Superargo and the Faceless Giants (1968) - full transcript

A masked wrestler/superhero goes up against a madman and his army of robots. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(mysterious music)


(crowd cheering)


- One.





Let's go.



(crowd applauding)


(crowd cheering)





A winner!

A new champion!

(crowd cheering)

- Winner and new wrestling
champion of North America,

Jo Brand.

(crowd applauding)

(men chattering)

- [Man] What do you mean old lady?

Ah, she done it before.

She can do it again.

(tense music)

- I guess you're proud of your brother.

- I sure am.

(machine beeping)

(tense music)

- What is this?

What do they want?

- [Man] Let go of her.

- [Man] Jo, they've got your sister.

- Let go of me.


- [Jo] I said let go of her!

- [Woman] Help!




- [Man] What is it?

What's wrong?

- Help there.

- Stop!

Stop or I'll shoot!

I said stop.

(guns firing)


(machine beeping)

(car starts)

(engines revving)

- [Woman On Intercom] Mr. Davis?

- Yes?

- [Woman On Intercom] The
head of the Secret Service

is here.

- Stafford?

Send him in.

I'll see him right away.

- Good morning, Davis.

- Mr. Stafford.

This is an unexpected pleasure.

- Actually, I was hoping
to speak to Kenton.

- He flew down to Miami
for the sword fishing

and left me in charge.

- I see.


- Thank you.

- Something we can do for you?

- It's about Jo Brand.

- One of our police cases.

- Yes, I know.

But, I'm afraid we're in on it now.

This morning I got a
call from the big chief

telling me to get cracking.

- We found it extremely perplexing.

I have the report right here.

The world's best athletes
have been disappearing

for the last two years.

Two marathon runners, one shot putter,

five boxing champions, two decathlon,

five long distance cyclists.

With Jo Brand, that makes
a total of 16 athletes.

What do you think's
going on, Mr. Stafford?

- Me?

I only know one thing.

That this looks like
one of the toughest jobs

I've ever had in my department.

A lot of time has been wasted.

Now that the Secret
Service is responsible,

this problem must be solved
without further delay.

I'm only quoting the chief,

but he recommended one of your men.


- Superargo could be very helpful.

- [Davis] Would you lend
him to my department

if we decide to call on him?

- He's available at the present time

if you want to talk to him.

- I don't know.

I'll tell you my trouble.

I can't really put very
much confidence in an agent

who calls himself
Superargo, and wears a mask,

and has that strange red costume.

- In spite of his costume, he's
a man of exceptional gifts.

And that's not all.

He's been training recently
with a friend of his,

an Indian mystic, to increase
his psychic development.

The results are remarkable.

- Ah, I suppose he's been learning

to levitate himself, right?

Good for him.

- No, no.

This is serious.

Just let me show you our files.

That'll change your opinion of Superargo.

Janet, please get out
the reports on Superargo.

Come on, you'll enjoy this.

(mysterious music)

- Davis is here.

Let him in.

- Morning.

- Good morning, gentlemen.

Superargo is waiting for you.

- You mean he was expecting our visit?

- No, but naturally he felt your presence.

This way, please.

- Sorry to disturb you,
Superargo, but it's important.

You've met Stafford, haven't you?

Head of the Secret Service.

- I hope we haven't interrupted you

in the middle of a trance or something.

- As a matter of fact you did.

But, don't worry.

We'll forgive you anyway.

- Thank you.

- Stafford is very anxious to talk to you.

It's about the case...

- I know already.

- Splendid.

I suppose you read my mind, eh?

- It's fairly simple.

Especially, a mind who's
thoughts are displayed

like an open book.

- [Davis] Sounds like magic.

- This isn't magic, it's science.

A science which anyone can
learn by serious study.

But unfortunately, the
world is full of people

who have to burn their fingers

before they learn that a fire is hot.

You don't believe me?

We'll give you a demonstration.

Take a look at this vase.

- I'm afraid I don't know
anything about pottery.

- I can assure you it's authentic,

but I wasn't asking you about its value.

I merely wanted to show you
it's in perfect condition.

(tapping echoes)

- Yes, all right.

- Thank you.

It's a shame to sacrifice such an object,

but it'll be a valuable lesson.

And now, gentlemen, you
will observe how my pupil

has already surpassed his teacher.

(tense music)

(glass shattering)

Well, Mr. Stafford?

- No doubt it's a kind
of optical illusion.

- It's a case of psychic energy, sir.

You see, all men have it,

but few are able to
concentrate it dynamically.

Superargo possesses this
power to a high degree.

- Never mind, Kamir.

- Yes, let's get down to business.

One of my superiors said
that you might help us

with a most important case.

- You mean the disappearance of Jo Brand.

The case of the missing champions.

- Yes, precisely.

You'll be transferred from the police

to my department temporarily.

Do you mind that?

- Nothing wrong with that.

Assuming you'll accept my conditions.

- Your conditions?

I don't understand.

- Superargo isn't an ordinary agent.

He works with us on a, more
or less, freelance basis.

- Well, tell me.

What are your conditions?

- I need a free hand.

That means there'll be no interference.

However, I also...

- Stop right there, Superman.

Evidently you don't remember
that as it happens I,

not you, run the Secret Service.

Sorry about this, Davis, but that's life.

Thanks for your time.

Good day.

(dramatic music)

(machine beeping)

(whistle blowing)


(people shouting)

(punches thudding)

(machine beeping)

(siren wailing)

(tires squealing)

(machine beeping)

- Stop.

Halt in the name of the law.

Stop or we'll shoot.

(guns firing)


(guns firing)

My god, they're not human.


(engines revving)

- Sorry, Mr. President,

but it was impossible for me to know that.

Yes, of course, it was my fault.

I'll be more careful in the future.



Yes, he's here with me now.

Naturally, he'll have a free hand.

My whole department is
completely at his disposal.

Oh, absolutely.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Hear that?

I'm in your hands.

Do whatever you like.

It's up to you.

But, do something before
I go out of my mind.

Who are these faceless giants?

What do they want?

Who's behind it?

I don't know where to begin.

Have you got any ideas?

- Yes, one.

But, I really don't know
if it's the right one.

I've already made some inquiries.

And for my first move I need the help

of a certain young lady who's
asked me for protection.

- Who's she?

- Claire Brand.

Jo Brand's sister.

She's a swimming champion.

If you recall, the giants
tried to kidnap her, too.

I'm convinced they'll try again

and I'll be waiting when they do.

(phone ringing)
Try to sound tired.

- The Brand residence.



There's no one there.

- Splendid.

It must be them.

- You think so?

- I hope so.

Mean you're scared?

- No.

Only, I'm a bit nervous.

- You should be nervous.

You're the bait in the trap I've set.

We must capture one of
those faceless giants.

Don't forget, your
brother's life is at stake.

- I'll be all right.

- I feel you're wondering why
I wear a costume and mask.

- I must admit I was.

- Well, that's not surprising.

Anyway, the reason's simple enough.

It was my costume as a
professional wrestler.

And because it brought me good
luck then, I still wear it.

Now, you'd better get some sleep.

- No, I don't feel tired.

I think I'll make a cup of tea.

- Good.

If you don't mind, I'll have some, too.

(tense music)


Come on, quick.

You have to stay out of sight
and lock the bedroom door.

- No, I want to stay with you.

- Do as I say.

Don't argue.

(machine beeping)

(glass shattering)

(dramatic music)


- No!



(engine revving)

(suspenseful music)

- Oil.

(tires squealing)

- [Man On Radio] Listening post SKL, over.

- This is Superargo.

I want you to connect me with Stafford.

- [Man On Radio] Mr. Stafford?

Do you know what time it is?

- It's four in the morning.

It's all right, you can
wake him up if you have to.

This is urgent business.

- [Man On Radio] Hold on.

- [Stafford On Radio] What is it?

What's going on?

- Bad news, Stafford.

The giants kidnapped Claire.

- [Stafford On Radio]
Couldn't you stop them?

- There were just too many for
me, but I'll explain later.

I have to return to Claire's.

I killed one of the giants.

I want to examine him.

Notify Kamir, I need his advice.

And if you're interested, you can join us.

- [Stafford On Radio] I'll be there.

(tires squealing)

- Where is it?

Where did you put it?

- [Stafford] What?

- The body of the giant I killed.

- We didn't find a body here.

- But, it was right here.

Pinned to the door with a spear.

Look at that.

That's the hole it left.

Why, he couldn't have
walked away by himself.

He was dead.

The point of this spear went
right through his heart.

But, it's perfectly clean.

That's funny.

No, I'm not suffering from hallucinations,

so don't look at me like that.

I killed that monster with a spear.

I know it.

- Perhaps, you did.

I won't argue.

But, explain to me why the monster

didn't leave any blood on this thing,

or on the rug, or the door.

- If I could only capture
one of those monsters

and examine it.

But, I'm afraid that will have to wait.

Claire asked for my protection
and I must find her.

- The only trouble is that you're

right back where you started.

- Yes, I believe it may work.

- You guessed then?

- No, I simply read the
thoughts that passed

through your mind and
I approve of your idea.

- Stafford, I've decided
to return to the ring.

- What do you mean?

What about the missing champions?

You giving up the case?

- Oh, no.

On the contrary.

I want a huge publicity
campaign with the entire press

carrying the story Superargo
goes back to the ring.

Stafford, you arrange the match.

I'll leave it up to you.

- This is a great night,
ladies and gentlemen.

Superargo's return to the ring

has aroused enormous
enthusiasm in the crowd here.

Superargo is in great shape
and looks ready for anything.

He's sizing up his opponent

and I think he's got
this fight in the bag.

- This will only take a couple of minutes.

Wait for me outside.

(bell rings)

(crowd chattering)




(crowd cheering)

- One.



(crowd applauding)



One, two, three, four.


(crowd cheering)

(people chattering)

(engine revving)

(machine beeping)

(dramatic music)

(engine starts)

- They thought it was really me.

We fooled them.

(suspenseful music)

- Into the woods.


- The trucks have disappeared.

- Obviously, they've turned
off into the woods somewhere.

- Come on, let's look for them.

You take that side, I'll cover this one.

Stay in contact.

- All right.

- Kamir, do you see anything?

- No, nothing.

Everything here is perfectly quiet.

- Just don't fall asleep on me, huh?

- I've got my eyes open.

Don't worry about that.

And I'll be very careful.

(machine beeping)

Superargo, Superargo.


(dramatic music)



Come in, come in.


- Kamir, are you there?

- Superargo, Superargo.

(tense music)



(machine beeping)

- Kamir, Kamir?

Where are you?


- Superargo, listen.

I saw them.

They were right here in front of me.

- Then, don't move.

I'll join you.

- [Kamir On Radio] It's no use.

They've disappeared,

but I've discovered
something very important.

- All right, then.

Meet me at the car.

So, you think that they were alternating

electronic impulses, is that right?

- That's right.

A type of Morse transmission.

- Then, that was the interference
that broke our contact.

- The giants were receiving
those signals clearly.

They actually have a precise meaning.

Obviously, some kind of orders.

- This confirms my suspicions.

Those giants are actually the
athletes who were kidnapped.

Naturally, they've been conditioned

to move and act like robots.

And whoever did it has his
hideout around here somewhere.

(engine humming)

Excuse me, ma'am.

- What can I do for you, Superargo?

- [Superargo] You know me?

- Even here in the
country we get the news.

The famous Superargo and his
encounter with Diabolicus.

I must say I was impressed.

- Then, I hope you don't
mind if we accompany you.

There are dangerous
creatures in these woods.

- Don't tell me the great
Superargo believes in fairies.

- And elves.

- There are far more
things in Heaven and Earth

than are dreamed of in our philosophy.

- Pure superstition.

I've been using this road for years.

I live up there in that castle.

- I didn't realize that
anybody lived there.

- Oh, yes.

It was abandoned when
my husband bought it.

He had the right wing
restored before he died.

Goodbye, Superargo.

By the way, I'm Gloria Devon.

I hope we meet again.

- So do I.

(engine revving)

Did you hear that?

Pure superstition.

I guess we're just
victims of hallucinations.

- Even if we are, the
imagination often has more truth

than reality itself.

- [Superargo] I guess you're right.

(engine revving)

(tense music)

- [Gloria] He offered to escort me home.

- I saw it.

Superargo and the Indian.

(dial clacking)

- Be careful, won't you?

Capture him alive.

(tires squealing)

(machine beeping)

- Look out, Kamir!

(tense music)

(gun fires)

(punches thudding)

(machine beeping)

Come on.

Get in the car.

- He's amazing.

- In a class by himself.

(tires squealing)

Yes, I underestimated him.

(machine beeping)

- It appears to be dead.

- We'll take him back with us.

- Damnation.

They took one of my men.

That's more than I bargained for.

(tires squealing)

We better forget Superargo.

- Perhaps, it's too risky.

- Wait a minute.

We have Claire Brand.

She might very well be able to help us.

(suspenseful music)

- Forceps.

No blood, naturally.

A completely artificial form of life.

Electrical impulse circulation.

There's still a residue of energy,

but the mechanism is beyond repair.

So, that's that.

Probably, it's a system for
controlling the nerve centers

through the use of electromagnetic waves

transmitted from a distance.

In other words, remote control.

Cover it up.

This cadaver has a very unusual anatomy.

It should really be called a machine.

As horrible a machine as
you could possibly imagine.

- Doesn't this remind
you of all that commotion

a few years ago over the
work of a certain doctor?

- Yes.

You mean the one who was taken to court.

- Of course.

He was a surgeon who
carried out experiments

under cover of regular
operations on his patients.

He was trying to create
artificial internal organs.

Liver, heart, kidneys.

The complete list.

And, of course, didn't succeed.

Poor old guy.

It seems his daughter had him committed

right after the trial.

His name was Presenski.

He was Polish.

- We have to find out where he is, Kamir.

Thank you, Doctor.

- [Doctor] You're welcome.

- As I told you, Presenski
is a mere shell of a man.

For months he's refused to eat

and we've been forced to
feed him intravenously,

but he's just wasting away.

- [Superargo] I want to question him.

- You're welcome to try,

but don't expect that you're
going to get very clear answers

from a man in his condition.

- [Presenski] Who are you?

- [Superargo] Doctor.

- [Presenski] What do you want?

- [Superargo] I have to ask you something.

- [Presenski] Go away.

Go away, leave me alone.

- Don't worry.

We don't want to hurt you, Doctor.

We're your friends.

- I have no friends.

Don't tell me those lies.

You all hate me, I know.

Leave me alone.

Just let me die.

- You have to live, Doctor.

The world has great need of men like you.

- No, I want to be left alone.

- Calm down.

- My notes.

Where are they?

- [Superargo] Calm down, sir.

- Where are they?

Who took my notes?

They have to be destroyed.

Do you understand?


Where's Gloria?

Call her.




- [Doctor] That's enough.

This will calm him.

- [Presenski] Gloria.

- There we are.

- Professor, who is this Gloria?

- The old man's daughter.

I think she lives in Poland,

but she dropped out of sight

right after she had him committed.

- Listen, Professor.

What would you say is
actually wrong with Presenski?

- Mental disorientation with
peripheral complications.

The clinical reports are all
consistent with this diagnosis

and I can also say that
this opinion was shared

by the famous Professor Wond.

- Did you say Professor Wond?

- Yes, that's right.

My predecessor.

He was actually director
of this institution

during the period when
Presenski was first sent here.

He's running a clinic of his
own now not very far from here.

- Well, Kamir.

I think we've found out
all we want to know.

- You're right.

Thank you, sir.

- You're welcome.

- Sorry we had to bother you.

- It was no bother, gentlemen.

- Goodbye, sir.

- [Man] Go ahead.

That's enough.

- Heart beating normally.

Pulse, 83.

- Good.

How do you feel, Claire?

- I feel very relaxed.

- We want you to be relaxed.

You know that, don't you?

- Yes.

- You do trust me?

- Yes.

- Someone wants to hurt you.

You and your brother Jo.

You understand, Claire?

- Yes.

- His name is Superargo.

He wears a mask.

He's your enemy.

- Yes.

- Superargo is out to kill your brother.

Remember that.

Remember that.

Remember, he wants to kill your brother.

- In my opinion, Presenski
isn't as crazy as they say.

He's just overcome by fear and remorse.

He said something about his lost notes.

The records of his
research work, no doubt.

- Which someone has used to
transform champion athletes

into monstrous robots.

- Exactly.

And that someone is certain
to be another scientist.

A genius, if you like,
but a diabolical one.

- If you're thinking of Professor Wond,

I'd better warn you that
the idea is ridiculous.

He's a member of various
academic committees

and a most distinguished scientist.

- Professor Wond was the first
person to examine Presenski.

He runs a clinic outside town

near the area where we traced the giants.

- Coincidence.

Merely circumstantial evidence.

- Yes, but there's another coincidence.

We found out that Presenski
has a daughter called Gloria

and apparently one of Wond's
assistants is a Gloria Devon.

It seems that this
Gloria lives in a castle

near Wond's clinic.

So, Gloria Devon and Gloria Presenski

could be the same person.

- Hmm, I admit the evidence is piling up,

but we must have more
than just suspicions.

Any plans yet?

- Yes.

I want to go and visit Wond
and ask him some questions.

I'm looking forward to
the professor's answers.

They should be interesting.

I almost forgot.

I need a car fixed up like this.

- All right.

I'll have our machine shop
start working on it immediately.

It'll be ready by tomorrow.

Unless you need it before then.

- No, no.

That'll be fine.

- Good luck to you.

- Thanks.

(engine humming)

- Thank goodness she's alive.

- We better get her back home.

- Why am I here?

How did I get here?

- Claire, do you feel better now?

Kamir and I found you
unconscious on the road.

How did you get there?

Try to think.

- [Claire] I don't know.

Everything is dark.

I only remember the white shadows.

- Was it like a hospital?

- I don't know.

Don't know.

I'm so sleepy.

- She'll feel better tomorrow.

The house is surrounded by guards,

but I think you and I had
better stay here anyway

just in case.

- Yes, you're right.

- You can sleep on the sofa.

(tense music)

(breathing heavily)

- [Wond Voiceover] Remember, Claire.

Don't try to resist.

You know you can trust me.

I only want to help you.

I want to prevent anyone from hurting you.

You have an enemy, Claire.

Superargo is your enemy.

Come, Claire.

Don't try to resist.

Don't try to resist.

You have to defend yourself.

Yourself and your brother.

It's your life against Superargo's.

Do it now, quickly.

Kill him.

Kill him, Claire.



Kill, kill.

(gun fires)

- What happened?

- If my costume weren't
bulletproof, I'd be dead now.

Poor Claire.

She must've been hypnotized.

We'll take her into town.

She should be in the hospital.

She needs proper treatment.

- Is this what you wanted?

- Perfect.

- By the way, I've just seen Claire.

The results of the preliminary
examination seem to suggest

that she's been thoroughly
brainwashed in some way,

but the doctors assured
me she'll get better.

She's a strong girl.

Matter of time.

- That's good news.

And Presenski?

- I'll see the authorities about him.

I think we can arrange
to have him transferred

if you still want to.

- Unless I'm mistaken,
keeping our hands on Presenski

may turn out to be important.

And maybe we'll get a reaction from Wond.

- You'll have to walk carefully.

Wond is a very important person.

We don't want any scandals.

- You don't have to worry.

If I get into any trouble,
I won't involve you.

By tomorrow we should have
a little action for you.

- Good.

The car's ready to be picked
up whenever you want it.

- Thank you.

Don't forget.

Be ready to record everything.

- [Kamir] All right.

(suspenseful music)

(liquid bubbling)

- This new catalyst gives
a positive reaction.

The procedure seems correct.

- Let's see it.


This is the formula
we've been searching for.

That's all for tonight.

- [Superargo] Forgive me, Professor.

I never lost the fighter's
habit of doing the unexpected.

- It's quite all right.

A person like you needn't
bother to announce himself.

- Especially, if he
enters through the window.

- Silly habit.

You might run into a well-aimed bullet.

- Is that all?

I'm used to much worse things.

You should know that.

- Should I?

May I know the reason
for your, shall we say,

unceremonious visit?

- I'm looking for information.

Have you ever heard of a
certain Arthur Presenski?

- Yes.

He was in my care for
close to three years.

He was a truly brilliant
scientist until his mind went.

Unfortunately, there's a very fine line

separating genius from madness.

- [Superargo] Mm-hmm.

Since Presenski's experiments apparently

caused several deaths,

they were considered to
be the work of a maniac.

Do you share that opinion, Professor Wond?

- Well, the experiments succeeded.

Presenski would've
reaped the world's praise

as our greatest genius.

- Yes, probably.

And, in fact, I understand
that someone is trying

to continue with the same experiments.

Have you heard anything about it?

- No, but I'd be
surprised if you were able

to stop them this time.

- Presenski informed me that
all his notes had been stolen.

What do you have to say on that subject?

- The poor old man.

It's really a fixation.

Everything was burned.

He set fire to them himself.

- The psychiatrist seemed quite certain

that they know how to cure him.

- Nonsense.

- As a former friend,
you'll be glad to hear

that Presenski is being transferred

to a government hospital for a new cure.

And we expect him to reveal
some important information.

- I hope so.

And if you don't have
anything else to say,

I'll show you out.

- I have one more question.

Presenski had a daughter named Gloria.

You know her?

- Yes.

Gloria Devon's my assistant.

- Quite a coincidence, don't you agree?

And is it also a coincidence
that she never bothered

to visit the hospital?

- It's quite normal.

After the trial, the name
Presenski was more than

she could bear to live with.

- Naturally, Professor.

Thank you.

We may meet again.

(suspenseful music)

- As things stand now, you
can't put it off any longer.

My father must be freed
before it's too late.

- Come, Gloria.

Listen to reason.

While Superargo's still
alive, we have to be careful.

If we're careless, he can
jeopardize every move we make.

Don't let me down now.

Gloria, you know how much I love you.

- [Gloria] I won't let you down,

but we must do something for my father.

- [Wond] It'll be risky, but
if that's what you really want,

I'll rescue him.

- Did you hear that, Kamir?

Our plan has worked perfectly.

(engine revving)

(machine beeping)

(tires squealing)

Fasten your safety belt.

(dramatic music)

(tires squealing)

(explosion booms)

- I think Superargo is finished.

- Look.

(machine beeping)

- Superargo.

Superargo, help!


- Don't move.

(electricity zapping)

- Damn.

(electricity zapping)

- The faceless giants are
completely invulnerable

except for their electronic hearts.

This gun fires electric charges.

A direct hit will simply blow their fuses.

This should be pretty useful tonight.

(alarms buzzing)

My suspicions were justified.

With these television cameras,

Wond has been observing our every move.

I guess he has others
all around the castle.

- In that case, Wond already
must be aware of our presence.

However, remember, my friend.

We, too, may observe
everything they're doing.

(alarms buzzing)

(subdued music)

- Superargo's come to
us of his own accord.


Holm, Holm?

We'll use plan number one.

Plan number one.


(machine beeping)

(tense music)

- The images are still too confused.

I can't see anything clearly.

- Keep on trying.

Focus your mind on the details.

It must be one of the rooms in the castle.


- Yes, it's all clear now.

It's a laboratory.

Wond, Gloria.

They're very busy working
at some kind of machine.

It's the apparatus that
controls the giants.

That must be what Wond's doing now.

- Perhaps, it is.

What about the giants?

- They're on their way.

(machine beeping)

Look, there they are.

(machine beeping)

Be careful.

This could be pretty rough.

Shoot straight and stay
out of their reach.

(dramatic music)
(electricity zapping)

- It's a massacre.

- Never mind, dear.

They're heavily outnumbered.

They haven't a chance.

(electricity zapping)

- Superargo!




- [Superargo] Grab my hand.

(suspenseful music)

- That's ridiculous.

We've got him in our hands.

- Are you certain?

Perhaps, it's the other way around.

- I tell you we can kill him now.


- What if you fail?

- I won't.

Put your head on the block.

Kane, go ahead.

(tense music)

Kill him!

Kill him!

Kill him, I tell you!


Go ahead.

Kill him.

Kill him!

I said kill him!

(tense music)

- You have a few more seconds left.

You can still save yourself.

- What's the difference
if I owe you my life?

- [Gloria] No, we can't let him die.

- Take him back to his cell.

Do what I tell you.

- I'm glad you decided to listen

to the voice of your conscience.

- Try to understand.

I couldn't let him die.

You see, I have my doubts
about the value of our work.

He's made me see that all
this is something monstrous.

- You're hypnotized.

His will has dominated yours.

- Perhaps, but I must be certain.

I must know if our work is justified.

I can't bear to live with the doubt

that always tormented my father.

- I understand and he shall live.

- I may eventually convince
him to join our cause.

- Not Superargo.

But, I won't stop you.

It's been a long day.

You need some rest.


- I need to think.

I'm so worried about my father.

- I've examined this cell bit by bit,

but it's impossible to get out of here

unless someone decides to open the door.

- I hope someone will.

Ms. Gloria Devon may no longer
consider herself an enemy.

- [Wond On Speaker] You may be right,

but that won't help you.

Nothing can save you now.

In a few seconds your cell
will be filled with gas.

DHL and cyanide.

Take a deep breath, Superargo.

It's your last.

(dial clicking)

- Look, Kamir.

The gas.

It's heavier than air.

Everything depends on the quantity.

I wonder how much he'll use.

- Then, the room won't be
filled up to the ceiling.

- No, only about halfway up, I suppose.

- Yes, but will that help us?

- Yes, I have an idea.

(tense music)

- I thought you were resting.

Where are you going?

- I must talk to Superargo.


- Superargo is out to ruin us.

You're playing his game.

Blinded by sentiment.

- What do you mean?

- You have to forget him.

- Let me go.

- I don't advise you to go into his cell.

I filled it with DHL and cyanide.

- You're completely mad.

- He's dead.

(buttons clacking)

(dramatic music)

- [Superargo] I was expecting you.

- All this is just an illusion.

It's some kind of trick.

- No.

Haven't you ever heard about
the ancient mystic phenomenon

by means of which the Hindus can make

their bodies lighter than air?

The term is levitation.

I learned the principle of it from Kamir.

Now, look at this chain.

It would take far more than
human strength to break it.

(tense music)

(chain rattles)

The man of the future
is the man who controls

the infinite strength of the spirit.

I think you must surly
have realized by now

to what awful depths of degradation

this criminal research
of Wond's has led you.

No, stay here.

If you leave here Wond will kill you.

Look over there.

I'll have to convince you.

I see him.

He knows I'm alive.

He's coming here.

Wait for me.

I'll be back.

- Holm!

You two.

Come with me.

Let's go.

Now, check channel number two.


(tense music)

(gun fires)

- Leave him alone!

(gun firing)


(gun fires)

I'm sorry, Superargo.

But, perhaps it's better for you.

This way you don't have.

- Let's go and release the prisoners.

(tense music)

(electronic buzzing)

(machine beeping)


(people chattering)

All right, quiet down.

Now, listen to me, every one of you.

We're getting out of this place,

but keep together or we'll
be massacred by the robots.

This way.

(machine beeping)

(dramatic music)

Wait, I hear them coming.

Come on.

All right, let 'em have it.

Hit 'em in the heart.


(punches thudding)


Push them back through the gate.


Kamir, the corridor.

- Superargo!

- [Superargo] Outside, everybody!

Come on!


Get out!

(electricity zapping)

Let's go!

(gun firing)


(gun fires)

(tense music)

You go that way.

The rest of you, this way.

- [Kamir] All right, men.

Come on.

(gun firing)

- You can't get away, Wond.

(gun clicks)

All right, Wond.

This is the end of the road.

Your time has run out.

(breathing heavily)



The tomb he deserves.


Come on.

(subdued music)

- Good morning.

Feeling better today?

- Yes, thank you.

Did anyone telephone?

- [Nurse] No, Ms. Brand.

- [Superargo] Who were you expecting?

- [Claire] You can take your
mask off now, Superargo.

Your mission is over.

(dramatic music)