Susi Susanti: Love All (2019) - full transcript

Susy Susanti rises through the rank to become Indonesia's most beloved athlete. In time of economic turmoil, Susi seizes the opportunity to show her country and the world that heroism is measured by the depth of one's sacrifice. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(Pada tahun 1966, Indonesia,
sebuah negara baru berumur 21 tahun.)

(Memutuskan untuk ber-Demokrasi dan memberantas
ideologi Komunisme dari China.)

(Imbas dari situasi tersebut, banyak warga etnis
Tiong Hoa...

...yang tidak mendapatkan kewarganegaraan yang

(Ribuan tidak bisa pulang tanpa Surat Bukti
Kewarganegaraan Republik Indonesia "SBKRI")

(1992, Indonesia
mendapatkan kesempatan untuk...

...memenangkan medali emas pertama
di Olimpiade.)

(Dan harapan tersebut ada di bahu seorang wanita
muda etnis Tiong Hoa.)


(Tasikmalaya, Indonesia Independence Day, 1983)

Come on! Get it, Rudi!

Rudi retaliates with a high ball.

Ma, can't we just watch Brother Rudi play?

What? You were on and on about winning.

You can't win if you don't show up.

But Pa is not here, Ma.

Papa is watching your brother playing.

Thank you.

Look, they're cheering for Euis.

Judges, cast your votes.


...we have Susi Susanti performing "The

Go on, it's your turn.

Hey, where are you?



Come on, Rudi! Don't give him high ball!

Come on, Brother!

Don't miss it!


Another Independence Day win for Udin...

...from Sukajaya Sub-district for three years in a

Congratulations also to Rudi as a runner-up.

On behalf of Jaya Raya Club and Rudy Hartono,
congratulations, Udin.

You, too, Rudi.

Udin! Udin! Udin!

So much for being an athlete's son.

I guess you don't have your father's gene.

Hey! The athlete's got a daughter, too, you know?

I dare you challenge me for that racket!

Udin, do you accept the challenge from a

And what will I get for beating you?

Ma's bao, the whole cart!

One whole cart of Mama's baos, ladies and

Udin! Udin! Udin!

What were you thinking leaving me alone like that?

So embarrassing!

Pa, we're going home.

You're all talk!

But thanks for saving me from those horrible baos.

But thanks for saving me from those horrible baos.

0 - 0!

Give it back!

Let me have it!

No, that's mine! I've won it!

Just let me have it! And you stick to your ballet!

You won, but you ruined your ballet shoes.

- I'm giving this back to Udin!
- Don't!

Stop it. Eat! Ciapo is getting cold.

No! I'm sick of ciapo!

- What's wrong?
- I'm fed up.

Hello, Miss Fed Up.

Shall we eat?

Don't be mad at me, Miss Fed Up.

I'm here to present your ciapo.

Alright, Miss.

I'll just put your ciapo here.

Eat it, okay, Miss Fed Up?

What is with this girl?

All of a sudden she's into badminton.

But she won that match earlier.

Against Tasik's champion, too.

I don't understand you.

Now you want Susi to become an athlete too?

One win and she's acting up already.

-She fled the show.

I was so embarrassed.

-Just when finally...
-That's right, Sir.

...she is able to do the split.

-Show her some discipline, will you?
-Sure. Thank you. Good night, Sir.

You're the athlete after all.

Hey, you're not listening to me.

She's getting on my nerve, you know?

Who was that?

-It was Jaya Raya Club.
-Huh? What?

-Rudy Hartono's club?

They want Susi to try out there.

-Where? Jakarta?

See? It's a good thing I let her played today.



Uncle Rudy.



That's it.

Ma, I'm leaving.

Have a safe trip.

Rud, take care of your Ma.

Remember, after practices...

...don't put your used and sweaty socks in your

-They will smell.
-Okay, Ma.

Susi, let's go.

Before you go to sleep,...

...don't forget to brush your teeth.

Okay, Ma.

-And don't forget to pray every time.
-Okay, Ma.

-Bye, Rudi.
-Bye, Susi.

Ma, you'll visit me soon, won't you?

Susi, wait!

Take this.

Don't lose it, okay?

Let's go, we're running late. Come on.


Why do they say "love-all" before a match?

What does it mean?

It means 0-0.

But the real meaning is to love everyone, hence,

Why love all?

Because we should play out of love.

Love for the games, the spectators, the

...and for the opponents, not just for the prizes.

-Love for the opponents, too?
-Especially, the opponents.

We are only as good as our opponents.

If your opponents are weak, it doesn't take much
to beat them.

But if our opponents are strong, and we manage to
beat them,...

...then it shows that we are even stronger.

Get it?

You look confused.

Snacks! Snacks!

Miss, want some fried tofu? Peanuts?

You stingy chink!


We're here.

(Jaya Raya Badminton Club)

From 6 to 8 in the morning, we have physical

And from 9 to 1 in the afternoon, the kids go to

And from 2 to 5 o'clock, we have another training

All right.

-I leave Susi in your good hands, Ms. Kus.
-Of course.

Thank you.

Sus, I'm going to go now.

I'll be back to check on you before I head back
home for Tasik.

Remember, this isn't home.

You're going to have to look after yourself.


-I leave you two.
-Take care, Sir.

(Office of Lieutenant General Try Sutrisno,
Deputy Chief of Staff, 1985)

Mangombar Siregar,
National Sports Committee of Indonesia.

Have you read this, Mr Bar?

("The End of Indonesia's Supremacy?")

They've been in the Federation for hardly a

...and they have beaten us.

That can't be good for our campaign.

(Sports for the People
the People for the Sports)

You've been the brain behind our sports program...

...since former President Sukarno's era time.

President Soeharto wants to know...

...what your strategy is going to be for this

Well, there are two main keys in sports:
the athletes and the training system.

Our problem right now is we are lacking coaches.

And China have our top ones.

How come?

They're our exiles, haven’t been able to return
since 1966.

They have no choice but to play for their host

There are many of them there, General.

I suppose so.

If the President has his arms wide open, I’m sure
they’ll be willing to return.

So, what are you waiting for?


...they need assurance over their status.

They adopted Chinese citizenship out of necessity.

An assurance from our government...

...will allow them to work freely.

Of course we'll let them work freely!

We are not like those communists...

...forcing people to stay in line and in uniform,
and all.

What happened to your hand?
Why is it swollen like that?

I asked for a session with Coach Rudy.

They gave me a twig exercise instead, 300

Is it really hard to get a chance to have a
practice with Coach Rudy?

You have to be selected.

You have better chance in winning the national

...than being trained by him.

What should we do to be selected?

That's the million-dollar question.

I've come all the way from Tasik to train with

If I'm not selected,...

...where can I find a coach that good?
Out of Hong Kong?

This is the one move you must master...

...before anything else.

You can't get more basic than this.

This move will forces your opponents backward.

Who wants to try it first?


Not easy, right?

Everybody, let's practice this move.

Hit the shuttlecock as close as possible toward
the baseline.

Susi, keep going.

More left.

More right.

A little closer.

Still not right.

Giving up already, are we?

I'm bored.

Hello, Miss Bored.

Miss Bored, let's just go home to Tasik.

It's good there, you can eat Ma's ciapo everyday,
imagine that.

And none of these pointless exercises.


How come I'm here instead of Brother Rudi?

He's the first child.

Rudi will always be the first child.

But this time you are the first one to get a
chance to train in Jakarta.

If I didn't injure my knees,...

...I might have had become a champion.

Now, you have that chance...

...and you want to throw it away?

Susi, listen to me.

There's only one chance to become the first.

And I want you to be the first Indonesian
badminton player... win gold medal in the Olympics.

Okay, Pa, I promise.

Watch it,...

...a promise made is a debt unpaid.

How about an advance, then?


Take this.

Too wide.

Try that again.

Once more.

Now over here.

Not bad.

Give me another 500 until you get it right.

What kind of training is this?

How far will this go?

Who made this awful program?

Do you have a problem with my program?

Not really.

Tomorrow morning, at 5 AM,
meet me in front of your dorm. Okay?

Come on, Susi. Power up.


In badminton, your wrist power is everything.


I see an extraordinary talent in you.

But talent alone is not enough.

You need to have strict discipline,...

...both physical strength and mentality.

In the court,
your biggest enemy is not our opponent,... is yourself.

Once you are able to control your emotions and
mind,... can control your game.

SBKRI is the national identity card for
Indonesians of foreign descent,...

...especially for...

...Indonesians of Chinese decent.

Coming up: "The use and abuse of SBKRI."

But first: "The ARMY - Arm in Arm with The People"

Not in arm with badminton, I hope, Sir.

Please, have a seat.

How are you, Sir?

-How are you, Sir?

That's why we brought you home.

Let the disciplining come from fellow athletes.

World-class athletes!

That's very kind, Sir.

We are finally home, indeed. But...

...we still carry the "red" flag, you know?

Listen, how about...

...we don't get rid of all the "red" just yet,...

...we learn as much as we can from them.

Mr. Tong.

Ms. Chiu Sia.

I'm so glad you both are back.

The pleasure is mine, Sir. I never thought I'd see
my mother here again...

after all these years in exile.


...this country is not short of challenges,...

...but if badminton...

...can unite and strengthen the country,...'s worth the try, right?

Agree, Sir.

But if the aim is to strengthen the country,...

...Indonesia will need more than facilities and

We need to stay "red" not just in spirit,...

...but in the strategy and discipline too.

For every champion that we can produce,...

...China produces ten.

We need new and special talents,...

...talents of another level,...

...the extraordinary kind.

And here are the winners of World Junior

...a gold medal for Ardy B Wiranata.

And with three gold medals is...

Susi Susanti!

(The National Training Center, 1986)

- You are Susi, right?
- That's right.

I'm Sarwendah. Call me Endah.

- Okay.
- Come on. Let me show you around.

Welcome to the ground-zero
of Indonesia's badminton champions.

You know, Ivana Lie,
our 1982 Asian Games champ,...

...still trains here.

This guy here
is the son of this camp's official.

- His name...
- Ardy!

Hey, Susi.

I knew I'd see you here soon.

Have you just arrived too?

Been here a year, actually.

You're a champ!

Back at you, World Champion.

-I'll see you around, okay.

Look at you two.

That's Alan,...

...we think he's quite a catch,...

...but a tough one to crack.

We think he's dating his Walkman.

Let's continue. And stop staring at him.

Yes, Sister.

I got all my papers ready,
but they still told me to return,...

...told me to bring this and that.

I'll be broke before long.

They have only given me the temporary permit.

To hell with "temporary".

This is going to be a long road.

Coach Sia.

Coach, this is Susi, the new kid,...

...the one who won three gold medals
in World Junior Championship with Ardy.

Three junior medals, huh?

How about that!

Special spot for special person, then.

Endah, no.

This is crazy!

You analyze every match?

You're so serious.

Give it back, please. No, Endah!

Stop it.


Please, give it back.

Guess what, Hong?
She writes something about you here.

Someone is a secret admirer.

Hong, here, give it back to her!

"Too much twisting when leaping,
his smash lacks power."

Look at that.
We are arm in arm with the Army now.


-Tong Sin Fu.

Liang Chiu Sia.


Ladies and gentlemen.

The Asian bloc and the European bloc
will face each other soon.

In badminton.

Thanks to our efforts,...

...the two blocs will meet for the first time...

...over five matches in one tournament.

The tournament is called Sudirman Cup.

And Jakarta will be the first city for the first

The event will be held every two years.

Losing is not an option, my friends.

Our dignity is at stake.

We can't afford losing our face to the outside

But, Sir, both of us are officially still part of
the outside world.

Our citizenship status is taking longer to

...than it was promised.

I understand what you are saying.

But you must understand...

...the risk I took in bringing you home.

How about showing us your worth first,
before we talk about that thing.

What a cheap shot. We've come all the way here.

Okay, here's the thing.

We all have same expectation.

Thank you.

The same aspiration...

...which is not easy for us to realise.

We need time...

...and to learn a lot.


...what do we need to win this?

We only need one thing.

Give us the full freedom to choose the players.

You coaches have 100 percents authority.

What matters is winning this Sudirman Cup.

Orang Indonesia dengan mental kelas dunia.

Rudy Hartono...

...mengambil semua bola...

...biarpun bola keluar sekalipun.

Dia tidak ingin melakukan kesalahan sedikitpun.

The final of 1974 All England Cup.

Rudy Hartono lost the first game...

...and was far behind in the second game...

...from Malaysia's player, Punch Gunalan.

Tell me, how did he end up winning?

-His mind.

Mr. Rudy won the match
because he had incredibly strong mind.

Because in matches like this,...

...your physical strength doesn't matter
anymore,...'s mind over matter.

When your mind is clear,...

...not only you are able to maximize your
technique,... have also the clarity in reading...

...and exploiting your opponent's weakness.

Okay, now, what do you think happened to Punch?

He was winning so far ahead.

Punch played too openly,...

...while Rudy seemed so calculated.

Not quite.

-He smashed too sporadically,...

...ran out of energy too quickly.

Not exactly.

-I think Punch got exhausted.

He twisted his body too much when leaping...

...his smashes lacked of power.

That's more like it.

Knowing your opponents' weaknesses is essential.

But knowing your own weaknesses
is much more essential.

And for that,
you often need others to see.

Now break into groups.

Tomorrow morning we will train together
and analyze each other.

-Let's go.
-Let's go.

Hong, let's go!

If you watch what you write,...'re welcome to join my group.

If I join your group,
I might let you watch me write.

Don't go beyond the lines.

How do you do that?


Don't shake your hand.

I can't stay in line.

Your hand is shaking.

Let's try again.


Close your eyes.

I don't like putting make-up on

I'm not pretty like you.

All the more reason for you to use makeup.

Come here.

See how pretty you are?

Come on.

Let me see.

Turn around.

Girl, you need to loosen up.

Just go crazy sometime.

It's okay.


Okay, hurry now. Before he's gone.

Hey, you look so different, Susi.
Are you going somewhere?

I don't have any plan yet.
What about you, Brother Alan?

Stop calling me that. Just call me Ahong.

Everyone close to me calls me that.

Oh I see.

-Ahong, do you want to...
-Alan, let's go!

-Okay, man. Hold on.
-Hi, Susi.

Susi, I'm going to go now.

We're going to watch a movie
at the new drive-in.

Let's go see a movie.

Nice. You ready?

Okay, let's go.

Playing to seek attention won't get you anywhere.

You're not thinking straight.

If you keep doing this,...

...and you get injured, it'll be on me.

Put your heart back into the game.

Focus on winning, okay?

One more thing. Do not get pregnant.

Why would you say that?

I need you to play in Sudirman Cup.

For real?

-Who will you partner me with?

-Are you up for it?
-Of course.

To the front, to the front.

To the side, to the side,

So when you are...

-Yes, Coach?
-When you reach forward,...

...stretch your leg widely.

Wider, like this.

Pertama kalinya piala Sudirman diadakan...

...untuk mengenang Dick Sudirman

Disiarkan langsung dari kawasan Gelora Bung Karno,

Welcome to Sudirman Cup's finals.

I'm Frans Sulilatu,
reporting live from Istora Senayan.

Indonesia will play against South Korea.

The defeats from the last two games...

...are forcing Indonesia to win
on the next match...

...or they will be eliminated
from the competition.

In this decisive round,...

...Indonesia will field Susi Susanti, the youngest
team member,...

...she is from the town of Tasikmalaya against...

...All England Cup champion, Young-Suk Lee.

Hadirin sekalian.

Pertandingan ketiga adalah tunggal wanita final
Piala Sudirman.

Di sebelah kanan saya, tim Korea, diwakilkan oleh
Young-Suk Lee.

Di sebelah kiri saya, tim Indonesia diwakilkan
oleh Susi Susanti.



Susi didn't anticipate the smash from Young-Suk.

Young-Suk Lee to serve.

Young-Suk seems to be in control of the game,...

...and Susi hasn't found the pattern yet.


Susi makes one mistake after another,...

...pushing her luck in this crucial game.

Game to Korea.


Young-Suk Lee to serve.

Angka untuk Young-Suk Lee.

Young-Suk Lee to serve.

No, that's out of bound, Sus!

-Mr. Bar?
-Yes, Sir.

Why did Chiu Sia deploy her?

She has never fought in the last line of defence.

She's not cut out for a battle of this calibre.

Let's wait and see, General.

I trust Chiu Sia has a plan.

Keep me updated with the score.

How much more can Susi hold against Young-Suk's

That's in!


Pa, it's two-five now!

Honey, three-five!

Young-Suk is just one game away...

...from winning the Sudirman Cup for Korea.

Service over, honey!




The '74 All England!

You need world-class mindset to pull off things
like this.

Indifferent to where the ball might fall, Susi
seems detemined to just get it across the court.

My heart is skipping a beat over this high tension

But Susi doesn’t give up.

As long as blood flowing in her veins.

This rally is never ending.

Young-Suk replied with high ball up front.

It's impossible to reach for Susi!


Pertama kalinya saya menyaksikan hal seperti ini.

Kebangkitan Indonesia yang luar biasa.

Honey, it's a deuce!

Honey, hurry up, it's deuce!

Ladies and Gentlemen! A sliver of hope from

...Young-Suk is unforgiving, but Susi keeps
finding her ways... step closer in our nation's path to

Game point untuk Indonesia!

Susi Susanti to serve.

Game untuk Indonesia.

What's wrong with you?

We're almost there...

...and you're losing it!

Final set.


Susi Susanti serve.

Susi Susanti is on fire.

It looks like she doesn't want to give a chance to

Susi Susanti has won Indonesia
its first point in this final!

A new star is born. Susi Susanti is her name.


Game untuk Indonesia.

Permainan yang luar biasa!

Ah! Korean team has lost this game,... the Indonesian team...

...has the opportunity to turn it around.

Susi won, Honey! She has won.

We are really happy.

As Indonesians, we are really proud
to have won Sudirman Cup.

Susi has proven that she's a mature player and is
ready to be the best in the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, Susi's victory in women's

...gave a new momentum for her teammates to win
the rest of the games.

Congratulations to the Indonesian team for winning
the first ever Sudirman Cup.

Frans Sulilatu, out.

(The National Training Center, 1990)

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

What's wrong?

I miss my mum ciapo, all of sudden.

Why don't you get ready and come with me, okay?

Sir, I'm going to go now.

- Where are we going?
- Just come with me.



Thank you.


Had I known you eat like this,...

...I may have a crush on you on the spot.

This is really delicious.

I'm not homesick anymore.

How about you?

I miss my home as well.

I'm like you, you know.

I moved to Kudus at 15, and now I live in Jakarta.

One time I was in the dorm, alone.

Every body has gone home for the holidays...

...and I celebrated my birthday all by myself.

Well, everybody was...

-Hey, where are you?

I was remembering the time when I was in my Jaya
Raya Club days.

That's all right.

Hey, you want to go around town?

Where to?

Wouldn't you like to know?

Wait, I'm not done.

Leave it.

Come on.

Sir, no change needed, here's the money.
Thank you, Sir.

Let's go.

You always play to win, don't you?

Does anyone play to lose?

What about to a person you like?

I'd have to really like him, I guess.

Like, really really like the guy.

Otherwise, no.

Why do you ask?

Nothing, it's just that...

...I've never met anyone
who is as ambitious as you are.

Me neither.

Can you do that?


You can't?

Watch this.

But I can do this.

It should be safe here.

Listen. Put your left foot into that hole firmly.

And your right foot put it on my shoulder, okay?

Are we climbing this wall?

You prefer facing Coach Sia?

The security guards won't cover for us anymore.

-Now, hurry up, it's way past curfew.

Come on.

Hi, Sus.

What are you doing?

Just went for a walk.

We are going out now.

Taking turns, are we?

Hi, Hong. What are you doing there?

Way to go, Sus. Play hookie a little.

Nice lipstick, by the way.

It's lip balm, actually. Want to see?

Hey, Girls, hurry up. I'm tired.

-All right.

Be quiet or the guards will hear us!


- It's safe.
- Okay

- How do you do this?
- Wan, careful.

Careful, Wan.


It's good, right?

We did it.

- Come on.
- Yeah.

See you tomorrow.

You should smile more.

You look cuter.

Okay, then.


From now on you will do new special training

Everyday, we will measure your weight, fat
content, and your blood pressure.

We will design a special training which includes

...endurance, speed, and balance.

All of your nutritional intakes will be under
strict supervision,...

...including your vitamin intakes and supplement.

Every athlete will have a program
based on their strengths and weaknesses.

(Alan brings gold!)

(Susi wins again!)

(Ardy and Susi win gold for Indonesia.)

(2 gold medals for Indonesia.)

(Gold from Sarwendah.)

(Ardy and Susi won All England.)

(Hermawan won Men's single in China Open.)

Until it breaks!

Right! Left!

And China.

When you're making baos,...

...what matters the most is the fillings.

No use of it looking good...

...if the inside is bad.

If it doesn't turn out good,...

...something must not have matched quite well.

And that means... wasn’t meant to be.

That's why...

...everything has to be tested from the start.


...this one has passed the test, right, Pa?


...for me it doesn't really matter who he is.

As long as he makes you happy...

...and he can bring home the Olympic gold medal

(Susi and Alan Romance, Blessing or Disaster)

(Alan - A Lost Cause)

Please calm down.

- Go ahead.
- How could we lose...

...against Malaysia at the Thomas Cup finals...

...when we were favored to be the winner?

Why did Indonesia field Alan
whose playstyle is rather defensive...

...instead of
the more aggressive Hermawan?

Did we lose
because Susi and Alan are dating?

One at a time please.

We lost because Malaysia played better.
That's it.

We played giving our best.

All players were focused on the games.

Wait. About that last question.

We do not interfere in the athletes' personal

But the Olympics is near.

And Indonesia's point
has dropped significantly...

...ever since they started dating.

What is the Association going to do about it?

Like you said before,...

...right now, we are focused on the Olympics,
nothing else.

We've been preparing this for three years.

We don't want this mission to fail
because of something else.

Therefore, we are ready to win gold medals
in the Barcelona Olympics.

This is unfair, Sus.

Why should I be sent ahead
for the try outs?

It's not just you, they sent Endah too.

They just want to separate us.

Maybe that's for the better.

What? Why did you say that?

Our performances have been poor
ever since we dated.

My performance, you mean?

Whatever, Hong. I quit playing around.

I'm not playing around.

- Sus?
- Hong!

Come on!

Take care of yourself.

Okay, bye.

Good afternoon, dear listeners.

Since 1896...

- Susi, please win the gold.
- I'll try my best.

This would be the first time...

- Susi, good luck.
- Thank you.

...for Indonesia to have a chance
to win a gold medal.

The whole country is expecting Susi Susanti... win a gold medal for Indonesia.

President Suharto has said
that he is proud with this chance...

...where Indonesia started participating in

...and have never won gold before.

- Halo.
- Susi.

Our country is counting on you,...

...the whole Indonesian people and me especially.

You have to bring home a gold medal, Susi.

Yes, Mr. President.

Thank you, sir.

Selamat Datang di Olimpiade Musim Panas,1992.

Disiarkan langsung dari Barcelona, Catalunya,

- Endah!
- Hong, look.

- Hong!
- Hermawan.

Kami telah berlatih selama dua tahun...

...dan mempelajari gaya bermain Susi Susanti...

...dari lob ke rally.

Jadi tujuan anda disini untuk mengalahkan Susi?

What do you think of that, Sus?

We'll see.

Just you wait. I'll defeat her tomorrow.

Untuk pertama kalinya dalam sejarah...

...badminton menjadi bagian dari program

Ada semangat yang berbeda dari negara

...karena mereka berkesempatan untuk pertama
kalinya memenangkan medali emas.

Game untuk Indonesia.

There's only one chance to become the first.

The whole country is expecting Susi Susanti... win a gold medal for Indonesia.

Do we have any other option besides Alan and Susi?

When you are able to control your emotions and
mentality,... can control your game.

Your biggest enemy is yourself.



I fear.

Hello, Fear.

How are you?

It has been a while since we last met.

I remember... visited me before my big final.

Fear, you're with Susi now, aren't you?

Please take good care of her, Fear.

She doesn't know you very well.

All this time, she rejected you...

...because she didn't know that you can be a good

That you can be a good host.

That you can unite people amid differences,...

...and encourage us to stick together.

To forget harsh reality even if it's only for a

And most importantly,... be able to release our hidden courage.

Ready or not.

Hadirin sekalian.

Pertandingan final untuk...

...tunggal putri...

...Olimpiade, Barcelona.

Di sebelah kanan saya,...

...Bang Soo-Hyun dari Korea.

Di sebelah kiri saya Susi Susanti dari Indonesia.




5-3 untuk Korea.

6-3 untuk Korea.

7-4 untuk Korea.

Change your style, Susi.

Don't get carried into her play.

Game untuk Korea.

Susi, courage doesn't mean the absence of fear.

But when you challenge fear, you know with whom
you are facing it.

You are not alone. Love has your back.

Pemain balik ke posisi.

Set kedua, 0-0.

Bang Soo-Hyun to serve.

Dan game poin - 5

Bang Soo-Hyun, siap?

Game untuk Indonesia.

Final set.

0-0. Mulai.

1-3 untuk Korea.

6-3 untuk Indonesia.

Come on, Susi!

8-3 untuk Indonesia.



Dan game poin - tiga.

Game untuk Indonesia.


Selamat ya Susi.

Sampai bertemu di pertandingan berikutnya.

Terima kasih, Soo-Hyun.

Even before you two played each other
I knew who would win.

Oh yeah?

I always knew.

Look, the Olympics bride and groom.

-Interesting idea..
-What idea?

That Olympics married couple.

We have a long road ahead of us still.

I still owe Papa many medals.

Don't you have enough already?

Haven't won Asian Games.

Asian Games?
Didn't you win the silver?

Well silver medal is not gold medal.

There can only be one winner,
not two, and certainly not three.

When it comes to fighting for your country... are the people who dare to join the

The real heroes are those who don't expect medals.

But whatever works for you.

You want to wait another four years,...

...and see if another Olympics groom
candidate comes along?

I don't care.



Susi? Susi!


(Alan Recovers His Honor)

(Super Susi)

(Super Susi)

Come on, Brother Rudi!

Hi, Ms. Susi.

There are arson attacks around the shopping center
of Tasikmalaya.

The targeted Chinese community are seeking refuge
in various hiding places.

Pa, come eat.

What are you listening to, anyway?

The ciapo will get cold.

- Rud?
- Yes, Pa.

Maybe you should reconsider that offer.

Just in case.

What offer?

Playing for Malaysia, Susi.

Who knows, I might be able
to coach there one day.

Why Malaysia? Aren't we safe here?

Says who?

That's not for sure.

Even Ardy, the son of the Association official,... migrating to America.

He's right, Susi.
There is no guarantee that our family is secure.

Why did you say that, Pa?

The government
has been taking good care of us.

That's so not true.

Until now, neither you,
Rudi, or Alan is proper citizen.

It has been seven years, and they haven't
released your SBKRI.

That's easy. I will deal with that later.

-It's not that easy.
-It shouldn't be that hard too.

After all this years even Ivana Lie failed to get
her SBKRI.

Ivana Lie never won a gold medal
in the Olympics.


Off the podium,
we are all of the same height.

Your medals, trophies, acknowledgments will be
worthless when you are in danger.

And one more thing.

You think your medals and trophies...

...will protect us in a riot?

My files are all complete.
Why are you rejecting them?

What is the problem?

Acquiring SBKRI is a long process, Ms. Susi.

It has many requirements.

But you can speed up the process
through a special route.

It just needs a little extra cost.

Jerk! Asking for money, every time.

No wonder Mr. Tong has nothing much now!

Who are you calling up now, Sus?

- Mr. Try.
- Mr. Try?

But he has nothing to do with badminton anymore.

He said to call him if we need him.

How can they still don't recognize us
as citizens?

He's the vice president now.

He has done so much for us, for Indonesia's

We can't bother him with this sort of stuff.

Leave him alone. We'll find another way.

Why do you always give up so easily like that?


We can't get married if we don't have
that SBKRI.

If you have a better idea, you better tell me now.

We have to prepare ourselves,
and I think we are ready.

Susi, how is your preparation for Atlanta?
Are you ready to win another gold medals?

I'm not even sure I'm going.


Are you saying Indonesia might not be going?

Do you know that I'm not officially
a citizen of Indonesia?

They haven't released my SBKRI.

If I go there and compete,...

...I don't even know
if I can put Indonesia on my back.

If I win the gold, who will it belong to?

I won gold in 1992 and I don't know
who it belongs to.

I am not a proper Indonesian yet.


How does the Association respond to that?

Ladies and gentlemen, this may be
an embarrassing moment for Susi Susanti...

...for she has won just a bronze medal...

...for Indonesia.

Susi, whose rank is way above her opponents...

...has to concede to the third place.

This is definitely not her best moment.

She lacked her usual agility.


Selamat ya. Sampai bertemu di pertandingan

Terima kasih.

Sayangnya tidak ada pertandingan berikutnya.

Susi, saya akan pensiun.

Mengapa? Kan kamu baru menang emas.

Justru ini waktu yang tepat untuk undur diri kan?

Kamu menyerah begitu saja?

Menyerah dan undur diri itu beda.

Kamu yang mendorong saya menjadi yang terbaik.

Dan membantu menyadari potensiku sendiri.

Terima kasih sudah menjadi lawan terhebatku.

(Letter of Rejection)

With my coaching salary,...

...I just don't have the mean to keep trying.

I have to think of my wife and kids.

I still only have a resident permit too.

Not citizenship, Sir.

My mum lives here, and she is sick.

I don't want to move back to China.

This is my greatest failure, Mr. Tong.

Don't feel that way, Sir.

This is not your fault.

Mr. Bar, you have helped me a lot.

Mr. Bar.

Mr. Tong.

Please forgive me.

I'm tired, Susi.

Guys, I'm leaving now.

Okay, see you.

I give up, Susi.

How come Mr. Amin is going home at this hour?

We hardly sold anything these past weeks.

Nobody has any money.

This country is going into a real crisis.

We can't even afford baos?

I'm exhausted.

I'm sorry, Pa.

You're an Olympic champ, I spare you the guilt.

No, I want to apologize about the other day.

I'm just starting to get the bigger picture.

And I'm sorry I could only
brought you home a bronze this time.


For me, this is gold.

The moment when we are all together.

And soon we'll have a new member, right?



What have you got there?

Some flour and lots of instructions.

That's mum for you.

Marriage is like long rallies.

You have to keep calm
and anticipate your partner’s needs.

When it comes to rallies, I'm your girl.

I'm serious. Listen to me.

What I meant was... have to know...

...when to stand your ground,
when to advance, and when to give in.

Give in? No way.

Ouch, mum.

Remember this.

There won't be any medals in a marriage.

The biggest reward is
when you are blessed with children.

You'd be lucky if you get a pretty one.

But if you get...

...a tomboy girl,...

...what can you say.

Come, we need to start.


Don't forget about this.

Don't damage them, okay?

Let's go.

Ladies and gentlemen,... we are gathered here in joy.

Therefore what God has joined together,
let no one separate.

Alan, please say your vows to Susi.

I, Alan Budikusuma,...

...takes you, Susi Susanti,
to be my lawfully wedded wife.

I, Susi Susanti, accept Alan Budikusuma,
as my husband...

to have and to hold, for better, for worse,... sickness and in health.

Saat ini, Indonesia terperangkap dalam sebuah

...dimana rakyatnya menuntut perubahan...

...sedangkan pemerintah mendesak warga untuk lebih
sabar menunggu.

Ini bukan serangan dari grup oposisi yang

...akan tetapi merupakan ancaman untuk rezim
Presiden Soeharto.

They're demonstrating against us.

Flip your jacket, so they won't know we're

You stinky Indonesian!

Was it really Susi Susanti?

It was. I saw her with my own eyes.

Poor Susi. She came here to compete,
but people went on a rally.

That's right.
Before a match, players need to calm down.

She's not like us,
getting yelled at all the time.

Okay. Now we need to shout
as loud as we can be.

Let's cheer for Susi.

- Agreed.
- Okay.

Let's try out our cheers.

Indonesia, Susi is my hero!

Thank you very much.

Massa mulai terlihat bergerak masuk ke kota-kota
kecil di Indonesia,...

...mereka mulai bergerak masuk... daerah Jawa Tengah...

...perlahan mengarah ke Bandung dan Tasikmalaya,
dan area area sekitar...

- Hello, mum?
- Susi?

- Ma?
- Our neighborhood has been raided.

I don't have anywhere to go.

But you and Pa are in Jakarta, right?

No, your Pa is still in Tasikmalaya.

I managed to--

Hello? Ma?

Ma? Hello?

- This is crazy!
- Wait, everybody.

Calm down.

I'm trying to contact home as soon as possible... that there won't be misinformation.

But, sir.

Why would we play for Indonesia here?

- They don't even protect our families.
- He's right.

We can't compete in a situation like this.

Then let's move to another country.

That's it, right?

But here's the thing.

If you want to move to another country,... have to play first.

He is right.

You have to prove...

...that you can play in any pressure.

Kembali lagi di Piala Thomas Uber 1998 ...

...disiarkan langsung...

...dari stadion Ratu Elisabeth di Hong Kong.

Warga negara Hong Kong sedang unjuk rasa di luar
stadion saat ini.

Mengutuk apa yang sedang dilakukan orang Indonesia
terhadap warga keturunan Tionghoa.

Kita tidak bisa membayangkan tekanan yang

...Susi Susanti yang saat ini membela tim

...melawan juara dunia asal China, Ye Zhaoying.

Hai, saya Martha dari CNN,
langsung dari piala Thomas Uber di Hong Kong.

Saat ini bersama saya, Susi Susanti
dari Indonesia.

Susi, saya mempunyai pertanyaan untuk anda.

Dengan apa yang terjadi di Indonesia,...

...apakah anda akan mencari suaka di sini atau
negara lain?

Banyak teman sebangsa anda, Indonesia

...telah memilih untuk pindah kewarganegaraan.

Apakah anda masih menganggap diri anda orang

Anda benar.

Indonesia telah mengecewakan saya.

Membuat keluarga saya kecewa.

Membuat tim saya kecewa,

Let's burn it!

What is the true meaning of citizenship?

As athletes,...

...we only train to compete.

To parry.

To survive.

To defend.

To lose, only to fight another day.

To fall and to recover.

To find meaning in defeat.

To know one's limit.

To know one's responsibilities.

To differentiate friends from foes.

And to not differentiate friends from foes.


Anda tidak menganggap diri anda orang Indonesia?

Saya tidak perlu menganggap.

Tidak perlu sama sekali.

Saya adalah orang Indonesia.

Selamanya saya orang Indonesia.

Penampilan luar biasa dari tim putra Indonesia.

Ada semangat juang yang berbeda.

Mereka telah memperlihatkan arti sebenarnya dari
seorang atlet sejati.

Kemampuan untuk berjuang di situasi seperti

Wawancara Susi telah menginspirasi...

...untuk tetap memberikan yang terbaik kepada
negara mereka.

I have decided... declare that I have ceased... be the president of Republic Indonesia... of the time I read this...

...on this day, Thursday, May 21, 1998.

(Gold Asian Games Medal)

All debt paid.

I am proud.

Hello, Proud.

I don't think we ever met.

That's lame.

(Susi Susanti decided to retire in 1998.)

(On 2004, she received Hall of Fame Awards...

...from International Badminton Federation.)

(Susi and Alan are still active in Indonesia
Badminton Association.)

(Since 1989, Sudirman Cup is dominated
by China and South Korea.)

(Indonesia has never won Sudirman Cup until today,

(After Susi's controversial press conference in
July 1996,...)

(...President Soeharto invalidates SBKRI.)

(After failing to get his citizenship,...)

(...Tong Sin Fu moved back to China,...)

(...where he coached the world champion, Lin Dan.)