Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le (2016) - full transcript

The story of R&B artist Michel'le, who rose to fame in the late 1980s when she signed on to Eazy-E's Ruthless Records. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I grew up in South Central.

Gangs, guns, and hip-hop
all waiting to explode.

Welcome to my neighborhood.

Dr. Dre, N.W.A.

Homeboy conquering heroes.

I'm proud of 'em.
We all are.

They're like icons
who know how to do it.

Straight outta Compton
and into the world.

Everybody keeps asking me,

"Girl, why you ain't
in their movie?
You was there.

"You was down
with Ruthless Records
right along with them boys."

That movie ain't about me.

That's them telling
the story they want to tell.

History gets told
by the winners.

I got my own history,
my own story,

about a girl
from the 'hood.


It started when I was little.

The seeds of hip-hop.

Cops busting brothers
for just being black.

Gangs replacing families.

Music trading smooth melody
for hard-core rhythm tracks.

Hip-hop was waiting
to explode.

And even back then in Compton,
the fuse was already lit.

Why did you lose your
lunch box? Losing things, huh?

I can't afford that!

I grew up in South Central.

It seemed like somebody
was always getting hit.

Keep trying
to tell you...

Meme, when I get grown,

I ain't never going to let
no man put his hands on me
like that.

So you say.

When a man hits a woman,
it's because,

well, his hands are working
faster than his brain.

And a woman
might be smarter,

but she's still
going to get hit.

Never make a man
want to hit you.

And if you do,
then you fix it.

And you fix
yourself fast, hear me?

So many
of the decisions
you make in life

depend on what
you was taught as a child.

As soon as I could
fake looking 18,

I got a full-time job
working at May Company.

♪ We're on
the shores of nowhere

♪ Looking out to sea

♪ I turn and kiss your face
and you laugh at me

♪ You laugh at me

♪ How do I feel
when I feel like

♪ When I feel like saying

♪ Feel so good,
so right

♪ To be with you tonight

♪ So good, so right

♪ To be
with you tonight

♪ So good, so...

Alonzo Williams.
Grandmaster Alonzo.

Uh, can I help you
with something?

Oh, you sure don't talk
like you sing.

Uh, yeah,
most people don't.

I came here for some socks.

What I really need
is a singer.


My group,
World Class Wreckin' Cru,

about to record
in a few hours.

Girl singer dropped out.
I need somebody fast
I can get on the track.

You want to help me out?

I never
made a record before.

Yeah, but you can sing.
I heard that.

Oh, I don't know.

What? You got something
better tonight?

Come on, Alonzo.
Where she at?

Man, I've been
waiting two hours.
This is fucked up, man.

Is she coming or not?

I'm going
to call Teensy.
No, man, wait.

Look, she coming.
I told y'all she had
to get off work first.

Where the hell
she work, Mars?


Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I don't think
Martians look like that, Dre.

Fellas, this is
the voice we've been
waiting for right here.

All right.

This is, uh...



That's my name.

I'm so sorry. It took
me forever to get here.

I couldn't find the place.

I had to take three buses.

You kidding me.
This bitch sound
like Minnie Mouse.

You don't need to be
calling me names, okay?

I'm here to sing,
so if y'all want
me to sing, cool.

But if not,
screw it and screw you.



The mouse just told me
to screw myself.

Ease up, man. Hey, let's
give her a chance.

Here go the words
right here.

It's called
Before You Turn Out
the Lights.

Dre, play the beat.

That's nice.

Yeah. You just feel
your way in, okay?

You make
the melody,
you hear?

I think so.


Let me grab that.

Oh, thank you.

Put the cans on.

Uh, the what?

The cans, genius.

Here we go.

Play the track, Dre.

Any time, squeaky.

You kidding?

♪ Before you turn off
the lights

♪ Let's get one thing
understood ♪

No way!
Do you hear that?

♪ If you plan
to make love to me

♪ You've got to do it good

♪ 'Cause I'm a hell of a woman

♪ And for me
it takes a hell of a man

♪ So don't you dare
turn off the lights

♪ Unless this you understand

That's a winner,
I'm telling you.

Where does she
even get a voice like that?


Was that okay?

Hell, yeah!

- That was good.
- Yeah, I liked that.

We're going to take it again,
gonna do a little more
with the last bit.

Okay, can you, please?

Sure. Just tell me
what you want.

Hey, so... So, do you, like,
sing for people a lot?

Me? Not really. I usually
just sing for myself.

Um... Alonzo just so happened
to come in my store today.

Alonzo, man,
you are a genius.

Hey, nice find, bro.

Okay, what's your name?

That's beautiful.

We're going to
take it from the top.

- Bye, guys.
- That was cool.

you guys are awesome.

Listen, MICHEL'LE,
you did great.

You did really great.
I wasn't expecting that.

Thank you.
And thanks for having me.
I had so much fun.

Thanks for coming.

I guess I was
a little rude
at first, huh?

Yeah, you were.
But I'm over it.
Good night, Andre.

No, it's just Dre.
I mean, you're not
walking home, right?

Bus, unless you
offering a ride.

Hell, baby, this fool
ain't got no car.

He got one,
but the cops are
holding it hostage.

- Boy don't pay his tickets.
- Never.

Hey, Dre, I need you
to finish the track.

Alonzo, later.

Hey, listen, you know,
I could drive you.

you hungry?

Let's roll.

♪ I know I was wrong

I used to sing when I was sad.

When folks around
me was fighting,
which was always.

Yeah, I feel you.

Can I get
some more syrup?

Just a minute, baby.

It's like when I sing,
nothing else matters.

Kind of just let
the song fill me up

and take me away
from here.


Away from today,

Here you are.

Thank you.

That's what it's like
when I'm making music,
you know?

I'm hearing it
happening in my head,

it's like I'm in
a trance, right?

I mean, it could be
a fire, earthquake.

Hell, a goddamn

and I still wouldn't
turn away from what
I'm seeing.

You know.

You know what I mean?

Music's all I got, Dre.

It's like my secret weapon
to get me up and out of here.

You know what I mean?

Yeah, I do.

It was sweet.

You know,
a sweet connection.

He really wasn't my type.

But at that age,
I really didn't know
what my type was.


Yeah, who is this?

Hold on.

Some boy.
Wouldn't say his name.


Oh, good morning, Dre.


Hold on.


Yeah, who is this?

For the next three weeks,
they called me every morning.

It was sweet.

First Dre would call,
then Eazy, then Dre.

They were both trying hard
to win my attention.



♪ Before you turn
off the lights

That's you,

What are you
talking about?

It's you singing.
Who else sounds like that?

♪ If you plan to
make love to me ♪

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!
I'm on the radio!

I'm singing on the radio!

Well, how much you
get paid for that?


Girl, you do not have
a head for business.

You need to tell them boys
that keep phoning here,

they need to do
better than call.

You need to get paid.

Okay, I'll ask.

No, Alonzo.

Alonzo's supposed
to pay you.

All that money?
All that money goes
straight to him.

World Class Wreckin' Cru,
that's his outfit.

Tosses us a few bucks.

You know, and he keeps
the lion's share.

I mean...

I'm just glad

for the experience,
you know?

It doesn't
seem fair, though,

that Alonzo
gets everything.

No, that's about
to change.

No, we starting
our own crew.
We ditching Alonzo.

Part of the dream, huh?

Yeah, I... I get it.

So, is this where you
take all your dates?

Only ones
with killer voices

that I'm trying
to get closer to.

Oh, trying? Well, you're
pretty close right now.

Shit, I could get closer.


♪ I may be young
But not a fool

So you like it, right?

It's tasting better.


♪ I may be young
But not a fool

♪ I may be young

♪ I may be young
But not a fool

♪ I may be young

♪ I may be young
But not a fool

♪ I may be young

♪ I may be young


Yeah, I like that.

- I like that shit.
- Yeah.

Dre... Yeah.


Whoo! Mmm!

Hey, Dre, man,
I'm telling you, man,
you need to double that.

What you know
about music, fool?

Man, I know what I like.

Yeah, big butts.
Yeah, big butts.

Man, shut up.

So I got the five
basic food groups.

Hennessy, beer,
Bacardi, rum, and chips.

Thank you.

Girl, you a food group
all by yourself.

Eazy, shut up.

- We were like family.
- They were like my brothers.

Except for Dre, of course.

Come here.

Hey, Dre,
it's for you, man.

It's, um...

It's Val.





Please, man,
let me hold your keys.

Um, Val, this girl
I used to go with,

well, she's having
a baby.

Man, shut up, man.

- Man, shut up.
- Oh, he mad at us now.

It's my baby.

Go take care
of your business.

- Yo, yo...
- All right, pops.


Almost every guy I knew
had a baby somewhere.

It was almost like
a Compton rite of passage.

So your new boyfriend
won't come inside, huh?

He's just tired, Meme.

He's been up all night
working on tracks.

Sign says
when a man sleeps
in his car,

he got a woman
pregnant somewhere.

Well, your signs are
a little off, Meme,

because I'm definitely
not pregnant,

and Dre's ex
just had her baby
a few weeks ago.

Signs don't lie.

My grandma's signs were right.

After he just had Val's baby,
he had another one.

Boy or girl?

Twins, maybe?

Look, I messed up, all right?
I should have told you.

I just wasn't
thinking about it.

You really think that
makes it better, Dre?

What do you want
from me?
The truth.

Was you sleeping
with her the same time
you been sleeping with me?

Hell, no.

Do the math, girl. It takes
nine months to make a baby.

We only been together
for five.

Look, we good.

MICHEL'LE, we good.

Everybody else,
that was before.
Before you.

You're gonna take
care of him, right?

I'll take care
of all of them.

How many "all"?

Look, I...
I had three.

It was just three.
Then Val's baby,
now this one.

So, five. You really
got five kids.

Yeah. I think so.

"Think so."

Now who can't do the math?


I didn't take
any of those girls
seriously, okay?

But you, baby,
it's different.

Right. I'm not pregnant, Dre.

Look, I'm trying to
say something here.

Then say it, Dre.


Hey, hey.

Come and live
with me.

Let's do this
you feel me?

Come on. We got
something real here.

I can create
with you and
talk with you.


Baby, we going to fly.

And when I fly,
you fly too.

We can make it out
of these streets,

out of being broke,

and damn sure
straight out of Compton.

Eazy rapped
about stuffin' women.

So why was it funny?
Because Eazy was funny.

We needed to laugh.

Yeah, I'm laughing.

Shit was funny.

But you had to be there
to get it.

To feel it.

That beat was so raw,
and the groove
and the rage was so red

that if Eazy had said,
"Slap yourself, bitch,"

you would have.

It was contagious.

N.W.A. was contagious.

♪ Yeah

I want you guys to see
the big picture, okay?

Beyond here, beyond
little clubs like this.

You guys could be playing
in venues 50 times this size.

where's Dre at?

He needs to be
hearing all this.

Um, he's over there.
Who is that?

You didn't come through
with the money yet, Dre!

That's, um...
That's Val.

That's his baby mama.

Which one?

I'll see my baby
whenever I want.

You know what?
I'm gone.
You don't tell me.

Rap that.

Hey, man, Dre,
get your ass
over here, man.

Sit down.

MICHEL'LE, let's go.

Hey, man, this is
Jerry Heller I been trying
to tell you about.

Why are we here?
Where are we?


Dre, why are we stopping here?

I got work in the morning.


Val, open up!

Hey, man,
what the hell you want?

What you doing here,

Dre, stop!


Dre, stop!

Stop, Dre!

Dre, stop!

Why did you do that?
Shut up!

Dre, if Val got
a new boyfriend,

if you're over her,
so what?

Shut the fuck up!

I had never seen
Dre like that.

Get in the car!

Like, Dre was gone
and some crazy hate took over.

♪ I told you to go

♪ I want to be alone

♪ Alone

♪ I told you to go

♪ I just
want to be alone

♪ Alone

♪ Alone

♪ Yeah


Hell, yeah.

♪ Go

she's killing, man.

That's smooth.


Hey, man.


God damn, man,
that working overtime.

Look at you.

- That was smoking.
- Thank you.

You got some great ideas.
Girl, you all over this album.

Thanks, man.

Yo, check this out.

♪ I told you to go

- I like that.
- Yeah, I like that.

♪ I want to be alone

♪ Alone

♪ I told you to go

Oh, yeah.

♪ I just want to be alone

♪ Alone, alone


♪ Yeah

Mmm! Mmm!

♪ Go

Oh, man.

I ain't never heard nothing
like this before, man.

We breaking the mold.

Yeah, we making the mold.

I'm telling y'all, man,
Ruthless Records
is right on time.

'Cause we some
ruthless motherfuckers.

So I'm guessing that
makes me N.W.A. now?

What, for doing what?
Ho chatter?

Any bitch can do that.



When Jerry Heller
started managing N.W.A.,
the whole world opened up.

The world is waiting,
and it's buying tickets.

New home.

I don't
love you that much.

Small-ass toilet.

- Look at this.
- What?

Got a bathroom.

Oh, man, got food on here.

All right, we got
five cities in five days.


You're going to
be tired, hungry,
grumpy, and smelly.

Guess what?
I don't give a shit.

As long as you deliver
on that stage,

I'll get you all the booze,

sleep and showers
that you need.

Man, what about bitches?

Eazy, shut up!

That you're going to
have to do on your own.
Bitches ain't my job.

Let's roll.

Don't get up.

This affects Dre,
so it affects you, too.

What's up, Jerry?

You're up.

Dre, I think that you have
a prodigious talent.

It's a huge talent
in a very small box.

The stuff you're
doing with rap now,

that's amazing.
All right?

But I think this is
just the beginning.

I think there's
no limit for you.

When we get back,

I want to show you
and MICHEL'LE the world
you've been missing.

What do you mean?

You're going to
have money now, honey.

Money opens up
the world to people,

places, experiences that
you've never had access to.


White world's
opening up.

You could be
our official
tour guide, J.

You know, Dre, you have
a great woman right here.

You take care of her.

♪ Let me hear you say

N.W.A. was blowing up.

Full of controversy.

They was like Elvis to us.

And there were lots of women.

It's raining pussy, yo!

Get on the bus!


Lots and lots of women.


This was only the beginning
of the craziness.

Being on tour might
not be the best thing
for your relationship.

Sometimes in life,
there's just too many titties.

Get your flabby ass
up out of my seat
and away from my man!

You'd better do
what she says.

You don't even have
the decency to put
a goddamn towel down?

Ain't nobody want to sit
on your butt-naked ass print.

I bet y'all think
this is funny.

What if I decided to
throw myself a party

and invite a bunch
of male strippers

and just dudes
from the 'hood

with their Johnsons
all saluting the flag?

That's enough,
that's enough.
Hey, Dre.


What the hell's
Suge Knight doing here?

I can't explain it,

but when I first met
Suge Knight,

I felt this surge
of pure evil fall over
everything around him.

What's up?
N.W.A. kicking ass.

Proud of y'all.
What up?

I'm making
Compton get on the map.

You don't invite a thug,
drug-dealing felon
into your house.

Guy's a lowlife.

That's being judgmental,
Jerry. Relax, man.

Y'all kicking ass, man.

Y'all got even Ken and Barbie
rapping to this shit.


Hi, Jerry.

Beautiful dress.

You look gorgeous.

Give me a little twirl.

You like it?

What happened to my
girl from the 'hood?

Jerry, what's this?

You know, it's squid.
It's delicious.

- Squid?
- Yeah.

Like octopus?

Fish eggs and octopussy.

I mean, white people
eat some crazy shit.

Look at us.

Life is good, right?


Yeah, it is.

You think it could be
like this every day?
You and me?


Yeah, you're right.

Come here.

Hey, man, if he wrote
as much as he smoked,

we might have some
records to work with.

That's funny...

How about you just
come up with some shit
since you not writing?

How about that?

Hey, man. How about
I'm paying for this?

How about this Jheri Curl?

All this shit you talking.

that's what I thought.

I see
y'all playing, man.

We really need to think
of something new.

We trying to.

Yeah, keep
calling me Jheri Curl.

Hey, man, listen...
What's up?

- What's up, baby?
- Usual.

Eazy's mouthing off
about his sex life.

Man, you
a jealous-ass man,
you know that?

- I'm jealous?
- Oh...

I'm just trying
to figure out what's next,
you know what I'm saying?

Man, Dre over there
being a misunderstood genius.

We need something fresh.
How about that?

Yo, yes we do.
We need something.

Keep drinking, man.

How about
you write something?
Shut up, Cube!

let me ask you something.

How would you like
to make a record?

You know, like for real?


If you want it, do it, baby.

Oh, my God!
Yes! I would love to!

Okay, cool.
Let's see what you got.

What I got?

Bring me your material,
and, uh,

you'll be Ruthless Records'
first female artist.

That'd be dope.

So does, like,
that mean I can
get some now?

Come on.
Shut up!

Where are you going?
Where are you going?

Uh, I got to
start writing.

Wait, wait, wait.
Who's going to fetch
us more dinner?

It looks to me
like Peter Pan
and the Lost Boys

got to find a new Wendy.

Where is she going?
And who the hell is Wendy?

I was so excited.

I had so many song
pieces in my head.

But none of them
came together.


I'm hungry.

I left something
for you in the oven.


Yeah. Mmm!

♪ You say you love me

♪ And I think that is true

♪ But every night
my girlfriend tells me

♪ I should watch you

♪ Now I say I trust you

♪ But I want you to know

♪ I'm not a sucker

♪ Chill out,
your nose is
growing, Pinocchio

♪ So now I'm leaving

♪ And you know I tried...

Dre, she gonna
mess around and get
bigger than you, man.

I mean, she damn
sure got more talent.

♪ You say no more lies
And I'll try to understand

♪ But there's
a little exaggeration

♪ In almost every man

♪ Now I say I trust you

♪ But I want you to know

♪ Sounds like you're
crying wolf, baby

♪ I think it's
time for you to go...

She's busting
your balls, bro.


♪ I tried

♪ You don't appreciate
the time I take ♪

Yeah, jams in the club.

That's going to
be a goddamn hit.

I say we release
that as a single.




We got another
genius, Dre.


Beautiful job.

Word up, girl.

So, do you
like it, Dre?



All right.

I got to go.

Jerry, you drive her home.


Hey, man, that's
what I'm talking about.

Hey, good work tonight.

Am I missing something?

You know, uh,
Dre's been drinking
a lot more.

Is everything
all right at home?

Things are what
they are, Jerry.

Dre likes to drink
and he likes
to mess around.

You know that, right?

I'm sorry, MICHEL'LE.

Once the fame hits,
you know, they all do it.

Dre been
drinking and messing around

long before
he was famous.

I mean,
it'd be nice
if he stopped,

but I don't think
he ever will.

Are you all right
with that?

I'm making
a record, Jerry.



Life ain't perfect,
but all dreams cost
something, right?


I was worried...

Everyone said
I should have left then.

Should have got out
while I still had
one eye working.

He was crying.

He was crying.

But I couldn't
leave Dre then.

I kept hearing Meme
telling me how it was

in a man's nature
to hurt the one he loved.

I was both
terrified and grateful
that Dre loved me.

Women been singing
their pain

for as long as
there's been music.

Women voices let
the world know exactly
what hurt them and why.

But in rap,
the women stop singing.

And without their voices
to anchor their truths,

the women were just
bitches to be slapped

and/or ho's to be
passed around.

Rap was about rage,
not beauty.

Rap hated most women
because it had to
hurt somebody.

And it did.

You're late.

Let's get started.

We're waiting here.

♪ There's no reason why

♪ We should be apart

♪ Mmm-mmm

♪ No, baby

♪ 'Cause searching
for something out there

♪ Will leave
two lonely hearts

♪ We've come too far
to let it all end

♪ I've told you
over and over again

♪ How I feel inside

You stopping already?

I gave you this track
a week ago. Where is it?

This ain't brain surgery.
Sing the song.

What is it,
it's almost cocktail hour?



Sing the hook.

And you sing it
like you feel it,

or I'll make you feel it
when you get home.

Dre, the hook
ain't working.

If it ain't working, fix it.
You too stupid to do that?

Sing the song,
stupid bitch. Now!

Dre, I can't...
I can't work like this.

Look, you sing
the hook.

You sing it
like you feel it,

or I'm going to
make you feel it
when we get in the car.

Play the damn track.

♪ We've come too far
to let it all end

♪ I've told you
over and over again

♪ How I feel inside,
but if you go

♪ Baby, there's something
you should know

♪ Something you should know

♪ There's something
in my heart

♪ And it's got me
hooked on you

♪ Uh-huh

♪ It's got me hooked on you

Hey, why do I
have to wear this?

It's hot, and I can
barely move in it.

Because it's the look
I want for you. Enough.

You know I don't
like you wearing
a lot of makeup.

I need a weave, Dre.

Really, I'm going
to start dancing,

and it's going to
sweat my hair out.

At least send a stylist.
I'm your stylist.

What the hell
you know about it?

Dre, come on!

Hey, hey. Give her what
she wants. Calm down.

You talking to me, Jerry?

Look at me.
I'm Dre. I ain't Eazy.
You don't run me.

Man, I'm gonna run
your head into
a motherfucking wall,

if you keep holding up
this production, man.

Let's go.
We ain't got all day.

♪ To know, just ask me
and I'll say I'm nicety


♪ Oh, oh, oh, say I'm nicety

♪ Nicety

♪ It's got to be nicety

♪ Oh, oh, oh

Cut! Cut, cut.

Hold up, hold up.

Is everything okay, Eaz?

That's what I'm
about to ask you.
You all right?

It's this
turtleneck and the jacket.

It was Dre's idea.

He wants me to
look like somebody's
dancing grandma.

Say what? Huh?

Bring your ass.

- Dre...
- Shut the fuck up!

Who you talking to?

Oh, man.

- We got to do something.
- That's messed up.

That's not right.

Where's MICHEL'LE?


She's fine,
all right?

All right,
everyone. Take five.

Hey, I'm talking
to you.

Get off me.
What's wrong with you, man?

You ain't got to
do her like that, man.
She a sweet girl.

What's wrong with you, man?

What, you
in charge here, huh?

No, you ain't.

Handle this shit, Jerry.

Look, you should
seriously leave his ass.

How much more of this
shit you got to take?

E, I'm fine.
You don't got to
deal with this.

I'm fine, E.

Jerry, take care of her, man.

- No, we can start.
- He's right.

Look, I'm fine.
Let's just go.
Stay here.

Stay here.
I want
to shoot my video.

I'm good. Let's just start.

I'm ready.

Can somebody play
the music, please?


Hey, Eazy.

Listen, Dre's headed home.
Full tank.

He's drunk as hell.

You really need to get
the hell out of there.
You hear me?

All right.
All right.

I started to premedicate.

Booze, pills.

Never had to buy my own drugs.

If I got myself drunk,
Dre's fist didn't hurt
as much.

Why didn't I leave his
two-fisted drunk ass?

That's what you're
thinking, right?

Well, guess what?

I don't know.

And I didn't understand love.

Not at all.


Come on.

Please don't go.

Dre, no!

Please, please!
Please don't go.


Was I weak?
Was he strong?

I couldn't tell you.

I didn't know what love was.

Despite how things
were with Dre,
my career was taking off.

My album went gold.

And suddenly,
I was blowing up everywhere.

He's still at it?

It's gotten
worse, Meme.

I don't know what
I'm doing wrong.

Baby, if you love him,
you'll put up with it.

It's up to you how
much you can take.

But just think of it as a job
that pays you well.



Look at you.

I'm proud of you.
Thank you.

You hang in there. Mmm?

Bye, Meme.

- Oh!
- Champagne.

You're too good to me.

You should feel
very proud of yourself.


You sold 500,000 copies.

That's gold, MICHEL'LE.

You... You are a superstar.

What do you want
to do next?


Jerry, I don't know.
I'm just so happy.

This is... I always
dreamed of this.

You know, me and Dre,
we used to talk about...

Hey, hey, hey.

This is about you,
not Dre.



You like to travel?

Uh, yeah.


How would you like
to open up for MC Hammer?


You want me to
make a call right now?
Tell him you said yes?

Well, I got to
ask Dre first,
obviously, you know?

MICHEL'LE, really? Come on.


I cook for Dre.

How long would I be gone?
I mean, I clean the house.

Dre's going to be
on tour himself.

So who cares if
he has to cook?

you need this time alone.

Body and soul,
am I right?

♪ Can't touch this

And off I went on my own.

It was wonderful.

The dancers, musicians.

For the first time,
I had friends
who loved what I loved.

I never worked harder
in my life.

But I loved
every minute of it.

Without Dre,
I was living clean

and having
the best time
of my life.

It's 3:00 a.m.

Who are you fucking?

Dre, when the hell
did you get here?

What you been doing?


Don't touch me, Dre.

A bunch of us went
out to eat, okay?

What the hell you
expect me to do, huh?

Eat alone?

You gained some weight.

But you look good.

Did not, Dre.
Yeah, you have.
Right here.

Right here.

Do you miss me?


I can't
have a baby, Jerry.

I can barely
keep myself sane.

you have time,
all right?

This doesn't need to happen.
Nobody needs to know.

Dre finds out,
Jerry, he'll kill me.

This isn't Dre's choice.

What's not Dre's choice?


I'm pregnant, Dre.

That's great.

I don't think
that's great, Dre.

Not right now,
you know?

Maybe in a few years,

but I can't have
a baby right now, Dre.

I know
excellent doctors, okay?
They can perform...

Shut the fuck up, Jerry!

Are you talking about
killing my child?

Leave now, Jerry.

Dre, Dre, come on, think
about her career, all right?

She's just getting started.

Jerry, you should go.
He's right.

This is between
me and Dre.

I will not leave
you here alone.


Now, Jerry.

I'm right
outside, MICHEL'LE.

If you weren't
pregnant with my child,
I'd kick your ass.

By the time
the Hammer tour ended,

I was three-and-a-half
months pregnant.

Dre was due back
from his own tour,

so I came back home
a couple of days early
to put the house in order.


Who are you? What are
you doing in my house?

That girl is five
inches and 45 pounds
bigger than you.

You ought not to be
bookin' with my baby
on the way.

That bitch
was in my bed.

I told you.

Stop lying.

Of course you were
sleeping with her.
You moved her in here.

It was just temporary.

This ain't temporary.

This was actually
your call.

You changing your mind?

Or you trying to tell me
I'm about to be

another one of your
five, six, seven...

Marry me.


We might as well.
Look at us.

Look at everything
we've been through.

Will marrying me stop you
from fooling around
with other women?

I mean, we are
who we are, right?

You know
what I'm saying?


Come here.

Give me a kiss.

Dre was right.
We were who we were.

At least he was who he was.

I was still
trying to figure out
who I was to him.

To myself.

And to this new soul
living inside me.

Come on.
Come on, easy now.

Dre, be careful.
Don't you make
me drop my baby.

Now, you ain't
dropping nobody.

All right, all right,
all right.

Open your eyes.

Come here.
Come here, bud.


For once, Marcel,
Mommy ain't got
nothing to say.

It was big, cold.

A token, not a home.

The truth was,
I felt it was just his.


Jerry don't own me, man.

Stay and get screwed
if you want to,

but I ain't no slave, Dre.

- What about the group?
- What about the group?

Don't say that to me.

Take him out of here!

I had it, man.

We made Jerry
and Eazy millions,
and what have we got?

What have we got
to show for it?


I'm done.

Didn't I tell you
to shut that baby up?

You got so many kids
you can't even remember
Marcel's name?

Where's my fucking
money, Jerry?

No, it ain't in no mail.


I ain't had no
motherfucking mail
since I moved in here.

We don't have no mailbox.

Man, this ain't
The Beverly Hillbillies.

You better give me my money.
It's the last I'm gonna ask.

I ask you one more time,
you know what I'm going to do.

You're rich, Jethro.

You calling Jerry back?

Jerry who?

Look at that Beamer
with the bow.

Is that yours
or is that mine?

It's my birthday present.

I know, I know.

Wow. My nigga gave me
some flowers.

I think I'm going
to kill him.

Happy birthday.

Your place off
the chain, girl.

Oh, damn.

He's going to squash
that munchkin Eazy
like a bug. Mmm-mmm-mmm.

Man, last I checked,
man, you were nothing
but a bodyguard.

I don't like
when he's around.

Yeah. Come on,
we got to get
this going.

You think
you some kind of
player now, huh?

You take your head
out of that dude's
back pocket and take a look,

you'll see
I'm telling the truth.

is being pimped, fellas.

What the hell
you talking about?

Maybe you like
being a bitch.

What the fuck
you say to me?
Eaz, man, chill.

Get his ass out of here, man.

Man, this is
my house.

Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, guys. Food's ready.

- Is anybody hungry?
- What's up, baby?

If you cook anywhere
as good as you sing,
I'm in trouble.

Suge, meet
my superstar,

Happy birthday, MICHEL'LE.

Thank you, Suge.

Got a present for you.

That's for you.

Go ahead, open it.

Oh, my God.
Put it on, Dre.

It's beautiful.


You should put that
on your next album cover.

See, I put money
in my artists.

Not Jheri curls.

I got to get back to
the grill. Thank you.

All right, baby.

Hmm. You got a winner.

It's a party, man.

Oh, shoot.
Are you okay?

Holy sweet Lord,
baby Jesus.

It's a present
from Suge Knight.

For real?

Take this off me.

I don't want nothing
about that gangster
hanging around my neck.


Sure, you don't
got to ask me twice.


Now, everybody,
it's Michel'le's
birthday party.

I was standing
on top of the world.

Or at the edge of a cliff.

It's all
a matter of perspective.

Oh, my God, Dre!

Do you feel that?

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God.
Now, come on.
We got to get out.

I want to drive.

Nice ride, B.

Thank you.

You ought to get
rid of that bitch
you're riding with

and let a real man
ride with you.

Say what?
Dre, calm down.

They're drunk, we drunk.
It don't mean nothing, baby.

Yo, Dre,
you want to blow me?

Same reason why Cube
left the group, right?

Because you always
trying to screw him?

Dre, no. Stop.

What's up, nigga?
What's up?

Yo, Eaz, man,
we got to talk.

Yeah, meet me at
the office in one hour.


Punk boy.

You headed
out again?

Why don't you mind
your own business?

Why you got a gun, Dre?

Because Suge said.
You listen to Suge now?

You taking tips
from a thug?

Well, that thug
is getting our
contracts back.

Is that why
you meeting Eazy?

Ruthless Records,
Eazy, Jerry.
That's all history.

Now we rolling with Suge.

Eazy and Jerry are
our friends, Dre.

What about N.W.A.?

Man, fuck N.W.A.!

Let Jerry and Eazy go
jerk each other off.

Don't you think
you should have talked
to me about this, Dre?

That necklace,
was that supposed
to buy me?

What'd he buy you with, Dre?

Shut the fuck up!

Hey, come get this baby!

What kind of mother are you?

♪ La-dee-da
21-40, in between I reside ♪

The Death Row crowd
just had a different vibe.

♪ I control everything

♪ The secrets of mankind
The one-world fling

♪ I'm a dragon

♪ Never gave the organization
With closed caption

♪ Make it happen
Watch them grown
into assassins

♪ Red dust
Where your ashes be ♪

It's like
feeding time at the zoo
I do not want to visit.

Well, I am doing
everything over

in the ugliest fabric
I can find.

I told the designer
to make it thug-proof.

Ah. A couple of
stainless steel benches
will do just fine.

Prison cell chic.

your man wants
a threesome.

Tell him he can
screw himself twice.

Do you know why he
likes you so much?

Because you keep
his house clean.

Oh, no, she didn't.

Should I kill her?
She'll stain your carpet.

Good point.

Look at that ho.

Excuse me?


Folks want more chicken.

I look like
Colonel Sanders to you?

Say what?

Oh, my God, MICHEL'LE.

What you doing?

Yo, Dre, man,
let's take this
to the studio, man.

Yo! I'm going
to say this once.

Everybody get the hell
out of this man's house.

Get out!

Turn off the music.

I'll get my guy
to clear your house,
all right?

♪ Headed towards death
in the Impala

♪ It's all for a G
without a father

♪ Mama praying,
hoping for the lottery

♪ Keeping hope alive
Living out these prophecies

♪ Ain't nobody killing me

♪ Fifty others,
but the blast
on our enemies ♪

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I think we killed
that one, y'all.

Lay that. Come on in.

♪ Go proud on my enemies

You know what I'm saying?

Love you, homeboy.

Oh, my God.

Pac, that was amazing.

Think so?

What? You were just
right in every pocket.

Shut the hell up, stupid.

This man don't want
to hear your shit.

You sound like
you want to suck him off.

Pac, I'm gonna lay it.
I'll get at you later.

All right, my boy.

You want to
suck me off?

That was amazing
in there.

I'm just living my dream.

What about you?

Are you living
your dream?

Dre says we're gonna
finish my album.

I feel like I'm
locked in a cage.

And my dreams are just
so far away from me.

If I can get my dream,
as jacked up as I am,
you can get yours.



Mommy, I'm hungry.



You got to be kidding.

Suge Knight. Leave a message.

Suge, it's MICHEL'LE.


Dre's been gone
for two weeks.

I have no car,
no keys, no cash.

And he didn't pay
the light bill.

He let them
turn our lights off.

Please, just...

Suge, if you could tell him
that I need money.

Diapers, food.

The baby's out
of his vitamins.

Please just...
Just have him call me.

Damn it, Dre.

What are you making?



It's Daddy, Marcel.
Come on.

Let's go see Daddy.

Oh, my God.

Come in.

Thank you, Suge.

I mean, to think
you came out of your house
in this weather.

I got kids.

I know what it's like.

What's up, little man?


It's raining.

I know it's raining.

It is raining.

And I want that thing.
There you go.

Dre's a genius,

but he don't got no right
to dog you the way he do.


I know.

Bye, little man.

We got to get you
back in the studio.

What's up, baby?

The nice thing
about prescription drugs
is you don't feel nothing.

The terrible thing
about prescription drugs
is you don't feel nothing.

I was trapped.
I didn't see Dre much.

Vicodin, Xanax, Ambien, Zoloft
were my new best friends.

That night, I binged.

I drank, smoked, took pills.

What did it matter?

It's like I took
a long overdue vacation
from life.

From reality.

♪ You were getting teased
And it scarred you
when you were young

♪ Now you're getting older
And you been on your grind

♪ Your paper off the scale
So you feel like it's time

♪ So you got a nose job
That's the primary thing

♪ People teased you as a kid
And for some reason you hid

♪ Always into high fashion
Girl, you heavy like lead

♪ Liposuction out your shell
Like a chick in an egg

♪ Feeling confident
But now you're
becoming obsessed

♪ First your nose
Then your weight

♪ Now your butt
And your breasts

♪ It's a vanity fair
Cosmetic overdose ♪

So, you really MICHEL'LE?


I am.

You know, I was
doing hard time
a few years ago.

I used to hear you
on the radio.

Your voice, your singing,
kept me alive in there.

So, why you not
singing no more?


You know...

I had a baby.

But I'm gonna
sing again. I am.

I'm going to create
a new album

with Death Row Records.

I'm going to do that.

Marcel! Marcel!


No. Marcel!



No, please!

Yo, T, T, T, T.

Not her, man.
It's MICHEL'LE, man.
She's my friend.

Yo, come on, man.
Let's go.
Happy graduation, asshole!


I got to go.

No, no. MICHEL'LE,

Raise it up.
Exactly. Raise up the tempo.


♪ I run through your zone
Like it's land I own

♪ Easy come, easy go
Like cash I've blown

♪ I've shown in the fire
The desire full grown... ♪

I need money
to go to rehab.

I got to get
better, Dre.

Go take some 7UP
and some aspirin.
That always works.

No, Dre.

Dre, this is not a hangover.

I got to get clean.
'Cause I have to be over it.

I want Marcel
to be safe.

Fuck what you want.

I want to be
a family, Dre.
Fuck what you want.

Look, I got an artist
in the booth. All right?

Can't you see that?
Why are you bringing me
your shit?

I got to be
with family, Dre.

Man, take five.



What is wrong
with you?

You a mess.
Man, get your
shit together.

Don't walk out on me!

MICHEL'LE, if you're serious,
I can get you into rehab.

They can fix you.

But it's going
to take work.

You ready
for that?



You're going to leave now.

Don't tell
or call anybody
where you're going.

How's the little man?

He's safe.

Listen, I'm going
to make sure he has
everything he needs.

But you got to go.


And so,
Suge Knight, the man
I had been so afraid of,

turned out to be
an angel in my life.

I always thought
recovery meant

finding something
you had lost.

For me, though,
it was finding
strength I never had.

Looking at myself,
I didn't find a whole lot
that made me happy.

I'm sorry.

I started writing every day.

Lyrics, poems, apologies.

Road maps for a way
into a new life.

I came back
from the edge.

I got sober,
clean, healthy.



Take five.
Come here.


Gosh, you look

Thank you, Suge.

Really, I mean,
you saved my life.

No, only you
could've done that.

I just take care
of my people.

Look who's healthy
and strong.

What's up?
What's going on?

What's going on?
I'm awesome.

Suge. You heard
my new track?

Man, you ain't
never getting no
airplay with that.

Suge, fuck airplay, man.

This is my truth, man.
This is how I'm feeling.

I bet you if Dre was here,
Dre would've been like...

Yo, Dre ain't here!

You want to talk
about truth?

Truth is,
I pay for your time.

You'd be nothing
but a broke-ass,

unknown baby rapper
if it wasn't for me.

So, fix the hook.

When you ready,
we can start on your album.

I'm ready now.

Great. I got some songs
for you I picked out.

Suge, you know I've always
written my own songs.

That wasn't writing.

That was improvising off of
Dre's half-assed tracks.

I'm talking about
crossing over into,

like, pop stardom.

I'm talking about
Janet Jackson, Whitney.

Come on.

I mean, whatever
you say, Suge.

I really just can't
believe how big he is.


Here you go, baby.
Thanks, Meme.

Rehab was so good.

It really gave me time
to just think about me,

and what I want,
and what I need.

You know,
what's best for Marcel.


I think I've been
teaching you
the wrong things.

About men.

Your life
wasn't like mine.

It just wasn't.

Today's woman
has got to stand up
for herself.

Don't you ever

let that goddamn Dre
hit you again.

I'm not
going back to Dre, Meme.

Finally. Phew!

It's a damn shame
that heifer gonna
get all your stuff.

You didn't tell her?

Tell me what?

Dre got engaged
soon after you left.

The wedding's this Thursday.

T, I don't care.

I've spent enough of my life
talking about Dre, okay?

The best thing about
Dre is right there,
playing with them toys.

Is it okay if he just
stays a little bit longer?

You know, just until I
feel strong, Meme. I...

I really don't want
to mess up again.

Of course he can.

Come here.

Thank you.

What do you want?



You look amazing.

You got no business here, Dre.

We got a kid together.

And you still don't use
Marcel's name.

I just want to talk.

You going to
let me in or what?

Thank you.


This is real nice.

What you doing here, Dre?

You know, when you left,
things changed.

I heard about
your wedding.

I ain't talking
about them changes.

It's Death Row.


You know, he's trying
to control me
and break me down.

But I'm breaking loose.

I'm starting
my own label.


You know, Pac.
He hates Suge.

He wants in with me.
I want you to come, too.

We're gonna start
your album...
And what, Dre?

You know me better
than anybody, MICHEL'LE.

We've been through
so much together.

Baby, we ain't got
to end things now.



Get out, Dre.

Who you with?


Not Suge!

Are you fucking
Suge Knight?

Dre, get out,
or I'm calling
the police.

And this ain't Compton.
They come real quick here.

You know,
you making a mistake.

So this...

So, this is how we
going to end this?

Go home to your wife, Dre.

And he was gone.

And I was free.

You look beautiful.

And armed.

Can I come in?


People ask me
if I slept with Suge
to punish Dre.

I didn't.

People ask me if
I slept with Suge

to pay him
for his kindness to me.

And that's not true either.

Suge was kind,
at least in the beginning.

And kindness was new.

I slept with him
because I wanted to.

I'm a big man
with big appetites.

I already
got a wife.

I don't need
another one.

If you'd be my lady,
a part of my city,

I'd make sure
you'd want for nothing.

Let's do the math here.

Dre offered great sex,
brilliance, no respect,

chaos, violence,
hidden baby mamas.

Whereas Suge offered kindness,
generosity, limited sex,

job security,
access to power,

and a chance at a dream
I thought was dead.

So, hate me if you want to.

I said yes.

rapper was in the back seat
of a black BMW,

part of an informal
convoy of 10 cars,

when Las Vegas police
say shots were fired
from a passing white Cadillac.

Turns out
the same night Pac was shot,

Suge violated his parole
by getting into a fight.

Cops saw it all on video.

The judge gave Suge
five years.

My name is Peter Fenkel.

I handle business
matters for Suge Knight.

This is your
security detail, ma'am.

Security? What?

No, this is my house.

I don't need no bunch of
security running around...

This house
belongs to Suge Knight.

Here are his rules.

When most people go to jail,

their presence in the
outside world gets weaker.

It was not that way with Suge.

Mr. Knight
wants you to help

manage Death Row
while he's indisposed.


He's in jail, not on a toilet.

I want to talk to him.

He's not allowed
visitations yet.

I'll let you know
when it's time.

I don't like this.

Look, you'll be paid
$30,000 a month

to follow
his orders,

as delivered
through me.

Thirty grand a month?

Sign here.

I was not to
make or attempt contact
with Dre or Tichi.

Suge even restricted visits
with my own grandmother.

For one year,
I didn't see Suge.

I had plenty of money,
nowhere to go,

and nothing to spend it on.

You look
beautiful, baby.

I missed you, girl.

You look really good, Suge.

I didn't notice you say
you miss me.

Suge, it's just the detail
you sent me, it's too much.

I just kind of feel like...

I just kind of
feel like I'm...

What, a prisoner?

There's people out there
that want me dead.

And the closest thing
to get to me
is to get to you.

But, look, the good news is,

you'll be able to visit
every weekend

during the duration
of my stay.


I have my son on weekends.

I remind you,
he's paying you
$30,000 a month.

Time's up.

See you next weekend.

On Thursdays,
I went to jail.

It was like clockwork,
week after week.

But, Marcel's seventh birthday
was falling on the weekend.

I was determined
to give him a party.

So, I decided to
visit Suge a day early
so I could get back in time.

for Marion Knight.

What are you doing here?

This is my day.

Your day for what?

Don't try that.
This has been my day
for the past year.


Suge always said that
he would take Dre's label
and his bitch.

You ain't nothing
but a trophy.

You don't get shit, do you?

Hey! What the hell?
Are you kidding me?

I was here first.

Calm down, ma'am.
This is not fair.
I can escort myself.

You disobeyed me.

I got the things
the way they are
for a reason.

But you
didn't ask me...

I'm sorry.

If you would have,
I would have
told you any days

but Thursday
through Sundays
were fine.

But you didn't ask me.

I can't do this
anymore, Suge.

But you can keep your money.
I'll move out.

Who do you love
most, MICHEL'LE?


Is it your grandmother?
Your little boy, Marcel?

Is it your friend Tichina?

I bet it's Marcel.

He played T-ball today, right?

4:00 p.m.?

Dre's son.

Great Dre's son.

Thursday through Sunday
is completely fine, Suge.

I want to marry you, girl.


But, Suge, you're
already married.

It's been taken care of.

Taken care of?


Annulled, actually.

Well, I'm flattered,
Suge, really.

But, I just don't think...

You don't have a choice.

I need you, and you owe me.

I can't run
my business out there

without someone
I can legally trust.

Okay. What about
your Tuesday bitch?

She already married.

Look, we get married,
and from then on,

we can meet every week
at the cottage.

Conjugal visits.

Mrs. Knight.

The Good Ship Lollipop

had just become the Titanic.

I was so excited.

Not for him, for me.

For his release meant
my freedom, too.

I could have my life back.

This was his homecoming,

but it was
my getting-out party.

Oh! Lights out.
He's coming, he's coming.


Baby, welcome home.

Who that?

How much is this
going to cost me?

Just have a drink.
Welcome home.

All right, keep
the music up.

Out of my way!

Who's ripping off Death Row?

After prison, Death Row
had financial troubles.

Suge was not happy.

I'm not going
down like this!

Get my car.

What's this, motherfucker?

See that right there?
Death Row. That's me.
Suge Knight.

What the fuck
you standing here for?

Get my car.
Man, get my car!

So, Suge,
you say you need product.

What about my album,
Hang Tyme?

It's finished,
and it hasn't
been released.

You're going to
bring that shit up?

Yeah, I was
just waiting on
the right time.

Fuck your album!

Talking about
singing about

you in love with
the wrong man?

You talking about Dre,
aren't you?

You're hurting me.


You living on my dime,
eating food that I paid for,

and you talking about
loving about Dre? Huh?


Give us a minute.

Listen, I told nothing to 'em.

We was playing football.
You got hit with a pass,

hear me?

You got hit with a football.

All right?
Sir, we need
to get going.

All right,
don't tell 'em
nothing else.

don't leave ring prints.

Tell the police.

Take his ass
back to jail.

What good will it do?

Suge in jail
is just as powerful

as Suge out of jail.

It ain't right.

If you don't leave,
your ass gonna get killed.

No, I won't.


You got

Huh? You hear me?

Suge loves kids.

What? Kids?


What y'all girl
talking about?

Oh, my God!

I was pregnant.

That's what saved me.

My baby girl's name is Bailei.

And while I was trying
to be the best mom
I could be to her...

I'm going to court.
Make sure you bring
the baby.

I want the judge to know
I'm a family man.

Six months.

Suge was out thugging
and getting arrested.

I saw my chance.

I took Bailei
and moved back in
with Grandma.

Then all hell broke loose.


you're wanted from the U.S.
Department of Justice.

Go ahead and
put that down.
That's evidence.

Are you aware that
there are three houses

and 42 cars bought by
Mr. Knight in your name?

I didn't know.

As Mr. Knight's wife,
the court would hold you
responsible for his debts.

Do you recognize these?


Yeah, it's the
papers and stuff

Suge's lawyer
told me to sign

when we were
getting married.

Well, Miss Toussaint,
these papers are bogus.

You were never
legally married
to Marion Knight.

He never divorced
his wife.

You son of a bitch.

You're back.

Bitches always come back.

You weak, selfish,
lying thug.

Bet y'all didn't know
big, bad Suge

needed to hide
behind a woman's titties.

What the hell
you talking about?

It's all fake.

Fake artists, fake papers,
fake deals.

Fake marriage.

None of it was real.

I got a baby
on you, bitch.

Bailei's real.

Bailei exists
'cause God was trying
to get my attention.

Trying to get me
to look at my own
damn, pitiful life.

You ungrateful, stupid bitch.

I gave you everything.

You gave me hell
dressed up
in dollar bills.

I'm gonna crush you.

No, you won't.

'Cause I won't let you.

They coming for you, Marion.

And when they do,
I'm telling them
every damn thing I know.

You know what happens

when people
threaten me, right?

You want to shoot me?

'Cause it's going to take
more than some bullets

to keep the truth
from grabbing your ass.

I'm not scared of you,
Suge Knight.

It's your turn to be scared.

Baby, you deserve
so much better

than this world
of rap and rage.

This is not for you.

You and your brother Marcel
deserve so much better.

Don't you ever let
anybody hit you.

No matter what, okay?

And don't you ever,
ever trade your freedom

for security or power.

You got to own
yourself, Bailei.

Baby, you got to own yourself.

I grew up. Had to.

My life became my kids.

I had children to raise,
to protect.

Legal fines to pay,
homework to check,
and rent to dig up.

I had to start over.

And this time,
I had to do it on my own
and get it right.

♪ There were times

♪ I remember

♪ Had to fight

♪ Just to hold my head up

♪ Those times when
even my friends tried

♪ To make a fool of me

♪ There were things
that my heart attacked

♪ That they just couldn't see

♪ Some said I was hopeless

♪ Mind tangled in the night

♪ Strong hearts
Just keep on going

♪ And that is why
I'm still standing here today

♪ If you're lost

♪ In your troubles

♪ And the world

♪ Just seems
to forget you

♪ If you remember sunshine

♪ Even on your darkest day

♪ Just follow
what your heart says

♪ And you will find the way

♪ Some said
that I was hopeless

♪ A mind
tangled in the night

♪ Strong hearts
Just keep on going

♪ That is why

♪ I'm still
standing here today

♪ Come together

♪ Raise up your voices

♪ This time
my song of love and life

♪ It won't go away

♪ I'll sing forever

♪ Here in the sunshine

♪ I've lived to see the sun
break through the storm

♪ And I'm so glad
I'm standing here today

♪ I'm standing

♪ I'm standing

♪ And I'm so glad

♪ I'm still
standing here today ♪

I'm so glad
I'm standing here today.