Surviving Family (2012) - full transcript

When Terry Malone shows up unannounced on her father's doorstep - with her fiancé and a plan to get married in 5 days - she learns that she's not the only one with secrets. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(solemn music)

Lucia: Make a wish Terry.

Terry: Give me a minute.
I’m picking the best one.

Lucia: Okay.

(solemn music)



Lucia: Yay!

You three are just perfect.

Hank: What did you wish for?

Jean: Hey! No! If you
tell it won’t come true.

Hank: Can we go to
the fireworks later?

Lucia: I don’t know honey, maybe.

We’ll see. Maybe later.

Jerry: The cake is beautiful.

You’re beautiful. Thank you.

Lucia: No it’s not.

See, it’s crooked.

It’s crooked.

Jean: I thought you
said you were going to

make a red, white and blue cake

for the Fourth of July.

Jerry: Jean.

Lucia: Honey, I can make
another one, really.

Really, I don’t mind.

I can make another one.

Jerry: No, this is perfect.

The cake is perfect.

Terry, you want to cut the cake?

Terry: Yeah. Where’s the knife?

Lucia: It’s in the kitchen.
Could you get it for me

honey? Please.

Terry: It’s my birthday.

Jerry: Terry.

Terry: Tell Jean to do it.


Lucia: Nevermind.

I’ll get it myself.

(solemn music)

Jerry: What’s it 15 feet?

Jean: It’s good.

It’s good.

Jerry: Let him taste it.

He took it. Now
let him taste it.

Bottoms up. Come on.


Take it easy.

Hank: What’s taking her so long?

Jerry: I don’t know buddy.

Terry: I’ll go see.

Jean: There you go.

Jerry: Shh.


(solemn music)

(solemn music)


(dropping suitcases)

Alex: Cool.

Terry: It’s clean.

That’s good.

Do we have time for
me to take a nap?

Alex: You didn’t sleep
well last night?

Terry: Not really.

Alex: Yeah.


Terry: Mm.


Alex: Is your nightmare back?

Terry: Yeah.


Maybe we should just
see them tomorrow.

Alex: Why?

Terry: It’s too late for
Friday night dinner.

Alex: I mean, we’re here now.

Terry: Okay.

Alex: There you go.

There you go.

And the house.



Terry: Yeah.


Anybody home?

Alex: Your family
doesn’t barbecue on the

Fourth of July?

Terry: No.

Alex: I am sorry. I forgot.

Terry: It’s all right.

I guess he went out.

Oh, my sister must
be here I guess.

That’s not Jean.

Alex: What do you mean?

Terry: Shit, we’re being robbed.

Alex: That’s not funny.

Give me your phone.

Terry: There’s no
time for phone calls.

Alex: I’ll call the cops.

Terry: No that will
take too long.

I’ll handle it.

Alex: You going to
butter her to death?

Terry: She’s looking
for the good stuff.

Alex: What good stuff?

Terry: The silver.

Drop it!



Helen: Terry?

You look just like your pictures.

Terry: How do you know that?

Alex: Hi, I’m Alex.
Nice to meet you.

I’m so sorry about the mess.

Helen: I’m Helen.

It is so great to meet you.

Jean: Terry.

What are you doing here?

Terry: That’s a hell
of a welcome home

from my only sister.

Jean: When did you get here?

Why didn’t you tell
me you were coming?

And who’s this?

Terry: This is my fiance Alex.

Who’s she?

Helen: I should clean this up.

Could we get some of that pasta?

It’s been a long trip.

Jean: That’s so wonderful.

Why didn’t you tell me?

Where did you guys meet?

Helen: And when are
you getting married?

That’s so great.

Terry: Food first. Please.

Jean: Where are you
sleeping? Do you want

to stay with us?

Terry: We’re staying
at my apartment.

The woman who was
subletting left,

and the lease was up
so that’s why I had

to come back.

Jean: So you didn’t
come back because you

missed us?

Terry: Well, no. Yes.


Jean: I have no illusions Ter.

Terry: I wanted to surprise you.

I thought we’d get here
in time for dinner.

Jean: Sorry I wasn’t here.

I took Lily to her friend’s
house for a sleepover.

Alex: No. Our flight
was late, and we had

the wrong company
with the car rental.

Terry: Then I couldn’t
find my driver’s license.

By the time we got
back to my place I just

needed a nap.

Jean: I can’t believe
you’re actually here.

(solemn music)

And Happy Birthday.

Terry: So, Helen are you
the new housekeeper?

Dad mentioned he
might hire someone.

What’s wrong?

Did something happen to dad?

Jean: No. He’s fine.

He’s at his poker game.

I can call -

Terry: No, no it’s fine.

I’ll see him tomorrow.

Helen: I should go.

Jean: No. Stay.

Terry: Okay.

What’s going on?

Jean: Helen is your, our sister.

Half sister actually.

Terry: What the hell
are you talking about?

Jean: Years ago -

Helen: Your father had an
affair with my mother.

A long time ago,
of course, but -

Alex: This was delicious.

Thank you so much.

Jean: I’m glad you
liked it, but if you’re

trying to change the
subject I don’t think

it’s going to work.

Terry: I think we should go.

Alex: I’m sorry.

Thank you so much, though.

Nice meeting you.

Nice meeting you.

Helen: You too.

(solemn music)

Terry: How dare he.

That son of a bitch.

Alex: How dare he what?

Terry: How dare he bring
that girl into our home.

Alex: It really wasn’t
her fault at all.

Terry: Okay, maybe
not, but it was his.

I knew it the whole time.

Alex: How?

Terry: I did the laundry
when I was a kid.

Alex: That -

It could have been
your mother’s lipstick.

Terry: My mother
never wore lipstick.

Alex: I am on your side Terry.

You know that.

I know it was difficult
meeting Helen today.

But I really don’t
think this is her fault.

I mean isn’t it nice to find
out that you had family?

I only have Melanie.

I would love to find a
half brother or sister.

Terry: And that’s another thing.

It would be nice if you’d
introduce me to Melanie.

Are you hiding me?

Alex: No.

Terry: Do I embarrass you?

Alex: No.

Terry: Am I fat?

Alex: No.

Terry: Then what?

Alex: What we have is good.

It feels right.

My family never felt like this.

We have the rest of
our lives to let people

screw us up.

Terry: We should
have gotten married

in Los Angeles.

That’s my home now.

Where are you going?

Alex: I was going to
give this to your father

to have with dinner.

Terry: You want to open it now?

Alex: Mm-hmm. I think
it will help us sleep.

Terry: Do you need a corkscrew?

Alex: Nope. I’m a fan
of the twist off.



Terry: I love you so much.

Do you know that?

Alex: I do.

And I love you too.

A toast, to meeting your family.

Terry: How about a
toast to us instead?

Alex: Okay.


Terry: Nice.

Yeah you’re pretty smart.

Alex: Yeah? Really?

Terry: Yeah.

Alex: Yeah?

Terry: Yeah. You’re cute.


Alex: That’s good.

Terry: You’re funny.

Alex: Well, since you’re
going to marry me.


Terry: Yeah.

Mm, mm, mm.


What time is it?

Terry: Almost 4:30.

Jean called while you
were in the shower.

She asked if we could be
there by 5:30 for dinner.

Alex: Okay.

Terry: Dad will be
there supposedly.

Alex: Okay.

Terry: You want to help me pack?

Alex: Yeah. Yeah.

Terry: Okay.

Can you put those
books in that box?

Alex: Yeah.


Terry: Yeah?

Alex: Is that Hank?

Terry: Fuck.

I wondered where he’d
been stashing them.

Alex: How long was he here?

Terry: The longest ten days.

What are you doing here?

Hank: That’s not a very
nice way of welcoming

your only brother.

Terry: When did you get out?

Hank: This morning.

Ten days early
for good behavior.


I thought maybe I could
stay with you, just until

I get back on my feet.

Terry: Why don’t
you stay with dad?

Hank: I’m supposed to
stay away from alcohol.

Terry: He’d quit for you.

He’d do anything for you.

Hank: No.

Not that.

Unless you ask him.

Terry: Why me?

Hank: You’ve always
been his favorite.

Terry: You’re shitting me.

Hank: If I had a nickel
for every time I heard,

"Why can’t you be
more like Terry?"

"Why can’t you get good
grades like Terry?"

I’m clean Ter.

I’ve been going to meetings
for the past six months.

Terry: Did you have a choice?

Hank: I’m going to
keep going this time.

I just need a job
and a place to stay.


I made coffee.

Terry: Thanks.

Don’t smoke in here.

Hank: You smoke.

Terry: I’m trying to quit. Again.

Here’s my spare key.

Just for a few days
until you get settled

and this is a friend
of mine who owns a

restaurant downtown.

I called him and
they need a busboy.

Hank: Busboy?

Shit Terry.

Terry: Fine. Find
something yourself.

Hank: No, it’s fine.

My parole officer
is downtown anyway.

Terry: Take the number three bus.

It’s right at the
end of the block.

Hank: Hey Terry. Can
I borrow some money?

Just until I’m -

Terry: No drinking. No drugs.

Smoke outside.

Hank: Absolutely.

No problem.

Terry: It was great
for about a week.

I thought he’d really changed.

Alex: But he -

Terry: He started staying
out later and later.

He said he was going
to AA meetings.

Then he’d watch movies
until 3:00 or 4:00

in the morning.

Alex:(laughs) Shit.

Terry: One morning I got
a call as I was getting

ready for work.

It was Jim O’Donnell, my
friend who’d hired Hank.

Jim: I didn’t want to
call the cops but I’ve

got to get him out of here.

Terry: I thought
he was doing okay.

Jim: He was doing great.

So great I advanced him
$500 so he could buy a car

and come in so he
could close up for me.

Hank: Heya Ter.

What you doing?

Jim: Should I call your dad?

Terry: No.

I’m calling the cops.

I stayed until the cops
came and took him away.

Then I went to work and quit.

The next day I
gave Jim the $500,

changed my locks and left.

I needed a fresh start
away from my family.

I didn’t care where I
was going as long as

it was someplace else.

Alex: Well, I’m happy
you ended up in LA.

Terry: Despite all this?

Alex: Hey, even more.


They have gnomes too?

Terry: Yes.

Alex: Wow.


Alex: This is nice.

Jean: Lily, Aunt Terry’s here.

Are you two really
getting married?

Alex: Yeah.


Terry: Oh my God.

How much did you grow?

Lily: An inch and a
half. I’m almost 5’4.

Terry: Do I get a hug
from my favorite niece?

Lily: I’m your only niece.

Terry: Details.

Alex: Hi Lily, Alex. I
heard so much about you.

Lily: He’s cute.


Alex: Well thank you.

Jerry: Woops.

Terry: Hi dad.

Jean: Hi dad.

Terry: Did you stop
at the bar first?

Jean: Terry.

Terry: What?

Terry: I thought you’d said
he’d stopped drinking.

Terry: Dad -

Alex: Mr. Malone
I’m Alex D’Amico.

Pleasure to meet you.

Jerry: You Italian?

Alex: Yes, sir. Is
that a problem?

Jerry: On my mother’s
side, my grandmother

was Venetian I think.

Come here.

Alex: Actually, my father’s
family is from Naples.

My mother’s is from

Milanese (stumbling
over the word).

Terry: From Milan.

Alex: Milan.

Terry: Yeah.

Lily: Are you really
moving to California

Aunt Terry?

And getting married?

Terry: Yes and yes.

Alex: I know it’s a bit
of a rush but we were

hoping for your blessing.

Jerry: Oh.

Jean: No engagement ring?

Terry: With a three week
engagement I figured

we could go right
to the wedding ring.


Jean: Three weeks?

When exactly are you
planning to get married?

Alex & Terry:(together)

Jean: Next Saturday? A
week from today Saturday?

That’s so fast.

Terry: Well, we have
to be back in LA

for Alex’s exhibit on the 23rd.

Alex: Yeah, but I thought
it was important that

we have the wedding here
because of the family.

Jerry: Now, Terry never
asked my permission

for anything before.

So I’m not sure why
she would start now.

Alex: Not your permission,
sir, just your blessing.

Jerry: Oh. Well done.

Got that.

(solemn music)

Jean: How about your
family? Can they come?

I know last minute
tickets are expensive.

Alex: Oh, my sister
Melanie is my only family

and she’s been studying
in London for a year.

Terry: I haven’t
even met her yet.

Alex: But when she gets
back to the states we’ll

have a separate
celebration with her.

Jerry: So, how long you
two known each other?

Alex & Terry:(together)
Six months.

Terry: No, I’m not pregnant.


Not that I’d mind, but if
I’m going to make a home

with Alex 3000 miles away
I want to be married.

And I know marriages
end and even when they

don’t end -

Alex: Stop.

Terry:- they can be
miserable, but I want the


Jerry: It’s all about
the foundation.

Jean: Where you planning
to have this shindig?

Terry: Here?

(Jerry laughing)

Jean: Here?

Terry: Is that okay with you?

Jean: How many people?

Terry:15 or 20.

Lily:(whispering) Yeah.

Jean: Okay.

Alex: Okay? Is that -

Jean: Okay, but just
to let you know we’re

renovating our bedroom.

Alex: Okay.

Jerry: Good times.

Lily: Can I be a bridesmaid?

Terry: You’re the
only bridesmaid.


Jean: That’s fine with me.

Steve: Sorry I’m late.

Hey hon.

Lily: Hey.

Oh, I think California
agrees with Terry.


Terry: It’s all Alex.

Steve: Oh yeah? Well good work.

Alex: Thank you.

Steve: Nice to meet you.

Alex: You too.

Can I give you a hand?

Jean: You don’t need to.

Alex: Oh, I know.

Jean: You can slice these.

Alex: Okay.

Jean: Why do you want
to marry my sister?

And don’t tell me it’s
because you love her.

Alex: I was wondering
how long that was

going to take, and I
do love your sister.

Jean: I pretty much
raised Terry after

our mother died.

Alex: Oh yeah. I know.

When I met Terry she
had broken the heel

on her shoe, she
was soaking wet and

completely lost.

I took her inside to my studio.

I gave her a cup of tea,
gave her some sweats while

her clothes dried.

And when I came back she
was just standing there

in front of my desk
and she had organized

all my invoices by due
dates and she told me

I needed a business manager.

I hired her on the spot.

Jean: You wanted to rescue her.

Alex: No. No. No.
She saved my ass.

I mean I’m a good
photographer, but I don’t

knowt he difference
between a balance sheet

and a balance beam and
she sure as hell does.

I love Terry and we’re
more together than

the sum of our parts if
that makes any sense.

Jean: You do know
she doesn’t cook.

Alex: Yeah, but I do.

Terry, didn’t you want to
ask your dad something?

Terry: Dad, would
you give me away

at my wedding?

Jerry: Yeah. I’d like that.

Jean: Do you have
a wedding dress?

Terry: I have a gray pantsuit.

Jean: No.

Terry: But -

Jean: No way. My baby
sister’s not getting

married in a pantsuit.

Alex: Thank you,
yes. She’s right.


Terry: Fine, whatever,
but I don’t have a

wedding gown in my suitcase.

Jean: I’ll take you shopping.

Steve: Oh boy.

Terry: No veil. Okay? I
will not wear a veil.

And don’t you have to work?

Jean: I sell real
estate. Remember?

Or these days I don’t
sell real estate.

No one cares if I
take some time off.

And you don’t have to
wear a veil if you don’t

want to.

You’re really going
back to California

right away?

Terry: We have to.

One of the big art galleries
in LA is giving Alex

his first solo show.

Jerry: Nice.

Terry: And I’m his
business manager so I have

to be there too.

Jean: Huh. Sounds like you’ve
got it all figured out.

Good for you.

Do you live in a beautiful
ocean front mansion

that I can visit?

Alex: Actually no.

It’s a tiny little house.

It’s really cute though.

You guys are more than
welcome to visit any time.


Lily: I’ll get it.

Jean: That’s Helen.

I asked her to join us.

Terry: Shit. Jean.

Jean: Stop. I’m sick
to death of tiptoeing

around the things that
noone ever talks about

in this family.

No more secrets. I’m done.

Is everything okay?

Helen: I was just
asking Lily how her

appointment went yesterday.

Lily: And I was about to
tell her it went fine.

Terry: Appointment?

What kind of appointment?

Jean: Lily has had
some medical issues,

but she’s fine now.

Terry: I thought you
were done with secrets.

What do you call that?

Jean: Shit Terry you
walk in here after

two years without a word.

Terry: I sent postcards.

Jean: Three postcards
in two years.

That’s all.

Lily: I’m bipolar Aunt
Terry, but I’m doing

okay now.

I have medication and
I saw my therapist


That’s what Aunt Helen
was asking about.

Terry: Oh.

Thank you for telling me.

Jean: Have you heard from Hank?

Terry: It’s okay. He
knows the whole story.

Alex: Yeah. I don’t really.

Terry: I haven’t heard
from him since dad

threw him out of the house.

Jean: Huh.

Alex: Yep.

Jean: Sometimes I wonder -

Terry: If that was the
right thing to do?

Jean: Yeah.

Or if he couldn’t have
done it five years earlier.


Alex: I think he’s kind of cute.

Terry: When I was little
I thought their eyes

were watching me.


Alex: Why’d you lie?

Terry: About Hank?

Alex: Yeah.

Terry: I don’t know
maybe because I felt

guilty about doing
something behind dad’s back.

Alex: Well you’ve been
living behind his back

for two years now.

Terry: Embarrassment?

Because Hank used me too.

Because I’ve resented
him my whole life

for being dad’s favorite
and now I don’t know if

he’s alive.

I don’t know. Okay?

I don’t know.

Alex: Okay.



Terry: Mm.

Sorry, I have morning breath.

Alex: I know.


Alex: We get our
driver’s license today.

Terry: No marriage license.

Alex: I know. I’m just kidding.

Are you going to love
me when I’m old and fat?

Terry: Even more.

Alex: Good.

Terry: She calls her Aunt Helen.

Alex: Why wouldn’t she?

Terry: I don’t know. It
just doesn’t feel right.

Alex: Look, I love
you so much. I do.

I know everything’s
been really crazy with

your family lately, but
you can’t just disappear

and come back and
expect everything to be

the same.

Terry: Why not?

I’m the same.


Alex: No you’re not.

Not at all.


(peaceful music)


Clerk one: Terry Malone!

Oh I haven’t seen you -

Clerk two: Since you
and my Julie graduated

from high school together.

Clerk one: I still
remember when your poor

dear mother died.

God rest her soul.

Clerk two: Such a shock.

Terry: I know, yeah. Thanks.

It’s been a while.

I’ve been away.

This is my fiance Alex.

We’re getting married.

Alex: On Saturday.

Clerk one: Well
isn’t that lovely?

Alex: Thank you. Yeah.

Clerk two: You’re not
from around here are you?

Alex: Nope.

Terry: Do you have a
problem with that?

Not everyone is from -

Alex: No but I do,
I do have my birth


Clerk one: Thank you.

Terry: Here’s mine.

Clerk one: Oh, it’s
not notarized.

Alex: What?

Clerk two: Ooh. It’s a
photocopy, not an official


Terry: But -

Clerk one: Rules are rules dear.

Clerk two: Take this,
read this and when you

have everything
together come on back.

Terry: But -

Alex: No that’s fine.

You don’t argue
with bureaucrats.

Terry: But -

Alex: No, I’ll call
Los Angeles and I’ll

get this figured out.

Come on.


Jean: Hey. Sorry I’m late.

Lily’s having one of her
bad days, and I didn’t

want to leave her at
home and she didnt want

to come so I had
to figure it out.

Terry: It’s okay.

Alex: Don’t worry.

Terry: We’ve got bigger problems.

Jean: I have an idea.

Terry: What?

Jean: Just come with me.

Come on!

(running footsteps)

Terry: Okay.

Alex: Okay.

(loud footsteps)

Dom: So, why can’t
we see the plans?

Petey: Well we can,
but they’re in the

office manager’s -


Dom: Jeannie!


How are you?

Jean: I’m good Dom.

How does Belinda
like the new house?

Dom: Oh, she loves it.

We can’t thank you enough.

Jean: Good.

Petey, when are you
going to get married

so I can find a
nice house for you?

(clearing throat)

Petey: Uh, Mr. Mayor
make sure you sign these

papers before your
meeting with -

Dom: Yeah, later Pete.

I got a lovely lady
here in my office.

In fact, I have two
lovely ladies and that’s a

special occasion.

Jean: Mr. Mayor this is
my sister Terry and her

fiance Alex D’Amico.

Dom: Nice to meet you.

Terry: Nice to meet you.

Alex: Pleasure.

Dom: Okay.

Jean: They’re having a
bit of trouble getting

their marriage license.

Dom: Hm, I’ll take care of it.

Petey: Mr. Mayor don’t for get.

Dom: I won’t forget.

Thank you guys. Thanks.

Petey: Mr. Mayor.

Dom: Tell them I’ll be
there in five minutes.

Petey: Okay.

Jean, tell that husband
of yours I’ll see him

at the next planning
board meeting.

Dom: So they’re waiting
for you downstairs

and you won’t have
any more problems.

Terry: Thank you so much.

Alex: Thank you so much.

Dom: Okay.

Always a pleasure.

Jean: Thank you.

Dom: Good luck.

Terry: All right,
how’d you do that?

Jean: I got him a great,
and I do mean great

rate on his mortgage plus
they need Steve’s vote

on the planning board.

Terry: So you’re a
wheeler dealer now?

Jean: Mm-hmm.

Terry: Ah.

Jean: I’ll wait
for you guys here.

Alex: Okay.


Clerk one: Congratulations.

Alex: Thank you.
Terry: Thank you.


Alex: Thank you so much.

Terry: You guys want any gum?

Jean: No.

Alex: No, thank you.
Terry: No?

Jean: Do you ever stop
chewing that stuff?

Terry: Well, Alex helped
me quit smoking so

now I’m addicted to gum.

Would you rather I go
back to cigarettes?

Alex: I think I’m
going to go take some


I don’t need to go
dress shopping with you

guys do I really?

Terry: No.
Alex: No.

Jean: Besides it’s bad luck.

Alex: Good, good, good.

Jean: Won’t you get lost?

Alex: Sure.

But that’s half the fun.

See you later?

Terry: Yeah.

Alex: Bye.


Terry: Bye.

Jean: Okay, we have
to meet Lily at

La Belle Boutique, but
I think we’ve got time

to go to the post office,
oh and the dry cleaners.

Terry: Oh. Good.

(street sounds)

(peaceful cello music)

Sales clerk: You don’t
like any of these?

Terry: No. They’re not -

They’re too -

Jean: Thanks, they’re just
not what she’s looking for.

Sales clerk: Let me
see if I might be able

to find some more dresses
that you might like.

Lily: Do you like this
dress, Aunt Terry?

Terry: You look beautiful Lily.

Lily: Thanks.

I feel beautiful in it.

Terry: Can you find
something for me?

This is starting
to feel hopeless.

Lily: Yeah.



Terry: It’s awful.

I actually look
like a snowflake.

Jean: It’s not that bad.


Terry: Yeah, it is.


Jean: Do it again.



Terry: Lily you’re a genius.

Lily: Glad you like it.

(peaceful cello music)

Terry: Let’s get the
hell out of here.


Jean: I don’t suppose you
and Alex have considered

living in New Jersey?

It would be so nice
to have you back here.

Terry: LA is our home Jean.

Jean: Wishful thinking I guess.

Terry: Small town
life is not for me.

Everybody knows too much.

"Oh, there goes Terry
Malone. Poor girl.

Did you know her crazy
mother killed herself?"

Jean: People here care
about each other.

Terry: Bullshit. They
just don’t have anything

else in their life
to talk about.

And the gnomes.

These goddamn garden
gnomes are everywhere,

and I hate them.

Jean: The gnomes?
You hate the gnomes?

Terry: Yeah. It’s like
some bizarre secret


All the women get
married, buy a house and

get a gnome or four.

Their eyes follow me.

Jean: Is that why you
left? (Whispering)


I’ve never understood.

Terry: I was tired of
working so hard at being a

good girl that I had no
idea of what I actually


Jean: What did your
therapist say?

Terry: She said you
can’t run away from your

problems, but if you
really hate it here leave.

Terry: Once I left here
the nightmares stopped.



Jean: You had a good
job at the high school.

I was talking to Principal
Meyers at the last

PTA meeting and he said -

Terry: Okay. This is exactly
what I’m talking about.

I hate having people
know my business.

Besides I hated teaching.

Jean: You never told me.

Terry: Yes I did. You
just didn’t listen.


Jean: I’m sorry.


I never meant for
you to be unhappy.

Terry: I know.

Are you okay?



Is Lily okay?

Jean:(sigh) Lily’s okay.

She has a good therapist,
and the medication

today is so much better
than the crap they

gave Mom.

I just don’t want her
to have to go through

anything like what Mom did.

Terry: Mom killed herself
because Dad was drunk

and screwed anything in
town who would have him.

Jean: Bullshit.

Okay, you’re just mad,
but that’s not why -

Terry: Damn right I’m mad.

I am mad that he’s a
drunken SOB who ruins

everything he touches.

Like that goddamn
franchise of his.

Years to open it and months
for it to go bankrupt.

Hank, with the drinking.

He is the reason Mom
killed herself, okay?

He may as well
have hung the rope.

Jean: Come on!

Terry: What?

Jean:(sigh) We’ve got
to go see Aunt Mary.

Terry: Why do we need
to go see Aunt Mary?

Jean: You have to stop
acting like Mom was

a saint and Dad is the devil.

You’re going to learn it’s
never black and white.

And on that subject
even though I know it’s

none of my business -

Terry: What?

Jean: Are you sure
you know what you’re


I mean Alex seems like
a nice guy, but how much

do you really know about him?

Terry: And you’d hate to
see me make a mistake.


Jean: Right. You’re kind
of rushing into this.

Terry: And you’re the
expert on that. Right?

How long did your
first marriage last?

Six weeks?

Jean: Wow.

Fuck you.

Terry: Fuck you too.

Jean: You know Joey
might have been

an asshole -

Terry: Joey was an asshole,
no maybe about it.

Jean: Okay, fine. He
was an asshole but he’s

the reason I have Lily,
and she’s the best thing

that’s ever happened to me.

Terry: I know. I love Lily too.

Jean: And Steve is the
second best thing.

He’s always treated her
like his own daughter.

Terry: Okay. Okay I’m sorry.


Hon, I haven’t seen Aunt
Mary in a long time.

I’m sorry.

(solemn music)

Tommy: Oh, you’re
not the pizza guy.

Terry: No. I don’t think so.

We’re, uh, here to
see our Aunt Mary.

Tommy: Sure, come on in.

Terry: Okay.

Tommy: Mary, you have visitors.

Mary: Oh girls!

I wasn’t expecting you.

Tommy honey can we
finish this up tomorrow?

Tommy: Sure. Call me.

Jean: Sorry. I should
have called first.

We can come back another time.

Mary: Oh, absolutely not.

I can finish drawing
him tomorrow.

Isn’t he beautiful?

Jean: You’re incorrigible.

Mary: I know.


Congratulations on
your engagement.

I can’t wait to
meet your fiance.

Terry: How did you know?

Mary: My friend Julie
issued the marriage license


Terry: The wedding is
Saturday at Jean’s.

Mary: Yeah, Julie told me.

Terry: Can you come?

It’s only going to
be immediate family.

Mary: Oh, I wish I
could, but I’m the

entertainment chairwoman
at the senior center,

and I planned our
trip to Atlantic City

on Saturday.

I really do need to be there.

Terry: Well I’m sorry
you’ll miss it.

Mary: Me too.


Now that’s the pizza guy!

How’s Lily?

Jean: Pretty good. Thanks.

That’s sort of why we’re here.

Mary: Please. Help yourself.

Jean: No, thanks.

Terry: We had lunch earlier.

Jean: I think Terry
needs to understand.

Mary: About your mother?

Jean: Yeah.

She still blames
Dad for Mom’s death.

Terry: Her suicide, Jean.

Okay, don’t sugar coat it.

Mom didn’t just die.
She killed herself.

On my birthday.

That’s what I blame him for.

Mary: Maybe I should have
talked to you before.

A long time ago.

It was hard for me too.

I always felt like I
should have been able

to save her.

It took me years of
therapy to realize you

can’t always save people.

Terry: You were in therapy?

Mary: Oh yes.

Your mother’s depression
started when she

was young.

We didn’t call it that though.

We called it Lucia’s moods.

Mary: Dinner’s ready
and Mom wants us to set

the table.

Lucia: Go away. I’m not hungry.

Mary: Did you talk to
Sister Mary Alice?

Lucia: Yeah.

Mary: And?

Lucia: And you’re
right. She’s nice,

but she can’t help me.

Kids tease me. They
all make fun of me.

Mary: Just ignore them.

Lucia: Yeah, I try but -

Tony: Lucia, go help your mother!

Mary: The more Lucia
withdrew the angrier

father got.

Sometimes she’d
disappear for hours.

One time she was
gone for two days.

Terry: Where did she go?

Mary: We never found out.

Father wasn’t evil.

He thought Lucia was just lazy.

I knew it was more than that.

After a while I
mostly ignored her.

Jean: No one ever took
children to psychiatrists

in those days.

Terry: Didn’t the
teachers do anything?

Mary: Well, some of
them tried, but Dad was


Tony: Is Lucia in trouble?

Mrs. Giaccone: She’s
a good girl, sister.

Sister: Lucia isn’t in trouble.

I’m just a little concerned.

She seems depressed,
almost like she’s

not even here.

I’d like to refer
her for testing.

Tony: What’s the
matter? Is she sick?

Sister: Not physically.

Tony: Then what are
you going to test?

Sister: Lucia might
have some emotional

or psychological problems.

Tony: If she’s not
sick she’s lazy.

Come on let’s go.

Mrs. Giaccone: I’ll talk
with her, Sister. Thank you.

Mary: I thought it would
get better when she

started college.

She was always artistic,
and I figured she’d

meet more people like
her and be happy.

It was just more of the same.

She had no friends.

She’d disappear.

She missed more
and more classes,

and then she met your father.

He swept her off her feet.

It’s the only time I
ever saw her truly happy.

You knew she was pregnant
when they got married?

Terry: No. I guess I
should have done the math.

Maybe I sort of knew.

Mary: Well, they didn’t
marry because they had to.

They were so in love.

Terry: I’ve never seen
this picture before.

Jean: There was a copy of
it in the living room,

but Mom broke it
during one of her fits.

Dad carries the folded
up picture in his wallet.

Mary: Your mom had
postpartum depression

before anyone called it that.

(crying baby)

Mary: Lucia. Lucia are you there?

(crying baby)


That’s the first time
your mother was -

Jean: Institutionalized.

Terry: I knew she’d
been there but -

I didn’t know the first
time was before I was born.

Mary: Yes. I brought Jean here.

Your father was
working and he couldn’t

take care of her.

He agreed it was for the best.

Terry: How long was she there?

Jean: Three months?

Lucia: Where’s Jerry? I
wan’t to see my husband.

Get the hell away from
me. You tried to kill me,

all of you.

Nurse: Just calm down Lucia.

You’ll feel a pinch. That’s all.

Doctor: Is everything ready?

Nurse: Yes doctor.

(ominous music)

Mary: She seemed to
get better briefly,

but after that it
was a constant cycle.

She got worse after
you were born, Terry.

And after Hank she really
started to deteriorate.

Terry: So what are you saying?

Mary: Oh, honey you
have to understand

your mother’s chemistry
was just never right,

and pregnancy made it worse.

Jean: Around that time
was when she was actually

diagnosed as being bipolar.

That’s why I’ve been talking
to Aunt Mary so much.

I want to help Lily
in every way I can.

Mary: You remember the
fights your mom and dad

used to have?

Terry: A little bit.

Lucia: Leave me
alone. I want to be

by myself.

Jerry: I, um -

Lucia:(screaming) I
said leave me alone!

I want to be by myself!

I hate you! I hate
this fucking house!

Jerry: Lucia! Stop it!

Lucia: I hate this
house! I hate you!

(unintelligible screaming)

Shut up. Stop
talking. Shut up and

stop talking.

Jerry: I am.

Lucia: Shut up and stop talking!

You used to understand me.

You don’t understand me anymore.

Mary: I tried. Your father tried.

You kids spent a lot of
time with me you know?

Whenever your mother
was in the hospital.

I think that’s part of why
your father pampered Hank.

By the time he came along
your mother just didn’t

have much to give.

Terry: I’ve always
been jealous of Hank,

but I thought it was
because he was the only son.

Jean: That might be a
little right, but I think

Aunt Mary’s right.

Terry: I always
loved coming here.

Mary: I never was much of a cook.


But it never seemed
to bother you kids.

Jean: It was like going
on vacation for us.

Mary: Terry, you
have to understand

your mother stopped being
a wife to your father

long before she died.

I don’t mean just sexually
but as a companion,

someone he could
share his life with.

He never would have
left her, but there came

a time when he needed
to have someone else

in his life.

Jean: Mary, I’ve wanted
to ask you did you

know about Helen before I did?

Mary: Yes, I knew.

Your father wanted
someone to know in case

anything happened to him.

He sent checks, regularly
and he wanted to

make sure that they continued.

Terry: And the drinking?

When did that start?

Mary: I don’t know exactly.

He always drank more
than was good for him,

and the worse your mother
got the more he drank.

But this is what you
need to know, Terry.

Your father did not cause
your mother’s mental

illness or her death.

(solemn music)

Terry: Why did she do it?

Mary: I guess it
just got too hard,

and one day she
couldn’t do it anymore.

She loved y’all
very much though.

I do know that.

Terry: You don’t think
I’m like her, do you?

Because of the way I left.

Jean: No. I don’t.

Mary: Oh, I don’t. We’ve
all got problems honey,

but when things got
impossible here you went

somewhere else and
built a new life.

That is healthier than
anything your mother ever did.

And I say that with
all love for my sister.

Jean: Whew.


Terry: Thank you.

Mary: Congratulations
again on your wedding.

Sorry I’ll miss it.

Who’d you get to officiate?

Terry: Oh shit. I knew I
was forgetting something.

Jean: We’ll... figure it out.


Mary: Some role model you are.


Terry: Will Dad be
home at this hour?

Jean: Nope. I’d try Lucky
Seven or Donelly’s.

Those are his two
favorite bars these days.

Terry: I’m just glad
he’s working again.

Jean: I know.

(door creaking)

(people talking)

Terry: Hi Christy.

Christy: Terry Malone.
Damn, it’s good to see you.

I heard you were back.

Terry: How’s it going?

Christy: Pretty good.

Old man McGuire retired
to Florida last summer,

and I got the place
right after I became a


It’s been quite a year.

Terry: Good for you.

Christy: We’re trying
to modernize, you know.

Expand a bit. We
serve lunch now.

Terry: You’re a wild woman.


Christy: Some of the
guys threaten to leave

and never come back.

That lasted about a week.

Terry: Was my dad one of them?

Christy: He was the ringleader.

Now he’s my best customer.

On me.

Terry: Thanks.

I needed this.


Has he been in today, my dad?

Christy: No, not today.

Try Donnely’s I know he
hangs out there a lot

when he’s not here.

Terry: Thanks. I will.

What about Hank?

Has he been in at all lately?

Christy: No. Haven’t seen
him in a couple of years.

Terry: Thanks for the beer.

Christy: Pleasure.

Bobby: Hey cutie.
Where you going?

Terry: Bobby?

I didn’t see you.

When did you get back?

Bobby: A few months ago.


Terry: Sorry, I have to go.

Bobby: Come on, please.


Terry: I’m sorry.
I didn’t mean to -

Bobby: It’s nothing. I
mean at least I made

it home right?

Terry: I heard you were in lraq.

Bobby: Yeah.


Anyway, um, how
long has it been?

Terry: Five years?


Bobby: Yeah, since the
night of the senior prom.

Terry: Yeah.

Bobby: When you dumped me.

Terry: Only because
Johnny told me you were

going to dump me.

I beat you to the punch.

Bobby: Yeah, yeah.

Terry: Christy, I’ll
have another beer and

give Bobby whatever
he’s drinking, on me.

Bobby: Wow.

(solemn music)


Alex: That was the
first good sleep I’ve

had in days.

Of course now I probably
won’t sleep tonight.

Terry: Alex I’m sorry.

Alex: You’re a little late
but it’s no big deal.

Terry: I’m very late,
but that’s not it.

I can’t marry you.

Alex:(laughing) What? You
just suddenly remember

you had a husband?

Because I’ll wait for
you to divorce him.

Terry: No, I don’t
have a husband.

Alex: Do you not want
to move to California?

Because I thought
you liked it there.

I mean we can work
something out.

We can split our
time between the east

and west coast.

Terry: No, that’s not it.

It’s me. It’s my family.
Okay, we’re nothing

but trouble, all of us.

And I’ll ruin your life
the way my mother ruined

my father’s life.

And I love you and that’s
why I can’t marry you.

Alex: What happened?

Terry: What happened?

If you don’t -

Bobby: Uh, IED, improved
explosive device.

It went off
underneath our humvee.

I made it back.

Tim and Javier didn’t.

Terry: I’m sorry.

Bobby: Terry, I’m really
glad I ran into you

because I’ve been
wanting to tell you that

I understand now.

Terry: Understand what?

Bobby: Remember when
we were going out

in high school?

Terry: I remember.

Bobby: Yeah and you were
having those dreams?

I mean that nightmare.

Terry: I still get it
when I come back here.

Bobby: And when you got -

Terry: When I got pregnant?

Bobby: Yeah. When
you got pregnant and

you said you were too
screwed up to have a kid -

Terry: Uh, I don’t know that
I put it quite like that,

but yeah I was in
pretty bad shape.

It was hard after my mom died.

You know? I could barely
take care of myself.

Bobby: I didn’t
get it. I’m sorry.

Because I do now.

You said, um, that you
kept dreaming about

when you found your mom.


Now, now I dream about
the explosion over

and over and over again
except this time it’s

like a split second sooner
and I think to myself

that maybe this
time they’ll live.

You know? Maybe I can save
them and it’s not about

my face you know
because I’m here.

I’m here and they’re not.

And I keep dreaming
it and dreaming it

and it won’t go away.

Terry: When I moved away
the nightmares stopped.

Bobby: Yeah well, I’ve left
Iraq and it still comes.

At least now I know
I’m not the only one.

Terry: Yeah, I know.

Now you see how screwed up I am.

Okay, if I had married
Bobby and had the baby

the way he wanted he
never would have gone

to Iraq.

Alex: I’m sorry sweetheart,
but you give yourself

way too much credit.

Terry: Don’t you understand?

Alex: Yeah, perfectly.
I mean if you did marry

him maybe some horrible
thing could have

happened. And maybe
he was meant to go

to Iraq. I don’t know.

But it’s not your fault
or your responsibility.

Terry: What if I’m
crazy like my mother?

What if these nightmares
are how it started for her?

Alex: And you really
think I’m that sane too?

Terry: You sure seem that way.

Alex: You see this?

Terry: Yeah, that’s from
when you got spiked

sliding into second base.

Alex: No. I lied.
The scar is from

when my grandfather beat me.

After my parents died
in a car accident we

moved in with him.

He was our only
surviving family.

My grandmother had
died the year before.

I mean he loved us,
but you know it’s hard

taking care of two kids
just running around

all the time and the
only way he knew how

to discipline us is to beat us.

Terry: Alex.

Alex: No it’s totally fine hon.

He did what he could.

If I hadn’t gone there
I don’t know where

I would have ended up.

So, don’t think you’re
the only one with demons

because we both have
plenty and they’re

probably going to raise
their ugly faces up

and I’d be lucky to
face them with you.

So, Terry Malone will
you marry me on Saturday?

Terry: I will.

Alex: You sure?


Terry: Yeah.

Customer: Um, let me
get three, no, no, no,

make it four -

Woman in white: Four?

Customer: Of those baguettes.

Woman in white: All right.

Customer: Fresh today?

Woman in white: Yep.
Marco baked them fresh

this morning.

Customer: Okay.

Jerry: Excuse me. Marco around?

Terry: Dad.

Woman in white: Marco!

Marco: What?

Woman in white: Somebody’s
here for you.

Marco: Hey! Jerry!
Jerry: Hey!

Marco: How the hell are you?

Jerry: Oh, I’m good. How are you?

Marco: Ah, I can’t complain.

Jerry: Who’d listen right?

Listen, this is
my daughter Terry.

Marco: Hey.
Terry: Hi.

Jerry: And she’s getting married.

Marco:(speaking Italian)
May you live 100 years.

Terry: Thank you.

Marco: I’m going to
make you the most

beautiful wedding
cake you ever seen.

Terry: Thank you.

Marco: Give me the wedding book.


So, you got a coupon?

Yeah, every Valentine’s
Day I send out coupons.

Buy a three tier cake, get
the fourth one for free.

So, you have a coupon?

Customer: Hey, I’ve got a coupon.

Jerry: Hi, thank you, thank you.

Yeah it’s a coupon
for seedless rye.

Customer: Yeah, yeah
that’s what I wanted,

seedless rye.

Marco: She’s going to give
you your seedless rye

over there.

Marco: Okay. No coupon.

I’m still going to make
you the most beautiful

wedding cake you ever seen.

Terry: All right.

Marco: My friend Jerry here. Huh?

He takes care of my
car 20 years now.

Now, I make his
daughter the most

spectacular cake. Magnifico.


Okay, so when’s the happy day?

Terry: Saturday.

Marco: Saturday. Saturday.

You insult me?

You come to me at
the last minute?

What happened?

What, you went to Jean
the Frenchman first?

Jerry: No. Come on now.

Marco: He made you a
lousy cake and now you

want Marco to bail your ass out?

Jerry: Never.

Marco: Huh? I am an
artist. I’m not a butcher

or a shoemaker.

Jerry: You’re the first
person I came to.

You’re the only
person I’d come to.

This is a last
minute kind of thing.

A little late notice.

Marco: I’m an artist. You know?

Terry: I know. Marco I
know. Just a simple sheet

cake. That’s all.

Marco: Sheet cake?

A sheet cake is a shit cake.

You might as well get
a tray of cookies.

A sheet cake is
not a wedding cake.

Terry: I bet you’ll
make it beautiful.

Just vanilla. Okay?

Marco: Okay. If
that’s what you want,

that’s what you get.

Jerry: Thank you Marco.

Marco: Saturday?

Jerry: Yeah.

Marco: How many people?

Terry:15 or 20.

(Jerry and Steve talking)


Jean:(clears throat)

Is everything set
for tomorrow Terry?

Terry: Yeah. Dad and I
took care of the cake.

So, I think we’re all set.

Except we still don’t have some -

Alex: Yeah, someone to
officiate the wedding.

Jerry: Oh.

Terry: This may just
turn into a reception

without a wedding.

Jerry: Receptions.
That’s the icing

on the sheet cake.


Steve: I wonder
who that could be?

Jean: I think that’s
the minister now.

Jerry: I thought we
didn’t have a minister.

Terry: I thought we didn’t
have a minister either.

Steve: That’s all changed.

Jean: May I present
to you the reverend

Helen Azzolini.

Helen: Ta-da!


Terry: You’ve got to be kidding.

Jean: Thank Steve, it
was his suggestion.

Steve: It’s what I do.

Helen: I was ordained a
Unitarian minister last month.

Alex: Oh.

Terry: I never asked what
you did for a living.

(peaceful cello music)

Lily: You look
beautiful Aunt Terry.

Terry: You do too Lily.

Lily: Where’s your bouquet?

Terry: I don’t have one.

Jean: Yes, you do.

Terry: They’re beautiful Jean.

Thank you.

You’ve been absolutely
wonderful this week,

both of you.

Thank you so much.

Jean: You’re welcome.

Alex seems like a great guy.

I hope you’ll be
very happy together.

Jean: Honey, Dad isn’t here.

Terry: What do you
mean he’s not here?

Steve: He said he’d
be here by 11:00.

It’s 12:15. I’ve been to
all his favorite places.

Nobody has seen him.

Jean: You know Dad.
He always says he’s

going to change. It’s
different this time,

but he never changes.

He’s probably
passed out drunk in

some new dive we
haven’t found yet.

Steve: Sorry Terry. I
really thought I could

find him for you.

Terry: Fuck him.


Jean: Yeah.

Steve: Okay.


Terry: Steve, would you
give me away please?

Steve: Yeah. Yeah I
would be honored.

Come here.

Get some last looks on you.




(bell stops)


Helen: Do you Theresa
take Alex to be your

husband for richer, for
poorer, in sickness and

in health for as long
as you both shall live?

Terry: I do.

Helen: And do you
Alex take Theresa -

Terry: He does.


Helen: You’re family
Terry, but I still need

to hear it from him.

Alex: I do. I definitely do!


Helen: Then by the power
vested in my by the

State of New Jersey
I now pronounce you

man and wife.

You may kiss the bride.



Alex: No, no, no, no.


(cheering and applause)

Terry: All right.

Alex: Look at that. Nice.

That looks good.

Terry: Mm.

Come on.

Sweetie can you
help me with that?

Alex: Yep. There it is.


Got a little bit of that -


That’s yours.

Terry: For service
above and beyond

brother-in-law standard.

Thank you.

Steve: Glad I could be of help.

It’s a lot more
exciting than the weekly

golf game.


Terry: Thanks and apologies
for my bitchiness.

Helen: Oh get out of here.

My first wedding.


Thanks for making it so special.

(people talking)

Hank: Terry!


Hey Terry! What happened
to my invitation?

I guess it got lost in the mail.

Alex: You must be Hank.

I’m Alex. I’m your
new brother-in-law.

Hank: I want to kiss the bride.

Alex: I - don’t think you -

Terry: It’s okay Alex. lt’s okay.

Hi Hank.

It’s good to see you.

Hank: You didn’t invite
Dad either, huh?

Or is he hiding?

Dad, are you in
there? Come on out!

Steve: Let’s go Hank.


It’s okay.

Alex: Now what?

Steve: I thought
you had the plan.


Come on. I’ll call
a buddy of mine.

Have him drive him back
to the shelter where

he’s been living.

Alex: You knew where he was?

Steve: Yeah. I keep
an eye on him.

Jean knows, but she
doesn’t want to know.

You know what I mean?

Alex: I got it. Yeah.

Steve: Welcome to the family.

(solemn music)

Terry: Jean. With the
wedding and everything

you’ve done for me
for us this week

you didn’t need to get a gift too.

Jean: It’s not a real gift.

Steve: It’s more of
an out with the old,

in with the new symbolic
kind of thing gift.

Alex: Open it!

Jean: Lift the box.

Steve: Yeah.

Terry: What is this?

Jean:(whispering) Kill it.

Terry: Really?

Jean: Break it. Shatter it!

It’s the end of things
that made you unhappy

and the beginning of
your life together.

Steve: Do it.

Terry: I love it.

(shattering ceramic)

(baby crying)

(solemn music)