Suzanna Andler (2021) - full transcript

Trapped in marriage to a wealthy, unfaithful businessman, a middle aged mother takes a break and goes with her young lover to a Riviera beach house where she plans a family vacation for the summer.

How many bedrooms in all?

8 with the one upstairs.

One for Christine, one for Marc,

one for Irene, two for us.


You still have the one upstairs.
Perfect fit.

Jean will stay two weeks,
then just weekends.

It's nothing by plane.
And a short ride from Nice.

This will do for Christine.

How old is she now?

Seventeen. She's changed.

This will suit her fine.

If friends come,
Irene and Christine can share a bed.

Sudden change of mind?

Oh, no.

We wanted a big villa.

On the sea.

How long had we been going
to Clair-Bois?

Eight years.

Wait a second... nine years.

Nine years.

It's true.
Irene was a few months old.


This room overlooks the sea too.

Very nice.

I got a call for Clair-Bois.
It didn't take long.


Are you sorry now?

Not at all.

You saw everything but upstairs.


It's big.

Let's open it all up.

How beautiful.

Everyone's well?

Jean, the children?

They're fine, thanks.

Got in yesterday afternoon?


You were seen leaving the hotel
last night.

People pay attention.
It's so quiet.

Irene can go to the beach alone.

We can watch from here.

Mrs. Andler, you have fine children.

They're kind.

I really can't complain.

About the rest either.

Jean is charming.

This is true.

But he lucked out too.

A woman like you is rare.

You think so?

You see,

you're a woman, Mrs. Andler.

We see many here.

If I tell you...

There's nothing very special about me.

Trust me.

I'm the French Riviera's
most cheated-on wife.

Did you know?


- Why?
- That doesn't mean anything.

Probably not.

After all this time.

Mr. Rivière, I'll call Jean.

I prefer to.

It's a lot of money.

I'll give you an answer later.

Around 6.

All right, Mrs. Andler.

Odd, your telling me that.

You think so?

I'll stay here a little.

I want to visit the rooms again.

To get organized if I take it.

Do you mind?

Of course,
spend as long as you want.

You won't be cold?

Don't worry.

Do you want to lunch with us?

No, thank you.

I told a friend I'd visit her.

I'll call Jean
and either I'll call you this afternoon,

Or I'll just go.

Do you have the time?


Thank you.

We'll talk later... at six.

All right.

Marie-Louise, it's me.

- Hello, ma'am.
- Hello, Marie-Louise.

Is Monsieur in?

No, he left last night.
I'll stay with Irene tomorrow.

- Is she behaving?
- She's fine.

He left a number.
Shall I give it to you?

Don't bother.

Shall I call him myself?

No, thank you not.

If he should call,

have him call me back

this afternoon between 5 and 6

at 94...

58 96 42.

You wrote it down?

Yes, ma'am.

Give Irene a kiss.

Goodbye, Marie-Louise.

Goodbye, ma'am.

What do I do if he doesn't call?


Nothing, do nothing.

But I think he'll call
to ask about Irene.


What happened? It's 3.

- Excuse me.
- Were you sleeping?

A little, yes.

Did you have lunch?

I'm not hungry.

You said 1:30 at the hotel.
You forgot?

I figured you were still asleep.

Are you tired?


We drank a lot last night.

A lot, yes.

Did you rent it?

Not quite.

It's expensive.

How much?

2 million for August.

I'll ask Jean
if he's willing to pay that.

Did you agree on a price?


We didn't talk money.

I forgot to bring it up.

I called the house.

He went away for the weekend.

I asked that he call here
between 5 and 6.

You knew he was going away?

Sometimes he stays in Paris.

He sleeps all day long.

What if he doesn't call?

We'll wait till Monday.

I know it's a pain.

We can still go to Cannes
and come back Monday.

Let's go if you'd like to.

He didn't leave a number?

Probably, yes.

I didn't ask.

He'll call to see how Irene is doing.

He always does when I'm away.

You never know where he is.

He goes to different places.

You never called him?

This place is a real fortress.

The property...

includes this hill, down to the sea.

I didn't use to drink.

It's you who...


No, never.

Not with Jean at first?


I went to the port.
Everything is shut.

I tried working on an article.

Then I started waiting for you.

An article about what?

Millionaires' wives
incognito on the French Riviera.

I see.

You don't want to go to Cannes.

You never go in the winter?

We used to go at Christmas.

Not anymore?

He comes for two weeks in the summer,
that's all.

I know a fish place you don't.


It opened two years ago.

We'll sit outside, eat lobster thermidor.

- Make love. It never killed anyone...
- What?

You speak like that
with the others?

They go to Cannes, no fuss.

You want to put me off going.


Go because you promised.

Let's go now.

I must come back Monday
if this is too expensive.


Take it, Suzanna!

If you waver over 2 million for a month,
you can afford it.

Hear me?

What did Jean say?

To do as I please.

I don't know if I like it here.

And Jean will tell you?

He'll say it makes no difference.

What if I said it?

You'd be saying it so we can go.

It's true.

Do you like it?

I don't care.

But imagine you were renting it.


Oh yeah...

You're more discreet with each other.

We've always been a bit.

Would you have called him
ten years ago?


For more important things
I didn't call, so...

But we often spent weekends away.


Yes... often.

He's always been a gambler.

Big gambler, yes.

It's why we stopped going to Deauville.

And eventually, anywhere?

It's been 5 years?

Did I already tell you that?

Sometimes you say 5, sometimes 7.

It's been about nine years.

Since Irene was born.

How odd.

Driven apart by a child.

What is it you want to know?


A friend of the real estate agent's
saw us leaving the hotel.

Does it bother you?

It wasn't really necessary.

Everyone knows Jean cheats.
You know that, right?

Yes, I think.

How so?

Strangers couldn't have known but...

all our friends knew.

No one talked about it.

Did you know?

Of course.


He had a serious affair here
2 years ago.

A friend of yours?

She'd come by the house.


That's when I met him.

I figured you weren't in the picture...

or dead.

One day I heard you were his wife.

So you saw me?

What did our crowd say?

The usual stuff.

We wondered
how you could stand it,

why you didn't act likewise.


Time went by.

I know no more than the others.

People said you kept it hidden.

That you had lovers.

And what did you think?

Nothing at all.

I wasn't thinking.

People weren't thinking for me.

Maybe I inspire men to marry,
not to love.

As long as you're around.

Why didn't you come to the hotel?

What did you do?

I went to the boatyard.

Why say you went to the boatyard
when you didn't?

It's true. I really don't...

If you were reading this comic,

would you tell me?


Why wouldn't I?

I went to the boatyard.


It doesn't matter.

You didn't want
to be seen with me?

No, but I let Rivière leave

without thinking
I need a car to get back.

Did you meet someone?

You could have seen that friend.

She could have come.

She must know I'm here.
From Rivière.

You frighten me.

No... why?

That you're staying here.

This summer
they'll find your body.

No explanation.

What does this place cost?

Two million.

I wanted you to say it again.

- Why?
- Because you're ashamed.


See everything?


It's big.
Have a look if you want.

That's 66,000 francs a night.

Jean is making a lot these days.

At least I think so.
He keeps quiet.

I'm surprised
he didn't call the house.

It would be the first time.

We're unfair with men like him.

They slave away
for women they no longer love.

Don't you think?

He works less than others.

That's true.

If I'd fallen in love with it,

I'd have rented it without calling him.

Can we go somewhere
other than Cannes?

- Wherever you want.
- Aix.

Or Marseille.


Do you still want me?

Upset I didn't come to the hotel?

A little.

It's nothing.

What time is it?


What did I tell you?

The first day.

The first night. Remember?


You said:
"Don't start thinking this is passion".

You'd forgotten?

I wasn't sure.

You say it often?



You'd drunk a lot.

It was when I was leaving.

You left Paris afterwards?

I went to Bordeaux.

Because of that.

It had been planned for a while.

You called the day after I got back.

I also called while you were gone.

No one told me.

It's the first time we bring up the past.

Last night you said you understood
how someone could love me

and then stop loving me.


I said: "throw you out all of a sudden".

You remember your words!

I've been repeating them all day.

Are you always so hard?


You like it?


I've never met anyone as hard as you.

I'd been waiting for a while

to meet you.

I was surrounded by...

too much gentleness.

You were the most divided couple ever.



Would he rent this villa
because you like it?


He's very fond of me.

You won't leave him.

Maybe... yes, maybe.

Nor will he, but it's less likely.

He won't leave me if I'm alone.


Are you alone now, Suzanna?


Like before?

More, right?

Will you know when you're not alone?

He'll know.

I know about him when...

Sometimes he goes away for weeks.

He calls.

Every time, without fail,

he says he may not come back.

You believe him?

A little.

You wait.

I'm used to it.

He must be too.

- He's less.
- Less what?

Less used to me.

To finding me there.

It's only natural.

You just needed a lover.

You have a lover, Suzanna.


It's a very big change.

At first, I was overwhelmed.

At first?

Until I got used to the idea.

I have to tell you.

I was never unfaithful to Jean before.

You just told the truth.
It's wonderful.

You knew it.

A lot of people knew it.

Not once

did another man touch me,

kiss me, see me...

Why didn't you tell me?

You said let's not bring up the past.

It's a scary thing to say.

I was scared

that it would revolt you.

Or frighten you.

And then...

we forget everything immediately.

One hour later, I'd forgotten.

What's to regret?

I don't know.



No, nothing.

I listened to you talk, a lot.

You used to say

I had to be ready to break up
at any moment,

from one rendezvous to the next.

I thought this was a lingering fling.


Now I want to drink.

I think about it earlier and earlier.

In the afternoon, around this time.

In Paris too.

Does it already show?

You're a wreck.

I think so too.

Now I'll want to drink nonstop.

Until I die.

Sometimes Jean could see

how alone I was.

It was hard for him
to withstand at times.

Especially the summer.

With all those people who...

Why tell me all this?
I didn't ask.


When you didn't come for lunch,

I was thinking:

"Never see her again.

Lose her, forget her."

And then I came.

I don't want to leave you.

I asked you to come.

You didn't want to. Remember?

It was me.

I wanted to stay here, that's all.

Did you think of leaving me?


One hour? The first day?

I've lost you.

You said you understood
that Jean loved me.

You ask questions so I won't answer!


Where are you going?

I only think of going out at night.

You still distinguish night from day?

Less recently.

Where are you going?

I can't stand it anymore.

I know.

If I stay,
I'll ask questions I don't want to ask.

I just don't like suffering.

I'll stay in the room until 6:30.

After your call.

Then where will you be?

Where do you think?

You don't know?


I'm hope I'm not a bother.

You're no bother.

On the contrary.

Jean called me last night.

I knew you were coming.

I see.

What did he say?

Nothing special.

He said to help
if you're wavering over villas.

No need.

This is the one I wanted.

You didn't come alone?


How do you know?

You were seen at the port last night.

With someone who was not Jean Andler.

Who saw me?

Do I know him?

His name won't ring a bell.

He's a journalist for lousy rags.

Nothing you read.

You're at the Hotel de Paris?


How long has it been?

Seven, eight months.

Would you have visited me?

I didn't tell him I had a friend here.

I'd have come by before meeting him.

You'd have brought him?

Not so soon.

Did Jean mention anything?

No, no.

Does he know?

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

I can't believe this.

And yet it's true.

Had you and Jean discussed
this eventuality?

We used to.

But it's been a while.

Well, I think he knows or has doubts.

We'll see.

How has work been this winter?

I set up a nursery school in Juan.


Never came to Paris?

Two days. In the fall.

The opportunity came up.

You two were away.

In Bordeaux I think.

What will you tell Jean?


Why should he care?

On the contrary.

That's true.

Sometimes Jean and I travel together.

But it's rare.

When he's afraid to get bored.

Know how it scares him?

I'm surprised
you two don't speak more.

It's been this way for so long.

You think he'll be happy for me?

Deep down, I think he will be.

You never know beforehand.

At first I think he'll suffer.

What do you think?

That he'll suffer a bit.

He's been free for a while now.

Irene was 4 years old.

She's 10 now.

Six years.

He and I are good friends.

I know.

You know there's been nothing between us
for 6 years?

He avoided specifics.

He had every woman he wanted.

I was always with the children.

In the end I'd become...


You're more beautiful.


It's the opposite.

I was almost no longer a woman,

belonging to one man without ever...

What had you become?

A sort of elderly young woman.

Being a woman
means having different experiences.

Not you.

Did Jean tell you that?


He'd say...

"I'd like..."

No, I can't repeat it.

Is it what he wanted?

At times.

- Understand?
- Poorly.

I have flings.
I don't know what long-term is like.

It's odd.
I make men want to live with me.

They used to ask to marry me
straight off.

Jean too.

He says you inspire sensible feelings
at first.

Then it changes completely.


I don't know exactly what he meant.

He said you were...

He used a long word...



"Unknowable except through desire."

You must understand what he meant.

No, not really.

Is it serious?

I don't know.

You'd never leave Jean for him?


So Jean won't leave you this time.

Oh no.

The first time would be
too good to be true.

Later, I think.

People always talk about "having lovers".

Yes. This time meant a lot to me.

The first time.

It always seems extraordinary.

It just started happening.

I wanted nothing.

Nor did Jean.

On the contrary.

They knew each other.

They used to go sailing.

So I know him.

You can't know which one he is.

Nothing happened here.
It was in Paris.

He called me.
We met up again.


Hotel in the afternoon.

Soon enough, we couldn't be apart.

I don't understand.

You kept saying it wasn't serious.

It's not serious, but it's lasting.

I often make his blood boil.

Maybe he loves you.


If he did,
would you lie to yourself?

No, why? No...

You'd know it?

Yes. But he doesn't love me.

We make love.
That's all there is to it.

I meant only him. Not you.

You want him to love me, but no.

We see nothing.

Nothing on the horizon.

Nothing will happen.

What we have is so powerful.

There no stopping it.

At night, if we didn't drink,
we wouldn't stand it.

We'd leave.

I didn't know it could be so...

so terrifying,

not to be in love.

Never before.

Never before?

Things keep piling up in my life now.

I can't see clear.

He likes it when I drink.

I hadn't understood.

I woke up early this morning
to come here.

We drink all night long.

I'm very tired.

Surprised to hear me talking so much?

- I find you...
- Crazy?

Both different and the same.

What you said
isn't the whole truth.

Right, Suzanna?

He barely looked at me here.

Like all of Jean's friends.

A couple weeks after I got back,

we met.

One evening.

It was raining.

Cats and dogs.

I was sitting at a terrace,

waiting for the rain to stop.

He came running for cover.

We were surprised at first.

He led me into the café.

We stayed for an hour
and he walked me back.

We stopped on the Quai de Passy.

The metro passed by.

He turned to me... and he said:

"Look up, it's beautiful."

I never thought
that could be beautiful.

Then he said:

"All of a sudden, l want you.
How strange."

The next day he called to ask me
to join him for the weekend.

That very evening.

It was a Friday.

In September.

Nice weather in Paris.

I said yes.

At lunch, Jean said
he was leaving for the weekend.

He goes away every week,
but always says so.

No idea where he goes.

Near Chantilly.

Maybe here sometimes.

Sometimes he goes by plane.

I said: "Believe it or not,

"something strange happened.

"I met a man who wants to take me away
for the weekend.

"I said yes."

He asked if I wanted to go.

I said yes.

"A lot?"

I said yes.

I told him the truth.

It was the first time.

He said he'd had enough of me?

Not of you.

Of marriage.

How did he say it?

"I'd like to know her differently."

I asked him if he could stay this time
to watch Irene.

For once.

What could he do?

First time in 17 years.

He asked when I'd be back.

I said Sunday evening at the latest.

Sunday night,

I called to say I wouldn't be back.

When did you go home?

One week later.

I had to go all the way.

Once was not enough.

I heard Jean was worried.

He called all our friends.

He went crazy.

No one to show pity.

So he knows.

That's all he knows.

I told him I'd broken it off.

It's true. I had.

He never mentioned that weekend.

He must not like bringing it up.

I doubt it happened like that.

Is it important that he believe it?

It couldn't go on, right?

I don't know.

Will he come here this summer?


I think so... yes.

He'll come.

We never discussed Jean.

It wasn't serious between us.

You knew.

Like everyone else.
By hearsay.

What didn't you know?

If you'd been unhappy.


He doesn't know it.

You started sailing to be with him.


I'd have done anything.

It never scared you.


You were right.

I wanted to bring it up but...

you didn't seem...

It wasn't worth it.

I'd just have said to be careful.


Women often think he favors them.

It's not true.

For him it's like gambling.

You'd never have listened.

When you left the beach with him,

I remember how crazy you were.


Odd, mentioning this today.

Everything is different now.

What time is it?


I'll head back to the villa.

See you this summer.

See you then.

Want to come to the port?

I'm waiting for his call.

Oh yes.

Don't stay too late.

Once he calls, I'll go.

I meant to say...

Remember Bernard? Bernard Fontaine?


Killed in a car crash
two days ago.

You were in love with him.

Without admitting it, you liked him.


Now that he's dead...

Now that you mention it.

Goodbye, Suzanna.

You look like you're going home.

I'd like to ask you something.

May I?


You're not alone?


Someone told you?

I believe only you.

I'm happy for you.


One day, before I die,

we must talk about us.


I've always wanted to ask you this.
I never could.

It's easier by phone.

I'd have mentioned it today.

I decided to.

You think so?

Maybe, yes.

When did it begin?

About 8 months ago.

I think you're wrong.

Maybe less.

Six months.

When we were in Bordeaux.

I didn't know if you'd understood.

Is it serious?

I don't know.

I spoke to Monique for a while.

A lot.

I lied a lot.

It's nothing.

Yes but...

Really about everything.


If she mentions our conversation...

Only you tell the truth.


You lie to him too?


All the time?

I lie about us.


Yes, I'm here.

Suzanna, Suzanna...

I think I'll go back to Paris.

Do as you please.

Perhaps you're not happy?

I want to kill myself.

There's nothing to fear.

Want me to come?

No, it's over.

It lasted a second.



Where are you?

I don't know anymore.



If you want to come back now...

No, I'm going to Cannes.

It's nothing. I'll go to Cannes.

You promised to go?


It's also because
I'm drinking a lot now.

I'm not used to it.

I can always take a plane
and be there tonight.


This is intolerable, Suzanna.


You said it was necessary.

You understood that it was?


And now?

I don't know.

You said it was repulsive.


That it was monstrous.

You wanted this for us.



You knew it would be difficult.

I knew nothing.

- I'm taking the plane.
- No.

- You've known since Bordeaux.
- No.

I knew nothing besides today.

I'm coming.


I'll be gone.

Come back to Paris.


Will you come back?

Where are you?


Are there many of you?

No, I'm alone with her.

She went for a walk.

I'm alone at the house.

Are you alone too?


I shut myself away here
to kill myself, I guess.

I fell asleep.

Why die, Suzanna? Why die?

Oh, so...

so I wouldn't have to lie anymore.


Not just over you.



What will become of us?

I'm going to meet him.

It was nothing before.

The idea of summer arriving.

The difference
between summer and winter here,

it's unimaginable.

Maybe I'll go see Monique in Cannes.

Or in Juan if she's there.

Goodbye, Jean.

I was coming to join you.
He just called.

No, you weren't.

I couldn't spend the night here.

I'm suddenly scared.

About what?

That I stay here, really?


What's wrong?


It's this idea.

Have you been here long?

When you noticed.

I heard something about
next summer.

Oh, yes.

Planning distresses you?


Like living it in advance.

Sort of.

Like what we planned in Cannes?


Did you drink much?

Quite a lot.

Drink during the day now?

Enough to kill us on the road.

I took my car to head to Paris.

Then I came back.

We can go whenever.

To Paris?

No, not right away.

What did he tell you?

To do as I please.


I guess I'll take it.

What I really wanted was...

I told him I'd take it.

Talk about anything else?

Summer vacation...

the children.

There are a few people.


two women met

down there below.

They spoke for a while.

We can go to the hotel.

Straight to bed.

Eat in the room.


If I leave right now,

what will you do?

I'd stay here for a few days.

What for?

Why go back without you?

I'd miss you a lot.

I've never met anyone as cruel as you.

Like in a dream.

I don't know what to do.

You know that?

Who knows
what will become of us?

I'm leaving.

Last summer, a guy said:
"You can have your pick,

except Suzanna Andler."

We made a bet.

Then I forgot.

I think he made the same bet.

Twice I'd say.

Did he speak well of me?

He said you were no longer in love.

That you were a pain.


He said:
"One day I'll give her away."

Then one day I saw you.



We'll meet in secret
this summer?

Come when I'm alone.

So I'd wait in Paris until you're free?

He's coming alone.

Monique stayed with you.

She always had.

It's nice out. Come.

How do you find this house?

You didn't say.


Anyway everything is ugly, fake.

As ugly as your place in Paris.

You've never been.

All your homes are the same.

You may be right.

Sometimes you make sense.

Their wives are all the same too.



I'm losing it.

I'm here.

Remember when Jean introduced us?

The Café des Arts one night.

You didn't say a word.

Not a word.

So what'll we do this summer?

Furniture in one room,
just a bed and walls.

With Jean gone,
that's how we'll live.

If you want.

Maybe he won't come this summer.


Just ask him.

Us here. As for him...

He wouldn't say where he goes.

You wouldn't ask?


Jean Andler spends everything he makes?

It seems so.

He always had a knack
for making money.

And you...

you like money?


Is that why you stay with him?

Could be.

Because of the money, maybe.

You told him
this big shithole costs 2 million?

What did he say?


it wasn't all that expensive.

It's not a lot of money for him.

He now has a Porsche
for weekends.

You knew?

How do you know?

Can you get it for the summer?

At times, maybe.

You want to drive it?

Of course.

I'll ask him.



I'd like to love you.



What does he have that I don't?

He's rich.

He has that grace
that money gives.

You don't know how to make money?


If I were him, I'd feel no love.

But I'm wrong.

He loves you.



There are beds all over.
Let's sleep here.

There's no liquor.

Angry with me?


Where are you?

Always on the verge

of dying or falling asleep.

Some day
I'll write a novel about you.

You know Michelet's women?

No, you're not one of them.

I don't know who you are.

What are they like?

Their husbands fighting the Holy War,
the Crusades,

they'd spend months alone
in forest cottages,

never speaking a word.

So they started speaking to trees.

To the foxes, forest animals.

And so began the reign of witches.

- Beautiful.
- No, awful.

You don't get a thing.

Who do I speak to?

You speak with Jean.

Instead of cottages,
you have marriages.

Two years ago,
I almost had an affair.

With a writer.

Bernard Fontaine.

He died in a car accident
last week.

I've heard of him.
What happened?

I'd met him,

like you,

after I got back.

He suggested we meet.

A café near l'Alma, I remember.

I never went.

Who told you he died?

Rivière, the real-estate agent.

You saw no one this afternoon?


What did you do?

Sleep, perhaps?

Yes, perhaps.

You stayed on the terrace?

Watching those women speak?


For a long time?

The time it took them to chat.

I think I saw them.
I drove up and down the coast.

You didn't stay in the room?

I couldn't.

Never met those women?


Never heard what they said?


Why did you observe them?


from afar, anything was imaginable.

Everything that could be said

may have been said then.

I think you told the truth
about that writer.

And about the women?

Them too.

I love you, Suzanna.

I feel like a swim.
Ever seen me swim?

You're an excellent swimmer.

I was college champ.
Did I tell you?


Why don't you leave me?

I can't yet.

I can't touch another woman.

What have you done to me?

4 days ago, you said you told Jean
we'd seen each other again.

That was a lie, right?

I told him we'd met.

No, that's not true.

You asked so I lied.

You lied to him as much?

He never said I lied.

Maybe you don't lie.

So it's today that you spoke?

A little.

A few words.

He asked if I was alone.

I said no.

That's all.

He didn't ask who it was?


It doesn't matter.

Well, less.

I'll tell him the rest later.

Who knows?

But I can say your name.

Michel Cayre.

He always said
this had to happen.

It was dragging on.

First time you two brought it up?


He knows now.

I believe what you just said.

He knew everything.

It's your voice
that must have pained him.

He told me about the Porsche
two months ago.

He called me.

He had something to tell me.
We met near his office.

He said not to hurt you.

That he'd never forgive me.

Then he changed the subject.

To cars.

He's so stupid with that.

Always thinking
people are out to hurt me.

I saw Monique this morning
at the port.

Jean called her last night,

so she'd insist

you take the villa.

She said:
"He gives her and her lover a villa."

You promised him not to tell me?

I gave him my word of honor.

Everyone knows, Suzanna.



That your lover is Michel Cayre.

Why did you tell me?

We kept quiet to please you.

To see.

To hurt you.

I can hurt you only via him.

You suffer only for him.

What happened to him today
happens to everyone.

To me too.

You get over it quickly.

It's a relief after.

That's the word.

It's annoying.

Your power over a woman
that slips between your fingers.

That's all it is.

It's unpleasant.

If it weren't for the children,

he'd have left you ages ago.

You wouldn't have had to stay together.

You'd have forgotten each other.

He must suffer terribly.

He doesn't know how to suffer.


When I bet that guy
about Suzanna Andler,

Jean was there.

We were drunk. It was full.

I'm sure he heard.

I acted similarly with him.


He laughed. I'm sure.

That may be
when he began having doubts.

But he didn't care.


No, it's your voice.

Your voice.

Will you forgive me
for betraying him?


What time is it?

7 o'clock.

We should go.

It's as if I'd been living here
for months.

I don't know if I'll rent it.

Does the time of day
make it gloomy?

This so?

I'd have preferred a garden in front.

Aren't Mediterranean sunsets depressing?

We see it in all its breadth here.

There's no hiding.

I think you'll rent it anyway.

You're not sure?

Odd, I don't recognize you.

Maybe we should go back to Paris.

I don't know.

I'll spend 3 days at your place.

To let him suffer.

To get used to it.

We'll close the window.


It's evening.

Not yet.

There's no light in the house.

We'll soon be in the dark.

Something supposedly happened here.

Years ago.

Three years, maybe.

I think.

The woman tried to kill herself.

Or someone tried to kill her.

I can't remember.

Try to remember.

Unless I was lied to or...

or I'm talking nonsense.


Night has almost fallen.


What did you see?

You'd fallen face down.

What did you do?


I looked at you.

I think you were dead.

Let's just leave.

I'll call from Cannes
or elsewhere.


I have one word to say:
yes or no.

It's easy.

Jean must have called to rent it.

He distrusts me.

Quiet, Suzanna.

I want to leave.

I've been here all day.

But why, why?

You said 2 weeks and...

it's endless.


Why? Do you know?

You never wonder?

I thought we were looking to love

but couldn't manage.

Sometimes we love and then...
it's impossible.

It's impossible.

This is so hard.

I'm not used to it.

At night,

yes, last night,

I wanted to run away.

We see nothing ahead.

Didn't you ever think

there was something else?

Another story?

That we don't know about.

That we don't see.

A brother.

Imagine a brother

you were in love with.

No one knows.

- A brother.
- Yes.

Perhaps our love is for this love

where no one loves.

Maybe we love each other.

Maybe I love you.

Adaptation: Andrew Litvack

Subtitling TITRAFILM