Supergirl (1984) - full transcript

After a power source for the community of Krypton survivors is accidentally whisked to earth, Kara-El, cousin to Superman and niece to Jor-El, chooses to go to earth to find it, and bring it back. Upon her arrival, she becomes just a powerful and Super as her cousin, but encounters dangerous battles and unexpected obstacles when a mean spirited woman who practices rituals of the occult takes the power source for herself, and uses it to cause destruction and attempt zenith human status. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
- Hello to you.
- Hello to you.

I hope you're fine.

Now, let's try something
different: a challenge.

Who knows the electron
wave functions...

for Kryptonian covalent bonding?



The cube root of the wavelength
over the natural log...

of the integral of the speed
of light... I think squared.

Well, maybe that was
a bit too easy.


Greetings, old friend.
You look wonderful.

- Hello, Kara.
- Hello to you.

Oh, it is beautiful. What's
that going to be, Zaltar?

I think... A tree.

A tree. What is a tree?

A lovely thing which
grows on earth.

Earth? You mean where
my cousin went?

And to where one day soon perhaps
I might venture as well.

I don't believe you. How?

In that. Through there.

The binary chute? But you could
never survive the pressure. It...

That I can, zip zap, and I'm gone.

But you'd never leave us, Zaltar.
You'd never leave Argo city.

Indeed I might, Kara. Too
much of a good thing here.

Perhaps I'll try Saturn instead.

- Yes, I think I might.
- Saturn is...

Is that further away than earth?

Silly question. Did you not study

geometry at school?

Do they not teach you
anything any more?

Well, of course they do.
I know the equations.

I just can't see them in my head.

Most great artists find
mathematics troublesome, Kara.

Only use your imagination.

Saturn and earth are
in outer space,

But we... we are in inner space.

Our city has two
great power sources.

This is one of them. Look.

An omegahedron. The
Guardians let you have it?

Not exactly. I borrowed it.

You stole it. Oh, Zaltar,
they're going to...

No. Borrowed it,
for the afternoon.

- For inspiration.
- Inspiration.

But I think that I shall never see
the branches of a living tree.

Why? An omegahedron can
create life, can't it?

It can't, child. It can't.
Just the illusion of life.

It's a fancy shadow
of the real thing,

Which is the most we can hope
for on this lonely old rock.


- Kara.
- I'm here, mother, I...

Kara, I've been looking
for you for ages.

Oh, I'm sorry, mother.

- Zaltar.
- Alura, join us.

We're just inventing miracles.

Put your fingers here,
Kara, and press hard.

Good. Now, try it.

Let your imagination explode
and give it a try. Go on.

Zaltar, my husband tells me you
talk of leaving Argo city.

For where?

Parts unknown. It
is, alas, a fact.

You and Zor-El have a life here.

You have each other,
and you have Kara.

But, Zaltar, you founded
this city. It's yours.

As far as the eye can
see, right to the veil,

Smack, and then what?

What is beyond? Alura, I cannot
contain myself to Argo city only.

My head is boiling with
ideas. My imagination

is too vast. It's uncontrollable.

If you want my opinion, Zaltar,

you're starting to
repeat yourself...

with all this airy,
glittery stuff.

Exactly. That's why
I'm going to Venus.

Venus? When?

Tomorrow. Or the next
day, at the latest.

Zaltar, have you thought about
this? It doesn't make sense to me.

I have thought intensely.
My mind is made up.

Kara, the power source.

Zaltar. Save me.

Please, help.

- No.
- Kara.

Zaltar. Help. No.

- Kara, are you all right?
- Calm down, everybody.

It's all over. You're here
with us. You're here with us.

You took the omegahedron.

That's not correct. I
lost the omegahedron.

- Oh, no, father. I did.
- No matter who.

Without it, this city can't
survive more than a few days.

Our lights will grow dim, and the
very air we breathe so thin.

I know. So I shall find it.

I shall go right to the end of
inner space and I shall return it.

Impossible. How? No one can leave
Argo city, and you know it.

This is our universe,
and you've destroyed

it with a game, a childish game.

I think it can be
done. Through there.

The binary chute,
in the traveller.

Like a coward.

Choose instant destruction
while the rest of us

are doomed to stay here
in our beloved city...

And slowly perish.

- Kara.
- Kara, no. Kara.


You lunatic. She'll be killed.

Oh, no, she won't.
She will be safe.

Through the binary.
Through the warp.

- Into another register.
- Another what?

Gravitational radiation. A pathway
from inner space to outer space.

Then she'll never
be the same, ever.

At least she'll be alive.

And my fate is sealed.

I've lost the omegahedron. I must
be sent to the phantom zone.

Your suffering will be short.

Mine... Forever.

Some more champagne,
my dear Selena?

What are you thinking about?

Such a pretty world.

I can't wait until it's all mine.

The only way you
can rule the world

is to become invisible,
my pumpkin.


You'd almost know how to make
me invisible. Oh, I do know.

Take five black beans and
the head of a dead man.

Place one bean in his mouth,
two beans in his eyes.

Then... Nigel, enough.

But it works.

Then you can get
anywhere, do anything.

Nigel, how long have
we been together?

Ooh. Months, darling.

Then why does it seem like years?

Because you're so impatient.
You want everything yesterday.

It takes a lifetime to discover
the secrets of black magic...

From the ancient grimoires.

More champagne, my sweetness?

Don't call me...

"Your sweetness."

I am not sweet.

I am Selena.

And I am a bitter,
bitter pill to swallow.

Holy... Cow.

I wonder...

Immortality be upon this one.

She is a sharer of the
sun's everlasting life.

There will now be
no danger of death.

This world will keep her forever.

What is it? What's going on?

What's going on? I've
just outgrown you, Nigel.

These things happen.

You can't treat me
like this, Selena.

Without me, you'd still be reading
tea leaves at Lake Tahoe.

You can't run out on me, Selena.

I've got the keys, sweetheart.

The president confirmed
reports that Superman has

embarked on a special
peace-seeking mission...

to a galaxy scientists
estimate may be several

hundred trillion
light-years from our own.



Now here's the weather for
the general Chicago area.

Increasing cloudiness with
the possibility of showers.

Breezy but warm with a high of 62.

Bianca. I'm home.

- Bianca.
- What?

Show your face.

I have a surprise for you.

They turned off the
hot water again.

I'm really gonna have to kill
somebody down at the D.W.P.

I figured the only
way that we're gonna

pay our bills next
month in this dump.

Is to just go ahead and
start our own coven.

No longer necessary.

I was reading in this book, the
witches guide to heaven and hell.

If you start your own
coven, all you do is

charge five bucks a head,
minimal admission.

- Chicken feed.
- That's better than goose egg.

What's in the coffer of shadow
there? Where's little Nigel?

Nigel, my dear Bianca, is history.

Oh, yeah? How so?

The water department is history.
The car payments are history.

The mortgage payments are history.

- How are the property taxes?
- History.

The world is at last my oyster.

If I can figure this thing out...

Would you mind
letting Bianca in on

this unexpected bit of good luck?

Or whatever it is?

Bad luck.

I have been chosen. The
powers of darkness...

I think may, at long last...
have come to their senses.

You wanna hear some bad luck?
The phone company says...

unless we pay this bill today,
they're turning the phone off.

Shut up, shut up. Watch.

Learn something for a change.

Oh, my god.

Are you doing that?

It's a trick, right? It's a trick.

I think it's done. Selena,
I think it's done.

Oh, my god.

It's gonna take a little practise.

Now, this I like.

- Hello.
- "Hello," she says.

- Well, hello to you, honeybun.
- Hello.

I was wondering if you
could tell me where I am.

What do they call this place,
Eddie? Lovers Lane, isn't it?

You got it in one, Billy
boy. Lovers Lane.

Oh, no, you see,
what I meant was...

Well, those lights over there.
What are they called?

Check out the view from
back here, Eduardo.

Oh. Stop that.


You're Superman's
best friend, huh?

No. His cousin. I've come here
to search for the omegahedron.

It's a power source
vital to Argo city.

- That's where I live.
- No kidding.

Eddie and me here, we're
on a secret mission also.

We're out looking for a good time.

And you just won the
brass ring, baby.

- Oh, she works out, huh?
- Why are you doing this?

It's just the way we are.

You shouldn't have
done that, baby.

Come on.

Oh, I see.

You really wanna play
games, sweetheart?

Come on. Come on.

Huh? Eddie.

I think maybe we should...

kind of keep this to ourselves.

What do you think?

Freddie, you little
devil, how are you?

Fresh ammunition, everybody.

Who said that? It's tradition.

Try telling your wife.
I need another.

Where is it? Where's the
little mystery ball?

Let me have a peek. Maybe
I can shed some light.

I hate light. Is it electrical?
Is it hot to the touch?

- Where is it?
- Safe and sound.

Go mix. Leave me to my thoughts.

Go mix? With these
people? You must be mad.

Who are they? Wrinkly
little wretches.

These are my foot soldiers, Nigel.

My army of the night.

I'm considering nothing
less than world domination.

World domination? So you start by
letting Bianca get on the phone...

to the local psychical
research society and say,

"Hello, got anyone over there
wants to join a coven?"

There are time-honoured ways
of doing this, honeybunch.

Centuries-old rules to follow.

I have a secret, Selena.

How exciting for you, Nigel. Best

write it down before
you forget it.

After you left me
in the lurch, I saw

something that should
worry you greatly...

If you're serious about
taking over this planet.

My secret was blue and red,
and it knew how to fly.

I've a secret, too, Nigel.

I have the power. Now, get
that through your head.

Selena is through worrying.

The shoe is on the other foot
and it's their turn to worry,

all those who mocked me
when my chips were down.

Oh, I bet they're in for it now?

Count on it.

I have in my time seen a
great number of things...

Even more impressive than a human
cigarette lighter, dear lady.

To wit.

What is that?

Overreaching ambition. Take heed.

Touched a little nerve, didn't I?

- Hello.
- Hello.

The red toad that
lurks in the briars

and brambles is full of sorceries.

There's a little bone
on the left side.

A little bone?

A little bone which if bound to a
man stirs up the greatest lust.

- I wanna be rich and famous.
- Then stick with me.

I was put on this earth
to thrill millions.

This is scrumptious.

Why don't we go somewhere else
and dance cheek to cheek?

Stop it, Selena. That's not fair.

Pick on me.


- Thanks.
- Hey, no sweat.

- What happened?
- Oh, nothing much.

Get out of my house, Nigel,

And don't come slithering back.

Listen, Selena, I'm the only one
who can save you from yourself.

You need me.

Like an Eskimo needs
a lawnmower, kiddo.

I'm warning you, Selena.
Don't be so short-sighted.

Okay, folks. The show's over.

Let's party.

Freddie, darling, thank
you for coming. Goodbye.

- Good party.
- Thank you. Lovely to see you.


Four people signed up. We got 20
bucks, cash on the barrelhead.

- Four people?
- They loved the food.

They were real impressed with that

spinning top number
you did on that girl.

But when Nigel walked
out the way he did,

I got to say it hurt us.

They thought he was giving
you a warning to slow down.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

A warning? A warning, they say?

Nobody gets a warning any more.

Good morning.

Have you got it, Lucy? It
must be near that oak tree.

Found it, guys. What are
you doing in there?

You're supposed to find the ball.

Come on. Don't take all day.
You're holding up the game.

- Hey, it's your turn to bat.
- Let's go. Let's go.

- Okay, okay, let's play ball.
- All right, batter.

How's it going? I
couldn't make it.

I had to finish my english lit.

Hey, toss the ball back, will you?

- Look at that. Ooh-wee.
- Thank you.

Come on. Make it two in a row.

Play ball.

- Where have you been?
- With the principal.

Danvers is doing his usual number.

Geez, another barfy new
student. They're really

scraping the bottom of
the barrel these days.

Hang in there, Danvers.

Don't let them get to you.

Thirty days. Semester's
just started.

- You'll be...
- Hello. I...

Didn't knock. Don't we teach
you manners around here?

Don't we try to impress on
all our young ladies...

That animals in the jungle never

knock, but Midvale
girls always do?

Where are you going?
Come back here.

Come in.

I forgot. I'm just not used to...

Wait a minute. Wait
just one second.

I have never before
in my life laid

eyes on you, have I, young lady?

- No, sir. I'm new here.
- Well, obviously you're

new here if I've never
laid eyes on you.

Just who on earth are you?

On earth, I'm Lee. Linda Lee.

Where's your letter
of recommendation?

- Letter?
- I must talk to you, principal.

I am busy now.

So are they. Them. All the little
monsters you admit to the place.

They have nailed my
desk drawers shut.

Never in all my years as a
schoolteacher... come, Danvers.

I will not be provoked. I will not
let him get to me this semester.

I'll be strong. Be
strong. Be like a rock.

Now, what did you say your
name was? Oh, yes, yes.

Linda Lee, huh?

Yes, my cousin probably wrote you.

Maybe you got his letter under
"K" for "Kent" in your files.

Kent? Kent?

It doesn't ring any bells.

Doesn't even ring a...

Well, here it is, big as life.

"My dear Mr Danvers,
I'm writing on

behalf of a very
special young lady"...

An orphan? Well, don't
expect to be treated

any differently on that
account, Miss Lee.

- Oh, no, sir, I won't.
- One way or another,

We're all alone on this
miserable little planet.

Yes, sir, I know.

Since your school records were
obviously lost in the mail,

You'll have to start
at the bottom.

It's only fair to the other girls.
You'll have english, latin, maths,

biology, computing... and
chemistry. All at once?

Idle hands are the devil's
playground. This way.

- Man on the floor.
- Man on the floor.

Open up, Lane. I know
you're in there.

I'm not decent, Mr Danvers, sir.

And you never will be
either, you little liar.

Come on. Come on in. I
haven't got all year.

No. I'm supposed to have
a single this term.

We don't always get what
we want, Miss Lane.

Disappointments thicken our
skins. Who wants thick skin?

I'm Linda Lee.

- Hi.
- Oh, hi.

- I'm Lucy Lane.
- Lucy Lee, this is Linda Lane.

No, it isn't. She's Linda
Lee, and I'm... Lucy Lane.

- You two know each other?
- No, we just met.

- When?
- Just now.

Though we've known each other
for years, haven't we, Linda?

Oh, gee, I don't think...

of course. The Daily
Planet. Of course.

Linda's cousin works
there and your sister...

What's her name? The one that's

always calling me
and bothering me.

- Lois.
- Ah, yes, that's the one.

Anyway, show our new Miss
Lee around, Miss Lane.

By the way, she's an
orphan. But don't

let her play on your sympathies?

- So who's your cousin?
- Clark Kent.

You're kidding me. Clark Kent's
your cousin? You're putting me on.

- Do you know him?
- Do I know him?

Does my sister know him? Now,
that's the big question.

Oh, I see. I guess
if they work at the

same newspaper, they
must know each other.

- Well...
- Is this where I'll sleep?

Well, this is your bed, but
we don't sleep around here.

Non-stop excitement in this dorm.

All the real dementoes
are sent here.

So, when's the rest of
your stuff arriving?

I don't have any other stuff.

What, it's all in that little bag?

Oh, well, you see, I have the
means to buy more. It's just...

Well, I just haven't had
the chance since...

- Do you know him?
- Superman? Sure.

My sister's got something
going with the big guy.

Hey, you can borrow any of my
clothes any time you want.

Just dig in and help yourself.

Thank you. You're very kind.

He's a real character.
A real hunk.

I'll introduce you to him someday
if we wind up getting along.

Well, you haven't had
a chance since, what?

Did you have a fire at your
house or something? Fire?

Well, you know. How your
parents got killed.

- I'd rather not talk about it.
- Oh, sure.

I'm sorry. Me and my motor mouth.

Now, then, focus
your tiny minds...

On the kind of problem
that used to take

weeks of thought
before the computer.

Even now it can take a long time
without certain algorithms...

Which, if you behave for two
seconds, I might reveal to you.

Love. Hate. Love. Hate.


The cards have decided.

People will do anything for love.

They'll jump off cliffs for love.

They'll drown themselves
like lemmings.


I'll make everybody love me.

Oh, no chance. You're an awful

person, honey,
remember? Forget it.

Use your imagination, pinhead.
That's what magic is all about.

- Why are we not moving?
- Ooh, because I'm in love.

Come here, you beautiful thing.

He's cute.

Hey, what's going on?

Here's an exercise in big
numbers I want you to try.

It's trying to tell me something.

Well, what? That
we're near danger?

I don't know. How do I know?

- I know.
- Well, tell me.

My prince has come.

Oh, no.

I saw him first,
Selena. That's not

fair. I copied his number first.

Well done. Now, let's
get out of here.

You'll be given the average
size of a Chinese family,

Average age of death,
average age of

marriage, average
age of pregnancy.

Use this equation to compute the

population of China
in the year 2040.

Linda, are you with us?

Yes, sir, I am.

Oh, are you? Where, might I ask?

Well, here, sir, on earth.

How fortunate for the rest of us.

May I presume that
whilst you were staring

at the wall and not
at your terminal...

Like your other
little friends here,

You were hard at work solving
this little equation?

Oh, yes, sir, I was.
I mean, I was...

Excellent. The answer, please.
Pay attention, class.

Miss Lee is about to enlighten us.


Come on. Let's get out of here
before he makes you stay.

Come on. Hurry.

- Miss Lee?
- Oh, shit.

Yes, sir?

Have you been going
through my papers?

Of course not, sir.

Then how do you know
the correct answer?

How? I guess I just...

It's this crazy weather
we've been having, sir.

All the storms. Shock
waves, electromagnetism.

It makes people
smarter than they are

for a second. We got to go, sir.

- Oh, boy. Thanks.
- How did you know the answer?

I don't know. Six-dimensional

geometry. I never
could do it before.

Yeah. Well, you want
some friendly advice?

Don't go showing it off, because
nobody's gonna like you.

I'll see you later.

Hey, Lucy, where's your
roomie? Out to lunch?

No, she heard you
were gonna be here,

Myra, and she got
sick to her stomach.

Hey, Linda, wait a
minute. Come on. Stay.

Yeah, aren't we good
enough for you?

Can I have my books
back, please, Myra?

Say "please."

- I just did.
- Say it again.

Please, can I have my books back?

God, what a wimp.

Geography? You're not taking
geography, are you, Linda?

"Midvale and its points of
interest?" good. Short book.

I'm just trying to learn
a little bit about...

More in the... in the
place that I live.

I have to go study.

"Oh, I have to go study. I'm
not boring enough yet."

- Shut up, Myra.
- Make me.

Bug off.

All right. All right.

Now, who's gonna clean
up this mess? Not me.

Why didn't anybody tell us she
was coming? God. We didn't care.

Nice going.

Do you know she tripped
you on purpose?

Absolutely. She's retarded.

We don't have much time left.

You take it, my.

Hey, Myra, see if you can
put Lane out for good.

Are you guys all right?

Oh, my god. What happened?
Are you all right?

Myra, how did she do that?
It just hit her shoulder.

Listen, you better keep an eye out

for Myra now. She's
out to get you.

Me? Why?

Because she hates anybody
who's not afraid of her.

Hey, you guys, did you see that
cute guy on the softball field?

Oh, yes. With the black
hair and the big muscles.

He was something else.
Did you talk to him?

No, but I'm gonna.
He's working on the

trees. He could be
around for a while.

Are they in? Yes.

Oh, boy, I'm really
gonna enjoy this.

I can't wait to hear them scream.

But, Myra, why don't you shut off
the hot and give them an ice bath?

Are you kidding?
That's nowheresville.

If you shut off the cold,
you might scald them.

So they lose a little
skin. Serves them right.

I want to see them suffer.

I'm wet.

Myra, don't leave me.

- I hate you.
- You never looked better.

We'll get you all.

What do you think?

It looks the same to
me. It's kind of dull.

All you need is a couple of
streaks and your ears pierced.

I can do it for you
free of charge.

- My ears what?
- Pierced.

I take a needle, and
then I heat it up,

And then I dab it
with some alcohol

and, zap, all the guys go crazy.

Because I have holes in my ears?

What, are you putting
me on? Sometimes

I can't figure you out, Linda.

So where are you
going this weekend?


Nowhere? Well, you
can't stay around

here. This place is depressing.

I mean, like the tombs.


Why? What, were you
born yesterday?

This is a three-day weekend.
A three-day weekend.

So, listen, why don't
you come home with me?

I only live about five
miles from here, and

I got this guy coming
up from Metropolis.

I think he knows
your cousin Clark.

His name's Jimmy Olsen.

I think he's real stuck on me.

Anyway, I could ask him
to bring a friend along.

- What are you doing?
- Oh, nothing.


No, I think I'm gonna
stay here and study,

Get things organised.

Don't forget to call me Saturday.

Just a second.

Hey, Linda, I'll see you
later in Midvale then, okay?

- All right, I'll try. I promise.
- You better. It's gonna be fun.

Bye. Bye. Have a good time.

Take a spider... Off his web...

And shut him up inside...

Two shells of a nut.

Now, boil the nut in oil,

into which has been
added some of the web.

With a silver spoon,

put two drops of the oil...

into some water.


He who drinks the water...

shall be in love with the
first person he sees,

so long as the spider is
shut up in the nutshell...

or one day goes by,

whichever comes first.

Big deal. One day. Why don't
you just use, you know...

I'm saving it for bigger things.

Hiya, folks. You're
listening to big Sam,

The country-and-western
voice of the Chicago area.

Now to start off the
hour, something mellow.

Bianca, get the door.


You rang? Hey, you.

I said, you rang?

Oh, yeah. How you doing?

I'm looking for some
person called Mrs Selena.

- Madame Selena.
- Ah.

And you found her,
lucky boy. Enter.

You must be very popular
in the neighbourhood.

I always see your
truck parked around.

Oh... oh, yeah. I get a
lot of repeat business.

- People like my work.
- Yes.

I'm sure they do.

- Wet your whistle?
- Huh?

Oh, yeah, yeah. As a matter of
fact, I don't mind if I do.

So, where's the lawn?

It dropped dead.

Where at exactly? Out back?

I thought we might get to know
each other a little more...

before we dig in and
talk real turkey.

Well, see, I'm kind of a
private person, you know.

I do my work. I go home.

To your wife?

No. At the present moment in time,

I'm currently enjoying a single
status in my personal life.


Bottoms up, huh?

Bottoms up.


I noticed you got a pretty
alkaline-looking soil out there.

What I want are
some houseplants...

inside here.

Something that goes
well with the house.

This is a house?

Of course it's a house.

There's the bedroom over there.

I think it's getting dark in here.

You know, what kind of plants...

are gonna wanna grow in this dump?

- I don't know.
- Shade plants?

To us.

Yeah, I'll drink to that.

You probably killed him, you know.

Sleep well.

And when you wake,
drown in my eyes...

And be all mine.

I'll get it.

Oh, hello, Nigel. It's you.

Nice suit.

- Subtle.
- I want to see Selena.

She's indisposed at the moment.

Whoever it is, we don't want any.

It's Nigel, and he's not going
away until he talks to you.

What the devil do you want?

I want to make a very
serious proposal.

- In that outfit?
- This is a leisure suit.

I've got three days off from those
little beasts at Midvale...

And I intend to let my hair down.

Let's talk. Together we could
really rattle some cages.

- Know what I mean?
- I'm listening. Make it snappy.

That ball will not operate
at its fullest...

until you internalise
your powers, Selena.

Some mosaic invocations.

Some what?

- Come again?
- Exactly.

That's my point. You girls are
rank amateurs playing with fire.

Because we own the matches.

I, of all people, know a hustle
when I hear one. Goodbye, Nigel.

It was nice talking to you, Nigel.

No, it wasn't.

I hate to seem pushy, my
fairest of the fair, but...

a word of advice, Nigel.

If I had your skin problems,
I'd stop bothering people,

put a bag over my head and
go live under a bridge.


There's nothing
wrong with my skin.

You know, some people.

Where is he? Where is he?

Where is he?

Whoever he sees first, he'll
love with all his heart.

What, for a day, tops, right?

He was too young for
you anyway, you know.

No, I do not know.

Where is he?

Hey, I know that guy.

- Oh, the cable's out.
- What cable?

This is a mirror.

So how come we could
ever see him in it?

That was magic,
damn it. The power.

Oh. So make it happen
again, you know.

I... can't make it happen again.

I don't know how I did
it the first time. Oh.

Maybe you should let that thing
out of its box, you know.

Maybe it's more powerful if
you let it out of its box.

The box. Where is it? The box.

The box? It's underneath
the rug where you left it.

Go ahead.

It's stuck.

This is not my day.

It's stuck? How could it be stuck?

It's growing. How
could it be growing?

It's made out of lead.

Oh, too bad there's no sound.

How come there's no sound?

Get off the road, turkey.

Hey, dummy, you wanna die?

What are you smoking, stupid?
You wanna kill yourself?

Anyway, she saw a lawyer,
and now she's gonna file.

I told her to take him for
every cent, clean him out.

Thank you very much.
You're welcome.

B.L.T., hold the mayo.

Here you go, everybody.

- Who wants onion rings?
- Yeah, here. Thanks.

- Some french fries.
- The french fries are mine.

- Chicken for myself.
- Thank you.

- Side order tomatoes.
- Thanks for inviting me, Lucy.

- I'm glad you could come, Jimmy.
- You want a root beer?

- Yeah, thanks.
- Oh, there's Linda.

- Hey, Linda. Hi.
- Oh, hello.

- That's Clark Kent's cousin?
- Who's Clark Kent?

Is that Linda?

- Guess what.
- What?

There's this all-night
party tonight at

Eddie's. He's the guy
with the tattoo.

His folks are out of town. And the

guy with the bow
tie? That's Jimmy.

- So you wanna come?
- Oh, I don't know.

I'm not signed out
for an overnight.

So what? Go back, sign in
and climb out the window.

Mrs Murphy's drunk as a skunk by
now. Totally on another planet.

Oh, I don't know. It
just doesn't seem right.

But that's why it'll be fun. Okay?


Get off the road,
buddy. Hey, stupid.

Hey, you, space cadet,
get out of the street.

Hey, idiot.

What is wrong with him?

I don't know. He's
probably on drugs.

And he's gonna get creamed
if he's not too careful.

- Hi. Jimmy Olsen, photographer.
- Oh, I'm Kara.

- Who?
- Who?

Oh, I'm... concerned. Well, that
if we don't do something...

You go out there and try
to help a guy like that...

and he's probably got
a gun or a knife.

It's not too safe. Hey,
I'm starving. Let's eat.

Come on, Linda.

Power of shadow,

bring him...

to me.



Look at that.

Watch it, buddy.

Hey, turkey, get out of there.

Look out. Watch out. It's coming
this way. It's gonna get him.

Watch out. There's no
driver. Watch out.

My car.

You've never seen a
tattoo before, Linda?

Look. What's that?

I don't know, but there's
somebody hanging out of it.

Oh, my god. It's a runaway.

- Somebody's got to do something.
- Lucy, be careful.

- What's going on?
- Lucy.


Get the kids off the street.

Okay, everyone, look happy.
This way. That's it. Great.

Hey, what the hell's going on?

Get off the street.
Get off the street.

Somebody get an ambulance.

- Oh, excuse me. I'm in a rush.
- I know the feeling.

Are you okay?

It's gasoline. It's gasoline.

Hey, look at that.

A storm dragon?

A supergirl.

Oh, my god.


Don't look at her.

You're gonna be all right.
There's no broken bones.

I love you.

What did he say? What did he say?

- Looked like "I love you" to me.
- No. No.

You love me?

With all my heart forever.

A bird of free and
careless wing was

I through many a smiling spring.

The cold repulse, the
look askance, the

lightning of love's
angry glance. Stay.

Let me behold you.

I have to go.

Like melting wax or
withering flower,

I feel my passion...

and thy power.

Oh, I have to go.

We've got everything
under control.

Lucy? Just go on
back to your homes.

- Lucy.
- Oh.

Oh, thank god.

- You all right?
- I think so. I hit my head.

Nigel must know her. She
must be one of his students.

- He must've put her up to it.
- No. I don't think that at all.

Oh, she just happened to be in the

wrong place at the
wrong time, right?

Materialising in a bulldozer, huh?

She's a wimpy little
thing. I don't even

know why you care
what she does anyway.

Because nobody gets in my way.

Why don't you just leave
this poor kid alone

and worry about the
other one that flies?

I worry about everything.
It's my job. Stand back.

Ah, come on now. She's
just a teenager.

What good is a sword
if it's not unleashed?

But she's a total zero. You
don't even know her name.

The naming of names
is not necessary.

I'll just concentrate on her face,

and my shadow will do the rest.

Your what?

Power of shadow,

take shape.

Look like a vicious dark star.

Seek out that wretched
young creature...

and destroy her wherever she...


Oh, god, that's awful.
That's never gonna work.

Oh, my god.

Oh, I'm scared.

Oh, my god. I'm scared.

Next time...

remind me to do this outside.

Leave this place and do no harm.

There she is again.

What'd she say? No,
this is not possible.

This is not right.
Where's the wimp?

He can take care of her.

See? What'd I tell you?

- She quit, right?
- Wrong.

Every time.

Every time.

Send a man to do a woman's job,
and that's what you get.

Damn her eyes. Who is she?

- Are you asking me?
- I'm telling you... find out.

Well, sure, but, you know, I
think I recognise the costume.

- It wasn't his fault?
- Then whose fault was it?

Where have you been?

- Outside, I...
- Look at ya.

Look at those clothes.

I'll go change. I'm sorry.

And you'll put on your
proper school uniform...

and get out of that
ridiculous costume.

Yes, madam. And cover your legs.

Yes, madam.

Don't you "yes, madam" me.

No, madam.

I think you're blowing this
thing out of proportion.

No, this box is definitely
getting bigger...

and uglier.

All I'm saying is, you can't go
nuts over a landscape guy...

and a teenager in a blue suit.

She flies.

Can you get that
through your thick

skull and into your tiny brain?

The girl can fly.

Okay, now,

let's get serious.

Come to mama.

Oh. Whoa.

Selena, cut it out.

I'm not doing it.

I think we're venturing
where, you know,

fools rush in and
angels fear to tread.

I'm no angel.

It's the wimp again.

And she's trespassing.

First the school,

now here.

You know, this thing reacts
whenever she's around.

And whenever she shows up,
that girl that flies...

That "supergirl"...

isn't far behind.

Maybe they're best friends.

- Hello.
- Oh, no. Not now.

'Tis only but me, my love.

Please. You'll let everyone know.

What, that I love you? I'd shout
it from the highest hill.

Please don't.

I know you think me the fool,
but at least tell me your name.

Linda. Linda Lee.


Lovely Linda Lee.

These roses pale beside thee.

Oh. Well, thank you, but I'm...

And sweet chocolates
for my sweet Linda.

What are you doing?


Oh, no, I...


Well, all right, but
just for a minute.

You hate me, don't you?

Hate you? I don't even know you.

I don't even know your name.


Say my name aloud but once, and
I shall die the happy fool.

Look, Ethan...



Her soft caress did at once renew
the beating of his broken heart.

Are you crazy?

Marry me?

Marry you?

- I...
- Don't say it. Don't, please.

- I know.
- What?

We're from different worlds.

- You mean you know where I'm...
- Just give me a chance, Linda.

Love makes everything possible.

A poor, uneducated gardener can
indeed worship a rich debutante...

And make her happy,

if she'd just...

Oh, Ethan. I'm not rich.

Well, then I'll support us both.

You're nuts. You know that?

You're so sweet, but
you're out of your mind.

Over you.

What a touching scene.

Round and round they go,

and where they stop.

Boy, you're really getting
the hang of this.

Where is she?


Who are you?

I am Selena,

Diodenes of Catania,
Priestess of Sekhnet.

I am the ultimate Siren of Endor.

And you, little lady,

are trespassing on
private property.

She means him.

I am Kara of Argo city,

daughter of Alura and Zor-El,

and I don't scare easily.






Whoa. Whoa.

This lady's improving by leaps
and bounds, I got to tell ya.

Hey... hey, what... whoa.

You okay?


You want a hacksaw or something?


Now I am really upset.

What's going on?


Put me down.

- Where am I?
- You're safe.

Safe? Where's Linda?

Put me down...

- where's my Linda?
- Take it easy.


Very clever. That oughta keep her
out of your hair for a few hours.


A cheap trick.

Power of shadow,

bring him to me.

Bring him...

to me.

Didn't work, huh? Maybe
they're too far away.

I can make the sky rain coconuts
with pinpoint accuracy,

but I still can't
control men's minds.

Not with her around.

So maybe...

now, don't go through the roof,
but maybe we oughta back down...

and give old you-know-who a call.

You know who?

- Spit it out.
- Nigel.

I shall pretend you
didn't say that.

But I did.

All I'm thinking, and forgive me
for thinking out of turn here,

is that he's been around.

He knows things we don't.

Plus, the way you
wrap him around your

little finger, I'm always amazed.

You must think me a
babe in the woods.

Not at all.

Scratch my back, and
I'll scratch yours.

What's in it for me?


Think of the combination, Nigel.

- The two of us.
- One more time, please.

My dear Nigel, the way
to a woman's heart...

is through the elimination
of her rivals.

Murder? Are you proposing that...

Certainly not. Leave that to me.

You deliver the goods... her.

Her? How?

By getting me...


- She'll follow.
- Well, I don't.

- Follow any of this, I mean.
- Put that down.

Nigel, I want one thing...

time to master my new toy.

So we can rule the world?


And she, I have become convinced,

poses some vague yet potent
and undeniable threat.

She's authentic, then? The suit
is not a joke. It's not rented.

The cape flaps for real.

We have every reason to
believe it's legitimate.

And you want him here? Johnny
Appleseed in your living room?

Yes. In the flesh.

So she'll follow?

- No other reason?
- None.

You're sure of that?

Whoops, I'm sorry. The
little spider got out.


Where am I?

- Who are you?
- Kara.


What happened?

You got hit on the
head by a coconut.


What's with the halloween costume?

This is not a costume.
These are my clothes.

- What do you mean?
- Look, I have to go now.

I will come back for
you. I've just got

to get back to the amusement park.

Amusement park. Linda.

I got to find Linda.
She was in trouble.

Oh, Linda's all right. She
can take care of herself.

No, no, she can't.
Something's wrong.

She's in big trouble,
and I love her...

I love her.

Yeah, I do love her.

I have to go, Ethan. Goodbye.

Yeah, so do I.


I told you, Linda can
take care of herself.

You just flew over my
head. I saw you do that.

I'll take care of everything.

I said, you just flew over
my head. True or false?


Like Superman. He's my cousin.

He's your cousin?

Yes. I shouldn't be
telling you this, though.

Wait, you can leap
tall buildings in a

single bound, look
right through things?

- Yes.
- Bend steel bars?

- Yes.
- Whoa.

Oh, Selena. I have to go.

Selena has the omegahedron.

Please take me with you.
I have to find Linda.

Well, Nigel. Are we in business?

- I'm thinking about it.
- He probably can't even do it.

Oh, indeed I can, but I need
the little mystery ball.

- No way.
- No ball, no trick.

Okay. But I keep hold of it.

- What is it?
- The Burundi wand.

Pure, unadulterated evil.


But how can you love her?
You don't even know her.

Oh, yeah, I do.

And if she's in trouble,

then I got no business standing
here talking with you,

Even if you are what
you say you are.

Linda is not in trouble.

Look, don't make me
get rough, okay?

You wouldn't stand a chance.

Please trust me.

Linda is all right.

How do you know?

I just...



Oh, my god.

How did you do that?



Nigel, you are wonderful.

Pure genius.

You deserve...


And something else.

Now let's get out of this dump.

Did you see this
thing? Look at this.

What's the matter?
You catching flies?

Lucy, look.

One minute nothing,
the next minute this.

What is it? Do you see what I see?

It's a mountain, Lucy, isn't it?

Tell me I'm not seeing things.
How did it get there, Jimmy?

- I don't know. It just appeared.
- How can a mountain just appear?

Hey, there's something on the top.

Looks like a castle.

Looks more like a fortress.




Enjoy your prison, Supergirl,

forever and ever.

No, Ethan. Don't do it.


Where am I?

You can't arrest me
without a warrant.

I'm gonna call my lawyer.

- Slow down.
- We want Selena out.

Smile, lunkhead.
You're not a gardener

any more. You're Prince Ethan now.

How much longer are the telephone
lines going to be closed?

My wife's very sick
in the hospital in

Metropolis. I've got
to get through.

When are you going to
reopen the airport?

Are we gonna stand up
to her or not? Yes.

- Selena must go.
- Who's this little twirpette?

Someone who believes in freedom.

Lucy, it's not a good
time to express yourself.

I don't know who you think you are
or what evil force you represent,

but if you think you
can just get rid

of anybody who stands up to you,

just make them disappear
like my friend Linda...

- Who?
- Linda, my room-mate.

She disappeared the day
that mountain showed up.

The wimp.

Seize them.

Leave her alone.

Drive off. Leave her alone.

Nobody messes around
with Jimmy Olsen.

Let go of me. I'm with the press.





Zaltar, it's me. It's Kara.

I know.


What is that?

- Where are we?
- Where are we?

- Here.
- But where?


The phantom zone?

It's lonely here, my Kara.

So sad.

So long ago.

No, Zaltar, only days.

And only days left.

Zaltar, we have to
get back to earth.

We have to get the omegahedron
and get it back to Argo city.

I've been here forever, and
I shall stay here forever.

Zaltar, the person who has the
power source, she tricked me.

She sent me here and I have to...

Stay here forever too.

She sounds formidable,
someone to be reckoned with.

She's a sorceress, a
wicked and desp...

More powerful than the
Guardians, is she?

- But the Guardians are good.
- Zaltar is bad.

Worse than this wicked sorceress.


You always taught me
to have pride, Zaltar.


should a man whose
foolish ambitions...

destroy all the he
loves have pride?

If you think that, then I am a
fool who has taught you nothing.

I guess our next move is to
take over the world, huh?

- I'm ready when you are, honey.
- First things first.

- Ethan.
- Yes, my darling?

Don't call me your
"darling." you despise me.

- Bring me the coffer of shadow.
- Yes, my darling.

I think we need something...


Oh, Jimmy.

Oh, terrific.

The old dangling-in-a-cage

Pathetic, Selena.

- Who is that guy?
- He's my maths teacher, I think.

I would have thought a
ceiling fan, myself.

But it's your house.

What are they for?


But you can't just give up.

You founded a whole city.

I did, and then I doomed
it to destruction.

That was an error, a tragic one.

When you're my age and you make
as many tragic errors as I do,

it is a different tune
that you will sing.

I will not. I will never give up.

I will never spend
my entire life in a

place like this. I
would die first.

Strong words.

There are worse things than dying,
and I deserve every one of them.

- What is this?
- A horse, I think.

On earth...

I think it's called a horse.

And you made this here?

- Then you haven't given up.
- Don't be ridiculous.

Earth, Zaltar. A tree, a horse.
You keep making things from earth.

- The place intrigues me.
- Then let's go there.

Certainly. When is the next train?

What is a train?

What's so funny? Don't
laugh at me, Zaltar.

I'm only laughing at myself.

For you I weep.

Is this train a way out of here?

There is no way out of here.

That is the point of
the phantom zone.

My neighbours know... the
criminals, the corrupt, the evil.

They're here, over the hill there,

with no way out.


There's always a way out.

If there's a way in,
there's a way out.

There is a way.

- But it's impossible.
- Why?

No, it wouldn't work.

You'd be swept into a
singularity if it didn't work.

Forget I mentioned it.
Have a squirt instead.

I could do it.

Then, please, at
least teach me how.

There's nothing to teach. You
can't, as they say, practise.

At the rift you get
one chance only.

- The rift?
- Sure you won't have a squirt?

Once you get used to it,
I think it's delicious.

You're right.

You are absolutely right.

There is enough doom and
gloom in the air already,

and it is better to
accept defeat...

than to take a chance and try
like fools to redeem ourselves...

and save our city and all
those we love there,

plus all the people
on earth this wicked

sorceress is going to make
suffer because of us.


We could die trying.

But we won't.

Come on.


Thursday. Friday.

Just like here, we go for
the cops first, right?

And the army.

By Saturday we have the
continental United States,

Mexico, Canada.

- Wish we'd kept our mouths shut.
- I'm not afraid to die.

I'm proud of us.

Lucy, there's something I've
always wanted to say to you.

Guess I'd better say it now.

I've been in love with
you f... for many years.

You have?

Remember when you used to visit
your sister in the newsroom?

You used to put your
fingerprints on my lens.

Remember? I was trying desperately
to get you attention.

- Really?
- Huh.

You mean, we could have...
We could have been...

You know what... all this time?

You betcha.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- You were supposed to guess.


Kara. Kara. My child.

Where is it, Zaltar?
Where's the rift?

- Where is it?
- Everywhere. And nowhere.

We don't find the
rift, we make it.

Zaltar, now of all times,
no double-talk, I beg you.


Our life is too short to
squander it on double-talk.

Look: the phantom zone.

Get up.

Oh, my god, Selena, it's
the box. Hush it up.


What the box wants,

the box gets.

What is it?


I don't know.

Is this it? Is this the way out?

Not yet. This is the
quantum vortex.

We must risk our
destruction in it.

To move mountains,

you must make sacrifices.

Zaltar, I'm scared.

Accept your fears.

Confront your demons.

Find your destiny
in the maelstrom.

Zaltar, I can't. I can't.



Two specks. Look.

What do I do?

How do you murder someone
in the phantom zone?

She's with some old
guy, it looks like.

Move, huh? Come on.

Calm down, okay?

Ah. This is what I want.

The Saelian fireballs.

Page 321, chapter six.

What was that?

Watch out.



"Rainmaking." no.

"How to separate husband and
wife." no, not now, not now.

Well, you'd better find something
fast, like an atom bomb.

I found it.


the demon storm."

We... go...

Higher, girl, higher.

Come with me.

I am with you.

On, girl.

I am with you.


Oh, thank god.

You've had your fun, Selena.
The game is finished.


One false step, bluebird,

and even if you don't, your
friends will get the point.

Hey, no.

I don't like this.

Don't worry, Lucy. Don't worry.

I wouldn't, if I were you.

Well, you're not me.

Quick, get out of
the way. Into the

alcove over there. Come on, out.


The omegahedron, Selena.

I want it.

Well, then, Supergirl,

You shall have it.

Supergirl. Above you. Look out.

I think I'll be going.
If you'll excuse me.

That's what I said. I'm
staying, I'm staying.

You have no friends, Selena.

You treat everyone as if they were
put on this earth to serve you.

More or less, I think they were.

You included.

Power of shadow,


Power of shadow,

destroy her.




I can't.

You can.

On, girl.


Confront her with it.
It's the only way.

No, no, no, no, no, no.


I have to go. I have to return
this to where it belongs.

I must ask you all something.

It's all right, Supergirl.
We never saw you.

We never even heard of you.

Thank you.

Ethan, Linda, she...

she had to leave in a hurry, but

she... you don't
have to say a word.

I know.

I'll explain about Linda.

Thank you, Ethan.

Take care of yourself, kiddo.

Whew. Wow.

That was some kiss. Wow.

Better get a shot of where
that mountain used to be.

Oh, Jimmy. Can't you stop thinking
of your career for a second?

Haven't we wasted enough time?

Nigel. I'm so glad to see you.

I've been trying to find you.

I wanted to know more
about the little

bone in the right side of a frog.

It's a toad, my dear. A red toad.

And that little bone is
in the left hand side.

Goodbye, Linda.

Hi. Take care. You guys
take it easy, okay?

Good luck. Bye. See you soon.