Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) - full transcript

Superman does a lot in his newest adventure. Archvillain Lex Luthor, determined to make the world safe for nuclear arms merchants, creates a new being to challenge the Man of Steel: the radiation-charged Nuclear Man. The two super-powered foes clash in an explosive screen extranvaganza that sees Superman save the Statue of Liberty, repulse a volcanic eruption of Mount Etna, rebuild the demolished Great Wall of China and perform many more spetactular feats. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food


Listen carefully, my son.

By now, Kal-El, you are entering

the atmosphere of the
planet known as earth.

I pray you have made
a safe journey.

The yellow sun of your new home

will give you great
physical powers,

but it cannot console your spirit.

Placed aboard this vessel
is an energy module,

all that remains of a once
powerful civilisation...

Krypton, your mother planet.

It is my last gift to you.

Once removed,

the ship will grow
cold and silent,

and you will be finally alone.

The power in the module
can be used but once.

Use it wisely, my son.

Clark, you out here?

Clark Kent.

Hi, Mr Hornsby.

Over here.

Ah, there you are.

How are you, sir?

Oh, I'm fine, Clark, how are you?

Nice to see you. It's
been a long time.

A long time.

I was just tidying up for
when you show the place.

Yeah, well, didn't I mention

there's an offer to
buy sight unseen?

I won't sell to a big developer.

Anybody who buys it has
to want a real farm.

I don't think we need
another shopping centre.

Darn it, Clark, why
are you so stubborn?

Today, nobody wants a farm.

You blink your eye, and
they'll all be gone.

That's progress.

Oh, my gosh, look at this.

Oh, what a joker old
Jonathan Kent was.

I asked him what happened
to the baby's crib,

and he said...

"little Clark must have had
a bad dream and kicked it."

yeah, dad liked a good joke.

I was wondering, Mr Hornsby,

maybe you'd like to keep these

for your grandchildren.

Why, thank you very much, Clark.

Here. Batter up.

Come on, let's hit a few.

Watch out, now.

These will come in pretty fast.

You never could hit a curve ball.

That's my final decision
about the place.

I'm going to hold out
for a real farmer.

You are?

You're just as obstinate
as your father was, too.

I'm sorry. That's just how it is.

You be careful when you get back

to Metropolis, Clark.

It's a long, long way

from where you were born.

Yes, sir.

I never forget that, sir.


Bye, Clark.

What is that god-awful
noise you're making?

Mozart, my low-forehead friend.

Even this wretched
pit can't diminish

the spirit of true genius.

Life itself started in a
murky pit much like this.

A true genius like myself
learns to seize the moment.

You're the first to know

that I now have plans to
recreate life itself.

Hey, Luthor, you better
start breaking a sweat,

or we'll throw you to the wolves.

Let's get them duds dirty.

Move it, meathead.

Let's see a little sweat.

What's that car doing out here?

♪ She ain't faking ♪

♪ Whole lotta shaking
going on...? ♪

Hey, stop. Hold it there, son.

Yo, dudes, where the hell is this,

and how the hell do I
get to Cedar City?

You're on the wrong
side of the state, boy.

No chance. Oh, no.

Ooh, you got a fine, fine,

super-fine sound system here, son.

I guess you dudes have never seen

one of these sensurround
100s, have you?

I seen one in a magazine.

Come on, get in.



Only way to hear it. Come on.

All right.

Hop in, Bubba. Let's
give it a listen.

Hey, this is groovy.


What's going on?



The top.


Whoa. All right.

All right.

Drive away.

You all come back and
see us now, hear?




All right.

Did I do ok or what, uncle Lex?

Lenny, I've always considered you

the Dutch elm disease
in my family tree,

but this time, nephew,
you did fine.

You skipping the country?

You pathetic product
of public schools,

I've had nothing
on my awesome mind

since incarceration
except one thing...

Destroy Superman.



Bonjour, monsieur.

Comment a va aujourd'hui?



Pardon, monsieur.

Ou est la gare pour...

the metropolitan station?



Help. Somebody get help.


He'll be all right. I
think he needs a doctor.


Gentlemen, one moment.

I'd like all the people
back there to know

that our subway system
is still the safest

and most reliable means
of public transportation.

Thank you.


You're late, Kent.

Sorry. Won't happen again.

Where is everybody?





Voila, monsieur David Warfield.

That tycoon who owns
those sleazy tabloids?

Au contraire, mon ami.

He owns those sleazy tabloids

And the Daily Planet.


Don't tell me you
only read pictures.

The fact is, Mr White, that
I only read the Ledger,

a ledger which the previous owners

paid so little attention to,

I bought the paper
out from under them.

It hasn't made any
money in three years.

And the name of the
game is making money.

Ladies and gentlemen, my daughter,

Lacy Warfield.

Thanks, daddy.

It's very nice to meet you, Madam.

Mr White, Lacy will
be helping you.

Helping me? Helping me what?

I have some mock copies

of our new layout.
Super, isn't it?

The suit's not right,
but we'll change it.

Excuse me, Mr Warfield,

but the world isn't
really on the brink.

Isn't that headline irresponsible?

Maybe, but it'll sell
a lot of newspapers.

Don't do anything rash.

I won't let you turn
this grand old lady

into one of your bimbos.

Mr White.

May I point out that daddy
holds all your contracts,

which you will have to honour.

Excusez-moi... your spoiledness.

Why is Lois trying
to speak French?

I'm flying to Paris

for the emergency
ministers conference...

Not so fast. All
trips are cancelled.

My trip to Paris is cancelled?

Mr White, show me your books.

Everybody else, get back to work.

We're being treated unfairly.

I'll speak to Miss Warfield.

Me, too.

Excuse me, Miss Warfield?


I think I speak for
all of us when I say

that we'll all do our
best to cooperate.

Thank you.

But a reporter's first allegiance

is to the truth.

This city's people depend on us.

We can't let them down.

Thank you.

Is he for real?

100%, and I like him that way, ok?

You have a thing for him?

For Clark? No.

He's kind of cute.

Look, Miss Warfield...

Clark is the oldest
living boy scout, ok?

He's trustworthy, he's helpful,

he's loyal, he's obedient,


I don't know how to tell you this.

I just don't think he'd be
attracted to somebody like you.

Don't be silly. All men like me.

I'm very, very rich.

Why don't you have
air travel expenses?

I usually get air sick,

especially when it's bumpy.

Lois, get in here.

Lois, explain this
column of figures.

Chief, the president's
coming on live.

Oh, he is? Oh.

I doubt it's good news.

It won't be that terrible.

Hopefully, very
terrible, Miss Lane.

We could double our circulation

with a good International crisis.

And because the summit has failed,

we have no choice

but to strive to be second to none

in the nuclear arms race.

Therefore, I am announcing
the following measures...

I know you're all
upset by the crisis.

The best thing we can
do is think positively.

Now, is there anything we can do?

Doesn't anyone have a suggestion?

All right.

I'll make a suggestion.

Let's write our congressmen.

That'll do a lot of good.

Somebody has to be an optimist.


What can we do about the crisis?

He doesn't know what's happening.

I'd write a letter to someone
that would do some good.

Who, Santa Claus?

No. Superman.

Superman, the subject
of our newest exhibit,

has graciously donated a strand
of his hair to the museum,

so we can see how
strong he really is.

Here you can see a
1,000-pound load

easily suspended by
his single hair.

The museum will be closing soon,

so we should hurry a little.

You know what I can
do with that hair?

You can make a toupee that flies.

That hair is a sample

of Superman's genetic material,

the building blocks of his body.

With enough nuclear power
to mutate the genes,

I can create a being who's
more powerful than him,

who has total allegiance to me.

You better stand back.

Keep your eye out.

You wanted to see me?

Yeah, hi, Clark. Please, come in.

I've come up with
a brilliant idea.

Oh... really?

Well, daddy thinks it's brilliant.

You'll write this new series

called Metropolis after hours.

Who, me? I...

it's wonderful.

It's great, Isn't it?

I'm not right for this.

You're perfect for it.

You're young,

you're single, you're successful.

I'm usually in bed by 10:30.

That's just it. You
don't flaunt it.

You're no slave to
fashion, although...

have you considered
using contacts?

They, make my eyes itch.

Listen, I thought we
could do this together.

I know all the right places.

I belong to the right clubs.

We'll start tonight
at the metro club.

Oh, tonight?

Yeah. It's a date.

A date?

A date?

Well, it's just
business, actually.

I've got a letter for
Superman, care of me.

Superman gets mail here?

It's probably just
a picture request.

I could look after
it for you, Lois.

I think it's more
than a fan letter.

I think you should read it.

"Dear Superman, my
teacher is speaking

"about the president's
speech on the arms race.

"We're all very unhappy about it,

"and I said we should get Superman

"to rid the world of nuclear arms

because only he could do it."

"everybody thinks
I'm a space cadet.

"Once you've destroyed
all nuclear missiles,

"they'll see I was right.

"Superman can make sure

"we don't blow ourselves up.

"Thanks a lot. I know
you'll come through.

Your friend, Jeremy."

poor kid.

I'll get back to work.

There's an angle in this.

An angle? He's just a kid.

Daddy loves whipping up campaigns,

and the public loves it.


We're going to make
this kid a celebrity.

Everybody in the world will wonder

what Superman's reply is.

Welcome to Metropolis, Jeremy.

I'm Mr Warfield,

and this is my daughter Lacy.

Hi, Jeremy.

Now come along and meet the press.

Have a good trip?

Car had a flat.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Here, let everybody
get a picture of you.

That's it, everyone.

Jeremy, over here.

What a boy.

Now, come along,

and tell the American
public what you told me.

I said I wish Superman
would've said yes.

Did you get that?

No, we didn't.

Say it again...


I said I wish Superman
would've said yes.

Miss Lane. Miss Lane.

Take a look at this.

Hot off the press.

Oh, my god.

This time, he's gone too far.

Look, Clark.

Can't wait for the
chief's reaction.

I'm through taking it lying down.

Anybody wants me,
I'll be downtown.

Chief look different to you?

He looks like my father
asking for a loan.

I'll make sure he's all right.

Look, Clark,

there's nothing we
can do about it.

It's Superman's decision now.

I'm sure he'll do the right thing.

May the elders watch
over you, my son.

Their wisdom is all that is left

of a once powerful and
enlightened planet.

You must listen to them, Kal-El.


I know I'm forbidden to interfere,

and yet the earth is threatened

by the same fate as Krypton's.

The earth is too primitive.

You can flee to new worlds

where war is long forgotten.

If you teach the earth

to put its fate in any one man,

even yourself,

you're teaching them
to be betrayed.





And because the summit has failed,

we have no choice

but to strive to be second to none

in the nuclear arms race.

To that end,

this administration has pursued,

and will continue to pursue...


Just a minute.


There you are. What happened?

What do you mean?

"Meet me at 6:00 for
the press awards.

Wear something really nice

and don't be late."

were we discussing
some other Lois?

I'm sorry. I completely forgot.

Ok, get dressed, and we'll go.

I'd rather not, If you don't mind.

I've got thinking to do,

but you go ahead, ok?


something's wrong, isn't it?

Is there anything I can do?

Yes, as a matter of fact.

Could we get some fresh air?

Fresh air?

Fresh air.

Fresh air. Sure.
Sure, Clark. Sure.

Who needs rubber chicken
and speeches anyway?

Come on, let's get some fresh air.

Breathe really deep.

Breathe. Do you feel better?

Clark? Clark. Clark.
Things aren't that bad.

Clark, stop. Oh, Clark.

Clark. Clark.


You ok?


Hey, look at that.

Ready? There you go. Bye-bye.

How'd you like going solo?

I loved it...

but not as much as being with you.

I needed to be with you, too.

You make me laugh.

You're the only one I can talk to.

Sometimes, I don't know
what I'm supposed to do.

I'm always here for you.

You know that.

You'll do the right thing,

no matter what it is.

You always have.

Thank you.

You know something?


You don't even know my name.


You remember, don't you?

I remember everything.

"Never set one of
them above the rest.

Love all humanity Instead."

that's not fair.


Time to go. We'll be late.


What am I doing out here
freezing my butt off?

Oh, you wanted some fresh air.

That's ok.

I don't want to catch a cold.

I feel kind of weird.

I feel like I have jet lag.


Isn't that crazy?


How about you? You still down?

Nope. Things are pretty clear.

Good. Too much thinking
wears down your batteries.

Clark, you got to
go with your gut.

Come on.

Ok, here you go, Jeremy.

Mr Warfield wants shots of you

with lots of local colour.

I can't find anything special.

Hi, Jeremy.



What a scoop.

Want to take a walk with me?

Sure. Ok.

Jimmy, come on.

You can't. You'll get towed.

Do you know what a
ticket costs here?

Lacy, it's only money.

Wait for me upstairs
in the gallery.

Sure. Ok.

Good luck, Superman.


I saved you a seat.


All right, Superman.

Madame secretary, I don't
represent any country,

but I'd like to address
the delegates.

In that case, you
will need a sponsor.

I believe that will do.


Thank you.

What's he going to say?

Something wonderful.

Madam secretary,

honourable delegates,

ladies and gentlemen.

For many years now,

I've lived among you as a visitor.

I've seen the beauty
of your many cultures.

I've felt great joy in your
magnificent accomplishments.

I've also seen the
folly of your wars.

As of today, I'm not
a visitor any more

because the earth is my home, too.

We can't live in fear.

I can't stand idly by and watch us

stumble into the madness of
possible nuclear destruction.

And so, I've come to a decision.

I'll do what our
governments haven't done.

Effective immediately,

I'll rid our planet of
all nuclear weapons.

Yay. Yay.

Yay, Superman.

Way to go, Superman.


Missile test alpha.
All systems go.

4, 3, 2, 1.

Oh. Hello.

Nice to see you guys.

Why don't you just relax there?

I'll get on with
the introductions.


and Trixie.

From the land of the free
and the great cost overrun,

Harry howler, nuclear strategist

from America top think tank

and a great warmonger
in his own right.

A hearty bienvenue to
jean Pierre Dubois,

nuclear warhead
dealer to the world.

His motto is,

"if you didn't buy
it from jean Pierre,

you didn't buy it on
ze black market."

General Romoff.

A lot of people think of
you as the mad Russian.

I like to think of you
as just madly eccentric.

Please, be seated.

I know you guys are
overcome with joy

now that Superman has
ended the arms race,

but If we work together,

we can make the world safe...

for war profits.

Make your point.

I, Lex Luthor,

the greatest criminal
mind of the modern era,

have discovered a way
to destroy Superman.

Behold, my unscrupulous friends.

Shut those blinds.

The sun is hurting my eyes.

Exactly. You know what the sun is?

It's a huge nuclear bomb

with so much radiation in it,

it could incinerate the
average man like that.

Yes, but Superman
is no average man.

Aha. Right.

What is your plan?

Boys, old Lex here has
kind of a secret recipe,

a genetic stew in this
dish, If you will.

If you'll put this on
one of your missiles,

Superman will have the biggest
surprise of his life.

I'll introduce him to
his first nightmare...

A nuclear man.

He'll pierce his skin.

He'll make him mortal.
He'll become sick.

We'll dance on his grave.

Why should we deal with
a scoundrel like you?

Remember my motto,

"the more fear you make,
the more loot you take,"

and the more missiles
you guys sell.

Yes, but what's in it for you?

A tiny commission.

Something appropriate.

A number...

with a lot of zeros behind it.


The new genetic material.

And now, Leonard...

your uncle Lex, with
this protoplasm

that I've grown from
Superman's hair cells...

will duplicate creation itself.


Now the fabric.

Uncle Lex, this ain't
gonna cover him.

The computer inside will
weave enough material

to maintain the high
moral standards

that I've always subscribed to.

You know what this
means, uncle Lex?


We're going to be parents.

What's your name, Sergeant?

York, sir.

At ease.

Launch control. Yes, sir?

Yes, sir.

There's a weather
problem. We got a hold.


What's your name, son?


Gorham, sir.

Gorham, sir.

You know your code book?

Of course, sir.

It's a 2706, Inclement override.

On my command, fire.

Yes, sir. Standby to launch.

10, 9...

Missed us.

Reach out.

Come on.


Reach out.

And stretch.



Clark, are you ok?

I'll sit this one out.

Oh, are you sure?

But it's great for your series.

Let's try it again.
Come on, let's start.


3, 4... 3, 4...

1, 2, 3...

I don't think so.

Clark, are you ok?



23... done.

Ok, you try it now.


Let's set it a little
higher for you.

Just push down.

Are you ok?

Need some help?

Just step down.

Thank you.

Your friend doesn't
know his own strength.

Clark, this is Paul.

He's a trainer here.

I got just the thing for you.

Over here, Clarkey.


It's nice of him to help me out.

Here, try this one.

Oh, Clark, are you ok?



No pain, no gain.

Jeez, what a jerk.

I never realised it before.

I guess a lot of people
I know are jerks.

Maybe you think I'm
one, so you avoid me.

No, I don't think that.

I've just been really
busy, that's all.

You know Lois is doing that
interview with Superman

about his peace Mission?

Maybe the four of us
could meet for high tea.

It's very chic.

Could you hand me
those weights, Clark?

Excuse me.

Wait a minute, Lacy.

Come early.

The view is so romantic
from my balcony.

See ya.

Oh, sure. Here.

Not those. The other one.

No pain, no gain?

What was that?

Uncle Lex, you're spooking me out.



thank you very much.

Oui, monsieur. Au revoir.

Au revoir.

I'm incredible.

Uncle Lex, he's like...

he's beautiful. He's perfect.

Welcome home, nuclear man.

Your father's happy to see you.

The sun has given him
Internally generated heat.


you are...

I'm... what? I'm a genius?

I'm incredible. I'm...

you are nothing.

I am the father now.

You have my voice.

No, you have my voice.

Just remember, I made you.

You're just an experiment, freako.

What's that?

Oh, no.

I'm an experiment?

I'm freako?

I was just kidding.

If anyone's freako here,
it's got to be me.

Oh, wow.

Oh, wow. I'm break dancing. Hey.

This rocks. Hey. Oh. Whoa...

I made you. I can destroy you.


Destroy Superman now.

You sweet thing.
But not quite yet.

Come here.

We'll discuss when
the proper time is.

Uncle Lex.

Oh, no.

He's, like... he's, like, cold.

Of course he is.

That's his vulnerability.

That's the only way
he can be stopped.


Lenny, my loud-mouth nephew,

he gets his energy from the sun.

Without it, he's
like you at night...


Nobody's perfect.

You know, I never had
a double date before.

This is fun. How do I look?


like the last six
dresses you tried on.

Listen, Lacy,

I don't want to burst your bubble,

but Clark won't notice
what you're wearing.

Yes, he will.

Oh, there's Clark.

You look great.

Oh, maybe it's just Superman.


No, Superman makes a
different kind of entrance.

Hi, Lacy.

Hi, Clark.

Could you break a 20?

Driver didn't have any change.

Yeah, sure. Let me get my purse.

Hi, Lois.

Hi, Clark.

You won't believe these questions

Mr Warfield gave me
to ask Superman.

"Are you part of a plot to
weaken our national defence?"

it's his grey matter
that's weakened.

How can I ask Superman
these questions?

Well, politely, I guess.

Let's see, I have $18 and...

Clark, she really likes you,

so notice the dress.

My American express card.


Oh, hey. Neat dress.

Thanks. Be right back.

Hey, what's that?

Now, there's a different
kind of entrance.

Hi, Lois.

Hello, Superman.

How are you?

I'm fine.

Oh. Superman, meet Lacy Warfield.

She's the boss' daughter.

How do you do?

That's a very attractive outfit.

I think we better
start our interview.

Two's company.

Oh, right. Yeah.
I'll go get Clark.

He's probably helping the
cab driver change a flat

or some other good deed.

Something smells wonderful.

Oh, thank you.

I'm cooking some scallops and duck

in this wonderful mushroom
sauce with champagne,

in case we got hungry afterwards.

I mean, later.

You shouldn't have gone
to all that trouble.

Should we get on
with the interview?

Yes, let's get on with it.

Have... have you had any trouble

confiscating the missiles?

There always was the possibility

that some warped individuals

would take advantage

of the world's good will, but...

is there something wrong?

Oh, my dinner.

I'll be right back.


I Missed you, Clark.

It's so boring up there
with Lois and Superman.

Let's go do something wild.

That wouldn't be polite.

Yeah, you're right.

How can one man be so square

and so delicious?

All right. Let's go.

If I have to face Superman,

so do you.

Oomph... Lacy.

Oh, Clark.


I don't believe it.

I've never had a duck
turn out so perfectly.

I'm out here, Lois.


Isn't it beautiful?

The city's beautiful.

The whole world is beautiful.

I've always felt moments
like this should be shared

with someone you care a lot about.

Isn't that the doorbell?



Where's Clark?

Well, the elevator...

Never mind. It's a long story.

It always is with Clark.

Oh, great, that's him.


Hi. Those bellboys should
look where they're going.



Is dinner ready? Can we eat?

Yeah. Let's go sit down.

Oh, great.

Sorry. Oh, dear.

Oh, no, that's ok.

Just leave it there, Clark.

Let me just get a rag.

Be right back.

Where's Clark?

♪ Hello, Dolly? ♪

♪ Hello, Dolly? ♪

♪ It's so nice to have me
back where I belong? ♪

Don't be concerned, blue boy.

Only you can hear me.

It's my own private frequency.

You might call this Lex TV.

Look to your left, tall,
dark, and handsome.

I'll blow 20 stories
off that building...

give or take a floor
or two. Peace.


I hope Clark's ok. I better look.


I'm sorry.

An emergency's come up.

My apologies to Miss Warfield.

Oh, but...


Take me with you.

I could cover the story.

Have you seen Clark? Huh?

Guess who.

It's your old friend Lex.

If you'd planted a bomb,

you'd be miles from here by now.

This is my nephew Lenny.

He worships me.

The dude of steel.

Boy, are you gonna get it.

Silly me, thinking I could
fool the super guy.

You're right. No bomb.

It's just that you're so involved

in this world peace bit,

you don't have time
for social calls.

I confess.

I tricked you.

You look great.

Enough small talk.
What are you up to?

You know, you're a workaholic.

You're playing a good
guy 24 hours a day.

Why don't you stop
and smell the roses?

Get yourself a pet...
A kitten, a puppy.

You hate children and animals.

Why are you in Metropolis?

I want to introduce you to
the new kid on the block.

Look closely at the
cell structure.

You see anything familiar?

You've already broken
all the laws of man.

Now you've broken the
laws of nature, too.

You must have hidden a device

on a missile I
hurled into the sun.

You know, Mr muscle,
I'll Miss our chats.

You're the only one that
could keep up with me.



I want to propose a toast.

To a nice guy...

who's about to finish last.


Destroy Superman.


He's a little bit anxious.

Can you blame him?

Not one of your great thinkers.

But in all modesty, am.

The touching thing about this plan

is you helped me devise it.

Prison twisted your mind
Into a delusionary state.

No, no, no. Listen.

I escaped from prison with
one thing on my mind...

The end of Superman.

So there I was, the
first time ever

that I didn't have a long-range,

truly devious criminal scheme.

And then I came up with it.

With this guy

and you gone,

I'll make a fortune
rearming the world.

You'd risk nuclear war
for your financial gain?

Nobody wants war.

I just want to keep
the threat alive.

Nifty, huh?

Good night, sweet prince.

Parting is...


Destroy Superman.

First, I have fun.

Help me.

Thank you, Superman.

Santa Maria...



Un gran miracolo. Grazie.

Eeyi. Hah.





I said I'd get you

to run one of our papers yourself,

and I meant it.

Congratulations, Miss publisher.

Thank you, daddy.
That's very nice.

Step into your office.

Where'd this come from?

Oh, somebody brought it in.

We bought it cheap.

Ok. This time you have
both gone too far.

You can print your rag
without Lois Lane.

And you certainly have
no right to this.

Lois, I'm sorry.

Oh, let her go, darling.

I mean, she's useless.

And while you're at it,
fire that Clark Kent.

He hasn't been around
or even telephoned.

I know. I'm worried.

Oh, kitten,

didn't we have our little talk

about personal Involvement

with the help?

Now that you're the publisher...


yes, darling?

Stuff it.

Lois? Lois, I'm sorry.

I promise you I had
nothing to do with that.

Have you heard from Clark?


Just a minute.

Oh, Lois. What are you doing here?

I knew it.

Oh, I've just,

just got a really bad flu.

What do you mean you knew it?

How'd you know?

You haven't been to work.

You haven't called the office.

You haven't even called me back.

How could you not call me back?

Whatever it is,

I guess you've got your reasons,

but I knew you were
here, you know?


somehow something pulled me here.

I always know when
Superman's in trouble.

Superman? Something's
happened to him?

Everybody's saying
he's dead, but...

it can't be true. I just know it.

I feel it in my heart.

I think he just needs help.

Well, wherever he is, Lois,
I'm sure he'll manage.

Well, If he can't...


and he really is... in trouble,

then there's...

there's a few things
I'd like to tell him.

I'd tell him...

that I will always
cherish the time

we spent together,

and I never expected
anything in return

and no matter how few
minutes I saw him for,

it always made me happy.

And I would tell him...
that I love him,

and that I'll always love him,

and that... whatever...

happens to the world, I...

I know that...

that he's doing his
best to make sure

that it'll be all right
for the rest of us.

Well, wherever he is, Lois,

I know that...

he would want to thank you.

Listen, I'm...

I'm pretty tired, you know,

so I think I'll just rest here

for a while, ok?

I'll be fine. It's ok.


Well, I hope you
feel better, Clark.


If... if you do see him,

or... or... or hear from him,

he might need this.

Oh, Lex, we're all very pleased

at all the nuclear missiles and
arms you've helped us sell,

and, we've decided to
increase your commission.

Oh, guys, really, that's great.

It's the least we could do.

Well, I have another idea.

Gentlemen, I've decided

to assume control of the company.

My first official act is
to say, "you're fired."

you're mad.

Oh, really? Look at this.

If you want a reference for work,

forget it.

That was a good bit.

You know, with my brains

and your... frankly, your brawn,

the possibilities are
absolutely staggering.

I could be president,
emperor, king.

Did you see how scared
those guys were?

And what do you fear?

What? Now?

With Superman dead, and
you're on my team?

It's like I'm the coach,

and you're the best
power forward ever.

What's to fear?

All that remains of
Krypton's energy

is yours.

After it is gone,

you will belong solely
to your new home.

If our dying planet can
save your life, my son,

we have not died in vain.


Where is the woman?

You'll never find her.

If you will not tell me,
I will hurt people.




Stop. Don't do it. The people.


Easy, now, easy.

Slow, slow, slow.

Stop. That's enough.

That's enough.

You win. I'll take you to her.




Where is she?

Far away from here and safe.

Don't go in there.
She's not in there.

Ah... aahh...









We've got to tone
down these headlines.

Tone down our headlines?

Lacy, that's all the
common man reads.

We could do with
less sensationalism.

Less sensational papers go broke.

I taught you long ago

that the business of
newspapers is business.

No, daddy.

Our business is journalism.

We can't be so irresponsible.

Otherwise, we'll lead
everyone into a disaster.

Don't be overdramatic.

What kind of disaster

could we possibly bring about?





What's going on?

Are you sure you know

what you're doing, Mr White?



Here comes Mr Warfield.

You'd better have an
explanation, White,

or you'll talk to your
lawyers from jail.

You know, I'm not a tycoon.

I'm just an old reporter,

but I've read enough
in my own newspaper

about hostile takeovers
of big companies,

and you, Mr Warfield,

must have been
asleep at the wheel,

because I convinced the
bankers of this city

that our Daily Planet
should be treated

like a natural resource,
protected from predators,

so I convinced them
to lend me the money.

I bought up the
outstanding shares,

and you, Mr Warfield, are
now a minority shareholder.

Everyone back to work.

Way to go, chief.


I'm sorry.

You win some, you lose some.

Now, this is what I
call a newspaper.

Compliments of the Daily Planet.

Have a nice day.

We did it. We're back.

Hi, everybody. Am I late?

Hey, Mr Kent. No,
he's not here yet.

It must have been
an effort for you

to drag yourself out
of bed this morning.

I'm feeling better.

Had a visit from a good nurse.

It must have been some
pretty good medicine,

because Miss Lane said
you were really ill.

Jimmy, sometimes all you need

is some loving attention

from the right person.

Glad you're back, Clark...

and remember...

I am covering Superman's
press conference.

You just tape crowd reactions.

Reactions, ok.

Oh, dear.

Guess I'll need a tape recorder.

Be right back.


Same old Mr Kent.
He'll never change.

I hope not.


Hi, Superman.

Lois, good to see you again.

Good to see you, too.

Morning, gentlemen.

Excuse me.

Thank you.

We've survived the threat of war

and found a fragile peace.

I thought I could give
you freedom from war.

I was wrong. It's
not mine to give.

We're still a young planet.

There are galaxies out there,

other civilisations
for us to meet,

to learn from.

What a brilliant
future we could have.

And there will be peace

when the world's people
want it so badly

that their governments will
have to give it to them.

I wish you could see
the earth as I do.

When you really see it,
it's just one world.

Think he'll find us?

Never. We'll lay low for a while,

couple of years.

I'll come up with a new plan.

Whoa. Good thing I
brought my drums.

Oh, no.

Uncle Lex, you won't believe this,

but it's...

Superman. Superman.

Oh, wow.

Oh, wow.

Hey, this rocks. Hey.

Morning, father.

Lenny's been under
a bad influence.

Think you can help him?

Every boy can be helped.

I think you're right.
Good luck, son.

Come with me, my friend.

Do you have a drum set?

Hey. Mozart back.

Dwayne, Mozart back.

I see him, Bubba.

Shut up.

Marshal, take him away.

Thank you kindly, Superman.

Come on, Luthor.

One thing... how'd you beat him?

High school physics.

I figured that If your creature

was born from the sun,

that was his energy source.

Will the world be vaporised?

No, Luthor.

As always, it's on the brink,

with good fighting evil.

See you in 20.