Svengali (1931) - full transcript

Sinister music maestro Svengali can control the actions of women through hypnotism and his telepathic powers. When a pupil he has seduced announces she has left her husband for him, he uses his powers to cause her suicide and promptly forgets her. He meets a beautiful model, Trilby, and becomes infatuated with her, but she, in turn, falls for a young artist called Billee who also loves her. One day Svengali hypnotizes Trilby to cure her headache, but also examines her upper palate and decides it is an ideal cavity for great singing. He convinces her to fake her suicide, so Billee and friends will forget her, and goes on a singing tour with her. Svengali uses his powers to make her sing wonderfully and Madame Svengali, as Trilby is now known, becomes a sensation throughout Europe. But Billee discovers the ruse and begins to follow the pair, upsetting Svengali enough to have him cancel performances too frequently, so they no longer can perform in Europe. They go to Egypt, but Billee relentlessly follows. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[ Door knocks ]

Madame Honori.
- Bonsoir, Gecko.




Monsieur is composing.



You will wait?


Ah, Madame .. je suis enchantée.

Oh, I'm sorry I disturbed you.

I'm early?

On the contrary. You are just in time.

I could hardly wait for this evening.

My days are so empty.

Yah, liebchen, I know just how you feel.

I am empty, too.

How can you be?

You have so many other pupils.
- Yah, naturally.

But no-one ..

Who responds like you.



What did we do last?

Don't you remember?

I am speaking about music.

Ah .. here.


There .. now remember.

The Ligero rubato.

Ligero rubato.

Ligero rubato.

Come on. Come on.

[ Opera singing: ]

[ Opera singing: ]

[ Opera singing: ]

[ Opera singing: ]

[ Opera singing: ]

Never mind.
- What's the matter?

Nothing, darling. It is beautiful.

But .. such a delicate
instrument must not be strained.

Come, now we rest.

We rest.

Now .. you are comfortable there?


Because ..

There is a little something
I must tell you.

I have something to tell you.

I've left my husband.


I've left him .. for good.

And ..

How much has he left you?

Do you think I would take
money from such a brute?

I threw it in his face.

He gave you money?

And you threw it back at him?

But he ..

He bit me on the wrist and ..

And kicked me.


You have no idea what I've been through.

And you left your husband ..

Without a settlement?

I've come to you just as I am.

With no settlement at all?



Except me.

Ah ..

Svengali .. you ..

You don't want me?


But you promised?

My voice.

It's yours now.

It will make us both famous.

As you told me so often.

But I've no other place to go.

There is only you left.

I worship you, Svengali.

I'll even die for you.

Don't look at me like that, Svengali.

Don't look at me like that.

Take your eyes off me, Svengali.

Take your eyes off me!

Don't look at me like that!

Madame Honori.

What about her?

They have found her .. in the river.

Oh, that is not possible.

In this weather.

But it is true, Maestro.

I just saw her body in the morgue.

In the morgue?
- Yes, Maestro.

Ahh .. tsk, tsk.

That is a pity.

She was very, very sweet.

But a bad businesswoman.


I am worried about something.

What do you mean?

Do you mind if I tell you?

No. What?

How are we going to pay the rent?

You promised by noon.

Yeah, yeah.

Noon is a long way off.

In the meantime, my dear Gecko.

I am very hungry.

I presume you are, too.

Get me my coat.

We will go visiting.

Maestro, I don't know
what we're going to do.

We have borrowed from everyone we know.

We cannot go back to Vinard's.

They will throw us out.

Oh, possibly, possibly.

But there are other people.

Our English friends.

They have not enjoyed the
fragrance of our society.

For a week.

We will go there. Yes.

But Maestro, the last
time we were there.

Monsieur Taffy, and Monsieur the
Laird, and even the little Billee.

They were so kind.
- Now listen. Gecko.

You know the trouble with you is
you have not sufficient optimism.

You let little things discourage you.


In the bright lexicon of youth.

There is no such word ..

As "failure".

Come on.

These Englanders get dirty very quickly.

Thank you, Maestro.
- Don't mention it.

[ Piano music ]

Taffy .. who is that?

It sounds like Svengali.

Here, Taffy.

Hide my purse.

Before his music melts
my Scottish heart.


I don't want to lie to him, but if I
have any money on me I can't resist him.

[ Piano music: National Anthem ]

[ National Anthem ]

Stop it, man. I'm shivering here.

Well, my patriotic friend.

Are you up yet?

Yeah, I'm up and I want to be done
with you, you phony scavenger.

Oh, is it my fault ..

That you Englanders have to
take a bath every morning?

How long is it since you took one?


Not since I tripped
and fell in the sewer.

We've put you in the tub, you've
got to make a good job of it.

You stay there now.

We'll see that he can't get out.

Hey .. and don't walk
around here in the nude.

Sometimes we have respectable callers.

God strafe England.

Are you there, Billee?

Billee, we've news for you.

Aye, it's the wonder of the world.
- Svengali is taking a bath.

Svengali is taking a bath?

And, he didn't do it
because he wanted to do it.

He did it because we pushed him in it.
- He can't get out.

These are his clothes.

I know. I've got an idea.

Go to Carrel's School and bring
the whole crowd over to see him.

It's too good to miss.

By golly, that's a good idea.
We'll do it. Come on, hurry.

Bonjour, Gecko.


It is Monsieur Taffy's Sunday suit.
- Yah.

But it is very becoming on weekdays.

But Monsieur Taffy?

My dear Gecko, I have a
pleasant surprise for you.

Monsieur Taffy is a
very large-hearted man.

Yah. He has been unusually generous.

Look .. hah ..

The rent for Madame Vinard.

Breakfast .. dinner .. supper.

And the rest?

We will spend foolishly.

Remember what I told you, Gecko.

In the bright lexicon of youth.

There is no such word as ..

Milk .. below!

Milk below?

You know it would be a pity.

To let such hospitable
friends starve, huh?

Get the milk pitcher, Gecko.
- But we must hurry.

May I come in?

Are Monsieur Taffy?


The Laird, then?
- No.

Who are you?

Who are you?

Me? I'm a model.
I work for Durien upstairs.

He sent me down for Monsieur
Taffy and The Laird to look at.

A model, huh?

For a moment, I thought
you were a Gendarme.

Oh, I pose in this.

Yah, yah.

Gecko, wait outside.
- But, Maestro ..

So we will not miss our friends.

But ..

Do you need a model?

All the artists say I have
a very classic figure.

Durien, Mallot ..
- My dear young lady, I don't doubt it.

As far as I can see.
- Shall I show you?

Well ..

Well, I would be glad to.
Perhaps you can use me sometime?

Well .. that's what I had in mind.

Well, where shall I change?
Oh, in there?

Why, that is as good a place as any.

Very well. I'll be right out.
- I can hardly wait.

They are coming, Maestro.
- Who?

The Laird and Taffy.

They are across the street.

You always arrive just in time.

But there is a mob coming here
that will make a fool of you.

Just as I am about to
enjoy myself artistically.

There is that face.

Oh Maestro, come please. Off we go.


[ Trilby singing badly ]

[ Trilby singing badly ]


People with voices like
that should not sing.

You fool. That shows you know nothing.

The roof of her mouth ..

Must be like the dome of a Cathedral.

To push out sounds like that.

Come, Maestro. Come with me.

Come quick, Maestro.


Did you hear the volume, Gecko?
- It doesn't matter.

To you, a rough diamond
is like a piece of coal.

I've got to find out about that
woman. I've got to find out.

It seems the joke is on me.

Aye .. and your new suit is on him.

You should have had the
Scotch forethought I had.

And hid your suit like I hid my purse.

By the way, where did you hide my purse?

I put it safely away.

In the pocket of those trousers.



Where is the fire?

It's not exactly a fire.

I was looking for Svengali.
- Svengali?


He was here taking a bath.

Oh, I'm sorry. I ..
- Well, that's alright.

But there's been no-one taking
a bath while I've been here.


He's a tall creature.
Polish or something.

Oh ..

So, that's Svengali. Well ..

I've been looking
for that artist myself.


Oh, he's not an artist. That is,
not in the sense of a painter.

He's a singing teacher and a pianist.

My .. well that's one on me.

I'll get even with that fellow.
- Why?

Oh, it's nothing. I'll see
him again. He lives here.

Oh no he doesn't. Nobody lives
here but Taffy and The Laird.

I just come in the studio to paint.

Here is Billee. Slaving away at his art.

Overwork will be his ruin yet.

Look out!
- Don't, don't ..

These are the gentlemen
you came to meet, Miss ..?

Trilby O'Farrell.

Miss O'Farrell, let me present:

Taffy and The Laird.

Now you've met the three
musketeers of the brush.


Durien sent her down.
- Oh, you sit for him?

Oh, yes. Modelling is my business.

Head. Hands. Feet.

Everything. Especially feet.

Isn't that a pretty foot?
- It is that. It's very pretty indeed.

It is, isn't it. Everyone says it's
the most beautiful foot in Paris.

It's very pretty.
- There's only one that can match it.

- And where's that?

[ Durien: ]

Mademoiselle Trilby!

What time is it?
- Oh, it's about quarter past ten.


Yes, up there!

Trilby, please come now.

Yes, Mr Durien. I'll be right up.

Well, there you are. Work, work, work.

But what's the difference?
So long as you're happy.

Goodbye to you all.

You're coming back?

Of course.

There are several reasons
why I must come back.

What are they?

Well, first of all.

This place looks like a pig-pen
and needs a feminine touch.

Eh? A pig-pen?
- Oh, keep quiet.

What's the real one?

This place looks like a pig-pen
and needs a feminine touch.

That girl has a wee bit of
Scotch in her, I bet you.

I think she has a wee
bit of the devil in her.

I think you're right.

I think she's lovely.

No you don't. You don't now, Billee.

You're just fooling when you say that.
- He doesn't really mean that.

Yes, I do.

She's lovely.

But all fooling aside.

And she did have a foot like an angel.

Aye .. she had that.

Do you realize the light's going and you
haven't worked on your canvas all day?

I know.

I don't believe you've
tested for a week.

No. And I don't intend to until
you give me your answer.

You mean to tell me you'd leave me out
there with that cold canvas unfinished?

For ever?

For ever and ever.

Until you give me your answer.


I suppose I must answer some time.

In the interest of art.

Trilby! But I saw it.

You do love me?

You do mean it?

Don't you know?

Haven't I been telling you for weeks?

Bonsoir, mes amis.

Is anybody here?

Everybody is out.


There seems to be the
odour of baking in the air.

- Delicious.

As good as mother makes.
- Oh, I can't be as good as all that.

Oh yes you are.

You're wonderful.

You're the sweetest
thing I've ever known.

When we're married .. I want to take
you to England, and to my mother.

She'll be proud of you, Trilby.
Proud of you as I am.

Tell me, what is England like?

Oh, England is beautiful.

Green fields and .. hedgerows and ..

Hollyhocks and primroses ..

And fog.

And pneumonia.

And shopkeepers.

And flat feet.

And boiled beef and cabbage.

Ha-ha-ha .. Trilby in England.

It would be like a butterfly
in mutton soup.

- Billee.

Tarts for supper!

Yes, and you won't get any if you
don't come and play for them.

I .. I don't feel like
playing the piano.

No, no. I don't feel
like playing it now.

I want to talk to you seriously.

Yah. I want to talk to
you about your voice.

Oh, that's a good one.

What will you tell me next, I wonder?
- Ah, you don't understand.

I looked for you everywhere today.

I went to Durien, Mallot.
There is no Trilby.

Where have you been, huh?

Oh, I had one of my funny
headaches and didn't work all day.


Yes. But don't tell anyone.
They'd send me home.

Ah, poor liebchen.

Oh, it's nothing. It will go
away like it always does.

Possibly, I can take it
away for you right now.

Oh ..?

I mean it. It is so easy.

Sit down. I will show you.

Can you really take the pain away?

Yah. Now you sit there quietly.

And do just as I tell you, huh?

Now, you look.

You look at pretty Svengali.

Looking at you is a funny way
to cure my headache, Svengali.

Yah, I know.

Now .. don't be afraid.

Look me right in the eyes, liebchen.

Right in the eyes.

If you can really cure my headache ..

You shall see nothing.

Hear nothing.

And dream of nothing.

But .. Svengali.






Yah ..

That is right, liebchen.

Now, sleep.



Open your mouth, liebchen.


I was right.

A soundboard like an angel.

The roof of her mouth.

Is like the dome of the Pantheon.

The headache, liebchen.

Will go away.

What's happening there?

What's the matter, Trilby?

What have you done to her?



Wake her up!

Are you asleep, Trilby?


Then open your eyes
and say you're alright.

Can you open your eyes, Trilby?


He's hypnotized her.
- Bring her out of it once!

At once! Do you hear me?

Can you hear me, Trilby?


Then open your eyes.

Why, what's happened?
- Are you alright?

Why, yes.

My headache's gone.

How on earth did you do it?

I told you. It is so easy.


Ah ..

What's the matter?


Your headache is here in my heart.

Oh, I'm sorry.
- Ah, it is nothing.

I will keep it as a souvenir.

Go on, get out of here.

Gentlemen. No violence.

No violence.

And no dinner.

What did he do?
- He hypnotized you.

And don't you ever let him do it again.

Those fellows can make you do
anything and say anything they want.

Lie, steal, anything.

They make you kill yourself
when they're done.

Yes, they do that.
- But he took my pain away.

I'd rather have the pain
than have it cured like that.


Don't forget what I told
you about the headache.


It might be as well to remember.

There are more things
in heaven and earth ..

Than are dreamt of ..

In your philosophy.

Come in, my dear.

I ..

I'm sorry to ..

Trouble you.

I shouldn't have come.

At this hour.

Oh, it is no trouble at all.

It is never too late
to trouble Svengali.

I felt ..

I had to come.

But I ..

I think ..

I think I had better go now.

Without telling me
what is troubling you?

Oh, it's nothing.


Nothing at all.

Except ..
- Except?

Did it come back?

The headache.


I woke up with it.

And you thought I could help you? Huh?

Yes .. that's why I came here.

Yah .. yah.

Svengali told you.

Whenever you are in pain.

To come to him.

And he will take it away from you.

My dear child, it is the most
natural thing in the world.

Come in my dear child.
It is cold out here.


Don't be frightened.

Sit down.


Are you comfortable?
- Yes.


Oh, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Oh poor girl.

All your nerves are jumping like mad.

But ..

And your skin.

Oh, it is hot like fire.

Poor liebchen.

Look .. look at me.


Look me in the eyes, liebchen.

No .. no.

Take your eyes off me.

Let me go.

Let me go!

But the pain, liebchen?

I know. It's gone now.




Oh don't go, liebchen.

It's been so long since I've seen you.

But I must. I ..
- Ah?

You've been crying.

Poor Trilby.

You know .. perhaps I can
cure a pain in the heart.

Just as easily as one in the head. Huh?

Nobody can cure this pain.

It's for someone .. someone else.

Whom I've hurt.

Ah .. I see ..

Now come.

Tell old Svengali all about it. Huh?

Yah .. he'll understand.

Trilby .. you know when
human beings are unhappy.

There's always something to do about it.

Come on now.

Tell me .. what's happened.

Tell me all about it.

Well it's .. it's Billee.

Today .. today I posed
at Carrel's school.

And he saw me there.

Before all those men.

Oh, you won't understand.

But I'm so ashamed.

Ah, but I do understand.

Yah, liebchen.

Billee is not like the others.

Ah, my poor Trilby.

Do your eyes reflect the virtue ..

That he sees in them?

Look in your mirror.

Do you think you should be
on such a high pedestal?

After all the ..

Other artists .. you have known?

What do you mean?

Does he ..?

Does he know about Durien?


What is there to know about him?

Only what all the rest of
us know, my poor Trilby.

Except the innocent little Billee.

I won't listen to you any longer!

How could I help being kind to a
man who has been so kind to me?

Kindness is a virtue undeniably, but ..

But, to be so very kind?

I am good I tell you. I'm not like
those others. I'm not, I'm not!

Ah, poor Trilby.

Poor little liebchen.

Surely you are good.

You are good like a little bird.

Like a lark that must
sing in the sunlight.

But ..

Are you good enough to
face little Billee's mother ..

As his wife?


Durien the sculptor.

Mario the painter.

Come, come, Billee lad.
There's nothing to worry about.

A wee drop and soon we'll have Trilby
back in your hands within an hour.


What you standing there
for, man? Get the whiskey.

I'll get the glasses myself.

Here you are.
- There you are.


What's the matter, laddie?

What is it, Billee?

She says she's not good enough for me.

But I saw her today, and she really is.

She's going away and
will never see me again.

Billee .. she tells you
that she loves you.

Never see me again.

Never again.

Or anybody else.

She says.

Stop her! Find her! Trilby!

Billee .. Billee boy!

Come here, lad.

[ French language ]

Do you know Trilby O'Farrell?

Are these her clothes?
- Yes.

We found them on the bank of the Seine.

Where is she?

In the morgue.

If they've found her body by now.

I'm afraid you will never
find her, Monsieur.

The river is too high to drag.

I'm very sorry, Madame.
- Trilby.


The Maestro, Svengali.

This is a marvellous change
since we saw him last.

Aye, it's been just five years.


They say that his wife is
a very beautiful woman.

Didn't you say .. that she was a Polish
woman that he picked up in Russia?

Yeah. That's what I heard.

Sir, if she's as beautiful
as they say she is ..

He must have hypnotized
her into marrying him.

I'm not interested in that.

What I want to know is who
is giving him his baths now?

Probably she is. In self-defence.

Come, laddie. We must
get the tickets now.

Standing room only.

Oh, let me.
- No.

Give them just enough to
see Svengali in a dress suit.

Ah .. is Monsieur Svengali here?

Not yet.
- Not yet?

But tonight, it is the début
of La Svengali in Paris.

Paris is not different than
Berlin, or Vienna or Madrid.

But it is almost time for the concert!

And I have a very important
message for Monsieur Svengali.

You will pardon me, please.


Monsieur Svengali.

I am speechless, Madame.

Every night you grow more beautiful.

Thank you, Señor Bonelli.

All Paris is waiting at your feet.

Then what are you waiting for?

Oh, I burst with pride.

Well, control yourself a
moment. Just a moment.


Now, why do you burst?

Three illustrious gentlemen wait in the
green room to interview La Svengali.

Madame Svengali never gives interviews.

How many times must I tell you?

But it means another Command
Performance in St Petersburg.

These three gentlemen are
messengers from the Court of Russia.

It does not matter.
- Oh, I am desolated.

Here. Attached to this
beautiful bouquet ..

Is a present from the Czar himself.

Do you still refuse to allow
Madame to see these gentlemen?

You refuse positively?

Not the necklace. Only the interview.

But, Monsieur Svengali.

Monsieur Svengali .. but ..?

[ Italian language ]

[ Italian language ]

Here is a little trifle.

I thought would be becoming.

A trifle?

Why, they're gorgeous.

There is nothing too beautiful ..

For "La Svengali".

You are sweet to me, Svengali.

What are you staring at, you old fool?

Maestro, I am very sorry to
disturb you, but you are late.

The theater is already packed.
Even the standing room has gone.

That is as it should be. Go away.

You have never looked more lovely.

Never more adorable.

Will we ever see anything?

I can't see a thing myself.

He's so far away I cannot see.
Has he changed much?

I can't even see a grease-spot on him.

Then he's changed much.

I now have a chair in
the aisle for Monsieur.

My glasses, please.

Merci beaucoup.
- Sorry to trouble you.

No trouble at all.

[ Opera singing: ]

[ Opera singing: ]

I can't see her face.

Is she as beautiful as they think?

I cannot see myself.

[ Opera singing: ]

Hey laddie. How about three more chairs?

Sorry, Monsieur. That was the last one.

But I will try to get you some opera
glasses so you can see La Svengali.

Aye. You do that, laddie.

[ Opera singing: ]

I say, laddie. Did you
forget the opera glasses?

No Monsieur, I'm sorry. They are all
taken like everything else tonight.

[ Opera singing: ]

We are here to see Monsieur Svengali.

But I am sorry, gentlemen.

I have strict orders to admit nobody.

Oh, but we are old and intimate
friends with the Monsieur.

Sorry, nobody.

Look at all these scavengers.

No need to try and keep his feet clean.

He hasn't been clean for five years.


Why, Gecko!

Why can't we get in to see Svengali?

It is very difficult to see
Mr Svengali at any time.

Gecko, tell me. Is he still
dodging the landladies?

Mr Svengali is beyond
such a thing as landladies.

I notice that you are not beyond
getting yourself a belly.

Look at the nice opera coat he's got.

Gentlemen, gentlemen. If you will
excuse me. I must go, I am in a hurry.

Oh certainly.


Look at the little beggar on horseback.
- Aye, and riding to his doom.



It's Trilby, is it not?

It is Trilby, isn't it?

It can't be.

The pain again, Maestro?


Keine gefahr.



But it is. I'm sure of it.

But her voice.

Trilby couldn't have sounded like that.

Why, it's Billee.


Taffy and The Laird.

Oh, it's so good to see you all again.

I ..

I beg your pardon.

I must have mistaken
you for someone I knew.

Don't make a scene here, Billee.

Oh. I seem to have been asleep for ages.

Haven't I been good to you, Trilby?

When you were ill.

Who .. who gave you back your life?

You did.

I've done everything I could.

To repay you.
- Yah.

Except love me.

Hello, liebchen ..

I do love you so much.

Oh, please.



I've tried but I ..
- Yah, yah, yah.

But you know very well why you can't.

It is the magnificent young Englander.

The head of the purity brigade.

Sir Galahad.


This stiff-necked
little Billee Englander.

What is he, liebchen?

With his silly paints in one hand.

And these twiddling brushes
of pig's bristles in the other?

What does he amount to ..

Compared to Svengali?

Ah, he paints his silly pictures
and sends them to London.

Where they hang upon the wall.

Like .. dead soldiers on parade.

Plenty people pass in a long procession.

And .. yawn.

Svengali will go to London himself.

Where he will be all
alone on a platform.

And Princesses.

And Countesses.

And serene Highnesses.

Will fling him their jewels.

And applaud him.

And invite him to their palaces.

And he will take you with him, liebchen.

And never look at them.

Yah, we could be so happy.

But I .. I don't like palaces.


Nor anything else that other women like.

Except that little Billee.

Look at me .. in the eyes!

Open your eyes.

Oh .. I do love you.

Ah, close your eyes.

I love you.
- Ah, don't say it.

You are beautiful.

My manufactured love.

But it is only Svengali.

Talking to himself again.

Did you get tickets for
the concert tonight?

There won't be any concert tonight.

Svengali and his company have cancelled
the engagement and gone away.

And where are you going?

After him.

Svengali is not running away from you.

Not from me, Taffy.

But from the fear of the day when
his spell over Trilby will be broken.

As it was for a moment last night.

Aye .. and what will you do
when you catch up with him?

Just wait until the day comes.

I'll get her back.

If I have to follow
them around the world.

Take your places, please.
Take your places.

Come on. Everybody.
Come on. Please, please.

Presto, presto!

Gecko. Mr Svengali. Will he be delayed?

When he is ready, he will be here.

He is already one hour late.
The people are tearing down the house.

When he is ready, he will be here.

Oh ..

I must go and make an explanation.


Signore e signori.

[ Italian language ]

[ Italian language ]

[ Italian language ]

[ Italian language ]

[ Italian language ]

Mr Svengali .. you are not made up yet?

They are waiting for
the concert to begin.

Waiting is good for such riff-raff.

What's the matter .. are you not sick?

Yah .. I am sick.

I cannot go on.

But what about Madame Svengali?

Would she ever appear without me?

You mean, you refuse to
give the concert? Again?

Yah .. there is no concert.

Then there will never be another one.

If La Svengali does not sing tonight.

Her career in Europe is ended.

I tell you .. I am sick.

Alright then .. I am through!

From now on, you can manage
yourself into the poorhouse.

In every place, you have
broken your engagements.

Until there's no other theater that will
contract for La Svengali's appearance.

Are you trying to tell me what to do?

I would like to tell you where to go!

But there isn't any place
for you except a dive.

And now, that's where you belong!

Go tell that rabble.

La Svengali.

Cannot appear tonight.

But they will kill me, Maestro.


I will give you .. a military funeral.

[ Italian language ]

Would you please Maestro
cancel the engagement.

I will go in and tell them.
- Alright.

And that spell you had tonight.

It was the worst you ever had.
And I am afraid, Maestro.

Take Madame Svengali to her
dressing room. I will join you later.


Go with Gecko. Wait for me.

Ah .. calm yourself.

I did not come here to fight.

Do you expect me to sit
down and talk quietly?

I think it would be
as well for all of us.

I think you will agree with me.

After I explain.

Sit down, please. Sit down.

Ah .. have a drink.

Some champagne will
clear the atmosphere.


A meillure of champagne.
Vous allez. Tout de suite.

Now we can talk like old friends.
- What do you want?

Don't be alarmed .. nothing from you.

What do you want?

Allez, allez.

You .. you will not have to follow me.

After tonight.

You probably would not want to.

What do you mean?
What are you driving at?

Oh, nothing mysterious.


Is La Svengali's last concert.

You mean you're taking
Trilby back to Paris?

My dear young friend.

That is for her to decide.

To Trilby.

And her freedom.

Surely you will drink to that?

"The next act has been brought from
Europe at tremendous expense."

He is probably alluding.

To the superb artist.


I have ..

I have an act now, you know.

The Queen of the Kings.

The toast of Emperors.

Assisted by the great Maestro.


You can hear with what
delirious appreciation ..

They look forward to my music.

I .. I feel sure you would not
wish me to keep them waiting.


My young friend.

Remember what I once told you.

There are more things
in heaven and earth ..

Than are dreamt of ..

In your philosophy.

Auf wiedersehen .

What's the matter, liebchen?

Are you alright?

Why .. yes.

Except I feel ..

Yah, yah?


Listen .. my dear.


I want you to watch me.

Very closely.

Do not take your eyes off mine.

Even for an instant.

And remember.

There is nothing in your mind.

Nothing in your heart.

Nothing in your soul.

But Svengali.



[ Opera singing: ]




It's Billee.

I'm right here with you.

Kiss me, darling.

0h, God.

Grant me in death.

What you denied me in life.

The woman I loved.


Avanti, signori ..