Superman/Doomsday (2007) - full transcript

When LexCorps accidentally unleash a murderous creature, Doomsday, Superman meets his greatest challenge as a champion. Based on the "The Death of Superman" storyline that appeared in DC Comics' publications in the 1990s.

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Just look at him.

So sleek, so powerful... beautiful.

Like some great golden god
made flesh.

Of course, any sensible god
would demand absolute obedience... return for his favor.

But, no, our Man of Steel
protects us and keeps us...

...with no strings attached.

And the people, hmm...

...they practically worship him anyway.

Enjoy your reign
while you may, Superman.

For as surely as night follows day...

...there comes a time
when even gods must die.

I don't care how many weeks
you spent on that story, Lane.

The Daily Planet is not about
to attack a charity organization.

You know Lex Luthor couldn't care less
about the homeless, chief.

It's a front to siphon money
back to LexCorp... he can fund the manufacture
of high-tech arms... sell on the black market.


Look, how many exposés do I have to write
before Metropolis wakes up...

...and sees through
Luthor's philanthropy shtick?

As many as it takes.

But it helps to have a smoking gun.

You sure you're not
on LexCorp's payroll, chief?

You've been mighty soft
on the prince of darkness lately.

Excuse me for not wanting
to be sued for libel, again.

Well, LexCorp's going down...

...whether it's me
or Superman who does it.

If it's Superman, that makes it news,
and I'll be happy to print it.

Kent, shouldn't you be
on your way to the airport?

I always make my flight, chief.
Just packing the last of my things.

Well, don't forget to write.

Sure thing, Perry.

Articles, Kent, articles.
That's what foreign correspondents do.

Perry's really broken up
about you leaving.

Ah, he'll miss me
when I'm gone, Jimmy.

Well, I'm off to Afghanistan, Lois.

Happy trails, Smallville.

Guess I'll be seeing you.

Don't step on any landmines.

Two miles below Earth's surface.

Even Superman can't see us here.

Luthor's sure to be happy about that.

-Heat's fricking unbearable.
-Yeah, forget Luthor and his happiness.

"I shall invent a new energy source... harnessing radiation
emitted from the Earth's core."

And rake in billions while we drown
in our own sweat.

Don't be surprised if he asks us
to dig straight to hell.

We're halfway there already.

"Insert a diode catheter
into Satan's rectum... a feed back to LexCorp,
and crank up the juice."

"Keep Metropolis' power grids
burning bright until the end of time."

Whoa! Dr. Murphy.

-What is it?
-I'm no scientist.

You tell me.



Get this to Biochem, hand-carry only.
Keep it off the interlink.

I know the drill, Lex.
What is it, the cure for cancer?

Muscular dystrophy.

I can cure every known case
with a simple inoculation.

Have Swan find a way
to slow it to a crawl...

...turn it into
a lifetime treatment program.

Right now, it's a mere
$300-billion windfall.

And you need it
to be a perennial, got it.

But Swan's working the AIDS thing.

Oh, right.
What about Schaffenberger?

-Bird flu.

Guess Jerry's kids
will have to wait their turn.

Now, Mercy,
what have you got for me?

Project Applecore.
They've hit the mother lode.

Have you cured cancer yet, Kal-El?

I can design a machine
that receives faint transmissions...

...from the distant future,
sculpt a miniature sun...

...from dwarf-star matter...

...but I can't find a way to keep
human cells from metastasizing.

I wish I could help humankind by doing
more than just being its resident strongman.

One thing I've learned since arriving
in Metropolis is that those in power...

...don't always have
the people's interests at heart.

As much as I love dishing
on evil bald-headed freaks...

...I thought we came here
to get away from it all.

You wouldn't have a blow-dryer?

We'll need to get you
a larger travel bag, Lois.

I wouldn't need so many warm baths
if our weekend getaway was Palm Springs.

The Antarctic camouflages Kryptonian
crystal-tech far better than cacti.

But next time you catch a chill,
give a holler, I'll warm you.

You wouldn't use your heat vision
on me, would you, Superman?

-No, just the x-ray.
-You're bad.

Um, maybe we could find
a robot-free zone?

That's it, Mr. Luthor.

-Definitely a spacecraft.
-Of alien origin.


-We're deep.
-Before Christ deep.

That's a conservative estimate.

Last time aliens fell to Earth,
we got Superman.

This time, whatever's
in that tin can will belong to me...

...lock, stock and barrel.

What happened?

We have a puncture.

How are we supposed
to understand him?

It's a warning.

Clear out! Clear out!

Use the laser! The laser!

If an alien race possessed
the technology to trap that thing...

...and use Earth as their personal toilet,
they did so for one reason.

They couldn't kill it.

You know, I've been thinking....

-About Clark.

Kent? While you're snuggling
with me?

I think I'm jealous.

Smallville's going on assignment
in a dangerous part of the world.

They say I'm brave,
but I'm bulletproof.

Ordinary men and women
who put their lives on the line...

...they're the real heroes.

I just find it interesting that
the more intimate you and I become...

...the more distant
Clark becomes, literally.

Superman, I wanna know everything
there is to know about you... your real name.

Hmm. It's Kal-El.

Your other real name.





That monster's trail of destruction will lead
the authorities right to my doorstep.

Relax, Lex. Applecore may have been illegal,
but it was completely under the radar.

See that it stays that way.
Scorch Earth if you have to.

LexCorp was never there.

Look, I know who you are.
Why can't you just tell me?

Lois, I care about you
more than anyone else on Earth.

To reveal my secret identity
would compromise your safety.

Please. My safety was compromised
the moment I met you.

How many times
have you had to rescue me?


I haven't told you my identity for the same
reason we haven't gone public...

...with our relationship,
why we come here to be alone.

Well, try reading a gossip column.

Practically all of Metropolis
thinks we're dating anyway.

You're clinging to keep one last part
of you separate from us...

...and the only reason I can fathom
is that for an alien...'ve developed a very human,
very male fear of commitment.

We've been together for six months.

It'd be nice if I could start calling you
something other than Superman.

He also goes by Kal-El.
-Shut up.

Well, that was some first fight.

Be nice if it was our last.

Maybe you're right. Maybe it is time
you got to know the real me.


-This isn't a good time.
You are needed in Metropolis.

It is a matter of terrific urgency.

I have isolated a match
via interstellar records...

...from your father's archives.

The subject in question
was biologically engineered... be the ultimate soldier.

Precise, clinical, unstoppable.

But its creators came to realize...

...that it could not distinguish
between friend and foe.

Thus, this doomsday machine
lives to extinguish any and all life forms...

...because it must.

We need to clear this area.


You're dropping me off here?

Doomsday's at Hob's End
on the East Side.


Jimmy, meet me on the roof,
and don't forget your camera.

Uh, Lois, shouldn't we wait
for a pilot?

I'm an Air Force brat, remember?

I was flying these things
when you were still in training pants.

Now, hang on.



Jimmy, camera on the action.

Oh, man, he can jump!


Thanks, Superman.

Get out of here. Now.

Superman, don't--

It's why I'm here.

I've never seen Superman
take such a pounding.

Not that he can't dish it.

For those just joining us,
Metropolis is the scene...

...of widespread destruction
this morning... Superman attempts to overpower
a creature responsible...

...for a string of grisly murders.

But as of right now, it's uncertain
which way the tide will turn.

Lois, do you think Superman's o--?

Camera on the action, Jimmy.


Is everyone...?

You did it, Superman.
We're safe, all of us.

Good. That's....

That's all that matters.


Superman died as he lived...

...defending Metropolis.

He may have come
from another world...

...but he will always belong to ours.

James Olsen?

Your photos of the tragedy were....

Well, words fail.

It must have been hard for you,
being Superman's pal, I mean.

If you ever need to talk.

What is he doing here?

I wouldn't be surprised
if he's somehow responsible.

Luthor doesn't matter right now.

Come on, Lois.

Today, Superman's funeral was viewed... hundreds of millions worldwide.

Not since President Kennedy died
has our nation so collectively mourned.

Yet it is the people of Metropolis
who are feeling the loss most... we knew him best.

So let us take a brief moment
to celebrate his time with us.

Last year for Halloween,
I dressed like Superman.

Now I'm gonna do it every year
for the rest of my life.

I was installing a satellite dish
when I slipped off the roof, three stories.

I should have been a goner.
But out of nowhere...

...everyone's guardian angel
was suddenly mine too.

Not a word from Kent.

He hasn't called, hasn't e-mailed.

Clark isn't coming back.

It's Afghanistan, chief.
People die there every day.

Look, Lane, Kent's fine.
Just lost in the trenches.

You know how he disappears
into his work.

What are you doing here anyway?
I told you to take time off.

And do what?
I'm trying to keep myself occupied.

Well, occupy yourself
with friends or family.

You must have someone
you can talk to.

-Mrs. Kent?

I'm Lois Lane.

-From the Daily Pl--
-I know who you are, Miss Lane.

My son talks about you quite often.

He's the reason I've come to see you.

Has there been word
from Afghanistan?

I've been--
Well, I have been so worried.

Mrs. Kent... know as well as I do
that your son...

...died in Metropolis last week.

-Look, I'm not here as a reporter. I--
-Then why are you here, Miss Lane?

I don't know exactly.

Maybe it's just....

I don't know if he told you,
but we had been seeing each other...

...for the past few months,
romantically, I mean.

And I know the rest
of the world adored him...

...and misses him
now that he's gone...

...but no one else
on this whole stupid planet...

...can know what it felt like
to really love him, to be loved by him...

...or how it feels now...

...every minute of every day,
like I'm broken.

Like I'm the one
that freaking monster pounded on.

You know, I was just about
to put on a fresh pot of coffee.

You look like
you could use a cup.

God, yes. Thank you.

As feared...

...crime rates have soared
in the past weeks.

Criminals have become more daring...

...and Metropolis P.D. remains
understaffed and underfunded.

On the bright side...

...technologies mogul
and philanthropist Lex Luthor...

...contributed $10 million
to the police department earlier today.

But ultimately, Metropolis
is faced with a stark reality...

...that no police force,
no matter how well-equipped...

...will ever be as omnipresent
as one man.

You've made the right decision, James.

We at the National Voyeur feel
there's enough misery in the world today.

Why rub people's noses in it?

We're in the business
of entertainment, Mr. Swank.

And making money, James.

Please, call me Jimmy.

Jimmy gave notice?

What notice? Little ingrate up and left.
Working for that tabloid rag.

But why would he--?

Look, chief, this has been hard
on all of us, Jimmy included.

I'm sure this is just his way
of trying to, you know, heal.

Don't sugarcoat it, Lane.
Olsen's weak.

He isn't man enough
to keep a grip on his ideals.

Easy enough to lose sight of, I suppose,
in a world without Superman.

Which reminds me, you rode shotgun
with Metro P.D. on that sleeper-cell raid.

Kind of risky, don't you think?

No more than usual, chief.
Why should things be any different?

Because he isn't here to pull your ass
out of the fire anymore, that's why.

Be careful, Lane.

Taken before his time.

So completely...

...absurdly random.

Come on, Lex. I figured
you'd be stoked he's finally gone.

Isn't this what you wanted?

I wanted a winning strategy.

Instead, I've been cheated of the victory
I've planned for years... an intergalactic soccer hooligan.

Your scientists found the hooligan.

Speaking of which... did see to it that little mess
was cleaned up?

LexCorp was never there.

And neither were you.

Toyman doesn't feel like sharing.

The goodies are mine, mine, mine.

All you action figures
and your accessories better back off...

...or the kiddies are coming down
the hard way, ker-splat!

Are you suicidal?

We're supposed to report news,
not make it.

Forget the news.
Those kids are gonna die.

That's it, ta-ta.
We'll play again another day.

It's okay.

Come on.

It's safe now.

It's okay.


My play dates.

Fun time's over!

School's out forever!

Your stop. Be right back.

Superman's back?

You? But you're--

Taking you in, Toyman.



Pfft. Like we really needed him
to bust up a mechanical spider, right?


Um, thank you, Superman.

It's why I'm here.

It's really me, Lois.

I'm back.

I can see that, feel that.

But how?

I awoke in darkness.

The last thing I remember
before that is....

You're here, unless I'm dreaming.

That's all that matters.

Oh, you missed it.

Here you go.

Oh.... Mm.

You are glad to see me?

Of course, Lois. It's just....

I may need time to re-acclimate.

I did just come back
from the grave, you know.

Of course.

So see you soon?

Yeah. Soon.

We will soon commence
renovation of Superman Memorial Park... celebrate
the occasion of his return.

There's work to be done.

But I will make the streets
of Metropolis safe again.

It's a miracle.

A miracle.

Can you believe Superman's back?

He'll whip this city back to shape.
I thought Superman wasn't dead.


Over here, Superman.



If you're wondering why you can't
see through these walls, Superman...

...they're lined with lead.

My rumpus room also comes equipped
with red solar lamps...

...and, of course, kryptonite.

Red and green,
the colors of Christmas.

And you are on the naughty list!

Why did you leave me?


We had so much unfinished business.

Who's your daddy?

By the way, you're doing a fine job
of convincing the world you're Superman.

Keep up the good work.

I've done it, Superman.

Achieved the unimaginable.

Sculpted your clone with a strand
of DNA from a fleck of blood...

...swabbed from the scene
of your epic final battle.

Your doppelgänger possesses
all of your speed, strength, morality even.

But not your mind.

Only knows what
I've programmed him to know...

...since you took your secrets
to the proverbial grave.

But why should I complain?

My super-powered sycophant
bows to my every whim.

Even tunneled all the way to Memorial Park
to pluck you from your resting place.

A bit ghoulish, I know,
but necessary to stage your coming out.

I resented being cheated
out of orchestrating your destruction...

...but I'm over it.

In fact, this whole miserable experience
has only made me stronger.

Put me back in touch with my roots.

So now that you no longer stand
in the way of my plans, Superman... shall help me to achieve them.

Lane. Martha, hi.

Clark still hasn't visited.
Hasn't even phoned.

He-- He's a little preoccupied
here in Bigville.

You know, making up for lost time.

Well, you see him, don't you?

Not as much as I'd like.

So this is what a potential
Pulitzer Prize winner does for a second act?

Lois, hey.

Don't think they'll let you past
the ropes wearing that.

Ow, ow, ow!

I'm not here to go clubbing, Jimmy.
I'm here to talk.

Lois, I'm working here.

Jimmy, look at you.

Italian silk.

You're underpaid at the Planet,
you know.

I meant I'm not sure
I like what you think you've become.

Ha-ha, speaking of changes,
how about the big S, huh?

Ever consider the big S
may not be what he seems?

He wears red and blue, flies...

...crime rate's plummeted
since he's risen from the grave.

Gosh, you think he's a zombie?

I'm not sure what he is.

Call it reporter's nose
or woman's intuition, but--

Whoa, you're not serious?

Why wouldn't you think
he's really Superman?

Okay, weird.
But it doesn't mean he's--

-I need to know the truth.
-And you could use my help.

Come on, Jimmy,
for old times' sake?

I've moved on, Lois.
I like my life the way it is now.

I like it just fine.

And how was your day, Superman?

Save any lives?

A 19-second blackout at 3:47 a.m.

Had to be an EMP.

But you didn't get up
and walk away, Superman.

Where the hell are you?

Winslow P. Schott, a.k.a. Toyman...

...escaped from prison
early this morning...

...and proceeded to hold several children
hostage at a daycare center.

After a prolonged standoff...

...the fugitive was apprehended
by police just moments ago.

But though Toyman is now safely
in police custody...

...there is a tragic element
to the scene.

Minutes before his capture,
Toyman took the life of young Katy Alpert.

She was only 4 years old.

I'm alive?

It would seem that on this world...

...the laws of human death
do not apply to you, Kal-El.

I only came to realize it 17 days
after your apparent demise...

...when I was alerted to a single pulse
of your biorhythmic signature.

So my vitals slowed to a crawl....

To better enable you to heal.

I had to await a second pulse,
17 days later, in order to find you...

...once I discovered
your body had been relocated.


To LexCorp.

It would appear
that Lex Luthor has cloned you.

I need to get back to Metropolis.

Once you have regained your strength.

I am uncertain
of your double's agenda...

...but for now, he seems to be
protecting Metropolis.

Pardon me, officers.
I need a moment with your prisoner.

What? Why, you can't--

Uh, is that allowed?

I have rights.

I have nothing to say to you.

How about goodbye?

Did he just drop him?

Lane. He did what?

Excuse me, coming through.
Move it!

Over here. Over here, Superman.

Superman, what made you do it?

Toyman would have killed again.
An example needed to be set.

But you've never done anything
like this in the past.

I see things differently now.

-But what about the law?
Won't there be repercussions?

I consider myself the authority
on what's best for Metropolis, don't you?

That is not the boy I raised.

Precious, come down here.


Got her, ma'am.

Now, you know, Persian Longhairs
really shouldn't be outdoors.

Please, Precious didn't mean it.

Oh, my beef isn't with the kitty.

It really irks me when folks
don't take responsibility for the little things.

Don't get me wrong,
I'm here to help.

But every time I have to stop
and sweat the small stuff... potentially keeps me
from attending to more urgent matters.

Life-threatening matters.

You may wanna think about that
next time you leave the screen door open.

I will. I-- I promise, thank you.

The commissioner
would like a word with you, Superman.

As I was just explaining to the lady,
I'm a little busy right now.

We've been instructed
to escort you, if necessary.


-Son of a--!
-Watch the language.

Solar boosters at maximum.

Your metabolism
has spiked exponentially, Kal-El.

We must continue your accelerated
absorption of yellow solar energy.

Well, the prodigal son of Krypton.

You've been acting a tad
out of character, wouldn't you say?

Protecting Metropolis
is out of character?

It is when you make the streets
run red with blood.

I put you on Earth
to attend to my dirty work.


A hot list of LexCorp's competitors.

All with motive to steal Superman's corpse
for scientific gain.

Retrieve the body immediately...

...and discreetly.

I brought you into this world.

I can take you out of it.

That's what I said, right?


Mm, lead.

Only one thing it could be hiding,

A safe Superman
means a safe Metropolis.

Evening, Lex.

Lois Lane.

-How did you--?
-Get past security?

It's what I do.

Forgive the indelicacy, Lois,
but you look terrible.

There's breaking news.

Looks like you won, Lex.
You finally won.

I'm not sure I know
what you're talking about.

How'd you do it?

How did you make Superman
your puppet?

Really, Lois,
these insinuations of yours are--

Relax. I don't plan on writing
any more exposés.

I'm tired, quitting the Planet,
leaving Metropolis.

But before I go,
I need to know how you did it.

What you did to him... I can move on with my life.

You were more than friends.

He was more than
your constant rescuer.

You must be terribly lonesome
without him.


Then you need someone
to take his place.

Someone big and strong.

We have 30 minutes,
we need to work fast.

Don't forget your camera.

You know, I'm supposed to be covering
a celebrity rave right now.

Save it. We're here.

Great. Retinal scanner.

Now what?

Ugh. Yummy.

-A freaking circus sideshow.



He's harvesting Supermen.

So you were right.

The Superman who returned....

A clone. A fake.

Which means
the real Superman really is....

Yes, Jimmy.

Dead. Just as you and Ms. Lane
are about to be.

Because after all,
there is no Superman to save you.

They are genetically bred
to do my bidding.

Imagine, an army of Supermen
policing the skies of Metropolis.

The world upholding the law of Luthor.

Clearly, some fine-tuning is required.

On the bright side,
I get to kill Superman after all.

Oh, hell.

Evil Supermen? Not on my watch.


Evacuate the premises.

you've been a very, very bad boy.

I might have to mess up
that pretty face of yours.

That's it, come to papa.

What's he doing?

You're a menace to society, Luthor.
You won't be missed.

Come on.

An alert from Metropolis.

The saga of Superman's return...

...just took another bizarre twist... the Man of Steel allegedly adds
tech mogul Lex Luthor to his recent hit list.

The president has declared
a state of emergency in Metropolis...

...and is considering military action.

Army reserves are mobilizing,
but there is no telling... Superman will respond
to a show of force.

But, Kal-El,
you are only at 67 percent strength.

It'll have to do.

Kal-El, your double outmatches you.

You will need a leading edge
to defeat him.

Solar suit.

To help absorb yellow sun rays
during my flight there.

I had something
even more practical in mind.

Luthor's kryptonite cannon?

From the archives.

The kryptonite is safely ensconced
in a lead-lined cartridge.

Properly utilized,
it will weaken your opponent...

...and even the playing field.

This is insane.
We can't kill Superman.

You're right. We can't kill Superman.

Dead men walking.

I have to ask you to step down.

I don't think that
would be in the city's best interests.

You leave us no choice.

I'm only doing this because I care.

Fall back, fall back!


Look who's back.

Who's the rocker?

-You don't think...?
-I don't know.

He's wearing Superman's shield.

He's also wearing black.

Great. Bad Superman
and badder Superman.

Metropolis is doing just fine without you.

I'm not sure I approve of your methods.

I'm not asking for your approval.

Get this straight, you're not needed here.

Metropolis is under my protection,
now and forever.

Over my dead body.

Was that a kryptonite gun?

Not very Superman-like.

Come on.
Uh, I'll wait here.

Oh, for God's sake, don't be such a girl.



-Who's the man in black?
-Who cares?

He's kicking Superman's ass.

This is starting to look familiar.

Yeah, only I'm in no mood
for another funeral.


You're out of shape.

Do tell.

Wow. That almost hurt.

Look, why prolong this?

I could keep this up all day, but you....

Why not fly on out of here
while you still can?

And leave the city in your hands?
Not likely.

But don't you get it?

I am you, Superman.

A reflection of you
as you might have been.

If I were raised by Luthor?

If you were strong.

You're self-righteous, misguided,
my reflection in a cracked mirror.

Suit yourself.

What happened to
"camera on the action"?

The story's that way. Whoa!

Now it is.

I guess this time I'll need to see to it
that you stay dead.

Now tell me, who's better equipped
to protect Metropolis?

You have all my strengths...

...and my weaknesses.



Protect the people.

It's why I'm here.

If you're a robot or another damn clone
or something, I swear to God....

It's really me, Lois.

I'm back.

Like I haven't heard that before.

I may need some proof.

-Okay. I'm convinced.
-I'm glad.

But I'm not sure
they'll ever trust me again.

They will.

It may take some time.

Are you gonna wear
the red and blue suit again?

Because I like that one better.

Or not very much time at all.

Mm. Do I smell coffee?

Fresh pot. I'm almost done here.


There's only one S in resurrection.

Didn't realize proofreading
was one of your super-powers.

Well, no.

But I was the spelling-bee champ
of Smallville Elementary.


Don't forget to call your mother.

If history
has determined that gods can die... has also proven
that they may return from the dead.

It would seem you can't be destroyed
after all, Superman.

It would seem.