Susan Slade (1961) - full transcript

Premarital sex, secrets, and society. At 17, shy Susan Slade is on her way to California after a ten-year stay at a remote Chilean mine where her father was chief engineer. Onboard ship, she's romanced by Conn White, a handsome mountain climber on his way to Alaska. Home in Monterey, Susan longs to hear from Conn. Two locals also take a shine to her - Hoyt Brecker, a horse wrangler who's the son of a criminal, and Wells Corbett, a sweet guy who lives in his high-society parents' shadow. Jump ahead two years, Susan has a desperate secret that her socially-conscious mother won't let her share. Can Susan find happiness - and what is it really that turns a girl into a woman? - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Man: Vaya con dios!

[ No audio ]

You created all this,

How can you give it up
for good?

Because I wouldn't put
Leah and Susan

through another 10 years
of loneliness out here.

And because
I couldn't turn down

the company's reward
for this exile --

that house by the ocean
in California,

my own laboratory,
and a life's income.

Who could ask for more?

Any other man who saved
corbett at least $20 million.

I'm not greedy.

Come on. Let's get
to the airport.

Vaya con dios!

Vaya con dios -- go with god.

I'd given orders --
no goodbyes,

either at the mine
or at the plant

or at the airstrip.

I was saying goodbye
to 10 years of work,

of friendship.

The plan was
that my wife and daughter

would wait at the plane,

and we'd quietly fly away from
those 10 long, isolated years,

1,000 miles from nowhere

on the Chilean desert
in South America.

[ Engine shuts off ]

Here, Bob.

Wear it in good health.

Vaya con dios.

Oh, my darlings.

Engineers are
notoriously lousy at words.

How can I thank you

for the years
that you've given me here?

Because we love you.

For the rest of my life,

I'm going to make it up
to you. I promise you.

Bye, Bob!

Bye, Roberto!

So long, Bob.

When we reached
Valparaiso, Chile,

Susan reentered a world
she had forgotten existed.

She was excited...

And she was scared.

Póngalos aquí,
por favor.

Man: Suite "b."

Right this way,
Mr. and Mrs. Slade.

Mr. Corbett always reserved
this suite for himself.

He wired me and asked me
to make you comfortable,

and that, I will.

Roger: Well, that's
very thoughtful of him.

Would you like this bedroom,
susie dear?

That'll be fine.

[ Door closes ]

Bye! Bye!

Bye! Bye!

May I?

[ Chuckles ] Oh.

Who do you know
that I know?

I don't understand.

Well, we've both, obviously,
been visiting Chile.

We must know someone
in common.

I--i don't think so.

I just lived on the
atacama desert for 10 years,

and we don't have
very many Americans there.

You'll have to excuse me.

I'm not very good
at talking to strangers.

[ Horn blows ]

Oh, Mr. Slade,
I'm delighted to see

that we're going to be
neighbors. My name is con white.

Any relation to the con white
aluminum corporation?

He's my father.

This is Mrs. Slade.

How do you do?

Hello, Mrs. Slade.

Have you been in Chile
on your father's business?

No, ma'am.
On my own.

What's your business?

I climb mountains.

Oh, that's a business?

[ Horn blows ]

[ Horn blows ]

Oh, daddy, you
shouldn't have bought me

all these beautiful clothes
in Santiago.

I'll never be able
to wear them all.

You will if you snag

that good-looking,
young mountain climber.

He's the best-looking
man on shipboard,

outside of your father.

I wouldn't know how.

[ Laughs ]

I'm just too excited
to sleep.

I guess I'll just go do
some deck-walking.

I'm afraid I stole

more than 10 years
of susie's life out there.

I robbed her
of her sense of security

in the outside world.

Just speaking
with that handsome lad

completely undid her.

When you asked me
for our first date,

I stammered
and blushed, too,

and I was a sophisticated
model, remember?

All it meant

was that I desperately
wanted you to like me.

Do you realize
your daughter

has never been
properly kissed?

How do you know?

And what do you mean
by "properly"?

Well, "improperly," then.

You know, the way
people in love kiss.

She told me.

Remember that college boy

she worked with in the
laboratory last summer?

He seems to have been
inadequate as a kisser.

She stopped him
from doing it.

She said there must be more to
it or she'd have no part of it.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

God help her
if she finds a young man

she really wants to love.

She's stored up
a lot to give.

Beautiful, isn't it?

the southern cross.

And now I know somebody
that you know, so we can talk.

Well, I met your parents.
We can talk about them.

And we know that--that
you're Susan and I'm con,

and, uh, you go for deserts,
while I'm hot for peaks...

And not just through doors,

Tell me why
you cl-climb mountains.

I often wondered
about people who did that.

So have I.

Oh, we're a crazy lot.

We all know
that mountains hate people,

but still we keep looking
for new peaks to conquer.

Why, give one of US
a virgin peak,

and we'd dream about her.

I'd get jealous of the men
who beat US to her.

Have, uh, you
ever climbed any in Chile?



Yes. Two of them.

And the highest peak

in the whole
western hemisphere --


How high was that?

Uh, 22,834 feet.

You know,

the--the Indians believe
the bigger the mountain,

the more powerful
the spirit inside it.


You get the feeling
that she's out to kill you --

yourself, personally.

And sometimes she does.

Have you ever lost any,
uh, friends climbing?


There's a peak in Peru
named yerupaja.

It means "world of ice,"

but they call her
"the butcher."

21,759 feet high...

And a butcher she is.

I...i lost my partners
climbing it.

Very old, dear friends.

They're still up there...

What's left of them...

At the bottom of a crevasse.

You see,
we're all idiots --

mountain climbers.

When we gamble,

we gamble the biggest stakes
we possess -- our lives.

But when we win...

When we win, we're
the proudest men on earth.

Don't ask me why.
That's just the way it is.

You become a fatalist,

Like me knowing we'd be
here together like this.

You know,

I haven't even looked
at the other girls on board.

I knew it had to be you.

I--i should imagine you'd
have m-much more fun

with the other girls
on board.


Well, uh,
because I can tell

that you'd--you'd like
to kiss me,

but I'm not very good
at it.

Why not?

The same reason

i--i don't think
I could climb a mountain.

I haven't had
enough practice.

It's a long...Long way
to San Francisco.

[ No audio ]

[ Theme from "a summer place"
plays ]



After they...Leave,
will you...Stay awhile?

I love you.

It's 4:00
in the morning.

We played music,

and there were
several couples there.

All of them
making love, hmm?

I think I was wrong
about con.

I think he's been around
too much for you.

He loves me...
And I love him.

Don't lose your head,

Good night.

We're nearing dock, sir.

Is your luggage ready?

Give me 15 minutes,
will you?

15 minutes. Yes, sir.

[ Sighs ]

[ Laughing ] He scared
the daylights out of me.

I thought
it was your mother.

I was scareder than that.
I thought it was daddy.

Feel my heart beat.


Tell me something.
How am I going to last

till you get back
from Alaska, huh?

Tell me. Ha ha.

By remembering
every moment

that I love you
beyond belief.

[ Laughs ]

Even more
than mt. McKinley, huh?

Now, you swore to me,
even after we're married,

that you'd never
be jealous of a mountain.

By the time
I've climbed it,

my folks will be back to
welcome you into the family.

Oh, they'll be crazy
about you.

Are you sure?


Mine will say
we'll have to wait

and think it over.


Why couldn't we tell them
we're engaged?

And have me beat it
right away to Alaska

like a scalded cat?

Now, how would that look?

It's just that i'm
so terribly guilty

about making love
and all that.

I've never kept a thing
from my folks.

We've always been
so close.

Now I guess
I'll have to...

...'cause we've
been sinful.

Oh, darling, darling,

we can't share our love
with anybody.

[ Laughs ]

After we're married, are you
going to call your parents

every time we make love?

[ Laughs ]

Of course not.

Then practice
keeping it secret now.

You know what I'm going to carve
on the highest rock

of the highest peak
in all of North America,

to be there forever?

"Me, con...

Loves you, Susan."

Oh, good.

[ Horn blows ]

[ Horn blowing ]

And here I've been
cooped up in California

all this year.

Going through customs

always seems to be related
to Chinese torture.

They haven't seen
each other for 10 years.

They should have plenty
to say to each other.

We can start
with the time

you nearly shot my eye out
with an arrow.

I almost forgot
about that.

I didn't.

You were a regular
William tell.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Wait till you see what mother's
done at cypress point.

It's been her pet project
for nearly three months.

[ Horn blowing ]

Well, here's
your key, Roger.

Walk in with pride.

You've earned everything
you see --

every inch of it
and a lot more.

Oh, daddy.

The outside
was my doing,

but the inside
was all Marion's.

She knew how much you
liked oriental things.

And my photographs --
my Chilean photographs.

Ha ha ha ha.

Now for the view.

We thought after all
those years on the desert,

you'd like
to be near the sea.

Oh, it's beautiful!

Well, I...

I'm too moved to speak.

I want you to see
your bedroom from the garden.

You know, I like
the kind of flower seeds

that you
just throw around.

I don't like that
"plant it 6 inches deep,

2 feet wide,
and fertilize it well."

And this is Lily.

She's going to help you
unpack and get you settled.

Hello, Lily.

She can cook, too.

Marion: I think
I'm going to cry.

It's so much more than
I ever, ever dreamed.

this is your room.

Oh, I am going to cry.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Well, this is all
women's stuff.

Let's take a look
at the lab out back.

Son, you
take me to court.

We'll leave the big car for
mother. Wait for me?

Yes, sir. And, again,
welcome home, Mr. Slade.


The mine.


Oh, here's that mineral
that you named after me --


Ha ha. Biggest honor
of my life.

Roger, does, um --

does Leah know
about your heart condition?


I had our doctor
down there

refer to the best man
in the west.

And they agreed that with
rest and a little golf --

you're like ike --
your heart will mend itself.

So I heard.

That's why
I didn't tell Leah.


Well, isn't there
a bigger word than "thanks"?

I need one.

For this house?
Hells bells.

I haven't even begun
to say thanks to you yet.

If I wrote you a check
for a million dollars,

we still wouldn't be even.

My best thanks would be a
perfect cardiograph from you.

I have a special reason

for being grateful
for loyalty today.

Do you remember
John brecker?

Your chief accountant.

Well, he not only forgot
to be loyal,

he stole $10,000
in the process.

That's why i'm, uh,
due in court.

Well, you rest up now.

You're being welcomed
into the club tonight.

You were elected
in absentia.

Lots of old friends here --
human, as well as mineral.


Yep. Nicest thing
that ever happened to me.

Thank you, god...

For everything --

my friends...

My family...

And my life.

It's the duty of this court
to pass sentence.

John brecker...

You are hereby sentenced

to not less than 5
and not more than 10 years

in the state penitentiary.

Mr. Corbett...


Above every man on earth,

I thought you knew
my father wasn't a thief.

Hoyt, other men

have given their lives
to my companies with honor

and been rewarded.

The dishonest
are punished.

The money's
not important, hoyt.

But when faith is lost,
when honor dies,

the man is already dead.

Who do you think
you are -- god?!

Knock it off, hoyt.

No, but god will have
to help your father now

because I can't.


* susie has a birthday *

* I'm so glad *

* I hope it's
the happiest birthday *

* susie ever had *

happy birthday.
Happy birthday.



Come on.

Is it con?

Up and at 'em.

No fair
asking questions.

If it is, I better put some
lipstick on and brush my teeth.

You won't need
any lipstick for this.

Come on.

Chulo, you're about
to meet your new owner.

I know
that she'll love you.

We ask that you love her
just as much.

Thank you, daddy.

Hi, chulo. I'm Susan.
Do you like me?

Would you mind terribly
if I sat in the saddle?

You hop right up.

[ Shutter clicks ]

Oh, he's big!

Ha ha ha.

Oh, he's beautiful.

I've always dreamed
of having a pinto.

I love him, daddy.
Thank you.

He's pretty frisky,

He just arrived
last night.

This is hoyt brecker,

This is Mrs. Slade.

Hoyt will take care of him
for you at the stables.

Can she have a ride
after breakfast?

I'll give him a ride first,
sir, to make sure.

Guess I'm in my pajamas and all.
I better go change my clothes.

When may I expect you,

I'll skip breakfast.

You're the best
of allpossible parents.

Oh, darling,
happy birthday!

I can't wait
to ride him!

Ha ha.

Here you are, hoyt.
And thanks.

That's the boy whose father
stole from the corbetts.

Marion thinks he's pretty
brazen to stay on up here.

Most of their friends have
transferred their horses

to the pebble beach

So you thought
he could use a break.

Well, the boy's stables

are within
walking distance...

When she isn't hoarding
our mailbox.

That's the first happy look
I've seen on her face

since we got here.

He still hasn't written?

Not for two weeks. He's sitting
up there in Anchorage

waiting for the weather
to break.

I think it's cruel.

Well, I suppose
there's a lot to do

getting ready to climb
a mountain.

Good morning!


Oh, how beautiful.


Is that the hoyt brecker
stable over there?

Yes, it is, ma'am.

Oh, he's beautiful.

He should be, ma'am.

This is captain topper,
the world-champion stud.

Oh, great.
See you later!




I guess your horse
hasn't been ridden

in about a month. He's too much
to handle right now.

I've ridden all my life.

All he needs to do
is let off a little steam.

I'll give him
a good ride.

I don't recommend it.

It's my birthday present
and my horse,

and I'm going to ride him.

It's your horse,
and it's your neck.

That's right.

Do you know who I am?

Yes. And I'm sorry
about your father.

Do you want to keep
your horse here?

Yes. Why?

Ever since the trial,
everybody else doesn't.

Why don't you brush that
off your shoulder?

Brush what off?

That chip you're expecting
everybody else

to knock off for you.

You'd scare anybody away.

It doesn't seem
to scare you.

You're going to find
I don't scare very easy.

Now, will you open that gate
and let me out of here?

[ Horn honking ]

[ Whinnying ]

[ Whistles ]

[ Whinnies ]

[ Coughing ]

What, may I ask,
are you doing?

if anything's broken.

Do you have to feel me
to find out?

Do you know a better way?

[ Sighs ]

Nothing's hurt
except my pride.

Where's chulo?

Headed back
to the stables.

Let's go get him.

What for?

Do you want him
to say all my life

he threw me
on my birthday?

Well, of course not,

but then I didn't realize
he was a talking horse.

Oh, con, why?

[ Ringing ]

Woman: I'm sorry, sir.

There's no answer
on your call to monterey.

Are you sure?

Yes, sir.

Well, try that San Francisco
number I gave you.

Very well, sir.

Any luck?

No, just some more

Everybody's coming
to our party.

Have you called
Wells corbett yet?


Well, then get right on
the phone and do it.

And what about
your dress?

I--i didn't see anything
I liked in carmel.

Well, take the train
up to San Francisco

and get something.

Everyone we like
is coming to our party,

and we want them all
to fall in love with you.

Fat chance.

I'm the woman
god forgot.

I think I will go
to city in the morning.

Do, susie dear,
and get something

that's really smart and
good-looking with a short skirt

to show off
your pretty ankles.

Go call Wells now.
He adores you.

[ Footsteps ]

How do you do?

Good morning.

I just stopped by to see
if Mr. and Mrs. White

have returned
from their trip yet.

No, miss, but they're
expected within the week.

What do you hear from con?
Is he still in Alaska?

Yes, miss.

He called long-distance
just last night

to see when his family
was due.

Has he climbed
his mountain yet?

No. He says the weather's
still so awful,

there's absolutely
nothing to do but wait.

He's still in Anchorage.

Who shall I say called,

Just a friend.
Thank you.

[ Thinking ]
Oh, con.

Nothing to do but wait?


Operator: Hello.

Uh, site 013998.

Dr. Morley's office.

I'm only going to be
in town for a short while,

I wondered if I could see the
doctor for a brief time.

For what purpose,

Examination, please.

Are you ill?

Well, i--i think I'm pregnant,
and I'd like to make sure.

Your name, please?

Uh, the name is, um,
Mrs. Leah Rogers.

Thank you.

[ Thinking ]
What will I do?

What will I do?

Dear god, what will I do?

Con will get my cable tonight,
and he'll call me.

And he'll come to me,

and everything
will be alright.

[ Horn honking in distance ]

Hoyt: Cab, lady?

Thank you.

I was expecting
a horse on the train,

but I'll settle for you.

What's the matter?
You look kind of pale.

I had a very big day.

I guess I'm a little shaky.
I skipped lunch.

Well, we can fix that fast
with some tea at the pier.


Hold my mail.

[ Sea gull screeching ]

Please don't let me stop you
from opening your mail.

This one
I'm itching to open.

You write?


I'm sorry.

I just happened to notice

it was from
a publishing company.

I don't mean to pry
in your personal affairs.

Have you ever seen
a rejection slip?

This time
I had such hopes.

Well, there are
other publishing houses.

You mustn't lose hope.

That chip on my shoulder,
is it still there?

You know why?

You're the first person
since the trial

who hasn't looked at me
like I'm a criminal.

Like father, like son,
and all that.

The other people
don't believe that, hoyt.

Not everybody.

Maybe not.

Maybe they just wonder.

Where do you
do your writing? When?

Nights at the stables.

I've sold
over a dozen stories

under a pen name.

That's why
you didn't leave.

I've sworn
to make it up to him

right here
where it all happened.

I'll never run away.

They're going to have
to take me and like it.

Do you know what?

I think one day in monterey,
they'll put a very big sign

"Robert Louis Stevenson

and John steinbeck
and hoyt brecker wrote here."

Thank you
for coming to my rescue.

Thanks for coming to mine.

I needed you today.

Uh, I'm expecting
a call about 9:00.

Would you mind if I
take it in your room?

If you close the door, we won't
hear a single, solitary word.

Is tonight the big night?
Did she get a letter from con?

A wire?

Well, then how does she know
he's going to call?

Maybe she just said
her prayers.

It was that last move
that made you --

It's midnight,
susie dear.

It's time to go to bed.

Maybe all
the telephone wires

were tied up
by the military,

especially in Alaska.

Maybe he'll write
to you tomorrow.

[ Door opens ]

Leah: Susie dear?

While you're dressing,
you mind if I bring up

the oldest girl talk
in the world -- men?

It's your bad luck

to have fallen in love
with a fine young man

who has, perhaps,
only one real shortcoming.

And that is that he
comes first in his life.

This is a rather common
and human frailty

in handsome,
rich young men.

And it isn't only restricted
to them

or the handsome or the young.

But the key
to all such males

is that to each of them,

what he wants is of prime
importance in his life,

whether it's climbing
a mountain

or...merely satisfying
an urge.

Oh, believe me,
susie dear,

there will come a day,
a great and joyous day,

when you'll know some man to
whom you are heaven and earth

and all things to him
day and night.

And he won't hide his love
or lock it up.

He'll let you know
in any one of a hundred ways

whenever he can

because love is
and must be a sharing.

Con was that way
on the ship.

they have a name for it --

shipboard romances.

Oh, mother,
you make it sound so cheap!

It was much more than that.
Much more.

Maybe con's just sick,

and he's afraid
to worry me or something.

Maybe he's
already up there,

scouting the first base
for his climb.

Without writing or calling
or a single word?

Susie, I think you have
to face this awful truth

that con's at that time
of his life,

common to all too many
young men,

when there isn't anything

more important to them
than themselves.

And so they set out
to prove themselves

in many strange ways,

some of them
by driving hot rods

at 100 miles an hour,

or some of them
by playing chicken.

Some of them
have to make a conquest

of every girl they meet
on land or sea.

And some of them have
to build their muscles

on the muscle beaches
of the world.

Some of them feel compelled
to climb mountains.

Con is not unsure.

Are you sure?

No, I think you must wait
until he's grown up a little.

Until he's learned
the meaning of unselfishness.

Until he's learned the joy

of wanting to put himself
second to the girl he loves.

If there's one thing
I've learned out of life,

it's that true love

must come before, above,
and beyond self.

Mother, it is that way
with me.

Now, I love him
more than you or daddy

or anything on earth.

And I know how awful
that sounds.

No, it doesn't.

If it's reciprocated,
that's the way it should be.

How many letters
have you written him?

I write every day.

You give.

He receives.
He doesn't give back.

Oh, susie dear, that's
not love as it should be.

Love's what your daddy's
given me all these years,

from the beginning.

Do you know what he did
on our first parting?

He had to inspect
some mines in Canada.

He wrote to me every night,

then on the way home,
he got off at every station,

and he sent me a wire

just to let me know
how important I was to him.

He made me feel I was more
important than life itself

and he still does.


it's just by touching
my hand and my cheek

in the middle
of the night.

But he lets me know...

And I adore him for it.

And one day, you'll adore
some man you haven't met.

Mother, I have met him.

His name is con,
and I adore him.

Anything for me?

There was
an airmail special.

Could've been for you.
They're in back.


Leah: Of course,
we're going to say "no."

Roger: But the biggest
"no" we've ever said,

and the most final.

Excuse me.

I--i wanted my
special-delivery letter.

There was no special
delivery for you, dear.

This one's
for your father

from the hoover
mining company,

wanting him to go
to Guatemala on a new job.

Don't look so scared.
We're not going.

It's hard to believe

after all these years
of having to,

we don't have to go.
It's hard to believe.

Wells corbett sent her
two dozen roses.

I put the box
on her bed.

Maybe he'll help her
start forgetting tonight.

He's very handsome.

I don't remember love
hurting so much.

Did it ever?

It's the unlove
that hurts, darling.

Thank god for you.

[ Slow dance music plays ]


I think I'm going to start
coming down every weekend.

Please do.

Do you, uh,
get any propaganda

from your parents?

About what?

Oh, about what
a lovely couple we make.


[ Laughs ]

You know,
usually parents

are the worst matchmakers
in the world,

I always used to say.

Oh, I'm so proud of her.

Yeah, so am I.

How about your riding?

I ride every day.


Would you...Mind
if I rode with you soon?


[ Music stops ]

[ Applause ]

Would you like
some punch?

Yes, I think so.

Susie dear, your dress
is just perfect,

and you're getting raves and
compliments on all sides.

Wells hasn't looked at
another girl tonight.

You know, I can't tell you
how proud I am of you gals,

how lucky I feel.

I don't envy anybody
in the world tonight.

[ Chuckling ]

Miss, there's
a long-distance call

from a Mr. White
for you.

Roger: It's about time,
isn't it?

Oh, yes. Yes!

don't let anybody in.

I'd like to be alone.

Hello. Con?

Miss Susan Slade?

Yes, it is.

One moment, please.
San Francisco calling.

Oh, he's home.
He's home.

Is this Susan Slade?


This is con's father

He wrote US a note
about you,

telling US
of his love for you.

I love him, too, sir.

That is why
I think you should know...

Con was killed
this afternoon

in the ascent
of mt. McKinley.

I was told his body
is beyond recovery.

He was my only child.

I'm sure he will live

in the hearts
of those of US...

Who loved him.

[ Indistinct conversations,
laughter, music ]


[ Crying ]

[ Horse whinnies ]

[ Screaming ]

I want to die!!

[ Sobbing ]
I want to die.

[ Slow dance music plays ]



[ Doorbell rings ]

Susan's at my place.

She's unconscious.

I called a doctor --

a doctor?

What happened?

The chap that she loved --
he was killed.

She wanted to join him.

Oh, my god.

Can you
take US to her?

She's asleep.

I found her
in hysterian shock,

so I gave her morphine.

She won't wake up till dawn
at the very earliest.

I put her to bed and hung her
wet clothes up there to dry.

She's learned
a bitter lesson too young.

In the midst of life,
we are in death.

I, uh, never dreamed
she cared so much.

There's nothing you can do
until morning.

If I were you, I'd go back to my
friends, then come back at dawn.

She might wake
and want me.

There's no need of our friends
bearing the burden of her grief.

can you sit with her

until we say goodbye
to them?

I'll be back
within the hour.

[ Door closes ]

[ Car doors shut ]

[ Engine turns over ]

She hasn't moved.

Do you have someplace
you can sleep downstairs?

There's a bunk
in the tack room.

My wife and I think that i'd
better hold the fort at home.

Call me if anything's needed.

I'll carry her to the car in the
morning, you bring her clothes.

I've already brought some.

Goodbye, darling.

I'll call you
first thing in the morning.

[ Door closes ]

[ Gasps ]



Our baby.

[ Crying ] Our baby!


What are you saying,


Yes, sweetheart.

I'm going to have a baby.



What am I gonna do?

What am I gonna...

If you'd have told me,

not try to carry
the whole thing by yourself.

You know how dearly
your daddy and I love you.

You mustn't tell daddy.

He loves you.

Oh, no.

I couldn't bear it
if you told daddy.

Darling, you're his child.

He has a right to know.

Please, mother,
I'll do anything.

[ Crying ]
Don't tell daddy, please.

I think the best place to
think this out is at home.

I think I'd better
tell her now.


Operator: Long distance.

Operator, I want to speak
to Guatemala City.

Susie dear, there is
a way, and we found it.

I'll do anything you say,

Your father
has contracted

for the hoover
mining job in Guatemala.

He flies there

The company's need
is urgent.

Oh, no,
you can't do that.

I won't let you.
This is your dream house.

Why don't you let me
go someplace?

The house won't run away.
We can rent it, after two years,

when the contract is up,
we'll come back.

Can't we go
to another town?

Where could we go?

And forever run the risk
of meeting someone from here

who might guess the truth?

No, susie dear.

You'll be safer
in Guatemala,

away from everyone.

How can we ever
come back with my...

With my baby.


It's the only way, Susan.

I'm still young enough
to have another child.

We'll be in Guatemala
for two years.

Who's to know?

No, mother, I can't change
your lives and your hopes!

You and daddy --

it's not daddy and I.

It's we three.
We belong to one another.

This is going to be as
difficult for your father

as it is for you.

He has to go to
Mr. Corbett later tonight

and give
a reasonable explanation

for our sudden decision.

It won't be easy.
And then tomorrow

he flies to Guatemala
to survey the job.

There is very little
time left

for you to go to him.


Daddy, I...

Oh, there.

Don't try to talk.

Don't even explain.

Just know we love you.

Oh, daddy, please
don't hate con.

Please don't.

[ Crying ]
If he'd have known,

he would have come and made
everything right. I know that.

And if I couldn't
believe that,

I would really
want to die.

I would die.

You must believe
that, dear.

We must all believe that.

I almost missed
our farewell luncheon.

I don't know what ails me
these mornings.

I lost my breakfast

Have you seen a doctor?

It's not that important.

It's just that in
the morning I feel queasy,

and then by afternoon
I feel great,

and in the evening
I'm ravenous.

Last night I ate a whole
dill pickle

before I went to bed.
I couldn't do that

if there was something wrong
with my tummy, could I?

Let me call Dr. Fayne.

Good heavens, no!
I'll be fine.

It's just that, well,

I think it's
the excitement

of getting ready
to leave by Friday.

Well, I bet you $100,000
that you're pregnant.

At my age?

What if it were true?

Now, promise me you won't
breathe a word to anybody.

I'll do my best

to see that chulo's
treated all right.

I wish I could buy him

but you know how things
are with me right now.

I'll miss you
more than I can tell you.

[ Horse whinnies ]

Can I see you off
at the airport?

Would you mind?

That'll be fine.

Could I kiss you goodbye?

I wouldn't want
to embarrass you.

I suppose the corbetts
will be there, and Wells.

I suppose so.

You could do it now,

Woman: Final call
for united flight...

Good luck!

Thank you
for everything.


Goodbye, darling.
Have a nice flight, now.

Thank you.


[ Engine turns over ]

Dear hoyt,

Guatemala seems
a million miles from home.

Daddy is working in a mine

nearly 10,000 feet up
below a high peak.

The main workings of it
are 2,000 feet below that.

Human beings reach it
by a scary, winding road.

The ore comes down in buckets.

Why is it that mines

are never in cities
where the people are

but far out in deserts
and way up in the mountains

where the people aren't?

Mother and I live far below

by the most beautiful lake
in the whole world --

lake atitlán.

Oh, I have
surprising news for you.

Mother's expecting a baby.

Write me. I get lonely.

Susan: [ Shouting ]

Ya es tiempo.

...que ayuda
lo más posible.

He wants you to help
as much as you can, dear.

Augh! Ah!

[ Panting ]

Man: Señor Slade!

Señor Slade!


Larga distancia -- atitlán!

Altitude pills.

I don't want her to worry.

Must be our baby.



It's a boy!

He's fine.

She's just fine.

Mi esposa.

UN hijo!

Ha ha ha ha!



El patrón ha tenido
UN hijo!

[ Cheering ]

They're cheering our --
our son.

I can hear.

I wish I could say,

So do I.

Can't I nurse him
a little longer?

He's had quite enough.

It's time for him to go
back to his cradle.

Oh, sweetheart.

[ Sweetly ] You know,
it's just as hard

for a baby to get himself born
as it is for the mommy.

He has to work hard, too.

That's why they have
to sleep so much.

So they can rest up.



How could I have been
afraid to have him?

I love him so much already.

It's a kind of
a wonderful love.

I never knew
this was possible.

And I'm so proud of him.

I wouldn't care
if the whole world knew.

I'm very proud of him.
I'm proud he's mine.

Susan, listen to what
I've got to say

because you're going
to have to remember it

all the rest of your life.
Beginning right now, tonight,

you're going to have to
learn to love your baby

within the limits
that we planned.

And it won't be easy

because all the time
you'll know he's your baby,

but you'll have to act
for the rest of your life

as if he's mine.

Don't you see?
It's the only way.

For your baby's sake,

you must never, ever
betray him or you or US.

And you must start
right now,

saying to yourself,

"this is not my son.
This is my little brother."

And never, ever think
that it doesn't matter

that people know,
because it has to matter.

And it all
depends on you.

I've hurt you and daddy
so much already.

I'll never hurt you
again, mother...

Or my son.

From tonight on, he'll...

Be my baby brother.

I promise.

Good night, darling.

Dear Susan,

I loved your
family Christmas card.

I took it out
and showed it to chulo.

Believe it or not,
he whinnied when he saw it --

or you, I should say.

I'm still working away
on the second draft of my book.

The corbetts
are headed your way.

How I envy them.

I miss you.

I keep telling myself
you'll be back someday.

That helps the most.

Always, hoyt.

Hello. Hi, love.

Mrs. Corbett:
Hello, susie, darling.

Mr. Corbett: This is
a regular garden of Eden.

Wells: Well, what
a pretty baby.

They're flying home
from Chile,

and they broke their trip
just to see US.

Oh, what
a precious baby!


You thought
you fooled me

when you started
upchucking your breakfast,

but you didn't,
not for a minute.

I told the girls,
you know.

Susan, darling,
you've changed --

from a girl to a woman.

Look at her, Wells.

I can't take my eyes
off her, mother.

Oh, what a precious.

He's your image, Leah.

Isn't he, Stanton?

Mr. Corbett: No,
I wouldn't say that.

I wouldn't say that
at all.

Mother, can I
hold him for you?

I see something different
in that little face.

Why, look at those eyes.
Look how serious they are.

Nope. I'd say
he takes after his old man.

Ha ha ha! And what a gay blade
you turned out to be.

Why, you put all US
old goats to shame.

How about it, would you like to
fly with US to pebble beach?

The plane leaves at 5:00.

N-N-No, I-I couldn't--

I couldn't leave
my b-baby b-brother.

It's the height of the season
at pebble beach, Susan.

Aren't you just
a little homesick?

Yes, I guess we all are.

We planned to spend
Christmas together,

didn't we?

It's--it's my baby brother's
first, uh, Christmas.

How long before you
finish the job, roge?

Oh, before the rains
come, I'm sure.

I'll bet susie loves
this little thing

as much as she'll love
one of her own.

Leah: She does.
Don't you, susie?

Roger: You folks
will have to hurry.

Thank you for coming.

Say hello to the boys
at cypress.

Mrs. Corbett:
Stanton, hurry.

step on it.

Take it easy
on those hairpin turns.

Bye, now.

Don't think I don't know

how hard it is
and will be for you, dear.

After all
you've done for me,

I've no right to complain.

No, you're the one
who suffered the most.

Probably more
than we realized.

I'm afraid at first
we were more concerned

over what
people would think

than the heartbreak
you were going through.

I think our panic over your
conceiving a child

concerned US more than your
anguish at losing con.

You see, to US,

he was still an impulsive,
even rash, youngster,

while he was the center
of your whole world.

It took me time
to realize that.

Yes, he was.

Daddy, daddy,
now when I think of him,

his face doesn't come
clear to me.

It troubles me.

I loved him.
I know I loved him.

How could I forget him
like this?

Time does that.

It's going on
two years now since...

you're growing, susie.

And as you grow older,
con will always stay young.

He can't change.

You must...And you will.

Because you have
great heart and courage.

And someday that courage
will rebuild your world.

Daddy, thank you.

Oh, you'll never, never
know how much I love you

and I appreciate you.

Susie! Susie! Susie!



Daddy, what's wrong?!

Susan, my pills.

They're on my dresser.
Quickly, dearest!

[ Screaming ]
Mother! Mother!

Man: Paging Mr. or Mrs.
Stanton corbett.

Urgent wire at telegraph desk.

Mr. or Mrs. Stanton corbett.

I'm corbett. Thank you.

Oh, my god.

And we just said goodbye.

I'm going to catch the next
plane back to them.

Those girls
can't handle this alone,

with the baby and all.

Did you know that
I was his executor?

He wrote a new will
just before he left.

I wonder if he
had any warning.

He left this with me,

his last will
and testament.

"My beloved ones,
without your knowledge,

"I have lived with death
a long time now

"so that its coming,
when it comes,

"will be expected,
and I will be ready for it.

"Thanks to Stanton corbett,

"I am not worried about
your financial security.

"We have our home,

"and you will have
a life income.

"But I am concerned
about the new burdens

"that you will have to
bear without me.

"Perhaps I can lighten
that burden for you.

"I want to, because
you have both given to me

"all the joys
I believe possible

"for one man
to have on earth.

"And perhaps
these thoughts

"will ease
your heartaches now.

"If one of US had to go,

"who carries
the greater burden?

"The one now at peace,
or the ones left behind?

"Isn't it better that I go
first, as I know I must?

"Would you have wished
that I carry the burden

"you now must bear?

"I don't think so.

"If I had lost
either of you,

"I couldn't have lived.

"I do not believe in
the barbarism of funerals,

"and so
I ask simply this --

"that my ashes be borne
to the center

"of the most beautiful spot
in the world --

"our lake atitlán.

"And there disposed of
by the people of this land,

"who have given US so much
in friendship and loyalty.

"And thus,
when you think of me,

"you will think of me
in beauty as, my beloveds,

I will forever
think of you."


If I'm going to be his
godmother, the least you can do

is let me carry him
into his home.

Wells: I'll start getting
the luggage in

you get used to the changes
mother's made in your mansion.

It's our Christmas
present to you.

If you don't like any part of
it, you tear it all up

and put it back
the way it was.

I thought we'd skip
Christmas this year.

Mrs. Corbett: The tree's
not for you, dear,

it's for the baby.

Maybe his godmother's
rushing things

a little bit
with that bike.

Now, the new bedroom.

I don't think there's a more
thoughtful friend on earth.

Well, you're starting
out a brand-new life.

Things should look


Now, I consider this
my triumph.

I knew you'd want to have

your baby next to you,

Where's Susan's room?

Oh, susie's room?

Follow me.

[ Music-box music plays ]

That's quite a trick.

[ Music continues ]

[ Gurgling ]

This may be the best
surprise after all.

You're a big girl now,

and you ought to have
your own apartment.

And here it is.

[ Baby whines ]

Mr. Corbett: I married
a miracle woman, didn't I?

Leah: I think
we're both overwhelmed,

aren't we, Susan?

Yes, you--you --

you've thought of

I picked the records
for the hi-fi,

and this is your
"welcome home" theme.

[ Slow music plays ]

Mr. Corbett:
Well, I suggest

that we let the girls
get a rest now.

We're all family now.

We belong to you,
and you belong to US.

[ Baby gurgles ]

They didn't mean to hurt you,
putting you out here.

Maybe it's even god's way

of helping you
get used to the idea...

That he's
no longer yours.

There you are.
Doesn't that feel better?

You're tired, aren't you?

Let's lie down.
Come on, let's lie down.

They're taking
him from me!

Everybody is taking
my baby from me!

Even you,
just pushing me away!

I can't take this anymore,
I want to take my son

and go someplace
where nobody knows me!

This is your home --

the home your father earned
for US with his life

and where rogie can grow up
and accept his manhood

and bear your father's
name with pride.

As your son?!

Yes, as my son!

You can't run away
and hide.

We have to build a life
for rogie and for US here,

where he can accept
his heritage.

As my son he can do that.

And as yours he cannot.


Forgive me, Susan,

if I seem to be taking
your son from you.

Why don't you take
a long walk and think it over?

There is no other way.

It's the only way.

And give chulo
a homecoming kiss.

[ Telephone ringing ]


What's that?

Have we got a horse
named what?


Oh, yeah, we got a horse
named Donna.

You want me to bring her
to the phone?

Ha ha!

Yeah, okay.

[ Horses whinnying ]

Well, hey, now,
miss Susan!

Welcome back!

Hello, slim.

Thought I'd see

if hoyt and chulo
are around to say hello.

Well, they're both gone.

Chulo for
a long time -- sold.

But hoyt will be back
any minute now.

He wrote he was
exercising him.


Well, I guess I put
my foot in it, then.

Where is chulo?
Where is he?

Well, this rancher
bought him up north.

I don't rightly
remember his name,

but I've got it wrote down
somewhere inside.

Do you want me
to go get it?



[ Car approaches ]

I just heard yesterday
that you were coming home.

I couldn't believe it about your
father. I'm sorry, Susan.

I just heard about chulo.

Why didn't you
write me, hoyt?

I wanted to buy him back
before you got home.

I was just waiting
to sell a few stories.

You just got back
too quick.

[ Horse whinnies ]

Oh, chulo! Oh, chulo!

I never owned a horse of my own.
I figured it was about time.

You're back, I was hoping you'd
want to ride him every day.

I do want to.

Thank you, hoyt.

[ Crying ]

Su-Susan, please don't.

Well, i--i can't seem
to stop lately.

We all have to let go

You've been through a lot.

Just put all of that
behind you.

How'd you like me to saddle up
your old boyfriend?

We're both glad
you're back.

Thank you.

[ Gurgling ]

Rogie, no!

No, no! N-o! Bad!


[ Crying ]

No, no!

No, no!

No, you mustn't play
with that.

No, no. It's very bad.

[ Footsteps running ]

I swear, this child's
getting old enough

to get into everything.

I went
into the other room

to make
a telephone call,

and look what I found him
playing with when I got back.

He was even trying
to snap it.

Well, I guess that's
how we all learn.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Yes, sweetheart.

Man: Hey, hoyt.

What am I indebted to this Joe,
or are you just slumming?

I've got a couple
of corbett horses.

I was told to bring them
here for stabling.

Corbett horses?
Stanton corbett?

No. Wells.

[ Car horn honks ]

Wells has been
following me here.

Think you can handle
a couple of real horses?

Did you get an okay
from papa?

The horses are mine.

The gelding is supresti,

and the mare is gordina,
his little sister.

You like their look,

Oh, yes,
they're beautiful.

What did you bring
them here for?

I thought you
hated my guts.

Because I'm giving the mare to
Susan for a Christmas present.

Any objections?

No, i--i--i couldn't.

Why not?

My mother --

oh, now, now, yes, she would.
I've already called her.

She thinks
it's a marvelous idea.

So, you'll be doing
Susan a favor, not me.

But there are two horses.

Who's the second
favor for?

The horses have never been
separated, hoyt.

I thought they'd
best be stalled together.

Of course,
if you haven't got room,

I can take them
back to pebble beach,

and Susan can come
there and ride.

I simply thought it would
be easier for her here,

being closer to home.

I'll make room.

Wells, I really
don't know what to say.

Well, you could think of
something on the way home.

Let me take you.


Hoyt, thank you.

I'll see you tomorrow.

[ Typewriter clicks ]

I--i c-couldn't sleep.

I wanted to see you,
t-to explain something.

I'll--I'll always
love chulo best, hoyt.

Nothing can really
take his place, not ever.

But you'll ride
the corbett mare?

You didn't have to get up

in the middle of the night
just to tell me that.

I wanted to feel
you'd understand.

I don't want you
to be hurt.

Why should I be hurt?

Because I'm hurt, too.

Because Wells gave you

a registered mare
for Christmas?


Because it makes me feel
d-disloyal t-to chulo.

Maybe you've
outgrown chulo.

He's pretty, but he
lacks the fine manners

of the corbett mare.

And I've forgotten mine
for letting you stand there.

Sit down.

I have no fine manners,

You'll pick them up soon enough
with Wells courting you.

It's not that way!

What way is it
do you think I'm blind

I know, when the corbetts give,
they expect something in return?

That's unfair!

You're still harboring
a grudge

against all corbetts.

Maybe they've got their
side of the story, too.

You're getting the corbett
viewpoint down pat, aren't you?

You're willing enough

to board their horses,
aren't you?

Well, if you feel
so strongly about them,

you can refuse, you know.

You're darned right,
I could.

Why didn't I? Why didn't I knock
his aristocratic teeth

down his royal throat and tell
him to beat it with his horse?

Because that's what
he wanted me to do.

Then he'd win,
and I'd never see you.

And against everything
on earth,

that's what I want most --
seeing you.

That's why I ate dirt.

That's why you
bought chulo back.

That's why I can't
hurt you, hoyt, ever.

Do you know why I didn't
give you chulo right off?

Because I was guilty
of what I said about him.

He was a bribe to make
sure you'd come here.

But my--my conscience

wouldn't let me
go all the way

and tie you to me.

I wanted to.

I'm sorry
I yelled at you.

Do you ever realize that when
you yell at somebody,

even someone
you love deeply,

that you're not
criticizing them --

you're really
criticizing yourself

for your own feelings?

That's why when people
love each other,

they can yell
at each other.

We were yelling
pretty loud back there.

Even louder than my bab--
my baby brother.

I have no right
to say this, Susan.

I know my hopes
are based on old dreams,

and I can't just ask
a person to share a dream.

But I want to know
where I stand.

I love you, darling.

Is there any reason
why I can't hope?

I see.

Is there any reason

I can't at least kiss you
a merry Christmas?

My love will never
hurt you, Susan. I promise.

Don't ever ask me
to stop loving you. I can't.

Come on,
I'll see you home.

You know, I don't think
Stanton needs me anymore,

now that the house
is electrified.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Remember when
they used to call it

"popping the question"?

That's why Wells took her
riding this morning.

He asked our permission
to pop it at breakfast.

Of course, I said yes.

I hope susie does, too.

Please, please
don't ask me, Wells.

Marriage is something

I just can't think
about yet.

Well, I want you
to think about it, Susan.

You know we all love you.

Now, why do you put it
that way?

What if no one loved me,
Wells, but you? What then?

I'd love you enough

to make up
for everybody else.

Now, why?

Would you go against your folks
for someone you loved?

Susan, how can I face
a problem that will never exist?

My folks love you,
and I love you.

What's most important
is do you love me --

at all?

Not enough.

I can make you love me enough
if you'll give me the chance.

Unless there's something
drastically wrong with me.

The trouble is not
with you, Wells,

it is with me!

It's what I've dreamed of,
Susan, and prayed for.

It would
make everything right.


I can't marry Wells.

I can't marry anyone.

How could I?

Why not?

You think all girls
who marry are virginal?

Well, at least
if they aren't,

they can tell
their husbands.

I can't even do that.

Not all of them do.

Well, I'm not made
that way.

I can hardly walk down
an aisle with Wells

with a somewhat
soiled gown.

Isn't that what it's
supposed to stand for?


Well, let's face it,
I'm not.

You've got to get over
this idea

that your one mistake
denies you all happiness,

that you have to pay for it
the rest of your life.

here sits rogie,

and nothing
can ever undo that.


You want that?
You want it?

[ Gurgling ]

Is there any cleaner smell
on earth

than a baby after a bath?

I don't think so. You have to
kiss him right on the cheek

'cause that's
the softest part.

Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho.
Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho.

Ready for bed, hmm?


How about lying down?

You won
the first battle --

rogie's accepted now
as my son.

But you could lose
the major battle

if you insist
on telling all.

It couldn't help him or
rogie or you or any of US.

What could it do but hurt?

Mother, do you think
for one moment

the corbetts would want me

in their family
if they knew?

Why need they know?

Because it is not fair
to Wells!

Wells loves you.
He wants you.

But I don't want him!

I'd think you'd be utterly
grateful that Wells

makes this wonderful
proposal of marriage.

It's the answer
to everything.


Do you have
any happier solution?

Mother, the only man
I know I could love

is hoyt brecker.

What can he offer you?

"Nothing," he says,
"except hope."

Has he proposed to you?

No, not exactly.

But he loves me.

And he's the only one

that--that might possibly
understand all this.

He's the only one
I can bare my heart to.

And if you
did tell him all

and move into the stable
with him,

what could you do
for your little brother,

if he became, instead,
your illegitimate son,

and everybody knew?

Do you really have
a choice?

Oh, think, darling.

[ Rogie cries ]

Go to your party,

I will think
with all my heart.


You're supposed
to be sleeping now.

Come on.

Da-da da-da.



* tiny boy *

* child of mine *

[ gurgling ]

* mommy's singing *

* sleepy song *

* in your dreams *

* little boy *

[ coos ]

* god is smiling down *

* on you *

* when you wake
feel the sun *

* hear the birdies
sing to you *

* when you wake,
little son...*

Little son.

I can only say that

when you're sleeping,
you know.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Well, hi!

Susan, I just drove down
from San Francisco.

Who do you think I saw?

Must have been
somebody important.

The mcfarley and hoss man
from New York --

they flew out to see me.

They've accepted my book.

I'm so happy for you.

Come on in.
Tell me all about it.

It's because of you,
I could do it.

It's because of you,
I had to do it.

That's why I've busted
every speed record

to get to you,
to tell you.

This is our beginning.

I know
it's just a beginning.

I'm not trying
to back you into a corner

and--and demand answers
right here and now.

All the way down here,

I was trying to think of
all the right things to say,

and I can't think
of anything.

Just let me know
I have a chance.

Remember that day
way back --

you told me they were going
to put up a sign in monterey

that said "John steinbeck
and Robert Louis Stevenson

and hoyt brecker
wrote here"?

Well, I'm gonna make
that come true.

I'm gonna make
the name "brecker"

one that people can
be proud of around here.

Do you mind if I dedicate
this first book to my father?

Then I'll dedicate
every other one to you.

They'll all say,

"to Susan, with gratitude
and everlasting love."

you don't know me.

I think
you--you love somebody

you've built up
in your mind.

I'm not really all
you think I am.

I haven't built up

I've watched the unfolding
for almost two years

of what I always knew
was there.

And what I see
is beautiful.

try to understand this --

my love
would only hurt you.

I'm going to marry
Wells corbett.

Well, don't look
at me like that.

You should've known.

Wells -- I'm sorry.

I know
he's in love with you,

but I'm also totally sure
you're not in love with him.

Why, Susan, why?

Let me hear you say
you love Wells corbett.

Say it.

Because if you marry him

for any other reason
than loving him,

you've destroyed
every belief I've ever had.

Say it.

[ Rogie screaming ]


[ Rogie crying ]

Dr. Fayne, emergency.

Dr. Fayne, emergency.

This is an emergency.

Could I have
the corbett residence?

What happened?

Rogie got
to the lighter.

[ Crying ]
He caught on fire.

There, there.
Is Dr. Fayne with him?


Well, then he's
in good hands. You'll...

Dear god, please.

Dr. Fayne: It was a very
close call, Mrs. Slade.

I won't minimize the danger.

But with the child's
excellent health

and the fine new drugs
to help out,

I honestly feel
we can pull him through.

Thank god.

Fortunately, his face
is scarcely touched.

We have much to be
thankful for, Mrs. Slade.

A few seconds more...

But we were given
those seconds.

may I see him?

I'm sorry, Susan.

Only his mother can come in,
and just for a moment.

No one else, not right now.

I'll send the nurse
for you.


They have to let me
go in.

Now, you understand,

they have to let me
go in.

Honey, you heard
what the doctor said.

Your little brother's
going to be fine.

Forgive me, mother. He was
nearly taken away from me,

and I can't deny him

Wells, you've got
to know this --

rogie's not my brother.

He's my child.

H-H-His father
was killed

before we could
get married,

and mother's tried to
protect me and the baby

as best she knew how.

And I can't go on
pretending anymore.

Not for her sake
or mine or rogie's.

Well, now you know,

Y-You should
have told me.

Yes, I know.

I was afraid.

I've been afraid
of a lot of things.

Wells, t-today you
asked me to marry you.

You pleaded with me
for an answer.

Well, now you give me
an answer.

Give me an answer now.

Oh, Susan, I...

Susan: I'm sorry.

Well, I guess I've hurt
all of you here,

and I hope
you can forgive me.

I--i know how wrong
I've been.

You must know that
it's impossible for US

to say how we feel,

Under the circumstances,
you can hardly blame Wells

for not declaring himself
at this moment.

You have carried a great
burden, my child.

What you did just now
took great courage.

Dear, dear.

I know what you did
was only for Susan

and because
you love her.

I don't think I ever
would have had the courage.

I think
we'd better go.


I don't know
if you can forgive me

or even understand,
but I had to do that.

I had to.

When rogie is better,
we'll make new plans.

And we'll do
whatever you say.

If you want to stay here,
we'll stay here.

If you want to go away
with your son,

then you must.

You're a strong girl,

And you don't need me.

But remember,
I love him, too.

He'll always need
your love.

So will I.

Say you understand.

I do understand,
and I love you both.

And love
is understanding.

The child's mother
can go to him now.

Kiss him for grandma.

Good night.

You rest.

I was afraid you'd --
I thought you'd gone.

How could you believe anything
could make any difference?

Without you, I'm nothing.

I love you, hoyt.

I love you.