Superman: Red Son (2020) - full transcript

What if baby Kal-El's rocket landed, not in Kansas, but in the Soviet Union? That is the premise of this Elseworld's tale from DC Comics.

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Go ahead. Run!

But when we catch you,

we're going to break
those skinny legs of yours.

And stomp
on your ugly face!

Leave him alone!

He didn't do anything to you.

I said, leave him alone.


I'll hit you again,
Dimitri Romanovich.

If you weren't a girl...

Come on.

Are they gone?

I can't keep saving you
like this, Somishka.

You have to stop running,

and find the courage
to face them.

It's... It's not
like that, Svetlana.

I didn't run
because I was afraid of them.

I ran because I was afraid
to hurt them.

Have I ever lied
to you, Svetlana?

How is this possible?

I don't know.

Something has been
happening inside me,

for weeks now.

Something incredible.

Such incredible powers,

You have to give them
to the State.

The people need you.

Extraordinary reports
coming out of the Soviet Union.

Tales of a being,

allegedly alien in origin
with powers and abilities

far beyond those of mortal men.

This footage released by
the Russians appears to show

the Soviet Superman in action.

If true,

this could be the beginning
of a new kind of arms race.

This is undoubtedly
mere propaganda

tailored to send
ripples of fear into the West.

And in these treacherous times,

fear is something
we must never surrender to.

This is George Taylor,
saying good night,

and may your tomorrows all...

As I said, Mr. President,

I anticipated this.

Of course,
I understand your concern,

but I assure you,
the Luthor Company has this under control.

We'll find out soon enough
if he's real.

All I need is a hundred
technicians, $20 million,

and permission to drop
a satellite on Metropolis.

Drop a satellite on Metropolis?


Are you out of your damn mind?

I have to go, sir.

Something more urgent
just came up.

You can't...

I'd say extremely urgent.

We gather here today

to celebrate
a glorious achievement.

The largest hydroelectric
station in the world.

Ten thousand of our bravest...

...strongest men

worked ceaselessly
to construct it.

But even with
their sweat and toil,

this dam would never
have been completed

in so short a time
if not for the efforts

of a truly extraordinary
young man...

A young man
I have come to look upon

as both a great Soviet hero

and a son.


I give you...


Can't I just smile and wave?

We all must make sacrifices
for the greater good, comrade.

But this display?

You are a symbol
for all we aspire to be.

The people need
to hear your voice.

Your words are extremely kind,
Premier Stalin.

Perhaps too kind.

I am no hero.

I'm merely a servant
of the State

who seeks, as you do,

to better the lives
of our citizens.

Yes, I work to protect them,

perhaps inspire them
in some small way.

But make no mistake,

I didn't build this dam.

The Soviet people did,

and may it stand forever
as an example

of what we as a people
can achieve here

and across the world,

so long as we remain united

by our ideals.

Colonel Masoff.

What is it?

The Zenit satellite, sir,

it's fallen out of orbit.

But that's...

What's the trajectory?

North America, sir.

The eastern seaboard
of the United States.

Look, up in the sky!

I don't blame
those among you that fear me,

for you've been taught
to fear all your lives.

And if you learn
nothing else today, learn this.

We in the Soviet Union
do not oppose

the citizens
of the United States.

We only oppose the government

that oppresses you.

Our sole desire is for peace

and equality among all men.

And what about women?

Lois Lane,

Daily Planet.

Lois Lane Luthor.

I know of you...

and your capitalist husband.

If you're really serious about
us wanting to learn about you,

how about an interview?

The press is the enemy
of the people.

Why would I let you
twist my words

and use them against me?

So, the great Soviet Superman

is afraid of
the free expression of ideas.

You really shouldn't smoke,
Mrs. Luthor.

This is the same brand
my doctor smokes.

So, you're not afraid
of the American press.

I'm not afraid of anything.

Have you ever considered

that the lack of fear
can lead to arrogance?


Eisenhower's saying your people
sabotaged their own satellite...

We did no such thing. that you could come
flying in to save the day.

You have to admit,

it is the perfect
propaganda opportunity.

Is it propaganda to envision

a world where
the poor and afflicted

can be lifted out of misery?

Where the working classes
can rise together

and reshape humanity
for generations?

You're a super alien.

What could you possibly
know about humanity?

Until I was 12 years old,
Mrs. Luthor...

"Lane." I'm not an appendage.

Until I was 12 years old,
Ms. Lane,

I was as human as you are.

This planet is the only home
I've ever known.

And I would sacrifice anything
to protect her.

The United States already is

the protector
of the free world.

The bulwark
of liberty and equality.

Your bulwark was built

on the backs of slaves
and immigrants.

And it hasn't changed much,
has it?

While you and your privileged
kind live in luxury,

all across your country,
people are struggling,



I can't deny that there's a gap

between the American dream
and the American reality.

But there are some massive
gaps in your utopian vision

that need addressing as well.

What is this?

Proof of the repression
in the USSR.

The Gulags,

mass executions of people

unfortunate enough
to be labelled dissidents

by your beloved Premier Stalin.


I would certainly know
if such things existed.

Would you?

Welcome, Superman.

weren't expecting you.

I'm sure you weren't.

Shielded by lead to prevent
me from discovering it.

You are the Superman.

They say you can hear a leaf
fall a thousand miles away.

And you never heard our cries?

It is you.

At last.


I could have died...

Should have died, long ago.

But I held on for you.

I never stopped believing
that you would come one day

to liberate us.

That we'd see each other...

one last time.

But what did you do
to deserve such a punishment?

I knew you...


I'm so sorry, Lana.

I didn't know.

Don't blame yourself.

You are...

You have always been...

my hope.

My savior.

But I am no...

This is a world,
where the strong rule.

And you are the strongest
of all of us.

Remember when we were
small, Somishka?

How I used to save you
from those bullies?

Now you must save all of us.

Use your power to...

Millions of people dead.

Explain that to me,
Premier Stalin.

Help me to understand how...

Why you could do this?

I tried to protect
you, my son.

To keep you untainted

by the grim realities
of governments.

I asked you, why?

Because, as much as
it breaks my heart...

it is necessary.

How could such atrocities
be necessary?

What you call atrocities...

I call terrible necessities.

For our vision
of a better world to succeed,

we must weed out
the insurgents.

The weak.

The ones whose minds have been
poisoned against the State.

They're human beings.

You're like
a blind kitten, comrade.

So good, so pure.

But you just can't see.

You must understand.

You must believe

that everything I've done

has been for the ultimate good
of the people

and the welfare
of the Soviet State.

The State's welfare...

Or your welfare?

They're one and the same.

We need to close the gap

between our highest
communist ideals

and the cruel reality
I saw today.

Then I urge you to try.

But you'll quickly find

that the only way
to achieve that goal

is to follow my example.

The unpleasant truth, my son,

is that certain people must die

in order for the system
to work.

Wise words.

What now?


Now I save the world.

You might consider
cutting down

on those four-course
dinners, Lex.

You're getting a little thick
around the middle.

Vanity is more
your style, my dear.

Unfortunately, darling,

we live in a world
where people talk

as much about my looks
as my work.

While a man
can be fat or skinny,

short or tall,

hairy or bald...

and it doesn't matter
one tiny bit.

Did you read
Hedda Hopper's column today?

She claims you're pregnant.

Like I'm ever gonna
end up some happy housewife

with a brood of annoying brats.

That's mine.

Lois Lane.


Slow down, Perry.

Right. Got it.

Stalin is dead.

Apparently all hell's
breaking loose in Moscow.

As I knew it would
when I gave you that file.

I hope this isn't a mistake.

I don't make mistakes.

Morning, Mr. Luthor.

Special Agent Olsen.

How is my favorite G-man
babysitter today?

Excellent, Mr. L.

And how's my most
exhausting assignment?

The usual.

Burdened by
your own brilliance?

Frustrated by the limitations
of everyone around you?

You know me too well, James.

I'll say it again.

This is extraordinary,
even for you.


technology curves stipulated
that none of this equipment

would even be invented
for another five decades.

I guess the Man of Steel makes
your head work faster, huh?

Careful there!

The genetic information
the alien left

on that satellite is essential.

Especially if Ike
expects me to build him

a Superman of his very own.

We thought
that the bloody conflict

was over four years ago,

that a fragile peace
had finally come

to the war-torn
Korean Peninsula.

We didn't realize just
how fragile it was.

It began 24 hours ago,

when the Soviet Premier

that he would be
liberating the South

from American oppression

and reuniting the Korean people
under his rule.

The last war went on
for three years.

This one was over
in three hours.

We deeply regret
the loss of life today.

Even a single death
is a tragedy.

But a few thousand

weighed against
the nearly three million

who perished in
the previous Korean conflict,

we believe that's a small
price to pay for peace.

And there will be peace

and prosperity
for all Korean citizens.

I promise you that we are
not here to dominate you

or trample your rights.

We are here to lift you up
and set you free,

to offer you a better life.

And what we offer
the people of Korea...

we offer to the entire world.

I hear congratulations
are in order.

Thank you, Olsen.

The solar engine I conceived
in the shower this morning

will certainly revolutionize
the automobile industry.

- But how...
- I wasn't talking about you, sir.

Perry White's retirement?

Your wife becoming editor-in-chief
of the Daily Planet?

If we'd seen each other for more than
a few hours these past four months,

maybe you wouldn't be
so befuddled.

Sorry, my dear, I've been understandably
distracted with the project.

Oh, Christ, don't tell me.

Yep, you forgot
our anniversary.


Impeccable taste,
as always.

I'll dispatch Ms. Teschmacher
to get you... something.

It'll be delivered later today.

You're such a sentimentalist.

You're a woman of great
patience, Ms. Lane.

In other words,
why do I put up with him?

Three reasons.

One, he supports my career.

Two, the sex is phenomenal.

And three?

That man is gonna
change the world.

With the emergence
of the Soviet Superman,

the Cold War reached
a freezing point.

Our nation reacted to this
new threat as it had to.

By doing everything in our power
to hold back the communist tide

through force of arms
and force of will.

But as recent lessons in Korea
have taught us,

conventional weapons
aren't enough when one man,

one alien,

has the power to bring
entire nations to their knees.

And so, we turn to the only person
who could shift the balance of power.

Thank you,
Mr. President,

for both your service to your great
nation and your confidence in me.

A confidence that I believe,
has been rewarded today.

Many of our citizens have lived
in fear of the Soviet Superman.

But no longer.

As of today,

the United States
has its own living weapon.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you...

Superior Man.

Faster, stronger and far
deadlier than our Russian friend.

And once unleashed... creation will restore American
superiority and bring the Red Menace

to its knees.

America first!


One at a time, please.

Mr. True.

I'm confused, Mr. Luthor.

A project like this, wouldn't it be better
to keep it secret from the Russians?

Why reveal this new weapon to
the world in such a public way?

For one very good reason.

I want our friend in Moscow
to know what's coming.

I want him to be afraid.

To say that I am honored
to have you here, Ambassador,

is a massive understatement.

Call me Diana, please.

On Themyscira, we have little
patience for formalities.

And what shall I call you?


I had a name once, Diana...

before I stopped being a man,
and became a symbol.

Then "Superman" it is.

If only my mother had come.

If she could meet you,
see what you've accomplished here.

She's still resistant?

Queen Hippolyta
doesn't trust man's world.

But you do.

I believe that the only chance for
peace in this world is reaching out,

forging alliances.

Finding common ground.

The Amazons can't keep their
heads buried in the sand forever.

So you have hope.

You give me hope, Superman.

Stalin was a brute.

But you, I think,
actually embody the ideals you profess.

You're the first person I've
met with abilities like mine.

Each of us alone has the power
to change the world.

But together...

Forgive me, I...

I come from an island
of all women.

Work it out for yourself.


Right. Of course.


Well, that's a relief.

Is it?

I thought sex was
what you expected from me.

It's certainly pleasant
enough, but ultimately,

it's a diversion from
the critical work at hand.

Nothing wrong with
a good diversion...

with the right partner.

I don't need or want
a mate, Diana, but...

I could certainly use a friend.

I'd be proud to offer
my friendship.

And my assistance.

Perhaps together, we can change
the world for the better.

And what do you make of this duplicate
Superman the Americans have created?

If you're asking me
if I'm worried, no.

Our intelligence reports indicate that
this so-called Superior Man is flawed.

Incomplete and inoperable.

A propaganda tool,
meant to frighten us.

We do not frighten easily.

So much fear,
so much mistrust.

On both sides.

Perhaps I could be a bridge
between your nations.

I think you overestimate the
Americans' desire for peace.


Come to me now, Russki.

Before I bring this entire city
down on your head!

Years ago, when Metropolis
was threatened,

I put aside our countries' differences
and protected the lives of the innocent.

Yet you dare to come here,
as an invader.

Not an invader, a liberator.

I am truth. I am justice.

I am the American way!

This violence is unnecessary.

You're not an enemy, you are a
victim of the capitalist machine.

- Surrender now, and I will...
- I am an American,

and I will never surrender
to a commie dictator.

Very well.

You had your chance.

The subcutaneous camera you
embedded in him is working fine.

Unfortunately, he's not.

More power.

He's nearing overload now, sir.

Of course he is.
Now, give him more juice.

More juice.

Superior Man hates you.

Superior Man kill you!

- Lex, for God's sake.
- More!

Me am truth. Me am justice.

Me am... Americ...



Americ... Americ...


What's happening to you?

Not know...

Me feel... strange.



Unfortunate, but expected.

There was only a 12% chance Superior
Man could have killed Superman

before he disintegrated
from the strain to his systems.

- What?
- You deliberately put that poor creature

into a state of overload,

knowingly sent him
to his death. Why?

Not a "him," darling, an "it."

An inhuman construct created
from the alien's DNA.


To test Superman's limits.

Unnerve him, psychologically
and emotionally.

For a moment there...

I actually saw fear
in his eyes.

And that means...

You created that creature and
then very consciously murdered it.

We're at war, Lois.

Your compassion,
however admirable, is misplaced.


I'm sorry.

This is Jack Ryder reporting
from Checkpoint Charlie,

where the final reinforced section of
the Berlin Wall is being put in place.

This veritable Iron Curtain,

a massive undertaking
of the democratic allies,

assures all freedom-loving
people of the West

that they are finally safe from
the cancerous spread of communi...

Excuse me,
ladies and gentlemen,

but the sound of what can only be described
as a sonic boom has shaken the ground here...

Workers of the West,

too long have you been deceived
by the lies of America.

This pitiful wall was created to
prevent you from knowing the truth...

that you live your lives
enslaved to the capitalist elite.

In the name of peace,

in the name of equality for the
United States and Western Europe,

I open this gate.

I tear down this wall.

Ladies and gentlemen,
from what we've just seen here today,

it is only a matter of time,
very little time,

until all of Western Europe
is absorbed,

is taken
by the Soviet Superman.

The attack on Stalingrad by the alien
artificial intelligence called Brainiac

has haunted the Soviet people
for years.

The entire city remains

secreted away in the Kremlin

where our Premier works tirelessly
to restore Stalingrad's population.

Over time, Superman was able
to reprogram Brainiac,

and the living computer
now serves the State.

Poverty, disease, and ignorance have been
virtually eliminated in the Warsaw Pact states.

And disobedience to the party
is now a thing of the past.

The glorious future envisioned
by Karl Marx is here.

When we're all his pets.

Animals in a carefully
constructed cage.

He may feed
and shelter everyone,

but the only freedom we have is to
be exactly what he wants us to be.

To do exactly
as he wants us to do.

The only answer to this world
of perfect order is chaos.

We have to blow
the entire system apart.

Which is why this museum
is going to explode

in ten minutes.

Everyone, please proceed to the exits

in an orderly fashion.

There's more than
enough time for...

Did I say ten minutes?
I meant ten seconds.

- Where did he go?
- He's on you, Petrovitch.

- There!
- Open fire!

You serve that
terrorist bastard,

plant his bombs...

take lives
in the Batman's name?

You don't deserve to live.

But it's not your fault,
is it?

He's fed you lies.
Brainwashed you.

You're broken.

I can fix you.

What kind of
human being would do this?

A soulless lunatic
with no respect for human life.


Not all men.

No powers to speak of,
yet this Batman eludes the police,

the military.

- You.
- I swear to you, Diana,

his day will come.

The Army
retrieved it six weeks ago.

As soon as I was informed,

I brought Mr. Luthor in
to consult on the project.

Of course, to Lex,
"consult" means "take over."

I do my best to serve
my country, Mr. President.

You know that.

You serve the pursuit
of knowledge

above all else, Lex,
but I respect that.

If I may ask, sir,

what is it exactly
that they retrieved?

See for yourself.

Christ on a cracker.

Apologies, sir.

That's all right, Captain.

I just about shit a brick
myself, first time I saw it.

The ship is made
of a fascinating alloy.

We haven't been
able to identify it yet.

Although we have been able
to determine the age

and probable use
of the vehicle.

But this,

however spectacular,
pales beside what was found

within the craft.

At first, we thought
it was a simple ornament.

But now...

We're beginning to suspect

that it's the doorway
to a power source

as old as the universe itself.

Why haven't you
removed the ring?

We've requested
permission, Mr. Luthor.

But the brass is concerned that
it might be some kind of...

Problem solved.

it could take decades

to retro-engineer this weapon.

Why are you
telling me this, sir?

Why did you bring me here?

Captain Jordan,

we're setting up an entirely
new branch of the military.

And I want you to lead it.

It's finally completed, Diana.

And I wanted you
to be the first to see it.

From here,

I can be certain that the USSR

ticks with the precision
of a Swiss watch.


Summarize today's
statistics, please.

Production is up 8%,

life expectancy has increased
to 97 Earth years,

with greater increases
predicted over the next decade.

Suicides are down since I added
fluoxetine hydrochloride

to the water supply.

Birth rates are
on the rise, and...

Thank you, Brainiac.

What is it?

My mother.

She wants to shut down
the Themysciran embassy.

What? After all I've achieved?

But how have you achieved it?

Better than the Gulags,
isn't it?

Better than extermination.

A day will come when it won't be
necessary Diana, but till then...

And what if
that day doesn't come?

Is even one soul
suffering like this

worth the price
of your perfect world?

- On Paradise Island...
- Paradise Island is unique.

Human nature is dark, brutal.

It requires different methods.

Human nature,

or man's nature?

Would you prefer
we were like America?


A nation in decline, Princess.

Economic depression.
Social unrest bordering on civil war.

Millions on the brink
of starvation.

I had high hopes for Kennedy
when he was first elected.

But he's turned out to be
just like the rest of them.

Ranting about the Red Menace,

refusing all offers of aid.

Perhaps it would be
more efficient, sir,

to invade their shores

and compel them to align
with the rest of the world.

Out of the question.

This global revolution
has been,

with rare exceptions,

America will eventually fall,

and we'll be there
to pick up the pieces.

Can't your mother see

that we're building
a better world?

Queen Hippolyta believes

that freedom must spring
from within.

That it can't be imposed
from without,

no matter how high-minded
the motives.


I've told her to wait,
to give you more time.

I haven't given up on you yet.

The dinner
was wonderful, Premier.

What? Yes, I'm glad
you enjoyed it, Mr. Ambassador.

It's been too long since we
spent an evening together.

We have missed
your extraordinary hospitality

and your warm friendship.

As the representative
of the People's Republic,

- I have nothing but the greatest...
- We've known each other

for some years, Ambassador Lee,
have we not?

We have.

Then why are you
still so cautious,

so tense around me?


You are our savior.

The man who is bringing peace and
prosperity to a troubled world.

- Whose flag flies over my...
- The truth, Ambassador.

You terrify me.

- Superman!
- Diana.

Ten seconds.

Batman said you only
have ten seconds to find me


Eight seconds to track
her voice here.

Expected you in six.

What have you done?

My Lasso of Truth,
its energy is part of me,

of my very soul.

Batman used it to bind me
psychically and physically.

- And not even you have the power to...
- Shut up.

You see, now she is
as obedient to me

as those poor mind-jacked
dissidents are to you.

And she's under orders
to kill herself

if you harm me in any way.

What do you want?

What I've wanted
since I was a child.

To destroy you.

To break and utterly humiliate
the great Superman.

For all your powers, you've always
underestimated the greatest weapon of all...

the human mind.

I can see your brain
from here, Batman,

and it's nothing
to boast about.

And can you see...

- You think you're going to stop me with that?
- No.

With this.

Sun lamps, wonderful.

Let them burn for a few thousand
years, and I might get...


These lamps were provided by a
mutual friend of ours from America

who specializes
in the impossible.

They simulate the conditions
of a red sun.

The conditions of your
home world.

Pain is
a new sensation, yes?

Get used to it.

I saved you all.

Destroyed the Gulags.

Gave you paradise.

Did you?

You and Comrade Stalin,
may have different methods,

but you're variations
on the same tiresome theme.

power-hungry egomaniacs

bent on reshaping the world
in their own grotesque image.

But in the end,
all men like you inevitably fall.

And there you will stay for the
remainder of your wretched life...

while my followers rise up

and finally
take our country back.

You may speak freely.

You're a monster.

And he's not?


All of you alike in the end.

My mother...

was right!

Game's over, Batman.

You don't understand
at all, do you?

It may be a game to you,
but not to me.

Never to me.

Don't worry,
I'm not going to hurt you.

I'm going to help you.

Just a few hours
of brain surgery,

and then, a nice job
in a Moscow laundry for you.

Diane, let me help you.

Like you were going
to help Batman?

What? No, of course not.

- I was just...
- I couldn't let you die, Superman.

But I can no longer call myself...
your friend.

This is what all men
bring upon themselves

in the end.

And this is what happens
to women...

foolish enough
to trust them.

As it was
with the Lasso of Truth,

it is now with us.

The bond has been broken.

After years of unrest,

and political assassinations,

the end of the American epic
seemed assured.

But the election of
Alexander J. Luthor

proved to be a miraculous turning
point for the United States.

President Luthor,
ably assisted by Vice President Olsen

and press secretary
Lois Lane Luthor,

slowly brought the country
back from decades of chaos.

Under his leadership,
a thriving democracy has been restored,

and America is on the rebound.

But the US recovery, has sent ripples
of unrest through the Soviet Empire,

as people across the globe
begin to realize

that you don't have to give
one man all the power

in order for the world
to be a better place.

Turn it off.

I'll give Luther one thing,
he's a master of propaganda.

A handful of unruly demonstrations,
and they call it an "uprising."

The American resurgence
is having an impact, sir,

and not an advantageous one.

I estimate that
within three years,

discontent in the Warsaw Pact
nations will reach critical...

I don't care
about your estimations.

Sorry, Brainiac.

I am, as I often remind you,
an artificial lifeform

void of emotion.

There is never a need
to apologize.

May I speak freely, sir?

Of course.

Luthor has always
been a danger.

Yet, for years,
you resisted direct action,

remaining firm in the belief
that America will consume itself,

be the engine
of its own destruction.

And it almost was.
It will be.

It is my assessment that an
invasion of the United States

is our only recourse.

Conquer the Americans,
capture Luthor.

Re-condition him.


If I'd wanted to,
I could've attacked

and brought America
to its knees years ago.

But I want to achieve my goals
by winning the argument,

not beating my opponents
into submission.

At the moment, sir,
President Luthor is the one who is winning.

America is like a cancer cell,

and it must be removed.

If we attack now, I estimate a
total of only 6.5 million dead.


That's a choice
I will never make.

The choice may have
just been made for you, sir.


Those are not missiles.

Home base,
this is Colonel Jordan.

ETA red bunker, 20 minutes.

Copy, Jordan.
We're only gonna get one shot at this,

so knock it out of the park.

Roger, home base.

Unidentified flying object
approaching, Colonel Jordan.

Approximate speed is...
really freakin' fast.

- Nervous, Captain?
- No, sir.

Given the stakes,
fear is a luxury we can't afford.

Damn right.

Look alive, Lanterns.
We've got incoming.

Focus, Lanterns.

Think green thoughts!

Is that the best you've got?

Oh, God, that freak
is unstoppable.

Keep it together, Gardner.

Focus your will.

- We got it, Colonel.
- Sure as hell...


I should've known
you'd come to back me up.

Back you up?

In the name of the friendship
we once shared,

in the name of this planet
we both love,

I have come to beg you...

all of you, to stop this, now.

Before the entire Earth

is consumed in
your insane war.

- Stop? But Luthor...
- Peace is the way, Superman.

Let me intercede,
Let me speak to President Luthor and...

That monster could
manipulate you,

convince you to turn against me
in a matter of minutes.

Do you really think
so little of me?

That's not what
I meant, Diana,

but I can't stop now.
Don't you see?

He's given me no choice.

What I see is that
the man I once admired

is long gone...

if he was ever there.

Then I am truly sorry.

You're just another
pathetic man, aren't you?

- Diana...
- As of this moment,

the Amazon nation washes
its hands of you.

Themyscira will remain
hidden to men's eyes

for all eternity.

Farewell, Superman.

We will never see
each other again.

Women, right?

Light him up!

You were right, Brainiac.

It's time to take this
straight to Luthor.

Unexpected, sir.

No soldiers.

No Secret Service.

No defense at all.

He's up to something.

Whatever the game is, Luthor,

whatever ultimate weapon
you're planning to unleash...

it's too late.

It's never too late.

How did you get that?

My husband's always ten steps
ahead of you.

Look at them.

Like specimens
in a laboratory.

Like flies in amber.

Just the way you wanted it.

What are you saying?

I've spent decades
trying to restore them.

You're telling me that Brainiac
couldn't have done it at any time?


Brainiac was damaged
when I found him.

- We tried and tried to undo this...
- Actually, sir,

the restoration technology
was always available.

But you did not want me
to utilize it.

I never said that.

Words were
not necessary.

Stalingrad is a representation
of all you have worked for.

All you desire.

A perfect symbol for a dictator

who spent his entire life trying
to put the whole world in a bottle.

You have to believe me.

All I wanted was...

to put an end
to human suffering.

Shut down your weapon
systems, Brainiac.

We're going home.

Not recommended, sir.

Retreat now will give
the Americans the advantage,

- throw the USSR into chaos.
- I don't care.

Stalin once called
me a blind kid.

So pure in my beliefs,
so walled in by my ideals

that I was unavailable
to see reality.

Maybe he was right.

But I finally do see that
this is humanity's world,

and they have to be free
to make their own mistakes,

chart their own course.

And your perfect world,

your utopia, sir?

It's in their heads.

That is
an unacceptable response.

I urge you to reconsider.

Lois, get inside!

You were never reprogrammed,
were you?

You wanted me to bring you
to Moscow.

A superb strategy, was it not?

Expanding and consuming,
nation by nation.

Why settle for a city
in a bottle

when you can possess
an entire world?


What is this thing?

You know
I'm always prepared, dear.

Now get down to the bunker
and let me handle this.

But you could die out here.

Really, Lois, all these years together
and you have so little faith in me.

I've never lost faith.

We've got to get through
his force field.

My force fields have been
immeasurably improved since Stalingrad.

You barely pierced them then...

and only because I allowed it.

You used me!

Manipulated me as if I was
some brainless puppet.

My methods were not
unlike yours,

only more efficient.

Until now.

This is illogical.

You are merely
a thing of flesh, while I am...

A useless machine.

Well done, Superman.

Now, having realized what a
sociological disaster you were causing,

will you have the decency
to leave Earth?

My only plan right now is to bury
this ship in the Sea of Tranquility.

Then I'll decide whether or not
I can safely stay on Earth.

What the hell?

He must have had a self-destruct
mechanism encoded into the hard drive

in case he was defeated.

The six mini black holes that were powering
his engines have been primed to go off,

and I can't stop it.

Then it's on me.

When it explodes, it's gonna wipe out
everything in a 15-million-mile radius.

Even you aren't fast enough
to get it clear.

Don't count on it.

Get out of here, Lex.

- But...
- Go.


What's he doing?

Saving the world.

when we were small, Somishka?

How I used to save you
from those bullies?

Now you must save all of us.

Use your power to...

Superman, gone.

Brainiac, gone.

One could be forgiven for thinking
this had all been worked out

to the tenth decimal point
25 years ago.

Checkmate, Superman.

It is with no small amount of
sorrow, and a vast amount of pride

that I stand before you today
to say farewell

to this sacred office
and its scared trust.

With the death of Superman, the collapse
of the Soviet Empire is inevitable.

We see it happening even now.

But it's not the American way to
leave an enemy gasping in the dust.

We will reach out.

We will give aid and comfort
to the Russian people.

And with the determination and compassion
so unique to the spirit of this nation,

we will reinvigorate
the Soviet economy.

A people that have lived too
long in the shadow of oppression

will awaken to the true power,
the shining glory of democracy.

Be assured that, in time, all the Soviet
nations will gladly and willingly join us

in the formation of a truly
global United States.

The world we'll build together
won't be perfect...

but it will be one
we can all be proud of,

because it will be a reflection
of the very best of humanity.

My resignation has shocked
many of you.

But a man has to know when
it's time to leave the stage.

I leave it in the capable hands
of a truly great man

who has worked beside me for
more years than I dare to count.

President James B. Olsen.

I entrust that vision
not just to President Olsen,

but to all of you.

And with that, I bid you all
a truly heartfelt farewell.

Time to leave the stage, huh?

Well, time to leave
that stage.

What are you gonna do now?

Oh, I don't know.

Write the great
American novel, maybe.

Find a cure
for the common cold.

Or maybe I'll just retire
to a desert island

with the smartest, strongest,
most challenging, most beautiful woman

I've ever known.

I kind of like
that last option.