Superman Returns (2006) - full transcript

Following a mysterious absence of several years, the Man of Steel comes back to Earth in the epic action-adventure Superman Returns, a soaring new chapter in the saga of one of the world's most beloved superheroes. While an old enemy plots to render him powerless once and for all, Superman faces the heartbreaking realization that the woman he loves, Lois Lane, has moved on with her life. Or has she? Superman's bittersweet return challenges him to bridge the distance between them while finding a place in a society that has learned to survive without him. In an attempt to protect the world he loves from cataclysmic destruction, Superman embarks on an epic journey of redemption that takes him from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
You will travel far, my little Kal-El.

But we will never leave you...

even in the face of our deaths.

You will make my strength your own.

You will see my life through your eyes...

as your life will be seen through mine.

The son becomes the father,
and the father the son.

In spite of your past...

I know you're a good man.

And all good men...

deserve a second chance.

From the moment
I received your first letter...

I knew you were not like the rest.

You came from nothing...

and you worked so hard
to get where you are.

You might have made a few mistakes.

- Gertrude, for God's sake!
- Damn it, Gertrude, let us in now!

You said that if I helped you
get out of prison...

- you'd take care of me.
- Mm-hm.

And you have.

You've shown me pleasures
that I've never known.


That's why you deserve...


I love you...

Lex Luthor.

Gertrude, let us in. He's a crook.

He doesn't love you, Gertrude!

He's a monster! Gertrude!

- You can keep that.
- Oh, God.

The rest is mine.

We're done.

Bye, Martha.

Oh! Oh.

Oh, Clark.

Oh, my boy.

Will you get that thing out of my face!

Lex, your friends give me the creeps.

Prison is a creepy place, Kitty.

One needs to make creepy friends
in order to survive.

Even a man with my vast talents
is worth less inside...

than a carton of cigarettes and
a sharp piece of metal in your pocket.

Do you know the story of Prometheus?
No, of course you don't.

Prometheus was a god who stole
the power of fire from the other gods...

and gave control of it to mortals.

In essence, he gave us technology.
He gave us power.

So we're stealing fire? In the Arctic.

Actually, sort of. You see, whoever
controls technology controls the world.

The Roman Empire ruled the world
because they built roads.

The British Empire ruled the world
because they built ships.

America, the atom bomb,
and so on and so forth.

I just want what Prometheus wanted.

Sounds great, Lex, but you're not a god.

Gods are selfish beings
who fly around in little red capes...

and don't share their power
with mankind.

Hey, boss.

We found something.

No, I don't wanna be a god.

I just wanna bring fire to the people.

And I want my cut.


Was this his house?

You might think so. Most would.

This is more of a monument
to a long dead...

and extremely powerful civilization.

This is where he learned who he was.

This is where he came for guidance.


Endless possibilities.

You act like you've been here before.

My son...

you do not remember me.

I am Jor-El.

I'm your father.

By now, I will have been dead
many thousands of your years.

- He thinks I'm his son.
- You are the only survivor of Krypton.

Embedded in the crystals before you is
the total accumulation of all literature...

and scientific fact
from dozens of other worlds...

spanning the 28 known galaxies.

There are questions to be asked.

Here in this...

This Fortress of Solitude...

we shall try to find
the answers together.

Can he see us?

No, he's dead.

So, my son...



Tell me everything...

starting with crystals.

Hey, boy.

On Tuesday, between support...

Hindered the firefighting efforts
for all those...

Police have finally arrived and
it's still complete mayhem down here.

Fighting broke out in the
southernmost region...

with border fire
and small-arms attacks prevalent.

Don't worry, I buried it this morning.

It was futile trying to force
him to testify before a grand jury.


Five years.

If your father was alive,
he never would have let you go.

I almost gave up hope.

I just thought
I would never see you again.

Oh, Clark.

Did you find what you were looking for?

I thought, hoped...

it might still be there.

Your home?

That place was a graveyard.

I'm all that's left.

Clark, the universe is a big place.

And you don't know who's out there.

And even if you are the last...

you're not alone.

I know.

- Sorry.
- Look out!

Watch out, will you?

- Excuse me.
- Sorry.


Great. Would you be careful?

- Jimmy.
- Mr. Clark! I mean, Kent! Mr. Kent!

Welcome back! Oh, my God!

Um, hey, come... Uh, wait right there.
I'll be right back.

Oh, hey, sorry, guys,
I'm still looking for a place to live...

if you know of anything reasonable.

Behind you, Mr. Kent.

I made it myself. It's a cake.

Oh, it looks...


Olsen! Where are the photos
of that birthday-clown-massacre thing?

I'm on it, chief. Hey, look who's back.

- Kent?
- Hey, chief.

- Thank you for giving me my job back.
- Don't thank me.

Thank Norm Palmer for dying.

It was his time.

- Let's get you set up, huh?
- Olsen!

Uh, okay, so I gotta run...

but I will be back to check on you
in a sec, Mr. Kent.

Oh, hey, do you know
where I can find Lois?

The timing of this
automated-ignition countdown...

is the most precarious part
of the launch.

Lois Lane, Daily Planet.

You also stated that the shuttle
will usher in a new era of travel...

enabling the average person
to afford transcontinental flights.

But can you tell us the exact price...

an "average person"
will be expected to pay?

The answer to that question
is in your press packet.

The Earth is surrounded
by a blanket of air...

which we call the atmosphere.

Huh! Yeah. He looks just like his mom.

Already takes after her too, especially
when it comes to getting into trouble.


Oh, yeah, well, I guess you've been gone.
Fearless reporter Lois Lane is a mommy.

Oh, you know, um, I'll just...
I'll take that. That's good.

- Sorry.
- No. Um, she's got plenty.

- Wait, she's married?
- Yes.

No. Not really. It's more like
a prolonged engagement.

But don't ask Miss Lane
when they're tying the knot...

because she hates that question.

Like this follow the same stringent
safety guidelines set by NASA?

Since this is a joint venture
with the Air Force...

You all right? You look like
you could use a drink.

This place is so tacky.
Why are we back here?

While you were doing your nails
and ordering fur coats online...

I was busy unlocking the secrets...

of one of the most advanced
civilizations in the universe.

Weren't there two of those?

You see, unlike our clunky
earthbound forms of construction...

the technology on Krypton,
Superman's home world...

was based on manipulating
the growth of crystals.

Sounds like hocus-pocus to me.

Well, naturally, to the primitive mind,
any sufficiently advanced technology...

would be indistinguishable from magic.

cities, vehicles, weapons...

entire continents...

All grown.

To think that one could create
a new world...

with such a simple little object.

It's like a seed.

And all it needs is water.



Exactly, Kitty.

Like Sea-Monkeys.

Clark has been doing a little
soul-searching for the last couple years.

- He saw llamas.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- Must be tough coming back.

- Coming back?
- To work.


Well, you know, things change.

I mean, of course things change...

but sometimes things that you didn't
think would change could change.

Take Lois.

A woman like her,
I never thought she'd settle down.

You know, if you ask me...
Because she'll never tell you this...

but if you ask me,
she's still in love with you-know-who.

The original space shuttle
generated 7.5 million pounds of thrust...

just in the initial launch phase.

But, by piggybacking
on this Boeing 777... Yes?

If this launch is as
pivotal as you claim...

why is it being covered
by one news network?

Why don't we save those questions
for the post-launch briefing.

How about that, Miss Lane?

When we hit 40,000 feet,
the shuttle will detach, ascend...

and then fire the first of two propellant
systems, the liquid fuel boosters.

When the shuttle
reaches the stratosphere...

the secondary
insertion booster will fire...

propelling the craft
at 4gs into the mesosphere.

- Careful.
- I know.

- Careful. Careful.
- I know.

Wow, that's really something, Lex.

Wait for it.

Wow, that's really something, Lex.

It's freaking Gone With the Wind.

- Shut off the camera.
- But I'm getting it.

I said, shut off the damn camera.

I think I did something wrong.

No. That wasn't you.

Ignition is at T minus one minute...

and we are prepping for separation.

CDR, start the clock.

Three minutes and counting.

Body signs normal. Crew is looking good.

Shuttle readouts are holding steady.

- We're still a go for launch.
- Roger.

- Houston, you copy?
- Houston, do you copy?

Oh, God.

Electrical variance.

What the...?

Please, there's nothing to worry about.

It seems that we are experiencing,
um, a slight power outage.

What did you do?

It wasn't me. It just cycled back up.

Genesis, radio check from Houston.

There we have it.
We were experiencing a power outage.

- Climbing to 40,000 feet.
- Roger, 40,000 feet.

And it's gone! A blazing fastball...

Is that it?

I don't think so.

Dual engine failure,
but they're up and running again.

Genesis, I hate to say this...

but it looks like
we're gonna have to scrub the launch.

- Aborting booster ignition.
- Roger. Aborting booster ignition.

Boosters are non-responsive.
We're still counting down for ignition.

- Platform, we have a problem.
- Go.

Looks like something faulted
during the power outage.

Both boosters are
counting down for ignition.

Platform, you have 30 seconds.

- What?
- Release couplings.

We can't shut down boosters.

We should be able to manage the launch
and recover to the emergency field.

T minus 23 seconds to ignition.

Genesis, you're a go
for evac procedures.

Twenty-one, 20...


Couplings are non-responsive.

We're still attached. Seventeen.

- Platform, couplings are jammed.
- Fifteen.


Don't be alarmed. It's absolutely normal.

We're still attached.
Couplings are non-responsive.

- Nine, eight...
- Houston, can you do a remote override?


Remote override is unresponsive.
Six, five...

Repeat, remote override is unresponsive.
Four, three...

And if you're lucky, you may hear
the faint pop of the sonic boom.

- Houston, we have ignition.
- Roger, ignition.

- This is Python 21, she's pulling away.
- Okay, all flight control is on the...

This is not a drill.
Clear nonessential personnel.

Switch to emergency band frequencies.

Warning, warning.

Oh, no! Oh, no!

Can I get a little help?

This is UPV breaking news.

From Washington, Frank Jacobs.

We've just received word...

that the inaugural flight
of the Genesis space shuttle...

is experiencing a midair emergency.

A problem with the launch
of the new orbital shuttle, Genesis.

The reports are telling us
the shuttle failed to disengage...

sending both crafts
rocketing towards space.

We're now going live
to Cape Canaveral...

- for the latest update on this story.
- Jim, all we know right now...

is that the couplings
which hold the shuttle to the 777...

and did not release as planned.

- We 're uncertain...
- I should do...

why the ignition sequence
continued and boosters fired.

However, there's speculation here
that the blackout, which...

Help me sit up.

- Mach one.
- Still tied to the shuttle.

Houston, we need some help. Houston!

Running diagnostics check. Stand by.

Insertion booster ignition in five seconds.

Warning, warning.

What the hell is that?

There's some kind of unidentified bogey
coming from the north.

- Roger that.
- And it's coming in fast.


Declaring an emergency.

Overspeed, overspeed.


Do you see that?

Fly up, fly up.

Is everyone all right?

Are you okay?

Well, I hope this experience
hasn't put any of you off flying.

Statistically speaking,
it's still the safest way to travel.

Superman! Superman! Superman!


Okay, everybody, listen up.

I wanna know it all, everything.

Olsen, I wanna see photos of him
everywhere. No, I want the photos.

Sports, how are they gonna get
that plane out of the stadium?

Travel, where did he go?
Was he on vacation? If so, where?

Gossip, has he met somebody?
Fashion, is that a new suit?

Health, has he gained weight?
What's he been eating?

Business, how is this gonna affect
the stock market? Long-term, short-term.

Politics, does he still stand for truth,
justice, all that stuff? Lifestyle:

"Superman Returns."

Come on.

Gil, how many F's in "catastrophic"?

None. What's the usage?

"This mysterious electromagnetic pulse
knocked out portable devices...

and entire power grids,
causing a catastrophic event during...".

- Lois!
- Yes.

In my office.

This goes for everyone.

The story isn't the blackout,
it's Superman!

The story is the EMF', chief.

Every electronic device
on the East Coast goes dark.

- First, are you okay?
- Yes, thank you.

Lois, three things sell papers:
Tragedy, sex and Superman.

People are sick of tragedy, we know
you can't write worth a damn about sex.

That means one thing. That one thing
is Superman. And you know it, Lois.


- Are you all right? You sure?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Thank God.

- Where's Jason?
- I don't know. Isn't he with you?

- No.
- Well, where is he?



Who are you?

I'm Clark Kent, an old friend of
your mom's from before you were born.

Really? She never mentioned you.

Really? Never?

- No.
- Jason.

- What are you doing here, honey?
- Daddy's office is boring.

Daddy's office is boring?

Clark, hey! Welcome back.

- I see you've already met the munchkin.
- Yeah, we were just talking...

- Did you take vitamins? Eye drops?
- Yes. Yes.

- Albuterol? Poly-Vi-Flor?
- Yes. Yes, Mom.

Good boy. Um, he's a little fragile,
but he's gonna grow up...

to be big and strong
like his dad, won't you?

- Yes?
- Yes.

Oh, I saw you on the...

Oh, yeah. That was nothing.

- Hey, can I borrow your stapler?
- Oh, yeah.


Congratulations on the Pulitzer.
That's incredible.

Yeah. Can you believe it? It's...

So I wanna hear all about your trip.

Where did you go? What did you see?
Meet anyone special?

Well, there's so much. Where to begin?

Where's the little guy? Hey, kiddo.

- How are you?
- Good.

Can you work some magic
to get your uncle...

to stop giving me
such a hard time on this article?

- Please?
- Again?

- Again.
- You got it.

- How are you, kiddo?
- Good.

Oh, this is Clark.


- Clark, Richard. Richard, Clark.
- Richard White.


Richard's an assistant editor here who's
basically saved our International section.

- Well...
- He's also a pilot...

and he loves horror movies.

- Mm.
- Clark is...

Well, he's Clark.

Well, it's great to finally meet you.
I've heard so much.

- Oh, you have?
- Yeah, Jimmy won't shut up about you.

- Gotta run.
- Where?

You heard Perry. Superman's back, and
he thinks I'm the only one equipped to...

To what?

- I don't know, you know.
- So don't listen to him.

I'm not. Going to the power plant
to check out the blackout.


- Bye, Mom.
- Bye.

- Bye, Lois.
- And she's gone.

No matter how close we are,
that woman will always be a mystery.

If you need anything,
I'm right over there.

Nice to finally meet you.

Where do you wanna go?
Wanna go to the park?

And he's got the whole world.

In his hands.

He's got the whole world.

And he's got the whole world in his...

Oh, he's cute.

Run into trouble?

- Should see the other guy.
- What are we gonna do?

Modify it, attach it to the stern.

I don't care if the instructions
are in Russian.

- Uh, Lois?
- Hey, Clark.

How does it feel to be back at work?

Oh, pretty good. You know,
kind of like riding a bike, I guess.

- A bike?
- Yeah, you know, um...

Never mind.

But, uh, I was wondering...

since I've gotten back, we haven't
really had a chance to catch up.

I thought maybe, if you'd like,
we could go grab some food...

- Hey, can I ask you something?
- Sure.

Have you ever met someone and it's like
you're from different worlds...

but you shared such a connection you
knew you were destined to be together?

Then he just takes off
without explaining why...

or without even saying goodbye?

Sounds cheesy, I know.

- Well, maybe...
- Taxi!

It was hard to say goodbye
because he had to go...

and he wanted to say goodbye,
but maybe it was too difficult for him.

Difficult? What's so difficult about it?
"Goodbye." It's easy.

- What's so hard about saying goodbye?
- Uh...

Who are we talking about?

Nobody, just forget I said anything.

Taxi! Hey!


Wow, thanks.

312 Riverside Drive, please.

Good night, Clark.


I want egg rolls.

Nice try, kiddo.

Only steamed chicken
and snow peas for you.

Why do we order Chinese if he's allergic?

Because he loves the peas...

and I think we all prefer egg rolls
over macrobiotic shakes.


- It's a good point.
- Mm.

So I noticed you've been acting
a little different lately.


You know, Lois,
that article that you wrote.

"Why the World
Doesn't Need Superman"?

No, no, no. No, the other one,
from years ago, before we met.

Which article? I wrote dozens about him.
I was practically his press agent.

"I Spent the Night With Superman."

Richard, come on.

It was the title of an interview.

Plus, it was your Uncle Perry's idea.

- No, I know, I know. It's okay, it's okay.
- Richard.

It was a long time ago.

Were you in love with him?

He was Superman.
Everyone was in love with him.

But were you?


Lois, I shouldn't have brought it up.

Even though you've been
raised as a human being...

you are not one of them.

They can be a great people, Kai-El.
They wish to be.

They only lack the light
to show the way.

For this reason above all,
their capacity for good...

I have sent them you...

my only son.

Load them up.

Holy sh...


the Metropolis Museum
of Natural History...

will be closing in 10 minutes.
We hope that you've...

Sir, we're closing in 10 minutes.

We only need five.

You're done, the museum's closed.
Thank you.

Are you all right, miss?

- My heart. I... I...
- I'm sorry?

I have a palpitation,
a heart palpitation. And a murmur.

- Please...
- Oh.

Take me to the hospital.

Take me to the hospital.

Just hold on tight.


- There you are, ma'am.
- My heart.

My palpitations, they're gone.
What did you do?

I didn't do anything.

Call me Katherine.

Katherine. I'm glad you're feeling better.

- You have places to go, people to save?
- Yes.

Would you like to get
a cup of coffee sometime?

- I know that's forward. Or a drink?
- Good night.

Good night.

It's like this on every channel.

He was in Manila
at 10:55 p.m. and then spotted...

- Hey, Kent, chief wants to see you.
- Oh, thanks.

But as this security footage
from a simple deli robbery proves...

there's really no feat too big
or too small for the Man of Steel.

Reports are flooding in from Metropolis,
Houston, Gotham and as far...

Satellites have proven
most ineffective at tracking him.

He might literally be moving
near the speed of light.

- Our map is illuminated...
- Kent!

The chief is waiting.
On every continent, giving citizens...


Eh? Eh?

These are iconic, and they were taken
by a 12-year-old with a camera phone.

- What do you got, Olsen?
- I got those.

- Look, in the sky, chief.
- It's a bird.

- It's a plane.
- No, look, it's...

- You wanted to see me?
- Yeah, Kent, come on in. Sit down.

I wanna talk a little strategy. Okay.

First off, Lois, I don't understand
what you're doing...

sneaking around covering the blackout.
It wasn't just a blackout.

Cell phones, pagers,
automobiles, airplane...

Every other paper in town
has got a female reporter...

a good-looking female reporter,
stashed on the roof covering Superman.

- And you two are the ones with history.
- Chief, I've done Superman.

Covered him. You know what I mean.

Yeah, that makes you an expert.
Do him again.

- There are a dozen other stories out there.
- Yeah? Name one.

Well, there was a museum robbery
last night.

Hm? Even Superman missed that one.
He was too busy saving this hooker.

Why don't you guys
track down Lex Luthor?

Well, no one's seen him
since his fifth appeal.

He's got more bad history
with Superman than anyone.

Maybe he's got something to say.

- Luthor's yesterday's news.
- No, I like that idea.

Perry, Lex Luthor is a career criminal
who nearly killed him, for God's sakes.

Jimmy, how did Lex Luthor
get out of prison?

Well, the appeals court called Superman
as a witness and he wasn't around.

How much do you think
that pisses off Superman?

- Give him to someone else.
- A lot.

- A lot.
- Polly. Give him to Polly.

Lois, Superman.

- What about the blackout?
- Kent, blackout.

Great. Thanks, chief.

Lois, I'm sorry. I'd hate if this
damaged our relationship.


- Yeah.
- Hi, Mommy.

- Hi, you.
- Hey, guys.

He got an A in science, but a D in gym,
so we're doing something right.

- Yeah, at least one of us is.
- What?

It's Perry. He just shoved Superman
back into my life.

Well, honey, I'm sure you can
find a way to interview Superman...

without bringing him
back into your life.

There's really no way around it, folks.
Superman is back in all of our lives.

We're coming to you from Sydney...

where people have gathered
on these rooftops to scour the sky...

Okay, how about this?
We'll stay late. We'll get dinner.

I'll help with Superman, and you and
Clark can work on the blackout together.

- Is that all right with you, Clark?
- Swell.

I was gonna pretend
the brakes were out.

Pretend. Like we talked about.

You didn't actually have to cut them!

Of course I did.

A man can always tell when a woman
is pretending, especially Superman.

Mm, mm, mm.

So did you get your rock?

I did.

U. S. Coast
Guard issuing a small-craft...

advisory for the Metropolis ocean area.

High-wind advisory is in effect...

ocean currents and tides
becoming increasingly dangerous.

All warnings lasting
until later this evening.

Security, security.

This is U.S. Coast Guard issuing
a small-craft advisory for northeast seas.

Winds reaching 50 miles per hour,
high tides in the morning.

Waves reaching 20 to 30 feet.

This warning is in effect for
all small crafts for the next four hours.

Weird. If these times are right...

the blackout spread
from a specific origin point.


I'm not sure yet.

With the super-hearing, does he hear each
sound by itself or everything at once?


He's certainly taller than I thought.
LOIS". 6'4".

I love that he can see through anything.
I'd have fun with that.

Anything but lead.

- I bet he's...
- 225 pounds...

faster than a speeding bullet...

draws his power from the sun,
invulnerable to anything but kryptonite...

- and he never lies.
- I'm?

Radioactive pieces of his home world.

It's deadly. To him.

Lois, how tall would you say Clark is?

About 6'3", 6'4".

About 200, 215 pounds?

Jimmy, Jason, let's go get these intrepid
reporters something to keep them going.

- Burritos!
- Come here, canhead.

We're going this way. Do they have
anything other than burritos?

I think they have fries and burgers.

So have you found a place to live yet?

Uh, no. I'm still looking.

You know, Lois, I wanted to ask you
about that artic...

Hey, I'm gonna run downstairs
for some fresh air. Great!


- Let's talk when I get back.
- Sure.

You know, you really
shouldn't smoke, Miss Lane.

- Sorry. Didn't mean to startle you.
- No, I'm fine. Really.

I just wasn't expecting you.

With all the press on the plane...

I wasn't sure it was
the best time for us to talk.

Well, there's no press around now.
Except for me, of course.

I know people are asking questions
now that I'm back.

I think it's only fair
that I answer those people.

So you're here for an interview?

Okay, then.

- Where did I put that thing?
- Right pocket.

Let's start with the big question.

- Where'd you go?
- To Krypton.

But you told me it was destroyed.
Ages ago.

It was.

But when astronomers
thought they found it...

I had to see for myself.

Well, you're back, and everyone
seems to be pretty happy about it.

Not everyone.

- I read the article, Lois.
- So did a lot of people.

- Tomorrow they're giving me the Pulitzer...
- Why did you write it?

How could you leave us like that?

I moved on. So did the rest of us.

That's why I wrote it.

The world doesn't need a savior.

And neither do I.


Will you come with me?


There's something I wanna show you.


I can't be gone long.

You won't be.

Clark said the reason you left
without saying goodbye...

is because it was
too unbearable for you.

Personally, I think that's a load of crap.

- Clark?
- He's just a guy I work with.

Maybe Clark's right.

You know, my...

Richard, he's a pilot.
He takes me up all the time.

Not like this.

I forgot how warm you were.


What do you hear?


I hear everything.

You wrote that the world
doesn't need a savior...

but every day
I hear people crying for one.

I'm sorry I left you, Lois.

I'll take you back now.

Richard's a good man.

And you've been gone a long time.

I know.


So will I see you around?

I'm always around.

Good night, Lois.

We're having beef, honey. Do you want
the tofu wrap or the veggie wrap?

You all right?


Where have you been?


I was up on the roof, getting some air.

Tell the truth now.

Were you smoking?


Is this real?

- Where'd you find him?
- He found me.

Oh, this is great. I can't wait to read it.

So, Mr. White, about the blackout...

Lois, this is the biggest night
of your life.

Have you picked out a dress?
Something snazzy?

It just feels a little weird
winning for that article.

- It just doesn't seem right.
- What doesn't seem right?

Winning an award for an article called:

"Why the World
Doesn't Need Superman."

When, according
to this newspaper, they do.

Lois, Pulitzer Prizes
are like Academy Awards.

Nobody remembers what you got one for.
It's just that you got one.

- But...
- This is your night. You enjoy it.

I'm sure Kent's on the blackout.

Department of Water and Power, please.

7782, great.

Metropolis Public Works.

Hi, Stephen, Lois Lane
from the Daily Planet. Blackout?

I just need a little info
on a few outstanding power grids.

Yeah, I do have it here, actually.

So the uptown grid went dark at 12:36
and midtown 10 seconds before.

Which grid was hit first?

It just reads Vanderworth.

- Across the river?
- 6 Springwood Drive.

6 Springwood Drive.
A residence or a business?

- Residence.
- Sure? Nothing before that?

- That's all it shows.
- Thank you very much.

Oh, Jason.

- There's your mom, Jason.
- You're late, Mommy.

Where are we? Is this the Pulitzer?

Nope. I've just gotta ask these people
a few questions and then we can go.

Can I stay in the car?

No, honey.

- Are we trespassing?
- No. Yes. Shh.



I like the curly one.

Let's go. This was a bad idea.

Lex Luthor.

Lois Lane?

You're bald.

And what is your name?

I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.

- Cute kid, and smart.
- Thanks.

We're not really strangers, are we?
This is kind of a little reunion.

Heck, I'm a fan.

I love your writing...

- and your dress.
- I love your boat.

How'd you get it?
Swindle some widow out of her money?

That's funny. Didn't you win
the Pulitzer Prize...

for my favorite article of all time,
"Why the World Doesn't Need Superman"?

Didn't you have a few more years to go
on that double life sentence?

Yes, well, we can thank
the Man of Steel for that.

I mean, he's really good at swooping in
and catching the bad guys...

but he's not so hot at the little
things, like Miranda rights...

due process, making your court date.

Did you have anything to do
with the blackout?

Are you fishing for an interview,
Miss Lane?

It's been a while
since you've been a headline.

Maybe it's time
people knew your name again.

How about we turn this boat around,
call a cab for my son...

and then you can do
whatever you want with me.

No, I don't think we'll be
turning around, Miss Lane...

which means that
we do have some time to kill.

How about that interview?

Yeah, just call me if you hear anything.
Okay. Thank you.

So, what did the school say?

She picked him up at 3:15.

- Hi, I heard about Lois.
- Yes, come in, Clark, come in.

- Is there anything I can do?
- Yeah, you're a reporter.

- Help Richard track her down.
- I'll check her computer.

Excuse me, Clark.

What do you know about crystals?

They make great chandeliers.

This crystal may seem unremarkable,
but so is the seed of a redwood tree.

It's how our mutual friend in tights
made his Arctic getaway spot.

Cute. It's a little small for my taste.

You're building an island?

You're not seeing
the big picture here, Miss Lane.

Let me enlarge it for you.

Not just an island,
an entirely new continent.

An extinct world, reborn on our own.


Land, Miss Lane.

I mean... Kitty, what did my father
used to say to me?

"You're losing your hair"?

- Before that.
- "Get out"?

He said, "You can print money..."

manufacture diamonds,
and people are a dime a dozen...

"but they'll always need land."

It's the one thing
they're not making any more of.

But the United States...


Will be underwater.

It's simple physics, Miss Lane.

Two objects cannot occupy
the same space at the same time.

And the rest of the world
will just let you keep it?

- They'll...
- They'll...


I'll have advanced alien technology...

thousands of years beyond
what anyone could throw at me.

Bring it on!

And eventually...

the rest of the world
will be begging me...

for a piece of high-tech
beachfront property.

In fact, they'll pay
through the nose for it.

But millions of people will die.

Billions! Once again,
the press underestimates me.

This is front-page news.

Come on, let me hear you say it
just once.

- You're insane.
- No! Not that. No, the other thing.

It's dangling off the tip of your tongue.
Let me hear it just once, please?

- Superman will never...
- Wrong!

What is that?

I think you know exactly what this is.

Mind over muscle, Miss Lane.


Who is that boy's father?


Mr. Luthor, we're approaching
the coordinates.

Are you sure?

Yes, sir. Latitude 40 degrees north,
longitude 73 degrees west.

Don't let them leave this room.

Kitty, come with me.
You're not gonna want to miss this.

- Damn it.
- What?

She has a password.



Try "Superman."

"Superman." Great.

Don't touch that, honey.

Why don't you go play the piano.

Come OH, come on, come on.

Lex, this isn't like the train set.

I know.

Come on, come on.

Come on.

- Honey, are you okay?
- Yeah.

- Are you hurt?
- I'm fine.

Open this door! Open it!

Could you help Mommy open the door?

I'm sorry.

It's gonna be okay.

Okay? It's gonna be okay.

We had a little problem downstairs.

Brutus is dead.

He got hit with the piano.

Where's the boy?

With the mother,
locked up in the pantry.

Oh, it's time for us to go.

My camera's not working.

And my phone's not working.

- Okay, I'm good.
- That was weird.

Hey, guys.
This just came through the fax.

It's Lois' handwriting,
I'd recognize it anywhere.

I just... No idea
what the numbers mean.

- They're coordinates.
- Coordinates.

That's just off the coast.

Jimmy, tell Perry I'm taking the seaplane.
Keep trying her cell.


What are these, lottery numbers?

I think they're coordinates, chief.



Come on! Move it!


Great Caesar's ghost.

- Daddy.
- Oh, my God.

How did you get here?

I flew.

Look out!


Mom! Mom!

Jason, come here! Jason!

Come here! Watch your head!
Come here!

Mommy! Mom!


Jason, hold on!

- Have you got him?
- I got him! Go!

Hold on! Hold on!

- Mommy!
- Give him to me!


- Mommy! Mommy!
- Come on, Jason! Come on!

- Lois! Lois!
- Mommy!

Jason, get on my back.

Give me your hand.

- Have you got them?
- Yeah.

Get buckled in!

She'll be fine.

I can't take off in this.

- I'll point you in the right direction.
- Thank you.

See anything familiar?

I see an old man's sick joke.

Really? Because I see
my new apartment...

and a place for Kitty,
one for my friends...

and that place over
there, I'll rent out.

But, you know, maybe you're right.
You know, maybe it is a little cold.

It's... What's the word I'm searching for?
It's a little...


It lacks that human touch.

You have something that belongs to me.

Metropolis Tower, this is seaplane...


Do you copy?

Metropolis Tower, this is seaplane

Do you copy? Damn it!

Metropolis Tower, this is seaplane

Do you copy?

Lois! Are you all right?

Yeah. What happened?

- Superman.
- Where is he?

He went back.

- Richard, we have to turn around.
- What? No.

- We have to turn around!
- We barely made it out of there.

- Now you want me to go back?
- Yes, please!

He'll die.

All right, hold on.


You're asking yourself, "How?"

Didn't your dad ever teach you
to look before you leap?

Crystals. They're amazing, aren't they?

They inherit the traits
of the minerals around them...

kind of like a son
inheriting the traits of his father!

You took away five years of my life,
I'm just returning the favor!


I'm still Superman!

Get up! Come on!


Now, fly.

So long, Superman.

Your leadership can stir others...

to their own capacities
for moral betterment.

The human heart is still subject
to monstrous deceits.

Our destruction could have been avoided.
At this very moment...

I could embrace you in my arms.

Your help would be called for endlessly.
Remember me.

Even for those tasks which human beings
could solve themselves.

Remember me, Kal-El.

Remember me.

Superman's down there.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

- Richard!
- Yeah, I saw him. Strap in.


Don't move.

Come OH, come on, come on.


I'm trying! It's too choppy!

Oh, my God.






How did you find me?

Thank you.

What are you doing?

I have to go back.

You're hurt!

Goodbye, Lois.

Technology on Krypton,
Superman's home world...

was based on manipulating
the growth of crystals.

Sounds like hocus-pocus to me.

Well, naturally, to the primitive mind,
any sufficiently advanced technology...

would be indistinguishable from magic.

Cities, vehicles, weapons...

entire continents, all grown.

- Lex?
- Uh-huh.

Are billions of people really going to die?


Lex, what's happening?

Go, go, go. Get to the helicopter.

Go! Out, out! Now!

No, no, no, take nothing!
Take nothing! Go, go!

Got it.


- What did you do?
- I'm sorry!


- What did you do?
- I'm sorry!

Watch it.

- Clear a path.
- Clear the way.

- Move!
- Trauma One.

- Where we going?
- Trauma One, here it is.

Watch it!

Got him!

Okay, I think I got it.

Penetrating side wound
to right part of lower back.

No hemorrhage.

Shock at 200.

Is that enough? He's not human.

All right, charge to three, 360.


It's kind of morbid, Perry.

Always be prepared.

How is she?


Thank you. Thanks, baby.

- Lois?
- Yeah.

We can leave whenever you're ready.

I mean...

you don't have to be here.

Where else would I be?

Police have surrounded the area...

to control thousands of visitors...

who have arrived
to show their support.

Many are carrying signs and banners...

I could drive.

No official announcements
over the past few hours...

but unconfirmed reports
from inside tell us...

the Man of Steel lies in a coma...

his condition unchanged
since he was admitted late yesterday.

Doctors have been vigilant in their...

Foreign exchange markets...

- Where are you going?
- To the hospital.

I'd be careful down there, guys.
It's a madhouse.

- So much for parking.
- Do you think I can get in?

You're Lois Lane. They'll let you in.

I wanna go with Mommy.


I'll be right here.

Watch your head, okay? Here we go.

This way, Miss Lane.

Mommy? Is he gonna get better?

- I don't know.
- I want him to.

I like him.

Me too.

I don't know if you can hear me.

They say sometimes
that when people are...

That sometimes they can hear you.

I don't know if you can hear me.

I wanted to tell you...

Come on, honey.

Step back, please!

Lex, we only have six of those!


I would trade 300,000 coconuts...

and every ounce of your blood...

for a quart of gasoline!

But what will we have to eat?

You will be different.

Sometimes, you will feel like an outcast.

But you'll never be alone.

You will make my strength your own.

You will see my life through your eyes...

as your life will be seen through mine.

The son becomes the father...

and the father becomes the son.

Good night!


Will we see you?


I'm always around.

Good night, Lois.