Supercop (1992) - full transcript

A Hong Kong police officer, Ka Kui is sent undercover to mainland China to break up a drug smuggling ring. After breaking the brother of the drug lord out of prison, he and another agent (a beautiful communist policewoman) are taken to Hong Kong to work for the syndicate. The wife of the crime boss has been arrested in Malaysia for drug trafficking and is soon to be executed. However, she is the only person who knows the account number of a secret Swiss bank account containing millions in drug money. While the two officers are in Malaysia preparing for the jail break, Ka Kui accidentally runs into his girlfriend May, who has traveled there from Hong Kong. Soon his cover is blown, the criminals kidnap his girlfriend and he is forced to help them pull off the jail break. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Nowadays, drug traffickers use every
conceivable method to ship drugs.

They put the drugs into condoms,

and then put the condoms into the
stomach, anus, and even corpses.

Including babies' corpses, too.

Last year alone, there were
over 150 deaths by poison when

broken condoms leak drugs
into the internal organs.

But drug traffickers who die
this way are in the minority.

Most pass through customs successfully.

Fighting narcotics has always been a very important
mission to us at the Royal Hong Kong Police.

We know this data well.

Can you get to the point?

Most of the drugs coming through South-east
Asia come from a drug lord named Chaibat.

If we arrest him, the drugs on the
market would be reduced by half.

In what aspect can the Royal
Hong Kong Police help you?

What we need is a super cop.

Well, let me think about it.
I'll let you know tomorrow.

Fix it for me, tell me tomorrow.

Yes, sir.

That's a senior officer for
you, delegate, then disappear.

How true.

Fix it for me.

I knew it.

Call Ka-Kui for me.

Yes, sir.

Thank you.

Yes, sir.

Good morning, sir Ka-Kui.

Hey, Ka-kui. They're in a meeting.

You can't ask Ka-Kui to do this.

Why not? Is he irresponsible?

He's very responsible.

Does he disobey his seniors?

Whoever he disobeys must be bad.

You keep complaining that
I don't give him a promotion.

Here's a chance, but you stop me.

You call this a chance?

A China labour camp is no joke!

Are you afraid he can't handle it?

If he can't, then no one can.

I know.

Asking him to walk the beat is a
waste of his talent, I know that.

Now Interpol needs a super cop.

Ka-Kui is a super cop, but
you won't let him do it.

I know, but it's very dangerous.

He's been with me for so long.

How can I ask him to risk his life?

If you can't ask him, then I'll
go back to Interpol and tell them

no one in the Royal Hong Kong
Police can so this, okay?

They should ask James Bond.

They should.

Hello, sir.

Uncle Bill.

Come in, Ka-Kui.

I need you.

Please, sit.

- What's so urgent?
- I found you a great position.

Duty desk at Sha Tau Kok precinct.
Just sign here.

Uncle Bill, let me do it.

Isn't that what I'm doing?

Sha Tau Kok is great, all that fresh
air, no need to walk the beat.

I meant the Interpol job.

You heard?

Let me do it.

It's very dangerous.

Uncle Bill, it be more dangerous to do a
job every day that you feel nothing for

and wait for the end of your shift.

- Do you need to discuss it with May?
- No, I've already decided.

Go home and pack.

Yes, sir.



Chief will be very happy.

Aren't you happy?

I'd be happy if Chief will do this job.

Are we too devious?

Yes, but you more so than I.


You're my senior officer.

Why do you have to go to camp?

You're not allowed to make phone calls.

It's a special training camp.
After this training, I may get a raise.

You're not happy?

No, I hate it when you have those
special missions.

Camp is better. It's the safest.
You won't be risking your life.

This is my life insurance policy.

This is my bank passbook.

Why are you giving them to me?

You're the beneficiary. Come.

What's wrong?

My safety deposit box key.
I have some foreign currency in there.

Why are you giving me these things?
Aren't you coming back soon?

I'm worried it might take longer.

Don't forget to pay my insurance
fee, and extend my banking services.

- What are you doing?
- I'll be gone a whole month!

- You'll be late.
- I won't get shot for it.

Remember, no dating boys.

No dating boys for you.


Uncle Bill.

One month will be over soon.
I'll watch him for you.

- I must go, bye.
- Bye!

Goodbye, Uncle Bill.

Your ID and air ticket to Guangzhou.

Yes, sir.

Be careful.

Don't worry.

China's Public Security Department
will give its full support.

- Then I'd worry more.
- Uncle Bill, say something nice.

The best thing to say is "Good luck."

With this mission, the Royal Hong Kong
Police releases Ka-Kui like a kite.

The thread may break in the wind.

Don't make these dangerous metaphors.

Don't worry.

If the thread breaks, I'll fly back.

I told you he's smart.

Good luck.

Thank you, sir.

Uncle Bill, I must go.

Then, really "Good luck."

- Yes, sir.
- Ka-Kui.

Stop nagging, will you?

In an emergency, call this number.

Remember this number.
Tear up the paper afterwards.

I've memorised it.

- I'm going.
- I'll tear it up for you.

I'm going.

Thank you.

I'm making phone calls, don't disturb me.

My phone number again.

Great, I'll let the world know.

Please sit.

You're the super cop sent by Hong Kong?

The file from Hong Kong says:

Chan Ka-Kui, parenthesis: super cop.

Super cops in Hong Kong are
like goods in a supermarket:

Plentiful, and cheap.

This young man is modest.

We are one big family. We will
do our best to assist you.

Thank you all.

Because your mission is very dangerous,

and we feel you do not understand
the situation inside China,

we have arranged for some lessons.

To learn what?

Superintendent Yang from Interpol
will make arrangements for you.

This is Superintendent Yang.

How are you, Superintendent Yang?

- Study hard.
- Yes, sir.

You two talk together.

Yes, Party Secretary.

I didn't think Superintendent Yang
would be such a pretty girl.

You may speak Cantonese with me.

Great, I feel much better.

- We start now.
- Sure.

From now on, you're Lin Fu-Seng.

Age 32, a buyer for the Foshan
Fifth National Machine Factory.

- Are you clear?
- Yes.

Your uniform is very stylish.

Can civilians wear it, too?

You were with the Foshan Martial Art Team,

single, living at 17 Juanyao Village in
Foshan with your mother and younger sister.

Your father passed away in 1978.

Poor thing, his father died so young.

- Are you clear?
- Yes.

Then repeat it for me.

I'm Lin Fu-Seng, born in Foshan,
age 32...

I'm a buyer for the Foshan
Fifth National Mince Meat.

Machine Factory buyer.

Machine Factory buyer.

Mushu Pork fryer.

Foshan Wushu Team.

- I live at 17 something village?
- Juanyao Village.

That's a tongue-twister.

And they call you super cop.
You have no memory.

Lady, it's my first try.

Let's see you try it.
I just tell you once:

I am Chan Ka-Kui, born
on April 7, 1958.

Joined the Royal Hong Kong Police in 1981.

In 19...

In 1984, promoted to Inspector Intern.

Height, 5 foot 10. Weight 73 kg.
Blood type: AB.

I'm not clever. I just
studied your data.

You will do the same. Learn it well.

Let's get your pictures taken.

Take pictures?

I hear the Pearl River Bridge
is really beautiful.

Now what?

Put your hand here.

Smile, look ahead.

Now what?

Wushu Team, not opera troupe.

Re-do the make-up.

You could have said so sooner.

Your turn.

Spread your legs more.

Look ahead, he's ready.

Film is "Plastic Roll".
Walkman is "Ready Music".

Soda can is...

"Easy-pull Can".

"Easy-pull Can".

Police is "No. 2", militia is "No. 1".

Gun is "Fire Cannon".

Are they all your subordinates?

- Grandpa's.
- What does that mean?

The country's, but under my command.

- Chan Ka-Kui
- Yes?

You're dead! You're Lin Fu-Seng.

You trapped me, you're evil.

The men you'll be dealing with are
worse, so I want you to be very careful.

When do we leave?

According to reliable sources,
Chaibat has bribed mercenaries

to spring Pao from the labour camp.

We're just waiting for the right time.

- Those pictures will suffice?
- The powers of modern technology.

I know, but I don't know Wushu.

Your file says you're a wrestling champion.

That's just street-fighting.

At the academy, we learned karate,

...boxing. Chinese kung-fu
was not a part of it.

This is "Hard Qigung"?

You didn't learn this?

Of course not. You're just standing
and getting hit. How stupid.

Superintendent Yang.

Comrade Wang. Let me introduce
our Head Coach of the Militia.

He is the super cop from Hong Kong.

"Super cop"? The you must be great.

She's too kind.

Not at all.

He is 7th degree Taekwondo, 8th degree
Hopkido, 9th degree Karate, 10th degree Judo,

and twice South-east Asian Wresting
champion, isn't that right?

What can I say?

Then I must learn from you.

Of course.

Stop training.




Must you do this to me?

We welcome the super cop from Hong Kong.


- Is this some kind of a joke?
- You'll be fine.

Will he really hit me?


Stop the match if something happens.

Of course not.

Just for fun, right?


You're great, I salute you.
Your reputation is justified.

Let's go again.

Thank you.

Please, play a little longer.

How does this work?

Simple. Hold here.
Step on these.

I'll push.

How do I stop it?

Next time, you must say I'm
world champion in somersault.

No more playing. Our mission starts now.

Do I look like I'm playing?

They have 3 vehicles, 6 men.

Do you remember the coal mine's layout?


I may not be good at anything,
but my memory is my strong point.

Really? I hope you remember where
the high passage is.

Don't worry, my life depends on it.

Tell your men not to shoot.

Some of the guards have no bullets.

You two, get ready below.

My life depends on you. Look out for me.

Be careful.

You! Why did you stop? Get to work!

Brother Pao, everything
is going as planned.

You hit me!

The prisoners are fighting.



- Officer.
- No need.

- Thank you.
- Turn off the engine.

This is a random check.

- Hurry.
- Turn off the engine.

Go look around the back.

Get ready to move.

What's up there?

Nothing, just coal.



There's nothing here.

Hua, get going!

Hurry, Hua.

Quickly, Hua.


Quickly! Pao, get up.

Let's go, Pao.




Pao! Wait, I don't know him. Pao!

Chicken Hung!


You're crazy, let's go.

What did Hung say he didn't know?

He didn't know the way.

Do you?

Yes, up there.

It's so high. How do you get up there?

Jump off.

Go up.

Run, Pao.

Over here.

Don't move.

There is a high passage up there.

- Jump down, I'll turn on the switch.
- All right.


- Turn off the switch.
- Yes.

Come with me.


Someone is after us. Hurry.

Don't shoot.

Just chase them.

Hurry, hurry. Hurry, hurry.


- Why did it stop?
- I don't know.

- What to do now?
- I don't know.

Get off here.

Let's go.

Freeze! Don't move!

Freeze! Halt!

Freeze! Don't move!



No way.

This is the high passage?

- What are you looking for?
- To see if there is an underground passage.

Freeze! Don't move.

There's no time. Go!

Freeze! Don't move.

Run and I'll shoot.


Some high passage.

Are you all right?

- Yes.
- Let's go.

Over this hill you will see the road.
Take it into town.


Wait! Where are you going?

I took $2000 from Hung
just to take you here.

I don't do anything else.

You have good moves.

Take me into town. I'll take you
to Hong Kong to do big business.

Hong Kong is too far.

- I'll take you into town for $500.
- I don't have $500.

When we get to Hong Kong I can
give you $50,000, not just $500.

I don't know you.
I don't blame you. Trust me.

All right, it's a deal.
Give me $50,000 in Hong Kong.

See? You trust me.

Hurry, it will rain soon.

How did you know Hung?

I follow whoever has money.

Where are you from?

- Foshan.
- Foshan?

Don't you raise pigs in your hometown?

Our pigs eat vegetables.

These pigs eat feed, so they stink.


He's one of us.


Pao has returned. Come out.

- You're back!
- Pao.

Bring a towel, quickly.

You've lost weight.

It's so good you're out.
It must have been hard.

What so hard about it?
Labour camp is like vacation.

Pao is a big shot wherever he goes.

That's right.

The question is, how did I get in?

- Fishball?
- I don't know anything.

Shar-Pei, what happened to our goods?


Pao, it's not my fault, it's not me.

No, Pao, I'm sorry.

It's my fault, I'm sorry.

Pao! Give me one more chance.

No, Pao.

Give me a chance.

Men. This here is Fu-Seng.

He's one of us.

Where are the goods from Yunnan?

They arrive in two days.

Pao, we must get out of here.

Aren't you from Foshan?

Since we have time, we'll
go visit your family.

All right.

Fishball, Shar-Pei, come with me.

We'll meet at our old place with the goods.

Yes, Pao.

Let's go.

Let's go.


Fu-Seng, Pao wants you.


Where is your home?

We're not there yet.

This is Foshan.

Yes, but we haven't arrived at my village.

There's fork ahead, which way?

A fork? Then we must stop.

Where is it?

The police are behind us, hurry.

Fu-Seng, are the police
following us?

Don't worry. Where do you live?

I live at...

You haven't forgotten where
you live, have you?

I've been gone 3 years.
Everything has changed.

You must remember something.

Yes, but there are so many buildings.

Come, Pao.

Uncle Fu-Seng.

Grandma misses you, come home quickly.

My nephew.

Come home, come!

Third Aunt, Brother Fu-Seng is back!

Fu-Seng, you have returned!

Great, I'll take you to Mother.

My Third Aunt.

This way.

Not this way, that way.

I know, I was helping you with these.

No need. Follow us, please.

Pao, this way.

You haven't been back in years.

Mother will be so happy to see you.

You're home! I've missed you.

Brother Fu-Seng.

You must have done well.

Of course he has.

See Mother first. She's missed you.

Hurry, Fu-Seng.

Fu-Seng's Mom!

Where is she?

Show your friends some hospitality.

She may be sleeping.

Pao, make yourself at home.

Please sit.

I have to go.

Fu-Seng, where is the washroom?

Outside, around the corner.

Wherever no one can see you.

It's the country-side. Go anywhere.

Fu-Seng, who is that girl?

What girl?

That one.

Which one?

The one in the picture of you.

Your wife?

She is...

Elder Brother, you're home!

My younger sister.

-Your sister?
- Yes.

When did you come back?

You've grown so much.

You're prettier, too, and fatter.

Don't pinch me so hard.

- You two have a great relationship.
- Yes, we do.

- Greet Pao.
- Hello, Pao.

- What's your name?
- I'm Hua-Nui.

She's Hua-Nui.

Hurry, serve Pao some tea.

We've always liked to fight.

Take off your jacket,
it's more comfortable.


How mighty you are.

You rascal. You haven't been home in ages.

You've even grown a beard!

That's fine, Granny.

That's "Auntie" to you.

Auntie, he is your son,

Yes, Mother, I'm home.

You've been away so long,

and you're leaving again so soon.

You have squandered the family fortune.

Did you bring any money home?

Look, you glow at the mention of money.

He will, please sit.

- Please sit.
- Please sit.

Have some tea, Pao.

Please have some tea.

- Let me do it.
- It's me.

Bill, you...

- You brought dollar bills?
- No.

- Did you bring money?
- Also no.

- No money and no dollar bills?
- He did.

- He did?
- Granny... I mean, Auntie.

- This is a gift from Fu-Seng.
- For me? What money is it?

- Hong Kong dollars.
- Hong Kong dollars.

They're valuable.

Hua-Nui, go buy two boiled chickens.

Let me treat you to boiled chickens.

The way the world is...


My sister, that's Tai and Jiang.

Hello, Tai, Jiang.

Let me introduce you to my Mother.


They're calling you.

Calling me?

Let me introduce...

No need.

Where are you going? It's dinner time.

I'm taking Fu-Seng to dinner in town.

Rascal, leaving before dinner.

I'm taking Fu-Seng to make a fortune.

Take Hua-Nui with you.

Great! I'll go change.

- Take Hua-Nui?
- Take me with you.

Eat here first, we'll be back soon.

It's boiled chicken!

Goodbye, Mother.

This place is famous for wild game.

Whether it's endangered or extinct,

you can eat it here.

- Hua-Nui, eat what you like.
- All right.

Pao, they're here.

It's so cruel. Your police doesn't care?

Here's Pao.


Sit. Hua-Nui sit here.

Have some tea, Pao.

They are...?

My team, Fu-Seng, Hua-Nui.

Sit over there.


Don't look.

I think I see Bear.


Those guys at the entrance are police.

Are they yours?

Of course not.

He looks like the criminal who escaped
from the labour camp.

Pao cannot be taken by the police.

I know.

This is your turf, you find a way.

All right.

Simple, I'll find out.

You two watch them.
I'll get backup.

What will you have?

Civet braised with turtle testicles.

What did you order?

Civet braised with turtle testicles.

Get me one, too.

Get one more.

This is Sergeant Chan Xiang-dong
calling dispatch.

Please go ahead.

I have found...

Comrade, I'm Interpol Superintendent
Yang Jian-Hua.

- You can't arrest those men.
- Your identification?

I don't have them on me.

Really? Turn, raise your hands.

Let's go examine the goods now.

They're leaving.

We can't wait. We'll check them.

Interpol Superintendent Yang calling.

Please go ahead.


Stop, we're the police.

Don't move, we're the police.


Do you know how to throw these?

At least I scared him.

Out of my way.

What are you doing? I'm a policeman.

What are you doing?

Hua-Nui is still there.

Run now, save her later.


Bring them in.

Superintendent Yang.

Run and I'll shoot.

Freeze. Freeze!

You're clear, go ahead.

Lin Fu-Seng, we've found you.

You robbed the vegetable depot
and People's Bank.

You're a daring bastard.

And you took on a new guy?

I'll arrest you.

Go, quickly.

Let's go, hurry.

Thank you, sir.

Pao, Hua-Nui is still there.

Never mind, come now.
Do you want to go to jail again?

Hurry, Hua-Nui.

Stupid Bear, so careless.

Hua-Nui, you are really great.

- What's wrong?
- I killed a policeman.

That's normal, killing them.
You can't let them kill you.

I'll be executed!

- I know, so what now?
- Come to Hong Kong with me.

All right.

You're really bringing her to Hong Kong?

I can take you. Of course
I can take her, too.

- We can't let her get caught here.
- Thank you, Pao.

You are both excellent.

Let's go.

Damn stun gun.
I must bring one to Hong Kong.

- You really killed a policeman?
- Oh, yes.

May I come in?

You're so rude. Come in.

I'm your brother.

What is it?

Why are you suddenly coming along?

Orders from above.

Do they know I can't protect
you if you came along?

They want me to protect you.

You'll just get in my way.

You're too macho.

The Commander...

What is it, Fu-Seng?

This wench dares talk back to me
and won't obey when I teach her.

I'm teaching her a lesson now.

What wench?

Mao said, "Women hold up half the sky."

He did?

You two stop fighting.

We're near the observation tower.
Turn off the lights.

Come out and help.

You hit me so hard when I'm your brother.

Would it be better if I'm your husband?

You should have said so sooner.

We are the Royal Hong Kong Police.

Stop the boat for inspection.

We are the Royal Hong Kong Police.

- Stop the boat for inspection.
- Stop the boat.


A trap door.

Hurry to the back.

Fei, go look. I'll take over.

Pao, two motors are destroyed.

I'm not that easy to catch.


Get away, don't stop me.


Get off me!

The speedboat is coming.

You dare play tricks on me?



Pao is coming up.


- Pao, you're finally here.
- It's been a long time.

- How are you?
- About the same.

- Where is Boss?
- Waiting for you.

- I'll go see him.
- Yes.

Hi, sweethearts. Can I join you girls?

Sure, sit down.

I got some new stuff for you.

Who wants to try it first?

Come on, give me your hand.

Fu-Seng, come.

- Relax, you will have a wonderful time.
- Okay.

Close your eyes. You enjoy.



Sit down.

Let me finish this game.

You look well, you must have
lived the high life in camp.

Thankfully I left quickly.

You wanted me to meet
two new members of your team?

Yes. I can be here thanks
only to the two of them.

Now I'm game over.

Who are they?

This is Fu-Seng, and Hua-Nui.

- Throw them into the ocean.
- What?

Throw them into the ocean. Now.


Jail made you lose your

You brought two police here to see me?

Throw them into the ocean.




I was going to do big business with you,

but your boss treats us like this.

You can keep your face.

Let's go.

- Such a good chance.
- The gun is empty.

How would you know?

People in my business must be careful.

I like you both.

- Welcome to my team.
- Thank the Boss.

- Thank you, Boss.
- Thank you, Boss.

Boss, that woman died after her shot.

That's fine.

Johnny is an expert in putting drugs
into corpses.

- See if he'll find it useful.
- Yes.

Reuse and recycle.

What is your name?

I'm Hua-Nui.

Have her try on the bullet-proof vest.

Sure, follow me.

Tomorrow, Hua-Nui will go with me.

Let me break the record now.

Pao, what are we doing tomorrow
that requires a bullet-proof vest?

I'll tell you tomorrow.

Come, watch Boss play his video game.

Boss, Qiang betrayed Kunchat.

Shall we have him dive?

Do the usual.


Lawyer Chan is calling long distance.
He needs to speak to you.

- Chan?
- Yes.

Out of the way.

Throw him in.

He betrayed Boss.

He deserves it.

Come up.

The phone, Boss.

I don't care whether we
win or lose the lawsuit.

But you must ask her to return the
bank code.

Don't try your best, you must do it.

I know how to reward good work.


Welcome, Khun Chaibat.

Too much rainfall in the Golden
Triangle caused a bad harvest.

I'm afraid I don't have goods for you.

- Where are your goods?
- I can only get 30%, that's not enough.

I don't care what you guys want,
I want 3 tons.

You heard it, the two of them already
took half of my stock.

Give me the rest.

Sorry, I reserved the rest long ago.

Don't give anything to others.

Do you set the rules now?

You think you're Bush?

I just to tell you today.

I won't have any goods for you this year.

So the purpose of today's meeting
is to divide up my share.

Is mine not business?
Does my money stink?

Who dares say that?

But I've heard it said.

Who hasn't paid for the previous delivery?

I haven't.

I have a lot of money in a Swiss bank.

If someone had not notified the Malaysian
police and had my wife arrested,

I would not owe you.

Your wife was arrested in Malaysia?

She may tell them about us.

Control yourself.

Chaibat, you cannot take action.

He betrayed me.

You're one to talk.
You intend to threaten us? With what?

With what?

General, this is good stuff.

What is the matter?

It's a signal from Boss.

Let me see.

Don't move.

No one shoot.

These vests are packed with dynamite.

If I just fire one shot,
we will all die together.


Is my sister all right?

Don't worry.
She'll be fine with Boss.

When you hear the explosion,
deal with those two guys for me.

Can you do it?

- Yes.
- Good.

Put down your gun.

You think because you speak the same language,
you can take advantage of me, and betray me,

don't you?

Chaibat, please understand.

I am a businessman.

If you have so many private matters,
solve them before you talk to me.

Let's go out.

General! General!

I did it, so what?

No one may leave this hut.

Surround the hut.

I've put up with you long enough.

Don't even think about leaving here today.

Shoot if you dare. Fire!

Fu-Seng, finish him off.

Give it to me.

Where is my sister?

Shoot if you dare.

Hold me up.

Take your hands off me.

Watch that side for me.

And what will you do?

You're removing your vest?

Hold it.

It's full of dynamite.

Dynamite? The evil bastard.

I cannot get shot.

Neither can I.


Get in.

I told you I shouldn't have brought you.

- So clumsy.
- You're clumsy.

See what we can use.

The gun is empty.


Freeze, or I'll shoot.

- What did he say?
- I don't know. I don't think they will dare to shoot.

I'll count to three. Pretend
to throw a hand grenade.

- One, two, three!
- What?

- Didn't you hear me say "pretend"?
- Speak clearly next time.

Come out, Chaibat.

What's the occasion, General?

Chaibat, you dare come to my place
and wreak havoc!

- You humiliated me.
- And vice versa.

What happened just now?
You never even tried to help me.

How can you blame me?
How can I explain to them?

You don't have to explain to anyone.

I'll take over your goods from now on.

I'll repay your losses this time.

You think a repayment will be enough?

I can't help it if you refuse.

But I know you are clever.

And of course I came prepared.

If your eyes are still good
look around you.

God, I also don't want to go too far.

But as for taking all my goods,
that is not my decision.

Do you want to see Mr. Ginsha?

If you will make the introduction
I wouldn't mind the trip.

- Good. Get the helicopter ready.
- Yes, sir.

Are you all right?


You had my sister wear a dynamite-stuffed
vest so she can be your shield?

What if she got shot?

Don't move!

No one dares speak to me
in that tone.


You bastard!


See? This is bullet-proof.

I would not treat my team like that.

These two are cute.

Chaibat, you are great. This way.

Take them to Malaysia to wait for me.

Have fun!

The scum. We'll get him eventually.

Miss Ching, Mr. Chaibat says hello.

You came to tell me this?

No matter what the verdict is,
we can still appeal.

I know the local law well.

There must be a reason for his confidence.

Go on.

Yes, he wants to ask you where
the Swiss bank code is.

I'll tell him when I see him.

Get your bearings.

Let me take a picture of you two.
How about right here?


Let's look over there.

Fu-Seng, this side is important.

Gather around.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Merdeka
Square. And now behind us we have...

Familiarise yourself with this street.

Let's go over there.

Serious offenders go through here.

Take a good look.

Pao, can you tell us what
we will be doing?

I'll tell you when the time comes.

Let's look at the intersection.

- Thanks.
- Do you want to go for a swim?

Do you see those two dirty
guys from our group?

- They keep staring at us.
- Hi.

Do you think Chaibat wants a jailbreak?

- It's possible.
- I wonder when.

You heard him, he'll tell us
when the time comes.

Let's go swimming together.

Let's take a picture together.

Come, let's take another one.

Stand still.


The pictures are ready.

We don't know anything
and we've lost contact with Hong Kong.

What are we doing here?


- At what?
- My brain, it's thinking the same thing.

- Look, she's cute.
- Very exciting.

Let me see them.

What's happening?

- May, what's wrong?
- Nothing.

Would you like a drink?

- What's going on?
- My girlfriend is here.

Where is she now?

She's coming over.

Give me a massage.

♪ Ka-Kui, Ka-Kui
Chan Ka-Kui ♪

♪ Ka-Kui
Chan Ka-Kui ♪

Yes, Miss?

I'm just picking up my pictures.


What are you doing?


Your brother must be pent up.

After we finish this job, I'll
take him to enjoy himself.

- Great!
- Excellent.

I feel much better now.

- Have you ordered yet?
- We don't know what to order.

- Because we don't know English.
- I'll order. What do you want?

- Paris Water.
- What?

I'll have Paris Water as well.

I'll teach you later.

Hua-Nui, I'll teach you, come.

Be brave, tell the waiter:

"Two Perriers", okay?

It's all right, go ahead.

Chan Ka-Kui.

Chan Ka-Kui.

Miss, are you talking to me?

May, listen to me.

No. Don't explain anything.

Do you have the number for the
chemical materials truck?

What's Fu-Seng doing? Flirting?

I left it in the room.
I'll get it later.

- I'll go see what's going on.
- Hurry, I'll wait in the lobby.

I'm really working on a case. If
people know my identity, I will die.

If I were here on vacation,
I'd be swimming now.

Thank you.

I can't talk too much.

Where is your room?

I'll call you later.

Why are you still here?

- What's going on?
- Brother said he's not interested.

She wants my business.

- I said "no", get away.
- Don't touch me.

Go! Get away!

Don't make faces at me!

I'm just talking to my boyfriend,
stay out!

- Not bad.
- But my sister doesn't like it.

- How much?
- I guess not too expensive.

Who is your boyfriend?

Leave her, let's find a better one.

She's fine, a shame to waste.

What the hell are you guys doing?

Miss, if he won't have you, I will.

How much do you charge?

Only your mother would charge.

Drink water.

What the hell are you doing?

Let's go.

May, are you okay?


Okay, let's go.

- Give me your key.
- Why?

I left mine by the pool.
Go get it for me.

Hurry back, don't run off.

What happened? Miss?

I want to cry.

Miss, you cannot solicit
customers here.

Your mother solicits.
We are staying here.

How can I help you?

Kill the people who pushed me
into the pool.

What did he say?

He said we're so beautiful.

She is a hooker.

May, please let me explain.
I can't talk about it here.

It's okay.

- May.
- Let go of my hand.

- I know you've been offended.
- You do?

The whole hotel thinks I'm a prostitute.
What do you want me to do?

Come here.

You should know now what I'm doing.

Please smile.

Call Uncle Bill when you get back...

Go to hell, you bastard!


Let go, I said I don't want your business.

I'd rather have the gentleman behind you
than do business with you.

Look in the mirror.

I'm not having anyone as ugly as you.

A pretty hooker is a sign of trouble.

Let's go.

What's wrong?

Nothing, I'll tell you later.
Let's go, hurry up.

- What is it?
- Same thing.

First things first. Can you drive a truck?


- Excellent.
- Why don't you call from the room?

A public phone is better.

I told you to get my key.

I forgot. I'll go get it now.

See you in the room.

What's going on?

I'm not too sure.

That was my boyfriend.


He's an undercover police. I think
he's on a case, but I'm not sure.

He didn't tell you?

No, because it's too dangerous.

But I just did something which he would
never dream I would be so clever.

Like what?

I don't want to talk about it.

- Get some good rest.
- Okay, bye May, I'll see you tomorrow.

Okay. Oh, don't be late.


Hua-Nui, where is Pao?

Telephone, Pao.

No matter what you hear, act as though
nothing is happening.

Our assistant just now, he is Chan
Ka-Kui of the Royal Hong Kong Police.

I have his girlfriend.

You decide what we should do.

All right, we'll push it back one day.

Don't worry, we're delaying by one day.

Give me your guns.

Case number 2370192.
We continue the trial of Ching Wing-Xi.

With regards to the
charge, I am satisfied

that the evidence produced
by the prosecution

has not be rebutted by the defence.

The accused does not cast any unreasonable
doubt on the prosecution's case.

Under the circumstances,
I find the accused

guilty as charged

and convict her on the charge
and sentence her to death.

All rise.

- Chan Ka-Kui.
- Over.

They are walking towards you.

If you don't want your girlfriend harmed,
you better pay attention.


Out of the way! I don't have brakes.


I have no brakes.

Back up, everyone.

Where did you learn how to drive?

Poison gas inside the car! Go away!

What did he say? I don't know.

Let me go.

The chemicals are toxic.
You'll die if you inhale them.

Get out of here now!

Hurry, disperse the crowd.

Let me go.

Hurry up.


What are you doing?


Get in, hurry!

- I won't let her go until I see May.
- Get in first.

No deal.

Ka-Kui! Ka-Kui, save me!

- Let my wife go now.
- Ka-Kui!

Let May go, or I'll shoot her.

Ka-Kui! Ka-Kui!

I'm scared!

- Let her go or none of us can go.
- Ka-Kui! Ka-Kui!

- May!
- In the car, hurry!

- May.
- Boss, the police are here.

Let's go, hurry.

Get her an ambulance.

Stop, give me back my car.

Come down, hurry.

Pao, crash into him.

Hua-Nui, get down.

Over there.

Someone's on the roof.

She's up there, crawling towards you.

Up there.

Are you all right?

Chase him, hurry!

Out of the way! Out of the way!

Get out of the way!
Out of the way!

This way.

This way.

We'll go that way.

Back off, remove her handcuffs.

- Well?
- Give me the gun.

Boss is coming, hurry.

They're over there.

Over there.

Wait there, Boss is coming.

They're over there.
Hurry, fly over.

- What are you doing?
- I dropped my gun.

Pretend you have one.


They don't have guns.


Don't move.

Back off, or I'll shoot.

Beat him up.

You'll die for sure.

Great timing!

- Come down, save me.
- Okay.

Climb up.

Are you all right?

Leave me. Chase them!

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

Kill him. Kill him!

Fly over there.

Land on the train.

Got it.

Save him.

Hurry, save me.

Fly lower to get Boss.

Kwong, get down here.

Boss, are you all right?

I'm fine, kill him.

Hang on.

Take off.

How are you?

Get him!




Get in. Get inside.

Come up.

3386776, code 1270WKU.

That is my Swiss bank account code.

Anyone can get the money.

I'd love to get the money,

but it belongs to the
Hong Kong government.

No, it belongs to all China's people.

Let our Hong Kong government hold it.

After 1997, we will also be China's
people, and it will be yours, too.

No way.