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Hey, catch him.









Brother, cover your face.

Hello, police station?

Roger, catch him.
Don't let him escape.



Mic 14 calling.

Just a minute.

Be on the line. Mic 14 calling.

The Commissioner is receiving.

A bank heist.

Which place?

Gandhipuram cross cut road, sir.

Which bank?

Access bank, sir.

Hey, block him.

Hurry up. Hop on.

Take the vehicle.

Go fast.

Go... go...

Go... go...

The police is there.

Go this way. Go...


Where is Selvam and Rajan?

Hey they are chasing us.


Come on. Stop the vehicle.


Selva, come on.


Get in.



Get on soon.

Take the vehicle.

Take left.

All security must be
under our control.

- Okay?
- Yes, sir.

First, safe guard the public
in the parking lot.

Yes, sir.

Round up them.

They shouldn't escape.

Ramanathan, was their face revealed?

Two faces are identified.

During the shootout,
four bank staffs and...

three securities of the mall
are dead.

Hey, are you trying to escape?

Hey, are you trying to escape?

Get down.

They've come close.


Go... go...

Go straight.

Go to the exit. Wait, I'm going.

Go... go...

Go... go...

Go through the exit.
Wait, I'm going.

The Police...


- Take reverse.
- Wait...

Come on...

Hurry up. Take reverse...

Vel, secure them.

Come on.

The Police is shooting.

The Police is shooting.

Hey, come on...

Give me the bag.

Come on.


Selvam, run away.

Selvam, run away.

Run away...

Take the bag.

Come, let's go...

Sir, what happened?

- Oh, no!
- Get up.


Raju is shot.

Don't stop the vehicle.

Leave from here.


Go... Go... Go...

Go fast.

Go fast.

I'm following, sir.


Mr. Aakash Chopra,
how this robbery happened?

How is it possible
even with this secured system?

It's a well planned robbery.

Before we can realise
what's happening,

They thrashed the securities
and escaped.

Sir, any details about
the theft amount?

Counting is going on.

Definitely, it's going to be
a big amount.

It's said that four people
had done this robbery.

Any hint about those four people?


Among the four, one is Ashok Kumar.

He was working as
a security in our bank.

Okay, sir.

Sorry, I've to leave.


The Commissioner office informed
that they got the message...

from D4 Police station.

They've said, the robbers
crossed this way.

They've said, the robbers
crossed this way.

Where did you see them?

The public saw them.
Where did they see them?

What dear?


Hey, It's my bike...

Oh, no!




A worst accident,

Definitely the people
who were inside must be dead.

Stay aside.


Clear out.


Aasai, - sir.

Bring the first aid box.

Hurry up.

Clear out please.

Why are you gathering a crowd?

Sir, when that car exit from the mall,
a patrol vehicle and...

a traffic control vehicle chased it.

Yes, sir.

It's informed.

Other vehicles will be diverted, sir.


It seems, the diesel tank is broken.

It seems, the diesel tank is broken.

Sister, don't go near.

The diesel is spilled all over.

That might explode.

He is alive.

Let him breathe the air.

He may die.

Hey, don't be idle.

Hey, don't be idle.

Someone call the ambulance.

In dailies, the news is about
capsized oil and rice containers.

But, what we check
is an empty vehicle.

Sir, rash driving of Skoda car
is reported from SBI colony.

The number is TN 38 AE 0555.

Ashok, the Police has come.

Ashok, the Police has come.

Get up.


Let there be air circulation.

Clear out.

Hey dude, get up.

Yes, sir.

It's green Skoda.

The same number.



Listen well.

He is mentioning about that vehicle.

TN 38 AE 0555.

Three people had escaped
after the robbery in this vehicle.

I repeat, bank robbery.

Go and catch, sir.

- Green colour vehicle.
- TN 28 AE 0555.


Hey, wait. Don't be in a hurry.

The diesel is spilled all over.

Sir, bank robbery.


Bank robbery.


Hey, get up...

Sir, bank robbery.

Bank robbery?

Come on...

The names and images of the robbers
were revealed by the Police.

Ashok was working as a security
in the same bank...

where robbery had happened.

He was asking for debt
with everyone for last two days.

Selva is addicted to drugs.

He was arrested once
for drug abuse.

Rajan was shot dead on the spot.

Another robber is Bhimsingh.

Sir, their car met with an accident
and they went to RS Puram.

What about the civilians?

Totally five people are dead.

Inspector Williams and
constable Durai are dead.

Sir, you shouldn't move
your shoulders for two hours.

Can I walk?

No, you shouldn't.

Sir, don't strain yourself.

Don't move your shoulders.

I've work.

Would you please keep quiet.

When did you see
the robber last?

The public saw him
going in this lane.

How many entrances,
for this place?

The main entrance is through
Coimbatore railway station.

Another entrance through
TCS IT park leads to RS puram.

It has five more entrances.

It has five more entrances.

Totally seven entrances, sir.

Sir, don't strain yourself.

I am a doctor.

Please, will you allow me to do my job?

Will you allow me to do my job?

- Please go out.
- Sir.

Then I am not responsible.

Just go.

Excuse me.

This is a confidential matter.

Don't discuss with anyone.


Lock down this whole area.

Tighten the securities
in all the entrances.

Okay, sir.

No vehicle must go inside.
Okay, sir.

Till we catch the robbers,

The public shouldn't commute
in either way.

The public shouldn't commute
in either way.

Done, sir.

If anyone asks question...

Everyone stay indoors.

No one should come out.

The bank robbers are
hiding in this locale.

If you see them
inform the police immediately.

Watch the television news.

The images of the robbers and
the police contact numbers are scrolling.

Please, co-operate with us.

We've blocked all the entrance
accessible to this place.

The child's father need to
sign before the surgery.

He went to arrange the money.

Oh, haven't you arranged
the money yet?

Shall I sign?

No... no...

Only the blood relation can sign.

You can get the Chief doctor's appointment
only after the payment is made.

Tell me, after the payment is done.


Hey, dude...


- Come here.
- I'm coming, sir.

Help the Grandma get ready
before the camera arrives.

Okay, sir.

Check whether she speaks right.

- Go.
- Sure, chief.

Grandma, you remember everything,
isn't it?

You must speak as instructed.

You're lucky enough
to speak on Television.

Tell me once.

I'm residing here,
right from my birth.

The Second one.

Suddenly, they say that new houses
are built for us...

in Gavundanpalayam and ask
to move and settle there.

How to leave my country of birth?

Say this with some emotion.

How to leave my country of birth?

I won't leave my country,
and go anywhere.

I'll stay only here.

- I swear on Tamil Nadu.
- Superb.

I won't go to Gavundanpalayam.

Hi, grandma.

Hi, grandma.

Gavundanpalayam is also
in our state.

It's not an another country.

Sir, will you instruct her
to say anything...

if she is an illiterate?

Hello, I told her as state.

She wrongly says as country.

Yes, if you see an young girl...

what the wrinkled skin said
will become wrong.

You accompany her and enjoy.

Grandma, she said simply.

Grandma, what you said is right.
What bothers me?

Come on.


Leave it.

She is doing too much.

You teased her and she left.

What answer will I give him?

I'll call you.

I'll call you, Kuttima.

Hey, - sir.

What are you doing there?

What are you doing there?

Is the grandma ready?


Sir, she is good than grandma.

Sir, she is good than grandma.


She speaks good.

Is it?

Ask her to tell once.

Ask her to tell once.

Just a minute, sir.

Please, come here.

I'm calling you.

Somehow, I must make her accept.

All this while, you were here.

Will you please tell something
about this issue?


Yes, you're the beauty next
to grandma.

Not that, I didn't apply
any makeup for face.

How can I speak before
the camera bare faced?

Your lips and cheeks
provokes me to kiss.

Why do you need makeup?

That's okay...
Don't think too much.

Why am I going to compel you,
if the grandma was here?

He is very much tensed.

Tell something.

Okay, I'll tell.


That child is affected
by cerebral vascular disease.

Her nervous system is weakening.

Pity, she is dumb too.

If the surgery is not done now,
her chances of survival becomes difficult.

The bill for the basic tests
is not paid yet.

Her father didn't come yet.

Let's see.

Don't leave the children outside.

The robbers are carrying
deadly weapons.

Everyone be safe.

Don't go out.

Let's go inside the house.

Don't roam out unnecessarily.

Get inside the house.


Hey, go...

Hey, go...

Here is the voice recorder.
Speak now.

Hello, I am Bhuvana. Speak now.

I'm residing in this slum board
for the past 17 years.

Totally 214 houses are there.

At least four people reside
in each house.

At least four people reside
in each house.

Now, we've a problem.

But, we won't get any
solution for that.

Everyone knows that.

The Government which isn't bothered
about the seven crore people of Tamil Nadu,

Will it bother about these 756 people?

What are they doing still,
without coming inside?

What are they doing still,
without coming inside?

I'll tell, sir.

Check immediately.

Thank you very much.

Tell me, Kuttima.
Okay, I'll leave, brother.

You mean, brother?

Why did you suddenly
call me as brother?

I'm of your age.

I'm of your age.

Then, you haven't said
anything about you.

My age is 23.

My name is Bhuvana.

I'm 5 feet 4 inches height.

And my sign is Aries.

Looking for a well educated

For details, contact the Matrimonials.

What's this?

I just made fun.


I did my graduation and I've completed
the teacher's training course.

I did my graduation and I've completed
the teacher's training course.

Now planning to do
an own business.



It's going to be
a great day for us!

Hey, come on.

Sir, take care.


Good morning, sir.

Mr. Thothadiri, where are you now?

That is...

Variety hall.

Gandhi kuppam, sir.

An interview with the slum people.


But, some problem here, sir.

Gun shoot is going on.

Don't know how to come out
of this place.


You do one thing.

No, you aren't right for that.

Who is there with you?

Who is there with you?

Sir, the cameraman Sandy
has arrived.

But, he is yet to come inside.

An assistant is here, sir.

Who, the new recruit?

- Give him the phone.
- To him?

The chief wants to speak with you.

Add "sir" before and after.
Okay, sir.

Yes, Mr. Balasubramanyam.

Listen Ashwin.

A bank robbery has happened
in Gandhipuram.

Okay sir.

We got an information that the robbers
are hiding in the place where you're.

Our camera team
can't come inside.

So arrange someone in the locale
and do the live coverage.


Guys, be safe.

It's a big problem.


Sure Chief.

- We'll do.
- Take care.

Thank you.

Sir, we have to arrange someone
in the locale and do the live coverage.

- Live coverage?
- Yes, sir.

Amidst this cross firing?
Yes, sir.

Jeeva, repeat the WhatsApp videos
shared by the public.

We got the information that 12 people
have died in this robbery.

But, the Police claim only
as four victims.

Anyway, today's exclusive news
must be about the robbery.

Nobody must attend the calls
from the government...

without my permission.
Okay, sir.

Not even a single call.
Okay, sir.

- Ibrahim.
- Sir.

You've done a shootout
in the public place.

Don't you know that you should seek
permission from me, the ADGP?

That was an unexpected accident, sir.

The robbers were heavily armed.

Three of our men died.

Five civilians died.

Thirteen people are critical.

I can't wait to
seek your permission.

You got transferred between two states
because of your foolishness.

Stop this operation.

The DGP will come.

Enquiry will take place.

Please be ready to face it.

Sir, I got permission from the DGP.


Have you got permission
from the DGP?

I'm trying to contact him
from morning.

He is in the PM review meeting.

It'll still take three hours
for the meeting to end.

How did you get permission?

- Doctor.
- Sir.

I've severe pain.

I've severe pain.

Oh, God! I told you earlier
not to strain.

Oh, God! I told you earlier
not to strain.

Did you listen?

I don't care,
if you're a Police.

My patient is more
important for me.

Come on, sir.

Ibrahim be ready
to face the consequences.

You'll be transferred to Gujarat.

Take rest properly, sir.

Mic 14 calling...

Get inside.

Listen me.

Sir, PC Kumaran,
SC Murugesh got injured.

I'm following them.

Where did they go?




Selva uncle has hit me.

It's not painful.

It's just for fun.

Why are you afraid?

Is it about the injection?


I told the doctor uncle
not to inject.

They won't inject you.

I've told them. Okay?

I've told them. Okay?

You must show the doctor the back
side of your head, where you got hurt.

They won't inject you.

Ashok, have you got the money?

The money is ready.

It'll come soon.

Will you come before the surgery?

I'll come immediately.

Take care of the child.

Thank you very much.

Smitu, dad is coming there swiftly.


Dad will come soon.

I'll be with you only.


I spoke.


I'll come soon.


Come on...



The atrocities of the Police
is unbearable.

They aren't allowing the public
to commute in either way.

Everyone is highly tensed
as their works are spoiled.

Children can't go to schools
and others to jobs.

So, the public is enraged
on the Police.

The situation is going worse.

For Puthiya Thalaimurai news,
Manasvini with Cameraman Velu.

Live from the spot
with more sensational news...

- Tell me.
- Sir.

Kuberan, sir.

It was said that there
was a problem with a bike.

What's the model and the colour?

Sir, it's Suzuki, black colour.

- What's the number?
- 4811.

- Is it TN 30?
- Yes, sir.

That's the one, sir.

- Yes, sir.
- Where are you?

Sir, we got a message that the
house is in this localty.

Sir, we got a message that the
house is in this localty.

But, it doesn't seem to be here.

- Here...
- it's not my bike.

Sir, it's him... It's him...

He is the one who created ruckus
parking the bike on the road.

Hit him, sir.

Go, clear the bike.

Clear the bike.

Stopping the vehicle in the
middle of the road and if asked to clear...

they speak against the Police.

They speak against the Police.


Nowadays, no one is respecting
the Policeman.

Is this a hotel?

It's my house, sir.

It's my house, sir.

They're the tenants.
I've rented it out.

These people supply
the rotis to this entire locality.

These people supply
the rotis to this entire locality.

Roti? Okay.

Have some juice, sir.

- No, it's okay.
- Take it, sir.

Just now, on the way,
I ate chicken biryani.

It's yet to get digested.

You know about
the robbery, isn't it?

Be careful.

Inform the Police,
if you see the robber.

You too.

First, I must go to the ATM
and withdraw the balance Rs.300.

Kuberan, - yes, sir.

Sir, should I come to
the police station?

Where are you now exactly?

I'm in the spot, sir.

I'm in the spot, sir.

Came to know that the situation is not good.
- Yes, sir.

What's happening there?
The situation is bad here.

What's happening there?
The situation is bad here.

Who went to meet the DC?

I sent Dhanraj to take DC's
family for shopping, sir.

Okay. Okay.

They're calling to the Police station.

To take DC's family for shopping.

That too in this hot sun.

I'm diabetic.

That's why, I managed
saying that the situation is bad.

If I stay here,

At least it'll be a good act of
protecting you, who feed the locale.

Only men are here.
Why do we need security, sir?

Oh, don't you know the matter?

The robbers has killed eight
policemen and the civilians.

What are you saying, sir?
Switch on the TV, first.

Play the news channel.

The robbers who attacked
the Commissioner of Coimbatore, Ibrahim.

Has shot two other policemen dead.

This incident has highlighted
the setbacks of the Police,

and fear on the robbers.

Do you know one thing?
What's that?

Four people have planned
well and executed it.

Four people have planned
well and executed it.

- Is it?
- One among them is dead.

- Is it?
- One among them is dead.

Some interesting facts...

One more thing.

One more thing.

Those who worked as securities
in the bank has looted the money.

It's wrong.

What's wrong and right?
It's really wrong.

The house looks big.
How much is the rent?

- I'm asking you only.
- Sir.

Seven thousand rupees, sir.

You've rented out for
lesser amount.

That's the value
in this locale, sir.

Where is your house?

It's downstairs.

What about your children?
I've only a daughter.

The child born out of penance.

What's the cost of
per square feet land here?

It costs five thousand rupees.

Oh, good.

- Is it a balcony?
- Yes, sir.

It's spacious.

All for the sake of my kid.

We constructed it spaciously,
so that she can play comfortably.



Sir, just a minute.

My wife is calling.
Are you going to romance with her?

Not that, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Tell me.

I'm upstairs.

Some problem here.

I'm coming.

I'm coming.

The section 144 was implemented
in the RS puram zone,

Come upstairs.
Where the robbers have intruded.

Tell me.

Have you seen the robbers?

No one came here.

Get inside. Be careful.

My husband is not allowed inside.

No one is allowed to enter.

Stay indoors. Go...

No one is here, sir.

Just a minute, Sadhik brother.

Don't get tensed.

The police came home.

They're searching
for the bank robbers.

Be careful.



I'll call you later.

The locale is clear.
Hey, Dupy...

Don't eat those things.

Section 144 is declared.

Section 144 is declared.

Don't roam around.
Go to your home.

I'm taking Dupy, for shitting.

Get lost...

Hey, wil your dog shit in our place?
Get lost.

Go away with your dog.

I'm leaving. Isn't it?

You go inside first.
Look at her face...

Yeah, brother.

Have you fixed?

I'm fixing it, brother.

In fifteen minutes, park the car
in the mall and...

inform it's ready for blast.

Yes, brother.

Yes, brother.


Sir, these many
policemen are here.

Sir, these many
policemen are here.

It's okay, if you aren't
giving us protection,

But shouldn't you allow us
to go to our homes.

- Madam.
- Tell me.

- Madam.
- Tell me.

Will this way lead to
Uppara street?

You can go in either way.

There are five different ways.

We're standing here
as we're unable to go.

Don't know what to do.
Our children are suffering.

Sister, come let's go to
my mother's house.

Sir, getting call continuously
from the CM office.

Sir, getting call continuously
from the CM office.

We found it, sir.

It's identified in a godown
in Manaka street.

Very good.

Sir, the team C is going
towards that street.

Damn sure, they've no chances
to escape, sir.


Locate that spot.

Kumaresan calling, sir.


What happened, Kumaresan?

They've entered into a godown, sir.

They've entered into a godown, sir.

Go inside.

Go, the police is here.

The police are deployed in
all the streets.

Look for a way to exit,
from the terrace.

Look for a way to exit,
from the terrace.


Selvam, come on.

You jump now, I'll jump later.

Be careful.

Come closer.


Hey, leave me.

What happened?


Two people are murdered
in Rakesh's home.

- Oh no!
- Just now.

Mom, you go inside.
Don't come out of the house.



- Micheal receiving.
- Sir.

- Sir, just a minute.
- What?

Sir, I must go urgently,
this way.

Please, allow me.
I can't allow you.

All the entrances are blocked.
Go away.

All the entrances are blocked.
Go away.

Get lost...

Sir... sir...
Just a minute, please.

- Just a minute, please.
- What?

Sir, my grandpa is critical.

I've called the ambulance,
and it's on the way.

Is the ambulance arriving?
Yes, sir, please allow.

Is the ambulance arriving?
Yes, sir, please allow.

Grandpa is critical...
Yes, I need to get him ready.

Move it.

- Come in.
- Thank you, sir.


Hey... Come here.

Sir, what happened? Come here...

Come here.

You said the ambulance is coming.

Let it come. You can go later.

Sir, my grandpa is critical.

I asked you to leave. Go away...

- Please, sir.
- Go...



Go away...



Tell me, brother.

Brother, is anyone checking the car?

Brother, I'm checking here.

Sadhik brother, is anyone checking
the car?

A dog is going around the car.


Brother, the dog has left.

A policeman was standing here,
Check what he is doing?


He is doing what the Tamil Nadu Police
will do while on duty.

Dad is near to the hospital.

I'll come soon.


Definitely I'll buy,
when I come to see you.


You saw?


I didn't buy yet.

I didn't buy yet.

Is it visible?


Is it?

Oh, no! You found it.


Definitely, I'll get you.


It's good.

You made it very softly.

If you give me enough curry,

Everyday, I'll buy five packets
for my family.

But, I'll eat everything on my own.

Mic 2, Kuberan calling, sir.

Are you in the spot?

Yeah, I'm in the spot, sir.

Sir, the people we're
searching for, are here.


They're before me.

I'm watching them from
the terrace of a house.

They're next to this house.

They're seen clearly.

Tell the house address.

What's this house address?

The robbers may escape.
Call the house owner soon.

What's the address
of this house?

The address is...

I'm asking only you.

Sir, I forgot it as the old
and new door numbers kept changing.

Don't you know
your own house address?

How many people are there?

How many people are there?

Sir, seven people are here
including me.

Sir, we can catch,
if you come this side.

Sir, one of the robbers is running.

Without a single penny being paid,
nothing will happen here.

You have to come.

We can catch them,
if you come soon.

Sir, hurry up.

Hey, sit down.
You may die by gun shot.

Mic 2 calling Kuberan, sir.

The DC family felt bad
for not taking them to shopping.

I'm free on the spot now.

I'll come to the Police station
if you say now.

Dhanraj has gone.

You stay on the spot
and see what to be done.

See here.

He can't escape in any other way.



Catch him.

Who's that?

Go straight.

Hey, come.


Sir, it seems to be a big issue
as commandos are going.

How to find out?

Give me your phone.

- My phone?
- Give me, sir.

- My phone?
- Give me, sir.

For what?

For what?

Switch on the camera and shoot
what the commandos are doing.

Switch on the camera and shoot
what the commandos are doing.


You want me to be killed
and earn fame for yourself.

Why, sir?

Shall I go and see?


Why? It's my locale.

Why should I fear?

Right, sir.

When the locale girl is with us,
why should we be afraid?

Will you speak Tamil well?


You speak superb!

Sir, hold this phone.

Sir, hold this phone.

She needs a changeover.

Hey, what are you doing?

Hey, wait.

Here it is. Tie in hand.

What are you doing
with my tress?

Take it.

Still something is missing.


Sir, just wait.

Something is missing.

Why is that spectacles now?

Sir, just wait.

It's perfect.

But, something is still missing.

Sir, give me your ID card.

It's the final touch.

Now she looks like a
perfect anchor.

You mean, anchor?

Our channel anchors
won't be allowed to come in.

Now, she is the anchor.

Give the phone now.

Switch on the camera,
go along this street...

and present a LIVE commentary
on what the commandos are doing.


To whom?

What you speak in this phone
will be telecasted in the TV.

You'll be watched in 154 countries.

He may start a channel it seems.

He talks about the statistics.

Tell me something now.

Hey, open the door.

How to go upstairs?

I can't understand
what you speak.

Hey, who is that?

Somone is on the terrace
with the gun!

This place has been rounded up
by the commandos.

Not one or two commandos.

Totally 43 people.

Commondos have occupied the terrace
of all the houses.

They've big rifles.

Sir, shall I connect the LIVE telecast?

Connect immediately.

Okay, sir.

If their aim is perfect,

They can shoot a person,
even at a distance of two kilometres.

As this commondos
have such sniper rifles,

It seems the bank robbers
will definitely be killed.

Hey, come here.

Where are you coming from?

Where is your house?

My house is in Krishnan temple street.

I came to my aunt's house.

I came to my aunt's house.

A cop there told me that
the robbers have intruded in this place.

So, I got permission from him
and going home.


Hey, wait.

Hey, wait.

What's that?

Take it.

Take it.

Take it.

- Give me.
- That's nothing.


Give me.

Give me.

What's this?

It seems like an electronic item.

Who are you?

What's this?

I'm an engineering student, sir.

It's a device used for
a high powered wind mill project.

Mic 4 on line.

Come immediately to the gate no.3.

Is it to the entry point, sir?

Is it to the entry point, sir?

For the past few hours, the police
have surrounded this place.

The entry to this entire area is blocked.

Because of this, the public is suffering.

The office goers and the school kids
are standing out as they are denied entry.

The Policemen are here for security.

The people belonging to this locale is
neither allowed to come in nor to go out.

How this footage went on-air?

Sir, four media people have
sneaked in and took this footage.

Don't know how they took this?

Have we come to the department
to sleep?

Ask a sniper to shoot
a media person.

Yes, sir.
If asked, tell as collateral damage.

Okay, sir.

Hello, Commissioner here.


Parrot visible!

Sniper 1, ready.

- We'll complaint.
- Yes.

The copy is clear now.


Sniper 4.


6 to 7.

6 to 7.

Sniper 4.

Video check.

Video check.

Take the shot.

Target negative!


Target negative!

Code word, I received.

Code word.

Hey, one of the robbers is here.

What is he doing here?

He is hurt badly.

Hey, yes.

Go and catch him.

Your channel will get
a breaking news.

Who? We?

Yes, it's you. Go...


Ashok, where are you?

I'm taking right from
the Suryan street.

You guys?

Hey, don't go that way.
That's a dead end.

We'll escape.

He might stab with a knife.
Come on, sir.

Hey, you've killed him.

Come, let's go down and see.



He died.

Is he dead?

Dead body.

Spot dead.

Spot dead.

It's a breaking news.

Here it is.

Shoot the corpse
along with the accused.

You mean, accused?

Yes, if you do a murder,
then you're an accused, right?

Wonder, the corpse is moving!

Thank god! He is alive.

Sir, he is alive.

Damn, the breaking news is missed.

He too...

Hello, it's you who robbed the bank.
Isn't it?

Where have you kept the money?

Why did you do the robbery,
and how?

Tell me.

What happened to your accomplices?

Who are you all?

We're reporters, from MDTV.

Tell me, we'll record your
dying statement.

With that money, which country have you
preferred to go and enjoy with the beauties?

My friend Ashok's child
has to undergo a surgery.

We robbed the money
for that surgery.

Okay, where are your accomplices?

I don't know where they went.

Who is having the money?

That money is with Ashok.

In which hospital is the
child admitted now?

In Jyoti hospital.

Help for the child's surgery.

The money should reach
that hospital.

Only then, the time for the surgery
will be fixed.

Okay, cool.

The Police is coming. Go away.

Save the child.

- Go fast.
- Let's escape.

Come on.

Hey, get up.

Ask to monitor the media persons
who are roaming inside.

Okay, sir.

I must know their move.

It's an information
regarding Ashok's child.


Who is attending the patient?

A Woman and a girl.

Do you know the doctor
who is attending the case?

Yes, sir.

Dr Ananth Raj.

Sir, he is the incharge of this floor.

This child, sir.

Who are these people?

Sir, she is my daughter,

She is my neighborhood girl, Smitu.

My daughter wish to help others.

I thought of naming her
as "Mother Teresa".

Hey, shut up.

Where did her father go?

He has gone to arrange money
for the surgery.

Did he tell you, like that?

When called in the morning,
he said he'll come by ten minutes.

Now, he didn't attend the call.

Aren't they aware of the incident?

I thought they might know, sir.

Do you know what he did?

I don't know, sir.

He killed many people in the bank
and robbed the money.

Do you know this?


What's this?

Sir, we aren't related
to this in any sort.

We'll leave.

Don't bother about her.

Come we will leave.
Hey, shut your mouth.

Come we will leave.
Hey, shut your mouth.

Mom, shut up.

Sir, I know well about him.

He is not that kind of a person.

Some mistake has happened, sir.

Are you his wife?

Are you his wife?

No, sir.

His love lady?

No, sir.

He is my neighbor, that's all.

Why are you supporting him staunchly?

Sir, we'll give in writing
that we aren't related to this.

Come, we'll leave her here and go.

Mom, be quiet.

What's your name?

What's this?

Can't she speak?

She is dumb.

Why didn't you say this to me?

Only now, we too know, sir.

Hey, come here.

Convince that girl that
I am her dad's friend.

She shouldn't be dubious about me.

Go and convey what I said.

She shouldn't be dubious about me.

- Sir, me...
- Go.


Did her father call?

How is he speaking?

By sign language?
Yeah, by sign language.

Then, listen to me.

Call him now.

Ask her to speak.

He shouldn't know
that I am here.

Give the phone.

"Playing on the banyan tree."

"Clap your hands, the squirrel."

"Cuckoo... the cuckoo sings."

"The adoring parrot,
nod your head."

"Playing on the banyan tree."

"Clap your hands, the squirrel."

"Playing on the banyan tree."

"Clap your hands, the squirrel."

"Cuckoo... the cuckoo sings."

"The adoring parrot,
nod your head."

What happened?

I forgot the next line.

Yeah, I got it.

"The jackal, sing a lullaby."

Smitu! Smitu.

Smitu! Smitu!

- Smitu!
- Smitu, what happened?

Smitu! Smitu!

Smitu, get up.

Smitu wants to talk to you.



Ashok, I'm Commissioner
Ibrahim speaking.

You're aware that
your daughter is critical.

She's is going to be
taken to the surgery room.

Come soon to see her,
for one last time.

We're all waiting.

We're all waiting.

See you soon.

Take it. Come on.

Sir, tell me.

Did one of the robbers surrendered?

Okay, sir.

Come on.

What about the
other robber, sir?

He is under target.

Have you targeted him?
Behind your spot.

Is it behind my spot?

I'm going there.

Look he'll be killed in few minutes,
watch in flash news.

It'll get featured in flash news.

Sir, he's coming by Manaka street.

Sir, that street is connected
to this area.

It seems, he is coming
at a distance, sir.

Mic 9 calling.
Dasa gowda street.

Among the remaining two robbers,
one was shot dead by the Police.

Robbers are being
searched intensly.

Ashok, stop.

The Police is on that side.
Come here.

What are you thinking about?

Police is there. Oh, no!

Sir, waiting for your command.

Parrot visible.

Hey, look here.

Is he going to surrender?

Target surrender.

Take shot.


Repeat the order.

Repeat the order.

Repeat the order.

I said take the shot.

Oh, no!

Hey, we'll go down.

Where does that street
get connected to?

No, we have to go a long distance
if we go down.

Come upstairs.

Vidhya sister, Open the door.

Vidhya sister,

Who are you?

I'm Bhuvana.

Is it you, Bhuvana?

What's this?

I'll tell you later.

I'll tell you later.

First, open the door, sister.

Go... go...

Sir, come on.

Hey, come here.

This is a dead end.

Anyhow, he must come here.

Anyhow, he must come here.

He can't go beyond this.

Hey, look there.
He is coming from that lane.

He has come.

Zoom well.
Take the picture soon.

Sir, he lost his life for
the sake of money.

Sir, the other robber must definitely be
near to my spot.

Yes, sir.

Pan on the three sides,
and look for the police.

Be on the same spot. Okay, sir.

- Shouldn't miss.
- Okay, sir.

Among the four robbers, Rajan and
Ashok were shot dead by the Police.

The Police is searching the
other robber, Selva.

The Indian Army Snipers,
The Tamil Nadu Action Force,

and The Special Force is involved
in this operation.

Object is visible.
Shall I shoot him?

Everyone stay alert.

Sir, the other robber came
and took away the money bag.

Yes, it's not an ordinary thing
as we think.

Something interesting.

People are dying here
due to cross firing.

He says something interesting.

What are you whispering to her?
Nothing, sir.

Zoom now.

Okay, sir.

It's good if you dispose immediately.

Sir, ambulance.


Shoot it.

Sir, the ambulance is simply there.

Don't know what's happening there?

Sir, he is not seen.

I think, he is taken away
in the ambulance.

Sir, just wait. Please, sir.

That child is our hold.

We can catch the other robber
only by using the child as a bait.

Please, sir.

Please, sir.
Give me fifteen minutes of time, sir.

Just fifteen minutes.

Yeah, Thank you.

- Krishnamurthy, come here.
- Sir.

- Krishnamurthy, come here.
- Sir.

It seems the Councillor car
is waiting outside.

Tell him we can't allow
any vehicle.

Okay, sir.

Dude, take the vehicle.

You can't go in.

Why, sir?
We've blocked all the streets.

The robber is hiding inside.

Take the vehicle in reverse
without any queries.

It'll take long time, if I go around.
You can't go there, dude.

The lives of the children
is important.

Take the vehicle, first.

Already it's late, sir.

Won't you understand?

No, sir.

Will you reverse the vehicle or shall I?

The parents are calling now itself.

If the parents ask, tell them
that you aren't allowed inside.


Take the vehicle.
Yeah, tell me sir.

Hey, hang the call and
take the vehicle in reverse.

Hey, hang the call and
take the vehicle in reverse.

They aren't allowing inside.

Kumaresan, get the vehicle key
and take him to the jeep.

You got caught to me.


Reply me without
turning your neck.

- How much is this?
- One.

This one?


This one?


You are partially blind.

Get me hot rotis. Go.

The Police is surrounding us.

Banti is being inquired by the
Head Constable.

How many houses have you
rented out?

Two, sir.

In which locality?

Gandhipuram, sir.

Gandhipuram, sir.

Are you getting the rent regularly?
Yes, sir.

I found, why are you panicking.

I found, why are you panicking.

What's that, sir?

You've dried up fritters
on the terrace.

You're feared about the crows.

The Commandos are on the terrace.

We can't get the vehicle
to the mall.

Welcome to the News 7 channel.
What's this sister?

The other robber is also hiding
in the same street.

They're going to shoot him.

The Police will do as they say.

Driver, don't go by RS Puram.

In Mumbai's Malcolm area,
a powerful bomb was blasted.

More than 200 innocent civilians
and 20 Policemen are dead.

More than 400 people
are seriously injured.


Sir, got a report that
a bomb threat is in the city.

What? A bomb threat?

No, that must be a fake call.

Slam the phone down.

The ADGP told to remove
the forces there.

Hey, are you working for
the department or for the ADGP?

Hang up the phone.

- Damn.
- Idiot.

- Mic 4 calling.
- Murthy,

Sir, the other robber is hiding
in the car shed.

Is it?
He doesn't have any way to escape.

We've surrounded him, sir.


Watch the TV to know
what's happening outside?

The time is over.

Kumaresan, where are you?
Sir, I'm in the same spot.

The robber was seen crossing that spot.
Is it?

I can't see anything, sir.

We got an information
that he was seen again.

- Be alert.
- Okay, sir.

How can we go out?

We aren't going out.

Then, how?

The bomb should blast here.

They told to explode it here.


It's over in all the states.

Anything might happen, anytime.

Anything might happen, anytime.

So, don't delay.

It's the correct decision.

No time to think.

Do it.

Can you do?

Yes, brother. I'll do.

All the known people
will be affected, brother.

Will it hurt only
the known people?

Even the unknown people
will be hurt.

The life is same for all.

Don't worry.

They'll die before feeling the pain.

Not that, brother.

Banti brother, we've done
so many things for you.

Still, we'll do more.

Start the work.

Mic 4 calling.

- Over.
- Sir.

Murthy, what's the position
of the snipers in that place?

Sir, six snipers are there.

In the North building,
Officer Rakesh Chawan.

I'm the middle, Raffiq.

In the West, Mukesh Raj.


Who is in the opposite building?

The Officer Amit Chowdary
entering, sir.

Are you sure he is
a competitive shooter?

Yes, sir.

Okay, stay on the line.

Yes, sir. Proceed.

Object visible. Object visible.

Is he in target?


Say again.



Hey, everyone drop your rifles.

At the entrance, sir.
Where are you, Guna?

Where are you?

In the fourth entrance, sir.

What are you doing?

Sir, near the temple
in the fourth entrance.

What are you doing there?

Sir, the public...
How many of you are there?

Sir, 13 people.

Are you feckless?

Sir, a child came by the school van
has gone inside.

Where is the child?
Have you missed?

Yes, sir.

If this operation doesn't work out,
no one must come to the office.

I don't want anybody
to come to my office.

- Uncle.
- Go...

What happened?

It's connected.

We can match the code
and activate it.

Okay, good.

Mubarak, - Brother.

We don't have more time.
Hurry up.

Finish it fast.

Sheik, do it soon.

We're running out of time.

Hey... Who shot me?

This child's head will be shattered.

If you raise the rifle again, the child's
head will be shattered into pieces.

Wait... wait...

Come out. Or else, I'll shoot.

Even though it's a child,
I won't show mercy.

Oh, no! She is Hasini.

- Hasini?
- Hasini?

My daughter!
Waiting for the order.

Don't shoot. Hold on.

She is my daughter.

Go forward.

Go forward.

Don't cry.

Go forward. Go forward.

I'm tutoring her.

Her parents talk well with me.

No, sir.

Don't do. Stop it.

That robber has abducted my child.

Your daughter?

Yes, my child.
She went to the school.

Don't know how she got
caught in his hands?


Are you running again?

I'll hit you.

They're going to drop the rifles.

If not, I'll slit her throat.

Sir, I can't convey your instructions
to anyone here.

He told that it's conveyed.

I didn't get any instructions, sir.

- No?
- No, sir.

You said that you've conveyed.

Sir, some confusion between them.
What are you doing?


I want this operation
to be done properly.

Just follow my instructions.


Hey, come back.


- Uncle, leave me.
- Come.

Hey Bhuvana, do you know
all the details about that child?

I know well, sir. Just a minute.

Take that recorder.

If I leave you,
they'll shoot me.

Hold it.

Now tell all the details
about that child.

When speaking, add some fear
and emotion.

Only then, the viewers will
shed tears and the TRP will raise.

Is it okay?

Damn it.

Are you a human?

Will you ask me to speak like this
if she is your child?

People like you will do business
with human lives to telecast in TV.

What's that doing business
with a child?

I'll go and talk to him.

Hey Bhuvana.

Brother, I'll give back
all the money.

Don't blast that car.

Don't blast.

I did a blunder.

A big blunder.

Tell him, brother.

- Uncle...
- Hey.


I'll discuss with the Commissioner
and tell you.

She is the child born
out of penance.

After coming from the school,
she'll come to you calling as Uncle.

How many times
she played with you.

Have you forgot all those?

Brother, please tell him.

Uncle, leave me.

Hey, If I leave you,
they'll shoot me.

Don't shout. Shut your mouth.

Hey Bhuvana, don't go.

Stay quiet.

Stay quiet.

Shoot now, sir.

She's my friend, sir.

Sir, we might get caught.

What's this, sir?

Sir, the reporter girl
went close to the robber.


Who are you?

Who are you?

Did the Police send you?

No, the Police didn't sent me.

I'm the reporter.


Why have you come here?

Just listen to me for a minute.

Just listen to me for a minute.

I'm from the media.

Go away from here.

Else, I'll shoot you.

We've spoken to your
another friend,

He said, to save your
friend Ashok's daughter,

You people are doing all these.

It was us who had conveyed
all these to the public.

Hey, keep quiet.

If you want to say
anything in LIVE...

Unnecessarily, you're diverting me.

Go away.

Who is that girl?

Her name is Bhuvana.

She is not working in the channel.

She belongs to that locale.

Find out her number
and ask to call me immediately.

You fondly bought her a bicycle.

Tell him.

Tell him not to do.

Tell him not to do.

I'll give all my property.

Hey, don't blast the car.


Ask Amit to target Selva
through the window.


I'll convey, sir.

Swamy, - sir.

Come here. Mark what I say.

She is everything for me.

My daughter, brother.

I can save you still.

Hey, look here.

Hey, look here.

I've killed the Police
and the Public.

You need not save me.

Go or I'll shoot the child?

Message received.

Check whether is there any other
way to that car shed?

Yes, sir.

Brother, don't blast the car.

I'll give you the entire money.

How much ever you want,
I'll give you.

Our daughter is our life,

Our daughter is our life,

She is my soul!

Don't jump.

I'll shoot you.

No need to save me.

If you don't go, I'll shoot you
and this child.

Hey, go away from here.
Oh, no! Leave that child.

If anything happens to that child,
you'll be killed.

I'm not worried about my death.

I'm not worried about my death.

I want that child to survive.

Brother, you say that LIVE.

Hey, don't come close.

Brother, if you blast the car,
my daughter will shatter into pieces.

Please, understand.

Please brother, tell them,
not to do so.

Please brother, tell them,
not to do so.

I beg at your feet.

Stop it.

Stop it.

Don't blast.

Don't blast the car, please.

It's a complicated situation, sir.
I can't wait, please.

You take everything.

You take everything.

Give my daughter, brother.

To save a child, don't play with
the life of an another child.

Are we playing?

Are we playing?

The police is playing with
the life of our child.

If I leave this child,
the Police will kill me.

Be careful.

Nothing should happen
to the child.

Target him.

All are watching you.


You must answer the Police.
Go away.

Run. Run away.

She saved that child, sir. Stop.

Hasini, run.

Sir, come fast. Come on.

I can't wait anymore.

Please take your shot. Yes, sir.

Object disappeared.
Object disappeared.



Don't do anything to her.


Come fast.

Come here.

Don't do anything.

Brother said not to do.

Don't do anything. Wait.

What happened?

Both the child and the robber
are not seen.

Don't know what to do?
What are you saying?

Look there.

They're shooting there.

- Let's go and see there.
- No.

More Police has been
deployed there.

What to do then?

I've an idea.

What idea is that?
Come on, I'll tell you.

Come on.

Brother, come.

You yourself ask him to stop.
Hey, stop.

For my sake. For my daughter.

Please, just be patient.

Somehow, I'll bring my daughter.




I told you not to do.

- What happened?
- Hey!

Throw him in the store room.

Please, sir.

Send me in.

Better bribe me.

Show me.

Is the money safe?

Are you hearing?

Roger, the kid is rescued.

Hey, nothing will happen
to the phone, right?

Nothing will happen, sir.

It'll just break.

Kuttima bough it for me
with love.

Leave it, sir.

Hey, go right.

Little down.

Hey, isn't she Hasini?

She went to the Police.

Thanks to the almighty.

First, show me the phone.

Go left.

Look here, someone is going
inside casually.

How did he get inside beyond
these many policemen?

Why is he going into this house?

Whose house is this?

This is Hasini's house.

That child's house?

In Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, the
terrorists have planned for a major attack.

In Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, the
terrorists have planned for a major attack.


Somehow, I escaped from the Police.

We had three patterns,
Why can't we trigger the bomb?

That's what, I don't know.

It's perplexing.

My guy is well talented.

Kumar, - yes.

We'll be back.

Let's discuss with others and
find a good solution.



In Mumbai and Rayalaseema,
the bomb exploded at the right time.

Five hundred people from the public,
the school children,

Those who were doing prayers,
everyone is dead.

But, what happened here?

We're trying.

It's becoming very difficult.

Hakeem was inside the car
where the bomb was kept.

What happened to him?

He made that ready and came out.

But, he didn't come here.

But, he didn't come here.

Call the Sharma couple.

I tried, couldn't get the line.

In bomb blast in Rayalaseema, Andhra,

330 people died and more than
50 people are injured.

In the gun fire between the terrorists
and the Policemen...

We must decide, what to do next?

Somehow, we must cheat the Police,
take the car out,

And blast the bomb in 10 minutes.

How to blast the bomb?

The problems are mounting up
because of the bank robbers.

What happened?

What happened?

Some problem in the set up.
It's not working.

Did you activate the automatic
network modulator?

Try to overwrite using
the proxy network.

That too isn't working.

My stomach has bulged
due to the lunch that I had.

Is that Policeman
standing there only?

For the past two hours
he is standing there only.

We know that.

If our sister goes and tells
wrong about uncle.

Mistaking for everything.

Who are you?

Did you come to buy chappati?

You're the boss
for all these people.

In mixing the dough.

In North India, even the Parotta maker
looks like a model.

What, dear?

Hey, the burglar who
threatened the cops, abducting Hasini?

He is also going into
Hasini's house.

Something interesting is going to happen.

Hey, look the car is shaking.

Yes. It seems someone is inside.

We'll look in a closer range.

Oh, no!

Oh, no!

Oh, no!

What happened?

The helicopter has fallen down
and it broke.

Then my phone bought by
Kuttima with love?

Sorry sir.

Sorry sir.

Don't get down.
I'll shoot, if you get down.

Sir, Mic 21 Kuberan.

The robber has come
to my place, sir.


The robber has come here.
I am stuck alone.

Save me, sir.


Sir, I haven't even got this
month's salary.

Hey, don't shoot, no...
I've two daughters, sir.

Sir, please somehow save me.

- Sir, please sir.
- Hey...

Kuberan, the police force is on the way.
Hey, drop your rifle.

Sir, somehow save me.
Which street and which house?


Dasappa street,
the same green colour house.


Keep the situation
under your control.

Please, understand my
situation, sir.

Sir, send the forces immediately.
Listen to me and drop the rifle.


Kuberan, are you able to
receive the Commissioner's order?

Is the Commissioner speaking?
Okay, sir.

Hey, if you shoot,
I'll kill you.

Catch him.

Why are you standing? Catch him.

Catch him.

Sir, is there a way to go out?
Hey, why are you standing? Catch him.

Hey, don't shoot. If you shoot...
Don't try to escape, I'll shoot you.

Listen to me.
Hey, I'll kill you.

Kuberan, Ibrahim here.

- Mic 21, coming sir.
- Hey...

Take the shot.


Kuberan, don't be afraid.

Snipers are around you.
Don't worry.

Selva is rounded up.

C 17 in position.

C 4 in position.

C 3 in position.

C 9 in position.

C 9 in position.

Yes, sir.

Snipers are there.

Shoot him.
Kuberan, take the shot.

Shoot him.
Kuberan, take the shot.

Okay sir.

I said shoot him.

Sir, please... Don't shoot me.

Now take the shot.
Sir, don't shoot me...

Sir, tell him...
Please don't shoot me...

Don't listen to him.
Kuberan, listen to me.

I'm taking the money for
the child's surgery. Don't shoot me...

Sir, tell him, I'm taking the money for
my child's surgery.

I said not to hesitate.
Please, sir...

The child's life can be saved only
if I take this money.

Please, tell him sir.

Sir, tell him, I'm not a terrorist.

I'm taking this money, to save a child's life.
- Kuberan, listen to me.

Don't listen to him.
Sir, don't shoot me.

Don't listen to him.
Sir, don't shoot me.

Sir, tell him...

Kuberan, don't believe him.
Sir, I'll give you the money, I have.

He is trying to change by giving money.
- Sir, I'll give you the money. Please sir...

Take the shot.

Listen to me, don't believe him.
Brother, please wait. Just a minute...

He is trying to bribe you.

Why that Policeman took
a selfie standing here?

Brother, the Police has come to catch us.

Selva, take the shot.

Thank god.

What happened, Ibrahim?

It's done, sir.

It's done, sir.

You've done a good job.

Master plan!

- Thank you sir.
- What.

Is it a plan?

The Police has arrived.

The Police are firing at us.


Run fast.

Hey, Police.

Take the weapons. Come fast.

Shoot the police.

A report came from IB
in the morning, sir.

The Police Commissioners of
the three states spoke to me.

Particularly, Mumbai and Chittoor
city Commissioners spoke to me.

They told me their decision
to alert the people in that locale...

and do a stint operation.

I disagreed with that Idea.

Because, if we do that operation,

There will be loss of lives
on both the sides.

Alert the people also here, sir.

I've a different stratagem, sir.

Ashok, the best bomb defuser
in our department.

Because of some issues,
he has taken 6 months leave.

I called him and asked for help.

I convinced him saying
Ashok's batch mate Selva...

is ready for this operation.

We need a dog for this plan
to defuse the bomb.

So, we employed the dog, Dupy.

We started our scouting.

Four people are new
to that house, isn't it?

No sir, they've come for a function.

A car is standing near the tank
for past 2 days what about that?

I've checked it. No doubt, sir.

What about the Nigerian's stay
in that house?

I went there, they didn't
allow us inside.

Ashok, we must find the vehicle
where the bomb is placed.

We must find out
the terrorists place.

Yes, sir.

We've to wait till
we defuse the bomb.

Okay, sir.

Only then is the operation.

- It's my order.
- Okay, sir.

- Who are you?
- What mam?

That house is locked.
What are you doing there?

We're searching for a vacant house.

Are you searching for the house
on the terrace?

Three people are standing
on the terrace of Anbu's house.

Three people are standing
on the terrace of Anbu's house.

We created a scene that a robbery
is going to happen in the Access bank.

We convinced that manager,
went inside and spoke to...

all the clients and panicked them.

Ashok and Selva team visited the bank
and changed the securities.

And made the police
to stay there in mufti.

We narrowed our
search to six houses.

As per the IB report we got,

Six terrorists are staying in RS Puram
and they're setting up one car bomb.

But, we don't know about the car
and the house.

We've to buy the time.

We came to know that
the two terrorists...

are staying separately in a house.

We encountered both the terrorists.

The police dog smelled the bomb
in the vehicle.

Sir, Dupy has found the vehicle
with the bomb.

A blue colour van.

A blue colour van.

Kuberan identified a terrorist
in a house.

We came to know that
those two people in the photo...

was there in the Mumbai attack.

Sniper sir.

See here.

A partially blind person is
in the upstairs.

He is blind.

Mic C 2.

One of the terrorist has activated
the bomb in the vehicle.

So, we're forced to shoot him.
Take a shot.

To defuse the bomb in the vehicle,

We made the officer Ashok,
to come near to the vehicle.

We did a mock shoot
on him with the snipers.

We did a mock shoot
on him with the snipers.

He defused the bomb in the van,
as if he fell down dead.

What about the blood that oozed out
from Ashok, on shooting?

That's the artificial blood.

Am I right?

You found it, sir.

To explode that bomb,
they've used three different methods.

Signal activator, liquid detonation
and the timer.

But, we couldn't defuse the bomb
within the planned time.

Sir, it's very complicated.

They've connected it
to the signal activator.

Sir, we've sent the child inside.

We created a drama by kidnapping
the house owner's child...

where the terrorists were staying.

By utilising that time,
I can't defuse it.

What happened?

Hurry up.

Hurry up.

Just wait.
Don't leave the child.

Once the bomb was defused,

We decided to shoot
all the terrorists.

We got an information that
one of the terrorist is roaming out.

I must go urgently, sir.

The terrorist who couldn't
enter RS puram,

Bribed the policeman
and came inside.

It's our plan asking the policeman
to accept the bribe.

Hey police, you came to our place
and cheat us.

Hey, I'll kill...

I won't leave you.

I'll kill you.

One more.

Hey, get up.

Get up.

Hey Police,

Go back. Go.

Go back. Go.


Don't come near me.
I'll kill you.

I'll kill him.

Go back. Go.

Ashok, Selva don't worry
about my life.

It's okay, if Kuberan gets killed.

This operation must be successful.

Kill all these people.

Drop your rifles.

Don't worry about me.
Drop your rifles.

Do what I say.

Tell them to drop the rifles down.

Hey... Hold.

I'll shoot him.

I'll shoot him.

Shoot him.

Ask him to drop the rifle down.

Ask him to drop the rifle down.

Drop it.

Else, I'll kill him.

- Down...
- I'll explode his head.


Hurry up... hurry up...

Ask the army men,
to drop the rifles down.

Ashok, do what I say.
In all the buildings.

Hurry, drop the rifles down.
Shoot him.

Don't drop the rifle.

Drop the rifle down.

Hey Police, by disguising
as thieves,

You've cheated us.

Do it.

I'll die only after killing 10 people.

Hurry up.

Else, I'll kill him.

This is what happened sir.

Oh, everything is a plan then?

Then, it's a plan that your hand is hurt.

Why are you still having
that bandage on your hand?

Untie it.

Sir, got the reports.

There is a tiny crack.

So, don't move your hand.

This is not a plan, sir.

It's a real injury.

In Mumbai and Andhra Pradesh,

They had attacked the terrorists
directly and killed them.

But, why do you need
such a drama?

In the Mumbai operation you mentioned,
250 civilians have died.

In Andhra Pradesh, 55 school children
and 36 people in the mosque were died.

In our operation, not even
a single civilian is dead.

If known earlier, I too would've
helped you in this operation.

No, sir.

You wouldn't have helped us,

Sorry, sir.
No secret stays with you.

Sorry, sir.
No secret stays with you.

How dare you!

Stop it.

If we want to question him,

We can keep questioning
for the whole day.

We can have an inquiry on him.

We can even suspend him.

But, he had finished this
operation successfully.

The only respect
we can show him is...


Hey, lift.


Sir, slowly.

Have you come to make rotis?




Dear, have I tortured you a lot?

Thank you for your cooperation.

Good girl.

Do you like this aunty
very much?

Really. Very good.

How happy is she, sir.

To take care of your daughter,
you won't get a better mother than her.


Talk to her.

Marry her.