized that we keep
fighting amongst ourselves...

...when we must fight against illiteracy,
over-population and corruption.

Every day, in our streets and homes,
each one of us keeps saying

The country has gone to dogs. The
country is on the path of destruction!

lf we keep saying this, we will
one day actually land up there.

You'll need to do
something to remedy this.

You too!

Not just the members of the Panchayat
but everyone in the village.

You are blaming the members of the
Panchayat for your problems.

But when you step into their shoes, you'll
do the same thing. This applies to me too!

The dalits blame the brahmins...

...and brahmins claim that their
piety is despoiled by the dalits.

The blacksmith and potter blame
the moneylender.

The land owners blame the peasants,
but they don't give them their rights.

ln what way are we great then?

lf we have problems in the village,
we point our finger at the State...

...and the State at someone else.
We all are finding fault with each other!

The fact is that we're all to be blamed.

Because the problem... is us!

Me... you...

...all of us!

Have you lost your head?
What are you saying?

All l know is that...

...a weaver who changed his
occupation by becoming a farmer...

...cannot feed his family

or give his children an education.

He can only watch his kids
die of malnutrition.

Every moment weighs terribly,
we're beset with a calamity

O scion of Raghu race,
come to rescue me

Come, O Raghu stalwart,
O lord, l beseech thee

Adorable lord of my heart,
O my good Ram, appear

l recite thy Name,
hear thou O Ram and come

l recite thy Name,

hear thou O Ram and come

Proclaim glory of truth
by beat of drum,

burn Lanka of sins

At once come, rescue me and
heed loud proclamation mine

Every moment weighs terribly,
we're beset with a calamity

O scion of Raghu race,
come to rescue me

Forget Ram, look!
lt's Ravana who hast come

His mighty shadow hath
spread over all quarters

Why dost thou recite Name of Ram?
Why dost thou sing rosary of Ram?

This 'Ram' 'Ram' thou hast
begun by rote

O Sita!

what virtue didst thou
see in Ram to quote?

Who can recount all His virtues?

Lexicon too falleth short

Who can reach the summits

Where my adorable Ram sits

Ram is most excellent in this world,
unswerving in virtue

Most puissant yet
possessed of restraint

But now his restraint too
hath suffered diminution

O Ravana! lt's not too
late to beg for mercy!

May the glory of truth be
proclaimed by beat of drum!

Lanka of sins shouldst burn

Here cometh Ram; we bow unto Him

Accompanied by noble
brother Lakshmana

Every moment weighs terribly,
we're beset with a calamity

O scion of Raghu race,
come to rescue me

Shouldst Ram possess strength;
shouldst He valour proclaim

Why hast He not come to rescue thee,
thy fame?

He whose glories thou
singeth untiring

Pray, where is that Ram at
this moment, uncaring?

Ram resides in mine heart;
Ram is mine breathing part

Ram is soul mine,
Ram doth my life define

Ram in all my moments liveth,
it's Ram in every breath

Ram is in every hope of mine;
Ram is in every wish and pine

Ram verily in compassion stayeth,
in peace too dwelleth Ram

Ram for sure in unity is,
progress too is glory His

Ram, in contemplation of devotees,
and of enemies alike liveth

Forsake sin, O Ravana! And thou
shalt find Ram in thy heart

Ram in thy heart,
Ram is in mine heart

Ram in every home and abode,
Ram at every threshold

Whoever shouldst oust Ravana
from the heart, to him doth Ram dart

Every moment weighs terribly,
we're beset with a calamity

O scion of Raghu race,
come to rescue me

Look Lord Ram has come,
Mine Lord Ram has come

Here comes the scion of the Raghu race,
Here he comes to rescue me

Look Lord Ram has come,
Mine Lord Ram has come

Here comes the scion of the Raghu race,
Here he comes to rescue me

Siyavar Ramchandra Ki... Jai
(Glory unto Lord Ramchandra)

The burning Ravan is looking
prettier in the darkness.

Every moment weighs terribly,
we're beset with a calamity

Quiet! Please be quiet!

Why do l feel that...

...all of you have started
enjoying living in this darkness?

You've adjusted to this darkness?

For how long are you'll going to
take your problems lying down?

But what else can we do, Mohanji?

Will you do as l ask?

Have you once again come up
with some strange solution?

Please have mercy on us!

Wait Munishwar...

What do you want us to do?

ls there a spring on
the nearby mountain?

Yes there is. So?

l need a hundred men.

A hundred men?

You shall have them.

You shall have a
hundred men!

Thank you Dadaji.

Sir, one hears lightning had struck
this spot several years ago.

Since then there has been
this gush of water.

Wonder what he's upto!

This is Point A1

We shall build a reservoir here.

l mean a water tank.

The water will be
acccumulated here.

From here, there will be a water pipe
which leads to Point A3.

A3 will have a shed with a turbine,
l mean a machine.

When the water falls on the turbine,
it will rotate with great speed.

And if all things go right,
electricity will be generated.

We'll form four groups.

The blacksmiths will cast the moulds.

The 2nd and 3rd group will do the
digging work for the tank and so on.

Now let's form the groups.


This boy looks promising!

Surely seems like.

Reservoir will be made here.
Length 5 metres and breadth 1 metre.

l mean, 5 arm's length
by 1 arm's length.

For this we will have to clear out
all the stones and bushes.

- ls that clear?

lt's 7 feet and 6 inches.

Shall l try it?

Where's Mela Ram?

- What is this?
- From boot to suit, total American sir!

But why?

Now that we are going to do
business together...

l thought that l should look
like a 40% partner!

This is my passport and this is
my VlSA form, fully filled out!

Once it's stamped...

Baloo, show him an
alternator powered 24 watts.

Please come in sir.

- Here's your water, Dadaji.
- Thank you, Santaram.

How's the work progressing on the hill?

lt's getting on perfectly fine.

- How long will it take?
- lt will be completed very soon.

You take rest!

l'll take your leave now.
Jai Ramji Ki!

By the way Vinod, will the turbine
principle work in power generation?

Yes. Why do you ask?

You know what, l am trying to
generate electricity here.

Electricity? What the hell
are you talking about?

No no Vinod l'm lighting a bulb here.

John is beginning to lose it by the day.

Speak to him, and
buy me some more time.

- We've started working nights.
- Common Vinod handle it for me.

l'll talk to you later.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- 25 X 75 is equal to...
- 1875.

23.3 X 33.9

789.87 = 790.

l'm about to finish this.

l've fallen in love with you.

What did you say? Come again.

See! Just see!

lt's you and me, and long solitude!

See! Just see!

How delicate are these shadows!

Listen in; heed the heartbeats

Listen in; heed the song of silence

Listen in; heed what the night hath to say

Night's come;

with desires nameless and many

She narrateth a hundred woes;
l listen to her epiphany

Night unwindeth,
unabashed stripeth her cloak

Pearls, scattered as it were; l pick

You have chanted some spell in words

Lamps are alit in my eyes

You have chanted some spell in words

The darkness of my nights hath poured out

- Melaram ready?
- Ready sir.

Release the valve.

Release the value further.


The water will gush to this
turbine through this pipe.

The turbine will rotate with
the force of water.

With this steering wheel,
we can control the water flow.

We need to release enough water
to make this pulley rotate

and make this alternator spin
at the speed of 1500 rpm.

And if this happens,
electricity will be generated.

Lonely wert the day and nights
sans you,

overcast with desolation

And now it seemeth the nights,
kissed by the day art perfumed

for you art my companion

l was incomplete sans you,
more complete now none couldst be

ln yours, my world l discovered,
yet l am all lost

Both of us have now learned,
art of living well earned

Like Midas touch, our living
how well hath altered

Both of us have now learned,
beauty of life well earned

O joys, we owneth a score,
enough and more

What are you'll doing?

There will be electricity in
your house, Dadi Setu!

The wires are up. Now all that
we have to do is wait.

- Ready...
- Ready sir.

Nivaaranji ok?

Yes Mohanji.

- Mela Ram, release the water.
- Ok sir.

Open the valve...


Electricity will be generated at 230 Volts.

Come on...

- Nivaaranji, is the valve fully open?
- Yes Mohanbabu.

Mela Ram, is the valve fully open?

Fully open sir. Totally open.

- Sure?
- Sure Sir.

Gita, Come.
Hold the stick.

Hold it.

lf the valve is fully open,
how come there's no pressure?

Has the pressure increased?


Jafarbhai, how many rpm?

800 sir.

l say, how long now for the electricity?

Have patience Munishwar, patience!



Mohanbabu, we have done it.

Electricity of our own village!
Generated with our toil and sweat.

Just like this project, we must
think of newer and innovative ways

to solve our village's problems.

Sarpanchji, come quickly!
Dadaji's health has deteriorated.


Electricity? ls it here?


The day...

...l saw you...

...l felt...

...something special about you...

Now that you're here...

...l can...

die in peace.

But Mohan, you've alreaby been away
for five weeks. This really isn't right. .

l'm extremely sorry John. l've just been
caught up with some personal work and...

We are in Phase l l of Core design here.
There can't be any further delays!

l understand John. l've just finished
what l needed to do here and

l'll be back in three days.

- Three days it is!
- Of course John. Yes... l will.

What surprises me is how you
can think of going

after all that you have seen
and learnt here.

lt's true Gita.

l have learnt so much here,
gained so much here.

Felt the problems here...

...but l cannot live here.

And l cannot live out of this country.

l am willing to marry you...

...but l won't go to America.

l know that you are not going to
come with me.

Mohan, l've given it lot of thought.

At this age, l'll not be able to adopt the
ways and customs of another country.

l am happy here.

Now that you are leaving...

...l will miss you very much.

lf you were here, our family
would have been complete.

l'll take your leave.

May you live a long life son!

We had forgotten that you were a guest.

A visitor must leave one day.

We'll miss you very much.

When you come here next

you'll surely find lnternet
in Charanpur Post Office.

Every little lad will email you.

What we couldn't have,
is our wrestling match.

l am sorry Mela Ram that
l have to leave suddenly.

But l'll surely send you
the sponsorship papers.

l don't need them anymore.
l'll be fine here.

Your presence in the village has
changed some things around here.

Some things have definitely changed.

But you had planned your migration.

When the creeper in your house crosses
into your neighbor's compound...

...one's own house is ruined.

lt's like a lamp on your threshold
giving light to the neighbour's house.

All the best Sir.

Thank you Mela Ram.

Mohanbhaiyya, this is for you.

l will put this up in my house.

Listen, study well. Right!

Where is Gita?

l haven't seen her around since morning.

l have to leave now.

- Or else l'll miss my flight.
- Ok.

Please explain to her, ok?

Go son! My love and blessings
are always with you.

Dont worry...


Gita, you're impossible!

You're here and...

...l've been looking for you all over.

l did not want to talk to you
before the villagers.

l'm saddened with your decision

but l can understand your predicament.

l can understand.

Gita, l too understand...

...but please don't mistake
my helplessness for betrayal.

- l did not mean to hurt you...
- Mohan.

l love you.

l want you to be happy wherever you are.

This is for you.

What is this?

Open it.

What's all this?

The summation of all our traditions!

Little flowers of our profound faith!

Our fields...

...our greenery...


our culture...

...all these will keep reminding you of us!

And maybe...

...maybe compel you to return!

Please stop! Don't go!

And as we can see, we have some points
here that the satellite travels

along the way to capture data
of the Global Precipitation.

Next we're going to see the territory
of the GPM instrument,

as it goes from Australia to lndia

This country, thy soil

lt's thy motherland!

She calls thee

This is a bond that can
never be severed

The scent of the soil:

How canst thou fail to remember?

No matter where thou wanderest
Thou art bound to return

From newer paths thou toureth

From thy sighs hushed.

From thy forlorn heart

Some one shalt beckon

This country, thy soil

lt's thy motherland!

She calls thee

This is a bond that can
never be severed

To thee hast thy life

Words to proclaim

Thou hast gained all

What dearth to name hath thou?

All the happiness hath
showered, though:

Thou art far away from thy home

Come, return O wanderer

Where someone
wouldst name thou a kin

And summon thee to the native soil

This country, thy soil

ls thy motherland!

She calls thee

This is a bond that can
never be severed

Now that you're here...
l can... die in peace!

lt is like a lamp on your threshold
giving light to your neighbor's house.

l've made up my mind, Vinod.
l must go back.

Not again!

How can you go back for a girl?
Just persuade her to come here.

lts not that Vinod!

lt's not only about
Gita and Kaveriamma.

This is the moment decreed

ln which concealeth

Full eon

entire existence

Don't thou dare ask why roads two
Cross thy path through

Thou art the one to resolve the road
Thou art the one to discern the code

Which direction? Whither dost the
path leadeth to true abode?

This country, thy soil

lt's thy motherland!

She calls thee

This is a bond that can never be severed

l got it.

Just because you lit a bulb

now you have delusions of sparking
a revolution in the whole country.

You're being foolishly romantic!

Let's leave aside sentiments...

Have you figured out what you are
going to do there?

- l have a few ideas.
- Like?

l could be a Project Manager for
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.

l can... l can work in tandem
with NASA from there.

There's a lot to be done there.

You're impossible.
l can't understand you!

lf you can't understand
even after hearing all this...

...then its pointless telling you anything.

You'll have to come there and see things.

Otherwise you'll never understand!

We're just a few minutes away from the
launch of the GPM Spacecraft

on an important scientific mission to

better understand the global water
cycle here on earth.

GPM will allow improvements in
predicting precipitation forecasts,

and better predict flood hazards.

We are not tracking any technical
problems at this time.

All systems are GO on the launch vehicle.

Weather forecast is very good for today.

Just a few minutes away from
launching the GPM spacecraft.

This spacecraft will give us information...

that will help us better predict precipitation

ln addition, we can better predict flood hazards.

T minus 20 secs.

T minus 15 secs.

T minus 10-9-8-7-6

We have a GO for main engine start

3-2 booster ignition...

...and Lift-Off!!

John l tried to knock some
sense into his head

and tried to convince him
not to leave but...

Mohan, you do realize
what you are going to lose.

John, l know what
l'm going to gain.

But you're aware, you could
have gone places.

l am going places!

All right Mohan go light your bulb!

Nobody has ever thrown me like this.

Where did you learn
these wrestling tricks, Mohanbabu?

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Afterall, a marshmelon changes its colour
in company of another marshmelon!

Do you understand now?

Excellent match, Mohanbabu.