Supergirl - Das Mädchen von den Sternen (1971) - full transcript

A mysterious, supernaturally beautiful girl from another planet confuses and flusters the men on earth, where she has landed. The men follow her wherever she goes. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Are you not wearing anything under that?

What is your name?

I'm Charly

That's not my name, but

It's what my friends call me

Are you American?

No, do I look like one?

Why don't you speak more?

You've an exciting voice

Where are you headed?

Wherever you like

But first to Munich

I live here

Take a seat

I'll fix some food


What are your plans, Francesca?

I've to go to Washington

I'm going to Lake Starnberg

You're welcome to come along


I suppose you're not
inclined to answer any questions

Not right now

I'm not all that curious anyway

- Your receipt
- That's fine

I'll take these ones, too


445 marks, please



It's been in the book charts for weeks

The Americans want to make it into a film

He's married to Elsa Morandi

Who's Elsa Morandi?

Where've you been?

On the moon?

She's beautiful

Is that you?

What does it say?

That you were in the Bahamas

Playboy Charly Seibert, 34

Idiots, I'm 33

Enjoy the sunshine, I'll get you a drink

- What's this?
- Vodka Martini

I'd rather have a coke

The fridge hasn't been restocked

They might have gone sailing

He took her in his arms
and said, "I've tried to hate you"

- It's me
- Just a second

Come in


Elsa has been waiting
for you all morning

So I see

You're getting more
handsome all the time

Even more handsome?

We haven't seen each
other for two years, Charly

I see

I've a surprise for you two

Polonsky thinks this will be
the biggest hit since Doctor Zhivago

Is there anything I can do for you?

Polonsky always thinks that

You'd love to see your name on the screen

I never go to the cinema

Do you ever go?

Of course she does

Everyone does

Does my darling not go to the cinema?

All you want is a good part

She is your Cynthia, after all

But I don't want to

Polonsky is offering $150,000

And how much are you getting?

Why won't you do it?

Did you read the novel?


Is that bad?


You should convince him, you're his type


I can try


Thrilling, Francesca?

Did you write all this?


I'm a genius

Who was that?

Mr Polonsky

You're drunk

Call him!

Sleep with him

Don't get upset, have another drink

Come, I will show you
Lake Starnberg by night

We should marry again

I don't know why he's drinking so much

He always has

Since I've come back from Rome

He has changed

I think he's stuck with his novel

That'll be Polonsky

That's what I wanted to show you

Lake Starnberg by night

It's a little dark

We don't have any lakes

In Bolivia?

I've never been to Bolivia


I've had too much to drink

Is Polonsky an American?


Has he bought you, too?

I would like to meet him

Those people are not good for you

Polonsky has been crying for you

I've to talk to him

He's offering $200,000

Nice here?

Here he comes

Alright, Mr Polonsky

Evers, I'm a broken man,
you can't do this to me

I'm flying to Madrid tomorrow

The director is going to kill me
if I don't bring him the script

I'll attend your funeral

I'll pay anything



I don't negotiate over the phone

I'll speak to my publisher

I will let you know, is that clear?

Come to Madrid, as my guest

Bring Elsa, too

Sleep well, Mr Polonsky

One has to be able to wait

You're learning

I'm going to bed

I'll be right there

In a way you're quite
nice when you're drunk

To Salt Lake City

Elsa is tired

I'll show you your rooms

May I sit?

I was waiting for you

I've to leave

I'm getting $200,000 for the novel

That'll last some time

Where would you like to go?

It seems you've to see Mr Polonsky

He's in Madrid

Be quiet

How long have you known Charly?

He helped me

Were you in love with him?

I hardly know him

I love mysterious women

They will be my downfall

Most of the time there isn't a mystery

I've known Elsa for five years

Do you have a secret?

You're tired

You should rest a little

Two rooms


One or two?


Here you are, sir

Don't you want to lie down?

I can't sleep right now

What are you reading?

Why aren't you
writing something like this?

I'm too old for that

Come here

In a minute

Why did you leave?

You mustn't

I've to speak with him urgently

Mr Polonsky is at table

Fetch him

What is this about?


I'm calling from Zurich

I've no time for your argy-bargy

I'll be in Madrid in two days

We can talk then

Ok Evers, I'll be waiting

Do you know Snoopy?

I only know Micky Mouse

Snoopy is like you

He believes in his dreams

Shall we?

I want to leave

I'm thirsty

I'm going up to the room

Have I done anything?

Nothing. Why don't you go to the bar?

I can't stand it anymore

Can't you wait until tomorrow at least?

I'm not safe here

I don't understand

Polonsky is waiting for us?

How does that concern you?

Sometimes I think you're just using me

I know nothing about you

And all I get are evasive answers

But you love mysterious women

Not the hysterical ones

I'm not hysteric

What was with you all day?

I just want to get to Madrid

Is it about Charly?

Why Charly?

A bottle of whisky to room 311, please

Thank you

I'll enjoy this night

To the beach

I want to go swimming

We didn't think you'd come anymore

Did you have a pleasant trip?


I'll have your luggage brought in

Francesca Farnese

My name is Jackie

Let's not stand in the sun

Mr Polonsky is on set

Would you like a drink?

Franco will show you to your rooms

We drove all night

Please take up the suitcases

But I wouldn't mind a drink

Polonsky is directing today

He fired the director

And the new one from
Hollywood hasn't arrived

We only have Gin and Tonic

They all drink it, I don't know why

It's the drink on this production

If he drinks it, I ought to as well

Here he is

Let me tell you, never make film.
I'm a wreck.

You've the good life, lying in the
shade, thinking up pretty stories

We need to talk, I want you around here

You can have my rooms.
Jackie, I'm moving down here

Whatever you want, just ask Jackie.
Jackie, that's Evers

We've met

How is Elsa

I dream of her every night

She will be a fabulous Cynthia

Who's this girl, hire her right away

Your discovery, Evers?

Promise me that you'll
have dinner with me


Kovacs has been waiting
with his attorney all morning

These directors always
think of their next cheque

And never of their next shot

Please excuse me

See you tonight

It's pretty hectic here

You'll quickly get used to it

Be honest, Evers,
books are written not to be read

But so that they're made into a film,
is that not so?

Your novel is great,
Jackie told me all about it, she read it

So she claims, at least

I read it in a single night

It is a ravishing read

Where the devil would I find
the time to read 1200 pages?

What I want is to see the film,
and I want to be the one to make it

For all those who bought the book,
but have no time to read it

It is my goal that every written word
will be made into film one day

The larger your cheque

The more eager will be my consent

Don't leave me hanging, write the script

We will add a part for Francesca

Nobody is safe from you, I guess

My only wish is that
everybody feels welcome

We don't even have to change the name

Tell me about America

America will adore you

Arrange for some screen tests

I will be directing

Good morning, I'll drive you
to the hair appointment

Mr Polonsky's orders?

He gave me exact instructions
how he wants you to look

No protest, understood?

Mr Polonsky wouldn't like that

I'll be making my own film next year

Sylvia, a girl who wants
to adapt to her society

But is rejected

You would really fit the part

I'm only doing this to learn the craft

I've been astonished at
how naive these people are

Polonsky really does
believe that he is an idealist

Can you lose that car there?

The Cadillac? Sure

You watch too many movies

What's Elsa's opinion?

She's on a shoot in Rome next week

She's busy

Sometimes I think of her

But then I notice that I'd forgotten her

Believe me, when I see Francesca

I forget my five ex-wives

She's mine, is that clear?

You're a beast

Don't start with that again

It is not nice of you to
keep her identity from me

Am I treating you badly?

The cheque is signed,
just sign your contract

If I write the script, my next novel
won't be ready by the autumn

And my publisher is just as touchy as you

It's clear he only wants to exploit you

Why should I be
the one to write the script?

Because I've grown very fond of you

Sign it

"It's characteristic of Polonsky's method"

"That everyone working with him
loves him like a father"

I read that in the press today

It's no secret

Polonsky demands much,
Polonsky pays much

Please sign

And here

That's yours

Have the pen as a keepsake

I need the money

So I can kidnap Francesca

He will like you like this

Is that so important?

Is there another exit?

Behaviour like this will
not get you into film

Could you pull up the car, please

We gave him the slip earlier

Where's Evers?

You didn't get your hair done...

- What's going on?
- It's futile

What is futile?

Francesca, you will be my ruin,
what happened to your hair?

Is there nobody I can count on?

I told her

Jackie, get us a hairdresser right away

Do I have to do everything myself?

Don't waste your time

Francesca, don't do
anything you don't want

Be a good child, you promised me this

Nobody loves me,
they're all against me

I signed the contract

We will have the money tomorrow

We can leave here

I can't stand these damn film people

I don't want to leave

I don't want you to do those screen tests

Perhaps I like it

They're vampires

They'll only suck you dry

Can I get one, too?

Do you love me?

I can see that something is troubling you

A car was following me today

The black Cadillac?


Do you know who it is?


I'll call the police

Don't call, perhaps I
only imagined it all

Have you ever been to a psychiatrist?


You mustn't leave me alone from now on

I always imagined Cynthia like that

Odd that I only realize that now

What's going on with Francesca?

She's not feeling well

Evers, you can tell me

I think she's afraid

But I don't know of what,
she's hiding something

- She hardly leaves the house anymore
- Who is she?

Where's she from, what did
she do before you met her?

It sounds foolish,
but I know nothing about her

When I ask her she says nothing

You're too weak

Beat her, you may find out a lot that way

I've the impression
that she may be married

And that her husband won't release her

We will find out, Jackie call Phil

There's nothing Phil won't find out

Those are Gestapo methods

But they work

Whose car is that?


The black Cadillac

Polonsky has his girls
picked up from the airport in that

Not bad

Pay him, get rid of him, in NYC l can
find dozens of production managers

Evers, I want to kidnap Francesca,
where is the child?

Supergirl, get dressed

You have to accompany me
to the airport, I'm flying to NYC

That's a no-go

If she's not here I can't work

Do not fear great master,
Jimmy will drive her back

Right, Jimmy?

You let me go this quickly?

I love you

You've to rush, Mr Polonsky

We would make a big star of you

Giant publicity

Everyone would know your face
when the film is released

Can you take me with you?

When the film is finished we'll
travel around, you'll meet some people

Who're important for your future career

I don't have that much time

I'm only going to NYC for a few hours

I've to convince an old friend
to lend me a few million

I'd like to see the White House

The White House will want to see you

Do you know the president?

I know people who
work with him on a daily basis

What people?

You strange creature, why would a pretty
girl like you be interested in politics?

I'm sad

Nobody loves me

Nobody loves me

You have little time

You will meet him

There are people who
see him as the next president

When will I meet him?

Take care

Someone's here

Sit over here

Do you think I'm stupid?

You say nothing

I know

You're all silent

But I won't let it go on

I can understand you

Who is it?


- Where were you this afternoon?
- I was here

You're lying!

You mustn't speak to me like this

You're getting on my nerves

I will explain everything


Bolivia did not issue that passport

A forgery?


It's all in order

The stamp, the signature

But it was never issued

That's never happend to me before

I can't explain

It's a contradiction

What other contradictions are there?

Are you certain she really exists?

No family, friends

Not a trace to show

That she's lived at all

Except for one

She's been meeting someone


Not likely

They never meet in hotel rooms

Usually on a busy street

They exchange a few words

I've found out

That Ms Farnese feels
she's being followed

She constantly seems startled by something

A car turning a corner

A young man approaching her

Does that happen often?

Naturally, she's an attractive individual

Did you find out who it is she meets?

He has eluded me

He knows how to vanish into thin air

You're getting old

Perhaps it's the heat

It doesn't agree with me

Have you any information
that would justify your expense?

It would have to be a case of blackmail

Thanks for your effort

Shall I continue the investigation?


Until next time


She fell out of heaven,
that's the only answer

I'm going back to Munich, I hate it here

And Francesca?

Do with her whatever you want

Will you come to Paris?
I'm hosting a party this weekend

Quimby will be there

The senator and future president of the US

Good friend of mine

Francesca wanted to meet him

Didn't you know that?

I should have stayed in Rome

Don't despair, Polonsky
promised you the part

Who is this Farese?


I can't live without you any longer


Good evening

You've met, I'm sure

Not nice of you
to leave me, bad publicity

Your place beside me
is always there for you

How's your novel coming?

Page 1001

Or whatever

I hope there's a part in it for the girls

Get me a drink, please

- I'll get some food
- I'll go, too

Excuse me, darling

I didn't invite them

Rather rude of you, Polonsky

Looks bad, startled me


You promised the senator would be here

Lucky Quimby, all women love him

They'll elect him president

Quimby for president?

I think I can tell a jet from a UFO

Elsa saw it, too, she can confirm it

Yes, there was something up there

But I'm ignorant about UFOs

It was about 8pm, it came
flying from behind St Peter's

I can't believe it

Here he is

Come Francesca, I'll introduce you

I'm staying at the Hotel Saint George

I've to talk to you

Do me a favour, leave me alone

Not like that

Watch it

If possible

Can you understand her?

I've given up trying

Are you mad at me?

I wouldn't survive it

I always knew you were a pig

Please don't say that,
you know how sensitive I am

Your manners are awful


Is he more inventive
in bed that I, or what is it?

If he writes the script in this
state it might even become a film

Children, stop fighting, do old Polonsky a favour

What has she done to you?


Why is she even here?

Polonsky didn't invite her

- Elsa doesn't need an invitation
- Ok

I'd be more worried about what
my girlfriend was doing with the senator

I want to leave, come

You killed him

I don't know him

He wanted to break in

When he spotted us he made a movement

I thought he was armed

Are you the author of Cynthia?

Would you like a dedication?

He knows you from Paris-Match

Mme Farnese is playing
the main part in an American film

We regret to inform you that
you have to remain at our disposal


I will explain everything

I was born on the third planet
of the Alpha Centauri system

Conditions are similar
to those here on earth

We are perhaps

50 years ahead of you

Or 100

I don't know

Our government was observing
earth long before my time

We are now ready to
make contact with earth

That is why for years

A struggle for power has taken place

The current government

Wants to establish
peaceful relations with earth

But in recent months
another party has become powerful

They want war

They want to colonise earth

As you did in earlier historical times

Our government is losing power

I am the president's daughter

I was part of an expedition that

Was to warn earth of an impending attack

We were supposed to
fly to Washington first

Our spaceship would have convinced people

But we had to deviate from our coordinates

We crashlanded in Germany

Upon impact

Our ship exploded

I was the only one who
got out via parachute

All I could rescue
was my Bolivian passport

Do you now understand
why I had to get to America?

I don't have much time

The party knows I'm here

Those in the black Cadillac are after me

The man you shot

He warned me about them

I didn't know he had survived

He remained hidden in order
not to impede my progress

An hour ago he told me
the party was about to take power

I've failed

The senator I told this story

Thinks I'm insane

I don't expect you'll believe me

But if you love me even a little

I beg you, come with me to Moscow

It's the only hope

Otherwise there'll be a catastrophe

And the only hope

That the party would desist

If they knew earth had been warned

You've read too many comics



Orly airport, hurry


Anyone could be one of them

We'll fly to Munich

My car is in the garage

It's late

How long did I sleep?

Two hours

Are you feeling better?

Haven't you got anything
that can make me forget?


I don't use that stuff

You need rest

You don't believe me

I believe everything, my supergirl

I'm not

I came back only an hour ago,
have you had breakfast?

If I eat anything I'll be sick

I'm finished


I know everything

You don't know

Quimby told Polonsky

Who told Elsa who told me

The girl is insane

She belongs in an institution

You don't say

I've always said so

Criminal or insane

You don't take sugar?

Elsa has filed for divorce

She's going to play
the main part in Polonsky's film

He's no longer interested in Francesca

She spooked him

You know how he is

If he gets scared off there's no hope

And what if Francesca is right?

In that case?

We can't comprehend it

Do you comprehend it?

There's at least a chance
she's from another planet

Don't you read the news?

Tell that to the police

They'll be visiting you soon

For some enquiries

You've become a suspect

Why didn't you stay in Paris?

Was the man identified?

It was him

Promise me


You'll end it with her


You regret that you hit Elsa


And you state that

Francesca is not worth a ruined reputation


She has never been to

The third planet of
the Alpha Centauri system


I don't really like you


Never liked you


A revolting pig


You're a somewhat regular human being

Damn chair

Alright, Charly?

I've to go see her

Do whatever you want

Get lost

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