Suvi (1976) - full transcript

Characters familiar from Kevade are now in their 20s. In the beginning of the 20th century, Joosep Toots has returned from Russia, where he learned agriculture. He wants to start reforming his father's farm, Ülesoo. At the same time, he's competing with Kiir to win the love of Teele. Teele has stated that she agrees to marry with a farmer only. So Kiir decides to go to Russia to learn agriculture too. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Dear parents,

I ain't written to you a long time now

cause of busy sowing season.

My health was also very poor

from stomping about
in the fields all the time.

Now the crops have been sown

and I'm thinking to come
to my homeland for a longer time

to improve me health

because health
is the most precious thing on earth.

Wishing you a lot of health

and soon to see you again
in my dear homeland. Joosep...

We weren't any slower at all!

Lible, come to meet me here
this evening. - You betcha!

Hello, Lible!

As I live and breathe, Toots!

And quite a nice gentleman
you've become too!

I've been thinking

that should I see Toots again,
I'm ready to die

and leave the bell-ringing to others!

Master Toots,
come and sit in my carriage

and we'll go like a gentleman would.

Chunky Charlie
may start yapping again.

A landlord has no reason to fear him.

Forward, men of Kentucky!
- Hurrah!


Screenplay by Paul-Eerik Rummo
Based on stories by Oskar Luts.

Directed by Arvo Kruusement.

Director of Photography
Jüri Garšnek.

Art designer Linda Vernik.

Original music by Veljo Tormis.

Sound manager Roman Sabsay.

I greet you, the home of my parents.

I greet you, the sun of my homeland.

And I greet you, tender blossoms.

From my whole heart.

Thanks a million, Lible!
- Good-bye!

Stop barking, doggie.

You can see
how sick and tired I am.

I'm a traveller from faraway lands.

Cluck cluck cluck!

It's you, Joosep! So fast.

We weren't even expecting you.

Yes! Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad!

Hello there!

Is your health really so bad
you had to return at the busy season?

Yes, the health is very bad.

My right leg has sciatica in it.

- Yes. It gets cramps.

Yeah, that's bad.
- That's very bad.

But it'll be all right.
I'll bathe it with hayseed.

And whisk it with nettles.
This is bound to make it better.

Heavens! He's quite the cripple!

I know this pain well.
Sometimes when it's raining

my legs are crying for crutches.

But I'm old and my legs
have a right to hurt.

You're young,
yours should be holding up.

Tell me, what sort of an agricultural
scheme is being employed here?

What do you mean?

Arable land is divided
into how many fields?

Oh, nothing's changed here!

Well, that scheme is behind times.

You see, in Russia,
in bigger estates they... Ouch!

How can such a thin leg
have such a thick pain?

The devil knows!

Is it enough for the first time?
- It's up to you.

As to the livestock...
What's the breed of your cows?

Who can tell?
They're grazing there...

Apparently the homeland is rather
slow in embracing novelties and the scheme.

Hey, what's this all about...
the system or whatever?

The scheme. That's how I put it:
the scheme. The scheme is order!

What's that?
- A gift.

So pretty.
- Take it now.

Isn't it nice?

I also brought you knitting needles.
Made of pure silver.

And you, Dad, have a smoke!



Ain't you gonna eat first?
- No time.

Well then...

Aadniel! Someone came to see you.

Absolutely... Here you are!

Take a good look.

Maybe you'll recognise him.

Toots! Joosep!

You... I haven't seen you at all
after our schooldays.

Have you been to Russia
all this time?- Where else!

Do come in.

Take a seat here.
- Thank you.

Well? Let's have a smoke!

Here you are.
- I don't smoke. Never learned.

None of us are smokers here.

Just like that an unexpected guest...
My wife has just... Doesn't matter...

Absolutely, absolutely...
We would like to as well... absolutely...

That my son as well...

That my son should
also take a look at the world.

Absolutely... oh you devil!

Oh my God!

But he... to have a look
at how others live in this world.

If not for anything else, then
improve his skills in his own business.

But he doesn't want to go.

It'd be absolutely the best time for
Aadniel to go along with his schoolmate.

- Absolutely, let's go! - No.

Aadniel, put something else on

and be a guide for Mr Toots
here around Paunvere.

Eat something. Drink something,
Mr Toots. Be so kind.

We don't have anything
like what's in there.

But absolutely take a bite of this!
- No, thank you. You see...

My health isn't quite all right.
- Really?

You seem to be quite chipper.

Yes, but you see, I have this...
sciatica in my right foot.

Shyatica. - No, sciatica!

You see!

What a pity. - That's what you get
for years of dutiful service.

They pay you well,
that's no secret, but the health...

Mr Toots, how much were you paid
there if I may be so bold as to ask?

Recently I started to get over 2,000
rubles a year plus free room and board.

Be well!

Mr Toots!

Absolutely! What the devil,
two and a half thousand...

Joosep, what's this sciatics all about?

Sciatica, not sciatics.

Joosep, what does this sciatica do?

It... it makes a lot of strange things.

It travels.
At the moment it's here in my hip.

But sometimes it leaps to the head.

Wait, Joosep.

What happens
when it leaps to the head?

Then... well then...

What's wrong?
- The oil wants to come up.

What oil?- Lamp oil, you fool.

What you had me
drink there just now.

There's just one medicine
to cure a queasy heart.

You shouldn't waste
your money on any of the rest.

Well? Ain't it better?
- Yes, so it seems.

Let me ask something, Mr Chemist,
wasn't it just Punsel's oil?

Punsel's oil! What's it to you!
As long as it helps!

Drink if it's given to you. Hope and love
it, then you get power over everything.


This talk
has made me nauseous now.

Let me prove my faith to myself.

But wouldn't your friend Raafael
like to strengthen his heart a bit?

No, thank you. - Drink up,
it purifies and strengthens the blood.

No, thank you. I don't drink.

Young man, tell me honestly now,
was this stuff of any help to you?

Or should I give you
a second helping?

No, I fell much better now.
But if you think...

Let's go, poidyom. - Kuda?
- Ah, vsyo ravno where!

Tiugu of course... Kuslap?

How's it going?- Well.

That's good.

Toots, you devil! - Well now!
- Men, Toots is here.

My pipe is like a pitch-black thing,
nobody has put any tobacco in.

I gather lichen from the bog
and gladly smoke it all day long.

My pipe is like a pitch-black thing,
nobody has put any tobacco in.

I'm very glad that I could meet
all of my old friends again.

Now I can peacefully
go back to Russia

because I've seen all of you.
- You aren't going back so soon, are you?

You never know. - Why, master
Toots, you should make other plans now.

Even me, the old sponge, am with a wife
now A young girl, too. - That's something!

I just monkey everything
the others do.

Master Joosep will just have to
walk up the hill now

to visit the Raja estate
and God knows... - He has sciatica.

Wow, sciatica!

Anyway, Teele is Arno's bride.
- This won't lead to anything.

Well, let's go, friend Raafael!
- Where?

Up the hill to the Raja house.
- Just look at you!

What's wrong? You know,
I'll do a bundle dance with you.

Men! This will be a dance,
this will be a jolly bundle dance!

This will be a dance,
this will be a jolly bundle dance!

Heavens above, that's Toots.

Master Toots!

Miss Teele if I'm not mistaken?
- Toots, you've changed a lot since school.

How did you happen by here?
- Just visiting.

You've changed a lot as well,
Miss Teele. - Really?- Absolutely.

Introduce yourselves. Miss Ärnja,
the niece of our churchwarden. My friend.

Lottery! Raffles!

Hey, men of Kentucky, come here!
Every ticket wins.

Lovely Miss Teele, for your luck!
- Thank you!

Mr Kiir, is that a present
for young girls!

What should I be doing with it now?

Mr Kiir, be so kind and take it to
my father if he's here somewhere.

A son-in-law for Raja!

Young men, which one of you will be
the gentleman to take us dancing?

Perhaps Mr Toots?
- Me? I don't know... Should I?

But if I ask you?

You see... In Russia the dances
are completely different.

No matter, you'll get used to it.

We've spoken about you a lot with...
Arno. You remember your schoolmate Arno?

Yes, he was a fine fellow.
Where is he now?

Studying in town. He's always here during
holidays but hasn't arrived this year.

Will you be staying here for long?

God knows!

Perhaps I'll stay here
and take over at Ülesoo.

That would be nice!
Our homeland needs educated farmers!

You must stay, master Toots!

Dear schoolmates!

The churchwarden expects all of us
for a glass of wine at his place.


While being abroad... far from
homeland and the beautiful fatherland...

we remembered that... or...

I recalled my beloved bible teacher
and was sorry that I did not live closer

so that I could go and see him
if I can find the time.

And we are very thankful to you
for this dear teaching and guidance

that you gave us for our life.

So that we could now
earn our own bread and...

take care of our souls. Yes!

Toots has started to take
care of his soul. - Let him!

Revered and beloved schoolmaster!

As my dear schoolfellow
Toots has already said,

all of us are thankful to recall the time

when you guided us in taking the first
steps on the path of educating our souls.

When you taught us to
take care of and care for everything.

For birds in the forest, worms in the
ground and weak children alike.

My kind teacher, I thank you from all
my heart for leading me to the right path.

Yes, very good!
Very good, dear Kiir!

It's a great joy for me
to see my former schoolkids

standing before me
so hale and hearty.

Gratification and humility
are the main things!

A haughty mind causes animosity
and anger in those put above us!

Isn't it so, my young friends?
- Yes.

Let God give you strength
to pursue the path you have chosen.

And to aspire towards the aims
you have set yourself.

We must part ways here.

Dear schoolfellow Kiir
will be kind enough to send you.

I would offer my services...
but I have something to do here. - Really?

Where will you be going?
- To the chemist's. Farewell.

See you. - Good-bye.

Wasn't it you who told me once

that name and profession won't do
harm to a good and respected man.

I don't recall.

But if you like,
I can repeat the proverb right now:

"Name and profession won't do harm
to a good and respected man."

I don't detest the placemen
for their profession.

I love fields
and hayland and orchards.

Only a farmer can offer me that.

And that's why I'll marry
a farmer and nobody else.

Why didn't you study to be a farmer
like for instance your schoolmate Toots?

And you'd marry Toots?

No, Toots hasn't told me
anything about that.

But why not. He's a farmer.

This braggart and windbag!
My dear Miss Teele!

What would you think
if I became a farmer?

Nobody can make you
a farmer overnight.

You won't marry Toots overnight.

But if I strive hard, I will learn more
in a year than the others in 10 years.

Think so?- I'm sure.
I'd do anything so as to get you, Teele...

But you have to solemnly promise
you'll never leave me if I become a farmer.

What's the use?

Both of us know
you'll never become a farmer.

I'll become a farmer! I swear!

Then I can swear as well.


What are you loitering here at night?

Vooster, do you know
how pretty Teele is?

Should I go back to Russia,
save some more money for 5-6 years.

Then I could have a chance.

But who'd wait me for so long?

But my homeland needs educated
farmers. What do you think of that?

Yes, that's what they said.
But what's the use of dreaming?

Where's Arno Tali
who's expected back so eagerly?

Yes, our home is in a poor shape.

A lot of work to be done here.
- Nobody's holding you back.

You've spent years on foreign fields.

Now's the time to do something
on your own field.

It needs a lot of innovation.
Only a real proprietor can do that.

Only you can show
your stuff at Ülesoo.

I'll be showing my cold toes soon.

That's just it - young men are not
allowed and old men won't do anything.

I've been to courts
and there have been many complaints

about sons beating their fathers
and kicking them off their land.

Thos sons should be ashamed.

I hope!

Master Toots! - Hello, Lible!

The world's completely upside down!
- What happened?

It's happened that Teele
will marry Jorh Aadniel Kiir.

What are you talking about?
- Yes.

Before that Jorh's supposed to
learn how to be a squire.

Kiir to be a squire?
- That's right.

I'll be damned!
Kiir will become a squire!

Kiir, the minister! Kiir, the King!
- Good morning!

Well now! Hi there, tailor!

I'm not a tailor any longer,
I'm Joosep's colleague now.

We used to be schoolmates,
now we're mates in business.

How did it happen so suddenly?
- No wonder.

I'll go to Russia and learn squiring.

It's not a magical profession.

I've been educated,
more than enough...

Others with less education
are already squires.

That's right but how did it happen that
you'll throw aside your iron so suddenly?

Come to Raja on Sunday,
we'll talk there.

A glass of beer or wine will make
the talk smoother. - To Raja?

Is there a marriage proposal
or engagement about to happen?

You never know!
- Get lost! - As I live and breathe!


Did you hear these plans,
master Toots?- Of course I heard.

Congratulations! - Thank you!

Lots of luck! And let there be so many
redheads as there are flies in a swarm.

The stork's here already,
waiting for orders.

Lible, stop with all this joking.

I also wanted to ask you something.

Could you be kind enough to give me
a letter of recommendation to Russia.

The best recommendation
to a good man is the man himself.

If you're too proud...
- There are nasty things down south.

You might be blown to the Black Sea.
Who needs a Negro or a black man?

Stop with all this joking, Lible!
See you on Sunday!

See you! - Gosh darn in!

I've been making a few plans here.
The buildings are falling apart.

Even if I'm going back to Russia,
I cannot leave things the way they are.

That's right!
If only there was enough strength.

Good! Angels walking in the field!

Teele?- That's not Teele.
That's Miss Ärnja from the churchwarden's.

You're a real worker now!

Just whiling away time.
- Why don't you visit us any longer?

No time. - Take some time.

We're so bored in Paunvere
that Teele wanted to move to the town.

What about the engagement?

There won't be any until the groom
has become a proper squire.

That's right! - Help him.


Don't you come!
What did I tell you.

It was old anyway.
Let's just roll it.

We'll clean up the whole field today.

What's the pay?
- How much do you ask?

Enough to live on.

You won't be able to buy
as many sunshades as you need.

Then I demand that Toots must visit
us sometimes. - That's another thing.

All right! - Let's have a smoke now
and take on another stone.

What? Do you...?
- Give it here.

Was Arno Tali your schoolmate?
- Yes. - Teele speaks about him often.

So you'll be coming
to see us sometimes.

I will. Say hi to the churchwarden,
your aunt and her husband.

Don't be offering me any cigarettes
at our place. - I won't.

Master Toots,
there's no engagement. I told you so.

Who cares about that?

We must clean up the field
and start building the barn.

Wait a minute.

Why should we know
there's no engagement?

We'll go to Raja as guests, sit down

and wait for our beer and wine.
- Absolutely. - That's right.

You're going to Raja?
- Yes.

Dear schoolmate,
don't go to Raja today.

Teele is very sick and...
- I don't know if she's sick

or dead and buried.

I know that I've been invited.

I won't let you go to Raja today.

All right but how can you stop me?

You don't want to wrestle, do you?

I'm ready for anything.

If that's what you want, we can step
away from the stones and wrestle.

In a friendly way.
He who tosses down the other, gets...

What does he get?
- Gets Teele for himself.

My God!
You should be ashamed! Joosep!

How dare you speak like this?

Teele is my bride.

You should get slapped
for talking like this.

All right, let's wrestle on that:

if I pin you down,
I'll go to Raja today.

If you pin me down, I won't go.

That's good! Please!

Wait! Stop it! Let me go!

I'll put my cigarette away first.
You'll lose an eye. - That's all right.

Don't be so hasty.
Let me take off my jacket.

Doesn't matter. What were you
waiting for? Now wrestle with me.

You damned...

What's going on here?

We just... recalled our schooldays.
- Which one of you was stronger?

You saw who was flat on his back.
- But why is Kiir sneezing?

Just a cold, it will pass.

I've been expecting you for a visit.

Will you hop on?
- I don't know.

I should get an early start tomorrow.
- Morning's a long way off.

Don't let me ask twice.

You too, Mr Kiir.


Yes, it will be hard
to keep up the place.

I'm old, no son or his family.

But the daughters will bring
sons-in-law to the house.

They say that Teele will go to Jorh.
- What does he know about fields?

The man of the hour
has reached other guests now.

My dear Miss Adeele!

Allow me to heartily wish you
all the luck on this important day.

Why luck? What day?

I quite forgot that you have
such an important day today.

All the best! - You too?

Hi. - Hello.

Thank you, schoolmate,
you need luck in life.

What's that? You've invited guests
and didn't tell me anything.

Let's set the table!

I should keep some bees myself.
- They're quite a bother.

But it pays off.
- Absolutely.

Please come inside!
Come now!

What are we standing here for?

Time passes
but happiness won't disappear.

Not such a long time ago
they were quite little.

But now they're big

and it's time to get married.

Miss Adeele was tiny as a needle
just a little time ago.

Scampered up the hill to the church...
But now she's a big girl.

Or look at Jorh.

Who's the most famous man
in Paunvere today?

Who splits jacket-tails the best,
in the country or in town?

Who has seen a more polite
young man who doesn't drink or smoke?

Goes to church every Sunday
and sometimes even on holidays.

He's respected by all just because
of his politeness and gentle ways.

Very nice of you to praise my groom.

I would like to add
that he has a kind heart.


In that case there's nothing else...

Long live the bride and groom!
- We thank you! We thank you!

So your friend Raafael
plans to tie the knot?

There's a lot to be said
about this knot-tying.

First of all the name for it
is completely wrong.

By entering a marriage,
man casts off and braves the stormy sea.

Right now your friend Raafael
sees paradise and angels.

But in a while
he'll lament and ask himself:

"Heavens above, how did it happen
that things went that far?"

I'll tell you the story of a young man

who also decided to
tie his so-called knot.

And he did it.

Stolen! Ukradina!

Stolen! Stolen!
My bag is gone!

Only this is left-the cane!

No bag.
- Everything was stolen? - Yes.

Do you have your ticket, young man?


We're here!

Don't worry, young man.
Everything's ahead!

If you cannot go to Russia,
you should try Germany.

You have the right to mock me.

But believe me that I'm ready
for any other sacrifice.

I'm not a damsel
who needs a knight's sacrifices.

Farming can be studied
somewhere here, in our homeland.

Very well, Kiir. You should go
to Toots and become his farmhand.

To Toots? Never!

As you wish.

Let it be the end.
- The end of what?

The end.


Finally you got bored in town.
At last you found your way to Paunvere.

You were expected here but you
didn't want to come. Our Arno!

You almost let
the nicest time slip away.

The summer is still ahead.

We have many news here.

Toots is back from Russia.

I know. Kiir is back as well.

You've heard then that Kiir
wanted to become a squire.

Why not? Everything's possible.
Kiir is a fine fellow.

Really? Kiir's a fine fellow?
- I think so.

I often look at the setting sun.
It used to be my favourite thing.

I used to admire it as a child.

But now my childhood and school
years seem to be distant and tiny.

You're still as sullen as at school.
- What can one do?

You stopped writing me back.

I didn't know what to tell you.


I'd like to leave... someplace far.
Perhaps I'll find what I need in there.

We're no longer
who we used to be, Teele.

My God! That's right, the suit.

It doesn't matter so much
that the suit got lost.

I can always sew you a new one
or you can do it yourself.

Should you ever
return to our business.

But anyway it was... very good fabric.

And now the bag. Katariina Rosalie!

Jorh, how many towns
did you see there?

Shut up!
What do you know about geography!

Jorh, let's take the bag now.
What was in that bag?

Sheets! - Sheets...

Underwear. - Underwear!

Underwear. Two pairs?- Three.
- Three! You'll get... Three!

I feel the greatest pity
for the gold pocket watch.

Why did you have to give it away?
- I didn't have money to return.

With the chain and all!

And where's your nice cane
with the silver top?- Your cane?

I forgot it in the train as well. - Again!
How can you be so helpless outside?

At home you're so smart...
- Absolutely. Mommy!

Absolutely! Anyway, son!

We've suffered so big losses
that we can't stop midway.

We must do everything
that Teele wants.

And... well... you've no choice.


Student Kiir! - Hello.

Student Kiir will roll the rest of the
stones from the barn to the road

and will build a stone fence
to protect the crops. That's your trial.


Why do you think I'm letting you
roll the stones to the road?

You said it's to protect the crops.

Right. But it'd be much easier to build
a wooden fence to protect them.

Then I don't know.

The stones must be rolled away.
- Yes.

But where?

You can't take them back to the field.
That's too far.

And they will be
on the way there as well. - Yes.

Throw them in the bog?

Again, it's far. - Yes.

And we'll need the stones again
to build a new barn, right? - Yes.

But what if we dig a huge hole here
and bury the stones?

Then it's very hard to get to them
later! - You're getting it now!

And therefore...
- They have to be rolled there.

And made into a fence.
- Thank God. That's not too bad!

Get off!

What I told you right now was theory.

Now that you're rolling them,
it's practice.

The power of love is endless -
he's ready to lift up whole mountains.

Hello! Teele, if only you knew
how much I've sacrificed for you.

But I'm ready
for even bigger sacrifices.

They sent me for a bottle
to celebrate. I won't touch a drop.

Lible and Toots will be drinking.
- Kiir, you can do anything you like.

But leave me alone. Get!
- Teele!

Damn it!

Aren't they nice?

Pure-bred Frisian. Soon all of the
Ülesoo cattle will be like that.

They're nice but will they give milk?

Dad, the thing is that
we must borrow some money now.

A loan is bad business.

Borrowed bread and flaky fire
won't last for long.

The place may go on the block.
- It won't. And what if it does?

Better the block
than languish like this.

Go and tell him!


We've discussed this and you'd
better take the whole thing over.

Then you can do what you like.
That's better and...

Mom agrees.
You'll give us bread until we die.

That's all we need.
Except for the Bible and... yes.

What's the meaning of this?

Hello, Ülesoo family!
- Hello there.

Isn't my old schoolmate around here?

No, Joosep's in town today.

What did Miss Teele want to say,
coming so suddenly?

I happened to pass by and thought
that maybe he needed young apple trees.

We have a lot of them at Raja.
He can take them in the fall.

Young apple trees?
- Yes. As many as he likes.

Young apple trees!

You won't get a loan.

Why?- You don't have guarantors
and you're unfamiliar to us.

What does that mean?
A farm will be on my name tomorrow.

But tell me, what should I do
to get a loan from you?

To get some money at all?
- You needn't get upset.

All you can do is secure
yourself good guarantors.

Take a blank form.
Let them sign here, should you find them.

Young man, I'd be glad to help you.

But of course
I'm not as reliable a person.

I haven't gathered anything
that moths or rust can eat.

I carry my possessions
with me at all times.

Haven't you ever considered that,
young man?

That man will be happier
if he has less stuff and junk.

You notice this while travelling.

And couldn't we see our life

as an average journey?

I want to travel.

Sit in some station
and drink a bottle of beer... in peace.

In peace that is above
everything else in this world.

Am I right?

You fools.
- Hello there, moneybags.

Hello. - Tõnisson, take out your purse
and air your hundreds.

It'll keep away the moths.

Help me at a hard time.
- Where did you put your own money?

Ülesoo is like a bottomless pit.
- Is that so?- Yes, dear schoolmate.

Be a good man
and become my guarantor.

Write your name here
and let's get it over with.

That's right but...

I don't like that sort of things.

Do you think that I enjoy them?

But I need to fix the place up.
Everything needs to be done.

It will rain soon.
I must rake my hay.

I won't leave without a signature.
No chance of that.

I don't want to sign.
I fear these things.


I'll give you cash instead.
- That will do.

I wouldn't want to give cash either,
I've too little of that.

Don't fib, Tõnisson.

Take care of your soul.

Live and let others live.

Talking is what you're good at!

I would've left altogether
if I'd known you would come.

You can leave as soon as
we've taken care of business.

What's the purpose of leaving then?
What a guy!

Is that you or is it your ghost?

I haven't seen you for long.

Where did you go off to?
- Much to do.

I went to Ülesoo and noticed
you didn't have a nice garden there.

Haven't you thought of that?

Ülesoo has many more urgent things.

I was just thinking
that everything's running smooth.

That's just the beginning.
I'll do it little by little, God willing.

I own the whole thing now.

Really? Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Then it's just the right time
to take a wife.

Well... there's time...

Where should I find a wife so fast?

Is Paunvere really short of women
looking for a husband?

You haven't looked hard enough.

Or are you waiting for someone
to come and offer herself?

If you're so helpless,
let me suggest you a few.

All right, go on and name a few.

Yes. It's easy to promise but...

All right.

First of all I'd suggest... myself.

I was thinking that...

But you're just joshing.
- Not at all.

I've just a little more pluck
than other girls.

And if I won't do,
I can suggest a few others.

You! But you're Kiir's bride.

The thing with Kiir was really a joke.

But everything
I told you now was true.

But it seems you don't want me.
You just don't dare to say it.

Wait, Teele!

Tell me quickly how to declare love.

Whom do you want to
declare your love?

I'll be darned.
To you of course.

Then don't be so solemn like Kiir.
Just tell me yes or no.

Well, if it wasn't a joke...
Then it was a good joke indeed.

But of you're joking then yes.
- Thank God.

Finally I heard the hapless "yes".

No, Teele!
This "yes" was quite happy.

You must come to Raja every day. - In
the evening, there's no time in the day.

See you then. - See you.

Damn it all!

There's no escape now.

Tomorrow they'll put a ring
in my nose and lead me to tie the knot.

Funny, look at how it's done.
You're the next.

Now I can peacefully depart
because my eyes have seen the blessing.

Young Ülesoo gentleman
got the one he always wanted.

And Miss Raja
got the one she needed.

Let's wish them a long life.

Let's sit at the table.

Mister chemist!

Mr Apothecary!
- Stop looking for me, I'm here.

Why have you crawled there?

It's nice and warm here.
I've such a terrible cold

that I couldn't even get warm
on the stove.

I'll bring you something to eat.
- Don't bother.

Go back to your beloved.

I just recalled my old late uncle.

He had a golden heart
and a golden spirit

who heard his wife just once
say this blessed word - "yes".

At the altar.

I would wish you well
from the bottom of my heart.

But marriage is just
short of a crusade

where just a few
reach the promised land.

Where's the bride?
Can't she come to the table?

Yes, she can!

Teele, what's up?

The guests are dining and you're
sitting here. They're waiting for you.

What's wrong?

You little rascal! Otherwise so nice
but somewhat moody. - Stop it.

I'll come. - Do it.

Otherwise I'll take you.
- Just leave me alone for a moment.

What's that all about?
- That I want to be alone right now.


That's strange.
You were in a good mood all day.

You even smiled to me.

I can't get it why you're
so strange all in a sudden?

Is it really nice to spend the last
hours your maiden life like that...

The last hours of my maiden life?

Why do you think these are
the last hours of my maiden life?

But tomorrow's our wedding.

Or won't there be a wedding?

Come, help me pour some beer.
- Let's do it.

Wait. Teele is moody.
Did something happen?

Arno is back in Paunvere.

And she saw him?
- Yes, we did.

Joosep, what are you
squatting here for?

You should be
in seventh heaven right now.

You got your Teele
whom you wanted so much.

Who cares.
Will the store be open today?

The store? Why should you care?

Be a good fellow
and bring me a rope from there.

Just long enough.

And what will you...?

Don't you still get it?
- No.

We're just about equal right now.
Neither of us got Teele.

One rope, one carriage, one grave.

We'll ride there ourselves
and pile the dirt on.

Shut up, Joosep!
Talk some sense.

I would if I had more sense.

How did this happen? So late?

When you're bride and groom
like Arno and Teele,

it won't lead to anything good.

Don't you worry, dear schoolmate...

Just look at me!

I just gave up and said:
"Let her go!".

What are you sitting here for?

All right.
Thank God it went as well as that.

Meaning what?

Meaning that
I always was just in reserve.

Until your real groom came home.

And now I can be written off.

It's done.
But I'm going of my free will.

And you no longer have to think
how to get rid of me.

I don't get it at all.

Be a sensible fellow, Joosep.
Put the ring on and stop ranting.

I won't put it on!

As you please.

That's just what I'll do -
as I please.

Now you can sit here
for as long as you wish.

30 days if you like. Good-bye!

Long live bachelors!

Stop it, Joosep!
Where are you rushing off to?

What else do you have to say?


Come here, Joosep.

Come on now.

I'll tell you something.

Sit on this bench here.

Very interesting.
- Of course it is.

Joosep! What happens if I want
to sit here for more than 30 days?

Let's say for 30 years.

If I bring my piano here,
my chest and my books.

If I read things to you at night
and sing.

Kiss you sometimes passing by.

And what if a strange mood
strikes you again?

Then I'll tell my dear
Joosep what he has to do

when Teele's moody again.

Perhaps I can learn this by myself.
- All the better.

Put on a kinder face now.

Just smile a little!

From the corner of your mouth.
The ice is melting already.

Just a little bit more and...
- And what?


Too soon.

Then confirm it
by clearly stating: "Yes!"


And the same goes for you.

Do you want to take this groom
for your husband and mind?

To love him with unchanging loyalty,
respect and obey him?

If that's what you really want to do,
then confirm it by clearly stating "Yes!"


They're coming!

Dear friends!

I'd like to say you a few words.

Our young friend Mister Toots
has entered a new era in his life today.

He knows my views
on life and things.

But yesterday,
sitting on this stove.

I suddenly started to run a parade
of my life and actions this far.

Is this really right to spend
all of your time peering at life,

scowling from behind a corner
without helping along in any way?

You were always worried
about your peace and quiet,

supposedly the best thing in this life.

Young people, don't be afraid of life!

Don't fear the troubles and the pain,
don't be afraid to fight!

You become stronger as you fight.

It doesn't matter
if you sometimes lose the fight.

It is important to win for yourself.

Then you can look back
on your joyful life

and you can end it, knowing
that you've given it the best you had.

Forward, over the sorrows and
dangers, forward to human greatness!

So that those who understand you
could say: "Your human highness!!"

Long live life!

Bravo, Mister Chemist!

Three cheers to Mister Chemist!
- Cheers! Cheers!

Love is and will always be
the highest poetry in nature.

A pity that it's like an aloe
that blossoms just once in lifetime.

Love may finally lead to tears
but all of these

bitter tears are fully compensated for
by the first kiss. - Kiss! Kiss!