Surviving Gaza (2022) - full transcript

17 Year old Phuzi is chasing his dream of being a kwaito star but Gaza has a different plan for him. In a world dominated by gangs and crime Phuzi finds himself implicated in the murder of a local tuck-shop owner. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Ladies and gentlemen...

residents of Gaza...

welcome to the Big Bonanza.

My grandfather says South Africa's freedom
represents the birth of a new dawn,

a new country with new possibilities,

and most importantly new dreams.

A South Africa where we won't just be miners
but we can be actors, singers, and even dancers.

Participants stand a chance to win...

the new state of the art tape recorder
selling at two thousand rands on promotion.


Our next act, please welcome Marcia!

Eish, unlike my grandfather, my grandmother
didn't believe in the dream of the new South Africa.

She believes that...

Phuzi, a real man works with his hands.

'I have a plan.'

'I have a plan.'

Do you see him?

Can you see him?
Where is he?

Okay, okay, wait.
Go look that side and I'll look this side.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Haven't you heard that at the Big Bonanza that these kids
can win a TV set, radios and even money...

just by singing and dancing?
Even I could win there.

I don't want to hear anything about music,
don't tell me anything about music.

Take off your uniform!
Take off your uniform and help your grandfather.


- Money or the box?
- Money!

Mama, you heard them. They say you should
take the money. What do you say?

The box!

The box, it is then.
Give her the box!

- Sing and dance!
- Win!

- Sing and dance!
- Win!

Do you know what? Please
be trustworthy, do you hear me?

I'm allowing you to go.
Come back on time, do you hear me?

Take these keys. I will say I sent you to
deliver them to Mnyakeni, do you hear me?

Please, let's give a warm welcome to Zaddy.

'Zaba yaba yaba zumba...'

Phuzi and the gang, please prepare yourselves.

No one must disrespect us here.
Shove off!

This is Gaza, and we're in charge!

While the rest of South Africa
was chasing the new dream,

young boys in Gaza found their
voice in the world of crime.

- Hey, Keys.
- Argh, stop it.

- Did you find him?
- No, I can't find him.

Eish, Keys though.


- Hey, Jan. So, what do you say?
- No, hold on. Our group is complete.

No, Jan. Don't do this.

Why are you always hanging about Thandeka?
You should give the rest of us a chance with her.

Why are you tell me this?
Thandeka is right behind you.

What's going on?
Is there a problem?

No, there's no problem, Thandeka.
I was thinking you and I could go watch a movie together?

Me and you, watching a movie together?

- Argh, let's go, Phuzi.
- Titus, the local rich kid.

Everyone knows he has a crush on Thandeka but
unfortunately, she didn't have eyes for him.

Yes, yes, yes!

'Oh, o-, '

'Oh, '


'Don't cry, my dear, I'm back.
The days go by quite fast, I'll be back soon.'

'Calm down, our days of being poor will pass.'

'Even if you shot me, like Jesus, I will rise.
Every day, in the morning...'

'in the afternoon,
we're fighting for a better life.'

So, what are we going to sing for the final?
I mean, Zaddy is hot.

We need to beat him.

- Ah, Zaddy is no competition to us, Thandeka.
- No.

- We've got this.
- Uh-uh.

Okay, let me play you this beat.


Yeah, I don't know.

Jan, what do you think?

But you aren't giving it a chance, Thandeka?


No, dude. Thandeka is right.
This beat is boring.

- Then again, why must you always decide on the tracks?
- Argh, Comrade Majola, this isn't politics.

You know that I'm the one with the music.

What do we have?

No, man. You're the gang.

We're in this together.

- We're in this together.
- Okay, listen, if we want to win the Big Bonanza,

we need a better beat than this.

- Phuzi, Jan is right.
- Mm.

We need to have options. We're a group right?

Actually, why do you like to
changing beats at the last hour?

Oh my, Phuzi, where are you off to?

- I'm off to make deliveries.
- We're rehearsing though?

Uh-uh, Phuzi!

Hey, Phuzi!

Mr. Mnyakeni.

How are you, my boy?

I'm well, how are you, Mr. Mnyakeni?

No worries. How is the old man doing?

He is well. He sent me here.

Oh, okay. Okay.

Oh, my keys!
Thank your old man for me.

Tell him to take care of himself.

- I will tell him, Mr. Mnyakeni.
- Take care of yourself too, my boy.

- Okay, Mr. Mnyakeni.
- Alright, Phuzi.

- Cool.
- Okay.

- Cool, Mr. Mnyakeni.
- Cool, Phuzi.

There's the dog!
Hey you!

Call your friends, do you hear me?
Hey! Don't disrespect me!

Hey, Nyora!

Come out, come out!

Where is your friend?
Come out! Hey, Bhonyoza!

Hey, there's only one boss here!

There are only three qualifications in Gaza.

A diploma for knife-gurus.
The kings of the stabbing game.

You see, a knife guru can stab you thirty-six times,
and you will still survive.

What makes you think you
can disrespect me?

Hey, shove off, man!

What are going to do?
Here is your friend?

Then, there's a degree. It is given
to those who have committed murder.

You see, this qualification is considered to belong
to the most heartless gangs of Gaza.

Last but not least, there's the masters degree.
The highest qualification in Gaza.

This one is reserved for heist kingpins
such as Thabo Lekwe AkA Mjuk-Eight.

He has multiple masters degrees.

Let's go!

Let's go!

In Gaza, he is referred to
as the king of heists.

- The Jesus of Gaza.
- You'll buy your grandmother a cold drink.


Hey, Phuzi!

My goodness, Phuzi!

- What nonsense is this?
- Ah, Granny, relax.

Thabo, shut your mouth.
You rubbish!

- Ah, Granny.
- You better listen to me carefully. Shut up!

If I ever see you next to Phuzi again,
I'll make you soil yourself, do you hear me?

- Ah, Granny...
- You'll soil yourself like a dog, I swear!

Phuzi, you filthy thing! I don't know
what you're doing with this criminal.

- Sorry, Granny.
- Have you also become corrupt?


You dog!

Let's go, let's go!

Residents of Gaza,

welcome again, it's time for the...?

Big Bonanza!

It's time of the...?

Big Bonanza!

- Sing, dance!
- No, man, where is Thandeka?

- I thought she would come here with you.
- I thought I would find her here.

Eish, relax. She'll pitch up.

There you go! Ladies and gentlemen,
please give it up for Phuzi and the gang!

Something is off about Thandeka not
coming to the performance today.

This is not the moment she would want to miss.

- Ayeye, Gaza, ayeye!
- Ayeye!


Thandeka's absence opens the door to a new acquaintance.
His story too is one we're not ready for.

- I refuse to come back to this house.
- Mama, I'm begging you. Ma, No!

Uh-uh, Ma!

'Tell me, if we were held at gunpoint,
would you stand for it...

'would you run away and forget about me, my girl?

'Yeah, yeah, sure.
Look, babe, tell me...'

'Where do you see yourself in the next five years?'

'To be honest, you and I
are suited for each other.'

Your father beats me right before your eyes.



- Phuzi!
- Thandeka!

- Thandeka!
- Phuzi!


The truth is no one wants to
come from a place like Gaza.

Those who come from here,
cannot wait wait to get out...

and those who have made it out,
never want to come back.

'My friends don't sleep.'

'They want Dickies, All-Stars, cars and girls.'

'My friends don't sleep.
They want Dickies, All-Stars, cars and girls.'

'My friends don't sleep.
They want Dickies...


Hey, Phuzi!

- Phuzi, what did I say to you?
- Gogo, I'm just...

Phuzi, didn't I instruct you to get
water to nurse your grandfather?

I don't know what has gotten into this boy, you know?

Calm down.

Bro, have you heard?


They say M'du Masilela is
coming and he wants demos.

Gents, I'm busy.
I have some deliveries to make.

You know that my grandfather is sick.

I need to run the family business.

I can't focus on kwaito.


I thought this was your dream.

Like everyone else in Gaza, Jan has a dream.

But Gaza always has a dream for its own people.

Gents, here are the names starting with M.

Phuzi is the only one who passed.

Your name is not there, Jan.
You failed.

Don't worry. You can be Nyora's side kick.

Papi, wait, man. We're still searching here.



Jan Tomas Majola, here it is.

Did you pass, boy?

- Huh?
- Three distinctions, my friend!

You're the man.

Give me your six, comrade.

- There you go!
- Wow!

Phuzi you didn't even get one distinction.

If you had not quit school,
would you have passed matric?

School is not for me, boy.

I belong here in the streets of Gaza...

...with the likes of Mjuk-Eight,
pulling heists, and be with many girls.

Do you feel me?

Don't tell us about Mjuk-Eight.

I'm joking, gents.

So, Jan...


Wits has accepted me but...

...I don't have money for registration.

- Geez, bro.
- Sorry, boy.

Don't worry, everything will be alright.

Yes, gents.

Nyora, Jan's brother, and his friend Bhonyoza,
had their diplomas at the early age of 15.

They got their degree when they were just 21...

and according to the streets of Gaza,
they will never get their masters.

It is either they are not smart enough to
pull off a heist or they are not brave enough.

But one thing for sure, the
two won't give up without trying.

Tell them we're not here.

And then?

Hey, bro, relax.
What are you doing?

Relax, boy.

Something will come up.
Don't lose hope, boy.

Hey, big brother Nyora.

A-Salam u Alaikum.

Wa Alaikum Assalam.

Get out of here!

I know I messed up.
I'm sorry.

Piss off, Nyora!
Get out of here, you and your friend!

I'm sorry, brother.

You see, this kid is full of shit...

You should have died in the accident
that killed our parents.

Jan hates everything his brother represents.

My hero.

The boss.

Here are your medals.

I'm crowning you...

...for all your work.

But someone else is watching Nyora closely,

learning from him via a free internship.

Hey, Keys!

Keys, look, brother.

Piss off, man!

Marcia, aka Mash-Law.

Marcia's story is something of a legend in Gaza.

No one wants to believe it's true,
but we all know it happened.

They say one morning Marcia woke up in hospital...

and those that saw her say
she's lucky to still be alive.

After healing, she hunted down
Mjuk-Eight and all his boys.

Through them, she earned
her first two qualifications.

A diploma.

A degree.

Everyone died, but by luck Mjuk-Eight survived.

Look, Marcia.

Give me R400, and I'll give you four boxes.

Please, Marcia, don't be like that.

We nearly got killed for this stuff,
and we're driving a stolen car.

The cops are after us.

Hey, Nyora.

All my life I've been looking to
get respect from men like you.

I've been begging.

Now I'm tired of it, do you hear me?

Show me some respect.

But, Mash...

Shut up, Bhonyoza.

I'm talking.

Look here, Nyora.


You're not going to disrespect me, small boys.

Do you hear me?

I curse your mothers if you
feel you won't respect me.

How much did you say are your cigarettes again?

Everyone is scared of Marcia,
including Nyora and Bhonyoza.

Even though they try not to show her.

But everyone knows Marcia
rules the streets of Gaza now.

Hey, Keys.

Hey, Nyora.

Hey, Marcia.

Hey, Keys.

Why are you calling me by my real name?

Gosh. I'm sorry, Mash-Law.

Take this.

How's the old man, Keys?

We heard that he can die anytime.


Keys, your family skills could
help open new doors for us.

Marcia, you know I can't do that.

Hey, Marcia, look what I have for you.

A camera, and it's in a good condition.
I'm selling it for R500.

Keys, you won't survive Gaza.

You can't spot an opportunity
even when it's staring at you.

Take the camera.

You and your gang can shoot your music videos.

I'm good.

- Take it, bro.
- No, I'm good.

- You don't have to give me anything in return.
- No, I'm good.

In Gaza there is no free lunch.

If its free, you pay with your life.


Did you hear that M'du,
the kwaito legend, is coming to Gaza?

I'll be in the VIP section, rolling with hot girls the likes of Lebo and Thembi.

What do you say?


Have you heard that Thandeka is coming back?

Piss off, do you think Thandeka is your type?

He says I must piss off.

What do we have here?

I have good stuff here.

It's the best. Tell Marcia to buy it.

You know what, Marcia, let me bounce.


Whoa, Keys.

I'll put you on TV.


Tell me, what happened to your music thing?

Did Thandeka leave with it?

Answer me.

Keys, think about my offer, sonny.

Nothing could prepare me
for my grandfather's passing.

He was the only father I had.

The only person who believed in my dream.


Hello, boy.


Is Gogo Rebecca here?

Please tell her Nzimande is here.

Nzimande from Zenzele.

- Gogo.
- Yes.

- Mm.
- Mm?


Here's Mr. Nzimande from...


From Zenzele.



Hello, Gogo.

Hello, sir.


Gogo, do you remember that the policy...


...buried Bonnie.

I remember.


So, you need to top it up with R1000
so we can bury your husband.



Why? My husband and I were
up to date with our payments.

Yes, but remember you took the...

basic cover for two.

Which means you and Bonnie.


We spoke about your husband but didn't do it.


So, we have to top it up with R1000.

Then I will write the R1000 here.

Yes, in the book.

Well, Nzimande...

I don't know.


We just bought a cow.


We paid for the bus.


We thought he was covered
for storage and a burial.

Unfortunately, I don't make the rules, Gogo.

It's my job.

But what I know is that...

If the R1000 is not paid,
the funeral has to be postponed.


Yes, postponed.

Now, can I have the R1000,

so that we can bury Mr. Somfana in peace?

May I go now?


May the good Lord be with you.

Never lose hope.

In His Face...

This place inflicts pain,

even our religion is based on embracing it.

In Gaza the dead are buried at a place called
Phelamhlaba, which means the end of the world.

Those who have buried their families here

say the road to Phelamhlaba
feels like an end for the living too.

Keys, what about the M'du gig?

What's the plan?

I'm not doing it.

Bro, you can't just give up on your dream like that.

This could be our shot.

Nothing works here.

If you don't have a gun and a knife,
Gaza will never respect you.

Mandela says education is the key to success.

Mjuk-Eight says the AK47
is the voice of the voiceless.

We can't do it.

What do you mean we can't do it?

I sold the tape recorder to Mnyakeni.

Gogo needed the money.

I had to do something.

No tape recorder.

No demo.

No getting out of Gaza.

We can steal it back!

Papi's intentions have never been good.

Even if this is our shot, this plan sounds
straight out of the book of Nyora and Bhonyoza.

Is it you?

It's your mother...


My mother believed in something bigger than herself.

The papers say she had the
courage to sing her mind to the world.

This is something I also want to believe in.

Maybe Papi is right.

We have no other choice.

Now we're talking.

Papi, are you sure about your plan?

I'm sure, gents.

He always closes the shop at 7 PM.

He will close, and we'll get in,
take the tape and run.

What do we have here?

To my beloved wife.


Gents, here's the tape recorder.

Papi, put down that kettle.

Here's the tape recorder.


Mnyakeni, guys.

J, whoa.

He's here, gents.

Is he dead?

He's dead.

He's still alive.


Let's call the ambulance, gents.

I say we run.

You're crazy.

We can't run and leave him here.
He could die.






What have you done?

Where's Mnyakeni?

Where's Mnyakeni, Papi?

You killed him.

No, wait, bro.

What are you doing?

I'm calling the cops.

The cops!

Wait, bro.

- Think!
- No, man.

He killed him, boy.

- What about the demo?
- I don't care about the stupid demo.


I want to report a murder.

I had to kill him.

Every boy in Gaza has a story of how they
crossed the line that earned them their name.

In all the stories ours is going
to be the most hated of them all.

We killed Gaza's most loved shop owner.



We're always on the run.

Always on the run.

We're living on the run.

Ai, ai, ai...

We're living on the run.

Ai, ai, ai...

We're living on the run.

Here's Marcia, take cover.

Open your ears, and listen. It's bad.

We run and rule the hood, I'm telling you.

Piss off!

Keep on running.


I'm with my buddies, Papi and Jan.


You can't tell us anything.


When we find you, we take anything.

What's going on here?

It's a fire accident.


This is murder.

Hey, Keys.


Drink beer, bro.

He shot him two times.

Two times, Jan.

Two times!

No, Keys...

Don't think about it.

Drink beer, brother.

By the way...

...where's Papi?

Who cares?

Let me go and check him.

What are you doing?

No, Papi.

You're marking yourself.

You're marking yourself for killing Mnyakeni!

Oh, this was your plan all along, wasn't it?

You killed Mnyakeni for a degree.

Relax, man.

You and I are in this together.

You wanted your tape recorder, and got it.

Piss off, that was not the plan!

What was I supposed to do?
Wake him up?

- Hey, Papi.
- Did you want me to wake him up?

Who are you waking up?

No, Tambo, I...

Who is Tambo, scumbag?

Where is Nyora and Bhonyoza?

Nyora must be...

Hey, shut up, clever.

Why aren't you saying anything?

You're full of nonsense.

We don't know where they are, detective.

So who were you going to wake up?



It was me, detective.

I thought I would get inside and...

So, what are you waiting for?


Turn around.

Turn around!

Bloody shit!

Lift up your hands.

Hey, lift up your hands.


Nyora is not here.

Are you hiding him?

Where do you come from boys?

Detective, he and I...

We were in studio, detective.


you think you're clever, don't you?

He is telling the truth, detective.

We were recording a song,
and we can play it for you.

The house is empty...

There is no one in here.

Tell Nyora and Bhonyoza they must not go anywhere.

Bloody shit.

Everyone in Gaza knows that Papi's dream is to one
day rise to highest ranks in the streets of Gaza.

Maybe his journey has already started.

I agree with them.

Nyora and Bhonyoza must be arrested.

That two should be arrested, they know something.

We can't arrest Nyora, because there
is nothing that links them to the crime.

But the investigation is ongoing.

We won't listen to you.

Arrest them, or we'll deal with them.

We'll take the law to our hands.

Arrest those boys.

Hey, Jan.

We need to tell Tambo the truth.

Papi killed Mnyakeni.

He needs to go to jail.

We have what we want, the demo.

Boy, Mdu's show could be our shot.

We will leave this hood and never come back.

Then we kick Papi out of the group.

Who knows what other trouble he will get us into?


Kick who out of the group?

Your key opened Mnyakeni's shop.

As far as I am concerned, we're together
like Tokollo, Kabelo and Zwai.

I'm nobody's underpants, I don't want no demons.

I'm nobody's underpants, I don't want no demons.

I'm nobody's underpants, I don't want no demons.

I will never sell myself.

I don't want no demons.

Walk in the shadow of death.

I don't care of anything.

Hey, gents.

Are you saying we don't have the entrance fee?

Hey Jan...

I saw you took some cash from Mnyakeni's cash till,

Where is it?

Don't come at me with your crap, Papi.

Did I take any money?

No, gents, we don't need to be inside.

We will wait here.

Phuzi and the gang.

What's up?

Are you guys broke?

Who said we are broke?

Go, we'll get inside when we want.


Ladies, let's get inside.

We have VIP pass.

Hi, Phuzi.


Hey, Thandeka.

Come let's go.


I will see you inside.

The demons are playing me.

The demons are playing me.


The demons are playing me.

The demons are playing me.

Hey, gents.

What's up?

Why are you outside?

We don't have the entrance fee, Mash-Law.

That's the truth. We don't have the entrance fee.


The demons are playing me.

The demons are playing me.

I'm nobody's underpants.

Don't you mind me when I wear.

Don't mind me when I smoke.


Piss off.

Let's go.

What are you doing?

Hey, bro

How is it?

I'm with my boys.


My boys would like to perform.

Who are they?

Phuzi and the gang.

I will reward you.

Give me some sugar.


Look at my style, baby girl.
Don't listen to your friends.

Underpants, money and friends.

It's what makes us fight with our parents.

Forgive me, I'm a sinner...

Hey, gents.

The MC says he will give you a chance to perform.

But, Phuzi, you know you owe me one.

No, Mash, wait.

Give me a break, Mash.

You're being difficult, you see?

Give him a round of applause!

Yeah, give it up for Phuzi and the gang!

Piss off, get out of my face!



We're always on the run.

Always on the run.

We're living on the run.

Ai, ai, ai...

We're living on the run.

Ai, ai, ai...

We're living on the run.

Here's Marcia, taking cover.
She's on the run.

Open your ears, and listen. It's bad.

We run and rule the hood, I'm telling you.

Piss off!

Keep on running.


I'm with my buddies, Papi and Jan.


You can't tell us anything.


When we find you, we take anything.


They all know we've got style.

We run but the charges follow us.


Marcia runs the streets.

They lock, but we break and enter.

I'm with the gang that extract sugar from tea.

From tea.

Those that break the chains and enter.

We enter.

We hang around at corners together.


Clever, get away and run.


Great performance.

You guys are hot!

Give it up for Phuzi and the gang!

How's it?

Are you good?

We're good, M'du.


What's up?

Nice one, nice one.

Thank you.

Nice one.



We have our demo here.

Is it?

When you have time, please listen to it.

- Do you want me to listen to it?
- Yes.

Okay, I will.


When you see me, call me...?

Give it up or the one and only M'du!

M'du is back.

Ha, ha!

Hello, Africa. I'm back

M.D.U is back.

Y2K or not Y2K.

- What demo? You can do that when we leave.
- Please, Titus, I've been meaning to do this.

Not now!

My friend, things are bad.

My friend, things are bad.

My friend, things are bad.

My friend, things are bad.

Things are bad.


Has he left?

He is gone.

I thought I would catch him inside.



My goodness.

Hey, Papzin.

Let's go inside and have some beer with Mash.

Beer with Mash?

Yes, bro, let's give them some space.

Oh, yes, let's go and drink beer with Mash.

What do you have there?

Your demo?

Um, yes, Mm...

It's a little something that I mixed.

Can I listen to it, if you don't mind?

This is the song we sang on The Big Bonanza.

Yes, it is.

I love it, you know.

I can't stop playing it.

My hope, don't cry anymore. I'm back.

The days are getting nearer. I'll be there.

Don't you worry your soul.

The days of hardship will be over.

It will all pass.

I wrote this song for you.


Are you worried that he will see us?


You won't understand.

Try me, Thandeka.


I'm sorry...

...for the the way I left.

It's in the past now.

No, you know what?

My mother forced us to leave.

I remember.

I heard about your father, and how he abused her.

I'm sorry.

I know it's bad to speak ill about the dead.

It's not a lie.

Um, I'm sorry too for your grandfather's passing.

So, you and Titus?


No way. Why?

- It's just that...
- No.

- Titus, stop it.
- I'm taking you home.


- Titus, piss off.
- Wait, man.

- Wait, man.
- Hey, you.

You like stepping on everyone's territories.

If you don't stay away from Thandeka, everyone in Gaza will know what happened to Mnyakeni.

I'm telling you.

Nothing stays the same in Gaza.

Neither did Thandeka, my childhood sweetheart.

But that's the least of my worries.

Maybe Titus saw us, or someone else
saw us and told him.


But either way someone else knows what we did.


I'm nobody's underpants, I don't want no demons.

Thank you.

Hi, Phuzi.

Hi, Thandeka.

What's wrong?

Nothing, I'd love to chat
but Gogo is waiting for me.

- I must run.
- Oh, wait.

No problem, I haven't seen
your granny for a while now.

So, I can come with you and say hi to her.

- No...
- Please take my bag.

Let's go.

I bought some few things.

I hope she will like them.


You didn't tell me your mother was a musician.


I also found out recently.

You know what?

This is proof that music is in your blood.

No one taught you how to make music,
you figured it out yourself.


what about you?

Did you give up on kwaito?

Maybe kwaito gave up on me.

Thandeka, I waited for you the
day your father was being buried.

But you didn't show up.


I think about you all the time.

Every day.


...what about Titus?


Are you seeing someone?

Masango Locksmith, hello.

Yes, it's Phuzi.

Are you sure?

It's M'du Records.

What are they saying?

They want us to come to Joburg.


Thank you.



Wow, Thandeka!

Maybe coming back is not a mistake.

Maybe everything is meant to happen like this.

I am happy for you, you know.

I am really happy for you.

So, maybe... should join us.

- We can become a group again.
- No, no.

What will your friends say?

They will think I came back because of M'du Records.

Phuzi, this is your moment.

Make the best of it.


My goodness, Phuzi.

What nonsense is this?

My goodness.

No, my grandchild.

I don't want any stories of
anyone getting pregnant here.



Yes, Gogo.

Where is your mother?

She is at Guru nation, Gogo.

Guru nation, those who stay there
call it the city of dogs.

I thought Thandeka was leaving
a happy life away from Gaza.

But now I know she too lost
something the day she left.

Maybe time is trying to heal us both.

You don't want me to help you?

No, Thandeka.



When will you come and visit?

You must invite me.

Come tomorrow.

Your kiss tastes like chocolate.

Thandeka, you must go now.

Just like that?

No, Gogo is here. I'm sorry.

And then?


She came to say hi to Gogo.


I'm serious, bro.

So, she fell on your mouth.

Did you see that?

Bro, M'du records called.

- What did they say?
- They want a meeting with us.


What's wrong?

Bro, I need to show you something.

Not here, man.

I found it in my room.

I think it's the gun Papi used to kill Mnyakeni.

Are you sure it doesn't belong to Nyora?

He's not an amateur.

This has Papi written all over it.

Don't worry about Papi.

We'll get him.

I think there's someone who knows what we did.



He made some threats after the show.

He said I should stay away from Thandeka.

Or else the whole Gaza will know
what happened to Mnyakeni.


If Titus knows, its only a matter
of time before this gets to Tambo.

And you're busy fooling around with Thandeka!

What if he is bluffing?

Focus, and think about it.

How does he know?

You know what, Jan?
Let's go to Papi.

Let's go.

Take this.


Hey, you.

Is this your gun?

Answer me.

You kept the gun that killed Mnyakeni in my room.

What if Tambo searched it?

Relax, Jan.

What's wrong?

Relax my foot!

We're tired of your nonsense.

We won't go to jail because of you.

Today we're cutting you out of the group.

I've had enough with you, Papi.

You and I are no longer friends.

I am done with you.

Jan, I want to go.

What do you say?

Phuzi is right.

We're cutting you out of the group.

And you must move out of my home.

You finish our groceries.

What exactly are you two saying?

Are you kicking me out of the group?

I made this group.

I even won you the damn tape recorder.

I made your dreams a possibility.

I killed Mnyakeni for you.

Piss off, you killed Mnyakeni
for your street credibility.

You wanted to rise.

Tell me I'm lying.

We all killed Mnyakeni.

All of us!

You should get yourselves a mark.

Don't be mad.

You killed Mnyakeni.

Phuzi, let's go.

Let's go, Keys.

Let's go, man.

Papi is full of crap.

In Gaza every young boy's dream begins with
a knife on one side and a gun on the other.

Johannesburg/ Witbank!


Here's Jan and I on our way to erase that.

Johannesburg/ Witbank!


Fresh bananas.

Chips, apples and bananas.

Phuzi, why is it like this?

Gogo gave it to me.

So, you thought we should submit it like this?


M'du Records, bro!

Now it's our time, nothing can stop us.

What's going on now?

- What's going on?
- Piss off!

- We want you, clever.
- Phuzi and the gang.

Come here.

What's wrong now?

You don't listen, do you?

Didn't I tell you to stay away from Thandeka?


...stop preaching, and end this.

Here, take a look.

The killing of Mnyakeni.

Starring Phuzi, Jan and the notorious Papi.

What do you want?

Marcia was well on her way to
becoming the biggest criminal in Gaza.

And here I am watching her rise at my demise.

But this is Gaza.

Criminals rise and fall, and only the brave survive.

Geez, bro.

Tell me, what are we going to do with Marcia?

I don't know, bro.

But we must do something.

Otherwise we're deep in trouble.


It's Marcia.

Piss off!

Bro, we are finished.

We will survive this.

Marcia doesn't know it's us.

Gents, what's going on?

You're making a noise.
I'm sleeping here.

Is this where you sleep?


Isn't it obvious?

You kicked me out of your home.

Is that Titus's camera?

What are you doing with it?

We took it.

It has a tape of us coming out of Mnyakeni's shop.

What are you trying to say?

He recorded us.

He recorded me, Phuzi, and you
running out of Mnyakeni's shop.

So, you went into Marcia's house and took this?

This is all your fault, Papi.

Where did you get the gun?

I killed Mnyakeni, so what are you going to do?

What are you going to do, Papi?

I'll kill you.

Whoa, Papi.

What are you doing?


Don't do this.

Now you're as cold as Mnyakeni's corpse
that's lying at Zenzele's motuary.

Piss off!

Get away!

Marcia said she could kill us for what we did.

But unlike us, she doesn't
kill people who don't deserve it.

What did you do?

Can you see...

...why I didn't want anything to do with music?

You will go... Tambo...

...and tell him...

...what you did to Mnyakeni.

Gogo is right.

Maybe the South Africa dream is an illusion,
like the gold pot at the end of the rainbow.

It doesn't exist.

I thought Gogo was angry
when she found out what we did.

But she was nothing compared to Nyora.

Tambo gave us two options.

We go to jail for being Papi's accomplices in the
killing of Mnyakeni or we help him arrest Marcia.

Piss off.

- You're under arrest.
- What are you doing here?

Papi's story like many other stories in Gaza.

It's not as simple as many think it is.

He once told me his secret.

And swore me to death never to tell anyone.


Hey, why are you looking at me?



Mnyakeni was not the first and certainly
was not going to be the last one.

Go, my boy.

Go, go.

Everyone is talking about Papi's story,

about how his mother burnt down
a shack with bodies inside.

Some say she shot them twice,
others say four times.

Some say she stabbed them.

Others believe that she burnt them alive.

No one really knows what
happened inside that shack.

But we all saw the shack burn down
with Papi's innocence.


Put the panga down!

Put it down!

Something inside Papi broke that night.

Piss off!

What do you want?

Open the car!

Don't do this.

- Shut up.
- Don't do this, man.

Don't do this.

- Don't do this.
- Get inside.

Don't do this.

Don't do this.

Notorious heist king-pin, Thabo Lekwe commonly
known as Mjuk-Eight...

has filed his application for parole.

This after serving five years...


What are you doing?

Go to Titus, Thandeka.


It's over between me and Titus.

What difference does it make?

Are you giving up?

Or didn't your meeting go well?

Tell me, what happened?

Go, Thandeka.


I said go!


Hey, stop everything that you're doing.
Thandeka, it's nice to see you.

I need to show you something.

If you think you've got it...

If you think you'll be the next big kwaito
star in South Africa,

don't hesitate to send your demo.

Then you stand an opportunity
to perform right here on stage.

And you can win a record deal.

- You know how big that is?
- Hey, Jan.

This is big.

But how will we do it without Papi?



We're surviving Gaza, my love.

We're surviving Gaza, my love.

Wow, bro Thandeka here.

- Yoh! Yoh!
- Yes, my friend.

Her voice.


Haa ah.

S'gubhu has never heard anything like this before.

How will you succeed sitting idly on a corner?

I killed it boy.

You really nailed it boy.

It's dope.

This track is dope.

- Let's send it.
- Sure.

Tambo refused that Mnyakeni be
buried until his killers were found.

In Gaza this was unheard of
because murder is like any other crime.

But this is not just any other man.

This is Mnyakeni, Gaza's most loved shop owner.

The arrest of his killers is not
just about justice, it's about hope.

The hope for a better Gaza.

Even if it is empty hope,

the people still want it.

Hey, Mash.

You made it, boy.

Follow me.

And you? Who called you?

You think you can just do whatever
you want with my brother, don't you?

This is my brother.

Relax, bro.

You like drama, don't you, Nyora?

Follow me, gents.

Mjuk-Eight will be released from jail tomorrow.

So, he will move the money from where it's hidden.

I want you to help me steal it before it leaves Gaza.

Do you see that shack?

That's where the money is.

The security is tight but, the van
leaves with two security guards only.

Then we will strike and shoot.

Keys, you will open the safe.

Only one person has the key, and it's Mjuk-Eight.

That's where you come in, Keys.

Why don't we use C4's and
grenades to bomb the truck?

Stop asking trash.

This is not a movie.

In Gaza stealing has only two rules.

Don't get caught and don't
steal what belongs to Mjuk-Eight.

Marcia's plan was either going to get us
killed now or later by Mjuk-Eight himself.

Listen, my boy.

Do everything as we discussed.

Everything will go well.

Do you understand?

Sergeant, give him the phone.

Hey, Tambo.

Hey, get out of here!

What are you doing here, Tambo?

Sergeant, get rid of this bastard.

I'm sorry, sir.

I'm sorry.


- Did he see me?
- No.


Just remember to do everything as we discussed.

Do you understand?

Tambo was adamant on ending the crime in Gaza.

You can go.

But what he does not know is that many
have come before Marcia, Raza, Sgara,

Mazembe, Pajero, Vus'Bomba
Shugela and Mjuk-Eight,

and many will still come long after Marcia is gone.

You really tried.
Okay. We need to also be on key with this.

Let's try again.

We're surviving Gaza, my love.

No, Thandeka, I can't.


You are late.

You know how Gogo can be.

She wanted me to run some errands.

But I'm here.

I have a new song.

I hope you will like it.


This track is hot, bro.

It is really hot.

We can win Sgubhu with it.


With this song I wake up
those sleeping, I'm on a mission.

The enemies want division.

Open your spiritual eyes.

Here's my vision.

I want to leave Gaza, and
get a house and a commission.

I'm on a mission.

With this song I wake up
those sleeping, I'm on a mission.

The enemies want division.

Open your spiritual eyes.

Here's the vision.

I want to leave Gaza, and
get a house and a commission.


I'm on a mission.

Can I have two ice creams?



How much?

Twenty rands.

So much money, Thandeka.

Thank you.

Did I say I want this one?

So, will you tell me why Papi got arrested?

I don't know anything about Papi.


Yes, sure.

Your friend?

But I just said I don't know anything about Papi.

What are you hiding?

What am I hiding?

- Mm?
- Thandeka, come here.

Titus, please go.

Excuse me?

Is he deaf?

He is.

Titus, listen.

It's over between you and me.

Go, brother.


Listen, Thandeka.

You can't tell me it's over, just like that.

You can't tell me that.

Wait, man. You heard the girl, didn't you?

Why do you like to force things?

Just go!

You know...

You, rat, will get into trouble.

You will see a movie.

I'm telling you.

Piss off.

I'm warning you.

You think I'm playing.

You don't know me.

What were you saying?

I was saying...




...I want...


- us to...
- To do what?

- make a song.
- Sweetheart.

The beauty of the hood.

You're good to my brother.

Hey, Nyora.

Hey, Keys.

We must go, boy.

I must go with Nyora and the guys.

I need to go and change locks at Mam'Theri's house.

What will you be doing with Nyora and them?

Can't you see they have guns?

Thandeka, I don't know anything about guns.
I will go my way, and they will go theirs.

Don't worry, baby girl.

Keys is my younger brother, he will be in good hands.


Maybe I'll see you later.


Okay, sure.

- I'll see you later.
- Sure.


What are you waiting for, guys? Let's go!


Leave Nyora.

Let's go, man.

Let's go.

Hey, Marcia.

You're still disrespectful.

Your mother is disrespectful.

Have you ever seen a mob kill a snake, Marcia?

You don't hit it once, Marcia.

You hit it multiple times until it dies.

Take it out.

Take it out!


did you sell me out to the cops?

Did you sell me out to the cops, Keys?

I'll kill you, bastard.
I'm the one and only Marcia.

Today you will meet your maker.

I'm going to kill you.

- I'm sorry, Marcia.
- Here are the cops, Marcia.

I will kill you in front of them.

Hey, hey!

Do you want to die?

I'm sorry, Marcia.

Whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa.

- Put the gun down!
- Marcia, Marcia.

Put the gun down so we can talk.

Piss off, Tambo.

Piss off!

There's no need for you to
have more blood on your hands.

Your mom's genitals.

I know that you're not guilty.

Mjuk-Eight is responsible for all this.

I know that, Marcia.

He got you into all this.


Put the gun down.

This will all work out well.

I have a plan.


- Thandeka, let's go.
- I don't want.



You think I'm crazy!


- Thandeka.
- Phuzi.

Hey, come here.

- Wait, man.
- Piss off!

- Stop this!
- Piss off!

Piss off! You think she wants you?

What, You want to take me on?

- Yeah I am!
- You want to take me on?

Piss off!

You're full of crap kid!

- Who do you think you're?
- Titus I will leave with you!

What are you waiting for?

You think you can kill me Titus?

I died a long time ago!

I've been dead!

I died with Mnyakeni!

And now I am a prisoner to your
damn video!

Let me tell you something, shoot me!

Shoot me!

What are you waiting for?

Pull the trigger!

Pull the trigger Titus!

Shoot me!

Did you kill Mnyakeni?

Look, Thandeka...

All I wanted was to follow my dream, Thandeka.

I want to be better than this filthy place
that promises us nothing but death.

I want the world to know my name
beyond what Gaza thinks of me.

I want more.

If you can't forgive me...

I will understand.

But you need to know that I tried to save him.

I tried to save him.

I tried.


Don't touch me.



Are you coming to Sgubhu?


My goodness, Phuzi.


- Phuzi.
- Gogo.

These boys helped us to arrest Marcia.


Phuzi, Jan...

you may go, boys.

Is that so, sir?


I'm leaving boy,

I'm done with the group.

Why, bro?

We have Sgubhu tomorrow.

Mnyakeni is dead.

Papi is in jail.


Bhonyoza and Nyora are dead.

There's nothing in it for me anymore.

But we can still win it, my friend.

Sgubhu is your dream.

You come up with the songs, and the beats.

You don't need me, Phuzi.

It doesn't matter how we got out of this.

But we've crossed the line.

So, what are you going to do now?

You're going to varsity.

Listen, bro.

I'm sorry about Nyora.

I know you loved him.

My grandfather once said South Africa's
freedom represents the birth of a new dawn,

a new country with new possibilities.

But there is something
my grandfather never told me.

The freedom of this country
was earned at a price.

Don't look down.

Just like the freedom of this country
my dream also came at a price.

Maybe the price was too high.

But like a friend of mine once said, I don't lose.

It's either I win or learn.