Sven Klangs kvintett (1976) - full transcript

Sweden 1958. In a small provincial town there is a band who plays dance music twice every week. All decisions are made by Sven Klang, the undisputed leader of the band. A new member joins them, saxophone player Lasse. He starts to criticize Sven's decisions, questions the way they divide the money and he also wants them to be more of a jazz band. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
It must have been 1958. In autumn, a Wednesday.

We always rehearsed on Wednesday evenings.

I had worked at the workshop for quite a while. I started straight after school.

I put all the money I earned in the orchestra into two coffers.

One would be for the driver's license and the other I would have

-to a record player on which you could play 33-rpm records.

I had already bought some late jazz records, but I couldn't play them.

I was very young when I started singing in Sven Klang's quintet.

I was 17 when I won the talent show where Sven was the presenter.

When this happened in 1958, I had been singing in the band for a year.

-Has Andersson called from Boras? -No. - Forsberg's.

I had got a job in an office. It was certainly not a dream job.

It's strange to think about it so long after.

- Shall we have company at home? -Yes. Shall we stick to Arvis?

- Shall I take your coat? -Yes thank you.

I graduated from high school in 1958.

Then I must have gone in the last ring, for the last time.

The real line. Another was targeted.

Joking aside, I didn't spend that much time studying.

It was other things that drew, the music took most of the time.

I didn't really practice that much, I was tired of learning.

You had some thoughts about becoming a musician. Seriously, that's all.

And that autumn in particular was particularly inspiring.

-58, it was a long time ago when they started with those Eurovision hits.

It was a fun time. You had to hang out with-

-otherwise you were booed on the dance floors.

But without bragging, we were popular. We had gigs all over again.

And in the best places. It was because we had ambition.

During the day you sold cars and in the evening you played for those you sold to-

so it was about keeping the style.

Every Wednesday evening was important for rehearsal.

-Hasn't he come? -Who?

He, the guy.

Fran Stockholm. Military music.

He was supposed to come tonight, they said.

Haven't you heard anything about it? You!

-Did you hear the Radio Band yesterday? - No, I didn't have time.

Did you have girls in the room?

I actually had little to read.

I had history, writing, maths and English until today.

that is easily fixed by sitting next to the class genius.

Drive hard and die young, that's my motto. Jan and Dean's.

-No, Deans. James Deans.

- Where is he? -Yes, where? We have to look a little...

Flush the bubble, how crazy you are.

What happened to the girl? Has she got small things in the mirror?

- Maybe she's going to the cinema with us. -With you? Never in my life.

- What's going on? - Then she does her hair!

You look like you're speeding down the Rockies into a headwind.

Have you not seen Tage Severin?

I wonder what it is about him? The one from Stockholm.

It was strange what everyone would talk about him.

Let me present directly from the dam of the barracks, the great saxophonist:

Lars-Goeran Nilsson.

Aren't you coming?

Yes, Lars-Goeran, here you see them. Rolf, Kennet

-and over there, from the treetops in the mountains - Gunnel Andersson.

We are a happy bunch. You will be comfortable here, like the fish in the sink.

Guys, this guy is a find, you understand.

He has played with Semour Oesterwalls.

-Glad to meet you. -Hi.

-Do you have any gigs there? -Oh oh oh. Did you hear which question?

There is probably no one in town who has not danced to Sven Klang's quintet.

-I hear you had good players. -We had a clarinet player before.

We put up posters, but then the people went on vacation.

yan can't change a whole stack of posters before people go on vacation.

Should we start with some old favourites? What about Whispering?

Here you have the vote. Gunnel enters after those from the first.

-Please try it on a solo. -Don't you have any marks yourself?

Play time late! if you want, you are free to do so.

-One, two, one, two, seven, twelve... -An A. Can I get an A?

One, two, one, two, twelve, seven...

I ask you to whisper in my ear

Just the little words that I want to hear

Words that lead to paradise

Not just a phrase but the words that can be taken

In the highest sense of love

Words that for me can now prove that I can praise the stars of the lake

Whisper that you love me

Love's highest wise word that can prove to me now

That I can praise the stars of the night, Whisper that you love me

-What a snitch! -Where have you played before?

Here and there. At Nalen and Sunside. Also at clubs in Gamla Stan.

Have you played at Nalen? Then maybe you know her?

She took part in a vocalist competition with Simon Brehm at Nalen.

-Have you played with any famous people? -Have you played with Radiobandet?

It's weird with all these jazz guys-

-Parker and Rollins and all their names...

They rise quickly and become famous, but they go down again just as quickly.

-People get tired of late there. - It's hard to dance to.

-He wants them to loosen up. -Right.

That's why we play late as we know they'll catch up.

Sail Along Silv'ry Moon, then. We take it without replays. - The entrance, Rolf.

Rolf, if you go through the rest of the file with him, I'll see you on Saturday.

-Gunnel... -Hey there.

- Shall I buy you something? - No, thank you, I arranged it myself.

You know you have to be out before ten. Don't forget to turn it off after you.

Shall we try a song?

- I must have a hot sausage. - I probably have to go home and read.

You can't keep going. Stop at the workshop, or...

- Shall we drive the Jazz Bacillus? - Hey Preacher, you mean? Okay.

There we run the introduction and then you come in after it.

Did we drive that fast? Can't we take it a little cooler, here?

We start directly with the melody. One, two, one...

Hello, Rolf! - Kennet, what are you going to play on Saturday?

Hey there. See you on Saturday!

From sandwiches! She is not wise. Do you want one?

I have to call Yadde, she gets mad, you know.

-I have to go home and read. -Take one.

Good evening. It's Rolf. Can I talk to Yadeleine?

- Take whichever one you want. -Yes Yes.

Hey Yadda! Yes... I have been rehearsing.

Iodine. He was there, he from Stockholm, the saxophonist.

-Who do you play with? - Yes, it's mostly with Fager...

-Claes-Goeran Fagerstedt... -And Dompan and Lasse Gullin?

-not much more weather today. -Then there are some other guys...

Just a few degrees. It is noticeable that it is starting to turn fall.

- Is that alto sax, right? - Is he the one?

-As I play? - Yes, he is from Stockholm.

-Hello. My name is Ingmar. - Lars-Goeran.

- Have you ever been to Nalen? - I have friends who have been there.

You can put the scissors back there, Lasse. Yen watch out for the blazers.

Yen's sister was supposed to come along.

You, it's going to be really crowded. Another time maybe.

I said it wasn't safe.

- Come on, Sven. How is it? - It's good. How is it itself?

Do you have time to come to the office? The boys are doing well.

-I'm talking about it inside. -Who takes the bass, then?

It was spacious, you hear.

You sure as hell don't care, do you?

Sail along, silv'r moon

Show the way to my friend

Sail along silv'ry moon

Until we meet again

He's on the windings there

You have been driving yourself

Until he hears

And we meet again

Ramona, for you the world has come into being

Ramona, for you there is the lake, if you want

For your sake, the moon and all the stars in the blue light up

For your sake, the ground is covered with flowers wherever you go

Sugar in the morning, sugar
in the evening, sugar at suppertime

Think how much sugar there is in the US

- Now we're going to have a decent meal. -Damn, what fun it was to play tonight!

They liked it. A melody instrument is needed.

It may have been a bit thin before.

- Do you want some, Lasse? - No, thanks, I have.

Thanks, that's good.

We are going to pull up posters with a real photo, taken in a studio?.

What do you say about that? We agree on that. Fuck you.

It is different now than it was in the time of the oldies.

No, we have to get going, so we'll get out of here.

- They should be in the tailgate, right? -Further down.

Damn, how well he plays. Just like a nigger.

He is sure even better up in Stockholm.

There they can get in the mood when they jam out at the morning ball.

-Do you think he... -What?

- That he takes drugs? - Sure. They all do.

- No, I don't think so about him. -It was noticeable in his game.

-How then? -The tones came from elsewhere.

He completely stepped up his game. Didn't you see how he closed his eyes?

Fuck, how terrible! He who seems so cool.

You must take care to be good. Are you going to become a really good soloist... you have to take anything. Heroin or nothing. - It's just as they say.

It's one thing to drink brandy, but drugs are poison.

Do you think he took anything tonight? I haven't seen anything.

Why do you think he's been out so long? Do you think he's pining?

Fuck, how terrible! He has been out peeing quite often this evening.

He is careful to buy himself out. He might have his own blend.

Can you drink it too?

- Shall we... - You try. Well, here you go, coward.

It looks pretty normal.

Just take it. Yes, of course.

No, I'll drive later...

Yes, a small sip of ice case.

-Foerjag? -Leave.

-Whose glass is this? - Lasse's.

-Do you drink gin? -Yes.

I have a good aftershave at home, if you are thinking of...

Here's your cleaver, guys.

- It might be enough for the bus home. - Are you complaining?

60 buckles per nose don't make more than 300 on the whole band, on a Saturday night.

- A little more will do. -You don't share the same things?

-Why would we do that? - I know others who do.

I have also heard about that time in Stockholm.

So they got a nickname too?. Consumption time. They played modern jazz.

-Just see if you need to borrow. - No, it's just the principle.

It gets so boring if you play like this.

It would be much better if we put a couple of snow buckets in here.

Where exactly...

It doesn't matter here.

yan can't write down how music should sound. yan plays what you know.

- Come on, Gottfrid. How is it? - Yes, it's all right.

-Have you raised your beats yet? -Yes, they sound fine.

When you drive mother-in-law, for example... There is no better back seat for her.

No, of course. She's very old now.

It is a provost who has had the car. The back seat is unused.

-Now have a cookie. - No, that's fine by me, thanks.

- Are you sure? -Yes.

And then one there...

-Rolf, right? -Thank you, one is enough.

-Gunnel? -No thanks.

- It tasted good with coffee now. - It is indeed home-baked.

Everything is felt.

- Rolf is going to graduate. - That's right. In the spring.

- It will be exciting. - Yes, it will be fun.

-Not everyone can do it. - There are no problems.

Oh no, it shouldn't be. Let's hope it works.

Yes, yes... And then...after that, I mean?

Yes, it will probably be a degree in economics, maybe at university.

So numbers count, so to say? Is Rolf good at numbers?

- Yes, it's going quite well. - It can be tricky.

- Yes, but there are no problems. -I want to laugh at you.

-Whose is this? - It's Gottfrid's old violin.

Quickly hang it up again. It would be terrible if he started playing.

Do you play on this one?

A little grand here and there, but it's rare.

Yes, he probably can, but it sounds just as horrible as when the tomcat is on his own.

Gunnel? Come for a while.

I think you should sing a bit.

Take the one you sang at Faster Lda's 50th party.

It's rare that I play Polish shoes, so I don't remember it.

Yes I could perhaps play you an old waltz.

-How old is it? -The beginning of the 1800s.

-Is it from Skane? -Yes. It is from Fleninge.

I'll try to remember it.

-Where are you going to be tonight? - There is a wedding in Vinsloev.

You get to be part of a lot of fun.

Do they want to please you? Sven Klang is a real man...

- It's nothing to worry about. - You shouldn't say that, Kennet.

- You read one for me before. -Yes, before we hear now, Kennet.

You have it safely on you. Look in the inside pocket.

Kennet has written some poems himself. - Take out the book, Kennet.

He had it on him. - Read the one you read to me, the very good one.

"Somewhere I saw a candle shining..."

-Is it called nothing? - Hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray!

- Sir. -Excellent.

"Somewhere in the unchanging life-blue scenery"-

"we sit and smoke in the echo of pounding pulses."

"Our hearts are blown by an unspoken message."

"The night rushes onto the stage in blue slippers."

- It was nice, you hear. -Bravo.

Who knew there was a poet among us?

- I can't even write letters. -You could write when drunk!

A Swedish calpso, what do you say? We could be rich!


Look, they want us to take the potpourri.

Yes, they want to. And if it "performed", then it will be a hundred ring extra.

-It's time for a break now, Sven. - We drive directly.

Now it's time to give our audience a couple of small doses of music

Which is of tones more than of words.

Feel it again? The Swedish sandwich board.

It has actually been a way to make life bright and easy.

So give you just one chance to hear us in Sven Klang's quintet.

Ann Karoline, open your door...

You black gypsy

Come, play your song

And help me forget everything

Like once upon a time

What kind of style is this? Guys, let's decide.

Now let's speed up and play something with more swing.

I don't care about sour and my trumpet in the world of tone.

No, now follow the melody on a fun ride.

Right, a certain acrobatic dance every note.

Free from the heart with music improvisation.

Come on, boss, come on, boss now we're going to swing

Did you hear late swing? Sorrows, no, sorrows no, we have none

Did you hear, late break? The way to a girl's heart every now and then

Usually goes through the tummy

Come on, boss, come on, boss now we're going to swing

Full day, need a break?

-You, the poem that... -Yes? What?

How did it start?

-"Somewhere in the blue twilight." -Can't you read it?


" the unchanging life-blue beauty..."

"...are we sitting..."

"...and smokes..."

" the echo of pounding pulse."

"We persist..."


"...of an unspoken message."

"The night..."

"...hurries onto the stage..."

" blue slippers."

- So beautiful! - I die!

Just like on color film.

Kennet, I know what to call your poem.

"Musical poem for sax and voice - a dream cut and wet."

What do you dream? It is pure reality.

Music can be a power. One of the largest available.

-Third superpower. -You cannot accomplish anything concrete.

- It's symbolic. - Symbolic.

It's obvious I think music can accomplish anything. Why do you play?

I play because I think it's fun to play.

I think it's fun to play tennis too.

I heard once when Luck Thompson was in town...

He told about his old grandmother. That old lady had an idea about music.

She said that within every human being there is an extinguished star.

yan can turn it on again if you hit it with clear music.

Blues or the kind of music that Charlie Parker played.

Call it igniting the joy of life or whatever you want.

If the blues had not existed, the blacks would have perished a long time ago.

- Yes, that's what I mean. - Are you ready, guys?

In the morning we are only going up to Vankiva so it will be enough if we meet here at six.

Sleep well.

Yes, you play the saxophone?

Stop with that talk. I can't bear to talk to you.

You, I didn't mean to offend there.

Excuse me.

You know, you get so damn lazy sometimes.

Being a musician is hell.

Stand and play a hell of a lot of shit.

- Yes, I understand. I play myself. - Do you? What are you playing?

Trumpet. Yeah...I've been playing for 7, 8 years.

My aunt at home went to late night classes.

So she thought I would have a positive leisure time job.

Yin's brother-in-law had a trumpet that I got to play.

I trained like hell at home. This one...

I usually drive it...

I've been holding on for a long time now.

It's so much fun when you get to play in the orchestra and they dance...

It can be rough sometimes. When you are not allowed to play what you want.

I had a little trouble at home too.

I thought my aunt said I had to choose between her and the trumpet.

It was she who started it.

She thought I practiced too much.

-So I chose the trumpet. -Did you?


Sven... You look tired.

Is this good, the gramophone?

Yes please.

I have such a headache too.

Yes, yes. We can sit here and have a little chat.

- You go ahead. -No no. You're right, it's late.

I have to go home too.

So we can be in this car.

The dream that you dream

It must be proven

I wanted to wish for a star where I was beyond all limits

Where there are no sorrows, Where the chimney smoke cannot reach

Where the lick comes from

Above the rainbow

If dreams can come true

Why wouldn't I

One day find the world of laughter

Sven Klang's quintet thanks.

Hope you had as much fun as we did.

You are always welcome back to us. On Saturday at Hogan's People's Park.

Good night to you, take care and sleep well.

Above the rainbow

If dreams can come true

Why wouldn't I

One day find the world of laughter

Close the door behind you.

What the hell did you mean by this? Who the hell do you think you are?

Here, we have worked hard to find a style that's recognizable-

and here you come, a fart-blower from Stockholm-

-who has the guts to blow any damn notes.

Toner, that was too much to say. Fisar, we need to have a word.

Who the hell do you think you are? yes, you should have that ready for you...

As long as you're in this gang, you stick to what we play.

It's style and we like it.

And the audience comes here to listen to it.

That's it with that thing. And then we don't talk about it anymore.

- He only played a solo. - Then we don't talk about it anymore.

Don't worry about him. For the most part he is good.

He always fixes it if you have trouble with something or other.

- He clashes with the organizers. - A bit of a pain, I think.

He always helps you. Found an apartment and everything.

God, how funny you are.

Shall we play a little later? - Yedan ​​you fix the drums together.


I was thinking of picking up Rock-Olga here on Children's Day.

- Can it do anything? -She pulled in 1,200 extra yesterday.

It must cost a hell of a lot extra.

You take that in on the audience. 1,200!


Gunnel? How is it?

- Where is Gunnel? -She stares out and mopes.

-She wants you to come out. -I'm going out.

Did you? Lasse.

Stay here. I'll fix it. She is a bit sensitive sometimes.

Sven, it wasn't you she wanted... Sven!

What the hell!

What the hell am I going to hang out with you guys for, huh?

Take her stuff, I don't care!

I'll take a taxi to town, but you drive the car home to me tomorrow morning.

You can take it to Sunday school first, if you want.

- Friendly fella. - He thinks he's drunk.

-Well he is good when he is sober. -He rarely is, just.

-Why is she moping? Have I said anything? -No, but they can be touchy, girls.

Take my girl, for example. We were at the cinema and saw a film with James Dean.

Now she bawls whenever she sees a photo of him.

- Maybe you should go out to see her. -What, she knows where I am.

Yes, then we would go home...

Forsberg's Hall?

Yes, he is in conversation. Is it good to wait?

I only had my high heels on and they were rubbing so I kept dying!

And then he said: "Take off the dojos." So I did. I went barefoot.

Did you go barefoot? Imagine if someone had seen you!

-Think about Sven... -Was he there?

Yes, he got mad at first, so he ran home.

Forsberg's. Forsaken?

No, it must be fairy...

is that you - He is. What should I do?

I'll plug it into yours, so you can take it here. - A moment.

Hall? Yes, hi.

Yes, that's good.

No, I'll sit here and answer the other way around.


Can I take your name please? One moment, she's busy.

It doesn't feel good to come over? Just a moment, and I'll listen.

Gunnel, guess who's calling. Sven Klang!

He hears.

Aren't you going to take it?

You... How do you feel in the mornings when you wake up?

-What? -When you look at these wallpapers.

-yes four spades of them. -There is nothing wrong with them.

-What is the purpose? - It should be lilies. French.

-They look wonderful. - It's just wallpapered!

Although it is clear...

We get a little fast so we have time for something else...

-Hello. -Hello.

-What should we do tonight? -I do not know.

Maybe I should ask Sven?

Hello. Did you say that, Lasse?

-Lasse is thinking of quitting military music. -Why is that?

- is it read? -I'm tired of German marches.

-It gets in the way. -But it's a good job.

-What are you going to do instead, huh? -Knitting. Hitchhike to Paris or something.

Think of just knitting and taking one day at a time. Shit in others.

-yan must think well about the future. - Now you sound like the mother.

"Lasse, think about your future." What kind of future do you have for yourself?

3-room apartment and a series of snotty kids. What a bright future!

You can work for the future to be better.

-How? By thinking about it? - There are trade unions, after all.

Kill yourself for 5 more an hour.

Yes, yes, but if you don't do anything, it won't get better either.

Are you sure that there will be any future at all?

Have you heard of radioactivity? It's in the clouds above us.

What does your union say when it starts to rain a little bit from the sky?

-"We demand that it stop raining." -At a meeting they suggested...

...that the department would buy brochures about the atomic bomb.

Is that why you want to quit? Because you were afraid of the atomic bomb?

It's just so pointless. Set-ups here and releases there.

Go there and play so that those pigs will have the courage to kill.

-Yes, it is wrong to kill. -You should become a pacifist.

-What are you going to do instead? -Take a part-time job in town if possible.

-Do you have any tips? - I could listen to dad.

Bringberg's! He pays the lowest in town.

-And it's only women's hours there. -It doesn't have to be the worst.

No, only they are sung, so.

It would be a break from here. We play together, then I continue alone...

- It's just like on the record. -We'll take the sting out of there.

One, two, three, f...

Let's rock, everbody, let's rock,
everbody, let's rock

Dancing to the jailhouse rock

Yes, fuck it. Have you heard anything, guys?

Gunnel, you should have been to the cinema yesterday.

Jailhouse Rock with Elvis Presley.

Guys, we need to become more modern.

Now you have to rock and roll, you understand.

-Sven, leave me alone! -What the hell... Gunnel!

-Leave her alone! -Yes, you...

That's what it's all about. Yes, yes.

-You see snares that don't exist. -Then he moves towards me.

-With me you don't take that tone! -Now he's starting to sound like a boss.

What the hell do you think it would look like here if no one was in charge, huh?

- It's not a fun job for me. -Then you charge for it.

Don't start talking about those damn consumer principles again.

Who do you think pays for his drums? Sven. Uncle Sven.

Who do you think pays for her diapers? Sven. Uncle Sven.

Who do you think pays for the car, the booze, the notes-

-and all the other devilry in which they indulge? Sven. Uncle Sven.

I don't want to break. I just said that there are ties with other principles.

You haven't done anything else since you got here!

The first thing you do is to blow the whole last dance.

Then you have points of view on the economy.

Then you criticize my entire repertoire and call me Seymour Sterwall.

What the hell is wrong with Seymour Sterwall!

He has, in my opinion, much more musical sense than your nigga idols!

Yes, dating Seymour was wrong. At least he plays clean.

No, now damn...

- Sven! -What is it?

-Do you have some time? -Yes, what is it?

The brotherhoods want you to be more forward-looking at the flea market.

- Let's talk about that. -It applies to electoral purity, so...

Just a moment.

Look, boy, you can take and knit, why don't you fit.

-He doesn't mean what he says. - He will regret it tomorrow.

- We'll talk to him. -You can't just give in.

- He's right, I don't fit in here. - We're going to play jazz.

You know how he is. Why don't you drop out?

Gunnel, tell them about uncle Sven. Although you don't want to.

My Blue Heaven... Are you familiar with it?

Don't imagine that I disappear just because I do.

-Where are you going? -To Copenhagen!

Saxophone playing

I give a shit about the Flag, the King and the Fatherland!

Catch him! Slippery!

- Well, what do you say about it? - It looks awfully nice.

-yan can't get a bump? -No.

The strings are insulated from each other, so there is no danger.

You're wearing rubber shoes, aren't you?

You must have a plectrum.

-What do you want? Shark fin or Bakelite? -I'll take a white one.

Then he comes here to buy.

Yes, we haven't really come that far.

Our time still hasn't arrived.

Rolf, what do you really think of Gunnel? As a singer, that is.

-She's doing well. - Do you think so?

Well, how so? What do you think?

I don't know... It just seems as if she's lost the charm she used to have.

I do not know. I haven't thought about that.

- She's going to stop. She said it herself. -Yes?

- It was a long time, Kennet. -It's been a while.

-How are you? - Yes, that's nice.

- It's my sister. -Hi.

Good to meet you.

You, Kennet...

They say that Gunnel is pregnant.

They say she doesn't know which of you is the father.

-Of us? -Yes.

- Isn't that true? - No, that's not true.

-Who is that? -Yes, that...I don't know.

-Is that true then? -No...

Yes it...


You all know Yona. She will sing with us for a while.

- Here you have Rolf. - Hello, Rolf.

-And here sits Kennet. -Hello.

Yona will sing with us because Herbert only has gigs on Fridays.

I have my songs here. Goodbye.

Why must life always be so hard and cold

No one I ask can explain. It feels so hard

Why must all dreams suddenly come crashing down

The day just when life begins to laugh

When you are young and driving and feel that life is smiling

Are you so terribly disappointed when you see what is happening

You took another friend and I was left alone

The day just when life begins to laugh

We were so in love with each other

After all, there was only you and me

that our story didn't come true

I would do that one fine day

I won't cry anymore even though I miss you so much

Once the tears healed, only time passed

The day will come when the chase can be over

The day just when life begins to laugh

-Hall. -What are you doing here?

Lasse is with us! Couldn't we get rid of it?

Yes, you can come a little later.

-Why don't you drive! - Do you think I can get a note?

Hi, is that you!

Have you brought flowers? Come in.

-Do you want coffee? - No, thanks, I'll...

- Can you stay for a little while? -Yes.

- Do you want to see him? - Well...

We have to go soon.

Isn't he nice, the little one?

He must have your... He must have your nose.

Do you tick?

-What will his name be? -I do not know. What do you think?

Me? Well...

Bill? No... Empty.

- I think his name should be Stefan. -Stefan?

-How long were you together with him? -Long time.

-Yen you liked him too? -No. Yes. Sit down.

In the beginning, he was so handsome and charming. He offered coffee and tea.

It was after that talent hunt on Sommarlust that I sang White Lilacs.

That's when he discovered me. Already the first evening.

I was scared and cried, but at the same time he was really nice. He is.

So he said I had talent and could become a vocalist in his band.

"Stockholm", I thought. "This is the chance." God, so stupid!

- He didn't say that he was married? -No.

I understood that very soon. He always had to go home afterwards.

-A stupid buck! - I agreed to it myself.

-He forced... -I'm going to talk to you about something.

It was lucky that I was hit. I kind of woke up.

When Sven said he knew a doctor in Yalm, I said no.

It was probably the first time I spoke against him.

God, what am I talking about. I haven't had anyone to talk to in a long time.

-How are you? -Me? Yes...

-Don't you write any poems these days? - No.

I remember the one you read. I thought it was beautiful.

- Actually, I just wrote it. -Why don't you continue?

Can't. I read a poem that was so beautiful. Then I can't myself.

-What kind of poem was that? -"After the last hydrogen bomb."

"Silence, silence, eternity locks into the room."

"No summer waits for a letter in the mail."

Have you heard an awful sentence? "No summer waits for a letter in the mail."

"A long summer waits for a letter in the mail." It sounds terrible.

It's terrible! That's what it is.

How are your letters? Yes, your courses, I mean.

Jod... I have English left for the real.

It will be preferable. Solid...

-How are you in the band? -Iodine, as usual.

Yona is quite seasoned.

Although it was more fun when you were there. And Lasse.

-How are you going to cope? You need money. -I do not know. I want to see.

I have to feed him now. Yes you can stay?

No, I'm going to go.

You... It's a record. Lasse is there.

Yes, look!

- Is it good? - It's wonderful.

- Shall we put it on? - I'll feed him...

Yes. No, I would...

-You can borrow it for so long. Hi. -Hello there.

I can come up and read it sometime.

Calm jazz music-

What about the road characteristics? Before you looked for a long time to find something similar.

The Volvo world is famous for its road characteristics.

-How long has it been going? -2,200 miles.

It may sound like a lot, but remember that it was a priest who has driven it.

It doesn't get much wear and tear, you know that. The varnish here...

If you would take and sit in. Trial session. Goodbye.

-What are you doing here? -I want to talk to you.

Follow me into the office. Leave the pram there.

Aren't you wise!

"Help..." I don't want any help from you.

I want you to pay what it costs to kill me.

We agreed that you should start singing with the orchestra again.

Don't you think I know why I get it? You look very smart.

If I don't come back, people start to wonder, and then it becomes a scandal.

That's why little Gunnel starts again, just for that and for nothing else.

I'm not starting over with you, not if you don't sign.

How can I be sure it's me, right?

You just have to choose.

Hello Hello Baby

Don't look back

Nothing can remain forever

You smile against the light

The clouds gather

When the rain comes, it's all over

Bye, bye, child, the end, sadness

To gain and lose is the song of life

Every love is like a fairy tale

The same spark, there was a time

Bye, bye, child, the end, sadness

To gain and lose is the song of life

Every love is like a fairy tale

The same spark, there was a time

Before, you longed for it to be Wednesday when you got to play.

Saturday... nothing is fun these days.

Rolf, you drive me home, huh? Now.

-Do you want coffee? -Yes, a small cup.

We hold on and collect. You don't have to sit here and play!


- Is it for me? -I usually look at you sometimes.

Thank you.

You say how it went with Lasse. He became famous when he left us.

We, we...

I was so happy when you told me about your child-

and that you did not go through with the abortion.

It's about all of us, I mean...

That's exactly what we have to do. We have to stand up!

- God, what am I talking about. Do you understand? -No.

We must form our own band. Actually, we all want that.

- We can't ourselves... – Sven could, but we can.

Think of playing the kind of music that we ourselves like. Real jazz with soul.

- Are you ready? -Yes. We'll talk a little.

- Shall we knit, huh? -What you feel under your feet.

-He will marry Yadeleine. -Weren't you the one in a hurry?

We can talk a little. Sit down.

You will see when you do the rag. That brings a busy setting to brides.

Maybe I don't think to do the rag. That's not what we're going to talk about.

What would you say about forming your own band? You and me and Gunnel?

-No Sven? -Without Sven.

-Sure. -You agree that we play jazz?

Yes, damn it. I'm in on anything.

Are you into blues?

It's you, isn't it?

- No, it's someone else. -Lasse!

-I didn't recognize you. -What are you doing here?

- The door was open. -How did you know we were here?

- I've been looking for you for a while. -Did you hear us?

Are your fingers itching to play along?

-Gunnel? - I cry as usual.

- Maybe I should go? -How stupid you are.

We give the girl 2 minutes to sing out her face.

-What are you doing these days? -We have read about you.

-I have a record with you on it. -How is it in Copenhagen, really?

-I've been there a couple of times. -Rolf has traveled.

-The Danes play dixie. -Yes, they do.

All Danes actually play dixie. That is the problem.

What problem?

-Where do you live? -I share quarters with friends.

-Do you earn well with your luck? - The money doesn't really matter.

-Where did you play in Tskland? -Just on US military bases.

-How is Tskland? -I do what I can with what we're given.

So you escape from the rags to play on foreign regiments?

-Should I have qualms of conscience? -Kennet does not intend to do the dirty work.

-Yes, I am also a pacifist. -Also?

Yes, we are getting more and more. No Swedish atomic bomb.

Well... It's no worse on the American bases than elsewhere.

In addition, you can check out the latest jazz from the States there.

-And that's how you meet fine players. -Yes, you have played with Stan Getz.

-Do you like Stan? -Yes, what do you think?

Stan very good. As you said - all Danes play dixie. the love affair I mourn

Some other spring
When twilight falls

Will the night bring
another to me?

Not our kind
But let me find

It's not true that love is blind

Sunshine's around me

But deep in my heart
it's cold as ice

Love, once you've found me

We need a good base. Then we would have a blast too. We would have you...

-But you have other things for you? - I have nothing for me.

Would you like to?

- Lasse, let's think about it! -We could put together a repertoire.

-And play at clubs in Lund. -We were only going to play jazz.

-And soul?

How do you feel about the star?

It flashes. sometimes it goes out.

- I thought you would be changed. -Don't expect anything.

I have had a child.

-Are you doing all right? - Iodine. It's just that...

All Danes play dixie?

Kennet Persson's Quintet... Kennet Persson's Quintet.

Knows Five.

Swedish Bop quintet.

Bopparna... Hey.



Lasse, can't you wait with that until he has fallen asleep?

Lasse, think about the neighbors.

Lasse, stop now. Stefan can't sleep!

Aren't you wise? Are you going to knock the spikes out of me?

-You could have knocked your teeth out! - Sorry, I didn't mean it.

Footsteps -

Kennet, you get the black bag in the car, huh?

Piano tones -

What the hell are you doing here? Huh?

The same as you. Waiting for the others.

- It wasn't yesterday. When did you come? -Saturday. I stayed at Statt.

- Yes, we have changed the repertoire. -Have you?

Now I recognize you. It was damn what you look like. The iodine in your circuits?

This modern jazz, isn't it getting a little out of date now?

How can you keep up that bopping?

It's not bop, it's dixie. All Danes play dixie, you know?

Don't you think I can tell the difference between dixie and that beebopad roiling thing?

Dixieland is tiresome-

but that bopping is for a bunch of scumbags without a job.

For those lazy nights, those orgies or jam sessions?

No, you, don't imagine that you're going to reach out to ordinary people.

yes you, you are quite ordinary. Very, very common.

Ordinariness just pours forth, here and here and here...

Are you scared? Yen I'm not dangerous.

I just want to see what a normal person looks like. During the brawl.

Don't start with that here!

Lasse, what the hell is this supposed to be good for anyway?

You're a good guy deep down. I could have understood you if...

You can't. You live in your own little world. Calling you an ordinary person.

In this case, I am not an ordinary person. So what? I play my music.

-Yet you cop out. -"Cop out"! I play my music!

Fanatical. Spoil yourself like that!

Okay, I understand myself. But you, you understand others.

Within a couple of years, you have destroyed everyone around you.

-Is that what you call "reaching out"? -Are you going to make your way?

- You were supposed to meet the others. - It may not be necessary.

You can greet them. Hello, I can't wait for them.

-You are not wise. - The worker said I could go.

If you want to start your own business, you have to invest. I have booked our first concert.

One at work as a LOGT in Haestveda. We play on their turf.

-Shouldn't we wait for Lasse? - Go ahead and open the door.

-Why? -Don't talk, open the door!

- Hallo, Sven! -What are you doing?

You can go to hell, before we start our own!

-Start your own? 9-3? -From.

Lasse is also there. Lasse from Stockholm.

You damn fools! That you let yourself be deceived so easily.

By a drug addict.

He smacked, so he didn't dare meet you.

-Like hell he did! - Yes, that's true, Kennet.

I never thought he would stay.

He would never have made it here.

It is true that he brought syringes, I noticed.

Well he did not deceive us. It was we who deceived ourselves.

If you continue happily yourself first, I don't intend to stop you.

Gunnel, I heard that Herbert Swingers needs some new people.

Yona was probably on the verge of stopping singing.

I'm going out to Herbert tonight, you can join me if you want.

The rest of you can start stepping. It usually works.

No, it was a long time since I left. It didn't work when electrification came.

The last thing I had was a school band with boys from the secondary school.

Yes we couldn't make the installments, so we had to accept reality.

-You're not a car salesman anymore? -No.

I had thought of advancing within Volvo, but then I got this job.

Wasn't it a big step from the car industry to a student union?

No. The way I see it, it's basically the same thing.

We have a lot of activities. Study circles and courses-

in jazz dance and immigrants... and free theater groups... Yes, read for yourself.

-How do you see the time with the quintet? - They were good guys.

We could have gone a long way. Yes they just wanted to play jazz.

We run a song.

-Where are you going? - It will never happen.

-You sure don't follow that one! -Stefan must have a cart.

- You said you wanted to. -What's the use when you can't?

Where are you going to get money for drums from? Sven gives them.

-He doesn't give us. - Doesn't he?

I moved to Yalm and got a job on a travel agency.

-Why did you want to flee? -Just for Stefan's sake.

There were no daycare centers and I didn't want to leave him with my parents.

-How did you enjoy yourself in Yalm? - It was a good job. Nice apartment.

It was nice to have it arranged for Stefan. Although it was lonely sometimes.

So I went out dancing and hoped to meet a man.

How are you now? And Stefan, what has he asked for you?

The crap. A little too much sometimes maybe.

Fortunately, we have been able to talk about everything. Even when it has been a crisis.

-What do you work in? -I'm head of department at the travel agency.

Yes, what do you say, Kennet? Shall we start stepping?

This comes inappropriately, but it still wouldn't have worked for me.

Yina's parents have plans. I'm going to Lund for muck and take some bets.

It looks bad if dad puts me in the company and I can't do anything.

Why is it so hot here? Hell.

-Yeah, that's life. -Going?

I must knit now. Will you join in?

No, I'm staying for a while. I must...

Don't forget to turn off the lights after you.

I am deputy director at the Ministry of Industry.

I'm fine. Just under an hour's drive to the city. We have had 3 boys.

I bought the house 2 years ago. The cubs stay close to the grandparents.

Guess who with he is now, Hungarians!

When you look back at Sven Klang's quintet, what do you think?

That it is the most miserable period of one's life so far.

Think what fun you had. Sven and Kennet and all the folk park guys.

I remember a potpourri we had... We played it at the performances.

I play it now at parties.

-So you're still at the same workshop? -Yes, that's right.

- You had plans to read further. -Yes, I took the real one, at Hermods.

Didn't you study to get a better job?

Yes... It was a few years that I...I kind of lost my appetite, so I'm here.

Did you take it as a failure that Lasse stung?

It would have been different for me if we had leaked.

-Did you continue playing? - No, I quit completely.

- Did you meet Lasse any time later? -No.

I heard him first on the radio. I have his records.

-I see you collect records. - It means that you loosen up.

-Concerts? - Yes, I was at a concert on Tuesday.

It was the first jazz concert here in Stan in 10 years. Arne Domn manages.

Do you know where it was anywhere? In the bathroom.

-Wasn't that good? -Sure.

It was packed. The priestess in the first row and then all the rest of us.

-You have started playing again recently. - It's nothing to talk about.

- It's just for fun. -Tell me about it.

Few young guys asked me to be in a band.

I bought a used drum kit last winter. Yes, it's very funny.

We are going to play in this town this summer. At a music forum in the park.

-What was your name? -Red Hot Five.

It's mostly fun. It's a lot of fun.

We thought we would have gone to Arne Domn-

and asked if we couldn't stay and jam a little in the bathroom.

He actually looked me up for a short time before he passed away. Autumn 1968.

He was really sick. He wondered if he could stay with me.

It came across a little inappropriately. We had just finished the villa and I...

I gave him 100 clams to arrange it temporarily.

He preferred to go his own way.