Suzaku (1997) - full transcript

Depicts the life of a family in a remote Japanese timber village. Family head Tahara Kozo lives with his mother Sachiko, wife Yasuyo, nephew Eisuke and young daughter Michiru. Economic recession and failed development plans cause tragedy in the family. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
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and Bandai Visual present

Moe no Suzaku

Good morning!

Come on, let's eat!

A nice soup.

- Take it, Eisuke!
- Thank you.

I'm still sleepy.

Good morning!

I want to walk.

Are you sure?

One, two! One, two!

Here we are!

Yes, there you are.
You must be warm!

Let's have something to drink quickly.

Yes, let's go for a drink. Let's hurry.

Let's hurry.

Good morning, ladies.

- Your mail.
- Thank you.

- No letters in return?
- No, no mail. - OK.

I'm warm!

- What a temperature!
- That's for sure!



- I'm warm!
- Yes

Here we are.

Here we are.

This one?

You pay first, otherwise no fish

- How much is it?
- 500 yen in total.

- Herrings for me, please.
- OK.

And one to go!

200, 400, 500

- And one extra!
- Thanks!

Please ladies, leave me some
to make a soup of

Thanks! And until next time!

Give me my sandals.

I want to get down.

Where are they?

In the big tree right next door

Hand in hand, eyes turned to the sky,

We saw the sun melting of heat.

Come on you all, let's play hide-and-seek

Cousin, may I kiss you?

A little kiss?

Good afternoon!

I'm home.

- I've brought you something.
- A present?

- Yes.
- What is it?

A beetle with horns!
He's big!

Have you seen?

What happened to you?

Come on, eat!

You have to eat!

- Tastes good!
- Yes?

Yabdoobadab doombie!

You want some fish?

- Fish?
- Yeah.

Eat your soup.
You can do that by yourself.

Dad, look!

You saw Ei? What he did?

Where is it?

What's with the new railway?

The opinions are very divided.

Some are in favour,
others against.

More bad news then?

And my son, is he in favour?


So we have some stubborn people in the family!

Grandad as well?

What a heat!

Any news of the elder sister?


Would you like tea?

She's still in Osaka?

She doesn't even visit
dad's grave anymore.

I wonder what'll become of her.

She only thinks of herself.

She surely will have her reasons.

When I think
how you used to play together!

Back then, she always used to laugh.

You adored her
and did whatever she did.

And in the end, daddy yelled at you.

That was during the war and life was hard.

Today, thanks to you and your wife,
my life is very relaxed.

Ah, if only

your clad still would be here!

Are you afraid?

Uncle Kozo



Do you miss your mother?

Don't worry, it'll be alright.

Fifteen years later


I want to go to work.

Alright. I'll talk it over with the boss.



Good morning!

Good morning grandmother!

Good morning!

- Hello!
- What's up?

I'm bringing my parents
to a nursing home.

You are?

- Thanks for all your kindness.
- It was nothing.

And their stuff?

We'll pick it up shortly, for sure.

Can I help?

Thanks, but we only take some small stuff.
The rest, we'll leave.


Actually, I very much hope

to be able to bring them back here some day.

Michiru, good morning!

Good morning!

On my return, I passed
through the Nara station.

I bought a newspaper,

to kill some time.

I have read that

The project for the new railway
has been cancelled.

Why cancel it now?

If they really would have to back out,

they should have done that long before!

With all they've spent on it,

if they stop now,

it's a real mess.

So, if we'd ask them

to reconsider their decision,
do you really think

that would lead to anything?

It is a shameful waste!

So after all,
All this will not have been more than an illusion.

It really is a shame.

Personally I think the worst thing to it is

what it means for the education of our children.

My own children are still small.

Trains are far more convenient than cars.

It's much faster and cheaper.

That's what baffles me most

- It's true.
- He's right.

The worst thing is

if we don't get that train here,

this village will waste away.

Our children will have difficulties finding a spouse.

So now it is certain that, as long as we live,

the train won't ever reach our place.

I'm going to work where Eisuke works.

From ten until four o'clock.

That's good. It might help you.

I'm late, go faster!

Wait, you will see

Off We

Have a good day!

Come on, faster! Quick, hurry!


Is mom going to work?

Good morning!

Thank you for all your kindness.

Are you leaving?

Today, we'll take them.

Tomorrow we will be back to settle everything.

You will?

I'll be lonely!

- Those are your grand children?
- Yes.

Have some tomatoes!

Thank you.

For the children. Eat them on your way.

- We'll be seeing each other.
- If there's anything, we're at your service.

Thank you very much.

Come back soon.

You just got here?

Ready to go.

Good morning!

- We're home.
- We're home.

You found each other?

At the bus stop.

Thank you, Ei!


The boss said that he expects you tomorrow.

- Tomorrow?
- Yes, tomorrow.

What should I wear?

You'll get a uniform.

- Ten o'clock, that's okay?
- Yes, ten o'clock.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.


I'm off.

Good luck!

Your husband fights like a chief.

It is true that we have the bus,

But to fight for the train, my respect!

Over there, that's the hall.

We use it to serve meals to groups,

as well as a dormitory.

It will be hard to get the train!

- Thank you very much.
- Not at all.

My father wanted to have it at any cost.

See you tomorrow.

Thank you very much.

You're on your way out?


Have you finished your job?

Do you want a ride?

Very much.

We're off.

I won't make it.

Me neither.

I won't make the average.

Me neither.

I won!


Is the job okay?

It's okay.

I'll succeed.

Eisuke helps me a lot.

I am going to bed.

I'm leaving.

Have a good trip.

I'm leaving!

What's with her?

You went to bed late yesterday.

How do you know?

I was studying for my exams.


You'll pick me up again this afternoon?

I might finish work much later.

It is thus, that the
impermanence of things

constitutes the main theme
of the opening

of the famous epic poem:
"The story of Heike"

Aunt Yasuyo!

Where you go?

You're already back?

Your mother fainted.

Will that go?

It is only a faintness.

Did you get any sleep?


Yes, that's it.


What's the matter?

You're saying ?

They found him?

It was the police department.

The police?

Get dressed.
We have to get ourselves together.

Eisuke, what's going on?

Uncle Kozo

They have found someone
carrying a camera.

They need an identification.

I'm devastated.

Thank you for everything.

You got the day off?

Aunt Yasuyo!

Aunt Yasuyo!

Aunt Yasuyo!

Aunt Yasuyo!

Where were you?

Look at that! You're soaked!

Wait a moment.

Let's return.

There you are!

Take a bath.

What's the matter?

Are you alright?

Take some rest today.

Do you want to go back to your parents?

It must be hard for you, here.



May I come in?

I'm thinking of going back to my parents

And you, what do you want to do?

You want to leave us?



I want to stay here.

Are you coming?


Mom wants to go back to her family.

- Good evening.
- Here I am.


You used to like them very much, once.

Do you remember?

I collected them.


you know

I love you.


I will be leaving

with mom.

Sleep well.


I'm falling.

Let go!

You are stupid! Look over there!

I won!

You are an idiot. I won't play anymore!

You're just too idiot!

How beautiful!


Already UP?

Good morning!

You are some early birds.


Take it.

This is the film that was
inside uncle Kozo's camera .

Shall we see it?

Take good care of yourselves.

When will you leave?

In a week?

The truth is that

it's is more comfortable for him
to live close to his work,

and his boss agreed that I'd come with him.

This is too big for both of us.

This is weird


Be careful.

With my neighbour,

my dear Iku-chan,

sitting in the tree

the big tree right next door,

hand in hand

we were watching the sky

and saw the sun


of heat.

With my neighbour Ko-chan,

sitting in the big tree next door,

Hand in hand, we were watching the sky

and we saw the sun melting of heat.

Come on you all, let's play hide-and-seek!

Eisuke, I saw you!

Kozo: Jun Kunimura

Michiru: Machiko Ono

Eisuke: Kotaro Shibata

Eisuke child: Kazufumi Mukohira

Yasuyo: Yasuyo Kamimura

Michiru girl: Sayaka Yamaguchi

The grandmother: Sachiko Izumi

Takenori Sento

Koji Kobayashi

Camera: Masaki Tamura

Lights: Atsuko Suzuki

Sound: Osamu Takizawa

Scenery: Etsuko Yoshida

Music: Masamichi Shigeno

Screenplay and direction:
Naomi Kawase