Svengali (1983) - full transcript

An old singer coaches a young woman whom he believes will be the next singing sensation. As she starts off with her career, their bond gets stronger. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Why do you stop smoking?
Because it's bad.

And you do not want to do wrong things?

I only want to do what is right for me.

Because... that's good.

Do you love someone? Yes From whom?

From Johnny.
Do you therefore ensure your condition?

I love Johnny.

Is smoking bad for your voice too?
Yes, I like to sing.

Tell me what the dirtiest
thing in the world is?

If I have counted up to five, you wake up.

Well done.

Was it OK?
You have talent for it.

Wait a minute... cigarette?

- Madam...?
- Burns-Rizzo.

That woman, la Traviata,
is lonely, dying...

I know that.

I can not sing if
I am interrupted.

Can I try again?
If you insist...

Stop, stop!

I told you she was
dying, not dead!

How long have you been studying? 24 years.

You have a rather low soprano.

There are many such
sopranos in New York.

I sang La Traviata in
the Buffalo Opera.

Why did you come to me?
They say you are the best.

Listen carefully, Mrs Burns-Rizzo.

Go home and sing at
parties and parties.

Sing for your children and your husband.

But let La Traviata
die a natural death.

Excuse me now, I have an appointment.

I was told that you
were a monster...

Will I take eggs? No...

I want a burger with
lettuce and tomatoes.

Normal citizen!
What shall I drink...

Damn that train.

Give me a coffee.

Sorry Zoe... I have not heard you sing yet.
Better listen to Johnny.

Lots of fun.

Just before your performance
you are too late. Kiss you.

Eve Swiss comes by tonight.
Who is that?

One of the most famous
impressaris in the city.

I see my company, thanks.

How are you?
Not better than usual.

You look great.

Are you hungry?
Who can eat in this greenhouse?

Those are the Footlockers.

They almost did. Waiter!

What do we get?
2000 spring rolls.

Without craziness, how much? - 20.
That's why they go for a walk.

She's there, do not you hear me?

Thank you, Footlockers.

And now ladies and gentlemen,
the main act of...

the Sleepless Knights.

And did you let me come
here for this screeching?

They play for you.
She does not, watch that girl.

- How did you find her?
- Who?

I saw you playing with your ear.

There might be something in it, who knows?

The voice is like... raw meat.

- Roast beef, hu?
- You smell money.

We can make something of it.

She called.
Eve Swiss? She is interested.

Wonderful, we're going to make it.

We have to draw up a contract and...

- What is it?
- Well...

She does not want the whole
group, she just wants Zoe...

So she wants to have Zoe...

That is amazing.
She can forget it.

What are you talking about now?
I do not work alone.

I belong somewhere and I like it.

We have been together for a year now.
Are you crazy?

Tell her I do not do it alone.
You do not do that!

Do not run away, I want to talk to you.

Do not worry about me.
No, I think of myself.

I do not feel anything for it.

But through this woman you
can conquer the world.

That would be nice if
you also participated.

You now have a chance to break through.

If you are at the top, you get us there.

We will be your guidance group.

You're just Mr.Showbusiness.
This is show business!

I want you to do this for me.

Come on, honey, do it for me!

So you're from Alliance Nebraska?

Johnny calls me Miss Alliance.

Who is Johnny?
My friend, guitarist in the band...

Where did you study music?

Everything I know I
learned from Johnny.

I really love his music...

Can you read notes?

Yes, he taught me.

You have something...

With the right training
you can still go far.

First we have to bring your voice to level.

I have the best singing
teacher for you.

That sounds pretty important.
His name is Anton Bosnyak.

A few years ago he scored
a hit with 'Svengali'.

He was fantastic! When he lost
his voice, he began teaching.

He is a difficult person,
but he is the best!

I do not think I...

Put your jacket of...
I prefer to keep it on.

My mother also had such a coat.

Who knows, it's hers,
it's second-hand.

Who is that Hitler child?
That's Carl.

Your secretaries become younger every year.

Ah, there she is...

She has that special
expression on her face.

She has that piggy-like...

All the big ones have that.

So you want singing lessons from me?

Open your mouth wider...

What did you do there?
I cleared my throat.

Never do that again, that
works like razor blades.

Wait a second!
Do not argue with me!

I am the teacher, you are the follower.

I speak, you listen.
You have nothing to teach me.

When Anton Bosnyak takes a student, he
demands full obedience and dedication.

It is quite an adventure
to find your real voice.

Now understand that your
life is going to change.

Nice... go through Anton!

She does have something!

- Here it is!
- Yes, there's Zak Tabak.

Reggie! How are you doing?

I did not know you were in antiques.

He put his fingers in my
mouth, and called me a pig...

"'We all have dreams...
and you certainly..."

'Where are you going...'

I'm impressed. Good.

You do not tell me that you can
not learn anything from him.

That is then agreed, Miss Alliance?

Why do you come unprepared?
I did not have time.

How dare you waste my time!
Get out!

And do not come back until
you have practiced!

Stupid tenor!

Come on in.

I brought some music.
We are not working today.

Today we get to know each other.
A fig?

I do not know if I'll take you.

A teacher-student relationship
is based on trust.

I have power. You come
to me, hoping that...

I transfer that power to you.
Does that sound mysterious?

You also have to work hard.

Three hours a day, three days a week.

Every muscle and thought must
be focused on your work.

Who pays all this?
Eve of course.

I have a job. Stop it But...

Just ask Eve, it is
a good investment.

That's how I have obligations.

She believes in you and already
talks to record bosses.

Do not look so concerned, she
does not give anything away.

She'll get her money back, believe me.

That's how I sit under the slab.
Of course!

Art is a form of slavery.
One is at her feet.

I just want to sing.

The opposing star.

If you know yourself better,
we'll talk about that again.

Why do others know better than me?

Wait until you get the taste.

There is nothing better.

Tell me about yourself, your dreams,
your expectations... your background...

I was born in Alliance...
I have Mongolian blood, born in Hungary.

From my father's side I descended from...
Genghis Khan.

Who was that? A great conqueror.

A big person...
What did you say again?

I am from Alliance.
I fled for the Russians in 1956.

I fought Hungary with
my hands and feet.

I reached Vienna after
a journey of 1100 km.

I have said yes to your
throat not to scrape.

This is too valuable.
Keep your hands off my neck a.u.b.

Okay, you're scared of me, that helps.
I am not afraid of you!

I think you are a very negative person, that 'everything!
- I, negative?

You want the best of everything,
then go back to Iowa!

Nebraska! I came here with my friend!

As long as your friend does
not hinder the work, it's OK.

I'm taking you on trial.
But I will not take you!

I despise humble people!

You have a beautiful figure.
Thank you.

Are you ready?

I love your buttocks.

Do you want to do it or not?
I already know. I hope so.

When will your girlfriend return?
Very quick.

Not true, you said she
was busy this afternoon.

Why do you ask?
I want to sleep with you.

That is good. Before we do
it you have to know what...

Zoe belongs to me.
I will also tell you something.

I feel good only
when I do it all.

Then I feel really at ease,
as if I really know everyone.

Well then, then the test is over.

Do not be so personal.

You are back early.

How was it?
Best, we're not talking about it, OK?

Come down, what do
you have to do?

Listen, let me explain you everything.

Do not be angry and think about it.

Do not make a scene.

Let's take a detour or
have a drink somewhere.

Do not do this to me,
I just love you.

I only love you! Sneaked!

What is it?
Can I go to you for a while? OK.

What is your star image?

Then I will succeed, I think.

I'm just putting tea on, come.

How long do I keep singing
the same five notes?

We have been doing that for weeks now.

What are we doing?
You never explain anything.

To explain? Where is my uvula...

Where is my diaphragm?
You do not tell me that!

How do you get those words?
From a book.

What book?
About singing technique, from the library.

- What is it?
- Books are nonsense!

Nobody can describe it, I
forbid you to read them!

You, forbid me?

What happened here between me and you,
there must be no other influence...

I do not see the importance of that...
It is up to me to judge that.

I will not go any further with
those 5 notes, ridiculous!

You think so.

"K Do not learn anything about breathing.
How did you stay alive?"

Everybody reads about those

Where are you?
Here. No, you look so sad.

I thought about Johnny.

My ex-boyfriend - O that Johnny.

Are you back with me,
then we can continue.

I used to sing better.
How do you know that? I feel it.

We will rebuild your voice,
so we'll break it off first.

You are good at that. What did you say?

Does not matter.

I can not sing if I am unhappy.

That is not the worst basis for art.
It Stinks.

If you want to cry, do not hesitate.
Thank you very much.

Tears are good.

I also cry now and then.

When I sang with Johnny,
it went more natural.

Do you have to be in
love to be able to sing?

I do not know.
Then find a friend.

As long as it does not disturb our work.

I do not want to discuss
my private life here.

I alone... back to work.

Snot nose!

Yes, Tribly.

You will not hear, you will not see
anything, you will not think...

you will not be anyone, only Svengali...

You scare me.

That was one of the best
moments of the show.

Must be interesting.

It's about a photo model.

A scary musician, Svengali.

He lets her sing under hypnosis.

She becomes very famous.
Why is he doing it?

He wants to go to bed with 'r.

Why is not he
hynotting her to bed?

Come to the movies, you have
not been out for a long time.

I do not feel.

See you later.

Beautiful, can not be better.

Shall we have a drink tonight?

No not at all...

I wanted to invite you to our party.

There is one of my guests at
the door, goodbye Shandor.

'Your voice is what you are'

'What you sing is what you are'

'Sing for me from your deepest self'



Do you see that?

Look, a kitten.

A bit of discipline.
Where did it come from? From there.

It's a sweetheart.
Sweet little beast.

He spins - No, he is
protesting against my music.

We are losing time. This time
we do it from the future.

- What is a 'future'?
- This.

How did it feel?
Better That I judge.

It was better, hold that feeling.
Yes professor 'Toekas'.

How does my songbird make it?
We are moving forward.

She is rather cheeky, an
answer to everything.

When I was my teacher, I was
not allowed to say anything.

You had no talent,
that annoyed me.

Why did you accept me? -Someone had to
convince you that you could not sing.

Do I have to be grateful for that?
Look what you are.

Good luck with singers without talent.
I live from it.

I have a lot to do.

Is she ready?
The fruit still needs to ripen slightly.

Anton, you always use
such beautiful sentences.

People eat too much unripe fruit.

I do not need an exact date...
You're bored.

I can hardly say whether she is handsome.

What do you think?

If she sings as I want
it, she is beautiful.

Do not lean on the piano. Relax your
jaws and take your hands off the piano.

Legs apart, feel the ground.

Your neck and your jaw...

From your mind to your eyes...

Energy now, from the future!

Concentrate! Brom..brom!

'T Do not go - Nonsense!
I need to rest.

You will not learn anything
without practicing!

Can not I lie down?
Go home when you are tired.

You are so heartless... I am so tired.

I do not want this, I want to sing...

Do your hair up. Why? Do it.

- How does that feel?
- Nice.

You are confusing the lesson.

'K Am too tired. But do not be
too tired to talk, keep silent!

Are you still there?
You did not say that you had to leave.

I also do not say that you have to breathe.

We'll do it again.
Do not lean on the piano.

Make something out of it now!

More energy from the future.

Can you repeat that?

Exactly the same? I think so.

Then do it again, but
more rhythmically.

Finish it!

Finish the sentence!

- Did I do it well?
- Good?!

Tell them! Tell the whole city!

'The appearance, the words, the feelings'

'Seems really, it's
so hard to wait'

'Your eyes tell me I found you'


Ah little one, come in
and give me your coat.

You look... charming.

- What?
- Somethings missing.

So, simple but beautiful.

I want you to meet Weidenbaum
from Dromedary Records.

Abbot Renfrew of Ravon.

- Lipstick?
- Among other things.

You have a nice place here.

Dromedary Records...! Indeed.

You are too far behind.
I want to see you.

'We dream now and then'

'Day and night'

"This time we can..."

'... sometimes right'

'A song in its time'

'Why such a hurry, why pretend'

'Security comes to an end'

'The expressions, the
words, the feelings'

'Seems really, it's
so hard to wait'

'Your eyes tell me I found you'

'When I'm in your
neighborhood, I only see you'

'We dream every now and then'

'No, that's a heavy task'

'Forget everything I've told you'

'True love is much more than a dream'


And who is Mr. Lipstick?
He has bought Dromedary.

I smell trade.

And what do you think of our songbird?

I think I'm going to make
this songbird famous.

Tell her, Anton.

Eve asked me to tell you,
that these record guys...

would like to make an album with you.

Go home and try to sleep.

From now on you need all your strength.

Well done, little girl.

'I no longer believe in romances'

'Now I think I have a chance'

'I feel it in my heart...'
Can it again?

Rest Zoe. What is going on here?

This is not the voice that I remember.

It is her first time in the
studio, give her some time.

Maybe it's her last time.

Every record company in the city wants it.

If you want to get rid of
her, I think it's best.

Why do not you just talk to her?

I do not know what's going on.
Where is Anton?

"K Would not be worried
until you were not nervous."

He promised to come.

Maybe something came out.
Do not say that!

Honey, it's your voice.

Anton is not part
of the contract.

You've got talent.

I am the expert and it sounds good.
I do not understand that he is not there.

Quietly, he'll come.

I can not.

That word does not exist!

What is it doing here, damn it?
Start immediately!

'A certain feeling returns'

'My lonely nights are over'

'I get that feeling from you'

'No more waiting'

'The good times are about to begin'

This was someone you bring.

Thank you, I put them in the refrigerator.

From now on you will be taught once a week.

- Why?
- You are now in very good shape.

And I need some rest.

You worked harder than I did.
You saw that correctly.

Young people no longer see that.

I am already 22.

Poor old lady.

Get rid of you.

How much does Eve pay you?
Ask her.

Is it more than for your other students?

No, but she pays well.

You should get more for overtime.

Little girl, how can you know that now?

I feel it.

I did not do more for you than for others.
Here's your jacket.

I have a lot to do, excuse me.

And since when do you call me Anton?

Do you mind if I stay here tonight?

- I'll sleep on the couch, you will not notice me, promised.

No question of it, go home!

Are you afraid of me?

Now the size is full! Get out!

No Hungarian Anton, we
have to finish this.

What to finish?
You know what I mean.

I want to sleep with you.
Many want that. I am special.

You are 22, I 50,
it is impossible.

You've certainly never had
anything with a younger woman...

I do not get it anymore at my age.

Give me one good
reason, a good...

Because I love you!


Go home girl and buy candies.
Old gypsy!

I talk about my feelings, just watch out!

I see it all for me, one
scene after the other...

Anton, it would be nice.

You're a cool girl who wants sweets.

You did not give me a good reason.
There is only one good reason...

You love me and you know that?

Look, I have a good life.

I do not change that to an amorous girl.

I am not going to destroy our
good working relationship...

and that will happen.

I do not feel for
being lived by women.

It would be terrible.

I am an extremely difficult person.

Selfish, dominant...
And cruel, but I love you.

Have you eaten yet?

How can this chicken be red?
Hungarian peppers.

Everyone calls you Anton, I
want to give you another name.

Like Joshie, is that OK?

Yotsi - That's really nice.
Fun? Yes.

Yotsi, nice...

This wine is very tasty.

Hungarian bull blood.
What exciting.

If you're here with a woman...

Are you just as different,
or more impressive?

I am probably the best
lover in the world.

What are you doing?

You dress up... stop!

You're not here with the doctor!

If I'm free with a woman,
I dress her out...

You are truly the best lover in the world.

You were deeply asleep.

I always want to wake up next to you.

Then you have to wake
up the dead first.

Have you ever thought
about our age difference?

I always want to wake up next to you.

Let's just enjoy it.

It was my mother's,
I give it to you.

It's beautiful!

Should we go out tonight?
I prefer to stay at home.

Beloved ones need witnesses.

You know it all.
I was here before...

This is my girlfriend, Zoe.

Gizella helped me when I came to America.

Can I introduce you to Norvid?
My new secretary.

Do you work so late?

Zoe, you look radiant, is
that because of you, Anton?

We are a couple.

That will make the tour a lot easier.

- Tour?
- Yes, when your album comes out.

Do I have to go on tour?
The lipstick firm wants it.

Is not making plates enough? No.

You're going to Anton?
Of course enough about that.


First we go to Hartford,
then Toronto...

then Boston, Providence, Philadelphia.

We end at West Orange.

Nice to see you so happy.
I really am.

I did not hope so anymore.

You are still on tour, Mr.

Anton Bosnyak's tours are over.

I want to dance!

You are a real star!
Will it go well?

Better lover of an old man
than a young man's slave.

Good luck!

How long do you work here?
Three months.

It is only until I get a contract.

Have you had an offer?
I feel that it will come.

I was broke of your record, really good.


You have a different voice
than before, how is that?

- Thanks to Yotsi.
- Who?

Anton Bosnyak, remember?

Do you still follow lessons with
that old bag? We live together.

So you like wrinkles.
You do not understand, day!

Are you angry because you are
doing something strange? Strange?

Do not go away!

Give me some time to get used to it.

I have thought about you a lot.

It is out between us.

I understand.

Are we friends then?
I will always be your girlfriend.

Can you help me with a job?

In your band, or something?

You're in charge now.

I can play rhythm or behind
the curtain if you want...

Do you really want that?

Well, it's better than selling
someone else's plates.

I will do my best.

Then I hope to hear from you soon.

The best with it!

Greetings to your singing boss!

She's not here!

There you are!

Sorry Gustav, can we continue
with this next week?

You sing very superficially.

I no longer play an answer service for you.

Bosnyak has become a telephone operator...
where were you?

I have walked. Eve sent this.

What is it? It's not important.

Oh no? It's the itinerary of your tour.
I'm not going.

It's in your contract.
I do not care.

Then take a good lawyer.

You're not going.
That should not disturb your work.

I want to work here.
Then take a vacation.

What is three weeks now...
I do not belong to your parade!

You will enjoy it.
Do not play games with me!

I need you. Eve knows that too.

If you do not come along,
everyone will hear about it.

How did we get that far...

I only have the techniques
that Vilmos taught me.

When I performed, Vilmos
was not there every night.

I need you.

You must come!
I can not do it alone.

Help me!

Okay, I'll help you, I'll go with you.

Eve? I have to speak to you.

This is our first trip together.

How is Hartford, fun?
Are insurance policies fun?

Do they smoke marijuana there?

They all do that.
Nice to read...

Anton Bosnyak, the old teenager.

Keep calm.

Why do not you sit
behind, much more fun.

We try out a new
song, come listen.

Who is that?
A guitarist, I'll be right back.

How are you?

I wonder what I'm doing here.

As far as the new project is
concerned, Lance is working on it.

Lance is my new secretary.

He has discovered something interesting.
I hope so.

Do you know who she just spoke to?

A guitarist.
She did not tell you.

That's her ex-boyfriend.


What is that?
Music and a note for you.

Whose is it?

One of the guitarists.

They all write music, Anton.

- Now it's enough!
- Stay calm!

She is a singer, they will
offer her many songs.

She's already struggling,
and you're not helping.

We have something more
important to deal with.

I don't like it.
Do you know what better?

If it fails, then what?
Let's take a look at it first.

She is as calm as a pig.
When I had to perform...

I had rats in my stomach,
you have to see her...

Stop your animals, you make her nervous.
Not true.

Anton is there, everything will go well.

Are you in the front row?
The lodge is closer.

If only I can see you.

Can you leave me alone for a moment?

From the future!

Zoe, this is it!

- You were great!
- Not now, OK?

What is it?
Humored! I'll kill you!

Because of you, it could have
become a flop for the world.

Those children are not the whole world!

Do not go away!
- I'm taking off my coat. 'T could have failed.

You see that you can sing without me.

I feel like I'm being
pecked by a chicken.

What are you arrogant?

Say clearly what you mean
and do not make fists!

When are you going to stop people
from getting to your hand?

Tonight you saw that it is your problem.

Do not turn things around.
We trust each other. Really?

Have you not made any
dates behind my back?

With Johnny, the guitarist.

You forgot to say that
he was your friend.

He needed a job, I
help my friends.

What a non-independent
generation, I do better.

Even if you do not look,
the world will continue.

I'm done with it!
You want to lose that old guy!

Go now!

Go to your guitarist!

I did not expect this from you.

'T Was given with love,
it stays that way.

I do not accept pupils now.

You look awful. I feel good!

I love you, and I'm worried.

That's okay, hι.

There she is.

Working again, hι.

You have to work again.

I have not yet recovered
from your last discovery.

She is going to marry Saturday.


Half of the happy couple.

Can I come in?

I could not do it.

I do not love him.

I love you... I understand.

Are not you happy to see me?

Do not you love me anymore?

Little one, I will always love you.

Let me remind you of something
that we both seem to forget.

Together we had a sacred mission.

Assignment... I'm talking
about my feelings.

The word 'teaching'
means 'to know'.

First, you did not know
who or what you were.

Together we let you discover your voice.

And thereby discovering
yourself to discover.

Your words of love...

Your sad songs, your deception...

Do you think I cheated you?
It does not matter.

Together we could get out
of you what was in it.

Every artist has
to prove himself.

Now I want you to leave...
and am astonished.

I need you.

No, you are now complete.

Now go away, and leave me whole.

You send me away...

Was I just...
something surprising for you?

Only that counts.

Only that counts.