Suzanne (2013) - full transcript

The story of a family and a love affair told through the journey of a young woman called Suzanne. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
It's Dad!

- Run!
- Girls, be careful on the street!

Wait for me!

I told you three times.

You cannot buy my truck.

It belongs to me
and my sister Suzanne.

Fatso! Bye!

- Do not offend my friends.
- Bye, Fatso!


She told you already.

Wait for me.


- Suzanne.
- Yes?

Throw this away.

I will give it to Dad later.

Let's play "Yes or No".

- Do you like Grandpa?
- Grandpa Jerzy?

Not really. He stinks.

His mouth stinks!

Easy with Grandpa Jerzy.

We must go to the hospital
right now.

When you're old,
your teeth rot.

It is true.
All old people stink.

- You?
- That's enough.

Did you find the answer?

Here's a clue:
They eat Sauerkraut.

Which is the capital?

The capital is...

- Look it up.
- I'll ask the teacher.

No, look it up.


To see if you know how.
It is interesting.

A message. Can I press it?

Sure, go ahead.

Hello, it's Irene.

II'm calling to ask you to dinner.

How about next Friday,

if you can...

I'd like it very much.

Call me.

I kiss the three of you.

Make the table.
The food is ready.

Clean up your stuff. And you,
no rollerskates in the house.

They are for outside.

- Haven't I told you?
- Yes.

- Why do you keep doing it?
- I don't know.

We didn't eat today
at school.


We played and no-one
looked for us.

So we missed lunch.

What's all this?

The truth.

Were you left alone, the two of you,
at the schoolyard?

Nobody saw you?

We played with the older children.

And they had already eaten.

Maria, did you not eat, too?

I don't remember.

- You don't remember if you ate?
- No.

Now, look, Maria...

What's wrong with your brain?

Did you eat or no?

Maria, reply.
Were you at the cantine or no?

I don't know.

You're kidding me?

Did you eat or no?

I don't know.

What's on your mind?
What's your game?

What's your problem?

Hello, you have called the Merevskys.
Please leave your message.

Good afternoon, this is lrene.



She's a Cheerleader.


Do you see my skirt?

- I made it myself.
- It looks cheap.

Did it go well?

- I'll take your bag.
- Thanks.

- With sausage? - No, that one
is mine. Yours is the one with ham.

- Did you butter Suzanne's?
- Yes.

Plenty of butter for you.

Thanks, dad!
You're really generous.

We have to make you fat.

Not with half a slice of ham...

What makes your ass shake?
It's love!

What do you find under your blouse?

It's love!

Why did you marry wearing jeans?
It's gross.

- It's not.
- They are his best jeans.

It was mom's idea.

- Did she ask you to wear them?
- Yes.

Everybody congatulated me
about how I looked.

- I'll make your wedding dress.
- My wedding dress?

- Stop it.
- A cheap one!

Dad, she has to pay a fine for this.

Do you see them Suzanne?

Good looking guys at 2 o' clock.

Take your pick.
The one with the white shirt?

Hello guys!
Are you going bowling?

No, we're going to the bar.

Are you coming?

Not so good!

- Ask Suzanne?
- I brought the drinks.

And I brought everything else.
It's always the same.

She will clean up.
That's enough, Maria.

- ''That's enough, Maria!''
- You will clean up.

I do not need a parrott.

Be good.

- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.

Please excuse me
for keeping you waiting.

Thank you for coming

I could have called you,
but it's better face to face.


I have talked about it
a lot with Suzanne.

And she wanted me to
be the one to tell you.


I will be straightforward.
There is no other way.

Your daughter is pregnant.

She is more than 3 months pregnant.
Do you understand?

- Do you understand, sir?
- Yes.

She must visit
a gynecologist immediately.

She told me she has none.
I can recommend someone, if you want.

Why are you keeping it?

I feel like it.

- Hi dad.
- Hi.

- Did you have a nice trip?
- Yes.

- Where is Suzanne?
- She's inside. Go in.

- Hi!
- Beer made me the man I am!

How sexy!

- Did you wear those for me?
- You wish!

Hi. Glad to see you.

My sister made me up.

You don't look like your sister.

Watch out with him.

- Do you kiss as well as she does?
- Stop it!

You didn't mind in the 4th grade.

I traumatised him.

Will you buy me a drink?

Sure, let's go.

Check out the Master at work!

Don't tell my father!

I went to see Melissa and Thea.

- To declare your love?
- No!

We're coming!

It's Vince. Let's go.

Will you come with us dad?

Come on!

No, I'm tired.

Remy is coming for coffee, too.

- Aren't you bored of him yet?
- No.

When are you two getting married?


It's so loud, you'll go deaf.

- Good, I won't listen to your bullshit.
- Yeah, sure!

The door!

I will drive.

Help! Woman at the wheel!

I won't destroy your car.

Have you got
your driver's lisence with you?

- What?
- Nothing.

I haven't got one yet.

Are you kidding?
This car has cost me a year's salaries!

I still pay for it. Stop!

Slow down...

What are you doing?
It's not a bumper car!


Go lighter on the pedal.
You'll break it!

Don't worry.

Charlie, did you see?


- How's it going?
- Good.

Will you introduce me?

Maria is mine. The tall one.

This is Julien from Marseille.

Are you from Marseille? Me too.

This one... This race.

Bet on that one.

Yellow and black, that's nice.

I like it.

I like this one.

Has he got a father?


Here's a tip.

Bet on 7,

4 and 1.
In this order.

They will end up
in a burger

Can you buy them now,
to grill them here?

Come on!

Come on, Veracity!

Vome on, Night Life!

That's it!

Come on!

That's it!

Did we win?

We won.

- Did she catch her train?
- Yes.

- You must go to bed.
- I'm going.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Good evening.

- Bye.
- Ciao.

Boys usually talk more.

I usually do.

With you, I don't know...

I can't.

Hey, what are you doing here?

Hey beautiful!
A kiss?

How are you?

I called you at work,
but I didn't find you.

Do you plan to stay for long?

I don't know.

What about your job?

I took a leave without pay.


Charlie, watch out,
you'll drop her stuff.

Don't worry. No problem.

Can you take care of him this afternnon?
I have something to do.

Hi Nick.

Hi Julien.

- How are you?
- Fine.

- What can I bring you?
- A coffee, please.

How are you?

It took you quite a while.

Don't forget to lock up,

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Are you alone?
- Yeah.

- Are you hungry?
- A little.

I'll fix us something to eat.

Did we wake you up
last night?


How's things at work?

We have a lot to do.

Are your bosses okay?

The usual.

Did she talk to you
about my situation?

A little.

My family lives up North.

I can't return there.

I have no-one here.

I save the money
I make at the races.

You don't mind that Suzanne
quit her job for you?

I didn't ask her to.

She made her own choice.

You know your sister.

When she gets an idea...

Suzanne is the best thing
that has happened to me.

I will never let her down.

I love her.

Hey you.

Suzanne cares a lot about you.

She keeps telling me stories.


What stories?

All the things you took upon yourself.

She says you are brave.

Do you think so?


- I had to see you.
- Yeah?

Is everything okay?

Not really.

What is it?

Nothing serious.
I have to leave for a little while.

Later we'll find a small apartment.

What have you done?

I can't tell you,
it'll bring you bad luck.

I'll tell you when it's over.

I don't want you to leave.

You see that?


That's you and me.

For how long will you be gone?

I don't know.

Why don't you know?

It's not up to me to decide.

It's up to whom to decide?

Look, Suzanne,
I don't want to go either.

Then don't go.

- Hi!
- Hi!


Here, dad.

You woke up early.

You live the big life.

What am I to say to the boss?

Can you stop daydreaming
for a moment?

There's Charlie, there's school...

You have nothing to say?

You always cover
your sister's stupidities.

Is it that guy
you go out with?

Hold on, I haven't finished.

I haven't finished.
Where are you going?

- Tell me where.
- To bed.

Come back here,
I have not finished!

-Come here!
- Stop it!

I've had it!
I can't take it any more!

- You're coming with me!
- You're crazy!

I'm not crazy!

I won't let you.
It's that simple.

Pack your stuff
by the end of the week.

On Sunday, you come home.
Monday, you go back to work.


We woke you up.

I was afraid you'd be gone.

- That's really nice of you.
I am very sorry. - It's okay.

Room 38, please.

For Charlie.
Do not worry.

Yeah, the young couple.

Oh, yeah? When?


Thank you.

- Where to?
- Orleans.

- Come in. I'll get you close to it.
- Thanks.

Can I ask your age?

I am 25.

Why are you going to Orleans
in the middle of the week?

There's a Sound System
during the weekend.

It's music.

You started early.
Three days to go to Orleans...

What's your job?

This and that.

Have you ever seen her?


Your daughter?

Her name is Suzanne.

When did you last see her?

It's almost been a year.

No, I've never seen her.

Keep it, I have others.


- Hi.
- Hi. Did you have a nice trip?

Train packed?


They say
my absences upset him.

This month...

I have seen the social worker

These psychologists
drive him crazy.

I'm sure of it.

You two spent
many nights alone.

You weren't afraid.
You knew, if there was a problem...

We were two.

And also there were
Andre and Sylvie.

It's not the same.

''Mmh! I want...

to taste this apple,

says Pierre.''

Hey, you read well!

You have made progress.

Aren't you tired?

- Can I sleep with you, dad?
- You are too old now.

Watch out, my back!

- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.

Sweet dreams.

To the left.

How many in each cell?


- And how is she?
- She is nice.

I will be the one...

to represent you in court.

How many years am I facing?

Too soon to say.
It depends on the trial procedure.

Your criminal record is clear.
Have you ever been on trial?


This is positive.

I also...

...contacted your family.

They are fine.

I don't think your dad
will come right now to see you.

He is a bit angry,
if I may say so.

He needs time,

to adapt to the news.

But you can count
on your sister.

She can't wait to see you.

I asked for visiting rights.
We will soon know...

And my son, Charlie?

Charlie is fine.

He does no longer live
with your father.

He has been given
to an adoptive family.

By court order.

Your father was absent too often.

- Because of his job.
- What?

What's going on with Charlie?

For the time being, he is
with an adoptive family, because...

he couldn't stay
with your father.

He is fine,
the family is taking good care of him.

Do not worry.
You will be able to see him again...

Excuse me.

I am sorry.

Everything will be fine,
do not worry.

Morel against Merevsky,
Case Number 2005-18-26.

Ms Merevsky Suzanne,

born on May the 3rd, 1980
in Halles, France

daughter of lsabelle
and Nicolas Merevsky,

mother of Charlie Merevsky,
father unknown,

placed with an adoptive family
after your disappearance, two years ago.

You are without permanent address
and employment.

You are accused of unlawful entry
to a private property,

with your accomplice,
Mr Julien Berthelot,

on the 18th of June, 2004... the house of
Ms Denise Morel,

13 Rue de l'Ange, in Perpignan.

And for acts of violence
against Ms Morel

whom you tied in the basement,
to steal her belongings.

Specifically, furniture, hi fi system,
jewelry and cash.

You are charged with both a civil
and a criminal offence.

You are also accused that
on March the 2nd, 2005, in Avignon

you escaped, you attacked
a police officer and resisted arrest.

As your accomplice, Mr Berthelot,
is still at large,

you are being tried alone.

Do you confirm
the truth of these facts?


According to the articles 1100-9
of the Civil code and 311-4 of the Penal code...

Ms Merevsky faces...

a jail sentence of five years
and a fine of 77000€.

We will now hear the attorney
for the civil case,

and the defendant of the accused,
Ms Delambre.

Ms Merevsky,
do you have something to say?


Are you okay?

I'm okay.

Are you managing?

Sorry about last time.
I couldn't make it.

No problem.

Dad and I went to see Charlie
three weeks ago.

We spent Sunday together.

We went to Marineland.

He was looking good.

Things are working out for him
with the family.

I have some photos if you want...

No, it's okay, thanks.


I can't right now.

And dad?

I thought that he might come...

...but he can't.

You know how it is.

Say something.

I don't know what to say.

This came.

By post.

I don't know
what to do.

If you don't want it,
I will throw it away.

Tell me.

"I will be there."

You frighten me, Suzanne.


- Bye.
- See you.

See you.

Suzanne? Are you coming?

I am not yet
on the highway.

Where are you?

I'm coming.

- Are you okay, dad?
- Yeah.

How many things have changed.

Are you leaving
for the weekend?

I was showing your father.

I will paint the truck.

I will go to Paris,
to do it right.

Where are you going?

Calais, to deliver materials.

Take care, dad.



-Good morning.
- Good morning.

Good morning.

Please, come in.

Charlie, you can come down.

Shall we have a drink outside?

- I'll bring a tray.
- I'll help you.


Good morning.

- Do you still like chocolate?
- Yeah.


Do you like it here?

Yes, it's fine.
My school's good.


Is it far from home?

No, not really.

Next year when I'm in high school,
they will let me ride my bike there.

Where do you live?

ln Marseille, the 15th district.

Do you remember me?


Not very well.

What's your job?

Right now I'm a waitress
at a restaurant.


Outside of town.

You can come at noon some time,
to see where I work.

- Mom?
- Yes.

Can I go eat
in Suzanne's restaurant?

Sure, of course.
Why not.

We'll talk about it later.

It will be fine.

The hard part is over.

Excuse me.

So you came back home.

He took me for drinks.

I know. You stink of alcohol.



Who are you thanking?

You, little sister.


Excuse me!

- Can we have some bread?
- Yes.

What is it?

A small house in Morocco,
that I bought.

For us.

I have arranged everything.
You will only need a passport.

Your name is Jeanne Serein.

Who is she?

A woman I met in a bar.

She's a good person.

So if the cops ask...

I love you.

Her name is Solange.


Happy now?

Look. I got a red one.

Red is great.

In his house
a great big deer

looked outside the window.

A rabbit came

and knocked the door
like this.

Deer, deer open the door

or the hunter will kill me.

Sure, little rabbit

Rabbit, rabbit
do come in

and give me your hand.

Did you get me a present?

No, not me.

From you?

No, from him.


Have you decided
about Maria?


I'll go to her apartment.

I'll find someone to take you
and wait for you outside.


It' so cold.

But before...

I want us to go to the cemetery
and leave some flowers for my mum.

I want to show her our daughter.

Do you think it's weird?

No, I understand.

Since Solange was born,
I think about her every day.

To my daughter.

Calm down, Suzanne...

That's not possible!
This can't be!

You know...

He left for a few days.

Are you little Suzanne?

They buried her
two months ago.

He arranged everything.

She had an accident
on the road to Moline.

She probably tried
to avoid a dog.

We will never know.


Can I have a look at your papers
and the car's?

Is everything okay, madam?

- It's okay.
- I am asking her, not you.

My name is not
Jeanne Serein.

Sir, please exit the queue
and park over there.

- Why?
- Do as I tell you.

lndia 101 for Sierra November.

I want a passport control.

Serein Jeanne and Serein Pierre.


Does the radio
bother you?


The hotel is not first class,

but it's okay.

The guests are visitors
like us.

Visiting hours start at 8 a.m.

We'll have breakfast at 7.30.

I'll set the alarm at 7.

We'll have plenty of time.

How's school?


The 3rd grade
is harder, right?


I'm glad you came.

Aren't you tired?

I am. She was sick
all week.

She's better now.

- What happened?
- An ear infection, again.

And how are you?

I'm fine.

They threw me a little party
at the office, for my retirement.

All my friends were there.

Did they get you a present?

They spoiled me.
They got me a camera.

It seems to be hard to operate.

It has a zoom, too.

Charlie will help me.

You want to hold her?

Yes, please.