Superdeep (2020) - full transcript

A small research team went down below the surface to find out what secret the world's deepest borehole was hiding. What they have found turned out to be the greatest threat in history. And the future of humanity is in their hands. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
I, Anna Fedorova,

Head of Research
of MX23 Project,

have approved human tests
of the vaccine,

deliberately skipping
preliminary tests

and running animal tests.

Since I'm fully responsible

for the failure
of the vaccine MX23

and death of my associate,
Dr. Maxim Zotoff,

allowing him to volunteer
to run a human test on himself,

despite the absence
of preliminary testing,

the project is not ready
for any further human tests.

All research needs
to be revised,

and MX23 has to be
temporarily shut down.

It won't make you...

feel any better.

I should have run these tests
on myself.

But I was scared.

You have no right
to put your life at risk.

I brought you here to run this

as best you could.

I can't go on with.

And even if I did,

we'd have to start
from the beginning

and then run
the animal test first,

just as I told before.

Our soldiers in Africa

will very soon depend
on your vaccine.

I'm sure you can learn
from your mistakes

and fix something right now,

before our deadline.

There will be no charges
pressed against you.

If you quit...

...then Zotoff died for nothing.

I'll take care of his family.

What about the families
of the other test subjects?

Will you take care of them, too?

Enough of this.


the ends justify the means.

And, if you succeed,

you'll justify everything
that happened here.

I'd like to raise a glass
to our beautiful guest

and her great talent.

Can't figure out
how you to managed

to succeed
in making this vaccine

in such a short time.

You're a true genius.

Happy New Year's.
- Happy New Year's.

Happy New Year!
- Thank you.

You're welcome.

We're gonna miss the speech.

Could you get that?


There's a man on the phone.
It's for you.

Will you excuse me
for a second?


Happy New Year.

How did you find me?

Let's get to business.

There's been an incident
at the secret research station

at Kola Superdeep.

Sounds of unknown origin
were recorded

12,000 meters
below the surface.

After that,
20 people went missing.

It's been decided
to shut down the station

within 24 hours,

before any further

Under the surface?

What kind of station is that?

Officially, the deepest
borehole in the world.

it's a secret research lab

12 kilometers underground.

But let's keep that between us.

Sounds impressive.

What does it have to do with me?

Its Head of Research,
Grigoriev, has been denounced

for hiding data on
a supposedly unknown disease.

We set off for Murmansk
in two hours.

Wait a second.


Rescue missions
are not my profile.

I need more men.

A team.

I want these samples in my lab

before the station is
shut down and sealed up.

Let the WHO deal
with the rescue missions.

We go in, take samples,

and leave.

How much the end
justifies the means now?

You'll take all the credit
for this discovery.

And, in any case,
I'll put you in charge

of the Military Biological
Defense Institute.


- Major!

Hey, how long?

Seven minutes, Major!




Stay back.



Friendly fire.

Hold it.

We got this.

Holy shit!
He's alive.

Stay where you are!

What the hell
is wrong with him?

Don't hit our men.

Not another step.

What's in his hand?

Put it down-- now!

- He has a fucking grenade!

You alright?

Hey, Gorov.

Go take a look at our people.

There's nothing to worry about.

Spilled milk.

Can I help?

You better not touch this,

My name is Sergei MacKiev,
by the way.

Anna Fedorova.

Your accent--
it sounds familiar.


I've seen worse, Major.

There's no need to cheer me up.

What the hell is going on?

Lieutenant Colonel Terabuken.

Is everybody okay?

Colonel Morozov,
Military Intelligence.

What happened to this one?

This scientist came
from down there.

When he got to the surface,

he went out of control.

He managed to steal a grenade.

He was so strong

that the three of us
couldn't hold him down.

The rest of the staff is
being evacuated right now.

I need to examine
people in the bus.



Finish it already.

We've wasted
a fucking hour here.

How much longer?

I'm almost done.

They are all dead.

Do you know anything
about a disease?

It's not a disease.

They're lying.


Go back to your family
while you still have time.

It's hell down there.

That's what they found.



What do you think?

I don't know yet.

But there is something here.

Did we get the samples?

So far, no.

Those from the bodies
seemed damaged.


The miners look healthy.

The one with the scar...

something clearly scared him.

It may not be just a disease.

Peter Akuznetsov, Deputy Head.

Currently, I am Head of Research
at Kola Superdeep.

You wrote the letter
denouncing Grigoriev.

Yeah, that's right.

I know the station.

This way leads
to the lower levels.

The car is ready.


Come along now, young man.

Everything is just like
in a regular shaft,

but farther down,

you'll see what
we've actually created here.

Lieutenant Colonel,
straight down.

Lieutenant Colonel,
just one thing.

Grigoriev insists that you two
speak before you go down--

something about the disease.

Anything you might know
could help me neutralize

the source of the infection.

In our profession,
there is nothing worse

than the betrayal
of our principles.

What do you mean?

The Hippocratic Oath, Anna.

I have given it.

never work alone.

You are here for something else.

And it's a cheap shot.

Get to the point,
Comrade Grigoriev.

I'll help you get
what you need quickly,

and you guarantee us
a safe evacuation

for all survivors.

Why did you lock them
down there in the first place?


It's never easy
to make that choice.

Have you made yours?


But we'll manage.

I completely changed

the elevator codes.

How quickly can you recode?

I'm afraid it'll take anywhere

from a few hours to a few days.

The elevator will take us
down 6,000 meters,

where there is a residential
module for staff resort.

Research Module Sahara is
even deeper, 12,000 meters.

Keep an eye on her.

Yes, Colonel.

Incorrect sequence.

Two attempts left.

He really did change the codes.

No tricks...

Comrade Grigoriev.

Incorrect sequence.

One attempt left.

I really have a hard time

working at gunpoint.

I get it wrong three times,

and the elevator falls down.

Just a little security measure.

Access granted.

Initiating launch sequence.

We have 20 seconds from now.

I always wanted to know
what the difference is

between a microbiologist
and an epidemiologist.

study life forms.


And I study how they die.

Is it normal?


That's why we drilled here,

abnormally wide layer
of permafrost.

It reduced work
by almost a year.

Lucky for us.

We are in trouble!

The reverse brakes are out.



You okay?

Do you hear me now?

Latvia, am I right?

Grigoriev de-pressurized
the module

and stole the key.

The code was just a setup.

Egorov, stay sharp.

Oh, where are we now?



The main facility resort.


Um, that's what
the locals call it.

They live here most of the time.

Sahara is, uh...

the main research facility.

It's even lower.

The second elevator leads there,
but without the key,

we can't activate it.

Egorov, do you copy?

Loud and clear, Major.

There is a second elevator.
You need to check it.


It used to look
like a busy town.

Anna, may I?

Thank you.

I'm used to it.

Hands up!

Get back! Get back!

Hands up!
Get your hands up!


Happy New Year, guys.

That's Kira, our doctor.

How can I help you?

Are you alone here?

We're the last shift.

We're still waiting
to be evacuated.

Where is Grigoriev?

He ordered us to stay here
and wait for his return.

with or without Grigoriev,

our shift has been over
for a while.

Who is this?

This is Nikolay, our engineer,

equipment repair,
and maintenance.

I need to examine them both.

You do whatever you like,
but, uh, we're going way up.

What is yourproblem?

Calm down.
- Stop.

Please, I promise,
he'll do everything you say.

You better listen to her,


I need to examine you both,

and then you will assist me.

Show me the lab, please.


I told you already.
I don't know where Grigoriev is.

I have a bad feeling
about this guy.

Any weakness or nausea?


Do you feel anything unusual?

Ever since you arrived.

No signs of infection.

Kira and Nikolay seem clean.

We need a better source.

Get dressed.

Are you sure?
- Positive.

Nothing useful for us here.

We can move on.


So far, nothing. Over.

Keep searching. Over.

Yury Borisich,

looks like Grigoriev
has it all planned.

There are no samples
and no infected here.

How the hell are
we going to get out?

We'll get everything
under control.

Mind your own business.



Make them return to the surface.

I can't give you the key,

so walk up the shaft.

Save them while you still can.

He's here!

People should
always be a priority.

You've got to be kidding me.

Hands off.

Open it.
- No, I can't do it.

That's an order.

Even if it was a decision
of the party,

I'm saying
it doesn't work that way.

When this elevator starts,
it doesn't stop.

You can't just stop it from here
until it goes all the way down.

She's gone. She's gone.
She's gone.

Come on.

He's not going anywhere.

I'll send my people
down the shaft.

We'll catch him there.
- Okay.

When the elevator stops,
get it back up.

Grigoriev might be dead
inside with the key.

If he's alive,
we don't have much time.

He went there
to hide the sentinels.

Please stay close to me.

This is a bad idea!

Grigoriev had it welded shut
for a reason.

What is that?


It translates to
"insatiable hunger."

What are you waiting for?

Suit up!

Fix your boots first.

Why Sahara?

Too many camels.

It's 200 degrees down there.

This suit
is our unique invention.

They're sealed

and can withstand up
to 300 degrees Celsius.

200 degrees? That's--
that's great for cooking.

I should have brought
some turkey with me.

It's perfect

for a New Year's after party.

What is this?

Don't get yourself fried

with the others.

What the--

What the hell are you doing?

The gate seals automatically
when the doors are open,

and I've got no protection.

It wasn't me.

So, who was it?

Someone from outside.

Get back now!

Stay sharp.


Egorov, help the civilian

and move down the shaft.

Her name is Olga Kerlova,

our junior lab assistant.

She worked at Sahara Lab.

She walked all the way
up from Sahara,

through that heat.

How did you get here
without a hazmat suit?

And what happened down there

in the lab?

You don't remember either?

She's burning.

You don't feel anything?

I'm feel like there's
something wrong with me...

but it doesn't really hurt.

Pass me the mask.

Hold still.

I'm gonna make a little cut.

Does it hurt?

I'm just cold.

It wasn't there 15 minutes ago.

It must be growing.

We're still moving
through the shaft.

It's all clear. Over.

What does it look like?


Just like Bigg Daddy's wife.

It's dark and narrow,

and there's sand
dripping everywhere.


Cut the bullshit. Over.

So, what is your
professional opinion.

I can't understand... she survived with such...

...tissue damage.

It's a cellular parasite.

Is it the source?


Egorov, do you copy?

And this one looks like
a highly virulent form of mold.

What does that mean for us?

Comrade Major, there's...

something strange here.

Some kind of life. Over.

Move slowly.

Report every 10 minutes.

Yes, sir. Over.


Fungi and mold are the least
studied forms of life,

and this one
is unknown to science.

Great job.

Let's get her packed.

Major, let's check
the progress of the elevator.

Roger that, Colonel.

We'll need to pack her
in one of those suits,

just in case.

Let's turn her over.

We can't do this alone.

I'll go get some help.


I'll go.

Wait for me outside.

I don't know what to do.

I'm scared.
- Keep an eye on her.

Egorov! Report, goddamn it.

I started the lift.

It'll take about an hour
to get to our level.



Egorov, report.

There's no light.

I can't see shit.

- Fall back! Back!

Fall back!


I was hoping that you would
walk up back through the shaft.

I was wrong.

Oh, shit.
- Again.

He's gonna blow up
the whole shaft.

You've left me no choice.

I guess we are all
staying here forever.

And please forgive me
for what I've done.


Although some of you

are guilty of worse.



Hey, you okay?

I know.

Could be better.


The blast has damaged
the pressure pump.

That's our facility in an hour.

We'll be smashed.


Come in! Come in!

The airlock seems undamaged.

We need to find Egorov.

Oh, come on.

Are you really so afraid

that your boys are gonna
get their asses beat

by a 60-year-old man?


I forgot he's already
fucked you up twice.



We're moving through the shaft.

Be ready in 5 minutes.


I want to send my people down...

to get Egorov.

We are going up.

That's an order, Major.

I need some help
with the infected.

I'll help.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay.
No worries.

You shouldn't worry.

We'll get out of here,

all of us.

You sure?

Of course.

I have orders, remember.

We have a situation
in the infirmary.

Get over here now.


Jesus, she's still alive.

Seen anything like that before?

Stay outside!

It's Olga.

She escaped.

Let's get back.

We are in a contaminated area
without protection.

Samples, Anna.

Hurry up.

I'll help.
Hold the vial.



Come on!

Don't open it.
We'll infect the whole facility.

We'll figure something out.

The nervous...
system dysfunctional,

b-body temperature abnormal,

losing c-control of muscles.

I'm so cold.

I can't stop walking.

II-- I...

can't get warm.


There is nothing worse than
the betrayal of our principles.

Wait a second.
Don't open.

Be ready on the count of five.

One, two...

three, four, five!

Open up!

Take it!

We need to clean my clothes!


Turn around!



did you get the samples?

He needs a doctor,
for Christ's sake.


attacked me in the lab.

I need to know
if you're infected.

Like it's...

not clear already?


Anna, why did Kira attack you?

She wasn't controlling
her body.

It might be similar
to Cordyceps.

So, actually, there's nothing
supernatural about it.

Tell me the whole story.

The fungus forces ants

to return to the nest.

Then when it gets there,

it releases spores

to infect...

the others.

You know I got to stay here.

You need to do the right thing

and get everyone out of here.

Only you can persuade him.

You're right.

I'll do my best.

I wish I'd met you

under different circumstances.


for saving my life.

That means...


has returned to the nest?

We need to talk.

I figured it all out.

Olga kept complaining
that she was cold.

I thought it was her reaction
to high body temperature.

But, in fact,
the parasite was cold.

That's his weak spot.

of a warm-blooded carrier,

it can survive everything.

But if a carrier dies
in a cold environment...

...the parasite dies, too.

With hosts,
he's expanding his colony.

The permafrost will destroy it.



Any suggestions?

I would evacuate all survivors
from the resort,

call back your chorus group

and send a proper
biological defense team

to evacuate Major.

I'll stay with him

and try
to stabilize his condition

until they arrive.

There is no one coming.

In five hours,

the station will be closed down

for the time being.


I'm the one to blame
for this failure.

But there is no possible way
to bring those samples up.

Get yourself together.


and Olga would still be alive

if I acted as a doctor.

The man who wanted to help me
is now a walking dead.

How many more people have to die
until we realize that we lost?

This is not a war.

You're wrong.

It is a war.

Our country is falling apart
as we speak.

We need a weapon that will make

our military dominance

If our country

were to fall apart,

then anyone who died for it

died for nothing.

If we fail now...

...then all the people here
died for nothing.

I think that this time,
you're not right.

Don't try to confuse me, Anna.

We have a live sample,

and he can walk all the way
up there in a hazmat suit.

Help him make it to Moscow.

There are people up there.

You'll bring him
right to the nest.

Just do it.


I had no choice.

No worries.

You tried to do the right thing.


can I really make it to Moscow?

I'll just assume you nodded.

Please make sure
nobody dies because of me.

Do you copy? Do you copy?
Can you hear me?

Egorov, do you copy?
Where are you?

We're falling back.

They're following us!

What's going on?

Egorov, report!
- Can you hear me?

Don't open the door!
Stay inside!

Even if it's us outside,
I repeat, do not open the door!



We can help him.


He told us to say inside, right?

My men are out there.

I'm not leaving them behind.
Open the doors!

Get yourselves together.

We can't help them.

If they're dead, they're dead.

We've got people who are alive
right here.

You calm down.
- Open the door.

You heard the man.
- Keep the door closed!

Don't fuckin' do it!
- Open that door!

Stop right there!
- Calm down!

Close the fucking door!

No way I'm going out there.

Put the gun down!

We can't stay in the module.

The longer we stay...

...the lower our chances.


We'll bring him back.

We have to close the doors.


We will wait!


But wait for what?


What is it?

What is it?

It's Sergeant.

Is he alive?

Who were you shooting at?

I don't know.

Something big.

Emptied the whole mag.

And the shaft is destroyed.

Fuck, if the shaft is gone,

and we don't have
the elevator key,

then we are stuck in here.

He's alive.

Light! Light! Light!

Something attacked us in there.

You shouldn't have
opened the door.

Now it knows where we are.

Will the doors hold?

I wish I knew.

This way! This way!

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Turn right!


We've got nowhere left to run.

Get a barricade now!

It's inside.


But we don't have the key card.

Give me a minute.


I think I can drop it down.


We're getting out of here,

all of us.




It's too late.

I feel it inside me.

I'll hold the side here

so you can come back.


I'm gonna drop it down.

I hope...

the emergency brakes will hold.

We must leave, now!

Bigg Daddy, get out of here.

No, Major.

We'll hold the line,
all of us together.

All for one and one for all,

Don't bury us too early, okay?


Cut the bullshit!

We're running out of time!


Get in, fast!

Good luck...Major.

Leave now.



I'll tell you
when we come back.


Two, one.

I thought it would
be warmer here.

What do you think
the temperature is?

Minus 15, max.

That's the system limit.

There's nothing left.

No infected, no bodies?

All my life, I've dreamt
of building this station...

and now I only pray
I can destroy it.

No one realized
what it really was.

I guess millions of years ago,

the Ice Age stopped this thing

from conquering
the whole planet.

Sooner or later,
it will realize

that the permafrost
has its borders.

It will break through.

It not only controls the
muscular and nervous systems,

but it's learned
to melt bodies together

for warmth and power.

Now, the only thing
left for me to do

is to go out and see it
for the last time before I die.

It's still beautiful.

All the cooling systems
are damaged.

Without them,
the suits are useless.

He lost a lot of blood.

he couldn't have gone that far.

Too long anyway.

It's 200 degrees outside.

It's a grill.


you can survive this temperature

for some time.

Last year,
one poor fellow went outside

with a damaged cooling system,

and five minutes later,

we cut the suit off him

with his skin.

Five minutes.


Hey, Anna,
don't even think about it!

Leave us.

Grigoriev was right.

It all has to stay here.

If I get out of here,

I can't afford to keep silent.

I am an officer, after all.


people up there

need you more than me.

When you make it to the surface,

ask for General Gromov.

He'll look after you.

You won't let me down.

I know it.

I'll try to be back
in five minutes.

Three minutes.

Everyone who was here,

Grigoriev, they all sacrificed

their own lives

so nobody would find out about
what happened down here.

Grigoriev was insane,

But he was right.

If we get out of here,

nobody mustn't tell anything

about what happened down here.

The station is fucked.

What's the difference?

We can't get out
without the key.


somebody will come here

to study and use it,

and it will be a catastrophe.

You're right.

We'll keep quiet.

I used to dream that,

becoming a great scientist here.

That sounds so stupid now.


Yes, it has to stay a secret.

It will always be a priority.

They won't just leave us here,

will they?


Who's the next one to go?


- Anna!


You're reckless, you know that.

Give me the key, please.


No, please.

I mean it.


You're a fucking fool, Peter!

Am I?

What about Grigoriev?

I knew he was concealing
something amazing here,

but not this amazing.

What are you talking about?

I saw that.

That's the end
of the human race.

Yeah, maybe it's death.

We'll handle it.

It will be my biggest discovery.

The whole world will know me.

You might still be useful.

I still need that key.

You shouldn't do that.


You go first.


go fuck yourself.

Go, Anna.

Where is Nikolay?

Probably dead.

Maybe you should go...

and check.

Don't worry, Anna.

I will send some help soon.


Where-- Where is Peter?

He's not coming with us.

Come on!

Hurry up!

It's stuck in the corridor.


Come on!

Come on, you fucking...

It's coming.



I know...

you are...





We can't go up.

We cannot risk like that.

Please, Anna.

There are people up here.

I'm not...

dying here.

We have to crush the lift.

We need to enter the wrong code
three times.


I can feel you inside, Anna.




Please remain seated

and wait until you have
reached the surface.

Incorrect sequence.

Two attempts remaining.

Incorrect sequence.

One attempt remaining.

Incorrect sequence.

Self-destruct in five...

...four, three...

...two, one.

Get the chopper ready.
We have a survivor.

I repeat, we have a survivor.

Help her! Quick!

Don't move.

Don't shoot.
We need her alive.

Stop the car!

Stop the car!

Don't shoot!
- Don't you move!

Get away from me.

Let her go.

Not another step!

I said, let her go!

Everything is under control.

We can help you.

Calm down.

Put the grenade down.

Put it down! Now!

Put the fucking grenade down!