Supereroi (2021) - full transcript

The story of a couple: Anna, a cartoonist with an impulsive and nonconformist personality, and Marco, a physics teacher convinced that everything is ruled by a kind of formula. Linked by no reason, they are the real superheroes, you need superpowers to love each other lifetime. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
4.5 meters per second.

To get less soaked,
you'd have to run 4.5 meters per second.

When I was a kid,
I thought that if I walked slowly,

the rain would only wet my head,
but for more time.

But if I walked fast,

the rain would soak me all over
but for less time.

So I never knew which was better.

May I?

RS represents the "raindrop speed."

AS represents our "average speed."

If we walk 6 km/h,

it will take around 23 minutes
to be totally soaked,

but if we increase the speed to 10 km/h,

we can reduce the "soak factor" by 40%.

If we increase the speed even more,

at that point,
the soak factor is further reduced…

In any case…

the best solution is always
to buy an umbrella from a street vendor.

4,000 lira, problem solved.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

- I'm going this way.
- I'm that way.

- Do you want…
- This is yours.

What's the probability?

Of what?

Since you're a whiz with numbers…

What's the probability
of us meeting again?

Such a low percentage, it'd be
considered statistically insignificant.



Well, you done, done me in
You bet I felt it

I tried to be chill
But you're so hot that I melted…

Another scorcher
today! While surfing online, I found this.

"Don't count the days.
Instead, make the days count."

Seems like a good way
to start this Sunday morning…

What does MWC mean?

"My winter corduroys."

Can you come down? I need a hand.

I hate anniversaries.

I know. Just come here.

Blow it out.

Look into your heart
And you'll find love, love, love, love

Listen to the music of the moment people
Dance and sing

We're just one big family

And it's our Godforsaken right to be

Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved

So I won't hesitate

No more, no more

It cannot wait, I'm sure…

- Hey, babe.
- Morning.


You worked all night?


Anything good?



- Boss?
- Hmm?

I want to make a comic book
about superheroes.

- You and half the world.
- I know.

But mine are special.

- What makes them so special?
- They're together.


They're together.


They are today's real superheroes.

I'm separated.

- Okay.
- I like it. Start working on it.



- Hi.
- Hi.

- Why didn't you call me?
- You miscalculated the soaked factor.

And your number washed off.

What'll it be? A portrait of you
in ten, 20, or 50 years? Same price.

Me now.

No, I draw age-progression portraits.


- Please.
- Okay.

- You're afraid to see yourself as old?
- No, I'm not interested.

I want to know how you see me now.

All right.

Turn your head.

Look straight at me.

Gotta be cool, relax

Get hip and get on my tracks

Take a back seat, hitchhike

And take a long ride on my motorbike

Until I'm ready

Crazy little thing called love

She drives me crazy

Crazy little thing called love

She drives me crazy

Crazy little thing called love


You're odd.

Everyone's odd from close up.

You could be a comic book.

How would you have drawn me as old?

No, Anna! This is a rental^...


It's nice.

And an elderly you?

I prefer to draw others.

Where's the bathroom?

There's no key?

- Nope.
- Okay.

Who's Drusilla?

My alias.

- Sleep in this.
- I'm not sleeping over.

It's late.

I'm not sleeping over.

- It's the middle of the night.
- I can't.


Someone is waiting for me.


That's not reasonable.

- Huh?
- I said that's not reasonable.



Goodnight, Anna.

- Morning.
- Morning.

- He fucks with his socks on.
- Mmm.

What do your books say?

- He's gymnophobic.
- But he took his underwear off.

I should hope so.

- Fold up the bed. I'll help.
- Fine.

I had a good time.

That's a change!

- Why didn't you stay there?
- I don't like leaving things around.

What's the big deal?

I told him someone was waiting for me.

You told him you're with someone else?

What did he say?

He said, "That's not reasonable."

That pretty much sums up
everything you do.

And then?

Then he said, "Goodnight."

- Bitter?
- Sweet.


Why can't I have a man like that?

Ask yourself that!

- So?
- So she left, Vittorio.

- But you wanted her to stay?
- I wanted her to be happy.

- The third.
- Huh?

To the third power.

I'd like to see you with a woman.

You've been alone for a long time.

Time doesn't exist.






- How odd.
- Good odd or bad odd?

Just odd. Lots of people will see this.

- Right?
- I sure hope so!

Read it.

Okay… "Happy anniversary to us,
happy anniversary to us."

But it hasn't been ten years."

- Wait, what?
- Keep reading.

I see…

"It depends on when you start counting."


Here's the cover for the second issue.
Each one focuses on a mission.

Every mission has an obstacle
to overcome to stay together.

Be it boredom, kids, work, silence.

- I have enough material for 100 issues.
- Sure.

The next one is about sex.


So, having sex after ten years
is a mission impossible.


- Almost impossible.
- Almost.

Time doesn't exist.

Time only exists as a mathematical entity.

Time is not a dimension we live in.

It's a dimension we think in.

The difference between past, present,
and future is an illusion.

A stubbornly persistent illusion.

- These are the words of…
- Einstein.

Thank you.

Before him, time and space were separate.

After him, they became one and the same.

Anna Malatesta, is love so scary
that it requires a superhero couple?

No, but the passing of time is.


What's the relationship between Drusilla,
your first comic, and Anna?

Drusilla has merely grown up
or is trying to.

So we could say
Anna is the alter ego, but…

- Who is Marco?
- Marco…

is a purely invented character.

How could such an absurd person exist?

Your comic book focuses on struggling
with the passing of time.

How long does it take
to become a superhero couple?

A single concept of time doesn't exist.
We all have our own.

Art runs in your family.
Were your parents a superhero couple?

We can say my mom's superpower
was invisibility,

and my father's was super-speed.

Meaning he bolted before I was born.

So yes, my parents were superheroes.

You focus on stability in couples.
How indispensable is it?

A couple is a couple if it lasts.

Otherwise, it's just two people
staying together.

I didn't want to hurt anyone.

Well, you hurt me, only me.

I always thought we weren't like that.

- And this warmed my heart.
- But we're not like that!

I'm not like that, I'm not! But you are.

And you disgust me!


She left saying, "The car's parked
on Via Bonfanti by the florist."

She left the keys by the door.
What an awful way to leave!

I knew where the car was.

I'd just gone to that florist
to buy her a fucking rose

because I felt guilty for screwing
a French girl who means nothing.

Lower your voice.


I've lost Sofia, Marco.

My love.

I've lost her, haven't I?




- You're done?
- I just need to tape the boxes.

- And you?
- I'm almost done. How are you?


I don't know anything.
I've been up since dawn. Coffee?

No, thanks. Let's see…

What is the best way
to test unstable angina?

- Stress test.
- What is heart failure?

An insufficiency in cardiac output.

How fast does your heart beat
when you see me?


- You're ready.
- I'm anxious.

Because it's the last exam. It's normal.

- That makes me sad.
- Why?

Well, because I'll no longer be a student.

You'll be a doctor.
I couldn't wait to graduate and work.

I know, but all of this will be gone.

- YES.


What's so funny?

This will lead to something better,
I think.



"WHAT'S THAT?" "FROM 14 TO 80."

You could've told me.


About the socks.

I would've taken them off.

How are you?

I'm drawing comics on a cereal box,
but I'm happy.

It's better than nothing.

Apart from trying not to get rained on,
what's the purpose of physics?

To understand the whys.

- Of what?
- Everything.

- Everything, including emotions?
- At times.

- Yes.
- Really?

Then maybe I should've studied physics.

I have something to tell you.

A month after we hooked up,

my period was late.

Nothing tragic,
but for a minute, I panicked.

Why didn't you tell me?

What for?

I could've been a father for a few hours.

- More like terrified for a few hours.
- Yes.

Or not…

This is my stop.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Sprained ankle.

- Go, honey!
- How long will you be in China?

- Six months.
- That's a long time.

This is important for her.

You can't learn Chinese
unless you live there.

- You'll come visit?
- Every weekend, honey.

- Dummy.
- Can we concentrate, please?

Right, sorry.

I'm a sprain specialist.
I will save your life now.

- Winners!
- Darn.

And I'll start looking for a bigger house
so we can move in together.

- We found a place in Isola.
- Nice! When will you move?


For him, time doesn't exist.

It doesn't!
But I taped the last box today.

- Sure.
- Go, Pilar.

- What do I have?
- Butterflies in the stomach.

- Okay.
- Ready?


- Right on!
- Good job.

No way!

- Whose turn?
- Mine.

Broken heart.

Nice and slow, or you'll jinx us.


- Slowly.
- Hush!


Honey! Are your boxes all ready?

You swore! I booked
the moving company for Monday morning.

They'll come to me first, then you.

Don't forget to transfer the utilities.
I talked to the kitchen store.

I'll go take measurements
for the new couch. I'm exhausted.

P.S., can you believe we'll be sleeping
in our new house on Monday?

You better watch out
You better not cry…

- Can I help?
- No, thanks.


- Doorbell.
- Get it, Tullia.


- Do you need pepper?
- No, thanks.

- Some anchovies?
- Babe, go pour the wine.

- This is Walter.
- Hello, I'm Walter.

- I'm Laurene.
- Hello.

- Vittorio? Hello.
- How are you?

Good evening.

- Hey.
- How are you?

- Let me help.
- What's that?

- Risotto with anchovies. A toast?
- Yes.

- To Walter?
- Thanks.

Hope you last a week with Tullia.


Kidding, a month.

- That would be a record.
- Thanks, pals.

A toast to couples that last.

And to Anna and her amazing superheroes,
may you sell millions of issues.

Anna and Marco have lasted ten years.
No kids, but they made a comic book.

- Impressive.
- Thanks.

We'd like to make a toast too.

- Yes.
- Go on.

We wanted to make a comic book,
but since we can't draw…

- No!
- Yes!

- I'm three months.
- Cheers!

Cheers, love!


- I'm sorry.
- No problem.

I'm looking for a lamp like this.

Excuse me. We're looking for this lamp.

Hold on.

Where can I find this handcrafted lamp?

- Do you know?
- No.


- Hello?
- Tullia.

Anna! Where are you?

- In Marrakech.
- Why?

We were at a bar, and I saw this lamp
I liked, so he brought me here to buy it.

- Why didn't you just go to Ikea?
- We slept together.

- How'd it go?
- Not well.

- Why?
- What's so great about sleeping together?

- Tonight will be better.
- Where's the bathroom?

- Who's there with you?
- Nobody.

- Tell me his name.
- Ugo.

- Stay out of my room.
- Why would we go in there?

- My bed's bigger.
- So what?


- Tullia, hello?
- Hello? Anna?

Know where can I find a lamp like this?



My grandpa knows.

- What?
- This.

- The lamp?
- Yes.

Thanks, bye.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

The past few days have been great.

They have.

I like being with you.

But I think we're traveling
at two different speeds.

You seem into this relationship,

too much so.


- You noticed?
- Yes.

It's flattering and all,

but you're starting to become too clingy.

Slow down with the plans.
Not just for me, but for you…

I know you're already thinking
about marriage.

Of course, we made love,
so you have to marry me.

And then a house, mortgages…

Yes, mortgages, I love mortgages.

Plus, Anna, let me be honest.

- I'm not ready to have a kid.
- A kid? Excuse me?

- I want kids, plural.
- How many?

- At least three.
- Not with me.

Is it that obvious?

Sure is.



- Coffee?
- Yes.

Juice for me.



- Hi.
- Hi.

- How are you?
- Fine.

Vittorio! What brings you here?

- I'm a father now.
- Nice.

- How about you?
- I'm fine.

- I'm a heart surgeon here.
- Heart surgeon!

I guess all my quizzes helped you out.

I keep putting off my heart checkup.

- Since when?
- Last year.

Come see me.
I'll give you a heart checkup.

- Take my number.
- Okay, write it down.

Do you have kids?
I bet you have three or four.

None. For now,
I'm just somewhat of an uncle.

Here you go. Call me.


- Gotta go.
- Thanks, bye.

- Bye, daddy!
- Bye.

Ever wonder what it'd be like
if you'd stayed with Pilar?


I always do.

About me and Pilar?

I wanted to have this baby with Sofia.

It just happened with Laurene, Marco.

She wanted it, not me.

Someone always bears the brunt,
and it's fair that it was me…

- After the mess I made.
- Well, now the mess is here.

In your wife's arms. Smile.



When you're alone
And life is making you lonely

You can always go


When you've got worries
All the noise and the hurry

Seems to help I know


Just listen to the music
Of the traffic in the city

Linger on the sidewalk
Where the neon signs are pretty

How can you lose?

The light's so much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles…

And what do we have here?


Things will be great when you're

I'm better.

Good job!

Everything's waiting for you

I hate…

Yes, I hate with a passion

everyone who says
that mistakes improve you,

help you grow.

Come take a stroll through my life,

and you'll see how mistakes serve
absolutely no purpose.


It all started when I was 23.
I remember as if it were yesterday.

What's so funny?
It wasn't a century ago, you know.

Anyway, I went to the store
to buy some milk.

There are two check-out lines,

one with three carts,
one with two brimming carts.

I pick the first.

Since that day,
my life has never been the same.

Not because it took forever, but because
I lived with that clerk for years!

That was the first
of a long series of mistakes…

and of men,
which is more or less the same thing.

Good job, Mom.

- Really funny.
- Thanks.

I'm excited to tell you
that I've been published.


- A comic strip.
- What a crowd.

- Carina?
- Yes.

Good evening.

- Sorry, but they're waiting for us.
- Be right there.

Listen, I'd invite you along,
but I'll spare you this boring dinner.

Umberto is a lovely person though.
I'll introduce you next time.

- And Franco and I...
- Marco.

- Marco! We'll get better acquainted.
- Sure.

Honey, I'm going on tour Monday.

When I get back,
we'll spend time together.

I know you get by fine on your own.

- Yeah.
- Bye, guys.

- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

Break a leg.

Leave this here.

Wire hangers in the closet?

I told you no wire hangers!

- What's that?
- Mommie Dearest.

- You've never seen the movie?
- No.

Faye Dunaway is terrifying.

Your mom seems like an angel
compared to her.

- You should meet my mom.
- Spare them, honey.

My parents are dead.

I was 14. They turned on the light
in the living room,

and boom, gas leak explosion.

Sorry. My point was Mommie Dearest
is better than nothing.

No gas tanks in our new house, honey.

Don't worry. There's only
a one in 36 million chance.

You're moving in together?

When were you going to tell me?

Listen, we just decided… today.

Today you decided to go live with him?

We talked about it, and today Ugo
found a house that could work.

- You already found a house?
- He did.

What are you thinking?
How long have you known him?

- Three months.
- Exactly.

Anna, don't you ever just want to dive in?

- And embrace that feeling of...
- Panic?

No, of freedom. Freedom.

I was saved by a hair.
The operation took over three hours.

Any consequences?

I stopped cutting my beard.
Other than that, no.

That's what I've been told
all these years.

Lie down.

So, how is my heart doing?

- The heart is an overrated organ.
- I thought the brain was?

Sit on the bike…

and pedal.

With time, I realized
that both are very overrated.

I respect other organs more.

I agree. My favorite is the pancreas.

Mine is the spleen. It does its job
quietly filtering our blood

without acting like a hotshot.
You can stop.

I personally rank the spleen first
and the heart second.

- But you listen to it.
- For work.

- In your personal life?
- I listen to the spleen.

You can get dressed. Your heart is fine.

Next time we'll do an echo.

- Thanks for the Operation game.
- Sure.

- Where'd you find it?
- I stumbled upon it while moving.

We were moving too.

I still live in that house.
My husband decided to remodel it.

I didn't know you were married.

I was. And you?

Practically, it's been years now.

Still her?



It's uncomfortable to remember
that we were moving in together

when you left me for her?

It doesn't make me uncomfortable.

Know what really sucks?


I'd bought us tickets for the premiere
of Love Actually that night.

Oh, I'm sorry.

- It's a great movie.
- Dunno.

- I couldn't bear to see it again.
- It's not that great.

More wine?

Twenty-three seconds.

- Numbers are my thing.
- How many seconds is concerning?

Mmm, it depends.

On what?

The type of silence.

Regular silence, calm silence,
bored silence, intentional silence…

What's ours?

Which scares you?

Not that.

I can't believe there's nothing
under 1,000 euros.

Here's one.

Two-room apartment, newly remodeled.

600 euros, utilities included.

- Where is it?
- Quarto Oggiaro.

That's far. Let me see.

- This is perfect. Citta Studi.
- Near you.


Furnished, bright, spacious living room,
two rooms, balcony.

Must cost a fortune.

First two months free.

- Free?
- If you like it, pay half my rent.

- Dummy.
- Seriously, why not crash with me?

No, no, no.

We're going on vacation.
Why bother looking now...

No way.

You can start looking again
when we get back.

Think it over.


First time shacking up with a man?

- Don't use that verb.
- "Cohabiting!"

You'll thank me.

Smile! Smile…

- Hi.
- Hey.

Come in.

Let's unpack.

No point in unpacking.
We're going to Ponza.

In two months.

Where will I draw?

The kitchen table is all yours.

I got a key for the bathroom door
and made you…

a set of house keys.

Did you buy me chocolate cookies?



Come with me.

Jump in.

Come on.

My father showed me this place.

Every summer, he would say,

"Today, I'll show you a secret spot."

This was the last.

Then he'd say, "Don't show anyone else."

- Did you show anyone?
- Yes.

I even made love here once, ages ago.

Fuck you.


Why the silent treatment?

What's wrong?

Why would you tell me about your ex
while we're in a magical place?

- You asked.
- Now I'll talk about my exes.

- No, I didn't ask.
- What a pity.

I have juicy stories.


- Like?
- Are you asking or not?

What was your longest relationship?
No details, just a number.

One. One, what?

- Month? Year?
- Remember our first night?


- That's the norm.
- One night?

- Not even the whole night.
- So, you didn't have a boyfriend?

What jerks!

So yummy…

A voice in my head kept saying,
"Have a baby."

I swear, once you hit 30,

nature starts knocking all the time.

Every single day.

Bam, bam, bam.

In the end, it's not even your choice.


I did choose Vittorio, at least.

You know…

when I used to meet a man,

I didn't think about
if I liked him or not,

I only thought about
if he could be my baby's father.

Is that bad?

No, there's worse.

You don't even realize it.

Would you want one?

Don't answer quickly. Think it over.

In this moment, tonight,
would you want one?

Imagine this. Next year, in this place,

there'd be three of us, like them.

That doesn't scare you?

Wait! Don't answer me. Answer yourself.

Try to imagine it.

Go on.

Every detail. Cries, diapers,
poop, insomnia.

Close your eyes.

Close them and tell me…

Yes, I would.

No, I wouldn't.

Time for beddy-bye?


It fell.

- Enough.
- Hush.

Isn't there a drunken superhero?

- Yes.
- Hancock.

- At least he saved the world.
- I'll start by saving myself.

If I could pick any superpower,
I'd want to fly.

- Teleportation for me.
- Nice.

I'd want to time travel
and go back to high school and enjoy it.

I was so stressed,
I ruined five years of my life.

Let me be 18 again, and I'll get busy!

Right, I'm sure
you got busy even back then.

Yes, but the guilt held me back.

Imagine if you didn't have guilt…

Stop it. I'd want to time travel too.

Go back and forth
and meet over and over again,

as if it were the first time.

God, what a hassle.
I'd have to win you over every time!

I don't recall it being that difficult.


Who knows…

if we met here tomorrow,
we might not even look at each other.


And us?

Would we?

- I think so.
- How can you be so sure?

- I agree with Vittorio.
- Hey!

Our behavior changes all the time,
even in a short span of time.

Even from morning to night.
You wake up grumpy,

a guy walks by, and you don't notice,
then you see him at night…

- And end up in bed.
- You're making it personal.

- Too personal.
- Enough with this soul mate nonsense.

We meet the man/woman
of our dreams by chance.

Because you get on the bus late,
or you go to a last-minute party…


- Destiny.
- Coincidence.

- It's called destiny, Vittorio.
- Whatever, it makes no difference.

It makes a difference after
when you wonder if you're glad

you got on that bus or went to that party,

or took shelter under that doorway…

if it stopped raining ten minutes earlier,
you wouldn't have met.

If the answer is yes,
then coincidence becomes destiny.


And you?

Are you glad
you came to that French film festival?


Thanks, honey.

They saw me drinking at a fountain

That wasn't me

You left, with your friend

The tall, cool one

Then you said to me "Poor thing"

Give your sex to the toilet

Gently, my hand left

- Let's see if you love me.
- Okay.

Do you, Marco, take me, Anna,

for richer, for poorer…

Hold on, I know it…

In sickness and in health,
till death do you part?

"Do us part," me and you.

Right… do us part.

- Did I say you can kiss the bride?
- Sorry!

Wait, first…

Put this on…


Like this.

Now you can.

My father moved here
just so he could be buried with my mom.

Farsighted, as usual.

My mom wants her ashes spread

during a Strindberg monologue
at the theater.

Can you imagine?

And you?

I won't die.

I'll become a comic.


Maybe I should quit drawing.

Quit doing childish things

and have a baby.

No! No, I'm afraid I'll mess up.

Babe, we can mess up
even if we do nothing.

True, but it's easier to wait.


I know.

- What do you think?
- Pretty.

- It also comes in this color.
- That's pretty too.

Or you could try a different style.


Or this one.

That looks great on you.

- I'm torn. I like them all.
- Thanks.

Maybe the first one.

- Thank you.
- Goodbye.

- What was that about?
- Nothing.

Why'd you leave?

Give me a break.

I was helping you pick a hat.

Sure… "that looks great on you."
You're a jerk.

When we first met, you were wearing a hat.

I'm crazy about hats.

Maybe if you weren't wearing a hat,
we wouldn't be together.

No such luck.

Hey, what does that mean?

How would you live without me?


We need parsley.

Laurene seems happy.


No way.

Come here.


- How are you?
- Hello.

It's the doctor who saved your life!

Hi, Marco.


You know each other?


Excuse me, bye.

- Your ex operated on you?
- I didn't know.

How can that be?

I was in a coma. I was covered in tubes.

- Why didn't she tell me?
- I don't know.

I remember it clearly.

She came to see how you were.

She brought me coffee
but didn't say a word. That's insane.

Yes, it's odd.

It's not odd. It's insane.

- Didn't she contact you after?
- No, and I didn't know a thing.

- You never know anything.
- Meaning?

- Are you pulling my leg?
- I would've told you if I knew.

- Because it's not a big deal.
- Then why didn't she tell me?

Will you listen to me, please?

This situation is odd for me too.

But that's what it is. What can I do?

You don't believe me?

You don't believe me?

- No.
- You should.

Do superpowers only exist in comics?

- I can explain…
- Enough.

Anna, please.

- Your expression changed.
- Give me a break.

- You changed.
- Into what?

- A dumb-ass.
- You're joking, right?

- What do you think?
- Anna, stop being Drusilla.

Save the sarcasm for your shitty comics.

- You like Drusilla.
- Yes.

But I don't like when you play Drusilla
and treat me like a dog.

You are a dog
when you act like this.

Anna, talk to me.

You don't even know how to apologize.

- What?
- You don't know how to apologize.

You're overdoing it.

- No, you overdid it.
- Overdid what?

You even looked at her ass.

- Me?
- Mm-hmm.

- You looked at her ass.
- I sure did.




This is the first time you've doubted me.

It's sad.

- Anyone would have doubts.
- It depends.

Did you ever meet up again?


All right.

I believe you.


Honey, we're on our honeymoon.
We can't fucking fight.

What is jealousy?

It's stupid.

Did you really look at her ass?

- No.
- Okay.

And are my comics really "shitty"?


- Do you love me?
- No.

Well, I do.

You don't realize it,
but you practically stop talking.

Just essential conversation.

The silence becomes more present
and normal.

You end up getting used to it
and do nothing to avoid it.

Maybe it happens
because we're no longer truthful.

We lie. We hold back and get bored.

But the truth is never boring.

It's always surprising and unexpected.

I want the next issue to be about this.

- The title looks good.
- Okay.

- Darken the background.
- Okay.

Can you add two balloons like this?

- Do you have the text yet?
- No, they'll stay empty.

- Incommunicability in couples.
- Indeed.

We can express the second law of motion,

which establishes that if force is applied

to a mass M,

it will produce acceleration,

and this acceleration takes place
in the direction of the applied force,

so F equals MA.

These are vectors.
Use arrows, or I'll fail you to infinity.

What does Newton's law
or the principle of inertia state?

That an object at rest stays at rest

unless acted upon by an external force.

What do you think?

Let's move the convention logo.

So, the force impressed
by particle A

will cause particle B
to no longer be in a state of rest.

Not there.

The resulting acceleration is proportional

to the force A impresses on B.

I'm going a few days early
to see some presentations.

- So long as you're there for mine!
- Of course.

So the mission in this issue
is avoiding infidelity?


Why avoid it?
Wouldn't superheroes overcome it instead?

We can say
there are different superpowers.

- To avoid infidelity…
- Go on…

You need super-speed!

- And to overcome it?
- Super therapy.

What happens when a superhero
doesn't fulfill a mission?

It depends on the mission.

In this case?


You know about Superman and kryptonite?

The superhero becomes weak,

and if he's exposed for too long,

it might even kill him.

Let's eat.

- Hi.
- Spaghetti or rigatoni, babe?

I'm not hungry, thanks.


- Hey.
- Hmm?

You should come to the convention with me.

We'll spend time together.

What's going on?

You never invite me to work stuff.

Well, I am now.

These are my first works.

Drawing people as I imagined them as old.

- Why old?
- Because…

I don't have a great relationship
with the future.

This is how I exorcize it.

How do you picture me as old?

You're already old.

I could draw you as a child.

Sorry, that came out the wrong way.

What do you think about Drusilla
making her debut in Comix?

One strip in every issue.



My own strip in Comix!

Every month, carte blanche,
as long as it's funny.

Drusilla is very funny.

What did he say?

He asked if I was as bad as Drusilla.

I said, "According to my husband,
even worse."

You got married?

It just came out.

- A toast!
- Yes.

To Drusilla.

And to your husband…

- Hungry?
- Very!


What's that?

What's going on? Tell me.

Get it.

- Hello?
- Is this Ms. Malatesta?

- Yes.
- I'm calling from the agency.

- About the apartment…
- Via Plinio, third floor.

I wanted to ask…

Can we speak about this tomorrow?

- Sure.
- Thanks.

- You know what?
- Mm-hmm?

I lost my appetite.

Come with me.

Looking for an apartment again?

To see what's out there.

So you've decided…
you're getting an apartment.

That was the plan once summer was over.

One step at a time.

What step is this?

We take one step ahead together,
and you take two steps back?

- It's not a step back.
- It's not ahead, Anna.

It's what I want.
Who cares what direction it is?

Then tell me, what do you want?

I want to understand what you want.
What's the problem?

If there's something wrong now,

I can try to change it,

but if it's some idea about our future...

- Why always talk about the future?
- Because the future is now, Anna.

It's in a minute, when I go to bed,

when I wake up in the morning,
I want you there.

Look at me.
I don't want to be without you.

You don't feel the same, fine.

It's another type of love.
We're not compatible.

What can we do?

I don't know, and neither do you.

But I can't do this.

I'm sorry, I can't.




Good morning, Doctor.

Christine from
the University of Copenhagen.

Please contact me for some details
about your arrival. Thank you.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

My name's Rachele.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

- Anna.
- Like me!


Sorry guys, that's all for today.

- I'll be back tomorrow. Thanks.
- All right.

- I'm off.
- Come have a drink.

Um, I don't know, maybe tomorrow.

Hi, babe.

- Where are you?
- Hi, babe.

I'm going home with take-out food.

You're in Milan?

I was hoping you'd come here.

I wanted to, but I got out late

and have to grade exams.
I can't make it, sorry.

Don't worry.

- How'd your presentation go?
- Really well.


- Everything okay?
- Yes, just tired.

Go to bed early tonight. Get some rest.

Okay, bye.


Which doll shall we give
Daisy's friend Emily?

The one that looks like a transvestite
or a dominatrix?

Anna! Over here!


- Hi.
- Hi.

- You made it.
- I did.

- Sit here.
- Thanks.

Here, drink this.

Another mojito, please?

Right away.


- Everything okay?
- Yes.

- How many books did you sign?
- A lot.

121, to be exact.

It would've been 150
if she hadn't run off.

- These superheroes are a hit.
- Mm-hmm.


- Marco?
- Turn on channel 5.

- What?
- Turn on channel 5.


Want to grab a drink?

- When, now?
- Yes.

- All right.
- I'll come get you.

- Give me ten minutes.
- Okay.


Who were you talking to?

I have a scar that you gave me,
and I had no idea.

- There was no reason for you to know.
- Says you.

What's the difference?

- I could've thanked you.
- I wanted to avoid that.

I suffered when we broke up.

- Mmm.
- Mmm.

You continued to occupy
a big space in my heart.

I wanted to pull you out of my heart
like the game of Operation,

but it's not that easy.

Then, years later, the ER calls me,
so I rush to the operating room

and find you on the steel table.

I thought about destiny

that there was a reason why
you reappeared.

Then I went to see
how you were doing after,

and there was a woman by your side.

She was there night and day.
She never left your side.

There was so much love in that room
that I couldn't step inside.

So I left.

To destiny.

To destiny.

I'm drunk!

- Another?
- Yes.

- First floor?
- Mm-hmm.

That was the living room…

- That was the bedroom.
- Yes.

And the kitchen
with the counter and stools.

- Nice.
- You loved it.

- It's still the same?
- No, it was hideous. I changed it.

But you said you liked it too.

It made you happy.

I would've said anything.

What's the house like now?


Good night, Marco.

Thank you.

- Can I turn on the light?
- No.

- I need the bathroom.
- Go to your room.

Are you serious?


I can't find my jacket.

I'll find it tomorrow.



What do you think?

I like it.

Let's go to the lake on Sunday.


- Hello.
- Hello.

- Can I have a pregnancy test?
- Sure.


Not yet.

- Who was this guy?
- Nobody.

What does it say?

Negative, you're not pregnant.

Then why do I have nausea,
headaches, and all the rest?

- Is this thing accurate?
- Not 100%, but it's accurate.


- Mom says hi.
- Thank you.

- Do you want some eggs?
- No, thanks.

Uh, I'm late.
I'll eat something at the university.

- Bye.
- Bye. I'll see you.

Splitting an atom is extremely complex

because the strong nuclear force
tries to maintain all the particles

within the nucleus united.

So, the characteristic of this force

is that it doesn't diminish with distance,

but it increases.

So the more one particle moves,

the more the other needs it.

Now, I need two volunteers.

Don't be shy, please. Good. Beautiful.

Now, everybody, come with me.
Let's do an experiment.

Come on.

Come on. Come on.

So they are the two particles,

and this is the nuclear force, okay?

Grab it. Grab it.

Good. Now go away.

Go, go, go. More, more, more.

More, more, more. Very good.

Okay. Look.


The more they go,
the more the attraction increases.

That's it. Come here, guys.

Now, this is just a theory,

if you really love each other,
don't stray too far.

Listen to me. Thank you, guys.

You can go back
to the classroom, guys. Go.

- Morning.
- Morning.

Good morning.

You're getting out of the cold.

Ooh, it's freezing.

Mm. Oh, I'm tired.

- Good night.
- Good night.

You are beautiful

You are beautiful

You are beautiful

You are beautiful

- What are you doing?
- Sh!


When I walk by,
I stop to listen sometimes.

Three of them.

I want to see if I like their sounds.

What sounds?

It depends on the time.

The washing machine, game shows,

plates, ruckus, laughter, the baby crying.



I think it would be nice
to hear someone in my house.

Do you miss him?


In bed, yes.

I miss seeing him in my bed.

Spending the day in the chaotic world

knowing that when I get home
at night, he'll be there.

And we'll sleep together.

Come here.


According to the test,
you're not pregnant.

No worries. I'm glad.
Now's not the right time.

Unfortunately, the MRI shows
a cerebral mass.

A mass?

A mass in the front of the skull.

It's about three cm big,
and it's pressing on the cortex.

Hence the headaches.

There's an edema surrounding it.

We need to get you on cortisone
to reduce the inflammation.


Uh, I can't find the car.
I don't remember where I parked it.

I can't find it.
I thought it was here, but…

Found it.

I'm on my way.


Damn it!



Want to have a baby?


What was the probability
of us meeting again here?

I didn't think you'd come.

Well, I was sure you'd be here.

- Are you happy?
- Intermittently.

- I like intermittently.
- I know.

Tell me more.

I completed my PhD in Copenhagen
and published some things.

- And?
- And that's it.

You don't want to know about me?

You eat porridge for breakfast
for its high protein content,

your landlord hates
when you play loud music,

you wanted to get a cat,
but it would be a commitment, so no way,

and you still suck at yoga

because you're incapable
of shutting off your mind.

You read Drusilla.

We have internet up north too.

But there's more to me
than porridge and yoga.

I'm getting married in June.

I didn't know.

- Why that face?
- What face?

- That face.
- I'm just shocked.

- You went pale.
- Who's the daredevil?

- You dared too.
- Because you asked me.

- You said yes.
- It wasn't for real.

Yes, it was.

- Still in the same house?
- No, I moved.


And our drawing?

It's still there.

- I was angry, Anna.
- I should've been angry.

- You?
- You left me that morning.

We'd broken up the night before.

No, we made love the night before.


That was… how can I put it?
That was a goodbye fuck.

A goodbye fuck?

What's a goodbye fuck?

It's melancholic, sad.

And ugly.

I didn't think
you would've given up so easily.

In the end, you're the one
who doesn't believe in the future.

- I do, in some way.
- In your own way.

At least I believe in it.

How long has it been?

Only a few seconds since you last asked.

Three minutes cannot last this long.

- Try to be happy.
- Huh?

Dopamine helps time go by faster.






This is my idea.

They can only overcome the baby mission
if they're both pregnant.



Real sharing.
A pregnancy carried out by both.

Why do we have to be
the only ones with a belly?

I like it.

Because it seems like she's happy.

She is happy.







Nice, I like it.




Hey, babe.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I have something to tell you
but don't know how.

So I'll do what you did.

I was thinking…

that I want to spend my life with you.

Me and you.

I can't.

I can't.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


We've already spoken
about physical reality

defined by a series of phenomena/facts
whose temporal evolution

cannot, in any way,
take place differently than how it has.

It's all a crock of shit.

Not everything is predefined,
and not everything can be foreseen.

Because it's impossible

to know every condition of a process…

hence, at times, things just happen.

Without reason.

Nothing is certain,

and even an event that has a low,

the lowest probability of occurring

could happen.

Even what I told you about time…

is not true.

Because time exists,

it sure does,

and we realize this when it's gone.

So cherish it…

cherish it.

I thought you didn't live here anymore?

I don't.

- Hi.
- Hi.

I'm looking for a geeky guy

and a beautiful girl
with ink on her hands.

- They don't live here.
- Behind the wardrobe in the bedroom.

- Where?
- They're behind the wardrobe.

Sorry, we used to live here. May I?

- Sure.
- Thanks.


- In there?
- Yes.

Did you repaint?

- No.
- Good!


She drew this for me long ago.

How cute.

Do you have a knife?

- A knife?
- Mm-hmm.

It would've been reasonable

for them to have decided
to spend their lives together.

But it won't happen
because she can't say the word "forever."

So they are condemned
to live in the world of comics

because she's afraid of real life,

and he wasn't capable
of making her appreciate it.

It was destiny, goodbye.

Wait for me. Come on.


The operation went well.
He had a stroke and blunt force trauma.

We stopped the bleeding
and stabilized his vitals.

Unfortunately, he's in a coma,
so we have to wait.

- How long?
- We don't know just yet.

- I'm sorry.
- Thanks.

- Will I really die?
- You won't die.

I'm not ready to be without you.

I wasn't even ready ten years ago.

I just want this moment
to last a little a bit longer.

This moment is ours,

and we decide how long it lasts.

We'll decide what becomes of it.

Are you afraid?

A bit.


I'm so sorry.

Come on.

The glioblastoma multiforme is large.

Chemo would harm the fetus…

The cortisone and mannitol
your wife takes are just for the pain.

What we have here
is a very aggressive form of cancer.

Isn't there some sort
of experimental therapy?

Not in her state.

Once she gives birth,
we can enroll her in a clinical trial.

I must say that your decision

to have a baby in these circumstances
really surprised me.

Deciding to have a baby

while knowing she was sick
was rather brave…

She knew.

She asked me to have a baby
because she knew.

- She did it for you.
- No, for herself.

- You wanted a baby.
- With her though!

Not alone, with her!

What's the point?
This makes no sense anymore.

- The sense can change.
- What the fuck are you saying?

We waited for so long,

and she picked the only wrong time.

How will I do this alone?

I'm sure Anna did this because
she felt it was the right thing to do.

- I would've done the same.
- I don't get it.

- You're not a woman.
- And you're not Anna.

This job taught me that some conquests
would be impossible without illness.

Illness is madness.

It brings out feelings and truths

that healthiness, which is neat
and bourgeois, keeps at bay.

Anna didn't need this.

She never needed this.

I chose her

because I needed her madness

in order not to go mad myself.

It's a boy.

What's wrong?

Your hands are cold.

Isn't it odd…

I'm right here with you,
but who knows where you are.

I want to play a song for you.

I know you'll like it.

"After three days of walking, she ran off."

"She headed for the trails
in the mountains…"


How conceptual!

Come on!

Born to be alive

Yes, we were born

We were born

We were born

Born to be alive


But I never wanted all those things

People need to justify their lifestyles

Yes, we were born

Born to be alive

Yes, we were born, born



It's good to be alive

To be alive

To be alive

Feels good to be alive

To be alive

To be alive…

That's how you react to my kisses now?

Feel better?

Another kiss?



I wanted an only child.

Then I realized only children don't exist.

Because every child
contains another and another…

like a nesting doll.

And know what they do in the end?
They abandon you. All of them.

You grow to love that three-year-old
who slips into your bed with icy feet,

but she grows up and leaves,
then a six-year-old shows up,

and she asks you to comb her hair,
and then… poof!

She's gone too.

And then a 12-year-old shows up.

And you're in deep shit!

She steals your make-up and clothes,

but she still sleeps
with her stuffed animal.

In a few years, she only talks to you
to ask for tampons.

So the only way to survive
is for you to abandon them all

before they abandon you.

And unintentionally,
you'll give her the greatest gift ever.

Yes, because having a shitty mom
is very beneficial.

Ever hear that phrase,

"Try to be a better mom than me"?

Well, that'll be a cinch for my daughter!

Everything will be fine, you'll see.


How are you?


This situation makes me want to live,

to start over, do better.

- He's waking up.
- Doctor!



Squeeze my hand.
Follow the light.

- Is he okay?
- Yes.

Easy, babe.

- How's the baby?
- Fine.

He's going to arrive early.

The doctor decided to induce labor.

Turn left now.

Right here, in the middle.


This is our house.


It's nice.

I found it while you were asleep.

It's odd.

- You're odd too.
- True.

Try to picture it.

Drawers over there, a cabinet,

an armchair by the fireplace.

And here, a nice sofa
facing your blue neon sign.

All of our books will go in here, a table,


Where will we sleep?

Up there.

Down here.

- It's nice.
- Yeah?

I'm happy.

Did I do the right thing?

When have you ever done
the right thing, babe?

Are you mad at me?

You're the one who says
mistakes can lead to good things.

Like antibiotics from mold…

Like Coca-Cola…


I'm scared.

Me too.

Don't you have one of your stupid laws
to stop time?

I would need one to turn back time.

No, not back.

I don't want to change a thing.

I want everything we did.

Can you come down? I need a hand.


- I hate anniversaries.
- I know.

Come here.

Blow it out.

Did you make a wish?

- Yes.
- What?

- To be with you forever.
- It won't come true if you say it.

You asked! So you're to blame.

We'll each accept responsibility.

You can't hit me. I'm injured.

I have glasses on…


- Everything is fine.
- Good.

Come on, Anna!


Good job!

Good job!

"Then she flashed her pretty smile

and flew up into the skyscrapers."

I want to fly into the skyscrapers
like Mom too.

Let's go.

Tonight can we read the one
where you two got stuck in the elevator?

You know that by heart.

Okay, then the one where Mom
took off on your moped?

All right.

Or when you stole that lamp
from the store…

That's not true, I told you.

- Dad.
- Hmm?

I'm sad.

No, you shouldn't be sad.

Because Mom turned into a superhero,

and she's always with us.

- Even now?
- Of course.


Right there, next to you.

Come on.