Superdome (1978) - full transcript

It's Superbowl. And there's a lot of drama, one of the players, Dave Wolecki, has been so preoccupied with the game and if his bum knee will hold out until the game, has been completely ignoring his wife. And McCauley, the team's star quarterback, is being courted by a management firm, and the man the firm has assigned to get him into the firm has been told that if he doesn't get him, he will be out. But that's nothing compared to the real drama. There's a killer running around. It seems that the syndicate doesn't want the highly favored Cougars to win. They tried to get the team's trainer to drug or incapacitate some players, and when he refuses he is killed. So, the team's manager has to try and find out who the killer is, before he does some real damage. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
In five days, this gigantic Superdome
will be the site of the ultimate game,

the Super Bowl.

Eighty-two million people
will see the game on TV.

What they won't see is the carnival
which precedes it.

The morning of the Super Bowl!

Super Bowl, baby.

And when the sun goes down
on Sunday,

the Cougars are gonna be
the champions of the world!

Provided, of course,
we remember the words of our beloved coach.

"I don't want Einstein out there.

I want a bunch of animals."

I thought Socrates said that.

No, he said Jesus was a great man, all right,
but I don't want him starting at tackle.

- Thanks, Rita.
- You're welcome, Mr. McCauley.

Mr. McCauley?

After what we've been through together,
you're still gonna call me Mr. McCauley?

What have we been through?

Well, three hours on this plane.
Isn't that enough?

Are you telling me the Cougars'
All-Pro quarterback is afraid of flying?

Shh, you'll ruin my image.

Hey, McCauley, come on,
the press is waiting for you.

Yeah, I'm coming.

Party's in my suite,
Royal Sonesta Hotel, seven o'clock.

- Okay, I'll be there.
- Great.

Coach tells me, "Watch the game film
so you'll know how to handle Macklovitch."

Only way to handle a gorilla like that
is to hold him

and I don't think he's gonna like the penalties.

Because when we go out on that field,
we're not doing it for ourselves;

we're doing it for the team, the coach,

and most of all, for the people
who made this game what it is today:

our agents.

Welcome to New Orleans, Mr. Shelley.

Well, the state department
wants 12 seats on the 50-yard line.

They say why?

Top secret.

Maybe it's the Russians.

Give it to Collins, he loves intrigue.

What else?

Let me check my list.

Mike, you're due at the Superdome at 12:30.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know.

But didn't anybody ever tell you
it's bad luck to come to New Orleans

without having some of Ernie's catfish?

Come on, we'll make it on time.

All right, what's next?

Well, your ex-wife's attorney called.

That can't be good news.

Neither is this.

The trade with the Giants
for Jim Howard is off.

Mrs. Bonelli wants to talk to you about it.

She say why?

Doug Collins has been telling her,
the board, and everyone who'll listen

we have too many black ball players
on the team.

Says it's gonna hurt us at the box office.

And besides being an idiot,
Doug Collins is the business coordinator,

not the general manager,

unless there's been a change I don't know about.

Excuse me, I hate to interrupt your lunch
but I'm in a bit of a mess.

My rent-a-car threw a rod,

the telephone in there
seems to eat nickels for lunch,

and I'm supposed to have been
in New Orleans an hour ago.

Any help you could offer
would be greatly appreciated.

Sit down and have some catfish.

- Will that help?
- It won't hurt you.

Sit down.

I'm Lainie Wiley.

- Hi.
- Lainie Wiley, that's a very nice name.

This is Joyce Delaney,
I'm Mike Shelley.

I know.

Mike Shelley, general manager
for the Cougars.

Gray four-door sedan,
license plate 3265Y.

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Shelley,
you drive too fast.

- You've been following me?
- Mm-hm.

- Why?
- I'm a reporter.

I'm doing a story, behind the scenes
of the big game.

- Oh.
- But my paper doesn't seem

to have enough clout to get me
a press pass,

so I thought Mike Shelley
might just be my man.

Well, you come by my office at the Dome
and I'll get you a pass.

See? You are my man.

Here, uh...have some catfish. Here.

I don't need that.

Like I told 'em at
the clients' meeting last week,

they went on and on
about these brilliant young guys

working with Wells Rich agency, ya know?

"Why can't we have young geniuses like that
with our agency?"

I told 'em, “Hold it right there.

As long as Chip Green keeps producing,
he's my M-A-N."

- I appreciate your confidence, George.
- Oh, forget it.

And just to prove that I was right,
I told them you'd bring in the McCauley account.

Jim McCauley, the Cougar quarterback?

Yeah, that's right, that's the man they want.

I mean, it's a natural too.

With your contacts and you used to play ball
at his university.

But that was a hundred years ago!

Besides, McCauley's exclusive
with Livingston & Marsh.

That contract is up in June.


George, McCauley is the...

he's the hottest name in sports.

He's another O.J. Simpson or Namath.

Every account hunter in town
is gonna be after him.

Now wait a minute, Chip.

I mean, if you can't do it,
let me know right now

and we'll give one
of the youngsters a shot, eh?

Oh, I'll go after McCauley, George,
I'll go after him.

Chip, look, why don't I
lay it out straight for you?

The heat is on.

I mean, I don't need somebody
to go after McCauley.

I need somebody to get him.


We're coming into New Orleans.

You and Mr. Beldridge
should come and take a look.

Great! Come on, come on, Chip.

You two go ahead, I'll be up in a minute.

- All right, all right.
- Mr. Beldridge, thank you for inviting me.

- Next hotel's on the water.
- We've waited two hours.

Anybody find out...

I don't know.

- Excuse me.
- Yes, sir.

Has Mrs. Walecki checked in yet?

Let me check.

No, sir, not yet.

Are there any messages from her?

- No, sir.
- You sure?

I'm Dave Walecki, I'm with the Cougars.

Sorry, sir, nothing.

Thank you.

Um, I have a bag here in the back.

Thank you for saving my life.

Maybe I'll see you again.

Have a good time at the game.

Excuse me?

- Yes, ma'am?
- Are there any messages for Lainie Wiley?

- Yes, ma'am.
- Thank you.

Hello, sweetheart.
I'm Pete Brooks. What's your name?

- Here.
- Well, thank you, Pete. My name's Lainie.

Well, Lainie, you've been selected
social director for the Cougars.

How's that sound to you?

- Not bad.
- All right.

- When do I start?
- Right now. Come on.

Hey. P.K.!

Hey! What's happenin', brother man?

You gonna show 'em your stuff Sunday?

Oh no, man, my day has come and gone.

I'm just a plain old businessman now.

P.K. Jackson, merchandising and promotions.

And if you're ever in Beverly Hills,
you come and look me up, you hear?

- Will do.
- Gonna buy the Superdome, P.K.?

No, not this time, brother.

If I was you, I wouldn't sell it either,
you could get busted.

Later on, brother.

Come on, baby.

What's all the fuss about?

What's all the fuss about?
That's P.K. Jackson, brother.

Best wide receiver the Cougars ever had.

All-Pro four years straight.

Don't look like he doin' too bad now either, huh?

Mr. Jackson, this is
our most prestigious accommodation,

the presidential suite.

I hope that it meets with your approval.

Oh yes.

Yes, this'll do just fine.

Just fine.

Listen, my friend, I'm gonna be giving
a bit of a soirée here this Friday night.

You know, a big bash
for a group of my friends,

ball players, their wives,
and politicians, couple hundred people.

The hotel has excellent catering facilities.

C'est ne pas nécessaire, mon ami.

With all due respect,
I've rented Brennan's for the evening,

but you can help.

I will be needing a really fine livery service
for my guests.

- You think you can handle that?
- I'm sure that we can make the arrangements.

And if there's anything else,
don't hesitate to call.


I need some affection.

Hey, Sonny, hey.

Later for that, huh?
We got work to do.

- Oh, it can wait.
- No, it can't.

Sonny, it's all on the line this time.

We came down here to do a job.

If we don't get it done, we're dead.

You got that?

Hello, Mike.

- Hi, Fay.
- Mike.

What's this I hear that black
is no longer beautiful?

It's not a question of beautiful,
it's a matter of--

Jim Howard is one of the best running backs
in the conference.

I don't care what color he is
so long as he wins ball games.

Things have changed, Mike.

Eh, we don't want to win ball games anymore,
has that changed?


Doug, I want to discuss this
with Mike alone.

I'm selling the team, Mike.

Doug Collins came to me
with an offer from a group in Atlanta.

I'm going to take it.

Why, Fay? You've had offers before.

All things end.

He was one of the old breed, my Victor.

He won the team in a poker game
and he loved it till he died.

At least now, after all these years,

I won't be missing Victor anymore.

What does that mean?

The rules state that in the event of my death,

the minority stockholders
have first refusal of my shares.

It's my heart, Mike.

It always did give me trouble.

One way or the other.

There something I can do?

Just what you've always done for Victor and me.

All his life, Victor had this one dream:

to bring his team into a championship game.

You do it for him, Mike.

Bring the team through with honor
one more time.

For Victor's sake.

And then...

we'll be done.

Let's go, let's go.






Hut, hut!

All right, that's it.
Get that ankle checked.

McCauley? Take first shot at the whirlpool,
I want that arm nice and loose, you hear?

Coach, I've been taking first shot
at the whirlpool for ten years.

I even had a commercial about it,
there's no way I'm gonna forget.

See, I woulda had you.

It's this new turf, I slipped making the cut.

Hey, don't worry.

Give you next time, huh?

- Yeah.
- All right.

- Hey, Dave?
- Yeah?

Haven't seen Nancy,
is she coming out for the game?

Yeah, yeah, she'll be here today or tomorrow.

That's good.

How's the knee?


Give me some Percodan, will ya?
At least I can get some sleep tonight.

Hey, come on.

Maybe you oughta have a cortisone shot.

Yeah, thanks.

Well, who is this?

Look, my name is Ken McGuire.

A friend of mine gave me your number.

I just thought maybe we could, you know,
have dinner or, you know,

take you out to--

I understand.
Well, listen, there's nothing to worry about.

Look, tell New York it's fated.
It's fated!

I got a man on the inside.


I understand.

Hey, is my name P.K. Jackson?

Baby, who was that?

Some messenger from New York.

They just wanted to let me know that
they've got $10 million riding on the Rangers.

$10 million?

P.K., that's heavy bread.

Hey, don't tell me that's heavy bread.

I know it's heavy bread.

I know what $10 million is
and I'm responsible for it.

I gotta see to it that they don't lose it,
you understand?

That's how I pay my bills.

That's how I pay for you!

I'm sorry, Sonny.

Baby, you know I didn't mean it.

It's okay. It's okay, baby.

I love you.

It's gonna work out.

Four days to Super Bowl

and New Orleans is like a time bomb
about to go off.

As the countdown to kickoff nears,

this town will swell to its limits,

its famous Southern charm
buried under acres of rabid fans.

Close to half a million people
will descend on this lovely Delta City,

pouring in from all over the world.

Walls of people will spill out of terminals
and crowd into streets.

Uncountable millions of dollars
will be spent, wagered, and wasted.

This is life in the fast lane.

Throw out your clocks,
forget about routine.

The game may be four days off,
but the party has started.

Some fans may have come to watch a game,

but most of these people have come
to play a game of their own.

The rush has just started
but from here on, watch out.

Super Week will become a carnival,

a frenzied festival which will make Mardi Gras
look like a high school homecoming.

And the countdown goes on.

Bill Jameson, the Rangers' All-Pro cornerback,
injured an ankle in practice yesterday

and that changed the point spread
from the Cougars by three

to the Cougars by four and a half.

That point spread,
I don't understand that.

The Cougars are favored by four and a half.

So if you bet on the Cougars,
they gotta win by at least five points.

If they win by four or less, or lose,
you lose the bet.

Hey, Marty?

- Marty!
- Yeah?

Give me $200 on the Cougars by four.

You got it.

Marty, you're gettin' too much action
on the Cougars.

Call Chicago, see if you can lay off
$20,000 on the Rangers in three.

All right.

I tell you, Chip, I got Jim McCauley making
enough money to keep me in champagne

till the year 2000.

Look, couldn't we just set up a meet?

Sometimes the right chemistry
means more than money.

Hey, nothing means more than money.

Look, I make a lot of house payments
off the work I get

with Livingston & Marsh.

I'm not gonna get them mad at me
by yanking their number one superstar.

No. Look, take my advice.

Put 50 bucks on the Cougars,
don't OD on the gumbo,

and you'll come out of New Orleans a winner.

Hm! Jack, I wanna talk to you.

But Mr. Weber, at least let me
make a presentation.

Look, I can't talk now, gotta run.

- Thanks for the drink, yeah?
- I need tickets, George.

I'll give you a hundred bucks.

- Two pavilion tickets.
- Tickets? I don't even have a hotel room.

I've been sleeping on the bar
the last three nights.

Give me a bowl of Corn Flakes.


Hi, Dave.

I wasn't sure you were coming.

Yeah, uh...

Well, l...l wasn't sure if I should.

I'm glad you're here, I missed you, Nance.

How's the knee? Is it still hurting?

It's fine.

Trainer's been giving me
some treatment for it.

I'll be out there on Sunday.

It's the Super Bowl, Nance,
we finally made it.


Yeah, we finally made it.

How have you been?

I, uh...l went to see a doctor, Dave.

What's wrong?

Oh, it's not that kind of a doctor.

He's a--he's a psychologist.

Dr. Goldman recommended him.

You went to see a shrink?

- What for? What'd you talk to him about?
- Well, a lot of things.

I, uh...l asked him if he thought I was attractive

and, uh, he asked me why I wanted to know.

And I said, "Well, I'm 32 years old
and my husband doesn't want me anymore."

That isn't true.


do you know how long it's been
since we made love?

It's the season, Nance.

It's been rough.

It'll be over soon.

After the game, we'll go some place.

Be together for a while.

It isn't the season.

Dave, we used to laugh and have a lot of fun.

Now we don't even talk to each other anymore.

I watch you grow farther
and farther away from me.

You sink deeper into some place
where I can't follow.

I watch you crawl out of bed,
the pain's so bad

that you can hardly keep from crying.

You shoot yourself full of drugs
so you can keep playing the game.

And I go and pay some stranger
money tell me that I'm attractive.


I love you.

Then why are we losing each other?

Dave, you've made it to the Super Bowl.

God, you should be on top of the world.

But you're all torn up inside.

Do you want out, Dave?

I mean, is that it?

Do you not want to be married anymore?

Hey, David!

Come on, man!


Come on, you ready to go?

Let's get going.

Hi, Nancy.

We're gonna take a walk,
wanna come?

We're all going down to Bourbon Street.

I told the boys I'd show 'em
some of the good spots.

Why don't you come with us?

No, uh...

No, I'm a little tired.

I think I'd like to rest,
but, go on.

Dave's supposed to be showing us
around this town.

He knows all the joints around here.

Yeah, let's go.

Hey. Dave!

Want a lift?

You are hard to get rid of, kid.

Can I have the keys?

Where are we going?

You'll see.

That's enough.

- Does it make you mad?
- Hm? What? What?

- That I'm taking you to dinner.
- Can you afford it?

I can afford it.

You might even learn to enjoy it.

To enjoy what?

- Give me your hand.
- Why?

- Give me your hand.
- Okay.

I am going to read your palm.

- Good.
- Courtesy of Wiley the Wizard.

She knows all. She sees all.

- I see a girl.
- Yeah?

She's pretty.

She looks a little dumb
but she harbors deep thoughts

about this nice man she's just met
who makes her feel good.

Even though he's feeling sad.

- How do you know I'm feeling sad?
- Uh-uh-uh-uh.

- Never interrupt a wizard at work.
- Sorry, I'm sorry.

- Now where was I?
- You were--right there,

where you said don't interrupt.

- Ah, I see a man.
- You said that.

- He talks too much.
- Oh.

And he thinks too much.

And he doesn't know how to enjoy
what's right in front of him.

Well, what do you think he should do?

Make love to me.


I wanna tell you, I don't even kiss
on the first date.

- Why not?
- Well, I don't want you to think I'm easy.

Listen to me.

What happened to the wizard?

She's on a break.

- Mike.
- What?

If it feels good, baby, do it.

Very heavy.

Hey, you know the words.

Why don't you let me show you the ways?

- I'm willing to learn.
- Good.

Why don't you take me on a picnic tomorrow?

What time?

No, let me call you.



If it makes you feel better,
you can pay the check.

Here, keep the change.

Are you sure you didn't get a look at the killer?

I don't know.

I think he was wearing gloves
and a hat.

I didn't get a good look at his face.

When I saw the gun,
I screamed and he ran.

Then I saw...

Take it easy, you've been a big help.

Take the lady back to her hotel.

Have the police doctor drop in,
see if she needs anything.


I'd like you to meet Dick Waller.

He's the head of league security.

Is Captain Devereaux on duty?

He's my chief.

Well, he's a very close friend of mine.

Now we'd like to keep this out of the media
because Tony was with league security.

Hey, what's that all about?

It's all about handling this
with a certain amount of discretion.


The league wants it,
the hotel wants it, and I want it.

I see.

I just think we should assume that this was
a robbery, a mugging, something like that.

I can think of other possibilities, but...

All the more reason for keeping it quiet.

Something like that could upset the team,
their morale, their performance.

Besides, it's not very good for business, is it?

Well, I hope Tony has some comfort in knowing
he died for the business.

- I feel sorry for Tony.
- Yeah, I can see that.


We're on the same team.

Are we?

I don't think I'm gonna be working
for Beldridge & Thompson anymore.

What do you mean?
Are you quitting?

No. Mr. Beldridge doesn't want me
with the company.

I can't believe that.

He's been so nice.

He says we're part of the family.

Sure. Deliver a million in bookings
and you're family.

Lose a few and, well,
you know the rest.

You're not finished, Dad.

You're one of the best account salesmen
in the business.

That was last year.

Last years don't count in business.

Beldridge told me to get
the McCauley account or else.

That's like telling a mule to fly.

Well, can't you talk to McCauley?

I can't even get anywhere near him.

There's a party at Brennan's on Friday night.

McCauley's supposed to be there.

I've tried to get an invitation.

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spoil your fun.

I'm in a lousy mood.

I'll work something out.

Gorgeous, let me help you with that, okay?

Where'd you come from? They never said anything
about you in the tourist guide.

Maybe you've been reading the wrong books.

Well, now maybe I'm willing to switch.

Well, there's a party Friday night I hear.

- Maybe we can start then.
- All right. You got a deal. Sit down.

Oh, Sonny, you sure look good.

Listen, Sonny, you know that guy
that got wasted last night?


Husk heard some news.

He was working undercover
for league security.

- Do you think they're on to something?
- I don't know.

P.K., it's not like you to worry.

Now, everything's moving
and we got our man on the inside

doing his number.

It's gonna work, it's gonna work.

Paging Ms. Nancy Walecki.
Ms. Nancy Walecki, telephone.


- Ms. Walecki.
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

- Hello?
- Nancy?

Nancy, I don't think I can make it
for lunch today.

Why not?

Coach came up with a couple
of new plays.

I'd better get them under my belt
before tomorrow's scrimmage.

Maybe I can shake loose
for lunch tomorrow.

Yeah, sure.


It's the Super Bowl, Nance.

It's the biggest game of my life.

Yeah, I know it is.

Look, after it's over
we'll be together again.

It'll be good, Nance.

Okay, Dave.

May I have your attention, please?

The fashion show for the players' wives
will start in 30 minutes in the East Room.

More wine?

What else can you drink
with peanut butter sandwiches?


That's enough.


My sad man.

Is that what I am?

- Well, you're a non-believer.
- Ha.

Which means you are going to have
to once again listen

to the wisdom of Wiley.

Lay it on me.

Well, we'll have to improve
that dialogue later.

- Now...
- Uh-huh.

...will you try, for just a minute,

to put aside your middle class morality
and pay attention to me?

- Yes, ma'am. Yes, miss.
- That's it.

- Mike.
- Hm?

Enjoy yourself.

Come on, you've paid your dues.
You're entitled to a little happiness.

Repeat after me:

If it feels good...

Oh yeah, I know. it.
- Do it.

I just don't think it's that simple, Lainie.

You can't go through life
just following the signs.

No trespassing, keep off the grass.

No entry, no smoking,
no laughing, no anything.


What are we supposed to do,
make up our own signs?

Why not?

- Oh, come on.
- Go on, try it.

- No...
- Mike.

Try it.

- No guilt.
- That's a good one to start out with.


- Feel.
- Touch.

No right. No wrong.

- If it feels good, do it.
- If it feels good, do it.

And do it...and do it.

Come on in, boys, we've got
the prettiest girls in the world in here.

The prettiest girls. Come on in.

- Think they're having as much fun as we did?
- I hope so.

- Mike.
- Huh?

You know, I talk a lot about having fun
and feeling good.

I don't talk much about love though.

What do you think it feels like?

Don't ask me.

Think it feels like this?

I do.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Oh, here's another one
you can handle with discretion.

I'm sorry, that's unfortunate.

What can I do about it?

I didn't kill her.

What did you say to him?
He looked even more paranoid than usual.

He isn't paranoid,
he's got real enemies.

You look like a man with real problems.

Two days before the Super Bowl,
another murder.

Both those people were connected
with the team.

And you think there's some connection?

Well, if I thought that,
I'd have to think about who's next.

I don't want to think about that.

Let me have some reds and greens, please.

What are you doing,
opening a drugstore?

I just want something to sleep.

And a speed to get up in the morning, right?

Just for a few days.

Till after the game is over.

I'll give you two for tonight
and two for tomorrow.

If you want more,
you're gonna have to come back for 'em.

- Thanks.
- All right.

Yeah, hello.

Uh, look, I'm, uh, not gonna be able to do it.

Look, I'll find some other way
to pay you back.

Come on, please.

I--l promise.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, okay, okay,
I'll be there, I'll be there.


Hi, uh, this is Nancy Walecki.

Is Dave there?

Well, do you know where he went?

Yeah, okay. Uh, thanks.

Uh, could you get me a taxi, please?


Thank you.

Where to, ma'am?

I don't know. Uh...

I think maybe I'd just like to ride around,

find some place nice to have a drink.

I got just the spot.

How about the St. Charles Inn
in the Garden District?

Sure. Whatever you say.

You hear about that stewardess
they found last night?

Yeah, I heard.

You, uh, you think it's some kind of sex nut?

What else?

The sun goes down and it's creep city.

Me, I'm getting myself a gun
and a Doberman.

That's against the law.

- What is?
- Drinking Ramos Gin Fizzes by yourself.

My name's Jerry Mailer.

Nancy Walecki.

And what do you mean Whitley's pulling out?

I paid him $5,000.

He's given it back.

He says league security's all over the place.

Maybe we can explain to New York.

Explain, explain what?

Baby, they got $10 million on the Rangers,

and those guys aren't gamblers.


You are P.K. Jackson.

Right on, baby.

P.K. Jackson.

The dude who could move.

The cat who really dug where he was it.

Jigs, parties, plenty of fun.

Mr. Elégance.

And a couple of 60-yard runs every Sunday
just to pay the bills.

P.K. Jackson.


You think that's gonna make any difference
to those dudes?

- Baby.
- No, I blew it.

Baby, baby.

I blew it bad.

You know something, Sonny?

The worst part of it is, uh...

They own me.

They own me.


I mean, they said, “It'll be okay,
nothing to worry about, man."

I could still go on being P.K., they'd pay the bills.

Sonny, that's, that's when I promised them
that the Cougars were gonna lose

and I cannot deliver.


Baby, I got an idea.

McCauley's the key to the Cougars game.

When he comes to the party Friday,
I'll put something in his drink.

No, no.

That could be a little dangerous, Sonny.

Oh man, they got me turning on my own friend.

We're not gonna hurt him any.

We're just gonna leave him a little sick
and messed up for a couple of days,

just to throw him off the game a little, okay?


I sure hope nothing goes wrong.

Nothing will go wrong, okay?

And when we're finished,
we won't owe anything to anybody.

Hey. no, no!

The madness of the city
is starting to reach fever pitch.

People file six deep into bars
and booze flows like water.

There's not an empty hotel room for 50 miles.

People are sleeping in cars
and pitching tents in the park.

Fans roam the streets,
restless with anticipation.

Every bar, every restaurant,
every nightclub is filled to overflowing.

Bourbon Street is a river of people.

This is a town known for good times,
but they're never seen anything like this.

- Hello.

- What is that?
- Go on, drink it.

- What is it?
- Come on, drink it.

It'll do marvelous things for you.

- Hm?
- Mm-hmm.

Very good.

- You are getting to be a habit with me.
- Good.

- Are you gonna answer the phone?
- Uh-uh.

- Come on, answer the phone.
- It'll go away.

No, it won't, answer the phone, come on.

Thank you.


Hold this.

Go ahead, Joyce.

No, no, no, tell them I'll be there as soon as I can.

What is it?

Somebody shot and killed our trainer with a .32.

- Just like the other murder?
- That's right.

- Do the police have any leads?
- No.

Nobody hears anything, nobody sees anything.

No motives, none.

It's all right.

They'll catch him.

Yeah, they'll catch him, they'll catch him.

Where have you been?

I went out to, uh, to a bar.

I've been here since four o'clock this afternoon,
it's almost midnight.

You were sitting in a bar from four till midnight?

No, no, I haven't been in a bar
since four till midnight.

- I met a man.
- A man?

- What do you mean you met a man?
- I met a man.

He bought me a couple of drinks,
I went to his hotel room.

- What'd you do?
- Well, what do you think we did?

Talked football?

We went to bed together, we made love.

- Why?
- Why?

Well, why not?

You have your team, your buddies,
your football, your Super Bowl.

Well, hell, I went out and had sex, it felt good.

I wanted it to feel good.

I wanted it to feel so good
that I could forget you,

that I, I could remember
what it felt like to be wanted.

But after it was over,

God, all I felt was alone.

Do you know what it's like to make love
and feel all alone?


I don't understand.

What's happening to us?

I have tried to tell you.

Do you know what we are?

DO you?

You are an aging little boy who keeps saying,
"One more game, one more season,“

and I'm the wife who's gonna be like
all the others pretty soon.

One more bar, one more drink, one more man.

Don't talk like that.

You know, Dave, you can take everything
they dish out to you, everything but the truth,

and maybe that's what it takes
to be champions of the world.

Well, I really wish you a lot of luck
in the Super Bowl.


- Hi, again.
- How are you doing, sweetheart?

Hey, whose room is that over there?

Scott Hennerson, but don't worry about him,
he's not gonna be barging in on us.

- He's out roaming the town.
- Scott Hennerson.

- He's a real good ball player, isn't he?
- He's the best lineman we've got.

He's been keeping those grillers
off McCauley all year,

but what are we talking about
Scott Hennerson for, huh?

Hm, hm?

- Listen.
- What?

Why don't you give me just a minute or two, all right?

All right, I'll go outside and get myself a beer, okay?

- Yeah.
- See you in a minute.


- Hey, you want another drink?
- I just want a hotel room.

[haven't slept in a bed in six nights.

I got this friend that's an orderly at the hospital.

He's selling semi-private rooms for $100 a night.

Cops say they're closing in on the killer.

They couldn't close in on their own rear ends.

They couldn't find a crook at San Quentin.

- What's happening with the point spread?
- Down half a point.

Looks like some people think
the Rangers are gonna win.

- Give me another 100 on the Cougars.
- You got it.

Oh, hello, Mr. City Councilman.

- Glad you could make it.
- Glad to see you again.

- I thought you were in jail.
- Oh, don't put that on the street.

- Keep this country great.
- Right, beautiful.

Hey, Moses, glad you could make it.

Hey, man, I'm sorry you're not playing tomorrow.

Yeah, well, I'm kinda glad.

- Must be going for a bundle on this one, huh?
- Nothing to worry about.

Just win that game Sunday, take care.

Hey, Sonny.

I got the stuff.

Listen, it's no big thing.

It's only dangerous if you mix it with booze.

Well, McCauley's a health freak.

He doesn't drink anything stiffer than ginger ale.

So we'll knock him off his stride a couple of days.

- Yeah.
- Hm?

Hey, Sonny, you be careful with that stuff, all right?



Mike, this is your beloved secretary again.

Every time you call these days
I expect to hear it's the end of the world.

Sorry, boss, it's worse.

We're short one offensive tackle for Sunday.

Scott Hennerson's just been arrested
for that stewardess's murder.

Let's go.

Hello, Scotty.

Mike, I swear, I never went near that girl.

I went to sleep early that night.

Now, how could I murder somebody
if I'm fast asleep?

Well, the cops aren't as logical
as you and me, Scotty.

How about your roommate,
can't he testify for you?

I don't have a roommate.

I snore and nobody likes to room with me.

So the road secretary gave me a single.

The girl's nightgown, her room key.

I never saw that stuff.

Somebody must've planted 'em there
and phoned it in to the cops.

Mike, you believe me, don't you?

Yeah, I believe you, but I'm not candidate
for foreman of the jury this week.

Well, what am I gonna do?

I'll think of something.

What the hell, if worst comes to worst, I'll trade you
to Tampa and they'll never hear of you again.

- Cleveland and New England...
- Enough about football!

This is supposed to be a party.

- Let me freshen your drink.
- Okay, Sonny, ginger ale, huh?

- Ginger ale.
- Okay.

Hey, my dear, what's happening?

- How you doing?
- I'm all right.

Jimmy, come here.

I want you to meet a friend of mine.

Jim McCauley, Gail Green.

Well, it's nice to meet you.

It's not like Brooksie to share the company
of such a pretty lady with his friends.

Maybe he thinks we're made for each other.

Maybe you just caught me at a weak moment.

Well, why don't we get some food
and you can get your strength back, okay?

All right, sure.

- Uh, Brooksie, what's going on?
- You know how it is, they all want to meet the star.

Now, why don't you just give her a couple minutes
and warm her up for the kid, all right?

Oh, I don't know,
she looks like a nice lady, Brooks.

Well, now, do you think
(unintelligible) respect?

Come on, let's go.

This is some party.

Yeah, when it comes to throwing parties,
P.K. is in a class by himself.

Here's your ginger ale, buddy.

- Thank you, Sonny.
- Sonny!

- How are you?
- How are you doing? Hi.


Everything all right?

You know we're gonna take care of you, don't you?

- P.K.
- Hey, baby, just make yourself comfortable.

- Let's party.
- P.K., I have a message for you.

From New York.

Come on.

That stuff will kill you.
Here, try this.

- You okay?
- Better.


- I'm okay.
- Good.

Hey, sweetheart, I don't need any threats.

I don't threaten, P.K.

Hake care of business.

Are you trying to tell me that, uh,
you killed those three people?

That's right.

- I don't believe it.
- Why not?

Because I'm a woman?

We've come a long way, baby, in a lot of ways.

You're kind of old-fashioned, P.K.,
but I like you.

So you better make sure
you take care of McCauley.

Have a lovely party.

Excuse me.

Hard liquor really makes me feel weird.

I can tell, let's talk about it inside, okay?

Take it easy, here, sit down.

I think you'd better lie down
and get some rest, huh?

There you go.

I thought we were gonna talk about the contract.

We'll talk about the contract,
you just get some rest.

Where are you going?

I'll be back.

Lie there.


Hey, slick, what's happening?

I don't know, Brooksie.

Maybe you better let her sleep it off, huh?

She is just about to get her second wind.

You let me handle it, all right, huh?

Hey, Jim, I got someone I want you to meet.

Hello, sweetheart, how you doin'?

Where's Jim?

- I have to talk to him about the contract.
- He's outside.

Now, don't you worry about him,
I ain't gonna let you stay in here by yourself.

- I feel funny.
- You're doing just great.

Just no more booze for the night, all right?

What a gorgeous lady. Oh, lady.

Aren't you something else, huh?

You smell so nice and you look so beautiful,
and your hair, your hair is so soft.

- What are you doing?
- We're dancing.

That's what we're doing, we're dancing.

You know that?

You gotta open your eyes up, huh?



- What did she swallow?
- A lot of booze.

I think there were some drugs around too, Doctor.

- Is she gonna be all right?
- I don't know.

You want an Ambu bag?

Right. Start an IV, get some blood.

- You want D5W?
- Rig ht.

Calling Dr. Newman, please.

Dr. Newman, please report to pediatrics.

I'm Mr. Green, Gail's father, I got a phone call.

- How is she?
- She's still in emergency, Mr. Green.

I'll let you know as soon as we have any word.

Mr. Green, I'm Jim McCauley,
this is Pete Brooks.

I was with Gail at the party,
I don't know what happened.

She's my daughter, my baby!

- What did you do to her?
- Take it easy.

Do yourself a favor, take it easy,
take a deep breath.

I know you can't think
about business now, Mr. Green,

but Gail was trying to talk to me
about that ad contract.

Maybe when she's feeling better, we can
get together and maybe work things out, okay?

Calling Dr. Leonard, please.

Calling Dr. Leonard.

Please call 3-5-1.

Operator, get me New York.

555-6561 .



P.K. blew it.

Jason, I know what's at stake.

Yes, I know there are only 24 hours to the game.

I'm going to have to take care
of McCauley my own way.

All right.

I'll be in touch.

May I have your attention?

Ma'am, we're boarding now.

There's several people waiting on standby,
ma'am, if you care to board--

Yes, thank you.

Last call for flight 271 to Arlington.

Nancy, don't go, please.

I can't make it without you.

Nancy, I'm scared.

That's why I've been running away,
I'm scared and I don't know what I'm gonna do.

What are you scared of?

Is it the game?

No, I dreamed about this game all my life.

You can be All-Pro, you can make a million bucks,
but this is the big one.

What I'm scared about
is what happens when it's over.

There aren't any more seasons for me, Nance.

What was it all for?

Was it just a kid's game?


No, it wasn't a kid's game.

For 12 years, I always knew who I was.

Number 25 for the Cougars.

What happens tomorrow if I'm not number 25?

Who am I?

Your attention, please.

Oh, Dave.


You are Dave Walecki.

A man.

You are my husband.

And I don't care what you do for a living.

You will always be my hero.

Oh, don't you know that?

Take me home.

Your attention, please.

Phil Blair, Phil Blair,
Paul Porter, Paul Porter...

- Forget that.
- Thank you.

Check with the information counter, please.

Harry, Harry.

One of my ball players is in jail,

and there's a killer running around New Orleans.

The police seem to think
the murderer's in custody.

Ah, come on, Scott Hennerson's
not guilty of anything except snoring.

Tomorrow we got 75,000 people in the Dome
and we got a psycho on the loose.

Well, what do you want me to do, Mike?

Harry, you're a timid soul and I love you,
but you are also the president of the league.

That means you control the security force
that's the best in the country.

Tony Sicota's one of yours, let's start with him.


Well, we got our usual number of tips and rumors.

Bribes, fixes, mad bombers.

They almost always turn out to be bum steers,
but we have to check them out.

And Tony, well, Tony got a little carried away,

and he put in some wire taps at the hotel

without checking with a federal officer
for court approval.

Some of those taps were running wild
after Tony was killed.

So, what does that mean?

It means he had some permanent taps
hooked up to an automatic monitor.

We've gotten tips on a number of people,
P.K. Jackson included,

and Tony locked continuous tapes
onto some of those phones.

So, where are the tapes?

Mike, those tapes were unauthorized.

Come on, Harry, it's not illegal to listen.

It might prevent another killing.

- Where are they?
- Security headquarters.

- Where's that?
- Downstairs.

Let's go.

- Room service.
- This is Mr. Jackson's secretary.

Would you please send up a couple
of corned beef sandwiches on rye,

potato salad, and two bottles of beer?

Thank you.

We know what he has for lunch.

Well, then maybe you'll be interested in this.

Look, I'm doing the best I can.

There's 10 million riding, P.K.

This thing better be locked up, you dig?

Look, there's, uh, there's really nothing to worry about.

Tell New York it's faded, I got a man on the inside.

Then how come you sound all uptight?

Be nice to yourself.
If it feels good, do it.

The call probably came from a public booth,
but I don't know who the lady is.

I think I do.

- Front desk.
- Miss Lainie Wiley, please.

I'm sorry, Miss Wiley checked out.

Come on in, it's open.

Mike, hey.

What you doing up this early?

Security bugged your phone.

You wanna tell me the reason?

What the hell, man,
it just kinda got away from me.

Remember the team.

One of the guys is a friend of mine. Why?

Go on, why?

What can I say?

Yeah, what can you say?

Mike, I, uh...

I'm sorry, man.

For whatever it's worth,
I'm not running anymore.

What does Lainie have to do with it?

She's running it for the guys in New York.

Mike, she killed those people, man.

Hm, where is she now?

I don't know.

She gave me a call
after the party the other night.

She's a little sore because I, uh, messed things up.

Said she's gonna fix it herself.

She's gonna see to it that the Cougars lose,
no matter what it takes.


Hey, where you going?

You can't go in there.

There's a power outage in the locker room.

Since when they got female electricians?

Since the federal government
told the union to shape up.

What's the matter,
you got something against females?

No, no, not a thing.


Hello, baby.

How do you feel?

Not too good.

Gail, why did you go to that party?

Was it for me?

I wanted you to have that contract.

I thought if I talked to McCauley...

Baby, oh, baby.

Dad, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

You take the ramp.

Red alert.

Female suspect going up
the southwest elevator.

Hey, McCauley, you gonna use the whirlpool?

- Yeah, right away.
- Well, hurry up, I'm next.


We're in pursuit of a blonde female suspect,
about 25 years old.

Seal off this exit.

Michael, get out of my way.

What are you gonna do, shoot me?

If I have to.

All right, Lainie, I believe you,
you're a very convincing lady.

You've killed three people,
now you're gonna have to kill me.

Get out of my way!

Why'd you come here?

Don't shoot!


Help me get down from here, please.

Tell me why you came to the Dome, Lainie.

Help me, please.

All right, tell me why you came here!

I rigged the whirlpool to get McCauley.

Help me, please.

All right, give me your hand.

Lainie, give me your hand, put it there.

Give me the other one, come on.

Come on, put it here.

Give me the other one, come on, put it here.

Give me the other one!


Here, you take her.

- She's got a gun!
- Please.

See if you can get the locker room
on that radio!

What's happening?

They're trying to electrocute McCauley!

Red alert, red alert.

Jim, help me with these pads.

What is this, a Christian
being helped by a heathen?

That oughta be good for some extra points.

Where'd Moses go?

Get away from the whirlpool!


Listen, it's terrible to hear about Gail,
thank God she's all right.

Come on, I got some people I want you to meet.

Listen, sometimes good comes out of bad.

You know, McCauley's agent tells me
his man is ready to go.

All you gotta do is call him and say the word.

Boy, you pulled off a high score for us.

Fellas, I want you to meet Chip Green.
This guy is a real asset to the company.

This man is the B-E-S-T.

- Pleasure, Chip.
- Hi, Chip, how you doing?

Chip, I bet you didn't think you could do it.

No, no, no, no, I know I had to light
a little fire underneath you,

press all the right buttons, get you to sweat
a little bit, you know, run scared,

but damn it, you came through,
just like I knew you would.

- You creep.
- What?

My daughter nearly killed herself
to get your lousy account.

All right, it's natural for you to be upset,
but everything worked out all right, didn't it?

All you gotta do is call McCauley
and, bing, you got a bonus coming.

You can make your own calls, George.

I already got my bonus: my daughter.

She's worth a hundred of you.

And you know something, George, so am I.

Have fun, I hear it's gonna be a hell of a game.


Mike, got some good news.

Scott Hennerson's been released from jail.

He's gonna be suited up for the game.

Police made a deal with P.K.
and he's gonna turn state's evidence.


Sorry about the girl, Mike.

So am I.

They signed the team over
to the new owners this morning.

I'm gonna be president.

I'd like you to stay around
to stay on as general manager.

Douglas, I've worked for the Bonellis for 15 years.

I don't think I can make the switch.

So I'm gonna go home.

To do what?

Sit around, fish a little.

Figure out what I'm gonna do
with the rest of my life.

I know what you're gonna be doing,
you're gonna be running the Cougars.

- No chance.
- Hey, Mike, I need you.

These new owners,
they're corporation lawyers.

What do they know about football, hm?

You show them an All-Pro cornerback

and what they see is a capital asset
depreciable over the next 10 years.

Now, do you want your football team
to be run by a brewery conglomerate?

Is this the Doug Collins I know?

Oh, I'm sure I'm supposed to be a human computer
that goes to sleep dreaming about dollar signs.

You wanna know something?

In 10 minutes, the football game is gonna start,

and I'm gonna be just like every 10-year-old little kid
hoping that his team wins.

Me too, let's see a ball game.

Number 15, Peter Brooks.

The quarterback, All-Pro, 1976.

Number 19, Jim McCauley.

Two-time All-Pro cornerback.

Number 25, Dave Walecki.

At running back, number 34, Nick Caretta.

At right guard, three-time All-Pro.

Number 64, Scott Hennerson.

At right defensive end, two-time All-Pro.

Number 78, Moses Gordine.

At tight-end, number 80, Robert--

Ready for the game, Mike?

Ready for the game, Fay.

Oh, come on, Mike, it's the Super Bowl.

Ladies and gentlemen, would you please stand
for the national anthem?

There's nothing quite like it, Super Bowl.

Three hours from now, the game will be history,

but the lives of the players and fans alike
will never be quite the same.