Superdragon vs. Superman (1975) - full transcript

Scientist Dr Ting has invented a secret formula that will help the world's food crisis, but refuses an offer to sell it. When Dr Ting is later kidnapped by a sinister organization, Alice's boyfriend, the renowned crime fighter Kato is called in to rescue him. However after an attempt is made to kidnap Alice, Kato realises he cannot fight the organization alone and enlists the help of his two superhero friends collectively known as "The Green Hornet". - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Quick! They're gaining on us!

They're faster than we are!

Dump the money!

We'll come back later for it!

Throw it!

What's that, let me take a look.

Let me go and look


Where is it from?

I do not know, but it's our money now.

We cannot take this money.


It's not our money.

Why, we need the money now.

We can get a start in life with this.


Alright, Alright Let's just take half of it.

Alright then.

It would be stupid to leave half of it, we might as well just take it all.

Susan...This is fate, God is smiling on us.

I agree with you, this is a gift from God.

Susan, I always end up agreeing with you

Oh Peter!

Susan, we can get married soon.

Hold it right there!

That money isn't yours.

Now come with you,
I'm taking you to the police!

Come on

It wasn't my fault!

Boss! Boss!

Come on now boss, listen!

You wanker!

Alright! Who was it!?

Who was it?!


Speak up! Speak up!


You are back. -Yeah


So Annie's gone to the far east

with her father.

That's right!

Gentlemen, we have a mission for you

you have to go and protect Dr Ting from the Dragon gang.

Carter, you need to go to the middle east.

What do you think?

Reckon things are going to get hot.

His new food replacement is made from oil and could solve the world's food crisis.

But nothing we've tried so far will make him cooperate.

So now I don't care how it's done!

I want professor Ting's formula!

Don't you worry.

I'm sure it's just your offer that he's quibbling about.

&}uem noA op sjolu ipniu moh


I'll pay half first,

And the remaining half on receipt of the formula.


Come in.

Hi boss! You want me, huh?

Hi Boss

These are your men?

That's right! No problem!

How do you like it here so far?

Are you quite comfortable?

This new discovery of yours, it's very interesting.

Now that you are here, you can demonstrate it for us.

You could solve all of the food problems.

What is it?

Well, it's simply bunkum, refined from petroleum.

I've given it the name of Topolila.


has double the albumun value of serial type B.

It's in production now

But just for animal feed.

Well now, if refined further,

Could it also be used for food stuffs, for humans.


It's just a matter of using certain minerals, added to the original formula.

This product is rich in vitamins!

Richer in vitamins then eggs or milk!

Dr Ting, we here are very interested in this.

We'd like to invest.

Daddy, I'm hot, I'm going for a swim.


Be careful out there!

Be back soon!

Damn moron!

Let's go for a ride.

our boss is being kind of ridiculous,
don't you think?

It's not my concern.

They think the green hornet and Carter can save them

Like those two fools would be out here!

We're in the middle of nowhere, it's so big!

The sun shines on the earth,

and the earth opens it's heart to me!

Bye bye! Bye bye!

That way!

We were just here!

This is confusing as hell.

Can you speak English?



Do you know?

Airport this way?



Airport this way?


This way?

Yes! Yes!

Stop playing around!

Alright you two, yes or no!!?

Yes, yes! No, no!

What is it!?

Yes, no, yes, no!

Don't mess around!

Which one of you did that?!

No, no!

Dammit, you're fucking with the wrong guy!

I will demolish you!

Attack, attack, attack!

Turn around! Quickly!

Dr Ting, Alice, you OK?


What is she doing now?

Oh miss! Sorry! I thought you were someone else!

What are you, American?

No way, no way, we are French.


Can you let me take a turn

Your side has the hot jets.

Why are you bothering me!?

Don't be selfish!

Stop fucking around.

Come on man!

Cool it!

Stop playing

Enough already!

Don't move!

That's enough.

We give up!

We will leave.

That was such a cool movie. Yes very exciting!

Yes, Fu Sheng is the best.


Let's go somewhere tomorrow.

This is my room

Oh, you're here!

So the boss sent you, right?

Did he tell you anything?

Don't you have anything to say?

Come here.


It's American, not worth as much now.

I like German money.

Need a lot more of that kind of money.

I need you to go over and make friends with him.

Why do you want me to go?

Just go and see.


What the fuck is wrong with you

You want him to help me, right>

Stop fighting! Stop fighting!

Someone has to do something

They want to get you.

Move it! Move it!

I have a telegram for you!

Tiger, who is it from?

From the boss.

What did he say?

Boss, are you going to open it?

I need you to some business for me.


No problem.

Shake on it.

Would that be a problem?

We have to go.


Tiger, where do I find him?

It's in the telegram.

We have to find Super-dragon!?

There are his students

They are very good at light skill

They are champion fighters and acrobats.


These guys are from Thailand.

What is it?

Superman, these men have been sent by Tiger.

The terms alright?

Of course.

$100,000 cash

10 nice girls

And a truck full of booze!

That's not bad.

The foreigners are generous.

Foreigners, it's nothing.

They're very rich!

Nothing upstairs,

but their big fat wallets.


These are some of Tiger's men.

And they've got a problem.

Boss wants you to help.


Yes, of course teacher!

We'd like to help in whatever way we can.

But the boss said that
we shouldn't leave here.

Not without permission first.

I know that.

I'll take all responsibility.


Yes teacher.

Yeah? Yes he is.

Call for you.


Guess who this is?

Elizabeth Taylor?

Afraid not/

Try again.

Bridgette Bardot.

Sorry, this is Eve here.


But which Eve?


I'm the one that offered you the forbidden fruit.

You remember...

just look behind you, will you?


Let's go back to paradise and try another bite of that apple.

Carter, I have to go back now, I don't want the doctor waiting too long.


I didn't invite you here

I thought you wanted me

Get out now.

Adam, come on over.

Get out now you tramp!

My husband died in a car accident

My sons have muscular dystrophy.

I need the money, that is why I am here.

You're looking down on me

You have money!

Put your stuff on and leave.

What do you mean?

It's easy to look down on a prostitute!

I have to do this!

Who are you to judge me!?

Stupid muscle man!

Hey listen! Where's Carter?

I, I don't know.

My father's has disappeared.


You mean he's missing?

yes, and I'm worried about him.

Where can he be?

I'll call the police!

Not yet!

Let's go and tell Carter first!


Where is he then?

Tell me!

He's busy now

Busy doing what?


On his Kung Fu, does it every day!

I don't care about that, just take me to see him.


Quick! Let's go!

I'm worried sick and he practices kung fu!

Oh you bitch, you!

I'll get you, goddamit!

You bitch!

Tear my clothes will you


Alright, and what now?!

We wait for Green Hornet.

That's gonna be a waste of time!

My father is gone!

Don't worry,
Fwill help you get your father back.

Maybe you could find him if you weren't so busy with your kung fu

He'll be ok in a bit.

I need my medicine.

I need my medicine

Alice, where's my medicine?

Wait, let me get it!

Yes. This is Alice.

Got the passport?

Wrong number!

Hello! Hello!

Is this Alice Ting?

Your father needs to have his medicine urgently!

You better bring it.

Where should I bring it too?

Novak's Gas Station, and come alone!

Right! Right!

Carter, hurry, okay!? They might not wait, faster!

Right! Right!

In please.

We'll go see your dad.



Do you have the medicine?

Where's my dad?




Let me up there!

Let me go up there!

Let me go!


Alice, where is the medicine?

You can see him if we get what we want.

I'll do it.


He agreed

We will get the formula!

We should have done that earlier.

Go! Hurry up!

Well, did y©u get it?

Of course.

My father^




Let me go!




Have we ever bothered you?

So why all this?

I mean, we can all be good friends.


good friends.

This is how you treat your friends?

Dont takethis personally

Just cooperate with me and I will let you go at once.

-Would I lie to you?

Jusr one word from you and I will untie you myself

What's more I will give you as much money as you want.

Sounds promising.

So.. You agree?

Of course.

Fine, I will go and buy your air tickets..

I want first class with all the trimming.

No problem.

Tiger, I want four tickets


Hold on, don't tkae the piss.

I think 2 tickets is enough.

Two tickets?

I need four, and you pay all my expenses.

Alright, have it your way.

-That's not right -What ?

I'm having second thoughts about this.

Carter are you going or not?

I'll go if they all go with me if not I'm staying.

-Keep an eye on him.

I'm gonna send him back tonight.


Go get him!

Move it!

Come on! Come on!

Hey, treat them with some respect.

Take them!

In there! Right!


All finished with them?

Of course!

Right, have a seat.


Why hasn't the boss called again?

He'll call again.

Don't you worry!


Everything fixed?

Right! For sure!

We'll send the men to pick them up.

Make sure they are treated ok, understand?

Sure, of course.



Hey! Hey! Don't touch her!!

Don't touch her!!

What are you doing!?

Piss off! Piss off!

Get off, get off!

Fuck off!

Get the medicine!

Dr. Ting!?

Dr. Ting!

Can you please stand back? I need to get through.

We don't think we like the way you treat your ladies here.

None of your business!

What the fuck is wrong now?

They won't let me through.

What's going on here?

We don't like the way he's treating this lady.

Why do you think we're paying you!?

Pay who?

Who's been paid?

We hired you, remember?

Yeah! We paid your teacher for you!


You understand!?

Hold it! Hold it!

Help us! Help us!

Help us!

Let's go find my father!



You alright!

Don't move!


They said-you were paid for us.

Is that true?


How:60uld you work for these lowlifes?

Get lost!

Carter! Carter!



Carter! Carter!


Carter, listen, I've got a problem with Lung.

The doctor?

The took him in a car, a sedan.

A big black one

American made, MA4134

Over and out!

The Green Hornet! Hurry!

Youlre beaten! Talk! Where's the Doctor!? Talk!!

Go to hell!

I'm not beaterf!

You heard!

Talk! Come on!


I'll talk.

Carter, I...
I admit defeat.

They've almost...... reached the border.

See boss! The frontier is just ahead,

soon we'll be home and dry

Passports please.

OK, pass.

Thank you

Well now boss, just like I told you, no problem.

Went smooth as silk.

Damn good. Damn good.

Hey, what's going on?

My god it's you!

Just who are you?

I'll tell you, I'm with Interpol.

You thought you were free and clear.

And you could retire in luxury somewhere.

But now..

That'll just have to remain a dream.

Hurry uplSurround them! Hurry up! Get out!

Hurry uplSurround them!-Hurry up! Get out!

Hands up!

• -Keep-your hands up!

Take them away


Come on.

Well now, you're safe sir!

Thank you!

He'll take you home.

That's alright, any time at all.

Hope to see you again very soon.