Superman: Man of Tomorrow (2020) - full transcript

Daily Planet intern Clark Kent takes learning-on-the-job to new extremes when Lobo and Parasite set their sights on Metropolis.

I know what you are.

You're not one of us.

What are you talking about?

I look like everyone else.

No. I saw your files.

You're... you're...

An alien?

Aliens are scary.

Aren't you glad
they're not real?


for calling, Deb.

I mean, it wasn't
even that scary.

He just gets
a little jittery.

So that movie
really bothered you, huh?

You didn't say anything,
did you?

It's been days!
It's not healthy.

It's a weak prescription.

Anyway, you try
taking them away.

Now he spends every waking minute,
trying to get that thing to work.

we shouldn't have told him.

He lifted a
tractor with one finger, Martha.

He was gonna figure it out.

I don't want him
to feel different.

He is different.
And it scares him, for good reason.

Whoever put him in that ship
had no idea or care

for how dangerous a world
they were sending him to.

The more he knows, the more he can protect himself

and us.

We're supposed
to protect him, Jonathan.

Not the other way around.

Right over left.

- Now, right over...
- No! Left over right!

The image is flipped
on this thing.

What? No, it isn't.

It's okay. I can manage.

You both worry too much.

Shouldn't we?

I can't read
that, Mom. It's...

You have to pull back
from the...

"Flying Man of Metropolis,
Spotted Over South Side."

That's the third story
in two months.

isn't Smallville.

There are powerful
people there,

who would love nothing more
than to get their hands on...

You. Please, be careful.

I will. I am.

Now, I really do have to get to work.
Everyone's counting on me.

I'm a big part of the team
covering today's launch.

Launch? Of what?

You'll read about it tomorrow in
the Daily Planet. I love you. Bye.

Coffee boy! Over here.

Here yo go, Mr. Troupe.

Large skinny vanilla latte. No whip.
And I hope you don't mind,

I had them add a dash of cinnamon to
the grinds. It really wakes it up.

Mmm. Now, you know you don't
have to call me Mr. Troupe.

And uh, you don't actually
have to call me...

Coffee boy,
get a move on!

Excuse me.

Mr. Luthor,
what can you tell us about S.T.A.R. Labs?

Today, is a great day
for Metropolis.

And indeed, the planet.

With any luck, we'll soon have
answered the age-old question,

"Are we alone in the universe?"

The good people at S.T.A.R.
Labs are about to launch

the most sophisticated,
orbital telescope the world has ever seen.

And it's all happening
via a two-stage, liquid-fueled

launch vehicle,
built by none other than LexCorp.

I'll only be taking
one question.

From the young woman
in the back. Hello, Lois.

Lois Lane,
for those that don't know,

is the recipient of the
Luthor Journalism Scholarship.

Haven't heard from
you in months, Lois.

Studies keeping you busy?

I've definitely learned a lot.

Like how you built
that rocket with funds

you received from a rather
hefty government contract.

This president knows a good
investment, when he sees it.

Does he know fraud
when he sees it?

Gross negligence.

Not the question
I expected, Lois.

That's how business is done.

I practically sat him
in the Oval Office myself.

He owes me. More champagne?

Legally, it's opaque.

So you set up a ten million
dollar space program

that the feds underwrite
to the tune of six billion...

The rockets are junk, but...

"But who knows,
they might fly,

and anyone moronic enough
to live close to a launch site

deserves to be hit
by fiery debris."

I have copies, Lex.

Well, I hope you enjoyed
the champagne, at least?

One at a time, please.

One at a time.

Looks like you
could use this more than me.

Oh, you're a life saver.
Early shift.

Mmm. Hmm.

That cinnamon
really wakes it up.

Yeah. I think so, too.

Shouldn't you be part of this
feeding frenzy?

No. Well, uh, yes.
But, no.

Well, I'm glad
we cleared that up.

Well, I mean, I'm not a
reporter, not yet, anyway.

Just an intern.

How does an intern
become a reporter?

With a scoop like that.

Three, two, one.

We have lift off!

That's nothing.

I've seen stuff in there.

Experiments. Bizarre weapons.

Containment cells.

All designed to neutralize
the kind of weird powers

you read about these days.

Super speed. Strength.

All that alien stuff.

It's like, we're preparing
for something.

If you ask me,

I'd say somebody already knows
we're not alone in the universe.

Can you get me inside?

Helluva scoop, huh?

But no, uh...

I gotta work.

My kid, he's in first grade.
We got another on the way.

What if my name came out?

I protect my people.

I think you're the one
that might need protecting.

Two tours in Iraq.

I know a shadow
when I see it.

Someone's interested in you, kid.
I'd watch your back.

Look! Up in the sky!

Whoa! Hey, maybe we should...


You gotta be kidding me.

Eyes up here!
Everybody, come on.

I know I don't say it very often, but I
am always, always, looking out for you!

We're a team.

That's why I'm showing you what
a real reporter looks like!

Maybe knock some sense into
the more worthless of you.

- Oh, Jesus!
- Oh, classic Perry!

Anyway, meet the newest
addition to the team.

The grad student who took
down a billionaire genius.

An actual talent. Lois Lane.

- A grad student? Are you kidding me with this?
- Welcome, kid.

Welcome to the team.

See, now they hate you.
That couldn't have gone better.

Uh, Miss Lane.

Don't worry,
it's under control.

There. Lois, by the way.

Just... Lois.

Cool. Just Lois.

And you are?

Oh, I'm coffee... Uh, Clark.

I'm Clark Kent. Daily Planet.

No kidding.

Right. Sorry. I'm just...
I was there at S.T.A.R. Labs.

I saw what you did.
It was amazing.

That creep had it coming.

Can I just... how did you do it?

I mean, I know, the champagne.

It wasn't like that.
Trust me.

People with that much power think
they wield it over everyone.

If you can take that away
from them, for a moment,

you can take it away for good.

It's called a power move.

And I don't want to brag,
but it's kind of my specialty.

Well that, and paper jams.

Any other questions?

If you're gonna be a reporter, kid,
you gotta ask all the questions.

It's just... what do you do now?

You've already taken down the
most powerful man in the world.

Have I?

Have a nice weekend,
Coffee Boy!

Uh, Lois, you left your...


All right.

Breaking news.
An unidentified object

heading towards Earth
was detected by S.T.A.R. Labs.

Stay tuned for updates.

Has anybody seen
this thing?

Do we have a visual?

You gotta figure out
what happened.

- Does anyone know where it is?
- Hold on one second.

Why are you here?

Why are you here?


What did you say?

'Course I never heard
of no flying Kryptonian!

But, whatevs.

Guess we're doing this
the fun way!

Don't struggle now.
You'll just make 'em vengeful.

This planet
is protected, alien.


They ain't got mirrors
on this dump?

You're as alien as they come
around here, Kryptonian.

Kryptonian? I'm a Kryptonian.

You're the Kryptonian.

Last one in the universe
tucked away in Sector 2814.

You got an awful big bounty on
that stupid looking head o' yers.

You're here for me.

So, I guess... I guess that means,
you have to bring me in alive,

bounty hunter.

Name's Lobo.



Mess with the main man,

and you get the...

Well, frag the shit out of me.

You sure you're from Krypton?

I'm from Kansas.

Well, something about Kansas
made you strong.

Weird strong.

I like it.

It appears the flying man
is headed towards the bay.

Perhaps, he's had enough
and is in retreat.

Perhaps, he's trying to move
the fight to safer ground.

They're coming here.

Go! Go! Move!

I wonder...

can you see in the dark!



Get back!

Purty, ain't it?

You know I'm not one
fer poetry,

but seeing how it was Krypton
itself killed yer people,

s'only right this ring,

carved from the remains
of that doomed rock,

should be the thing
to mess you up.

Huh? Agh!

- Oh! What is that thing?
- What in God's name...

- Do you see that?
- Let's get outta here!

Tell me you're rolling.
Roll tape! Roll tape!

Well, how 'bout this?
A goddamn Martian.


You were right.
This was the fun way.

Oh, my God,
it's incredible!

Great Caesar's ghost!

It's been days, people! Days!

I may be the managing editor,

but I'm also
a Daily Planet subscriber.

I read the damn thing
every day.

Hell, I read it
the night before every day

and I still don't know

Where are the aliens from?
What do they want with us?

And what are their weaknesses,
if any?

Chief, maybe if we...

Are you talking
or am I talking?

You're talking.

Damn skippy! And, yes, Troupe,
we got a little carried away

with coverage
of the Flying Man.

The Superman.

Write it all you want, Lois,
it's never gonna catch on.

Listen up! The flying man
is no longer the story.

I want aliens.

Everybody stop
whatever you're doing

and get me copy
about the aliens!

Well that's it.
Get back to work.

Speaking of the Superman,

though I think
Perry's right by the way,

it's never going to catch on.

Didn't you have
an interview scheduled?

Like five minutes ago?

Oh, Clark.
So innocent.

I'm not going to that.

See, right now, the Superman is
waiting for me up there on the roof,

getting more
and more impatient.

Ah, it's a "power move."

It's a power move.
Eventually, he'll give up

and, if he's the egomaniac
I think he is,

he will beg me to reschedule.

And when you do...

Big Brave Strong Man
will be putty in my hands.

He'll answer anything.

Where do you come from? Do you
report to some kind of leader?

It sounds like
you think he's...

Another alien?
He flies and can push rockets.

Of course he is.

But, uh, what if he denies it?

Then he's fallen
right into my trap.

See, by then, I'll have
gotten the real truth

from my interview
with the loud, hairy one.

Wait, you're interviewing Lobo?

Isn't he locked up
at S.T.A.R. Labs?

He knows the Superman.

He wants to take him down,
but now he's behind bars.

Lucky for Lobo, I'm not.

So that's it.
You took down Luthor

and now you're doing
an expose on the Flying Man?


I'm winning a Pulitzer
for my revelatory takedown

of the alien who calls himself
"The Superman."

He doesn't call himself that!

Not "Flying Man,"
not "Superman," not "Clark..."

Certainly not "Kryptonian."

It's everything
you warned me about.

They meet someone
from the stars

and their first instinct
is to fire at will.

They love you.

They don't know me.

And I'm afraid that,
when they do...

Maybe you're what they need.
If they knew about you,

maybe they'd
see things differently.

Or maybe the government
will lock him up, or worse.

At some point
they're gonna ask me

where I'm from
and why I was sent here,

and I won't have the answers.

And in the meantime,
one way or another,

Lois is going to
publish her expose.

You know what we're gonna say.
What we've always said.

"The world is dangerous
and unforgiving."

If you're different, special,
you have two options.

You can either...

"Either meet it head-on
and accept the consequences,

or you can keep your head down
and accept the consequences.

There's no wrong choice,

You have to make one.


Because you're not
our little boy anymore.

Becoming a man means making
these choices for yourself.

Just be ready,

because each choice,
each action, has a consequence.

Excuse me, do we know...

Nothing yet.

Is Daddy gonna be okay?

Here we go.

Half the liver,
one kidney, the spleen.

Every day another organ fails.

What the hell happened
to this guy?

I'm going to
close him back up.

Give me the...

Code Black!
Call it in! Go!

Agh! Agh!

I know it's not for good,
but sure is nice

having you here
helping out, Clark.

Pa, I can help anytime.

It takes me less than ten minutes
to get here from the city,

you just have to
let me know when...


Stop the truck.

Evening, stranger.

I've come for your son.

Our son isn't here.

Something we can do for ya?

You can tell me where he is.

Sir, unless you want to
show us some credentials,

I think we're done here.

Martha, get behind me.

I'm sorry.

Sorry for wh...

Jonathan? What's happening?
What are you doing to him?

Get inside, lock the doors.

Are you another bounty hunter?

I am no Bounty Hunter.

My name is J'onn.

And I only wish to
speak with you.

Call me when you
need the refill.

Ahem. Next?

Uh, did, uh, someone call in
a prescription for you, sir?

Pain... I have... so much...

- Sir, you don't look...
- Drugs.

I'm sorry, without a
prescription, I can't help you.

But there is a clinic nearby
where you can detox...

I need to get home!

I need...

a post-surgical analgesic.


I need fentanyl!


I apologize
for frightening you earlier.

- Are you...
- I'm fine.

Just don't get
in my head again, okay?

I'm sure you boys
have a lot to talk about.

Clark, if...
John is staying over,

there are sheets
in the hall cupboard and...

We're fine, Ma. G'night.

I thought Martians
only existed in the movies.

Those movies are terrible.

Thank you. For S.T.A.R. Labs.
You saved my life.

I should never have
revealed my natural form.

Why did you?

I mean, if you can
disguise yourself...

To distract Lobo.

He came for
the last Kryptonian.

I offered him something
of equal value.

You're... the last.
You're like me.

It was
a foolish miscalculation.

This world wasn't ready.

Ready or not, Lobo came to us.
That's when everything changed.

Nevertheless, I will be
reverting to human form

and maintaining a low profile
for the foreseeable future.

I advise you to do the same.

If we remain hidden, we live.

Doesn't sound like
much of a life.

Perhaps not.

But as the last survivors
of our people,

is self-preservation
not our chief responsibility?

I have seen firsthand
how rampant xenophobia

can destroy
a great civilization.

If humanity is to have
a chance to thrive,

we mustn't further
stoke its fears.

I don't think anything
can stop that now.

The Daily Planet is about to
publish the truth about me.

Then we must stop them.

J'onn, this world
is beginning to see me

as some sort of champion.

What if knowing
the truth about me

is what turns this around,

makes people
see things differently?

You are an optimist, Kal-El.

Like your father.


Forgive me.
When I first became aware

that you possess abilities
similar to my own,

I assumed...
hoped you were Martian.

I attempted a telepathic link
between our minds

and in doing so,

I inadvertently accessed
your memories of Krypton.

I have no memories of Krypton.

You were only an infant.

I've never been able to
make this thing work.

Is that...

Your parents.

I was able to pick up
some Kryptonian

from your memories of them.

I could teach you and help you
access those memories.

But you should know
that the last thing

your mother ever said to you
was that "to dwell in the past

is to lose one's path."

You have
a weighty decision to make.

I'll leave you to it.


How will I find you?

Just listen.

Have you been up all night?

Yeah, pretty much.

Thank you.

Twenty-four years
collecting dust

and your new friend
gets it working in one try.

So what is it?

I don't know.
Some kind of historical record?

I've barely
scratched the surface.

It was incredible, Ma.

I can't believe
I'll never get to see it.

Maybe you will.

I'm beginning to think
you can do almost anything.

Go anywhere. Only...


You can go anywhere,

but, as all those photos
posted all over the world show,

your clothes can't.

Did you make this?

From the only fabric I know
that's been to outer space.

You were swaddled in it
when we found you.

Otherwise, I just copied
the design of that nice Batman

I always see in the papers
at the checkout.

You even did the cape.

Now I don't know
if it'll hold up

to the stress
you'll put it through,

but we went through
16 bandsaw blades

just to cut the fabric, so...

Whattaya think?

I think you're saying

you want me to
tell the world who I really am.

No, I'm saying

we're not buying you any more
nice clothes to destroy.

I love it, Ma. Thank you.

It's out!


It's only part one.
She's teasing something big,

but won't say what
until she interviews Lobo.

I have to get back
to Metropolis.

Maybe I can get her
to put the brakes on

while I figure out what to do.

What about your laundry?

I'll get it later.

Love the suit,
especially the cape!

You added a cape?

I think it looks cool.

Stop it!

Oh, don't like that one?
How 'bout this:

"I met an old female in heat"

Stop! Oh, my God!
What is wrong with you?

Why don't I show ya?

Come on, girlie.

Good for you?

Last question.

You told me he's the only one
of his people here on Earth.

Are there more on the way?

Kryptonians? Yeah,
they're on their way all right.

A whole army
comin' just for him.

And those bloodthirsty
sons of bitches don't care

who they gotta liquify
to get 'im.


Jes' kiddin'.

They're all dead,

but you shoulda seen
the look on yer face though!


And then summa this.
And summa that.

And then I give it a little
bit 'o wam-bam-boom...

Ugh. All right,
that's enough.

That's enough.

That wasn't even half
the Appellaxian mating dance.

I don't blame ya,

- I'm a whole lotta man...
- We're done here.

Open up.

What on Earth...

Maybe you should run along
now, sweetybits.


You did this!

Hey, man,
I jes' work here.

What's happening to me?

Okay then.

Now where'd those assholes
put my bike.

Are you all right, Miss Lane?

I think so.

Paramedics are on their way.

But I have to go after him.


You're right about my origins,

but not my intentions.

Please don't run your story.

I should be the one
to tell the world.

First you have to save it.

We're overdue
for that interview.

Maybe when this is over.

I'll be there.

No games, I promise.

And Superman...
Don't let him touch you.

What the hell?

Let them go.

Nice work.

Now let's get these
people to safety before...

Go! I'll try to hold him back.

So... much... power!

Oh, yes...



How are we doing J'onn?




The intern...

Or is it Kal-El?

No, don't touch him.

J'onn J'onzz...

the manhunter...

Stop this.


No. No, please.




Hey, Clark!

- Clark?
- It was unlocked.

What happened?

I, uh...

I broke the glass.

No kidding.

I mean, what were you doing

in the middle
of the attack yesterday?

How did you know?

You gave a statement
to the police.

You know, Clark,

there are much easier ways
to get the story.

There are?


Actually running in there

was exactly what
I should have done.

Why are you here?

Perry read the police report
and asked me to check on you.

Actually he ordered me
to fire you

for not showing up today but

I think I got
the translation right.

Well, did you see him
in action?


The Superman.



And the Martian Manhunter.

The Martian Manhunter?
That's terrible.

But it's your story so...

It burnt him alive, Lois.

That Parasite thing.

I can still hear the screams.

And the Superman?

I think he's dead, too.

Lois, this job...

Not what you expected?

It's so much harder...

this whole story.

I'd only just gotten started

and now I think
I may have lost it.

Maybe for good.


You've chosen a job

that can put you face to face

to some pretty bad stuff.

You try and make a difference
and fight for truth,


and sometimes
you get smacked down.

But let me tell you,
Clark Kent.

If this is what you want,

if it's who you are,

then you have to do it.

But this job takes guts.

It takes risk.

And maybe
one of those risks is,

when you feel overwhelmed

to open yourself up

and ask someone
smarter than you for help.

Someone smarter than me?

I bet, they're closer
than you think.

You're totally right.


First, give me your source.

Lois, did you come here
to steal my story?


No! No!

I thought that
we would share it.

You know what,
thanks for coming, Lois.

Really, thank you.
Tell Perry

he can't fire me
because I quit.

For now, sorry, I got to go.

What? Where?

To talk to someone smart.

I was going to split
the byline.

Is it still Halloween?


Let's just say,
it's more practical

than cargos and aviator caps.


And what's the "S" for?



Well, Superman,
what's this about?

I need your help.

I've seen you in action,

You're as powerful
as a locomotive.



So how could I possibly
help you?

I need to get into space.


Not the most practical
getaway plan.

The sun!

It's like a power source
for you, isn't it?

And if you need help
getting closer to it,

that means you're...



You've seen the news reports.

This creature, this Parasite.

It killed my friend.

Now everyone is in danger
and I can't stop it.

Not like this.

Can you help me?

Of course I can, but...

How much do you want?

Money? I have money.

No, I don't want anything
but to help.

It can only look good
to the parole board.

But I can't help you
from in here.

I have to get out.

That's not going to happen,


I can get a day pass.

A day pass?

That's not even a thing.

Wanna bet?



I can't find my shoe, Mommy!


Kaylie, what's wrong?

It's good to be home.

You live here?


So this "Parasite" zaps
your powers,

now you're a filthy mortal
like the rest of us.

Do I have it?

Something like that.

I still have my abilities

but they are very weak.

Some more than others.

It may be slow going,

but you'll return
to full strength.


There's no time.
I need a jump start.

Can you shoot me
into orbit or not?

I'm not launching you
into space.

Why not?

Because you are right now
a fragile egg.

Untrained and unprepared

for the grueling reality
of space flight.

Unless your secret identity
is an astronaut.

Didn't think so.

Anyway, don't worry.

I have a plan.

This is from S.T.A.R. labs.
How did you get this?


There's your problem.

The janitor...

That grenade
was an organic EMP,

designed to absorb

all the power
it comes in contact with.

It's almost like it
melded with the janitor's DNA

and turned him into
some kind of energy vampire.

It takes everything.

How do you fight
something like that?

I just told you.

"It takes everything."

It's like buying a company,
when you absorb the assets,

you also absorb
the vulnerabilities.

If we can employ those,
we can defeat it.

So... what are Superman's

I don't know. I'm not sure
if I ever had any.

I wasn't talking to you.


Even on the inside,

I like to keep close tabs

on all the happenings
about town.

Once the Czarnian here
was liberated from the cell

you put him in
at S.T.A.R. Labs...

Thanks fer that, by the way.

it was an easy matter
for one of my surrogates

to track down
the bounty hunter

and... cut a deal.

A deal?

You might say
I bought the company.

Lobo is now my asset...

...or vulnerability.

Time will tell.

The ring.

Carved from irradiated remains
of Krypton.

I don't know how or why,
but it weakened me.

A lot.

That's what we use to fight off
the superpowered Parasite.

Extraordinary amount
of radiation

for something so minuscule.

Harmless to humans,

but having absorbed
your powers...

this might work.

We just need
to get its attention.


somethin' I like
about this place.

This plant powers
the entire city.

Where is everybody?

I called in a bomb threat
before we left.

You shouldn't lie about bombs.

I didn't.

Looks like Lex was able
to boost the output.

Now we wait.

Wait's over.

It's ass-whoopin'

Here we go.

Feeling any stronger?

Let's see.

Well? Am I paying you
to stand around?

Yeah, yeah, don't get
your panties in a twist.

Hell, yeah!


Go down, damn it!

The ring, it's not working.

It looks like there's a limit

to how long the Parasite
can retain your power...

and weakness.


Eat... shit...




They have to hold their fire!

It's only
making him stronger!

I'll make a call,
but we need Lobo's ring.

If this thing absorbs
all the power from the plant,

it'll become
too strong to take down.

Then he can't
make it to the plant.

What are you going to do?

Give him a weakness.

Hey! Want some more?

I'm right here!

Troupe. T-R-O...

Yeah. Yeah. I'm still
holding for the Pentagon.

What? Are you...

That's 45 minutes
on hold, Lane.

I was almost through!

City is on lockdown. We're not
allowed to leave the building.

- But...
- Yeah?

The story is out there.

Need more power?

Well, come and get it!


See, here's my problem.

The Parasite
is very powerful.

But the Superman
is also very powerful.

Lex, no!

Right now, the man
with the ring

is the most
powerful of all.

So, which is
the bigger threat?

A simple janitor transformed into
a monster by futuristic tech?

Or the super-powered alien

lying to humanity

as one of us?

Oh, hell.

I'll just make
you both my slaves.

Magnifying Pulse Rifle.

LexCorp security issue.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Are you all right?

But, the Parasite...

I saw it kill you.

You saw what
I wanted it to see.

Those people
are in grave danger.

That ring will kill you.

I don't know any other way.

Find one.

Choppers are grounded.
TV crews can't get in.

Lois Lane, live at the scene.

We're on foot
and we have a phone,

so we're live-streaming.

The military have tried
to keep the crowd back,

but at this point, we've
got a lot of angry people

who are ready
to make a stand

against what they see as
an extra-terrestrial threat.

Superman may be
the only thing

that stands between
the people of Metropolis

and total annihilation.

But, if the eyewitness
reports are true,

the Parasite
can absorb our strength,

knowledge, our feelings,
our essence...


My essence.


Rudy Jones!

I know you're still
in there, Rudy.

I know you remember me.

And I know if you've
absorbed everything about me,

then you haven't just gotten
just my powers or my knowledge.

You've gotten my heart.

My love for my family
and friends.

My need to keep them safe.

Rudy, you are a combat veteran
who served with honor.

A proud father
of one in first grade.

Kaylie, right?

And another on the way.

I'm sorry this
happened to you.

But, whatever else you are,

Rudy, whatever you've become,

I know you're still
the same as me.

You don't really want
anyone to get hurt.

What are you doing?

Stop! All of you!

He's not the alien.

I am.

I see the anger in you.

But, the truth is,
you don't hate aliens.

You're scared,
terrified of them,

even when they're not there.

This man's name
is Rudy Jones.

He's the victim
of a terrible accident.

But, he was born here.

He's one of you.

And so am I.

I was born in the last days
of a dying planet.

My parents' hope was that
they had sent me to a world

where I would be
safe and protected.

But, the price
of that protection,

silence about who
and what I really am,

while others like me
face persecution, or worse...

I was scared,
but I'm not scared anymore.

My name is Kal-El of Krypton.

And I come in peace.

Die, you bastard!


Rudy, wait!

Oh, God.

You should have let me
turn the damn thing off.

The reactor!


Is that
really you this time?

Or is it
a telepathic trick?

I've apologized already.

It bought me the time
I needed to recuperate

so I could save your ass.


But you still
sound like a dweeb.

You could've mentioned
the immortality.

I like to keep
people guessing.

Three aliens.

The last surviving members

of each of our people.

Of course I killed
all my peoples myself.

So, why do I give a shit?


Just kidding. You should
have seen your face, though.

You know those are
just stories, right?

Every rat bastard I hunt

is the last of his people.

Something you say
to keep the bounty high.

Are you saying there are
other Martians out there?

Hell yeah!

Seen 'em myself.

Might even be
a Kryptonian, or two.

All right, ladies.

I gotta take
a big old space dump

and I don't do it no place
but my own.


smell you later!

I really hope
he doesn't come back.

You should go.

Follow him.

Find your people.

And you, Kal-El.

It's Superman.

My people are right here.


You couldn't meet me
over by the stairs?

We're losing
valuable interview time.

Sorry, Ms. Lane. Not today.

Call me to reschedule.

Way to go, Superman!

So, how was
the interview, Lois?

You know what I told you
about power moves, Clark?

Well, I was right.
They really do work.

Has anybody
seen my calendar?